About Berny Dohrmann

Thought Leader

Berny Dohrmann is a fifth generation San Franciscan; and first boy of nine children. Berny’s father Alan G. Dohrmann was a pioneer with Dr. Edward Demising in Corporate Total Quality Management, and advanced system modeling for Fortune Institutions worldwide.

During Berny’s college years he worked as an apprentice while receiving his post graduate degrees in Economics. Having studied economics with George Witter, Berny apprenticed with Arthur Lachman of Monetary Resources. Steeped with his economic backgrounds, Berny founded Invest America; a full service investment banking firm in the 1960s.

In the 1980’s Berny took over running his father global corporate training firm following his father’s graduation, and transformed the firm to CEO Space International.   

Today, Berny serves on the board of the Orlando International Film Festival (OIFF) as a contribution to the arts, and is a principal shareholder and adviser to unicorn founders in breakthrough technologies such as:

  • Agriculture 
  • Hydrogen production 
  • Social Hedge Fund development with game changing 5G and AI
  • Nano technology transforming coal molecular structures into clean burning energy, and more. 

Founder of CEO Space International

“When business owners come together in cooperation, business accelerates like nothing else in the world.” – Berny Dohrmann

Ranked Top 10 Keynote Speaker

 “Berny Dohrmann started speaking at age seven alongside his father, Alan Dohrmann, a reknowned curriculum developer in the human potential industry who advised leaders such as Walt Disney and Napoleon Hill in the 1940s. Today Berny keynotes alongside top celebrities on stages all over the world. …”