On Fathers day RULER FOR LIFE in China – gets Russian Ice Cream from his bestie Putin celebrating XI’s 66th B day you may wish to put that in your cell phone calendar.

The EU warns on the weekend ( AGAIN ) their strongest MARKET WARNING YET – so as NOT to alarm – markets Monday – THAT – the EU faces substantial systemic ( total collapse risks ) from the massive piling up not sustainable debt loading. They noted defaulting by specific nations could domone a systemic break down of the EU. Right again. We have told our readers this with mounting horror how the without SUPER BONDS can’t work their way out. Which is the WHY CEO SPACE invented SUPER BOND THEORY as the one and the only work out. Brussels phone me 256 850 4715 love to help you all. You have been well warned now.

Turkey was down graded – we told you how bad ENDGAME IS economically on his Russian deal – now Endgame with economics about to super crash – the cost of Turkey Debt Ridden borrowing at WAR IN SYRIA AND IRAQ borders – full war and wars inside – can’t afford war – can’t afford RUSSIAN SYSTEMS and needs to refocus their core economics. TURKEY IS ABOUT TO IMPLODE FOLKS into massive DEBT DEFAULTING. This CONTAGION OF DEBT DEFAULTING is the RISK to the entire world system. TURKEY IS MAKING HUGE ECONOMIC ERROR WITH BLOWING OFF TRUMP AND NATO.

While XI has ice cream with Putin China is imploding fast. The economic crash in China from trade war is faster and more deep than XI ever anticipated and the DOWN DOWN DOWN slide is unstoppable without a trade deal. The next tariff in may in fact cause CHINA to DEBT DEFAULT IMPLODE -the tipping point making errors in economics over silly politics.

Now then – there is a very secret opt going on we can’t report to you here because we are not wikki leaks. When we can and the Americans are safe we’ll tell you – know we know. ITS HUGE.

Also folks – THE WHO this weekend decided ( in a horrible wrong decision for those who will now die ) to NOT DECLARE IN THE WORST OUT OF CONTROL EBOLA OUTBREAK IN HISTORY – never coming to ten MONTHS has this growth and expansion pathology been at this level. WHY DID WHO DO IT? Because the ECONOMIC IMPACT on travel and related trade and core economic impact to Africa and the would would be too great. THE WHO NOW CRIMINALLY NEGLIGENT IN MY OPINION will damn thousands to die the most horrific death – imaginable as EBOLA spreads not over Africa nation by nation by spreads globally. Plus as we reported out EBOLA is a weapon for TERROR utility – low cost and wipes out a million infidels by Christmas. How wonderful is that for them. On that RISK the WHO has zero control today of Ebola – fully OUT OF ALL CONTROL and spreading like a wild fire in California – and the WHO failing to declare a WORLD EMERGENCY NOW when the timing was URGENT AND ESSENTIAL – will have this weekend DECISION live on the halls of INFAMY. Watch we are RIGHT ON THIS ITEM. Wait for it…..

Ebola will move to planes and the cost the enormity of cost to then track vexors is what WHO put on all of us today. Why. Politics running economics. The decision today was a decision of a WHO bowing to their funding sources who do not want global panic. THE PRESS IS ASLEEP ON ALL THIS. To their enormous shame like last time. We alone rang the bell till it finally picked up the EBOLA CLOCK ON ALL NEWS CHANNELS 24/7. NO RISK TO ECONOMICS IS GREATER TODAY THAN EBOLA – NOT WARS NOT ANYTHING – EBOLA IS THE ECONOMY KILLER IF NOT CONTAINED.

Last time required a G 20 global military response with BILLIONS to contain it.

This time will cost MORE and be FAR WORSE.

Why? Today WHO politically bowed and gave us the DECISION OF THE COWARD IN LEADERSHIP.

WHO I have a label for you…

2019 – SHAME ON YOU ….




PS: Trump is going to evoke reciprocity trade with India. India is about to see economic pain unlike anything they have known as they put duties of over 120% on American imports – now watch Trump amuse himself teaching cash starved india a lesson on credit ratings and borrowing cost as india runs out of cash as AMERICA responds – Japan will be historic for global trade resetting – wait for it…SUPER CHANGE is taking place in INDIA this weekend as Modi lashes out at USA.




Oh I can not remember just how G W Bush said it right now. I wish I could. Applying his famous phrase to Saudi….

….Fool me once –  ( 9/11 and the Twin Towers ) – Saudi and you Fooled me …..

…Fool me twice ( Fake Saudi news to CIA on weapons of mass destruction ) – and you fooled me again….

..FOOL ME A THIRD TIME ( MBS attacking his own ships last week ) – and you fucking sucker punch me bad on me?


Scroll and read WHO GAINS from the mini bang bang. NOT IRAN. They lose. Who wants Iran to lose? MBS.

So last week MBS sucker punched the President’s son in law and Trump withdrawing support for the PEACE PLAN as a set up – pulling the rug out from GULF unity against the Peace plan – as Trump is keeping OIL down and MBS is going to disappear as his cost to the Royal Saud Family passes 5 trillion this month – thats a lot for one failed miserable criminal sociopathic embarrassing life tearing SAUDI ARABIA APART in a full on civil war in the Sand Castle. WAIT FOR IT…

If oil keeps going down and the BIGGEST SHORT is now CHINA AND OIL. Fortunes are going to be made this summer on the BIGGEST SHORT PLAY IN HISTORY.

As Oil drops like a stone following SAUDI lies all year on demand – with the independent oil report this week – from the gulf – hey OIL DEMAND GROWTH hit a cliff and is falling to zero and then negative – the world as we said IS DROWNING IN OIL. Price is phony and will fall like a stone. Oil cost 10.57 dollars on average to lift to market. 50 dollar oil is a 500% profit market up. 70 is 700% and President Trump has stated that price is a SIN AGAINST 8 BILLION PEOPLE on this planet taking away their core economics – their prosperity – their food security – their shelter security – all for the most toxic planet killing energy and material on earth. In 100 years since the industrial revolution the criminal oil FEW AGAINST THE MANY have damaged the planet to the point of risking HUMAN EXTINCTION AND PLANET WIDE LIFE SUPPORT.

Last week MBS lied by saying the break even to invest in new oil is – 72 dollars floor price. In fact Saudi is so broke and exists in red borrowing ink with its credit rating being down graded over and over ( this week another one is due for sure ) where Saudi needs 72 dollar oil or it goes bankrupt. SAUDI has shattered OPEC and members are leaving in fact and soon in public – OPEC is gone. Why. MBS 2014 oil wars to crush American oil industry as a criminal price manipulator. The Puppy King mis understood economics and lost the war. The cost to SAUDI is 5 trillion in 2019 and rising so fast his life is on the red line in his own Sand Castel.

Locking up over 1000 Royals insulting them and without due process on threat of death – stole 100 billion from the royals with loyalty pledges to himself ( my God the puppy King never watched the GAME OF THRONES that is for sure ) and do ya think in 2018 after the CRIMINAL SHAKE DOWN of 100 Billion those royals are all happy campers right now in the real GAME OF THRONES. Are you all getting what is REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE. Saudi Civil War and the more desperate MBS becomes seeing his failure in all his policies and wars, and economics, total 100% failure in everything, with a full on RUN OUT OF SAUDI by global capital…like XI MBS is operating in DELUSIONAL ECONOMIC SYNDROM and fake news – he has inaccurate economic data. THE SUPER CHANGE IN SAUDI has taken place far too rapidly for their leaders and system to adapt into. They think things are like they once where. FATAL ERROR IN CHOICE MAKING. In the end MBS costs one too many billions and he and daddy take a long deserved vacation directly with Allah up close and personal. BYE BYE.

Then things can return to the future.

Not until then.

So faced with his own VACATION – MBS bombs his own and sets up IRAN. HE was going to embarrass ABE and bomb a Japanese Ship but he got word the USA would take him out if he did that and he believed that and worked to take the mine off that ship – with his own team disguised and filmed ( by him  ) with Film to our Navy to blame Iran.

Folks – as I said we take photos of the spininch you had for lunch in your teeth and the brand resolution.

We take no black and white grainy photos.

Folks we track the vessels from port to port we don’t fail to know set up and fake news. We want an IRAN deal and we told Iran don’t worry about this pull your Saudi punches and Iran has they want a deal because that is pay back to years of LIES AND FAKE NEWS AND FRAME WORK TO FRAME IRAN. IRAN IS NOT THE TERROR CENTER. Saudi and Saudi money is. Bin Laden’s son the new ruler of terror against the USA is – Saudi and Saudi money. Saudi money not Iran money finances ISIS AND TALIBAN.

The USA is great at some things and even better at others.

ONE THINGS WE EXCEL AT – we follow the freakin money.

The NSA is not fooled here folks.

Politics ( see Game of Thrones all 8 series ) and you see human nature in insane competition. This is important to our team as CEO SPACE our global institution leads a movement for business leaders into COOPERATION FUTURES AND SYSTEM MODELING. We are four decades into the largest revolution in the mind of the world consciousness – framing that the one and the only virus insanity on human conscious – is – COMPETITIVE THOUGHT IMPULSE. Which we can remove and eliminate with education. Competition is a form of human ignorance. Heaven in all cultures is in fact the ABSENCE OF COMPETITION. Why would we not seek to create that upon the earth? Why would we embrace insane competitive toxic mental god awful buggy failing software of our brains, wireless re-infecting one another – as no one teaches us educates us – how to THINK PROPERLY. Cooperation is the insanity VIRUS REMOVAL TOOL. Once you have CEO SPACE Cooperation Leadership Development tools ( FOR A RICHER MORE REWARDING FUTURE ) you effect switched on turned on home space as millions now do – COMPETITION FREE ZONES – and switched on TURNED ON WORK SPACE. All problems between humans are toxic by products ( symptoms ) of the mental VIRUS COMPETITION. It is insanity to educate competition is good in any form or is other than insanity. IMMORTAL BEINGS do not compete unless they are insane. If they are unteachable and insane they reside in frequency outside the sane – in cooperation without competitive thought impulse allowed.

THE MASTER SKILL – virus removal of competition from your super computer above your neck.

So MBS desperate in his final competitive melt down – attacks himself to raise the price of oil. To embarrass Iran meeeting with ABE. FOOL ME FOUR TIMES:

  1. Derail the Trump Peace Deal leaving Kushner who relied on support MBS pulled the rug out from last week.
  2. Bombed himself to effect the Peace Deal with Iran – and embarrass IRAN Maximally with his fake news film.
  3. Sought to blow up Japan Ship to embarrass ABE and shut down Iran Trump Peace deal completely all failed.

Folks – film from the USA does not leave in doubt WHO DID WHAT. We track ships from port to port. We have every ship moving on NSA GRID – are you kidding me – we hear their commands – we see their IP and IT – we have the AI of tomorrow folks no one has what the USA has no one. There are no secrets. Not to our National security.

MBS sought unsuccessfully and failed again to:

  1. Raise the price of oil – up 48 hours back down – the day news came out demand hit a cliff – showing 100% lies from Saudi oil minister all year – pure lies – the GULF KNOWS it – oil went down Friday. Right again.
  2. To tear up the Iran Abe Peace deal working with IRAN and advance a war with Iran agenda only MBS has.
  3. To undermine the Trump PEACE PLAN as MBS wants Israel destroyed absolutely make no mistake about that.


Congress is NOT FOOLED. WHY? Well the truth about the MBS LIES is why.


  • SAUDI fed us fake news on Sadam and weapons of mass destruction creating a war that never needed to occur sucking us into the Gulf sand lot costing lives and trillions – my own son two terms Sniper Team leader USMC four surgery’s and purple hearted – I know this cost up close and personal on Saudi lies and cost to a father and family nothing at all to those thousands dying and never coming home still…we are at war folks while our Congress fiddles
  • Saudi lied about Syria and funded ISIS and Sunni uprisings to defeat Shite ( Iran ) Muslim sec majorities sucking us all in to further way and death. While we are dying and Iran is dying right by our side not SAUDI –
  • Saudi lies and does a COUP in Turkey and blames it all on us
  • In 2014 MBS declares war on the American oil industry and states he will BURY AMERICAN OIL INTERESTS
  • Ever since Saudi invests in instability backing those that would kill us in Pakistan Afghanistan Iraq Syria
  • Saudi lied all year about oil data demand and markets to in a greed criminal act raise oil prices destabilizing us all
  • Saudi lied about internal reforms as a rogue nation building up missiles trying to buy a nuke and killing untold # s
  • Saudi lied about Khashoggi and got caught on film bringing BONE SAWS to a wedding permit – Hitler level lying
  • Saudi led the COUP in Turkey and lied blaming the USA to Turkey – MBS is our enemy
  • MBS Lied about the Gulf PEACE DEAL and pulled the rug last week on TRUMP
  • MBS Lied and set up IRAN who had zero to do with the bombing last week it was all MBS
  • MBS calls this weekend for massive USA action to suck us in to WAR with IRAN which is all failing
  • MBS sucked us in with lies to YEMEN a war he has lost as the succeed in bombing his airports last week alone
  • MBS has cost Saudi 5 trillion and soon will see SAUDI credit rating plunge to junk status as OPEC is no more
  • MBS has only TALK LEFT and his lies are his legacy and MBS a crazy brain believes people believe him
  • SEE GAME OF THRONES to see a preview of how this all work out.

Iran DID Not bomb the ships. Iran had all to lose and no gain – their week was the best WEEK in years for IRAN until MBS created a FAKE VIDEO with his own SAUDI’s on Ships made to look like IRAN with his grainy black and white so no one could be sure – as if IRAN would be SO STUPID – it was a clear and compelling MBS SET UP AND FRAME JOB – and when we say DO NOT BE FOOLED – it is time to see SAUDI as economically gasping – and MBS a HITLER is trying to buy NUKES. Pakistan- North Korea – India – South Africa – UK – France – Russia – especially PUTIN understands just how crazy this puppy TRULY IS – costing Russia a TRILLION BUCKS IN LOST OIL SALES AND MARKET SHARE – RUSSIA IS OUT OF MBS – MORE BULLSHIT AND OUT OF OPEC – that is for sure and PUTIN is assuring NO NUKES FOR YOU as in GAME OF THRONES – MBS IS THE “MAD KING” THEY ALL TALK ABOUT until the MAD KING WENT ON HIS LONG VACATION. Saudi economics will completely implode – as in CATASTROPHIC IMPLOSION as their credit rating goes to junk and OIL within the BIGGEST SHORT moves to 50 bucks and stays there – and SAUDI credit is junk – and the nation has to cut back – massively – so that it earns more than it spends finally – or it goes bankrupt – it sells all its state oil to private firms – but MBS can’t manage the money – 5 trillion in LOSS just LOSS because of one sick brain ? Really FOLKS MBS LIED ABOUT THE IRAN GULF ITEM LAST WEEK..and as we said from the Godfather if you scroll to world media to report the truth stop SAUDI LIES – open the DISCUSSION – IT WAS YOU FREDO IT WAS YOU – happy to do sound bites for you on press – always available 256 850 4715 – my 30 year never change phone to the office. Set up the sound bite – IT WAS IRAN – WORLD LEADERS AND PRESS – DO NOT BE FOOLED a 5th 6th and 7th time by the KING OF MORE BULLSHIT THE KING OF LIARS – KING MBS no truth in the sick oh brain – Saud Family its time to exercise your vacation plan on Fathers Day….can’t occur too rapidly….your out of control boy is going to super crash your worlds.


Now this is a GAME OF THRONES complexity folks.

In the real Game of THRONES two rules apply you all need to keep in mind ( for those who watched the show ) that is:

…nothing but nothing is ever what it seems and….

…follow the freaking money…always follow the real money…

Now then history on Saudi.

So the SAUD family my mentors including past Kings and Royals ( thank you for being my teachers ) – set up the nation and its rules and ran the nation till recently. Then a fork in the family tree reset power to a Saud not supposed to be King the entitled where ousted and everyone scrambled. MBS plowed into autocratic sociopathic rule slaughtering his enemies and the palace dungeons remain full folks. No rule of law. Torture death and what you expect from mentally ill competitive extreme insane brain rulers.

The USA is long term in Saudi for the SAUDI people. We have bases that secure SAUDI stability in fact. Our weapons secure Saudi security in fact.

We are not BETTING ON MBS as the long game.

We are betting on our historic friendships with the real SAUD RULING FAMILY who tell us …wait for it. So Game of Thrones is real in Saudi today. Blaming Iran allows MBS to think he won when he lost – again. As MBS is deluded and easy to fool he thinks – he got away with it again. He thinks he has credibility. Meanwhile the abacus accounting from the OWNERS IN SAUDI is passing 5 trillion in loss and that capital hole is widening into a water whirl pool sucking up the wealth of the entire gulf. As demand for OIL peaked much earlier than SAUDI OIL MINISTER LIES and OIl will now decline in demand ( forever and ever ) never to return to old peaks – Saudi does not valid economic model into the future. MBS plans is crazy. Economically.

We want to help. But we can’t help until MBS takes his vacation.

Meanwhile the Congress knows what as our congress is not deluded:

  1. That MBS broke treaty and used our advanced weapon systems against our law in the failed war in Yemen.
  2. MBS committed war Crimes that Make Syria look Holy by comparison butchering and slaughtering children
  3. MBS allowed capture ( our worst fear ) of our advanced weapons which move right to Russia and China who reverse engineer them – taking away a trillion dollars of our investment to lead…our MBS did that as a war crime
  4. MBS has raised the price of oil derailing global recovery and central bank normalization destabilizing economics of the entire world for his own greed alone. In economic rule MBS gets grade F – ( failing grade for his nation )
  5. Congress wants to protect the SAUD family and SAUDI people with policy favorable to the USA and not without that policy. If we fail to sell to Saudi – before MBS goes on vacation MBS will align with RUSSIA. Which PUTIN is working to achieve playing well to the MBS madness – as PUTIN uses the insanity for gain for RUSSIA. Russia is fine with MBS acting to raise oil price as Russia economics are on oil 80% and lower prices put RUSSIA in recession – which failing to reform into an entrepreneur nation ( we want to help Putin as well to do that ) Russia is about to oil demand falling forever – die in a sea of red ink and debt credit downgrade to pure junk -SAUDI TOO.


The credit rating down grading of SAUDI and RUSSIA credit following the FAILED CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY BY MBS in the Gulf ( with Russia mines not IRANIAN MINES ) – we know it was you two FREDO we know it was YOU – YESTERDAY IS ALREADY TOO LATE FOR JUNK STATUS ON SAUDI RUSSIA DEBT. Capital is charging DEBT PREMIUM TO RISK in Russia and Saudi anyway as carry cost for loans is now going to soar and sink economics into very dangerous instability territory without structural reform and TRADE DEALS WITH THE USA –  China and Russia and yesterday is already too late economics.

SO CONGRESS has pack money from defense lobby who are not fooling around on billions in arms sales to SAUDI they do not want going to Russia. Turkey will sink into economic ruin if they operate in DES – delusion economic syndrom – believing economic lies about their economic stability.

The PATRIOT System is NATO INTEGRATED and the leader. The Deal for PATRIOT with TURKEY is better than the deal with Russia. END GAME wants money and agenda issues to say yes. The brink reaches if they do Russia and when they do it is ECONOMIC END GAME IN TURKEY. We don’t see the leadership surviving long term based on one economic self suicide choice to which there is no recovery in any form or model. Turkey believes it is too strategic to the USA today.

Turkey is relying on box top data and rules that no longer exist.

SUPER CHANGE Turkey. We can fly our stuff at super sonic speeds with no base needed on your soil anywhere on each in two hours. You don’t get the SUPER CHANGE. Your geography is NOW IRRELEVANT and we are making DOD shifts that move half a trillion out of Turkey in 2020. Your economy can not survive the largest BUYER ON EARTH pulling out and AI will move capital out of Turkey by a run on your banks – taking place now have you noticed END GAME your running out of money. MBS tried to coup your nation and will with all this try again sir. He tried to butcher you and your precious wifie and your children and your family entire tree. You defeated him. The USA never knew sir. Until after how sick MBS is. That he is a sociopathic ruler like ADOLF HITLER exactly. MBS is the worst monster ruler on the earth today.

Your long game for your people is:

  1. USA trip to White House and Trump Deal and fast. GOOD FOR ALL.
  2. Prosperity and security with USA maximally helping you
  3. Replace competition and distrust into cooperation with systems replacing trust between honorable agendas
  4. Upgrade economics to Turkey prosperity with an ENTREPRENEURIAL NATION failed communist economies can not help you lift up and we – ( CEO SPACE AND OUR TEAM ) and the USA can assure prosperity long game.
  5. Stabilize it all with NATO and the USA and remove the instability before your credit rating goes to JUNK status.

No one can reverse the toxic outcomes of insane competitive decision making. Before you act or take positions do this:

A) Is this a competitive choice and model of decision making?

B) What would a cooperative 180 degree model of choice and decision making look like replacing the status quo?

Make sane economic choices.

Avoid insane competitive economic policy.


The Game of Thrones of insanity lies and deceit and secrets with an OWNER ELITE owning 99% o fall wealth as 1% of in nation populations is ending. Humanity insanity in systems of the FEW AGAINST THE MANY – an insanity – is drawing to a close in human consciousness. Totally not sustainable and ends with human and earth specifies extinction. That is systemic madness – humans waking up now – will no longer accept.

A revolution of THOUGHT is taking place . Cooperation vs competition – where cooperation is virus removing insanity and absorbing without contest a terrible way forward to a far better way forward is all. WE SEE WITH NEW VISION the cause finally competitive thought itself. THE BIBLE ON THIS REVOLUTION GLOBALLY IS THE FIVE STAR BOOk _ REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION. Order ten copies hard copy – Amazon fills them in 72 hours – and give them to your best clients and customers and circles you wish LIKE MINDED WITH YOU.

…REDEMPTION IS “THE” VIRUS REMOVAL TOOL FOR THE MINDS OF LEADERS JOINING THE COOPERATION MOVEMENT GLOBALLY….tip: Register to CEO SPACE July 22nd and join a community of leaders on this point – upgrade your community July www.ceospaceinternational.com – ellen@ceospaceinternational.com 256 840 4715 to explore.

July CEO SPACE family groups all come together with family pricing – children life partners aunts uncles grand parents who family circles attend together once a year – a business conference with bowling laser tag cinemas and game rooms you can walk too including 24 hour food in a new hotel office suite hotel and IPHOP for the kids a block walk in DALLAS as 150 nations are coming – you should think on it. Explore if you want better mind software ….you should.

The Trump Team is going to make a GREAT GREAT PROSPERITY DEAL WITH IRAN in part to pay back MBS and to accelerate the Saud family vacation planning for MBS – the long game – vacation time. Turkey in the new world with IRAN is well advised to not evaporate their economy now failing as the USA ocean moves into ebb tide in Turkey – investment in Turkey ( none ) till this resolves. Cash moving out of Turkey ( BILLIONS ) by AI economics. TURKEY with RUSSIA made an economic error that if unchanged will cause political change in Turkey as economics implode by a bad bad choice in economics at core. END GAME gets back at MBS maximally with a USA deal not a Russian deal. End Game protects his economics and sets up a prosperity which ever way China goes. If China implodes they take Russia and Turkey with them – the danger of DES syndrome and F grade economic decision making – politics ruining economics in AI economic space destroys economies in time frames never seen before the era of SUPER CHANGE ECONOMIC THEORY we are now inside of. The NEW AGE we consult to nations and fortune companies upon – SUPER CHANGE – is unfolding in accelerated pace of change never experienced by human beings before.

What you are seeing today is that – SUPER CHANGE is exceeding national and fortune leadership teams to adapt to the pace of change itself…..fatal errors are made by having bad or incomplete change data …on economics at core

China imploding will economically implode RUSSIA AND TURKEY AND THE GULF without a USA buffer deal relationship. TRADE DEALS WITH CHINA AND RUSSIA AND IRAN are the prosperity pillars of the world economic core system.

IN COMPETITIVE DES Brains – never assume the leaders deluded will act in fact in their own best economic interest. When competitive no integrity I win and beat you brains engaged economic errors compound – politics running economics is 100% failed policy over 5000 years. ECONOMICS running politics in cooperative collaborative win win cooperation results in centuries of human economic prosperity and only in our imperfect as yet executions as we can do so much better.

But will we….


Do not be fooled – IRAN fights ISIS and Taliban – SAUDI FUNDS THEM.

Saudi attacked its on ships – it was YOU FREDO…it was YOU….


DOD knows it was not IRAN ..trust me on that.

IT is all Game of Thrones and the outcomes is …wait for it.





Note: To readers in 200 countries – thanks for sharing. At mid year we redesigned our lay out – improving reader ease to select topics you wish only – faster in scan reads – we know you are all busy – and you share our free to subscribe site with your circles – when you click comment box appears at the bottom if you want to play with me – and I reply to all comments myself. ( Easier to scan what is important to you and easier to comment upgrades mid year 2019 from our design team trying to always keep it simple as YOUR BUSY OUT THERE ). This news site seeks to present sense to what is really going on out there and help you plan better with superior data.  Happy FATHERS DAY to the Daddies of the world – now a little truth on the risk to market volatility in trade war – what is really going on in China – the truth versus the FAKE NEWS – right again…..and first as always just for you ……


Our research teams supporting this blog report on economics not politics. But politics drive economics versus economics driving politics – always a recipe – for a disaster for making tomorrows global financial soups. We have seen 100% of what President Trump says reported with a ekew and a bias. We like that he speaks his mind. When asked would he take dirt from ( any source including a foreign agent in a campaign ) The President truthfully said yes he would look at it. The news reported that as if it was a crime. Later Fox asked would you report the incoming to law enforcement and the source if it was a foreign agent – the President said YES OF COURSE to that question. The Fake News Headline put out to a billion people PRESIDENT BACKS UP and PRESIDENT CHANGES HIS MIND which are lies not facts. Obscure was the question – would you use that information in the campaign ? The President said he would only use relevant information to the American people and information his legal team like last time cleared and stated was both legal and appropriate in a President Campaign. THAT final part was reported off shore and not in America.  Why is the truth not being reported? Because media is consolidated. Media was owned by large bases of independent largely family ownership. Today news is owned by the Communist Party in China or Putin himself in Russia who controls what people see and hear. In the majority of nations the news is owned by SUPER MONEY POOLS we call the OWNERS. Less than 10,000 now control the media and the wealth of the world. Policy being made is largely made by leaders doing what the OWNERS wish. Donald Trump who is worth almost 5 billion dollars and earns income personally of over 800 million dollars ( a year ) does not bow to the OWNERS. Donald Trump is the first President ( ever ) who IS AN OWNER. But Trump is now playing by OWNER RULE BOOKS. Trump is reforming OWNER RULES. Owners back Trump. Owners hate Trump. Owners who hate Trump own the media. That is WHY. This item is important related to China. Why? Because reporting largely is like the OWNERS are communists.  The OWNERS Of MEDIA envision a socialist nation where Government IS the solution to all problems and consumers pay the OWNERS from cradle to grave and the largest buyer the USA buys primarily from the OWNERS. Trump seeks to change all THAT. You can appreciate the problem of OWNER CONTROLLED NEWS ON the President they oppose united as OWNERS. Find your truth on line…it may astound you how unfair media is today. There is no news any more. There IS voter manipulation by OWNERS. Journalist fight to do a better job and they on all sides remain our hero’s – we are one of them. All our content is open to journalist to use without by line or credit back to us with full release for use as a background source for stories that are important.


China is a police state. Disent to the OWNERS is not allowed. 87% of China’s 1.4 billion souls are NOT members of the communist party today. Of the 13% who are less than 1% of the 100% own all the wealth and are the owners. Those who rule are in power due to the OWNERS ( like in all nations today ). In economics we come to the end of the 1948 post war system model – when consolidation of wealth reaches 99% own less wealth than the 1% owners. This model is in circulation not sustainable. When it resides on wild speculation – a casino global capitalism – where side bets to manipulate price on which way a future price may go is many many many times the trading velocity of the stake owner market where a real asset is owned – and real investing is made – than wealth flows not into real economics and sustainable economic stability but rather into wild speculations and betting such as a trillion dollars a year not to new industry and jobs and economics but to manipulate stock prices in the world market via stock buy backs, once regulated but such regulations all were removed by the OWNERS. This greed machine in all nations always ends badly and we seem not to learn from history.

China is not equal to the United States as the # 2 economy. China is an economy a bit lower in size than one of our states say California. Russia is less the size of New York State. Japan is really the # 2 economy but for China lies about its numbers and Japan is accurate on its numbers. China is the # 3 economy and no reports how fast they are contracting and sliding down. India passaes China next year in 2020 and becomes the # 2 and Japan Is # 3 and China is # 4 a blow to prestige to its people China will lie about. China is sinking fast and neighbors getting all their RUN OUT OF CHINA business we told you about first and consistently are rising fast while China growth declines yearly. China is massively contracting and its manufacturing is crashing. Faster than any China map foretold – but precisely what we predicted.

So today in a world of options, business approaches China after a first 25 years of hope an promise and ten years of XI reforms which are not reforms, into markets. In China these realities apply:

  • It is not easy to do business in China.
  • It is not fast and open to do business in China.
  • It is more costly to do business in China than other options.
  • It is challenging to make a profit really and sustainably in China.
  • It is impossible to get your money back OUT of China.
  • It is not fair trade or two way trade it is one way economics.
  • Your IP will be ripped off – in China the business is to rip off all non Chinese
  • Your penalty cost in China is higher to the criminal process and unreformed cabal of Owners than anywhere else
  • It is not easy fast profitable and it is NOT FUN no way is it FUN
  • Once in you are facing barrier cost you did not know the hidden cost of doing business in China forever
  • The rules always change
  • You must have Chinese partners to do your business and they steal from you as criminal states do
  • Fighting Corruption as been a CORRUPTION of the OWNERS stealing from their own labeling them as corrupt
  • China has the largest RUN out of CHINA and the biggest U TURN of capital coming in now as these facts are known
  • Those at the top are not honorable as China OWNERS are hoping to become the regional super power
  • China military is a budget of say Rhode Island against the USA – they would self destroy against the USA in say one month. In relevant and the CROOKS at the top know this although some general’s believe they have advantage in ASYMMETRICAL WARFARE – all documented in Kevin Freemans great work THE SECRET WEAPON. Amazon.

Criminals do not tell the truth. The OWNERS MEDIA state controlled media – slams 1.4 billion – that China just wishes America to change behavior and deal with China with Respect. The PEOPLE OF CHINA DO NOT KNOW THE TRUTH. The Truth is Trump was politically set up by China in the biggest ELECTION MANIPULATION IN US HISTORY.



In the past more than two years now, the USA has invested 1000 folks in US Justice and agencies to investigate Donald Trump for evidence of collussion with Russia to manipulate our elections which ended noting:

  1. No influence actually took place on the election just “trying” by some rogue Russians not even clear if Putin knew
  2. NO COLLUSION – its in writing – NO EVIDENCE OF COLLUSION none. Trump was innocent the entire time.

Stormy Daniels came out and said – I DID NOT HAVE SEX WITH DONALD and she disappeared from the FAKE NEWS scene. Nancy sinking in her own quick sand, seeks to hold on to her leadership when the majority of great democrats want a REAL PARTY LEADER not a personally corrupted leader who is mentally ill in our opinion. Her Politics of HATRED AND DISRESPECT are dying and those who grap on the life preserver ( a lead weight sinking ) will drown. Trump didn’t really care about old Nancy. When she went after his children after losing with her political set up of the special prosecutor braking real laws ( all now coming to light as Nancy is a criminal target of a real evidence investigation now and her distraction to not become the story ) is final gasping of her own desperation. Her party is backing up from their criminal most low poll ranked leader in history – as in summer 2019 – Nancy Pelosi is more toxic politically to any democrat than a Flint drink of Lead Water. Out of the country last week Nancy secured unlimited money backing from China to out Trump. Did you all know that? Follow the money US PRESS win a pulitzer prize – you heard it first here.

The economics are in SUPER CHANGE. The Super Change is too rapid for China old brains to adapt into. They want things to slow down and go back to normal – no Trump no trade war. They are spending a billion that they lack on PR to frame the USA to their own people. The criminal facts of the WORST ELECTION YEAR MANIPULATION IN US HISTORY.

First China negotiates for a year that Trump Team and US TREASURY believes is in GOOD FAITH. Well your dealing with a criminal cabal much like dealing with Tony Soprano or the Godfather. For real. China was bad faith dealing. Setting Trump up for a political fall going into an election year. Trump gave China and XI every benefit of the doubt while holding the cards with a trading partner less than the size of California. China’s people believe the following false realities:

  1. China has been growing on its own, versus growing on life support from the largest buyer on earth the USA.
  2. China can grow and prosper if the LARGEST BUYER ON EARTH moves out of China.
  3. China is equal as # 2 in overall economics to the USA.
  4. China can win a war with the USA ( which is so not true in months China would return to a rice paddy economy )
  5. China was disrespected by the USA when it is China who bent Trump over and shoved it into the USA period

CHINA”s people have no clue. Why? They are not happy. They are being manipulated. The small % of Communist the OWNERS and the 1% who own more wealth than 99% wish to control the minds of their people and use HATRED OF A STRAW ENENMY BEING MANUFACTURED in the time proven politics of HATRED AND DISRESPECT to unite base  H&D POLITICS invented by the Pelosi brand to unite base. All who lead H#D Politics lack integrity. The LIARS ( owners ) try and brand their opposition as the LIARS where the one and only truth is from the OWNERS. The World IS Opening up to the TRUTH from the OWNER LIE MACHINES.

Take HONG KONG. The criminal cabal seeks to mass deport their opposition to the re-education camps that now hold over 1 million locked up – families children – entire communities herded into camps – no due process – no rule of law – just Nazi herding into camps – you either re-educated properly  ( within the largest state brain washing advanced technology utility ever engineered and applied to mass populations in human history )  or PRISON for life – door number 1 or door number 2 no other door. And you are shown how you will be monitored by thought police and AI ( and with 5 G the mark of the beast on commerce is coming in China first ) . The criminals have locked up over 1,000,000 muslims and in Hong Kong of 7 million expect with EXTRADITION ( now only on hold from enormous back lash to state media lies from the criminal cabal ) and the state put the law on SUSPENSION. This means later this year the cabal without debate will order the vote and the law will pass and over 100,000 of the protestors now all identified by AI, will dissappear than up to 1 million as China RE-EDUCATES HONG KONG which will exist no longer. The exemptions to HONG KONG tariff’s ( thats right China is routing goods through HONG KONG now all tariff free ). China Criminals fail to inform their own people that:

  1. They set up Trump politically – dealing in BAD FAITH FOR A YEAR – agreeing to 150 pages of terms in a trade deal they never intended to honor at all.
  2. Then the Trump bend over and take it where the USA sun will not shine – as by cabal no courtesy no letter from XI no anything – just before the meeting even China said would lead to a deal where markets went way up on expectation ( lies to make profits in our markets which they did by a trillion bucks ) – that CHINA MAFIA was dealing in good faith – when they pulled the plug. What year. What 150 pages. We give you nothing. We change nothing. We steal as a SOVEREIGN RIGHT to our own policy of DIGITAL THEFT OF EVERYTHING. The song WE WILL ROCK YOU BY QUEEN – MAKE A NEW SONG – WE WILL HACK YOU by CHINA. I call on Queen and Gary Miller to DO THAT STEP. WE WILL WE WILL HACK YOU.
  3. Trump put in tariff’s just like he said day one – when having a time out – the weekend of the SET UP that China was backing Nancy to get TRUMP OUT and stop all trade dealing – in an OWNER TO OWNER model to diminish the USA dominance or the criminal OWNERS can’t get a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT where they control it all politically and economically and you exist to buy mindless crap from the OWNERS cradle to grace economics.
  4. Donald Trump stands in the way of those OWNERS with his own OWNERS who want a free no nation left behind cooperating world vision in integrity versus a competitive insane world we have today. Led by owner criminals.
  5. The owners feel you only see what thye wish and believe what they tell you today. Your all waking up as one and uniting though ( see HONG KONG and see YELLOW VESTS ) The owners do not know what to DO with YOU.

So XI believes FAKE ECONOMIC NEWS FEN and makes choices upon that FEN. The real news shows China crashing much faster than any one thought. The reasons I’ve listed here. A RUN OUT OF CHINA BEGAN when we first reported that RUN OUT OF CHINA of capital in 2016. TODAY THE RUN is gathering ferocity. HONG KONG was the fire in the methane filled mine shaft. CORPORATIONS are not investing and are RUNNING OUT OF CHINA. Owners to protect their interest are RUNNING OUT OF CHINA. The OLD OWNERS like Morgan sucked in to investing in China bond markets will see liquidity sumps like we have reported here and lose on margin calls more than 100% of invested capital. The WHITE WHALE LOSS of 7 billion by Morgan money management is noting to the TRILLION DOLLAR loss coming in our opinion on the wrong side of the China phony currency trade first – bond trade second – and equity trade last. China is going to implode in DEBT DEFAULTING CASCADES.

China criminals now have two game plans. One borrow and massively stimulate their crashing economics to avoid humiliation first ( the people will see its all lies all of it ) as the TRUTH LEAKS IN. Second economic SUPER CRASH rattling the entire world and STAGFLATION IN CHINA with no growth like Japan for 30 years following that deleveraging period of years all in flow right now from TRADE WAR economics.

The economic news that is not FAKE is China has limited time to make a real trade deal. If they make the deal they become with Russia a triangle of power with the USA to forge future global politcy inside a new model that replaces the old model.

the old failed model of global economics is built on every nation for itself and its self intererest against every other nation within insane zero integrity competitive system modeling of negotiation and distrust…


the new model of global economics immerging is built on NO NATION LEFT BEHIND inclusion within agreements of integrity and cooperative capitalism – win win – sanity – replacing the old failed models that end in super crash and world wars….

We either learn from history since Rome ( red ink above ) or we perish because we failed to learn the lessons of history. 2020 is the year of REFORM OR WAR in our prediction. Will sanity and cooperative capitalism birth and hold between collaborating nations ( the DNA is integrity ) into the future -or its insane oppossit in competition without integrity of any kind what so ever ( see Nancy Pelosi ) H&D Politic brand she trade marked to the world – mind control base through hatred.

We like a giant global conscious snake shedding old snake skin – a caterpillar becoming a butter fly – rise and fly into cooperative capitalism or the OWNERS sink us into competitive insanity SUPER CRASH and world war ( Nancy is on point to assure our sub never breaches into the sun and sinks down to implosion depth for a socialism diminished America ). Hey let 50 million in a year and support those costs as America goes bankrupt – let them all in – open borders – keep Nancy as your head of party because economic insanity leads to a future of desired SUPER CRASH AND WAR? Hey while millions of us die the OWNERS MAKE FORTUNES and further consolidate power until in the end we kill them all. Speaking historically on what has taken place historically. Anyone read the FRENCH REVOLUTION HISTORY?

The China Criminals set TRUMP UP for massive voter manipulation to get Trump out of office and Reforms and get their man in. GAME ON.



There is a story of two worlds going on.

World # ! – the new Cooperative Capitalism deal is already agreed to by XI and TRUMP who are off record chatting all the time. For both home base and hard liners they rise up the boxing gloves to maximum tension than make a trade deal that helps XI in China massively – Trump wins the election with XI set up and support and Nancy is gut punched politically. Deal was done all the time and the ballet today is fake news.  That would mean Trump knew about the cable. We think that is remote now. Best possible art of the deal though and a possible great Chess play.

WORLD # 2 – XI is actually operating on “EDS” SYNDROME – ECONOMIC DELUSION SYNDROME – EDS. Lies from his own experts who fail to appreciate the rule books looking in rear vision mirros where thrown in the Pacific Ocean in 2014. A NEW AI Economics took over and the SUPER CHANGE of economics itself as now become too massively rapid and on going for human beings and their regulatory systems and experts to ADAPT into. We are passing human capacity to adapt into SUPER CHANGE we invented and created ourselves. NO CLASSES yet exist to help human beings adapt into SUPER CHANGE the most important new mind software deficit upon this earth. XI would profit from reading this blog himself. So now XI believing false news is shocked and can’t understand WHY China May numbers imploded. HOW HIS ECONOMIC is facing immediate SUPER CRASH THREATS and China is RUNNING OUT OF MONEY. China spends 300% more than it earns. But now in 2020 it will have to spend 500% more than it earns – the real economic tipping point into SUPER CRASH and Venezuela like inflation with a cost for bread of a million yuan coming up next – and XI can not control it any longer. He is running smack dab out of cash. WITH SECOND ROUND OF TARIFF’s for bad faith dealing with AMERICA – criminal economics in China has a cliff. THE USA understanding they deal with criminals seek deals that systems replace trust. No nation left behind. Assured China prosperity. Chinese people just do not know that America is the largest buyer on EARTH by far and is the foundation of CHINESE WELL BEING economically. IF AMERICA WITHDRAWS as it is now – China can’t not prosper into the future. THE GREAT LIE IS THAT CHINA CAN.



Who reads this blog and can get it to mainland Chinese? Why it’s a staggering number of wonderful Chinese. Chinese members in Mainland China who have joined CEO SPACE for business tools and tactics. THE TRUTH IS BANNED IN CHINA under Communist criminal mind control. However today the Chinese can access the truth as never before. At first they do not believe the truth. They believe their leaders wish what is best for China. The Truth is their leaders are the FEW AGAINST THE MANY systemically. 1% wealth cabal THE OWNERS possess more wealth in China than 99%. This criminal model always ends badly in economics. The CHINESE are being led without a US TRADE DEAL into cooperative integrity no nation left behind future economics – into a ocean of economic pain they simply can not imagine today and wars that will kill 100’s of millions of Chinese – internal and external as the 87% non communist will hold the 1% OWNERS ACCOUNTABLE – the truth is the worst fear of the owners. AGAIN the only sea wall to save CHINA is an immediate by year end trade deal.  THE TRUTH IS LEAKING INTO CHINA BY THE MILLIONS OF BRAINS POSSESSING TRUTH FROM LIES AS BRAIN SOFTWARE DOWNLOADING.This blog is one example. Keep in mind my Father was educating Chinese factories in the 1950s on advanced manufacturing process for Chairman Mao – we know a thing or two about the wonderful Chinese people we just love. Economically we seek a trade deal so XI has time for integrity reforms in nation.

No trade deal no time. By year end and this HOLIDAY BUYING SEASON China with new tariff”s will RUN BONE DRY ON CASH – its currency 2020 will implode the Chinese economy WILL SUPER CRASH – real estate will implode – banks will go bankrupt as 100 trillion in NON PERFORMING BAD DEBT held as good solid performing assets on China financial institution PHONY BOOKS – rebalances. The Criminals do not understand core economics. In core economics:

..all forms of historic economic system abuse must one day REBALANCE inside the eventual GREAT REBALANCING – and all criminal secrets will be moved from invisible to visible inside the eventual GREAT REBALANCING

There is no way XI now running low on cash as a nation can WIN without an immediate Trade deal. To keep 1.4 billion brain washed the OWNERS make sure the Chinese do not understand or know that CHINA negotiated without integrtiy in total bad faith dealing – lying to the USA Teams – telling them they agreed to stop stealing billions in protected IP from other nations – and taxing the partner nations in ways that is unfair and immoral WEALTH TRANSFER THEFT all of which Trump has stopped as if CHINA hit a high MOUNTAIN CLIFF WALL. Which economically China has.

The Chinese people do not know that:

  1. Over 5 trillion in capital flows has RUN OUT OF CHINA in 2017 2018 and 2019.
  2. The pace of Trillions leaving is accelerating now.
  3. Soon such capital out flows can never be reversed.

CHINA is imploding economically. Why?

The list we told you above is a partial list of economic reasons to MOVE BUSINESS FROM CHINA to much easier more fun and profitable neighbors. ALL OF WHOM ARE SOARING economically as they are picking up where China has lost forever. The longer the TRADE WAR GOES ON the more Trump puffs cigars on summer nights on White House Decks – with Aces HIGH FULL HOUSE and XI with only two – two’s and a losing hand bluffing like he is winning but to the Chinese and the Chinese do not KNOW THE EXTENT this BLUFF will FOLD THEM UP. Game over. What comes next is great for the USA.

USA MAY – Consumer spending soars and manufacturing rises as winter departs.

China – not so much – consumer spending fell off a cliff – manufacturing fell off a cliff – and trillions are being lost today on wrong side casino capitalism bets on commodities. China threatens the USA with Rare Earths and the USA moves that BILLION OVER TEN YEARS to other nations – already done and DOD is already out of CHINA. Game over Xi are do your lairs present tea leaves to you that create DES and you reside inside your own delusional economic syndrome shocked by each report you simply can not believe and say HOW COULD THIS BE HAPPENING where you would know if those screening you just allowed you to read this blog news – you know the truth. The 5 G Truth.

So Huawei delays its three screen phone ( we think violates our patents we’ll wait and see Samsung too ) issued in China – so we’ll see – ( www.superteaching.org patents on digital three screen issued to ME world wide ) – big bucks lost for them on market share – no one is buying their phones – they OWNER LIE and the back door on their techonology is STATE OWNER DESIGNED BY STRATEGY – keep in mind criminal cabals are all one OWNER TEAM in China and that OWNER TEAM is competitive insanity – no integrity – and they LIE. That is their DNA – they lie. DO NOT BE FOOLED.

Chip maker writes down 2 billion – dollars. In what? Jobs. Employment. Crash in CHINA. Just one of many crashing out of China. All SUPER CHANGING TOO FAST FOR CHINA HUMAN BEING ADAPATION INTO THE ECONOMIC SUPER CHANGE THEY CREATED.

The risk for a very hard CHINA crises and landing is 2019/2020 and with next round of Tariff’s we feel Trump puts all his chips on the table ( so sad for the Chinese people ) the LARGEST BUYER ON EARTH leads their allied nations out of CRIMINAL CHINA who refuses to shed its criminal ways – and join the world in ethics and integrity – falsely blaming the USA ( each lies is what CHINA OWNERS DO not what the USA DOES  ) and that truth will reach more and more Chinese. At gut level you KNOW THE TRUTH FROM LIES – you simply KNOW.

Truth always wins.

Stormy did not have sex with Donald Trump fake news.

Trump did not back up on what he said about dirt on his rivals – he told the truth.

Trump delt in GOOD FAITH with China for a year.

China lied to Trump and delt in Bad Fath.

I do not see XI heading up the criminal cabal he leads …based on DES syndrome where …relying on fake news economically where the OWNERS believe their own lies and fake data – fatal economic choices will be made and China will not recover from the economic error – all preventable.

As XI is on the end of a very long pirate plank about to break off in economics into the sea – historically branding XI as the revolutionary break up of China – in history – insane competitive no integrity economics.

The entire world is united to step forward to sane cooperative capitalism with a great trade deal seuring China prosperity. America wins in all out comes. China wins in only one.

Time is running out for China to win. AI economics is not political and AI ECONOMICS will know enough about all these facts to protect itself. The two biggest short wealths in world markets today are OIL and CHINA. Fortunes will be made by the owners ( who lose huge money shorting Tesla trust me on that ) – the bet is OIL AND CHINA for the speculator profit of the decade since the BIG SHORT. These puppies and OWNERS do read this blog…summer trading or know AI is going to profit in these massive shorts and the YUAN is next.

Wait for it…and remember you heard it all first. WE in the tail of two outcomes bet XI is FEN AND DES SYNDROME infected by his own team ( bad software on brain ) and will fail to make choices that are in his own best interest. The outcome of Trump landslide in 2020 – which is coming – will be AMERICA IS GOING TO BE GREAT and Nancy is going to be out. Wrong BET CHINA when criminal to criminal you two insane brains hooked up last week. GO FOR IT.

The truth will set you all free – press – EBOLA is the global economic risk get an EBOLA CLOCK going on nightly news and read our blogs on this – you are way way asleep at the wheel. The HEADLINE IS – WHEN WILL THE G 20 ACT ON EBOLA when WILL PRESIDENT TRUMP ACT LIKE OBAMA ON EBOLA – those are economic system of the world saving headlines ever OWNER CAN UNDERSTAND.

Leave Nancy alone until her hearings come up from US JUSTICE and start saving the world ….

…any economy in any nation consolidating wealth such that 1% own more wealth than 99% is not sustainable and ends very badly due to liquidity traps and circulation insatiblity where rebalancing occurs in Super Change and new AI economics massively in time frames never seen before creating the most profitable SUPER SHORT of 2019 in OIL and in shorting CHINA as lack of a trade deal into prosperity with the largest buyer upon the earth is in fact fatal for China to survive from as time is now a doomsday economic clock for China one they can not see and which they do not understand…as yet. Perhaps until it is too late in 2020 …wait for it……


PS: You read China fishing boats are ramming sinking and leaving Phillipino’s fishing in open traditional waters the WORLD MARITIME COURT voted unanimously DO NOT BELONG LEGALLY TO CHINA – as hit and run – multiple fishing boats ramming Filipino vessels in the China Sea philippines have fished for centuries – metal to wood – and hit and run leaving the fisher man to drown as their vessels sank – brain washing by the owners the Chinese act on buggy awful software ( no integrity ) software of HATRED AND DISRESPECT that is infecting brain washed who are not awake to truth and conscious. Join a world cooperation MOVEMENT and change the world with those who wish to – at CEO SPACE July 22nd – just do that and your life will get richer faster. Trust me on that truth…daddies of the world…….http://wwww.ceospaceinternational.com just explore on your own…quick links for video tab easy quick check out.






Now the good news America. No really. The news you have read ( the bad news ) is an economic oil tanker. That news effects market in the winter of 2020 – and our next danger point is OCTOBER 2019. We see Super Volatility even in the summer lower trading volume months ahead – we wrote a blog on SUPER VOLATILITY – and now later in time all the experts are talking about THAT. Our readers knew first. WHAT IS GOING ON OUT THERE REALLY.

Today we have momentum. We told you. We told you again. We told you again. The economic softness of Jan to April was CLIMATE CHANGE WINTER and record 28 below zero in SUN BELT STATES setting all time records. Folks ( consumers ) bundle up and stay HOME in Climate change WINTER. Double BOMB CYCLONES in APRIL as a first. Tornado’s setting records ( and we told you MARS Like STORMS are coming now ) and they are. Right again. If effects core economics to the CEO small business OWNERS and those who are professionals in practice ( whom we serve to excellence world wide ) our tribe – who need to KNOW how to plan into the future and what to EXPECT with precision. We do our best. For you.

We told you economics would up bubble in the SPRING.

Now the May numbers came in TODAY for your FATHERS DAY WORLD Wide. Consumers drive the market. We told you consumers are still here strong.

  1. April Numbers were revised higher and were better than they said…we told you THAT…scroll…right again.
  2. Retail numbers in May were revised sharply UP and were better than experts expected why?
  3. SUNSHINE ! The pent up demand from CLIMATE CHANGE WINTER we said was an economic SLING SHOT from housing to auto’s to your wash and dryer to your hair blowers. BAM the numbers are soaring.
  4. Consumer buying is strong.
  5. Retail did far better than anyone thought – right again. Timed right again.

Economists are reporting this WILL ERASE any fears the SECOND QUARTER SLOW DOWN they all predicted ( and they were all wrong and we were well – I know its boring – right again ). Our readers love this of course. They know first.

Will this erase the MORGAN CEO INDEX REPORT ( it might it could ) as CEO’s get this news – as they had banked on the experts and the slow down – in their crash of confidence – and confidence can soar way back in the next report. Lets wait for it….and as always…

…a CHINA TRADE DEAL would seal the meal for all nations….but never assume communist relying on fake news …will do what is in their own better interest. The only ISSUE IN THE TRADE DEAL REALLY – is will a criminal cabal of Chinese hard line hate the west folks – wish to continue to STEAL THE WEALTH OF THE WORLD or will they join a rule of law global cooperative new world order? Will the insanely compete as that have as competition has zero integrity and breeds the core corruption China is not healing yet – or will China move into cooperative capitalism as the way up and forward removing the risk of a shattered national economic Super Crash. Trump does not care. One way is honor integrity and rule of law – and the theft stops on a dime – the other is China Super Crash and break up into provinces in internal civil wars and the theft stops on a dime – either way Trump with a FULL HOUSE ACES HIGH – smiles and waits. As China is SUPER CRASHING right now and running out of money and finally out of CREDIT. XI having only lies fed to him is starting to see lies and I expect some China hard liner’s as we see in Alice and Wonderlands Queen Crying out all the time – OFF WITH THEIR HEADS – may be prophetic from Lewis Carroll in the 1800’s…by a lake with the children near a University…..

WE STILL VOTE – no rate cut – the FED should not REVERSE until the world falls apart – keep you ammo high and dry Powell protect us all – from the speculators who wish free money for profit – you have the HELM sir stay steady as she goes next week ( see our letter )…..

Retail April still in winter and double bomb cyclones was set at .02% decline in retail sales when in fact even in that winter white out for over half the USA retail sales did not fall at all and for the month went UP revised .03% a huge swing up and a great winter number in fact for real retail growth. Not bad overall – and May will save the day – as the retail SLING SHOT into June sales rises.

US Manufacturing had the first GROWTH REPORT for May after the Climate Change winter contraction. This ranged from durable goods to automobiles ( just like we told you – right again ). Scroll and see.

Motor Vehicles and parts production rose 2.4% a healthy one month gain we anticipate will be revised upward. Overall manufacturing across all index measured – rose .02 % versus a decline in prior month -and again we feel this will revise upward. All solid for the US ECONOMY far from slowing down just effected by ice and snow is all. Only that.

Utilities rose 2.1%.

Mining -rose .04% from prior month decline in winter big swing back up for one single month in the sun.

Capacity index rose in manufacturing to 75.7% a healthy one month spring up bubble in USA as China just SUPER CRASHED in May for consumer buying and all manufacturing worst since 2008 crash in China. USA UP – China crashing – now who is WINNING THE TRADE WAR THIS EARLY ON? Right again.

Still a lot of SLACK FED for any inflation and with OIL DEMAND REPORT the cost of everything crashing oil prices next week as MBS failed in his hissy fit blame Iran strategy for his own little boy BANG BANG in the Gulf – no inflation FED none. No reason to lower every reason to GREAT PAUSE FORWARD and get new data …when in doubt my famous father training Fortune CEO’s always suggested……when in doubt boys….do NOTHING…….


Folks this is not the depression of 1929 or do we face its triggers economically.

Today RUNS ON BANK LIQUIDITY are CLICKS not lines at the bank. Today runs of capital out of nations are AI faster than human beings can click at all. All new. All first time economic SUPER CHANGE. The market place of our fathers and grandfathers on father ‘s day weekend are gone in a puff of AI smoke in the wind from their old pipe smoking selves.

Folks today runs occur in seconds.

HONG KONG CHINESE is now violating their promise to the people of HONG KONG on rule of law. The communist intend to arrest and DEPORT to mental re-education centers – with their crimes against humanity THOUGHT POLICE. Today on Fathers day over 1 million Muslims are in camps – like hitler – in daily am to pm – brain washing – to remove their culture and install CHINESE COMMUNIST culture and laws – to that entire population who have no freedom no free access to information – who committed NO CRIME of any kind – who had ZERO DUE PROCESS of any kind – all those daddies 100’s of thousands and mommies and children stripped from their homes and communities – for two years of RE-EDUCATION by the Chinese brain washing sciences – to re shape society into wage slaves for the OWNERS the Chinese Communist elite where 1% own more wealth in nation than 99% own wealth in nation – in a communist nation where the people are supposed to own the wealth – the GREAT LIE OF COMMUNIST OWNERS. THE OWNERS in equally horrific competitive capitalism are like the owners of communism – wealth consolidators and power controllers over the masses these systems are competitive insane economics – they are not sustainable long term – and they lack integrity at all levels. COOPERATIVE SANE FORWARD CAPITALISM is the SOLUTION – ( blue print outlined in REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION 5 Star on Amazon and back ordered – you have yours yet ? ) – where China is melting economically.

Why. CHINA IS RUNNING OUT OF MONEY. The USA is booming. China is crashing. Who has won the trade war? Who has better data? How can China avoid a SUPER CRASH out of all control of communists starting now in Hong Kong? What do I mean?

Well you see the riots – the entire population – a million daddy MARCH this weekend – a million – saying to the cabal criminal gang ruling and lying from day one – WE WILL NOW MASS DEPORT YOU ALL TO CHINA AND WE WILL -RE-EDUCATE YOU. What is the outcome: Track this on what is REALLY GOING ON OUT “THERE”

  1. Yesterday China tycoons had had IT with China and see the lies from the truth. They started at a click moving 100 million out of Hong Kong Banks.
  2. Now industry and individuals are today moving billions.
  3. Next week its is TRILLIONS.
  4. People are moving out in droves now.
  5. Business is being moved out – forever – a run out of CHINA in industry jobs and capital like never seen before.

AT THE SPEED OF CLICK ( XI never saw even coming at all ) – CLICK SPEED China is losing liquidity in core markets. All at once. Tim at Blackrock and others must protect their positions now. CLICK SPEED XI.

We used to wear tee shirts …what would Jesus DO…and salute Christian to Christian WWJD shirts.


It is new first time everything folks. No one knows what AI will DO now. It will protect risk. The flight of capital out of China now – bank core deposits – industrial deposits, commercial cash floats – individual wealth floats – not yet tracked by China – are CLICK RUNNING ON BANKS IN HONG KONG – Chinese BANKS who no longer have the cash to accommodate  the runs on the their insolvent banks. WE WARNED YOU ABOUT ALL THIS.

THE RUNS OUT OF HONG KONG STARTED TODAY FOLKS AND THEY ARE ENORMOUS RISING TO BILLIONS AT A CLICK. Why ? Bad law and broken promise by China. China has a constant. They lie and present fake news. DO NOT BE FOOLED BY CHINA LIES SET OUT TO CONTROL THEIR OWN POPULATION FROM THE TRUTH. If their population new the MIND CONTROL an elite ( THE FEW AGAINST THE MANY ) were undertaking against them all – they would rise up as one and take out the communist and move to democracy. May happen anyway as XI is playing one losing hand against the other and Trump is FULL HOUSE ACES HIGH ECONOMICS ( but XI does not know that as his own people believe the fake economic news FEN ) that they are reporting to him. He only see’s how fake that news is ..in reverse.


If yes the world moves forward in sanity and cooperation higher code of brain software with integrity between nations.

If not – the world moves into competition and insanity – with buggy brain software into economic super crash and world war.

Putin may be a wild card because he actually understands all this. He wants a deal. A real deal.

Trump wants a deal. BUT:

…business as usual …criminal wealth transfer via theft and state sponsored economic terrorism are simply over and will never return not ever….fair we all win …or you lose and we win…is the future going forward…as the USA has stopped the criminal wealth transfer forever folks…and you’ll adjust or you’ll economically….die now…….

That is True for Japan – The EU – and Asia in general.

The largest customer supporting with Foreign aide the entire world of circulation is not fooling around in the UPGRADED ECONOMICS of no nation left behind – and the criminal theft of national wealth between nations as economic SPORT is now over. AI is monitoring AI for the first time and the SUPER CHANGE of all that is rising.

Will the one nation bringing us – ROUND UP A MILLION BECAUSE OF THEIR FAITH – and BRAIN WASH THEM EVERY Grandpa to Child for years – so their thinking is engineered as you wish it – where entire populations could be brain washed. Just take them over and put them into our camp model – hey we have over ONE MILLION MUSLIMS LOCKED UP FOR NO REASON OUTSIDE THEIR FAITH – NO CRIMES NO UNREST – ALL OF THEM – IN THE LARGEST SINCE HITLER CAMPS AND TOTAL BRAIN WASHING AND NO ONE IS SAYING THIS IS A CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY?

Hey we say we own the entire China Sea.

The WORLD MARITIME COURT RULES 100% UNANIMOUSLY that is a 400 year breach of law and CHINA DOES NOT OWN THAT BODY OF WATER AND ALL 400 YEARS OF WHERE THEIR BORDERS STOP STAND IN RULE OF LAW – and the world fails to enforce the court unanimous decision – CHINA IS COMMITTING WORLD CRIMES ON SCALES NOT SEEN SEEN HITLER. Like Hitler the world does nothing.

All Chinese citizens are now AI monitored ( see person of interest its worse than that ). They are SOCIAL SCORED to conform to China communist double lines – or they have THOUGHT POLICE VISIT THEM – re-educate them and if now off to camps to re-educate and if not – prison for life. No due process. You just failed your SOCIAL CREDIT CARD to have access to everything – which is taken from you by China THOUGHT POLICE AI controlling over a billion. How long do free people allow all this.

China says ( the press confirm ) we will never build up China sea islands as military to protect our illegal claim we own this entire ocean ourselves and all the wealth inside it. No other nation borders into this ocean get anything we get all the wealth folks – in the FEW AGAINST THE MANY NATIONS insane competition model. Then immediately they build up these islands into forward circles of MILITARY BASES to assure they can absolutely through FORCE now ( lying on the record – don’t be fooled China lies ) – the entire China Sea. They are playing the long game and the USA and the world LETS THEM DO THIS?

However you must pay for it.

China is running out of money.

There is a RUN on China Banks – click speed.

There is a super crash of China industry ( todays weekend report all indexes in China crashing and XI is stunned ). Seeing his peoples lies to him for the first time -unhappy Fathers Day for XI.

mis-calculations are speeding up capital flight from China BOND and equity and cash markets.

Millions of Jobs and manufacturing are leaving China – Amazon and others – buy buy.

China is imploding.

Why is this good news. CHINAS massive pain? The enormous RUN OF CAPITAL OUT OF HONG KONG as riots fill the the sub story is banks in Hong Kong lack the cash to accommodate tens of billions flowing at the SPEED OF CLICK in a full AI and CLICK run on core deposits out of China institutions funds and banks ( today this weekend next week ). WHY IS THIS OUTCOME OF CHINESE 100% FATAL ECONOMIC MISCALCULATIONS GOOD NEWS ON FATHERS DAY?

As an proud AMERICAN INVESTMENT BANKER ECONOMIST – As CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD for the leading Press ranked # 1 Business Community in the WORLD TODAY – as judge and jury here – we know confirm the truth of it contrary to lies the Chinese about to see millions laid off and massive pain in China at the mid year this….

…it is our opinion China has UTTERLY LOST THE TRADE WAR ….THIS WEEKEND HONG KONG PUT THE NAIL IN THE COMMUNIST ECONOMIC COFFIN…and now it may be too late to Trade Deal save them…and Trump and we and IMF warned and warned them….THEY LOST THE TRADE WAR


Nancy Pelos political theater – grade F for failure to pass a US BUDGET and Raise the Debt Celing for failure to conduct the by law REQUIRED BUSINESS OF THE PEOPLE – illegal – a crime – and immoral and unethical – and impeachable – NANCY PELOSI BETRAYED AMERICA FOR AMERICAN POWER AND GREED  – PASS THE BUDGET CONGRESS OR AMERICA WILL PASS ON YOU…thats good news – America has had enough of Nancy lies and spin and fake news ..more than enough for all parties in all sides – like a dying DINO in a dried up lake bed flopping around ….Nancy this weekend go buy a hat you need one with that last face lift and get some new shoes – your own party is about to OUT YOU as the TORT LAWYERS are looking at BREACH OF DUTY IN HIGH OFFICE 300 million would sign on to as a certified class…starting with my San Franciscan self Nancy singing on board…BARR IS COMING FOR YOU…soon you’ll have to drive yourself – no more private planes honey….its over now……THE FEW AGAINST THE MANY…you’ve used Donald Trump like Stormy Daniels ( who has now said with new lawyers – oh by the way I DID NOT HAVE SEX WITH DONALD TRUMP ). Your lies about our President are worse than STORMY ever was. That your own party is working to get you out – well Nancy its late really – and no one deserves being put out of leadership than your criminal lying toxic political self on Fathers Day. Lick your wounds and tour Alcatraz and think how those hard cold cells given your crimes Nancy might feel as all of Justice violated by your crimes in office will now have NO MERCY. Its game over Nancy save for your final hissy fit lies – all bullets are now blanks Nancy your own party is wishing to PASS A BUDGET AS REAL AMERICANS and Nancy that is the GOOD NEWS ON FATHERS DAY – Trump won because the truth Trumps your LIES . We were right again. Such good news in DC such good news. A democratic revolution FOR AMERICA is rising up…way to go way to go…USA USA USA USA USA ON FATHERS DAY…no Nancy in sight……GOOD NEWS IN DC…..

HAPPY FATHERS DAY MR. PRESIDENT you WON THE TRADE WAR and you deserve a CIGAR. Wish I could drive down and share one with you in Florida this weekend. Where you flew in your own favorite movie star and my buddy too to join us – what a weekend that would be in your victories before JAPAN even starts ….enjoy SIR ..after all the lies not yours theirs. The most Fake News on any President in History – you deserve your base applause on FATHERS DAY SIR – you do. HAVE A GOOD ONE because for those who love you most – your work pales to insignificance as President to your victory and work A + sir to your role as FATHER ….enjoy the victory Golf Games with those you treasure most…..








Right again. On everything 2019. Business Index plunge sets new record for down bubble in all matrix measured.

We have told our readers we are inside a new economic age – a first – for humanity – AI controlling over 96% of 440 trillion in capital flows – 7 trillion daily in just currency markets – and look MA no humans are involved. WE call this all WIZARD OF OZ economics where the wizards ( all smoke and mirrors today ) have lost total control of the markets ( all central banks ) as frankly they lack the cash to control the real markets in any meaningful way but TALK. Which for AI is a one day market bump – one day only. AI economics is new and no authority has box top rules yet to protect us as the SUPER CHANGE of AI economics is evolving too rapidly for human and regulatory adaptation. An unforeseen consequence of SUPER CHANGE itself….Ai economics is warp driving into the future and regulations from the 1930’s have zero capacity to keep pace today in any context. That risk we report to you about here first. We often tell you what the press says is totally wrong and than 100% right you come to find in fact – turns out to be the later reporting. Like in the Gulf mess .

Today the OIL market the cost of everything is held up by GEOPOLITICAL SIT COM. There is no shortage of oil. In fact today the global energy institute released confirmation ( right again ) that – oil demand HAS stopped and gone DOWN. Todays FRIDAY OIL report confirmed demand was falling worse than thought or reported previously and that supply outside OPEC can adequately fuel the world in surplus without OPEC need to restore any of the wealth they turned off to themselves. CREDIT RATING AGENCY’S TAKE NOTE:

  1. Saudi should be JUNK BOND CREDIT and remember if you invest in any way in Saudi including their too high oil prices – you lose.
  2. All OPEC credit rating should be lowered based on today’s numbers.
  3. The world does not need nor is the world any longer buying GULF OIL.
  4. The world todays report stated is ADEQUATELY SUPPLIED outside OPEC from producers like AMERICA.
  5. Oil demand is going down down down – and suppliers are in economic rip tide on business models – meaning its game over for oil markets as we knew them. OIL CARTELS ( OPEC ) no longer matter and outside geopolitical NOISE they have only declining fundamentals into the future…their credit rating today is a crime rally as those relying on the credit rating and paying way too little in risk carry cost are being cheated by criminal credit agencies failing to act paid by those they give the phony ratings too as in SUB PRIME but worse. This is all going to come to light now. Todays OIL DEMAND confirmation of this blog on DEMAND dropping off a cliff for oil to almost zero demand – right again. Saudi told you demand was growing and would soar on trade deals. Not true. Fake news from Saudi like Iran doing that bombing MBS faked them out. RATE RISK ACCURATELY the risk in debtor demand falling OPEC is off all charts – downgrade those credit ratings – anything less is criminal fraud to nations and investors. RATING AGENCIES not another 2007 FRAUD FROM YOU ALL OVER AGAIN? Please be in integrity.

Oil demand is not going up oil demand is crashing – it is almost zero demand today with the GULF having almost 5 million daily barrels of capacity they are withholding. Non OPEC suppliers are ranking up supply over all OPEC cut backs and that growth in supply is soaring. OPEC is a SIT COME JOKE today there is NO CARTEL. The CARTEL will fall apart unable to sit in room with LIAR crazy brain MBS any longer. Integrity demands OPEC break up as members leave because THEY MAKE MORE PROFIT ON THEIR OWN than with crazy failed MBS policy on oil.

We told you go long on oil – and blood bath your loses. Oh for the record this weekend….RIGHT AGAIN. Watch this.

Saudi is  INSIDE the worst economic hit from todays OIL REPORT they could with fake news all year no longer hide behind – OIL DEMAND IS FALLING OFF A CLIFF IN NEVER SEEN BEFORE DECLINES – and the benefactor of yesterday’s bombing – timed to maximally embarrass IRAN and raise oil price for say 72 hours was MBS and SAUDI having his warm meal – he shoved it to IRAN. Only we know fredo we know it was YOU.

The phony baloney black and white SET UP VIDEO ( and why is a mine being removed anyway there was no mine it was just a phony MBS ) – of the why any mine on the vessel would slam dunk – have  implicated MBS of Saudi ) look ma no mine. Iran is racing to save the crew of the ship ( on one side and then removing the mine – as any Iran mine would explode ) while SAUDI films their own folks in IRAN uniforms trying again to assure ABE does not make a TRUMP DEAL with IRAN. Behind the scenes I suspect with NSA and CIA correct briefing even they will conclude – who benefits from the little bang bang GEOPOLITICAL NOISE to hold up a world drowning in oil – where no demand ( todays report confirms ) talks price up? Price for oil since April has crashed. You have not seen anything yet and the more MBS loses the more desperate he becomes because…in his SAND CASTLE failures costing his nation trillions….life is cheap in the desert sands folks …life is cheap. Ask Khashoggi’s fiance’ who did yesterday – MBS is my FREDO….I KNOW IT WAS YOU SON. I know. First you said it was a torpedo – then it was mines – then mines failed to explode and they were removed and Iran did that with its marked ships and uniforms in plain site – like stupids when ABE was in town to make a deal and lift sanctions – which MBS is terrified about.

Folks if IRAN wanted to play games you would never know it was Iran and it would be more than a little BANG BANG with zero cargo money lost at all. No it was WHO GAINS to the timing and show ? MBS is who. The man who brings bone saws to a wedding permit – that is the WHO. To our DOD – hey don’t be fooled folks or sucked into MBS child’s game. Or Israel with BIBI a bit more in panic mode today. DO NOT BE FOOLED hold steady with ABE and IRAN – totally framed nation open your eyes as the scales blinding you from SAUDI all fall away today. Stay tuned.


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This Father’s Day Weekend American CEO’s – the business leaders we serve spoke. WHAT DID THEY SAY IN MAY?? You do not KNOW? Why let us share it with you FIRST as always right here as the weekend begins:

Morgan Stanley the leading BUSINESS Brokerage firm in the world – released an index we track – the BUSINESS CONDITION INDEX today. Their INDEX from CEO’s reporting – our CEO SPACE COMMUNITY we have been telling you about for months this year – FELL.

The CEO Business Conditions Index – fell  by 32 points.

Why is this fall important from May to Today? So important in the SAFE HARBOR canary in the mine we have been screaming at to you- as the final act of the longest highest boom period globally IS winding down today. Right again.

The well Watched Globally and tracked by our team of economist trackers inside CEO SPACE – and we expected this – while no one else did. So the index absolutely SHOCKED EXPERTS TODAY. They are all still digesting. Next week we may see a sell off as AI can not trade on human implications of data only data itself.

….Todays Business Confidition Index reported a space shuttle re-entry fall back to earth BRUTAL decline….in confidence the driver for investment and spending by CEO’s who make those choices…an INDEX Fall from level 45 this March to 13 in May….the largest ONE MONTH SUPER CRASH IN BUSINESS CEO CONFIDENCE IN THE ENTIRE HISTORY OF THE INDEX….SETTING AN ALL TIME RECORD FOR SUPER CRASH IN BUSINESS FORWARD CONFIDENCE…..a never seen before EVENT……..( are you feeling us now for being right again )?

The decline was ENORMOUS and BROAD BASED – in sharp deterioration – across all economic sectors measured in the index – business everything – Every single SUB INDEX of the Business Conditions COMPOSITE FELL – across the entire board ( a first at this level and ratio in history again ) except for credit condition – as the debt super bubble continues to expand and expand and expand.…which we do not favor more of …hence our CEO SPACE to Powell do not lower interest rates to the speculators delight. Not in this climate. Not right yet sir.

IN MAY….ALL BUSINESS CONFIDENCE IN THE USA…..WENT AWAY ….IN MAY LARGEST ONE MONTH DROP IN RECORD KEEPING EVER. Now act differently with this information on economic storms gathering all over the sea you now sale within…the wave and the froth are rising to forty foot and 100 foot towering seas. ARE YOU PREPARED? IN MAY IT WENT AWAY….act differently and prosper act the same and risk your own game. We lead in this space press ranked # 1 for a reason …..trust the leadership as we guide you to a far better way forward.

This reading released for CEO daddies everywhere ( and CEO Mommies too ) is a GPS for JUNE GLOOM. ( right again )

The INDEX has not even been THIS LOW FOLKS since the sink hole when we thought banks would fail in the midst of the daily market super crashes in 2008 itself – now that is a worst case of all reports – and is a report that confirms our call to you – before you fall of the cliff in all this – come together as an EMERGENCY which we frankly think on timing it is – and learn earn and return to be in SAFE HARBOR because now CEO SPACE JULY is actually ESSENTIAL for the awake leader who wishes to step in front of CHANGE THAT IS CLEARLY COMING NOW.

Morgan restated this has nothing to do with TRADE issues this has to do with a global slowing, primarily outside the USA and now effecting the USA itself as all global slow downs will – especially when the global slow down is all at once all nations at once. THE WORLD IS STARTING TO CONTRACT IN ECONOMICS against a DEBT SUPER BUBBLE – as only the CREDIT SECTORS ( is this scary to you with record home defaults still record consumer credit defaults record auto loan defaults and recored student loan defaults with commercial loan defaults as we track all these rising terrors to credit markets ) while still they lend like drunken sailors and now the profit mongers profiting from what we at CEO SPACE call RIP OFF LENDING – are trying to get FREE FED MONEY to crank it way the fuck UP? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Good economics? ( not ours )

Bad economics? ( not ours )

Crazy economics ?( yes that all of us today )

My 17 year old gets this on Fathers Day weekend. My ten year old CEO SPACE grad gets this for G Daddy this weekend. Why do grown up’s G daddy not understand this? That is what is hard to tell young Jaxson. Hey my G BABY photo is on Face Book if you follow me ( sorry passed 5000 friends before you were born smile ). Follow me on line I”m funny.

Junes mid point barometric pressure showed:

  • Declines in hiring across the board ( last jobs report crashed NEW JOB creation stunning experts ) not us
  • Declines in future hiring plans ( across the board and nation )
  • Capital Plan for investing
  • Declines in Manufacturing sub index
  • Manufacturing sub index fell off a cliff to ZERO ( now thats a first ) in one month
  • Services driving say FAANG fell from 35 to 18 also a one month FREE FALL SKY DIVING in the index no chute

Your Chute for safe landing IS CEO SPACE DALLAS and if you MISS THAT – your risk pucker factor lacking options tools tactics and a FRESH GAME PLAN to assure you hire when others fire – you grow when others go – is gambling with your future and your stake holders future and your family frankly – SAFE HARBOR. We WILL help you BUILD SAFE HABOR in five weeks with a June Tax buck you save. LEADERS register into CEO SPACE if you can read a business index.

If you think your in KANSAS DOROTHY sing the song – from the wizard of oz – THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE HOME – and say ..there is no place like home toto ( you had to see the movie ) ….and click your ruby slippers – hey if you even prepared and have some magic ruby slippers ….hey not going home ? Stuck in OZ folks? In your wizards HOT AIR BALLOON going down down down the rabbit hole of this LEADING CEO INDEX which tells you the future into the nasty election year 2020?

Do you have a far better plan for the future than you have today?

Do you have a better mentor team helping you in a week to make that plan – step by step month by month to year end and beyond?

Do you think given this SEA CHANGE which is MASSIVE that going forward into the rising forty foot economic storm seas in your row boat all alone is the safe war forward – alone as you do it now?

Do you see that placing your ECONOMIC SHIP behind a sea wall protecting you from those waves – sailing in safe habor upright and storm NOT EFFECTED at all – with as far as the eye can sea at SAFE PORT ( CEO SPACE ) you have a fleet to trade with you lack right now – and you all grow and help each other to prosper when others have no clue?

Is that SMART?

Is that Timely.


  1. CEO confidence in the market we serve for decades world wide just collapsed – worst fall to the index now residing to the SUPER CRASH year of 2008 low all in ONE MONTH ALONE – CEO confidence is the core of forward economics – they are in 100% contraction model. BAM.
  2. OIL DEMAND as stopped like it hit a cliff wall. Supply is greater than demand.
  3. China manufacturing hit a cliff wall – todays report – worse than any number imaginable – as massive debt to the worlds largest SUPER BUBBLE is now required in 2007 level TARP and China stimulation – but CHINA IS RUNNING OUT OF CASH and its credit rating must downgrade fast. Folks CHINA IS RUNNING OUT OF MONEY we now predict if politics runs this and China fails to execute a trade deal – the fait of China seals in economics into SUPER CRASH spinning the entire world into SUPER CRASH in 2020 or beyond. TRADE DEAL of slip on your economic banana peel? All your lies – won’t save you. THE CABAL OF THIEVES ( COMMUNIST LEADERSHIP HARD LINERS ) have run out of economic systemic abuse – the day of THE GREAT REBALANCING IN CHINA IS NOW based on this weeks SUPER CRASHING economic numbers in China ( right again here ) and China is running out of options and cash. THE YUAN will SUPER CRASH FIRST THAN CHINA CORE ECONOMICS implodes without a trade deal.

THE TRADE DEAL FOR CHINA – a real one – is the only BRASS RING to save CHINA ECONOMICALLY today. FAKE ECONOMIC NEWS from China won’t save them not now – AI will with todays numbers run the oceans of money OUT OF CHINA at a pace of EBB TIDE China planners have never experienced in their history…that EBB TIDE is today. We told you get out of China and Asia if you go long into those markets the blood bath especially in their phony bond markets – is going to be red ink to your account on MARGIN CALL in SUPER VOLATILITY ( scroll to read those titled blogs this weekend ) unforgiving for your error in investing…right again. TODAY CHINA IS SUPER CRASHING is what the news told us…just the worst possible China economic report in 40 years. Thats today folks. TRUMP IS WINNING THE TRADE WAR and faster than the lies CHINA economists tell to XI and we told you XI has bad data – suggested. RIGHT AGAIN.

This Fathers Day I present the gift – I will discount my blog readers into CEO SPACE if you just email to our Executive Vice President – subject line BLOG EXPLORATION CEO SPACE – include your contact information and your business category – we will send you a short film for your category and set up an exploration phone call – a mentor call – with me – one on one – Florida time starting 24 hours from your email – your schedule any time zone not mine – and we will work to protect you. Grads the same for our lowest package for your family. Let us know …if you come to SAFE HARBOR JULY…..our SUMMER HARVEST for BUSINESS once annual family BUSINESS GROWTH CONFERENCE who in your party may join you ( for best pricing for all ) ..life partner – children in your circles including niece nephews grand babies and more – sisters brothers cousins etc in family who own a practice or business and also want a SAFE HARBOR in July to 2020 . so smart so timely so economic – and understand you will MAKE A PROFIT from coming – you will make money – allow us to show you that…so you know before you go…but explore it…explore a far SAFER BETTER WAY because folks – this is now truly important……going forward for YOU.

If you chose to do nothing ….you are at risk in Super Crash and massive global contraction….in the new AI Economy nothing is as it seems….you see ships attacked in the GULF what if MBS uses digital weapons to attack markets?

If you chose to act and come together knowing their IS SAFTEY in numbers you are the tiny % with superior hard information. If you are a blog reader for a time you have seen enough “right again” when all experts said one thing – and we said another …that you trust the guidance the mentorship and you ACT unlike the majority you take action. If you invest in Safe Harbor you will have yours….

If you fail to act and fail to grow a safe harbor game plan……your future is a ….HIGH RISK based on clear and compelling data today.

THE CEO”s who create 100% of the jobs and growth in all nations defined in May the largest DROP IN RECORDED HISTORY OF THEIR COLLECTIVE MIND SET A MASSIVE SLOW DOWN IS COMING.


Take that to your bank and deposit it….RISK is ON now ( right again ).

The time to act as we told you ( insurance diversified invested get out of all markets – read our suggestion for safe harbor for your money – our Platinum member insurance experts will be on site in July at CEO SPACE to explore with you licensed experts ) – protect yourself.

Or not……..



PS: Copy this URL and share this blog with business owners and professionals in your circle you just love. Comment at the bottom of the blog – and for all free to subscribe https://www.bernydohrmann.com always – thanks for reading.















What do we know?

We know nothing.

When Saudi announced today DEMAND FOR OIL has fallen WAY WAY MORE than the world expected what did that mean to oil markets. Let us look at that a bit – with SAUDI exporting many many times more oil than the rest of OPEC combined together – what is going on here.

  1. Saudi announces they lied and oil demand is not what they reported this year it is so much worse. Demand is as WE REPORTED HERE ( right again ) falling off a cliff and we told you all why and the stats.
  2. Saudi admits oil demand is falling like a STONE off Niagara Falls in New York – which would move oil ( as surplus into stock piles is soaring – no wants any more Saudi oil – they can’t turn production on again no one wishes to buy MORE OIL ) – so oil would PLUNGE IN PRICE TODAY.
  3. Bang Bang two ships have explosions – they are damaged ( covered by insurance ) damage not terminal to ship values and can be repaired. Call it STRATEGIC DAMAGE.
  4. Saudi targeted its own ships so they can blame this all on Iran.
  5. Iran is meeting ABE from Japan to make a deal with TRUMP the worst thing possible for PSYCHO KING – MBS. MBS who slaughter Khashoggi attacked the Gulf Vessels why? To embarrass IRAN leadership on the day they meet with ABE – to undermined Trump meeting IRAN anytime soon – to raise the price of freakin oil the only way MBS can raise it now – BY BEING A CRIMINAL – which hey folks – we all – all of us – well know that he is.

Would MBS do these CRIMES to embarrass IRAN and raise the price of oil? Now lets look at oil markets:

There is more oil supply than there is oil demand. Oil demand is falling. Faster and faster. We are moving away from oil for transportation as toxic fuel – as toxic fertilizer pesticide on foods – as earth killing containers and packaging – and away from the toxic energy that is killing the entire planet. OIL demand has hit a CLIFF WALL. MBS does not know what to do. His customers are leaving for cheaper oil. His is losing customers. He has less oil to sell and the price keeps going lower. MBS can’t pay his bills. All his spending is on forever hold now. Capital flight is soaring OUT OF SAUDI a huge RUN OUT OF SAUDI has been unrelenting – 5 trillion dollars ebb tide since MBS slaughtered Khashoggi by bringing bone saws to a wedding permit clerks office. 18 person elite report only to the psychopath special forces HIT TEAM like you see in movies – fly to Turkey. They Kill Khashoggi on video and audio and the message to him dying was direct from MBS so he would know – no wedding in your future sonny boy. Pretty Bloody in the SAUDI Turkish embassy too. MBS KNEW before they left because MBS planned and set it all up. JUST LIKE TODAYS CRIME IN THE GULF – seeking to raise oil prices.

Trump’s team will not be fooled. The behind Abe message is clear – we know Iran don’t worry we know. MBS has lost even there. Now MBS has only oil going down down down next week. Iran moving to make a deal – well – Iran pays back the horrors MBS has with lies and fraud heaped upon the Iranian people. SAUDI IS THE TERROR IN THE GULF including todays crimes – all Saudi. None of it IRAN. Why would IRAN with ABE IN TOWN at their request to SET THE DEAL UP WITH TRUMP and turn back on the PROSPERITY PUMP seek to embarrass the process with President Trump? Why? Who would like to DERAIL THE IRAN PROSPERITY PUMP FROM THE TRUMP TRAIN?

MBS KING OF SAUDI the only WHO no one else he is the WHO. MBS is going over the deep end folks…..again….

A black and white film ( the US films are precision and in color telling you the brand of lettuce you had today for lunch ) was released by the USA today. From Saudi or who? Actors staged in the film were said to remove evidence ( the mine on the ship that didn’t go off? ) from the ship or just acting with Saudi dressed as Iran guards? Political theater from MBS all so set up to blame Iran – the Iran who guards these waters for all ships for all nations and the Iran who raced to save the crew on board and did in fact while those fires were put out. Saudi said the ship sank which was Saudi’s hope not knowing IRAN was racing to the rescue. The USA playing alone with Saudi stated with its grainy black and white fake new video that Iran was the likely target Iran ( as its all set up between the parties ) said – boy are we convenient target in such restraint for Iran with Abe in town. MAXIMUM EMBARRASSMENT from the little bang bang to who – IRAN. They embarrassed themselves? If Iran did it the ships would be sunk – for sure. They don’t make sloppy MBS bone saw work and Saudi failing last time to get blame on Iran this time made a little show film or had their actors assure they had film at 11 to blame Iran. Very easy sham and Khashoggi should teach us – who in the theater is a crazy brain state actor and frankly folks past billions by Saudi to say it is always and always IRAN it is in fact Always and Always Saudi. No Iranian in 9/11 or any terror to our soil. Saudi’s all the way. No Iranian in Turkey bringing bone saws to a wedding permit stamp moment. Saudi all the way. The KING OF SAUDI crazy brain. And No Iran in this bring oil up Thursday with fake news video – DON’T BE FOOLED OUT THERE – it is always crazy brain MBS.

This film is a SAUDI SET UP – and no one will tell you the question – WHERE DID THE NAVY GET THAT FILM? Our sailor smart phones are Hi DEF Color. Who took that grainy black and white to assure the SAUDI ACTORS could slam Iran? Why would Iran place a bomb on a JAPANESE SHIP when they are meeting ABE? Why would Iran do anything when its all going their way. WHO WANTS TO DERAIL IRAN AND TRUMP DEAL MAKING ? CRAZY MBS that is the WHO ? DO NOT BE FOOLED HERE FOLKS…..roll back the curtain. MBS “thinks” like Khashoggi – bring a bone saw to a wedding permit…set up IRAN…..no problem for the kiddy pooh no problem what so ever. Did he pool it off? Oh please do you think our GULF expert team is the one and only group doing all this. In fact we have another sound bite so sensitive we will only publish it when the shit hits the fan – because knowing what we know before Fathers day is national security and we are not WIKKI LEAK CRIMINALS. We protect our home team and say to them – knowing we know – GO USA. Good plan. Wait for it. Today do not be fooled on SAUDI little bang bang.  Iran’s IS bigger than theirs and size matters in the GULF.

Who gains from the little BANG BANG Thursday…..it is always Saudi and never is it Iran. Your thinking out there correct?

Would BIBI of Israel under his worst political EXIT PRESSURE EVER distract the landscape – why would Israel want to attack a SAUDI vessel? TO SET UP IRAN? BIBI ( I know him ) is more direct he doesn’t need a riddle. He wants a deal that creates PEACE  and no nukes in IRAN. That is what Israel wants. Why would they with a middle east peace plan unfolding they want with Kushner in the Gulf promoting the new PEACE INITIATIVE years in the making – side bar the peace plan they desire? Kushner just left MBS who made it clear -we are against your peace plan. Kushner was gut sliced by those curved knives they hold under their bed sheets over there. So MBS again. He wants to derail the peace and right damn now while OIL GOES UP.

What do “WE” BELIEVE In our news site here  – we reported last time and now – MBS ATTACKED HIMSELF in a crime to raise oil and derail the peace timed to MAXIMALLY EMBARRASS THE HISTORY AND EPIC IMPORTANCE of the TRUMP IRAN deal unfolding with ABE FROM JAPAN in Iran doing that deal – all going so well – which put MBS in fury and had MBS move to new CRIMES and NEW LOWS.

Did today change oil supply in any way. No. None. Oil went up on perception this little bang bang from some mine slingers from Saudi makes the oil highway moving billions of barrels unsafe. WOW no change in over over supply – price goes up on what. There is an old  song MAKING LOVE OUT OF NOTHING AT ALL and  those words are my theme song from me to King MBS he night download. OIL MARKETS are not effected by bang bang. IRAN is protecting the oil highway and makes essential money from it. The USA is insuring the highway and a bang bang has no impact on oil supply. Its like a transformer blowing out in a remote mountain pass for electricity – as if that would effect say NEW YORK OR LA power rates. REALLY. A thimble of two ship loads reloaded and reshipped – zero impact but inconvenience and delay a few days plus some Saudi insurance costs. Really? That? THE IMPACT OF THE DRAMA AND POLITICAL THEATER IN BLAMING IRAN which SAUDI DID IMMEDIATELY no one ELSE WHY? SAUDI DID IT TO EMBARRASS IRAN TODAY WHILE ABE WAS FLIPPING THE FINGER AT SAUDI AND WORKING WITH TRUMP TO SECURE ENDLESS OIL FROM IRAN WITHOUT SAUDI IN THE PICTURE AT ALL. Who benefits from todays bang bang -why SAUDI OF COURSE only SAUDI. And that is temporary…..payback on all this for MBS is easy. The SAUDI family present a robust vacation plan for Arabian failed Kings. The MBS Vacation is soon. MBS Must be terrified right about now…as even this failed. Every MBS idea fails even his crimes fail. HE IS THE MASTER FAILURE they should make a movie with Jim Carey as MBS it would be hysterical don’t you think? I can help with the scrip? We’d all see the comedy MBS. What a world joke.

The Gulf is five decades of my life. The rules are simple. NOTHING IS AT IT SEEMS over there. There are layers that make GAME OF THRONES LOOK like a Montessori school for four year olds. The ADULTS PLAY in the GULF. Subtly and nuance that students of Gulf history know and others can not know. That nuance is playing out right now. The KING of Jordon ( my Hero ) knows – the Ruler of the UAE my other HERO – KNOWS -the leader in IRAN another HERO knows. They all know. MBS is surrounded today. I suspect he is sucking his little boy thumb tonight thinking he made a huge win today – failing to notice how he just pulled the appendage from his own little boy ass hole.

Everyone can see the problem….but MBS. Sucking away for security in his SAND CASTLE.

The SAUD FAMILY KNOW and this is NOT how they wish to run their nation. I wrote some time ago the longer the SAUD family delay their Sand Castle Civil War going on ( Game of Thrones for real – not canceled and over no way in Saudi ) the higher the cost to them all. It stands passing 5 trillion in JUNE. How low do you want your money lake to go boys?

Economics 101. It is not personal MBS its business.

As with the GODFATHER MOVIE SERIES…I grab MBS by his little boy fat face – and I hold him tight looking in his little criminal murder sociopathic eyes today – one Khashoggi Journalist ( my tribe ) speaking for all of us all over the world as I say to MBS so he remembers that phrase…can you feel me NOW when I speak those GODFATHER WORDS OF POWER:

….leaning in close so he can feel my breadth – that close nose to nose – as I say so he feels it….FREDO…I KNOW IT WAS YOU FREDO..I KNOW IT WAS YOU…as I kiss his cheek for the very last time before the Saud family balance their accounts to final audits……

…you really had to have seen the movie….to appreciate the scene here……



Berny Dohrmann – RIGHT AGAIN – as you all are going to eventually find out for yourselves – NOT IRAN – MBS !!!


Note: Journalist of the world do you not think Jeff Bezo and the WASHINGTON POST should globally op ed this item to at least the flag pole of truth so the SOCIOPATH does not GET AWAY with killing say ( us ) . Tried to hack us today smile. Failed. Expected you MBS expected you. Plus our team is watching over me – following the truth right along ….