Nancy Pelosi Impeachment is a political theater DEAD ON ARRIVAL DOA failure in policy. The Policy of political theory and forward strategy into NANCY’S CRIMINAL POLICY OF POLITICS OF HATRED AND DISTRESPECT – D&R – POLITICS is the most failed public policy in history. Nancy will be indicted and go to prison. We told you first and we will be right again.


China is going off all plastic containers and bags. This is 1/3 of a barrel of oil going off market. China is going off OIL faster by % of market share than any nation on earth today. OIL demand IS falling off a cliff today. OIL PRICE IS GOING DOWN DOWN DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE. WE told you going long in OIL was an investment blood bath in our opinion and we gave you hard data againt MBS OPEC Fraud data. KING MBS IN FACT:

  1. Did murder Khashoggi and ordered Khashoggi’s head brought back to the King which the head was brought back so the mentally ill King could talk to the HEAD. KING MBS DID IT and is not murdering those witnesss that can testify that KING MBS DID IT pampering each with money rewards and real virgins in the castle before he OFF WITH THEIR HEADS as a psycho ruler.
  2. DID hack Jeff Bezo phone for WASHINGTON POST reporting on Khashoggi – and leaked those hacked instant messengers to Jeff’s girl frend to Jeff’s wife creating his multi billion dollar divorce from wifey. That was ALL KING MBS who is so stupid in fact he was caught red handed lying about KHASHOGGI leaving the Saudi Embassy ( which was true in hacked up sacks by MBS hit team ) with tapes and video of the actual murder including the KINGS name and messaging on tape – caught in murder. CAUGHT NOW red handed hacking JEFF BEZO phone and then as in the murders lying about being caught red handed. King MBS is so mentally ill he believes his lies as reality when the world see’s this emperor has zero clothes on. Naked MBS.
  3. Did commit criminal fraud in the publica AMAMACO offering. This fraud will lose billions for pension and sovereign wealth funds in 2020 as the market ebb tide goes out and the dry sand bars show real valuation of SAUDI oil at 750,000,0000 versus 2 trillion the mentally ILL criminal head of OPEC fraud creates in forward market loss. Saudi Economics goes into the toilet in 2020 and 2021 as the MBS CRIMINAL FRAUD IN ARAMCO VALUATIONS – we told you this all first – comes to roast – and billions are lost because of MBS CRIMINAL FRAUD IN A PUBLIC OFFERING.

We told you all first the week it occured KING MBS had hacked JEFF BEZO phone. We told you KING MBS created the BEZO divorce because Jeff made sure the world understood PSYCHOTIC KING MBS ordered the murder of Jeff’s jouranlist on salary and to bring Khashoggi’s head back to the sand castle which was done. NOW MBS is methodically murdering all witness to the fact that KING MBS was the criminal who murdered Khashoggi ( and 1000’s of others as well and the murders continue i Saudi ).

RIGHT AGAIN – KING MBS did the murder and ordered Khashoggi’s head brought back to him.

Right again – CRIMINAL KING MBS illegally hacked Jeff Bezo’s phone caused his multi billion dollar divorce and is now caught read handed by witnesses he can’t kill and evidence. SO MUCH SO THE UNITED NATIONS hAS ORDERED a multi national investigation of the KING. This crime is far from over today.

KING MBS IS MENTALLY ILL a sociopath and unfit to rule a company or a nation in any regard.

KINB MBS needs a long vacation in a serious mental institution for life. He is unwell. The ARAMACO loss will be the final failed policy for KING MBS:

  1. Costing Saudi over 10 trillion since 2014.
  2. Lost the oil wars with the USA as in utter total defeat
  3. Shattered scattered and dunked OPEC a shell of itself
  4. OPEC lost control of the oil markets now is losing even influence on KING DICK HEAD MURDER FRAUD
  5. Lost all oil strategy on price
  6. Lost the war in neighbor nations and lost billions still spending on the LOSER WAR FOR MBS
  7. Lost prestige in the GULF where IRAN has beaten MBS in muslim influence – SHITE WINS Whabbi lost hands down
  8. Lost credit ratings for the declining valuation of Saudi assets and future
  9. Record borrowing in the billions as SAUDI loses credit standing and becomes a huge debtor nation to operate in red ink
  10. Lost with Khashoggi CAUGHT on audio and video tape and same for HACKING JEFF BEZO’s with witnesses he can’t kill

THERE IS NO KING LOSER TO TOP KING MBS. His Aramco fraud we feel will lose the majority of its value and those friends of MBS will finally depart in their bloodbath of loss turing over almost 30 billion to the PUPPY KING who will squander all tht as a total in 24 monthls unless replaced and fast. No KING has cost SAUDI and its people more prestige and world respect than the sociopathic mad KING they keep in power today. What a mess for the world.



Donald Trump noted USA GNP would be 4% and overall market caps would be much higher except for POLICY ERRROR BY THE FED. The Fed gave us policy error with interest rate rises in deflation – wrong timed and wrong fequency almost derailed the entire global recovery. Why?

Today economics is fully AI ECONOMICS.

The FED uses agency and policy that is obsolete antique and dysfunctional to AI economcis.

No nation as yet has:

  1. Laws and regulations
  2. Theory and management policy tools
  3. For NEW SUPER CHANGING AI ECONOMICS controlling 96% of all transactions.

The outcome of the FED a failed agency of 1900 making policy is risk of a GREAT DEPRESSION AND WORLD WAR due to failed economic policy.


  1. A private stock firm
  2. Owned by the banks and investment banks who control the FED and in secret no report to the nation ever
  3. NO audits as independence means FED FRAUD and no over sight at all
  4. No agency of nations can reverse a FED decision – not what founding fathers wanted and fully outside constitution law
  5. The FAILED FED totally obsolete needs to MERGE BACK INTO THE USA TREASURY.

Trump called it correctly today. If the FED was merged back into US TREASURY with over sight and modernization upgrading – the theft of wealth by the FED from the USA would stop on this emergency act of congress.

We told you the FED WAS DEAD in AI ECONOMICS now unfolding at warp drive into where no man has gone in economics before. The New world of AI ECONOMICS outlined in my need BEST SELLING FIVE STAR BOOK – SUPER CHANGE – buy copies for your best clients and you will get repeat buying and referrals in 2020 using the BOOK GIFT to drive profits. Try it.





Ebola we first reported on in CONGO in August 2018 is OUT OF ALL CONTROL. The Ebola epidemic is:

  1. Now spreading to multiple nations bordering with CONGO.
  2. Is the worst possible strain.
  3. Remains out all control and containment
  4. Unlike the OBAMA G 20 massive response to the world’s worst prior outbreak in 2016 the G 20 is doing zero today
  5. The 2020 Epidemic for the new CHINA VIRUS and EBOLA are both fully out of any control.

Ebola is out of control in Africa and now spreading rapidly.

The SARS like new VIRUS in China – a CHINA always first denying there IS a problem – then minimizing the truth of PANDEMIC – as the deaths and transmission pile up.

China lies. They said over and over – there is zero human to human transmission just as China lied about SARS. CHINA IS A developing third world nation and lacks capacity to manage pandemics.

China density of people to animals creates animal jumps of virus to humans. When next human to human mutation occurs we have PANDEMIC THREAT. Today the NEW SARS LIKE RESPIRATORY VIRUS is spreading rapidly and out of any control across China major cities. The death rate in only HOURS NOW is passing 20 and rising rapidly with total real counts not available at all in China.

China NEW YEARS coning up next week assures 100 million will move into and out of China and across CHINA. The transmission of this FANTASTIC INFECTION THIS SUPER INFECTION – is expected to go global and remain out of all controls. As market anticipatory set dies down from CHINA FAKE NEWS PR that the worst is over – when the WORST IS YET TO COME – WORST – by far.

So this new ( no controls known yet no cure yet ) infection is contrary to CHINA LIES;

.1 Is human to human transmission

2. Is SUPER INFECTIOUS airborne and easy to spread by planes trains and things – here it comes.

3. IS out of all control and threatens a GLOBAL PANDEMIC with Chinese NEW YEAR full petal to the metal forward in China with threat of a GLOBAL PANDEMIC AND ECONOMIC BREAK SLAMMING ON – with no end in sight yet.

RIGHT AGAIN. Press has this wrong again and bows to CHINA PR which is FRAUD in fact.

So RED ALERT WATCH PANDEMIC rising with China and respiratory fatal pneumonia rising with the new VIRUS human to human exploding transmission and EBOLA out of all control August 2018 to Today in 2020 – as ISIS and radical muslims attack WHO clinics, destroy computer tracking and medicines that must be kept at sub zero in Africa destroying the data killing personnel and scattering the WHO TEAMS who are being slaughtered.

China always lies. China always acts too slowly. China fails to contain the epidemics historically. The worst in modern times come from CHINA. China lax models in communist economics create the density of humans to animals as an EXTINCTION BREEDER REACTOR.  The current NEW VIRUS is pandemic grade, out of all control, and spreading now outside CHINA because of CHIAN. China cautioned folks to travel to the infected city than later as cases rose to over 600 in hours only and deaths flew up over 25 China guaranteed the host city with spirals of infections. Expect more quarantine to follow. Headlines printed FAKE NEWS FROM CHINA PR that the markets had calmed down due to China having control – CHINA HAS NO CONTROL ZERO and is acting way to late as always. CHINA NEEDED TO CANCEL NEW YEARS but they will not cancel those billion os frade dollars – their christmas holiday buying season at peak for them in their culture – and it is like our canceling CHRISTMAS. As they will not take that step for humanity the infection of the new PANDEMIC WILL BECOME A FULL PANDEMIC.

China is dead wrong. We are RIGHT AGAIN. Stay tuned to see just how right….and now seriously start planning – you will need better advice as Press – Investors – Business Owners and leaders and professionals in practice. THE SINGLE LEADER Ranked # 1 in the world 2010 – 2020 is and remains CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL. I suggest to YOU that you explore a corporate membership for the CEO SPACE March 17th event in Texas – the timing is critical for 2020 economic safe harbor to developing RISKS. The markets are fragile. China is CUTTING ITS INTEREST again – and movin toward negative interest rates. As China now borrows 300% more than CHina makes and is technically a bankrupt nation on debt super bubbles – now deaulting like dominoes – more cheap money is not the policy to SAVE CHINA in fact. So follow China economic policy which will be deriled by their own pandemic. WATCH and WAIT FOR IT. 2020 is not kind to CHINA.

We predicted in 2018 and 2019 the danger is suicide bombers with lap tops – young muslims in suits – infect themselves by the dozen and hit buffet lines i . the EU in North America and in ASIA to massively spread the PANDEMIC and stop world trade with quarantines and no travel.

If you own a business or a professional practice the only way TO PLAN AROUND THIS possibility ( don’t make it remote as it is not remote ) is the MARCH 17th DALLAS TRAINING FROM CEO SPACE – ahead of SUPER CHANGE and keeping leaders current. In this climate not an option but a necessity. I’d register yourself at to get JANUARY LOWEST PRICE and jump ahead of SUPER CHANGE in just weeks securing your 2020 superior results.

With Pandemic looming in AFRICA with EBOLA out of all and any control by the WHO after a year and a half failing – and now WORSE THAN SAWS in Asia exponentially growing out of all CHINA CONTROl now leaping to MULTIPLE NATIONS not just cities across CHINA i ONE WEEK OF TIME ask yourself these cornerstone questions:

  1. What are you doing to protect yourself from the risks? JUST SHARING THIS BLOG?



If you think they are protecting you – give your head a shake.

How many RIGHT AGAIN’s do you need to read before the truth hits you at core grade?


Note: The Wealth Effect in our opinion will move into Spring Summer super volatility – destabilize – correct 5% or so – stablize during the summer and move into post election record highs setting new records into 2021. With a Congress more disposed to pass infrastructure – forward decade immigration policy and fix ENTITLEMENTS permanently – the markets could expand into 2030 due to CONVERGENCE ( you can search for economic convergence on this web site ) for leading information for leaders to know more and know more first. ( No one is watching impeachment – we prefer to watch Netflix ).PS: Russia tried to hack UKRAINE FILES In the TRUMP impeachment matter to bury TRUMP OUT OF OFFICE but the hack failed. Russia wants Buddy BIDEN in and Trump out. Putin is the global swamp and Trump’s policies are placing Russia closer to full on recession due to PUTIN’s failure to diversify in economics now its too late. Nations lacking ENTREPRENEUR LAWS in the AGE OF THE ENTRENUE are economic slow dying. Like China with an OIL SUPER CRASH to 45.00 looming – RUSSIA AND CHINA ARE GOING BROKE SAFELY AND SLOWLY.





The inside word is out in iran the 80 year old with dementia rising – personally gave the order to attack what the SUPREME STEAM in correctly thought with zero verification was HIS LATEST GREAT ERROR – slaughter of the innocents.

Riots all over the SUPREME STEAMS nations ( largest ever in IRAN ) sang out – AMERICA IS NOT OUR ENEMY YOU ARE ( quite correctly ) speaking to the ANTIQUE BRAINS of clergy unfit to lead a modern nation – as the entire world has seen.

These MENTALLY ILL Leaders are not well brains and are paranoid in the extreme.

AMERICA IS NOT OUR ENEMY “YOU” ARE YOU “ARE” YOU ARE” …was the chants all last week in 2020.

The SUPREME “MEAN” Coming up on 81 years of too old to lead brain powers – called all his kings men and all his kings guards RE GUARDS and SQUAD QUAD together and cried out – MAKE IT STOP. DO WHATEVER YOU HAVE TO DO.

  1. Can we use live rounds on our own people. Supreme Team – oh yes please shoot to kill.
  2. There will be children and woman killed to stop this. – oh yes please shoot to kill them all – make it stop at any cost.
  3. May we use military weapons tanks and gas beyond tear gas? Oh yes gas to kill and make it stop.
  4. Can we put 1000 in prison in Iran to make it stop? Oh yes imprison 10,000 or more create camps but make IT STOP.
  5. Any force required? Oh Yes they will kill us all kil them all before they kill us all. OH YES any force required.

So the Iran military blinded by the FAILING ELDERY BRAIN OF THE SUPREME MEAN did just what the SUPREME STEAM just slaughtered more of his own peeps than he had just slaughtered on a public civilian airliner.

The only card the SUPREME STEAM has left to play he played FRIDAY. It is old. It is tired. The card is worn to shreds for this 81 year old sinking into alzheimer’s which his close aides all know. His close aides know The Supreme MEAN ordered the hit on the airliner himself. Because the SUPREME CREAM is sinking into madness they must kill him to protect their rule of law at some point. There is either death by old age or death by mercy to take out a mad man.

A PROSPERITY DEAL like Iran has never known before is easy – 90 days or less and 120 pages of paper.

A MAN MAN is keeping himself in wealth – ( SELF WEALTH ) and his people in poverty 200 million of his people. Why?


Friday he played his dog eared card after the SLAUGHTER OF HIS OWN PEOPLE:

  5. FOLLOW ME TO WORLD WAR AND DESTRUCTION WHY ( because I’m insane is my why )

Even the SUPREME MEAN closes circle is now divided on the progression of his madness and demnenisa. The 81 year old is UNFIT TO LEAD.

The people not with any out side influence . millions of peeps marched stating AMERICA IS “NOT” OUR ENEMY – YOU ARE?

This is not the beginning iN IRAN.

This is not the middle in IRAN.


MAKE IT STOP says the INSANE BRAIN last week. MAKE THEM ( my own people ) STOP saying such mean things about me. I’m leading from ALLAH himself? Which seems odds in that your leadership has removed all of Allah’s blessings marking you as a follower of SATAN who shoots down innocent airliners and slaughers his very own people. Satan resides in HATRED while the KORAN resides in pure love. YOU “SHALL KNOW ( THEIR INSANITY ) BY THEIR WORKS NOT THEIR WORDS.

The Supreme NUT JOB lost it last week and the world knows now – we have to contain and isoalte insanity until their own people take them out and put in a snae ruler. That is the truth for it all today.’

The SUPREME STEAM is way too old to lead a nation like IRAN.

The Supreme MEAN has alzheimer dementia and has totall LOST HIS MIND.

The Supreme CREAM has lost his mind and is a delusional paranoid today.


The PEOPLE the bast MAJORITY will forever retired the SUPREME BEING for a humble servent of the people.



NOTE TO IRAN: PROSPERITY FOR MILITARY AND LEADERSHIP AS NEVER KNOWN EVER – OR NUKES AND FULL ON DESTRUCTION. MADNESS OR SANITY.  The HEALTH WEALTH of the insane leader is insane – the 1% clerics paying the military own more wealth than 99% of Iran 200 million because of CRAZY BRAIN POLICY. The MILITARY WINS when they take out 81 and DONE and put in their own leader and create a PROSPERITY DEAL BY MARCH. Anything less is a great shame to the 200 million and their unborn generation in IRAN. YOUR LEADER IS TOO OLD TO LEAD AND IS BAT SHIT CRAZY….that is the truth and we all know that truth – hands down world wide. We are all sad for your needless suffering and poverty an 81 year old dementia brain creates for you as a PURE CRAZY BRAIN. It is real simple. TIME IS MORE PRECIOUS THAN DIAMONDS. Sanity or insanity? DEAL OR NO DEAL?





This Friday we saw new records.

  1. Record global market wealth all asset classes
  2. Record housing starts over 1 million more than any time since the boom in 2006 itself
  3. Record Manufacturing recovery
  4. Trade Deals stimulating global GNP
  5. Forward profit anticipation from the NEW ECONOMIC WORLD ORDER OF AI ECONOMICS & TRADE DEAL GNP GAINS.


The markets of the entire world are now AI 96%.

The DAVOS CROWD IS IVY LEAGUE EDUCATED AS ECONOMICS ( like so many in this industry ) on yesterday pre SUPER CHANGE economics. They will discuss obsolete and antique theory models on what to anticipate next. All such conversations are out of date. Today the WORLD IS UNFOLDING IN SUPER CHANGING RAPIDLY EVOLVING EVER SMARTER AI ECONOMICS. Further the AI is now writings its own code. Worse the AI iss writing its own new ECONOMIC code in a language AI invented and which HUMAN BEINGS CAN NOT EVEN READ the code. Further the code evolution is so rapid so revolutionary and fully SUPER CHANGING to all past economic theories known by man – a new AI ECONOMIC THEORY IS REQUIRED today.

Davos lacks competency to step out of the swamp of dead and buried economic modeling that no longer has relevance in forward warp drive changing SUPER CHANGING ECONOMICS. AI reacts to SOUND BITES it ( reads ). DAVOS sound bites will move markets up and down. Impeachment will move markets up and down. President Donald Trump acquittal from IMPEACHMENT is likely to stimulate markets higher all year in our opinion. A 5% all time market high correction may occur before markets post summer regain their full record stride again by year end. We’ll see. Invest for sixty months not sixty days remains our advice on quality choices with your licensed expert always.



If you GOOGLE “THE INCOME STORE” it blows our mind – the largest modern PONZI Scheme since Berny Madoff.

In 2006 Ken Courtright the founder and his city councel woman wife where touring stages and speaking everywhere, PEAK POTENTIALS, SECRET KNOCK, CEO SPACE, Bill Walsh, HALLACK WINE’s WEALTHY WINE RETREATS WITH FOUNDER ROSS HALLACK SELLING FOR HIS BUDDY KEN – ( not good to get folks drunk then sell them ) – James Dentley and too many to count we don’t know all the many meetings INCOME STORE SOLD INTO 2005 to 2019 when the SEC SEIZED everything and closed the PONZI down in CHICAGO. Google this unfolding story it is very sad reading.

The PONZI Folks we are told have more than a week of newspapers piled up on the LAKE HOUSE mansion of their door frames. DID THEY take off? No one knows. Early this year Ken was dialing for dollars for his personal defense is our feed back.

In 2006 at the first INCOME STORE sell athon I ever attended ( and my last ) Ken’s own clients came up one after another complaining. They complained because they were not getting CHECKS AS PROMISED and the checks they were getting had NO INCOME STORE ON LINE. This red flag and smoke to later fire occured before the legal departments of national radio brands advertised KEN nation wide 2017 2018 2019 to new victims. I met the founder at a PEAK PERFORMANCE event speaking on authority sites. I thought he was solid in that space. In 2016 I learned about his INCOME STORE scheme. I told Ken his clients were complaining. I told Ken it was my opinion and the opinion of security lawyers with SEC express ( I am not an attorney ) THAT Kens new INCOME STORE legal contract was in fact an ILLEGAL SECURITY OFFERING. I encouraged KEN noting his own first year customer complaints I was receiving – to engage security council to remedy any legal breach to his invention. Ken had attended our legal compliance educational class at CEO SPACE and knew as these class programs are filmed with legal council co instructing what the LAWS IN FACT ARE. Ken elected to rely on his solo attorney who had expressed an opinion the INCOME STORE WAS NOT A SECURITY. I told Ken I thought he risked prison if he did not come into compliance.

KEN and CEO SPACE enjoyed an immediate clean break from OCT 2016 forward in time. This decision limited the damage to our community to less than 2% of Ken’s almost 1000 victims. CEO SPACE is planning a WEBINAR for our victims and recommending the one Chicago attorney that sued KEN and the INCOME STORE SUCCESSFULLY for victim TED THOMAS an early victim who invested ( at his late years in life ) before he became a CEO SPACE MEMBER where we became friends having known one another in the market for years.


As the total damage has risen in weeks form 2 million to 75 million it remains our projection the total damage in this PONZI may exceed 200 million possibly 300 million as the SEC gets their team work around the MONEY which this team is OUTSTANDING upon. It will take years for victim restitution. Our advice to victims:

  1. Phone the SEC in Chicago.
  3. File your claim on line
  4. Ask for a case officer on the INCOME STORE after you create an AIDE TO MEMORY of first contact with INCOME STORE and all sequences since and your documentations inclusive of everything to text messages.
  5. Ask for a time to be interviewed related to your claims and damage and go over your AIDE TO MEMORY with the case officer.

Be first in line.

Take action. We will host a webinar for the few victims in CEO SPACE ( primarily from Ken making victims sales agents as well ) and having open legal and related question and answers to review these five suggested action steps. We wish to alert the almost 1000 radio show victims you may have rights to class sue the collective advertisers related to this illegal security offering on the air waves. We are not lawyers so research that option.

We convey sadness to the horror we are witnessing with folks we never even knew who are suffering so much. Elderly losing their home and having no options. Moving in with family and friends in a NEW YEAR catastrophe from a ponzi that knew in 2016 in our opinion. Having experienced Ken and his wife Kerry ( a former CITY COUNCIL ELECTED OFFICIAL WHO USED ALL THAT TO WIN VICTIM TRUST ON STAGE ) in the eye – my feeling. I have seen a SOCIOPATH OR TWO such that those crazy brainsa are always the victim having zero empathy for the pain their inflict – these are TWO SOCIOPATHS.

My suggestion to the victims. THE SOCIOPATHS HAD NO MERCY UPON YOU – SEC have no mercy upon them – none.

Sending in this BOOM MARKET to those who can – make it up in other areas – take the tax loss and follow the five in guidance. If you KNOW a VICTIM – steer them to this web blog if it helps them.

In 2016 my own tribe of EVENT HOSTS backed up from ME over the CLEAN BREAK WITH THE COURTRIGHT’S AND THE INCOME STORE. They chose them as they bashed me and CEO SPACE to the bone marrow. During that period it all hurt our own business and we took those lumps. We hope the other stages did not accept FEE’s to sell INCOME STORE as such fee’s may have civil and criminal penalties in illegal security offerings and may require a repayment of those fee’s.

RIGHT AGAIN. Painful and we are so sorry to the victims at least in our SPACE we in fact DID PROTECT maximally with a 2016 CLEAN BREAK as the INCOME STORE was early and before national years of radio on leading FIN TEK brands.

We hope this helps as the good news is – 2020 is a starting to shape up to be a very attractive year for economics.






I’ve watched all week as mean traitor NANCY PELOSI – reporting in the Press last weekend – how her goal was attained. She sought to label and brand Donald Trump as the IMPEACHMENT PRESIDENT to tarnish his historic record forever knowing Impeachment could not win. Then she delayed serving the IMPEACHMENT to what day? The VERY DAY Donald Trump signs a momentus economic world improving TRADE DEAL. Nancy again broke the law, failed to provide impeachment just like she failed to pass a US Budget, required by the US Constitution. She does not care. She TIMED her release of Impeachment to the Senato to SOIL the WIN of the Trade deal for TRUMP. Her pure obsessive hatred of the achievements of this President is unlike anything I’ve seen in politics since before IKE in World War II. There is only ONE NANCY PELOSI Queen of the SWAMP presiding over a shrinking real estate as the stench IS being drained along with her inside the dwindling sewage Nancy Pelosi pre her own indictment and jail time resides within. Do not be surprised when Nancy is INDICTED. The pendulum always swings BACK in AMERICA.

During the TIME that NANCY PELOSI was spending raising those enormous dollars for her twenty candidates dividing the Democratic party fatally into a shadow of its Jack Kennedy days, she tried to break the laws of the nation and have the HOUSE influence of control the US SENATE Process on impeachment rules. On her ten agenda plan she was successful in zero. The US SENATE flipped Nancy Pelosi the finger and turned their back on even listening to Nancy Pelsoi. When she turned over the documents when the CHINA DEAL WAS TIMED ( a set up by her in abject HATRED trying to diminish TRUMPS achievment in the ART OF IMPROVING THE GREATNESS OF THE USA – which he did and she did not ). Nancy about threw up with the impeachment story being a yawn to America with a majority wanting this Nancy Pelosi kitty litter box of her own cat shit to go the fuck away. Poll numbers she denies but her party dividing, walking away from Nancy as a TOXIC THIRD RAIL IN POLITICS.

DID THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY MAKE A POLITICAL ELECTION COSTING ERROR WHEN THEY PLACED PRE MATURELY AGING NANCY PELOSI IN HER LAST GASP POWER MAD GAVEL AS SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE? Well there has not been a worse SPEAKER ever. You decide on all that. The issue is NANCY visibly walked in slow motion because when she turned over the articles of IMPEACHMENT Nancy Pelosi turned over REAL POWER. She gave up her final historic moment and power. Nancy saved and timed some he said she said gossip ( not evidence ) like she could add to the IMPEACHMENT case forever which she can not because she now has NO MORE POWER. Nancy is a bad cartoon in a canceled TV show no one wishes to watch if she remains on air. Nancy is dying in office. It is eating NANCY UP as her day and history are done and over and TRUMP is just beginning. The song By By Missy Nancy Pie – I drove my chevy to the levy and I thought I would cry, for today was the day that the HOUSE MUSIC DIED, by by missy Nancy Pelosi Pie, we’ll see you in the swamp hen the swamp is pumped DRY as she tried to claim power and claw her way back, lacking strength to reach the levy as a political machine hack, and even she old Nancy started to cry, as the chevy left the levy and the radio cried – BY BY MISSY NANCY PELOSI PIE today was the day that your music…..DIED. Really some one should just write a SONG don’t you think?


The world following two years of thousands working on a single world trade NEW WORLD ORDER signed those orders into law. Congress is expected to approve these deals.

  1. The China Deal – signed
  2. The NAFTA Deal next
  3. Japan next almost done
  4. EU next
  5. India and Asia nations next

The China Deal becomes a modeling document as does the NEW NORTH AMERICAN TREATY WITH SOUTH AMERICA MEXICO AND CANADA.

The CHINA SIGNING represented a long list of MIRACLES. The experts said for two years no deal could be signed ever. We ourselves had mixed feelings on China proceeding and we told you why. Trump and his team delivered a MIRACLE for the world. Enough can not be said about CHINA and XI and the China leadership meeting the USA on the half way mark on the field of play which they in fact did.

China is a nation almost three times the population of the USA.

China is an economy the size of what California was two years back before it became to decline population and tax base into red ink as its own population is shrinking as folks move out by the millions. Last out of California turn out the lights please, it’ll cost 1000 dollars an hour to run a light bulb by then.

Trump has IMPROVED TRADE for the entire world and for the USA and these deals are solid two way wins. China wins. the USA Wins. Mexico and Canada wins and the USA Wins. THE NEW WORLD ORDER IS HERE for 100 years and the reason is DONALD TRUMP.

Donald Trump will be remembered for his HISTORIC RESHAPING THE WORLD ECONOMIC ORDER to prosperity that is sustainable and without the boom bust cycles or world wars of past Presidents. Impeachment will be seen as swamp draining and created by the QUEEN OF THE SWAMP who I Personally do not believe will live to see Donald Trumps second term through given San Francisco’s low ranking on health care outcomes. Nancy dies in the bed she led.

So Nancy had a day in the sun and the sun also sets.

Donald Trump is at Dawn with the CHINA TRADE DEAL and his hard work and his actual promises he has team worked like a badger to get the job done. If his team under deliver YOUR FIRED. We know his style from the APPRENTICE. Same movie star we elected. True to character no recasting required.

He has redefined defense from DOD and its new budget everyone said he could never get to NATO.

He is bringing our folks home but he is assuring Iran does not act out and get away with acting out.

While Iran may miscalculate and test Donald Trump versus sign a 120 page DEAL and own prosperity like IRAN has not seen ever, one can never rely on mad men running nations. If they act out in the election year billions of their toys go away in the fastest loss of the nations history. Their over confidence by their military is the under estimatation that sinks economics and failed states.

The political capital of the trade deal includes CHINAS partnership and help in North Korea.

We expect FAT BOY will remain insane and act out to own news sound bites versus prosperity for his nation.

Nations FAILING TO SIGN PROSPERITY DEALS FOR THEIR PEOPLE is the mark of ego and mad insane leadership. Choosing to FAIL YOUR STATE and risk countless dying falsing believing you have power to make such choices when economically you do not is insane. Time is more precious than Diamonds. The delay in time for IRAN and NORTH KOREA to enter into PREOSPERITY DEALS with the USA is time moving the needle to economically failed states for both nations and their suffering peoples. Why? A few Nancy Pelosi’s at the top. That is the why.

Meanwhile the WORK OF DONALD TRUMP”s teams is on going to economically assure this administration KEEPS AMERICA GREAT AGAIN and in history and in FACT – they have done it.

Not maybe.


America is moving forward GREATER and the MIRACLE of the signed deal can not be diminished by NANCY and her small circle of SQUARD TO THE LEFT OF COMMUNISM circle of pure HATERS. Catholic or not.

Nancy is expected to be mean and small as a person. Cruel even.

Donald Trump has left the BUILDING NANCY and your future is to age and die of your illness.

We all will remember the SWAMP QUEEN with disdain and sadness for how you obstructed and grid locked congress for no good reason for the AMERICAN PEOPLE and of course your hateful sad sad abuse of power in the impeachment political theater. YOU NANCY are two things in 2020:



Donald Trump on the other hand is clear and compelling in his faithful work to DRAIN THE SWAMP NANCY which includes YOU the







Wait for it.




PS: America in a boom with record all time high’s in stock markets never seen before in wealth should PARTY TAY !!!!! I took HER on a cruise this weekend to do just that…..enjoy your weekend ….we are. Thank you TRUMP TRAIN for the sacrifice hours and years to take the world into a new fresh direction…JOB WELL DONE. ( Economics not politics )




Nancy Pelosi most failed leader since MCCARTHY


The truth.

Nancy Pelosi from the 2016 election and her appearance on the PRESS this last weekend were striking.

The contrast was beyond comparing. Today you FEEL Nancy should in a hospital. It is far more than premature aging. Nancy looks devastated by a fatal illness. Is Nancy Pelosi dying like my birth city San Francisco, or has she some plan we don’t know to save herself and her imploding city by the bay? Under her and Dian far from STEINES – supervision San Francisco has become the worst outdated transportation system, the worst crime, the worst education the worst homeless the worst water the worst quality of life and the MOST COSTLY CITY ON EARTH to see all that decline inside with the HIGHEST TAXES anywhere. More people are leaving California than are coming in. California is becoming the FIRST SQUAD SOCIALIST STATE that no longer ahderes to the US CONSTITUTION other than when their hand is out for every more Federal cash. Nancy being unwell has spent that cash badly.



Nancy said to the press – as she walked away – last month – she turned and walked bqck in to the throng of reporters when asked to YOU JUST HATE DONALD TRUMP ( which hate is not strong enough for House of Cards start Nancy Pelsoi ) and into those microphones with both contempt and a politician SNEAR – she said with hate oozing out of her eyes – Listen – I’m a Roman Catholic and we were brought up to never hate?

Well Nancy me too right there in San Francisco. Catholic Nursery school to high school. That is where the US Assistant attorney General in your whoo whoo court ( my best friend in Catholic school ) reconnected and Ben Birch hated me. Those on the receiving end of Catholic Hatreds never know even the WHY. Also Nancy as spit was flying out of your mouth ( literally on the words HATE and the camera’s caught your cue language – your body langue – your face language – 1 billion of us saw pure hatred Nancy – we know how to read your face your tone your body language when you lie to the press. What about the catholic burn witches and others at the stake in HATRED what about the CRUSADES? Catholic history to celebrate priests have advantage in doing their jobs being unmarried – why again. The Apostles where married as first Preists.Where did this CELIBACY THING COME FROM surely not from Christ. Now one Pope hates the OTHER POPE because of reforms and being modern. A church with a history of celebrity priests so frustrated they act out on little boys world wide – ( and girls frankly ) – shows a Church divided with enough hate on all sides in 2020.

Master Politician – you DO HATE DONALD TRUMP and we all KNOW YOU HATE DONALD TRUMP and Lady Speaker – you are a LIAR. You have done MORE to HARM AMERICA than SNOWDEN and that is saying a mouth full. Democrats are no diserting your party. The Squad compromise you now lead as a leftist San Francisco COMMUNIST POLITICIAN is in 2020 the most failed leaders, the most failed movement, by a far to the left minority that is assuring the DEMOCRATIC PARTY IN 2020 has not learned from 2016 and remains ( Jack Kennedy Pitched my little league game before your hatred when you played with barbie dolls at home ) – the most divided rar worse ( and it was awful division in 2016 ) inside NANCY PELOSI SWINE FLU FOR A PARTY. Whatever you are dying from Nancy Pelosi it is contagious and you have iINFECTED an entire party leaving no future for the party in fact.




Nancy has one policy for all democrats – HER D&R POLITICS – the new Nancy PELSOI CORE DEMOCRATIC UNITING POLICY INSIDE – her manufactured and perfected new POLITICS OF HATRED AND DISRESPECT. The main idea is to LABEL DONALD TRUMP. As THREAT. Threat to the American way of life ( booming in a record that will be historic to DONALD TRUMP ) . Threat to the US CONSTITUTION. Threat to democracy itself. Threat to CIVILIZATION ? Really this election is about civilization in the world. One less Iran General is better for CIVILIZATION. Donald Trump? Not so much threat.

On the Press with hatred in her mouth face eyes and words Nancy Pelosi Told the truth. I had to replay it over and over. I kept nodding my head. Did Nancy PELOSI DIE and this was an AVATAR they are using with a voice over?

Looking right at the camera she said:

  1. My GOAL and objective was to label Donald Trump and his entire Presidency with IMPEACHMENT.
  2. To hang that label around his Neck where he can never remove it.
  3. His Presidency is now historic as the MOST RECENT PRESIDENT to BE IMPEACHED.
  4. Impeachment will hound Donald Trump with my Squad of ZOMBIES bitting at his heals all year.
  5. His future will always include that he was the most RECENT IMPEACHMENT in US HISTORY becomes of ME Nancy PELOSI.

So the PELOSI DOSEY DOE goes on again.

Even the press have turned on NANCY PELOSI.



Nancy started Donald Trumps Presidency telling in the BELTWAY FOLKS – I will not indict Donald Trump. I told those inside leaders at the top – oh yes she will and its all well planned out. They said I was crazy. Now they say – RIGHT AGAIN.

Nancy stated her party objective was to GRID LOCK THE US CONGRESS AND BLOCK AND OBSTRUCT any and every legislation the President sought to get compromise into:

  1. Immigration reform to upgrade our national interest policy – and to relieve tens of millions of illegal Americans who under current law must be deported under the law Nancy will not change. Nancy blames lack of compassion on the President fully well knowing any President must administrate the existing laws Nancy passed and will not upgrade. Its a human crises.
  2. No permanent budget. THE USA BUDGET is the business of the people. It must by constitution law be assed by congress every September. Nancy weaponized the budget process as a political weapon of political mass destruction. She has shut the government down. She has failed to bring the Obama lost US CREDIT RATING back to AAA as a process. She cost the USA billions in added borrowing costs and she obstructing Trumps fixes refuses to obey the US CONSTITUTION in fact. Traitor .
  3. No entitlement reform knowing the system is bankrupt in a few years she is making it all SO MUCH WORSE because she is dying and will never live to see the harm to the entire nation she has and is today bringing forth as a US traitor home grown. This nation needs zero leftist communist in power. Education Nancy will not reform assures communists are rising up. No shots fired. See Bernie who says NO WOMAN CAN WIN THE WHITE HOUSE. Nancy Hates Trump has more woman in congress more woman in leadership more woman in command authority in the military more woman on the bench than any President in US HISTORY EVER.
  4. No health care fix as enormous numbers of AMERICANS are still not insured and the system in AMERICA is not only broker it is flying apart – doctors are leaving medicine for entrepreneur more rewarding careers because NANCY’s system make a DOCTOR A LAP TOP service provider – who no longer managers their own professional time or pay and is hostage to a broken SYSTEM that now reduces the number entering the field because the future for them is like the system itself created by NANCY PELOSI the single most broken system of health care in the world today. America once the place everyone came for top treatment has fallen to INSIGNIFICANCE a decline where Nancy shot every Trump reform bill to health care in the foot before it reached her desk. OBSTRUCT OBSTRUCT OBSTRUCT is her policy.
  5. Infrastructure. Buildings fall down. Bridges fall down. California once the best transportation system is now a third world pot hole system – with no fix in sight under PELOSI degradation. See how far SAN FRANCISCO HAS DECLINED while charging the highest taxes and cost of living on this earth – all under PELOSI getting F GRADE in office. F –

SO Nancy PELOSI HATRED utter total pure HATRED OF DONALD TRUMP and all his vision and policies just HATED BY WHO. The deep LEFT. The communist state take over. The Government should cradle to grave be your solution. ( SEE CALIFORNIA soon to become the first failed state of the USA on economics brought  to you yes – by leftist communist far left politics of the SQUADs LEADERS the ANTI AMERICA IN POWER – and their leader IS and remains NANCY PELOSI.

This last weekend she confirmed:

  1. My goal was to label Donald Trump and his Presidency where that label would remain in place for life as my work.
  2. My goal was to label Donald Trump and His Presidency into IMPEACHMENT as a possible third rail to his election.
  3. Goal accomplished – we IMPEACHED THE SON OF A BITCH ( Implied ) but hey no hatred I am Catholic after all.

No leader in America has GRID LOCKED THE USA CONGRESS more completely than Nancy Pelosi. She wins on that.


If voters fail to create a REPUBLIC CONGRESS THAT WORKS AND FUNCTIONS four more years of TRUMP and GRID LOCK limit the swamp draining – as NANCY PELOSI IS IN FACT THE DEEP LEFTIST STATE ( Government IS THE PROBLEM under Trump and under Nancy breaking laws and committing real crimes in high office – directing the DOJ personnel FBI and CIA to GET TRUMP is a crime. NO ATTORNEY GENERAL BARR HAS CAUGHT NANCY IN CRIMINAL ACTION and will reform justice by indicting 100 of Nancy’s conspirators in these crimes and NANCY HERSELF.

Nancy achieve her 3 goals above and IMPEACHED DONALD TRUMP – beyond OBSTRUCTION derailing the US CONGRESS from doing the BUSINESS OF THE PEOPLE. Our future would be so secure with just INFRASTRUCTURE she will not pass it. If voters keep Nancy in POWER the future is:

  1. GRID LOCK and a dysfunctional congress
  2. Obstruct OBstruct Obstruct
  3. Politics of HATRED AND DISRESPECT – hatred unites our base – our one policy HATE DONALD TRUMP OUT OF OFFICE

The haters are a minority in America the NOVEMBER VOTE. Will America reward a leader who is:

  1. Defending America
  2. Defeated ISIS in Syria
  3. Failed State IRAN economically proving they are LIARS and now are rushing for a NUKE – Trump called them out on it
  4. Best economy ever
  5. Lowest job numbers of unemployed in Black Hispanic Asian and all math – boom economics – TRUMPS CREDIT PERIOD

Will America reward the five to thrive and vote their wallet versus their party.

will America Vote Its wallet for prosperity – or economic SUPER CRASH with Squad Nancy ?

Too early to know yet.

Nancy will be using all the weapons at her and Russia’s exposure. Nancy is the link to leftist communist nation giving to her paks and left causes follow the money it will stun you what Nancy the largest LEFTIST FUND RAISER raising more cash for the Democrats than any one else – looking like a zombie and even the zombie is fatally ill as everyone can see when you look at her.

It is like she zombie does her evils, but her body is showing up with her HOUSE OF CARDS ( NETFLIX SERIES WATCH IT ) action and outcomes – where NANCY PELOSI IS HURTING AMERICA AND THE USA more than any one in modern history including SNOWDEN Putin keeps as a trophy.

Nancy Pelosi will lead her SQUAD POD into the election. Anyone see on the news

  1. Elizebeth Bernie and Biden – are hosting rallys at a gym in a high school with a few hundred showing up.
  2. Donald Trump fills stadiums with 50,000 while 10,000’s of thousands are outside in support – in 100% of TRUMPS SOLD OUT RALLY’s.
  3. Hillary’s crowds where terrible in 2016. You felt sorry for HER.
  4. Pelosi’s crowds are WORSE in 2020 far worse.
  5. Nancy Pelosi failed politics where AMERICA SEE”S the pure brain washing and political theater today – presented by failed producer Nancy Pelosi – who has written the new PLAY.



There is a full on civil war in the democratic party.

Never has the party been so divided all due to NANCY PELOSI COMMUNIST SQUAD LEADERSHIP to the far far left disregarding the majority moderates of the party.  In 2020 millions will VOTE FOR TRUMP not because they love TRUMP ( although they do not hate Trump like NANCY wants them to ) but they will VOTE AGAINST NANCY as a communist.

Wait for it.

The Democratic party is:

  1. Divided to the max and the party is shattering
  2. Millions will simply not vote at all that otherwise would
  3. Those who vote will defect from PARTY FOR PROSPERITY voting their WALLET in 2020
  5. Nancy in pure hatred will policy HATRED AND DISRESPECT in political ads making Trump EBOLA you may catch

Nancy PELOSI is a proven one thing – NANCY PELOSI has zero personal integrity and is a proven absolute liar. I’m a ROMAN CATHOLIC and we don’t hate anyone. POLEASE – Nancy I am a Roman Catholic and that is so not true and YOU HATE DONALD TRUMP GIRL stop lying – we all know your lying and no one trusts you any more. Not in the HOUSE not anywhere.

The most FAILED POLITICAL strategy of all time is F GRADE NANCY PELOSI. Rally around Nancy and her SQUAD hijacked DEMOCRATIC PARTY – and the voters leave you by majority great majority. No one has splintered the DEMOCRATIC PARTY like Nancy Pelosi.

Today candidates running for office in the one party alone – almost twenty of them – though falling off like mosquitoes dying like NANCY HERSELF with a fatal illness obviously –  as money for the FAR LEFT DRIES UP. The Far left shows up at rallies for all 20 Democratic Candidates vastly dividing what remains of the once proud party – now the party of grid lock obstruction and division the party of COMMUNIST AND RADICAL LEFT by choice – can populate a small high school gym rally with 500 seats.

The UNITED REPUBLICAN’s LEADING will not GRID LOCK CONGRESS and will conduct the WILL OF THE PEOPLE if given the office to do so. Nancy failed F GRADE POLITICS has secured the implosion of the democratic party and Trump has gone around Nancy Pelosi where the US COURTS who are not COMMUNIST OR LEFT SIDED rule that TRUMP IS RIGHT and NANCY IS WRONG such that GIANT PUMPS on all sides of NANCY PELOSI’s COMMUNIST SWAMP the DEEP STATE with endless appetite for public money that communists always waste – see SAN FRANCISCO – the waste of billions upon billions of tax payer money in declines in every single matrix. The largest firms are moving out. OUR CEO SPACE business owners are moving out. Zero state tax on corporate income zero state tax on inventory in state – say in TEXAS Florida and many sun belt state options – higher quality of living a fraction of the tax – without the congresion and traffic and life style of failing roads and bridges – folks are leaving and the state PELOSI SIGN REMAINS:


California Debt is the worst debt loading of any state. Its power contracts are the worst power contracts of any state. All of which could easily reform but not with PELOSI COMMUNIST in charge in Sacramento. The most friendly state in the entire world in the 1960s with Pat Brown ( Jerry’s famous father ) has turned in JERRY’s eight years as a communist into the WORST STATE FOR BUSINESS NOW IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. Pat Brown was a conservative leader. Jerry and Nancy are communists through and through wishing state power and oversight on you morning till night – like CHINA is doing with their communist state monitoring and Thought Police creating SOCIAL SCORES for your conformation to STATE POLICY. As INFORMATION SLAVES you only see what the state allows you to see – no open clicking on the NET to see for yourself the truth – not possible. You don’t know not 1.3 billion you – anything about the Truth in HONG KONG which is why all of HONG KONG marches – they do not wish their information FREEDOM to be forever taken from them as REAL FREEDOM IS INFORMATION. In communist Russia you can’t click openly. In Communist China. Information slavery is controlled in IRAN. Nancy PELOSI see’s the future of government total addresses to all your problems the cost will only be your FREEDOM.


Economically Sacramento has layered so much cost to live in California – the worst of all 50 states – millions are opting for climate change and freedom and massive improvement in LIFESTYLE and COST RECAPTURE and FREEDOM REAL FREEDOM FROM STATE COMMUNIST SUPERVISION RISING IN CALIFORNIA NOW as seen in no state in the US ever under PELOSI H&D POLITICS.

So the economics for NANCY F GRADE OCCUR LIKE THIS:

  1. It no longer is economic to manufacture anything in California and all plants from TESLA to INTEL should move for improved growth profit and economics OUT OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA.
  2. Small BUsiness owners and professionals will vasty improve economics and stress and lifestyle by just moving. It takes one day to pay 72 hours to move – it is not stressful or hard it is a pure adventure and you grow in moving. Personal growth.
  3. The great CALIFORNIA GOLD RUSH IS ON – the gold fields are any STATE NANCY AND HER SQUARD ARE NOT IN. move to a RED friendly BUSINESS STATE.
  4. As millions upon millions are doing this CALIFORNIA STRESSED TO PAY ITS BILLS from uncontrolled waster and communist spending – the NANCY CONUNDRUM is as millions of CALIFORNIAN tax payer leave the state and stop paying property taxes – homes are unsold too many vacant properties if you delay or wait – and the critical mass moment is when revenue to the COMMUNISTS in Sacramento whose policies forever derailed CALIFORNIA STATE PROSPERITY – those who remain the die hards will see a decline in public service and a FAILED STATE that must go bankrupt as a future prediction for CALIFORNIA without VOTER REFORMS.
  5. In the first part of the new REVERSE OUT OF STATE GOLD RUSH IN CALIFORNIA – where everything just cost way to much – gasoline to houses – all taxed in communist non America manners – the lucky ones get out 2020 – 2025. Those who delay for their pay raise – will find in our prediction as the GOLD RUSH OUT OF CALIFORNIA already occurring year after communist JERRY PROUD policies – Nancy and Jerry put all the nails in the CALIFORNIA ECONOMIC COFFIN as only communist in denial of the truth – always do and will – THAT – a future date in time will SUPER CRASH CALIFORNIA HOUSES as a falling market occurs. The demographic change is young minorities in california lacking base line skills can not support their city county and state with minimum wage jobs. The Entrepreneurs who create all the jobs are MOVING THE FUCK OUT because the economics are massive to SAY YES THE GOLD RUSH IS THE GOLD YOU KEEP WHEN YOU JUST MOVE. Economically it is a spread sheet to see the ECONOMIC SUICIDE You commit for your love circle and self by remaing a CALIFORNIA RESIDENT.


We live in the age of the ENTREPRENEUR.

Business owners want lowest tax on corporations – friendly USA constitutional states have zero tax on corporations and zero tax on your inventory in state. In California you pay 10% and 10% highest tax in the world – then the highest property tax on a home or office in the world – highest gasoline tax – highest all tax – and the cost over time is so massive YESTERDAY IS ALREADY TOO LATE TO RELOCATE. Almost 70 thousand a year – an entire CITY A YEAR move to Arizona Nevada Oregon and Washington State.

NOTE TO COMMUNIST SOCIALIST FAR LEFT: Economics of socialism leads to 100% failed states – wherever and whenever applied. Russia is a failed PETRO STATE with a population 67% over age 55 not enough young people and a declining over all population – 200 million most older folks – moving to net negative population for tax war and economics. FAILED STATE. Venezuela Cuba Argentina on the left side again – with runs on banks and trashed currency defaulting on debts – FAILED STATE always.

NOTE TO COMMUNIST – you can not pay your hard cost and bills borrowing way too much against your GNP and as a debtor nation driven by ever higher taxes to pay your borrowing mountain of debts juggling – when your net population is falling and state income receipts are going to SUPER CRASH from STATE MIGRATION OUT OF STATE from 500 on the left passing decades of SOCIALSIT LAWS that drive the core foundation of california economics out of state FOREVER.

Nancy your F GRADE COMMUNIST LEGACY IN OFFICE includes ( impeachment is not on the list at all ):

  1. Trashing your state to communist left policies for decades with all the results set forth here.
  2. Today moving to California is not an economic option – do the math and pick a gorgeous economic state not California
  3. Today staying in California is an economic mistake – do a spread sheet you’lll see – just do pro and con
  4. Moving gives you beauty lifestyle no traffic and congestion right values and SO MUCH MONEY IN THE BANK.
  5. Staying depletes your economics and your real estate will implode in SUPER CRASH only the future in CALIFORNIA is simply BLEAK. WITHOUT LEGISLATIVE REFORM the communist will never allow nor does NANCY PELOSI think economically – she thinks POLITICALLY and in the end as we have written from 1988 to today – when politics drive economics states and nations always fail – when economics drive politics – nations and states always prosper. THAT IS A CHART AND GRAPH THAT IS CONSISTENT FROM KARL MARKS TO TODAY.

Left socialist and communist are failed economic models for sustained prosperity. Economics 101.

I do not HATE NANCY PELOSI. I disagree with her POLITICS.

I see Nancy as a LEFT LEANING SELL OUT TO THE SQUAD MINORITY POLITICS as the greatest political failure of a long history of Nancy Pelosi F GRADE FAILURES in office.


  1. Nancy obstructing congress as POLICY is a pure and simple act of betrayal to conduct the business of the people and it makes Nancy a traitor to America in office.
  2. Nancy has committed real crimes for which she will be held accountable no mercy now.
  3. Nancy is a criminal politician in my opinion. HER END justrifies the means – which given she is dying – she’ll soon have full clairty for the error of her policy and ways.
  4. Nancy Pelosi is the WORST LEFTIST TRAITOR LEADER moving AMERICA toward communism in phases and states as the SWAMP PLAN.
  5. Nancy PELOSI is the SWAMP QUEEN a liar a fraud a criminal and a traitor to the AMERICA PEOPLE.

Last weekend as she shared with such pure hatred – no one could fail to see that – how her plan to tarnish and label DONALD TRUMP FOR LIFE and minimize his Presidency political capital with IMPEACHMENT FRAUD – she lied saying she would not impeach Donald Trump and now we know here real plan the one behind her many BOLD LIES as a person lacking integrity and ethics – because SHE TOLD US IN HER OWN WORDS.


This is not politics. This is tragedy at a critical time in American history.

In the past when US PRESIDENTS IN WAR TIME took out an enemy – the world stood behind our PRESIDENT – the congressional opposition stood behind our President and our Military. Nancy PELOSI in her own F grade politics and traitor to our nation – rallied her communist squad to PRESS opposition to DONALD TRUMP as commander in chief in war times – harming the AMERICAN MILITARY and our entire nation all of us.

All that is consistent 2015 to today from NANCY PELOSI is abject pure hatred for DONALD TRUMP as swamp drainer. It is all so understandable as she will die before her state fails economically FROM HER VERY OWN POLICIES over decades – NANCY KILLED OFF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA the first FAR LEFT STATE – move in if your a communist and can afford all that added cost and your reduced freedoms to do anything in America – New York makes California look like COMMUNIST CHINA by comparison how much better NEW YORK is to California – sinking into earth quacks massive fires – and red ink taxes that will never reverse by MASSIVE MOVE OUT STATE EXODUS where the early exists do the best economically and the last to leave ill lose enormous economics and remember we told you all that in 2020.

Don’t invest in California anything unless those trust dollars include a move to another state and you know why on operational cost.

Don’t move to California on pure economic selfish keep your money versus lose your money math. Economics.

Leave first sooner than later – economics.

Nancy will be long NOT REMEMBERED AT ALL soon enough and the slow decline of CALIFORNIA will not include HER as the CAUSE when we know she is the cause.

All we can expect from F GRADE NANCY IS:

  1. A Trump landslide like the voters have not seen since NIXON really in the math.
  2. A restore of REPUBLICAN LEADERSHIP TO THE HOUSE – by bye QUEEN OF SWAMP NANCY – we drain you out
  4. More global security not less global security
  5. America powerfully re -invented with modernization infrastructure keeping our boom going into 2030

My new book SUPER CHANGE defines if these five outcomes do occur the PROSPERITY TRUMP BOOM for the entire world is likely to continue into 2030 and beyond.

Voters are NOT DUMB. Share this blog with your voter circles. Read it in action meetings. Hand it out. Repost it anywhere with my permission.

I’m sad for my birth city. Our family owned or ran the largest department store chain, my grandfather rebuilt the Saint Francis hotel after the 1907 earth quake – owned then the larger newspapers the CALL AND THE BULLETIN where Mark Twain worked until he died, owned the DOHRMANN HOTEL SUPPLY largest resort outfitter in the world now INN KEEPER DOHRMANN with HOLIDAY INN. The family help found the BOHEMIAN CLUB the CONCORDIA CLUB the opera – my uncle was senior to Apple going public at HAMBURG AND QUIST – as fifth generation San Franciscans all my kids but ONE HAVE MOVED OUT. They refuse to raise MY GRAND CHILDREN in the leftist communist river of PELOSI LAND a fairy tale gone all wrong with no happy ending due to failed swamp politics the anti economics of a failed state.


We want to bring the state the one solution in economics – A SUPER BOND. Search this blog site for SUPER BOND. Bring that paper to your state governor or out nation HEAD OF STATE and you restore prosperity to that state. If you know a governor well or head of state then SEARCH SUPER BOND – book mark that page and print that page. THERE IS NO LEGACY IN THIS LIFE LIKE BRINGING STATE AND NATION LEADERS THE SUPER BOND OPTIONS now unfolding in service to nations – my day job. SUPER BOND Placement to state markets.

Thanks for help if those contacts are YOUR CONTACTS.

I believe this MID week as Nancy utter failure to a) Place the ARticles of IMpeachment to the house as required by law upon adaption is a political war fare to DELAY into the first caucus and election to KEEP IMPEACHMENT as her startegy of hatred unifircation of voters -using her label straegy she defined in PURE HATRED in the NATIONAL PRESS THIS WEEKEND. Google Nancy Pelosi 2020 and you’ll see it clear as her sweaty palm reading. TRUTH VERSUS LIES in cue language . WE ALL READ ONE ANOTHERS CUES that speaker far louder than words…do they not. Sincerity. True belief. Integrity or its lack. Spin or its lack. Trust. Or not trust.

So in our mid week I grade NANCY PELOSI PURE F.

I label NANCY PELOSI as the most failed politician in modern history who has literally divided her own core party to a destruction with defects the party has never seen.

If REPUBLICAN LEADERS adopt my national slogan for this election:




2020 VOTE “YOUR” WALLET $$$$


( share with republican leadership you know ) so we get our nation BACK swamp free….) one opportunity to do so in many generations just one.

If voters landslide TRUMP and Congress the prosperity dividend will be unlike any in modern history in our opinion – again not politics just economic truth reporting.

If billboards social direct mail united the THEME – of THIS YEAR VOTE FOR PROSPERITY VOTE YOUR WALLET and we focus all of our attention in all parties on outcome and desired results that work – in economics – while NANCY shatters scatters even more squandered voters where the only policies the 20 represent are LEFT AND COMMUNIST without any economic foundation what so ever where the candidates are self attacking and eating each other in HATRED AND DISRESPECT POLITICAL THEORY invented by NANCY ( so not the American values or way at all ) now creating a VOTER BACKLASH as unseen in history ever.


    VOTE YOUR WALLET is my take on all this.



PS: For those that loved the DEMOCRATIC PARTY of Kennedy and Obama – me too. Today the NANCY PELSOI destruction of divisions in the party – exiting moderates and the right out and keeping only the most left communist in – displays the shattering of democrat unity. I predict the convention will be a brokered convention as evidence of all this and no candidate running can defeat Trump including HILLARY if they draft HER – Michelle could do it with Opera – but we do not believe Michelle wishes to give up her freedom marriage and wealth for more years in the fish bowl – GOD BLESS THE OBAMA FAMILY this iis their time to shine. The party of my Jack Kennedy is gone today and NANCY is the PARTY KILLER.




every alive human half children in poor poverty nations – owe over # 32,000 each per breathing human being with totals that rise as each new human is born – an out of control DEATH DEBT SUPER BUBBLE SPIRAL.


Long time readers are well aware of our DEBT TRACKING. Debt defauling has created the liqudity back ground for prior global DEPRESSIONS in economics. super Crashes depress inflationary spirals and impact DEATH SPIRALS OF LIQUIDITY from private ad government Debt defaulting.

Governments that can not pay its obligations and who are now defaulting ( rescheduled owed debts due to liquidity drying up lacking options to pay current account debt ). These nations include Libya, Iran Argentina, Cuba, Venezuela, and Lebanon. To name only a top of the pile few. When does 100’s of billions in debt – now not being repaid – DEATH SPIRAL in new AI economics. Answer: No on knows exactly because AI economics is so new,and so rapidly revolutionizing itself with accelerating SUPER CHANGE.

Oil price has been artificially kept high over falling oil demand and exploding world supply by manipulation of price which can not last. A super Crash in oil prices is coming but no one can say when. Those going long positions in oil markets may expierence the same blood bath we predict gold traders will receveie.Its not your grandpa’s world out there any more.


Soveregin nation debt defaulting is fatal to global liquidity health. As defaults on sovereign nation debt massively ripply through the bond markets world wide repositioning on the risk dries up liquidity in what becomes a DEBT DEFAULTING CASCADE LIQUIDITY SUMP that robs the system of liquidity to manage circulations overall. This condition can occur faster than anyone expects and without any warning. WHO is on the watch tower for us. True Answer: NO ONE AT ALL. It is every individual for themselves.

In coming months global debt will exceed 257 trillion US DOLLARS world wide.  World debt is exploding in low interest markets and shows no trend to go the other way – as total debt is soaring out of any history record keeping. Global DEBT IS SUPER CHANING and the outcome is MORE MASSIVE DEBT loading.

The idiots savants will swoop in on DAVOS including Donald Trump. The will pontificate on the economics having zero clue their old IVY – League University – that ‘s the way we have always done things ( economically ) no longer exist in 2020. It is like a VW rabbit in the commuter lane, when transportation has moved to the STAR SHIP ENTERPRISE at Warp 6.

The VW RABBIT DRIVE has no clue what the BRIDGE of NEW AI ECONOMICS looks like feels like or how it operates at all. Economics Super Changed from 2014 to 2020 into AI ECONOMICS. My book on Super Change provides the essential data and information in this space.

SUPER CHANGE. It is here.

In economics the system compresses liquidity with the global DEBT SUPER BUBBLE sapping liquidity from markets. The trillions traded in over night SWAP and REPO markets require dollar based liquidity. AI has removed the trillions lubrication liquidity from these over night markets such that in terms of enormou short falls LIQUIDITY OF US DOLLARS has evaporated from these 1.4 low paying utility money markets. The Central Bank of the world the US FED has been forced to offer free new money – ( dollars ) at rates of 68 billion newly printed US DOLLARS – each and every night – to preclude the DOLLAR DEFICIT EVAPORATIONS do not move the target FED interest peg from 1.4% to over 10% in minutes – only minutes – as was the case when the dollar liquidity evaporated from overnight REPO – SWAP and MONEY MARKET fund accounts.

September to doay adding if you add tens of billions a night in 30 days or so you are stacking up 250 billion and higher monthly, every six months more than ONE TRILLION is being added to the dollar lake of the system would freeze up for lack of settlement dollars in circulation. What is happening out there?

What IS happening is NEW and has NEVER not ever occurred before. Another unintended consequence of NEW AI Economics into markets that have no rule book theory or regulations over the NEW AI full control 96% of all 440 trillion of in circulation trade dollars over every asset class – where price and trading settlements are AI 96% and human beings no longer AT ALL in any context. This trend is accelerating in an uncontrolled economic experiment with no controls or rules as to how this full control over economics to AI world wide will in fact turn out. Fed’s as we said have lost all control today. The FED just like radio shack Circuit City and Toys R US has resisted SUPER CHANGE and resolves around – that IS the way WE have always done things around you.

Today in forward markets you either lead in SUPER CHANGE and excel at EMBRACE OF SUPER CHANGE or you perish.

1988 to 2020 – over 100 predictions proven RIGHT AGAIN… by the elites

The Fed does not believe in Super Change and resists Super Change losing its control and now influence upon global markets. AI as with our team believe the FED are obsolete, antique, failed system modelers inside a SUPER CHANGING AI ECONOMY that has led the old fuddy duddies into a sink hole of failed policies. The FED IS DEAD and must be merged into the USA Treasury.

In 2020 the Fed is infusing new cash, new dollars up to 100 billion nightly, to lubricate the world REPO/SWAP MARKETS who are running dry of dollars to complete trade account settlements overnight for all asset class closing transactions. To keep its own FED FUND RATE from exploding 1000% in minutes over its own target rate of 1.4% to over 10% ( which took place in September panic city for the FED ) ….but why?

AI has concluded that moving over night swap utility money by 100 billion out of the REPO SWAP MARKETS paying 1.4 % and into positions that make AI much higher returns – now is an ebb tide of US DOLLAR repositioning in AI circulations the fed can not influence or control. AI is making the moves mindlessly for profit maximization. The AI see’s those 100’s of billions over 300 business days over THREE TRILLION total as to low a profit in REPO/SWAP overnight settlement markets for institutions, and it has moved its US dollar FLOATS to higher return repositioning. This leaves the overnight REPO/SWAP market trillions short on annual liquidity. The FED since last September is making up the DIFFERENCE with FREE MONEY – printing into the world lake of money say 68 billion each and every PM night time world wide. This plan keeps enough liquidity ( just ) in the DOLLAR MARKET NIGHTLY to avoid credit markets seizing up and obligated settlers in economic terms – with bare minimum liquidity to avoid markets freezing up.

Third grade student readers get …is this not highly risky to the entire system?

Answer YOU BET.


While readers ARE leaders you have to gain new discernment to WHAT YOU ARE READING. The press is full of idiot savant reporting that suggests ( day to day ) investors are doing this – investors are doing that? 96% of all trades are AI. Investors have their money in electronically managed fund pools – EMF pools. ETF etc. AI is making the in and out market moves not human beings. 96% AI. When you read “investors” you read a lie. There are no more investors there are only AI Super Money Pools distorting markets as never before – completely outside regulations. Regulations are local to BLUE SKY OF NATIONS and trades are now all in the CLOUD outside Blue Sky law of nations. No G 100 regulatory plan for AI economics has even been suggested outside our blue print for this concept in the best selling book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION.

Every one of 7.7 billion humans almost half of which are children under the age of 21, now carry 32,500 dollars of debt with interest per living being. Is that Debt Loading into an economic DEATH SPIRAL sustainable, solid economics, and not the seeds of a final GREATEST DEPRESSION OF THEM ALL.

Super Debt Bubble loading to individuals institutions and nations is a economic paradox for future systemic well being. Elizbeth Warren God Bless her sweet heart wishes to WIPE OUT almost 2 trillion of student load debt? How does that bankrupt the agency industry holding the DEBT? What are the ripple effects of bankrupting institutions at this level?

Those holding student loans good faith debt legal contracts to secure they will be repaid on the money they lent to the student chosen education institution? NO one see’s anti economics as a cure to the abusive economics of MASSIVE SUPER DEBT BUBBLE death spirals in late state economic expansions. The World Bank and IMF have warned the current DEBT SUPER BUBBLE is not economically sustainable. No one does anything to these dozen warnings over two past years. The pace of new Debt loading is picking up velocity.

What does the world DEBT DEATH SPIRAL look like in economics? Well in the past three quarters of 2019 the DEBT SUPER BUBBLE exploded and set new records – over over by a new 9 TRILLION dollars of new debt loading. In mature economic markets total debt is now at 180 trillion or 383% of collective GNP – almost 400% above the gross GNP of the nations with the DEBT LOADING. Is borrowing 300% more than you earn – sustainable in any economic model you are aware of?

The poor emerging markets doubled down on debt rising to over 72 trillion driven by an upsurge of 20 trillion in low interest seeking CORPORATE DEBT during this period.

The experts ( who are not in fact experts denying AI ECONOMICS exist ) suggest total debt loading world wide will pass 257 trillion in the first quarter of 2020. Non financial sector debt is now expected to exceed 200 trillion in 2020.

Global Sovereign Nation Debt ( CEO SPACE works to reschedule into 100 year SUPER BONDS – search this site for the paper on SUPER BONDS if you have access to the head of state for your nations – with a solution they need to discover ). Search this blog for SUPER BONDS and print and read that world contribution legacy work. Make a book mark of the SUPER BOND white paper on this web site for nations.

Chinas gross debt will exceed as one nation 310% of its GNP. China borrows to build its SILK ROAD and stimulate economics more than any nation related to GNP RATIO OF DEBT to the DEATH SPIRAL OF SOVEREIGN NATION DEBT loading. Only Super Bonds offers s sanity Hannity level solution.

China was warned 100 times by the IMF to slow down its DEATH SPIRAL SUPER DEBT as predictable future defaulting by China will impact negatively the entire world as the SOVEREIGN NATION DEBT LOADING is a shared risk across all national banks and investment banks world wide. Taking house hold non corporate debt and government sovereign nation debt is of itself 55% of China GNP in those two debt super bubble categories. China debt grew explosively to its highest level ever since 2009 last year. The VELOCITY ACCELERATIONS AND MOMENTUM of China and other nation sovereign debt loading is an out of control SUPER DEBT BUBBLE Risk to the entire world that is unbatted in 2020 while record stock market China deal accords occur.


The sun also sets in China Economics……

If China’s trade deal is faithful to terms, billions of food products will shift from other nations and their debt loads into America as will energy move from DEBT SUPER BUBBLE GULF NATIONS and others to America easier cheaper to refine sweet crude versus heavy sulphur Gulf oil. When the shift of this magnitude economically moves buying to the USA away from other global customers holding RECORD DEBT LOADING what gives? Loan defaults. Argentina is defaulting on billions in bond debt seeking to reset those terms by March. From Puerto Rico to Venezuela the way forward is to criminally default on debt as you lack any cash float to pay the debt as set.

We predict one day in the future SOVEREIGN NATION DEBT DEFAULTING “CASCADES” may Super Crash the world economic system, collapse the system into something new, on the other side of the GREATEST GLOBAL DEPRESSION caused by liquidity evaporation day LED DAY when the core system liquidity freezes up completely due to the CASCADE of sovereign nation debt defaulting. When no one can predict. The DEBT LOADING SUPER BUBBLE IS IN A DEATH SPIRAL OF ECONOMICS without national guidance or real controls.

Outside such rule of laws in economics – the AI markets have moved a trillion hard US dollars from overnight REPO SWAP low return markets to higher return on money markets creating a LIQUIDITY PERFECT STORM IN THE REPO AND SWAP MARKETS now half a year mature and no end in sight. THE FED WANTS TO STOP funding new money liquidity to assure overnight windors do not see LIQUIDITY EVAPORATION DAY which is now a night to night occurrence. The Fed provides the safety net new dollar LIQUIDITY required to avoid markets siezing up and the system melting down worse than 2007 all at once with zero warning.

Banks having deposits OWNED by the 10,000 SUPER MONEY pools that now own the banks as investment banks, see AI placing your grand mothers deposit to work in off shore derivative unfolding new opportunities for those agreements, at huge leveraged profits. So grandmothers deposit money is an I OWE YOU from the OWNERS as the deposit money is then borrowed at up to 50 to 1 leverage off short and the leveraged money ( on margin ) is pooled and invested in AI to higher return outcome bets. Want to get YOUR MONEY out of YOUR BANK?

Your money is NOT IN YOUR BANK.

Your money is borrowed.Just like the entire trust fund for SOCIAL SECURITY is not reserves to pay SOCIAL SECURITY. It is 100% borrowed the day it comes in and used by the Federal Government – who borrowed 100% of Social security which has no reserves but for GOVERNMENT PROMISE TO PAY IOU’s. This musical rotation of chairs is a DEBT SUPER BUBBLE whose risk is the day the music dies ( credit LED Evaporates and liquidity is gone due to debt defaulting cascades ). Say 4000 US MALLS turn keys over to the bank last year alone saying we cant make this Mall profitable – the loser is now your repo – enjoy these 1000’s of failed malls hope you know what to do with them all as 1000’s more are coming back to you in 2020. Enjoy. Now what do the banks do holding the largest commercial property debt failure to pay in history of commercial property? No one has answers as the AI is learning as it goes in the new AI ECONOMIC which is here replacing everything ever instructed at Universities which has no relevance in POST AI SUPER CHANGING ECONOMY OF THE ENTIRE WORLD in 2020.

All parts of the world are loading up on a DEATH SPIRAL OF THE DEBT “SUPER BUBBLE” NOW UNFOLDING WITH ZERO OVERSIGHT OR CONTROLS. None financial CORPORATE DEBT LOADING SPIRALS reached all time records in the United States, in Australia in Canada in France in Singapore in Sweden in Switzerland to name locations you may not have expect a DEBT SUPER BUBBLE DEATH SPIRAL TO BE OUT OF ALL CONTROL.

UP 100% from 4 trillion a decade back is emerging market new DEBT passing in the third quarter of 2019 more than 8.3 trillion up from 4 trillion in the prior decade. THE DEATH SPIRAL is soaring like a DEBT TORNADO out of control. Worse the entire market valuation of price from commodities to market cap rates in stock and bonds is equated to the debt loading driving new Ai age economics. If the debt loading cease the economics driven by credit in this new AI world of economics would liquidity fail and the system would fatally crash.

Many of the new 100% up bubble in SUPER DEBT BUBBLE loading to nations – is in fixed US DOLLAR repayment terms. If a nation has currency crashes like China has seen since the trade war, or Venzuela and Argentina know so well – the ratio of their failed state currency like IRAN failing to make a PROSPERITY DEAL – can not repay its US DOLLAR DEBT OBLIGATIONS which trigger multiple nation defaulting – all NEGOTIATIONS TO RESCHEDULE DEBT is – we can’t pay you as agreed – we are legally defaulting on our debt – but we would welcome your moving the TIME NEEDLE so we can make only partial payments and your lake of money investors who provided all that cash to our country are just totally FUCKED. Argentina Iran and a growing list of debt super bubble nations in the red ink. Paying fixed dollar loans the largest % of global lending is impossible when mismanaged economics in nations creates a END of economics for that nation.

In the last decade 2010 – 2019 DEBT LOADING SPACE 85% of all new loans were pegged to US dollar repayment as the one constant currency in the market liquidity space.

We outlined the fatal economic problem of the OLD DEBT SUPER BUBBLE economics of the post war era into the NEW AI economic future era. We noted the RIP TIDES of liquidity forces now so clear in the FED ABSOLUTE PANIC and capitulation THE FED HAS LOST BOTH CONTROL AND NOW INFLUENCE on new AI economics. The 10,000 SUPER MONEY POOLS with far larger lakes of money than the FED has, have voted with their AI wallets. The Fed can no longer sustain even influence over prices or market liquidity. AI is creating new crises problems by flash moving trillions from lower performing yield markets to higher performing yield return markets. The AI has no sense of responsibility to world order or liquidity it now creates itself without being smart ENOUGH YET to understand – what is is that it is doing within unintended consequence. The shift of capital lakes is so rapid and so Ai today that old models charts and ideas are driving into the future looking only in the REAR VISION MIRROR. All AI leaders think of the FED as DEAD on policy realities and truly as an obsolete out of touch antique agency needs to just merge back into US Treasury for improved policy as the FED is far too broken to fix.

The PUBLIC IS LIED TO while the 10,000 SUPER MONEY POOLS IN AI ECONOMICS the new money GODS know the truth and see the Fed as a group of idiots – clowns running the economy that no longer exists with insane leaders making insane failed policy not one policy is right and all policies in AI ECONOMICS are toxic from the now left in the dust by SUPER CHANGE ITSELF Fed the obsolete agency hurting global economics versus helping global economics in fact. The Public sees the FED as high priests of money looking out for all of us. That is a lie. The FED PR fraud machine. GOOD THIS SITE FOR FED AND FED FRAUD and see for yourself all the data. To help you see how terrible central banks are consider these facts:

  1. The Fed is a private stock company owned by the SUPER MONEY POOLS and banks the Fed is supposed to regulate. The bankers own control of the FED as a for profit money machine – not FEDERAL AT ALL – total faud – a private stock firm with a NGO contract from Congress ( worst law ever ) where control of the nations money was moved to criminal bankers who wrote the FED 80 Page law – in 1900 and snuck it through congress in secret. The bankers profit from legal theft of the wealth of our nation. The largest red ink is our national debt owed to who? THE CRIMINAL BANKERS all having pled to the worst economic crimes of man kind ever none of whom stealing trillions ever went to prison not ever.
  2. Independence – means BAD. Indepence of the FED means no audit ever – no accounting ever  – congress can’t get one report of where 11 trillion of tax payer TARP support went or which insider banks the FED gave that money to. No oversight only the phony appearance of oversight. No check and balance. NO ONE CAN OVERRIDE FED CRIMINAL GANG CABAL decisions related to the USA money supply and policy. Merging the FED BACK INTO US TREASURY removes the independence fire wall so that TRUST IS REPLACED BY SYSTEMS and our money management went from trillions in cost to zero. Why are we allowing the FED RIP OFF IN 2020? Ignorance and FED FRAUD EDUCATION LIES to the public from their PR machines which are massive and include all WALL STREET CONTROLLING SHARE HOLDERS ( of the Fed and in secret as the FED is not an agency of nation nor can the congress get a list of who owns the FED ). Is that what you desire in your nation. A criminal bank cabal to steal the wealth of nations by controlling your money as a criminal conspiracy. If you illuminate the problem you see the 100’s of millions in pure fraud of the recent INCOME STORE advertised on all media for years – now in SEC RECEIVER SHIP is nothing compared to the FED PONZI CRIMINAL FRAUD. Education is the truth and the answer. Google and learn earn and return. Right again.
  3. The Fed policies have created ( all failed policies from 1906 when things were booming ) the FIRST WORLD DEPRESSION AND WORLD WAR I in 1907 – the second worst GREAT DEPRESSION and World WAR II of 1929 – all Recessions since 1929 – including the GREAT RECESSION of Fed bank criminal owners abuse in sub prime mortgages for greed and profit all of whom pled guilty to crimes and paid a fine of 10 cents on the profits they made as with BANKERS crime pays and pays well. Economic illiteracy by the public is mass dumb down of education and creates a WAGE SLAVE population of consumers ever consuming more and more extinction toxic petro products in mindless crap sold inside advertising by the trillions to us all. Financial ignorance allows it all to continue. THE FED DID NOT SAVE THE ECONOMY OF THE WORLD Congress did and the FED caused the problem and its policies always make things worse. Today Fed policy has almost derailed the world wide recovery which is WHY President Donald Trump having zero respect for 100% failed policies over 100 years – states the FEDS ARE IDIOTS AND TRAITORS TO AMERICA which the bankers are in fact. Without a NEW REGULATORY FRAME WORK and a merger of all central banks in real time AI transparency reporting – Super Change will elevate RISK to system failure from FED idiotic policy executions. That is RIGHT AGAIN 1988 to today no change.

The DEBT SUPER BUBBLE DEATH SPIRAL is not sustainable.

No nation can borrow 300% more than its GNP and remain stable in economics for long.

DEBT DEFAULTING CASCADE will Super Crash markets instantly dry up liquidity LED DAY Liquidation Evaporation Day – without any warning – and the system as we know it will die due to the new AI ECONOMIC EFFECT we wrote about in 2010 in REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION to heads of state – and in SUPER CHANGE to leaders world wide in 2020 the Amazon five star best seller day one to now – sweeping the truth into markets. Lacking human shock absorbers only since 2014 AI ECONOMICS can not restore liquidity once LIQUIDITY CASCADING destroys the financial system lubrication at core. A new system a true global AI system must be born.

In Redemption the core economic failure is WHEN versus IF. The book defines a nation blue print for a G 100 three year on the big island of Hawaii – we could chair it – to create a new ECONOMIC CONSTITUTION FOR WORLD TRADE. The new ECONOMIC CONSTITUTION would create – a no nation left behind level playing field and move the world order from post world war II economics into a NEW AI PHASE OF ECONOMICS with rules that moderate unwanted unsustainable debt loading by criminal bankers.

Today economics is insane and a post 1929 CASINO CAPITALISM where side bets on which way a value may go into the future – Tesla stock will soar you have no seen anything yet – is now greater in circulation by many many times and ratio’s than the real stake holder investing in assets. WILD SPECULATION and casino betting is the fuel of market valuation today in AI economics phase II.

This is the same problem that created the 1929 GREAT DEPRESSION and system destruction and global bank failures.

The insanity is that the debt loading or casino speculations in 1929 where personal and required individuals institutions and nations to perform the leverage deal making one deal at a time. Today AI holistically does all the deal speculations in nano seconds without any law greed moderation or controls over the new AI debt loading DEATH SPIRAL.

No one at the top seems to care very much about this blog and the IMF ringing the ALARM BELL on this fatal to the system SUPER CRASH waiting to occur. No one is paying any attention.

It seems to me that the PIED PIPER OF GREED is marching in herd buying and AI controlling placement, the wealth of the world off the preverible cliff.Just as in 1929 only with AI so much more super bubble debt death spiral to the very last until the boom that was is no longer. We have suggested the safe harbor of diversified insurance investing where your fixed income investment moves from criminal banker super risk into safe harbor insurance annuities. Growth would move to safe harbor insurance index products with super high returns highest permitted by LAW with principle – your nest egg – guaranteed better far better than fraud FDIC protection. Cash assets in 1% return at 400% higher in permanent insurance you can claim reserves over night but making 4% and as interest rises so do these returns. SAFE HARBOR. The industry ( LEADING 100 YEAR OLD INSURANCE FIRMS  ) where the one and only conservative money managers who paid out to customers when the 1929 banks were closed and did not re-open. Those who elected to move to SAFE HARBOR MONEY MANAGEMENT WHILE THERE IS STILL TIME ( retirement plans included ) where saved in fact when no one else was saved economically in the last DEPRESSION.

Looking back in a future time frame readers will fall in two groups:

I so wish I had acted and explored with licensed insurance INVESTMENT PROFESSIONALS to see my high profit options to risk “

” Or I am so grateful I acted and I have no words to express the miracle every dime of my nest egg is safe where 100% of my circle was WIPED OUT”…..

You were born to chose.

The DEBT SUPER BUBBLE IS NOW IN FINAL PHASE OF ECONOMIC DEATH SPIRAL. It is our belief working for half a decade with nations to RESET THEIR DEBT into 100 year SUPER BONDS a new class of BONDS for SOVEREIGN NATIONS hosted by leading bond law firm Hughes Hubbard and REED with Roel Campos senior partner the FATHER OF SUPER BOND THEORY. Super Bonds seek to save the entire system as it is from failure and destruction from sovereign nation debt cascading taking place in Nations from Russia to China in 2020.

Debt Super Bubbles are driving price stability and perception things are booming. If GROWTH PACING FOR NON SUSTAINABLE DEBT LOADING for individuals entities and nations where to slow – the economy would fail. As Debt defaults in the coming down turn ( with extended time frames due to economic CONVERGENCE defined in my new BOOK ON SUPER CHANGE ) finally come home to perch – the system dies of liquidity failure.

This reporting on AI economics will become prophetic as the economics of the world are still waking up that the economics they knew is dead and no longer applies at all and a new human first ever economy exists today that is 96% of all circulation is AI controlled.

What to watch for when its way too late to move into diversified SAFE HARBOR INSURANCE INVESTING – that is right now explorations for sane awake leaders who wish to protect the TIME it took to accumulate as loss makes the TIME disappear and protecting your TIME in MONEY is the only smart move. Earn the highest consistent returns permitted by law where your nest egg estate and resource IS PRINCIPLE FULLY PROTECTED MORE THAN FRAUD FDIC or any protection that we are aware of. Why do people fail to protect themselves? GREED/ Ignorance of options. NOTHING SAFE EVER OCCURS UNTIL A LEADER HAS THE INFORMATION AND THEN ACTS. Failure to Act will be the undoing of your loss in the future predicted fatal system failure occuring from SOVEREIGN NATION DEBT DEFAULTING. Wait for that. Then it is way way too late for YOU.

Berny Dohrmann – 2020 NOTE UPDATE ON SUPER DEBT BUBBLE DEATH SPIRAL UNFOLDING IN AI WORLD WIDE 2020 September and Invite you to own stock in CEO SPACE explore with any Club President to assess your fit – and to attend the MARCH 17th first CEO SPACE business growth leadership # 1 program in the world press ranked in 2020 – assuring your 2020 better plans better teams and missing resources to shrink time and cost to reach your growth goals.