Have you noticed prices going up when the price of oil is dropping. Why? Because oil firms refuse to do away with high consumer margins on their product.

Does gas price reflect real average cost to produce oil? No.

Oil Prices are a result in recent years, of wild unregulated market manipulation and speculation. A tiny conspiracy of Hedge Funds, Oil Firms, Sovereign nation funds, and institutional money – globally, devised a post crash 2008 plan. The plan was to “fix” the price of everyone. All commodities and currencies. To manipulate them. To use their collective trillions to make fantastically wealthy brains, even more fantastically wealthy, most of it in dark pool trading, off shore, with no oversight, and no regulations, because regulations are all LOCAL and trades at this level are all in the CLOUD.

Today we live in a  world of not crowd funding but of CLOUD FUNDING. In Cloud Funding Super Money Pools control price. In late 2014 the nations of the world and their central banks had enough of the HIDDEN TAX zapping their nations receivers. This false tax is a windfall profit made by criminals who need to be brought to justice and put into jail. Their market manipulation is illegal theft of national wealth.

When the largest producers like Saudi complain about rampant speculation removing all price controls from producers and into the hands of wild speculators ( look it up ) one becomes secure the market space for oil and other commodities is “rigged”. The fix is in.

Then a SURPRISE ATTACK on the short market holders too place. This resulted in the most spectacular drop in oil prices over a similar time frame, EVER. What happened.

Trillions went into defeating speculator price support. The market seeing there was no end to the OPPOSING MONEY BETS in the trillions – as it was and is – unlimited money from nations. The result was the attack worked. The speculator position for oil rising, lost 13 trillion dollars of oil bets and wealth. Their wounds will not recover anytime soon.

As they try to find new upward mobility the UNLIMITED MONEY POOLS opposing them whack their head off. They will not stop now that they have won this battle. Coffee is next. Every commodity will be READJUSTED from global illegal short selling. This time in stead of putting the criminals in jail, they are costing the criminals their wealth and running their business holdings and firms. Many are in wipe out mode as Oil holds for months at lower prices. Pump price will follow.
The proper price for oil is not Shell Oil’s 99 dollar estimate – that is a criminal discussing his speculation price that his tribe was unable to keep control over. The right price for gasoline is 1.25 at the pump and for decades. The world is DROWNING IN OIL !!!

100’s of millions of US have chose transportation that gets 300 percent more per unit when we travel. Mass transport takes 100s of millions more of us. Natural gas and electric transportation is rising like a graph going only up for everything from Bus’s to a baby carriage. We are leaving the GAS Market.

Stock piles in the EU and AMERICA are are record historic highs. No one wants the oil. Producers fearing if they cut back at these lower prices they can not finance their nation budgets and their best customers will get the shortages from new suppliers an will not return to them later. They do not wish to lose market share in a crashing market demand.

Market demand will continue to fall forever. We are going to leave fossil fuels in two generations. The clarity of the handwriting on the wall is ground zero for oil firms. Meanwhile the world is discovering more and more oil. In the ground. Under ice and oceans. Everywhere. The world is simply DROWNING IN OIL AND IN COAL. The false price since 2009 forward was a speculation price created by MARKET EVIL DOERS.

They have just lost 13 trillion dollars in wealth. There will not get this back in 2015. The nations will not let the speculation players to profit. Facing historic losses with no end in sight they must move into new markets with their remaining resources or face total ruin.

Remember when speculators win and bid up prices – those who produce and profit turn a blind eye and frequently join the illegals in price supports with their own wealth. True for coffee up from 3.75 US a bag at Target in April 2015, to 9.00 a bag in Jan 2015. Has coffee prices gone up 300% in six months to produce the product. Why hell no. Has coffee been effected so there is a coffee shortage – why hell no. Then why the 300% price ramp up? Speculator manipulation of commodity and currency markets.

Who is leading the speculation that bankrupts the western producer nations? Will start with President PUTIN. Read about his GAME PLAN in Kevin Freemans powerful book GAME PLAN and China’s. North Korea. Iran. And an AXIS of EVIL making ungodly profits by criminal manipulation of markets using the highest leverage and government money.

The profits from market speculation have been WIPED OUT by the adjustments already under way. The BACK OF SPECULATION engineered by President Putin is being broken.

Facing loses on a scale past any one man since Adolph Hitler to Create, President Putin is now placing 10,000’s of troops into a Ukraine to begin is ambition moving his former Soviet Republican Provinces back under RUTHLESS and TOTAL Kremlin control. Putin has created a SUPER SECURITY AGENGY worse and mach more powerful than the KGB. He has prepared for war and is now moving on UKRAINE to rest resistance of which there is just NONE.

Facing a loss of his global economic war, where he has failed to win, and lost fortunes of his internal supporters cash wealth, he focuses all attention on FEAR and manufactured false THREATS, where the only savior is President Putin himself. President Putin runs with the phrase – “it always must appear to be democratic while we consolidate absolute power and control to ourselves”. IN fact President Putin is a dictator and the idea there is an freely elected head of state is a full on oxymoron. Russia is going backwards thirty years in the family of nations. Russian won’t even permit adoption. They chose guns and bullets.

The world is entering a next super dangerous phase. Read GAME PLAN. The financial wars all come together in the final battle, full on digital war fare. Russia is ready. We are not ready. What is coming? Next? Its all inside Game Plan.

Kevin Freeman and I are working in the beltway to advance the single notion – MUTUALLY ASSURED DESTRUCTION no longer works between nations with MARS or MUTUALLY ASSURED RECONSTRUCTION. Without installing a US BASED MARS AGENCY of our NATION the risk to our own loss in this war remains HIGH.

Putin is turning to war and lying about it just like Hitler.

The good guys are playing catch up. We need to end run and get ahead of these mad brains. We can. And we will.

As Warren Buffet set – anyone who bets against America is simply a fool……on that we so agree.

Today America is booming as is no other nation on the earth. Russia’s annual GNP is 1 trillion dollars. America expresses GNP in the tens of trillions.

In the world today there is one Rome. There are no contenders. There is just one real Super Power on each today – just one. The responsibility that goes with that power is restraint inclusion and compromise. America is doing all that. However if called upon the armory of terror holding weapons never seen before upon the earth is so massive and considerable, why would President STUPID ever fail to do the math. Perhaps he requires tutoring?

My wife is Russian and I offer my services – although she did grow up in NASHVILLE ya all.

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We will keep a light on just for you world wide.
Berny Dohrmann – Chairman CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL