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JUNE – 2018

Half the year is already gone. How are YOU doing? As well as you wished? Not as well? How can you do better in the critical second half of the year.

Apple is at record highs and institutions have been adjusting the trading peaks for apple to new high’s at 210 dollars. This blog told you when experts said – Apple was past history – Apple would only go down and to move out of Apple in the winter – to BUY APPLE in the DIP. We bought at 150’s did you? Thats 50 dollars of profit a share as it hits 200 dollars which is not the new forecast peak this summer – and we told you why – in 90 days? Did you take action?

We told you to avoid OIL when the experts told you oil was going to 100 dollars. We told you why? Today the storage of oil in America is over flowing ( again ) and the ships are lining up to store excess oil ( again ) and Saudi – that controls OPEC is about to relax pumping rules for members why? Because Members have had it with losing a trillion dollars on Saudi FAILED OIL POLICY reported here since 2014 – as OPEC literally breaks apart. Members are no longer adhering to the OPEC rules because they are killing themselves if they do inside a market that is growing in oil.

OPEC is a criminal cartel of oil producers that seeks to manipulate prices of oil outside market supply and demand. If Supply of Oil is fair market prices the producers give their product at the lowest possible price to make a profit while caring for their customer value maximally. Amazon brings prices down as they can and raise Prime cost as they must to increase service value to the consumer.

OPEC raises prices by artificially taking oil off the market  ( violating supply and demand ) to assure their own per barrel price is maximized for their greed disregarding their customer ( most of the world trying to catch up and develop and avoid starvation ). As oil is half a barrel transporting food – fertilizer for food- pesticides for food – upon which half the food crops of the world depend – artificially manipulating price is a crime against humanity cost poor developing nations ( most nations – untold 100’s of millions of deaths from starvation and lack of medicines which are based in oil products. These essentials for humanity are too costly in a FEW AGAINST THE MANY world of oil economics where a small group of GREEDY CRIMINALS execute a hidden tax for a commodity upon the world. All economies would flourish and boom with a lower cost of energy for OIL IS THE COST OF EVERYTHING ELSE. We reported on this blog OPEC was failing and would fall apart. We told you everything they say is a lie and flies against the economics of fair market supply demand outcomes for markets. CARTELS are illegal in the USA and OPEC is illegal in the USA and other nations. Why is OPEC not branded by nations a FINANCIAL TERRORIST ORGANIZATION  ? It should be.

The US should produce off shore oil itself at GOV pricing until the oil cartels are dissolved. FAIR MARKET PRICE FROM THE US NATIONAL OIL PRODUCTION CORPORATION where profits are used to retired the NATIONAL DEBT now there is an idea.

We told you OIL would go down. The experts told you oil would go up all Spring. Oil is going down steadily as our blog said. Did you take action ore get killed in that market?

We told you there would be a stock market correction in the SPRING. That correction is now history. The experts told you in Jan in the Winter when the market reached all time highs – trading a year pf profit gains one month alone – that the up boom would be on going. We told you get out it was at peak and would fall and be volatile thereafter. This blog was accurate precisely from data and you have seen that record bear out. If your holding us responsible.

We told you to BUY TESLA in the DIP and we told you why. The Experts predicated TESLA would crash in stock and require billions of dollars to keep going by the summer. Tesla stock has gone back up and is going up now and we say you have not seen anything yet. We told you why. Did you take action or did you buy in the DIP?

If you are keeping score the 100% track record is so rich we invite YOU to share this blog with your tribe who want to read news and then have another source to get a SECOND OPINION. This blog tells you WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE IF THAT IS IMPORTANT TO YOUR DECISION MAKING. Another source of data to weigh – throw out – or add in – to your own process. Just one more set of facts to consider.

You may agree with our teams.
You may disagree.

You can COMMENT we always answer and encourage dissent. Welcome your views as we present our own.

This blog is read by over 30,000 subscribers and untold 100,000’s of click readers who have yet to subscribe ( which helps our counts ). I encourage those using this free service to SUBSCRIBE to advance our counts world wide. This blog is read by a world wide audience of readers who increasingly enjoy the perspective of WHAT IS GOING ON OUT THERE.

This blog told you that we believe the summer will see overall gains. WE said into 2020 we see the market going up and down in volatility and we told you why. We told you without major third party events and they may well take place the market will rise to 30,000 DOW by 2020. We told you that the economic news would continue to be strong.

We have just had the best financial reporting, jobs reporting, overall wage growth and interest raises ( way too fast way too high way too soon by the other illegal cartel – central banks as private contract corporations with nations – the FED being our own – that controls our money without oversight – prints our money and charges us all interest ) for that service. The FED CRIMINAL CARTEL will keep raising interest soaring bank and financial profits for their membership quarter by quarter – soaring financial sector profits – leading the 30,000 DOW which they manipulate along the way. Equities are not falling into a bear market quiet yet. The longest EXPANSION UP BUBBLE IN RECORDED HISTORY hits us and sets records this August. The BOOM will go on despite trade war and Iran issues.

Volatility will be up and down and sometimes jar you all. Why? Because the 10000 SUPER MONEY POOL TRADERS are leaving for Summer Vacations. Their AI SOFTWARE will trade and trade – up and down with more think VELOCITY ACCELERATION AND MOMENTUM. The VAM will pick up this Fall – then we have to really see again.

Today the double lines of trading parameters will not grow sensational outcomes this summer but neither will values fall off any cliff as opposed to overall stability. Oh there may be huge DAY DECLINES and HUGE DAY RISES as never seen before as AI learns earns and returns. AI is learning. AI is not human and lacks our judgment capacity. AI must learn human judgment as it lacks such judgement today.

The Summer markets will overall repair the SPRING correction. All GROW occurs in the SUMMER. Crop growth – and all growth.

Oil from Shale now can’t get enough workers. Record numbers of wells are at work. Half the oil patch was in ice storms and snow. Now everyone is fully back at it and record reserves are over flowing storage already and we have yet to hit the OIL VAM OF this SUMMER.

ALL growth happens in the summer.

As all eyes are on North Korea – we note – no President like him or hate him – has:

  1. REFORMED US TAXES so positively in such a short time
  2. REFORMED VET HEALTH care so massively in so short a time
  3. Has proposed needed Infrastructure legislation coming next as enormous 25 year America stimulation to growth
  4. Created more jobs in less time
  5. Created staggering economic stability math in such a short time
  6. Taken tensions with North Korea into peace talks ever
  7. Moving to reduce tensions with Russia in talks now planned
  8. Working with unfair trade in a market where the USA goes absolutely broke slowly – and stops it and reverses USA PROSPERITY TRADE world wide all at once – creating a world wide new trade model – in such a short time – first ever
  9. Massively empowers USA defense to step up into CYBER WAR and catch up and win finally – first time ever
  10. Works to bring American troops home from Syria – Gulf Nations and South Korea at levels that reposition defense budgets to upgrade global strategy while sending clear messages to China and others – the old appeasement model is over for good.

Like it or hate it – 18 months have changed the BOX TOP RULES.

We told you for three years FIVE STAR party would win in Italy as a populist new EU day in town – and they would EXIT THE EU. The experts all report they would never exit the EU. We tell you the EU is breaking apart ( economically and politically ) into its constituent nations – and Italy is at HIGH RISK to leave the EU. We told you to short the EU and go long on the US dollar. The experts said the dollar would only reach new lows in 2018.

The US DOLLAR is at new high points in 2018 and growing steadily. We reported. you an’t seen nothing yet and the US dollar would advance to become the strongest currency by far in the world as the EU implodes over time dying in a sink hole of bad debts.

We told you the SUPER DEBT BUBBLE was the risk to the entire world and that forward of 2020 RISK ON and DANGER mounted for this unresolved DEBT SUPER BOMB. WE told you Italy was the danger trigger in the EU while China was the Danger trigger for the entire world. We are growing economically in a spiral of whirl pools of super debt in the EU and Asia to which we see only SUPER BONDS as the solution or war as a reset device. We are lobbying with nations for SUPER BOND THEORY and we’ll see if we can influence or pull off a final solution outside war to rebalance economic accounts. Time will tell on this item.

Our Summer forecasting remains as it has been. We see the ON VACATION VAM constraints on trading as defaulting to AI on the large % of trades. The humans are going on vacation. VAM will level and decline now. Price points should rise on amazing economic news – up bubble GNP adjustments for America and other nations as winter is gone and SPRING EFFECTS are reported to market in the summer. We did good in Winter. We will do GREAT IN SPRING. WE all are springing forward financially. Wealth will recover from the EARLY SPRING CORRECTION we predicted precisely – accurately over three years 2015 – 2016 – 2017 and into 2018 if anyone is tracking our blog track record reported here.

We have said all year the summer would rise and grow back results lost to the correction and the BOOM would become the longest boom in history going into this fall and into 2020. We told you the market is a casino versus an economic model driven by 10,000 super money pools, AI trading, and manipulation via speculations in all asset classes where the VAM is 100% higher in price speculations in side betting as to which WAY A FORWARD PRICE WILL GO versus real stake holder trading. WE stated this model is not sustainable without a re-think of regulatory frame work within the G 100 cooperating as all trading is now in the cloud and all regulations are local only. Without a new frame work of regulation criminal speculation will imbalance market price ranges and multiples.

As it is and has. The two major risks to eventually rebalancing of the abuse of economics is:

  1. Massive speculation via SUPER DEBT BUBBLE world wide. National Debt institutional debt and personal debt.
  2. Market price manipulations via unregulated speculations within fantastic margin leverage and trading ( precisely like the 1929 run up to the last depression ) only using DIGITAL DEBT and AI SOFTWARE in a new economic system with AI SOFTWARE manipulating price ranges – such as the economies of the world have never known before.

This blog told you we are going where no man or economic system has traveled before. We are inside a new AI SOFTWARE ECONOMIC MODEL. We do not have any tools tactics or regulatory frame work to regulate this new model.

AI has not reached what we call THE GREAT AWAKENING YET where AI IS:

  • Fully self aware – a new being
  • Self programing and evolving – like our own brain
  • A billion times more advanced in thinking powers than a human brain and acceleration capacity beyond measurement
  • Self maintaining replicating and expanding globally


This Blog has advocated a policy for national security and defense to protect humanity from this GREAT AWAKENING following which all bets are off that:

  1. We create a MARS POLICY of mutually assured reconstruction – outlined in my book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION and in white papers we produce here.
  2. EMP weapon systems as failsafe to deconstruct AI outside AI influence to influence or manipulate as a KILL SWITCH we lack to this instant in planning a grave risk moving forward.

If you want a fictional AI example of what can occur and we are closer than the film – depicts – watch the NETLIK SERIES – PERSON OF INTEREST and WATCH IT TO THE VERY END. You will learn a lot and the points 1 and points 2 above will mean a great deal more to YOU than those lacking the data points.

This ends our summer summary and forecast.

We finally advise readers the critical asset to prosper maximally in our NEW AGE OF SUPER CHANGE – the title of my new book – is CURRENCY. That you move into a superior PROCESS to bring yourself fully current in the AGE OF SUPER CHANGE – as you acquire tools and tactics to prosper maximally – as you surround yourself with a critical community of like minded CURRENT SKILLED ENTREPRENEURS – where wagons are circled for the collective common good.

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CEOSPACE steps our community out of the SHARK TANK and dog eat dog lacking all integrity into the DOLPHIN tank of COOPERATION IN BUSINESS versus the failed economics of competition – into a lifetime DOLPHIN TANK protecting one another from the SHARKS.

A far happier place to prosper one and all.

If you want to change YOUR WORLD as well as THE WORLD and you believe yesterday is already too late to dive into the DOLPHIN TANK and leave the SHARK TANK – than joining CEOSPACE is a profit making July 16th choice. If you do register assure your circle registers as well and spread the word.





The updated new model of statistics the USA releases for the economy fails to include the 30 million long term unemployed. If you include THEM as we did only a short decade ago – the REAL employed and available labor force is more like 7% now down from 16%. All good.

The labor wage growth is anemic and years late in coming.

There is aside from oil – now crashing downward:

  1. NO inflation
  2. NO pressure of the economy over heating
  3. The recovery is debt fueled and fragile with risk
  4. The big spiral in trade war escalations is risk on
  5. The tipping point of interest rising too fast is risk on

The wild card is enormous national corporate and personal debt loads never seen before in economics. Raising interest rates too fast too frequently by too much is repeating failed FED POLICY that created from the FED as CAUSE – the Depression of 1907 and WORLD WAR I to rebalance accounts – never really fixed systemically by world war.

The Depression of 1929 and World War II to rebalance Fed failure within distorted economics – where side bets in casino capitalism made possible by Fed FREE MONEY and regulatory failures to moderate the speculators – collapsed markets and WORLD WAR II was required to rebalance accounts.

The Fed impossibly conflicted in the conflict of interest to raise cost of money ( which is prints ) so that its shareholders who control the Fed – the banks and investment banks the Fed is supposed to regulate a a private Government contract Private Corporation – chartered by a 80 page of congress 100 years ago – itself a failed policy of Congress – has created more horror – poverty while protecting wealth consolidation of its elite shareholders.

Today 1% elites own more wealth than 99% like they did in the 1907 Depression and the 1929 Depression. These American disasters did not occur before the FED when the US treasury printed money and managed fiscal policy.

Which is why we advocate for an emergency Presidential order to merge the Federal Reserve Board back into the US Treasury as a constitutional required return of law. Or:

  1. The Fed will move in greed to reward it’s controlling shareholders – all in secret and never reporting to congress at all – never audited – no oversight at all – and lying – will raise interest rates as it did in 1907 and 1929 against a rising trade war which shattered economics entirely.
  2. Then the Fed members now so wealthy made fortunes on WORLD WAR as millions were slaughtered while they all had warm meals and a nice party in the Hamptons.
  3. Repeating that model precisely is a wake up call for anyone who can click read and research the truth from the lies.

Economically the world has suffered the worst melt down in economics since 1929 in 2008. This melt down was FED CREATED by Fed Failure to regulate its bank shareholders from a greed fest in mortgage speculations. In a global profit making shell game unlimited money moved into mortgages no one owned – sold and resold into mortgage pools – and super pools and then into super duper pools all rated TRIPLE AAA by bought and paid for credit rating agencies having zero regulatory oversight in today’s system. The result is the SUPER DUPER POOLS were CRAP and trillions of wealth went up in smoke due to the economic imbalances.

The FED is the cause ( always ). Their policies have failed since 1907.

The FED unblocked needs to merge into US Treasury. Instead they are repeating history to cause a global Super Crash and real World War III. Why? Their members globally have no way to pay off their bad debts. The way to avoid member ( bank and investment bank ) bankruptcy and bankruptcy of nations over topped with debt – is to crash the economics and move into WORLD WAR.

Fed cover up their own abuse liability problem – no one goes to jail – and their members make fortunes destroying old infrastructure then rebuilding entirely new updated infrastructure in a re-circulation that cost at the bottom line – a billion human lives. Fed accounting says its a right price to pay for the profit – as those billion are actually irrelevant. As a way of thinking we oppose.

It is all economics.

If criminals control the money how do we win?

If we fail to merge the FED ( criminals ) back into US TREASURY ( not criminals ) then the future is on US ALL.

Ignorance keeps us in wage slavery.

Education sets us economically free.

Today the economic growth is precious fragile and at high risk. The debt load of today requires decades to work out of – say 20 years. Raising interest rates should be far more gradual and far more extended as sane policy versus insane policy.

Against the risk of TRADE WARS and pressure on economic recovery inside a debt load the world has never known before the insulation is slow careful interest rate normalization over twenty years not twenty months.

The FED profiting from those fantastic interest rates shows no mercy to the sane policy over the insane GREED conflict of interest to absolve its member shareholder pressures to make profit from higher interest rates NOW.

Debt – refinancing of nations – institutions – individuals – at ever higher interest rates will sink home owners – consumer buying – everything. The Economy will reach a tipping point.

The SPRIAL of trade wars and interest rates is a DEPRESSION BIRTHING NURSERY economically. As with today’s debt load at historic never known before levels the RISK SPIRAL is fantastic and the Fed lacks accommodation for the data against its justification to profit and greed feed.

The old truth – if we fail to learn from past history we are doomed to repeat past history.

I fear for the failed FED POLICY of today within a digital casino capitalism with no silver bullets or shock absorbers remaining to right the DEBT DEFAULT CASCADE and LIQUIDITY EVAPORATION DAY that follows in digital seconds that tipping point.

If present policy continues the good news economically will sour quickly in the SPIRAL OF RISK rising without moderation from sane economic considerations of these given as presented here.


PS: Play in the Casino as you would in Vegas and be careful out there only the house ( the Fed ) wins in the end.





TRUMP RAW DATA – HATE HIM OR NOT – DATA- such that If you hate President Donald Trump as millions do – or not as millions MORE  in the majority – not so much – irrespective – entrepreneurs in our CEOSPACE communities – need to appreciate hard data – in planning their futures. Quarter to quarter – in a 12 months first year period of time – what does that DATA report the TRUMP PRESIDENCY HAS completed? Is that data worth print page – and review for your teams. For some yes. For others not so much. The President Trump Track Record Raw Data presents the associated completions from third party public records for your PRINT to file and reference – over a 12 month first quarter to first quarter on President Donald trumps TRACK RECORD RAW DATA as the mid year American elections loom large this summer on economics.

DATA is Data and we present this hard to find in globally press today – raw data information – so leaders can THINK DIFFERENTLY armed with better data and more data – always presented economically never politically as we remain a POLITICAL FREE ZONE. I delete Face Book Followers who use social for politics – as my walls are cooperative not competitive and positive by design. I control my social my social does not control me.



President Trump’s Accomplishments (4.13.2018) – RAW DATA 

THE CRITICAL TO DATE: ACCOMPLISHMENTS:Government Accountable to the People

• On Friday evening, at the order of the President, U.S. Armed Forces,

with Britain and France, launched strikes against chemical weapon sites in Syria. American and our allies will not tolerate the use against chemical weapons against men, women and children. God bless our courageous troops and allies.

• President Trump signed into law H.R. 1865, the Allow States and

Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act, which makes it a federal crime to own, manage, or operate a website with the intent to promote or facilitate prostitution—and which gives law enforcement new tools with which to fight human trafficking.

• President Trump signed an Executive Order to set up a Federal task force to find best solutions for reforming the USPS.

Unleashing our Economic Potential

• U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue and U.S. Trade

Representative Robert Lighthizer announced that the government of Argentina has finalized technical requirements that will allow U.S. pork to be imported into Argentina for the first time since 1992.

• President Trump signed an Executive Order on Economic Mobility by

reforming welfare. New work requirements will be added or enforced

for able-bodied adults on welfare so they can regain independence.• The Trump Administration has taken steps to provide hope to

forgotten areas of the country by designating Opportunity Zones in 18 states.

o Opportunity Zones are a new community development program established by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 to encourage

long-term investments in low-income urban and rural

communities nationwide.
o The Opportunity Zones program provides a tax incentive for

investors to re-invest their unrealized capital gains into Opportunity Funds that are dedicated to investing into designated Opportunity Zones.

o This investment program connects private capital with low- income communities across America.

• Hiring in the manufacturing sector in February rose to highest level

since before the Great Recession began, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported.


• Optimism for American manufacturers is at record highs, according to National Association of Manufacturers.

• Number of people receiving unemployment benefits is at lowest level in 44 years, according to the Labor Department.

Eliminating Job Killing Regulations & Wasteful Spending

• President Trump signed a Presidential Memorandum directing the

EPA to make National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) pursuant to the Clean Air Act program more efficient and cost- effective, giving states greater flexibility and implementation of NAAQS.

• Seven cabinet agencies signed a Memorandum of Understanding

President Trump signed a memo of understanding to foster interagency coordination for the permitting of major infrastructure projects, in an effort to streamline the process.

Veteran Care

• The Trump Administration continues to take care of America’s veterans, providing $43 million to house America’s homeless



• President Trump rolled out principles to combat the opioid crisis in

the United States that will reduce supply, limit demand, and aid in

• The Department of Justice issued a new ruling effectively banning

bump stock sales in the United States.
• President Trump rolled out the immediate actions his Administration

and Congress should take to tackle schools violence, including supporting the STOP School Violence Act, Fix NICS Act, and advocating for states to adopt Extreme Risk Protection Orders.o President Trump made Secretary DeVos in charge of a

commission to look at longer term solutions, including age

restriction on certain firearm purchases.
• CMS and the White House Office of American Innovation rolled out a

new government wide MyHealthEData initiative to increase access to

health data by patients.
• President Trump was able to secure over $700 billion to meet our

national security needs in a 2 year budget agreement, after years of

harmful sequestration.
• President Trump fulfilled his promise to the American people by

nominating and, after Senate confirmation, appointing Neil Gorsuch as an Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court.

o Twenty-two judges have been confirmed, including a record- setting 12 circuit judges.

• CMS rolled out a new policy supporting states in allowing work and

community engagement among non-disabled, working-age Medicaid beneficiaries, excluding the elderly, those with disabilities, children, pregnant women, and victims of substance use.

• FEMA announced that private nonprofit houses of worship would be

eligible for disaster assistance retroactively applying to disasters

declared on or after August 23, 2017.
• President Trump reversed President Obama’s last-minute land grab,

by dramatically reducing the acreage of two national monuments.
o The order ends excessive federal control of Utah land, advances

protection of our national treasures through a truly representative process, one that listens to the local communities that knows the land the best and that cherishes the land the most.

• The Justice Department settled two lawsuits with conservative Tea

Party groups that were unfairly scrutinized by the IRS for their tax-

exempt status.
• Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt

issued an agency-wide directive designed to end the abusive “sue and settle” Obama-era practice where environmental groups were able to impose policies through litigation that they couldn’t pass through Congress.

• President Trump implemented higher ethical standards to make sure his Administration works for the American people.

President Trump signed an Executive Order implementing tough new lobbying standards for political appointees, including

a five-year ban on lobbying and a lifetime ban on lobbying for foreign countries.

President Trump has donated his salary, following through on his promise to the American people.

• To make sure the Government serves the needs of all Americans,

President Trump has called for a comprehensive plan to reorganize the executive branch and has used his budget to begin to implement his plan.

o President Trump created the Office of American Innovation to streamline and improve the Government for future generations.

• President Trump was the first in history to address the March of Life live from the White House.

• The Department of Health and Human Services created the Conscience and Religious Freedom Division of the Office For Civil


Unleashing our Economic Potential

• President Trump released his infrastructure framework to build America stronger.

o $1.5 trillion in infrastructure investment, of which $200 billion would be Federal spending.

o Investing in rural infrastructure, including rural broadband.
o Returning decision making back to state and local authorities.o Eliminating barriers that prevent infrastructure projects from

being efficiently developed and managed.
o Streamline permitting to shorten the length from 10 years to 2.o Develop America’s workforce to help more Americans secure

good-paying jobs.
• Under President Trump’s leadership, Congress passed historic tax cuts

and relief for hardworking Americans not seen since President Reagan.

o The Tax Cuts Act provides $5.5 trillion in tax cuts, of which $3.2 trillion, or nearly 60 percent, goes to families.

o A typical family of four earning $75,000 will save more than $2,000 in income tax cuts.

o The Tax Cuts Act nearly doubles the standard deduction.
o The vast majority of American families will be able to file their

taxes on a single page.
o The Tax Cuts Act will repeal Obamacare’s burdensome

individual mandate.
• President Trump received the Rural Prosperity Task Force report and

signed an Executive Order to help expand broadband access to rural

• March job report shows 2.9 million new jobs have been added since

President Trump’s election.
o Manufacturing added 22,000 jobs, bringing the total to 263,000

manufacturing jobs added since President Trump took office.
o Mining & Logging added 8,000 jobs, bringing the total to 76,000 mining & logging jobs added since President Trump took office.

• The unemployment rate is unchanged since October, remaining at an almost 17 year low.

• Institute for Supply Management said the manufacturing index rose to the highest level since May 2004.

• The Conference Board’s Consumer Confidence Index jumped to a 17- year high in January.

• Wages grew by 2.9 percent in 2017, the largest increase in 8 years.
• Second estimates for the third quarter place GDP at 3.2 percent, despite


three major hurricanes making landfall. This is the best six-month

stretch of growth in three years.
o GDP grew by 2.6 percent in the fourth quarter of 2017.

• The Dow Jones Industrial Average has had over 80 record highs under

President Trump, including this week.
o The Dow Jones Industrial Average is up over 35 percent since

Election Day 2016.
o Closed over 25,000 points for the first time in history on

January 4, 2018.
• Small business had a record number of owners saying now is a good

time to expand, according to the National Federation of Independent

Business (NFIB) monthly Jobs Report.
• The National Association of Manufacturers’ Outlook Index had the

highest annual average in its history and reached a record high in fourth quarter 2017.

o More than half of manufactures said they would expand their businesses, hire more American workers, and buy more equipment due to tax reform.

• According to the fourth quarter CNBC All-America Economic

Survey, more than half of Americans rated the economy as good or

excellent for the first time in at least 11 years.
• Signed an Executive Order making it easier for businesses to start and

expand apprenticeship programs.
o A Department of Labor study concluded $60,000 was the

average salary of certified apprenticeship programs compared to

a starting salary of under $50,000 for a college graduate.
o 87 percent of apprentices are employed upon completion of a


Eliminating Job Killing Regulations & Wasteful Spending

• President Trump’s Unified Agenda of Regulatory and Deregulatory Action has exceeded the 2:1 mandate, issuing 22 deregulatory actions for every one new regulatory action.

o Federal agencies achieved $8.1 billion in lifetime net regulatory cost savings, the equivalent of $570 million per year.

• Simply cutting red tape and putting Obama-era regulations on hold have already saved $378 million since President Trump took office, and that savings is expected to jump into the billions next year when the administration’s anti-regulation campaign hits full stride, according to a report from the American Action Forum.

• The President signed an infrastructure Executive Order which will save billions of dollars directly by streamlining and expediting the permitting process for infrastructure projects


o The EO establishes a two year goal for the federal government to

process all of the actions required by federal law for the environmental reviews and permits of major infrastructure projects

• Withdrew from the Paris Accord, which undermined U.S. competitiveness and job creation.

o According to a study by NERA Consulting, meeting the Obama Administration’s requirements in the Paris Accord would cost the U.S. economy nearly $3 trillion over the next several decades.

o By 2040, our economy would lose 6.5 million industrial sector jobs – including 3.1 million manufacturing sector jobs.

Unlocking American Energy

• The Interior Department announce plans to open up 90 percent of America’s coastal water to oil drilling, proposing 47 possible auctions of drilling rights in nearly all parts of the U.S. continental shelf.

• The Interior Department announced it would sell leases for nearly 77 million acres starting in March in the Gulf of Mexico for oil and gas drilling, the largest offering ever.

• President Trump has acted aggressively to increase exports of our energy resources to a global market.

o Updated guidance from the Treasury Department to allow the United States to export coal.

o Expedited the permitting and approval processes of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) terminals and exports, including the approval of the Lake Charles LNG terminal in Louisiana.

o During President Trump’s Administration, our allies have continued to receive American LNG exports in order to prevent dependence on single suppliers.

• President Trump has unleashed oil and gas development in the United States by expanding access to resources and the infrastructure needed to get them to market.

o Approved the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines, creating over 42,000 jobs and $2 billion in earnings.

? Signed an Executive Order mandating future pipeline work to be done by American workers and with American steel.

o Expedited new pipeline approval and production, including the New Burgos Pipeline to Mexico.

• President Trump signed a bill that eliminated a Dodd-Frank rule that required oil companies like Exxon Mobile to publicly disclose the taxes and fees they pay to foreign governments, which was going to cost the industry as much as $385 million annually.

• The EPA has filed a proposal to repeal the Clean Power Plan to facilitate the development of U.S. energy resources and reduce


unnecessary regulatory burden on the energy sector.
o The Clean Power Plan is estimated to cost oil and natural gas

operators as much as $530 million annually.
• President Trump, in keeping his campaign promise to coal miners,

rolled back the previous administration’s “Stream Protection Rule,” which had saddled the coal industry with estimated costs of at least $81 million a year.

Pursuing Fair and Reciprocal Trade Deals

• President Trump announced new tariffs, under Section 301, on $50 billion of Chinese goods for unfair trade practices that steal American intellectual property.

o President Trump instructed the United States Trade Representative to look into an additional $100 billion of tariffs on Chinese goods under Section 301.

• The United States announced amendments to the South Korea-US Free Trade agreement to better benefit American cars, pharmaceuticals, steel, and agriculture products.

• President Trump signed two Presidential Memorandums putting in place a 25 percent tariff on steel imports and a 10 percent tariff on aluminum imports.

• President Trump’s U.S. Trade Representative announced new tariffs on solar cells and residential washing machines.

• President Trump announced that he intends to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) to better reflect our modern economy while benefitting all parties so involved.

• One of President Trump’s first actions was to withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, fixing the Obama Administration’s failed attempts protect American workers.

• The President began the process of renegotiating the United States- Korea Free Trade Agreement.

• As of December 31, 2017, the trump administration has conducted 82 major actions protecting U.S. trade by initiating 82 antidumping and countervailing duty investigations, an increase of 58 percent over the previous year.

o The Department of Commerce announced the first self-initiated antidumping and countervailing duty investigation since 1991 targeting Chinese common alloy aluminum sheet.

o The President’s Commerce Department issued a determination that Canadian companies were dumping and subsidizing softwood lumber into the United States.

• The President signed an order to investigate Chinese theft of U.S. intellectual property:


o The IP Commission Report estimates that the annual cost to the

United States economy from IP theft could be as high as $600

billion, with China as the major contributor
• Negotiations President Trump started with China on economic

cooperation have already produced results for American businesses.o For the first time in 14 years, since 2003, American beef imports

have returned to China, opening up a $2.5 billion market to

American ranchers and producers.
o China is welcome to negotiate contracts to import American

liquefied natural gas.
• Initiated a probe aimed at determining whether Chinese and other

foreign-made steel and aluminum threatens U.S. national security.
o Chinese exports of steel into the U.S. has captured 26 percent of

the market, and Chinese steel imports are up nearly 20 percent

over the last year alone.

Transforming the Department of Veterans Affairs

• Announced plans for the Veterans Affairs administration to shift veterans’ electronic medical records to the same system used by the Defense Department, ending a decades old problematic rift in sharing information between the two agencies.

o Signed Executive Order for veterans to receive other care outside of the Department of Veterans Affairs medical system.

• President Trump issued a new Executive Order requiring the Secretaries of Defense, Homeland Security, and Veterans Affairs to submit a joint plan to provide veterans access to access to mental health treatment as they transition to civilian life.

• Signed the Veterans Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act to allow senior officials in the VA to fire failing employees and establishes safeguards to protect whistleblower.

o Under President Trump, the VA has fired 1,298 employees, suspended 425, and demoted 73, as part of President Trump’s efforts to restore accountability.

• The VA took steps to increase transparency and accountability by launching an online “Access and Quality Tool,” providing veterans with a way to access wait time and quality of care data.

• President Trump signed the Veterans Appeals Improvement and Modernization Act after it passed the Senate unanimously earlier in August.

o The legislation streamlines the lengthy process that veterans undergo when appealing disability benefits claims with the VA.

o More than 470,000 veterans are waiting decisions regarding their appeals.

• The President signed the Harry W. Colmery Veterans Educational Assistance Act.

heroes with the support they’ve earned for risking their lives to ensure the freedoms of all Americans:

o The Post-9/11 GI Bill provides educational benefits to veterans, service members, and their family members, including tuition, fees, books, housing, and other additional costs.

• President Trump signed the VA Choice and Quality Employment Act of 2017 to authorize $2.1 billion in additional funds for the Veterans Choice Program (VCP).

o Veterans become eligible for care under the VCP if: they live more than 40 miles from the closest eligible VA medical

facility, wait times that are over 30 days from the clinically

indicated date, or they meet other special criteria.
• A new White House VA Hotline to help veterans will be fully staffed

by veterans.
• President Trump and Veterans Affairs Secretary Dr. David Shulkin

announced three initiatives to expand access to healthcare for veterans using telehealth technology.

o “Anywhere to Anywhere VA Health Care” allows VA providers to use telehealth technology to serve veterans no matter where the provider or veteran is located.

o Expand VA Video Connect, an application for mobile phones and computers, that allows veterans and providers to connect by video across the country.

o Nationwide rollout of The Veteran Appointment Request (VAR) application, which allows veterans to schedule appointments at VA facilities on phones, tables, or computers.

Giving Americans The Healthcare They Need

• U.S. Department of Agriculture announced more than $1 billion

would be provided to improve access to health care services for 2.5

million people in rural communities.
• President Trump is mobilizing his entire Administration to address

drug addiction and opioid abuse by directing the declaration of a

Nationwide Public Health Emergency to address the opioids crisis.• President Trump signed an Executive order to reform the United

States healthcare system to take the first steps to expand choices and alternatives to Obamacare plans and increase competition to bring down costs for consumers.

o The Secretary of Labor agreed to expand access to Association Health Plans (AHPs), which could potentially allow American employers to form groups across State lines.

o The order directs the Departments of the Treasury, Labor, and Health and Human


• President Trump concluded there is no appropriations for cost-sharing

reduction (CSR) payments to insurance companies under Obamacare.o CSR payments have no authority and are unlawful.
o The bailout of insurance companies through these unlawful

payments is yet another example of how the previous administration abused taxpayer dollars and skirted the law to prop up a broken system.

Restoring Law and Order

• The Department of Justice announced over $98 million in grant

funding through the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS Office) COPS Hiring Program to allow 802 additional full- time law enforcement officers.

• As of November 16, 2017, the department of justice has worked with

Central American partners to “arrest and charger some 4,000 MS-13

members” so far this year.
• The Department of Justice announced it was scheduling fentanyl

substances as a drug class under the Controlled Substances Act.


o o


Now, fentanyl-related substances will be brought to the same illegality and charging level as heroin or marijuana.

In a billion dollar opioid fraud crackdown, the DOJ charged more than 400 people, including doctors and medical facilities,

who it said were prescribing unnecessary opioids to addicts and fueling the drug crisis.

The Department of Justice announced its first ever indictments against two Chinese nationals and their North American-based

traffickers and distributors to distribute large quantities of

fentanyl and other opiate substances.
• Operation Cross Country XI was conducted by the FBI to combat

human trafficking, rescuing 84 children and arresting 120 human

• After violent crime rose in 2016, the Department of Justice is

reinvigorating the Project Safe Neighborhoods to provide a framework for violent crime reduction. When first started in 2001, it reduced violent crime by 4.1%.

Achieving a Massive Reduction in Illegal Immigration

• President Trump announced the National Guard would be deployed to the Southwest border to make assist border patrol agents in securing our border.

• President Trump’s Department of Justice filed a lawsuit against the state of California for their sanctuary status for illegal immigrants.• President Trump revealed details on an immigration framework that


would provide border security, reform of the chain migration, ending

the visa lottery, and providing a permanent DACA fix.
• President Trump released his immigration priorities to secure the

border, enforce immigration laws, and reform the immigration system. This includes:

o Ensure funding for the southern border wall and associated infrastructure,

o End loopholes that allow Unaccompanied Alien Children to stay in the country,

o Reform the asylum system,
o Expedite the remove of illegal aliens and discourage their re-

o Restrict grants for sanctuary jurisdictions,
o Provide necessary resources to enforce immigration laws,
o Increase employment verification to protect American Workers,

o Support merit-based reforms for our immigration system.

• The U.S. pulled out of the UN global compact on migration citing the declaration “contains numerous provisions that are inconsistent with US immigration and refugee policies and the Trump administration’s immigration principles.”

• Under President Trump’s leadership, the Department of Justice announced a final warning to jurisdictions suspected of having “sanctuary” policies. The jurisdictions include:

o Cook County, Illinois;
o Chicago, Illinois;
o New Orleans, Louisiana;
o New York, New York; ando Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

• From President Trump’s inauguration through the end of FY 2017, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) made 110,568 arrests of illegal aliens, a 40 percent increase compared to the same time period the prior year.

o Over the same time period, removals that resulted from arrests increased by 37 percent.

o Of the illegal aliens arrested by ICE, over 92 percent had criminal convictions or pending criminal charges, were ICE fugitives, or were illegal reentrants.

• The President is making progress building a border wall to keep out illegal border crossings and restoring law and order to our immigration system.

o The House of Representatives passed legislations that includes $1.6 billion in funding for a border wall, including 32 miles of new fencing, 28 miles of new levee walls, and 14 miles of

secondary fencing.
o To jumpstart construction on the border wall, the President

ordered DHS to use $100 million of its unspent appropriations in

for border security, fencing and infrastructure.
• The number of counties participating in the 287(g) program, which

allows jails to detain criminal aliens until they are transferred to ICE

custody, has doubled and is on track to triple by the end of the year.• The President ordered the hiring of 15,000 new immigration agents,

including 5,000 additional border patrol agents.
• In FY 2017, 36 percent more criminal gang members were removed by

ICE compared to FY 2016.
o The Department of Homeland Security arrested 796 MS-13 gang

members and associates in FY 2017, an 83 percent increase from

the previous year.
• Attorney General Jeff Sessions implemented new charging guidelines

to end catch-and-release policies.
• Created the Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement (VOICE)

office at DHS, in order to ensure that victims of criminal acts by

illegal aliens will no longer be ignored.

American First Foreign Policy And Military

• President Trump followed through on his promise to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Israel and instructed the State Department to begin to relocate the Embassy.

o The State Department announced the new US Embassy in Israel would move to Jerusalem in May.

o President Trump’s Administration announced it would withdraw from UNESCO at the end of next year to show it would not stand for the anti-Israel bias of the organization.

• President Trump signed an Executive Order putting a ceiling of 45,000 refugees that may enter the country.

• President Trump signed an Executive Order revoking previous orders to close detention facilities at U.S. Naval Station Guantanamo Bay.• The Department of Defense released a new national defense strategy

that reversed the previous administration’s objectives.
• President Trump released the Nuclear Posture Review he originally

directed Secretary Mattis to conduct, it pursues modernizing our nuclear capabilities, enhancing deterrence, and making the use of nuclear weapons less likely.

• The President has lifted restrictions that previously prevented the Secretary of Defense and our commanders in the field from fully using their judgement and expertise.

• President Trump restricted travel from eight countries identified as having insufficient security and information sharing measures.


Countries are: Chad, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Syria,

Venezuela, and Yemen.
• Poland, one of the NATO member countries to meet its defense-

spending target of 2 percent of GDP, has agreed to buy and deploy

the U.S. Patriot missile defense system.
• Struck an airbase in Syria, after Syrian regime planes used the base to

conduct chemical weapons attacks against civilians.
• President Trump has stood up to Russian aggression at home and

o Under the President’s direction, the Treasury Department

announced sanctions on 7 Russian oligarchs, 12 companies they control, 17 senior Russian government officials, and a state- owned weapons trading company.

o The Treasury Department sanction 18 Russian individuals and entities accused of interference in the 2016 presidential election and undermining the countries cyber security.

o The United States expelled 60 Russian operatives from the country in response to Russia’s poisoning of UK citizens on UK soil.

? The eviction was done in conjunction with dozens of our allies and partners around the world.

• President Trump is demolishing ISIS and terrorism around the world.o In Iraq, ISIS lost its last town when U.S.-led coalition forces

retook Raqqa, meaning the group has effectively lost all of its

most important towns and cities in Iraq and Syria.
o President Trump is directing the State Department to send aid

through USAID directly to Christiana and other minorities

facing genocide in the Middle East.
o During his first international trip, President Trump supported the

opening of a new “Global Center for Combating Extremist Ideology” in Saudi Arabia, which was created to better empower Muslim-majority countries in fighting radicalization.

o President Trump announced a new strategy for Afghanistan to protect the American people based on stability and security so terrorists cannot use the country as a base to threaten U.S. interests.

? The new strategy puts military pressure on the Taliban and sets conditions for a peaceful settlement between the Afghanistan government and the Taliban.

? Breaking with the status quo, the President warned Pakistan that no partnership can survive a country’s tolerance for militants and terrorists and they must take action.

? Our partnership with India is of vital important and they are

making important contributions to Afghanistan’s safety,

security, and development.
• President Trump is confronting Iran’s aggression.

o The Department of Justice issued indictments against 9 Iranians accused of cyber theft on behalf of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

o The United States announced new 301 actions against Chinese unfair trade practices that steal American intellectual property, the actions include tariffs on Chinese products, limits on Chinese investment in the US, and litigation at the World Trade Organization.

o President Trump in consultation with his national security team has approved a new strategy for Iran.

? Not certifying they are in full compliance with the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, known as the Iran Deal,

? Focusing on neutralizing the Government of Iran’s destabilizing influence and constraining its aggression, particularly its support for terrorism and militants,

? Revitalizing our traditional alliances and regional partnerships as bulwarks against Iranian subversion and restore a more stable balance of power in the region,

? Deny the Iranian regime – and especially the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) – funding for its malign activities, and oppose IRGC activities that extort the wealth of the Iranian people,

? Counter threats to the United States and our allies from ballistic missiles and other asymmetric weapons,

? Rally the international community to condemn the IRGC’s gross violations of human rights and its unjust detention of American citizens and other foreigners on specious charges, and

? Deny the Iranian regime all paths to a nuclear weapon.o Department of the Treasury sanctioned 25 entities and

individuals involved in Iran’s ballistic missile program in order

to further monitor and prevent any acts of terrorism.
o The first week of January, the Treasury Department sanctioned

more Iranian entities tied to Iran’s ballistic missile program and

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corp.
o The Department of Treasury put in place new sanctions against

Iranian companies in response to Iran’s provocative launch of a

space vehicle.
• President Trump is putting maximum pressure on North Korea to


o President Trump accepted an invitation to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un by May.

? North Korea agreed to denuclearize.
? North Korea said it would no longer test nuclear weapons

and missiles.
? North Korea recognized the United States and South Korea

would continue to hold regular military drills.
o The Treasury Department released sanctions on 57 North Korean

individuals and entities as part of the Maximum Pressure Campaign to stop illegal trading that provides financial to the brutal regime.

o Under President Trump’s leadership, the United Nations Security Council unanimously passed new sanctions on North Korea for their continued aggressive behavior.

o President Trump signed an Executive Order that put new sanctions on North Korea trade and their financing to signal to the world that they would have to make a choice: deal with the United States or the rogue regime in North Korea.

o President Trump’s Treasury Department sanctioned the Chinese Bank of Dandong for “illicit North Korean Financial Activity.”

• President Trump is cracking down on Venezuela and Cuba.
o The Treasury Department and State Department are putting in

place new sanction rules to channel economic activity away from the Cuban government, particularly the military, and towards the people of Cuba.

o President Trump imposed new sanctions on the Maduro dictatorship in Venezuela, targeting the regime itself, and not just individuals, for the first time.

? The new financial sanctions prohibit dealings in new debt of Venezuela and its corrupt oil company.

? The regime will no longer be able finance its debt using U.S. banks.

o The Treasury Department put in place new sanctions on 13 current and former senior officials of the Venezuelan Government in response to the governments continued efforts to undermine democracy.

The US Treasury Secretary and teams are in China May 1st negating frame work to enact new trade deals and avoid trade wars.

The President team is setting up Singapore in May to meet North Korea and make a deal 5 decades of Presidents have failed to open dialogue upon.

The Commerce team is finalizing a NAFTA II agreement much improved for the USA.

MACON and Trump developed a frame work moving into May for Iran deal making and environmental re-engagement globally.

Considering a its 12 months since his first quarter in office – the data of deliverables – is just raw data. If you hate Trump you still hate him. if you don’t you still don’t.

The data is what it is.

It is not presented to be political.

It is presented as data because it effects entrepreneurs – economics and planning as do the acts of all Presidents.

We provide data you can’t find easily in the global press so you can THINK DIFFERENTLY and have BETTER OUTCOMES because my readers – passing 30,000 subscribers in May world wide – and 100,000’s of non subscriber readers – rely on KNOWING MORE and taking BETTER COURSE ACTION BECAUSE THEY HAVE MORE DATA.

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FEAST – and see those teens mature in business and now thirty years later as successful CEO’s themselves return and bring THEIR TEENS is pure legacy to the work.

LEGACY. CEOSPACE is my pride and joy. Super Teaching for schools and corporate government training systems ( is another.

I lecture all over the nation today. Donating my time and teaching wherever asked. Phone at the numbers here to book me to events in your community or at Universities as I so love teaching. I appear on the big gun shows now and again CNN FOX ABC CBS NBC and all of them globally. I’m asked – what is your greatest legacy.

I always smile and say – easy – TEEN FEAST and I tell them why. Our slogan in 1988 for FEAST – to mommies and daddies of the world who lead….trust us with uour precious babies and we will send you home the leaders of tomorrow….

Now folks – that is pure legacy when its proven to be true. What greater legacy is there than THAT in a life walk?

I’m appearing May 7th in ten cities in San Francisco. If you know folks in the Bay from Silicon Valley and our Club GATHERINGS I will host – one city a day – and coach individual CEO’s for free – bring a recorder and.a pad – as its high level consulting and mentorship – I’d just love to meet you or your tribe. Connect with any CEOSPACE Club President or call our City by The Bay Club cities via our home office numbers I posted here for you and our team will plug you or your contacts in for the free networking and consulting. No selling ever. it is our way today.

I went off salary in 2013. I donate my time today to give back in my 7th decade of life …mentoring as I can and spirit allows me all over the world – EU to India and everywhere in between in CEOSPACE world. Also I endless coach CEO’s and our team can set up free coaching if you wish by call or Skype or zoom as you desire. Always free. Always a give back pure and legacy to you.

I hope this helps readers understand a bit more about who I am and what motivates me. Leading the largest Entrepreneur CEO community in the world, our members by the tens of thousands tune into my blog – to plan – use data as a guide and GPS forward decision making to market risk and outcomes.

Members book mark items like this because they share CEOSPACE which is what keeps out events sold out every single time.and full with cooperative leaders wiling to master mind to help one another as their own tithe. The results remain outstanding and unlike anything else – anywhere else.

If this item found you…it just may be a divine appointment you were looking for. That will be my hope today.

Have a great year – it is the BEST of times and the BEST OF YEARS – go for the wins ! You so deserve it.

Wishing you effortless abundance and prosperity as we all SPRING FORWAR together…in 2018.



PS: Book mark this page UR for me and share CEOSPACE with entrepreneurs you know could use this information to ease and accelerate their journey into the best possible future.. Thanks.




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We operate the # 1 Teen Entrepreneur program in the world.


CEO’s attend with spouse’s children and families inside the only Business Conference we know of that is consistently family valued for over 30 years. Today teen graduates are returning as successful CEO’s and bringing their teens to the SPACE. Regardless of how you first attend we know you will return and bring your family once you are enriched by the family value environment. The cooperative community makes the most replenishing and safe environment for celebrities – athletes artists –  and the world famous as well and their families.


Four gourmet restaurants. All rooms are full suites with full kitchens for only $ 140.00 a night group rate protected for a $ 1,0000 private suite within a Ritz level private resort. 72 Golf Holes at PGA tournament level Tiger just played a 79 we just played 85 – go figure. Our members have fun while they learn earn and return.


Five award winning tennis courts. Four designer pools. Nature trails and open decks to forests and critters and nature – that is peaceful to the CEO soul recharging.


Environment is as important as outcomes. CEOSPACE delivers both to stress weary very over taxed CEO’s. CEOSPACE replenishes your depletion. You depart refreshed and invigorated.


The boss is trying to remain current in the market of Super Change. CEOSPACE is the upgrade for the owners they have been seeking to remain current as an ever-moving target today. You make your core plan improve in week with Fortune level mentorship – your teams elevate and your markets and customer base grow faster. CEOSPACE:


  1. Reduces time (by years)
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My readers know CEO’s in their community as you network with entrepreneurs and professionals. Share this blog with any owner or professional who wishes some help to grow faster. We’ll help them. No delay. We’ll accelerate their goal attainment faster – guaranteed. Share the option.


We discount those coming from outside the USA to assure costs are level to you from our North American CEO membership. We serve clients in 147 cultures and nations and members attend from everywhere across the Planet – May 21stis the hook up of the century to contacts.


CEOSPACE is transactional. Every leader has agreed to mentor and help every other leader. A week of CEO to CEO masterminding that is transactional – delivers no nonsense results at your level of play – CEO to CEO. There is nothing else like it. Vista and other Groups tell us that CEO SPACE is the SUPER BOWL in the world today.


Our slogan – we just won’t quit until you win – for over 30 years.


CEOSPACE is the only ON-GOING PROCESS to keep the boss current and connected to grow market space. Access to the largest brands on earth occurs because our faculty – tithing private one on one challenge list resolutions – work and mentor the CEO’s of the larger Fortune institutions globally. Access to expand critical affiliations – joint ventures – partnerships – sponsors – charitable strategic funding modeling – and more are all contained in the World’s largest SUPER STORE FOR BUSINESS. CEO’s report that CEOSPACE is not only profitable but it so much fun – a replenishment from the market depletion taking place OUT THERE.


CEO’s growing business and practices today need an oasis (to recharge their cell phone batteries inside) and that produces bottom line results. Accelerating your Growth is our only business expertise. Third party press for five years have ranked that CEOSPACE expertise as # 1 in the world today at business acceleration outcomes. Trust that top # 1 2018 third party press ranking. It is not easy to get that # 1 ranking and it is as you all know…. even more challenging to keep the # 1 ranking for half a decade globally…. but we have. We do that enormous effort- Just for YOU.


Ask yourself:


  1. Do you really want to grow faster and do you KNOW you need some help to do that?
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We never sell or market CEOSPACE. We invite members to just explore the fit. Our very smart leaders explore at their own pace – and we lay it all out – so you can print this page and refer to those easy steps to just explore. You as the Boss make your own final decision. Use a tax dollar to make ten back? You do the math and then you apply a business accelerator to help you maximally. We

If you are a due diligence engineer or AIA or deeper detail leader there are over 100 videos on YouTube. Go to the YOUTUBE site and search CEO SPACE. Make a book mark. Then review videos in your silo. If you’re an attorney there are videos from partners in law firms for you. If you’re a health care professional there are videos from doctors. If you’re a product firm or a larger Forum silo manager – there are films just for you. If you’re a service firm or a solo entrepreneur there are films for you. If you’re not for profit there are films from UCP the American Eagle Foundation and earlier stage charities just for you. If you’re in development space or technology there are films just for you. You can fully know before you go.


Our money back warranty states if you feel having attended the week of our programs the fit is not accelerating your venture to your not our satisfaction – we refund your membership before you depart the hosting hotel. We never allow our busy CEO’s to take on a risk. Not ever.


You can make a URL BOOK MARK of this BLOG page and our web site and share CEOSPACE when networking with entrepreneurs. We are the # 1 program for the boss to accelerate profits with in the world today.


The deliverables include:


  1. Improved marketing and branding impact to markets
  2. New customers markets geo outreach and affiliates and alliances
  3. New joint ventures as desired or required and sponsor ramps if missing
  4. Donations and ramps for charities
  5. Access to B to B inside our vast global community
  6. Private one on one mentorship (that never ends once it begins)
  7. New tools and tactics upgrading the boss in a Super Change market


Our CEO’s tell us the deliverables are priceless to them. We improve the product every 60 days for over 30 years – quality is our purpose for you our CEO customer. WE just cannot waste your time.


CEOSPACE is a space CEO’s bring their entire family. It feels more like the LOVE BOAT for the WALLET than anything like the old seminar workshop models. Your 35% of your time in elective tool upgrading and mentorship and 65% in deal networking using process far more effective and efficient than you have used in the past. We won’t waste a minute of your precious time. There is plenty of time for Golf, pools, beaches, theme parks and fun with your family. Your family circle to support you in your home space with switched on turned on appreciations so often missing the boss home space.


OUR CEO’s improve our product and represent our internal master mind (all of you) on product innovation as time passes.  The collective master mind of billionaires and millionaires not only helped us to remain # 1 but they assure we keep that ranking as their contributions are the best. Our CEO’s improve the product they are using as they know what they require as markets super change and they upgrade (US). IT is their Space and CEO’s collectively cherish this resource designed developed and matured by leading CEO’s worldwide. This is their playground.


CEOSPACE is your club – your community.


CEOSPACE is a safe cooperative noncompetitive cross mentoring community. CEOSPACE is a Super Store for options – outcomes at reduce time and prices – in an ever-shifting quality market for outsourcing everything. CEO’s with multiple post graduate degrees from IVY league global institutions report CEOSPACE is the superior resource to upgrade – be brought more current in super change – and to remain bleeding edge inside accelerating super change. CEOSPACE is the ultimate access to nations, B to B and those at the top you wish access to and you want it yesterday. We speed all that up. Ranked # 1 again in 2018 by the press. (See on line).


High praise.


High value by itself.


As the boss what is your process to grow and sharpen your ax before you next chop the lumber in your own game? Do you even have a process to be upgraded in your leadership core skills and stay upgraded? Should you prioritize such a process as is it not the entire ball game truly? How urgent and important is that upgrading to the goal attainments you have in your mind today?


Tomorrows leaders need brains that learn faster – unlearn even faster and re-learn even faster than that. This is the definition of the NEW BRAIN everyone is seeking to advance. Leaders at the top must pay attention to this SUPER CHANGE new brain and its demands. This better brain is a learned behavior and in community of like-minded brains you invest to stay at this bleeding edge level of leadership – top down system wide.


Can we accelerate your goal attainment? Lower time and lower cost?


Is that not a better way? Do you not wish to wait….to accelerate?


May 21st,you can run your empire virtually from inside CEOSPACE it is created with that end in mind. Prioritize these benefits and make their acquisition a priority. The choice is yours.


May and July are the superior back to back “market places” to grow outcomes in 2018. You get most from CEOSPACE by using these two engagements to accelerate.


You simply do not have to wait to accelerate.

We guarantee that outcome.


It costs nothing to explore. We invest in our members before they invest in themselves with free mentorship sampling so they can finally assess and make a choice to register as a lifetime member. Second quarter taxes lower and you own a serious business asset. Corporate and Platinum membership are available. If interested inquire on those levels of membership values.


We invite you.

Your invited to explore.

To share with Entrepreneurs, you know.

Our collective 30-year mature institution delivers one outcome – we transform futures.


Our team pray on our leadership calls to address one prayer – Lord how long will we make the next transformed future wait…….


We work professionally to suggest…. not long Lord not long at all.


But the answer to our prayer is always your decision:


…to transform your future faster and now….


CEO SPACE is a better way – a superior process – ranked # 1 in 2018 again by third party press.


Do you – deserve the BEST?


Why not explore CEOSPACE as we are the best.


Thank you for your considering our invitation.


Berny Dohrmann – May 21stInnisbrook Palm Harbor Florida

Chairman/Founder 1988 to Today



Call CEOSPACE to Explore:


Jessica VP of Customer Service – 256 850 4710


Nancy – VP Of MARKETING WORLDWIDE – 256 850 4716





Ranked the # 1 Business Accelerator serving 140 nations for over 30 years – invites the reader who owns a business or is a professional in practice – to Block May 21st for Tampa Bay before half of 2018 has disappeared on you. Come together and accelerate profits and crash flow with tools and tactics impossible outside CEO SPACE suggests third party press the rank CEO SPACE the # 1 acceleration program in the world for business owners. Click QUICK LINKS and see a video. Schedule a free mentor/coaching call and just explore if the fit is right for you to speed things up – with a money back warranty on outcome.

HALF THE YEAR Is passing you buy in May.




As an investment banker economist we believe oil demand self serving projections are bought paid for and wrong. Why?

We believe a transformation in oil supply is taking place. Consolidation normal to this level of a cycle is missing. In fact diversification in supply from growing shale technologies moving from China and mature in USA is opening NEW PLAYERS into the role of significance. Old players acquire new oil lakes or they perish.

Demand suggested to peak in 2050 is we feel in fact peaking right now. By 2030 demand will have dropped by levels oil forecasting has no new model for. The kilowatt hours moving from BTU oil and related fuel generation is plunging across the world. The most significant % of rising energy outside oil as source is dramatically expanding as to % and the GAP is widening.

So massive new oil supply is flooding the markets.

Historic down bubble in growth demand and over all demand is presenting forward contraction against flooding supplies.

Cartel criminal price controls as crimes against 7 billion human’s for elite greed agenda’s is a historic passing as market rate pricing plunges oil from the last CARTEL INFLUENCE ( ever ) in 2018 to the 50’s to stay there.

Long bets on oil will crash and burn in wild fires.

Short and Super Shorts on oil will make vast lakes of profits.

Oil is transforming from cartel control to market rate control for the reasons set forth.

Leverage in oil will reflect these economics and calls on credit on the wrong side of the bet will accelerate energy price moderation world wide for decades. The end of the criminal elite pricing scheme is upon us all – creating FULL PARTNERSHIP for nations across the globe.

The GIANT OIL TRANSFORMATION is taking place. Those betting in yesterday will lose it all – those betting on the future will win in fact. Thats our opinion for the coming 18 month tug of war on price controls.




Manufacturing shelter an work spaces for humans, is the back bone economic of nations outside food – food production movement and packaging to market. Automotive manufacturing is next. Education is a tie. Nothing happens until humans learn something.

Today in Australia to Asia record credit is driving record real estate. The price rising reflects massive leverage into constructions. Entire cities exist in China with no one living inside them. No one.

This SUPER BUBBLE can not end well.

When the economic climate of expansion, taking place in Asia through rising debt – first 80% of GNP – than 15 years ago 170% of GNP and today over 300% debt to GNP for ten solid years – again this leverage Super Debt Bubble can not end well.

As the climate from the debt rubber band super cycle reaches a break point and the expansion economies of Asia Rim move to contraction recessionary economics to rebalance accounts – the depth and scale of the REAL ESTATE CRASHES certain to hard land in Asia are the tip of the economic ICE BERG. Why is that?

Well WHY is that the SUPER CRASH IN ASIA REAL ESTATE will land when owners require to refinance. The upside down trillions in lost property value — against negative carry cost in higher interest rate to finance or refinance – drive the spiral down down down the Rabbit Hole Alice.

DOWN DOWN DOWN….will this fall never ever end Alice wondered?

The SUPER CRASH in forward Asia Markets will be caused by a sudden CRASH in Real Estate. The REAL ESTATE hard landing moderating decades of abuse in these accounts economically, will push record BANK DEFAULTS INTO A CASCADE that will turn into a run on capital out of ASIA and their banks. The Banks will likely fail and go bankrupt. The state will be unable to save them. The total cost will exceed 100 trillion dollars US and take 30 years to recover from without war – faster with war.

Is there a way to get out of this tunnel without hitting a train?

Yes. With SUPER BONDS and a core shift in Asia monetary policy. Without both however there are zero options.

As no one is working on the SUPER BOND solution and policy change to integration new modeling – the hard landing is coming and the end does not turn out well for any of us world wide.

Credit abuse to drive economics must rebalance over time.

Today the digital markets SUPER CRASH economic rebalancing at speeds no one has experienced before.

It is our opinion that with the best intentions and no on truly to blame the forward risk to the world order – is CHINA – experiencing a hard landing and a SUPER CRASH triggering a first bankruptcy of nation in the digital casino capitalism. The ripple will effect us all to our tap root in economics.

Accounts must rebalance.

There are solutions to all this pain …but no one is exploring those solutions – YET.

For nations seeking SUPER BOND Options as a way forward contact Hughs and Hubbard leading sovereign bond to market law firm in DC and chat with senior partner Roel Campos about the SUPER BOND Option for your nation.

Or wait for the other shoe to drop. Its a size 11 Texas size cow boy boot with dust flowing up like an economic hydrogen explosion.


Berny Dohrmann – May 1st – SPRING FORWARD FINANCIALLY $