Then the fake news tells you information about the TWO LARGEST ECONOMIES you might make adjustments as investment bankers, hedge funds, private equity, and sovereign nations must. Media is young folks who lack depth when it comes to economic pure ignorance. The data they report from PR firms, say from Saudi, or from the EU or from anywhere are put out as spin to feed a 24 hour new animal that is constantly starving for information. Just like you and like ‘I” that information machine world wide must eat three times a day. Much of what it prints and worse verbally reports, will be flushed later once digested. It is true to report that NEWS is not what it once was.

Every adult over 45 year sof age knows THAT.

Those who are younger trust fake news as if it was old news and not fake or bias.

For example the Economy of China is falling off a cliff in trade war. This decline can not return or come back. Why? Because the environment for conducting business in China as we have reported here – for years now as to policy error – in SUPER CHANGE ( My new book must out at Amazon ) is:

  1. Too hard and long to do anything
  2. Too costly once you start
  3. Not profitable or easy or welcoming
  4. Too hard to make a consistent profit
  5. China rips off all success and copies it and competes directly with Mc Donalds to Amazon
  6. China sustainable costs over time are too high
  7. You can take your profits out it is just NOT FUN to do business in China – the fun factor and cost in time and money sucks
  8. Labor and cost are soaring in China today as are material cost
  9. Quality is decline and is not reliable and the population is aging by % future work force is uncertain
  10. New unknown regulatory burdens rise endlessly

In Nearby Pakistan where supply chains are flying like wind – everything is 90% on this list better. Not a little better massively better. You have an enormous work force that is average age 23, earns $ 3.00 a day – speaks english – and you can set up a new venture in 48 hours with zero tax for five years. To name ONE that iS FUN to move supply lines into – which is lower cost and you can take your profits out.

China supply lines have moved from 5 trillion out of the nation to 7 trillion. We have predicted 15 trillion will move out of China. Over time in total value of ten year averages.

China is reported always as with the USA the worlds TWO LARGEST economies. In fact the adjustment to fake news as we have reported here is:

  1. China at peak – which it is far from now – was the size of the state of California.
  2. China was in a tie with Japan and India and Indonesia for the second largest economics to the USA.
  3. Russia is the size of the State of New York at peak and it is far from its peak now
  4. The EU is a larger trading economic than China
  5. The USA is BY FAR the largest economy on earth – the engine of all other economies and the only one doing as well across the board in 2019 – but slowing from trade war adjustments.

Other nations who buy from the USA have crashed their currencies.


Past Presidents since Jimmy Carter have suggested how unfair the trade situation is in post world war II American subsidies of trade where were supposed to be temporary.

Think of our winning WORLD II and generously creating a WEALTH TRANSFER from our America to those we saved ( the EU and the Marshall plan fo reconstruction with made devastated Germany and France the # 1 and # 2 economies in the EU ). Not only is there zero thank you – there is on going ENTITLEMENT the subsidies and wealth transfers are OWED to other nations. Kind of insane.

After Korea and Japan we rebuilt Japan and opened with Nixon trade with China and a wealth transfer. China unlike other nations developed a communist duet with Russia Putin is President XI”s mentor on ASYMMETRICAL WARFARE. You beat the USA and bring in into socialism and communism by:

  1. Generational education to the left politically
  2. Backing cells who think left
  3. Weaken the nation by wealth transfer as long as you can
  4. Steal hack and transfer the weapons the technology the AI by theft of the nations assets
  5. Divide the nation maximally and insert nation wide violence to unseat the powers in charge blaming them and put in your left leadership

Asymmetrical WarFare is real. The DOD Contractor Kevin Freeman maps it all out for you in two books THE SECRET WEAPON AND GAME PLAN if you wish to hear China generals, Putin, and the unified war plan we are still losing. The most important part of the war plan is that the population of your enemy ( THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ) does not believe there even is a war plan and anyone who rises up press ( controlled by the left today ) is quickly exposed as a nut job. No one in America believes we are in WORLD WAR III for real – commencing with the Russia master plan to digitally with AI attack our markets in 2007 which almost closed the entire system world wide with all banks failing. Our enemy made fortunes on the attack and off set all sanctions from those profits.

We are losing the war.

They are winning the war.

In comes TRUMP who unlike past Presidents no longer talks about this war -he GOES TO WAR. The nation was put on economic war footing in TRADE WAR. The opposing nations in WORLD WAR III divided maximally by XI and Putin war planning – have moved to every nation for itself. France says NATO IS BRAIN DEAD and no one will go to war by its treaty triggers. Trump is on his way to Nato to assess all this. As we pay the largest cost for no 2020 reason of cost – theft of national wealth. Putin war plan destabilize NATO and divide its membership – war mission accomplished. If possible break NATO APART – sell its members RUSSIA WEAPONS like in Turkey and now else where. Proxy war with IRAN and weaken your enemy.

Nations – all of them – have crashed their currency. In CURRENCY WARS the USA DOLLAR is invested to be artificially high and the FED ( obsolete institution well reported here – toxic to WORLD WAR III ) has lost control of the TRADE WAR. Nations in currency war just off set tariff’s with curreney drops so that their goods are CHEAPER and US GOODS are so much more costly. The FED has helped all nations against the USA in trade war – by refusing to join the CURRENCY WARS and lower the US dollar to make our goods appropriate in price.

OTHER NATIONS are manipulating price in Trade War making it much more challenging for the USA. The public has no clue. Merging the FED back into US TREASURY should have been an emegency act of the US congress to unwind the worst choice it every made by enacting an 80 page FED ACT that gave criminal bankers the RIGHT to privately control US CURRENCY – prohibited by the US CONSTITUTION.  Read it. The US CONSTITUTION is on line in clear english.

The US CONSTITUTION by LAW requires the US congress to pass a US BUGDET as the business of the people every fiscal September. The US Congress has broken the Constitutional law for years – is impeachable ( all of them ) – because they have created and illegal unconstitutional culture of failing to pass a US BUDGET in effect – creating a constitutional amendment there is no law or basis for doing. Congress is a law breaking institution in TRADE WAR also hurting the USA and its people by failing to pass a US BUDGET as required by constitutional law – a direct and fully impeachable offense as the MOTHER OF ALL TORTS by the US PEOPLE  – 100 million of us would sign on for THAT TORT – it takes on tort law firm.



Vulture Casino capitalist ICON is side betting – not investing in the economy – but as in the GREAT DEPRESSION side bets are larger now than the real economy. Betting which way future things will go. This was the cause of the GREAT DEPRESSION and it is being allowed by bad or missing laws and all over again. Icon is side betting MALLS will fail – malls will not pay their trillions in debts and Malls will fail. In the Casino of AI capitalism ( all new and outside most old systemic tools and tactics to profit from ) we see in MALL SPACE when you hear – the consumer in America is fine and that consumer spending is just chugging right along in FAKE NEWS you may have missed some points.

First the USA is approaching in modified GNP zero or recession level. We have written we are already in a world wide recession. Why? The Fed. The Cause of all world wide depressions. Why? Failed policies. Raising interest way to high way to frequently way to high each time. We have written about this starting with Janet Yellin being the WORST FED CHAIR PERSON EVER – worse than even Bernanke the cause of the new GREAT WORLD RECESSION due to SUPER DEBT BUBBLES caused  – yes  – caused by the FED. In AI economics the FED is toxic to global economics and must be merged back into US Treasury. Until this economic fact is understood the world is at risk of SUPER CRASH AND WORLD WAR _ the EVENT _ and we have reported this prediction here since 2014. We’ll see if we are right ( again ).


How many stores have closed across the USA in just this year ( when things are Fake News to be so great )? Over 1900 retail stores and that number is soaring.

Mall closures in the United States – malls across this great land in Trade War hurt by the FED – see in 2019 over 4,087 mall closures and rising. Think of all those jobs and employments and the eye soar of boarded up failing malls in America. Once a boom sector.

Interest rates by the FED are not going lower – which they already should have in currency wars – they are going higher. Higher interest rates will turn failing mall keys – over to banks. What do banks do with failed malls. How do they report the loss on their books or maybe in bank accounting they don’t report it correctly when they are all broke too. Click runs are pulling cash out of banks at record numbers as smart folks see the hand writing on the FED WHITE BOARD WALL.

Ihan is big shorting MALL securities ( mall debts that Ichan believes will default ). Ichan makes 500 billion dollars if he bets right. Big risk or prophet? We’ll see – as Bank of America reports they are SURPRISED the pace of mall and retail closing have far exceeded the experts predictions.

The 83 year is not the high priest of money. Ichan like other preditors and vulture capitalist play CASINO CAPITALISM as regulations to prevent it are not upgraded into NEW AI ECONOMICS. Congress is fiddling on Impeachment as pure POLITICAL THEATER that ends no impeachment and a landslide for Trump as miscalculation when Nancy Pelosi Hi Jacked the entire DEMOCRATIC PARTY to the far far left and her SQUARD such that President Obama had to come out this week and try and right the party back from listing into the ocean of despair for a shattered scattered and dunked party he loves. For being THE GREAT LEADER Obama is he has been brutally attacked by his own party all week for what…….for doing the RIGHT THING is what..

The PUTIN/XI War plan of maximally dividing America is alive and WINNING WORLD WAR III while Congress fiddles and Rome ( THE USA ) burns. No fix to social security and medicare. No fix to immigration. No fix to highways roads and damns all decaying. No BUDGET PASSED as required by law. Just Nancy Pelosi seeking to corner the world market on PEACHES So she can have all the impeachments.

I’ve written to you all – buy a BOX OF PEACHES and send them to Nancy – say one million of us so that she finally has enough PEACHES for her IM-PEACH-MENT. Is not that all she really wants – the peaches? Lets send Nancy the Peaches in our own impeachment movement as deplorables?

SO 83 year old on his way out Icahn owns 10% of Xerox and then casino buys 10% of HP then seeks to have his XEROX a dink company next to HP hostile take over HP. The HP board declines given the low price to profit the vulture offered. How much could ICHAN loves if Malls pay their mortgage at Holiday time like TESLA killing SHORT SELLERS like Ichan? Buffet buys into real economics – Ichan and tribe are in CASINO CAPITALISM investing for greed and profit and price manipulations which once was a felony and will be again when Nancy gets enough more than enough PEACHES in my opinion.

Meanwhile over 280 nations over 51 are in riots over the middle class being evaporated by the ICHAN CLASS as across the world the failed economic systems of COMPETITIVE CAPITALISM AND COMPETITIVE SOCIALISM ( China and Russia too ) where 1% elites have consolidated more wealth and power than 99% possess. This is evil insane and not sustainable globally as circulation and liquidity evaporate. Ichan will die with Buffet and Soros’ soon and the Marks and Paiges and Musks will take over from the last generations of Gates into the New Generation of youth. We’ll see as they all THINK DIFFERENT than say TIM holding 100’s of billions for stock buy back and stock manipulation of price while Apple IPHONE sales are down more than 10% last year and more than 10% this year but Tim no longer reports IPHONE SALES AT ALL TO SHAREHOLDERS and the SEC allows such lack of transparency once a felony and will be again. When? When Nancy Pelosi gets more than enough peaches I suspect ( did you send Nancy Peaches for Thanksgiving ) say 1 million cases ought to do it?

It is go time readers.

The shell game is not UKRAINE FOLKS the Shell game is all that you are reading here – the pea ( our future ) is under which shell in the world with 50 nations in riot and melt down – due to consolidation of wealth and wild casino speculations by the super reach insanely marching to one drummer…follow the three shells as I rapidly move them around in FAKE NEWS with live all channel PEACHES FOR NANCY in the news – and tell me which shell holds your best future….really and truly today?






Dec 10tth Dallas for Safe Harbor – you registered year ?