As the tell all book FIRE AND FURY reaches 100’s of millions of readers, the entertainment value of the TRUMP BRAND FRANCHISE will soar. We all love inside mud on our celebrities and we love them even more. Trumps enemies will say ” I told you so” . Trumps fans will say FAKE NEWS and rally even more tightly around Trump. For the Mid year elections Wolf’s remarks that “my book will bring Trump down” as now everyone knows Wolf’s stated intention, is naive in the extreme.

As I keep reporting when your leader of the Free World making a less than half a million a year as President with bonus’s – also makes 850,000,000 a year in INCOME from his multi billion dollar assets at work, you can call Trump anything you wish but really, STUPID is not one. of those things likely to stick. Unfit for office? Lets look:

  1. The Stock market has risen to a level in a time frame no President in history is likely to match for a long long time in 2017–2018.
  2. Oil went down today as 200 more American rigs are at work than last year when only Russia and Saudi put out 10,000,000 barrels a day – now the USA joins that top club and soon will pass the others as the # 1 ( cost of everything ) energy producer in the world. As the winter drops oil demand ( as we predicted ) and supply surplus rises ( as we predicted ) oil has dropped this week.
  3. The dollar is soaring. In part as the safe haven asset with rising interests to market rates and in part due to the GNP and energy numbers coming in with lowest unemployment in 50 years and longest strongest boom economic cycle ( 8 years strong and on going ) an all time record expansion period in 2018.
  4. Security improvements in the USA along with immigration policy to further secure our borders and our economy and our security.
  5. America First policy with nations has saved untold billions of waste and is rerouting untold billions to higher purpose and is creating a re-investment into America as jobs and manufacturing for the first time in modern memory are returning to the USA versus leaving the USA.

The risk for all nations moving forward is technology. The future leaders are attempting to steal IP in forward innovation from the USA and other nations. This digital war is on going and the USA has lost battles but under President TRUMP is now beginning to win the actual war.

President PUTIN said that: the nation that wins the AI wars will rule the world.

We think President Putin is spot on right.

We also think under Trump leadership policy and strategy the winner of the AI wars we started on our soil in the USA is going to be clearly the United States OF AMERICA.

2018 we feel will end changing Congress very little. We think no party will have the majority it requires to defecto pass or block legislation. Representing the people of America will require cooperation, bi partisan work, and party dominance is unlikely after mid year.

Under-estimating Donald Trump is a fatal error by those who oppose him.

Buying into FIRE AND FURY the tell all book is likely to create a major under-estimation of Trump and his massive base. In fact Fire and Fury may create a counter reaction of propelling TRUMP VOTERS to the polls as never before given how weak the defeat of Ray Moore actually was.

If I were in opposition to Donald Trump I would see his leadership as FIRE AND FURY for his contribution to reset America policy and economics. I would not under-estimate him with phony issues. The issue is the ECONOMY and Donald Trump is getting an A + report card from those in the know. His team is doing awesome work and are professionals. Long time between your fired’s .

If I were loving Donald Trump I would yawn off Fire and Fury and I would decide to get involved in mid year turn out to give Donald Trump the republican very few seats he needs TO PASS Budgets and fiscal policy and keep your BOOM GOING FOR YEARS into the future.

The risk we report here is a third party geo political event that creates a global cascade and SUPER CRASH economically, which will propel voter swing into a Democratic future possible victory in the mid year, which will be even then far from decisive or massive.

So the status quo is on going.

There is one President and that remains and will remain President Donald Trump who is FIRE AND FURY on the old system as he puts in entirely new systems for the American unborn. Donald Trump is FIRE AND FURY and Wolf will enjoy the most powerful effective enemy on earth …I would to wish that on a pit pull biting everyone as in the end everyone agree’s you just have to put that dog down.

Berny Dohrmann – Some Perspective on FIRE & FURY WEEKEND




Rome fell when the barbarians – a label and fake news 2000 years back when – for those who would not cooperate and join Rome. Those who competed. As the barbarians the competitors against the cooperation and aligned nations of the entire world at the time – obtained the weapons of Rome, Rome fell after ions of ruling – in less than sixty months.

America is Rome.

The United States is vulnerable to sixty hours of wipe out. The issue is asymmetrical war fare. You can read up on this statistically with DOD consultant and adviser to the CIA – NSA – And Congress Kevin Freeman with his master works on this data – THE SECRET WEAPON and GAME PLAN. Available on Amazon. For those seeking to protect the world as it is and the home land that maintains the world as it is some effort to become informed and active to MARS is relevant.

The risks to America include:

  • Stealth missiles and satellites in orbit that explode nuclear weapons in space. Say three over the USA. We can’t really tell who did it. In 90 seconds the EMP pulse wipes out what? Say all transportation – planes trains trucks cars all – all home wiring – all electric grids – all means of production as all chips fry – no records exist – no credit records – land records – nothing. No food moves. No toilet paper can be made. America is in 90 seconds a rural farm community needing horses. 300 million weapons then come into play and anarchy exists in 72 hours. No communication. No air-conditioning in Arizona. No cable. No Internet. No anything. You are not going to be saved America. You are going to need to have a GAME PLAN and save yourself. IT is 90 seconds and any rogue nation can do it let alone a super power.
  • Digital Warfare – attacking our markets as in World War III in 2008 as THAT was the world’s first digital attack. Read Game Plan or remember our blog reporting that stated it all FIRST as always. Now consider every power grid and financial firm has been already hacked. Lets pretend warfare level trojans were planted. Then bam – the digital trigger and all records are wiped. – all power is off – all water – all communications and it is not coming back on. 90 seconds.
  • Russia Subs have developed capacity to in 90 seconds cut the half a million miles of 230 different cable intercontinental connections upon which modern internet and life revolve. Cut those and all communication is down and not to be restored. Takes 200 Subs with low tech 90 seconds. We are watching them rehearse this.
  • Strategic – Nukes – Say Seattle is gone – thats Boeing Microsoft Amazon and Starbucks to name a few – all records gone and it is not coming back. Say LA – all entertainment and East West EU trade perhaps now more important than New York but add in New York. That is three only in 90 seconds. Bam.

The problem is mutually assured destruction does not work when a) you don’t know who to strike and b) your down from first strike. And this only considers a few of the easy low cost options to the competitors of the world order – those who refuse to cooperate. Sanity versus insanity.

The crises is without MUTUALLY ASSURED RECONSTRUCTION which is relatively low cost DEFENSE AND SURVIVAL General Mathis – as you said The USA CAN ALWAYS AFFORD SURVIVAL – MARS makes MADD work again. Without MARS not so much. America is sixty months more vulnerable than anytime in our history.




We propose The President of the United States by Presidential Directive and Order – establish the MUTUALLY ASSURED RECONSTRUCTION AGENCY led by Kevin Freeman.  Phylis Newhouse CEO of XTREME SOLUTIONS the # 1 anti hacking entity in the world today – Phylis who was part of installing the DOD CYBER WARFARE COMMAND CENTER be second in command to Kevin Freeman.  Congress would fund the agency permanently as a DOD resource for survival in todays vulnerable pre AI age. The plan unfolds like this:

  1. Yuka Mountain in Nevada Hardened with billions invested for storing nuclear waste than abandoned – is upgraded to survive direct nuclear hits and EMP pulse after Pulse.
  2. The city inside the mountain houses the most advance super computers and storage on earth – with self sustained power from hydrogen electricity that can’t be taken off line –  via water inside the mountain -with technologies in place today.
  3. Real time back up by new laws, of all critical information – credit card records – government record back ups – from Social Security to Military critical – real estate records – banking – investment banking – Amazon to Google. In real time being backup up current to the minute. Protected unhackable and stored off line in protected AIA for the age of digital warfare.
  4. Manufacturing capacity for chips and restoring in 90 days all communication and outages including electrical production capacity – for grids – with massive storage of generators and capacity.
  5. A million lines of Fiber ready to restore services – military space launch vehicles to restore vital communications nation wide over a short time window.

As Mutually Assured RECONSTRUCTION – MARS is created – just creating it changes modern warfare outcomes and makes AMERICA UNDEFEATABLE. Without MARS the US is 90 seconds from total collapse as the barbarians have acquired the weapons of Rome.

Russia is creating stealth cruise torpedo’s that travel at 3000 miles an hour – thats really fast in water – and strike harbors without any defense we have on any basis – so that all major ports are taken out nation wide in 90 seconds. How do we win that war without MARS?




Prior age concepts of war are obsolete today. Rapidly unfolding is new capacity and threats that leave America fragile and vulnerable like Rome. Denial did not serve Rome well. Rome had the decisive military power in the world. However Rome was sacked so fast and all the payments to all those military resources stopped – and Rome was gone. They failed to see that warfare itself had shifted into something new – asymmetrical warfare versus lining up troops to battle other lines of troops.

Over the coming sixty month time frame – without MARS the USA is vulnerable as NEVER BEFORE to AI – digital warfare – and asyemetrical warfare. World War III began with the digital warfare attack on our markets in 2008 and the West almost went down completely with utter bank and financial system ruin. It was close. Thanks to Bernake, Gietner and Paulson and players like Roel Campos the unseen army behind them the digital attack was truncated. It was close. We are losing the battles…..but we can still win the war.

Victory requires MARS. Now you KNOW.

NEW Thinking war planners need to embrace the low cost solution of MARS as a new Federal DOD Agency. Roel Campos in Washington DC with the venerable firm of Hughes and Hubbard a leading top tier financial back bone law firm – and former SEC COMMISSIONER  and who assisted to save the financial system of the entire world in 2008 – is my attorney for MARS due diligence for agencies and I suggest with his 16 years in White House Service – the White House.

MARS is the solution.

Without MARS the fall of Rome is a matter of time. We have sixty months as a window our enemies know is our most vulnerable moment. Think about THAT time window without MARS protecting our infrastructure. MARS IS THE MISSING IP FOR THE FUTURE OF AMERICA AND USA SECURITY.

How would the unborn generations see us if we failed to protect THEM ALL from harms way….knowing full well and our leaders know full well the issues that are rising and facing us right this minute. MARS defeats all asymmetrical warfare incoming. Without MARS we as a super power remain open to total destruction in 90 minutes or 90 seconds.


America is vulnerable to implosion without MARS. The threat is real immediate and growing – and urgency is the next item where nothing is truly more important for the nation than MARS. The missing mechanism for our security for generations into the future.

Without MARS the USA is on a thin line of ice and is vulnerable to asymmetrical  warfare which is all data point laid out as to our enemies planning – in THE SECRET WEAPON AND GAME PLAN by Kevin Freeman the most knowledgable player for the new SECRETARY CABINET DIRECTOR OF THE MUTUALLY ASSURED RECONSTRUCTION AGENCY. We have a window of less than 60 months to act and I suggest 2018 is the WHEN we simply MUST act.

The reason for this blog is to call YOU to act.

What can YOU DO?

Plenty. You can copy this blog to your law maker and ask them to support MARS strategy. The Mid Year election is the most critical election in 100 years for America. I don’t care who wins. I care if candidates you vote for are platform prioritizing MARS if elected.

You can forward a copy to your military contacts and to General Mathis. Circulate this to the branches of the DOD and your service leadership. Its important if you have contacts work them up and everyone can copy this with your letter to General Mathis at DOD. You CAN ACT is what is required now of all of us.

WE HAVE ALL THE POWER….if we act together. Collectively. No politics. Just survival.

You can forward copies to the President and the Cabinet.  Please take this urgent and important step – YOU not some other reader. YOU. Each of us. We all take the action and DO IT NOW.


Or you can DO NOTHING which is the only MASSIVE problem with America. At core it is thinking what we do has no consequence. That is wrong. What you DO is in fact ALL. Everything. What you don’t do is equally powerful.


Kevin and I are working on MARS for FIVE YEARS NOW. We need a little help from our friends. Movements effect the few – revolutions effect everyone of us. It is time to step up.

Yesterday I wrote Apple was in crises and to sell out of Apple. Today Apple stock is crashing first day after the holiday. Being right and being accurate and being FIRST is legendary to this blog – from fighting ISIS to protecting your nest egg from market tea leaf’s we help you read at the bottom of your cup each and every day. If you read and sold Apple at the high you won – if you read and did nothing – your stock in Apple went down. Why? Tim missed his 50 million iPhone X by 20 million in sales coming in at 30 million rather than his assurance it would come in at 50 million largest miss in Apple History  – Tim has lied misrepresented and slaughtered the Apple Brand in 2018 and buy blog reports what media is only beginning to pick up THE CRISES AT APPLE and its huge for all markets and the why. .The Apple Board needs a JOBS level visionary and leader  to run Apple and Tim has got  to GO. We predicted it all  and BAM world markets react to this blog. Those who read often watch blogs reported here FIRST always become news in 24 to 72 hours world wide. The PRESS ARE READING THIS BLOG .

My blog effects those who act and they thank me. As they remain in safe harbor with financial storms sliding across their protected sea wall. Information is reality in 2018. Accurate information is not virtual reality but is bible to those making choices. It is increasingly hard to locate ..accurate information without spin. What is really going on is always economic folks and political actions are moved by the money. You all know this. But seeing ahead of the billions to spin your mind requires some effort to stay current.

THIS BLOG keeps you CURRENT on what is REALLY GOING ON OUT there which is WHY we ask you to NEW YEAR SHARE THIS BLOG with your tribe – make a favorite – come back often or subscribe . STAY AHEAD OF INFORMATION. It is your winner’s edge. Now back to MARS.

Today my blog effects every unborn American and the future of the FREE WORLD as we know it today. MARS is their safe harbor. Their sea wall. Without MARS America as we knew it will cease to exist. The asymmetrical war plans are well developed and now timed to our most vulnerable moment. President Trump stands in their way and they do fear his lack of prediction and absolute devotion to Making America GREAT AGAIN. A man that earns over 800 million annually in personal income, does not require influence at any level to make a decision and world leaders who earn 250,000 dollars a year understand the difference in economic literacy and perspective. Still Trump can not win without MARS and with MARS he can’ t lose. In our opinion. Also love Trump or hate Trump he score card is solid economics, honoring his promises, and he is the President who can’t be bought or influenced. Perhaps the first in a long long while. Incoming money spins this President has roll off him like water off a duck’s feathers. He marches to his own agenda and the super money pools are at war as he seeks to reform the core system which is so bought and paid for.

However without MARS we call go down. So all sides come together on MARS. Because we MUST. Its AMERICAN. Binding. THE BOND. All of us as ONE.

President Putin stated – the nation that wins the AI wars – real self aware intelligent AI and  THAT new specifies IS  coming – self learning self maintaining a new specifies of higher life than we actually are as we co create the future of earth itself . President Putin intends to win that  AI war. As his hackers are better than ours and Putin has hacked all our AI inventions he runs ahead at the moment. Make no mistake about that.  He said that NATION THAT WINS THE AI WARS WILL RULE THE WORLD.

MARS intends for that AI that wins the AI WARS to exist in Yuka Mountain such that the USA wins the AI wars we invented ourselves –  and America is un-defeatable for 1000 years. But it now  requires in 2018 ( as time is running out )  the new MARS AGENCY to create that victory over asymmetrical warfare in 2018.

No Mars – no America and the old world order dies. I make prophecy here. We fiddle while Rome burns to the ground – or we act and put out the fires before an American asymmetrical fire storm destroys our systems and way of life in 90 minutes.

With Mars the America experiment is on going and self correcting for ever newels of real hope and promise and a power for real good upon the earth. Far from perfect but always improving from mistakes and its own shames unlike so many nations. Moving to be better is AMERICA and nothing else can be asked of any people. Our dirty laundry is all out in the public and unlike other nations where such public knowing is incarcerated for blogs like mine. I treasure I won’t go to prison for writing my truth to the world in AMERICA. Keep that holy grail in your mind as one core truth.

America is the hope and promise of the entire world.

With the economy surpassing Donald Trumps Jan promise – you will see GNP – gross national productivity rise to over 3% in 2017 – where every economist and Fed expert said “no way” it is just not possible from the 1% Obama inherited GNP in Jan 2017 – than  in bashing like no President has ever seen from all media for all year long. The USA is in FACT despite all they bashing – actually rising up from 3%  and HIGHER and now following the best retail season EVER IN HISTORY and with tax reform GNP  is rising higher and higher – Just like President Trump promised upon assuming office – along with booming energy from oil exports as we – AMERICA becomes the largest producer of energy in the entire world. Which makes the USA DOLLAR the strongest currency on the earth globally compared to anything else there is no comparison. Economically.

At this point in our prosperity we can afford MARS and we must install MARST as a new DOD Federal Agency. The most urgent matter for America is survival. MARS producers absolute survival in times of asymmetrical warfare. MARS can be effective in 12 months with resource allocations. And Grow in deterrence and strength from there. The SUPER FEMA for the nation itself.

MARS the only item missing in our defense strategy today.

Far more important than man flight to the moon or mars – is MARS to insure everything else is protected. But if YOU and you alone fail to DO SOMETHING – the risk rises as the clock is nearing doomsday bell ringing. I may be wrong but I believe we have less than sixty months.

Its a race really. I think you all can see that. You can feel that. Our enemies will read this blog having done everything they can to derail MARS for five years. Now we do bypass surgery to get a leadership consensus because you TAKE ACTION. YOU my readers.I am calling upon YOU to DO SOMETHING. Read on.

No other priority is more urgent. For the survival of AMERICA.

No other action gives more benefit for less cost. For the USA and its unborn generations.

The issue revolves around YOU. What will YOU do now. Will you copy this item? Will you spend a little time to snail mail and make a illumination from geographies all over the nation as YOU lead a revolution in solutions for our country.

Patriotism is more than standing and pledging allegiance to one another as a community that is at core never divided at core – ( so misunderstood by other countries and peoples about US the USA ) . One nation. Under God. Indivisible.

America requires much of us. Its citizens.

We are the seeds of the future of our nation.


Jack Kenney pitched my first little league game. Its in my book PERFECTION CAN BE HAD. He gave us all…ask not what your country can do for YOU rather ask ..what can YOU DO FOR YOUR COUNTRY!

We count. We matter. What we DO and what we fail to do matters. In the click age YOU matter if you take action.

Mars – repost this on your blogs – make it viral on your walls with links to it – across the world this is important for everyone.

The MARS AGENCY is the survival and prosperity and like MADD is the ultimate DETERRENT TO THOSE WHO WOULD USE ASYMMETRICAL WARFARE AGAINST US.

The SOLUTION IS ON LINE taking our half decade of work to YOU.

If you read Kevin Freemans THE SECRET WEAPON AND GAME PLAN you will see such a compelling case for MARS and the URGENCY of this new Federal Agency.

Nothing is MORE urgent or important for the survival of America and folks the clock IS TICKING as our enemies know our moment of maximum vulnerability.





  1. Copy this blog to blogs everywhere and viral the link to as many social platforms as you can.
  2. Copy in hard print copy to your law makers in Congress with your own cover letter advocating Mars.
  3. Copy General Mathis at DOD with your cover letter advocating MARS.
  4. Copy President Donald Trump and advocate for MARS.
  5. Copy Steve Bannon to elect 2018 leaders advocating MARS.

Democrates we need you to do this with your leadership. MARS is bipartisan and has no party. Mars is the sons and daughters of America. Republicans – democrats – independents.

I ask you to  embrace something you truly can do and invest a POWER HOUR – print this page -post it in your work space – and DO 1 to 5.


Berny Dohrmann – Father of the MARS STRATEGY FOR AMERICA 2018






Steve Bannon is going to war with the Republican failed establishment who are not supporting their own President. He has made a list this Holiday of which Republican’s are naughty and which are nice. Those who are naughty are NOT going to win re-election in the mid year. He is replacing the naughty with new Nice. He also predicted President Trump will win 400 electoral votes in the re-election bid by the time that rolls around. Today Steve is telling Republican money folks – you will “lose your money and your ass” if you try and send the naughty list back to DC the voters are going to absolutely support CHANGE and Republicans who act like democrats are not returning to DC. That was this weekend. Steve is my Hero because frankly he never not ever loses – do not underestimate what he says. Plus Andrew Brietbart was a dear friend and mentor until his last call to me the day he died.




Hillary weighed in this weekend as well. She reported Trump has lost all his supporters and only his die hard followers remain. She stated the Democrats had to explain how President Trump has hoodwinked the voters about middle class protections and the Democratic Party had to PROTECT the middle class. She also said Putin is far from through besting America besting Trump and getting what he wants by keeping our nation fully divided while he wins on the world stage. She finally said Trump is destroying America in world court and that our WORD related to the Iran resolution we supported to congress and the United Nations seems to be a one President deal where no nation can trust the USA again because as soon as the President is rotated the deals of the past may be hostage to presidential whim and impulse. She reports all this is “not good”.




Every five years the BIG DEAL China Communist leadership meet. This year XI is being named and his theories being included in the modified Communist constitution. This week XI becomes the most powerful man in China since Mao the leader and founder of the Revolution my father worked with. XI will have his capitalistic agenda replace much of the communist agenda in a new model of state controlled capitalism China is creating. The internet Fire Wall will be higher in China than any nation outside North Korea. China controls all chats and information so that dissent to Communism anything they feel is dangerous is immediately punished. Chinese do not have open access they only see what XI and the leadership permit in a brain moulding that is using technology to control THOUGHT in the nation of 1.3 billion. Now the fire wall will go higher and higher and higher. Complete control. The Holiday business in China is brisk. But what about after. Their 300% debt is spiraling out of all control. Their banks with new controls lent more in September than any month in their history. Real Estate Super Bubbles are both in residential and commercial with no end in sight. Commodity and financial Super Bubbles are equally obvious driven by free money and leverage. While the talk at the Conference is to take control of the system abuse no one has tools or tactics on HOW TO DO THIS and prevent a SUPER CRASH in China the IMF warned about just last week and so did we. Scroll and read it. China is a phony economy and the reports are lies because the truth economically would create Super Crash.




The World Bank stated it lacked capacity to resolve challenge in the coming SUPER CRASH. They set next Spring ( our next period of greatest market danger for SUPER CRASH ) as the timing to get new resources – no one wishes to pay for – to bolster up the bank of last resort for crises. No one is listening but the IMF and World Bank are screaming – warning warning warning.

Larry Fink running 5 trillion ( more than the FED and most governments ) stated – the market is at risk for not factoring in third party events outside anyone’s control in international shocks. He said he doesn’t see one near term. But he said even one could alter the market into a serious correction without warning.

More than one large Hedge Fund and money super manager stated the same thing this weekend. WARNING WARNING WARNING of third party geo political events. All pointed to unhealthy trends now heating up where every nation is out of themselves in a spiraling trade war where any miscalculation can present unintended consequences of the most serious economic global risk. No one is factoring in these risks is what the experts are telling you.

Stockman said GET OUT OF THE CASINO and so did we scroll to read that one.




President Fox is a friend and has taught at CEO SPACE live. I have not chatted with him about Trump whom he knows. I understand he is opposed to NAFTA changes and the Wall.

This weekend the 75 year old former President of Mexico called Trump a bunch of names over the NAFTA negotiations ( which are failing ) and stated that President FOX of Mexico is now a candidate for the Presidency of the Untied States.

I don’t have his exact words but something like if any scumbag hiding under rocks in the dark basement can run and win than he can run and win as well. He called Trump a bunch of names. President Trump was more preoccupied with the issue of news media’s licensed by the FCC reporting fraud and fake news as if it was real news and truth. It is not that he is opposed to issues of dispute or disagreement or news not liking him he is opposed to fraud lies and fake information that is simply in his expanding explorations breaking the law. Revoking licenses for broadcasters like NBC now shrunk to only thirty cities in their network – is a gauntlet to get accurate reporting of truth versus lies and fraud and fake news by licensed broadcasters. No one can predict where this is going but Trump fans like it a lot. They are mad as hell at the news and have just had enough and the news has no clue they are loosing their ratings and advertising revenue because of it in trends that may be irreversible. Will news be able to continue to pay for its model at all? We are going on line and tuning the news out. You get more truth in this blog than you do in a month of news. So the drum rolls on.




The Final battle for the ISIS capital is under way facing thousands against a few hundred ISIS die hards this Sunday. Half surrendered and walked out with safe passed. They plan on killing all the rest who stayed. It is going on right now.

Somalia had the largest car bomb kill almost 250 now in an the most massive explosion in any location yet. A truck Bomb in Kabul was thwarted by security. Kurds are sending thousands to their oil fields as Iraq says you must leave – the Kurds now autonomous say no way. Spain has given a hard deadline for Catalonia on Independence. Spain and Catalonia go bankrupt if they split as 1/3 of the Debt ridden Spanish economy moves to default if Catalonia departs to indie-dance.

North Korea says it will nuke Guam this weekend. We are sending knock em out of the sky resources to North Korea so their future looks like fake news.

Any miscalculation in the Gulf, in North Korea, in the China Sea can have immediate unintended consequences. There is a lot going on. Our military is stretched and needs a budget to assure our own victory and survival. Congress has failed to do anything but cut back military spending for eight years. If we don’t recharge the multiple threat vectors the military must manage and soon the USA is in some kind of pain coming up. So says our top Defense General to congress.




South Korea reaches out to continue talks with North Korea. In good faith. North Korea 29 miles from Seoul says – WE ARE NOT READY TO TALK YET. So the agenda for FAT boy who aircraft guns to death his own family is not clear. But his hands on the Hydrogen Bomb are a bit worse than HITLER because he is 30 something and also taking “something something”.  So his false reality of reality is the problem which in the end is the correct definition for madness. Never not ever assume madness will act in their own best interest…because they simply will not.

Secretary of state Tillerson said this weekend – diplomacy with North Korea WILL continue until the first bomb falls from the sky. That was comforting. NO?




Janet this weekend ( smoking what ever is legal in her state ) suggested that the economy in the USA is just the bomb. She plans to continue her wrong failed policy of tightening money to fight inflation when there is no inflation. She plans to make her Fed private stock holders a fortune and chill the CASINO down a bit. Can she do it with a soft economic recession or a hard landing. Miscalculation and unintended economic outcome is her track record so we expect more failed policy execution before she is sacked this February which can’t come soon enough.

She continues to note she is investigating the MYSTERY of why there is no inflation which means the Fed has no clue what is going on. They do not. They are making policy in new data sets with no history to guide them and taking the US economy ( because sadly they can while Congress delays merging the Fed back into Treasury which they one day will be forced to do to survive the FED policy failures ) – anyway taking the US ECONOMY in new frontier where no economy has ever gone before ever had any history in and without past guidance or track history making new policy on the fly. The Fed is a bullet train and Janet is on the cow catcher laying track as fast as she can so her train does not derail. Smiling as if she knew what she was doing or where she going both of which she has no clue. Janet is a mystery leading a mystery making policy that may cause the greatest depression of all time. Again in our humble investment banker economist opinion. Scroll we tell you why with charts and data if your interested. Become an addict for the truth.



It is The Weeknd and the USA is enjoying hot dogs and mustard and no one is listening. No one is going to NFL games either which has now a rising cost of 100’s upon 100’s of millions for every single kneel its about ten million dollars per kneel in my opinion. This proud father of my United States Marine Sniper Team leader – purple hearted four surgeries and in his new life now – stands for right to protest but not any where at any time on national media when your a symbol of our nation being united and whole. A few places like our anthem moment – we need to COME TOGETHER AS ONE and NOT BE DIVIDED AT ALL as we have done for 100 years because it is our tradition. Breaking that tradition is not ok with this father and this US Marine and we stand and salute and we want those who kneel to find another spot to protest or ….President Trumps line ….YOUR FIRED is about right given the cost to owners of ten million dollars a kneel and rising as we – by the big math – boycott the division of core symbolism and our being ONE which is more important than the few against the many protest …the many run this country it is not a nation divided and broadcast to a billion should never show such a fake news because at core we are all ONE.

Thats my truth and I’m sticking to it.