The world is creeping from 10% of financial transactions were AI and electronic traded AI trading money pools – from a time a decade ago of 500,000 money pools and the world of investors controlling the market to now less than 10,000 Super money pools and the world means nothing in trading VAM velocity and acceleration and monentum.

So think of endless thoughts working in AI trading rooms for 10,000 SUPER MONEY pools who now control 90% of all global circulations of capital including debt.

Now consider 440 trillion of leveraged capital spiraling ever upward is controlling around 3 trillion real priced commodities annually.

Now consider the AI “source agents” are attempting to make enormous profits on market vocality they create. The theory is if the 440 trillion is full invested ( primarily in non economic side bets – as pure speculations to make day trader profits by price manipulations ) in ranges of prices that can’t be violated ( at least the young programer logic says this is their given ) then a risk less risk world evolves.

We have told you from our experience and programing experiencing this is an oxymoron theory.

So a sound byte comes out.

Today Trump plans to prohibit some Chinese firms from investing into our tech firms – a reciprocity on their rules precisely by the way.

The AI sells of at once to protect profit by taking firms that might lose those investments in technology in the USA down and the market moves in precision lock step to that technology ripple today.

The SUPER MONEY POOLS made fortunes in the trade today selling at new peaks.

Later this week it will all roar back as AI moderates the risk and concludes oh this is off set by this and by that and won’t hurt those stock plays and bond plays really…no so much.

Then new peaks arise.

Than the volatility profit making is AI triggered again.

This is not US folks.

Our grand mother our kids are all investing in electronic trading platforms. In the end human trading platforms will protect more from loss than AI. In our opinion.

Also AI is early AI.

AI is evolving.

AI is getting smarter.

Billions are investing AI trading platforms monthly folks.

Soon a self aware ( the GREAT AWAKENING ) and the ultimate self learning will autonomously now control the casino markets of the world. It will not be human at all.

That keeps Musk up at night.

Its coming sooner than anyone suspects The Government we believe always has it and is making it much smarter.

Look at the Netfick Binge Watch PERSON OF INTEREST and in two or three episodes you see – a glimpse of fiction that is all too real if you just look around everywhere and THINK about it.

Putin said – the nation who wins the AI race will rule the world. He anticipates that will be Russia and China.

Trump is now blocking that AI Play today.

The market should have gone up.

But wait for it.

First sound byte AI takes profits in flash trading.

Then moderation and roar back up happens.

If your self playing the casino learn the game rules. Its all AI and follow the bouncing ball.

Berny Dohrmann – Off to the Doctors – but Hey I’ll survive – I think ? My wifie has sounded me – perhaps the hives or pneumonia I never know which.