We told you this too shall pass. The markets are taking bargains into account as the big boys come back from vacation. We told you.

The lift back of the American markets is also global WEALTH SHIFTING back into America as the safe harbor from the Global storms. Safe port for parking wealth.

This trend is going to accelerate for years now. The trend OUT of America was generational. Now with commodities plunging and the cost of raw goods so low – the profits by American firms benefiting from the recent on going DEFLATION is gigantic. The lower fuel cost more in line with markets versus speculation the real TRUE floor costs – will foster added spending power in the EU and America’s. This keeps recovery in the America’s and EU back into tracking for years to follow.

Asia will adjust over a decade – it will take years to sort out the NEW ASIA ORDER. No one can predict this final resting place financially. Indonesia, the Fourth Largest Economy, India soon to be number 2 in the world – and Japan number one or 2 depending on China will all land in their respective new orders. It will be some time before that landing is known and more shake ups in Asia are highly likely before the new reformed models fully develop. Give it time. Risk off for Asia is the mantra now and invest back in Asia in 2020 but not before is our take on things. You decide for yourself.

America is the place to invest today. And America will lead the economic systems of the world increasingly for the rest of the century. The fly wheel of American inventiveness is unstoppable. The mineral wealth of just oil now rising to an export item again – is unstoppable. America’s fiscal wealth is now under written by our food and oil wealth and our productivity in goods and trade. Our internal buying is so strong it remains unmatched as an economic back bone mature by a superior SYSTEM to other models.

As more and more nations adopt to the BETTER MODEL their own wealth will rise …we are today a nation of entrepreneurs in the Global Village. Those who execute NATIONAL WEALTH by policies to rapidly grow Entrepreneur Class in nations – win. Those who advent policies to make it costly in time and money to ramp up new ventures – loose in their antique and failed model.

CEO SPCE consults to national leaders to develop policies that work. We want to help your nation. Check out CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL on line Forbes # 1 2015 resource in this key area – worth the click time. See a video.

We will keep a light on for you. This is not the end of anything it is the adjustment to the new beginning – watch as the market rebounds coming up and you’ll share our excitement for the WEALTH SHIFT as all our blogs have been reporting to you. Trillions are moving out of Asia and moving back to America – can’t you feel the wave? You might wish to put your surf board into that wave….I would.

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman CEO SPACE