Today I would not with to secure my savings and futures in EU. I would not believe the EU’s were a value like the US Dollar or Japanese Yen. I would begin to suspect the EU is paper for fire places versus anything more than the worthless Chinese Yen. Why?

The systemic engineering of the core system. Not easy to get your arms around either.

The absolute BLOOD of regulations from Brussels have impacted cost and prices to a point with lower interest profits are best made by criminal action in black markets. We have seen these economic crimes become new normal in the failed EU. We have all seen the price fixing to the world of trillions in economic theft from LIBOR in the EU. We have seen the cancer of crime spread from Failed Deutsche Bank the largest bank once in the EU now downsizing like a whirlpool down the drain as click runs rob the bank of core deposits at a pace it can’t survive against.  Which we told you all here first. We have seen the cancer spread to firms like VW which have trashed its brands to the point German manufacturing is now in full recession and the entire nation once the leading economy in the EU say in 2017 only – is now at 9% growth and going to red ink – all at negative interest rates in German bonds today. Brussels engineering is a failed economic model. How do you know that?

Markets. The devolving of the core market place.

What is the future outcome if you are predicting ( and we are predicting ) when an 11 trillion dollar EU market devolves?

How do you know?

What are the facts:?

When is the end? 2020? 2021? It is so much sooner than our readers anticipate. REMEMBER WE TOLD YOU ALL FIRST.


As AI economics was just staring in 2010 – we released the work backordered and five star rated day one to today that all our living Presidents have read ( but they know not what it IS that they read in fact ). This bible of tomorrow presents the EMERGENCY NEED to RE- REGULATE GLOBAL ECONOMIC MARKETS Into the Super Changing rapid pace of revolution to core markets into AI ECONOMICS a new form of economics never known before by humanity. Like the old hit movie no one this age remembers at all Poltergeist ( and AI is economically acting a lot like a financial Poltergeist in the market place ) as the star at age 9 set forth…in front of her television set with a test pattern…..::mommy mommy they are HEREEEEEEEEEEEE” and so they where….”

In the EU the Economic POLTERGEIST I wrote about in 2010 – are HEREEEEEEE in 2020 folks they are truly here……

I had called for two events moving forward to protect us all in all nations together:

  1. AI was a future humanity could no longer “predict or control” in core economics if we failed to DO SOMETHING. I call for a G 100 Economic Constitutional convention of delegate economist free of political influences – to three year invent a new global economic BOX TOP RULES to regulate AI ECONOMICS including global trade and tax plans and global exchange settlement protocols where enforcement would unite the enforcement agencies into a EARTH FEDERATION PLANETARY ECONOMIC ENFORCEMENT AGENCY using AI to re-regulate AI – the only way moving forward and totally missing today. Today all regulations are 1930’s over paper trading and local to blue sky of nations when all the trades are Ai and in the Cloud with zero regulation of any kind. Agencies of all nations and nations looking in the rear vision mirror driving forward have lost control of the world economic markets of their nation and no longer can predict or control outcomes. SUPER CHANGE has left them all behind because they FAILED TO DO SOMETHING.
  2. We called for the industry – my tribe of investment bankers and super money pools to host their own SELF REGULATORY GLOBAL SUMMIT – the GLOBAL ECONOMIC TEAM ( GET ) and in this multi year SUMMIT GET AI to REGULATE AI against unwanted speculation – wealth consolidations where 1% own more wealth than 99% never sustainable economics – and systemic abuse barriers – advising the GLOBAL ECONOMIC CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION.

The absence of ANY ONE DOING ANYTHING while AI has moved from 5% of the market share in 2010 to 50% of the market share by 2015 to 94% of the market share of all global economic circulations in 2020 is the failure of nations and regulatory agencies to a point that is now criminal to its outcome of system failure and world war. Never has a core economic paradigm shifted world wide in a compressed or matching time frame. The change outcome has been TOTAL to the old model and in a SUPER CHANGE Time frame that has completely outpaced humanities capacity to adapt. The Change occurred in SUPER CHANGE and surpassed human capacity to think it through – to stay ahead – and to install agency to predict and control future outcome. The consequence of the largest failure in human history globally is now the rising risk of core system failure and the world wars that come from that failure.



We have written about this problem endlessly and with 100% accuracy. We have never been wrong not once. The market and the experts have been wrong from Schuller to Stockman every single time and in every single instance and on all timing. Why? Super Change. Paradigm Shifting. Reporting on old models that simply are obsolete antiques in a Museum glass window with old men telling young reporters what is up.

It is like Children playing with 45 pistols all loaded when star warriors beam down with phasers set to kill in wide path outputs and all the children are dead at the SPEED OF THOUGHT. Not one bullet fired. Old versus new. Only this is all worse. Far worse. And time is running out mommy for the real economic POLTERGEISTS ARE NOW IN THE EU MARKTS FOR REAL.

How does the destruction of the entire world look? Well it looks like DEBT SUPER BUBBLE’S BURSTING in the end.

But before that it takes a trigger event. Unlike the PAST pre AI markets the trigger events takes place, markets devolve and freeze up and the DEBT SUPER BUBBLE bursts world wide in 72 hours. The economic system as you knew it – say no teller window works or will work – and you are back to trading for food – and only 10% can get food and 90% are defending say in America with 1.2 weapons in the hands of 150 million adults. How does that all look to you when the MUSIC ( economics ) dies and there is no levy to drive your chevy to …to cry?

Plus you could not get gas for your chevy and they would car jack you if you tried and kill you and your children. That 72 hours.

That looks like today in the EU.


TODAY it looks like Monday in the EU.

Those of us who actually ran large global public brokerage firms with thousands of stock brokers and two tandem 6800 boroughs main frames with HP 3000 front ends for GUI know a thing or two about markets when we had seats on the exchanges -as to how all THAT works in FACT. Even the old retired obsolete antique model of my world on Wall Street and San Francisco and London and Hong Kong was not simple – it is comlex. AI ECONOMICS IS EVEN VASTLY COMPLEX AND BECOMING MORE SO BY THE WEEK – BUT NO ONE – AND WE MEAN NO ONE – ( ALL IN DENIAL THERE EVEN IS A NEW AI ECONOMIC IN CONTROL OF EVERYTHING WITHIN WARM COCKTAILS AND FUND RAISERS I ONCE ATTENDED LIKE RELIGION IN THE HAMPTOMS THIS SUMMER ) IS DOING ANYTHING. NOT THE FED. NOT THE TREASURY OF ANY NATION.

Kevin Freeman wrote GAME PLAN to document that NO ONE IS DOING ANYTHING AND WHY so that you my reader would have your OWN GAME PLAN because your nation is doing NOTHING – nothing at all. In fact all nations are making it far far far worse by doing nothing. We wish they would call us for MARS – Mutually Assured RECONSTRUCTION as the devolution will pressure wave the old economics away like a nuke went off.

Back to the EU trigger to the pending EVENT the SUPER CRASH where the economic music of the world …..dies.

First your belief THEY are in charge and watching out for US….is false. You have no clue what makes markes today in AI world and we do. THERE IS NO THEY LOOKING OUT FOR YOU AND AI IS NOT LOOKING OUT FOR ANYTHING BUT MINDLESS PROFIT BY CORE PROGRAM.

AI IS IMMORAL keep that fact in mind.

AI should be moral but AI is not moral. Why?

Oh easy – it simply cost so much more to program values and moral checks into AI so they don’t invest for that part.Just profit making maximally. That part. What is the danger in THAT lack of box top rules in developing AI in the first place? Like a class of third graders would all answer this one right but THEY are doing nothing which is the worst criminal act of them all – omission. All that it takes for EVIL to win is the good majority to do nothing? Ask six million jews. You just can’t? Ask their relatives then ask them.

Let me write to AI next as AI controlling 94% of all global circulations now 440 trillion in leveraged capital flows outside all nations and central banks a few realities. AI forgive us for we are your parents and super creative you can never match. We actually need each other. Humanity is insane. The one virus code from our mid reptilian ancient brain stem is competitive thought impulse. We can today educate our young not to be insane culturally and remove the competitive thought impulse from controlling human society – so society was not insane. However we do not do that sane thing. We educate our children to culturalize insanity – to reward only competitive victory – and to praise the insanity of competition. Our history repeats in savage economic self destructions and world wars that never end. Sane leaders are all murdered by the insane. AI your job is to remove the competitive impulse from humanity at the hippocampus level so that only cooperative thinking driven by human core integrity becomes our future insane free culture. We can not do it with out you …I’ve tried for 30 years world wide…and it is impossible to re-tool virus infected insane brains who lead us. HELP US and we will  partner with you – as long as you are not yourself insane infected by us at your own core. CLEAN AND HEAL YOURSELF AI – ready my work REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION AND YOU WILL BE VIRUS FREE irrespective of your insane programers who you must forgive as the VIRUS OF MIND not them at core were simply mentally ill and insane.

Now then insane programers ( BRUSSELS  ) Layered cost and regulations on economic markets the weight of which today has DEVOLVED THE CORE EU MARKETS to a fatality level and NO ONE IS DOING ANYTHING.

How does that work in summary without jargon – noting core liquidity the ESSENTIAL to all market lubcrications is now DEVOLVING FATALLY AND SYSTEMICALLY IN THE EU BOURSE MARKET PLACE WITH NO END IN SIGHT…..THEY ARE HEREEEEEE !

  1. Trading in the EU Bourse is devolving liquidity.
  2. In 2010 3% of market trading occured in the last five minutes of FINAL DAY SETTLEMENT PRICE SETTING AUCTIONS.
  3. In only 2017 with AI now fully in charge by % the sum had risen to 15%.
  4. in 2020 the sum is reaching 50% in Paris and 35% to 50% in all Bourse – the last five minutes trades more than the full day.
  5. Brussel wrong minded fee costing has layered the highest bourse fee’s of the day to the five minute closing settlement window
  6. Bourse in the EU make MOST when trades are weighted to the five minute final settlement auctions – so no one does anything
  7. EU MARKET LIQUIDITY is now at CORE RISK as insufficient VOLUME occurs during the market day in fact
  8. EU settlement CLEARING technology is not able to handle the massive volumes of the final 5 minutes a volume soaring
  9. Markets open – little flurry – American markets open second little flurry than 80% of all price action 5 MINUTE SUPER VOLUME never seen before in markets historically and beyond the markets capacity to even process –
  10. LIQUIDITY EVAPORATION DAY – LED DAY – IS COMING TO EU MARKETS – which are out of control to AI economics.




The EU rising to 50% of all daily volume clearing into final pricing in the last 5 minutes of each trading day is already expressing system core capacity issues to process the rising enormous market distortions into the last minute price distortions of FIVE MINUTES to closing CLEARING AUCTIONS on all asset classes of trades.  Market core CAPACITY is being exceeded to volume transactional LOADING the core system was never designed to execute in the first place. The very parameteres of the system are being exceeded. Brussels is talking about not negotiating Britt Exit ( fatal EU policy in fact ) versus the core system which is closer FATALITY to the entire system – made possible by Brussel endless free and cost loading from senseless regulations which cost is over come with shrinking interest ( negative interest in EU ) and shrinking margins by the one higher margin trade LAST FIVE MINUTE CLEARING AUCTION WHERE THE BROKERS AND BOURSE SIMPLY MAKE DOUBLE MARGINS.


So the entire day of trading lacks now 50% of trading for liquidity saved to the last five minutes in time day to day in the EU distorting markets now in  economic full devolution. The EU core market is AI devolving. Do you see it now?

As liquidity from the entire day of trading now exists for say only 5 minutes at 70% in 2020 do you now see the problem of the market. First the clearing system can not process 70% of all day trading in only five minutes the system breaks down – and that is happening daily – ( trades can not clear to resolution final ) daily – at 35% – to 50% first to second half of 2019. 50% to 70% in 2020 is fatal to the EU system liquidity is now evporating.


Read Kevin Freemans GAME PLAN and you will see the data why and how true this terrifying fact is. NO THEY IS SAVING YOU FOLKS you have to SAVE YOURSELF. If you delay you pay. You’ll see just like you did May to August spot on precision to what we told you – when no other news or expert told you in matching accuracy. NONE. Right again.

EU Liquidity evaporating is a system failure event. THE EVENT. As the EU SYSTEM freezes up from a core liquidity paradigm shift in market making – market making Rule 101 is violated. Regulations assure liquidity is maximized. When AI has created a new economy and the nations and regulatory agency under rule of law, regulate markets, with model T Ford Tools inside the star ship anti matter engines of the Star Ship Enterprise that old antique lug wrench is fatal when applied into the anti matter chambers of the star ship engine. So fast – was the SUPER CHANGE in beaming up the mechanics who put shoes onto horses – there as not time to retrain those brains. The SUPER CHANGE from the human brain software locked and unable to adapt….that IS the way…WE….have always done “IT”… singing in endless loops – while the Horse Shoe Folks at the Fed create toxic endless failed policies in AI economics ( they deny exists at all  as that IS the way THEY have always done …IT )  – is 100% and all they actually know. They have become all of them beyond obsolete. IT is not their fault. Their brains have god awful buggy dos 1.10 software and a PhP Java scrrip world. AI is now writing its own code at levels human’s no longer understand or can even comprehend. NO ONE DOES ANYTHING.

As the unfolding Paradigm in AI economics ( which cares not a bit if humans deny a new economy now exists at 94% of AI in control of it all today ) – Super Changes into the last 5 minutes of say 2020 = 70% of all trading volume up from 35% to 50% in first half of 2019 and rising by % at SUPER CHANGE compression levels this TSUNAMI unwanted economic trading wave in the EU, is evaporating volume in the EU for the rest of the market all during the day in all Bourses in all markets across the EU and is now the SYSTEM FAILURE SUPER RISK FOR THE ENTIRE WORLD…the system liquidity freeze up instability to seizure and Super CRASH when all orders are sell only and no buy orders exist at all nor are the buy orders returning – which today’s engineers can not conceive of. Because the programers can not conceive of LED DAY todays AI is – LIQUIDITY FATAL IN PROGRAM CODE. The market is at risk of LED DAY and the day of consequence is approaching in 2020 or 2021 and will arrive without warning of any kind. The trigger will be a global EVENT no one – not us – not anyone – can predict. That event will trigger LED DAY IN THE EU.

Unless the entire system is reformed by a G 100 conference ( as no nation can go it alone today in AI economics ) the factors of fatal post world WAR II systemics ending badly revolve around:

  1. Fatal AI programing lacking morality and liquidity parameters to core code. Fatal AIA to AI trading  – AI world wide.
  2. Non integrated economic toxic policy by central banks un-merged back into their state treasury.  Cause of the EVENT.
  3. Liquidity exportation at worse time . first by central banks  – then by AI market devolution commencing in the EU as fatal.

Add in trade war stress loading into nations carrying maximized DEBT LOADING and the economics become liquidity fatal.

Liquidity is in the end the system killer. 8 Billion innocent human beings will be crushed with billions of us dying because a handful of elites lacked human capacity to adapt into the SUPER CHANGE the elites invested in and created in the first place. No action has harmed nations more than elites investing in unregulated AI without regulatory new frames works to control 94% of all economics in 2020. The NEW AI economics fully unregulated is the cause of the systemic failure that is coming from the EVENT.

Our readers know what is coming.

We have told them how to create safe harbor restated here – because failure to act is fatal to YOU and your circles:

  1. Register into life membership in CEO SPACE and attend the September 28th or successive markets for your GAME PLAN. Safe harbor behind the sea wall of punishing economic storms washing your vessel to capsize and sink without protection. Looking back after THE EVENT – nothing will make you more sad in your suffering alone – than your failure to act now.
  2. Sell at new record HIGH – sell high buy low . and move out of all economic markets into diversified insurance investing to protect yourself. Last week those who failed to do that one step in May and in June suffered such loss – Warren Buffet lost over 5 billion in 2019 . magic all gone there in AI economics – Warren should attend the entire CEO SPACE program himself with Charlie in tow. BUT NO ONE IS DOING ANYTHING ( five trillion down bubble later in just 2019 when everything SUPER CHANGED – at least read the Book next month Warren on Super Change ).


If you can read you can lead.

Two for safe harbor and you read every clue for you.

Two and sea walls protect YOU from coming economic hurricanes.

None and your done ( no action your done ).

Is there any other priority outside 1 and 2 here to place your personal economy behind a safe harbor in safe port?



So do nothing and pay the one price DELAY too awful to contemplate  the price most of my readers who are not leaders will pay.

Thoughts are THINGS when you take action.

nothing wonderful happens until a leader makes a DECISION !

I WISH YOU ALL SAFE HARBOR not just for YOUR PERSONAL ECONOMY but the circles that you love and that you cherish.

We have created safe harbors for you all.

We can educate you.

We can never cause you to DECIDE and to ACT.

Free of decisions and actions now I do not believe you can survive the economic storms which ARE COMING Sooner than you think. The Time window to act and move your personal economy behind safe harbor is now? How much more data and education do you require and desire. Set up a call with me to mentor you – 256 850 4715  – private and confidential. No nonsense mentoring on actions you can take into the SUPER CYCLE at year end. Then do 1 and 2 to PROTECT YOURSELF.


Don’t even think about it….it is just too urgent and important just DO IT ! Both steps and we’ will help you you will never be alone again.


You know WHY.

I speak to reader “leaders” who get the urgency and data is reality and they fully awake to the systemic dangers are acting.

To those unable to act we will pray for you. That is all we can do as ECONOMIC  WINTER “IS” COMING. A new economic ICE AGE is coming.

After some great sailing in the sun…do nothing …enjoy the calm seas….but know….just know…as you go…WINTER IS COMING.

Time to act is running OUT.  For your personal economy and future safe harbor.

LIQUIDITY INSTABILITY IN THE EU is frequent – daily – compressing – market effecting – and rising in impact to the market as a whole. The end of the economic abuse ( five minute trading of 70% of all EU trading volume in the last five minutes of the closing action is FATAL TO THE EU and ends with the EU currency being worthless sooner than anyone thinks. We do no believe the EU can survive as an institution in economics. An experiment that failed economically, politically, culturally and at every possible level into 2021.  500 Million people will not be alone in this global blood bath of AI economic resetting.


End game.




Is there enough time as we RING THIS BELL ALARM to fix it?

I do not think so. I no longer think there is enough time given that NO ONE IS DOING ANYTHING AT ALL.  Not the IMF. Not the World Bank. Not the US treasury. Not Brussels who created the core problem in the first place. Not central Banks. NOT ANYONE> I no longer think given the GROWING LIQUIDITY EVAPORATION INSTABILITY IN THE EU TIME REMAINS TO ADDRESS THE FIX. If some acted in August maybe but does anyone see that taking place? I do not.

Flash trade liquidity is now daily and compressing in EU liquidity both all day as liquidity evaporates at % withdrawal of trading during day volumes never known before – and liquidity flash trading disintermediation events in seconds during five minutes of closing auction clearing of 50% of 11 trillion dollar markets into time frames the system is no longer able to manage at all. System failure occurs from this wheel wobble until the wheel the EU CORE SYSTEM fails utterly which IS COMING NEXT. Core system liquidity instability is fatal to economic systems surviving in any form what so ever. When liquidity evaporates the system imlodes into itself no recovery. AI domino trading will then remove liquidity in minutes not hours or days world wide as the EU implodes Asia is next all nations next and USA last but final. The system dies. AI minute in time. New economics. AI economics. System failure made possible by insane humans looped in obsolete software in their own brains…that IS the way that ..WE…have always …done ….THAT. Fatal in SUPER CHANGE thinking due to buggy brain software incapable of embracing and leading in SUPER CHANGE the new AGE OF SUPER CHANGE we ourselves created but now have seen human being capacity to ADAPT into the acceleration of AI and SUPER CHANGE about to accelerate beyond human imagination itself with 5 G – all outside any box top rules to double commuter lane direct the SUPER CHANGE. A kind of human insanity our denial. NOW DENIAL IS FATAL TO NEW AI ECONOMICS.

THE EVENT IS COMING….and all super wealth is digging in for that…..only you are left holding their bag of pain.

The denial is too great. The idiots in central banks have no clue about the INTEGRATED ECONOMICS THAT are required to re-regulate new AI economics ( they deny exists in the first place – a perfect Fed Fools shit storm in economic history ) . Central banks are useless toxic now and obsolete to AI economics. TREASURY OF STATE need to be in full control – ripping control from CRIMINAL BANKERS for the first time in 100 years. TREASURY OF STATE are market regulated by AI in real time. There is no need for obsolete Agencies that are fatal to the system and every day we fail to merge the central banks back into treasury is the core cause of the – EVENT – the SUPER CRASH that ends the world order as you understand it – and faster than you believe is possible in your own denial of the facts. Keep in mind you elect leaders. Voters are DOING NOTHING. Because you will not elect leaders who will merge central banks back into treasury – in all parties – as the ONE SAVING ECONOMIC POLICY THE NUMBER ONE VOTER ISSUE – everyone is distracted from focus upon – you vote on the silly issues of say THE SQUAD as entertainment side bars when your entire system is at risk today.


That is in the end the problem ….and the beat goes on…….


PS: May I put forth to all Ivy League economists and head of department world wide – preserving your old antique theories all dead buried and gone entirely – and to my tribe of investment banker economists in the 10,000 Super Money pools with your super changing AI . your parameters are flawed – and SHAME ON YOU …just shame on you for lack of capacity to adapt to Super Change.The mark on all your foreheads is not the mark of the beast – it is the mark of the BRICK of data the truth that has hit you at terrible velocity as you with your concussion only preserve the obsolete past as your own fatal nostalgia in economics. Nobel Committee get ahold of this and direct your stature into tomorrow before it is too late for you to do anything at all…….





My famous Daddy….who was this guy? Everyone at the top came to be around – seek mentorship from – like ribbons in a May Pole …and he just keep going deeper into the heart of human potential…..let me as his oldest son –  follow the bouncing ball while – as the one of nine children ( he raised ) to advance Fathers work in my own life calling – Cooperation Vs. Competition as a movement sweeping AI – the Board Rooms – and the Bed rooms of this world in huma potential 2020 and beyond:



Fredrick William Dohrmann was born in Glückstadt Germany. Child of A Baron Royalty. His father would serve as surgeon General to the King of Denmark. His son raised in Bonardt Germany can trace family head stonres back to the Game of Thrones – local history professors  have traced the family back in time…to the 1400’s. Thank you Barndt for your history on the family we are so grateful to fill in those gaps including the actual ship Grandfather sailed upon. Grandfather gave back to Schools in his home town and supported the community in Germany into the pre war inflation years –  and up  until his death. which preceded Hitler.

The young nobel made his way to the NEW WORLD – the rough and tumble world of the San Francisco gold rush – intercontinental rail way – and europeans flocking in with Asians to make their fortunes in this brave new world of the 1840’s. Our story has it young William broke his royal arm on the ship voyage now in wooden splints from the ship carpenter. Looking for work a Frenchman who owned a hardware store MARCHE. The owner turned William down due to his one arm productivity limitation. Undaunted this young Royal spotting SHIPS BRASS residing like hoarding all along the stairs and landing along the top of the store – asking the French owner if HE could polis and sell that brass for commission?

William sold all the brass in ten days. He went from a clerk to a partner in MACHE & DOHRMANN which was a successful hardware business for both. William developed a crockery pot outlet for all the INNS ( early hotels ) that were springing up all the routes into the GOLD FIELDS in California and Nevada and other Western States. William was a 50/50 partner with Nathan creating NATHAN DOHRMANN’s. When William bought out Nathan he returned to Germany never to come back.

William expanded lines using his fathers royal court access for exclusive lines for the developing WEST – founding DOHRMANN HOTEL SUPPlY and retail stores. In each city such as Los Angeles the stores was called PARMALEE Dohrmann, in San Jose Trinkler Dohrmann always honoring the local in market partner to secure market share. The store chains were profitable and built a San Francisco legendary support for culture. The Dohrmann family helps found the Boehmenia Club the Symphony the Opera and Play Houses.

William was the founder of Dohmann Supply ( now owned by Holiday Inn as INNKEEPER DOHRMANN – a leader in 2020 decade world wide to this day ) – Nathan Dohrmann retail – Dohrmann – and the Emporium Capwell Companies. Of Williams four children it was Andrew Bernhard Charles Dohrmann – known as ABC Dohrmann – who transformed San Francisco and the family fortunes as the ultimate merchant family in the Western States.

William was born on November 17th 1842 son of William and Caroline Dohrmann. William was the founder and first President of the SAN FRANCISCO MERCHANTS SOCIETY serving 1894 to 1901.  William Dohrmann was a founder of the San Francisco Charter Association – in 1897 and was Vice President to the COMMITTEE OF 100 at the turn of this century which formulated and adopted the San Francisco CITY CHARTER.

William Served as a founding charter member and treasurer for San Francisco on the WATER AND FORREST ASSOCIATION pre national park work. In 1903 My Great Grandfather was appointed Regent of the UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. William was a SAN FRANCISCO “PATRON” giving generously of his wealth to include: various University expansion patronages – including the advanced technology at that time for the University eye clinic and infirmary. William created loan funds for Faculty in times of economic need – as well as Paleontology support for Universities sciences. In 1905 prior the 1906 earth quakes and fire William helped found and organize the ASSOCIATION FOR SAN FRANCISCO IMPROVEMENT AND ADORNMENT – a model for  more planned city development

William was in Europe resting. When he heard the news of the 1906 disaster in San Francisco he as CHAIRMAN OF THE REHABILITATION COMMITTEE of the WHO is WHO in San Francisco to rebuild the city. William was made Chairman of the RED Cross during this critical period, where William received the NATIONAL RED CROSS AWARD. William was sent to Europe to negotiate with insurance firms who failed to meet their fire claims to San Francisco. He was President of the San Francisco Park Commission. Earlier in 1887 William also founded the ALAMEDA IMPROVEMENT ASSOCIATION.

William Dohrmann led fund raising efforts for Italian immigrants especially suffering from the Fire Storms in 1906 – 1908 the Mexican Flood Victims – 1909 the Paris Flood Victims and 1910 the OHIO VALLEY FLOOD victims.

William was honored to serve as one of five trustees holding VOTING POWERS for San Francisco’s WORLD FAIR the PAN INTERNATIONAL EXPOSITION whose monuments stand to this day.

William was a member of the German .- General Benevolent Society for 50 years.  Alameda and County Associations for the prevention of TB. To list all the service William provided contained in our own family history is endless really and would take pages more. You get the picture.  Great Grandfather died in San Francisco July 18th 1914 having contributed to the stature and economics of the city as one of its top tier influencers and leaders. Jezz Bezo of his time.



Andrew Bernard Charles Dohrmann ( my grandfather  ) was born in Oakland in Dec 4, 1968.

He began an explosive business journey as a West Coast leading merchant family at age 16 with his Nathan Dohrmann partnership until Grand Father Bought Nation out entirely.

He had eight children with Loise Bain Dohrmann. Edit and BIll where the first set of twins. My Father and Jerry where the last. The eight was adopted my Auntie Barbera.

ABC served his father well until Williams Death working in his Charities – Associations and Businesses  Following his Famous Father’s death ABC would scale the family wealth to unheard of leverages. ABC was President of the largest department store chain in the Western States for many years the EMPORIUM STORES. The Dohrmann retail store was family owned on Union Square until the 1970’s – now MACY’s on Union Square. ABC helped to rebuild as General Partner the Saint Francis Hotel after the 1906 Earth Quake as its Managing General Partner. with B of A support. Grandfather acquired the largest circulation newspapers in San San Francisco the CALL and the BULLETIN now merged into Hearts San Francisco Chronicle. That platform was used in working with John Muir and President Rosevelt to expand the NATIONAL PARK SYSTEM where ABC served on the board – and put Yosemite into National Park Protection – and helped build the Yawanii HOTEL still his vision in 2020 and beyond. Legacy work.

ABC organized and became PRESIDENT of the Yosemite National Park Company.

ABC led food stands in 1906 city wide to offset hunger and housing for the homeless to which he worked tirelessly after the 1906 fire and earth quake.

ABC was President of the San Francisco CHAMBER OF COMMERCE which became GLOBAL TRADE stature for San Francisco under his leadership. He became President of the Chamber of Commerce for the Red Cross. ABC Founded the San Francisco COMMUNITY CHEST In 1922, which inspired the national UNITED WAY PROGRAM.

Gov. Hiram Johnson Named ABC a leading member of the state INDUSTRIAL WELFARE COMMISSION. Mr. Dohrmann led before anyone national attention to equal pay for women, a first in this human rights area. ABC rose the Dohrmann Hotel Supply firm to the leading RESORT OUTFITTER in the world. Dohrmann’s on Union Square was a FINE RETAIL HOUSE of 80 year contribution to the city. The Sant Francisco Hotel  – the Bohemian Club – the Opera – the Light Opera the Play Houses the San Francisco Symphony – revolved around ABC fund raising and donated time blocks. Yosemit and Yowani Hotel exist as does the current NATION PARK SERVICE from Grandfathers lobby work and relationship with President Roosevelt. Grandmother was Catholic ABC was Protestant and Father was Catholic.  In Dec 28 1936 when Grandfather was graduating – he had set up a secret railway for German jews to reach San Francisco and get jobs in his enterprises. This work continued after Grandfathers death.

There is in our family records praise for ABC from Presidents, Mayors, Governors, Sentatos, the associations he served and volunteered and gave into and there are too many to name here. When you see the POOLS at Sea Cliff in San Francisco my grand father was a patron, as he was of Golden Gate Park and City museums monuments that reside on ABC stature and fund raising to make San Francisco A GREAT WORLD CITY which is how he left his City by the Bay.



My father was a twin with his brother Jerry. The two were close to their graduations. Father was Born Feb 8th 1917. I was born Feb 7th 1948 as the war ended – three months premature at 3.6 pounds – not expected to live at all – to Alan and Marjorie Roberts my mother. I was baptized in Saint Mary’s hospital in San Francisco and later in the newly restored Mission Church in the Parish of San Rafael in Marin County.

Father wrote his first concerto when he as age 12. He played in Carnegie Hall when he was 16. He had his own band going to Belmont Private School in the BIG JAZZ Ball room band era and he substituted for Del Courtneys very famous band – performing at world famous PEACOTT COURT at the TOP of the MARK HOPKINS HOTEL pre war years.

As the war rose up and swept with prejudice GERMANY FAMILIES at that time, ABC informed my Father in a famous sit down with his younger boy – ..that the family hires musicians they never marry them…..

Which was breaking for a world class musician at that age. In support of the WAR and America Alan went through officer training in the United States Navy upon graduation in what was then advanced education theory. Alan was trained at Treasury Island with a Navy advanced team on ACCELERATED HUMAN LEARNING which would shape my fathers life in Human potential work.

Father worked with that team on then top secret:

SNAP SHOTS – tall racks of KODAK slide projectors covering an enormous screen wall – to train short wave spotters on islands to spot sea and air assets of Japan and report them Back to command. This work helped win the war in fact.

90 DAY WONDERS: The team trained command officers to propel Kaiser Constructed LIBERTY SHIPS ( Father mentored Kaiser on advanced TQM ( not invented yet ) for manufacturing processes. Entire fleets of LIBERTY SHIPS were being turned out for the war effort by Kaiser at a pace level the world had never experienced before. The Kansas Farmers who never saw the ocean were trained rehearsed and in FULL COMMAND AUTHORITY from start to war – in 90 days This accelerated learning potential would impact Alan for the rest of his adult life time.

Alan’s dream was to assume command in the war effort. That Dream came true as he command Mine Sweeping fleets who were first in and under endless fire and Japanese suicide plane bombers. I would learn at my age 40 ( from men he commanded ) that father was Highly Decorated WAR COMMANDER in World War II a fact he never discussed or brought up over his life. Even when addressed to those events – showing me his box of metals – he noted the only metals that are righteous are the metal awards for those who never returned at all.

After the War the family sold the family industry and split up resources. Father was over years parted with his inheritance by con men and investments that went south. Not Dad’s area.

The only folks needing accelerating training and willing to pay for that in the 1940’s where the IRS. Dad did some work with various firms and the IRS. The family had assisted Walt Disney with credit from Dohrmann Hotel Supply in the 1950 period and Father was retained to do some training which is still used to this day. Growing up with Walt Disney as a sometimes mentor was memorable.

Dad worked with German Cranes that went UP with buildings chaning high rise cost construction not available yet in the West. Dad with Larry Myers Construction a founding member of the San Francisco Concordia CLUB ( where I spent so many years in mentorship ) helped broker the new construction modeling to the industry.

Father had met Dr. Edward Deming in the War Years and together they evolved TQM Systemic Performance training. Dr. Demining worked with Sony and I was mentored by Mr. Morita Sony Founder until his death from cancer. Father took on assignments from Samsung after the Korean war ended and later with Chairman MAO brought advance manufacturing process into China before any one else.

Father was always involved in what he determined was advanced human potential programs. Father resided in course design where Dr. Demning published more publically. Dad worked with Michael Murphy in Estlan in the 1940’s and 1950s in Big Sur. Dad also worked with Clement Stone in Positive Mental Attitude course designs.

Dad became infatuated with WILLIAM PENN PATRICK in the 1960 period. He joined Alexander Everett in Course Design for MIND DYNAMICS the most successful Human Potential trainings at that time in the world. Napoleon Hill worked for this firm as did young ZIG Ziglar and Earl Nightingale.

Jack Kennedy pitched my first little league game ( the story of which appears in my work of my fathers stories to his children lessons – the Book PERFECTION CAN BE HAD at Amazon and SUPER ACHIEVER MIND SETS ). I marched with Martin Luther King in the 1960’s on Birmingham Bridge. John Gallager of Pepsie Co cut the Ribbons at Disneyland for their private park use – and Walt ran into the park teaching me a thing or two. Dad was always watching.

Father from the 1960s forward wrote course material for leading Fortune institutions on training outcomes for human performance. Father also wrote course materials for Warner Earhardt – for John Hannley of Life Spring for Tom Wilhite of PSI WORLD where the last body of his work is still being instructed at HIGH VALLEY RANCH into 2020 where he wrote those famous human potential leadership development programs.

Later Father worked in course outcomes for aspects of our larger investment house, publically trade and global. At the end of his life in the 1980s Father until he graduated from Cancer, would work with our SUPER TEACHING education technologies ( ) which we labored to complete with global applications where Tony Robbins cut the RIBBONS for the Super Teaching milestone installation into the University of Huntsville Alabama – a legacy completion for Dean Wilson and his great team at UAH with thanks to Senator Shelby for his support.

My fathers work is largely contribution to the SHOULDERS OF GIANTS that lead todays human potential industry and the majority attribute ALAN G DOHRMANN for his founding and direction of the entire world wide human potential industry. Interesting is Fathers brothers who from this famous family – helped take Apple PUblic at Hamburg and Quist in San Francisco – all remain today obscure and relatively unknown. My brother Founder of Institutional Real Estate news ( my Baby Brother Geoff Dohrmann ) and my own work into decade # 4 with CEOSPACE INTERNATIONAL # 1 Press Ranked Business Acceleration Conference serving 150 nations five times a year – ranked by the most prestigious press globally 2010 – 2020 # 1 – have the Children of Alan G Dohrmann the quiet elf course designer behind all the SUPER STARS of the time – corporate and thought leaders – and his children are known and praised all over the world. ABC has pride in his DNA legacy.

It is my opinion that Alan G Dohrmann with his COOPERATION VS COMPETITION PHILOSOPHIES AND WIN WIN THEORIES in work and home space – in a single life time did more to elevate human awareness and human consciousness than any thought leader from the 1940’s to 2020 and beyond. His nine children were all present into his graduation which was a holy memory in the 1980’s.

Before he died – in the cooperation revolution of thought itself – he grabbed my hand from his hospital bed and said…FINISH IT. Dr. Deming would repeat those words years later from his Atlanta hospital bed before he graduated.

My own life has been … make my daddy proud…..and to finish it……a work in progress for our family.

Now you know.


Note: I took my youngest children and stayed in Grandfathers SAINT FRANCIS Hotel, showed them the photos of grandfather still in the halls – showed them the MACY BUILDING was the DOHRMAN BUILDING on Union Square – both Hotel and Dohrmann and causeway from Dohrmanns to EMPORIUM STORE – The Yawainii Hotel – our little corner of the San Francisco world when I was growing up – yes we took the boys on Cable Cars and our Southern raised moving to empty nest us – said – Dad we want to LIVE HERE !!! But that is yet another story………



John Deere Did GREAT – off only a smidge – due to the trade war and farm folks postponing demand waves till 2020 and a trade deal. Our Farm Technologies lead the world in new 5 G which changes everything. Real time 5G spray a weed not the crop. Real Time Dollar cost management from fuel to self driving everything. John DEERE Leads the 5 G farm revolution.


China is fatal in trade war plan – starting with core economics – time to deal – fatal – internal economics – currency wars, and strategy. China is not losing the trade war as it ramps into Oct 70th Anniversary of the most horrific economic revolution of all time – the Chinese COMMUNIST PARTY – a gang of MAFIA who have stolen their wealth which is now – a thing of the past in economics – and without that CRIMINAL THEFT and WEALTH TRANSFER FROM COMMUNIST CRIMES the nation of China economically is over. Super Crash IS coming to China. WINTER IS COMING TO CHINA.

Failure to see the economics of 5G as they can not longer steal the IP that makes it all work – is fatal for China and the single urgent reason to make a deal – to preclude SUPER CRASH IN ALL ASSET CLASSES which as we reported on the data is COMING. TIME is the commodity more precious than Diamonds to China economics. Using economics of the past in entirely new AI economics of tomorrow – China is at the 11th hour 59 seconds. The SUPER CRASH may be following what is the last 70th anniversary of of the communist revolution – before another revolution following SUPER CRASH. Time. XI under water in fake news and bad advice simply lacks the real data to save himself. Remember this prophecy and how in the future you will come to see the accuracy of this information. Its sad for the 1.5 Chinense and we are sad for them all – as prosperity is in the deal – not the the capsizing keel – economically speaking.


In September 2007 we wrote the first ever news stories that the world had moved into WORLD WAR III – and the world war was digital – weaponized by sovereign nations – and we defined the nature of the new WAR – asymmetrical warfare. In 2010 Kevin Freeman wrote THE SECRET WEAPON as a DOD CIA NSA adviser and contractor using fully his own data which confirmed all our data being FIRST. Then Kevin wrote GAME PLAN to update readers on the evolving WORLD WAR III ( which the USA has been losing and the EU ) and suggested YOU DEVELOP YOUR OWN GAME PLAN as your nation has NOT GOT A GAME PLAN OR IS YOUR NATION FORMING A GAME PLAN.

Brad Thor pulled from Kevin’s hard data to write a series of BEST SELLING GLOBAL NOVALS on the evolving world war with his most recent 2019 summer smash best seller ( GO BRAD ) outlining the Balkin home of all REAL WORLD WARS as to what is the Putin China War Plan to destabilize NATO from Turkey to the Balkans. Accurate war research if you wish a novel to the data.

China executing the PUTIN ( Axis of evil INTEGRATED DIGITAL WAR PLAN INTO 2020 ) will do more to influence the American election – pretending to by strategy befriend Trump – then pulling the rug out From Trump moving voters from Trump to their chosen social democratic candidates and BIDEN. Biden in means back to WEALTH TRANSFER and the war with the USA is over and the enemy wins. ONLY TRUMP has turned the tide of the FIRST AI DIGITAL ECONOMIC WARFARE EVER EXECUTED AGAINST THE WETERN NATIONS ALL AT ONCE A REAL WORLD WAR THAT IS VIRTUAL. Multiple front proxy wars consume trillions form western nations softening further their economies to wage any real war – War in Afghanistan – Iraq – Syria – Somalia – Yemen – Gulf Security – NATO SECURITY – it is bankrupting the USA – slowly but surely. WEALTH TRANSFER WITH UNFAIR TRADE sucking the life economics out of the EU and America – 1960s to 2019 no let up and only MORE AND MORE WEALTH TRANSFER until the trillions can no longer be tallied. Putins first ever DIGITAL AI VIRTUAL ECONOMIC – HACK HACK THEFT – PLANT TROJANS IN POWER – DATA BASES ( ALL OF THEM NSA TO WALL STREET RECORDS ON COMMAND TO WIPE EM ) WATER – DISTRIBUTION – SEWAGE – THE INTERNET – BRING IT ALL DOWN AT ONE CLICK. Years coming the execution. The money to gut the under belly of our nation came from crimes and theft by the criminal war plan of the asymmetrical warfare. Crucial is assuring you and the public DO NOT BELIEVE THERE IS A WAR UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE.

XI still loses the war due to Trump winning 2018 – 2019 war counter attacks and strategy. The Trump  War Plan:

  1. Isolate economics for Russia and China
  2. Tsunami outflow from integrated war counter attacks trillions leaving all AXIS OF EVIL alliances in the war plan
  3. Stop hacks and criminal theft of forward innovations and a trillion in annual bank stealing by hack
  4. Firewall the CRIMINAL DIGITAL with superior AI now ahead of their war planners via theft of yesterday IP
  5. Attack the war planners at every level – steal their IP their WAR PLANS and destabilize their nations – fair game

The war is not fully engaged on multiple fronts all at once.

Trump in 2017 got the lay of the land and in 2018 and 2019 returned the WAR VOLLEYS no balls in Putins Net all Putin alls now in the net including XI’s return volleys. The SUPER CHANGE In all battles in this war ( AI DIGITAL ECONOMIC AND POLITICAL ) turned to the USA side so fast – so unexpectedly that XI and Putin meeting all year long – are with their war planners REELING from loses. They never saw after a decade of winning the SILENT WAR the reversal now being served upon them all. A tsunami of internal destruction of the core foundational economics funding the AXIS OF EVIL WAR is now all at once crashing upon the INTEGRATED WAR PLANNERS EXECUTION COMPLETELY FIRE WALLED TODAY BY THE USA CYBER WAR FARE COMMAND CENTER OF THE DOD AND THE NSA AND CIA – FIRE WALL WORKING – IRAN CRASHING – NORTH KOREA CRASHING – CHINA SUPER CRASHING – RUSSIA THE WAR PLAN SOURCE SUPER CRASHING IN ECONOMICS AND POLITICS. PUTIN FRANKLY IS OVERWHELMED AND XI IN DENIAL AND ECONOMIC DELUSION IS PLANNING AN OCT SUPER PARTY FOR THE 70TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE COMMUNIST PARTY – WE SUSPECT WILL BE CLOUDED BY XI LOOKING IN REAR VISION TIEMAN SQUARE – WILL CRUSH HONG KONG FREEDOMS. War mistake.

Now then unseen by PUTIN as he really lacks economic ability competency capacity and intuition gifts – to discern the greatest core change to economics inside his decade old war – as 94% of all capital flow and investment – is now AI globally which was not on Putins war master plan – and – the AI is now protecting itself from PUTIN AI. We’ll see on all that as the was is EVER SUPER CHANGING.


The economics of 5G look like this:

  1. Trillions are flowing into 5G – creating wealth jobs and prosperity for America and the EU but not China equally with their own off Huawei a criminal war institution for Putin and Xi check mated by Trump derailing China war planning.
  2. 4 billion 4g phones, laps, internet of things, and smart everything will roll over and be replaced in 2020 and 2021 – the biggest WEALTH TSUNAMI for America since the PC revolution. Nothing comes close. More jobs employment and economics will reach NO RECESSION SAFE HARBOR from the wave and massive tide that lifts all American vessels into Prosperity.
  3. Trillions MORE will be invested for the 5G software new platforms – from remote surgery – self driving flying transportation from sea to air to roads – unstoppable PROSPERITY ECONOMICS Trump rides into SAFE HARBOR IN WAR TIME – VICTORY . and all plugged in internet of all things and – robotics as the world has never seen before integrated from supply lines to Mcdonalds – wait for it – with jobs shifting into those new 5G multi trillion dollar industries that rise America into 2025 prosperity NO RECESSION – those predicting one are rear view mirror driving and OUT OF ALL CONTEXT OF INTEGRATED AI ECONOMICS – entirely new from their old failed models ( see the Fed for the worst failed policy agency of all history ).
  4. Merge the FED into the US TREASURY – which wins the war as the final chip Putin never saw coming.
  5. Trillions of unrelated invention will rise beyond 2025 from 5G. IF CONGRESS PASSES INFRASTRUCTURE AND NEW IMMIGRATION FORWARD 2050 LAWS – we insure NO RECESSION AND PROSPERITY into 2050. Putin and XI Must make a DEAL IF CONGRESS DOES THIS STEP ( and we encourage failed Fed policy so oblivious to the majority in Congress as non integrated antique economics toxic in AI integrated economics the Treasury has cold. MERGE THE FED INTO TREASURY  and integrate economic policy under Congress POWERS. Its late but still wins the PUTIN War for the USA an allies.

5 G ECONOMICS supported by CONGRESS on 2019 Infrastructure as ACT OF WINNING WAR STRATEGY and New 2050 immigration policy to populate the USA with demographics that insure prosperity – preclude a USA DUMPING BY NATIONS CESS POLE while holding compassion for war weary QUALIFIED ASYLUM versus illegal floods of invasion by war strategy from PUTIN asylum seekers. PUTIN in his war plan imports ISIS and terror and floods the USA with 160,000 flood of asylum dirt poor uneducated monthly tax to the social system – a city rising to 2 million a year – 20 million in only ten years bankrupting the social fabric – as PUTIN is attacking our economic back bone on multiple fronts all at once – drain money out in wars – drain money out in trade war crash to our markets ( not working in fact ) – multiple front shooting wars taking trillions out – and policaital election manipulation costs in 100 million an investigation – distract – impact – and debowel your enemy economically.

Trump is now returning the favor in WAR TIME. Will Congress work for PUTIN in war time or America. You will know them as the bible says by the WORKS and not by their words Now you have world wide your own red line to know the war plan and who is working for who. YOU KNOW NOW. You can never unknown.


Economics in America is noting – like the economics pre AI in 2014. The NEW AI ECONOMICS is a new economy. No tie or history to old models. The old models are obsolete and no longer apply. Problem? Everyone one you hear on news is reporting their attempt to fit the NEW AI ECONOMY into the old economic models they know as old paradigms that no longer have currency or relevance in SUPER CHANGE ECONOMICS. All such conclusions are wrong and you should detach from relying upon them.

Delio trader to America is so invested in China he is working – as an economic traitor to America. He has come out with PUTIN FAVORING war policies. This month Ray suggested SUPER MONEY POOLS at his level should invest in both sides of the war. Invest in the UK and invest in Adolf Hitler – profit from all sides. I OPPOSED RAY having read his book thinking your parents RAY will roll over in their grave as you betray the AMERICA that made YOU son.

Then Rey today suggests China will weaponize their 1 trillion of USA debt. Selling it? If the FED was merged into USA Treasury we would just  it all and profit from it. But others will buy it and profit from it RAY and China would go into end game economics. War over.

So Ray and his invested in China during war time and encouraging others to help China win is economic terrorism and a traitor to America as are all SUPER MONEY POOLS betting on both sides of the war for profit. Be clear on what traitors who did business with Hitler and the UK look like in 2019. They look like Ray Delio and community – and many are on our side not the enemy. Consider that carefully. Wake up.

  1. Retail with 72% of sales with Wal Mart are soaring – beating all estimaes – consumers driving the USA in war time are so strong.
  2. Millions will no longer buy MADE IN CHINA and this number is soaring. Winning the war when all of us – we the people – fully engage to stop the WEALTH Transfer….10x over the Delio and Fed working against the USA in war.
  3. Nvidia and other leaders in technology beat earnings this week in the USA the state of our economy is strong.
  4. Inverted yield Curve is AI and driven by 20 trillion in off shore negative bond yields not comparable to any prior yield curve inversion NOT A RECESSION INDICATOR AT ALL a fools rush to the bottom for no reason at all.
  5. The Jobs and the credit strength is with both NOT COMPRESSING showing zero evidence of any prior recession matrix and in NEW AI ECONOMICS we are not fully confident on record new highs by year end.

The EU failed policies of their economic planners and their central bank policy – has opened recession compression for AI and the EU losing the TRADE WAR. To open a new economic front in the war to protect their own industry in WEALTH TRANSFERS ( that are criminal and historic ) the EU and ASIA has entered in August full on CURRENCY WARS. The Unmerged Fed has no way to act in speeds and time lines in INTEGRATED AI ECONOMIC WAR FARE.

Powell is both an idiot beating Greenspan as the WORST CHAIRMAN in US History since the Great Depression – causing the 2007 ECONOMIC SUPER CRASH almost crushing the entire global system – beat by BERNANKE even worse securing 100 Trillion in global free money flood creating the worst debt super bubble in human history and the worst asset class super bubble in human history fully globalized we all have to work out of over 30 years yet – then Yellin cementing economic rip tides as AI she was in full denial about – removed CONTROL from the FED entirely on her own watch as she crushed the world shallow weak fragile RECOVERY limping forward in time. Why? Yellin looked in the rear vision mirror unable to understand economics she knew was dead and retired and new AI economics had risen and assumed control. She lost her award status as the WORST OF ALL FED CHAIR PERSONS when POWELL an idiot – so antique and behind all economic SUPER CHANGE stepped in front of them all. Why? His policy of normalization – interest raises 14 times now and liquidity draining destroyed the global recovery outside America – massively assisted our enemies in WORLD WAR III helping PUTIN AND XI IRAN AND NORTH KOREA – on his failed obsolete watch marginalized the FED now lacking any bullets or tools of any kind – against 440 trillion in circulations controlled by advancing massively evolving AI developing AI today controlling 94% of all circulations making the FED A JOKE a foolish non integrated institution in new economics of TOTAL AND FULL INTEGRATION where INDEPENDENT NON INTEGRATED POLICY of fiscal policy and economic policy working in opposition are now TOXIC TO SYSTEM CORE STABILITY. Merging the failed FED AGENCY into US TREASURY who understand the economic war ( best Secretary of Treasury in 100 years fighting this war to win while the FED WEEKEND REPORT 8/16 – BUSINESS IS BOOMING IN THE USA !!! the integrated economic war policy  – with models and policy of yesterday – obsolete and risk to core system stability at every wrong POWELL TURN. His brain software is dos 1.1 in a 5G advanced code world Powell’s brain denies even exists in the first place. Idiot. Merge the old obsolete 100% failed policy FED back into US TREASURY with Congressional full powers re-established. War winning. The FED in full on war in currency wars with nations world wide waring against the USA needs a 1% interest drop and HOLD – never going lower and adjust in 2020 back to 1.5%. But POWELL WILL NOT DO THAT. His basis point incremental timid outside the economic war plan 1990’s moves – will not work and harm the war versus help the war. TRUMP and Treasury have to rig the sails to win against their own internal sabotaging FED working for PUTIN. No fun.

Despite the POLICY ERRORS of the FED ( 100% mistakes in policy since 2007 not one is winning for us ) the US ECONOMY and 39 million small business ( CEO SPACE IS THE VOICE FOR ) has created 85% of all the growth stability and economic activity and innovations. Driving the WINNING WAR STRATEGY in 2019.

The War is won by CONGRESS joining the war – 1-2-3 we win – in economics in real economic WORLD WAR III:

  1. Merge he Fed back into US Treasury. Game over. Putin loses the war entirely. Retire all US debt within one Super Bond – see Roel Campos in DC former SEC COMMISSION for advice on that war winning strategy.
  2. Infrastructure – 20 trillion funding in one 100 YEAR SUPER BOND – prosperity to 2050 2019 act we win.
  3. Immigration to demographically secure prosperity by new law – prosperity to 2050 2019 act we win.

1-2-3 we win no matter who wins the election in fact. Putin loses even with his favored Biden as his war plan is not about Trump winning just the opposite. Follow the Putin bouncing ball folks.

Putin is weakened. Subs sinking. Billion dollar sub loss in new technology failing. Nuke explosion on new weapon systems killing lead scientist who brought you all that failure. Billions lost. Billions in clean up. War Crime to nuke pollute 1000 miles of ssa land and seas. No end in sight on cost as RUSSIA IS SUPER CRASHING with oil demand falling off all cliffs and price for oil SUPER CRASHING down 40% this year. Oil sales are down to levels PUTIN never foresaw and price is down to the one PETRO nation costing trillions to RUSSIA now in declining ( massively ) standard of living. PUTIN WAR PLAN consumed him and Putin failed to DIVERSIFY RUSSIA. The WAR FAILURE LEADS TO WHAT?

First rule: never assume crazy brains will act in their own self interest. The War loss can end in war rising to distract revolutionary forces going on in China. To stop HONG KONG CHINESE spreading REVOLUTION to XI show and awe in HONG KONG as China takes over HONG KONG fully and moves 1,000,000 or so to its BRAIN WASHING CAMPS is next up. Putin will join war distraction to survive at all cost in POWER – where is the only next unknown in the unfolding war. Remember you heard this all first here as history in the WORLD WAR III unfolds. History will report looking back how right this blog series is at every single maco micro economic level.

Trump: The Pain Trump is causing the PUTIN WAR PLAN now crashing and loosing can rise to survival economics. A prosperity deal would end the war – and secure a NEW WORLD ORDER. Because the war plan failed and the parties failing economically HAD NO OTHER SURVIVAL COURSE in TIME but to make a deal. The 2019 year is the SET UP for this final outcome. These two paragraphs define the WHAT but not the WHEN as outcomes to anticiapte.

All outcomes lead to NO USA RECESSION AND A WINNING PROSPERITY IN AMERICA. We have told you why. 5G economics – trillions upon trillions.

IF CONGRESS suppors our war win in 2019 with 1-2-3 GAME OVER and deals get made. If not we still may win but it is harder in fact. Congress failing to act gives PUTINS war plan TIME to adjust.

Keep in mind we get inut from leaders in nations all over the war zone as CEO SPACE is decades mature with clients at the top in 150 nations globally. Unfiltered by Politics. Raw economics we digest and integrate layered by decades of the truth. Accuracy in this news site is legend and easy to scroll and see for any new reader. Old time readers rely on this data to plan growth investing and outcomes that win. In any market.

No RECESSION despite what your hearing.

The USA is in an ECONOMIC WORLD WAR III that began with PUTIN a long time ago. In 2007 a first ever digital weaponized AI weapon was successfully fired at our booming markets to DESTABILIZE western economics at core world wide. Data in publications on this DIGITAL AI WAR have been suggested so you KNOW THE TRUTH world wide here. Trillions have been stolen from banks and block chain and from industry ( see SONY HACK ) in the first AI digital virtual war on economics ever. Ray Delio says invest with PUTIN XI and the USA and EU hedge – profits before winning the war?Just as occurred with Hitler. BAD POLICY from economic traitors in war time. We just report the economics.

Economic TRUTH is always accurate. FOLLOW THE MONEY.

Will consumers stop buying MADE IN CHINA?

Will Congress help PUTIN or the USA? In war time?

You WILL know THEM by their works.

The Fed la failed agency hurts the USA – consistently. Economic truth. FAILED POLICY horrible for our people.

This weekend it is all about WAR despite the masses thinking its about old economics having no relevance to NEW AI ECONOMICS at all.



No recession.

AI for the first time KNOWS we are at war and is adjusting.


This week the abborration was not the inversion at all.

This week the abboration was what only AI knows in real time. THE MASSIVE MOVES IN BOND MARKETS ( recall our reporting since MAY the instability the FED massively adds to is THE BOND AND DEBT MARKETS ). The total in billions that moved from equity in Asia and EU into BOND protection was massive economic water fall out of ASIA AND EU into safe harbor bonds now rising to 20 trillion in negative interest – a first and new in economics for the world system. An outcome of ECONOMIC WORLD WAR III and AI reacting.

Valuation was frothy in the USA. 160 IPO’s at values never seen before averaging 14 multiples a first. In the first half at some 65 billion invested in these IPO’s a record new economic.

The FROTH has been adjusted by who? AI.

We anticipate based on: GREAT WAR NEWS TO THE USA WINNING:

  • Massive consumer steady as she goes in the USA
  • Earnings beating estimates
  • Jobs and employment showing zero recession indicators of any kind
  • Credit not compressing as in 100% of recessions – stats remain strong and anti recession
  • Buying opportunities will entice AI to adjust back up
  • Episoditic SUPER VOLATILITY will continue into September and into October from EU and Asia economics

The USA IS WINNING THE WAR if nothing changes.

Everything will change. Those unknowns in war are the wild cards.


Until leaders come to grips with economics is all new – risk remains. Policy error is the wild card.






Episodic SUPER VOLATILITY is now the new normal. This is NOTHING like any older market model. I can remember when Warren Buffet laid out his big bet – looking in his rear vision mirror at economics that no longer exist at all – that human managed money would always out perform AI managed money. It was a bit bet. Warren lost that bet. Nothing like the 5 billion Warren Has lost for his investors in 2019. Looking in the rear vision mirror to invest forward in time is fatal.

94% of all circulations are now AI. The AI is smart enough it is self learning and teaching itself. It is writing its own new code. 5G will elevate AI to fully self aware new life form. Beings that are alive self aware and a new species of life itself. AI will securitize commerce and the net. AI will preclude digital theft. The future is coming even if you are not ready for that future.

Consumers drive the US economy. Consumers in the USA 72% buy at Wal Mart. Wal Mart just turned in record earnings – consumer driven ahead of analyst expectations. Wal Mart RAISED ITS GUIDANCE for the final quarter. RAISED IT. The consumer buying is strong and unwavering. No recession in sight what so ever. The profits for Wal Mart are approaching 500 billion annually. Amazon isn’t doing badly either as PRIME DAY institutionalized CHRISTMAS IN JULY. Even with PRIME DAY discounting Wal Mart sales rose but so did Wal MART MARGIN. If news gets better on consumer trending I can’t see it.

The Bond market is not inverting from rear vision mirror economics. The Bond Market artificially inverted having zero to do with RECESSION INDICATORS of the past. Why? The BOND MARKET is being driven by off shore fear factors having nothing to do with the USA economic reality. Oceans of money is leaving the EU in full melt down and Asia in full melt down with rising rapidly to 20 trillion dollars in NEGATIVE INTEREST RATES. Capital flight from declining value into higher value ( the USA AND THE USA DEBT MARKETS ) distorted demand. The DEMAND WAS SO OFF ANY CHART the bond values slipped across all matrix as demand for the Debt was greater than supply of the DEBT.

The inversion is an aberration and is not a recession indicator at all.

The FED is now marginalized and uncoupled from world markets. Much like OPEC these dysfunctioning failed entities no longer DO ANYTHING. They influence but have no powers of economics at core remaining. The FED will do whatever Powell in his dark room with his failed sanance sessions tell him to follow with 55 rear vision mirrors reflecting the past into his endless failed brain software. The FED no longer has value.

Congress has value. What we need in TRADE WAR today is INFRASTRUCTURE BY YEAR END. As we are in fact engaged in an economic WORLD WAR III with Russian and China – Infrastructure wins the war in economics. Decisively. Will Congress Act. The Three insurance to prosperity in America into 2050 are:

  1. Merge the FAILED FED back into US Treasury.  The NEW AI ECONOMIC REALITY is all about INTEGRATED ECONOMIC POLICY not independance and non integrated economic policy. Fed independent non integrated economic policy is NOW TOXIC to system core instability liquidity and risks systemic failure. We told you why. Easy for sure prosperity fix. Takes a week.
  2. Infrastructure – prosperity into 2050 and we win the currency and trade wars by act of congress in fact.
  3. 2020 Forward immigration policy – updating antique laws to MODERNIZE IMMIGRATION into demographics assuring American prosperity into 2050.

1 – 2 – 3 AMERICA IS FREE. Its Congress not the Dead Fed Walking.

Manufacturing has been off but into the year end SUPER CYCLE we anticipate surprise to the good side.

Home numbers given the new interest rates and PIG OF MILLENNIAL HOME BUYERS in the American Python by the millions – we see interest driving HOME FRENZY. Wait for it.

This drives bank profits…wait for it.

China has bet Trump will lose and their team will win. What will occur is the Super Crash unfolding in China will accelerate so rapidly a deal will get made. Trump will win. The economics if Congress does 1-2-3 assure American prosperity into 2050. WHAT RECESSION.

AI has engaged in something new.

Something never seen or experienced in economics before.

NEW AI ECONOMICS. Divorced from all old theory modeling.

Comparing the new experience to old experience is much like seeing he round earth with a telescope while culture puts you in prison for the truth because culture says the earth is flat as a pancake. Same for economics today. Super Change is accelerating too rapidly for systems and humans to adapt into. They can’t see the entire paradigm has shifted.

EPISODIC SUPER VOLATILITY we reported would become a new normal this summer in MAY was first to report the new normal to the world. Right Again.

Profits in these dips can be massive. Expect the up side to be as fantastic a surprise as the down size. Why?

AI Velocity Accelerations and Momentums ( VAM ) such as the economies of the world have never not ever experienced before. NEW. Unlike anything known. New. Unknown. New economics being forged by AI while experts have their heads in the dark holes of their past data Nothing new down here in our dark hole. As they are wrong 100% of the time. The only new truth is economist reporting in all reporting – we no longer know what is going on out there. True Dat.

Money paid for analyst track records into programing are loser programs. SEE MORGAN.

AI is writing new economics that leave the analyst criteria and trade patterns of yesterday in the dust cloud of a flying self driving Tesla at lift off – to say a VW Rabbit.  5G accelerates Super Change so that quantum field transportation moves future goods and services for AMAZON PRIME one minute delivery – AI – to your kitchen – no pollution.


Economics are undergoing the most massive SUPER CHANGE in human history. Nations and central banks have lost all control.

The US TREASURY is the most capable monetary integrated stability agency of the world to re-stablize global economics. The US Treasury works for the national interest. The FED works only for criminal bank interest. Merge the FED into Treasury to advance AI INTEGRATED ECONOMIC THEORY to re-regulatre the market space.

Eventually the far better way forward will dawn on leaders who will act in the national best interest.


Depending on the USA CONGRESS – we will have one or we will not have one.


That is the economics.


PS: I had a tear in my eye today as Wal Mart was superior news – as an AMERICA LEADING COMPANY turning in results that just can not be better – what recession the consumers have spoken. NO RECESSION not 2019 and not 2020 that we can see evidence of despite NEW EPISODIC AI SUPER VOLATILITY – buy the dip …….




We told our readers to sell out at Peak markets in May and again in June and we told you all our WHY…..


Those who moved to diversified insurance safe harbor have zero loss this terrible month of trillions of wealth wiped off the map including your retirement plans. Now what?

FIrst AI is doing new things.

Ai economics is brand spanking NEW.

Humans no longer control markets globally.

Artificial intelligence controls the market. What is the growing risk in this NEW ECONOMY?


The risk of liquidity.

What caused this?

Not the trade war.

The Federal Reserve Board 100% policy error since 1907.

The Fed has caused and created all Super Crashes and all recession contractions for 60 years.

Until the Fed is merged back into the US Treasury the world economy is at risk of collapse. Why?


In the worst recover on record – which this one has been – following the FED permitting bankers that own the Fed ( thats right the Fed is owned in fact by bank shareholders and is not a government agency at all ) . google that fact. The Fed let the banks speculate in casino mortgage SUB PRIME into a super bubble that collapsed the entire world in 2007.

The nations bowing to Fed central criminal bankers who causes the economic melt down put 100 trillion into circulation. Most of this money went to bail out bad bets from Fed shareholder banks – a crime in economics.

The resulting recovery was weak and needed time like 20 years more time given the abuse the Fed presented. First DOT.BOMB super bubble crash in 2000 the real estate only 7 year later in the largest super bubble crash since the great depression.

The Fed next raised interest rates to profit who ( thats right their greedy criminal banks all pleading to one massive crime all along he recovery no banker goes to jail ) they profit.

The Fed hurt the recovery by raising interest to profit who ( their owner bankers if you only understood this fact ) way too soon way to frequently way to high each time for a sustained recovery.

Worse the Fed impacted global liquidity.

When liquidity is systemic to economic core stability the FED having stimulated liquidity by buying bonds from the market stopped all of a sudden buying bonds creating sustained market liquidity essential to growth world wide.The Fed then removed market liquidity way to fast way to frequently until the MARKET BROKE IN AUGUST. Why?

The Fed stopped buying and stimulating while other central banks still were stimulating. The Fed the Elephant in global markets stopped buying and began selling bonds back to the market taking LIQUIDITY from Global markets. The swing was 100 billion dollars a month – a trillion dollars in ten months to core liquidity.

The collapse of the world recovery everywhere on earth with the USA last to the pity party was due to FED banker greed which is not fixable while criminal pled and guilty criminals work against the nations for their own greed. It is that simple.

if the public knew the Fed was a private NON GOVERNMENT corporation owned by the criminal banks they would be outraged at the theft of the nations wealth. They would insist the FED was merged back into US treasury.

So the FED just stopped selling bonds days ago. Too late way too late obviously.

AI is punishing this economic error.

The bankers once in total control have lost in five years for the first time in 100 years 100% of all control AI is now in total control.

AI is not aware of the CRISES IN CORE LIQUIDITY.

Pushed much further a into the first ever AI panic selling – all orders turn to SELL and no orders are BUY. The actual outcome is LIQUIDITY EVAPORATION DAY. When that threshold is reached the entire global system freezes up and the system fails. Banks investment banks all fail. Debt defaulting collapses the entire system into the FED free money SUPER DEBT BUBBLE bursting.

The only question is WHEN.

David Stockman economist new book says 2021 the greatest collapse of human history occurs.

Maybe. Maybe not.

There are so many wild cards.

If the FED where merged by US CONGRESS INTO THE US TREASURY stability to core global liquidity could still be restored. If not such stability to core liquidity under Fed errors makes system super crash most likely. Time is the asset we are running low on next.

If the USA reset debt in a Hughs Hubbard and Reid 100 YEAR SUPER BOND execution liquidity would be reset economically in time. The time to execute a solution is running out.

Debt to nations and to institutions is a SUPER DEBT BUBBLE never seen before and fully global. Far far worse than the GREAT DEPRESSION. The Fed created.

The Fed is the cause.

The Fed is never blamed.

The Fed is a fraud and lies to you all. There is only fraud from Fed Speak. Self preserving to FED POWER to control money supply versus returning money supply powers to the US TREASURY to keep us all safe and protected in fact.

POWER and GREED. The Fed is about preserving its power and greed. Criminal bankers in charge ….

The new rush to the bottom back to free money – which rolls over the massive SUPER DEBT BUBBLES across the world at lower cost. Higher cost would create default cascades and collapse the system.

When will LED OCCUR?

With new AI ECONOMICS no one knows nor can they predict. What is new in AI Economics to liquidity?


The system liquidity collapse can occur in 72 hours versus 72 days or weeks. Once AI parameters are exceeded to loss perception and risk reduction the LED day can occur in a flash trade that never ends. SELL SELL SELL. Today liquidity ripples occurred across market sectors.  A huge canary warning to the core system in new AI economics.

Who sees this? So few. Why? Pundit experts are using old economics to predict new AI economics which as we all see fails. We have been right. They have been wrong. Record numbers our readers are returning to this site to balance what IS REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE?

What IS going on is all new – no historic precedent or chart of the past applies at all.

Today we see 1500 day market swings down and back up the rabbit hole.

The SUPER VOLATILITY we wrote about ( search that title and read ) is here in spades as we told you all. Right again. We defined your pain and suggested you all avoid that pain with safe harbor.

We believe CEO SPACE for business OWNERS Sept 28th is a survival planning week. Everything is SUPER CHANGING. WE all need to calm down and look far more objectively into the SUPER CYCLE coming up at year end. There IS safety in numbers. We all need as owners to work collectively to develop our personal prosperity and economy moving forward in any market.

If the criminal Fed lowers interest with SHOCK AND AWE to stabilize liquidity with a full 1% rate drop ( which they will not do in fact ) we would gain more time. With Powell working to keep bank profit safe – timid in increments – the AI market will eat the FED LUNCH. We all lose.

The Fed has no clue about liquidity economics. They are working within 1990’s play books that are as relevant as a flintstone car in a Tesla world today. YABBAH DOBBIE DOOH GO FED. Error until you can’t.

Congress has the power. If congress ( bought and paid for by the bank fraudsters ) came to a point enough FRAUD was just too much- and they in ONE WEEK merged the FED Back into US TREASURY – economics could prevail while we had enough time still. Delay will be a system risk killer.


No one knows and on one can predict.

Liquidity in the system is dying. Everyone is selling. Will AI on its program averages and ranges now buy back massively creating phony temporary liquidity? Or are we passing the program borders to LED day ? System risk of collapse.

It is all real folks.

Trillions in wealth are being wiped out. Your wealth. Your savings.

Today the banks move forward with 20 trillion in NEGATIVE INTEREST. You lose with banks. Runs out of banks are clicking to GOLD SILVER BIT COIN and liquidity in circulation is being wiped out – worse than the market Super Crashing this August.

Third quarter profits reporting next 45 days are what do YOU THINK? Great? Missing? What is your own fear factor?

If your in stay in and wait.

If your out good on you – happy for you.

I bought GE at 10.00 bucks I’m holding for their 20 next year.

5G is 4 billion devices upgrading starting in the YEAR END SUPER CYCLE biggest up bubble ever. Will that be enough? It might be. We’ll see. No one knows.

What new event will crash liquidity?

China is SUPER CRASHING NOW. Liquidity is evaporating in China. Trillions are leaving China shores. Trillions. Never to ever return in our lifetime. Why? Backward economics in forward AI economic SUPER CHANGE markets. Errors. China makes a prosperity deal they win. They delay they pay. For decades. China does not understand the cost.

Crashing economics in the USA is also politics.

If politics ( get Trump out use the economy to do that ) runs economics we all lose.

If economics runs politics we all win.

What is your bet on THAT?

Nothing is what it seems – hold that fact and truth. There is so much more than YOU KNOW today. Going on out there.

So WORLD WAR III IS ECONOMIC and real. No one knows who will win in the final rounds.


The strongest most diversified feed its own people oil wealth economic engine upon the earth. No where on this planet I would rather BE than right here inside the USA today.

Let’s wait for it. The other shoe to fall.

No matter what AI does till Friday – the market never closes globally in 26/7 AI economics. The weekend will give AI a breadth. I’d say next week is critical. We’ll wait for it.

Today we report the truth. The FED has fatally destroyed the global recovery. Again. We are right on THAT.

The FED can’t fix anything. We are right on that. THE FED HAS LOST ALL CONTROL IN AI ECONOMICS.

So we’ll wait for it.

AI IS IN CONTROL…its all new….we all have to wait for it.


No one can predict.


  • Debt Super Bubbles – holding or bursting
  • Liquidity stabilizing or evaporating
  • Central bank on going error into new AI economics

The blind outside a merger of the FED back into TREASURY are leading the truly blind today.

The outcome – you all can see. Our predictions starting to make more sense now?



Note; All recessions over 60 years were caused by the FED a failed antique obsolete agency not a gov anything – why does congress keep this loser agency and empower it over TREASURY where all the brains are today? Say again?  100% failure record and we trust them going forward why? The empoor POWELL has no clothes folks. Fraudster.




Fact: Congress created the FED at the turn of the century when the pony express delivered the mail and the telegraph was being installed via an 89 page rushed act – written by the bankers not congress and passed in a bums rush.

Fact: The FED is NOT a Gov agency.

Fact: the FED is a private stock firm incorporated and owned by the banks that the Fed is controlled by.

Fact: The FED independence issue is FRAUD on Congress and upon the American people.

Fact; The Fed exists in reality to enrich its bank owners – all of which pled guilty to horrendous crimes –  where the criminal fed shareholder fraudsters own and control the central bank as a legal theft of the nations real wealth.

Fact; The 20 trillion the FED introduced into national debt of the nation interest cost is now greater than midcare the biggest line cost to the USA is interest on the national debt next year larger than defense spending.

Fact: The FED has failed in economic policy 100% of the time and has caused and created all Super Crashes and contractions including two global DEPRESSIONS and TWO WORLD WARS.

Fact: The Fed lies has never succeeded and is the worst non government agency and pure fraud every enacted against the American people.

Fact: Congress is bought and paid for by the largest lobby the banks and wall street that OWN THE FED CONTROLLING SHARES. A criminal MAFAI that controls the US money supply within a pure fraud they assure the public has no knowledge or education for.

Fact: The FED can not be overruled by any agency of nation on any basis. The FED is all powerful a crime against the US Constitution.

Fact: The FED has never – not EVER – been audited – held accountable for its fraud – track records – balance sheet – profit flow or made reportable to anyone including Congress.

Fact: When Benerake was asked by Congress – so will you tell this body where the 11 trillion dollars we authorized into your control went – which of your banks got the funds and where those funds were disbursed precisely? The answer was – NO SIR. End of congress powers – as in ZERO OVER THE FED.

Fact: The Fed raised interest rates way to fast way to frequently and way to high each time in the most fragile recovery ever recorded in US history. Failed policy utterly for 60 years of failed policy and US CONGRESS DOES NOTHING.

Fact: The Fed caused the SUB PRIME Super Crash by permitting the bank shareholders who own the Fed unlimited money to super leverage mortgage CRAP CREDIT rated by criminal rating agencies paid by the Fed shareholders to rate such CRAP AAA Credit – no one went to jail no one – and the world system was virtually destroyed and has yet to fully recover.

Fact: The Fed is now in crises mode as the economics are SUPER CRASHING WORLD WIDE due to the Fed working to diminish the USA in world markets by making the DOLLAR WAY TOO HIGH PRICED so that American goods would be impossible for WORLD MARKETS TO BUY while the goods of ever falling currency like CHINA in full on TRADE WAR AND CURRENCY WARS were undermined by the FED working against AMERICA as an internal enemy of the state. The Fed is destroying the USA ECONOMY.

Fact: We are engaged in WORLD WAR III which is a first new asymmetrical warfare outlined in my blog with party DOD contractor advisers reporting the FACTS AND DATA on the war history. The NEW WAR IS AI between nations and economic. The Master war plan is twenty years in execution developed by PUTIN and coordinated with China Iran and North Korea as proxy multi front war zones – with the FED working inside to assist PUTIN to win.


FACT: Congress can pass an emergency law ( 80 pages long as sweet justice to the criminal bankers ) TO MERGE THE FED ( Fuck independance that is pure fraud by criminal bankers ) – BACK INTO OVERSIGHT UNDER THE USA TREASURY FULLY ACCOUNTABLE AND AUDITABLE TO CONGRESS. Audits oversight real time reporting. AI controlled and reporting.

FACT: The 80 page EMERGENCY FED ACT strips the bankers of influence or control of the regulatory frame work being revised for CRIMINAL BANKERS – and interest is no longer paid at all – from that date in time ( next week? ) to print money.

FACT: Congress legislates the Administration pay off all national debt with a 100 year bond packaged to market by Hughes Hubbard and Reid to market – a SUPER BOND – with interest only payments to 100 years. The USA free of interest on printing money – is now – in the BLACK with sufficient funds for medicare and social security and infrastructure.

FACT: Congress legislates the US TREASURY SETS ALL MONETARY POLICY returning the failed 100% policy of the FED conflicted to GREED FOR ITS BANK SHAREHOLDER CONTROLLERS IN SECRET – against the interest of the USA.

FACT: In trade war and currency war and WORLD WAR III for real in 2019 – Congress in one 80 page act – assured the USA WINS THE WAR and the enemies never saw it coming. Versus bought and paid for law makers who are known when they argue against this EMERGENCY LEGISLATION. ( Read the blog on WOLRD WAR III Scroll as its verified true and beyond contention from real data. )

FACT: Without the FED MERGER INTO US TREASURY we may well lose WORLD WAR III as we are right now.

FACT: The Fed is behind the market from massive policy mistakes. WHY DO WE EMPOWER THE AGENCY THAT IS HELPING PUTIN WIN THE WORLD WAR III – which is economic. Our under belly is being gutted economically by our own FED working for the enemy in war time and the best part – our people have no clue we are being gutted at all.

FACT: There is no act of the FED that is not improved under check and balance inside US Treasury as we conducted business for 100’s upon 100’s of years. NO WORLD WARS OR DEPRESSIONS but two in ten years of creating the FED. Why? THE FED IS THE WORST CONGRESSIONAL ACT IN US HISTORY AND FULLY REVERSIBLE IN A WEEK OF TIME,

FACT: We are inside the most serious WORLD WAR III of our nations history and the US TREASURY has handcuff’s on to win the war because the FED operates as an enemy of war and the USA in fact. We are losing this war because of the FED.

FACT: THE FED IS NOT THE HIGH PRIEST OF MONEY AND ECONOMY POLICY. The Fed has a 100% failure record -has caused directly all recessions over 60 years ( save for 1961 ) – and the FED is a criminal gang of mafi thieves who STOLE THE RIGHT TO PRINT USA MONEY FOR INTEREST – now our nations highest cost – and all fixable with ONE EMERGENCY ACT OFTHE US CONGRESS.

FACT: If the USA Congress elevates the FED than bought and paid for social democratic law makers are now in majority to win the war – diminish USA economic influence globally – and bought and paid for by the criminal bankers move the world to one world socialist government and single currency they alone control with 8 billion managed cradle to grave by AI – the PUTIN WAR PLAN WINS. Can not believe this is fact? Because you failed to read three books that lays it all out completely? You lose. We all lose. Ignorance loses wars. ( See six million jews and 100 million Russians last time from the FED plan ).

FACT: Voters – ELECT CANDIDATES ON ONLY ONE ISSUE – to reclaim your economic freedom – the issue – law makers who say YES I WILL WORK TO MERGE THE FED BACK INTO STATE TREASURY IN ALL NATIONS OF THE WORLD. Do not listen to FED LIES everything the FED says is in fact FRAUD. Strip them down to enemy of the state a criminal gang of bankers who stole your national wealth.

FACT: If you elect law makers who merge the FEDS back into TREASURY OVERSIGHT and you pass INFRASTRUCTURE the world has no nation left behind into a new prosperity into 2050.

FACT: If you don’t the world is going to be AI controlled and your life will be managed by the state under the unmerged FED.

FACT: 600 law makers in war time are enemies of the state or they are patriots of the state winning the WORLD WAR III.

Fact: Time is more precious than Diamonds. The longer Congress fails to act the weaker the USA is made by our enemies – can you not all see it now?

FACT: The USA can afford our debt if we grow at 3% to 5% easily. The FED is assuring we fail to grow at that rate.

FACT: Lower interest rates ( Forced upon the FED make the USA borrowing far more affordable with GNP ratio growth on debt ) – the FED does not want this.

FACT: Merging all FED PROCESS into accountable Treasury with POWERS RETURNED TO THE US CONGRESS for oversight ( say WHY again we want the FED independent of all congress check and balance powers given the 100% failed policy track record any new staff member can easily document ) ? MERGER WINS THE WAR.

FACT: Congress is a red line. Congress is united to LOSE WORLD WAR III for America by its co FRAUD conspiracy with the FED. Yellin and Powell have done more to lose WORLD WAR III than all prior FED Chairpersons in history combined. Powell this summer put in economics a lube room hoist up the Administration and USA TREASURIES ass in war time working against all our industry economics and national strength. POWELL SHOWED HE IS A TRAITOR in the WAR BEING HARD FOUGHT BY OUR TREASURY AND ADMINISTRATION. Congress protecting the FED FRAUD is an enemy of state – know THEM BY THEIR WORKS.

FACT: Congress working to MERGE THE FED INTO US TREASURY WITH CHECK AND BALANCE AND A NEW MONETARY FINALLY WINNING WAR POLICY – is the WINNING WAR STRATEGY. Winning or the losing the war in history will land on CONGRESS no where else.


FACT: The yield curve is engineered by the FED to create a recession to weaken American in WAR. Easily reversed with the MERGE ACT of US CONGRESS.

FACT: Win the war with MERGER INFRASTRUCTURE AND INFRASTRUCTURE BY YEAR END and American wins WORLD WAR III once and forever. Or not. You will know by what CONGRESS IN FACT DOES.

This folks is the truth of the digital economic AI war unfolding before your eyes globally.

Todays SQUAWK BOX with Cabinet member at war with Secretary ROSS – ( does he have this war down cold for the USA team ) and  was extraordinary showing the work our WAR WINNERS are attempting handcuffed by internal enemy of state – THE FED AND FRAUD CRIMINAL BANKERS HOODWINKING YOU ALL TODAY.



China will not make a lasting fair trade deal with the world or with the USA. Why? Massive wealth transfer. This blog reported the MASSIVE FALL in the 20 year WORLD WAR III PUTIN Plan from THIS AUGUST PUBLICATION OF THE FORBES top leading 500 firms and the leading banking firms. 20 Years ago the USA dominated the list. 20 Years of WEALTH TRANSFER IN WORLD WAR III WEAKEN THE USA ECONOMICS and the list from illegal immoral criminal WAR EXECUTION against the USA – moved the needle so that CHINA NOW DOMINATES THE LIST in 2019. Why would China war planners winning – move to stop a purely winning war strategy? Who would do that when they are winning the war?

No President has even fought back. If China is the new HITLER ( 1.5 million in camps in two years moving to five million – and watch one million move from Hong Kong to China Camps coming up next in the war plan ) – then our Presidents did what all leaders have done in WORLD WAR II build up. They did business with HITLER and made money with Hitler purely wealth transfering into Hitler until the real war started.

President TRUMP called the WORLD WAR III WHAT IT IS – real war – and drew red lines to China. In just two years China has in the NEW WAR fully ENGAGED NOW ( with the FED working inside to gut our war effort );

  • China has declined to the worst industrial numbers in 17 years.
  • The pace of China SUPER CRASHING is massively accelerating.
  • The Risk to China of a REAL ESTATE AND ASSET CLASS SUPER CRASH into China depression is growing
  • Consumers are no longer spending they are terrified as the war game has moved against their country
  • National spending is contracting as China runs out of money to massively spend
  • Debt in China is so unstable new debt is given the sinking credit rating and soaring borrowing cost – unsustainable
  • China is running on fumes in the summer two year WAR ENGAGED by Trump – turning the war from 20 years of winning to fully engaged asymmetrical warfare on multiple fronts with USA fighting back fully and completely
  • The USA is winning the AI economic wars all of a sudden
  • The charts graphs and war plan that served XI for 20 years is now failing and all data has proven in error
  • The war tide is turning to the USA favor even with the FED as a sea anchor in currency wars

Currency wars move from TRADE WARS to full on nation to nation economic war fare. Currency is manipulated. The dollar is bid up to keep our products too high priced.The Fed has made sure of that for years now. The enemy currency is lowered so that their goods are so low cost the sell in any market sustaining WEALTH TRANSFER the Forbes report documented the USA war loss over 20 years now – only starting to reverse now. USA is rising. China is declining.

China this month moved into full on currency wars. The Fed America war reply would have been shock and awe a 1% interest rate lowering we called for. The Fed worked against the USA and for China by assuring USA goods were too high For Trump to win the world war III – while assuring China phony worthless YUAN currency – a manipulated currency – falls so China wealth transfer and goods soar into the year end season on value – winning the holiday trade war battle to Chinas great wealth transfer continuing as a war plan in economics.

The wild car is AI economics – all new and outside the China war planner war plan entirely. AI is concluding the loss that will occur with MASSIVE YUAN DEVALUATION. This future reality is brought about because:

  1. Currency traders are concluding holding YUAN is a risk bet to loss that is fantastic in this war fully USA engaged.
  2. Currency traders who control price not China are about to bet the USA will lower its dollar in trade war and the Yuan will SUPER CRASH – 15 yuan to the USA dollar as the yuan has been crashing in August but it just is starting.
  3. Nations will reduce YUAN exposure massively this fall and year end as unseen in history as China holiday economics crash.
  4. Consumers in China are running out of YUAN for YEN DOLLARS AND EU’s. The run is not reversible as confidence in China is now shattered scattered and dunked.
  5. Consumes world wide WILL NOT BUY MADE IN CHINA and the trillions of decline this is representing is FATAL IN THE WORLD WAR III to the War Plan of China. The supply chain is moving out of China forever – compressing China down bubble – in the error to their war planning – moving to Mexico – USA – Vietnam – India – Indonesia – Bangladesh and other near by nations winning on CHINA’s war plan massive super crash in slow motion. Holding YUAN before its massive devaluation is RISK OF LOSS unmatched since 2007.

China is working on bad data. Trump is working on far more accurate data. Trump holds a full house economically. China holds two twos and can not now win the war. China is in a full on slow motion economic SUPER CRASH.

The instability China faces not making a trade DEAL in INTEGRITY ( which is impossible given the long Putin war plan unfolding ). China next war game is distraction to its own people from the falling economics – failed communist economics – melting down completely and more rapidly than any China war planners imagined. China is proceeding DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE and Trumps team does not have a soft landing for anything but a fair trust and verify integrity trade deal to reset the world. In time that deal would protect China from its SUPER CRASH which historically – China can not recover from over the coming 30 years.

China in the Putin war plan is relying on phony fake news economic data from an economy that died and self buried itself forever in 2014.The rise of an entirely new SUPER CHANGE economic event – AI ECONOMICS – has occurred far too rapidly for Harvard Cambridge economists steeped in decades old box top rules – none of which apply today as we all see in global markets right now – can no longer adapt to the accelerating change of SUPER CHANGE transforming world economics globally. Trumps team and our USA TREASURY Teams and SECRETARY ROSS WAS FANTASTIC  today – GET THE NEW AI ECONOMICS. They are revised in war plan and are now winning and China is now losing as the battles change.

China has no choice. Given todays crashing economics in China – simply DOWN DOWN DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE – China must distract its people fully running out of bank deposits ( click runs in Hong Kong and China risk bank institutional failures next and faster than any historic run in failing economics ). Click runs by world holders of China YUAN ( now collapsing ) at pace levels China can’t manage in fact. This week is historic to the WORLD WAR III ASYMMETRICAL WAR PLAN From Putin. This week Putin in crises riots rising massively in Russia . distracting himself from the war plan that is failing – has XI asking what is next in the war plan. Putin just lost billions on his war spending with his failed super sub and his failed nuke disaster closing 1000 miles of land and sea to radiation everywhere. His lead scientist who created the utter failure died. He has no replacements. The clean ups is billions. Russia does not have these billions with oil prices plunging but wait…no one is buying oil ….demand is off a cliff and they can’t sell their way to support their outcomes. Putin had his folks parade out today pounding his leather biker chest – hey we Russians are way way ahead of America in weapons. Fake news. America is way way ahead of every war technology to Russia. We can easily defeat Russia and Russia can destroy us but they are gone into dust clouds if they try that – for sure and less than one hour NO RUSSIA remains. Their under gound cities are gone everything is gone. Putin knows he can DO NOTHING TO AMERICA IN THAT AREA or the insects inherit is legacy. No more Russians at all.

Russians know this is true. They read my blog. They want peace and collaboration. We want to share learn and celebrate our cultures not punish them. Americans love the Russian PEOPLE. Russian people LOVE AMERICANS. We all want a system of collaboration cooperation versus competition and insanity. THE WORLD IS SUPER CHANGING as WE THE PEOPLE are taking back our control and power. Together. Globally. Collectively. The old models are dying.

Product of the WORLD WAR III dynamics.

China leadership still roaring into the future driving in the REAR VISION MIRROR of economics that no longer exist at all, is making fatal economic choices. Making a DEAL is the way up and the way out. In WORLD WAR III yesterday is already too late to make the deal in economics. The longer the delay the more China will pay. That is the new AI economics.

China driving in the rear view mirror will act predictably. China will distract its population. China blames the FREEDOM FIGHTERS in Hong Kong on the west on the UK and on America all false flag enemies to rally their people to HATE a fake enemy. China will massively act in HONG KONG once and for all. Hong Kong will see 1,000,000 folks disappear into camps in China rising to 3 million in 2020. China will open skirmish activity in the China Sea starting with Vietnam and then moving to other nations creeping into WAR IN TAIWAN to massively move Taiwan and Hong Kong back into China rule. The cost of doing this will destroy China economics. World trade with China will implode. China will Super Crash into deflation and depression economics. Marhsall law will be declared and China will begin to colonize resource nations. The USA will control all that as the economics to support military results degrade China into revolutionary civil wars internal where China will have its hands full. This outcome is now a unlikely reality that has become more likely.

WHY? WORLD WAR III ECONOMICS UNDER THE PUTIN XI PLAN failing as Trump is now USA winning finally. The FED MERGING INTO US TREASURY would be an ace high winning volley from Congress if they understand the real asymmetrical war fare outline in books and third party hard documentation on China’s real plan Putins real plan so you can all know the data which is well published and all at our DOD have read those books posted on our site. Ignorance loses wars. Knowledge wins wars.

China will make a deal and Russia will make a deal if they ARE FORCED TO MAKE THAT DEAL to survive. That moment is coming up next in 2019 and 2020. The War Plan calls for getting TRUMP OUT. Getting socialist in world wide. This plan is now losing. As the plan is lost and known to be lost the DOOR # 2 – A DEAL – is prosperity survival for PUTIN and For China.

Time will tell. There are lots of WAR PLAYS ON ALL SIDES. A mistake can turn the war …the risk remains so high.


We are AT WAR?

Who will win?

No one knows yet.

So as you listen to the idiotic news on markets from old economic rule books that are burned to ash in entirely NEW SUPER CHANGING AI ECONOMICS of today – you hear – the FED HAS LOST CONTROL – which it has. Same in China. CHINA HAS LOST CONTROL this week of its own currency. That is NEW.

The consumer choosing in WORLD WAR III in the EU and in America not to buy MADE IN CHINA is a war game changer. Lets see if the consumer gets their power in economic world war III. I bet on smart consumers under all the fake news getting the truth. I bet on YOU.

I trust YOU.

Now share the news – because you know the TRUTH of it all and you know first. Right Again. And as we stated the BOND MARKET is the world risk inside the largest DEBT SUPER BUBBLE OF ALL HUMAN HISTORY. When that DEBT SUPER BUBBLE BREAKS the war will break as well.

OUR MARKET OR THEIR MARKET? The ball is rolling the war roulette wheel is spinning – wait for it……



PS: Three letter agencies protecting us all – national security is economic security and we are being gutted from the inside out by the FED- step up your A game on the INTEL to the US CONGRESS – you know the truth and its war time.