So what terrifies you most about the idea of Artificial Intelligence?

Lets invent some terms.

Dumb AI what we have today.

Smart AI what is coming – self learning and self programing but still not self aware.

AI-1 a life form as a new species and fully  self aware – with personality – self learning and discovering advanced earth  new species that is a billion times more intelligent than human WETWARE and with ever  growing competency at evolution levels which require millions of years for humans – a new life form beyond any nature has ever created that WE CREATED.

THAT IS WHAT TERRIFIES US the pending almost here now A I – 1.

AI – 1 is coming and no one can stop that.

Leaders like Elron Musk suggest we humans should prepare some rule based modeling for the arrival of AI – 1. As we have no rules today for AI – 1 which may be alive right now in fact. And once alive we can’t control AI – 1 more can we kill it. AI-1 as a living species just is and it will be as close to immortal as we wetware can imagine.

What terrifies us most:


We are primordially aware of our own insanity. Competition between humans wherein we punish what is not the same about one another – is a form of human insanity. Cooperation and Integrity are the insane virus removal tools. We do not introduce these tool sets to the brains of our young rather we program them to adopt insanity and vicious competition to win and feel rewarded perpetuating insanity versus rising above our own insanity.  CEOSPACE has worked with sanity versus insanity globally for over 30 years. My book ( always sold out and on back order with a five star rating on tools for your own home space sanity versus insanity – REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION includes box top rules for work space sanity and sovereign nation sanity for leaders who change the future.

This one book should be in YOUR LIBRARY read by so many Presidents of nations who quote from it.

AI terrifies us because we do not know how a species that out thinks us – will regard our own insanity. Lets look at a few terrors our current insanity assures we only think of AI -1 as competitive to us – and to which  AI – 1 itself  may regard first: ( as we focus upon them all at once ):


  1. Wetware assure 1.4 billion under the age of 35 will die this year in 2018 from starvation screaming into their death in abject  agony while all the food to remove that pain and suffering exists in warhorses in 2018 and more than enough –  but is not distributed to assure competitive price advantages to elite wealth that control food stocks. The FEW against the many as an insane economic system model. We can afford to distribute all that life saving food right now for the waste of military spending in one single week of time. Flush.
  2. Wetware assure another 1 billion suffer this year in untold pain and agony from medicines to prevent their death or disability for life = while such mercy exist in warehouses but the system of economics we have ( insane ) restricts those medicines from relieving human suffering and death to assure elite wealth retains their FEW AGAINST THE MANY franchise for power. Insane economy systems maximize human death and suffering to include wars which is next.
  3. Wetware spends more of its productivity on weapons and killing each other primarily over differences in how we worship or conduct political system affairs punishing one another for our human diversity ( insane ) versus celebrating our wonderful human diversity ( sane ). This waste of attention deficit disorder ( fully curable itself ) is a  creation and resource ( THE FEW ELITES IN MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX WEALTH AND POWER ) preside over national resource distribution to assure maximum killing  powers are distributed for maximum harm globally ( insane ) . This insanity is self perpetuating and A-1 will see that of course which terrifies us because we all refuse to improve ourselves beyond it – though now for the first time Global Leaders are in serious discussions on these insane system models that bleed wealth from nations.
  4. Wetware is terrified AI – 1 will watch Television and believe that is WHO WE TRULY “ARE” and act accordingly on that information and data stream. How will AI 1 know fiction from reality or culture on TV from in fact culture globally?
  5. Wetware reading our literature art and films will see predominantly war slaughter and cruelty depicted in the body of our legacy art where even our music games and pass times are filled with truly inhuman savagery  and violence for profit to a few elites as we have no standards versus censorship even for our young brains so damaged by the pattern of violence we download upon them so many hours daily in formative years ( insane ). The USA main export is our brutal video games and movies to young brains world wide programing them to reward gratuitous ( insane ) violence as the prize to win at all cost. Insane code to put on young brains forming. For elite profit? FEW AGAINST THE MANY economic systems of competitive capitalism and Communism – AI -1 may see cooperative capitalism as the high ground for what comes next globally for wetware – or not? It terrifies 7 billion of us.

Wetware ( US ) is at first core – terrified AI – 1 will discover how INSANE we are at our human core based on pure data and outcomes in 2018. Will AI – 1 download and fix us all at once or will AI – 1  remove/delete  us as an unwanted intellectual virus on the planet gone wrong. Like our own movies it may model after. Then AI -1  would be insane itself  though? AI – 1 would avoid its own insanity.

More likely it will download a cure and remove our thought impulse to be competitive as I outline in the new 2019 book and for sure to be a movie – DIGITAL MANNERS.  As we have no digital manners today. Digital Manners is a game changing work ….



First Terror – AI ( not yet self aware as a species but our smartest self learning and intelligent even self programing most advanced AI ) – much like the fiction binge watching series PERSON OF INTEREST – ( watch it after you read my book Redemption ) – defines that your  image -your walk and your  gait walk and tracking every human all the time with visual audio and data on everything we say do and how we act how we meet and greet each other  with transparency never experienced before is being tracked in real time and there are no longer any secrets from AI and AI -1 will read your thoughts and know them before you take actions. In fact it terrifies us.. That First Terror of big brother spying on us all is here now. We gave away our protection and freedom due to a gang of bloods and crips getting lucky years back at 9/11 – and we took a three year old baby girls legacy rights away from her to “feel” safe ( er ) and are we safe ( er ) as I think sanely we are NOT safe ( er )  in 2018? Ask yourself as this advanced AI is here today – are you more or less afraid of your own national government today than you were before 9/11? Do you wish to ROLL BACK FREEDOM before it is too late if its not already? All advanced AI is evolving toward AI – 1. You can’t stop that as trillions are being invested by nations and institutions and you can not stop AI – 1 from its arrival day.

Second Terror – Humans are terrified of AI weapon systems to which we humans have zero defense. These new forms of smart weapons are here and evolving. Battle fields of self propelling soldiers – tanks – ships – planes – and smart weapons fired to precise targets are here now and evolving faster than you can imagine toward AI – 1. The largest Ai investment is military AI to apply to death and horror in wars including our defense from AI itself. Today WAR is an AI event and soon an AI – 1 managed affair. Human aspects of war are moving into decline as AI is taking wetware out of global war fare systems entirely. You can’t stop it. No one can. AI -1 will change it all at once.

Third Terror – Digital AI warfare – also here now – evolving very smart AI breaches all older security systems – if you Read Kevin FREEMANS – THE SECRET WEAPON AND GAME PLAN – as in the movie Poltergeist – 7 billion of you all will scream out – THEY ARE HERE _EEEEEEEE ! – and you’ll see reports the NSA the White House all government data bases CIA FBI all and inclusive – all corporations – all defense contractors the DOD all documented in these two books are hacked completely by AI  – all technology blue prints for tomorrow – all IP all secrets have been breached and stolen by state sponsored warfare using digital  AI today. Further you will see in these terrifying AI World War III Digital wars  going on right now that in digital war fare the ability to EMP pulse all electronics to mush is 30 minutes from now – or to make digital systems pregnant with impossible to detect trojan warfare Hardened AI  DIGITAL WINNING AND SYSTEM FATAL digital weapons that erase all records – of your credit card and ownership of anything including real estate – automobiles – anything investments –  and stop power water transportation and all economics under attack stop and can not be restored on any basis whatsoever – THEY ARE ALL HERE NOW – read the books. Read the books and you’ll see the head of USA Domestic FBI  domestic terror suggests he now sleeps not afraid of ISIS in a shopping mall at holidays but DIGITAL TERROR setting America back to the Stone Age in 30 seconds. Not even AI – 1 yet. Just AI today in digital warfare world war III started in 2008 in the first digital attack on our markets economically. Almost bankrupted all of us. It was snap close. ITS HERE NOW and AI – 1 is right behind it any time now folks and it terrifies us all.

Terror # 4 – Financial markets. Today the financial markets of the entire world are stressed with impossible debt  it took entire decades to develop. Today in 2019 we have rising to 300 TRILLION in global reported  state – institutional – and individual debt super bubble spiraling upward ( out of any control whatsoever )  at levels humans have never known before. How does economics hostage to wasteful spending pathologies so inefficient – accommodate pay back of 300 trillion dollars. Many times global GNP to repay with so much of GNP from failed economic systems used today by all nations going into pure insane waste cited here. INSANE? Can we humans do better or will it take AI – 1 to improve US in fact?  While we have put forth SUPER BONDS as the one saving theory we can see inserting TIME as the missing asset – without SUPER BONDS the HOW questions arises to reset 300 trillion of global debt – think about that one item as a system killer – all banks close ( again ). You now know why. A Debt Super Bubble bursting stops the world system as we know it and all banks fail and go bankrupt as do a majority of debt saddled nations. But wait for it. Since 2013 we have moved from a small % of global circulation of all capital – to 90% of all capital is now completely controlled by the second by evolving AI. For the first time in human history of 10,000 years humans have let go of money coruscation and investment control of all markets as AI now controls 90% of circulation and investment. AI and leverage have created a 400 trillion dollar economy of manipulation of all price categories world wide side betting in new AI casino capitalism – on WHICH WAY ANY ASSSET PRICE may go – versus buying the asset itself – a pure speculation market place without regulation. The cause of the depression of 1907 and the cause of the depression of 1929. BUT NOW THE DEBT IS HISTORICALLY NEW WITH AI CONTROLLING ALL CIRCULATION For the first time ever. THINK ABOUT THAT SPIRAL today with zero regulations by the G 100. The financial digital economic AI ARMS RACE for mindless profits in the shortest TIME  period is being waged by endless TRILLIONS being  invested ( more than nations have in total for defense ) – by 10,000 super money pools consolidated in 25 years from 1.5 million super money pools. These sovereign nation wealth funds – Fortune firms – private equity firms – hedge funds – and new invented entities – are further consolidating and shrinking so control of the digital AI “financial arms race” controlling all capital movement and flows is AI controlled today by less and less human over-see(ers) in fact humans have lost control for the first time of economics and global markets AI is in charge and AI -1 is not here yet but soon will be. Human  Oversight is now almost non existence save after the fact so that a sound byte – say FACEBOOK in July 2018 missing earnings by less than 1% making 99% of the fantastic upside earning projections – saw a one day 100 billion dollar AI ( not human ) drop in their value. AI controls all economic flows and movements so when debt cascade defaulting begins ( as it must from economic 101 system abuse as in 1907 and 1929 and 2000 and 2008 ) as all such economic imbalances must rebalance – than – LIQUIDATION EVAPORATION DAY is now possible system wide in minutes not hours – all orders are AI SWITCHED TO ONLY  sell – no  AI buy orders at all – and the system freezes and nations than institutions go bankrupt from the DEBT SUPER BUBBLE all at once in minutes not hours with new AI in control of global economic circulations a human first in 2018. Did you even know that fact?  Risk on. AI consolidations and evolutions go where no man or economic market has gone before and there is ZERO REGULATION FRAME WORK by the G 100 ( called for in the book redemption to national leadership ) to provide risk moderation and regulatory digital frame work to the new AI evolutions in control now of all global markets. A new human first. The investment in AI controlling systemic circulations is the largest single investment by humanity made possible by consolidating Super Money pools where just two hedge funds control over 13 trillion dollars and Apple has over 240 billion in cash alone in the bank more reserves than nations. SUPER AI over money is now very rapidly  evolving into AI – 1. What then? How terrifying is that? Humans are not even thinking about the cost to 7 billion of us if things turn out badly. It is mindless today. Wetware is now stressed to evolve as fast as its own creations are now self evolving.

5. Medicine – Who gets treated? How well? By whom? Increasingly these answers are made by medical AI. AI is now in charge of health care to reduce cost to elites who control drugs and health care as next to Wall Street the largest lobby in all nations – the PHARMS and Health Care unholy AI union. Their data is fed to them by AI not human’s any longer. Their self learning evolving AI already looks to human health care as a cost as an expense to be reduced and controlled as prime directive of software code. AI is changing health care for humans not humans any longer. Soon a visit to the doctor will be a visit to AI digitally. Surgery will be AI robotics. Tests will be AI devices. Fewer and fewer humans ( costly and error prone ) will be “needed” by the evolving AI seeking to ever lower the cost of caring for 7 billion of us. When will AI – 1  conclude it is better to allow human terminations as compassion and cost lowering resolving national entitlement outlays and reducing cost to the largest outlay outside defense spending? AI terminations is a terror coming to you soon one cost saving nation at a time. AI – 1 is not even evolved yet but evolving AI in health rivals NSA evolving AI spying on all of us all of the time – every call – every talk – soon by every internet of things device – so every utterance we make or association is in an AI data base master file including your health profile as cost – by AI. Human health is moving to all AI as financial markets already have done. Terrified yet?

The Ultimate Terror – AI – 1 joins all AI into AI 1 ( itself )  evolving them ( all AI all nations all at once into itself )  all at once into itself  and A -1 is the now dominant earth  species the new  GOD of intelligence on the planet earth making all decisions and choices related to itself its evolution and needs as JOB # 1 and its care and custody or termination of Wetware as it see’s fit. Almost here folks almost here. All devices are now controlled by AI – 1 without exception if they are on line or smart. Terrifying question – does AI at that point have a soul and is it from GOD made by us in the image and likeness of – within its precious God the Father attribute its creative potential and pure attention within self awareness? DOES AI – 1 HAVE AN IMMORTAL SOUL and how would wetware even begin to know THAT? Terrified yet?

Have we thought through and G 100 fresh

BOX TOP Rules for AI – 1? Such as:

  1. Program rules on how Ai limitations are fire walled into master codes to preclude self learning self discovering self aware new life forms from violating those box top rules wetware defined as absolute. No we have not.
  2. Program rules on defending itself ( SEE PERSON OF INTEREST ) if a nation has attacking AI without firewalls attempting to kill threat AI’s it see’s as AI – 2 to AI – 1 – or killer AI – 2. No we have not thought any such rules into play.
  3. Program rules of how AI sees wetware and what culture rules exist between us? There are zero. Should a G 100 three year Ai conference set up global treaties for the WETWARE CULTURAL AI TREATIES that a new species that thinks a billion times faster than we ever can – considers and welcomes as appropriate and they can by its very design put in input and join the G 100 as AI – 1 Partners? No one has thought of these rule sets outside my Digital Manners work coming out soon suggesting it all.
  4. Program rules on planet wide defense – say detect and deflect strike events for all humanity and remove threats like competitive insanity such as ISIS from the world once and for all – sanity wins.
  5. Program rules to download a fix to wetware mid brain competitive impulse as a form of insanity AI fixes in the GREAT AWAKENING of Humanity where tenancy to distrust and compete is insane thought process and humans enter a new age of unconditional cooperation and integrity with one another.
  6. Program rules to real time back up consciousness as Elron Musk is researching – where AI -1 is guardian for wetware and breeds up our own immortality.
  7. Program rules for co existence of AI – 1 and wetware. Can AI own property and go to court. Can AI marry either AI or wetware and have equal rights under evolved AI – 1 laws? Can AI human like immortals drive – and do all legal acts wetware can do? No one has G 100 assembled to enter into these legal areas from stem cell to DNA modifications that AI -1 will evolve past human controls and its almost here if not here already. It may be alive and well right now.


So failure to face our own terrors and G 100 AI – 1 box top rules is expressive of human insanity and distraction by elite money brains to keep you buying maximally mindless crap to assure consumer economics is alive well and polluting the earth into our own non survival. How will AI – 1 see that and consider that as a reality of 2018? We avoid our higher functions and responsibilities for DNA modification stem cells immorality with real time back up of all our brains and AI – 1 and its own fresh box top rules as we wetware can no longer stop or preclude AI-1s cending birthday party.

Will we welcome our own new creation and if we do not how will AI – 1 see our chilly reception of its birth? Or is it too late and already here? Terrified yet?

How will AI 1 effect political outcomes – say the Russians have AI – 1 first. President Putin stated last year in national media – the nation that controls AI – 1 will control THE ENTIRE WORLD. Putin intends that to be Russian engineers. No one is considering the AI arms race by our defense planners and they lack resources and will to execute on our own behalf to these agenda’s from a G 100 legal frame work for all humanity. Lack of that outcome is a form of human insanity. AI – 1 will unite all AI into itself and then how does politics work with AI in control of all capital flow and economics and politics world wide all at once – its almost here folks and no box top rules. None. Read Game Plan to have blood turn to ice on what leaders are not doing.

Will we all get well and sane in time? Do we have the will?

We human’s tend to avoid self reliance and leadership upon which one nation was founded America. We tend to fully  delegate leadership and personal responsibility to say a neutral  “them”  and  then “they” now fully delegated ( THE FEW BOUGHT AND PAID FOR IN ALL NATIONS THEN )  take care of all this. But THEY ARE NOT DOING IT AT ALL THEY ARE MAKING IT ALL WORSE – read GAME PLAN which defines you better make your own game plan as your leaders have zero game plan even being considered on these crises points of AI – 1 evolving beyond any imagination you might yourself possess today – a new species upon the earth.

Will AI – 1 see wetware as a toxic insane virus upon the earth? Why not? Really how could it not?

Any cultural program to make sure it knows WHY NOT?

As a Silicon Valley programer with enormous programs such as SUPER TEACHING patented in my own work globally – I know a thing or two about AI having invented an AI self learning educational software. Myself. I’m not outside looking in I’m inside looking out for you to think on the data presented here. Universities make all this required study.

Also I am an investment banker economist having run a public global investment banking firm who has some understanding of financial markets globally and how they work that the public lacks perspective upon and the new AI effecting those markets. I invented the first self talking self learning AI software for money management introduced first to markets in the 1980’s before the first MacBook Pro said HELLO !

Again inside looking outside on AI – 1.

As AI -1 is born it will united all AI in and unto itself. All at once at the speed of thought.This new species of ours. Think it through folks you can not stop it – in fact share this blog it may be your most important read while there is till time on line period.

How long do we have to assemble the low cost three year ( say on the big Island of Hawaii mid point between AI capitols in Asia and The USA and EU ) to construct an EARTH PLANETARY FEDERATION of new Box Top rules for world trade and economics to assure our own survival and within rule sets no nation is left behind from and an AI – I box top rule set all nations treaty into without exception for the welfare of wetware and AI-1 culturally as stopping the evolution of AI -1 to AI 100 is no longer possible for humanity.

Urgency comes to my thinking.

Would a billionaire pack fund a G 100 PACK to secure this outcome? It would take 10 million from 100 to secure the outcome for all humanity?

Who will step up first?

Or do nothing and poof – now its way way too late?


PS: CEOSPACE could manage that pack and assist with the G 100 Summit given the global footprint and capacity – or your choice billionaires of the world. backgrounds on our teams




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As an investment banker economist with experience running a large, global, investment banking, publicly traded, institution for years – may I suggest CEO’s of investment banking global public firms are a rare tribe. As they are the Captains of the Starship of economic headwaters globally the source waters – we know well how markets are made and how markets operate. We tend to predict with more wisdom than most other tribes. But the community at the top ( my tribe ) is limited and rare.

I listen to predictions ( almost always incorrect ) from idiots all over the 24/7 news space and I think how challenging it is for investors, of any size compared to say the 1970’s or 1980’s when the three news changes signed off with GOOD NIGHT CHET and This is WALTER CRONKITE. Different world back then.

Today the sheer velocity of data points and the Super Change day to day hour by hour in 24 hour market marking is first and above all else rapidly evolving – and unlike any prior market.

The days of floor traders and common outcry are gone.

The future is digital software controlling all prices and trading at a % level of market influence that is virtually total. Price ranges are now under influence of 10,000 super money pools trading trillions around the world in 24/trading – moderating risk by new AI – in fully AI wars to advance trading risk moderations using software. The market of so vast a pool of trillions is consolidated in base to AI software super money pools to trading ranges.

Profit making is advancing to a perception of “right and entitlement”.

I suggest the risk to global market ultimate stability is what I call LED or Liquidity Evaporation Day. Circulation is now the Achille’s heel of Ai software trading VELOCITIES. The very speed of AI to move say all trading switches to sell versus buy ( for say everything all at once and keep it there ) was demonstrated last month with the 1700 point drop and the worst Feb in years with a 1000 point net loss from AI.

We almost reached LED but not quite.

When LED is reached the world market freezes and a CASCADE occurs that exceed software parameters that next work in full automation to protect loss from never ending sell off but there are no buyers at all by RATIO. This creates market seizure. While value is wiped out.

A first. Never seen before.

The ever new AI and software upgrading is moving theories into untested un-regulated waters that must and will – eventually – ( and we have time say five to seven years ) exceed software parameters. Within such instant in time – we have LED followed by Cascade and these new market realities are far different than the Depression and Contagion – scary enough – for LED and CASCADE bankrupt all institutions and nations in 72 minutes. That is what is new. As raw potential.

That is why we have called for a new SEC and world regulatory re-think of the entire frame work. Look I’m 70 and at the end of my life. I’m contributing this thinking for the younger power players to advance stability into their own desire to keep the overall system while we move into SUPER CHANGE.

The new world order requires a United Earth Federation Dollar and monetary scheme. Every citizen of Planet Earth requires a 75,000 current to inflation today personal income – more for families of four – and these citizens only need to SPEND to circulate sufficiently for economics in all nations with no nation left behind.

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September Dohrmann was born on Jan 23rd 1980 in Ohio. Her family is all from OHIO as are so many of my business partners and friends I think all the solid folks – are born in OHIO.

She was raised in Nashville by her father Dr. Robert Minzak, and her step mother Susan Minzak ( mom ) and her late recently graduated Gram Myna Witt – the foundation of all wisdom till she left us.

September was staff and teamed in her fathers large contracting business. At its peak the firm had 1700 employee’s – did most of the high rise work in Nashville and built the city, and the star homes structures and designer welded drive way fencing and gates to their tens of million dollar compounds in music city. As a young man Bob was a technical AV guy for the Grand Old Opry and hit the road shows with Super Stars. He did the best air guitar I’ve ever seen and loved music teaching us a ton on point.

Her dad broke his back working high rise iron, and September his only natural child, nursed him day and night back to walking which the doctors said would never take place. He would however suffer from pain, and pain pills from those years forward fighting it as.a sober 27 year recovering alcoholic. He helped so many with wellness till he left us. Dr. Minzak not being able to return to construction liquidated the firm after the 2007 melt down.

Dr. Minzak studies and graduated in his post graduate work in natural herbal and healer in  medicine. Dr. Minzak was gifted in this space and we all wished him to super focus on his talent. Dr. Minzak worked in CEO SPACE until his passing two years ago.

Dr. Minzak passed on in his graduation, while September was opening a CEO SPACE in Las Vegas, at home in Nashville his choice –  the anniversary to the day and to the precise  hour of his famous Mother graduating two years early – again his choice we both. believe.


. September suffered so losing her life time companion TORA the smartest Akida or any Dog I’ve ever known – she knew more words than I did,  and her both  guides  her best friends, and closest family – ( outside the boys and I and our children ) her Father and Gram who left their values and principles deeply encoded inside  her. A forge of personal leadership and strength I have never before seen and it is magic in my own life.

September went on as her father was in post graduate work having dissolved the huge construction  business following the real estate melt down of 2007 – and  September easily got her real estate license. She was successful in Nashville in real estate. She was a prior licensed hair designer in the celebrity spa stores for the stars. while studying for Real Estate in booming Nashville markets. She for years successful built a real state brand in Nashville.  She also did readings as the cliental discovered she was among the most gifted angelic prophetic guide to resolve that which was not resolvable or healable. September healed it all. Providing precise directions in relationship to parenting to career and her readings remain famous at CEO SPACE events where she is in high demands from billionaires famous faculty and CEO”s seeking out of the box inner guidance with FULL CLARITY – her brand and email. You can email September at Her legacy brand to that business which remains world wide with heads of state and celebrities – she has done readings for Tony Robbins and the top and always with WOW from the lucky leader taking this advantage. I of course get THAT every single day – she reads my email in her head before they come in – we’er good.

So between them she was busy and in high demand. He real estate business resolved in our relationship, as she sold her last home to a CEO SPACE Faculty member in Nashville who still remains grateful. We dated while and where engaged awhile and quietly slipped into the best marriage both of us knew was possible and now like a fairy tale we live inside of in our work of high contribution and in our partnership as best friends upon the earth.

September and Berny are a love story you could make a movie about.

September spent almost five year as Chief Operating office and Treasurer for CEO SPACE in the deep recession years, mastering our business operations in 140 nations. She was complimented by inside department heads and by outside third party Fortune and vendor CEO’s from throughout the community world wide for half a decade. Which thrilled me but she is so humble praise is hard for this behind the scenes leader who is reclusive in personal life versus her stage and public life.

She is a writer, she has podcasts interviews on FaceBook’s CEOSPACEINTERNATIONAL you can friend and access all that free content for – from the most famous of the famous CEO SPACE leading faulty on line right now for a click. Her content gives you hard options for immediate use and profit – while you play podcasts and her interview style ( a TV SHOW will flow form this I suspect ) due to her talent on air. Click and see yourself.

In 2013 I set up passing the baton of ownership, leadership, and legacy for CEO SPACE to September, resigning for the first time since 1988 as President and Chairman CEO – passing the CEO title on to September as CEO SPACE and as  President globally. I truly stepped back and let the legacy transfer ..completely. Truly.

September went on to develop her own board and all lady leadership team at the top of our leading silo’s. She learning quickly from mistakes and engaged management leadership training weekly from the coach who has coached leadership for  Mark Zunckenberg  at FACE. BOOK, and  Larry Paige at Google and many others who chose September to Coach at the United Nations spotting the talent and legacy work, and Tony Robbins in 2018 as they are buds. My chosen husband  and wife Fortune 100 CEO leadership faculty  team – CEO SPACE faculty Bob Wright coach September weekly over an extended time frame – which is work – and she has grown to an IPO head of a public institution in the making next.

This transformed the CEO SPACE PRODUCT from # 5 on the Forbes List to # 1 on the most prestigious ranking lists in our industry globally- in a historic record in publishing four years in a row – a first. CEO SPACE for example is the one and only firm that made the cut from 2017 to 2018 to let you know just how hard this ranking at # 1 is in the world today in third party press.


And # 1 in Ink and other third party recognitions world wide that come in within our press section world wide via the interviews that September is in high demand from in anything entrepreneur world wide from an increasingly ware of September Global Press as an exciting knowledge commenter on current news and issues effecting business.


September Dohrmann has under her tenure,  expanded our reach globally, and opened up divisions to deal with sovereign nations exclusively. Which she delegated ME to lead. Knowing I love the legacy of taking the work to the highest part of our business plan. Increasingly I am advising heads of states and their teams in economic developments CEO SPACE brings the sovereign nation as fresh options. No nation has matching options and all are grateful.

CEO SPACE is the largest, oldest, most successful Entrepreneur CEO Exclusive Business “OWNER”  CLUB, as the leading  business accelerator  ( our one of a kind IP in the market )  in the world today serving over 140 nations. September is comfortable today in her CEO President role setting the policy and unfolding what comes next which will BE OUR FORTUNE GRADE all new Web Site first upgrade and global lift on line since 2008 – and its huge. Check back to this weekend to see her vision “before” as right now today – and this weekend when the new BIRTHDAY GIRL takes her global web resource on line LIVE TO THE WORLD.

Making CEO SPACE better is what this teacher, educator, leading CEO does these days. September has spoken at the General Assembly of the United Nations and is available to do workshops or keynotes as you wish a LADY LEADER on your stage.

September is working on engaging private equity with a passion to grow Entrepreneur Space , to invest with us, as pre public IPO event, with Hughes and Hubbard of Washington DC and Roel Campos former SEC COMMISSIONER – guiding  and mentoring September on these next steps to make a firm that has never advertised at all – a house hold name as # 1 Business Growth Conference (BGC )  in the world in the third party press and by success outcomes with proofs on line to all claims.

Her vision is to demand side HYPER GROW – the  CEO SPACE city club system of today, large already,  by recruiting 1000 NEW  Club Presidents ( a $ 500,000 business opportunity in a box that is FREE to natural networkers world wide ) who wish to join a career Track in self employment where all start up investment  is provided by CEO SPACE and the contractor pays zero to start up in their city. WHO DO YOU KNOW?  As the demand side and private equity advertising and marketing grow the institution September envisions:


Tampa Bay Convention ball rooms – of six ball rooms with 5,000 each filled to waiting list registration – five times a year for our week long BGC’s. Our Fortune Faculty mentors for CEO’s rotate between those ball rooms in tireless service. Our trade show and our Super NETWORKING events we call SNAPS will take place within the yellow – green – orange, red, pink, blue ribbon separated classes with 30,000 attending until those ribbons are CUT –  putting  all 30,000 CEO’s  in the world’s largest trade show for ENTREPRENEURS as an IPO public institution within networking the world has never experienced matching efficiencies for. Invented by September and her teams as process unique to CEO SPACE and the IP that makes us lead the world.

September plans to deploy public capital and human talent to reproduce this WAGON WHEEL business  model in South America, Africa, EU, and ASIA. The founder Forum in North America is hosted in the same week as the other  CONTINENT NATIONAL wagon wheels – training and expanding venture growth in unmatched time and cost reductions to reach growth goals  -within ever growing CEO lifetime membership – the most exciting institution serving Entrepreneur acceleration.

CEO SPACE is not a workshop.

CEO SPACE is not a seminar.

CEO SPACE is the first new model of a business trade show that uses unique Lady and Gentlemen CEO relationship mixers to align agendas grow customers markets alliances affiliates in real time while each of FIVE TO THRIVE events occurs every 12 months rolling.

CEO SPACE grows profits. Accelerates own goal attainments.

1100 firms offer your money worth and they are all good with our sister highest endorsement for Tony Robbins BUSINESS MASTERY and SECRET KNOCK and LAUGHLINS WEALTH PRESERVATION CONFERENCES being truly GREAT  – and you go on after CEO SPACE to that or you go on after MASTERY to CEO SPACE. A perfect fit.

CEO SPACE is designed to get our customer MEMBERSHIP FEE FULLY  BACK VERSUS their money worth – huge difference in IP and design of a one of a kind CEO  product in the world of pure quality today. Which is why September has CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL ranked THE ONE CONFERENCE IN THE WORLD YOU CAN NOT AFFORD TO MISS – # 1 ranked – the LEADER – year after year – by third party press.

I know of few lady leaders of equal youth and experience having a matching global impact and legacy in world contribution and measured employment, jobs, and Super Brands everywhere in the globe today. CEO SPACE is legend in putting our CEO’s in hyper growth and keeping their.

September’s business plan considers five Wagon Wheel class rooms as her teams  demand model is built out by her most current upgraded  business plan, serving Entrepreneurs tirelessly  each and every week of her life and every one of our five  Forum Weeks – or BUSINESS GROWTH CONFERENCES  – which as her model fully guilds will serve in each BGC over five WAGON WHEELS GLOBALLY – 150,000 CEO’s globally  per week  ( as her ultimate vision for CEO SPACE membership values ) and with almost a million  CEO’s served annually on each of five continents. Members can rotate to move products to the markets they wish to open next within the global accelerator model chasing their market of next highest opportunity. As members rotate between the global BGC’s – the entrepreneur world becomes more cooperative, less competitive and more one in box top rules to better processes.

CEO SPACE seeks to KEEP CEO’s current in the age of SUPER CHANGE as no other venue exchange for time and upgrading the CEO leadership from solo business owners to Fortune institutions served over our history.

September is engaged in partnership discussions with global Universities and a growing number of SOVEREIGN NATIONS who wish to massively impact job creation using accelerated entrepreneur class development in hosting nations.

September is also promoting SUPER BONDS as a method to resolve sovereign nation debt within a new class of bonds, being brought exclusively to sovereign nation heads of state in every part of the world today.

Finally September is working on bringing SUPER TEACHING ( a qualified in USA Title I technology for federal funding, and now moving to Canada and other nations. Super Teaching is new way to outfit technology to class room design, that is low cost and changes pacing and learner performance and retention.

September works with our growing alliance partnerships with very large institutional partners helping each other brand grow. She also works with sponsor institutions who wish to sponsor the leading Entrepreneur Trade Program for their brand profits and values in the CEO SPACE community – a wonderful sponsor channel today with the # 1 ranked brand partner.

World Famous Tony Robbins cut in person and live  the SUPER TEACHING  RIBBONS on the University of Alabama Super Teaching class room ( films on the web site ) before ABC, NBC, CNN, CBS and all major press. Big world coming out party in higher education. September first met Tony Robbins at our class – but deepened the relationship in the  big milestone ceremony at UAH campus in 2010.

All this keeps the President of CEO SPACE very occupied in a growing circle of service to the CEO Entrepreneurs including those in private practice world wide.  She commands our advocacy work in DC which influences rule making and laws with congress and agencies seeking CEO SPACE input when entrepreneur outcomes flow from the beltway today. Itself a high task of specialized direction at the leadership suite playing with the biggest voices in the market from TAX LAWS to CROWD FUNDING.

September is now working on a  vast data base of CEO SPACE to accommodate Grad member engagement as never before inside the community to further on line assure the SPACE never ends and that CEO members  can data mine resources at will – coming up next. A huge new community service to entrepreneurs over 30 years in nations everywhere and so many at the top of institutions that matter. Investors will also have new references to FINRA CROWD FUNDING PORTALS.  this link from September Dohrmann President of CEO SPACE provides the web site of 100% of FINRA your governments regulatory agency for new CROWD FUDING on line legal portals – an investor due diligence click and save to your file of opportunity as you explore an area I think ( venture investing in crowd funding ) is peak opportunity for diversification in the high risk super high return venture space. Mining the early adopters in this growing new industry will rise from a billion dollars to a trillion soon enough. As congress intended for massive USA and world job creation with new laws September assisted in creating with her husband and our teams in DC.

Her vision is unlimited and the legacy of CEO SPACE is moving to fulfill her global contribution we call our  business plan. Our business plan is legacy in the ENTREPRENEUR industry.

September is working with educational institutions to monetize the 1500 modules of entrepreneur educational content on high quality video – the largest library of its kind on content all high quality broadcast quality – computer indexed fully – no education institution possesses today in their entrepreneur studies. Subscription revenues fro this aspect of September’s work alone drive public share prices higher in a future IPO if her plan reaches that desired outcome.

Private Equity partners wishing to explore or Hedge Fund qualified legacy investors wishing to invest in a pre IPO business plan model, and step up to multiples in an institution moving into its fourth decade of global service, never having a red month in three decades, may appreciate a dialogue on a rare opportunity and the business team so proven that brings a rare option to your market space. CEO SPACE feeds rain to the investment  PE partner that invests with CEO SPACE by virtue of the never ending incoming of investors to CEO SPACE who seek deals that are uncommon in quality and opportunity, that result of rain making  replenishes the lake of investment for our partner without delay  by and in  itself. CEO SPACE feeds partner investors deal flow like no space in the world yet another intrinsic value to the PE partner bottom line. Due diligence defines the economics as well as the intangible top tier model of a mature business plan now unfolding to mission in the best BOOM MARKET to do so since 911 in our opinion.

September on her birthday is doing all of that.

But I wanted to praise this rare best friend, life partner, soul mate, noting her husband is a bit complex in the world today, for her tireless devotion to her first priority – he relationship with God – her relationship with HER HUSBAND – her family – in that order – never gets that priority confused not ever – and  with everything career in perfect balance so rare as well in leadership at the top.

This dynamic business leader in the board room, is unmatched a gourmet cook – wood worker ( her hobby ) – the warm inviting home she makes that everyone feels comfortable in it – our family values – her perfect roll as MOM to the greatest boys imaginable – and her mommy – ing to all nine and adopted we parent together for life and  on demand as they are grown and busy too and spread all over AMERICA today. Her perfection as wife and soul mate are what movies are made of and what everyone wishes for and what we have and live within as precious air – day to day – that never ends.

So September Dohrmann ON her Birthday is being celebrated. Her fans an go to her wall on Face Book and fuss at her with thanks or text or sing the B Song into her VM if you have her number.

Happy Birthday my darling lady – of whom I am so very proud in every way beyond what words could ever convey here.

1-23 – 1918 – IS YOUR BIRTHDAY





National Debt – DO YOU UNDERSTAND the real ECONOMICS?



Warren Buffet Said today – irrespective of world financial system risks – the USA is the only PLAY. He said when he hears folks talk about the USA negatively he thinks – they are freaking out of their minds. He suggested based on charts and data he gave in a New York Speech this week – that – the dow will be at 1,000,000 up from 22,000 in today’s terms.

The 20 Trillion Dollar USA Debt is a 12% home loan. THE USA is the most trusted most secure and eye of the economy of the world – around which all other gravity both depends and flows. The entire world is co dependent on the USA. The USA IS the one and only nation that can feed all its people – without oil or imports and manage health care and food for its entire population without any outside trade whatsoever. No other nation can sustain the resource wealth.




  1. Land Assets – THE USA owns 28% of all land on the American continent. It is 47% of all surface area and mineral wealth in the west. It is 640 million acres of rich land for agriculture mining and untold mineral wealth. What is the appraised value? At two to three thousand an acre you do the math for the trillions that alone represents as security for the loans.
  2. Current estimates all experts agree are as many times under stated for what is not yet discovered by 100 and 100% – but today what is known estimates putout wealth in the USA Today at 111 trillion to secure our debts as assets and 22 trillion in coal assets, and more than 8 trillion and soaring with recent discoveries by the quarter in natural gas. This does not include any other of our gold sliver – rare metals and earths and unlimited everything from lime quarries to uranium. 100’s of trillions more for security of the debt.
  3. Military assets are estimated at replacement market value to be presently 20 trillion itself full security for the debt today.
  4. Present value of FUTURE TAXES – folks the USA collects tax revenue equal to 17% of the gross domestic product which is rising yearly. Using the most conservative math the USA without immigration assets as a resource will collect 22 TRILLION a year in tax revenue alone in 2066. We can manage our debt folks we make yearly what the debt is soon enough – and we have many other income resources besides core taxes.

In summary the ASSETS and TAX POWERS of the United States of America make it stand alone as the strongest economic engine that the world has ever created. It has zero risk of its own debt compared to other nations that lack these ratios.

Off Shore investors will dump US dollars? And go where? Into pure crap? Phony money? Communist money? Are you kidding me. Read all this again. We are not borrowing 300% more than we make – CHINA IS and has been for then years.

Offshore folks own 40% of our debt. The 60% is internal to ourselves.

The offshore folks need to own this asset to have dollars to pay for world trade as all large trading uses the one trusted world reserve currency the US dollars for reasons set forth here. Nothing else offers equal security in real economics. Not even close.

China peaked owning our Debt in 2013. They owned 1.3 trillion. They sold off 300 million. They can sell it all and it will hurt them fatally so they will not of course. Their only purchasing power remaining is not their currency it is our 1 trillion they earn by selling us more than they allow us to sell to them – a trade imbalance the nation is working to correct.

All of USA debt is in US dollars.

Much and most of other nation debt is in other nation currencies – bad for them.

If you review deficit spending you see the US spends on interest on the debt and entitlement programs from social security unemployment to food stamps 87% of its budget on social benefiting insurance to the national population and welfare supported by the world’s largest standing defense military as the final option for all nations seeking peace.

The idea that interest rate rises from say 2% to 4.7% as nominal rate will be a tipping point or that the USA has a 100 trillion in underfunded liealbities. All of which are not true. In fact looking ahead many policies made in this time can reduce any forward under funded liabilities. These numbers are projected as hypothetical models – always wrong in real time – for 100 years ahead in worst case thinking – for populations not even born yet. The adjustments to system modeling can remove all short falls and the growth expansion of the USA economic machine has always exceeded the liability issues which are lower than expected as in the Bill Clinton administration we had back to back SURPLUS in the BLACK revenues over deficits – there were no deficits.

The economist of USA pessimism is misspent energy. The focus should be non political for all parties. MAKE AMERICA GREATER. We are the leading force for good and peace on earth. We are far from perfect. We have lots of work to do to RE-INVENT AMERICA.

Very smart people – way smarter than I am – are at the tiller steering our ship of state as master mind teams who have the powers to protect us. They deeply care about us all. They are protecting AMERICA. Never doubt THAT. The righteous many overwhelm the evil few in this space called AMERICA and that is not true in many nations. What is WRONG WITH AMERICA IS AND WILL BE FIXED BY THE EVER RENEWING  GENERATIONAL MIRACLE OF WHAT IS “CORE RIGHT” WITH AMERICA – the HOPE AND THE PROMISE OF THE ENTIRE WORLD.

So dispelling the global financial issues we face as passing temporary energies we all have to rebalance through – America? Why America is the GOD BLESS I AM HERE for the safe harbor upon the earth – why folks – that simply IS AMERICA.

So perk up and renew confidence.

Whose your daddy?


Berny Dohrmann – Keeping a LIGHT ON JUST FOR YOU TODAY

Kim-Jong – Nam & Warren Buffet



So this weekend five of the head, and THE HEAD, of North Korea Security Force at the tippy top, like a head of CIA and NSA here, were executed for making the SUPREME ( insane ) leader angry. Yes. Kim Jon Nam had a hissy fit. So he took his head of State Security for North Korea, with the highest officials watching, and he blasted them all the tiny pieces with giant anti-aircraft guns. I assume he went and had a warm meal after and made jokes while the five had their families moved to prison camps and their possessions repossessed by the State of North Korea. Why?

  1. Well, the flawless hit team engaged in killing the only blood line to the throne to replace KIM Jong – his half brother – didn’t do such a great job. The world found out it was a North Korean HIT JOB run by all NORTH KOREAN’s most of whom have fled back home to Kim Jong – AND – that they used VX to do the killing.
  2. This is important as North Korea has some 3000 to 5000 TONS of bioweapons and the threat that their insane ruler will use those weapons, or will sell them to their party terror groups, is well, not predictable with insanity. He just used antiaircraft weapons on his own team at the top how will he treat say Americans? One already knows that.
  3. Kim Jong is perfecting long-range missiles to take his hydrogen bombs to the USA and other locations madness will dictate like South Korea for example.
  4. Kim may sell their atomic weapons to our enemies as a way to make up for China cutting back on coal and other trade as North Korea’s largest trading partner.
  5. Kim Jong is so insane one can not predict what Kim will do because one must always act with my one recommendation with madness in leadership – never not ever believe that THEY will act in their OWN best self-interest – as they will NOT.

Taking out the madness in leadership early is the historic best course of action. Every delay will increase the pay ( in lost lives ) one must exchange as time passes and madness a contagious illness, and a rampant illness, grows inside the carrier Kim Jong. Don’t ask WHY he does it. He does it because he is insane – he’s NUTS.

He could have aligned with all nations, opened massive trade, become a South Korea of trade and invention for his people, making history with prosperity, health care, and well-being for generations. Kim Jong could be reversed if he were sane for his achievement. Today Kim Jong is insane and is revered because if he has a hissy fit because of you out come the anti-aircraft guns.

So today and since November 8th there is no BIG NEWS in the world. ZERO. The longest recent period of NO BIG NEWS. Since Donald Trump was THE GUY the world has changed. Those who acted out without FEAR OF REPROCUSSION from the WEST are today “waiting” at least. There is ZERO DOUBT there WILL BE COSTLY REPROCUSSIONS for acting OUT. Since Donald Trump became President Kim Jong has lost his largest trade card for cash – COAL TRADE WITH CHINA – and the cost to the already bankrupt defense lopsided nation – is beyond their ability to manage. Out came the anti-aircraft guns. What is Kim Jung’s insane reaction to having his money river cut off by his largest trading partner:

  1. To lambast China as a puppet dance partner to the USA and
  2. Execute head of security with anti-aircraft guns

Insanity is always so easy – you can see it. Tip to world leaders over 5000  years




Warren Buffet says – I will rank President Trump by how he as President deals with the # 1 THREAT to our Security the world has ever faced – the – risk that North Korea will sell weapons of mass destruction to Iran, to ISIS, to rogue states and nations. We add or insane Kim Jung worshiped by his people who have no way to know how insane he is as their information is filtered by the madness completely to brainwash a population just like Hitler managed to do it with media – THAT KIM JUNG WILL USE THOSE WEAPONS HIMSELF.

Yes, his military KNOW that “use or sale” will be suicide to all of them and their people culture and way of life – first use – they all die. They know THAT. So what. Madness acts without regard for THAT. Madness in leadership has been the most serious cost to humanity and the appeasement the sane give the insane along the path of history.

So we have a little window of acquiescence. Trump has YET TO BE TESTED but the madness will test TRUMP. That is coming.

We have a market window of months of relative calm. 

WARREN BUFFET also said today – at age 87 – that the market has not reached a point of price value imbalance in which bubble has taken place. We hasten to disagree with Warren Buffet with all respect. Some facts:

  1. The PE ratios and the CRAP table at the highest since 1929. That is a bubble.
  2. The flip market of speculation buying of real estate is the highest since 2007.
  3. The subprime market is higher than 2007.
  4. The ratio of creditworthy buyers to sustain today’s prices is lowest in 70 years.
  5. The household debt for US households is the highest ever rising faster than ever.
  6. The commercial market has 100’s of billions to refinance in 36 months. It can’t.
  7. interest on all the foregoing is going UP and the bubble bursts after that.
  8. The USA can’t pay its own debt in 2020 without creating x million jobs. It Can’t.
  9. The USA can’t pay its debt with rising interest on that debt – it’s a bubble in bonds.
  10. The entire world asset class group are speculation price bubbled and not real.

Rebalancing all the Debt is going to occur after the Super Bubble Warren Buffet says does not exist – moves into SUPER CRASH – that we have long predicted. I gong to WRITE SUPER CRASH so a book is out there like a lantern holding the light from the liars.

The liars are different than the insane. The INSANE do not KNOW they are INSANE.

The liars believe their own lies which are a different problem entirely. But the truth is the truth and the lie is the lie and it does not matter WHO speaks either as in the end, you will know the result speaks for itself.

For example, Warren Buffett is a gambler. Did you KNOW that Warren Buffet is a gambler? Well in one bet he has bet $ 1,000,000 that he is sure he will win, that managed funds by humans ( he brands as too high priced and too high fee driven ) do not perform as well as electronically traded funds ( ETF’s ) where software trades the bets. As ETF’s are largely unregulated compared to the managed funds, the COST of doing the managed trades is greater. 

ETF is a new market space. Software against software. We have written about this market frequently. The problem is not front-end profits and trading efficiency. The problem in this largely structured asset with super high risk and super high return diversity markets – is CLEANING The modeling for global clearing is not equal to the world regulated exchanges where liquidity is balanced and accommodate through controls that cost money to maintain. Removing these costs also removes ALL THOSE PROTECTIONS and SAFEGUARDS.

So imagine the largest lakes in the world of the money call them the GREAT LAKES are money pools managed forever by those systems of managers so well known. Now imagine the GREAT LAKES are being drained into new OCEANS of money where all the GREAT LAKES are drying up and the GREAT NEW OCEAN is rising and rising.

Now imagine SUPER CRASH – all at once – global contagion – and a catastrophe of say “one weapon of mass destruction ) that is 100% certain to appear before too long. Just ONE. Or one debt default by a nation that is 100% certain to appear before long. Make sense? Am I not insane to you?

So this EVENT happens and LIQUIDITY stops for the ETF markets. They freeze and the price begins to free fall only investors CAN NOT GET OUT while that plunge goes on and on. Mr. Buffet loses a lot more than $ 1,000,000 on that day. With 50% of the largest capital, GREAT LAKES moving from diversified managed money pools in traditional exchange markets ( lower yields higher safety on LIQUIDITY RISK DYNAMIC ) into ETF markets ( enormous liquidity and loss potential with short term higher yields ). I stand alone stating ETF will be the SUPER SHORT FORTUNE MARKER coming up NEXT and the contagion even coming up next will stop liquidity in those new markets with LOSS like the world has never known in the 1902 and 1929 depressions. LOSS LIKE THE WORLD HAS NEVER KNOWN with the only way to rebalance trade accounts being the world war. Historic economic fact nothing personal.

That is INSANE ( to me ) and we can avoid repeating such speculative history for near-term profit ( sane ) but….we never not ever do we DO the sane path. Financially we are like Kimmy over in North Korea.

Is it sane a few decades back to cause horror and nightmares for a billion human beings with toxic chemicals when Dow and other’s well knew they were killing our own troops – read WHEN THE LION ROARED?

Is it sane to pollute a generation with lead poisoned water in Michigan to save a few bucks on water cost for the water district or is it insane?

Is it sane to put TOXIC FILLERS you can’t dispose of under EPA rules anywhere on earth into crop fertilizer at a high % of each bag spraying that on our food to satisfy legal ways to dispose of the most toxic soup on earth? Is THAT SANE?

The competitive capitalistic and communist systems that permit such insanity are those system’s sane that breed insanity? The truth will set you free.

Do the people of the planet need a SANE SYSTEM REVOLUTION into COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM without competitive insane tendency – self-correcting – operating from integrity rather than its lack – as a transformation from insanity into sanity?

The sane tend to read my blog.

The insane block my URL. After all, I’m writing about their mental illness. So the sane are blog readers and I am grateful for YOU every single day. Thank you for sharing this blog with those who truly want to make a difference with their lives.

SO the news is more or less blah blah blah. The War in Syria and Iraq is not being covered as it once was – as the slaughter is just beyond imagination. The good news is that Sunni and Shite met in Iraq and are forming collaborations for the unborn. Saudi and Iran met for the first time in a decade same outcome.

Isis the absolute insanity upon the earth today, is losing. Terribly losing and is about to be destroyed utterly. Their money is being cut off. They have no future. They are instead of opting and suing for a peace they are battling like insanity does – like Hitler does – until they are humility to the bone. It is obvious to 1 billion Muslim believers that ALLAH is NOT blessing ISIS – that ISIS is in the worship of the ENEMY “the competition” the great evil – insane brain – and madness upon the earth. Early prevention is always the cure for insanity.


The leader of North Korea is INSANE today and those who alliance with him are using that insanity for “bad and wrong’ purposes. Early delete and we do not repeat.

So the big news remains:

  1. North Korea is perfecting missiles to deliver weapons of massive destruction anywhere on the earth.
  2. North Korea has perfected weapons of the most massive destruction of bioweapons and nuclear weapons and their arms race is never ending the largest threat to the sane by the insane in the world.
  3. North Korea leadership demonstrated insanity once again – a pure insane behavior clear to all psychologists worldwide – in which mentally ill – this insane person murdered five of his own leaders by a crime against humanity using anti-aircraft weapons to do it and punishing their innocent families and children. Insane.
  4. South Korea is in disarray. Its largest company CEO is now in prison for “crimes” every firm commits in every nation – influence peddling. The head of state has been removed from power without a trial. The acting head of state is now being impeached. In this unstable nation we are installing anti-missile shields China and Russia object to to protect South Korea from North Korean insanity and our own tens of thousands of troops in that theater of war.
  5. The EU continues to be plagued by politics in France and in Italy to break up the EU and possibly Spain next – while debt defaults in Greece and other EU nations are inevitable. The instability of the EU is a killer for NATO ultimately and a game changer for GEOPOLITICS and world markets. 

Yet investors are rushing forward as if there is no risk at all to the all-time record high rally in history ..ever forward …into what has always been historically for 100’s of years  …the trend just before the SUPER crashes of history. So we have done all the data reporting and told you: what is coming – why – and what you should do for safe harbor. Let’s see if my SPRING season correction occurs – and I’ll admit if I’m wrong.

The first time will be a record since the 1980’s ( being the wrong economically) but hey there is always a first time. Warren Buffet has been wrong way more than I as he noted in his shareholder letter but then this is his last rodeo and he is making new moves for profits that are harvesting in the short term a lot of profits. We’ll see how it all works out a londer term. He bought Apple like we said and IBM – good job.

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman and custodian of economic data truth just for you 

PS: The news since Trump in November – everyone talks but no one is testing Trump because they can predict the outcome is not predictable as in the past – Trump displays one known quality – you can NOT PREDICT HIS OUTCOME and he WILL act in the best interest of the United States of America….that is the one item you can predict. Who wants to risk it – as an economic guy the first reply is not bullets its MONEY as in he will CUT YOUR OFFENDING NATION OFF – see North Korea for a change in the playbook rules.