As an Apple shareholder and supporter I am pausing my support. Why?

This blog was the first to report hours after the Apple KEYNOTE the following:

  1. Apple X is just NOT that special an advance over the Apple 7 plus.
  2. Apple IOS 11 is the worst most buggy operating system ever released by Apple. It is Apple’s – Windows ME. It will slaughter their brand for years.
  3. Apple users get as loyal as we are that a big change has taken place under Tim. The change has to do with quality control system in hardware ( apple 8’s have batteries swelling that destroy the units ) and IOS is a horror story to productivity without flawless operations.
  4. IOS version 5 seeking to upgrade the damage of the buggy awful operating system, fails to fix the issues again. You delete voice mails and the deleted voice mail comes right back. Thats one. I have 100’s. From IM to internal and external bugs the system and I am a programer is in version 5 – not fixed and the CRISES AT APPLE is they release PURE CRAP and they take ZERO RESPONSIBILITY – zero – no apology – even – and they continue to demonstrate they are so internally CHANGE MANAGED they can now NOT FIND THE FLAWS AND FIX THEM they have become a management that is flawed themselves. The bug now is INSIDE APPLE and this is TIM’s legacy after Steve Jobs. Creating a John Skully Brand Slaughter for Apple taking decades from Apple in months – good will is being shattered.
  5. Today yet another SECURITY FLAW was disclosed – so serious Edward Snowden weighed in from MOSCOW stating Apple IOS was just BAD SOFTWARE. No kidding. The press finally reported but not front page – that – a billion apple users can have their phones iPads and computers fully accessed without any pass word by anyone let alone hackers. Just type in ROOT versus your pass word and your IN fully IN at administrator level. Apple in Crises now in full lack of competency – now in PANIC JUST FULL ON PANIC are trying to get IOS 6 out with a bug to the most serious security flaw since Steve Jobs released the IPHONE. Brand Slaughter is taking place not from IPHONE competition but from IPHONE MANAGEMENT where Tim has made bonus and profits at the expense of QUALITY CONTROL SYSTEM modeling he has diluted to a. point his legacy at Apple is not stock price growth at ANY PRICE – hiring teen workers at 18 hour days in China – and so much more – that TIM SLAUGHTERED THE APPLE BRAND which will take a decade to repair. Market share is now being lost as loyal Apple Users have options and are moving for the first time out fo Apple in larger and larger numbers as each BUGGY AWFUL IOS is released without being able to fix their own terrible awful WINDOWS ME. The worst SOFTWARE IN APPLE HISTORY.

Why is media not reporting how billions upon billions in wealth is now at risk for an Apple STOCK PRICE CRASH. When the correction occurs as it will soon – Apple is going to be a bloodbath worse than BITCOIN coming up. BLOOD BATHING IS NO FUN.

Berny Dohrmann – Typing on the awful buggy Sierra Operating System – I think its now HIGH SIERA because you have to be totally high to use it.


PS: Yes you heard about the Apple crises – hours after the KEYNOTE and as always you heard it FIRST HERE – now months later the news is just starting to see their lead advertising revenue producer – is a NEWS STORY in stead of their core revenue – that conflict of interest is what is really going on out there – where Apple waves its lying fingers stating ….oh I did not have sex with that woman……like we believe the lies.