The thousands of supporters who could not even get in to the SOLD OUT Trump Rally – dwarfed the couple hundred protestors who didn’t even matter. President Trump said basically I’m NOT LIKE OTHER PRESIDENTS I KEEP MY PROMISES have you noticed that at all…and the crowd went wild.

He pretended to act Presidential even doing the PRESIDENTIAL FORMAL WALK and said – see I can do that – but its not ME and I chose to be me – cut up have some fun – be outrageous to those bought and paid for egocentric old antique law makers – and I chose to cut up on the road in rally and have some fun DO YOU MIND and literally the entire crowd of tens of thousands went absolutely wild. They want TRUMP not a package that was obvious.

I turned down the invite given my honey is off to a West Coast Conference and it was my son’s 20th birthday – lets see the Donster or my son – I chose my son. He had a rally of all his friends and a blue birthday cake I ate way to much of frankly. So we had our own rally in our family.

AT home versus the parking security and all that JAZZ.

The Rally was sold out and thousands came to the attend the support outside and believe me the team felt that support. As the mid year election heats up the polls and the press might be cautious from their overwhelming prediction HILLARY was a shoe in for President – and the congress would land in Democratic hands.

Not Since they predicted President DEWEY as President have they been that wrong.

I read off shore press report on the Trump Tampa Rally and its pretty accurate. I watch US press report like CNN and its so biased – chilling – attacking – not news – it is pure spin. The Communist News Network as my United States Marine calls them – is alive and well with spoon fed bought and paid for spin. So you can fly to Fox for Trump support and by ratings the largest by far viewer audience or you can fly to CNN or MSBNC and read the left side and Trump Bashing. The truth is in the middle some where if it exists at all anymore in BRAND SPACE bought and paid for bias advertisers now having their brain washing flow outward versus say THE NEWS.

You can click to get the real news but its work. You can check in here and get economic takes on news versus political anything as we care less about the politics. We focus on the economic policy and outcomes. So our readers can plan.

The rally suggests to us that the mid year election is not as CNN would have you believe a slam dunk for the democrats in fact a huge pick up for Trump is likely. The majority of the USA the national WALLET PARTY is voting in private with their wallet. They want MORE. More 4% growth that 16 years of prior Presidents failed to deliver. Thats fact # 1 that IS NEWS. They want more in their wallet which tax cuts did deliver and frankly as promised by a candidate – delivered in full. That IS news. They want talks with North Korea 40 years of Presidents failed to deliver – talks with China on Trade and EU and Mexico and Canada and yes YES and RUSSIA. Those are facts and NEWS. They want infrastructure and the sinking USA turned around and rebuilt to be the model of the world – a republican congress gives all of the USA THAT and anything less does not.

I suggest one not under estate the TRUMP teams and the unity of purpose. There were a LOT of democrat moderates at the TRUMP Rally in Tampa Bay – a lot. They see their policies fully embraced by Trump who is beyond parties and politics. They want the RESULTS the OUTCOMES the PROSPERITY.

The spin on Trump is a failed Nancy Pelosi model of Justice gone bad – obvious to everyone – Stormy Daniels and METOO needing checks and balance and rule of law versus guilty by press as FREE PRESS is bought and paid for bias as you can see and no longer NEWS ( Good Night Chet – This IS Walter Conkite saying GOOD NIGHT AMERICA – remember those days of real news now long long gone ? ) . We don’t trust those institutions any longer or the spin doctors who try and brain wash a nation.

The billions to brain wash America are NOT WORKING.

The fringe left is not united and is bonded by a hatred of everything Trump and a love of everything free and liberal one can imagine – but they lack the votes to win anything.

America is alive and well. Her majority is composed of massive democratic unity and republican focus on THE AMERICAN WALLET PARTY AND PROSPERITY outside any party – politic or spin doctoring.

Forget its Trump as a personality you may find is not your style frankly.

Consider the TRUMP TEAM made promises and has more than decades of Presidents delivered on those promises. With a republican congress can you imagine the PROGRESS INTO WORLD PEACE AND PROSPERITY moving forward given what you already have seen and know in fact and that is NEWS.

Think about it American readers and the same for any nation – think about your leadership all over again.


PS: Apple is soaring and the market is going up including Face Book did you buy in the DIP and don’t rule TESLA DOWN they will surprise the world first and than stun them.



When I grew up, before I ran Global and Public investment banking institutions that spanned the globe, ( in my 20’s and 30’s ) yet – there was a phrase we all learned in school back in those years….

what is GOOD for General Motors is Good  for America….

The largest employer in the world. No tariff free cars where then imported while GM cars cost four or five times their cost in the USA do to unfair trade practices going on after World War II way back when.

Moving into 2020 I suggest the new phrase is and will be …


So lets talk about Tesla. Today we have casino capitalism. The dog or the market is gynormous – where side bets of non economic trillions trade in real time by software – in markets unknown to any prior period of time save the last sixty months of human IT history – are many many times greater than the bets in real economics – like owning a real stock for a flash trade in real time.

Even so, much like Henry Ford ( who went personally bankrupt before he created FORD MOTOR COMPANY the ASSEMBLY LINE advance in technology process production ( the real invention of the industrial revolution ) – and said in court at that time …

….my IDEA was perfect and came from God…my labors became making my PLAN as perfect as God’s idea…..which took some TIME …….

Elron Musk is the Tesla of our age in the world. A one irreplaceable spirit. A Walt Disney ( whom I knew personally ). A Steven Jobs whom I also knew personally. They are not replaceable in any age of time.

Musk has made very dollar invested work like five dollars. There has never been lower investment as ratio with higher wealth yields. The potential rivals AMAZON and offers far more in sustainable world advance for human kind.

Speculators ( investment gamblers ) invest fortunes in SHORTING Tesla stock. Why? To make fantastically wealthy gamblers even more wealthier by betting inside the new casino capital markets. Manipulating prices of all asset classes. A crime from 1933 to 1999 but the crime was made legal by a Congress that does not GET the economics digital landscape today due to complexity and lobby misinformation too shallow to advance public policy against.

Now the ratio of gambling to manipulate prices in all asset classes has developed a criminal wealth class just precisely as it created in the 1920’s. Today that phony economics to all markets world wide is far worse – in risk to the core system – due to digital trading and leverage. The ratio of borrowing was up to 10 invested dollars to one real dollar put down on side loans to bet on which way assets would go to manipulate their price to make profits without zero real economic investment. The cause of the GREAT WORLDWIDE DEPRESSION – casino capitalism.

Today the velocity acceleration momentum of the casino market is so elevated and not reported or regulated – it surpasses the system risk globally of the 1920’s now at up to 50 invested dollars creating for every real dollar down on the casino loans – all digital today – a SUPER BUBBLE in every single asset class you can name in the world today. THE SUPER DEBT BUBBLE will and must rebalance which creates a SUPER CRASH – new regulations globally – and if history shows us tomorrow – a real world war to rebalance economic abuse of decades now. VAM – is the economic problem.

Real economic investing is being siphoned into computer software managed greed investing at ratios of debt no system has ever before experienced.

VAM – Velocity ( digital leverage ) acceleration and momentum to wild global speculations and manipulation of prices.

No one is in charge.

No one is regulating.

As in 1929 new processes outpaced the old regulatory frame work.

The SEC needs a congressional budget upgrade like the Department of DEFENSE because defense policy for the USA must include our financial and economic backbone.

The SEC needs a DIGITAL AUTHORITY UPGRADE to regulate globally with congressionally expanded new laws to permit the very smart regulators handcuffed by 1933 laws – to MAKE OUR MARKETS GREAT AGAIN.

Greenspan failed policy on economics – took America down a path that proved by 2008 to be wrong minded – not the direction we needed to take. We have yet to correct and reman on that path of failed economic policy. Regulations were removed when regulations required massive Digital global new perspective to moderate human greed appetites which flow mindlessly without intention to harm. Blind.

Back to Tesla.

Less investment has created more world change for humanity dollar per dollar pound by per pound than Apple, Disneyland, Ford, or the invention of the wheel itself which launched the industrial revolution.

Musk sleeps at his battery plant making very investor dollar stretch into five dollars of new wealth never before known today.

Today Tesla has its owner founder sleeping at the plants that make Model 3. On Easter Sunday at 3 AM the boss is resolving speeds the manufacturing world has never in history known before. His plants rise output by 100% – and the speculators suggest their own imaginary line in the sand – their TIME LIINE to insane profits in ridiculous time frames – even as Tesla revenue skyrockets up and their IP wealth leads the entire world – they bet side bets to bring the stock price down.

This week Musk delivers the great % of his promise to 2500 Model 3 cars – a new invention in outcome and production line technology no IP has ever known before – and does almost 2100 units – and the greed speculation gamblers bring TESLA stock down to make fantastically wealthy criminal classes even more fantastically wealthy on side bets in their casino. This side betting was a crime to assure economics circulated capital for human best outcomes.

Even with these pressures the real numbers could not be denied and Musk stock went back up today. THE IP wealth of Telsa shareholders will pass Amazon in time frames the world has never seen before in my opinion.

New IP is spinning out of Musk like an Edison machine of another generation:

  1. Earth boring
  2. Power grids to Australia in time frames never before even imagined and cost never before considered possible
  3. Space – revolutionizing all nations capacity from defense to communication to discovery for all human good – beyond anything known before
  4. Moving from toxic fatal transportation modeling into the future were everyone is now trying to copy TESLA and without capacity to match the innovation of the IP in any way or form.
  5. Moving to transfer YOU your very conscious – your memory your experience you – real time back of you – to an immortality that will change human health and well being more than any IP on the earth today or ever known in the history of mankind.

Ideally Musk confirmation sleeping at his Model 3 plant working over 100 hours in every single week without even a salary – deserves to have 3 TRILLION not 3 BILLION more invested in Tesla. Those with wealth to circulate seeking LEGACY can not invest in their own legacy to human greater good.

You invest in good leaders and good spirits.

You put even more into GREAT LEADERS AND TRULY GREAT SPIRITS because they are so rare as beings illuminating our times.

Elron MUSK is a rare GREAT LEADER AND SPIRIT for all humans everyone upon the earth. If you enjoy great wealth and privilege and you circulate that responsibility for humanity and legacy, consider investing maximally in preferred stock Elron Musk says is not required in 2018.

Your wealth transfer will exceed all other investing. Your legacy is you will help Musk to reduce time to elevate IP for humanity. For the inspirations are from GOD and the plans will soon become as perfect as God’s ideas.

Only lessor energetics would stand in the way of such inspired work.

The vortex in the world today is not Google, or Apple Or Amazon nor is it Disney or GE or another energy – for it is TESLA and MUSK.

Wealth is under the power of source an economic to circulate for the good of humanity. VAM into a casino capitalism is error that will work its way out of the system eventually.

Wealth rises when rightfully circulated for then and only then is wealth retained. Covet wealth and its possession is fragile for it was never yours it was always source and the source will circulate wealth. The law is divine and not of man. Man made laws can never circumvent divine law….forever.

The truth will always set you free.


Berny Dohrmann

TIP: Invest in Tesla and bet on US all of US – that is the high bet today on the planet earth world wide…and that IS the truth…so help me God…from one older economist investment banker retired. As to my personal opinion.





Whats more – we who are MAD AS HELL NOW – are going to by pass our regulators and punish banks – abusers – environmental crooks and social criminals – by withdrawing our wallets from those market spaces. Beyond regulations THEY HAVE NO POWERS FOLKS – we have ALL THE POWERS.

The new Ghandi movements of the world are digital and on line. WE HAVE ALL THE POWER.

Join the movement ..BOYCOTT VW BRANDS and media attention is so welcome – happy to do sound bytes just for your brand. Media who pick this up are socially responsible and are punishing real criminals by joining the MOVEMENT.

You shall know them by their works. US as well. TAKE ACTION.

If you own a VW brand and you delay – your value is going to go down and your going to be trapped financially. Don’t say we did not warn you – get out by year end.

THE VW GLOBAL WORLD WIDE BOYCOTT IS NOW GOING TO PICK UP STEAM as you select all – copy – and share this blog or its URL with your list walls and boards. Twitter and retweet and not just once for months make it regular and consistent – they never failed for years to advance their crimes and their cheat s lies and false reporting world wide to all nations – now all nations have a responsibility to in public – punish the crime. As Global Regulation has failed us all – we will SELF REGULATE crimes and punish them ourselves.

For we have reached a global turning point – and we all say to the criminals – WE CAN”T BREATH !!!

This boycott is for the UNBORN GENERATION FOLKS….join the movement for those who are unborn and who deserve a better world than we have inherited – this is our watch – we alone stand on the watch tower of the unborn generation – as we gaze upon their arrivals – we must make them safe again.


Thank you for denying VW a get of jail free card – fines are a joke – WE THE PEOPLE will now deny VW market access:

  1. Turn your brand in today
  2. Buy a better car from legal manufactuers
  3. Never by a VW brand used or new till 2030
  4. The market value of a VW will go to zero – no one will wish to buy them
  5. Society will hate YOU if you drive one and own one and keep one ( watch )

Fully public – fully transparent – out in the open – free – illuminated – cooperative – where VW was in the dark – secret – not transparent – elite – fully competitive ( evil ) versus cooperative ( holy ) – so we the ( holy ) will place our light not he crime as tens of billions evaporates from their world market space.

The movement has begun …


PS: Reward legal car manufactures with your business – trade crook away to criminal free zone – and do it NOW. Speed is the need to send the message to the Criminals – your day of punishment has finally and truly arrived. Your worst fear has come upon you – and that fear is US your loyal customers who have abandoned you for all the right reasons…..