In October and monthly since, you have read FIRST and read here that Apple is in crises. Why? The answer in a three letter word – TIM.

We wrote first about the crises at Apple.

We wrote first that Tim – in the old Al Gore line – buddy it is time for YOU to go.

We wrote first here – it is not just about earnings and the utter truth that Apple has ben lying.

See the problem is not:

  • The unfolding software problems Apple can not fix
  • The unfolding hardware problems Apple can not fix
  • It is the underlying quality control cost reductions that have led to the biggest BRAND SLAUGHTER as Tim takes Home tens of millions in bonus pay and the institution is forever damaged at the Apple Core. Why?

Apple market share was a feature of the COOL FACTOR. Apple was not another phone computer or gadget. No way.

Apple was “THE” Phone the Computer or the Gadget.

Not in 2018.

In 2018 Apple is a commodity like Microsoft or Google. The others have caught up. What separates Apple is a very thin digital virtual line you can’t even see in 2018 with Apple Glasses. Maybe Google glasses.

The others have caught up and have their own COOL FACTORS now stripping Apple of the honor of even being first.

Apples triple the price home SIRIR compared to leader Amazon and Echo is a joke on feature comparisons or ease of use for the money. The questions rises now for millions why buy Apple?

If there is no remaining COOL factor why pay more?

Famous customer service has no answers for the countless software glitches.

The genius bar can no longer fix their hardware design flaws reaching consumers from Apple quality control being stripped of what once it was famous for.

The Chinese are making a better featured ranked phone for half the price and Apple’s response is to delay the sale of such phones in the USA as they lose market share at Apple in the EU and ASIA where the BETTER H PHONE IS AVAILABLE.

Millions of users we will call “THE BASE” are now aware – and they are leaving Apple – and forever.


Because the one thing that took the COOL LOYALTY AWAY lays at the BOARD OF DIRECTOR LEVEL. They Board watching all the melt down live from the Keynote last September ( rehearsals catch those errors Tim Boy ) and forward – Apple did an un-Jobs ( and I knew Stephan in Silicon Valley where I built my first empires ) –


  • Apple did not apologize – until it was way to late to its users
  • Apple was unable to fix the problems – and lied to their users
  • Apple lied to their users directly or by omission.
  • Apple failed to take responsibility and tell the whole truth
  • Apple quality control was changed and reduced obviously and god awful flawed software and hard is being released for profit that Tim can report.
  • Apple is being punished for such practices by the market space

The Stock is plunging in Apple – I know I own it. I predicted the stock would plunge in my on going Blog Series reported before any media – all bought and paid for which Apple Pay – advertising – failed to report until just a tepid report coming up “today” as we move to February from September when all this was known last year?

Today Apple is off a bit on its sales forecast. Some say BY 50% or half? Does Tim have a claw back from the failed Apple Core ( its own Board ) for the tens of millions when deceit lack of competency and management that slaughtered the # 1 brand in the world – harms the culture the core product the brand and the core CULTURE which is the cornerstone of the Apple Future in all markets?

The consumer trust in APPLE has been Shattered by Tim altering quality control process – checks and balances and taking profits from the one area only more resources need to ever flow into – the protected zone.

But quality delays buggy launches.

Which one takes the hit on for the brand excellence.


If not – then the cost of say half a trillion dollars must be paid – and by whom?

We stay as the shareholders pay this cost they sack the BOARD and install a management that will tell the truth faster.

We all enjoyed that in the past – one of the big items Steve Jobs invented – tell the truth to Apple users faster especially if a mistake is made.

If you lie faster you get – not so much in stock price.

Not so much in Apple store sales.

Not so much in anything.

To be sure Apple liars will stay true to THEIR NATURE.

They will bury the rot at the apple core – in earnings accents on services ITUNES and other subscription services even while their main engine – IPHONE is off 5% ( a killer in any market ) off 10% ( terminal in any market ) off 15% – death in any market – off 20% – or off say 25% say a GE or IBM Moment in any market – but off 30%  or off 40% or off 45% but folks off 50% at Christmas with your main product – off by the margin and % this Tim SIN team is off – is beyond terminal. Its use anti aircraft guns on Tim and His Team – Rocket Boy style – because he has slaughtered the Apple brand and share price.

My readers are clear.

The Media has been bought and paid for by Apple Pay and has not fairly reported APPLE IS IN CRISES and there is ROT AT THE APPLE CORE.

50% off on earnings – at Holiday Season – really  ? Are you kidding me?

All the dollar advantage of a lower dollars is NOT HELPING APPLE come back.

Now the crises at APPLE reported here in clear four-color data and facts, is going to effect millions of loyal innocent shareholders who will find they can’t believe the change in Apple values about to come to you from now through this Spring.

When you want to write some one and you take up a Pen –

Don’t write TIM.

Write the Chairman fo the Board for Apple that they need a Management change to assure the cause ( Apple Rot at the core of Apple ) does not infect more of the barrel at Apple.

What is at risk now is the barrel itself – but apparently this investment banker economist ( not because I”m so wise and experienced which I am but because I’m so old over so many decades and have seen it all before ) – is what is AT RISK IS – the entire BARREL AT APPLE.

Watch as the COST OF APPLE ROT now rots the share price.

Berny Dohrmann – Thanking Tim for Brand Slaughter into February