So the market Flashed Crashed Downward in:

  1. January 2018
  2. March 2018
  3. Oct 2018

Boys and Girls why? Let me tell YOU WHY. In this phony baloney global greed fest, two things are new. The lake of liquid available stocks are PRICE MANIPULATED due to lack of modernizing global G 100 coordinated regulatory frame works you have heard me harp about here for ten years and to which I wrote the solution in my work Redemption the COOPERATION REVOLUTION as a blue print for regulator officials world wide. Kevin Freeman a hedge fund manager wrote how dire the future actually looks in GAME PLAN tell you all to create your own GAME PLAN as your nations in the G 100 have no game plan at all. So if you think “THEY” have a clue – your wrong. THEY DON’T !


This is the WHY folks subscribe ( free ) to my blog in rising numbers most blogs never experience. In many nations my blog is ranked as a MEDIA RESOURCE Site. So WHY what is the WHY. Here is the WHY folks:

  1. Black Out Dates. The tax reform failed. Large corporations have not made the investments into jobs, economics, growth and plants that would underwrite the future we all want. This is democrat and republican corporations. The down turns correspond to the DAY that Corporations can not PLAY in time frames close to their reporting dates. They can’t BUY BACK STOCK in those BLACK OUT PERIODS the exact dates of these big down turns.
  2. So the LIQUIDITY and the PRICE of the markets is driven by STOCK BUY BACKS. These buy backs reduce the lake of stocks in any company, and they reduce liquify and raise prices.
  3. BUY BACKS setting records just like the markets since 2009 – engineer stock prices – in a phony casino capitalism where the insiders doing the engineering flatten out volatility in their stocks and make their own bonus and stock gains by stock manipulation once a crime but not casino capitalism is legal – thank you congress. Big mistake.
  4. This year another record stock buy back occurs. Over 1 TRILLION DOLLARS In this year alone in stock buy backs manipulating share price at phony baloney levels. Your playing on the dealer table in casino capitalism within a SUPER DEBT BUBBLE of leveraged margin trading with AI ETF pools making the high velocity trades following all this with their AI information you lack.
  5. Since 2009 and the Super Crash stock buy backs have exceeded 4.3 trillion dollars capital that went no where into plant, jobs, new ventures, industries, infrastructure, the wall, or anything. This money went into CASINO CAPITALISM MANIPULATIONS OF SHARE PRICES TO A Mount Everest Record valuation level making elites who are fantastically wealthy, even more fantastically wealthy.

The majority of this wealth is leveraged into investing to assure wealth transfer in what the elites refer to world wide as THE EVENT. The Event is the collapse of the world order due to over leverage and a destruction even at vastly reduced levels of stock into the market, 4.3 trillion is staggering capital more than GNP of most nations, that was applied legally to manipulate share prices in the casino – and this lower level of lake to shares in the market is still not precluding crashes. When the BLACK OUT DATES to inside buy back and manipulate share prices occurs as it did precisely in the DOWN TURN IN OCTOBER the reason for the crash is that the buy backs up holding share price under laws had a QUIET PERIOD all the folks at the top of the system know, which is WHY they have no panic.

When can all share buy backs in the trillion dollars this year in the USA alone occur?

Oh…that would be MONDAY.

So flowing into the election you have a) forces wishing to manipulate the election as this blog alone has reported to you as a DUHHHHH and b) share buy backs were in a quiet period last week and Monday they come back into the market buying in this dip massively. AI will see to that profit making.

So in the end it is playing at the table with the dealer having a stacked deck. The SEC and global regulatory agencies lack regulatory REFRAME FOR DIGITAL TOOL KITS AND MASSIVE BUGET UPGRADES TO REGULATE ALL MARKETS:

  1. Globally and in real time – real time transparency and digital tools lacking today
  2. Who is trading what – removing DARK POOLS and shadow banking from regulatory exemptions
  3. Criminalizing short selling as a speculation removing capital from economics.
  4. Modernizing stock buy back regulations to preclude stock manipulations.
  5. Moving to 180 day reporting as the President suggested to dampen speculations



Casino Capitalism is worse in Communist nations like Russia and China where Super Debt Bubbles could destroy the world order economically.

The siphon of capital from circulations into investment to assure no nation is left behind and the earth is cleansed is rather diverted into casino side bet speculations due to a collapse of regulatory frame work. The Regulations are blue sky to nations. The Trades are in the unregulated cloud. In five years the trading went from human controlled and managed trading over systems built across 70 years of time, to all digital AI software controlled trading within a small number of Super Money Pools hyper leveraging and trading in a process model the world HAS NEVER KNOWN OR EXPERIENCED BEFORE. This NEW CASINO CAPITALISM has left the barn of old regulatory frame work and exists outside regulatory modeling.

THE URGENCY TO CONSTRUCT A G 100 NEW REGULATORY GLOBAL ECONOMIC CONSTITUTION OF BOX TOP RULES FOR WORLD TRADE – TAX – INVESTING AND REGULATORY OVER SIGHT IS NOW UPON US…as the regulatory agencies of today are no longer modern and as antique models regulatory frame works are failing globally.

The new frame work must include:

  1. The largest new budgets to assure economics versus casino speculator capitalism.
  2. Preclude unwanted system wealth consolidations.
  3. Ideally merge central banks into nation’s treasury’s of which much is written here.
  4. Remove unwanted speculations.
  5. Create self correcting continuously modernized AI to regulate AI in real time globally so no nation is left behind.

Without a Regulatory upgrade from the G 100 the Casino Capitalism will create a Super Debt Bubble Super Crash at some unknown date that will collapse the system as we know it as all circulation ceases and on Liquidity Evaporation Day – is the day the music died. The entire frame work today is AI DIGITAL making the precise same conditions as the last Great Depression occur again, exceed all phony baloney economics precisely as it was in 1929, only so much more global and so much worse in system abuse today due to digital casino capitalism.


The risk of system failure is a risk warning from the IMF from the World Bank and I you read carefully Jamie Diamonds prophetic words last week – MORGAN. And this blog. The risk has passed the point of no return without a G 100 REGULATORY REFRAME and time for that is running out. Cooperation or Competition – sane or insane economics.

I believe with the smarty pants running things and believing their own lies that their AI has created RISKLESS RISK just like the same smarty pants in structured assets in 2007 believed sincerely they had created risk less risk in real estate security markets globally. These criminals have created the same structured assets again in real estate and now every other asset class in the entire casino manipulating price to a risk less risk grade of global trade. They believe trading RANGES can’t be exceeded for long in the new modeling.

However the following is true:

  1. The lake of securities in risk less risk is being price manipulated by 440 trillion dollars of fully leveraged capital at up to 50 to 1 margins never experienced before in economics in phony baloney investing across all asset classes not just reporting securities.
  2. Even with the lake of securities for sale reduced by 4.3 trillion dollars since 2009 a staggering never experienced before manipulation of markets outside all Current regulatory laws to manage, the market liquidity crashes when the stock buy back quiet period occurs as it did in Jan March and October.
  3. The Debt Super Bubble globally will utterly collapse as the Fed and central bankers repeat their pattern in 1907 – 1929 – 1987 – 2000 – 2007 – and raise interest rates too high too fast this period being the most insane due to ten years of FREE MONEY fueling leverage and a Super Debt Bubble ratio exceeding 1929 abuse to the system by ratio’s never known in global economics before.

This is simple enough without charting tables graphs and slang most readers lose From NIM to Flang but trust me the data supports the premise.

In my opinion as no one can no WHEN Jamie Diamond’s words remain prophetic in the age of the SUPER DEBT BUBBLE no press reports on – charts – or really gives the IMF and World Bank enough space upon for ringing the WARNING BELLS over and over and over starting in the most phony of all economies where the system is totally at risk – communist China the largest global Super Debt Bubble spending 300% more than it makes.

China is in free fall super crash following a one off pre tariff buying spree before Christmas. We have blogged about the RUN out of china of trillions in capital at all economic measures. The final quarter and next year China is falling off a cliff economically. The only stabilizer possible is a deal with trade – no deal – risk on.

We add in Jamie Diamonds SCREAMING there is so MUCH STUFF GEOPOLITICALLY that can trigger a run out of risk.  AI runs first and everyone else gets stuck last.

AI is the house owning the casino box top rules you never see. As with all casino’s you can’t win against the house. The longer you play the more you lose. As the rule book remains:



I’d say buy the dip – ride the wave to year end record all time highs – and before year end as it is peaking get OUT ALL THE WAY and explore with licensed professionals diversified insurance investing so well blogged on this blog site as your remaining safe haven to the SUPER CRASH.

You will miss volatility casino market highs in 2019 and 2020. But you will earn the highest returns with principle insured and guaranteed in the world today and enjoy peace of mind.

You will be OUT OF THE CASINO.

You will have zero risk of loss.

You will see 2020 forward a SUPER CRASH from which economic institutions may not recover. If Congress remains Republican controlled and voters voted their wallet versus party they voted prosperity versus party – congress WILL PASS INFRASTRUCTURE and that would propel possible growth into 2030 in our opinion even with Jamie Diamonds STUFF on Geopolitical events outside the USA being a global trigger event in the casino.

The day of LED the Liquidity Evaporation Day the music dies.

As with the Bible no man ( or woman ) knows that date in time and we can give our best educated guess but really information ahead may extend or collapse time lines. The RISK at all time record market highs reached over and over till December is the time to sell out at all time highs and wait for all time lows to buy back in.

The box top rules never change. Do not BUY HIGH and hope for every higher. Newton was right what goes up ( for the longest period in history economically and to a record high never before manipulated in history ) MUST COME DOWN.

Now you know….and first.

Its about STOCK BUY BLACK  OUT DATES this October where Monday the stock buy backs can continue at enormous profits to elite insiders who profited into the dip massively at year end and now profit again ( massively ) on the Monday Stock Buy Back green light. Should the SEC have powers to put folks in prison for manipulations like this – oh you bet.

But they don’t. Congress has to grant them new powers and new budgets for national security as our financial system IS THE RISK from multiple fronts all reported here.

Share this SECRET KNOWLEDGE so you have the TRUTH and know the WHY.

Berny Dohrmann – Keeping a Light on just for you this October – Waiting For Monday BAM !



One Chap at Morgan reported today that it is “his” opinion ( which I don’t hold any high regard for the youngster a data miner ) THAT the market is experiencing something NEW. In the digital casino. He labels it ROLLING BEAR MARKET. Between volatility he tracks a majority of mid back bone stocks are 20% lower than 2017 peaks and that – the market ranges of the indexes are up by an upside down pyramid of a shrinking % of the market a tiny % that is the growth reported by the index’s.

Our Chap missed the Spring correction which was large after January and we predicted accurately and to a fault to our readers and to CEO’s world wide on this blog:

  1. in 2015 – Spring 2018
  2. 2016 – Spring 2018
  3. 2017 – Spring 2018
  4. 2018 Jan – get to safe haven’s and why and where
  5. Too late and why in that huge correction dip still working its way though

Then we told you the SUMMER IS COMING and then we told you the SUMMER IS HERE. Even though the trades are for the first summer – the 2018 summer – now 90% digital and AI where consolidating 10,000 SUPER MONEY POOLS control 90% of the capital circulations in new model of casino capitalism.

In this model which Morgan Stanley leads – AI trades most of the 440 trillion not into the markets of 3.7 trillion but into speculations – into bets – side bets like a giant global never sleeps 24/7 world casino. Thats right. Listen to me now.

For the first time AI is digitally manipulating prices in RANGES with theory they are developing diskless risk. A market where price ranges can only exist inside pre set parameters of the massive bets on lows and highs as to ranges. The kids writing the software are directed by chaps like the ROLLING BEAR REPORT at Morgan.

I always have found when I ran investment banking public institutions on Wall Street that – the danger was the pundits – ( almost always historically incorrect ) – believe their own press. When its more a culture it becomes challenging to think outside their box so to speak. I put an out of box example on Linkeden today – berny dohrmann I’ll click you in so you can see it.

Rolling Bear Market – cute press catch phrase and it got low ranking and will be gone in a few days from thought.

The Summer has the leadership of the 10,000 super money pools on vacation with their family tribes in exotic locations on yachts the size of which is their new prestige like the Hamptons once was in my day when the film A WEEKEND AT BERNY’s was made – and I felt even back then like I was hitting every pillar as the boat roared past in the market place as I learned from the masters of that time – all gone now. Wait for it – as after Labor Day and the AI dips the BOSS’s of the SUPER MONEY return for REAL globally seeking to maximize year end wealth reporting and do you think they will fail to record set the market at year end…..just because they Ai can ? Watch for it…..and remember we told you – record highs by year end unless a WILD CARD event occurs which we define below for you and most of those BOSS”s are reading this blog on their vacation folks – my main tribe over my lifetime after all is THEM…….

Today the market of trust, of family, of knowing one another, is a market of digital success and track record and auspices and primarily that size matters still:

  1. My capital is bigger than your capital
  2. My AI is more advanced and yes BIGGER lots BIGGER than your capital.

Smaller firms suggest size doesn’t matter but that was not true in 1968 or the in between times and it is not true today. In financial markets SIZE is the only thing that matters for control influence prestige an ultimately reshaping global markets.

After 9/11 when the world markets almost ceased to function and Walls Street was laying fiber cables to reconnect exchange capacity to signal the world – hey we are still able to operate – a bit of an illusion at the time like a magician pulling a rabbit out of hat – hoping the audience will not see the financial tricks taking place – the regulatory frame work of the entire world basically retired. Why?

Again it is all in my work of this age and time Redemption the Cooperation Revolution all my readers should own today for their own financial peace of mind on what is really going on out there – click and get more than one you will want to give it to your tribe – its major life enriching software for your brain.

The regulatory frame work of the world was constructed to moderate risk from the Great Depression – remove wild speculation from markets that caused the Great Depression – and to regulate financial fraud within laws passed in 1933 and modified a bit here and there into now.

The markets of the world went along pretty well until Dec 1999 when in the last THREE HOURS of the BILL CLINTON Presidency we see a per Christmas Congress break last session UNANIMOUS VOTE ( when can you remember such a thing from the US congress in fact ? ) – on the COMMODITY MODERNIZATION ACT which had little to do with commodities. This single Bill should have been called the DEPRESSION LAW DESTRUCTION ACT – as the 100’s of regulatory double lines put in place to block market leveraged speculation and bank deposits from your grand mother moving to off shore derivative super high risk margin trading – would be precluded and be illegal and crimes were BANG by unanimous vote destroyed.

At the time there was some 2.6 trillion in market trading velocities annually and 800 billion globally in leveraged side bets in speculative trading primarily outside the USA as hedging bets. Today there is roughly 3.7 trillion in annual market trading investment owning stake holder wealth – and the side bets with the depression laws destroyed – are not digitally leveraged in long and short plays on all commodity asset groups upon the earth George Bush Treasury Secretary states presently peak at 440 trillion dollars.

When you take all world bank wealth and leverage it ( thats right no deposits reside inside a bank safety as they did in ratio to depression controlled frame works in 1999 – all bank assets are working in after depression law destruction at fantastic leverage seeking every higher short term profits a spiral that with a DEBT SUPER BUBBLE created the Great Depression AND WORLD WAR II.

The tipping point ( the chap on rolling bear markets from Morgan has no clue about historically and economically ) was the combination of:

  1. Super Debt Spiral a SUPER DEBT BUBBLE globally in the 1920’s.
  2. Insane rapid interest rate rising by the Federal Reserve Board
  3. Trade War spiraling up at the same time

Then came the SUPER CRASH and bank closures.

The world of 7 billion believes THEY have in place safe platforms to prevent such a economic event from occurring in the future.

Ah but there is the blind spot and no warning as you financially hit the peter built and die instantly.

No warning either.




In the City of “NOW & 2019” we have a global market in full on experiment. An economic invention never tried before.

So in 2008 the market had exceeded 1929 parameters in all measurable levels. Global Debt Super Bubble Spiral was ratcheting up at trillions never seen before in human history. The real estate speculation globally became something new. Following the DEPRESSION DESTRUCTION EVENT of 1999. 60 Minutes did a great program on the truth of all this – we have it – they should chat with me and do an update for the world before it is too late. They reported what needed to be DONE then and no one listened at all in the GREED MACHINE following the crash of 2008. I felt it was the one and only report that got it RIGHT. Bank deposits were fully deployed in very bad bets.

The system Super Crashed and the banks began to fail starting with investment banks. The run out of banks was fantastic and closing banks was a serious option. The experiment created by Paulson former Chairman of JP Morgan – Bernake ( whom I think need to buried with Milton Freidman the economist who created this mess ) and Giertner maybe the only sane one in the group and Roel Campos SEC Commission who engineered the WAY FORWARD now with Hughes and Hubbard – did a little experiment. They printed over 10 trillion dollars in the USA and 100 trillion world wide and bailed out the bank and failing financial institution bad debt with tax payer money that does not exist save as debt saddled on future generations unborn as of yet to pay it all off. Not knowing if it would stick if it would work. At all. Then Obama came in and hired Roel Campos who at least knew the history. Even though he was GEORGE BUSHES lead SEC Commission and mentor during the crises. Paulson was conflicted in my option because the JP Morgan profits on the Lehman carnage which never ever needed to take place – as so enriching to his own stock holdings. No one reported about that aspect in any depth but in our blog shout outs over and over and over. Calling the truth into economic accounting. FOLLOW THE DAMN MONEY.

Illusion is a distraction – a tweet or a press gone to take them down a side ally from the real money being played out. Financial illiteracy remains rampant.

So the trillions of printed debt money to bail out financial institution bad bets keep the system going. Saved the banks from failing just 20 years of spiral up into depression repeated economics precisely – due to DEPRESSION DESTRUCTION LAWS the Wall Street GREED MACHINE that lobbied for 70 years to that one event – making so much ungodly profits – lobbies even now to preclude returning back to – billions invested to assure we do not GO BACK THE FUTURE and restore say just one part of the Depression laws destroyed by unanimous act of congress – all republicans all democrats under Bill Clintons blessing and signing into law immediately before year end – Merry Christmas say:

glass stiegel Act that limited high risk ownership of low risk law controlled banking by investment banks or bank investing in high risk leveraged speculations – where assets are reported in exempt from FAIR MARKET ACCOUNTING – such that bad assets or high risk assets or non performing loans ( bad loans ) can all show as positive good assets on Morgan Stanley’s balance sheets now – because with the DEPRESSION LAWS DESTROYED and the new RULE TREASURY JUST PROPOSED investment banks would fall under the NEW LAW and have abilities to create financial statements you and I would be put into prison for creating.

But today we all watch the trial in Washington as Distraction – where the government seeks to impune the President by association for 180 days – and to convict what so many report is a good fine man – for a) the way he dressed and b) the fact he had a successful lifestyle and c) he owned companies off shore ( none of which are crimes ) but all of which are the main case – as impression not criminal silver bullets is this case – where the man – is in solitary confinement in prison with no bail because he made a short phone call a party hung up on – really – in America – where the man is INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN BEYOND ANY REASONABLE DOUBT OF ANY KIND to be GUILTY as a stone in a lake? What nation have we become today? Ask are you following the real ball.

Rolling Bear Markets – nice sound bite – hum bug. Not done yet though.

So moving through economic history ( that matters past all the tiny stuff you read like Stormy Daniels – my God go to a chat room and invest in that girls personal economy she is making more than the chap on trial and keeping it with tits and ass and a mouth that who would marry? ) – we follow that and are blinded to what is cancer in our system about to kill us all – where we run out of TIME to FIX the cancer and stop it cold by treating the real illness – while we pop endless pimples on our face in the mirror dying while we think we look good to drive over to Chick Filet and buy a sandwich –


The market saved by the wild betting and experiment of nations and central banks – is trying to use time to replenish bank wealth sufficient to accommodate their bad bets and bad loans. As in 2008 they were in adjusted accounting BANKRUPT as were nations.

That is economic hard fact no distraction YOU should take to your bank if you can find one outside the speculation – a small local bank in the ideal with a balance sheet you read understood and knew was solid as a boulder in Tarpon Springs Florida.

The problem is the DEPRESSION LAWS WERE UTTERLY DESTROYED AS REGULATORY FRAME WORK. Then we passed Dodd Frank the worst legislation on financial markets ever. Why?

Well as we advocate for Small Business in DC and we worked against DODD FRANK for all the right reasons – ( we needed to do real law not paint over wood rot with lead paint ) the problem we suggested began with DODD AND WITH FRANK but I’m not going there right now. The laws ( now being relaxed by the administration and treasury and congress ) created right when we did not need them – enormous cost and expense to the economic back bone – with no regulatory reality to reset the DEPRESSION DESTRUCTION of the Commodity Modernization Act the press can’t even remember. Ever heard a free press bought and paid for argue or report on these details – the only foundation issue to our financial mess of global proportions today?

Rolling Bear Market are you kidding me Morgan Stanley? My God you bought the firm that mentored me into the industry in the 1960’s Dean Witter now also forgotten as one of the GREAT GOOD GUYS – my hats tips to Bill Witter if he is still alive and to George who personally mentored me until his untimely death – I will always owe you for teaching me the economic alphabet ….

How far they fall when the greed becomes the need……..

Competitive capitalism /Socialist Capitalism System rule:  earn the most profit in the shortest time ( 3 to 4 weeks to reporting ) for elite insiders at all and any cost to report the profit growth……

Cooperative Capitalism System Rule – Return maximum value to customers and society served while making a profit.

So you buy a new car. You acquire the car as a superior technology to get from point A to Point B over say a horse a buggy – the past 5000 years of technology.

The car manufacturer exists to improve society and the lives of their customers by introducing ever more features and comforts to benefit their buyers in moving from point A to point B. Soon self driving flying transports will take over moving us in better technology from point A to Point B. Then quantum technology will in fact beam us from point A to Point B.

You come to the gas station and you fill up. The gas is fuel required to get you from point A to point B. You did not buy the car to endless buy fuel. You bought the car to get from Point A to Point B but gas is required. Important why to economics?

Corporations and entrepreneurs produce to benefit society with their vision and inventions in produces goods and services. To improve life for all the rest of us as their focus. They did not create their cooperative capitalism venture to consumer and retain capital. Capital is like gas. Fuel. We need capital in ventures to get the venture from POINT A to POINT B of ever improving the feature benefits for the customers being served while making a profit. If the desire to hoard fuel – gas ( capital ) becomes the driving idea of business ( failed competitive and socialism economic system theories and models ) a GREED MACHINE destroys the reasons for FREE ENTERPRISE. The problem is system rules, education and regulatory frame work to assure human tendency for GREED is moderated back into focus pride and service to customers served as the REASON and ALL THE REASONS and the ONLY REASON for a venture to exist from Fortune institution to Dentist office.

Making money is not the WHY.

When making MONEY IS THE WHY the ONLY WHY humanity has lost everything in the end as economics will be horrifically imbalanced where 1% own more wealth than 99% which is frankly an insane form of economic modeling – and a crime literally against humanity – and the cause of all systemic global failures and world war – GREED and the lack of proper regulatory frame work elastic enough to model for rapidly evolving forward systemics.

For the first time we exist inside a new age of SUPER CHANGE. Super Change requires the most urgent human RE-THINK of Global Regulations in the frame work of human history – as modern super change weapons promise a world war of human complete extinction. Which we don’t believe but it is in fact reality.


All this is outlined in my book REDEMPTION with data and details as what is really going on out there and what while time remains we can do to fix it. I have Called within this blog series for FIVE YEARS for the creation on the big Island of Hawaii with Congress person in Hawaii Jerry Chang setting it all up – for a G 100 THREE YEAR ECONOMIST OF NATIONS WORLD “ECONOMIC CONSTITUTIONAL CONGRESS” to invent a new global box top rule set – outside the influence of lobby and money interest so conflicted that:

  1. Resets the global world order
  2. Defines regulations that work and preclude criminal speculation unwanted in any system
  3. Redirect capital to economic investing for nations
  4. Assure wealth never again concentrates into elites
  5. A no nation left behind economic partnership with the world of nations and its soon 10 billion humans being served

A self correcting – renewing legal frame work with every 10 years another conclave to review and adjust given the SUPER CHANGE and evolving AI.

So today – as we are on today are we not and the wild cards – lets look at 2019. Today the world leadership is not aware of the FACTUAL SUMMARY you now have nor does any institution teach or education this TRUE VERSION of economic systemic modeling failure and potential for re-invention. For if we do not know and understand our own financial history at core are we not doomed to relived the past all over again making the same errors our grandfathers made? As we are in fact doing just that.


  1. The Super Debt Bubble is passing 300 trillion a number in ratio never known or experienced as RISK to system continuation with no end in stite.
  2. Interest is rising way too fast way too frequently way too high each time – using old antique models that have zero relevance to TODAY. Error in policy.
  3. Trade Wars if unresolved to DEALS promise a Depression event to follow if Fed error continues to create the tipping point to debt never known before global as it is machine right into the firestorm upon for member GREED. ( Read about FED FRAUD reported in this blog report scroll and get the truth and get smart fast ).

TIME is the asset.

Time is the issue.

Do we have time to work out the issues?

WE have with Trump a reset of economic policy:

  1. Lower regulatory frame works just starting
  2. Tax re-sets just starting to percolate with 1 trillion in USA investing rising to 2 trillion by year end as outcome
  3. Record boom globally record wealth all asset classes globally.

The risk to the TIME needed to continue the boom – the one risk – politics. If the Democrats win ( and I report economically no political thought involved at all ) we have GRID LOCK impeachment and Congress does not WORK just like the last 16 years with 1.8% growth versus 2018 where Congress worked just a little – with 4% growth.

If the Republicans win – because we vote in private outside party and politics economically with our WALLETS ( or not ) Congress works and we have more wild cards on TIME.

The first wild card if the REPUBLICANS WIN is INFRASTRUCTURE and THE WALL. Those two additional stimulus cards off set FED wrong way policy of raising interest too high – and produces a 2030 BOOM CYCLE and 2019 is a record wealth year – no ROLLING BEAR MARKET but setting ever new records world wide. The following happens as wild cards

  1. Republican win assures likely trade deals and a world box top reset on trade that guarantees America of a fantastic boom to 2030.
  2. Infrastructure guarantee’s America a boom into 2030.
  3. More regulatory cost reductions assures business growth
  4. More tax stimulus assure growth continuity.
  5. All of which takes millions off welfare and pay out and turns them into paying tax payers which makes TREASURY REVENUE soar and our debt becomes manageable and our credit rating ( cost of money ) elevates and costs lower.

Or now. Wild cards. If democrats win – the economic risk as CONGRESS WILL NOT WORK AND CONGRESS WILL GRID LOCK – we predict a sinking into recession in 2019 and no rolling bear market but an absolute SUPER CRASH.

We’ll see who is right …Morgan or our track record since the 1980’s to date 100% right including the Spring dip no expert reported as precisely.


Given no economic system ever produced by ratio more printed paper money to pay off economic system bad betting – a wealth transfer from failed private betting parlors we call banks and investment banks private equity firms and hedge funds and sovereign wealth funds – as a basket – all speculators in 2018 in the global digital casino capitalism – a first for mankind.

Today the AI of 90% of all capital movement is placed into side bets on which was an asset class will go – modeling profits along if the price goes up or down they make a net profit as long as there is movement in ranges protected ( in theory ) by AI modeling. The software is at the world leading:

  1. Arms race – development of self aware AI a billion times smarter than we are – coming soon – the AI arms race quarter to quarter one Super Money pool against the other Super money pool – including all nation and defense AI in a global arms race of trillions – who controls the ultimate self aware new species will control the world – no one appreciates who will win this arms race – everyone is in it and no capital flow is greater than this space – period.
  2. Ai now controls all world markets for the first time in wild leverage digital margin trading and fantastic leverage to capital side betting and profiting on volatility the AI itself creates. Investing in the market is a tail of you and I and means nothing as AI controls the roulette wheel and no one knows at all how this all will turn out.
  3. We predict we see moving forward more waste of economic capital investing into manipulation of stock pricing – see Apple for one – where investment is not made in AI and forward invention ( see Apple ) but is made into STOCK BUY BACKS to manipulate share price – once illegal and now after 1999 legal. A trillion dollars of job creating economics has been routed into this wild speculation so far in 2018 as waste of capital to humanity as elite 1% now profit and control more wealth than 99% most of whom are starving to death – for no reason but failure to improve the box top rules from insane economic greed to sanity because frankly we are as a collective so much better than THIS.
  4. The blind greed speculating will lead when time runs out – say in 2021 – 2022 without the wild cards set forth here extending time – speed humanity into a dark economic hole EVENT HORIZON we call DEBT DEFAULT CASCADING probably starting in Asia but could be Italy or the EU. The outcomes is a system Super Crash and closure of all financial institutions – the world as we know it freezes up – AI created the massive collapse – there is no liquidity – and no one can see outcome outside world war to rebalance the disaster when TIME as the asset runs out.
  5. The Federal Reserve Board is the cause of running out of time by raising interest rate too fast – way too soon – way too much – which is why we lobby for Congress and the President to merge the FED into the US TREASURY – with oversight and audits missing today – as the Fed is not independent – its is owned by shareholder banks and investment banks who profit massively as a CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY AGAINST HUMANITY for greed alone in the cost of money itself – unless Fed policy of 1907 and 1929 the CAUSE OF THE TWO DEPRESSIONS AND WORLD WAR is interrupted with URGENCY as TIME IS RUNNING OUT OF OUR HOUR GLASS – the report of their history – is again depression system failure and world war. The cause is economics and the FED and a lack of new regulatory frame work – all central bank in real time AI digital ages need to merge back into their treasuries they are killing their nations with failed policy repeating as CAUSE.

You are now becoming economically literate.

Speculation is not economics.

If the circulation of capital is disproportionately profiting from unwanted system largely unregulated side bet speculations versus real economic investing and the casino betting is all largely borrowed margin trading at fantastic leverage – in huge % to casino betting 95% of capital circulation versus 5% real economic investing – due to a lack of regulatory. modernization as: the laws are all LOCAL and wholly ANTIQUE to digital AI economics – and the trades are all DIGITAL AI in the CLOUD outside any local regulation – the system will in TIME implode as economics must rebalance.

The theory there is AI Digital diskless risk is absurd distraction to the side betting risk taking place as a RISK SPIRAL in SIDE BETTING PROFIT MAKING in a new digital CASINO CAPITALISM the world has never known – not ever before – spinning enormous economic imbalances only a G 100 can with TIME repair – working in cooperation ( sanity ) versus every nation for itself competitions ( insanity ) whose outcome is system fatality. The RISK INDEX is off any chart of any past depression and or world war cause and is in a death spiral which only time if new regulatory frame works are forged can repair.

The very announcement of the ECONOMIC CONSTITUTIONAL CONGRESS OF THE G 100 NATIONS will extend time to our prosperity and as the new rules are developed the market will massively move to protect itself from casino crimes into legal economic investment – propelling all nations into the future without system failure and world war.

Sane of insane.

Economic history repeating ( which it is but worse due to digital casino capitalism and leverage debt super bubbles 300 trillion now and rising globally ) were TIME is our only way forward if we don’t run out.

Rolling Bear Market from the kids at Morgan. Great headline silly economics as it all is so much more complex than THAT data as you see more Clearly here.

Finally the wild card of election manipulation and influence:

  1. First all firms that Trump cost billions to – phamrs – Wall Street – Defines Contractors are side investing in packs to elect democrats to secure their legal theft in the digital casino –  into the future – how would they not?
  2. Nations in trade war and all sanctioned nations are investing billions in packs and illegal state sponsored manipulation to divide and elect democrats as never before to stop TRUMP COLD – unwind sanctions cold – and continue the unfair trade they profit from and they know and love – trillions at stake – how could they not?

No election now in digital space more than media space has ever had the manipulation and spin to defeat the REFORM TEAM the TRUMP TEAM attempting to place TIME into resolving the pig economically in the python. To reform the GREED MACHINE.

So the parting of the Red Sea is raised up fully by voters

  1. Reform on one side
  2. Deep state thats the way we have always done it on the other

Will the voters be manipulated by the money?

WILD CARD no one knows nor can anyone predict until NOVEMBER – we’ll all know soon.

That is the RISK folks make no mistake as you invest to protect your self from risk.


PS: To my airplane seat buddy analyst – pretend is just a Marvel Comic book story but I warned you – your tribe is reading world wide – as its a bit addictive the truth don’t you think? Hey analyze the little ball spinning on the wheel of fortune there is still time……



The Administration announces what everyone has been told and told again – that 200 billion of trade taxes to match the tax China unfairly places on our USA made goods – in a reciprocity trade warmatching tit for tat tax costs for the first time in 70 long years – which is driving China crazy. They try and spin it all for politics but the economics are that a run on economics – read prior blog and my AI poignant blog on AI and the future coming – to grasp the enormity of the sea change rip tide going on in economics.

The truth – China does not KNOW what to do – and what to do is urgent – make a deal and lead the world forward.

The only issue IS will politics ( in China ) run their communist economics into a depression and revolution – or will economics run politics into a trade deal for decades of leadership and cooperation and prosperity. The old model or the new way forward?

In the markets AI running 10,000 super money pools and 90% of all global circulations and market trades – flash trades – high velocity trading – side bets up and down profiting in any and every move maximally – the key phrase is VOLATILITY as more of that virus infection markets means more and maximal AI profits.

Like a barometer on weather changes in pressure – AI is predictable. Any sound byte like trade war – is pushing markets artificially lower immediately. Then after taking profits AI makes new profits buying in the DIP that AI created projecting forward faster than humans can.

AI “knows” the economics of trade war “suggestions not even executed yet” have zero effect on profits in American roaring booming markets where profits are rising even for Tesla and their stock soared – where the Fed in Atlanta projects 5% third quarter profits and no trade war does anything to that growth and boom through the rising HOLIDAY BUYING bonanza – biggest best of any generations lifetime breathing today. Use it or loose it ….

Folks – AI creates cycles and profits from them and today they are all artificial. You got to know when to HOLD THEM and also when to fold them and 2018 is not when to FOLD THEM.

Next consider this.

  1. China wants to delay delay delay and keep their unfair pay pay pay until the Mid year election – where the biggest risk to global prosperity is Congressional grid lock and dysfunction. Bang the boom is over. Americans voting the new WALLET PARTY if by majority keep congress republican – we have economic prosperity as a FACT. If democrats win with their plan to grid lock and impeach the consequence to prosperity is U TURN.
  2. China well knows this and hopes that a change in Congress will with their billions helping that change – defeat trade war authority to the President of the United States ( which it will not in fact do ). Wrong bet all counts.
  3. China not Russia is influencing our elections. Russia has soaring prosperity toward the future by making a deal with America and Trump. They can’t give back what the took in Ukraine because they had their own red line on moving NATO EAST as the USA broke OUR AGREEMENT with RUSSIA not the other way around and they warned us for 20 years. History will confirm our facts here. Putin as said it over and over.
  4. We suggest China is implicating RUSSIA as Russia Hackers believe me are best on earth and like our own leave zero tracks. How stupid to leave FACE BOOK footprint pointing only to them.
  5. It is CHINA folks and they are investing legally and illegally to swing our election as they no one else has the most to gain and they are in fact wrong. As the media begins ( finally ) to suspect then report this truth – the public will get furious at China and may stop buying MADE IN CHINA on a U TURN that sinks China into depression and fast.

My suggestion to media engage Phylis Newhouse of XTREME SOLUTION to confirm what I confirm – that China is manipulating our elections for 20 years and is at peak in the mid year as trillions are at full risk to them.

If that part was discovered and made known – China would make a deal out of economic self preservation. Which is in fact if you read my prior blog their only way forward.

So AI created a DIP as it does in each global sound bite for profit to itself and their 10,000 SUPER MONEY pools at maximum gains in 2018 at fastest time lines. One sound bite at a time.

Then profits by buying in the DIP they created back on up – say Face Book is a steal of a deal at AI manipulated price point as they will in our opinion surprise you in the third quarter and last quarter with revenues that beat what their guidance conservatively suggested – aim low and deliver high and Mark ends with RECORD HIGHS at year end. Remember I said it the day after the 100 billion dollar phony AI dip in FB pricing.

Watch 10,000 with trillions upon trillions rebalance FAANG with record earnings – and I note there is no assurance with China as wild card that AMAZON will not beat Apple and Tim Cook where Bezos is second as of WEDS  to TRILLION DOLLAR CAP RATE in 2018 and beyond. Nip and tuck there. Hey today AI elected Tim Cook and Apple stock – which I own – to a trillion dollar first CAP rate firm in that AI DIP day – so Bezos comes in second not a bad spot either though is it…today was history for FAANG and will and is dragging FACEBOOK back to restored values – if you bought in that dip you are IN $$

CONGRATULATIONS APPLE AND TIME COOK FOR HISTORIC ECONOMICS IN 2018 IN THE USA. Now think – this took place on the AI trade war down day – are you seeing with new glasses yet? 20/20 vision moving forward? Helpful? Good? Accurate? Truth full first? 

So China is:

  1. Failing to make a deal which is killing their economy deader than a door nail.
  2. Making policy errors economically which are hard to repair later.
  3. Having zero impact on the USA really – we work around it all at 1 to 5 buying?
  4. Influencing our Mid year election like no nation on earth and implicating Russia as distraction and Russia is about to help make all that known clearly watch.
  5. Our own NSA and Home Security has HAD “IT” and a deal is the one and the only way forward in digital world war III – no more stealing IP no more lack of rule of law of rogue nation and no more economic prosperity without a deal.

Trump’s red lines are real – or as George Bush my buddy once said to the billion watching….READ HIS LIPS.

So the truth is what we in our best efforts and opinion in free speech present here on our blog as to WHAT is really going on out there. Just for you and always first if your counting – years of track record of winners out pacing any loser calls and always first on the truth of it all. Which is in the end…follow the money economics.

For the masses they are led by sound bites that sell more ad revenue in bought and paid for sensational news that now is an entertainment more than news in the USA fully biased and fully brain washing its segmented audience largely mindless worshipers – in order to sell record sums of mindless crap including never ending over priced pharms.

Also consider the largest spenders – Walls Street – Pharms – Technology – And Defense contractors – who have lots billions upon billions by stealing from America as Trump rolled back their prices and price increases – do you think they forget and forgive?

Do you believe that if your thinking it through today? Really? Are you kidding me?

Do you believe they are investing 100’s of millions in packs to elect those who would grid lock TRUMP as pay back – manipulating inside our nation the election? With endless money the Supreme Court says is A OK to put into political races state local and federal today in 2018?

Those that Trump cost billions to for AMERICAN TAX PAYERS are being focused to return their LEGAL THEFT from the public trough an consumers of the nation. Count on that.

Have you read ONE even ONE Media story on these two election manipulations taking place in 2018 from free press and media? No? Wny not its the biggest story:


  1. Internal to American GREED
  2. External to China GREED and implication of Russia as distraction to China

Because the internal GREED MACHINE pays for all that media and media is not going to free press report on its own money source in 2018 entertainment news making record profits are they?

THINK about it.


Then begin to talk up voting in the new AMERICAN WALLET PARTY outside any party any politics – just common sense. The new rule for the Wallet VOTER is prosperity and only whats right for the WALLET in that voter booth. No brain washing. No spin. No emotion. Just ECONOMIC VOTING.

  1. If we have a democratic President moving forward prosperity dictates the majority of voters – vote their wallet – avoid congress grid lock and assure congress WORKS IN FACT by voting IN a democratic majority pure and simple economics.
  2. If the opposite and a republican is President vote in a anti grid lock and a pro CONGRESS WORKS IN FACT republican majority as the only issue – the one issue AVOID GRID LOCK – for the American Wallet Party – which is outside all politics and phony issues they whip us up into.


Common damn sense.

The biggest fear to the GREED MACHINE is my global blog – gains viral traction and millions of voters read this blog site and vote with informed common sense.


Because we the voters have all the power and 600 law makers have zero without our vote by the millions.

If we vote outside the GREED MACHINE we all win and prosperity continues no matter who is in office.


DO THAT and we get AMERICA BACK no matter who is President folks.

China knows that.

Greed Wealth knows that.

Voters in bought and paid for media are slow to discover the truth.

Who can viral this web information and will you do that while we have time to on line circulate the truth from non truth?

We’ll see won’t we – there is a lot of time in election terms – a day is like a month – a month is like a quarter and a quarter is like a year.

Plenty of time as the fastest growing poll defeating voter block is not longer democratic – no longer republican – no longer independent and surprising no longer not voting and apathetic – America is waking up to its own sovereign power of one vote and the faster growing party is the new AMERICAN WALLET PARTY.

Personally I am so proud of American’s for seeing with new prescription glasses back to 20/20 vision.

While the fringe is filled with hate the American Wallet Party is filled with promise and hope and pride. We all in majority stand and salute our flag as one.

That is the American majority and we are coming together as never before since world wars.

Personally I am just plain proud media aside.

I’m proud of you all.




First lets review. Near term to 2021 we have a boom economic market with risks of unknown shocks from trade wars not resolving to agreements and more.

Second lets pause this summer to review our prediction record highs would come following the Spring Dip we predicted in 2015 2016 2017 and Jan 2018 when last all time high markets were reached.

Third in July as CEOSPACE is being hosted for business owners and leaders in Florida ( Next is October 8th before the final quarter ) we see record Global Market highs world wide and record world month highs in 2018 for the US dollar both we predicted as well now come to pass.

The world financial news is filled with Yield Curve. By now our readers are well educated the yield curve is a graph of the short term three month cost of borrowing in institutional government debt say US treasuries – and the long term ten year cost of longer term ten year bonds. When the difference between the risk of longer term bet placing is higher than shorter term betting – the market see’s a wide window between boom times and recessions. When the yield curve FLATTENS and the interest on short term bets and long term bets becomes closer – historically – a recession is coming in a year in 18 months and one might plan to reposition assets against a down turn in overall contractions of economies until the next recovery.

Global super money pools now controlled by advanced AI software platforms circulating some leveraged 440 trillion in capital – primarily into manipulation of prices of all asset classes into the worlds largest SUPER BUBBLE, including DEBT SUPER BUBBLES, continues to grow and expand at rates never seen before. The Super Money Pool AI Software has built in algorithms ( we believe as Silicon Valley AI programers ourselves with 1,000,000 lines of code patented world wide in software – THAT – the first generation of AI over money is not “right’ – accurate – or better in any regard to human active management in fact we think given the speculation bias AI over money is worse ). We call the present market the first in the human experience CASINO CAPITALISM. Everyone is betting at the AI casino on 26 red and spinning the wheels.

Ron Paul the former legislator in Congress reported this week ” FOLKS THE MARKETS OF THE WORLD ARE 100% A SUPER BUBBLE – IT IS ALL THE WORLDS WORST SUPER BUBBLE AND IT IS GOING TO EXPLORE PREPARE YOURSELVES” ? Because he has been saying this for a while no one believes him. However he said the 2008 Crash was coming do to the real estate super bubble and he was RIGHT ON.

Back to the Yield Curve. If you examine charts on the New York Fed Site or CNBC Site as we have we find that the basis point spread of 10 year to 3 month debt – remains a healthy 100 basis points or so apart. It is not 20 basis points. Which would ring my alarm bell. Consider the Yield Curve is largely super money pool and AI “anticipation” of trajectory for FED POLICY. The anticipation being built into some flattening of short and long term risk is the anticipation of the Fed moving from FREE MONEY POLICY and virtually no interest or inflation adjusted profit to own such debt bets into market rate interest of higher than 3% rising back to 7%. This anticipatory set in the short term – through the fall – tends to flatten down the yield curve – but against a historic ONE OFF set of circumstances. A generationally stimulus to avoid global depression now moving to normalization of global monetary policy against a more stable world economic environment.

Also we have AI not humans controlling the anticipatory set – all investment that flattens this curve for the first time artificially – and in this context of data I personally join Fed Chairman’s words before congress this week – which he repeated three times – THAT – the Fed sees zero evidence of recession nor or next year or anytime coming they can and we can foresee on todays known facts.

The market message on yield curve BECALMED. We are no where near a canary in the mine and investing is buy in the dip and profit in the year end record global market highs coming as we see our month to 2018 high right now. Things could not be going better. They just could not.


Talk and reality. First the USA did not start anything. The USA talking for 50 years with rising screaming for ten years has stated unfair trade barriers – ( taxes on us while we don’t tax you ) is a cost of business to the USA – that is a subsidy our citizens pay to protect price for everyone else world wide while we are a price dumping ground for your goods and you make our work product so highly taxed we can’t sell them in your nation.

President Trump has stopped screaming and has built a TRADE WALL legally and about damn time. The TRADE WALL POLICY says we will tax you precisely how you tax the USA. The nations being taxed for the first time at the same rate they tax us – of course did not think the USA would ever do that step and they of course do not LIKE IT at all like we don’t like it at all in reverse.

Trump’s team has made it quite clear we would prefer a world of zero tariff of tax – you tax us zero we tax you zero. Or we just match you decide.

As nations see that the USA is:

  • A not backing down
  • Is reciprocity tax policy and its the law now
  • Trade deals are the way forward the only way forward

So with all the chest pounding and for folks back home mud throwing at the USA – great talks are going on everywhere. Talks are taking place from Asia to EU and all over the world. Trade deal final copy is being developed from complex deals with drafts in development. These trade deals will usher in NO NATIONS IS LEFT BEHIND PROSPERITY.

The world is coming together in a new cooperation that humanity has never known before. The old non aligned nations are becoming so few you can count them on your two hands our of almost 300 sovereign nations – NOT BAD AT ALL REALLY.

The great Sadness on the planet given our work to detect and deflect incoming so we are all not wiped out – to tera form climate change to ideal earth health – and to wipe out global poverty and disease – why would MUSLIMS slaughter one another all over the Gulf and Africa. It is Muslim’s slaughtering each other that is the great % of human ignorance and insanity.

It is insane to punish what is different about humanity in any form or way – it is a form of insanity. Competitive mid brain thought pulse – competition is a form of insanity and we should education children their primary responsibility is to preclude insane thinking and to CELEBRATE all diversity in the human tapestry as interesting and wonderful – we learn so much from one another – and to cooperation and collaborate as expressions of sanity versus insanity. That value is universal and until adopted and instructed we risk insane mid reptilian brain competitive inanity. Our violent video games all addictive to create endless mindless profits – and our film industry populated by praising violence versus its opposite socialize the insanity and reenforce propensity for mid brain lower brain function loops into defensive – violent solutions as heroic from the dominant media we see everywhere versus its black out and removal from human consumption as sane versus insane. THE LOOP we are all stuck within creates a repeat of our history in needless insane wars.

7 Billion of us and the majority of my brothers and sisters who have taught me over five decades the Koran and the wonder of the Muslim faith join together in having no regard whatsoever of a Sunni – Whabbi – Shitie – punishing one another for how they worship God or conduct political affairs. We all wish the minority effect to CELEBRATE all differences of humanity versus punish it as my Koran I have on my cell phone instructs us all to do. I find clarity in the Koran for total forgiveness. I find no instructed for Muslim to over centuries kill Muslim just the opposite. So the Civil WAR inside the Muslim Faith must be resolved by the MUSLIM MAJORITY rising up and declaring all who would punish diversity in the Muslim faith as insane and NON MUSLIMS. Those who celebrate diversity in the Muslim community are sane and Muslim.


The World Press needs to label those who punish diversity in the name of faith as CRAZIES. Crazy ISIS. Crazy Talibans. The SANE MULSIM LEADERSHIP says this and that about the crazies. DO THAT and real estate for crazy brains shrinks and recruiting to the insane is never glamorized again.

I’m off my soap box but that huge part of the suffering for so many mommies and children and daddies and uncles and aunts and so many suffering – one bomb one suicide in the name of Allah after another ( its insane to punish diversity of anything that is human ) it is sane to CELEBRATE OUR DIVERSITY.

The Great awakening is occurring world wide to this thought process. The defining work on THINKING and WAKING UP since Napoleon Hill ( who raised me in my home a good deal of my life ) is and remains REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION you can buy world wide to WAKE UP YOUR HOME – and families and teams – a book that reads you while you read the book. Amazon has the book and I wrote it just for you to wake up.


The Fed Chairman made his appearance to congress and reported the economy of the world and the USA is strong and no recession in sight. HE is so confident of the strength he intends to reward his secret shareholders ( the banks ) by raising interest rates so the banks who secretly own the FED can profit as interest is 100% of higher than it was only last year. No margin is growing faster than the cost of money in today’s casino capitalism.

Every time I hear the words – THE FED IS INDEPENDENT – I think of pure FRAUD and criminal fraud on all the rest of us. The Fed is owned in secret by the banks they regulate.  How economically insane is just that idea? Any Google research of FEDERAL RESERVE FRAUD ( do not take my word for anything just click  I just did lick and here it is if your too lazy to do it yourself and it applies world wide to your central banks folks ….):

And you get so many pages – say AN IDIOTS GUIDE TO THE FEDERAL RESERVE FRAUD.

Wake up.

Central banks are stealing the wealth of nations. Also central banks given our DIGITAL FULL GLOBAL TRANSPARENCY TO MARKETS TODAY need to retain all their policy and processes but be merged back into their respective TREASURIES for oversight – audits – and a firewall to assure nations do not pay anything to print their own currency say like China.

Folks – it was bad policy to create central banks and it is horrific sea anchor on economies of the world to allow an elite few in economics to profit so enormously by controlling the money supply without oversight audit or any aspect of check and balance.

The constitution in the USA does not allow a private firm to print money. IT IS NOT CONSTITUTIONAL.

Folks read the link in this blog and educate to first just first define the Federal Reserve Board is a private company not an agency of nation in any way at any level. The Fed should be called Tony Sappano’s bank – as if the MAFI owned the FED because folks the criminal banks ( all of them ) that have paid billions in fines for crimes and they just do more crimes like Wells Fargo BANK ( Now having a run on their banks as a trillion dollars moves out to non criminal banks ) own the FED – so if the criminals own the private firm congress allows to print our money for 100 years – when the Treasury printed it for hundreds of years – zero depressions – zero world wars – global depressions and world wars only began for the USA when the FED criminal central bank and their 100% failed policies is reviewed. READ so your hypnotism is removed and you wake up out of our economic trance and this applies to all nations world wide.

Now if 100% of Fed Policies have failed – and the politics of today are historic – they raise interest following crashes their failed policies created in the first place ( but the criminals are never executed let alone put in prison ) THEY create by raising interest far too fast far too soon far too frequently far to high – a SUPER CRASH A WORLD RECESSION AND A WORLD WAR which they uniquely make massive profits from doing while we are all slaughtered suffering.

IF that is their future for us – why not elect candidates to congress who will MERGE THE FED INTO US TREASURY. Ask your candidates everyone on that one policy and vote in those who say yes. Keep in mind the candidates have no clue of what you know unless they read this blog – they are economically Fed Hypnotized.

LEARN EARN AND RETURN is my motto on this blog.





May 1st and the US dollar is breaking out. We reported two economic events on this blog for three years. First we reported a correction to the market peak highs would occur in the Spring of 2018. It has occurred and is occurring.

Second. We reported the US dollar would fall by policy and strategy inside a global trade war, where all goods are priced in fact in US dollar terms. In the Spring of 2018 the US dollar would break out and then soar for a new dominant period in currency realities.

Now that the Dollar has broken out in the SPRING to a six month all time high ( say against the second currency measure the pound sterling ) lets look at the economics.

At the end of World War II there were winners, and there were losers and there were middle ground players. The big winner was the USA. Without the USA no assurance the world would not be a Nazis universe can be made.

The US engaged a series of VICTOR SPOIL issues and uncommon generosities. First the USA by agreement of all world parties at the time, created treaties and financial agreements in which the US dollar would become and remain the WORLD RESERVE CURRENCY. This meant that the strength of the GNP and debt ratio and growth of the USA and its military domination – would secure that the US dollar would be exclusively used by nations to settle trade.

Said another way – there are not enough Swiss Watch and Knife and money brokers in a total population of less than a single America city to propel its currency to WORLD TRADE STATUS. Nor was there enough CIRCULATION of Russia Ruples ( its cities in shambles ) or the EU nations utterly ravished by wars ) where the only global currency, with enough trust, enough depth, enough in circulation already – to settle one day of say FOOD or energy trading was isn fact the US dollar.

This remains the case today in fact.

So nations settle trade with US dollars. If they have to many dollars they have trouble in their trading accounts. If they are in surplus in trading their dollar accounts rise as with China – imbalanced in trade – where it buys from America one dollar and sells into America 5 to 1. The trade imbalance which generates 3 trillion into the Chinese Dollar trade account surplus.

The Dollar was allowed to drop by 80% due to trading partner wars where they manipulated their currency and we did the unthinkable – we let ours fall artificially. This made US trade goods so cheap and their goods ever more expensive. Trade began to rebalance under the DOLLAR POLICY.

Today the trade with America is rising based on Saudi failed oil policy. In 2014 the US in a trade war with Asia let the dollar free fall – the price of oil is made in dollars. Deals were made to let oil rise to 100 dollars and above to offset the drop in dollar prices.

Today America had the OPEC cartel work to kill off its home grown oil industry in Shale. They brought the price of oil down to almost 30 dollars from 140 dollars in 18 months of time. The US let the dollar stay low and topped it further.

Saudi failed its members as America rose from 14 in oil production in 2014 to # 1 world wide in oil production in 2018.

Today the world is pricing the US dollar against our oil valuation which is soaring. This means the US dollar is rising and will rise for twenty years to be the WORLD RESERVE CURRENCY AT ITS STRONGEST IMPACT ever.

Trade goods around the world can drop prices as the dollar rises and remain in the game as the recovery continues.

The US dollar RISING makes US goods more costly to buy in off shore markets – the US is returning to premium value.

Every nation wants dollars again in their pocket.

American tourism goes father as the dollar rises when we travel.

We predicted the Spring of 2018 would complete a market correction long over due followed by a run up to 30,000 DOW. We predicted the dollar would recover steadily starting in the SPRING of 2018. We took a lot of flack for these accurate forecasts in 2015 2016 and even last year in 2017.

Only we were right and precisely correct to the quarter.

Long term readers of this blog rely on this information.

New readers are a bit amazed.

The work behind the research to reach conclusions is impossible to share with our reader community. Our teams are tireless on data and seeking forward predictive indicators for each of you. We do this work for you.

The dollar will drop the cost of oil.

Oil will crash to the 50’s and remain there. Keep our prediction in your file to see if we are right on that item.

The dollar will create a USA influence globally, that returns the prestige and the leverage in deal making as part of the US Treasury strategy now the OPEC has been neutralized as a criminal market force on price – a crime against humanity. The oil market normalizing and the trade deals for fair trade normalizing economic account trade imbalances re-tools the US dollar into generational reliable trade account settlements.

There is no other:

  1. Settlement currency with the digital real time VAM – Velocity Accelerations and Momentums offered by the US dollar in circulation globally.
  2. Currency in circulation at required volumes to manage a day of trade settlements – there is no alternative of any kind.
  3. Stability – the currency resides within the worlds leading and largest economy ( by so far it is untouchable for 100 years into the future ) and the currency enjoys the absolute bedrock floor trust of the majority of all nations to make their trade settlements against.
  4. The dollar as a store of value at zero interest rate for a decade is now already returned to market rates of 3% shifting trillions from risk on equities to store of values in DOLLAR based 3% and rising compound store of value returns traditional from the 1900 period forward globally.
  5. Systemic integrations – within digital soaring valuations of trade goos and all asset classes the settlement currency integrated into digital daily automation is the US dollar WORLD RESERVE CURRENCY. Changing that bedrock foundation trade mechanism would at systemic levels create a global depression and in fact be impossible in any time frame of a generation.

For this reasons the pseudo economists self profiting from doom and gloom about the US dollar failing as a world reserve currency have had their theories shattered to broken glass in 2018. The US dollar is rising through record highs over the past six months…and in our predictions you “an’t seen nothing yet” as we say in the SOUTH.

Warren Buffet suggests in the middle of the US recession – that – it would be an act of extreme foolishness to make bets against AMERICA.

America within its new tax structure is sucking in trillions of new investment to plant – warehouse – assembly and job creation. All in 2018 and you truly an’t seen nothing YET.

America is THE SPACE to invest capital.

America is the market to profit within first.

Wealth building is “own America first as backbone ” and than diversify.

The US Dollar under President Donald Trump and team has in a year moved from a joke at sit coms to the prestige currency of the world every world citizen wants to hold SOME DOLLARS in their own reserve.

Said another way – in 2018 the Treasury can not keep up on US dollar demand investing. The time to normalize is self realizing – although we suggest go moderately and in longer time frames to anchor your growth systemically.

The risk in the world is debt defaulting by nations – looking in Asia and starting with CHINA as highest risk for a currency collapse and economic depression. Italy Span and Portugal make Greece ( endless bail out Greece ) look like a child’s wading pool in economics. Africa nations rise to the risk terror barrier. Defaults can cascade.

Debt default cascading is digital inter-linked to the entire system – and like a under sea earth quake – generate economic wave tsunami’s that make prior contagion seem like chewing bubble gum by comparison.

If central bank policy ( and it is a huge if ) moderates normalization as the EU just signaled they MAY in fact to – and graduate normalization over two decades versus five years – the expansion growth and “work out” of the DEBT SUPER BUBBLE may be manageable in fact.

If central banks profit their shareholder members – keeping in mind the light bulb reality – CENTRAL BANKS ARE PRIVATE NGO PROFIT MAKING SHARE FIRMS OWNED BY THE BANKS AND FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS THEY ARE CHARTERED BY NATONS TO GOVERN. This conflict is insane economics.


Central Banks in the modern digital interlinked world should have all their processes and procedures MERGED INTO THEIR STATE TREASURY – all debt to them paid off in a new bond class for sovereign nations ( phone Roel Campos at Hughs and Hubbard Washington DC ) – known as SUPER BONDS over 100 year pay backs – so that all nations are in the black and stay in the black economically.

Central Banks are the CAUSE of all global depressions, Super :Crashes and world wars. They and their members profit maximally in the organized chaos. This pattern is insane. This system is the FEW AGAINST THE MANY versus the MANY for the MOST.

Sanity in economics versus insanity.

The crises lay in two areas: Globally:

  1. The crises of social integrity and individual integrity.
  2. The crises of education that perpetuates the crises break down of integrity culturally.

We can fix all of it immediately.

ONE EMERGENCY ACT OF CONGRESS anywhere for any nation in 72 hours MERGES the CENTRAL BANK – say the FED’s 80 page charter ( Obama Care was 8000 pages ) – back into the US Treasury from where congress gave the FED its powers – a huge mistake.

Fix the mistake.

Treasury can run the money supply as it did for 400 years.

THE FED teams – are no accountable and audited. The Fed teams are keeping their siege book and their system models only now real regulation of criminal banks and investment banks takes place.

The world is a better place post merger.

Without that CASCADE of Central Bank Mergers – the historic rise of debt into default cascading for the first time in an AI software digital inter-linked market space – create risk with weapons mankind has never known before.


Sane COOPERATIVE CAPTIALISM systemically is obsessed with improving client customer benefits while making a profit.

Insane competitive communism and capitalism are obsessed with making insider stake holders maximum profits at all costs.

Sanity or insanity?

System reform or on going insanity and greed?

Integrity where systems replace trust or a world of distrust and negation ( the few elites against the many).

IT is simple to fix it all…..but of course given the money at stake it is never easy.

You are receiving a financial economic education on these blog pages no university or school imparts – which sets you free. You are free because you can act in authority and proactive economic wealth building from knowledge. Knowledge is power.

I was mentored by Napoleon Hill himself and by the tribe of the elites in Wall Street and the world economic capitols. I was a master student. I owned a global – publicly traded – investment banking institution that spanned the world. When my father became ill we sold the public institution and took over my fathers global training firm consulting to clients world wide. We in the 1980’s morphed that institution into CEO SPACE such that CEO’s would come to “us” versus our taking their desired work product to them in 27 hour airplane hops around the globe. For over 30 years CEO SPACE has led the industry from top to bottom on CEO currency in leadership – in strategy – alliance building – networking – and B to B success stories.

Our Graduates sign our praises on video as to capital infusions M&A success and IPO legendary outcomes. For decades. Read the blog on CEO SPACE published this same weekend just scroll. It is eye opening if you wish to engage the mentors even you can’t afford only now you can. You should. May 21st. Knowledge is urgent. Knowledge is the priority.

I suggest we do the following.

Lets bet on a long extended financial growth and boom period globally. Lets bet leaders become more sane than insane and cooperation and collaboration replace the insanity of competitive thinking moving forward in a new age of enlightened thinking.

Lets build a SAFE HARBOR from over the horizon economic storm clouds ( from rising central bank now out of control debt spirals in a debt global super spiral that is economically not sustainable ). Lets plan to profit in up or down markets and protect wealth as we go forward together?

Lets make smarter better plans and use a process like CEO SPACE or others you select of equal quality to bring your own leadership current inside a rapidly super changing market space the age of SUPER CHANGEs. To commit to the process you select to prioritize remaining current – keeping plans adjusted to ever more rapidly changing fully globalize market options – where those new options are continually coming into your radar by the process you selected – to BE BROUGHT CURRENT AND TO REMAIN CURRENT as a leader whose stake holders deserve your CURRENCY above all else.

If this all makes sense for you the following took place in our May 1st Weekend Blog 2018 – as we all SPRING FORWARD FINANCIALLY INTO THE LONGEST – RECORD SETTING – EXPANSION of our generation. We helped you to think differently and profit maximally with mind sets that now include:

  1. Your dollar strategy in trade goods now can hedge knowing the dollar is the # 1 oil producer nation petroleum currency and food current and leading GNP of all nations currency.
  2. Your Dollar backed by the full faith and credit of the Untied States ( all of us ) of AMERICA is by far the strongest world reserve economic currency in human history – ever. And so it will remain.
  3. The best managed economic system and the most entrepreneur diversified system on earth.
  4. The envy of the world – outside any press to say otherwise.
  5. Dreams happen everywhere on earth – but dreams happen in less time with less pain with lower cost in AMERICA than any nation – in any history – over 5000 years of human endeavor. DREAMS HAPPEN IN AMERICA AT A PACE NEVER SEEN FOR HUMANS OF ANY CLASS BEFORE OR EVER.

The great experiment of AMERICA is on going – self correcting and evolving to ever improving forms of HERSELF.

With all her great social debates – #metoo and woman full partnership where woman are never to be “prey” with Black Lives Matter where I started with Martin Luther King in my teens – with political economic and privacy on line and off line and rights and human dignity – America the imperfect is always faster than any space always raw open and in public view and accountable – debating how to improve herself. Always.

The pride of AMERICAN’s to simply BE AMERICAN is rising along with our US dollar and its strength and symbol of all the forgoing across the landscape of nations in the world today. America is rising up. American achievements are what the rest of the world is hacking and stealing as they simply can not match or catch up outside the theft as our IP and creation leads the entire world.

Break though upon break though.

Today the report is not about the dollar alone. It is about the soul and the heart space of the AMERICAN PEOPLE.

Personally my pride rises most when Alabama beats Auburn but hey I’m a southern Boy at heart.

What is important?

US. We are important. We make the dollar and the strength of the dollar. US.


It is time to walk tall and be proud – no excuses – as we folks lead the free world for a reason of respect and honor. We are not perfect but we open all wounds and we heal them up. WE ARE DESERVING because we do that out front in public and before the entire world.




In AMERICA the pendulum also and always swings BACK as in no other nation upon the earth.

That experiment is on going and personally I remain proud to be a small bit playing contributing partner.

Berny Dohrmann – FOR THE US DOLLAR IN 2018 & BEYOND


PS: My standing ovation to the US TREASURY its Secretary and all the men and woman who make us what we are one dollar at a time.