I’m going to summarize half a decade of economic blog data here, that seeks to alert China leadership TIME as a healing asset to their own economic Super Debt Bubble, is running out completely. We join the IMF in noting that China strategic plan resides on assumptions that are inside core economics, prove to be unsound. The two reasons data China relies on in planning are false, has to do with globalization they lead, but fail to understand economically, and failure to appreciate all their educated advisers are OLD ECONOMISTS educated in the 2005 period or before like a conveyor belt to market place from ivy league Universities world wide. My favorite absolute failure to appreciate anything about what really works in FREE MARKETS that GLOBALIZE “or” the beginning of any theory for entirely NEW ECONOMICS – The DIGITAL GLOBAL MARKET PLACE.

Central Banks support Milton Friedman ( I’m not sure he is dead and stake in his worshiped WRONG THEORY ECONOMICS OF THE PAST  heart might make sure – followers of old Milton read Naomi Kliens SHOCK DOCTRINE on just how wrong minded MILTON failed THEORY’s are and just how destructive to nations ) are both wrong theory and unaccommodating theory to the largest wealth shift in human history EVER. No one see’s the rising risk so we will point it out to you all on election day.

We are writing to you all with great respect for positions you hold today. Political entrainment we never report on only economics. . We now see 5.2 BILLION DOLLARS as a digital election industry, that’s also new in politics itself now AI driven, with 3 billion US dollars spent pushing hate Trump with endless reasons WHY all super ( as you know ) saturating news what saturates news economically, all election focus on hate Trump. The haters are to a lesser degree facing future economic outcomes ( disasters )  the haters attempt to dilute with their vastly higher money to derail Trump power to diminish Trump in the world theater. The OLD STATE and a REFORM STATE model at full on economic civil war. Your brains are the battle field for ownership. I’ve said moving forward we can economically not politically afford electing a President in this complex DIGITAL ECONOMIC SPACE and fail to elect that party in control of a working congress. Congress dysfunction has led in part to this crises brewing below – and the new model to work out of crises I believe is whichever party you elect to lead elect the congress to work – no more voting party any longer vote as you chose but vote congress in for that leader too. Make CONGRESS WORK so we have time to work out of looming economic system destruction. A new way to think about elections economically if we all voted our wallets and we had the right and full information. VOTERS WHO ARE INFORMED SUSTAIN DEMOCRACIES and DEMOCRACIES ARE LOST WHEN 5.2 billon mis informs voters in my view of the new ECONOMICS today.

I no longer watch electronic media save for shows I select on line for hard data. I CLICK to RESEARCH and get data raw – chart in our own software and compare to other team conclusions traveling on stage with the leading advisers to Fortune firms and the leaders of state. Together we form consensus. No one on our team cares a whit about personality or the war in politics. We care about economics and economic outcomes. When POLITICS RUNS ECONOMICS we end with system melt down as we are going to do once again but not now and not yet. When ECONOMICS RUNS POLITICS we have periods of long expansion and growth.The normal state of healthy economies is growth. Only outside economic abuse of that natural state ( unregulated it rises up fast due to greed ) and only appropriate fully current regulatory frame works can assure longer term stability in complex global systems.

The natural state of economics is GROWTH. Australia has not had a recession in 27 years. Boom bust events are induced by political theater at the Fed generally. Make no mistake the FED is guided by old BRAIN ECONOMISTS doing the very best they know how to do – which will lead us to repeat Fed backward looking history in economic current account realities – as they simply error on time itself first and foremost. The data they use lacks fullness to the ECONOMIC SUPER CHANGE and no longer is in fact accurate. SO we are steering blind. THERE IS NO URGENCY TO NORMALIZE INTEREST RATES. We can do so far more gradually and we should Now let me tell YOU WHY it is all China today. The end of the world. Perhaps as no one cares you might care as THE EVENT we have reported about here all the billionaires are investing to survive – is coming. WHY is up for debate.



In 2007 the world financial markets changed forever. For the first time the weight of trading by percentage still not yet 50% of all trading had become digital. All digital markets had been hacked and the trillions of wealth stolen, in cash and in IP globally, is new. Nations could catch the leaders in weapons, space, industry, weapons, anything and everything, by stealing their software. While old economist brains were working on old economic models and the USA the engine of the entire world – with boom go go years into 2007 and the crash that followed.

At that time an axis of evil tested a digital weapon on western markets. The weapon massively had bought short positions globally within an alliance of profit making nations in on the test of the new asymmetrical warfare – all detailed in hard data by Department of Defense contracting consultant hedge fund manager best selling author and CEO SPACE FACULTY – Author Kevin Freemans THE SECRET WEAPON. The head of counter terrorism states in Kevin’s book that Kevin’s book now defines what KEEPS HIM UP AT NIGHT Protecting all of us. Voters have zero clue on the threat. It is economics.

No can win in a war with the USA in all ways of looking at it including total nuclear war the USA is the best place to BE no where else will survive as well and no one wins such wars no one. NO ONE CAN DEFEAT THE USA militarily. Defeating the WEST IN ASYMETRICAL ( DIGITAL WARFARE ) was possible until Phylis Newhouse of created the DOD CYBER WARFARE COMMAND CENTER now catching UP in 2019 and moving back into the lead on CYBER WARFARE going on full blast right now. The tools for the warfare came from Putin where he lost all control when China and North Korea and Iran weaponized these new digital weapons. The subject of which is too vast a data pool outside Kevin Freemans documentation – read the books including GAME PLAN where Kevin defines nations have NONE. ZERO. And Why. So while China has used restraints others have been told – use these weapons on our markets again and we will nuke you off the earth in 30 minutes. So that message IS out today where it needs to fall and you are seeing the real part of why things are moving as they are. It is a ballet to get into cooperation versus competition and to reach NO NATION LEFT BEHIND in a new post World War III Digital asymmetrical warfare where Trade wars lead to digital peace agreements never required in global economics before in history.

So that’s NEW to YOU. Never happened before and its the highest risk to world order – digital weaponized economic disrupters DWED. Wed is the fear and we are no where NEAR defending against DWED technology today. D-Wed is the face of the enemy today. Hacking the world’s IP – every nation for themselves – no rule of law in the great DIGITAL DIVIDE which IS evolving faster than regulation frame works an imagine the problems to regulate. See all social as examples.

The world has changed forever. Economic markets are now entangled in ways that elevates SYSTEMIC RISK to levels unseen by all brains educated in OLD ECONOMICS that apply to driving like the Stanley Steamer operator pre heat and start up instruction manuals for the driver of Henry Fords key started internal combustion engine. Economists can not see the risk and do not recognize the SUPER CHANGE SPEEDS ( the title of my new book coming out in 2019 from major publishers ) that CREATED THE NEW ECONOMY – as their OLD BRAIN ECONOMICS are policy errors in sequence with out comes their OLD ECONOMIC NOW OBSOLETE ECONOMIC THEORIES blind them into paradigms that will not and can not shift.

If mentor John Nash from Princeton were still residing his ability to pattern shift new economic theory from competitive false math modeling into cooperative math modeling which NOW APPLY would give us some speed for NEW THEORY ADOPTION at a top spot. John Schiller thank God is seeing the NEW THEORY UNFOLD and frankly I’d like to assist him in publishing up on NEW ECONOMIC THEORY TO RE REGULATE AND OUT OF CONTROL UNREGULATED LIKE 1900 – FINANCIAL INDUSTRY AND MARKET NOW MATURE AND GLOBAL FULLY BUT DIGITAL OVER 90% IN TRADING PRICE MANIPULATION.

80% of the advice pouring into nations and sovereign wealth funds is from OLD BRAIN ECONOMICS ( experts that are not obsolete as a DOTTO BIRD ). Leaders rely on the old modeling as if it was gospel. Mostly from dead and buried Milton Friedman whose theory won a Nobel Prize and was proven SO WRONG in 2007 taking us just where in NEW ECONOMICS we did not “risk” going – but “went” – because old brains see old models.



I’m going to leave Jargon hind and attempt to display the PROBLEM in summary of my past five years publishing hard data on these cause items but laying it out so the simplest reader can follow the NEW ECONOMICS.

1. Super Money Pools following their first experiment in using digital to manufacture a model that had risk less risk – which is always a sin in all economics. Risk and Reward are linked and may never be unlinked. In this post crash effort from 2015 to today over 90% of all trades have now moved from human managed money from the modern system the Italian Banking and French evolved 1000 years ago until today – human old economics on money.

2. Regulations: Were formed to manage humans managing money. These laws and regulations were old theory models the NEW DIGITAL WAR LORDS knew were bypassed like open heart surgery so the money flows in the DIGITAL CLOUD the wild Wild West of under regulated economics.

3. Regulations no longer work. The largest banks the leading brand banks have all pled guilty to criminal charges stealing billions in the new Digital Space. Berny Medoff stole a snickers at a 7/11 store by comparison ( scape goat ) . The real cooks never went to jail – paid a very small profitable fine and outside runs out of criminal bank in Germany and Wells Fargo in America.

 and and Wells Fargo only the public is really punishing the banks – by moving. Regulations fail today. Know that is true in economics and the criminals who did it all are still present rewarded with wealth and bonus fee’s too great to imagine giving us first underside outcomes of the new SUPER CHANGE to the entire world order since World War II now largely completed without any SEC like DOD upgrade in budget by enormous sums to REFRAME THE DIGITAL ECONOMIC Landscape to NEW ECONOMIC THEORIES THAT ARE EVOLVING TOO FAST FOR REGULATORY OLD BRAINS TO STEP IN FRONT OF.

In Summary. A new economic theory is evolving with AI digital controlling now 90% of capital flows over 440 trillion dollars of settlements for all global VAM and VAM was not even a factor of liquidity risk or leveraging risk taking that the new economic is built upon. The rising risk revolves around the LARGEST SUPER DEBT BUBBLE IN THE HISTORY OF MAN KIND WITH WEAPONS THAN CAN PUSH US ALL BACK TO THE Stone Age AND MAKE THE PLANET VIRTUALLY UNINHABITABLE FOR “US” AT ALL. Imagine the heat index rising of an all out Nuclear war with fragile environmental’s today failing to accommodate in ECONOMIC THEORY the RISKS of:

1. Digital Theft now rising to ten trillion in wealth to digital thieves many of whom are sovereign nations actings as economic pirates in the new unregulated DIGITAL ECONOMY. The New DWEB has evolved too fast for old brains to begin to in looking only BACKWARD at obsolete theory charts – see the risk and danger or yet imagine the process or mechanics IN NEW ECONOMIC THEORY THE WORLD DESPERATELY NEEDS – to overcome the economic loss factors piling ever upward – sapping economic productivity from 7 billion who can reside in food security health security and shelter security if the BOX TOP RULES FOR THE NEW ECONOMICS Began to take form. Time is simply going to take over and we all lose. I’ll tell you why. How. When.

2. Unwanted consolidation of wealth. Today 1.5 million super money pools in 2007 are less than 10,000 Super Money Pools in 2018. That number is shrinking at the fastest pace through TOO BIG TO JAIL across the economic landscape. NEW BRAINS ARE ENTERING THE FIELD like Jeff Bezo’s planning forward and may bring back some sanity with their modeling but as AI is at war with AI for the profit making in the shortest time and now with RISK LESS RISK ( an economic failed theory modeling tool – as outcome desired always ) in fact the old brains making the new market lack a new ECONOMIC THEORY to govern and control the markets of tomorrow. The old central bank model is totally obsolete and broken. As leaders world wide are only receiving old Brain data and input their decisions simply fail when applied into the NEW ECONOMIC MODEL as so many have seen with punishing flow dynamics of capital to their nations which brings us to the DOOMSDAY TRIGGER – CHINA.



My father was one of the first into mainland China after the Korean War with Chairman and revolution wrapping up. China wanted the manufacturing support China was getting but their animosity with Japan was so great they wanted Dr. Demming’s collaborator but not him. So my father consulted. We grew up with families from Main Land China playing with sticks drawing out games, their teaching us all about China history and culture as they learned English but before when they spoke only Mandarin we did what children do best – we loved each other and had so much FUN.

My long history in China includes advising China business leaders over decades. Some have attended CEO SPACE some speaking English others with interrupters – all so grateful. When I write harshly about China I write about not XI who I think is the most inspired leader in China since the Revolution itself – they are so lucky to have pure genius with humanitarian visions for his people over a long span of forward history. Still I write about the OLD BRAIN ECONOMISTS who are absolutely SURE their THEORY and OUTCOMES ARE WORKING and will work. Their ability to understand the new digital economy they helped foster is restricted from the SUPER CHANGE itself. The Change was so fast to the core system that today only NEW ECONOMISTS NEW BRAINS can begin writing the GPS for how to navigate the SUPER CHANGING ( at this very minute ) Market  Space.

Carry it forward to President Putin stating – the nation who controls AI will control the world……he implied that would not be the West.

New Economists brains in my call to action need to FOCUS ON CHINA. As the DOOMS DAY RISK TO THE WORLD ORDER In 2019 2020. Why.


China is a miracle. Countless millions have moved from poverty to middle class IN TIME FRAMES unlike any in human history. Itself a NEW ECONOMIC THEORY not socialism exactly nor corrupt competitive capitalism but more toward a future of COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM. It’s leaders are trying to find the way forward and as the rip tide of the old economic theory became utterly a risk elevator and no longer works at all in the NEW DIGITAL DWEB ECONOMY the only thing taking place for sure is RISK.

The Economics work like this:

The Nation is central planning governed using OLD ECONOMIC ( western trained brains primarily ) Theory charts data to plan forward in TIME. The asset in the new DIGITAL ECONOMY IS TIME used differently than any prior economic theory would permit. As no leadership including the USA is being advised by NEW ECONOMISTS with evolving NEW ECONOMIC THEORY FOR THE DWEB we have a vacuum in the rip tide. This economic rip tide creates economic systemic abuse. All Economic abuse must work through the system to ultimate balance all accounts. This rule never changes not in NEW OR OLD ECONOMIC THEORY.

System abuse is most pronounced in China. Why? How?

  1. China planners ran into an economic theory ceiling two decades ago. With the first ASIAN CRISES OF ECONOMICS that Frankly Japan with its very OLD BRAIN ECONOMIC PLANNERS has not recovered fully from in twenty years now. Just one OLD BRAIN error caused system abuse to moderate to balance. De-leveraging.

  2. China woke up to the axiom the only stable way forward is developing massive ENTREPRENEUR CLASS in any nation to support predictable rising CONSUMPTION to drive tax base and rising state revenues. Import Export only leads to huge cycles in BOOM BUST ECONOMICS and China now is at risk for that as it is stuck in transition. Time is the issue.

  3. China to propel growth numbers only the central planner old brains now how much real error is presented in those state numbers – we suspect a great deal of economic abuse lives in less than fully transparent real time reporting required in the new DIGITAL ECONOMICS. Which is why NEW BRAIN TRUMP proposed a bi annual 180 day public reporting window as real time digital information is enough where finally public institutions reporting can make really Long Term Decisions versus forced by reporting rules from the pony express days trap wealth into decision making that is OLD ECONOMIC THEORY unable to control of influence NEW ECONOMIC DWEB Markets.

  4. China is now surrounded by SUPER WEALTH CONSOLIDATION IN NATION old brain’s failed to see rising up and the rise is accelerating and this wealth is moving into the NEW DWEB ECONOMICS outside central planner control. They have in fact lost control but the world has not yet learned how dire this is for all the rest of us. Speculation from consolidated wealth manipulates prices that is a market abuse of economics at core ( price controls on all asset classes by less than 10,000 SUPER MONEY POOLS playing this game in casino capitalism the first age of DEWEB without regulation in the global system to moderate RISK. Central Planners now war with the NEW CLASS to define how they move forward. It is OLD BRAINS in charge and NEW BRAINS are wherever possible marginalized accept for the SUPER MONEY Pools investing 100’s of billions in the AI WARS creating the new GREED BASED every nation in it for themselves against every other nation ( which fails in the new economics of COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM ) going through labor pains right NOW as to timing. Meanwhile speculations including sovereign wealth funds under the BEST AI doing the speculation are making ungodly profits. With OPEC an abuse of economic pricing for oil – Chevron one of the largest oil institution on earth had a NEW ECONOMY EVENT. They made over 100% this year at the manipulated pricing over the last year – up 2 billion a quarter in PROFITS ALONE to 4 BILLION from 2 a year ago – speculation works folks for year end bonus and outcomes for a SHORT DAMN TIME.

  5. China’s rapid move from the Asian Crises forward was built on SUPER DEBT. The largest SUPER DEBT BUBBLE in economic history ever. This is a system abuse. A nation economically can not borrow 300% more than it makes ( lending bad loans to nations least able to repay already borrowed money ) and fail to risk. Decades of accumulated RISK inside this NEW ECONOMIC now largely digitally managed DEBT SUPER BUBBLE is the single largest risk to the world in all of human history back to the Medici’s who founded modern fractional banking with rules that no longer apply at all – but they are the rules being used by OLD ECONOMIC BRAINS who can’t see the shift fully enough to give up obsolesce and re-tool for all of us.

  6. China states it is trying to reduce debt. Four times this year they reduced the margins of loan reserves in their financial institutions so they could lose more as the Trade War is sinking China. The problem is NEW ECONOMICS. Under the OLD ECONOMICS the old brains predict outcomes. Their math models are wrong. In the NEW DWEB ECONOMICS OF DIGITAL CAPITALISM ( new in five years folks ) runs on nation with capital occur in TIME at all levels one can imagine by AI. the punishment of runs on nations or ( Italian banks ) are faster then OLD BRAIN ECONOMIC REGULATIONS can predict influence or control leaving the world in a higher risk. Lacking regulatory frame words for DWEB ECONOMICS Super Changing even while you read. Everyone in GREED FESTS to maximize profits against the other AI and to reduce risk ( the best intentions but with the wrong economic theory as the old charts and the old thinking will destroy us all ).

  7. 2019 China debt is soaring and compounding. Any system whole can trigger a massive CHINA DEFAULT to what we NEW BRAIN ECONOMISTS suggest in DIGITAL CAPITALISM raises the new risk of DEBT GLOBAL CASCADE far more destructive than contagion in markets known by OLD ECONOMIC BRAINS. They do not see the RISK itself sufficiently – its trigger points which we are approaching and I’ll tell you that why as well – nor do they understand any management for SUPER CHANGE evolving digital trading that is the wild Wild West in new ECONOMIC THEORY the huge risk taking place today – obsolete models in a new modeled Digital Capitalism. No safety net can keep you in the car on this roller coaster when decades of credit system abuse at CORE unfold to crises. The SPEED the TIME to liquidity evaporation in the system we all LIQUIDITY EVAPORATION DAY is beyond any known historic condition as to the destruction of the old system and the outcomes to recover from a GLOBAL ECONOMIC DEPRESSIVE DESTRUCTION THE ENTIRE WORLD NEVER HAS KNOWN BEFORE. NEW BRAINS alone understand the TIME asset value to the evolution of the NEW ECONOMICS where say the FED does not and the IMF is starting too.


So what IS going on out there in Digital Casino Capitalism none of us in the hair raising on our necks – all of you – just KNOW something is NOT RIGHT. This IS THE PROBLEM as the debt twenty years mature is just piling up in China behind new debt setting records very year.


What is the tipping point to risk a system DOOMS DAY and destruction where we all think and believe ( those old Brian THEY will get us through anything ). That belief is simply not true in economics. As history well shows us.

The risk is TIME. It will take TIME to work out this debt super bubble. The risk today to tip us into DOOMS DAY no one can control globally at all is higher than any time in our earth walk as human beings together. One would think these principles can be understood in time. I spent ten years writing a solution for world governments entitled REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION which outlines HOW precisely for the G 100 to initiate a NEW REGULATORY FRAME WORK for the NEW DWEB ECONOMY SPIRAL compressing wealth consolidation – moving tax revenues away from nations – and wasting untold economic resource through digital theft ( we have not even begun to see the AI Thefts about to hit us all ) – unwanted system price manipulation within rampant unconscionable speculations no properly regulated system desires, and within DARK POOLS and Shadow banking the world has lost control. Without time we can’t execute the steps REDEMPTION still to my knowledge the only outline in the world for how to FIX THE ACTUAL NEW ECONOMIC PROBLEM at its core. I hope Universities will publish far better than my lay men call to action to heads of state where my book circulates today. Amazon has it buy your own copy be armed with how to get through yourself.


The terrible triggers are fired by old brains with old charts failing to see pure risk. And the timing of that risk taking. The perfect storm for triggers would include all factors working at once. Undesired. But in fact that perfect storm is here:

1. Following a new digital crises from the first digital attack ( asymmetric warfare on nations ) nations printed 100’s of trillions in currency to work out bad bets by financial institutions in the largest wealth transfer of nations and tax payers to private institutions known to man kind to save the system under attack. The cause of the crises has not been regulated out or fixed at all. All the same risk taking including real estate structured assets into risk less risk is taking place as bogus economics by OLD BRAINS doing by the way …the very best they know how. They are doing THEIR BEST. Their best has increased the risk without their knowing it. Core issue they did these entirely new economic experiment with NO NEW BRAIN concept the markets had SUPER CHANGED. Today the markets in a blink went from old rule based trading – to the CLOUD AI trading at speeds that are still beyond planners to get in front of. No THEY is protecting us. Old Brains can not protect us. So nation went into the largest debts of their history and are still struggling. The Deflation of de-leverging – was incomplete and far too limited in scope to contain the explosion of SUPER DEBT BUBBLE. The world is spiraling up SUPER DEBT BUBBLES. 100’s of trillions – that is accurate in the EU and world wide and in China are bad debts never to be repaid. These bad debts reside on financial institution unregulated in the NEW ECONOMY ( exempt from fair market accounting to engage criminal accounting ) so that the abuse – must rebalance – and WHEN is the WHY and the HOW. What might trigger in this China experiment in SUPER DEBT DRIVEN ECONOMICS ? Old Brians have charts and graphs that fail as they did in 2007 – 100% of them – had zero charts for down turns in real estate valuations that were large more than half a home price and fast and long lasting not fully back in 50% of the USA alone for example ). If China has a massive destructive crash the predictions leaders are using are a pile of hot flames in the cold winter night. If I’m right. Old Brains believe I’m wrong.

2. The Federal Reserve Board fun entirely by OLD BRAINS in fact, fail to see the TIME pace of raising interest rates in the NEW ECONOMY is unlike the old. This pace as 7 trillion of debts as with China due in the near term all zero interest in effect FREE MONEY LOANS during the period of the GREAT ACCOMMODATION to save your global financial system from total destruction ( it was so much closer than you realize ) in 2007.

3. The second consequence of trying to finance 7 trillion of free money into interest rates 100x greater than 18 months ago from Fed way too rapid tipping point interest raising is – the second tipping point. The US Dollar IS the world reserve currency in which all large trades between nations must be made. What this does FOR America is so vast that it would take time to discuss its VALUE and its potential loss which NEW BRAINS are concerned about with mis steps by OLD BRAINS on policy in the new DEWEB economy. The US dollar is soaring in value at values that hurt 200 nations in trade who must now acquire higher and higher cost dollar reserves required to pay their bills – with I might say remains the most manageable debtor nation on earth today by FAR – but – that cost is a pincher to nations and prosperity now moving into a SOARING OVER TIME FRAMES THAT ARE NOT SUSTAINABLE to refinance the global debt super bubble and to in many cases do so with DOLLARS also at the SAME TIME soaring in value. This exceeds the charts and graphs old Brians used and it creates a DEFAULT GLOBAL CASCADE AND LED DAY in the new DEWEB ECONOMY Warren Buffets teams – obsolete even with his fantastic profits just reported – fail to see as risk to everything they own in fact. That wealth is at RISK to be wiped out in time frames the world has no tools to adjust to…it will simply be TOO FAST.

TRADE WARS: Trade wars with more moderate FED POLICY are in the favor of the entire world. Trade WAR today is tipping CHINA and its SUPER DEBT BUBBLE into a perfect storm. All because of the NEW ECONOMY no one understands today. The NEW ECONOMY is re-tooling investment in China holding up on trillions – taking money out – moving to new manufacturing and not intending to go back. China is in a complete run on the nation – a flight of capital. Its stock markets have crashed but the real super crash lies ahead yet. The problem is tipping China wealth to default on debt which will be the start of the SUPER CRASH and Systemic total destruction from DWEB no one even understood and probably no one will be held accountable.


Trillions of real wealth where wiped out in election tampering with markets using weaponized DIGITAL AI SOFTWARE for the first time as cloaking to the actual source money destabilizing markets. Knowing the attack was coming enemies can make fortunes in the trades while the attack is going on. I told my readers. Destabilize our largest markets ? Why NOW days from our election? Who wishes that advantage and why? Who gains who loses? Think about that. In the NEW ECONOMICS this is not Facebook the straw enemy of no matter whatsoever – this is THE A GAME and its for BIG STAKES.

Rest assured the three letter hard working Americans have NEW BRAINS and they are aware of each attack. The tools to win in Digital warfare are all AI and are evolving so fast. Each person reviews their defense and weapons upon each successive attack. WORLD WAR III started in 2007 you just did not understand that. If you read Kevin Freeman’s books you would. The DOD understands it. The CIA understands it. MI 6 Understands it. The Mossad understands it. We do things to them. They do things to us. Most with no press. We lost the first battles up to right now. We are starting to gain momentum in winning. We are winning in offensive digital weapons. They are winning in offensive digital weapons back upon us. Both our defenses are when framed in violated with just one new AI SUPER CHANGED and we are reactive to attack once again. Some report that the capacity to take out America power, communication and transportation without firing one weapon is DIGITAL TODAY and in fact in place. Would if such danger was in place behind the counter dealings be different than you suspect. Given the powers that play this dangerous escalating digital warfare game have no box top rules for such weapons being crimes against humanity. Just that basic G 100 new RULE from the process my work REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION Outlines as to HOW TO FIX ALL THIS Before – what – before it becomes too late. Old brains think they can win. New weapons of 20 minutes to take out 500 cities in any nation – are here but do we want them do we require them. Why not save all of humanity and celebrate our differences rather than punish them as a NEW BRAIN MIND SET. Cooperation saves us. Competition damns us to old brain thought patterns and total absolute doomsday. Faster than you think. WHEN DOES THE DIGITAL WARFARE GOING ON BETWEEN NATIONS – Putin poisons ex spy’s in UK – and all we see and read reach a point where a SHOOTING WAR BREAKS OUT and with all these weapons. So lets think it forward.

The new economy is unfolding UNSUSTAINABLE economic debt super bubbles, unsustainable speculations and price manipulations as system core abuse, and now with unsustainable shrinkage of SUPER MONEY POOLS 100% controlled by evolving AI as a new life form coming between now and 2020 or shortly thereafter – here now but being groomed – for defense first and us second – in that order. But economic AI may pass them all and controls all the flow of capital world wide. No one has to nuke us they can remove the economic system.

When all currencies crash, when all banks are closed, when all institutions are closed – there is no trading – all economics are gone and new economics must be born – how does it work. If in 72 hours the system blows up no toilet paper gets delivered to LA at all. Food stocks are two weeks normally and if panic two days. No new food will be delivered. Water will stop flowing. Then what do 300 million weapons in just America do and how fast? Do you think the nation can control the SPEED of the new economics. Other nations facing riots and upheavals who goes to war ? How many? How fast? Can old brain planners plan for THAT world post destruction of the old system.


Economics the system that is the prosperity of the world as it is today is at high risk never known before. The new economics will become DEBT STRESSED outside OLD BRAIN PLANNER MODELS or capacity to cope with narrow tolerates of TIME applications required over time lines to:

1. Globally establish a G 100 reframe to fully global regulations that are in integrity and designed so NO NATION IS LEFT BEHIND.

2. Sovereign Nation Debt and new infrastructure nations including the US must acquire – resolves within a new class of BOND known as SUPER BONDS itself too large a concept to present here. See Former SEC Commissioner senior partner at venerable Hughes and Hubbard as sovereign nations exploring SUPER BOND solutions and use my name as consultant to the way forward. Time resolves the issue now facing us as TIME TO EXECUTE is running out.

4. The Fed old brains regard the unrealistic new economic risk of inflation and what they wrongly conclude is a super heating economy which it is not – rely on antique data pools to make decisions inside an economic system that is gone. Morphed to DWEB that old brains can’t get their arms around is not an ADJUSTMENT TO ECONOMIC THEORY but rather is a NEW PLATFORM OF ECONOMICS Nations not investment bankers ( my tribe writing to you as head of a former public global investment banking institution ) – should create. NATIONS NEED TO CREATE NEW BOX TOP RULES and the very process of doing so extends TIME. The Fed is constricting time by raising interest rate and dollar prices inside trade war TO FAST for accommodations of STABILITY is worried about tool box items that truly are insufficient. The risk to system core stability the FED is taking today is the ONE SUPER RISK TO A FATAL TIPPING POINT beyond 2020. Remember I made this prediction please as since 1988 I’ve been more right than wrong. My long term readers so well know this truth from our work and research as a pure opinion in public service.

5. American’s vote today. 5.2 billion was invested ( think of jobs and economics on the new economy of an industry of only mid year elections setting all time records for billions upon billions to brain wash voters to where that money ( 10% from small little voters and 90% you will never ever known at all ). If the Trump Team ( speaking economically not politically ) is WEAKENED at this time – the voice crying out for more moderate FED rate destruction to the core system falls on deaf ears and Congress goes to GRID LOCK and ceases to work. Trump haters not understanding the economic single ISSUE our system survival and evolution into the NEW COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM in rip tide with the old competitive socialism capitalism models – may shoot themselves in the foot without knowing they took the shot at all. If TRUMP surprises and is strengthened it becomes can a FED DEAL on new economics be fashioned. IT is hard with OLD BRAINS Because they know they are RIGHT and they are not OPEN to where the options they most need to consider are not in the equation for success for everyone. THERE IS IN MY OPINION No danger of super heated America – inflation – or rational to not normalize just a little slower to allow TIME to heal the tipping point being stressed today.

Jamie Diamond and tribe fail to appreciate the core risk until the AI Digital Economy reforms with global regulatory frame works they all need to help us create to secure a new economics that leaves no nation behind. For the first time in human history we could achieve that re-tooling with our digital friends. Or not so much…….

A trade deal with China would extend time for all of us and can not occur fast enough. How do you see that if Trump is weakened tomorrow? Strengthened tomorrow? In your wallet now understand all this?


Democracy falls when the voters are not fully informed. Today as they vote they are misled by 5.2 billion dollars invested at 200 dollars a day for the side wishing to weaken Trump and they themselves all so well intended and true – I love my American PEOPLE and I TRUST THEM – just lack the truth. So my fear is that mis-informed voters weaken Trump moving forward emboldening FED rate rising and the tipping point in CHINA is crossed. This will come to pass.

If they only KNEW they might vote their wallets for all our prosperity but this blog reaches more than I ever intended globally – but far from millions to be a voice in the USA. CEO SPACE is not political we represent leaders of small business in 147 nations from every possible faith and political perspective – all of which we include because CEO SPACE Is ground zero for thirty years for law makers and heads of nations and corporations interests IN COOPERATIVE WORK PLACE SYSTEMS and models and the new COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM we practice between thriving companies cooperating with zero competition in those CEO leaders thinking. Yet to small to influence 5.2 billon spent to manipulate your vote.

The dice are rolling. TIME is passing as opportunity is missed. I trust AMERICA and I trust YOU.

Berny Dohrmann – That is the DOOMSDAY ECONOMIC reality of our current age

PS: Oh no matter outcomes in the USA election we will all muddle through to 2020 and I”ll keep you posted on the EVENT …still a long way out and all without prediction because today in the NEW ECONOMY one AI is going to surpass all others at a CONSOLIDATION TIPPING POINT which itself is another unsustainable unwanted event to which humanity has no controls on the experiment – no new box top regulatory rules that work – and lacks prediction or even influence as nations have lost control to Super Money Digital Market making and trade settlement and DIGITAL LEVERAGE to which a happy fairy tale ending remains very unlikely in the extreme. SO MAY THE GREED GO FORTH AND PROSPER.




The SEC is the leading market regulatory body in the world not just the United States. All nations copy eventually SEC rules and structures that  work to provide orderly security markets, capital flows, and regulatory oversight  to moderate pure greed and abuse in  global trading system modeling. The SEC is not looking for fraud – as Fraud from Wells Fargo Bank to major Wall Street Firms is now epidemic – and  is everywhere today and it is digital and on line as never before. The SEC is stressed on regulatory mandate manpower and resources as the burden to regulate is global and soaring in resource consecution without offsetting SEC UPGRADING IN AUTHORITY MANDATES OR BUDGET APPROPRIATE FOR 2020 and beyond.

General Mathis suggests AMERICAN CAN ALWAYS AFFORD SURVIVAL. I believe BEFORE OUR MILITARY our economic system must be protected and the SEC is the DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE for this role increasingly made terrifying in the hack world of state sponsored digital terror on our economic institutions – asymmetrical war fare. The SEC is our first line of defense for our Military our way of life and our system – that supports the entire world and we are under increasingly threats as never known before – as it is all digital in only ten years of time.

Since the 1990’s – in only a decade really – the paper trading regulatory frame work – all of it – has become obsolete. The market today is an antique regulatory model T level frame work, evolved from the 1933 security acts after the Great Depression. Firewalls that precludes investment banks with their high risk tolerance from owning banks or banks owning investment banks, worked to insulate your grand mother’s core deposits from highly speculative margin ETF trading. That all came down in 1999 and now bank deposits are like 1929 invested in which way a class of asset may go at leverage never seen before and outside prior regulatory guidance and frame works.

The SEC was IED’d when against their advice  and frankly CEO SPACE advice in 1999 –  the Congress in the last three hours of their last session before Holiday Christmas break – of the Bill Clinton Administration – voted unanimously – yes you heard that right – to destroy over 800 Depression level fire wall laws from 1933. This was led by Greenspan economic theory on deregulations – that CEO SPACE opposed to every congress person we could reach siding with the SEC regulators who saw what was likely to unfold immediately after these effective 70 years of depression fire wall laws protected the core system game down  …and what the SEC only suspected WOULD happen  became far  worse than they anticipated in fact. Or any of us. Because the wealth markets consolidated to less than 10,000 super money pools controlling global trading all by AI SOFTWARE wars no regulatory or CEO SPACE could imagine in those years at that point in time. Who could have seen THAT?

The market free of depression regulations for the first time in 70 years – exploding with speculations and wealth consolidations. The structured assets – new inventions in financial investing, no longer constrained by local blue sky regulation of the Congress in the USA – began to be structured  globally to flash high volume trade in the cloud outside regulations – and in side bets on which way any asset you an name would go – seeking to manipulate price ranges – which the AI software has done and still does – in a spiral of the investment banking SOFTWARE WARS the public and law makers truly do not appreciate yet nor its full on risk to system circulation.

Structured assets – a bit of a write up by itself actually – but lets say the basis of casino capitalism is these elements of the 1999 Mistake in Congressional legislation and the  unintended consequences the Congress lacks resources to predict and remain ahead of and which frankly risk a system global melt down sooner than later – at core: WHY?

  1. Today every asset class – is price range established by structured asset digital trading speculations, where side bets that are not capital flowing into economies – but casino side bets as to  WHICH WAY AN ASSET MAY GO in the future as to price ( in theory in software prescribed trading ranges to effect maximum profits in the least time via massive trading velocities and volumes )  – the very side bets that destroyed all markets in the Great Depression and where then made criminal in 1933 and made LEGAL again in 1999 – are now fully digital – for the first time in human market history and global. A digital Casino with leverage and global volumes of wealth consolidation that makes the 1929 tribe look like a Childs wading pool compared to the deep dive olympic pool we now stand on the board of – hope the water is not drained in digital  minutes  before I dive – into wipe out. Wipe out globally 1929 never imagined was possible even.
  2. All the regulations for todays world  markets are blue Sky local to nations these laws apply to – the trading is digital – and in the cloud – and is outside the trading parameters of the nations  and their regulatory agencies like the SEC. For the first time.
  3. The digital trading volume for global markets has consolidated with leverage 1929 never had by ratio at this debt super spiral – another unwanted feature of digital economic casino realities – where the 1800’s court mandated a trading model was a body of FIDUCIARY GUIDANCE -which  no longer applies in regulatory application – because 10,000 super money pools globally dominated by shadow banking – dark pools – commercial banks – sovereign nation funds and the like – trade by AI SOFTWARE which is so rapidly  evolving and far  too rapidly for present SEC rules and regulations and digital limited resources from Congress –  to moderate and manage under the current antique outdated system of regulations. WORLD WAR III is largely financial and economic and the SEC is not Congressionally empowered to win this war – but they can if Congress gives them the tools authority and budget upgrades the they require and desired to get out front of the digital casino risking world system collapse.
  4. The DIGITAL CASINO MARKET is driven by wild speculations of software trading against software. There is no reasonable regulatory constraint to unwanted speculations or volatility like the markets have never known – nor buffer from digital weapons and attacks to the new digital market a new 2018  wild wild frontier racing for real self aware self learning AI. Look – no humans involved. Mindless unfolding for profits at any cost irrespective of ethics and outcomes – a GREED MACHINE out of any and every prior age of control – OUT OF CONTROL Folks.
  5. The SEC and all security regulator agencies now have the LARGEST NEW BURDEN To re- regulate the global DIGITAL LANDSCAPE a horse race out of the barn after the 2001 9/11 and Dot.Bomb first digital speculations – without NEW LAWS SO BADLY REQUIRED AND NEW BUDGETS SO DESPERATELY REQUIRED to grant the SEC the RE-REGULATORY FRAME WORK the new digital markets require – a NEW SECURITY LAW FRAME WORK WITH A MUCH HIGHER BUDGET TO unwanted wealth consolidation – unwanted speculation and all with a lake of transparency they must RE- REGULATE GLOBALLY.

We have for the past  five years – watching the scale tilt – where trillions moved from human managed trading accounts all over the world – to consolidation of these trillions into less than 10,000 super money pools that trade OUTSIDE regulatory frame works of the past – designed by law markers before TV – the INTERNET – OR DIGITAL TRADING AND COMPUTERS existing in the paper market space of those  1933 laws. The laws have failed to keep pace with the NEW DIGITAL MARKETS which again just like in the 1920’s have become a totally unwanted and super dangerous  casino capitalism. This speculation market now fully digital run by AI SOFTWARE  moves all bank deposits into high velocity trading in wild speculations that are leveraged increasingly to a point that the entire CASINO must end badly. A SUPER CRASH and a wipe out of the current rules based system entirely due to unforeseen circulation evaporations which are permanent. Destroyed the global system utterly.


The SEC requires for the entire world and financial system at core  a CONGRESSIONAL REGULATORY RE-THINK – the most massive updating of SECURITY REGULATIONS to restore fiduciary economics to markets – criminalize once again unwanted speculations that are not capital flowing into real economics – and redirecting capital to the economic development of humanity by law – reducing unwanted system and individual risk – in a fully digital world.

Today the markets are not markets.

The market is a giant casino.

The casino has three new aspects to speculation that the roaring 20’s that bought us bank and system total failure but at leverage and trading velocities the roaring 20’s  did not have in 1929:

  • Digital trading of Velocity Accelerations and Momentums of capital movements in less than one second by AI software – not even imagined in 1933 when security regulations were drafted. VAM.
  • Consolidations – where largely offshore – redistribution of market trading – is controlled in fact by less than 10,000 super money pools and this consolidation is accelerating in time frames never seen before – such that the dog of trading world wide is now software between super money pools in a literal AI software race for profits without constraints – and every quarter repeating what as made criminal in 1933 is now legal and unregulated to moderate greed and system abuse. Regulators are playing catch up and being left faster than farther behind. The tail is stake holder trading buying a bond or stock or any asset class. Side betting now is larger by ratio’s never seen in 1929 bucket shops – manipulating pries in a full on casino capitalism but this time entirely global. As everyone is making SO MUCH PROFIT on top of this house of cards while it lasts no one wants to RE-REGULATRE THE FINANCIAL MARKETS OF THE WORLD. If we don’t however the system fails and world war is the bad process to restart a new system replacing the old one which is simply gone for forever by neglect.
  • Leverage – the SUPER LEVERAGE of the most massive SUPER  DEBT Bubble of all human history – global – digital – rising so fast no one can track it – warning after warning from the IMF who lack digital frame works to regulate the new digital debt  casino – represent a spiral that will as it did in 1929 destroy the very institutions profiting today from their Digital new toys and profit inventions. We have suggested SUPER BOND THEORY to reset this debt Super Bubble where we all  will still have time to thwart a global system  disaster now in full development.

The huge enemy revolves around these forces and influences as we see it. The hugh human weight in agencies and congress of THAT IS THE WAY WE HAVE ALWAYS DONE IT when in economics the VW rabbit is now a warp eight star ship and digital creating casino capitalism which has no regard for VW traffic laws or traffic cops. Without a massive REGULATORY RE THINK the system WILL FAIL and when is the only issue. Neglect of our system upgrading is why – the only reason why.

Next the profits being made by the largest lobby to the law makers – Wall Street IN ALL NATIONS – who buy and sell the law machines – is not about to see RE-REGULATION influence its insanity over their profits any time soon. Feel that pressure as we do.


The leadership of the GREED MACHINE and I know because I was one of them – I headed a public brokerage firm and lived in the Wall Street Tribe a lot of my adult life – and I KNOW the thinking process is more mindless than you realize and profit driven to all other considerations. Oceans of Ivy League MBA’s are justifying the riskless risk theory that the software is moderating risk – is fiduciary – is breeding a new market space of never ending parameters of risk management. In fact profits are software forged today within a new experience in economics humanity has never known in only ten years, and the VAM is accelerating, where in the profit makers are way way behind the market reality of the spiral in SUPER DIGITAL DEBT AND LEVERAGE taking place on system core circulation risk, and the industry has no SYSTEM OR RISK CONVENTION to review the leveraged speculation taking place versus real economic stake holder  investing.

Finally the new digital space, is so far outside old antique SEC regulatory modeling – that the risk is LED or LIQUIDITY EVAPORATION DAY. In Digital velocity and consolidations the trigger being DEBT DEFAULT CASCADES that digitally happen in seconds – trigger software in the digital casino –  to all selling  and all the time – buyers are just gone – and this LED event evaporates market liquidity. The sell orders are too great to liquidate and the global system freezes in time frames unknown before. Further the system freeze bursts the SUPER DEBT BUBBLE INTO FANTASTIC CASCADE NO REGULATORY FRAME WORK TODAY CAN ACCOMMODATE  NOR HAS EVEN MATH MODELING FOR – YET –  big to fail – but they all fail and they fail in hours not weeks or monthas a DEBT CASCADE bankrupts the financial institutions you think are too secure and REGULATED to FAIL but:  – when LED occurs from digital casino  software due to totally unwanted wild 2018 speculations in global markets –  to make mindless profits without software parameters to protect and safeguard  economic circulation – and lack of regulatory frame work to the world digital casino trading making the core market today by %. will system fail in our opinion utterly – and in such a fast time frame.  This shift to digital % controlling all casino  market values by speculations upon all forward asset classes from currency to commodities to stocks and bonds – from structured new asset classes to ever new speculations being invented today like SUPER VIX TRADING – is a shift that occurred in five years – a finger snap to the SEC and world regulatory agencies. Too fast to adapt to. Congress never saw it coming and still does not get it. The SEC is in overwhelm understaffed under budgeted fighting to protect and keep safe the financial system of the world.

THE CONGRESS OF SHAME NEEDS TO FIX THIS BEFORE INFRASTRUCTURE FOLKS – again in our opinion at CEO SPACE representing small business world wide.

The bought and paid for law makers world wide are provided endless studies on how theories like what I and other economists suggest here –  are insane and in fact their digital trading has reduced risk such that a 1929 depression is impossible. In fact the risk is spiraling to a catastrophe far far beyond the 1929 Great Depression. And you know why now.

To SEC REGULATORY UNDER- STAFFING  – compared to no SEC with the 1929 system destruction is for the first time CRASH LIKELY AND  possible globally now and yes again -fully  global today – and is far worse a risk danger  than it was in 1929 and is imminent due to digital software creating a casino capitalism world wide.

The only fix is to RE-REGULATE THE CASINO back to sanity. This will take leadership in congress who understand the single core issue – speculative digital trading in weighted velocities – that risk system circulation and total financial system destruction. They fail to see the risk like they failed to see the sub prime risk we all wrote about here for years prior to 2008.

For the first time digital weapons by sovereign nations can profit from bringing the system down. These weapons have been used and are being used. Nations are using Digital weapons to destabilize our systems and that is far more serious than Russia on Face book Folks. Everyone at DOD and XTREME SOLUTIONS in Atlanta know this and have read as leadership Kevin Freeman’s work  in THE SECRET WEAPON the book on this topic all regulatory agencies must read and study and his sequel update GAME PLAN (telling you why no agency or congress is fixing this core problem )  a proof of how nations are firing  digital weapons at our  DIGITAL CASINO – the Bible on what is really going on out there and Kevin runs a Hedge Fund and knows as a DOD contractor how to report the hard data  on digital attacks by sovereign nations  to the three letter agencies. They know. NO one is fixing this problem made so much worse in 2018 as the digital compression of markets is becoming a death spiral without human capacity to moderate it. The digital nukes and TERMINATOR MOVIE is financial folks it is taking the teeth away from SEC when we moved our markets from paper to digital – without updating the regulatory frame work. I mean really a child gets this on line today.

This is NOT 1929.

This is so much worse a risk of system bank and investment bank total destruction. A restart for the entire world requiring a world war as is historic to get humanity out of the PAIN DRAIN spirally up with AI software and no re-regulation in sight form congress world wide:


  1. Congress in three hours before Christmas Break in the last Bill Clinton session – tore up the Depression Firewall Laws – and brought back the casino – with the best intentions – but totally wrong minded as to where we needed to go. The unintended consequences of these wrong headed laws  leave us with – they don’t want to admit they made a mistake – and the market profiting does not regulations to moderate their greed machine.
  2. This action brought us into casino capitalism which is outside SEC and global regulatory frame work of the past – a digital casino global and fully  in the cloud outside all blue sky law – where we experienced our first almost full system melt down in 2008 which cost us over 20  trillion in wealth in less than 90  days only –  and trillions in tax payer debt to save the TOO BIG TO JAIL AND FAIL – criminal investment bankers now legalized by congress in 1999. In early Feb 2018 in less than 10 days the wealth wipe out was over 6 TRILLION DOLLARS Globally. REGULATION AND SEC EMPOWERMENT would stop all the casino risk taking place and wealth wipes outs.
  3. Today the spiral of leverage -super digital  debt never seen or known before  – and speculation investing by. banks and super money pools – thinking there is RISKLESS RISK from software constructions and “betting modeling” in the new digital  casino – which is truly all software side betting the dog – against the tiny bets of the tail – real acquisition of real asset – betting – AI against AI doing the world side  bets – controls the entire velocity price manipulations and up and downs of trillions upon trillions in capital. LED crashes the markets and liquidity almost crashed the entire system ( again ) as circulation and liquidity are the risk in the new global digital casino for catastrophic outcomes due to neglect to upgrade regulatory frame works.
  4. Volatility that is unwanted in economic systems – is the reason the SEC WAS CREATED to assure fiduciary capital flow structured by legal frame work and  rule based guidance – which has been outdated by old laws for paper trading which can not adapt to digital era trading and a REGULATORY RESET is required with a massive budget increase to the SEC as America can always afford  economic SURVIVAL of the entire global economic system and insure the core system does not fail – which it may before new laws are created by neglect and the influence of greed itself.
  5. Timing the  wobbling of SUPER VOLATILITY CYCLES the market accommodates in casino capitalism as NEW NORMAL is not new normal – it is distress of the core system and liquidity – it is evidence of serious liquidity circulation core risk – that current regulations and nations lack tools and tactics to moderate.

WITHOUT A NEW SEC MANDATE and BUDGET it is my fear – much like the three blind mice of 1929 – who looked at facts and economics like we present in this blog – as crying wolf as crying THE SKY IS FALLING as trillions do not want the GREED MACHINE – that is the way we have always done it ( for only ten years ) – cement to human change or improvement that:

THE ENTIRE GLOBAL ECONOMIC SYSTEM IS AT THE MOST SERIOUS RISK SINCE 1929…. all the while profiting inside the roaring 20’s like boom right up to the free fall off the economic cliff no one ever saw at all……

The SYSTEM can freeze and fail without a recovery option from nations and institutions – in a time frame – 72 hours – never known before – within the new UNREGULATED landscape of digital casino capitalism.

The notion “some one” is on top of this is madness.

The notion some one is out front of the pace of these changes to core global markets – is denial and insane.

The notion we all are in denial upon – some ONE is protecting us – some one – surely – is on top of this – is absolutely FALSE. READ GAME PLAN and we’ll prove it to you by Kevin Freeman and why.

The LARGEST REGULATORY RE-THINK in 70 years is needed to get on top of all this and ideally by agreement of the G 100 as I outlined in the blue print in my own book to  bring  a template to RE- REGULATE the global casino – to save the system available on Amazon is  REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION.

Finally, the idea of competition is the one virus of insanity on human consciousness. Competition is a form of insanity in thought.

Cooperation is the virus removal tool.

Cultures that are cooperative out perform cultures that are competitive always.

Cooperative cultures reside on integrity as their DNA.

Competitieve cultures reside on the lack of integrity as their DNA – screw unto others before thou are screwed unto is a form of final human madness.

Competitive cultures are toxic to humanity and the planet.

Cooperative cultures are replenishing to humanity and the planet.

Competition is the first pollution – mind pollution.

Competition economics leads to total system failure and world war.

Cooperative economics leads to unlimited human prosperity within regulations that moderate competitive greed ( insanity ).

Competitive thought is criminal.

Cooperative thought is sane.

Until new laws are developed to RE-REGULATE global financial markets we can predict the future. It is not an economic happy ending –

The casino will wind up leverage until a liquidity evaporation day LED and then the entire global system will freeze – never to recover – and leadership will say as they do – woe is me – how did this every happen – when in fact they need to hear- ask not for whom that bell tolls for it tolls for thee. Your negligence caused it all. 7 Billion suffering from a few failing to repair system negligence that has gone on too long.

So less than 1,000,000 Super Wealthy, and less than 10,000 super money pools are engaged in insane competitive software AI wars to manipulate digital  casino capital market pricing – to create endless profits they believe with software and new financial structured asset inventions represent truly RISK-LESS RISK. Only that theory model is a total lie.

So that house of cards is going to fall harder than Kevin Spacey folks.

The economics of the first digital casino capital – all controlled by software for the very first time with 10,000 super money pools and their software wars controlling the larger % of all global trading activity is itself an upside down pyramid of PARTICIPATORY INDEX that itself is a disaster in economics of UNWANTED SUPER DEBT LEVERAGE AND WEALTH CONSOLIDATION AGAINST THE ENORMITY OF LEVERAGE SPECULATION AND SIDE BETTING INFLUENCING ALL PRICING TO ALL ASSET CLASSES OUTSIDE ANTIQUE REALITY FRAME WORKS OF THE PAST  -which  is a financial mansion in the world fully on fire and burning to the foundation itself without any fire escapes.

The only way to save  the entire structure is to RE- REGULATE the world market and the SEC is the only body with the brain power – leadership starting with former commissioner ROEL CAMPOS – and others – who appreciate the risk – because they helped save the financial system of the entire world in 2008.

They can RE-REGULATE if Congress will mandate them to DO JUST THAT and provide to the 2018 congress while time remains to save the core system – for SEC recommendations upon new  LEGISLATION GUIDANCE to :




It is my opinion time is running out for the elastic of old laws and rules in the new digital casino to preclude a system failure at core.

We see a wild ride for a time – with a terrific economic boom and growth – just like before 1929 – but sometime in five to seven years we will reach that final cliff within plenty of terror along the way and we do – no power on earth will put that failed system back together again – we will have to start over – and it all is so greed machine driven and not necessary. All preventable.

Today software resides over money circulations at leverage and volumes never experienced inside a digital casino evolving for profit maximization to capital not seeing the super risk being expanded.

We need to return MINDS over MONEY again and RE-REGULATION is the only way to do that task in the evolving digital spiral regulators play catch up against. System risk moderation is the desired outcome.

Presented as a PUBLIC SERVICE to the over stressed regulatory staff in all nations – to impress on law makers of the urgent  need to re-tool the regulatory frame work from 1933 to 2020- in a digital casino capitalism 2018  that needs supervision that is now a core  risk to the entire global economic system due to software freeze ups for  liquidity and circulation – due to unwanted consolidations of trading and unwanted speculation that was in 1999 a crime, but is now legal theft of the wealth of nations institutions and individuals outside all economic frame works desired. Speculative software parameters lack the coding to accommodate LED or liquidity evaporation day as a new class group of world trading – control to all market spaces. THAT IS THE CORE RISK at the moment.







Crammer gets away with what no one with a security license in our opinion, could ever hope to do. Crammer in effect benefits financially from a HIT television radio and blog show that is entertainment but lack of enforcement creates this unintended consequence:

  1. Crammer tells the audience buy this sell that – stay in the market when the President gets impeached. ( What horse crap for investors silly enough to follow this circus performer )
  2. This very old man, then knowing what he will tell his audience, trades, in proportion to the impact of his manipulation of the market.
  3. He profits up and down from his own manipulation.
  4. This was illegal once upon a time.
  5. If a licensed player did this to benefit in his own circles inside trading they would be investigated and indicted and fined.

Not Crammer. He has an immunity we frankly see as a forever GET OUT OF JAIL FREE PASS. Why do more not do it? Risk to their freedom is why. Only CRAMMER has the GET OUT OF JAIL FREE PASS.

So now  lets look at the idiot. Today with 10’s of millions reading and watching directly and indirectly world wide. Which is why I view Crammer as any investors  train derailment THE BEAT CHEAT  for investors and a CIRCUS ACT not to be taken seriously EVER.

  1. Crammer says don’t over react to the worst crash in 2017.
  2. Hold on through. Don’t sell ( I’ll sell ) you just hold . Hold.
  3. In fact hold on throw a special prosecutor and an indictment of the President no matter how much money your loosing holding while I sell and short my own positions. Check it out.
  4. Hold on  says my very  old man over 70 way over the hill circus act, as his  theory THAT ( Crammer tells us ) what if you sold Amazon during the impeachment of Clinton. Now this theory of why to hold if you check THAT OUT is past crazy and is looney bin insane for investors this week. Which is why I point out CRAMMER IS AN ENTERTAINER and as you watch his SIT COM – laugh don’t take anything seriously. ITS A CARTOON a COMEDIAN profiting from idiots who follow him like Moses.
  5. Oh I did during Clinton impeachment SELL AMAZON first instant at the HIGH OF HIGHS. At the high then or NOW. Then I bought back at the low after the enormous crash which is how smart intelligent money makes fortunes. YOU SELL HIGH and you BUY LOW. Crammer is a circus act. Hold THROUGH s pending SUPER CRASH –  SELL HIGH AND BUY LOW – which he profits from ( which was illegal ) and  why he and his tribe do just what I do…where my audience is power from hedge funds PE’s sovereign wealth regulatory agencies, and the PRESS and INVESTORS like YOU – but  without having a world wide audience of tens of millions of every day retirement plans,  following him like some Moses with Alzheimer’s? Personally I belly laugh at Crammer and fall off my sofa to the floor gripping my sides. see him through the eyes of Chairman of a global public investment banking firm with enormous numbers of STOCK BROKERS like Crammer. He’s just a stock broker with a following folks. Crammer is not an investment banker economist having run a global public brokerage firm globally. So I say to the regulatory folks – want a career maker an easy case – just investigate and indict CRAMMER which is the day the music ….DIED. Drive your agency to the levy and the laughter will stop cold.

Evidentially the SEC is no longer driving regulatory enforcement or the CFTC as Crammer is not under investigation or indicted.

My bad.

Berny Dohrmann – Telling YOU the Truth so you don’t read Crammer in the future without a giggle and a belly laugh.




When Crammer was a stock broker working to churn and burn client money – I was CEO of a public global investment banking firm with offices world wide. I thought Crammer was an idiot then. If I still owned a brokerage firm I would challenge CRAMMER to the DOHRMANN CRAMMER DEBATES four times annually to demonstrate what an entertainer misleading the public looks like.

Crammer is saying today – BOY DO WE NO WANT IPHONE 7 . I’m ordering mine this week. Crammer will short the stock on the dip and massively profit on the uptick. Manipulating markets for your own profit is like – don’t you go to jail?

Who is watching the laws on this massive RIA shit on air?

Also if the SEC where to AUDIT the billions that have been lost on Crammer wrong calls and how his tribe profits on those market manipulations the graphs would point to fines prison and restitution. Well thats MY OPINION Crammer the stock broker who is self declared expert everyone lives in fear about.

His ratings are down enough isn’t it time to CANCEL CRAMMER.

Bring back Larry King and cancel Crammer – make money folks –

Crammer on Apple is as transparent as a rock – follow the money folks and watch how the insiders play the game – while you sell on their advice they buy on their manipulation – it used to be a felony but I guess you can do it live on air globally now and the silly ones follow the advice of the grandpa out of touch – entertainer like marching to his own drum beat.

Ratings. Even his own audience is tuning out. They are too busy watching the real stuff on my blog on their IWATCH.

Good for the smart ones.

Berny Dohrmann – Wishing those CRAMMER DOHRMANN DEBATES had saved his sagging show ratings unlike Apple stock – ratings sinking like a stone into the sea…..but hey watch for CRAMMER CANCELED – soon – before the law suits and SEC investigations of who else in the inner circle is in on the scam……..pump and dump never saw a day like mass media and a show to make the laws a joke – who is regulating today anyway?


PS: I view Crammers opinion on Apple following the best APPLE KEYNOTE in years – as FRAUD to enrich his own game – and predictable Crammer on air insider pushing the line to the edge for his own tribe world. I suggest you FOLLOW THE MONEY FOLKS ….watch Apple Stock by year end and remember WE TOLD you in AN APPLE A DAY scroll below this blog – whats up and why – lets see who is right Old Crammer the stock Broker or the old Chairman CEO of the global public investment banking institution ? We’ll see – looking forward Crammer looks to me in broadcast like a GIANT LIABLITY waiting to hit the brand.




Today I just spent a speaker phone few hours – inside the Security and Exchange Commission final comments, and FINAL VOTE, 3.5 years after Congress passed the Jobs Act of 2012, which CEO SPACE lobbied so diligently with Mark Jones our advocate in Washington DC, to secure for Entrepreneurs in America. I was on speaker phone during the HISTORY in Washington DC as the final comments from the five commissioners, and the FINAL VOTE was adopted LIVE by the commissions. Very satisfying following so many years of labor. will define the new rules…go look.

The call JUST ENDED. I’m writing this minutes after SEC Director Mary Jo secured the final passing VOTE and thank you MARY JO for your comments and staff work on this major shift in regulatory direction for Entrepreneurs and job creation.


  • Crowd Funding itself – at 1,000,000 cap – in any year – is virtually DEAD UPON ARRIVAL. Why? Contrary to CONGRESSIONAL MANDATE such raises would be EXEMPT from unwarranted cost and regulatory burden the commission now defined FINRA as the regulatory contractor for Crowd Funding. What this MEANS – is cost and delays and burdens. These burdens included all CROWD FUNDING raises must be through FINRA approved and regulated PORTALS adding fee’s too great for early stage issuers to sustain. Further the portals must now assume responsibility for due diligence initially and on going – for all Crowd Funding security offerings. To offset such costs approved Portals will require FEE’s and may charge STOCK up to 30% to process Crowd Funding deals. These burdens and cost effectively KILL Crowd Funding start up rounds as congressionally intended. In effect the regulatory community REWROTE THE LAW and assumed the burden of Congress by thwarting the intent of the law – as the single dissenting ( new commissioner ) defined in his comments when voting against these new rules. He suggested litigate ventures would now be included to shy away from Crowd Funding, while the more fringe of the market would gravitate for the new format. CEO SPACE agree’s with each and every comment. FINRA in regulating Crowd Funding see’s every 1,000,000 crowd funding projects as ONE BILLION removed from THEIR TRADING ACCOUNTS in mutual funds and related and this CONFLICT of interest will in our opinion persist in placing barriers to entry, Congress never intended , so that the farmer investor in Kansas remains REQUIRED to invest in regulatory, legal, and related start up round funding, which slows versus speeds JOB creation for start up venture development. Yet the first frame work is in space and the dissenting Commission did call for CONGRESSIONAL CLARIFICATION AND ACT MODIFICATION to REBALANCE THE CURRENT NEW RULE SET. CEO SPACE the largest national Entrepreneur institution with 30 years of service in all fifty states, AGREE’s with this dissenting call for further legislation. In our opinion the cost of CROWD FUNDING effectively as FINRA desired, KILLS crowd funding in favor of the new 504 relaxed rule set…due to cost and value issues against regulatory burden and time.


  • The SEC modified rule 504 permitting intra state up to $ 5,000,000 dollar offerings, which provide a frame work for investing, that make 504 the NEW CROWD FUNDING vehicle of choice , free of unwanted regulatory cost and burden’s while protecting the investors within existing state and Federal Law. CEO SPACE believes rule 504 is now a safe harbor for CROWD FUNDING although the Congressional hope of removing cost and burdens at a regulatory level, remain substantially UNCHANGED. We applaud this rule relaxation for American investors and entrepreneurs. CROWD FUNDING is now 504 as modified, which we encourage our legal membership to embrace leading the new industry unfolding. The $ 5,000,000 CAP on 504 changes the field for entrepreneur first capital and by default becomes the least time and costly path to first capital – again in our opinion.


  • The rule sets for 506 and Reg A remain as posted and also offer substantial safe harbor and capital access for rounds of 5 million or higher, within cost frames and burdens eased to make both attractive under the new RULES. Thank you staff. Keep it going.


  • As Mary Jo pointed out this EXPERIMENT will unfold with further rule sets to accommodate experience, balancing the mandate to advance job acceleration and venture creation, against investor protections. We will monitor these unfolding frame works as they evolve for our community.


  • CROWD FUNDING now requires, cost and burdens, wherein portal fee’s stock to portal providers, and burdens of disclosure not foreseen in the congressional legal  frame work, and monitoring costs by the Portal not envisioned in the legislation providing  exemption from both, such that in our opinion CROWD FUNDING of under 1,000,000 dollars is largely in our cost to benefit review – largely KILLED by FINRA the association of Broker Dealers who monopolize security trading and by NGO agreement regulate this area at the collaboration with the Security and Exchange Commission. The dissenting commission noted the staff and FINRA had OVERSHOT congress on this regulatory new rule set at the crowd funding $ 1,000,000 down level.

What we feel is lacking, is the job creation power of small business. The restaurant owner, the shop owner, the internet business, and untold numbers of dreamers to create a small venture, that makes a living and over time may develop a resale value to return money to investors and venture owners. These are by massive percentage the job backbone. They are not emerging industries, or future M&A larger cap firms or IPO’s which constitute only a small fraction of such capital. This uncorking of capital for this backbone in our nation, has now retained a firewall of regulatory burden and cost that is preclusive to their start up in the first place,  as such fund raisers lack the entrance fee to perform even the 504 regulatory burden as a first threshold. The HOPE and the PROMISE of uncorking these dreamers to a simple, cost free, regulatory burden free, method to access capital, has been largely defeated by regulatory rewriting of congressional law, which may exceed their powers in fact. We can not predict what challenge in this area may arise but we suspect Congress will following the election of 2016 undertake to re-examine this premise and design.

With all the best intentions, it is our opinion regulatory planners well understand ventures of fifty or more employees as small cap venture space, but lack virtually any capacity to appreciate the issue and valuation impact of ventures with five or less employee’s and their special needs, consisting the majority of the VENTURE JOB CREATION SPACE by massive % and future JOB CREATION for our nation. This lack of demographic and special consideration for those base line job creators remains the tension between desire to protect public interest and the SELF RELIANT “free market” of removing BURDEN AND COST to enter the Entrepreneur age – the age within which we live. We hope the awareness for this massive huge % of capital needs requirement becomes more well understood. We will continue our labors to educate in that regard.

Early capital is not to develop the business – as foundation rounds are required to create PROOF OF CONCEPT VALIDITY when moving from concept to market – as such pre launch development rounds work to  typically require more than $ 1,000,000 dollars to advance proof of concept and brand acceptance in any market. The First burden free capital formation must  ideally be a rule set to establish a business concept to market as a pure PROOF of CONCEPT to a point the venture owner can afford the next step of 504, 506, or Regulation A regulatory burden to expand the now proven models – and access to larger expansion funds to develop BRANDS into the markets more fully, itself a huge capital consumption in a digital market space. The lack of DEVELOPMENT ROUND FUNDING – that first million – for millions of our smallest ventures represent the DREAMERS NOW LEFT BEHIND by todays staff vote. They must have resources to complete 504 rounds to begin concept to market proofs in any reasonable time line. Those that lack such entry are dreamers PRECLUDED by regulatory over sight to time and money costly to under take. In our opinion and experience.

As experience and education arrive to the regulatory community a coming together of these perspectives, moderating unwanted natural conflicts of interest say with FINRA and their internal auspices and the market at large, may yet occur. This first step is gigantic and we applaud the Commission in executing before the Holiday’s the new RULE SET. It is far from “nothing” but it remains oceans away from CONGRESSIONAL INTENTION under the Jobs Act.

Berny Dohrmann


PS: CEO SPACE will teach the new rules in our advanced three day capital class ( free ) to our members On Dec 11th – with security law firms participating in this first ever training on the newly passed rule sets – the master skill for entrepreneur CEO’s today.