Fed Givens to consider:

The Fed is created by an 80 page act of congress rushed through in secret around 1900.

Until then the Treasury controlled US fiscal policy reported to Congress and did just fine.

The Fed is a private stock firm owned in secret by the institutions it is supposed to regulate.

The Fed as such is hopeless conflicted and is not accountable in any way to nation.

The Fed is not transparent and its operations have never been audited.

Congress nor the President can oversight or order the Fed to do anything.

There is zero check and balance to the private firm the Fed which is a pure fraud

All Fed large banks have pled guilty to on going criminal actions and paid small fines.

The Fed is Rome the inside club of the criminals – all proven biggest fraudsters in history

The Fed is destroying the US credit and dollar in panic policy having no clue what  they are doing into 2019 proceeding in the biggest test of economic elasticity old to new in history. The Fed grade is F and 100% of its policy are failed looking in hind sight why let such risk and loss continue even for another day?

The Fed caused the first world wide depression in 1907 and world war I – they profited from

The Fed caused the 1929 stock market crash and world war II -again they profited from

The Fed caused all recessions since world war tow via endless policy errors to profit members their now banks

The Fed caused the 1987 super crash and recession in modern times

The Fed caused the 2000 dot.bomb market super crash through policy error

The Fed caused the 9/11 recession via huge policy errors post event

The Fed caused the 2008 Stock market Great Recession & super crash

The Fed is now causing the next global SUPER CRASH by massive policy error in 2018

The Fed MUST be merged back into US treasury where growing debt by printing money ( an insane policy itself ) stops and Treasury with full accounting takes over the Fed processes.

The Fed independence means no oversight or check and balance – independence means the Fed is unable to make proper policy ever hopelessly conflicted to profit its member shareholders.

A good transparent audit post merger is required to put the criminals in prison as they become no loner too big to jail.

No fiscal integrity – then no – return to American futures using policy new leadership that works – today the Fed has lost all control of all markets and is in utter panic believing its now lies and frauds as if those delusions where in fact REALITY – the ultimate danger for system failure and world war III – caused economically by the fatally flawed central bank system of the world today.


So today you see the most failed FED policy EVER. The risk to system failure rising to % no one would desire. The Fed why? The Fed facing a 2007 great depression and full bank failure – because member banks made off shore side bets that lost trillions of dollars. The Fed failed policy was to engage unlimited tax payer funding – to pay off the bad bank bets made in casino AI capitalism – bets on real estate resale pools to other pools in an endless merry go round  of debt selling into super duper pools – all rated AAA when they were in fact pure crap.

The short selling of trillions was beyond bankers super money pools or fed resources to stabilize. The Fed policy is to MAXIMIZE PROFITS FOR MEMBER SHARE HOLDERS ( BANKS ) IN THE SHORTEST TIME FRAME. Your idea the Fed is trying to do x y and z is a fraud. The Fed is trying to maximize its now profits and its bank member profits. Period.

This is a conflict of interest to the interest of the Untied States and its people. A child see’s that.

So the Fed distributes the majority of 11 trillion dollars from Congress – and refuses to tell congress here one penny of the more than ten Trillion dollars was spent – when asked directly – will you report which banks got the tax payer money in recent congressional hearings. The Fed chairman said NO we will NOT tell YOU ….there is no other action as the congress has zero oversight or powers over the fed – and any appearance the congress can check and balance the fed is political fraud as its is  totally not true. Fake news.

The Fed in casino capitalism bailed out the bad bets of its banks as as policy error. This created more debt for the USA than any period in American history. All because of the Fed attempting a TEST that has never been done in economics.

The outcomes of this test is unknown – and the FED has no clue ho this outcome may unfold.

Now the Fed policy error becomes fatal.

The Fed having kept interest rates globally at zero for ten years – a full decade – seeks to normalize interest rates in ten months or so. The Fed policy error in the weakest most endemic recover ever reported errors in policy with the following fraud:

  1. The Fed tells the public that inflation is a huge danger and raises interest faster than any period in modern history from zero.
  2. The Fed tells the public that labor is super heated and sells off its crap bond balance sheet fast while raising interest too fast creating a swimming pool of dollars that goes down so fast the drain can t filter and the entire money pool self implodes. All due to Fed policy fatal error in making monetary policy.
  3. The issue is not inflation – we are still in deflation – the issue is not labor force – they changed number for long term unemployed and when counted back in the real labor market has 39 million workers in just the USA no longer counted – America has no labor shortage which is the why – wages are not rising nor is sustained economic growth secure.



The Fed is obsolete in making policy. The Fed is fatal to policy today and must be merged back into US treasury to preserve as first NATIONAL SECURITY ISSUE – economic stability.

Economic stability is now shattered. How come? FED FAILED FATAL POLICY.

The Fed looks backward to apply policy within box top rules that applied in the 1950’s to an economy ( paper traded with HUMAN OVERSIGHT and fully regulated ) that no longer exists at all. Totally antique as an economy that is a history foot note long long gone. It is fatal for Fed policy makers say twelve idiots all obsolete in their mental softwares using Dos 1.1 to make policy in a HMTL 5 Java script world. But here ew are.

THE RISK TO SYSTEM FATAL MELT down or system CORE STABILITY is higher than any time since 1929 due entirely to FED MIS MANAGEMENT. The Fed are criminal master minds committing acts of criminal negligence Congress must investigate and revise law for. The FED MUST BE MERGED BACK INTO US TREASURY AS A FIRST ACT OF NATIONAL ECONOMIC SECURITY OR THE SYSTEM SELF IMPLODES DUE TO FED FAILURES IN POLICY.


Central Banks have flooded the world system with more than 100 trillion dollars of FREE money over ten years world wide. 9 trillion of global short term loans and 7 trillion in the USA alone must refinance in 2019 and 2020. These loans are on average expressed at nominal interest rates to industry and nations at .05% to 1.4% interest. They will roll over at 5% interest or a 400% percentage increate in that roll over cost from central banks:

  1. Raising interest from ten years of free money away to fast
  2. Raising interest way to frequently
  3. Raising interest way to high each raise

Normalizing interest needed to be done in ten years not ten months. The double whammy of trade war and non accommodating central bank policy to shrink the dollar pools the world requires in circulations to operate – so that the pool level goes under the drain to that sucking sound we hear today – selling their crap back to the bond market sucking out growth liquidity – and forcing 17 trillion of 2019 debt roll over to 500% and rising higher money cost has presented an ice storm into core economics.

The world markets across the globe are contracting faster than any central bank in their failed obsolete antique policy directions impact core stability far more fundamental than just impacting markets. The core system is reeling and may not be able to stabilize? The why is the Fed is conducting economic testing that the world has never experienced before in economic core theory. The Fed is conducting this experiment economically with enormous risks to the core stability – moving forward into a entirely new – never seen before – Super Change AI DIGITALLY LEVERAGED FULLY GLOBAL INTER-LINKED evolving new economy even the theory for yet exists it is all so new – created by FED FREE MONEY and technology and contracting super money pools ( 1.5 million to less than 10,000 today in sixty months ).

The FED has lost all control.

The Fed is the single big risk to system stability itself.

The congress fails to see the SUPER CHANGE which is occurring too fast to adapt regulatory frame work or legal outcomes for.

The failure to merge the Fed into US treasury will be the single CAUSE ( CONGRESS ) of systemic failure. Trusting the Fed knows what they are dong versus the Fed is using software to run a fax machine ( global monetary policy ) in a 5 G drone 20 billion pixel technology world.

THE SUPER CHANGE entirely new economy IS UNFORGIVING FOR FED POLICY ERRORS which are 100% of all Fed policy and congress is allowing SYSTEM STABILITY DESTRUCTION playing games over a border wall when the entire system is at core risk due to criminal negligee and policies of greed.



The most terrifying markets ever are here today.

The Fed considering SYSTEM STABILITY as the only future policy to upgrade into must if they only had a real clue:

  1. Not raise interest again now – watch as such a cost raise now destroys 2019 economics for 200 nations in the world and the surprise in global down turns will accelerate into stability core threats.
  2. Raise interest over ten years to 7 %
  3. Raise interest in patterns no one can figure out – say once a year in one year and no more than twice a year in any year.
  4. 8 Interest rates since 2015 should slow into the market does not know nor can it predict the when the fed will raise.
  5. The Fed should raise 1.8th point never higher in each raise – slow is the normalization seed to sow – to allow TIME in the new SUPER CHANGE AI economy for global stability to entrench – as economics is rapidly evolving is all new and is a new AI economy that evolved so fast since 2013 the world has no theory no rule book and all economic old theories do not apply to the new economy.

Entirely new rule books must be created to stabilize core economics at the system level. Economic policy making is about STABILITY FIRST in policy making – wage and price stability second and controlled inflation last and third not first. TIME IS THE MISSING ASSET tool in the new economy.

As policy makers all use outdated old economy software to make future policy the policy is failing at birth – fully antique and harmful to stability at core. As you are seeing. The market is never wrong the Fed is always wrong.

The Fed is also making policy politically. How does the Fed appear? Does the Fed appear to be weak caving to Trump or to Congress? Against system core stability who cares?

STABILITY is the only policy game…..but the Fed is playing UNO in a poker championship.


You already know the summery.

My report of a record high Santa Clause rally has been on detour to fed policy. The Fed announcement we are  not near “neutral” which is a fraud there as there is no neutral anything that neutral pr gimmick  is a Fed shame so you focus on illusion never knowing the destruction the Fed is doing in forcing marginal free money loans say 7 trillion in the USA to roll over in 2019 – that can not roll over at under 1% interest to above 5% interest – they will turn the keys to office buildings and to malls back to banks and then what? The global markets can not in the new economy the Fed made adjust to 500% interest rate rise in ten months –can’t be done economically. That is what we are all seeing.

The RIP TIDE – the old economy to the new economy and the tempest in the tea pot IS THE FED . The FED needs to be DEAD to fix this and only an emergency act of congress or Presidential finding to merge the Fed into US treasury as a matter of national security can drain the one real swamp where the real fiscal death lies …the FED DREAD.

China has a 3 Trillion Dollar problem:

  1. One trillion in capital investing now on pause which means never or permanent hold – one trillion in trade war pull out of the nation including plants moving out of China like a run on the bank – and one trillion of core system liquidity removed and still drying up that swimming pool under the drain level – China is falling into a very hard landing because of failed Fed policy and trade war.
  2. The trade war can tip China into massive hard landing debt defaulting which can assure system core failure globally.
  3. The Gulf and Saudi from MBS slaughter of Khashoggi – 1 trillion in lost market share and price revenue to nations – 1 trillion in projects on permanent hold and rising – and one trillion running out of Gulf instability. All as oil demand plunges in a run out of oil at % levels that represent super change for core demand on products – flooding the world with excess oil – no one wants any more – the largest economic shift in 100 years and the old economic rules no longer apply to the new SUPER CHANGE economy.

200 nations from EU leaders like France and Germany to leaders in Africa to the Gulf are now all in serious free fall decline in GNP and economic output. China is in a sliding super crash. All indicators down. The world is slowing down and the USA with it. How come? FAILED FED POLICY …shrinking liquidity in unstable markets that can not afford liquidity drains right now and not only that failed policy huge rises in cost of money from a sinking lake at the shore line. The Fed is wrong wrong wrong and the cost are clear pain as INSTABILITY washes across all shores as the FED layers one pounding failure upon another blasting failure into a market stability that can not hold….as now core system instability rises globally and the Fed like with blinders on plays the most complex video game with new AI VM goggles but the Fed only know to play UNO in a FORTNIGHT world. The FED IS THE CAUSE OF SYSTEM DESTABILIZATION AN ABSOLUTE EMERGENCY FOR CONGRESS a congress that fiddles while Rome burns.

These disintermediations promise system core stability risks the central banks are mis managing versus managing as fiduciaries. As their mental software is obsolete software for a fax in a star ship enterprise world the Fed software has no use on the economy of the star ship.


The cliff is coming.


PS: If by some miracle of utter panic the Fed does not raise interest rates this month the markets will stabilize and recover – if the Fed keeps raising interest rates the risk to global stability soars to levels not matched since 1929 in 2019 in my opinion…highest risk of system failure ever – why? The Fed failed policy which only stops by merging old obsolete policy software into US treasury with modernized upgraded software on board to create forward new economy improved policy – no merger no stability possible.



Napoleon Hill’s 17 Principles of Personal Achievement

By Napoleon Hill

Lesson 1: Definiteness of Purpose

Definiteness of purpose is the starting point of all achievement. Without a purpose and a plan, people drift aimlessly through life.

Lesson 2: Mastermind Alliance

The Mastermind principle consists of an alliance of two or more minds working in perfect harmony for the attainment of a common definite objective. Success does not come without the cooperation of others.

Lesson 3: Applied Faith

Faith is a state of mind through which your aims, desires, plans and purposes may be translated into their physical or financial equivalent.

Lesson 4: Going the Extra Mile

When you go the extra mile, the Law of Compensation comes into play.

Going the extra mile is the action of rendering more and better service than that for which you are presently paid. When you go the extra mile, the Law of Compensation comes into play.

Lesson 5: Pleasing Personality

Personality is the sum total of one’s mental, spiritual and physical traits and habits that distinguish one from all others. It is the factor that determines whether one is liked or disliked by others.

Lesson 6: Personal Initiative

Personal initiative is the power that inspires the completion of that which one begins. It is the power that starts all action. No person is free until he learns to do his own thinking and gains the courage to act on his own.

Lesson 7: Positive Mental Attitude

Positive mental attitude is the right mental attitude in all circumstances. Success attracts more success while failure attracts more failure.

Lesson 8: Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm is faith in action. It is the intense emotion known as burning desire. It comes from within, although it radiates outwardly in the expression of one’s voice and countenance.

Lesson 9: Self-Discipline

If you do not control your thoughts, you cannot control your needs.

Self-discipline begins with the mastery of thought. If you do not control your thoughts, you cannot control your needs. Self-discipline calls for a balancing of the emotions of your heart with the reasoning faculty of your head.

Lesson 10: Accurate Thinking

The power of thought is the most dangerous or the most beneficial power available to man, depending on how it is used.

Lesson 11: Controlled Attention

Controlled attention leads to mastery in any type of human endeavor, because it enables one to focus the powers of his mind upon the attainment of a definite objective and to keep it so directed at will.

Lesson 12: Teamwork

Teamwork is harmonious cooperation that is willing, voluntary and free. Whenever the spirit of teamwork is the dominating influence in business or industry, success is inevitable. Harmonious cooperation is a priceless asset that you can acquire in proportion to your giving.

Lesson 13: Adversity & Defeat

Many so-called failures represent only a temporary defeat that may prove to be a blessing in disguise.

Individual success usually is in exact proportion of the scope of the defeat the individual has experienced and mastered. Many so-called failures represent only a temporary defeat that may prove to be a blessing in disguise.

Lesson 14: Creative Vision

Creative vision is developed by the free and fearless use of one’s imagination. It is not a miraculous quality with which one is gifted or is not gifted at birth.

Lesson 15: Health

Sound health begins with a sound health consciousness, just as financial success begins with a prosperity consciousness.

Lesson 16: Budgeting Time & Money

Time and money are precious resources, and few people striving for success ever believe they possess either one in excess.

Lesson 17: Habits

Developing and establishing positive habits leads to peace of mind, health and financial security. You are where you are because of your established habits and thoughts and deeds.

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Congress – Massive Structural Change – Zero Regulations

Congress – Massive Structural Change – Zero Regulations

I review the G 20 news, and I really belly laugh. The kiddies having no clue and always looking. backward report information that is UNCOUPLED from markets today. Over 90% of all trading – which controls market prices in all asset classes – is AI. No human is moving capital at 440 trillion into postures or theories such as the kiddies are reporting.

First: the world is in a new economy that the world. has never known or experienced before. The new economy was born and compressed in only 60 months. Its much like Elron Mush my hero having the kiddies report his financial death at Tesla, as he burned through 100 million in loss per WEEK folks, as his never ending ark lamp came on. Hey build an entire assembly line in a tent in our own parking lot. Hey staff it with self correcting humans and scrap all the robotics. Tesla does not die turns a profit and Musk is the ark lamp hero for share holders. No one every built an entire assembly line in a parking lot in three weeks folks. AI is alive.

The new economy operates to maximize profit in the shortest time frames – say every 72 minutes world wide in markets that never sleep and are 24.7. All outside any regulatory frame work at margins and leveraged digital trading the world has never not ever seen before. No one regulates the new economy which is in sixty months compressed into GLOBAL INTEGRATIONS the world has never experienced nor has history to even manage. In this new economy the box top rules to navigate the landscape are being written and are not in print yet. Just think of that alone.

This week the SYSTEM SAVERS ( and I remain skeptical of that idea ) were interviewed. Old Bernake ( of whom I am not a fan ) suggests how they saved the system in 2008 was “right” when I think it was “fatally wrong” . They conclude that there are LESS FIRE HOSES in place to handle a future crises than they had available in 2008. I agree with that. RISK is far higher for system collapse today due to the structural change inside a SUPER CHANGE speed still unfolding as we do noting at a G 20 level where= the real thinking is required. No one is really thinking and the system – the new modeling and structures – are unfolding where using old tools and tactics ( such as the Fed shuttle launch on normalizing interest rates is fatal to the new economic destruction in our opinion ).



Central banks are using obsolete tools to manage monetary policy. This is dangerous to system stability> Today Central bank policy must focus on system stability first and other mile stones second. System stability must be the new bed rock. However the central banks like the Fed have no clue on stability issues and are evoking antique policies that fail and trigger global system vulnerability. Risk is super high and growing because policy makers are backward and leadership has yet to initiate forward corrective policies. AI in super money pools is at war ( which is entirely new ) producing volatility we predicted here and to which prior to this summer the world has never experienced as the NEW NORMAL. Until leveraged short selling managed digitally is moderated by new regulatory frame works the entire system is at risk of failure. Why?

Liquidity. It would take too long to explain here but the liquidity risk is to vast that the central banks working collectively to drain liquidity from a fragile system at 2019 are insane. Their policy rule books apply to 1950 before offices had fax machines. It is a shame really.

In comes the biggest RISK OF ALL. The American elections in the USA produce into a entrenched partisan polarization and popularism warfare the markets have never dealt with in modern times. The new congress breeds uncertainty on the level of grid lock, political warfare in politicized justice – with endless investigation and impeachment risks flying in the Congressional Hurricane winds, and no one knows which structure ( such as their own ) will be damaged.

AI is moving portfolio from risk of forward growth investing ( known as risk investing ) over to % flows unseen in 10 years toward Fed created high interest market positions, with re-positioning creating the forward market place. This is the first full on AI market correction.

As it is new, never experienced before without human control on 90% of massive trading volumes – such as today – we all see the MOST MESSY CORRECTION ever. Still I view right now as just that a MESSY CORRECTION.

Year end consumer spending is globally setting records except for France. France has experienced at Peak Holiday buying the artificial collapse of its entire industry base from the Yellow Vest Movement and the immaturity of Macon. Again a backward looking team has put into place INSTABILITY MODELING OVER STABILITY FIRST.  In the new AI system transition years we are inside of – STABILITY POLICY is sane economic policy planning and execution. Instability policy executions such as MACON failed policy or MBS failed policy create is immediate as to consequence in the instability outcome. France at year end economic crises and collapse will effect bankruptcy – debt – trade – and depending on how long the failed policy of instability continues – France can create a global crises. France is creating a total EU crises right now. The yellow vest are losing and soon to experience consequence for instability outcomes with massive unintended consequence from their mis guided backward seeing approach to change mechanics.

If central banks remain true to their stated normalization policies they will vastly reduce global liquidity. AI will in a SUPER DEBT LEVERAGED GLOBALIZED ECONOMIC new economy react by protecting risk. This AI capacity to shift both volume and velocity will risk system liquidity evaporation day.; LED DAY there is zero liquidity. In such a market the system fails entirely. The speed for the risk of a global system failure ( financial institutions simply close ) is higher than 1929. Why do regulatory oversight folks march on as if the risk was lower?

Honestly they no longer see the bouncing ball. They have lost sight of the rule book as they understand the older fax world economy and the new AI economy is beyond their play books to even open up to consider. Lacking all perspective we ARE now in a NEW ECONOMY that they don’t see or understand – policy is made from the old economy that now only destabilizes liquidity.

Today every event is counting down the LIQUIDITY TIME BOMB to LED DAY when the music dies.



Crammer says if the Fed does not raise interest rates the market sill panic. Crammer is an old model economy guy who has box top rules for an economy that has morphed under his nose to AI virtual reality economics but 2 D Crammer lacks visions and tool box understanding of the new 5 G – VIRTUAL – AI INTERLINKED DIGITALLY FULLY LEVERAGED new economy.

I say if the Fed pauses and just delays its interest raise till say next summer the markets will do two things. The shift listing to port will right itself and globally STABILIZE. The Now more stable global new AI economy will Santa Clause Rally to record wealth highs and wealth recharging world wide, based on the stability policy. What is so great about this option is testing it is not a risk. It can’t harm or hurt but it can prove the new economy buttons work on the star ship enterprise. The rotor turn crank to crank start up the stanley steamer of `1899 used in todays market as the FED IS NOW DOING…..ah not so much. Instability comes out of trying to crank a star ship folks.

But hey that is what you’re seeing. All the Kings Horses can’t put instability in an AI world back together again. The more the Fed un-hinges instability the shorter the time frame to system collapse and world war.

Remember you heard that heard since what – 2008?

In any context we are off say one month. We looking forward see Apple as so under valued along with Facebook and its 17 billion dollar stock buy backs – and Google and Amazon etc and etc THAT a Santa Clause year end SUPER RALLY to restore value from the bargain buys out there – is likely. We see a repeat of January last year with massive wealth restoration as one option.


The WILD CARD? CONGRESS having zero clue on the new economy risks and stability requirements as urgent. On system failure Bernake says we all have fewer fire hoses to fight the next fire storm to the system at core – today – is CONGRESS. If we see partisan compression in January the move to Fed endless interest raising and dollar soaring would be a stability threat. Markets would simply drop 60% from their highs and stay down. The now unstable system would likely fail in a debt default cascade triggering LED day. Remember you read that here please.

If the Congress in honey moon period passes infrastructure and immigration legislation and JOBS ACT II – the potential for system stability restoration – moderation to Fed normalization over 7 years versus 7 months – would temper risk to stability for system failure. Given the risk why do planners not accommodate the safe higher road to the financial upgramp?

Because they are backward looking on an old economy play book that was burned on a bon fire in the Great Recession. The old economy is dead and it is buried forever. The new AI digital fully leveraged global economy born since 2013 is world dominance at over 90% of capital movements for 440 trillion in global capital flows to all asset Classes without any regulation.


System stability is high risk with China outside a trade deal having market panic rise up any time now as the system in China is a full out run of trillions moving away from China forever just as their MBS buddy raises oil prices on them all over again. A system stability event so OPEC few against the many greed can continue criminally.

REGULATORY RESETTING must remove the criminality from the system. The SEC is now unable to regulate effectively without a regulatory upgrade, triple its budget and new AI to regulate AI globally. Today the regulatory frame work is broken and obsolete.


Are we looking at a messy first AI market correction following the longest boom expansion in recorded history? Are we looking at economic land mines the Fed and Congress place into stability issues for the system that trigger an end to the system as we have known it?

No one knows and we will soon all see…..if you wear the new reading glasses we gave you it will be so much more clear for you. Pick your own frames.

Berny Dohrmann – investment bankers optometrist – adjusting 20/20 vision for our readers


PS: Live from CEO SPACE Tampa – last class in Tampa Bay Florida – where is our March CEO SPACE? Next Blog I’ll tell you – stay tuned …..





Mueller can’t indict a sitting President.

This blog suggested a democratic House Win would potentially place the nation in a two year congressional total dysfunction and a President Impeachment proceeding. Even though the Republican Senator will NEVER IMPEACH their own sitting President. Still it will effect markets and investment. This blog suggested markets would go into INSTABILITY if the Democrats won big, and they did, and they impeach as a set up for the Presidential run in two years.

Mueller on Friday filed a document set on Cohen and Cohen now.a disgraced ex attorney who is on his way to Federal Prison – that – he lied – and that Donald Trump who said in the Press he did not know about the Stormy Daniels payment ( which none of 300 million America’s believed ) – where filings report President Trump in fact did know. Cohen testified that as attorney for Trump he was directed by Trump to make the payments to various women. And more.

The issue here is that filings reviewed by legal experts suggest Trump committed a felony violation of Federal campaigns LAWS in fact. More and more of the legal teams reporting in say this is the only way to reflect on Mueller BOMBS dropped into court on Friday.

Bad weekend for the President why?

The Presidents agenda with North Korea, with China, with Iran, with Russia is now in a limbo with the House controlling all “deals and funding” such that the House may not be able to avoid an Impeachment proceeding – which will take all two years until the next Presidential election, because, of the Mueller set up. Mueller is setting up a legal cage for Donald Trump that will require a House Impeachment action, where Mueller is limited as he can not indict a sitting President legally. Mueller’s check mate is to circle indictments like a TERMINAL NECKLACE all around Donald Trump and force the house to act on Impeachment. Mueller can then present evidence to the House as a witness.

The Impact of all this has for sure moved into the market space. The forward thinking. AI is going to project forward market prices into the risk on risk off movement of capital into safe haven. The almost inverted yield curve before the Fed creates its next interest rate raise is another omen for a possible recession the Fed says is not in the picture. Perhaps we should consider the down turn in economic activity globally will hit the USA.

Also the Britt Exit looks bad, the EU is crashing, France is in riots, Germany GDP is crashing and Russia just cut back oil out put – really? For MBS? Really? The market is seeing Chinese Tel Com leaders arrested in Canada, and China looking like a hard landing versus a soft landing as Real Estate now becomes hostage to NO TRUMP DEAL.

Will anyone make a Trump deal while impeachment goes on?

Mueller will indict a maximum necklace first. This could include Trump family members. Then a report will be created indicting Trump in that report. Then the house will pick it all up politically as political justice unfolds here. Nothing fair about this process. If I arrest all your buddies and they testify against you to stay out of long prison sentences that is not fair and honest justice. That is what the NAZIS did. It is done in Asia and Africa but not the USA until now.

So the entire saga unfolds.

THE MARKET IS DE-STABILIZING – moving forward do to the Fed and Mueller. In my opinion. STABILIZATION is more vital today for price of asset classes than profits which remain great in fact. Now markets lose enormous cap wealth by trillions based on instability by policy. Man made ECONOMIC CLIMATE CHANGE into 2019.

Keep a close watch on all this.




Market confidence remains high due to earnings. Year end Trillion dollar earnings are roaring in. Apple we believe will stun experts in first quarter earnings as stock price exceeds their expectation. Buy the DIP in Tesla as we said – paid off big time. Buy the dip in GE we believe will surprise to the upside and Apple too.

I’ve been speaking in Houston at NASA and at the Hispanic chamber of commerce. Those following me on Face Book see all that with apologize to my readers I passed 5000 total friends before you were even born. So follow me and you’ll when I’m speaking. I was able to pay respects to my old friend President Bush and family as planned and today I’m preparing for our final week – our best ever Tuesday to Saturday CEO SPACE. You can all save taxes and accelerate income ramp up by registering at the door just tell them your a blog reader for $ 2000 off the lifetime membership price of $ 2000.00. If you desire to 2019 triple your income and double you time off consider the smart choice to invest in yourself before Tuesday to PRICE PROTECT this lower offer even if you attend in March versus Tampa Bay next week. I will mentor my readers privately and individually at CEO SPACE if you shift things around and take the faster financial upramp for your game score card. Check out the money back guaranteed program at ?http://www.ceospace.net ( see a two or ore videos under our QUICK LINK TAB ON LINE ) and make your own book mark – sharing this site helps others in business.

So my readers know the WHY the market is rolling around like a drunken sailor. We still see a possible record all time high by year end – we’ll see. If not it is because of Jamie Diamonds STUFF OUT THERE prediction last month on new market head winds. Lets look at them.



Jamie suggested as we reported that if it were just up to profits and robust earnings new record highs in market valuations would occur. What is lopping the head off record market valuations today as earnings soar globally:

  1. The Fed. The Fed is using out of date tools and tactics to engineer an entirely new economy they don’t understand nor does the FED possess current required tools to regulate the new markets. Fed Board members have said ( today ) THE FED HAS TO PAUSE BECAUSE THE MARKET IS REACTING IN WAYS WE HAVE NEVER SEEN WE DO NOT UNDERSTAND. As we told you there is an entirely new economy we call M 20. M – 20 is a sixty month first evolving fully 2019 integrated economy controlled by less than 10,000 SUPER MONEY POOLS where AI not humans controls the flows of 440 trillion in capital at flash trade speeds only AI WARS ( one institutions AI against another’s AI – AI TO AI wars in Super Change evolving = ever new features bells and whistle capacities the world has never seen before. No theory from nations or from Universities yet exists for the new economy. The closest GPS for the evolution spiral of the now entrenched NEW M-20 SUPER CHANGE ECONOMY is my work REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION you can acquire for your holidays – along with practical solutions and its sister work GAME PLAN by my hedge fund best selling author buddy from Dallas Texas Kevin Freeman.
  2. The Fed lacking any SUPER CHANGE TOOLS and always looking backward at charts and graphs applying obsolete box top rules of the old M -1 economy lacks capacity to regulate the NEW M 20 economy. This now fully obsolete regulatory modeling franchise – wishes to hold on to its funding authority and power – when the FED is now fully antique STANLEY STEAMER transportation model for monetary policy in a STAR SHIP ENTERPRISE entirely new M 20 economy. Telling Scotty in the engine room of dilithium crystals hpw me must pre heat the boiler than work up steam then fire up the gear box to begin….moving into warp drive. TODAY the ALARM BELLS include the fact those at the top have lost total control on the market space. One of the largest money managers today reported we who manage massive AI capital flows …no longer know what is up and what is down …we just no longer know. Markets are behaving in new ways never seen before. One Fed Chairman said the FED must pause because we have no clue what is going on. Major financial reported today the market is as close to full PANIC as he has seen. WHY?
  3. The Fed throwing Stanley Steamer tools and wrenches into an anti matter star wars engine can create an explosion that wipes out everything. As the FED has lost all control of the markets but THEY WILL NOT STOP moving the market from ORDER INTO FULL CHAOS all predicted by this blog – the RISK is the FED. Earnings are good and record and the reason for the DRUNKER SAILOR MARKET SPACE is the Fed and POWELL – ( we said Yellin was the worst Fed Chairperson in 70 years but we were so wrong – POWELL Steals the title from Yellin ). Powell may be the Fed Chairman that sinks the system into full system collapse where all institutions fail and go bankrupt – in AI world that is a 72 hour event. The wealthy call that risk THE EVENT…in fact world wide and are preparing for THE EVENT we have reported here. If they Fed did not raise interest for 180 days and slowed down its balance sheet strategy plan – the market could adjust. If the FED in the NEW M 20 economy – normalized markets over ten years into 2029 versus ten months in 2018 – WITH TIME THE MISSING ASSET to normalization – the market could accommodate the MASSIVE NEVER KNOWN BEFORE GLOBAL DEBT SUPER BUBBLE exceeding 100 trillion dollars spiraling out of all control. Fed policy error to raise borrowing cost far too frequently far to high each time and far to fast is creating a TITANIC EVENT – THE EVENT – for system collapse like the three blind mice leading the world off a cliff that no one can recover from at all.
  4. STUFF OUT THERE – The stuff includes the break down of OPEC. Qatar resigned from OPEC effective no – no quota’s for Qatar a Saudi enemy. Iran was given a free pass with sanctions no quota for Iran. The experts know that the 1.2 million barrel cut back by OPEC is a TOTAL M 20 LIE. NO nation like Russia is going to hand over market share to other nations.. OPEC suggests demand for oil peaks in the 2030 period. First rate of oil demand growth has stopped like a bullet train hitting Mount Rushmore. Second the real fall off cliff in demand occurs in 2019 to 2035 where enormous % of reduction in use of oil will force 75 cent pump prices while all transportation moves to alternative clean renewable electric and oil is by by birdie.The biggest wealth shift in the world. China has its largest cell phone ( banned in USA ) CEO Arrested in Canada for money laundering for IRAN and spying. China can not fold its hands. The trade war is going to red hot heat up from that arrest. Unclear realities about trade wars and sanctions grip markets – no one can predict what is up or down directionally today. The 2019 Play book is new economics M 20 and the heads of the 10,000 SUPER MONEY POOLS and regulatory community are using old play book M 2 and M 3 modeling tools for the Stanley Steamer 1897 economy. The core system changed faster than nations could adapt. France is in out of control social evolution. Israel is engaged in Gaza. The no deal BRITT EXIT is a social revolution expect YELLOW VESTS in the UK ( heard here first ) and know – uncertainty from the New President in Mexico to Argentina spooks market. STUFF. Pipeline economics in USA to immigration unknowns spook markets. NAZI IN SUIT Mueller is un- relenting in his …hey I’ll indict you and let you out if you smash Trump if not your in jail justice model. The uncertainty from this two year persecution – is STUFF unfolding STUFF and a Gov shut down is stuff – there are so much rising up out there. Which is derailing all NORMAL into M 20 full on a year early.
    1.  We predicted the spring correction. We predicted the NEW -M 20 economy which is not easy as it is SUPER CHANGING evolving at speeds no human has ever known before. We predicted a record year end volatility – starting this summer continuing forever and why. We predicted in the end record wealth stats by year end as AI adjusts for 2019 earnings – for profit making. FED POWELL totally out of any touch with NEW M 20 markets and lacking any tools to moderate within them – is now toxic to those markets and FED POLLUTION is lopping the head off the ideal of portfolio – rebalancing for M 20 profitts. One of the largest – global leaders of a SUPER MONEY POOL said…..when we say investors it is no longer investors like everyone knew – it is AI controlling over 90% of all price manipulations. Price is now AI and investors are the tiny cut off tail of the dog. The DOG 440 million TRILLION in capital movements is now outside any national control or regulation a NEW ECONOMY no one has rule books for. Using OLD ECONOMY TOOLS into the NEW WORLD of evolving M 20 – is a crises a nuke to the old system order and can and will destroy that system.
    2. No one is steering. Time is running out. We have told you how to be safe and what to do. CEO SPACE is a safe harbor. Without a collective NEW M 20 community your struggle versus surplus living is at risk.

This coming week we take leaders and prepare them to prosper in any condition 2019 can throw at them. Without that GPS they are reading maps with road construction making all map reference obsolete.





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HAPPY HOLIDAYS – From Berny Dohrmann founder and Chairman CEO SPACE

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