The world is on recession talk, in all nations and financial centers world wide. The EU just put their car in reverse and moved from Monetary tightening and reducing money supply to the community,  back to full on stimulus. Why? Central banks have failed to realize what my readers were first to realize.

The WORLD is presently in full transition from an old mature economy and theory modeling which were well known over hundreds and hundreds of years of experience. There were proven economic theories. If you did this or you did that the outcome was more or less predictable even into the GREAT RECESSION of 2007 to 2013.

Since 2013 the world has a new economy that is Super Changing so fast the regulatory frame work of nations has been left in the dust. Today we have a fully AI economy. Less than 10,000 Super Money pools, control monetary circulations from over 440 trillion dollars. Humans have been replaced as minds over money and now AI programing controls the money and its movements outside any government influence from the old economy. This is a new economy an entirely new Super Change AI ECONOMY lacking any theory or guidence upon its inner workings. The old tools inserted into the new Economy produce different unknown and no longer predictable outcomes.

Central Banks relying upon old economics that are now dead and buried, no longer above ground and functional, and the new economy, reacts differently and unpredictably from the NEW AI economy. Hence central banks trightening money in fact effected and encountered UNEXPECTED CORE SYSTEM STABILITY RISKS. Each has had to reverse their policy and hold until they can figure it all out. The pace of Super Change is accelerating and is not slowing down. AI economics sheds its core snake skin every 36 month with new smarter AI entirely new species of AI controlling ever larger total of larger circulation. Two leading private Hedge Funds now control almost 15 trillion dollars more than all nations now in circulation flows world wide and these are two of less than ten thousand today that control 440 trillion dollars of total world circulations. Said another way central banks have lost all control of economics in the new economy. Today central banks applying old economic tools into an entirely new economic frame work is like repairing a model T Ford from 1906 with your 1906 tools  – in the engine room of the Star Ship Enterprise with Scottie. You need new tools.


Economies either expand or they contract. Expansion periods are called boom periods. We are inside today the longest global expansion of all nations, ever recorded in human history. Like breathing economies expand or they contract. No in between.

Two back to back annual quarters of time or 180 days back to back of declines in economic GNP, negative GNP, shirking growth, economy overall is contracting is a recession.

Economics expand because governments spend money, consumers spend money or both. Economy contraction occurs when consumers pull back buying and spending and the government also pulls back or may not spend massively enough to regrow the economy until consumers regain confidence and return to buying. 3/4 of economic expansion or growth or decline is from consumer buying in America for example.

If consumers are confident about the future they buy and economies expand.

If consumers lack confidence in the future they pull back and spend less self creating a recession.

Politics should be run by economics.

However in most countries economics is led by politics which can create fear and lack of confidence ushering in a recession.

Much of the long current boom expansion has been due in America the engine of the world economically, that consumers who hated Trump were reasonable and confident in Trump pro business policies creating a unique and very odd boom.


Consumers for months have been declining in confidence. Having reached an all time record confidence and spending high in 2018 the consumer confidence began to circle the political drain during the mid year election. The anti Trump hatreds rose and rose and a congress was delivered that was ANTI TRUMP. Consumer confidence feel and economics began to cool down world wide.

The Trade wars have gone on long and the deficits only new economic box top rules can fix, have left the USA via legal theft of our nations wealth, in we tax them all 90% less than they tax us all and sometimes they tax us 300% to 1500% more than we tax them – but always unfairly more.

Trumps reciprocity tax law is on Tariffs ( Import tax a nation may place on goods coming in ). America is taxed the highest always everywhere. Trump is changing that rebuild after World War II generous subsidy to rebuild war torn nations tax policy that went on way to long following the wars. Nations favored by the unfair tax wish to keep theirs. The USA is taxing the nations who wish to keep the old rules, in reciprocity tax precisely as they tax America. We’ll go to zero if you will.

The nations are fighting for line by line the best they can keep.

During all this tug of war with tariff’s now for the first time flooding the USA with revenue, the USA has failed to pass immigration laws, failed to pass infrastructure laws and failed to pass forward economic propulsion policy that would undo the damage the Federal Reserve has created.

The Fed inserted way to fast interest raise raises in fact raising interest prices 100% in new borrowing cost to 66 trillion of sovereign debt and records of 100’s of trillions in consumer business and related loans from auto’s to student loans all the world awash in enormous debt saddles created to stimulate when the system could have melted down. Now the Debt Saddle is so heavy with Fed moving loan repayment cost at 100% of % higher than only 2015 – borrows are slowing way down, consumer spending still strong is cooling, and congress is not allowing government spending to rise.

The Fed stopped growth and cause core stability issues with system confidence. It became clear to economic leaders at the top that the FED had lost control of the new AI economy and had lost control of executing stability policy effectively. We have argued all central banks should be merged back into their treasuries in real time digital AI economics. The cost of Fed operations is too high and the cost of their failed policy is depression and world war – too high a risk cost to carry a failed old institution model – where criminal bankers all pleading to felonies – are in charge of the Fed by stock ownership all in secret to control a nations money supply as outside contractors who are NOT and NEVER WERE agencies of the nation or government anything…..the facts we have posted many videos upon here – is that any google will confirm – the Federal Reserve Board is:

  1. A fraud on the American people. The Fed is neither Federal nor does it have any reserves.
  2. The Fed is a private stock company owned by the banks it regulates with a contract with the USA to control our money.
  3. The Fed has done a terrible job – as a 100% failure record – has caused all boom busts and wars and most recently destabilized a fragile global recovery after THE GREAT RECESSION THEY CAUSED by allowing their member banks to lend mortgage money to unqualified borrowers to ramp up a SUPER BUBBLE In mortgage markets that almost killed the world system and then legally stole all the properties back at low bargain prices by trillions to resell them at profits the banks made it going and coming as millions died in the economic flames the FED set the fire to.
  4. In 2013 the Fed failed entirely to see the economy they all knew had died and was fully replaced by a new AI ECONOMY they knew zero about and began to in policy error after policy error destabilize the new AI economic system to risk a near term recession from failed Fed Policy. Trump has been accurate but even his team lacks the discernment the Kennedy’s had to MERGE THE FED BACK INTO TREASURY. Was that why they were killed really? Many believe so.
  5. The AI economics are projecting various models beyond human capacity to do so as to % risk of consumers and governments spending enough to keep economics world wide in a boom – or will the contraction going on in reaction to failed Fed economic policy in 2018 have reversed fast enough to stop the damage to core systemic stability? Our fear is that the elevated borrowing cost are not sustainable to the debt levels and a CASCADE of debt defaulting ( from Fed errors ) may create a SUPER CRASH and Great Depression globally with war risk rising.

In the old economy these things were never fast. It takes time to reach two quarters of back to back contraction and red ink – GNP is negative.

Enter Nancy Pelosi back to power. Nancy is doing her job to perfection. GET TRUMP. Only the risk is system core stability. Using Impeachment and politically led missions for the US justice department – united to GET TRUMP – which is against all our laws – becomes out of Nancy’s control. If she distorts economics with politics which is the unintended consequence, it is not the election results may remove Trump from the political ambushing going on now and next, the issue is systemic core stability.

In the New Economy AI can move things into the ditch at speeds never before imagined nor experienced. We are seeing that now. Wide crashes and wild recoveries never experienced in charting before as our new economic normal. The news is filled with old economic reporting on why the new economic outcomes are occuring – all wrong.

The New Economy is politically intolerant like lactose intolerant for Milk. Every Body needs milk but the lactose intolerant who go the hospital drinking milk. The New AI Economy goes to the hospital drinking political error in core policy to economic well being. All ramifications of political policy are analyzed by Super AI and placed into economics. AI has been keeping markets in trading ranges prepared for massive up or down depending on now FED POLICY which is on hold where it needs to stay to after the election – truly in 2020. It is dangerous to tighten the money supply until the fragile versus strong economy rises.

Today one unexpected consequence of AI economics is AI is in charge. So AI takes CORE CAPITAL that humans over money would have invested long term for later profits on plant equipment and growth. AI keeps work force down, projects automation to replace human workers with its own kind AI.

We are in the start of a class warfare in economics. AI replacing wetware humans at paces never experienced before and now in a on going first ever – AI favoring AI in economics over humans. The terminator has started it is just economics first not visible as it will be later.

Today we have AI projecting stock buy backs ( which control the lack of a crash today  ) as all gains in market are largely due not to core economics but by AI stock price manipulations. The AI is rewarding companies making profits that meet or exceed their guidance versus miss their guidance and punishment or reward is instant and at ratios in markets never seen before. Caterpillar is my favorite. They out perform all chart levels but missed guidance and they made 95% of projected guidance but not all of it and their stock lost a record down ward punishment versus an upward reward for job truly well done. Humans in 2015 would have sharply rewarded Caterpillar. AI punished Caterpillar.

The largest stability and driver of stock stablity and upward pricing is stock buy backs. Never seen before wealth transfer from Tax wind falls in new tax plan had companies with AI plan for highest return on capital in lower time frames. This is shrink the lake of your own stock at a management planned timing to down pricing and bargain buying – and buy your own stock – by 1 trillion a year last year – the year before and this year – three trillion in stock price manipulations – STOCK ENGINEERING BY AI CALCULATIONS – like stock price is now a moon shot with super computers only nations once owned, fostering NEW ever evolving smarter and smarter and now SELF LEARNING and self taught AI ECONOMICS controlling the world – nations have lost all control.

So AI may trigger a SUPER CRASH. If AI projects how much it can make from it’s own recovery of the SUPER CRASH. Its all new. Round and round the AI spins the 440 trillion in circulations. Nations like China and EU nations are punished and its all AI capital flows doing the punishment. Or rewards. Humans are out never to return. It happened so fast no one has a grip on it yet but my readers GO THIS.



We are in a new economy.

Nations and their agencies have passed the speed by which they can adapt to change itself. SUPER CHANGE and AI have passed human systems adaption speeds. Without retooling our own capacity to adapt to SUPER CHANGE we have unknown outcomes.

Today economics has moved out of human controls and the control and influence of nations to AI economics and AI controls of capital circulation without human interface, at velocities and speeds never experienced in economics before. These velocities and speeds are only vastly accelerating into 5 G next. AI will explode with 5 G eyes and ears. Getting smarter and smarter.

AS AI becomes a new species no one has a clue how to adapt.

Such as: RULE OF LAW


  1. Is AI a species with self aware cognative legal rights?
  2. Can AI patent and own property IP and real property?
  3. Can AI get pass ports and travel legally?
  4. Can AI marry AI and human wetware?
  5. Does AI have allegiance to a nation or to laws of any kind? How do we know?

There is so much more of course.

So we are smack dab in the middle of a human extinction event – a human new renaissance event for longevity and what comes next in our own evolution and growth – and probably nothing in between those two extremes.

What seems so stupid is WE ARE IN A NEW AI ECONOMY and that economy is now controlling the entire world and we humans have in turning over control our money to non human AI control, failed to imagine or create new models to regulate or govern this massive turn over of all real power. Economics.

In a new economy that lacks even the most basic global box top rules for its regulations – the AI is evolving faster than humans can adapt in old systems – and unless we re-tool our systems to keep pace with SUPER CHANGE – humans are going to seem soon like Ants in the grass to the Mount Everestf or our AI controllers. Will AI seek to reduce or eliminate the one threat to itself – human ants – human insects – always rising up and putting ideas up about AI threat to themselves? Think about it a minute.

WE lack POLICIES of any kind to CONTROL GUIDE AND CONTAIN AI development or what is already here.


Will I receive the Nobel Prize for first discovering the transition red line of 2013 when Economics moved from the old Adam Smith theory modeling for economics – and the NEW AI ECONOMY was born. This economy makes all theory by Milton Friedman and his tribe obsolete and mal functional.

There is now NO NEW  theory for the new AI ECONOMICS. Economics morphed into AI economics in 2013 and since has gained 96% control of all capital movement within AI itself. AI controls all stock buy backs. Trillions a year in stock manipulated prices – phony markets. The congress of the USA is talking stock buy back rule regulation. However you can not fix AI by a bandage to a window shattered by a shot gun. Too many holes in the glass. You need a NEW WINDOW. An entirely new regulatory frame work designed for AI to regulate with human control 24/7. Self Aware AI is coming. How many AI minds will be sick ill and criminal? Anyone have policy for criminal even Hitler MBS level AI minds wishing to rule us all? No one is making POLICY no one for a NEW ECONOMY no one yet understands fully exists but the NEW AI economy does exist and the longer we deny this change has occurred the more challenge we have to assume any forward control over what may be by sheer ignorance and denial in thinking it through – our own extinction ultimately. We call on nations to step up. Today it has been SPIT INTO THE WIND of …thats the way we have always done things…..son. Ah the fatal flaw of human thought itself – resistance keeps threat down. The new rule in the new AI world is …resistance to adapt to change elevates threat risk to humans exponentially. We must teach ourselves how to adapt into SUPER CHANGE as the master new skill of THINKING.

Think about what you hear on the news. How important is it really – to say – the failure of the entire economic system where all banks are closed? Say that takes 72 minutes in AI world? Compare that news to what your reading here. Ask what is more important to KNOW and to THINK ABOUT? You’ll come to your own answer. CEO SPACE is place you can come to massively grow capacity to have your OWN GAME PLAN ( another great book by Kevin Freeman ) Because has Kevins book defines your NATION HAS NO GAME PLAN none…so you’ll be ok IF you have your own. Read the book it is an indictment to register to March 26th CEO SPACE Dallas. For economic prosperity in any forward market. Knowledge is everything today. Being out front of AI trends – which we will help you do right here. To our best ability anyway….its unfolding SO FAST. Even with our resources to gather information its fast and hard to keep pace.

There is no nation even thinking about national security as core ECONOMIC STABILITY. All are at risk and especially the United States because they do not have effective policies when AI warfare attacks in new AI economics work and almost destroyed our system – the first AI digital attack was 2007 – read THE SECRET WEAPON By Kevin Freeman and you’ll know how real all this is.

What destroyed Rome? And Faster than anyone believed was ever possible.

Rome was destroyed when the enemies of Rome acquired the WEAPONS OF ROME.

Our enemies have acquired our weapons by hacking including our most advanced AI.

Now our enemies in the new economy are using AI weapons to fool and attack our AI economics. We are now using since 2007′ first digital war fare attack on the new AI economic reality – AI to fight AI. Those wars are terrifying to core systems and going on world wide.

A G 100 treaty on evolving AI will take three years on the Big Island of Hawaii. This ECONOMIC CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION is the one and only way to get AI to have policy – and to evolve AI into the policy missing today and to RE- REGULATE markets to remove unwanted wealth consolidation and unfair AI speculations and price manipulations by law including new buy back regulation on stocks forcing capital to invest in long term economic growth versus stock price unwanted manipulative engineering via three trillion non economic investments in stock price targets benefiting insiders most. Thank you insider AI.

Lacking any nation leading for AI regulation or the G 100 re-tooling the most sizable regulator RE-THINK since the GREAT DEPRESSION to globally control the new economic which is Cloud Based outside all local regulation and requires a G 100 cooperation to GLOBALLY REGULATE a fully GLOBAL AI currency flow circulation new base line control of economics by AI itself.


First in human history.

While humans whollow in the old oxymoron….but THAT is the WAY we have always done it……..

AI forward markets and recessions require brains that learn much faster – unlearn even faster than that – and relearn faster than the two before….those brain in all C Suites lead in SUPER CHANGE the tile of My OCTOBER new book as it is THE MOST IMPORTANT Set of guides for humanity in 100 years now. Years in development to today.


The actual rip tide of all human extinction or renaissance depending on WHAT WE HUMAN’S DO.

Facing this – Nancy Pelosi under politics – that is the way we have always done it – seeks at all and every and any cost to remove Trump and put her team in power decisively strategically by 2020 and a good recession helps her develop voters she can blame the recession on – is Trump and only Trump. Only that is not true. Politics are going to create the next recession – error in policy into an entirely new economy an AI economy that if Nancy fully understood the real risk to nation I think she may chose different action for the nation welfare. ERRORS ARE BEING MADE BECAUSE LEADERS DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE SUPER CHANGE YET AND CREATE POLICY ERRORS THAT CAN BE FATAL TO NEW AI ECONOMICS.

This is the ONE PROBLEM and everything else is symptom. Failure to reset policy into AI super change markets by leaders world wide. Change has passed their very capacity to adapt by the sheer velocity of Super Change Age – the Age we all reside within.

As the largest Business Community in the world today – 31 years and counting and ten years press ranked the number one business growth conference world wide – ten years by third party press into 2019 – still # 1 – first event March 26th and you should come to insure your own safe harbor and lifestyle before the economic storm clouds your all reading about – hit shore and your boats are in the wind unprotected – or behind a sea wall of powerful insulation with CEO SPACE protecting you. There IS safety in numbers of those who DO KNOW what is going on and why….because information is so powerful when you have it all first.

You have the TRUTH about recession pressures. It is unknown if this first AI recession will occur from anything other than failed Fed and Gov policy to understand a new economy is in fact here now.



PS: The Worst Ebola outbreak in human history unfolds in Congo war zones where all summer to now WHO health care workers are removed over and over from factions killing them – destroying their supplies and dispersing EBOLA infected patients back into cities. Ebola infected will soon reach the EU ASIA and the USA and when that happens a chilling economic unfolding into recession is likely….how will AI OVER REACT to the EBOLA projection on economics? It will not be pretty. Ebola panics AI as do other factors that would be moderated by humans over money – but now 96% of all economics is AI control with no Fed or nation or regulatory control over 440 trillion of real time movement of capital by AI alone. Its new. It happened so fast. You know all this first.





MBS and Saudi have:

  1. 100% Failed economics for Saudi since 2014
  2. Massive capital run out of nation
  3. Declining credit ratio soaring borrowing costs
  4. Failed war with yemen sucking Saudi coffer’s dry
  5. Borrowing to make ends meet with oil under 75 dollars a barrel due to Saudi budget deficits soaring

MBS spends way more 100’s of billions more than Saudi Kings make today. Now then think. Having shaken down his fellow Royals by over 1000 families for over 100 billion dollars – all that money is gone and more is needed – so MBS takes Saudi deeper in Debt.

A trillion of projects for investment in Saudi are on hold.

A trillion more in new investments are yes we are in and no one is moving in fact in – not in – at all.

Then MBS goes NUKE SHOPPING in both Pakistan and India pushing buttons all over Iran as he does that step. Regional war with Iran and Saudi is likely with this sociopathic King and remember we have been telling you and telling you MBS has GOT TO GO. For the good of the Saudi people who as yet do not get the truth about MBS failed pollcies.

MBS is an oil supplier product nation. The nation treats their customers like camel shit.

MBS is trying to double the cost ov everything else – oil – to their customers. Saudi customers are choosing to buy oil from NON OPEC outlets that protect their prices – costing SAUDI MARKET SHARE OF OIL BUYERS. Saudi charts on oil growth have been wrong. In fact oil demand is falling off a cliff. Oil supply is doubling.

Saud sought to cut back in their member output when members need cash – more oil sales not less. Think about the markets of:

  1. Venezuela with one million barrels of oil a day to Saudi ten million a day and Venezuela has more oil than Saudi.
  2. Yemen is down in oil output from the war.
  3. Qatar is down in natural gas from Saudi by roaring back.
  4. Iran is down but climbing back upwards off millions of barrels a day still
  5. Iraq Syria Libya all down in output but all roaring back – more than Saudi’s 1 million by far just these.




The Puppy King came to power in 2014 and declared war on American Shale. Oil dropped from 114 dollars a barrel to 37 dollars a barrel and the shale kept on coming. When MBS declared all out war on American Shale, MBS sought to rally OPEC behind his all out war. More Market share was lost to OPEC by MBS failed oil policy than any act or war in 70 years.

America went from under 5 million barrels of oil a day, half Saudis output to over 12 million barrels a day, or more than Saudi’s output in just a handful of years – creating a chilling permanent defeat to MBS where OPEC itself no longer controls oil prices.

In recent weeks MBS got OPEC to remove 1 million barrels of OPEC crude from our 2019 market space. The experts reported oil would price rise to $ 75.00 with spikes over $ 100.00. The experts reported inventory in the USA would rise with the bitter cold and winters – by perhaps a million barrels.

Weds March 6th the report came in – MBS was wrong again. The experts were wrong again. This blog was right again in predicting oil would fall into the 50’s and remain in the 45 to 55 range because when oil lies are removed, oil demand is dropping off a cliff and supply will exceed demand for 100 years moving forward.

The experts predicted a 1.2 million barrel rise in Americans half a billion barrels of oil in inventory – or 456,000,000 million barrel reserve in tanks in the USA. This went up not by the 1.2 barrel rise the experts state no – but rather what this blog reported and the USA INVENTORY ROSE by 7..3 million barrels on Weds during USA peak use in blistering cold over 70% of America. Still USA crude output is soaring moving from 12.5 million barrels a day, more than Russia more than Saudi and moving to 20 million barrels or double Saudi and double Russia in output. Enormous new finds of oil and natural gas are soaring for new supplies while demand is falling off a cliff in economics 101. The only one putting out lie sheets about Oil and markets is Saudi who has lost all its real credibility when the young Puppy King killed Washington Post Journalist Khashoggi – under the Kings direct control and management – and then covered up the savage breach of rule of law between nations – in such a child like manner that the lie then the next lie then the next lie created an outcome where the King of Saudi Arabia today has:

  1. Cost The Saudi people more prestige and more respect than any ruler in their history
  2. Cost. The Saudi people over three trillion in economic opportunity lost forever to the Saudi nation
  3. Cost. Cost in becoming the # 1 Joke everywhere – in OPEC in News around the world in live events
  4. Cost the Saudi people freedom – locking up more woman more in disent than any Saudi ruler in 70 years
  5. Integrity – the Lying King – has no integrity – and now shopping for a Nuke to lop into Iran is not a friend to anyone.


Opec and Experts stated – soaring prices into $ 75.00 new oil floor price.

We in your blog said – oil is in free fall and will range 45 dollars to 65 dollars and OPEC has LOST CONTROL due to MBS.

All experts said prices would rise in the news.

We said prices would fall.

The prices have fallen and they FELL on Weds. Slightly higher than $ 55.00 but still near our high price range and FALLING into our price range for first quarter.

Oil the cost of everything – now frozen in lower affordable market pricing by real market supply greater than demand economics versus manipulated hidden tax on 8 billion souls – by a criminal cartel of elites led by a sociopathic King. MBS has failed in each and every policy move and cost OPEC trillions in lost market share.

The oil wars are now over.

Winner – by far – the United States of America. Losers – OPEC and Russia. Big time and big dollars.

Warren Buffet once said in the middle of the US GREAT RECESSION….you have to be an idiot to bet…against the United States of America – I am strong on the USA……although he lost his biggest bucks in this share holder meeting and in criminal Wells Fargo bank we don’t see moral bets on immoral institutions. How does that work?

All economic abuse must rebalance Criminal brands in banking – all the biggest banks have runs out of the banks to more integrity driver providers. No one can be done with a run on their institution until the run is done. Deutsch Bank we told you would tank – it tanked.

Wells Fargo we told you the RUN ON THE BANK would tank the bank. Its stock is a joke. Hit by never ending criminal activity at the top of the sick banking industry.

Justice reform.

Banking reform.

All economic abuse must rebalance one day.

The DAY OF THE GREAT REBALANCING “IS” COMING..we’ll keep you all posted on when. It is NOT today – SPRING FOWARD FINANCIALLY and register to CEO SPACE March 26th is your best bet of the year.






Adolf Hitler was celebrated world wide – when everyone read TIME MAGAZINE and there was no one line anything or way to click anything. If you saw it in print – if you saw it – in the TIMES ESPECIALLY ( and I knew Claire Luze Booth before she dies and chatted up all this at the Ritz in Paris France a lot of years later ). She blamed it on her daddy.

So 1938 – Hitler is TIMES MAN OF THE YEAR world wide with stature and prestige. The turn Germany around Times Man Of the Year.

Ten years later when I was born Adolf Hitler would be dead.

So would more than 100 million be dead – six million jews – untold lives with Russia paying the highest price by far – more deaths than all prior wars and disease in the history of human kind in a decade – unmatched. The wounded the suffering the damaged would be generational.

The SICK mind of Hitler -TIMES MAN OF THE YEAR – inspired todays neo nazi movement and the sick idea of a MASTER RACE. This sick idea is also seen inside THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM as the ultimate bigots have all the wealth and call all the shots. MBS has the idea of THE MASTER FAITH as does the head of Iran.

Any thought that punishes human diversity versus celebrates human diversity is a first form of human insanity.

I am a proud royal from German a full Baron – the eldest titled son in my family. I watched my grandfather labor till his early death to rebuild San Francisco with its leading families after the 1906 earth quake. The Union square Macy Building was the DOHRMANN BUILDING until 1975. The St Francis hotel was rebuilt with my grandfather as managing partner placing the famous CLOCK ( I’ll meet you at the clock ) in the Lobby of the world famous now Saint Francis hotel. The family founder the symphony – the opera – play houses – and operated the largest department store on the West Coast then the Emporium stores. The family ran the largest news papers the Hearst Family so badly longed for and ultimately folded into their smaller chronicle the SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE became the largest news paper with that merger ot both THE San Francisco CALL and the San Francisco Bulletin the leading papers since the Gold Rush and grandfather waited until famous Mark Twain his lead journalist died before he sold to the HEARST forever creating a rift there. Grandfather has his own wartime Schindler’s list bringing in from under ground railroads – as royals from Germany and as Christian Leaders in German San Francisco – saving thousands of jews and giving them work in his empire of business interest covering 7 western states. History diminished the Dohrmann role in San Francisco’s history removing so much that was acknowledged to my grandfather ABC DOHRMANN or William Fredrick Dohrmann from Bonart.  Why? Because of German phobic reactions where Germany starting World War I and World War II both untrue claims – had near hysteria over Germans being unfit as Americans – when hey only 1938 a few years back –


Our family was brought up to abohore the mentally ill expression of a master race or a master face. In our family we celebrated all diversity. We celebrate family history – income – education – culture – food – dress – sport – religious preference – political regards – race – creed – music – and always the right history of any people and every community.

Adolf Hitler a few years before 1938 – was a street person. He painted houses now and again if he could find work. A bum next to him said he would sell cards to tourist of Vienna if Hitler who was an artist drew the scenes. The business worked. Hitler was busy in the men’s shelter. Only he would pop up on a bench and spit out horrific blames to all the occupants financial distress – from JEWS in Germany – a condition that Germany could fix. The bums recovering from over dose and alcohol abuse – lower classes dirty unwashed and in shelters for the night – applauded Adolf as he developed his core skill – inflame the masses.

In World War I Adolf joined the army and became a Col and won the Cross for his work in battle. This and his speaking sent him to the masses in depression where a wheel barrel of money could not buy a loaf of bread any longer. Tomorrow it was two or three wheel barrows – much like Venezuela. Venezuela blames former communist leaders mismanagment NOT AT ALL and blame the USA somehow for the problems of decades of economic abuse to the world’s largest lake of oil now producing instead of Saudi levels of 10 million barrels of oil a day as Venezuela’s lake is larger than the 267 billion Saudi Barrels – in reserve but the communist failed leadership is down to less than one million barrels a day – crashing Venezuela economics to bankruptcy for the state.

HITLER TIMES MAN OF THE YEAR far cry from mens shelter as a bum a few years earlier – blamed the JEWS for German economics. That cry created world war II.

Hitler the TIMES MAN OF THE YEAR in 1938 held power for less than 12 years.

Frankly…the rest is history.

Now comes the TIMES MAN OF 2019. Who might that Times leader be?

Berny Dohrmann – 1938 Ten Years before I was Born Adolf HItler IS the Times Man of the YEAR –




AI economics now drive markets. Past data and chart conclusions are now 80% plus wrong. You as an individual can not bet and profit over AI. You either invest with AI and suspect AI is seeking to avoid loss on your funds, by trading up and down the rope possibilities. If markets Soar AI makes profits. If Markets sour and fall AI makes profits.

So one must wait as you see VOLATILITY that is now AI ARTIFICIALLY CREATED as the G 100 has not agreed to work in cooperation to release a global new trading regulatory frame work – such that AI economics is THE NEW WILD WILD WEST. The larger banks all criminals with criminal fines that make Medoff appear as if stole a stick of gum by comparison to their thefts – run the new AI. That now without regulatory oversight is a system itself risk if liquidity evaporates – which does not look like now.

However we all could see a Pakistan India nuke war – we could all see a Saudi and Iran Nuke War ( they we feel have bought nukes already ) – and all that is risk to the core system and there are AREA risks globally.

Right now Volatility is not SUPER CRASH it is simple profit taking by AI. Not enough upside to generate quarterly March profits – the AI moves markets all at once and creates profits much like banks used to do – from nothing whatsoever. If you want to understand the core economics read THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM and you’ll truly know.

For now – just ignore AI market volatility in the NEW ECONOMY – as having zero impact on your growth your business your future. CEO SPACE March 23rd insures you have forward safe harbor inside a far larger CEO to CEO friendly trading community all cooperation based no competition inside. Integrity driven.

Join the # 1 Ranked Program to assure you reside in economic SAFE HARBOR that is your ultimate investment in being safe secure and having a far better year.





AI now combs news world wide for sound bites that related to sell or buy anything in future markets to manipulate price. Less than 10,000 fully AI super money pools now dictate the price RANGE of everything. The goal is risk-less risk taking VIA price RANGE parameters set by AI itself. We are slowly moving into AI controlled economics where human institution hold zero influence over price for anything. Think about that.

Weather is the single largest factor dictating GNP outcome. Why? Because when consumers wish to buy and the airport is closed schools are closed and news media reports it is in fact a HEALTH HAZARD to venture outside – due to 18 and worse BELOW ZERO temperatures that in some community with wind chill factors feels more like 45 below zero in the blowing winds.

Consumers do not buy automobiles a fridge or a larger flat screen in such extreme cold weather. Consumers play board games at home by the fire in such weather.

So muted first quarter growth and earnings is weather related as to the largest factors. The profits and numbers are good in fact very good – just not GREAT and only NOT GREAT in fact due to winter weather world wide – from UK to New York City.

Business New Year and CEO SPACE Start at the same time – in four short weeks. But four weeks turns SNOW and record white temperatures into SNOW MELT this Spring and we all SPRING FORWARD FINANCIALLY and ECONOMICALLY as the second quarter puts 3/4 of American business BACK TO WORK.

Think 3/4 of spending from consumers comes back on line in the SPRING FORWARD QUARTER for housing for big ticket items for cars and fridge and oh yes that big flat screen. Numbers will soar in the SPRING and the rebound up in GNP for the world will impress than stun everyone.

The entertainment value of GET TRUMP – govern by law suit – is built into price already factored and the market knows as does the House any impeachment hearing is POLITICAL THEATER that fully repays the political debt owed by one party unto the other for the BILL CLINTON Impeachment. This years election impeachment is designed to move public opinion so low on Trump with the mud slinging rising to levels never ever seen before at least not inside America politics. If ratings fall off as voters get increasingly bored with it all perhaps Trump will have a Monica affair in the White House to take headlines back – as old tools and models from leaks to deep throat by the FBI no longer are likely to work in fact in the new digital AI frontier. So markets will largely shrug off already factored in news – a show boat impeachment trial that fails in the end and …President Trump goes on more in our homes and living rooms than any President EVER….thank YOU Nancy Pelosi for the connection at this level. As with roulette round and round she goes and where she stops no one knows.

China. You get what you can and you deal with what you can not. That is the ultimate decision point in China trade.

The EU is in recession and a crash of growth.

Growth in the EU has stopped on a dime.

Trade is being impacted world wide.

The USA is no longer buying what it once bought …and won’t…unti trade deals get worked out. Consumers are moving to MADE IN AMERICA in record numbers as they appreciate the OLD MODEL of over tax The USA before they wake up to our legal theft ONE DAY.

That Day is now………

The longer trade deals take to complete……the longer the time before consumers will take to turn back on the heat…….

Consumers control the buying.

The huge run out of China is now starting in Germany and France as capital runs out of nations now crashing in economics, from trade that is in U turn. They tax the USA so many many times higher than we tax them. This breeds Trumps RECIPROCITY TAX PLANNING we reported here first – tax them as they will tax unto you – match em.

This is not going down well.

The outcomes is crashing economics in an EU now in debt ripe tide. Greece alone almost bankrupts the EU. Spain and Italy first do in fact bankrupt the EU. There is no possible way to assure the bad debt in these two systems is in fact fully repaid. When one talks about debt forgiveness of sovereigns or hair cuts it means criminal politicians who borrowed money and signed repayment deals at the most favorable terms only sovereign nations even receive – that LENDERS OF LAST TRUST – who trusted the nation and lent money to the nation in dire need – will not get their money back at all. No they will get debt forgiveness – where criminal politicians just steal the money they borrowed – which leads to debt CASCADE – a ripple of sovereign defaulting AI now projects to its full potential – crashing bond markets.

Can’t happen?

Monitor now into 2025 and see if looking back the total destruction of the global bond market is not the one item that nations failed to see as risk – when the music died. Driving your chevy to the levy the day that the music died, Mom cried making good old American pie……I’d revisit that song and get ready to sing it.

Meanwhile while we all play musical chairs in 2019 and 2020 the time to create VAM – VELOCITY ACCELERATION AND MOMENTUM for YOUR VENTURE AND DREAMS IS RIGHT NOW. Miss this window and you miss the HIGH TIDE into safe harbor for you – before the economic tsunami of mis managed sovereign debt rising from 66 trillion all time record highs into 100 trillion – with old economist theory suggesting such sovereign debt ratio into GNP  no longer matters. Folks …readers and leaders….Folks calm down. What matters in new and in old economics is that you all must earn more than you spend or you go bankrupt – slowly safety and fully secure until your not. Here are economic rules that never change to start your week in political theater one more time:


  1. You must spend less than you earn and save a surplus to be safe over time.
  2. You can never borrow more than you make forever
  3. All economic abuse must one day rebalance
  4. You must pay off your debts with capital while there is still time
  5. You must trade in every larger COOPERATIVE versus competitive communities you grow

You can apply this into the new AI economy and prosper or you can go on as you now do and find you are fully and totally safe and economically secure…….until the hour and bell toll when you are simply ……..NOT.

The global economic slate is very solid – all limitation numbers and math is due to SNOW and WINTER and in a few weeks the world will SPRING FORWARD economically into the season of all growth……all growth occurs in the SPRING folks – there is no softness in economics when the sun shines and its about to shine for all of us…all at once again. In a few weeks 70% of global buying selling and productivity comes back in with a full roar economically in the SPRING ….the largest longest global boom ever recorded…is alive strong surviving every possible political mismanagement from Britt Exit to USA Trade Wars ….the state of the WORLD ECONOMY Folks? Why the State of the WORLD IS STRONG and SPRING IS COMING in about three full weeks….and sunshine drives global markets to safe secure up bubbles. WAIT FOR IT…..

Berny Dohrmann – Helping our readers……to be better…..leaders……one day at a time one blog at a time





Recall how Christmas music displays and merchandising begins earlier and earlier each year. Today immediately after Halloween with no Thanksgiving Day pause – the Christmas Holiday is out in loud and streaming colors? You all know that world wide RIGHT?

Today in only the first quarter of 2019 the 2020 election is full on in play. Candidates are holding rallies from New York City to California. The President just gave his longest speech since being President and for Trump that is really really a a long speech.

Nancy Pelosi far left leader of the Socialist in the democratic party is framing her 2020 leaders into a HATE TRUMP rally of the core base. To secure that cross over vote Nancy’s game plan is 1-2-3. One impeach Trump in the House by congressional impeachment. Two try Trump in the Senate. Three FREE TRUMP from public office with a unlikely senate guilty vote on impeachment ( but may happen ) and if NOT – tarnish Trump SOOO MUCH the Democrats win by cross over vote gathering from superior smear campaign tactics. Having been around on the outskirts of more than one Presidential Campaign in my service, I can report this 2020 from today forward, will be the most NASTY most viewed and audience followed SIT COM, a pure entertainment like binge watching on NETFLIX, with everyone royal watching the TRUMPS from the children to the grown ups – hate or love them – you call can NOT GET ENOUGH OF THEM – in Media. The ratings show this is true if noting else is true.

I stand against on all sides of HE SAID SHE SAID POLITICS. I am FOR on all sides issue charting – who has issues moving forward that make economic sense and who has issues that do not make economic sense? That weighted review wins my vote without regard to party. I seek issues that work for economics to the best our teams can sort THAT OUT and I seek candidates with the issue who display moral character and integrity like George W. Bush and President Obama to follow him.

The only media President elected in modern times is Ronald Reagan. Even so Ronnie was able to drop out and drop into media at the highest level of Presidential Character. Protecting the dignity of the high office. There has never been an entertrainment President with the ratings – his lowest rating is one billion daily paying attention and his highest rating Trumps all Presidents the Pope and Rock Stars – at 4 to 6 billion – tuning in.

Media print airwaves and Televised have never experienced ratings like Trump. It does not matter what they  write. If they Write Trump has AIDES – they have more like 6 billion for that story – or TRUMP getting DIVORCED – their ratings go above six billion on that story – both are not true. Truth no longer matters. There is a 24 – 7 demand for Trump NEXT no matter what TRUMP NEXT IS.

The one that knows most about this new and never seen before eye ball control of the masses of voters is in fact TRUMP himself. The First Media Savvy President SUPER STAR earning 800 million in annual ordinary income, who cares less if he is President or NOT PRESIDENT as leaving is such an enormous gain in privacy and a pay raise beyond anything Trump has known to date. Trump you see can’t lose in any way.

Plus Trump knows it. The Impeachment makes Trump a bigger star. The Senate lacks the votes to win impeachment guilty vote – so it is an exercise in Media as the case outcome is already understood. The voters will have to decide – is this political pay back for Clinton indictment – and is this a justice all political today – gone off the charts to the shame of America and her rule of law base line? That sentence is going to effect voter final form.

Trust me.

Today we have the USA indicting and charging China private industry by taking a firm that is hands down beating American technology like apple and microsoft – Huawei – leading the world in pads and smart phones – is charged by the USA whose firms are falling way behind technically – especially in 5G switching which Huawei leads. Does Chinese Communist partnership with all technology firms, lead to back door monitoring of everything. Your business trade secrets. Which porn sites you really click on. And so much more….back door more?

China is so upset that in Canada their trading partner CANADA has agreed to cooperate with the USA charging and deporting the Huawei CFO and relative to the founder – from Vancouver to the USA to stand charges and present her own defense. She is under HOUSE ARREST today with or without leg monitoring as we are unsure of that item.

Now Canada will deport the CFO to America for criminal charges. We can assume the US Justice Department – now broken as to constitutional protections afforded to the innocent – will deny the CFO the respect of bail and release to her full on POLITICAL TRIAL delaying Huawei to market – while American giants catch up and pass them buy – using Justice to win in competitive race around the trillion dollar global track. This all is not lost on China of course.

Meanwhile we can also assume US Justice unbridled until BROKEN US JUSTICE IS REFORMED will once in full possession of the Chinese CFO of one of the worlds largest winning smart phone technology institution, Huawei, will THREATEN the CFO and tell HER that she faces a lifetime in prison, without any hope of ever coming out in her entire life time, which all goes away if she does implicates her daddy and others in the back door conclusion American business need to assure they can leap past the firm, that hacked and stole our technology in the first place?

Today America is taking off the gloves and playing like her enemy. We are hacking them. We are destroying firms that would seek to hack our IP ( steal our trade secrets ) and use these IP’s to advance past our own IP today and then take our markets from us. Today without the gloves on anything goes to rogue nasty criminal nations seeking to win by theft of a nations wealth – the IP designs of her forward technology. Today America has NO MERCY for all that and the tools never used before are being applied for real. Just like they do in communist China to get a confession. Now US JUSTICE is tit for tat matching China ways and her means – starting with her all start theft in chief company -Huawei – TIT FOR TAT and ratchet that up and we will raise you by three.

We told you the USA has a full hand of a full house and China has two twos.

We told you that China has a multi year run on the nation.

Capital has left China by over one trillion dollar in future investments to neighbor hosting nations. Never to return.

Cash over ONE TRILLION has left in flight from China in 24 months and its markets have crashed to the floor.

Companies are running out of China – another trillion – or failed Chinese policies and lack of a USA new world wide trade deal – have in 24 month – beyond any China leadership planning expectation – lost over 3 TRILLION of GNP underwriting capital resources related to job creation and economic expansion. This RUN OUT OF CHINA is on going and irreversible.

Much of China’s trade with the USA is California based. California now with a net negative migration for two years is facing a RUN OUT OF CALIFORNIA that is historic economic disintermediation. We anticipate the long reported here RUN OUT OF CALIFORNIA into more rich lifestyle centers of the USA is irreversible of data my new book SUPER CHANGE reports to you about – out this October from publishers. SUPER CHANGE. Things are economically changing so fast in the new age of SUPER CHANGE that leaders are unable to adapt and be agile enough to predict and control future unfolding realities. California has no option but to DOWNSIZE as revenues are running out of the state itself with core population now declining for the first time in 200 years. Why is SUPER CHANGE IMPORTANT?

The 2020 election will be won or will be lost….by leadership that understand SUPER CHANGE …as 2020 is the first AI election …we’ll have lots more to report to you on that. Leadership of both camps – phone me? Without upgrades in AI super change strategies – what you did in the last election will fail 100% for sure if you don’t adapt to the SUPER CHANGE election – the first AI election of our life time. Folks it is not RUSSIA manipulating your final vote any longer – no sir – today it is AI that manipulates your vote – to those investing to back candidates asses their AI stratageic plan in the FIRST SUPER CHANGE election in history – or loss or  profit is so likely in your final outcome – call me I’ll make you smart quick. 


if I invented as Facebook core patents become public domain, a super change opportunity exists in 2019 – say you want in SUPER CHANGE 50% of Face book market share.

PERSONALBOOK – for personal content

BUSINESSBOOK – for business collaborations

Assure privacy outside any other platform.

With rules where 5000 friends was free in either and after buy in points to 10,000 – 20,000 – 30,0000 and up occured I would take market share from Face Book 2 billion and revenues that would lead the industry with just that one SUPER CHANGE ITEM – the specifications of which I have – but I’ll keep that unpublished in case a partner out there says – I’ll do it you AIA it for us we’ll code it and own it all together. I”M IN. Super Change. Bam the Kingdom of 2 billion subjects FACEBOOK loses half or more of its population in ONE SINGLE YEAR due to quality upgrading as technology generationally only offers ever MORE and MORE.

California can only prosper for its declining population IF California resides on state policy to sustain ever rising internal state consumption driven by state policies to propel exploding entrepreneur class in state – to drive the rising internal consumption.

California law makers are not self reliant free enterprise law makers. California law makers are borrow more than you make socialists. Cradel to grave make the largest state population dependant on the state for everything possible. To support the exploding cost of living or conducting business in California – now the worst state in the nation and perhaps the world to conduct business within – THE MOST HOSTILE STATE – to business – and the most pricey state to reside in with a life stye a standard of living that is declining at Super Change pace. California over taxing its population now drives the population in mass by tens of millions in ONE YEAR to leave the state and those who would migrate in to the state are choosing other better locations than California.

Jerry Brown socialistic LAWS in California while well intended from the law maker point of view are now creating a full on RUN on California – China’s largest most stable customer – and now about to go bankrupt. No state can pay its debts and bills to operate with a year after year net decline in POPULATION as the RUN OUT OF CALIFORNIA is creating. You have in California lifestyle factors that include:

  1. Run out of the State of California to other far better states due to tax and retained income – lower in California.
  2. Soaring housing cost that is not sustainable and housing in California with run out of state will super crash.
  3. Tax on everything else creates from gasoline to goos and services the highest pay out to live state of any USA state in the nation – population is RUNNING into a better life – California is now a nightmare state
  4. Fires – Draught – Earthquakes – Climate change – exploding taxes – declining roads communication brown outs with rolling electricity black outs – as California becomes a third world nation
  5. Customers of California can only see declines in trade as California population declines as the RUN OUT OF CALIFORNIA is picking up SPEED in a SUPER CHANGE Migration state law makers executing failed policy have no system to hold themselves accountable or change their toxic trend in socialist laws. China is shifting trade to other states and California is losing on its own self inflicted RUN OUT OF CALIFORNIA – last one out please turn off the lights in California state – and her trading partners are running OUT OF CALIFORNIA as well sensing defaults on bill paying is next. China already crashing has its own California nightmare coming up next.

SUPER CHANGE is here folks.

Super Change created the first ever global AI capital economy where AI not humans control 96% of 440 Trillion in capital flows across the world today – a new economy no nation has theory yet – to operate within – where even the FED see’s something massively new is under way in economics – hence their very smart pause to undermine system core stability – job # 1 for Super Change regulators.

Super Change created the first digital process to hack one anothers IP and now the digital counter attacks to any naton who violates DIGITAL RULE OF LAW – AI does all the hacking today and AI is protecting itself against AI the smarter AI in the AI arms race rules the world economically.

Read THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM to understand the SUPER CHANGE ECONOMICS we are discussing here. The planners in the KILLING OF UNCLE SAM are now caught in the full rip tides of SUPER CHANGE that challenge their plans as AI not the planners – now controls the NEW ECONOMICS no one has theory for yet – as SUPER CHANGED moved the 1000 year adam Smith economic theory into full on obsolescence.

Today the bullet mag lev super sonic tube travel is moving down the track in core economics with the G 100 nations throwing down track from the train cow catcher as they continue to pick up velocity.  No one has a clue as SUPER CHANGE is too fast and on going and no one – one now is ahead of Super Change.

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Consider bets in moving forward:

  1. China is in hard crash turf without a USA trade agreement.
  2. China has a  capital run out of nation due to failed communist economic policy – 3 trillion out and rising
  3. China has a chilling down graph on economics with no level or back up movement in over ten years now
  4. China had a period of sunrise and now is experiencing a period of sunset
  5. California the largest economy in the USA is now in permanent decline and soaring net population loss

Trillions are flowing out of CALIFORNIA and out of China.

Debt defaulting is next when sovereigns such as Italy or China default on some of the 66 trillion ( up from 33 trillion over 200 years to 2010 – in only 8 years we grew more debt on nations – and every other debt category than in – prior 200 years. 200 years 33 trillion only eight years 66 trillion rising to 100 trillion China and California leading the Debt parade.

China and California have rapidly aging populations to work force ratios – while young workers are relocating to superior job and lifestyle – a net loss to those two communities at SUPER CHANGE pace levels. The demographics of aging promise on going decline in China net economic outcomes ( without entrepreneur policy changes ) President XI call me. Or read REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION – lots of Mau in that publication – keep what works throw out the rest. Keep your best throw out the rest.

Now a company say FACE BOOK or Google give one consumer vast powers at a click FOR FREE. The deal is we sign contracts AI data about our trend as a consumer – is used and sold – so we get the service FREE.

Now comes socialist democratic Gov Newsom. He proposes this very weekend  – lets pass a law that at least in our one state we get paid – so every consumer gets a DATA DIVIDEND for the use of their data. Now the California based company and all others doing business in California the most populated state – though now in a run out of the state with net decline in population – would with the SOCIALIST NET LAWS – require firms to charge a DATA DIVIDEND to their clients – to pay for the DATA DIVIDEND  AND TAX ON DIVIDEND Communist NEWSOM proposes – which will now drive more folks – the largest state employee firms – Facebook – Google – Sales Force and others as they all face a DATA DIVIDEND unless their lobby work can defeat the trend – cradle to grace state dependency for everything – as CALIFORNIA rapidly leads as a STATE WELFARE STATE that endlessly over taxes business where soon a BREATHING TAX I suggest NEWSOM Explore – as his TOXIC ENTREPRENEUR LAWS drive revenue job creating business to migrate out of the most TAX AND REGULATORY HOSTILE STATE IN THE WORLD TODAY – CALIFORNIA – and the Super Change migration of wealth and income out of the STATE OF CALIFORNIA promises debt defaulting without a California regulatory reset and SUPER BOND to insert TIME into this TIME BOMB of economics. California may be the first economically failed state in the USA History of economics. WAIT FOR IT….as the DATA TAX is a symptom of hostile entrepreneur laws that assure negative versus positive economic outcomes wherever hostile entrepreneur legislation unfolds in the new AGE OF SUPER CHANGE AI economics. WATCH CALIFORNIA the disaster is not trillions in fire damages over five years of time ot ditto for earth quakes and storm damage – no – it is rather the layers of hostile entrepreneur laws that are driving the back bone of California economics OUT OF STATE FOREVER never to return – like the sinking sound in China – the consequence of FAILED LEADERSHIP IN POWER. Forgive them all father for they know not what it is that they do economically……call me !

Super Change defines the prosperity of states nations and corporations. Management that has C suite SUPER CHANGE LEADERSHIP chose a circle of brains to lead – that learn faster – unlearn faster than that – and relearn even fasater than that – any lesser brains who dwell on the human super change fatal thinking error – THAT IS THE WAY WE HAVE ALWAYS DONE IT – perish in super change economics – while others thrive.


What is YOUR PROCESS to be brought fully current as a leader in the NEW AGE OF SUPER CHANGE for your future and life work?

Lack a process?

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