Round and Round she goes.

Where she stops NO ONE CAN KNOW…..

And you want “my” opinion….oh that’s rich.

But here goes.

We see all time record highs in the slow spring markets after a tough winter.

We see volatility in the summer.

We see a punishing election year manipulated market by super money special interests around the world – in October. Cat and others have best third quarter EVER and their stock is punished. If they made 99% of expected earnings their stock is punished.

Today FAANG IS DOWN. When? Why?

It s down from election year October manipulations pure and simple.

The future is all AI and FAANG folks. They lead the world.

Today we move into 72% of all spending the first holiday season of over ONE TRILLION IN JUST USA Spending and we see stocks go down. Really? Based on what?

SO AI is in control.

AI makes profits in the new CASINO DIGITAL AI UNREGULATED ECONOMY on all moves up and all moves down. Maximizing profits in the shortest time frames as the AI mandate by design.

The WORLD is in a new GLOBAL never seen before economy. The rule book for the new AI ECONOMY is being written as we bullet train down the road. There is no regulation. Not in the new economy. There is no rule book. There is only the next experiment. No theory yet to pin box top rules to re-regulate it.

The NEW ECONOMY – fully global fully independent fully inter-linked fully AI and digital is entirely new. IT IS NOT LIKE ANY ECONOMY THAT HAS EVER COME BEFORE. Lacking understanding for core risks in this new economy we should slow down. But we are not slowing down we are speeding up.

I suspect the largest year end buying of all time will have a huge impact on American upside to first quarter wealth asset classes. Still I have advocated do to other systemic risks to sell out of all markets and put assets into diversified insurance investing with explorations with Bankers Life or other top ten Insurance investment licensed professionals. Explore:

  1. Sell high and buy back in the new low after the market in fact Super Crashes which it will one day.
  2. Invest income investments in Insurance annuities with principle guaranteed.
  3. Invest growth investments in INDEX products you explore paying the highest legal profit under laws ( insurance enjoys maximal regulation still the last safe harbor ) – while principle iS fully guaranteed. No loss.
  4. Invest liquidity investments bank savings and CD’s and T bills and related investments into permanent high yield paying insurance where you can get your money over night.
  5. No matter what the market does your going to sleep well not be missing much and making the highest profit allowed by law where principle is fully guaranteed – to protect you from loss.

If you stay in the CASINO and you fail to assess when to WALK AWAY you will learn it is not – buy highest ever and then buy higher more ever. I think the DOW will be 500,000 and 1,000,000 over time. Which doesn’t say much about purchasing power of currency globally. But still there will be bloodbaths along the journey in the new CASINO CAPITALISM where AI not you and I are fully now in control. You can’t win against the house if you keep on playing.

LOOSING PRINCIPLE Is not the risk to take. So explore NOT TAKING THAT RISK.

Explore diversified insurance investing and ride the year end market highs that safe way. These top level firms paid their customers when the banks were all closed down in the Great Depression. They provided the SAFE HARBOR when no one else had a Safe Harbor. Can they do it again? Who knows? They seem the safe harbor for me.

For the regular folks among us I tell small business owners you also get maximum tax advantages investing to KEEP YOUR MONEY versus place casino bets. EXPLORE the options and educate yourself on options then you decide with a licensed professional what is best for you.

STAY IN THE CASINO MOVING FORWARD AT YOUR OWN VERY GREAT RISK….though I anticipate record high levels of wealth in markets by year end.

Big risk today – ASIA – China after the lump sum pre holiday pre tariff frenzy buying has fallen off a cliff just as we told you all summer would take place. Now the ASAI CONTAGION is spreading at digital speeds. CHINA is on a Cliff and if a trade deal does not occur the SUPER CRASH in ASIA will be next risk that I suspect in my opinion may in fact effect us all.

Already oil is down more than any down run in 30 years – precisely when we told you and precisely like we told you. When all experts where reporting how silly this blog was when oil was moving to 100 dollar oil.

With the Khashoggi Tapes out OPEC nations are pumping “every nation for itself” refusing to give MBS and Saudi any more market share concessions and Saudi is in a run on the nation because of Khashoggi. So lots of balls in the Global Economic air.

We’ll all see how it sorts out finally soon enough.

I’d bet on diversified insurance investing – tell your insurance agent to read this blog.




The CEO who presided over the biggest crimes any major bank has ever gotten away with Wells Fargo BANK in San Francisco – came out following his hasty resignation to avoid criminal jail time, came out for the criminal Federal Reserve Board today.

The CEO of the criminal line up of phony bank accounts and profit scams to make bonus at the top said – the IF THE FED FAILS TO RAISE INTEREST RATES – THE MARKET WILL CRASH BECAUSE – THE MARKET WILL ASSUME THE FED IS NOT INDEPENDENT.

This is another criminal sound bite from a criminal CEO who is saying the criminal FED ‘is independent”. The Fed is a stock firm. Wells Fargo owns stock in the FED. Ask them to deny THAT. The Fed is not independent that is a pure fraud. The FED is only INDEPENDENT FROM:

  1. Check and balances
  2. Audits
  3. Where the money goes in fact
  4. Accountability to Congress – pure sham and fraud
  5. That they are not owned by the banks they regulate – sham

The FED is starting to get spooked that all the Kings horse and all the Kings men can’t put credibility back into the Fed again. The FED needs to be MERGED back into US treasury. I think in fact it might be.

The Fed is a failed policy making body – causes all global economic crises – is obsolete and uses tools that no longer are revolving at all in the globalized DIGITAL AI EONOMY they can harm but have no way to accurately make policy FOR. They are a model T Ford set up 100 years ago who simply need to be turned into GOOD WILL. Its time to recycle the FED.

When they run out criminal bankers to say how good they all are you know they are criminals to…their associations define them.

If you have FED REVERENCE you just are not educated to the truth is all.

This blog if you scroll has videos web sites and plenty of truth on the FED educate yourself. So today we see a little FED PANIC as they run all there folks out while they attempt to execute GREED POLICY way to fast and too soon. SLOW THE GREED DOWN BOYS.

Berny Dohrmann  – Investment Banker Economist on the FED today





Slow news day on your weekend? Well lets see. China is meeting ferociously with USA in Washington DC to set up the meeting for Trump and President XI to follow. Thats not slow news.

Trump is in France working on NATO and other deals celebrating France Armistice Day and more and that’s not a slow weekend.

But then weighs in ENDGAME FROM TURKEY.


Who caused the COUP?

Who financed the COUP?

Do you believe after arresting all the COUP Leaders ENGAME does not know now – ABSOLUTELY KNOW – who tried to kill him – his wife and his children and take over his nation?

Growing in the know folks are confident that the Puppy King in Saudi was behind the coup.

Then think of the disrespect of a nation to send a 15 person professional SAUDI HIT TEAM into Turkey – and then to slaughter Khashoggi enticed to get his wedding paper work under Saudi Law.

The ONE and the ONLY PERSON that Khashoggi wrote about in the Washington Post was the PUPPY KING and his autocratic brutal immoral unethical sociopathic use of powers on everyone else. Suppressing freedom while you see woman and not all woman drive in Saudi while many other woman  are just arrested. For a belief they have. Say.

This weekend ENDGAME shares the actual live tape recordings of the SAUDI SLAUGHTER of Khashoggi – giving the tapes to:

  1. THE USA
  2. Great Britain
  3. France
  4. Saudi Prosecutors

So this weekend the PUPPY KING the world calls for short of his real name which is  More Bull SHIT – “MBS” – can see and review his orders and work in the Saudi Embassy in Turkey. Any idea that the blame does not come back under his white dress is not correct. It flows up to his balls I suppose. Because they must be large to prance around like he is not a criminal sociopathic murdered.

All that stands between MBS being killed in a Saudi Civil war is the 18 or some say 15 person HIT TEAM. They of course will be impressed upon to protect the King primarily by the KING. A thought driving ice into anyone’s blood. Hitler got away with appeasement of all nations as his horrors unfolded. Have we learned an up tick on this item?

Do you believe the Palace is not this weekend in a full on SAND STORM? Who will hear those tapes of the Royals? Imagine it . How destabilizing for OPEC for Saudi for the region. The War in Yemen is shifting on all this and not in Saudi’s favor. INSTABILITY as oil fortunes decline is unfolding in the GULF. Not a slow weekend.

Washington Post

The Puppy King lacks understanding in many many things. One is oil economics. MBS has destroyed OPEC and cost its members trillions of dollars. At some point older and wiser leaders going broke slowly will define this is NO GOOD. The OIL WARS of 2014 were lost so decisively that now OPEC no longer controls oil prices the USA does and will forever moving forward. Further trillions in market share have been lost to OPEC to non OPEC under the Puppy KING ignorance of oil economics. POLICY FAILURE has been the most costly shift of global wealth in our lifetime. Back to AMERICA.

The other is ECONOMICS in general. His forward planning is a dark hole for loss for investors who invest in Saudi believing that is a safe secure bet. Saudi is evolving under an MBS plan that is economic fantasy. Good lock to those losing their bucks but billions are no on hold or pulling out entirely. Not a slow weekend. With the tapes the pull out of Saudi investing will be decisive I suspect for Royal family members

Finally MBS lacks understanding for all things JEFF BEZO. The Washington Post Khashoggi was employed by is owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezo. Jeff is a pretty clear cut thinker. I pre-suppose with the tapes now in America the rule of law will create a demand to release the TAPES.

ENGAME knows this. The TAPES ARE NOW OUT The real TAPES the tapes that report the truth from all the MBS lies.

Those tapes will find their way to the Washington Post. When they do and they will as there is a GOD MBS there is a real GOD and as they do – MBS will come to find out about his education in all things JEFF BEZO.

Slow news weekend?

THINK AGAIN the tapes ARE OUT and once out of Turkey they WILL BE COPIED. Eventually the tapes will become public. When they do MBS will never see it coming but truly….he is close to his very last Falcon Hunt in the opinion of so many with Gulf Expertise.

I have been mentored by the great FAUD Family and many religious thought leaders who taught me as to culture tribes history faith and more…the great food music dance and people. I love the SAUDI People and I never mean to offend those who just love the King.

I know the FAUD family in their Saudi time their Allah time will resolve the issues inside Saudi and that ship will right itself. Economically delay is the greatest cost to pay because the repair is going to cost more the longer we see this go on.

Today we know for a fact…a premeditated assassin team went into Turkey and butchered Washington Post journalist Khashoggi trying to get his wedding paper work. We do not believe MBS did not order this national hit team or supervise it. What the team told Khashoggi may prove the truth. Did they say – we have a message from the Puppy King. They definitely assured Khashoggi got the message not knowing it was all on tape…all of it was on tape. Jeff Bezo’s will hear those tapes and that will be a moment.

I apologize as I thought Endgate was bought off to tow the SAUDI Line and now I see Endgame sucker punched the PUPPY KING in truly GULF STYLE. Appearing to go along with Saudi but asking for the murdered who did it on tape to be turned over.

SAUDI now has the tapes this weekend.

Great Britain has the tapes this weekend.

France has the tapes this weekend.


Endgage is all IN on those who tried to slaughter his wife and children and steal his nation.

I assume ENDGAME correctly  blames MBS as the master mind of the COUP in Turkey and will not stop until MBS himself has his own coup in is smaller nation.

POWER is being exercised the tapes are out to the world. Other nations will wish their copies. Trading partners with the FAUD family but no longer MBS.



Will MBS create a massive distraction facing his own uncertain future? Not unlikely for a known sociopath. What would you anticipate if you were trapped by those tapes today? You thought you had a deal with Endgame but Endgame remembers fighting for his life his families life his nations life and just how many died just how many were put in prison ( tens of thousands ). ENDGAME KNOWS he simply knows.

MBS caught with his pants down so to speak by the TAPES has no liars way out today. Now internally his last thread of power is unwinding. In Saudi how does that play out in fact.

We’ll typically never fast….until it it is fast then its very fast.

Khashoggi deserves the TRUTH for all of us who write and report. MBS as I’ve said just can not kill all of us. Not all of us.

He’ll run out of hit teams.

SAUDI – Khashoggi did not leave the embassy as MBS folks said.

Saudi – a rogue team did not kill Khashoggi as Saudi said

MBS – knew nothing – oh really. Are you shitting me as we say in the USA – truly – really – what do the tapes say about all that?

No ruler has done more to slaughter Saudi credibility in the world or to create more financial loss in Saudi over the lifetime of the nation in its present form of almost 100 years.

MBS is destroying Saudi Arabia at ever possible level today and the circle who are blind to who the Puppy King “IS” will wake up as soon as they hear the….TAPES.

GO TURKEY ……….GO PRESIDENT ERDOGAN ..not messing around this weekend….

SLOW WEEKEND? You tell me?


PS: MBS is now listening to the tapes himself ( and his Daddy will hear those tapes finally )  and then he knows – he just knows – there is no way out not really. All roads lead to Khashoggi Jeff Bezo and the Washington Post in my opinion.



This summer the ‘experts” were staying oil due to the Iran Sanctions would rise to over 100 dollars. a barrel. Debt strapped OPEC began to immediately raise prices into the fall.

This blog suggested a vision of an oil blood bath. We stated that going long on oil would lose fortunes and going short on oil would make fortunes. We told you why.

All the OIL experts were wrong.

We were right.


Oil is in full on bear territory. The WORLD IS DROWNING IN OIL. Opec is a shattered walking dead man. Today MBS is simply a joke as soon as he walks out of any room. No one has any respect for him. Some fear for  their lives from MBS,  but that is about it for the Puppy King.

The LOSS of OPEC wealth from failed oil policy is in the trillions of dollars and is washing Gulf nations in debt never seen before. The debt loads will only rise.

Oil will no longer be price set by speculators.

Oil will not longer be price set by OPEC.

For the first time in this generations memory oil will be set by real market supply demand characteristics of normalizing markets. Oil is cheap. Oil is plentiful. Oil IS RENEWABLE. That is correct the earth shits and farts oil and gas is remaking it all the time. There is unlimited supply of fossil fuels now and for generations into imagination because it is being renewable. The GREAT LIE of scare oil made fortunes on energy – the cost of everything else – including packaging – movement – fertilizers and pesticides half world food production depends upon – and more essentials – that cost of everything was a CRIMINAL TAX on billions and billions of humans and 200 developing nations who never had a chance to be full partners in the world. Why? Because criminals stole the wealth of the world.

So the oil industry has been;

  1. Criminal and what they tell you should be considered not true.
  2. Criminal – poisoning all of us and the planet for profits
  3. Manipulating prices for profits as a crime against humanity

Leading Oil Production companies have economic realities to deal with. The cost to explore to deliver to renew all are capital economic management items. The temptation to join in profit elevators by phony price manipulations have been too great and all firms have played a role in NON ECONOMIC PRICING. This has destroyed the hope and promise of the world for the benefit of the few.

There has not been a social economic standards applied to the oil price gauging. OPEC is the worst of the crimes against humanity. A boys club of oil producing countries seeking to FIX PRICES FOR PROFIT.

That Exclusive Club is worthless today. The USA attacked by OPEC to destroy USA OIL PRODUCTION is an oil war that America won decisively and OPEC lost completely. The cost again is TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS.

  1. Trillions of dollars in lost oil profits with oil far too low in fact for a very short period of time.
  2. Trillions of dollars on market share loss going back up.

America at 12.4 million barrels produced per day in 2019 on average and perhaps higher is by far now the largest oil production nation upon the earth. We have more reserves and product more oil for ourselves and the entire world than Russian or Saudi Arabia produce or can product. America now controls OIL Prices and OPEC is a boys club shattered by loss in the OIL WARS. Those who stay in OPEC will be forever known for what they are in fact…CRIMINALS.

Respect for OPEC is not only negative it is horrific. Members of OPEC are in fact HATED. Some think they are still emperors walking around in clothes when in fact the are fully exposed and naked to the truth. THEY ARE CRIMINALS and we all HATE THEM.

For what they did to a generation as to where we could have gone and been and where we actually went almost entirely due to artificial manipulated energy prices.

So the OPEC Criminals and their PR teams worked up a frenzy last gasp volley in the OIL wars to suggest this summer oil would now rise to over 100.00 a barrel. Heck they could all just taste it. They spent fortunes form SOVEREIGN WEALTH FUNDS and investor pools nursing the OPEC PR MACHINE oil would go over $ 100.00.


Oil crashed. Oil is in full bear territory. No 100.00 dollars. Those investor dollars from across the world still listening to the criminals got sucked in big time to the LAST GREAT OIL LOSS. Trillions are being lost by those who invested in long positions without adequate heading on the short side. The loss is a blood bath in oil.

Just as we said and told you all – over and over – when the experts suggested we were well….crazy.

Crazy right.




OPEC has been DESTROYED BY the PUPPY KING In Saudi Arabia.  The policies of the PUPPY KING FOR OPEC in 2014, wrapped into a single strategy DESTROY AMERICAN OIL PRODUCTION CAPACITY into the future. Control oil price. That victory of destroying OPEC forever is MBS caused and the win on the OIL WARS from 2014  belongs to only to us. The big loser. Saudi and MBS of course as the leader of the war he himself has lost for OPEC and his people. A loss and wealth shift greater than any act since world war II and OPEC will take 100 years working its way out of the MBA war cost. Thats economics on the OIL WARS. Saudi and MBS lost miserably total defeat and created the great MONSTER the leading oil producer on earth gearing up to mop up OPEC like a bad far in a very old wind from the desert. MBS you are the FART on that wind and your family well knows residing inside the stench of you an insane brain. Daddy made a huge mistake but lacks powers today to fix his mistake – YOU . You are his mistake. Others will fix it for him because the show MBS must go on and the consequence of defeat in wars is well known. For the LOSER. You Puppy KING are the declared LOSER OF THE OIL WARS in 2018 – SIR – YOU LOST WITH KHASHOGGI and KHASHOGGI Defeated you unto your own death sir, in the Palace Civil War you started and have LOST but do not know that you lost because your just so CRAZY all the while everyone knows in all the palaces you LOST THE OIL WARS SIR you lost BIG TIME and UTTERLY AND TOTALLY and the wealth shift back to America the victors is the largest wealth shift since WORLD WAR II. Thank you MBS your madness helped us a lot and has destroyed the wealth and futures of your own people. You’ll know at that very last instant.

What happened via MBS FAILED POLICIES? This happened:

  1. MBS created the largest glut of oil in world history still not worked out of the system entirely and now returning.
  2. The Glut dropped prices by almost 80% for OPEC from 120 dollars a barrel at peak to in the 30’s at the low. OPEC Lost trillions of dollars.
  3. On the way back up, American OIL PRODUCTION Was no SHATTERED and DESTROYED. IT was profit making in the 30’s and on going and OPEC nations had gone from oceans of money to huge debt nation trying to claw their way back which is still taking place today.
  4. MBS as a PUPPY did not see OIL DEMAND is shifting as the world moves out of toxic climate killing human killing burning of fossil fuels. David Rockefeller before he died at age 103 sold out 100% of how family legacy firm Exxon. MBS trying to claw out of his own world glut for a fully plentiful renewing – the earth FARTS AND SHITS OIL like an oil factory – now faces the head winds of the largest CRASH OF OIL DEMAND in the history since the industrial revolution started. BY BY OIL.
  5. Market Share shift – the largest wealth transfer in modern times has taken place as oil contracts shifted and are shifting from OPEC to non OPEC where supply is cheaper – billions cheaper and the refining cost of better oil quality is lower – lots lower.

Then Comes MBS the murdered. Then comes the PUPPY KING as a pure sociopath. Then comes the PUPPY KING Locking up his own Royal opposition and shaking them down for 100 billion and more to secure their alliance or he kills them, and that’s just the ROYALS folks, creating an internal SAUDI CIVIL war the Puppy King has no clue is a death do us part kind of thing. Then MBS tortured and beheaded KHASHOGGI a Washington DC Journalist where his nation is now tied to their murder till MBS disappears from his own dark failed history.

History will record OPEC was DESTROYED from within by MBS. Today it is every nation in the market for itself. Market supply demand will rule the market. Taking care of customers protecting customers and service to customers as never before as with any market is what now the “bow on a prayer rug” to OPEC abuse of economics – a criminal cartel artificially keeping development nations and billions of humans out of their right to prosperity – for a rich click happy hour in economics. That is over. Now MBS in a room has all his normal ass kissing but MBS can’t tell which cloak has the knife any longer. One of them does. Why?

MBS HAS COST OPEC TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS AND PUT OPEC IN OCEANS OF DEBT as they once and for all have lost all control of the oil market space….why……MBS the PUPPY KING the OPEC DESTROYER. Opec is a joke today that those in the oil industry follow for its PR but not for real oil pricing….not any long and frankly folks not for supply any longer as there are endless options that no longer – THANK YOU MBS PUPPY KING OF Saudi Arabia – include OPEC. MBS You have shamed your great people and you have shamed your great nation. Live with your insanity because what you think about yourself is in fact not reality your high NESS. We all what to know how high are you and on what are you smoking today sir? MBS OPTICS – behind the PUPPY KING’s back billions believe he is a ruthless sociopathic murderer who is engaged in brutal wars his nation can not afford but has no way now to depart from costing untold more wealth from a now debtor nation SAUDI in crises. OPEC no longer believes SAUDI anything and following trillions of dollars of loss to OPEC nations never now to recover plans are under way that no longer include MBS or his ailing daddy the KING but not really.

In the 2014 to 2018 OIL WARS with America – SAUDI’s MBS PLAN and strategy in the war failed, OPEC LOST decisively and the why is all below and the outcome is OPEC is a dead man standing. Economically. Its OVER ……….for OPEC the loser in the OIL wars. Dependent in the end on the USA for its own security and technology to continue….OPEC LOST AMERICA WON OUR best war outcome ever. Thank you MBS thank you so much…….loser……..



America IS booming. The TIE in this election is going to be more of a Trump WIN than anyone understands. WHY? Because the House over the years since Obama has reformed where the SENATE is the POWER as is Presidential Orders. The check and balance on the President by a Democratic SENATE is absent. Other than mean or collaborative modeling in the house ( or even say the potential for getting along to make deals ) the reality is Trump’s powers to get things done remain strong and good. Better at MID YEAR by FAR than Clinton Trump Obama or any recent President. TRUMP WON big in fact. Historically and politically and his team got a well deserved Presidential nod on the victory for JOB WELL DONE. It is real. TRUMP WON BECAUSE THERE WAS NO BLUE WAVE. This election was not about the House slipping back narrowly and its very narrow to the blue side by an inch,  it is the strength Trump demonstrated in gaining in the critical senate the lead law making body in 2019 moving forward and an absolute absence of any blue wave mandate.  THAT IS A HUGE ENORMOUS WIN NO RECENT MID TERM PRESIDENT HAS KNOWN. All insiders know this fact is real. The US is fully divided into REFORMS or NO REFORM camps and the REFORMS surprisingly to many are winning. Have won. Again. Won again.

What created the USA Booming economy now for sure  will continue. Trumps trade war hand remains plenty sharp at the wheel today. Trump is STRONG in dealing to trade deals that will reform the world for 100’s of years moving into a far better American future. Legal challenges to Presidential powers could not resolve in courts before the PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION and the mid year both suggests and  promises TRUMP WILL WIN in the Presidential election. bar unforeseen and many could occur events.  If infrastructure passes congress then the stimulus from infrastructure ( trillions ) will achieve ALL economic agenda’s. Which include:

  1. Infrastructure off sets the insane pace of Fed interest rate elevations way to many too frequent with unintended fatal consequences to global economics with a single error and mis fire due to the new DIGITAL ECONOMICS the Fed has no charts graphs or data for which is the NEW ECONOMY while they run the old economy. INFRASTRUCTURE offsets their failed policy to moderate liquidity and monetary policy at this time. Check mate. The ECONOMY BOOMS IN THE USA into 2030 from one act of Congress – Infrastructure pure economics. The Fed contracts the lake of money to grow. Infrastructure rains on the growth lake for decades forward. The economics of improved infrastructure is vast economic growth capacity.
  2. America with INFRASTRUCTURE modernizes and upgrades. We step back in front and we lead the entire world for 300 years all because of one bill from congress. That bill is now likely because TRUMP won and insiders all know it.
  3. Our unborn have clean water – environmental everything – a future one can’t imagine – and a nation one can’t equal. Does the world want to move and live I Beijing? Nigeria? Japan? India? Or is it still AMERICA that the world would most consider to live and raise families  within?
  4. Infrastructure will make us wealthier reduce crime and make us so much safer. Immigration policy will still keep America open for LEGAL versus illegal immigration which does EFFECT CRIME and by enormous % if you chart policy to crime.
  5. Infrastructure will RE-INVENT AMERICA at core. If we take the option to upgrade our entire nation in decline from bridges to road ways to water systems to everything. All living things grow….America too….or they ROT ( see Saudi ). Want to live in Saudi today?

AMERICA is booming in 2018. All time record equity and bond wealth and real estate wealth and all wealth is unfolding in America today. The election presents a SLING SHOT EFFECT TO AMERICA and you will see that in every aspect of American life. The economic boom, the largest lowest in recorded history of record keeping will now be on going and could pick up enormous forward momentum. Here is the WHY and its all GREAT NEWS for BEING AMERICAN.


America is now the largest OIL PRODUCER on earth – by far. Passing in JUST  the past 12 months MBS and Saudi as a leading producer now in decline and passing Russia the number one producer pumping all it can and we passed RUSSIA in 2018 to become the WORLDS LEADING SUPPLIER OF OIL UPON THE EARTH – because there IS SOMETHING SPECIAL ABOUT THE ONE THAT STARTED IT ALL……THE United States OF AMERICA.

Wealth? Paying off debt? Let’s look to just oil while other other minerals are inside America as we desire them counted by the 100’s of trillions in real global wealth  as well – all from Rare Earths to any and every required anything. God Blessed America. But lets say we are the best nation debt to wealth ratio in fully adjusted balance sheet accounting of any nation on earth. We have the superior system of transparency and regulations and we have the most tested system the backbone to the entire global system, proven, and we have the least bad death showing on institutional balance sheets compared to bad debt fraud ratio’s reporting on bank balance sheets world wide. AMERICA is the safe harbor the safe haven the back bone of unlimited gold silver and minerals we don’t even mine really and oil which we now lead as a mineral wealth…well….everyone. WE lead EVERYONE in that wealth passing OPEC in 2017 and Russia in 2018 and to output no one has ever known before in 2018 and 2019 leading the entire WEALTH WORLD IN WEALTH ITSELF – AMERICA.  The victor in the oil wars….THE USA WON THE WAR. Oh we can pay our bills with chump change and today the world credit ratings agency should close the year tasing the USA credit rating to its highest level again downgraded under President Obama as a shame on US. It is time to erase that shame folks or the rating agencies are looking at wealth charts I’m not seeing myself. THE USA is # 1 and our rating should reflect all that lowering not raising our borrowing cost because we have the WEALTH today. BET LONG ON THE USA go short on OIL crashing as we predicted.


  1. America debt against income and assets is like a 12% home loan. We have plenty of asset power to borrow against and that was all before oil.
  2. America has the largest oil reserves in the entire world.
  3. America has produced 2 million barrels each day more RIGHT NOW than we did one year ago. This is flipping the finger at MBS who tried to destroy the American production industry.
  4. America oil production passed in the real election the economy – 11.4 million barrels of oil per DAY – for us and for export – per DAY folks – 400,000 barrels A DAY UP From LAST WEEK.
  5. American OIL controls the price of oil and OPEC thanks to MBS is dead on arrival as a forward anything on price. The nations hate MBS and are all going it alone what’s best for them with full knowledge and HATRED that MBS failed policies lost them trillions in real dollars and real on going market share never not ever to return again to OPEC. There are better options. US COMPANIES are selling cheaper better oil and they have plenty and they are CARING FOR THEIR CUSTOMERS who are not required to kneel.

The US ECONOMY is secured by the economic war that MBS brought on his own destruction of OPEC as end game for OPEC. Nothing inspires America like THREAT. You threaten US – really? Have you read history books at ALL? Threaten US. Say Bin Laden – now there is a Saudi for you financed with SAUDI MONEY like 9/11 was financed by Saudi money. So they kill over 3000 of us. Then we kill millions of them – far more than 1000 to one or 10,000 to one and the Saudi tribes invented MATH go figure. The cost of a threat to US is not a recoverable event. As MBS THE PUPPY KING full on threatening to DESTROY USA SHALE PRODUCTION. Our American folks from the board room to the oil fields say what American’s always say when you full on THREATEN ALL OF “US” – we reply….
“bring it…….just bring it on…….”

America destroyed MBS in economics. The on going loss to Saudi and OPEC nations from MBS insanity is on going. Follow the Puppy King by all means it only helps AMERICA. Thank you very much MBS we could not – NO SIR…we just could NOT have ever done it all in this TIME FRAME sir…without your insanity of threatening us. Thank you very much….say it like Elvis Presley to MBS if you see him for me.

Economically sine 2014 oil wars began America has won and OPEC has lost ( in effect everything including their prestige and unity ). MBS we just could not have done all this without you – moved trillions from OPEC back to AMERICA where we now are making so much money just so much…thank you sir. You have killed your own dreams along with journalist Khashoggi’s marriage.

AMERICA will avenge that is average folks a world out put in oil after the oil wars the world has never known before from any nation and that will exceed 12.4 barrels a day and we can’t say how much higher than that because our boys and girls are working on all that. The only records they can break today in America oil production remain THEIR OWN. Bet LONG ON AMERICA bet LONG ON DOLLARS because the back bone wealth of the world – low cost energy – is controlled today and once again BY AMERICA. Did you not see the baton pass from MBS to America ? I dd.


There is no Link ( says congress persons and others at the top ) between cancer and smoking cigarettes. The tobacco companies hid what they KNEW and had to pay fortunes for those crimes.

There is no link between endless violent video games and movies and media saturating brains – primarily with gratuitous sex and violence – our number one export is these entertainment products. They are science designed for maximum addiction like cigarettes.

They create untold horrors in bad brains who fail to appreciate triggers – get help. – understand when acting out they are not in a VIDEO GAME. You can see it on their faces. WE all can.

The issue is WE NEED LAWS to have STANDARDS NOT CENSORSHIP. Violence should be preclude until age 21 and then with warnings and help included that these games are not reality and no thinking should transfer from a pure entertainment to a reality in life outside the game. Killing is evil. Taking a life another soul from their earth walk is evil and always wrong. We can put this in the games. We should.

WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING although the largest export industry soon being passed by OIL is suggesting – do not touch us ….there is no link to our product and the violence we have seen over ten days to the California bar shooting taking 12 lives on police life all for why? The common thread is the game time the shooters are proven to consume. THAT IS THE COMMON LINK ….the cancer to smoking stats the violence to game stats.

THE MOTHER OF ALL TORTS is holding all game and entertainment firms liable for the COST OF STATE AND FEDERAL VIOLENCE repaying those costs entirely plus damages to all victims of violence from a jury award. THAT TORT WILL RESET standards for what flows into our brains.

In DIGITAL SPACE we are conducting a totally uncontrolled experiment on humanity. Today the hours consumed by digital products in young formative brains are RESULTING IN ENTIRELY NEW SYNAPS PATTERNS FROM OLD BRAINS ( mine ). YOUNG BRAINS ARE NEW BRAINS AND NEW HUMANS. They think differently. They solve problems differently. They view reality differently from old brains.



Note: In a nation over over 300 million the bad brains acting out are few – a fraction of 1% of us – a tiny few bad brains – what if media ceased reporting crazy brain news – all terror and crazy brains saw no publicity ever again….what would that do to crazy brains acting out just that news black out on the crazy brains? What if the news only referred to Terror and those acting out – as ANOTHER CRAZY BRAIN did x y z – limiting if not black out – because – THAT would have a positive effect…..I”m just saying so you can discuss it among yourselves.



My last blog told you all as American voters how Proud I am of all of you. We all won …having nothing to do with the election itself. We American’s won through expression.

The ECONOMIC OPTICS are of course worthy of review:

  1. The Democrats  spent around 3.8 billion to win the House of Representatives by a decisive margin.
  2. The Republicans spent around 1.2 billion and others a bit more total 5.2% a record up a billion from last time.
  3. This election optics elates those spending as BOUGHT AND PAID FOR GOVERNMENT is still well and alive.


In America, voters not truly informed on the economic optics that shape their lives, vote based on bought and paid for media to assure that their vote goes precisely where it belongs. The science of buying a vote and predicting and controlling vote outcome was a tie. The Republicans gained in the Senate and held which is a tie and the Democrats won back the HOUSE from 2010 …celebrating today.

THE USA returns to Dysfunctional Congress – impossible on national agenda’s as before – with infrastructure the wild card. Without infrastructure two things occur. American declines. American can’t offset the policy error written about before the election – the CHINA DOOMSDAY EVENT – of the Federal Reserve Board who steeped in an old economy before the world DIGITAL FULLY LEVERAGED GLOBAL MARKETS IN AI today – fail to see the speed by which their interest rates error in policy triggers a world wide debt default cascade and what we call LED DAY. This risk is forward from the boom times we will enjoy for some time yet.

Dysfunctional Congress Nancy Pelosi cited today is about one and only one item – stop the GOP. So the dysfunction ( no longer a check and balance process ) that gave us 1.4% GNP versus 3.5% is now an item o the table. Endless investigations and even impeachment are being SET UP now as items for the bought and paid for Presidential election. Congress and the system as it is – lacking reform for Justice Elections and more – keep America in a contest of who can feed and legally steal public money from the public trough’s.

Think on the economic optics. Do you have any clue who paid the winning hand at 100% more than Republican money – the 3.8 billion spent to BUY THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES? In many respects the republican lower sums to invest resulted in a tie – big gains in the US Senate the body that will never impeach Donald Trump. So legislation now occurs when congress can make a deal – just like the last 20 plus dysfunctional years. As a  long time advocate for small business on Capitol Hill we would say – nothing changes in Washington. It is for the professionals, just about the same as it has been for three decades. Only the AI and money sums flowing are new.

Still we AMERICAN’S WON. The voters voted on what that money was spent to have you KNOW. The majority on all sides voted based on that election science, which is now more proven today. You can be bought with prediction but the cost as with health care and elsewhere are soaring. IF THE FED USED ELECTION YEAR INFLATION TO DETERMINE MONETARY POLICY THE INTEREST RATE WOULD BE 21% PRIME RATE TODAY AS WITH JIMMY CARTER.

But election year increased of 1 billion in this mid year is not a factor to monetary policy regardless of how our money is stolen coming up.

WE WIN because good kind Americans who care deeply about their future and this nation voted. It is something we did together. No one has discussed the economic optics in their mind when they voted. You voted pure. You voted strong. WE DID THIS TOGETHER all of US and we all WON BIG TIME. ITS A TIE and nothing changes really and in America perhaps thats good. Perhaps real change should span more time. WE ALL WON and America won with a successful election the entire world of billions upon billions have been following. TRUMP is as predicted – weaker and thats a fact. But with Senate control ( THE TIE IN THIS ELECTION IN FACT ) the Trump Train still has plenty of steam. Watch.



Just what you have been reading. You should record all time high stock market rally’s. All time year end wealth effect. A 1 trillion dollar first time ever holiday buying season. FANG STOCKS back with a surprise to many. Oil long sellers having a blood bath. Trump dumping oil Stocks from reserves a glut market for  years no longer needs with America the # 1 producer in the world in 2019. Oil down down down offsetting some of FED dollar and interest soaring inside a trade war.

A honey moon period all about COOPERATION and the end of combat government. Some skirmishes setting 2019 agenda’s before Congress leaves for Holiday seasons soon. NO real anything to year end. A great time a great holiday a Great Christmas for all.

2019 The cooperation disappears and the same teams that brought you SUPREME COURT #METOO will now bring you a sequel in meanness and personally cruel politics. Why? Endless set up ups. Flurry of activity by Mueller into a final report so he can get on with his life – negative as that bias reporting will be – it will not be over. That report will be used to further set up more investigations mapped out in time to bought and paid for Presidential elections in 2020. It is being set up now. Taking off from this election as momentum.

The message for the money in economic political optics – HATE NANCEY PELOSY was effective in Trump base markets for voters – HATE TRUMP was effective for NANCY Markets for voters. HATE WON. HATE WORKS. It has worked in the past and it worked in 2018 best yet. The idea is to control like a lense where the money is spent with bought and paid for voters ( tested to perfection ) until and unless the voters simply won’t stay bought. Then we have something new and they adapt. This is how professionals celebrating today THINK. The AI worked. The new integrations work the big word now is INTEGRATION MASTERS. Both sides won and the tie is not un-noticed as both think to tweak how to fire their long term ( two year ) and short term – 2019 and 2020 political weapons – to control how the largest customer in the world – the US GOVERNMENT buys and to whom it will spend. As most of the biggest customer buying goes to insider special interest the notion of 5.2 billion anything outside a few hundred million came from us – and the billions came from customers of the USA who wish to assure their price and buying rises with this win. ITS ABOUT THE MONEY.

Until we voters change that we have what we know. THE AMERICA we all know so well.

No one lost. No one one. It was a pure tie. Money was spent and it worked. what is amazing and everyone is pouring over – how could the republicans spend so much less – 2/3 s – LESS _ and still TIE and do so well and pick up strength not lose strength in the US SENATE? Also some very TRUMP folks are now in the House. So it is still black and white. The Democrats out spent and that outspending WINS BIG TIME for their contributors who now want pay back. Pay back for Trump cutting billions out of their pay trough or limiting the pay trough in the future they already feel they bought and paid for.

SO in bought and paid for DC world – nothing changes. We have the same grid lock dysfunctional congress we have voted to elect for over two decades. We know what to expect. We know how that works. Nothing changes as America like the movie JUST WENT BACK INTO THE FUTURE….which the market soaring will defines as sigh...its predictable again.

What you read in the news is a small part of how Washington Works. What you see in HOUSE OF CARDS is more like it in fact works. It is hard ball. It is the AAA GAME no higher game. No higher money. No higher stakes. Those who know the game ( fund our industry with the largest customer always the USA ) and gain that access by paying for it. All access is equal – they left that out of the constitution.

So we won – doing this together.

The Nation won because no real change.

The system goes on and we know it all so well.

So the entertainment of the largest most successful broadcast sit com in human viewing history – billions focused over any other show – THE TRUMP WHITE HOUSE SIT COM – goes on and its ratings have only gone up now from what comes next. For a time America you get the following rewards:

  1. A honey moon period – with all the great words.
  2. A boom that will rise from the record Holiday year end 72% spending on everything
  3. A GREAT HOLIDAY SEASON with limited drama on the downside ( we hope ) and major drama on calm and family and US really – for a GREAT GREAT NEW YEAR as well.
  4. 2019 will unfold well in over economic optics
  5. The rate of growth may not match 2018 depending on compromise abilities we doubt historically are even possible.

Dec 11th CEO SPACE hosts a REUNION of its 147 nation of CEO MEMBERS ( lifetime members ) to network CEO’s who own business – together – to accelerate in the age of the Entrepreneur the new tools and tactics to navigate through the economic optics of year end 2018 and Jan Feb March 2019 – at our lowest new CEO member price ever. Last chance to lower taxes for a lifetime business asset this year – first chance to accelerate ( guaranteed ) on Holiday momentum into 2019 – which most will limp into versus roar into the NEW YEAR opportunity. Our DEC 11th CEO’s will all ROAR into 2019 inside the longest sustainable economic expansion in recorded human record keeping.


We did this together and I”m so proud of you.


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