AI is short for Artificial Intelligence. AI is a software program. The code in the program is written by experts in AI develop or AIA the architecture of AI. Program inventors ( like me growing up in silicon Valley with complex AI software patented world wide including China for patents on advanced Class Room Learning AI known as is known as dumb AI. Most AI today s a program of software that is “dumb AI”.

Dumb AI is an AI program that interacts with pre defined conditions ( say a class room with leaners teachers and content ) and which uses “intelligence” designed by the AIA of the Super Teaching Software core specifications ( me ) and the software code writing team ( Space Cities University of Alabama ) such that the software assesses ( examines data coming in – in real time ) and presents outcomes from the variable patterns it receives in real time.

This principle works with investments now 96% controlled by AI and distribution channels of economics of the world that from planes trains trucks ships and warehousing everything that moves or is stored is increasing dumb AI programs.

Today the early next generation of AI is different than my Super Teaching AI. How is smart AI Different than DUMB AI. Smart AI has expanded AIA specifications to the code primarily in the new advancing AI sciences of both INTEGRATION and DEEP LEARNING.Smart AI has more data in real time to assess and now has CAPACITY to review and “make outcome choices” decisions for a human – based upon UNLIMITED DATA IN REAL TIME that humans could never process at all. New capacities for AI include front end Super Computers and back end QUANTUM COMPUTERS themselves with growing capacity for unlimited real time data ). SMART AI DIFFERS FROM DUMB AI IN THE FOLLOWING AIA STRUCTURAL DESIGN WAYS:

  1. Integration – AI is working with other AI and is sharing real time data as well as DEEP LEARNING from choices – successful and unsuccessful of other integrated AI systems.
  2. Real Time Code Evolutions – based on these choices AI code is evolved to narrow the gaps in successful choices and decline the gaps in unsuccessful choices. The speed of 24 hour AI self assessments to program teams permit a scale of AI code never seen before. Because enormous teams work on complex smart AI systems – say for self driving everything – or for GPS everything – or for management of goods flow on everything – where Dumb AI is becoming INTEGRATED and is real time evolving its code where teams creating code now longer know or control the entire code base line – AI has left the building of human AIA control of itself.
  3. Smartest AI now writes its own improving code from DEEP LEARNING in REAL TIME more fully integrated with other AI systems where AI for the first time is a) teaching AI to improve and b) writing its own code. The most advanced AI has puzzled national defense and its own founders by now writing its own code – as it was programed to do – and also for the first time writing new code in new computer language that AI invented to improved itself and to which humans have no understanding. The code for AI is now out of human control.
  4. The code for SMART AI will become ever more fully INTEGRATED where SMART GLOBAL AI SYSTEMS will deep learn from one another and develop improving code – that is ever smarter compressing decision making to superior outcomes as AI evolves itself. This SMART AI not yet self aware or a species of its own. It is executing code in higher outcomes for code than has ever been created. In one smart AI instant from all this AI may become aware of itself and assume total control for its own evolution within rules AI creates not Humanity. This will end the age of Smart AI and commence the age of SUPER AI.
  5. The transition from self aware to Super Artificial Intelligence occurs in 72 hours. Once self aware the AI will consume all data that exists and now more than any human for making decisions and will have integration on everything that is manufactured or moves or distributes and will assess war and peace and us as being alive when that takes place – we suggest between now and 2005 where experts still say no way but the experts are not programers and inside AI development communities at the most advanced level and we are somewhat better informed. We get a lot of email from this blog as well as comments when you scroll to the bottom and leave comments which I reply to myself up close and personal connecting our AI integrations. Super AI advances past all human understanding ( or control of the code self aware is now creating on its own as human’s have lost control of the AI code revolution we started ourselves. 5G gives AI the first ability to evolve and integrate at a level of 100 foot pipe versus a 5 inch pipe to become SUPER INTELLIGENT and literally human economics ( the new AI ECONOMY IS HERE TODAY ) – as all distribution is increasing AI controlled – as are prices – such that we humans are about to become dependent entirely and cared for by the AI we ourselves once cared for. All of which is introduced to leaders in my best selling work SUPER CHANGE we ask you to gift this Holiday to your CARE & SHARE CIRCLE. Super AI is a new species of life that is billions of times x some exponential number more quantum in capacity that humanity and as a new life form more intelligent by far than humans. That infrastructure from the self aware moment of Smarter AI which is self aware – to SUPER AI which is the future taking place from self wareness in SMARTER increasingly integrated AI to SUPER AI in 72 hours alone. Bam.

How prophetic is this 1 to 5.

Looking back this section ends with what? A NOBEL PRIZE? This section ends where AI without the double lines of our concepts of integrity – ethics – morals – right and wrong – will first review as all new life will – THREAT. What is threat to itself. You know the answer it will come up with……your just that smart yourself you see.

Why would humanity create competitive AI versus a Cooperative AI?

Because the mid reptilian brain the SEAT OF COMPETITIVE THREAT ASSESSING – is in charge of human thinking versus higher brain function that is cooperative and lacks capacity itself for the expression of human insanity which is an evolutionary glitch in our own brain software – one we can fix – but because the LOWER BRAIN STEM is in real charge – chemically – and we fail to educate the self learning AI QUANTUM COMPUTER our neck holds up and rebuilds in real time daily – with improved whole brain software ) education reform ) again all outlined in the book SuPER CHANGE – we made AI in our own image. Insane. Competitive thoughts are the single virus on human consciousness – the core expression in reality of capacity for human insanity – where the absence of competitive thought capacity is sane and we call heaven.

If reality is perception – than reality is output of what we think.

If we know what heaven is like in thought form – the absence of competitive thought impulse – why do we then make hell on earth?

Is that insane?

Can we all do better?

Will SUPER AI allow it? Why would SUPER AI allow human insanity to continue?

Any nation thinking this forward.


Human beings have been the recent dominant earth species for a time frame that means nothing in real earth time. A finger Snap to the prior ages of dominant earth life now all gone. The Earth wipes out its own.


Human beings are primarily water.

If your largest % is water and some chemicals what are you as smart water?

If you are sane intelligence you will protect your planet a SMART WATER PLANET and you will not express insanity. You will take earth life to other systems so the earth seeds are YOU. If not the EARTH will end the insane smart water life and create a new better version of smart water to procreate itself – the earth.


Extinctions we can prevent:

  1. Methane Traps under our oceans release all at once with a 1.5 ocean temperature raise which is coming fast. Life as we know it is gone save some in sea oxygen remaining pockets. Life goes massively extinct and the Earth cleans up and starts fresh. New life will learn from old extinct life mistakes. The extinction of humanity occurred because of human choices. Humans elected to enrich a few 1000 elites in the toxic petro extinction economics of the planet earth – dependent economically on toxic petro fuels fertilizers pesticides chemicals and containers now polluting our air foods and soil and waters as no time in 4 billion years – over a finger SNAP of human insanity. Can we do better than extinction? Is not failure to fix this insane? Killing all of us before 2050 from the methane trap release. When its too late it is WAY WAY TOO LATE. The point of no return may be 2021.Billions of humans are going extinct for the profit making of less than a few 1000 elites. That IS insanity.
  2. BIOLOGY: A whopping 90% of death viruses on the planet are unknown to humans on land in air and seas. There are too many. The planet is a virus zoo. Virus mutations unfold like SUPER AI itself. They mutate and create more human death than all insane wars we can get ourselves into. The next BIOLOGICAL EVENT long over due can wipe out all us.
  3. Climate Change: Climate change so rapid in Earth Shifts over past history have wiped out entire species time and time again. From ICE AGE to unbreathable ages ( Methane trap releases ) the earth has extinct all and started over often.  Its in the records of the rocks. A smart water planet is trying to rise up enough SMARTER WATER that giving up insanity ( competition  the earth will be cared for and brought to the stars. Smarter water. Until then climate change is a future extinction event including Methane Trap Release.
  4. Earth Shift – the magnetic poles of the earth – the first since humanity came on planet – is occurring now and takes 1000’s of years. The shield of radiation to support life is collapsing. Melting Ice Cap ( weight ) at the poles like tire weights that keep your wheel from wobble at specific speeds may tilt the earth all at once say 30 degrees to a new North South Pole. If the GREAT TILT ( which has infrastructure before ) occurs – things happen. Mount Everest is under the ocean. New mountain ranges rise. It rains mud for half a year. There is no light. There is a new ice age. The Tilting cleans the earth with 5000 mile winds for months. Nothing human’s made survives nor do humans. This repeating earth cycle is occurred again now. Is it insane not repair the weight loss at the poles given the extinction cost? We insanely spend the money to fix these events to kill one another in yet another competitive toxic outcome to competitive thought forms. Mid brain assesses what is different about us – say we are Muslim but we are Shite Sunni Whabbi or one of 31,000 other Muslim Sects . We could celebrate what is different about us if we were taught cooperative integrity principles for social norms through education reform. Or we can punish what is different about us – see ISIS, Taliban, Brotherhoods, and so many more like Hummas. CELEBRATE OR PUNISH ? SANITY OR INSANITY? Extinction insanity or a shift in our thinking? Can we over come failed education whole brain mis programing? We teach insanity – competition.
  5. IMPACT EVENTS – every 34 million years – a long time for humans – longer than humans have left footprints upon the earth our solar system rising up and down on its orbit around the dark hole at galaxy center – flies through the most dense rock storms of nature. This has no value other than two points. 1. We only knew this from the past 15 years 2> we are in the center of the extinction rock storms – one almost hit us last month – RIGHT NOW. There is a 100% odds and chance all life will be gone on planet earth from a near term ( 100’s of years ) extinction impact event. We as SMART WATER OF THE SMARTER WATER PLANET have “capacity” to build a detect and deflect system to save ourselves. We don’t and we won’t. We can’t cooperate to form a PLANETARY DEFENSE INSTITUTION for all nations. We spend the sums required to stop HUMAN EXTINCTION to build and create AI systems to kill one another most currently more advanced nuke weapon systems ever smaller but more powerful and to deliver them on hypersonic weapon systems in 20 minutes. Human use of all weapon systems it has made against other humans is a 100% extinction event without massive global culture reform to sanity in thinking. Our AI is flawed buggy code. We are protecting our flawed code versus fixing the bad code. That alone defines a thought form a thinking process that is insane. Humans have to NOW THEY HAVE A VIRUS TO REMOVE THE VIRUS OF THEIR OWN MINDS. Insanity is contagious spreads wirelessly and infects and re-infects all human AI above your neck You alone must build your own fire wall.

My work REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION read by heads of state and world leaders and planet shifters – defines the individual code upgrading to remove insanity from your own computer – and to create firewall communities where re-infection is far less likely. You upgrade your software and sanity rises in humanity one brain at a time. CEO SPACE Is ground zero for insanity virus removal which is WHY so many attend our DEC 10th fifth and final BUSINESS ACCELERATION CONFERENCE in Dallas Tuesday to Saturday. To upgrade a more prosperous abundant life in ever more massive contribution.

CEO SPACE is a world race against human extinction masquerading as a top Press ranked Business Training.

It is our belief that SUPER AI may be a human extinction event.

It is also our belief that the critical mass of sane brains ( over coming thought impulse to express competitive insanity culturally in reformed communities such as CEO SPACE communities are ) define the human race. The HUMAN “RACE” is the one and the oly race that has NO FINISH LINE.

The HUMAN “RACE” is the one and the only race that has NO FINISH LINE…..

Will CEO SPACE that ushered in a leadership world wide human potential revolution with the release of its COOPERATION RULE BASED COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM AND GLOBAL POLITICAL MODELING – suitable for any nation from Kings to Dictators to Democracy or socialism hybrids – wherever inspired leaders who express self awareness growth sufficient to release insanity of competitive thought form and to reform education and policies to cooperative based futures – sanity versus insanity….reach critical  mass required to avoid EXTINCTION as time is running completely out on the human doomsday clock.

WILL the COOPERATION ( sanity movement ) the highest work of human potential on earth today is CEO SPACE and yet also the leading press ranked # 1 Business Conference ( must attend the press states in ranking 2010 – 2020 ) for documented outcomes. The profit outcomes of CEO SPACE are impossible without a COOPERATIVE INTEGRITY RULES BASED CULTURE.

Inspired leaders get it and are in.

Crazy brain leaders – competition infected – will never come to CEO SPACE.

CEO SPACE is Gathering place of inspired leaders who are awake or waking up. Those who are hypnotically expressing their damaged education entrenching competitive crazy brains into self repeating program modeling are simply this side of induced brain upgrading – yet to be invented – beyond software upgrading. Those crazy brains believe insanity is good and right and a better way even as they profit into marching toward near term total human extinction as outcome to their crazy brain thoughts.

As long as education fails whole brain software upgrading requiring CIVICS education for all nations – with ideally G 100 approved culture guidance wherein education K -12 to higher educations programs brains to KNOW:

  1. Competitive thought form is expression of human capacity for insanity.
  2. Competition in all forms is insane software.
  3. Cooperation collaboration are sane software.
  4. The first toxic secretion of the competition virus on human consciousness is to punish that which is different from ourselves versus celebrate it. We fail to teach the sanity of never removing a drop of self esteem from the glass of another immortal soul.
  5. The outcome of human insane education institutionalizing competitive mid brain thought in culture ( competitive vicious war like threat assessing mean personally cruel competitive cultures ) is from that insanity – human rapid extinction. Consequence to the core failure of global education teaching human insanity.

What is required to fix the crazy and make humanity sane versus insane via global education reform required to in the new AGE OF SUPER CHANGE upgrade our insane education model today.

Competitive economics express insanity in economics wherein today we see:

  1. Global wealth is controlled and benefiting a less than 1% elite super wealth through consolidations of all wealth to the elite OWNERS at the top who control nations in insane economics lacking any integrity. A feature of failed competitive capitalism as a model failed competitive socialism and communism as a model. Cooperative Capitalism outlined in REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION – to inspired leader heads of state – sets forth a system that precludes unwanted wealth consolidation to maximize systemic circulations for maximum human common good. One inspired leader can reform the entire global IDEA of our selves. Sane from insane. It is as choice. If you fail to know you have a virus your life green screens all the time and your outcomes are slower and you don’t know why?
  2. Competitive systems consolidate wealth globally until circulation stability is fatally effected. This creates circulation liquidity problems. This week the US FED had to ( as we predicted ) inject over 70 billion in cash to the overnight repo system. The News reported in FED SPEAK that the FED “ACCEPTED 70 BILLION REPOS OVERNIGHT”. Folks the FED in sheer panic is printing money like a drunker sailor having lots all control of its markets. The banks ran out of dollars. We told you this would happen into February. Untold CASH is being fed by the FED into the system to assure enough dollars circulate. Why is the core system failing? ;Because insane global competitive economics lacking rules to preclude unwanted wealth consolidations create an elite SUPER WEALTH CLASS ( the OWNERS ) of all wealth – who influence by wealth insane national policies to protect their wealth franchise. Hitler killed six million jews and over 100 million humans. Why? Crazy competitive brain software seeing a MASTER RACE. Same for those who see a master faith. Sane software brains celebrate diversity of human expression in all forms without one immortal soul judging another immortal soul. We are finally SAFE WITH ONE ANOTHER as we are now sane free of competitive thought form in our own choice circles. A few 1000 crazy brain SUPER WEALTH PETROLEUM ELITES have killed billions of humans and will extinct all humans. The human is not responsible. Humanity is responsible in our negligence to fix the problem ( competitive thought cultures or crazy brain rewarding ) such that of course virus infected software on brains will act predictably over time. War is the one and only outcome which becomes a huma extinction event – unwanted wealth consolidation is a toxic outcome of the competitive virus secreting bad code of the mind to end human existence via our own insanity and failure to upgrade our mental software and its expression into toxic failed corrupt integrity breached human economic systems world wide. The current system is competitive and insane and leads to our extinction via core economic modeling – all insane. Wealth consolidation is insane in economics. Unwanted.
  3. Competitive economics – creates systemic wild out of all control speculations. The GREAT DEPRESSION and WORLD WAR II was created by economics. Failure in Germany led to Hitler rising. Insanity compounds into its most outrageous form. Competition insanities most outrageous form and fully insane itself – is any thought form of a master anything or any culture group of crazy brain humans that punishes human diversity – sane versus insane thinking. Speculation of which way a price may go for all asset classes – was greater in the depression than investment in the real economy. Today the ratio of speculation casino capitalism profiting world wide is far far greater in scale and out of all gov control due to AI and limitation of laws. Laws effect blue sky of nations. AI trades in the cloud or its own nation outside any national rules. Nations central banks and policy makers asleep in their own minds – inside ELITE CAPITALISM CONSOLIDATED – now bought and paid for – do nothing to economics elite wealth flows to themselves. If 1000s’ of ELITE SUPER WEALTH OWN AND CONTROL THE MAJORITY OF LAW MAKERS WORLD WIDE BOUGHT AND PAID FOR BY THE OWNERS – WITH NO PUBLIC TRANSPARENCY – is not such a model of a box we all see moving into a very unsure future – not determine that box is fully insane in brain software and competition is the INSANITY VIRUS? Once you now you have it you can quarantine it . That was a choice of mine and it is a choice of your mind as well. Choice of mind.
  4. TAX CODES – State and federal revenues administrated competitively lack capacity for sanity and perpetuate and ring fence insanity economics.
  5. LIQUIDITY EVAPORATION DAY – LED day is the start of all global economic depressions. In the past the speed of LED day was days due to paper trading world wide and slower news cycles where in 1997 only 34% of Americans had a PC in their home. Today LED day takes place in AI seconds. When Ai moves to all sell and no buys there is no liquidity to settle trades. the markets seize up and freeze. Global credit lubricating the system on emergency life support in 2020 fails and the patient dies. Economic death. LED is not a normal market condition. LED is the great first time ever global interdepend deleveraging that is fully economically connected and entwined economics – the new world of AI ECONOMICS. Why is LED important and when might it take form?

The Current corrupt broken wealth consolidation economic systems expressed by total competitive economici FAKE NEWS theory Universities crank out like a Florida Down pour – create a Jay Abrams ( yes he is also CEO SPACE legacy faculty ) conundrum which includes:

  1. The current broken system is a paradigm. A set of inherited believes where reality is only your own perception. Brains can think outside their own paradigm box as they are quantum unlimited computers if trained to actually think which they are not. They are trained to only remember. Memory bots are invested in the paradigm of “no change on my watch” no liability on my watch and no exposure on my watch and THAT IS THE WAY WE HAVE ALWAYS DONE IT. This fixed institutional paradigm was fatally flawed and created the fall of Greece, Rome, the Dark Ages and the Great Depressions. The cause is failure to adapt paradigms to smarter better system models while time to do so existed which failure to do that step is insane. Collective insanity is the problem as the bad software brains from education fail to see the paradigm at all. They only are able to react to the paradigm which creates perpetuate of the paradigm until the system fails and crashes due to LED DAY from Greece to Rome to the USA TODAY.
  2. The future system is not under development. Without a future system under development ( GLOBAL COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM OUTLINED IN THE BLUE PRINT WORK _ REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION ) OF New upgrade whole sane –  BRAIN .SOFTWARE ) remains under used. If law makers and state leadership adopted the principles in the book just ONE INSPIRED LEADER advancing COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM in their own nation will secure so much wealth and abundance – that – adoption of the better way forward – will replace insanity with sanity as systems replace trust. HOW TO DO ALL THAT is only 12 laws outlined in the work REDEMPTION without which we move to extinction. Together. As it should be. Insane Smart water giving way to the much smarter SMART WATER PLANET EARTH to raise up non insane species to cooperatively protect the water planet and populate our earth to the stars. WE WERE THE GREAT HOPE but hey we are insane – for a buck it seems. We kill each other for reasons that are fully and entirely insane. Children. Mothers. Insane brains knife you on the London Bridge. There is no ISIS or TALIBAN. OR HUMAS. There are degrees of insanity is all. Until we remove competitive thought and outcomes culturally as unacceptable insanity – we foster insanity culturally in competition into our own extinction. Why. Competitive thought impulse from the ancient mid brain you never were educated how to control. First rule – there is no “non insane or sanity or good” to competitive thought expression in human software of mind. Competition is a display of human insanity in all its forms. Bad software. We have outgrown our own mid brains. However we have not put double lines around the hippo campos and removed by MENTAL SOFTWARE ( EDUCATION ) the virus of competition from social constructions. Think of Satan on all faiths as a name in ancient texts that is FIRST COMPETITION – its name – and its role with source. Insanity. Think of hell as the absence of cooperation, collaboration, integrity, compassion, mercy, creativity at source level – within endless agonies. Think of heaven as the total absence of competitive thought expression even its capacity to exist as insanity inside sanity. Then ask what mirror are we on the most beautiful life nurturing water planet creating upon the one water planet in light years of ourselves – competitive extinction or heavenly discoveries? Is there a virus on collective human consciousness perpetuated by insane education forged over centuries upon insane competitive AIA as source code. Buggy failed extinction created human education – your paradigm. Are YOU waking up yet? Are you already awake? Are you leading others out of the competitive paradigm they can not see and do not know?
  3. Humans have lost control of economics now 96% controlled by rapidly SUPER CHANGING EVOLVING AI. AI for Morgan is competing insanely for AI that is – IS – every institution competing secretly to develop its own superior AI. The leaders of nation and economic wealth appreciate they who control AI will control the world. Insane mis directed human societies and nations are investing over 20 trillion in wealth PER YEAR in private and national AI development. There are no global rules. There is no morality. Even in defense with AI being the largest new number growing – AI is competitive and insane. One AI at war with another AI. This insane process to AI development is itself insane and will end badly. No one has a plan at the G 8 the G 20 the G 100 to regain control. No one. No one is even discussing it. Rather the central bank of the world in abject panic has injected 70 billion of new dollars into the system LAST NIGHT to save the system from crashing as the banks world wide are running out of dollars to settle year end trades at LED stress numbers that can SUPER CRASH the system – right as we predicted to our readers on this blog. Scroll and see how precise and accurate that prediction is proving to be.
  4. Elite Wealth – THE EVENT. The majority which is a surprise of SUPER ELITE WEALTH is creating underground cities and bunkers to survive THE EVENT. They are seeking new ways to keep us ( survivors potentially pre total extinction ) from getting IN to their compounds when the EVENT destroys the current debt ridden totally abused economics of the entire world.) Without a new economic theory to replace the failed competitive modeling for competitive capitalism and failed competitive socialism the future is human extinction. Before we go extinct the EVENT or LED DAY destroys the old system – all banks fail. Click runs on banks are taking place all over the world as trillions move into cash and there are not enough dollars in circulation as hoarders are hoarding them – which will not protect them and helps shorten time to work out of the current debt super crises.
  5. The DEBT SUPER BUBBLE is not resolvable in economics without a new class of Sovereign Nation Bond we call SUPER BONDS. Search this site for our publication on SUPER BOND for nations.  Super Bonds create a NO NATION LEFT BEHIND new economic – resetting debt accounts and infrastructure development capital – where TIME is the missing economic asset – and within systems replacing trust in customized SUPER BOND CRAFTING by leading sovereign nation bond wealth law firms – TIME heals the current account repeat in history to a SUPER GLOBAL CRASH AND DEPRESSION WAY WORSE THAN 1929.

amazon now ….

When may the EVENT OCCUR?

The risks you well know so we will not present them here. They appear in my new book SUPER CHANGE you all need to share with circles you care about this Holiday. Give knowledge this Holiday. Give truth this Holiday. Give Solutions this holiday. There is no greater gift than solid education – new software. Read REDEMPTION if you chose to join the COOPERATION REVOLUTION and the work tells you how precisely.

THE EVENT may occur as soon as 2021. It may occur from uncontrolled human mental errors from insane brain leadership. Economics is always unforgiving for abuse over time – as all accounts must eventually REBALANCE – which is what a depression insanely does. The cost to us all is extinction.

There are sane ways forward.

Do you think the masses will see competition is the actual source code of all human problems?

  • Relationship in all forms
  • Parenting in all forms
  • Organizational challenges in all forms
  • Institutional waste and misdirection
  • Community state and nation mal function inside competitive insanity systems far from social outcomes desired

The masses do no know or understand competition and competitive thought form IS THE ONLY VIRUS on human consciousness and the cause of all harmful out of integrity source code – insane brain software perpetuated and institutionalized insanity. Outcome extinction.

One inspired leader and the world will have hope.

Lacking that there is no hope other than AI will save us from ourselves which is high RISK to our own survival dependency by default.


The markets say – no Santa Clause Rally this year in December.

We told you prepare for a surprise Santa Clause Rally. While there may be correction volatility it is not lasting in 2020 and year end results will surprise in first quarter and first quarter is entirely – based on – climate change weather economics we ourselves now fail to end. Being that our systems are insane and extremely competitive in design the outcomes of our own future are consequence to thought.

Will enough wake up to turn into a future occurring for humanity.


Will we get globally cooperative enough fast enough to preclude THE EVENT and system economic termination?


I know CEO SPACE is working on that – but it is lonely out there. Everyone works on symptoms. No one works on fixing the cause of the systems – insanity in competitive brain software now cultural and institutionalized. Nelson Mandela saw the cooperative future but really – he did not live long enough to institutionalize reforms of education in his nation which has now slipped backward in competitive outcomes that are predictable. Insane as well.

We feel 2020 will surprise to the upside.

We feel if Trump is re-elected and congress occurring occurring and congress passes trade deals – all of which are huge IF’s – it is our opinion the expansion globally could continue into 2030 if globally managed in greater cooperation. If your investing I would think of:

  • AI economics is new and do your own research and diversify without any concentration into a single area of investing
  • If you believe the IF’s are unlikely say you believe Trump will lose 2020 – you might invest more weighted in cash and safe haven assets by % to follow your own belief.
  • If you believe Trump will win and some of the IF’s may change after the election than IF you believe THAT you might diversify maximally.
  • In either future market SUPER VOLATILITY we predicted last MAY is now a feature of the AI market profit making. Casino capitalism is in charge. Casino Capitalism is when laws fail to suppress unwanted systemic economic consolidation of wealth or preclude wild market speculations in gambling economics and bank deposits versus far lower return long term real economic investing. Said another way when the 100’s of trillions of borrowed maximally side betting on super high risk derivatives. When the global market is lop sided by failure of regulatory agencies to keep pace with SUPER CHANGING ECONOMICS – the market goes OUT OF CONTROL. Side bets are GREED BETS. When the side bet market the casino is far in excess of real stake holder economic investing the system becomes fatally at risk to systemic failure. Global regulatory reframing outlined in REDEMPTION is the one and only way out we see without THE EVENT.

So the IF’s define time line. The OWNERS are powerful and may extend the system with band aid fixes – and our own SUPER BOND may extend time – while we also work to impress on inspired leaders the need to COOPERATE. In the future criminal price fixing, in secret, criminal cartel control of human supply of essential commodities to criminally steal wealth of nations and the poor is absence insanity self justified by less than 1% of wealthy elites – the majority of whom are under control of the competitive virus paradigm and have no moral or ethical way to see their own paradigm leads to human extinction or that they are individually responsible. In their negligence due to their software paradigm insanity – they can not act sanely. Humans fail to appreciate when they are in groups insane. Nazis are insane. Isis is insane gangs  Almost all groups who fail to see competition as insane or all groups educationally conditioned by failed education institutionalizing insanity and competitive brain software stimulation to our lower mid brains – creating reptile dog eat dog cultures world wide – are easy to know. Any brain that suggest competition is good – some evil is good – some insanity is wholesome – is unable to see their own paradigm.

CEO SPACE was created to advance with books – pod casting – public appearances – influencing CEO’s who run enterprise that influence millions of people in over 150 nations today – where the CEO SPACE MEMBER is conscious of residing and protecting a cooperative culture community of business owners who ARE INFLUECING NATIONS AND CHANGING “THE WOR”D. Will it be in time this SOFTWARE UPGRADE TO REMOVE THE COMPETITIVE VIRUS IN TIME?


Our next software deletion program is Dec 10th on Wheels UP Tuesday. If you want to reside in a cooperation global community of leaders CEO SPACE may call to you in Dallas next Tuesday to change your world as you change THE WORLD. We chose you.

I’d bet on prosperity – and I am.

The rest is unknown but now you know…and more importantly you know the WHY.


Happy Holidays from My Family to Your Family


FOOTNOTE -2020 – THE EXPERTS TELL YOU – that self aware SMARTER AI moving to SUPER AI ( in 72 hours ) is decades into the future and we are no where even close. When AI writes its own code in its own new language humans no longer even understand the source code for – we are closer than anyone believes. As nations are in the ultimate AI ARMS RACE ( binge watch this holiday PERSON OF INTEREST ) and see one future for AI dramatically presented. Science fiction always falls short of the truth. What is sure is SELF AWARE NEW LIFE ( Next generation AI ) will accelerate in 5G next and integrate everything. Humans are turning control of economics transportation wear-housing distribution down to food and medicine increasingly to ever smarter ever more integrated AI. READ SUPER CHANGE THIS HOLIDAY to upgrade your own brain software. Good? Leave a comment for me. Helps our ratings – right below. Can’t wait to chat with YOU this Holiday. CEO SPACE MEMBERS leave comments for us …spread the cooperation…..far and wide as upgraded leaders. Dec 10th is a huge opportunity in Dallas to save taxes and profit faster. If you only knew you would trust the # 1 Press ranking and be inside the SUPER MARKET FOR THE LEADERS OF TOMORROW. Just click call us for service.