I’m going to summarize half a decade of economic blog data here, that seeks to alert China leadership TIME as a healing asset to their own economic Super Debt Bubble, is running out completely. We join the IMF in noting that China strategic plan resides on assumptions that are inside core economics, prove to be unsound. The two reasons data China relies on in planning are false, has to do with globalization they lead, but fail to understand economically, and failure to appreciate all their educated advisers are OLD ECONOMISTS educated in the 2005 period or before like a conveyor belt to market place from ivy league Universities world wide. My favorite absolute failure to appreciate anything about what really works in FREE MARKETS that GLOBALIZE “or” the beginning of any theory for entirely NEW ECONOMICS – The DIGITAL GLOBAL MARKET PLACE.

Central Banks support Milton Friedman ( I’m not sure he is dead and stake in his worshiped WRONG THEORY ECONOMICS OF THE PAST  heart might make sure – followers of old Milton read Naomi Kliens SHOCK DOCTRINE on just how wrong minded MILTON failed THEORY’s are and just how destructive to nations ) are both wrong theory and unaccommodating theory to the largest wealth shift in human history EVER. No one see’s the rising risk so we will point it out to you all on election day.

We are writing to you all with great respect for positions you hold today. Political entrainment we never report on only economics. . We now see 5.2 BILLION DOLLARS as a digital election industry, that’s also new in politics itself now AI driven, with 3 billion US dollars spent pushing hate Trump with endless reasons WHY all super ( as you know ) saturating news what saturates news economically, all election focus on hate Trump. The haters are to a lesser degree facing future economic outcomes ( disasters )  the haters attempt to dilute with their vastly higher money to derail Trump power to diminish Trump in the world theater. The OLD STATE and a REFORM STATE model at full on economic civil war. Your brains are the battle field for ownership. I’ve said moving forward we can economically not politically afford electing a President in this complex DIGITAL ECONOMIC SPACE and fail to elect that party in control of a working congress. Congress dysfunction has led in part to this crises brewing below – and the new model to work out of crises I believe is whichever party you elect to lead elect the congress to work – no more voting party any longer vote as you chose but vote congress in for that leader too. Make CONGRESS WORK so we have time to work out of looming economic system destruction. A new way to think about elections economically if we all voted our wallets and we had the right and full information. VOTERS WHO ARE INFORMED SUSTAIN DEMOCRACIES and DEMOCRACIES ARE LOST WHEN 5.2 billon mis informs voters in my view of the new ECONOMICS today.

I no longer watch electronic media save for shows I select on line for hard data. I CLICK to RESEARCH and get data raw – chart in our own software and compare to other team conclusions traveling on stage with the leading advisers to Fortune firms and the leaders of state. Together we form consensus. No one on our team cares a whit about personality or the war in politics. We care about economics and economic outcomes. When POLITICS RUNS ECONOMICS we end with system melt down as we are going to do once again but not now and not yet. When ECONOMICS RUNS POLITICS we have periods of long expansion and growth.The normal state of healthy economies is growth. Only outside economic abuse of that natural state ( unregulated it rises up fast due to greed ) and only appropriate fully current regulatory frame works can assure longer term stability in complex global systems.

The natural state of economics is GROWTH. Australia has not had a recession in 27 years. Boom bust events are induced by political theater at the Fed generally. Make no mistake the FED is guided by old BRAIN ECONOMISTS doing the very best they know how to do – which will lead us to repeat Fed backward looking history in economic current account realities – as they simply error on time itself first and foremost. The data they use lacks fullness to the ECONOMIC SUPER CHANGE and no longer is in fact accurate. SO we are steering blind. THERE IS NO URGENCY TO NORMALIZE INTEREST RATES. We can do so far more gradually and we should Now let me tell YOU WHY it is all China today. The end of the world. Perhaps as no one cares you might care as THE EVENT we have reported about here all the billionaires are investing to survive – is coming. WHY is up for debate.



In 2007 the world financial markets changed forever. For the first time the weight of trading by percentage still not yet 50% of all trading had become digital. All digital markets had been hacked and the trillions of wealth stolen, in cash and in IP globally, is new. Nations could catch the leaders in weapons, space, industry, weapons, anything and everything, by stealing their software. While old economist brains were working on old economic models and the USA the engine of the entire world – with boom go go years into 2007 and the crash that followed.

At that time an axis of evil tested a digital weapon on western markets. The weapon massively had bought short positions globally within an alliance of profit making nations in on the test of the new asymmetrical warfare – all detailed in hard data by Department of Defense contracting consultant hedge fund manager best selling author and CEO SPACE FACULTY – Author Kevin Freemans THE SECRET WEAPON. The head of counter terrorism states in Kevin’s book that Kevin’s book now defines what KEEPS HIM UP AT NIGHT Protecting all of us. Voters have zero clue on the threat. It is economics.

No can win in a war with the USA in all ways of looking at it including total nuclear war the USA is the best place to BE no where else will survive as well and no one wins such wars no one. NO ONE CAN DEFEAT THE USA militarily. Defeating the WEST IN ASYMETRICAL ( DIGITAL WARFARE ) was possible until Phylis Newhouse of created the DOD CYBER WARFARE COMMAND CENTER now catching UP in 2019 and moving back into the lead on CYBER WARFARE going on full blast right now. The tools for the warfare came from Putin where he lost all control when China and North Korea and Iran weaponized these new digital weapons. The subject of which is too vast a data pool outside Kevin Freemans documentation – read the books including GAME PLAN where Kevin defines nations have NONE. ZERO. And Why. So while China has used restraints others have been told – use these weapons on our markets again and we will nuke you off the earth in 30 minutes. So that message IS out today where it needs to fall and you are seeing the real part of why things are moving as they are. It is a ballet to get into cooperation versus competition and to reach NO NATION LEFT BEHIND in a new post World War III Digital asymmetrical warfare where Trade wars lead to digital peace agreements never required in global economics before in history.

So that’s NEW to YOU. Never happened before and its the highest risk to world order – digital weaponized economic disrupters DWED. Wed is the fear and we are no where NEAR defending against DWED technology today. D-Wed is the face of the enemy today. Hacking the world’s IP – every nation for themselves – no rule of law in the great DIGITAL DIVIDE which IS evolving faster than regulation frame works an imagine the problems to regulate. See all social as examples.

The world has changed forever. Economic markets are now entangled in ways that elevates SYSTEMIC RISK to levels unseen by all brains educated in OLD ECONOMICS that apply to driving like the Stanley Steamer operator pre heat and start up instruction manuals for the driver of Henry Fords key started internal combustion engine. Economists can not see the risk and do not recognize the SUPER CHANGE SPEEDS ( the title of my new book coming out in 2019 from major publishers ) that CREATED THE NEW ECONOMY – as their OLD BRAIN ECONOMICS are policy errors in sequence with out comes their OLD ECONOMIC NOW OBSOLETE ECONOMIC THEORIES blind them into paradigms that will not and can not shift.

If mentor John Nash from Princeton were still residing his ability to pattern shift new economic theory from competitive false math modeling into cooperative math modeling which NOW APPLY would give us some speed for NEW THEORY ADOPTION at a top spot. John Schiller thank God is seeing the NEW THEORY UNFOLD and frankly I’d like to assist him in publishing up on NEW ECONOMIC THEORY TO RE REGULATE AND OUT OF CONTROL UNREGULATED LIKE 1900 – FINANCIAL INDUSTRY AND MARKET NOW MATURE AND GLOBAL FULLY BUT DIGITAL OVER 90% IN TRADING PRICE MANIPULATION.

80% of the advice pouring into nations and sovereign wealth funds is from OLD BRAIN ECONOMICS ( experts that are not obsolete as a DOTTO BIRD ). Leaders rely on the old modeling as if it was gospel. Mostly from dead and buried Milton Friedman whose theory won a Nobel Prize and was proven SO WRONG in 2007 taking us just where in NEW ECONOMICS we did not “risk” going – but “went” – because old brains see old models.



I’m going to leave Jargon hind and attempt to display the PROBLEM in summary of my past five years publishing hard data on these cause items but laying it out so the simplest reader can follow the NEW ECONOMICS.

1. Super Money Pools following their first experiment in using digital to manufacture a model that had risk less risk – which is always a sin in all economics. Risk and Reward are linked and may never be unlinked. In this post crash effort from 2015 to today over 90% of all trades have now moved from human managed money from the modern system the Italian Banking and French evolved 1000 years ago until today – human old economics on money.

2. Regulations: Were formed to manage humans managing money. These laws and regulations were old theory models the NEW DIGITAL WAR LORDS knew were bypassed like open heart surgery so the money flows in the DIGITAL CLOUD the wild Wild West of under regulated economics.

3. Regulations no longer work. The largest banks the leading brand banks have all pled guilty to criminal charges stealing billions in the new Digital Space. Berny Medoff stole a snickers at a 7/11 store by comparison ( scape goat ) . The real cooks never went to jail – paid a very small profitable fine and outside runs out of criminal bank in Germany and Wells Fargo in America.

 and and Wells Fargo only the public is really punishing the banks – by moving. Regulations fail today. Know that is true in economics and the criminals who did it all are still present rewarded with wealth and bonus fee’s too great to imagine giving us first underside outcomes of the new SUPER CHANGE to the entire world order since World War II now largely completed without any SEC like DOD upgrade in budget by enormous sums to REFRAME THE DIGITAL ECONOMIC Landscape to NEW ECONOMIC THEORIES THAT ARE EVOLVING TOO FAST FOR REGULATORY OLD BRAINS TO STEP IN FRONT OF.

In Summary. A new economic theory is evolving with AI digital controlling now 90% of capital flows over 440 trillion dollars of settlements for all global VAM and VAM was not even a factor of liquidity risk or leveraging risk taking that the new economic is built upon. The rising risk revolves around the LARGEST SUPER DEBT BUBBLE IN THE HISTORY OF MAN KIND WITH WEAPONS THAN CAN PUSH US ALL BACK TO THE Stone Age AND MAKE THE PLANET VIRTUALLY UNINHABITABLE FOR “US” AT ALL. Imagine the heat index rising of an all out Nuclear war with fragile environmental’s today failing to accommodate in ECONOMIC THEORY the RISKS of:

1. Digital Theft now rising to ten trillion in wealth to digital thieves many of whom are sovereign nations actings as economic pirates in the new unregulated DIGITAL ECONOMY. The New DWEB has evolved too fast for old brains to begin to in looking only BACKWARD at obsolete theory charts – see the risk and danger or yet imagine the process or mechanics IN NEW ECONOMIC THEORY THE WORLD DESPERATELY NEEDS – to overcome the economic loss factors piling ever upward – sapping economic productivity from 7 billion who can reside in food security health security and shelter security if the BOX TOP RULES FOR THE NEW ECONOMICS Began to take form. Time is simply going to take over and we all lose. I’ll tell you why. How. When.

2. Unwanted consolidation of wealth. Today 1.5 million super money pools in 2007 are less than 10,000 Super Money Pools in 2018. That number is shrinking at the fastest pace through TOO BIG TO JAIL across the economic landscape. NEW BRAINS ARE ENTERING THE FIELD like Jeff Bezo’s planning forward and may bring back some sanity with their modeling but as AI is at war with AI for the profit making in the shortest time and now with RISK LESS RISK ( an economic failed theory modeling tool – as outcome desired always ) in fact the old brains making the new market lack a new ECONOMIC THEORY to govern and control the markets of tomorrow. The old central bank model is totally obsolete and broken. As leaders world wide are only receiving old Brain data and input their decisions simply fail when applied into the NEW ECONOMIC MODEL as so many have seen with punishing flow dynamics of capital to their nations which brings us to the DOOMSDAY TRIGGER – CHINA.



My father was one of the first into mainland China after the Korean War with Chairman and revolution wrapping up. China wanted the manufacturing support China was getting but their animosity with Japan was so great they wanted Dr. Demming’s collaborator but not him. So my father consulted. We grew up with families from Main Land China playing with sticks drawing out games, their teaching us all about China history and culture as they learned English but before when they spoke only Mandarin we did what children do best – we loved each other and had so much FUN.

My long history in China includes advising China business leaders over decades. Some have attended CEO SPACE some speaking English others with interrupters – all so grateful. When I write harshly about China I write about not XI who I think is the most inspired leader in China since the Revolution itself – they are so lucky to have pure genius with humanitarian visions for his people over a long span of forward history. Still I write about the OLD BRAIN ECONOMISTS who are absolutely SURE their THEORY and OUTCOMES ARE WORKING and will work. Their ability to understand the new digital economy they helped foster is restricted from the SUPER CHANGE itself. The Change was so fast to the core system that today only NEW ECONOMISTS NEW BRAINS can begin writing the GPS for how to navigate the SUPER CHANGING ( at this very minute ) Market  Space.

Carry it forward to President Putin stating – the nation who controls AI will control the world……he implied that would not be the West.

New Economists brains in my call to action need to FOCUS ON CHINA. As the DOOMS DAY RISK TO THE WORLD ORDER In 2019 2020. Why.


China is a miracle. Countless millions have moved from poverty to middle class IN TIME FRAMES unlike any in human history. Itself a NEW ECONOMIC THEORY not socialism exactly nor corrupt competitive capitalism but more toward a future of COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM. It’s leaders are trying to find the way forward and as the rip tide of the old economic theory became utterly a risk elevator and no longer works at all in the NEW DIGITAL DWEB ECONOMY the only thing taking place for sure is RISK.

The Economics work like this:

The Nation is central planning governed using OLD ECONOMIC ( western trained brains primarily ) Theory charts data to plan forward in TIME. The asset in the new DIGITAL ECONOMY IS TIME used differently than any prior economic theory would permit. As no leadership including the USA is being advised by NEW ECONOMISTS with evolving NEW ECONOMIC THEORY FOR THE DWEB we have a vacuum in the rip tide. This economic rip tide creates economic systemic abuse. All Economic abuse must work through the system to ultimate balance all accounts. This rule never changes not in NEW OR OLD ECONOMIC THEORY.

System abuse is most pronounced in China. Why? How?

  1. China planners ran into an economic theory ceiling two decades ago. With the first ASIAN CRISES OF ECONOMICS that Frankly Japan with its very OLD BRAIN ECONOMIC PLANNERS has not recovered fully from in twenty years now. Just one OLD BRAIN error caused system abuse to moderate to balance. De-leveraging.

  2. China woke up to the axiom the only stable way forward is developing massive ENTREPRENEUR CLASS in any nation to support predictable rising CONSUMPTION to drive tax base and rising state revenues. Import Export only leads to huge cycles in BOOM BUST ECONOMICS and China now is at risk for that as it is stuck in transition. Time is the issue.

  3. China to propel growth numbers only the central planner old brains now how much real error is presented in those state numbers – we suspect a great deal of economic abuse lives in less than fully transparent real time reporting required in the new DIGITAL ECONOMICS. Which is why NEW BRAIN TRUMP proposed a bi annual 180 day public reporting window as real time digital information is enough where finally public institutions reporting can make really Long Term Decisions versus forced by reporting rules from the pony express days trap wealth into decision making that is OLD ECONOMIC THEORY unable to control of influence NEW ECONOMIC DWEB Markets.

  4. China is now surrounded by SUPER WEALTH CONSOLIDATION IN NATION old brain’s failed to see rising up and the rise is accelerating and this wealth is moving into the NEW DWEB ECONOMICS outside central planner control. They have in fact lost control but the world has not yet learned how dire this is for all the rest of us. Speculation from consolidated wealth manipulates prices that is a market abuse of economics at core ( price controls on all asset classes by less than 10,000 SUPER MONEY POOLS playing this game in casino capitalism the first age of DEWEB without regulation in the global system to moderate RISK. Central Planners now war with the NEW CLASS to define how they move forward. It is OLD BRAINS in charge and NEW BRAINS are wherever possible marginalized accept for the SUPER MONEY Pools investing 100’s of billions in the AI WARS creating the new GREED BASED every nation in it for themselves against every other nation ( which fails in the new economics of COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM ) going through labor pains right NOW as to timing. Meanwhile speculations including sovereign wealth funds under the BEST AI doing the speculation are making ungodly profits. With OPEC an abuse of economic pricing for oil – Chevron one of the largest oil institution on earth had a NEW ECONOMY EVENT. They made over 100% this year at the manipulated pricing over the last year – up 2 billion a quarter in PROFITS ALONE to 4 BILLION from 2 a year ago – speculation works folks for year end bonus and outcomes for a SHORT DAMN TIME.

  5. China’s rapid move from the Asian Crises forward was built on SUPER DEBT. The largest SUPER DEBT BUBBLE in economic history ever. This is a system abuse. A nation economically can not borrow 300% more than it makes ( lending bad loans to nations least able to repay already borrowed money ) and fail to risk. Decades of accumulated RISK inside this NEW ECONOMIC now largely digitally managed DEBT SUPER BUBBLE is the single largest risk to the world in all of human history back to the Medici’s who founded modern fractional banking with rules that no longer apply at all – but they are the rules being used by OLD ECONOMIC BRAINS who can’t see the shift fully enough to give up obsolesce and re-tool for all of us.

  6. China states it is trying to reduce debt. Four times this year they reduced the margins of loan reserves in their financial institutions so they could lose more as the Trade War is sinking China. The problem is NEW ECONOMICS. Under the OLD ECONOMICS the old brains predict outcomes. Their math models are wrong. In the NEW DWEB ECONOMICS OF DIGITAL CAPITALISM ( new in five years folks ) runs on nation with capital occur in TIME at all levels one can imagine by AI. the punishment of runs on nations or ( Italian banks ) are faster then OLD BRAIN ECONOMIC REGULATIONS can predict influence or control leaving the world in a higher risk. Lacking regulatory frame words for DWEB ECONOMICS Super Changing even while you read. Everyone in GREED FESTS to maximize profits against the other AI and to reduce risk ( the best intentions but with the wrong economic theory as the old charts and the old thinking will destroy us all ).

  7. 2019 China debt is soaring and compounding. Any system whole can trigger a massive CHINA DEFAULT to what we NEW BRAIN ECONOMISTS suggest in DIGITAL CAPITALISM raises the new risk of DEBT GLOBAL CASCADE far more destructive than contagion in markets known by OLD ECONOMIC BRAINS. They do not see the RISK itself sufficiently – its trigger points which we are approaching and I’ll tell you that why as well – nor do they understand any management for SUPER CHANGE evolving digital trading that is the wild Wild West in new ECONOMIC THEORY the huge risk taking place today – obsolete models in a new modeled Digital Capitalism. No safety net can keep you in the car on this roller coaster when decades of credit system abuse at CORE unfold to crises. The SPEED the TIME to liquidity evaporation in the system we all LIQUIDITY EVAPORATION DAY is beyond any known historic condition as to the destruction of the old system and the outcomes to recover from a GLOBAL ECONOMIC DEPRESSIVE DESTRUCTION THE ENTIRE WORLD NEVER HAS KNOWN BEFORE. NEW BRAINS alone understand the TIME asset value to the evolution of the NEW ECONOMICS where say the FED does not and the IMF is starting too.


So what IS going on out there in Digital Casino Capitalism none of us in the hair raising on our necks – all of you – just KNOW something is NOT RIGHT. This IS THE PROBLEM as the debt twenty years mature is just piling up in China behind new debt setting records very year.


What is the tipping point to risk a system DOOMS DAY and destruction where we all think and believe ( those old Brian THEY will get us through anything ). That belief is simply not true in economics. As history well shows us.

The risk is TIME. It will take TIME to work out this debt super bubble. The risk today to tip us into DOOMS DAY no one can control globally at all is higher than any time in our earth walk as human beings together. One would think these principles can be understood in time. I spent ten years writing a solution for world governments entitled REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION which outlines HOW precisely for the G 100 to initiate a NEW REGULATORY FRAME WORK for the NEW DWEB ECONOMY SPIRAL compressing wealth consolidation – moving tax revenues away from nations – and wasting untold economic resource through digital theft ( we have not even begun to see the AI Thefts about to hit us all ) – unwanted system price manipulation within rampant unconscionable speculations no properly regulated system desires, and within DARK POOLS and Shadow banking the world has lost control. Without time we can’t execute the steps REDEMPTION still to my knowledge the only outline in the world for how to FIX THE ACTUAL NEW ECONOMIC PROBLEM at its core. I hope Universities will publish far better than my lay men call to action to heads of state where my book circulates today. Amazon has it buy your own copy be armed with how to get through yourself.


The terrible triggers are fired by old brains with old charts failing to see pure risk. And the timing of that risk taking. The perfect storm for triggers would include all factors working at once. Undesired. But in fact that perfect storm is here:

1. Following a new digital crises from the first digital attack ( asymmetric warfare on nations ) nations printed 100’s of trillions in currency to work out bad bets by financial institutions in the largest wealth transfer of nations and tax payers to private institutions known to man kind to save the system under attack. The cause of the crises has not been regulated out or fixed at all. All the same risk taking including real estate structured assets into risk less risk is taking place as bogus economics by OLD BRAINS doing by the way …the very best they know how. They are doing THEIR BEST. Their best has increased the risk without their knowing it. Core issue they did these entirely new economic experiment with NO NEW BRAIN concept the markets had SUPER CHANGED. Today the markets in a blink went from old rule based trading – to the CLOUD AI trading at speeds that are still beyond planners to get in front of. No THEY is protecting us. Old Brains can not protect us. So nation went into the largest debts of their history and are still struggling. The Deflation of de-leverging – was incomplete and far too limited in scope to contain the explosion of SUPER DEBT BUBBLE. The world is spiraling up SUPER DEBT BUBBLES. 100’s of trillions – that is accurate in the EU and world wide and in China are bad debts never to be repaid. These bad debts reside on financial institution unregulated in the NEW ECONOMY ( exempt from fair market accounting to engage criminal accounting ) so that the abuse – must rebalance – and WHEN is the WHY and the HOW. What might trigger in this China experiment in SUPER DEBT DRIVEN ECONOMICS ? Old Brians have charts and graphs that fail as they did in 2007 – 100% of them – had zero charts for down turns in real estate valuations that were large more than half a home price and fast and long lasting not fully back in 50% of the USA alone for example ). If China has a massive destructive crash the predictions leaders are using are a pile of hot flames in the cold winter night. If I’m right. Old Brains believe I’m wrong.

2. The Federal Reserve Board fun entirely by OLD BRAINS in fact, fail to see the TIME pace of raising interest rates in the NEW ECONOMY is unlike the old. This pace as 7 trillion of debts as with China due in the near term all zero interest in effect FREE MONEY LOANS during the period of the GREAT ACCOMMODATION to save your global financial system from total destruction ( it was so much closer than you realize ) in 2007.

3. The second consequence of trying to finance 7 trillion of free money into interest rates 100x greater than 18 months ago from Fed way too rapid tipping point interest raising is – the second tipping point. The US Dollar IS the world reserve currency in which all large trades between nations must be made. What this does FOR America is so vast that it would take time to discuss its VALUE and its potential loss which NEW BRAINS are concerned about with mis steps by OLD BRAINS on policy in the new DEWEB economy. The US dollar is soaring in value at values that hurt 200 nations in trade who must now acquire higher and higher cost dollar reserves required to pay their bills – with I might say remains the most manageable debtor nation on earth today by FAR – but – that cost is a pincher to nations and prosperity now moving into a SOARING OVER TIME FRAMES THAT ARE NOT SUSTAINABLE to refinance the global debt super bubble and to in many cases do so with DOLLARS also at the SAME TIME soaring in value. This exceeds the charts and graphs old Brians used and it creates a DEFAULT GLOBAL CASCADE AND LED DAY in the new DEWEB ECONOMY Warren Buffets teams – obsolete even with his fantastic profits just reported – fail to see as risk to everything they own in fact. That wealth is at RISK to be wiped out in time frames the world has no tools to adjust to…it will simply be TOO FAST.

TRADE WARS: Trade wars with more moderate FED POLICY are in the favor of the entire world. Trade WAR today is tipping CHINA and its SUPER DEBT BUBBLE into a perfect storm. All because of the NEW ECONOMY no one understands today. The NEW ECONOMY is re-tooling investment in China holding up on trillions – taking money out – moving to new manufacturing and not intending to go back. China is in a complete run on the nation – a flight of capital. Its stock markets have crashed but the real super crash lies ahead yet. The problem is tipping China wealth to default on debt which will be the start of the SUPER CRASH and Systemic total destruction from DWEB no one even understood and probably no one will be held accountable.


Trillions of real wealth where wiped out in election tampering with markets using weaponized DIGITAL AI SOFTWARE for the first time as cloaking to the actual source money destabilizing markets. Knowing the attack was coming enemies can make fortunes in the trades while the attack is going on. I told my readers. Destabilize our largest markets ? Why NOW days from our election? Who wishes that advantage and why? Who gains who loses? Think about that. In the NEW ECONOMICS this is not Facebook the straw enemy of no matter whatsoever – this is THE A GAME and its for BIG STAKES.

Rest assured the three letter hard working Americans have NEW BRAINS and they are aware of each attack. The tools to win in Digital warfare are all AI and are evolving so fast. Each person reviews their defense and weapons upon each successive attack. WORLD WAR III started in 2007 you just did not understand that. If you read Kevin Freeman’s books you would. The DOD understands it. The CIA understands it. MI 6 Understands it. The Mossad understands it. We do things to them. They do things to us. Most with no press. We lost the first battles up to right now. We are starting to gain momentum in winning. We are winning in offensive digital weapons. They are winning in offensive digital weapons back upon us. Both our defenses are when framed in violated with just one new AI SUPER CHANGED and we are reactive to attack once again. Some report that the capacity to take out America power, communication and transportation without firing one weapon is DIGITAL TODAY and in fact in place. Would if such danger was in place behind the counter dealings be different than you suspect. Given the powers that play this dangerous escalating digital warfare game have no box top rules for such weapons being crimes against humanity. Just that basic G 100 new RULE from the process my work REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION Outlines as to HOW TO FIX ALL THIS Before – what – before it becomes too late. Old brains think they can win. New weapons of 20 minutes to take out 500 cities in any nation – are here but do we want them do we require them. Why not save all of humanity and celebrate our differences rather than punish them as a NEW BRAIN MIND SET. Cooperation saves us. Competition damns us to old brain thought patterns and total absolute doomsday. Faster than you think. WHEN DOES THE DIGITAL WARFARE GOING ON BETWEEN NATIONS – Putin poisons ex spy’s in UK – and all we see and read reach a point where a SHOOTING WAR BREAKS OUT and with all these weapons. So lets think it forward.

The new economy is unfolding UNSUSTAINABLE economic debt super bubbles, unsustainable speculations and price manipulations as system core abuse, and now with unsustainable shrinkage of SUPER MONEY POOLS 100% controlled by evolving AI as a new life form coming between now and 2020 or shortly thereafter – here now but being groomed – for defense first and us second – in that order. But economic AI may pass them all and controls all the flow of capital world wide. No one has to nuke us they can remove the economic system.

When all currencies crash, when all banks are closed, when all institutions are closed – there is no trading – all economics are gone and new economics must be born – how does it work. If in 72 hours the system blows up no toilet paper gets delivered to LA at all. Food stocks are two weeks normally and if panic two days. No new food will be delivered. Water will stop flowing. Then what do 300 million weapons in just America do and how fast? Do you think the nation can control the SPEED of the new economics. Other nations facing riots and upheavals who goes to war ? How many? How fast? Can old brain planners plan for THAT world post destruction of the old system.


Economics the system that is the prosperity of the world as it is today is at high risk never known before. The new economics will become DEBT STRESSED outside OLD BRAIN PLANNER MODELS or capacity to cope with narrow tolerates of TIME applications required over time lines to:

1. Globally establish a G 100 reframe to fully global regulations that are in integrity and designed so NO NATION IS LEFT BEHIND.

2. Sovereign Nation Debt and new infrastructure nations including the US must acquire – resolves within a new class of BOND known as SUPER BONDS itself too large a concept to present here. See Former SEC Commissioner senior partner at venerable Hughes and Hubbard as sovereign nations exploring SUPER BOND solutions and use my name as consultant to the way forward. Time resolves the issue now facing us as TIME TO EXECUTE is running out.

4. The Fed old brains regard the unrealistic new economic risk of inflation and what they wrongly conclude is a super heating economy which it is not – rely on antique data pools to make decisions inside an economic system that is gone. Morphed to DWEB that old brains can’t get their arms around is not an ADJUSTMENT TO ECONOMIC THEORY but rather is a NEW PLATFORM OF ECONOMICS Nations not investment bankers ( my tribe writing to you as head of a former public global investment banking institution ) – should create. NATIONS NEED TO CREATE NEW BOX TOP RULES and the very process of doing so extends TIME. The Fed is constricting time by raising interest rate and dollar prices inside trade war TO FAST for accommodations of STABILITY is worried about tool box items that truly are insufficient. The risk to system core stability the FED is taking today is the ONE SUPER RISK TO A FATAL TIPPING POINT beyond 2020. Remember I made this prediction please as since 1988 I’ve been more right than wrong. My long term readers so well know this truth from our work and research as a pure opinion in public service.

5. American’s vote today. 5.2 billion was invested ( think of jobs and economics on the new economy of an industry of only mid year elections setting all time records for billions upon billions to brain wash voters to where that money ( 10% from small little voters and 90% you will never ever known at all ). If the Trump Team ( speaking economically not politically ) is WEAKENED at this time – the voice crying out for more moderate FED rate destruction to the core system falls on deaf ears and Congress goes to GRID LOCK and ceases to work. Trump haters not understanding the economic single ISSUE our system survival and evolution into the NEW COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM in rip tide with the old competitive socialism capitalism models – may shoot themselves in the foot without knowing they took the shot at all. If TRUMP surprises and is strengthened it becomes can a FED DEAL on new economics be fashioned. IT is hard with OLD BRAINS Because they know they are RIGHT and they are not OPEN to where the options they most need to consider are not in the equation for success for everyone. THERE IS IN MY OPINION No danger of super heated America – inflation – or rational to not normalize just a little slower to allow TIME to heal the tipping point being stressed today.

Jamie Diamond and tribe fail to appreciate the core risk until the AI Digital Economy reforms with global regulatory frame works they all need to help us create to secure a new economics that leaves no nation behind. For the first time in human history we could achieve that re-tooling with our digital friends. Or not so much…….

A trade deal with China would extend time for all of us and can not occur fast enough. How do you see that if Trump is weakened tomorrow? Strengthened tomorrow? In your wallet now understand all this?


Democracy falls when the voters are not fully informed. Today as they vote they are misled by 5.2 billion dollars invested at 200 dollars a day for the side wishing to weaken Trump and they themselves all so well intended and true – I love my American PEOPLE and I TRUST THEM – just lack the truth. So my fear is that mis-informed voters weaken Trump moving forward emboldening FED rate rising and the tipping point in CHINA is crossed. This will come to pass.

If they only KNEW they might vote their wallets for all our prosperity but this blog reaches more than I ever intended globally – but far from millions to be a voice in the USA. CEO SPACE is not political we represent leaders of small business in 147 nations from every possible faith and political perspective – all of which we include because CEO SPACE Is ground zero for thirty years for law makers and heads of nations and corporations interests IN COOPERATIVE WORK PLACE SYSTEMS and models and the new COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM we practice between thriving companies cooperating with zero competition in those CEO leaders thinking. Yet to small to influence 5.2 billon spent to manipulate your vote.

The dice are rolling. TIME is passing as opportunity is missed. I trust AMERICA and I trust YOU.

Berny Dohrmann – That is the DOOMSDAY ECONOMIC reality of our current age

PS: Oh no matter outcomes in the USA election we will all muddle through to 2020 and I”ll keep you posted on the EVENT …still a long way out and all without prediction because today in the NEW ECONOMY one AI is going to surpass all others at a CONSOLIDATION TIPPING POINT which itself is another unsustainable unwanted event to which humanity has no controls on the experiment – no new box top regulatory rules that work – and lacks prediction or even influence as nations have lost control to Super Money Digital Market making and trade settlement and DIGITAL LEVERAGE to which a happy fairy tale ending remains very unlikely in the extreme. SO MAY THE GREED GO FORTH AND PROSPER.



So the market Flashed Crashed Downward in:

  1. January 2018
  2. March 2018
  3. Oct 2018

Boys and Girls why? Let me tell YOU WHY. In this phony baloney global greed fest, two things are new. The lake of liquid available stocks are PRICE MANIPULATED due to lack of modernizing global G 100 coordinated regulatory frame works you have heard me harp about here for ten years and to which I wrote the solution in my work Redemption the COOPERATION REVOLUTION as a blue print for regulator officials world wide. Kevin Freeman a hedge fund manager wrote how dire the future actually looks in GAME PLAN tell you all to create your own GAME PLAN as your nations in the G 100 have no game plan at all. So if you think “THEY” have a clue – your wrong. THEY DON’T !


This is the WHY folks subscribe ( free ) to my blog in rising numbers most blogs never experience. In many nations my blog is ranked as a MEDIA RESOURCE Site. So WHY what is the WHY. Here is the WHY folks:

  1. Black Out Dates. The tax reform failed. Large corporations have not made the investments into jobs, economics, growth and plants that would underwrite the future we all want. This is democrat and republican corporations. The down turns correspond to the DAY that Corporations can not PLAY in time frames close to their reporting dates. They can’t BUY BACK STOCK in those BLACK OUT PERIODS the exact dates of these big down turns.
  2. So the LIQUIDITY and the PRICE of the markets is driven by STOCK BUY BACKS. These buy backs reduce the lake of stocks in any company, and they reduce liquify and raise prices.
  3. BUY BACKS setting records just like the markets since 2009 – engineer stock prices – in a phony casino capitalism where the insiders doing the engineering flatten out volatility in their stocks and make their own bonus and stock gains by stock manipulation once a crime but not casino capitalism is legal – thank you congress. Big mistake.
  4. This year another record stock buy back occurs. Over 1 TRILLION DOLLARS In this year alone in stock buy backs manipulating share price at phony baloney levels. Your playing on the dealer table in casino capitalism within a SUPER DEBT BUBBLE of leveraged margin trading with AI ETF pools making the high velocity trades following all this with their AI information you lack.
  5. Since 2009 and the Super Crash stock buy backs have exceeded 4.3 trillion dollars capital that went no where into plant, jobs, new ventures, industries, infrastructure, the wall, or anything. This money went into CASINO CAPITALISM MANIPULATIONS OF SHARE PRICES TO A Mount Everest Record valuation level making elites who are fantastically wealthy, even more fantastically wealthy.

The majority of this wealth is leveraged into investing to assure wealth transfer in what the elites refer to world wide as THE EVENT. The Event is the collapse of the world order due to over leverage and a destruction even at vastly reduced levels of stock into the market, 4.3 trillion is staggering capital more than GNP of most nations, that was applied legally to manipulate share prices in the casino – and this lower level of lake to shares in the market is still not precluding crashes. When the BLACK OUT DATES to inside buy back and manipulate share prices occurs as it did precisely in the DOWN TURN IN OCTOBER the reason for the crash is that the buy backs up holding share price under laws had a QUIET PERIOD all the folks at the top of the system know, which is WHY they have no panic.

When can all share buy backs in the trillion dollars this year in the USA alone occur?

Oh…that would be MONDAY.

So flowing into the election you have a) forces wishing to manipulate the election as this blog alone has reported to you as a DUHHHHH and b) share buy backs were in a quiet period last week and Monday they come back into the market buying in this dip massively. AI will see to that profit making.

So in the end it is playing at the table with the dealer having a stacked deck. The SEC and global regulatory agencies lack regulatory REFRAME FOR DIGITAL TOOL KITS AND MASSIVE BUGET UPGRADES TO REGULATE ALL MARKETS:

  1. Globally and in real time – real time transparency and digital tools lacking today
  2. Who is trading what – removing DARK POOLS and shadow banking from regulatory exemptions
  3. Criminalizing short selling as a speculation removing capital from economics.
  4. Modernizing stock buy back regulations to preclude stock manipulations.
  5. Moving to 180 day reporting as the President suggested to dampen speculations



Casino Capitalism is worse in Communist nations like Russia and China where Super Debt Bubbles could destroy the world order economically.

The siphon of capital from circulations into investment to assure no nation is left behind and the earth is cleansed is rather diverted into casino side bet speculations due to a collapse of regulatory frame work. The Regulations are blue sky to nations. The Trades are in the unregulated cloud. In five years the trading went from human controlled and managed trading over systems built across 70 years of time, to all digital AI software controlled trading within a small number of Super Money Pools hyper leveraging and trading in a process model the world HAS NEVER KNOWN OR EXPERIENCED BEFORE. This NEW CASINO CAPITALISM has left the barn of old regulatory frame work and exists outside regulatory modeling.

THE URGENCY TO CONSTRUCT A G 100 NEW REGULATORY GLOBAL ECONOMIC CONSTITUTION OF BOX TOP RULES FOR WORLD TRADE – TAX – INVESTING AND REGULATORY OVER SIGHT IS NOW UPON US…as the regulatory agencies of today are no longer modern and as antique models regulatory frame works are failing globally.

The new frame work must include:

  1. The largest new budgets to assure economics versus casino speculator capitalism.
  2. Preclude unwanted system wealth consolidations.
  3. Ideally merge central banks into nation’s treasury’s of which much is written here.
  4. Remove unwanted speculations.
  5. Create self correcting continuously modernized AI to regulate AI in real time globally so no nation is left behind.

Without a Regulatory upgrade from the G 100 the Casino Capitalism will create a Super Debt Bubble Super Crash at some unknown date that will collapse the system as we know it as all circulation ceases and on Liquidity Evaporation Day – is the day the music died. The entire frame work today is AI DIGITAL making the precise same conditions as the last Great Depression occur again, exceed all phony baloney economics precisely as it was in 1929, only so much more global and so much worse in system abuse today due to digital casino capitalism.


The risk of system failure is a risk warning from the IMF from the World Bank and I you read carefully Jamie Diamonds prophetic words last week – MORGAN. And this blog. The risk has passed the point of no return without a G 100 REGULATORY REFRAME and time for that is running out. Cooperation or Competition – sane or insane economics.

I believe with the smarty pants running things and believing their own lies that their AI has created RISKLESS RISK just like the same smarty pants in structured assets in 2007 believed sincerely they had created risk less risk in real estate security markets globally. These criminals have created the same structured assets again in real estate and now every other asset class in the entire casino manipulating price to a risk less risk grade of global trade. They believe trading RANGES can’t be exceeded for long in the new modeling.

However the following is true:

  1. The lake of securities in risk less risk is being price manipulated by 440 trillion dollars of fully leveraged capital at up to 50 to 1 margins never experienced before in economics in phony baloney investing across all asset classes not just reporting securities.
  2. Even with the lake of securities for sale reduced by 4.3 trillion dollars since 2009 a staggering never experienced before manipulation of markets outside all Current regulatory laws to manage, the market liquidity crashes when the stock buy back quiet period occurs as it did in Jan March and October.
  3. The Debt Super Bubble globally will utterly collapse as the Fed and central bankers repeat their pattern in 1907 – 1929 – 1987 – 2000 – 2007 – and raise interest rates too high too fast this period being the most insane due to ten years of FREE MONEY fueling leverage and a Super Debt Bubble ratio exceeding 1929 abuse to the system by ratio’s never known in global economics before.

This is simple enough without charting tables graphs and slang most readers lose From NIM to Flang but trust me the data supports the premise.

In my opinion as no one can no WHEN Jamie Diamond’s words remain prophetic in the age of the SUPER DEBT BUBBLE no press reports on – charts – or really gives the IMF and World Bank enough space upon for ringing the WARNING BELLS over and over and over starting in the most phony of all economies where the system is totally at risk – communist China the largest global Super Debt Bubble spending 300% more than it makes.

China is in free fall super crash following a one off pre tariff buying spree before Christmas. We have blogged about the RUN out of china of trillions in capital at all economic measures. The final quarter and next year China is falling off a cliff economically. The only stabilizer possible is a deal with trade – no deal – risk on.

We add in Jamie Diamonds SCREAMING there is so MUCH STUFF GEOPOLITICALLY that can trigger a run out of risk.  AI runs first and everyone else gets stuck last.

AI is the house owning the casino box top rules you never see. As with all casino’s you can’t win against the house. The longer you play the more you lose. As the rule book remains:



I’d say buy the dip – ride the wave to year end record all time highs – and before year end as it is peaking get OUT ALL THE WAY and explore with licensed professionals diversified insurance investing so well blogged on this blog site as your remaining safe haven to the SUPER CRASH.

You will miss volatility casino market highs in 2019 and 2020. But you will earn the highest returns with principle insured and guaranteed in the world today and enjoy peace of mind.

You will be OUT OF THE CASINO.

You will have zero risk of loss.

You will see 2020 forward a SUPER CRASH from which economic institutions may not recover. If Congress remains Republican controlled and voters voted their wallet versus party they voted prosperity versus party – congress WILL PASS INFRASTRUCTURE and that would propel possible growth into 2030 in our opinion even with Jamie Diamonds STUFF on Geopolitical events outside the USA being a global trigger event in the casino.

The day of LED the Liquidity Evaporation Day the music dies.

As with the Bible no man ( or woman ) knows that date in time and we can give our best educated guess but really information ahead may extend or collapse time lines. The RISK at all time record market highs reached over and over till December is the time to sell out at all time highs and wait for all time lows to buy back in.

The box top rules never change. Do not BUY HIGH and hope for every higher. Newton was right what goes up ( for the longest period in history economically and to a record high never before manipulated in history ) MUST COME DOWN.

Now you know….and first.

Its about STOCK BUY BLACK  OUT DATES this October where Monday the stock buy backs can continue at enormous profits to elite insiders who profited into the dip massively at year end and now profit again ( massively ) on the Monday Stock Buy Back green light. Should the SEC have powers to put folks in prison for manipulations like this – oh you bet.

But they don’t. Congress has to grant them new powers and new budgets for national security as our financial system IS THE RISK from multiple fronts all reported here.

Share this SECRET KNOWLEDGE so you have the TRUTH and know the WHY.

Berny Dohrmann – Keeping a Light on just for you this October – Waiting For Monday BAM !



This blog and Warren Buffet for decades present one concept to our readers and followers ….

As investment professionals for half a century…..

….no one including those with millions to spend on charts forecasting and analysts – can ever – precisely time the market or out guess its collective intelligence…….

Invest for growth based on solid fundamentals. Invest over 60 months not 60 minutes.

If you speculate in the casino for short term gains you are going to lose more than you win. Prove it to yourself. You are not an investor. You are NOT. You are a gambler and your risk as with all gambling is odds favored to lose your money over time. There is no risk less risk – all investing has risk and gambling has the HIGHEST RISK. Stop denial and recognize who you are and which is risk reward your end game gambler or real investing …as my tip to your brain software which may be filled with virus code.

We try and delete those virus infections on this blog…..with the truth of better software.

Investment is sixty months and disregards short term AI profit making. New readers have scrolled and become smart in AI controlled capitalism and how markets are made today versus you and I and our plays having any whatsoever impact on real trend or buying or selling value.

If AI creates dips value dollar cost averaging and 60 month buy in the dips. Disregard Face book abortions as a ONE OFF event -buy the dip of your licensed professionals agree to your long term STRATEGY and avoid short term casino gambling or your outcome is gambling – more loose than gain – which is by the numbers on your money.

Moving forward what to expect:


In election years the rhetoric is fierce – bought and paid for and just ferocious in billions being bought and paid for to win your vote – the more outrageous sensation and negative dirty and damaging the better – as the money seeks to part your vote with emotional blindness versus voting your WALLET. Scroll my blogs last ten days to catch up on all that data in the election year reality. THINK your vote through for prosperity not manipulated voting – is my suggestion.

Election year summers always have corrections. I anticipate AI short term profit taking at highs across so many sectors in the late Summer.

I predict real inflation will go down down down and is not a factor in fact and only artificial oil criminal cartel/speculator price manipulations has oil way too high – in the last opportunity for oil producers. Is 1000% profit margin criminal or fair to the 7 billion of the world while the few super wealthy oil elites make ungodly profits hampering prosperity food security and medical challenge solutions for 7 billion in harms way? It is a crime to jack oil up when we have more than we require and oceans more coming on line.

THE WORLD IS LITERALLY DROWNING IN OIL a commodity market outside regulatory frame work by the G 100 – and a market controlled by speculators who are going to have an absolute blood bath. Why? Demand for oil as transportation and fuel utility – the most toxic polluting environmental change agency of all time – is departing its 100 year dominance as energy – and the demand is going to plunge off a cliff for forward decades – never to return to the peaks of today – never – its over. That commodity is toast and those betting long are going to lose so much money to the winners who are SHORTING OIL. Oil is going to crash as we reported and why.

Oil crashing takes inflation into negative math and the FED has no grounds to keep raising interest way too fast way to soon way too frequently as a crime itself of the FEW ( inside banks and investment banks with soaring profits ) against the billions of development space nations who require TIME to gain sustainable prosperity.

Also keep in mind democrats spending a billion to win congress wish a financial down turn to offset Trump’s teams ( 10,000 of thousands ) producing unmatched prosperity in only 18 months – via POLICY that is proving to WORK in fact.

Republicans spending an equal billion to win congress and improve CONGRESS WORKING in forward years – want record wealth by November – we think is likely – noting nations wishing to endless give to our PACKS and influence outcomes divide between Trump PROSPERITY alliances and opposing old rule modeling that wants to go back to the future – and top Trump policy dead in its tracks – but why?

Who wins no one knows. No one can predict not up to voting door. If enough voters vote outside politics and vote their wallet prosperity continues if not prosperity declines. In the end VOTERS control the outcome and no one else. If the majority fail to vote economics and vote politics the RISK is what it is…..majority wins.

We anticipate following Labor Day a MELT UP theory to record profits by year end driven by rising in fact soaring –  GNP. employment, productivity – innovations and profits for all sectors of the American corporate land scape.

The booming market for entrepreneurs with Kauffman suggesting 570,000 new ventures are being created as backbone PER MONTH in 2018. Record entrepreneur growth is driving jobs and the future of vibrant economics.



Trillions are being invested globally back into America with fair taxation today and more likely to come yet – with massive elevations to follow to USA Treasury revenue reducing our deficits projected to rise on charts that are wrong as 5% GNP is not considered fully and the POSITIVE IMPACT on Treasury income is in error today not considering the delay to the USA Pay that is in fact taking place. Millions off welfare taking out and millions in jobs now paying in taxes. Then add in Trade War trillions in Tariff taxes that while nations unfairly tax the USA and we match them precisely to how they tax us – for the first time and they don’t like it – if they fail to make a deal protecting their home grown companies and services and products – they PAY OFF OUR NATIONAL DEBT for us. If they make a deal our prosperity pays off the national debt under Trump Train ( teams ) desire to execute as close a COOPERATIVE ALLIED NATIONAL NEW WORLD ORDER of NO NATON LEFT BEHIND – zero tariff open market world wide by new box top rules that are fair in integrity and Aligned nations agree to cease all digital theft of nations in the FELLOWSHIP.

That is the vision for a new world trade protocol and the USA wins massively in the process – do the economics. The hype on bought and paid for election news is false economics – fake news – and easy to click and offset by real economists if you care to dig as we are always doing for you – or just read this blog for the TRUTH on what IS going on REALLY …OUT THERE. Follow the freakin money its always the money even in politics. Super Money pools wanting the old world order to be preserved with its corruption legal theft and so much more needing upgrading and super money pools opposing in the parting of the Red Sea – generational change and upgrading potentials – truly taking shape now with opposing red seas parting now all of US in the rip tides as the waters ultimately calm into a 2030 prosperity for all of us IF we get it right.

Competition is a first form of human insanity and the cause of all human pain – punishing our diversity in insanity versus celebrating insanity – the idea that anything is good about immortal beings competition like dogs on this plain is GOOD positive and sound economics – is FAKE NEWS incorrect and Competition is a flaw in the human software – buggy awful brain code – being deleted by a more efficient code COOPERATION.

Cooperation is sanity and removes human insanity ( competition thought impulse ) healing the crises of INTEGRITY competition insanity breeds – as the DNA of the Cooperation revolutions is SANITY and super glues upon INTEGRITY. You sane brains cooperate if I am in integrity and if I’m insane in competition punishing versus celebrating all diversity – race – politics – ethnic wonder between humans – economic systems – political systems – religion – we celebrate as sane or punish as a form of competitive ignorance and insanity that which is our BEST our DIVERSITY. We were never taught the truth.

Upgrade your brain software with my best selling book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION – buy five or ten for the Holidays the best stocking stuffer this Holiday you could ever give those you care for most in your highest circle or best client thank you in 2018:

This book will improve your home switched on turned on home space and your work space. Immediately. The reviews confirm the work is one of the most important human potential works of the past 100 years. Ten years in writing it just for you today. Get yours because you deserve the GIFT TO YOURSELF of better brain tools for a happier more expansive life.

Competition is the cause of all human misery and pain. Its symptom is a global crises of human integrity.

Cooperation is the cure and restores integrity in sane association versus distrust and negotiation.

Advising nations all leadership at the tippy top gets this now and the issue is the HOW to pull back from the BRINK of economic chaos – with time – to fix all the toxic issues related to system abuse by the few wealthy elites in a competitive insane system were 99% of all wealth and power is controlled by 1% and 99% of 7 billion humans suffer because competitive economic box top rules are corrupt software – buggy software and the question CAN WE DO BETTER leads us all into the new economy of COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM being born and raised up now by all world leaders who understand cause and upgraded brain software and system software.

We compete we perish.

We cooperate and we thrive.

With your new prescription glasses this blog has brought to YOU and with new 20/20 vision you can read all news as cooperative toxic more of the same bought and paid or to manipulate you – versus cooperative truth that is data without spin – eventually journalism will restore its own greatness too but it will take some time in the editorial suite as the economics reform from vicious competition for ad revenue by ever bias division of audience niche to a more honorable model as we once had and I believe will return to again because… American especially the PENDULUM always SWINGS BACK. Michael Drew CEOSPACE Faculty best seller PENDULUM and Adam Markel former CEO of the largest human potential company for 30 years ( now merged into Success Resources owned by Veronica and Richard Tan like family to me.) Adam Markets huge best seller PIVOT is another reader for leaders must have in library.

My wife is attending Adam Markets sold out advanced SPEAKER DEVELOPMENT CAMP in Southern California and I endorse and suggest all readers explore advancing their speaking expertise by registering to the next one – nothing grows your authority status like this CAMP and Adam on CEOSPACE Faculty creates and mentors more huge earning successful speakers than anyone I have met or know. Your next following my wifie September Dohrmann ( friend her ) who just spoke at the full General Assembly of the UN and is speaking at gigs from August to next March – book this lady leader at events you know about – she is beyond beyond and I”m not truly saying that because she is my honey – she impressed me a long while back but she is stunning me with her leadership mentorship to others and lady leadership example for cooperation globally.

In the rip tide of change AI will use every sound byte of the election year to maximally profit in volatility its trading at 90% of all volume creates and profits from within absolute trading ranges the AI sets globally without any regulation today – for the laws are all local and the trades are 24/7 global and in the unregulated CLOUD.

Until we have a G 100 ECONOMIC CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION suggested for economists from all nations on the BIG ISLAND OF HAWAII with congress person Jerry Chang arranging all the hosting details for THREE YEARS to reset and invent the NEW NO NATION LEFT BEHIND entirely world NEW FRAME WORK FOR REGULATIONS in taxing – to avoid cheating – securities – capital – speculations and more the world is at RISK. The digital age and AI require the LARGEST RE-THINK OF REGULATORY FRAME WORK SINCE the 1930’s old post depression box top rules where created pre internet – digital – AI or anything like today. Without that we lack regulatory frame work only COOPERATION can CREATE for forward prosperity.

So the summer doldrums on velocity of trading volume is low as the 10,000 SUPER MONEY POOL leadership is on holiday until after Labor Day. AI will create profits and a profit taking ( correction ) between now and the fall if pattern holds to past election year market realities.

Then we will melt up – or perk up – to record new highs in 2019.

The Fed may surprise us and slow down but politically they may not do this until 2019 – an error in their prosperity for stability and advancing real sustainable prosperity. If they pause now and slow it two – two rate increases a year – we have an improved economic condition for growth world wide. If they in September create way too accelerated rate rising I fear that will be the FLASH POINT TRIGGER for election year summer correction and sell off.

If your a casino day trader protect yourself.

If your a long term investor – buy in the dip.

You win.



Today there is only one real factor on forward global prosperity – one issue all the rest are FAKE manipulations of your vote emotionally versus economically. Politics is no longer common damn sense.

  1. If democrats win congress with a billion being invested as a side ( wasteful ) economic industry – competitive in the extreme – we have CONGRESS GRID LOCK – CONGRESS NO LONGER WORKS ( as in the past ) and we have impeachment waste and distraction and the momentum STOPS and AI crashes markets for sure into 2019.
  2. if republicans hold congress or improve foot prints ( not political here just economics to all voters voting their wallet for prosperity past politics today ) we have SOARING RECORD WEALTH and forward prosperity into 2030 as Congress WILL WORK and the other stimulus ( required for prosperity advancing ) INFRASTRUCTURE USA UPGRADING – talked about for five Presidents but now a reality in grasp depending on Mid Year Election voting.

That is the ONE economic and PROSPERITY issue all the rest are mute. If congress grid locks we all lose if congress works we all win. The future works if whoever we elect as President we assure they win congress so CONGRESS WORKS. We can control that by voting our Walter on this one POLICY versus politic manipulations – put emotional capital into box under your bed – hate Trump and vote for prosperity anyway – then change it if you wish later. VOTE YOUR WALLET because right here you have COMMON DAMN SENSE on real power – what they fear most you wake up to your own. No longer are YOU manipulated. You vote common damn sense for all of us.

The American WALLET PARTY outside all “parties” is the fastest growing new voter block in the world not just the USA.

THINK it through.

The future is coming and you can predict what it might look like from the past from current data and from the truth of what is really going on out there.


  1. Fed interest rate rising – a total error in economic policy scroll to read more on that data
  2. Liquidity globally – they Fed has removed half a TRILLION DOLLAR from global liquidity and more than that the second half over a TRILLION OF ECONOMIC Global liquidity hitting China hardest and development nations now moving to down bubble due to error in Fed policy. Leaders of Super Money pools and politicians are speaking out against FED GREED – do not buy their spin as it is all lies folks – follow the MONEY. Fed policy shifting is the key to sustained global prosperity where TIME is the missing asset required to do work outs.
  3. Debt Super Bubble with global national corporate and individual borrowing passing 300 trillion for the first time – a record for humanity – and not sustainable without TIME to work out this debt – raising interest to fast to refinance all this debt RISK a Debt Super Bubble bursting too soon – robbed of time by central bank errors in core policy – a risk to system failure and depression and world war – which is 1907 – 1929 – 9/11 – 2000 and 2008 Super Crashes all Fed policy created as cause if you study the fact and data of history They are doing it again.

So the risk is voter shift to CONGRESSIONAL DYSFUNCTION like or hate the 10,000’s of thousands of TRUMP TEAM working on countless upgrade issues – we have PROSPERITY at OUTCOME of policy. If we vote for prosperity we win if we vote to stop it we lose – the Wallet Party will decide when they vote if this issues is known from the tripe they manipulate to win your vote.

How many voters get 20/20 prescription upgrades to have the knowledge of the truth of the economics?

I suggest if you invest over 60 months in America you win.

if you day trade through volatility like we have seldom known your going to lose in my opinion.

Invest or gamble always up to you in the new AI casino capitalism an entirely new market fabric without traditional control on speculation and leveraged getting in the casino for short term maximum gain – you can not win against AI today and AI is only getting smarter quarter to quarter now controlling all wealth circulation of the world.

Invest or gamble…think about what you have read here and tip: Buy the Books suggested they are filled with HARD TOOLS AND TACTICS to help YOU create your own PERSONAL ECONOMY which can prosper in any market.

Oct 8th is the CEOSPACE Business Acceleration Conference that will improve your income and future if you register into it for your own prosperity GPS.

CEOSPACE helps our members develop their own personal economy – which flourishes regardless of THE ECONOMY because your ahead of it all.

Information is POWER and knowing what is really goIng on OUT THERE is vital. Thank you or bookmarking out site – special thanks to those who take time to subscribe then comment on this blog site – I answer all comments myself including your coaching questions – always free – privacy guaranteed – and thanks for sharing this site link on your social walls to invite others into a single summary of the news you read daily but what does it MEAN REALLY.

As a source of integrity we deliver powerful software to upgrade your brain daily.

Thank you for using it.

Berny Dohrmann GRATEFUL THIS WEEKEND FOR 10,000’s of Subscribers and 100,000’s of readers with bookmarks – reading in over 100 nations and growing like a viral storm because YOU SHARE THE TRUTH – thank you. One and all.







When I grew up, before I ran Global and Public investment banking institutions that spanned the globe, ( in my 20’s and 30’s ) yet – there was a phrase we all learned in school back in those years….

what is GOOD for General Motors is Good  for America….

The largest employer in the world. No tariff free cars where then imported while GM cars cost four or five times their cost in the USA do to unfair trade practices going on after World War II way back when.

Moving into 2020 I suggest the new phrase is and will be …


So lets talk about Tesla. Today we have casino capitalism. The dog or the market is gynormous – where side bets of non economic trillions trade in real time by software – in markets unknown to any prior period of time save the last sixty months of human IT history – are many many times greater than the bets in real economics – like owning a real stock for a flash trade in real time.

Even so, much like Henry Ford ( who went personally bankrupt before he created FORD MOTOR COMPANY the ASSEMBLY LINE advance in technology process production ( the real invention of the industrial revolution ) – and said in court at that time …

….my IDEA was perfect and came from God…my labors became making my PLAN as perfect as God’s idea…..which took some TIME …….

Elron Musk is the Tesla of our age in the world. A one irreplaceable spirit. A Walt Disney ( whom I knew personally ). A Steven Jobs whom I also knew personally. They are not replaceable in any age of time.

Musk has made very dollar invested work like five dollars. There has never been lower investment as ratio with higher wealth yields. The potential rivals AMAZON and offers far more in sustainable world advance for human kind.

Speculators ( investment gamblers ) invest fortunes in SHORTING Tesla stock. Why? To make fantastically wealthy gamblers even more wealthier by betting inside the new casino capital markets. Manipulating prices of all asset classes. A crime from 1933 to 1999 but the crime was made legal by a Congress that does not GET the economics digital landscape today due to complexity and lobby misinformation too shallow to advance public policy against.

Now the ratio of gambling to manipulate prices in all asset classes has developed a criminal wealth class just precisely as it created in the 1920’s. Today that phony economics to all markets world wide is far worse – in risk to the core system – due to digital trading and leverage. The ratio of borrowing was up to 10 invested dollars to one real dollar put down on side loans to bet on which way assets would go to manipulate their price to make profits without zero real economic investment. The cause of the GREAT WORLDWIDE DEPRESSION – casino capitalism.

Today the velocity acceleration momentum of the casino market is so elevated and not reported or regulated – it surpasses the system risk globally of the 1920’s now at up to 50 invested dollars creating for every real dollar down on the casino loans – all digital today – a SUPER BUBBLE in every single asset class you can name in the world today. THE SUPER DEBT BUBBLE will and must rebalance which creates a SUPER CRASH – new regulations globally – and if history shows us tomorrow – a real world war to rebalance economic abuse of decades now. VAM – is the economic problem.

Real economic investing is being siphoned into computer software managed greed investing at ratios of debt no system has ever before experienced.

VAM – Velocity ( digital leverage ) acceleration and momentum to wild global speculations and manipulation of prices.

No one is in charge.

No one is regulating.

As in 1929 new processes outpaced the old regulatory frame work.

The SEC needs a congressional budget upgrade like the Department of DEFENSE because defense policy for the USA must include our financial and economic backbone.

The SEC needs a DIGITAL AUTHORITY UPGRADE to regulate globally with congressionally expanded new laws to permit the very smart regulators handcuffed by 1933 laws – to MAKE OUR MARKETS GREAT AGAIN.

Greenspan failed policy on economics – took America down a path that proved by 2008 to be wrong minded – not the direction we needed to take. We have yet to correct and reman on that path of failed economic policy. Regulations were removed when regulations required massive Digital global new perspective to moderate human greed appetites which flow mindlessly without intention to harm. Blind.

Back to Tesla.

Less investment has created more world change for humanity dollar per dollar pound by per pound than Apple, Disneyland, Ford, or the invention of the wheel itself which launched the industrial revolution.

Musk sleeps at his battery plant making very investor dollar stretch into five dollars of new wealth never before known today.

Today Tesla has its owner founder sleeping at the plants that make Model 3. On Easter Sunday at 3 AM the boss is resolving speeds the manufacturing world has never in history known before. His plants rise output by 100% – and the speculators suggest their own imaginary line in the sand – their TIME LIINE to insane profits in ridiculous time frames – even as Tesla revenue skyrockets up and their IP wealth leads the entire world – they bet side bets to bring the stock price down.

This week Musk delivers the great % of his promise to 2500 Model 3 cars – a new invention in outcome and production line technology no IP has ever known before – and does almost 2100 units – and the greed speculation gamblers bring TESLA stock down to make fantastically wealthy criminal classes even more fantastically wealthy on side bets in their casino. This side betting was a crime to assure economics circulated capital for human best outcomes.

Even with these pressures the real numbers could not be denied and Musk stock went back up today. THE IP wealth of Telsa shareholders will pass Amazon in time frames the world has never seen before in my opinion.

New IP is spinning out of Musk like an Edison machine of another generation:

  1. Earth boring
  2. Power grids to Australia in time frames never before even imagined and cost never before considered possible
  3. Space – revolutionizing all nations capacity from defense to communication to discovery for all human good – beyond anything known before
  4. Moving from toxic fatal transportation modeling into the future were everyone is now trying to copy TESLA and without capacity to match the innovation of the IP in any way or form.
  5. Moving to transfer YOU your very conscious – your memory your experience you – real time back of you – to an immortality that will change human health and well being more than any IP on the earth today or ever known in the history of mankind.

Ideally Musk confirmation sleeping at his Model 3 plant working over 100 hours in every single week without even a salary – deserves to have 3 TRILLION not 3 BILLION more invested in Tesla. Those with wealth to circulate seeking LEGACY can not invest in their own legacy to human greater good.

You invest in good leaders and good spirits.

You put even more into GREAT LEADERS AND TRULY GREAT SPIRITS because they are so rare as beings illuminating our times.

Elron MUSK is a rare GREAT LEADER AND SPIRIT for all humans everyone upon the earth. If you enjoy great wealth and privilege and you circulate that responsibility for humanity and legacy, consider investing maximally in preferred stock Elron Musk says is not required in 2018.

Your wealth transfer will exceed all other investing. Your legacy is you will help Musk to reduce time to elevate IP for humanity. For the inspirations are from GOD and the plans will soon become as perfect as God’s ideas.

Only lessor energetics would stand in the way of such inspired work.

The vortex in the world today is not Google, or Apple Or Amazon nor is it Disney or GE or another energy – for it is TESLA and MUSK.

Wealth is under the power of source an economic to circulate for the good of humanity. VAM into a casino capitalism is error that will work its way out of the system eventually.

Wealth rises when rightfully circulated for then and only then is wealth retained. Covet wealth and its possession is fragile for it was never yours it was always source and the source will circulate wealth. The law is divine and not of man. Man made laws can never circumvent divine law….forever.

The truth will always set you free.


Berny Dohrmann

TIP: Invest in Tesla and bet on US all of US – that is the high bet today on the planet earth world wide…and that IS the truth…so help me God…from one older economist investment banker retired. As to my personal opinion.




CEO SPACE offers a leading education on 2018 capital options and compliance co instructed with experienced SEC licensed attorney experts in security laws. We will provide some highlights of this education you can share and book mark for later use. Also you may wish to call CEOSPACE and ask to acquire Capital 101 a five day video training of the entire live class education or audio ten hours of modules on capital executions SUPER RUSH SEED CAPITAL kits you can download and use today. Click

Call and ask for either

CAPITAL 101 as general skill education



Or both and you will have your kits rushed to you.

Click QUICK LINKS and see a video including SHOW ME THE MONEY or google CEO SPACE SHOW ME THE MONEY VIDEO. Education delivers the MASTER ENTREPRENEUR SKILL – CAPITAL . Capital is simply NEW capital is not HARD. If you can learn to TANGO which is terribly hard for “me” you can learn the dance steps to dance capital in your venture growth.


Capital is permanent money that is exchanged for ownership in your firm by investors. The capital infused into your business works harder than you can work with labor alone. Capital pays for two years or more of ramp up development costs and the enormous cost to repeat and repeat information to your ideal clients to assure they trade with you in sufficient volume to create a growing profit and a potential to resell the venture for wealth.

Capital is used to move from struggling to earn a living in venture that is not a real business. Such ventures are jobs that you own and offer little if any forward resale volume.

Resale price is a feature of how many customers you are serving and a complex ratio of growth factors that define for any industry the ratio of resale price. For example a Dentist may resell their practice for 1.5 times earnings. A dental BRAND with a chain of 25 offices may sell their practice BRAND CHAIN for 5x to 10x earnings depending on the BRAND value and profit – or – wealth versus cash flow.

As the WORK week is the same for both dentists the difference is the PLAN QUALITY. One Dentist learned entrepreneur skill sets and developed a WEALTH PLAN. The other dentist lacked the education advantage in “business” and slaved away over a lifetime for an income plan largely as a “wage slave”.

The WEALTH DENTIST enjoys freedom unknown to the ‘wage slave” dentist an enjoys 21 day cruise vacations all over the world with his family. The Wage Slave Dentist does not enjoy such freedom.

THE WEALTH PLAN is a superior life plan for anyone who is an entrepreneur versus a salary worker. CEO SPACE over time helps the owner of any venture scale to gain education, develop their own leadership options, and opportunities and revise their income plan into a wealth plan. Lifetime membership and regular use of CEO SPACE develops the leader into a more educated planner and success over time as to intention of the program. CEOSPACE is the # 1 ranked business conference in the world by THIRD PARTY PRESS for years and again in 2018 – see CEO SPACE IN THE PRESS TAB – on our web site to confirm claims made on this topic.




Owners raise capital to evolve their plan, develop their business model to maximum potential, execute their plan over time lines, and to off set early year costs to grow market share over geographic ramps until what we call CROSS OVER where profits underwrite forward soaring costs of growth. Owners raise capital to develop and execute forward much more professional plans, to accommodate maximum resale price or IPO’s that make capital partners and owners viable profits for taking risks to grow the venture. Owners raise capital because they desire to service more customers than they themselves can service in a week of time ( wealth planning versus income planning ) and they require capital to develop their product or service and planning to effect the desired service footprint that creates exist plan success.

CEO SPACE education teaches there is nothing to be afraid of in learning to educate yourself on the MASTER SKILL for the entrepreneur – CAPITAL SKILL. Further CEO SPACE educates that as you GROW IT you will GROW YOURSELF as a leader. The IT growing always will grow you into a great leader in your venture. The ZUCK is still growing through today’s challenges. We all grow as it grows us as our service footprint expands.

Ventures either grow or they rot.

Capital helps assure growth plans are realized.

The big emotion is venture owners feel responsible for any future loss to investors that may take place if the market and other factors create a venture loss. That consideration is moral ethical and right minded. Venture investors place suitable sums into venture investing, generally no more than 10% of their income or net-worth in any one year – to any one venture or group of ventures that are higher return in promise and higher risk in reality. Such venture investors can withstand a loss of their investment and well know the risk. The result is fair trade – risk for profit potential that is appropriate without concentration of wealth into high risk.

Education helps the venture owner execute successful capital plans.




In our Blog we can not educate our readers on capital raising world wide in the way CEO SPACE the leading format training for venture owners, on Capital options over a five day live education class with many practice sessions – as you learn by best practices not by lecture or reading alone.

Capital Mastery requires an investment of time to secure the best practices working one on one with qualified security expert law counsel for which there is no substitute – as education is only general and not specific. CEO SPACE recommends in all nations the most comprehensive compliance safe harbor box top rules can be studied in clear education English from the leading 2018 regulatory institution in the world the SECURITY AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION OF THE United States OF AMERICA. CEOSPACE capital education provides this web site with the strongest encouragement to our CEO’s to ‘print page” and study the following two exemptions on the easy to make a bookworm favorite page:

Investors are encouraged to look at the SEC Fraud alerts for the scams that make investors prey today. Investor tip: before you invest check the SEC web site.

Issuers ( you selling to investors ) have two choices today.




Crowd funding is equity being exchanged for ownership in your venture. Source Funding is KickStarter Indygogo and preselling product ( not stock ownership ) to buyers of that product service or charity donation. CROWD FUNDING is selling investors securities.




The SEC web site tells you in PDF files you can download directly and you should.

Generally for education purposes a SECURITY is any form of an agreement between two people in which:

  • The person investing will make a gain of any kind
  • From the work of the person selling the agreement

This may be profit sharing agreements – or debt agreements – or equity or debt or profit sharing that later converts to debt. You may buy a fractional interest in real estate ( but you are not active in managing your own real estate ) which may be orange groves ( see Howey Case law ) or undeveloped land or oil and gas or anything at all – that agreement is a security .

Your attorney can advise you if you limit your offer of a security ( agreements of any kind fitting this context with zero exception ) to three to five in a short time – you may be exempt from compliance requirements as the isolated transition is not an on going funding scheme. You can’t then offer another isolated transaction – one and your done. Only with security law counsel advice even then as you may still be required to comply with state and federal law.


Crowd Funding is a faster lower cost way to raise development first capital ( permanent money ) to fund your growth plans or development phase. Caution – CEO SPACE educates owners to avoid any debt type of security issue to investors until your venture has two sustained back to back profits to support such debt agreements. We call early stage venture debt funding “suicide rounds” due to the failure over decades we have witnessed when attorney’s not experienced in early stage venture funding craft suicide funding rounds only appropriate for more mature entities – such that investors and owners lose. Capital should be permanent money into the venture until sustained profits raising share price are secured in our opinion.

Crowd Funding is limited to $ 1,000,000 in total funding per form C filing. Security law experts can craft compliance rounds of back to back crowd funding coverings over appropriate time lines for legal compliance.

506 Reg D executions permit sums to be raised greater than $ 1,000,000. Crowd Funding can solicit and with qualification except NON ACCREDITED INVESTORS.

Reg D offerings for larger sums required a filing with the SEC and the state the investor and issuer reside in for the larger offering – of a full disclosure document known as a Private Placement Memorandum – a format that repositions your business plan with required legal disclosures to future investors as required  by current  state and federal law. Expert security law counsel prepare this PPM document and filings with states and the SEC. Any sum can be raised with a PPM 506 C Reg D offering – print the box top rules for these two options from the SEC site directly and study them in any and every nation. Review these exemptions in your procaine state or nation.

Compliance is generally “knowledge + Documentation = Compliance.

CEO SPACE instructs a standard we call OVER COMPLIANCE which provides guidance to over document beyond what is required because OVER COMPLIANCE is not hard and it provides more protection for issues and investors collectively. We adjust this education model to current legal rules published by the SEC and by working with expert law firms who co instruct our education product to business owners. CEO SPACE is working to bring this missing curriculum to major Universities in their entrepreneur degree programs as a missing essential item of advanced education for entrepreneurs world wide.



Every venture raises capital for reasons to grow faster. Reasons to raise capita include:

  • Over coming two year develop to market budgets
  • Developing new service or product budgets
  • Brand strategy for all consumer touch points missing in so many venture plans
  • Packaging to market for superior outcomes
  • Sustained two year marketing and Public relation budgets to drive brands to target customers
  • Upgrading WEB Sites from place holders to SUPER SITES that drive ideal customer traffic to the web site daily and convert traffic with less clicks to sales
  • Two year expanded staff and office growth costs
  • Customer service departments missing to many ventures and critical.
  • New profit center development
  • Accounting and tax planning over two years of growth.
  • Consultants needed to sustain growth over years of time
  • Legal growing costs as venture grows
  • Materials and office supplies
  • Insurance
  • Transportation and Travel ( cars gas wi fi cell phones bills )
  • Technology required for growth including software improved strategies and data bases and security
  • anti hacking 24.7 monitoring and consulting over life of venture
  • SEC compliance costs and capital raising cost
  • CEO SPACE growth support costs to global markets
  • Market share development cost
  • Rebranding cost to upgrade market penetration
  • Continual product or service enhancement develop cost keeping consumer value higher year to year always
  • Miscellaneous unforeseen costs over time – cash reserves
  • Owner salary and staffing until profits pay for these costs fully
  • Other costs not shown here

Capital budgets off set two years minimum of all such costs and typically for solo entrepreneurs run a full $ 1,000,000 when professionally developed, and more for larger plan executions. Chose your exemption filing to raise capital with these aspects of WHY RAISE CAPITAL in mind.

Entrepreneur Gold Rule – Solo Entrepreneurs seldom reach goal attainment ind desired time lines ( years of life time spent ) via earnings alone – capital shrinks costs and shrinks time to reach venture plan goal attainment – which is WHY owners acquire the education to raise capital in the first place.

Capital is NOT HARD capital is just NEW and frankly all of us should learn about CAPITAL IN PUBLIC HIGH Schools. Your High School can phone CEO SPACE and ask for Jessica our public service director to discuss Capital Education for their forward school plan.

Congress in 2016 with the SEC rule Releases enacted CROWD FUNDING via the legislation known as the JOBS ACT President Obama signed into law. The JOBS act creates a faster lower cost ease for ventures to raise first capital to expand and create jobs I America. This new rule set of law is so new attorneys are still acquiring education on these laws and a growing number attend CEO SPACE Monday to Friday capital education to update their practices on most current compliance law as on going education for the bar.

CROWD FUNDING is offered on line through FINRA approved Portals. What is FINRA? FINRA is the self regulatory agency working with authority from the Federal SEC for brokers dealers supervising license security sales agents.

What is a private placement?

A PRIVATE PLACEMENT of a security is an exempt offer of a security not subject to more strenuous compliance regulations of a PUBLIC OFFERING. Private Placements of stock or LLC ownership are offered into the market by the venture owner and their offices and directors.

FINDER FEE’s – Finder Fee’s within current CEO SPACE over compliance education to current checks with SEC enforcement officers in 2018 – conclude that – only officer and directors of VENTURES may offer private placement securities ( agreements in any context set forth above no exceptions ) or via licensed security brokers or their agents. Paying non licensed individuals “finder fee’s” to develop investor contacts can violate or breech your exemption and create litigation where investors can sue for all their money back and typically win – if – you violate finder developing case law. In a growing number of states as abuse in this area is so rampant – states are making it a CRIME to pay finders in private placements – so ignore legal advice that suggest less conservative outcomes and embrace legal experts that guide you to never pay finder fee’s in private placement is our CEO SPACE over compliance education guidance so you sleep like a baby.


Trust your regulatory agencies to protect you and the investor maximally. The BOX TOP RULES for exempt offerings change all the time. Attorney experts who only work in this highly specialized area remain current and keep you in legal compliance. Check back to the SEC government web sit and print pages. The SEC creates ever current PDF files to assist investors – written in clear to understand English of the BOX TOP rules you play capita game knowing.  As owners MUST KNOW THESE RULES and it is not HARD it is just NEW – educate yourself. The rules are expressed to assist you not hinder you. Your nation wishes you to grow and create jobs and be successful as an entrepreneur. We live in the AGE OF THE ENTREPRENEUR.

Congress passed new laws and the SEC has made it lower cost and easier to raise rally stage venture capital to grow any business plan into the future. LEARN EARN AND RETURN to the SEC Web Site.



The full current list of FINRA legal portals presently serving those engaged in CROWD FUNDING is presented below for you to make a book mark and to save. In this new exciting CROWD FUNDING space the list grows as FINRA is adding new sites – and next generation sites like and http://www.crowdsourcefunded

Are being added all the time – as prices and service packages vary shop to secure the provider service that gives you the best price and most resonates with you personally. FINRA Audits these sites annually and you may ask if the site you explore has completed a annual audit without flaw to their compliance. Also ask when shopping for:

  1. All fee’s inclusive without add on”s
  2. Their full list of services and compliance help
  3. If they charge issuers equity in stock and fee’s or just fee’s
  4. Shop sites you can drive to first and visit their offices always a good idea
  5. Ask how many employee’s they have so you know if staff is present to help you
  6. Ask how many CROWD FUNDING issuers they have served – how many closed successful rounds of funding if any and if they have references you can check.
  7. Ask who is their compliance law firm and have your security law expert check with their attorney to finalize your selection of ideal choice.

This area is so new and portals are also knew so shop shop shop to get your own best deal as prices are crashing down as time and industry growth expand in this new market sector of serving business owners.

The full FINRA LIST of approved active portals can be accessed with this web link you SHOULD MAKE A BOOK MARK FOR and check back often. You may also google BEST RANKED FINRA PORTALS as third party press is just starting to RANK leading portals so watch for ranking changes as ever more information is coming both on line to help you: ( and now the link to the full current list from CEO SPACE )

Tip: Make your book mark and shop shop shop. The best practice in this new advancing industry of CROWD FUNDING options.

To execute a CROWD FUNDING offering you will work with expert licensed security legal counsel you engage. The average cost range from $ 3500 to $ 5000 although some charge higher sums. Assure you are working with experienced security law experts who have completed prior CROWD FUNDING offerings with references to those CEO’s you can check with before you retain. Also make sure you hire an attorney you can love. An expert who educates you and keeps you informed versus an attorney ego who keeps you in fear and makes you dependent. Chose wisely.

Now think of legal compliance as an umbrella of knowing box top rules and documenting those rules to avoid a breach of your legal exemption to offer your security ( agreements to buy stock ownership in your firm in exchange for capital as permanent resources for your venture. If you do commit a breach state and federal compliance agencies may explore a customer compliant. The burden is on your documentation to confirm your full legal compliance with the law – those exemption box top rules. It is not hard it is simply NEW. New knowledge for the CEO owner to acquire. A inquirer into a breach is civil not criminal and may resolve with:

  1. No change – the gold standard and given the millions of offerings a very low % event in the first place.
  2. A change request.
  3. A fine if the breach requires that remedy.
  4. Recision refund to the investor complaining if required.
  5. A recision to all investors if the breach is more signifiant.

Criminal action can be “referred” by the civil investigation if criminal fraud or theft of money violating criminal laws took place which is unlikely for YOU by percentage of lawful offerings under taken in any one year. Of the six plus million new ventures founded last year most funding was by the exemptions set forth here and not by venture capital firms which typically fund later in development rounds of founding and even then a very small % of venture overall capital.

Crowd Funding Issuers – YOU – are required to execute the following:

  1. A form C 20 – which complete and reviewed by your security law counsel ( and CEO SPACE encourages no exception to this guidance in over compliance ) the Form C 20 is filed with the SEC and no file fee is required. You may then offer the security in all fifty states to execute your offering up to $ 1,000,000. As most budgets for early stage venture growth or launch require the full sum for any modest two year budget, we encourage venture owners raise the full sum permitted by law to lower overall risk in venture performance in the future.
  2. A pitch deck of your business plan your slides and any video’s or third party material – reviewed by security counsel – are uploaded to your portal.
  3. Investors review the CROWD FUNDING pitch deck and Form C 20 full disclosure documents and complete investing on the portal.
  4. Suitability rules require issuers to accept aggregate venture investing from non accredited investors of no more in total than 10% of their net-worth or 10% of their annual income whichever is greater – and not more for any investor of aggregate $ 100,000 in any one year.
  5. The offering remains open until the sum is raised or the issuer closes the offering. Again check with security law counsel for specific current rules and read the current rules on the SEC gov web site cited here.

Similar procedures apply in the nations with CROWD FUNDING LAWS. Some nations permit higher than $ 1,000,000 raises in their nations.

Portals can help you and suggest law firms you may wish to explore.

CEO SPACE notes a premium portal with advanced Crowd Funding Compliance automation is the portal worthy to explore.

The lowest cost do it yourself portal in the industry is

CEO SPACE is comfortable with both founders and portals – one premium with more bells and whistles than any of them to date and the other lowest cost and New York based.

You may wish to shop – review new portals nationally and select a portal operator you resonate with – and perhaps that is drive zone where you check out their home office – always another due diligence item we suggest.

THE SEC site and your security law counsel can help you with the box top rule set to remain with a perfect umbrella of documentation and breach free execution of your successful crowd funding offering.

The cost is low and offerings can be completed in ten days or less if you have the information such as your business plan. Never before has it been possible to raise one million dollars so rapidly and so reduced in outlay as to cost to gain capital as a missing resource to your own growth and success planning.




As you may appreciate the box top rules to raise larger sums than $ 1,000,000 dollars have greater compliance time lines and cost to protect the investing public as many millions even tens of millions or more may be raised under these exemptions.

The typical investment in legal retainers for a larger Red D offering, range from $ 35,000 to $ 75,000 – are not uncommon. It can take six months to nine months to complete that work. Reg D issuers who learn about CEO SPACE attend in one measure, to learn the latest box top rules on Reg D compliance for their issues working directly with SEC compliance lawyers on faculty at CEO SPACE. CEO SPACE compliance law firms discount fee’s due to the five time.a year volume of client relationships they develop to an average of $ 15,000 flat rate including blue sky filing compliance ( which we will explain below ) and complete the work in six weeks versus six months. Issuers who shop hard, may match these fee’s and time lines in the market. Assure on larger fundings you work with highly experienced law firms with references in REG D compliance work as the work is specialized in the legal industry.

The compliance work includes:

  1. A complete business plan your law firm uses to complete the Private Placement Memorandum – and filing RED D forms required by the SEC before you offer to investors.
  2. A Reg D filing – with SEC with their required filing fee.
  3. A Reg D filing with filing fee’s in those states your investor resides within and the issuer state
  4. Complimenting materials and videos
  5. All reviewed by your legal counsel

The process itself grows you while you develop your capital game plan.

First comes STRUCTURE. You can not catch the rain ( capital ) with a bucket.

Structure or corporate engineering is a pathology of the capital required to effect outcome. CEO SPACE educates “owners” including not for profits on options for structure. Consider this truth first: all advisers are not equal. Attorneys and experts may lack capital expertise in your silo of business. An attorney who does oil and gas offerings or real estate offerings may not be expert at a professional entertainment firm’s structure or a high technology structure.

Structure considers a the budget for two years for every possible ramp up to your advanced and fully develop plan to accelerate growth and market share reach. You wish to consider second and third rounds of funding and assure you keep control of your firm.

You want to pan your ultimate exit either to sell the firm or to go public and consider those forward values with the expert – you select and know has expertise in structure in your silo of industry. This is a critical choice as bad structure harms both issuers and investors over time potentially great structure moderate risk and success.

Take time to resolve the final copy of your Reg D compliance structure and documents. Also review your oral presentation with your security lawyer and in an IPHONE tape recorded world never deviate from your law firm approved final copy.

Tip: When retaining your Reg D law firm assure all fee’s including Reg D filing fee’s are included in one flat rate fee structure. Assure your retainer agreement – includes time lines completion of the work and that you own all your own work product should there be any dispute.

We highly encourage issuers to read the SEC.GOV site information on REG D offerings as a first next step and print those pages to your file.




CEO SPACE education materials you can acquire in video and audio kits reflect the information provided here, and provide general education always made specific to your issue by your security law firm. Your licensed security authority is the final word on your offering process as general education is always superseded by licensed legal advice and your own client attorney privilege. Your attorney will help you and assist in your compliance during the life of your issue and offering. You can call CEO SPACE at

To Order Capital 101 – video lessons on capital education and or audio lesson kits SUPER RUSH SEED CAPITAL.

Both kits provide compliance education, in greater depth, extracted from live CEO SPACE trainings which include practice sessions in structure and in compliance education skill.

You can also register on our web site to gain more skill by attending live classes if you seek to advance your capital skill education.

As documentation is a critical component of capital compliance best practices we suggest include:

  1. Get an Office Depot box and alpha all investor prospects – to file – including phone – text – and email or mail without omission. If you create nightly aide to memory of any investor communication and print page to that file you assist your attorney in compliance documentation.
  2. Remain faithful to attorney review of anything investor prospects receive – and our oral approved legal discussion parameters your attorney approved.
  3. Include passage of time rules you review with your attorney.
  4. Include verification of suitability and accredited investor qualifications required by state and federal security law for each issue to file.
  5. Engage attorney’s at close of offerings to assure your investor file box has zero deficiencies and close your offering with a formal sign off from your law firm.

Accredited investors are investors who are verified to have personal income as sophisticated investors of $ 250,000 dollars ( check for current SEC qualifications ) and or a net-worth greater than 1,000,000 dollars not including their personal residence which apply to 100% of your REG D investor community.

CEO SPACE education with SEC law firms, provides options as to how to develop investor relationships under current general solicitation rules, and to qualify investors as to accreditation and suitability. Some web automation services such as our recommended FINRA sites, help to document automatically investor compliance qualification and suitability – a huge help to issuers.

You may share and print this blog as one resource of assistance which compliments information you and your attorney will develop for your specific offering to raise capital.

Capital raisiing is lower cost and lower time under the revised rules.

General education provided here is background only and may never supplement the information you must undertake with your security law representation. The final copy for every compliance round of funding flows between the issuer ( YOU ) and your attorney.

We hope this general information and education is useful to capital issuers when approaching a future growth using capital as a missing resource to execute success for your venture and all concerned.