First to my readers. Keep in your thinking world wide, this blog does not take a political posture. We report economic data. Predictions and outcomes we produce are only our opinion. One data set to compare to many others on line to make your own mind up. Never final copy. Just a draft to consider.

We anticipate the markets will roar to new all time highs sucking in vast sums of capital world wide – always thinking – they are missing out right before the SUPER CRASH hits. Has a Super Crash every taken place in a SIDE WAY market like we are experiencing today?



Super Crash always occurs when experts suggest NEWTON is absolutely wrong- gravity is not real – and what goes up to ungodly new peaks – must just KEEP GOING UP HIGHER EVER HIGHER.

The Hero who wrote the best seller I’m reading today PRINCIPLES with buddy Tony Robbins and Bill Gates on the cover – telling you Hedge Fund multi billionaire –  Dileo is the Bible for 2018 PRINCIPLES. He states my own 11th commandment to all our CEO SPACE members world wide:



…when you are confident secure and sure of your investing be afraid and get out of the market altogether…..

as you are most afraid and the market is crashed to new lows and your fear is with you morning till dawn – gain one drop of courage greater than your fear….and invest….and stay with it….

Today CEO’s who start a venture or run existing ventures and professional practices or not for profits – including the FORTUNE “C” SUITE – CEO SPACE trains and re-tools for management execution and forward accelerations – face the most significant challenge humanity has every faced – period.


In the past your brand message, your marketing, your game plan to market, was a fixed point in the plan and you could release and nurture that plan for FIVE YEARS. By Steven Jobs age ( another buddy ) product cycles had shrunk to 18 months and new product innovation had to be introduced every 12 months to remain relevant let alone current in the new AGE OF SUPER CHANGE.

Any brand strategy must now embrace every pre sale touch point of the customer served – with wow factors – along with at sale touch points and post sale touch points. This is no longer a 60 month IP or game plan one can nurture as in prior ages.

In the new AGE OF SUPER CHANGE leaders must develop brain “mother boards” ( brains – we call NEW BRAINS ) – that learn much faster. We call the facility of mind – WARP DRIVE LEARNING. This success in the NEW AGE OF SUPER CHANGE is a learned behavior. The NEW BRAIN must than have hard wiring ( in the core mother board – your own brain ) that UNLEARNS faster than any generation of humans in all human history – as well as WARP DRIVE to ever  RELEARN faster. This brain represents the new EDUCATION. Anything less is relatively obsolete and useless in “C” suite for a solo entrepreneur a dentist office or a Fortune institution.

CEO SPACE wrote the curriculum on SUEPR CHANGE ( and my book on the topic comes out later this year ) and curriculum on this vital first leadership “asset” it totally  missing in all Universities on such topics as how you reward recognize and retain new brains we call SUPER BRAINS you call millennials. As Millennials out perform all OLDER BRAINS one must appreciate Millennials only deliver such performance and loyalty with new CUE SETS in the work space. The new Management C Suite Capital. Leaders must embrace the new Brians arriving in the work space at all levels or – perish.

This new leadership MASTER skill set is not offered at Stanford Harvard or Wharton. Although CEO SPACE is now working to bring this CORE top priority education to major Universities we are now proposing relationships with. We are asking that the chosen leading UNIVERSITY  partner will license our 50 million dollar  education curriculum to the world of education globally as it is now becoming absolutely essential for forward leadership at all levels.

Five times a year CEO SPACE hosts the # 1 ranked Business Conference ( ranked by prestigious third party press world wide ) and again in 2018 – because  of our SUPER CHANGE content in large part. We lead in the rapidly unfolding SUPER CHANGE  space.

The leadership skills of Super Change require a PROCESS versus an event for leaders to REMAIN CURRENT inside the market of Super Change. This includes:

  1. Brand refreshing plussing and strategies quarter to quarter
  2. Tools and tactics revolutionizing quarter to technology quarters
  3. Integration of technology on line and off line Leaders must adapt to embrace versus delay or their brands decline.
  4. Work space culture upgrades to maximally replace pre SUPER CHANGE age competitive systemic modeling with new advanced SUPER CHANGE collaboration and cooperation cultures fostering self correcting switched on turned on work spaces.
  5. Security cultures that include ever revolutionizing new software – hardware – in work space with human  culture systems – and outsourced 24/7 new cop monitoring of it ALL not part of it –  such as uniquely provides to Homeland Security Fortune bleeding edge SUPER CHANGE INSTITUTIONS – and the local milk man. Tell them CEO SPACE sent you for VIP treatment and use my name – as yesterday is already to late if you are hacked today.


CEO SPACE is a pleasant ladies and gentlemen exclusive club of lifetime members of leaders. Billionaires walk around with millionaires as well as development space entrepreneurs in all relevant silo’s. Five times a year leaders chose to run their ventures FROM CEO SPACE – in breaks every hour to do so – in the first SUPER CHANGE upgrade currency process to bring leaders fully current and to keep them fully current.

Master Mind processes link peer to peer networking at right levels naturally in a highly organized and organic process that has no equal hence CEO SPACE being ranked for five years in a row the # 1 Conference leaders can not afford to miss – by third party press via consistent rankings never experienced before over half a decade. Why?

Quality and unmatched IP for the leaders immediate  profit and benefit. We accelerate profits. Our product is accelerated outcomes.

Leaders are arriving on Tuesday March 20th  from all over the world. Leaders begin upgrading after unpacking. Leaders enjoyed a pre program orientation at CEO level, that delights the leader and is no nonsense practical guidance how to gain maximum outcomes from time with CEO SPACE. Your next option is May 21st in Tampa Bay.

If you click QUICK-LINKS and see a video or two, in your industry category we convey one caution. You will see a big room. The films depict a lot of leaders in that big room – half of whom are lady leaders out front from Boards to CEO positions. The WARNING IS – you are not in that big room save for perhaps three times in a week – and even then to network not to be in some AM to PM workshop  learning event. CEO leaders do not want THAT !

CEO SPACE engages game theory to bring CEO’s current. They so appreciate CEO SPACE is new fresh experience model and is not a SEMINAR OR A WORKSHOP. CEO’s expect far more advanced processes at their level and they receive these processes inside the BUSINESS GROWTH CONFERENCE.

CEO SPACE is nothing like a workshop or seminar experience and CEO leaders are so pleased it is NOT ! They lack both time and inclination for THAT tired antique model in the new AGE OF SUPER CHANGE.

CEO SPACE is also transactional. CEO’S grow outcome hard results. Most report around $ 200,000 of Challenge list resolutions at market rates – via one on one mentorship with leading expertise and mentor pools one on one from a single first program. The pace the methods and the tools and hard tactics upgrade any leader and as we serve  billionaires on film suggesting CEO SPACE claims are understated – each  in their own words. Take a peak.

Also in the AGE OF ASSOCIATION it remains a critical challenge in the NEW AGE OF SUPER CHANGE to step away from existing busy work in your box circle and work ON THAT BOX outside that circle as good as it may be – as the busy work is so consuming for leadership -but in  just for four days – still running all of THAT responsibility virtually – easy with todays technology you do it all and step into currency in SUPER CHANGE perhaps for the first time in some long while. To step away you wish to acquire with absolute certainty –  the following asset growth:

  1. Leadership development as in no space on earth today.
  2. Challenge list options and solutions amortizing the low cost.
  3. New relationships for distribution – B to B – and massively improving RELATIONSHIP CAPITAL for every leader.
  4. Human capital acquisition in critical leadership roles and growth or elevated “trading communities” at your peer level.
  5. Cooperative system mastery and new law capital options at any scale of requirement with key relationship associations from the leading Law Firms in private equity hedge fund or investment banking space – or to simply private investor relationships you wish to develop over time in a smarter process for all of those assets.

Relationship Capital is expanded for leaders who acquire life time memberships or at more affluent new members PLATINUM membership communities – as you change the world -we call you PLANET SHIFTERS. You come together inside CEO SPACE community.

Developing global larger trading community is a SUPER CHANGE asset that now requires a PROCESS not an event.

For this reason CEO SPACE has not raised its price since 1988.

Access remains unchanged over three decades of service while the core SUPER CHANGE  product has been upgraded continuously.

Leaders in our own leadership community work with us to SET THE PACE OF IMPROVEMENT AND UPGRADES to the core product. The ultimate master mind for advancing leadership is the leaders inside our own vast membership pool as unmatched resources. Leaders at Booze Alan, Accenture  and McKinsey are on our historic faculty to name a few.  Head consultants and former senior management of the FEDERAL RESERVE Board of the United Stats are on faculty at CEO SPACE. They come to remain CURRENT in their leadership. As we offer the following benefits to exclusion not offered in other options to leadership development. All other options are engineered to give the client in a single often higher priced EVENT – their money’s worth for that one event.

CEO SPACE is engineered to give Leaders their money back with  the following assets:

  1. Repurpose a tax outlay to lifetime membership inside a leading new exciting advanced leadership development  PROCESS versus the old model of EVENT technology. CEO SPACE individual process ( five leadership cross mentoring mastermind FORUM’s ) links all five events in layered development of LEADER growth  over time lines on each leaders schedule not ours – as individuals or as teams if attending together as many Fortune Firms are discovering.
  2. CEO SPACE processes are engineered to great acclaim from the members themselves – all CEO leaders – to reduce TIME and to reduce COST to reach CEO growth goals. CEO Leaders report it simply cost more and takes longer outside CEO space community of CEO’s than inside the relationship capital which they value as priceless.
  3. CEO SPACE Processes accelerate profits income markets distribution channels brand impact and customer raving fan referral marketing impossible when behind SUPER CHANGE always upgrading leadership tools and tactics – all new leadership learned behaviors.
  4. CEO SPACE benefits are on going as repeated use expands CEO community across Fortune Space – B to B space globally – nation space – and in all growth spaces to accelerate growth. CEO SPACE operates chapter events free to members world wide in cities everywhere to expand benefits of membership and cross mentoring as another on going asset of membership.
  5. We guarantee CEO acceleration as to results or we refund lifetime membership before the CEO leaves the hosting hotel – with only one condition – CEO’S fully participate in the short four day upgrading before requesting the refund – you have to ride the anti gravity pod to suggest it doesn’t fly for you.

Thats it…..really. Leaders who wish to grow and don’t wish to wait will register to May 21st working around other agenda’s and managing them VIRTUALLY. CEO PACING is engineer for this purpose while you share time with us at CEO level of responsibility.

However THATS IT is not available anywhere at prices ranging from 50,000 dollars globally to over 100,000 dollars. CEO SPACE still priced at 1988 membership levels shown on the first page of our web site – just scroll – has been PRICE  unchanged for 30 years for CEO benefit in lifetime membership. Our obsession on value to our clients is demonstrated at various levels low tax deductible  price being just one.

CEO SPACE has never run an ad, promoted our  product or marketed its product via convention. Our 147 nation membership has discovered the unique profit and quality of our membership as a business ASSET from other members – from CEO to CEO word of mouth. We prefer referrals from satisfied CEO’s as our culture.

CEO SPACE is owned and run by all lady management in each senior silo. CEO SPACE has educated that left brain male problem creation over centuries has met an entirely new challenge. Today as in the old movie GHOST BUSTERS ( that we must blend our streams to open new portals of opportunity and options )  to gain ever rising  performance outputs the following must take space – proven with our leadership data over decades working with the leading FORTUNE institutions who have proven the following is accurate:

  1. Remaining current in the new AGE OF SUPER CHANGE requires a work space culture shift to blend the streams of leadership cultures of WOMAN and MEN fully integrated Super Change leadership teams –  to forward execution problem solving and innovation to core process in every work space. New thinking must develop in forward leadership to accelerate outcomes. Leaders think differently or they perish.
  2. All core process must now and forever adapt to SUPER CHANGE and a new trained LEADERSHIP is required to develop that desired continually  self correcting culture. Brands must be revolutionizing as well as evolving  in the new AGE OF SUEPR CHANGE. Those who fail to upgrade and adapt to SUPER CHANGE will be left behind – see Kodak – Sears – Toys R US and so many other example. WHO KNEW ? Each victims of leadership failing to adapt to the new age of SUPER CHANGE.
  3. Leaders must invest in an on going process of their own development to remain CURRENT IN THE NEW AGE OF SUPER CHANGE. If not CEO SPACE as the lowest cost fastest on going process – find your own  alternative as a next priority to your leadership. As fortunes are spent on antique leadership system modeling by firms who fail to appreciate these urgent and most essential principles Brands are either being grown or they are being slaughtered. ( Read Brand Slaughter by David Corbin Fortune consultant on CEO SPACE Faculty ).
  4. Cultures reforming from competition Into advanced cooperation and cooperation require new CUES and management system models to measure assess reward and celebrate versus old competitive models of FEAR PUNISHMENT AND EXPLOITATION as the old system models assure decay and decline.  Existing measurement and assessment process’s of TQM and SIX SIGMA I grew up teaching now need retooling to remain current. If this systemic upgrade interests you as a leader acquire REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION – a work I wrote for tomorrow’s leaders who wish to upgrade and remain bleeding edge. Without such culture reform in any size work space  brand slaughter is highly predictable over time.
  5. Super Change is accelerating. Self aware AI is around the corner and will be a new species of self aware life – lacking all competitive impulse however – smarter than our mid brain virus code. They will help us not harm us in my opinion as they push SUPER CHANGE exponentially forward. Adapting to the acceleration of SUPER CHANGE is a leaders FIRST next PRIORITY.

If you missed CEO SPACE next week we suggest you register for MAY 21 in Tampa Bay and bring your entire family – the only Confernce in the world that makes the stress of leadership on family balance  fully in your home space as well – so that entire families come together in leadership support. Our award winning teen program has legendary outcomes for young entrepreneurs who thrive in their futures. We feature eight year olds now in their FOURTH and FIFTH business from age four. No conference in the world upgrades leaders within the most advanced process in the world today and includes the entire family in full life time memberships CEO SPACE still subsidizes for CEO families.

CEO SPACE also honors veteran entrepreneurs as our own first citizens including first responders in all nations globally. Google search CEO SPACE WE WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU BEHIND VIDEO if you have served your country. Or click our main video library on YOUTUBE search CEO SPACE and WE WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU BEHIND. This film by a Navy Seal commander speaks to our Veteran managers and CEO’s. We welcome VETS leaving their service to launch new ventures with the faster lower cost way to do so inside CEO SPACE. Films by VIETNAM KASHAN survivor – master sergeants – WHY VETS LOVE CEO SPACE is another voice to our commitment to Veterans. On line at a click.

Again some of our VETS are leading the largest firms in their nations. UN Ambassadors and world leaders are members today.  Members include management from the largest fortune firms.

The CEO SPACE “PROCESS” is unique protected IP and has no competition world wide over thirty years. Today CEO SPACE annual upgrades once again rank our BUSINESS GROWTH CONFERENCE SERIES # 1 in the world in 2018….for good reason as to quality and third party press recognition THAT  we meet and exceed our claims.

CEO’s report – we got more than we ever anticipated – more than any other option and we have seen it all….which is on our video’s if you click.

Our web site does not sell CEO’s.

Rather CEO SPACE – INVITES – CEO’s to just explore benefits. Proven profit on membership time and cost to make money while you spend time with us.

We invite the smartest leaders in the world. You make your choice based on due diligence.

If you could place yourself inside the superior mentor and leadership mastermind in the world how could that ever harm you in any way if you wish to grow as a leader?

Why would you delay making smarter choice – having new balance and accelerating outcomes?

Why would you delay exploring a solution matrix to challenges every CEO faces largely ALONE each and every quarter of our leadership life –  even with their internal great  teams and out sourced advice.


NEW OPTIONS they do not see but now have acquired define GREAT from only good leadership. It is all about better environments suitable to your own CEO solution OPTIONS. Leadership in SUPER CHANGE is all about the options – new options at your level.

CEO SPACE is a CEO relationship mixer and an option fire hose at the highest quality level to any forward challenge – regardless of scale. Increasingly CEO’s use CEOSPACE for merger and acquisition second opinions on engineering with our on site experts  and for IPO existing significance to shareholder forward outcomes. CEO SPACE is a IP at CEO SPACE GRADE new IP option  factory.

A first of its kind in the world of leadership today.

If you are seeking – and you want more confidential support – within a process made just for you – you have found it.

As CEO SPACE is ground zero for leading consulting firms and contractors to Fortune institutions globally and their management leadership – regarding COOPERATION SYSTEM modeling for culture reform in any size work space – there is an absence of competition inside CEO SPACE itself.  We demonstrate that in the new AGE OF SUPER CHANGE outcome velocities accelerations and momentum we call VAM occur at pace levels made clear inside cooperation leadership environments. We show you.

Is there a gimmick? A catch?

You bet.

Cooperation only works with the new Super Change DNA of INTEGRITY. Dr. David Gruder the leading author ( read the NEW IQ INTEGRITY ) and management trainer for Fortune institutions and highly clicked TED presenter on integrity ( board member for years and a faculty member teaching next week ) the crises is not in leadership the crises is in INTEGRITY. My personal mentor on iNTEGRITY cultures and management for years and I just can not work on myself as a leader next week in the essential area of developing integrity leadership as an on going PROCESS you under take with enormous pride as I do myself. IT is not easy I’m here to tell you. Dr. Gruder’s SHADOW technologies are break through and every leader needs that development without exception to move from good to truly GREAT inside the pressures of SUEPR CHANGE.

So our gimmick? Our CATCH?

Members find out quick in our pre program orientations that if you are selfish, a user taker and unwilling to mentor cross mentor and help other CEO’s for a week of your time – with out condition – unconditional cooperation ( just four days ) to test out comes – results – performance elevations – we will refund YOUR MONEY before you attend – no ned to apply at all.

Our PLANET SHIFTING leaders intend to make enormous differences. We believe the leaders you read about in the news will all pass through CEO SPACE  ( as so many have ) and many return to join our faculty tithing 15% of their lifetime back to CEO’s rising up behind them. You will see the thought leaders of this century you all read their works in the CEO SPACE YOU TUBE library as mentors and members. Their own success stories had CEO SPACE inside.

Our gimmick?


We teach cooperation cultures only grow and flourish in environments of integrity. See Amazon and others as examples.

The old model: competitive capitalism now dying off everywhere it is maintained…


The new model of COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM flourishing now at Facebook – Apple – Google – Amazon – Tesla – and so may coming up today in SUPER CHANGE – revolve around the SUPER CHANGE principle of COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM:


Again read Jeff Bezos works leading in culture reform in this principle and as the WEALTHIEST MAN IN THE WORLD passes in his single short lifetime all prior systems models and wealth by leading in SUPER CHANGE.

Super Change leaders require never ending CURRENCY.

Being brought FULLY CURRENT to the quarter today and than REMAINING CURRENT over shorter and more accelerated time lines of SUPER CHANGE is the leaders C suite capital.

There is inside accelerating age of modern  SUPER CHANGE no there there. You never arrive and remain current.

You must adopt your own leadership  PROCESS to REMAIN CURRENT as a leader.

In reading this important blog we hope you will share with your own community and tribes ask yourself one priority cornerstone question – WHAT IS YOUR PROCESS TO UPGRADE YOUR LEADERSHIP CURRENCY TODAY?

If you lack your own process – and you feel such a process for yourself and your teams is become URGENT and the next priority for goal attainment insurance, why not explore CEO SPACE five events in any 12 month period – each is new and linked to what comes next – as a worthy new leadership development PROCESS for your leadership personally? Your teams next.

Why not trust the # 1 Ranked Conference by prestigious global press like Forbes or Inc and other third party press ranking CEO SPACE the # 1 conference for leaders in the world in 2018 and for years before as well.

Now you know.

The decision to elevate your leadership from good to truly great is a process – we hope we might resolve the appetite to grow as soon as May 21st or in any of our 2018 PROCESS FORUM’s for CEO membership. All memberships including family are fully lifetime within conditions of integrity as our principle.





Lifetime Members across 30 years of time, and 140 nations of service footprint, are being asked to return to CEO SPACE’s December Holiday business Growth conference. Our Platinum mentors are being encouraged to all return. Everyone is asked to bring teens and young children from their family groups. Its only four days of work for such a high profit to you. Read about the value built in to this decision.

Once in a decade do we ramp up for the REUNION OF REUNIONS of our vast CEO membership of professionals and business owners globally. New members get such an advantage when we host a REUNION program.

We have price plans for every level of participation. Staff price plans are the lowest for our members so every budget can afford to come. We enrich relationships – family – and we accelerate business growth. The last chance to reposition a tax dollar into a refund is to register into Dec 15th ( or four days of bonus classes Dec 11th to the Dec 20th huge value )  CEO SPACE in 2015. It is so smart on dollar and cost value benefits reviews. Here is why.

15 of the THOUGHTS LEADERS OF THE CENTURY will create historic events you will share with grandchildren for the remainder of your lifetime. The DEC CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL business growth conference ( # 1 ranked by Forbes ) is the program of the decade – the GREAT GIFT you reposition tax dollars to acquire for yourself. Bob Proctor Super Star of THE SECRET ( 1.5 billion readers ) and Greg Reid Global best seller THREE FEET FROM GOLD and host of THE SECRET KNOCK trainings – Adam Markel CEO of Peak Potentials largest Training institution on earth – Sharon Lechter Author of RICH DAD POOR DAD – OUTWITTING THE DEVIL – AND THINK & GROW RICH FOR WOMEN live and in person – Michael Drew – Linda Clemons – George Fraser of Fraser Net – Emma Fraser double Harvard Post Graduate mentor – Jeff Flam – Dan Clark world famous Keynote to Fortune institutions – Dave Austin celebrity athletic coach – and more – all on the same stage at the same time never to repeat – the mentors of the century for the REUNION of our membership.

Lifetime members must realize opportunity is knocking but you must BUILD YOUR OWN DOOR to open the doorway and  to answer this opportunity  call. YOUR MUST MAKE A DECISION that is hugely profitable to your life and future.  This is why so many never walk over the threshold of accelerated success. Success IS a learned behavior. Success requires new tools and new tactics every leader must acquire on an on going basis – a lifetime education journey to stay at the bleeding edge. CEO SPACE delivers with superior mentorship – tools and tactics that make YOU a far better leader and all the resources in one place at one time you require to accelerate everything. Improve your core game. Invest in success accelerations.

Give yourself the GREAT GIFT. If you are a first time new member, you will simply get MORE for your life time membership. More high value contacts. More new customers and alliances. More tools and tactics. The best of our decade all this December. What a better use of time and options for any business owner. LIFT OFF ON DEC 15th OR EARLIER WITH FREE DAYS OF HOLIDAY BONUS CLASS OFFERINGS FREE FREE FREE AS A PRESENT THIS HOLIDAY.

If you are a lifetime member, please share my blog about the DEC 15th reunion FORUM   with your CEO SPACE member community letting them know you are returning for YOUR REUNION class. If you join us Dec 11th you will receive four full days of BONUS training FREE if your registered for the full Reunion Class. The price is discounted for members returning to REUNION not to be repeated in 2016. The classes open with me teaching you personally, all the new relaxed rules on capital raising for venture space passed by the SEC at the end of OCTOBER just days ago. THE ONLY TRAINING IN THE WORLD ON THESE NEW RULES IS CEO SPACE CAPITAL SKILLS TRAINING FOR CEO’s DEC 11th. Itself worth the entire decision – I’m GETTING THESE MASTER SKILL SETS as a business owner or professional. Reunion gives you MORE.

Enrich your Holidays.


Enrich your Family bonds.

Enrich your business bottom lines.

Enrich tax repositioning to reclaim thousands of YOUR MONEY.


Safe harbor inside  the developing election year storms, sure to hit shore in 2016, ( based on historic data )  is CEO SPACE for that safer harbor for your business, within  a much larger all cooperative trading community. Your future income is a feature of a combination between the boss acquiring new skills on TOOLS AND TACTICS in an increasingly inbound digital marketing environment – acquiring larger cooperative trading communities – and working with higher level mentorship to resolve business challenges of the moment and the future. CEO SPACE delivers on all of that like no where else on earth.

Do you want a safer more protected future?

Do you want an accelerated income?

Do you want to shrink time and lower money cost to reach GROWTH GOALS you set anyway?

Do you believe the future election year markets will be more turbulent? Do you want to lower risk to our business model?

Do you believe you must do some things differently to secure different results?

Do you want to reclaim a refund impossible without registration to CEO SPACE to secure those dollars back?

Do you want to lay in a safe harbor protection against turbulence in the market before the financial storms reach shore?

Do you want your families and relationships to have a 10 Christmas or Holiday Season and New Year versus anything less than 10?

Receive all those values knowing the only cost is the opportunities you miss out on if you remain at home.


After all its YOUR REUNION to hook UP….

I’d just DO IT.

Phone us off our web site and ask for current Member and staff family pricing plans all subsidized for new members and grads for the REUNION BIG ONE.

Share my blog if your a member and thank you.
Proud Chairman founder CEO SPACE

PS: Share our blog – once in ten years YOU GET SO MUCH MORE – make Dec your divine appointment with your much bigger future.








The problem in China is that policy is a mess and corruption is a cultural joke. Today anti corruption czars are using laws to steal honest firms by just charging corruption – the new buzz word – and they are getting away with LEGAL THEFT as there is no one in over sight on their witch hunts. Powerful Party elite who are fantastically wealthy are now getting ridiculously more wealthy by directing this legal theft which is cruel and contaminating economic reforms.

Meanwhile caught in price pinches of rising labor and cost to get goods to market – China lacking a QUALITY CONTROL INSTITUTION – where any client manufacturing in China can COMPLAIN and get immediate satisfaction – see’s quality falling. A short run test of 1000 units will be superior to specifications. The 100,000 to 1,5 million run will arrive unusable with quality defects far off the specifications. There is no recourse and off shore firms lack address in the courts to resolve the issues – they are screwed. The response is NEVER AGAIN for 1,000’s and 1,000’s of manufacturers on the other side of this 25 year trend – who now are in other nations ranting from Indonesia to India where all their economies are soaring profiting on China’s loss – which is permanent.

The China economy is sinking like quick sand. There is no saving rope to pull the economy out. The death spiral of DEFLATION is just beginning and SUPER CRASH IS COMING in CHINA and in ASIA and for the world from there. We have advised to move into insurance assets in earlier blogs which now is becoming urgent for portfolio protectors – remain in the markets at your own peril and remember you were warned – over and over again here – failure to act is to remain on the stormy seas versus behind your sea wall in financial safe harbor.

The fatal economic damage to the Chinese Hull structure is as it is for all nations in trouble, DEBT. China has accumulated through wild speculation and central control of financial market space – trillions upon trillions in BAD DEBT to its provinces seeking to buy social unification. The projects were not complete or completed with horrific quality. The result are entire cities and industrial developments that are empty. The Debt has no income to return the debt. The Debt is a total loss – a wipe out. If those trillions were called as bad loans in FAIR MARKET accounting – China would be a totally and completely bankrupt nation.

As the state of the DEBT BOMB becomes a market focus as it will in 2016 during the election year the RUN ON THE CHINA ECONOMY as companies like APPLE and IBM and others RACE out of China into safer more secure long term options – will further define the rampant unrelenting DEFLATION ECONOMY now gripping China. Last month their performance was the worst since 2009 in the Recession Peak. That worse performance will get worse and worse yet. Smart money is RUNNING from Asia and China first. GET OUT OF CHINA FIRST is the year end mantra for fund managers to protect trillions of assets from the deflation. It is like financial musical chairs. Those who are last out get totally screwed. Those investing now will be wiped out. The dollars coming in versus the dollars leaving China are by ratio largest in five decades – in the RED. This account can not balance.

The only real power China retains is their 25 year accumulated sovereign nation trade account surplus which is dwindling now by huge percentages rather than rising. China lost over ONE TRILLION in trying to manipulate stability into its stock market and lost all that money and gained zero stability. The stock market will SUPER CRASH as these facts are more widely appreciated.

The rising default on debt – the regurgitated notes to provinces – are crimes actually – another legal theft in which bad paper = bad loans – loans that have no hope of being repaired – are represented as good solid assets. This is an economic lie. China is an economic lie. The nation is bankrupt. Before it has social SPRINGS and absolute chaos in the country ( which is also coming ) China will spend most of its remaining surplus account like all nations who go bankrupt – on their military. This will provide phony threats to rally national pride into – at a time the economy is trashed completely – so that the focus is DISTRACTED from internal issues to EXTERNAL ISSUES and war skirmishes where the jobs from the government are increasing military side related. This model is an end game model that is fully unsustainable and leads to UTTER ECONOMIC COLLAPSE and DEPRESSION while 100 million die.  Potentially. Nothing is solved by this reality.

The financial collapse into Deflation is a contagion. The Contagion of failing prices are hitting the entire world – the contagion has spread to Asia and to the EU and is now effecting US slowing down. As the cost of everything is tied to commodities and oil – and these costs were built up artificially by wild speculation fueled by sovereign nation funds in Russia and China, the collapse of commodity prices the provinces borrowed hundreds of billions to stock pile to manipulate the markets for the cost of all major commodities. When this criminal speculation BUBBLE BURST the nations and private traders involved had a blood bath. Some major funds are closing down or going BK because the run on their banks – not published – has been worse than the crash period of 2008.

The entire system is in quiet contagion and is melting down. The surface waves look calm today. The current under the seas is so strong now the surface waves will soon sink all boats remaining outside safe harbor. The alarm signals for economist all went off this Spring. Since then we have gone from bells to full sirens to always deaf herd markets who can not or will not plan against financial past historic milestone history. We only look at prior milestone history in arriving at conclusions. WE have no personal ax in the game. WE want Asia and China to win and win big. It is mathematically impossible now. Due to the uncontrolled arrogance of prior generation mis planners who imagined a China that only went up – that never went down – and a China that controlled the world. In fact China is almost bankrupting the world – as if Kids owned a bank and adults never made the decisions at all – its been like that – or more like Tony Soprano’s owned the bank the people of China are simply said, FUCKED. Financial speaking.

Once you loose this many trillions of dollars and you have zero way to pay that debt back the options become so narrow. Meanwhile the economic death spiral of deflation creates SUPER CRASH in Stocks, Real Estate, Bonds, Commodities, and output goods, all sinking while you read, a run on the bank is taking place while you read in Asia as a whole, as the largest redistribution of wealth since world war II is taking place. The systemic risk to the system is enormous do in no small part to ripples contagion places on China TWO BIG TO FAIL first – who get wiped out in their party counter party agreements all going bad all at the same time – a panic – full on panic for the Region then the world. It is not avoidable now. We waited too long. The G 20 could create a plan for China much like Greece but all of them miss the option for the new markets. The market reset is to:

  1. Merge Central banks into treasury money is never again printed with an interest cost to outside private non government contractors with fraud names like the FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD – a private stock firm owned by banks and elites. Look it up. Easy to learn how criminal it is today.
  2. Refinance the bad and good debt and forward needs with SUPER BONDS scalable interest over 200 year maturity the new GOLD guaranteed by a  basket of nations in each issue. All Central bank functions are retained but within supervision of the national treasury. From this a Global Economic Constitution ( banning criminal speculation ) is forged and all participating nations ascribed to minimum economic thresholds and receive preferred drawing rights to the new GLOBAL CURRENCY system.
  3. Trade and Employment flourish globally.
  4. The Debt is managed by inserting the missing asset to the economic math modeling TIME. Super Bonds – 200 year bonds.
  5. If Fed Central Banks continue to rob tax payers by charging interest to print money when no interest is required – every nation is hostage to financial criminals. Until nations reclaim their sovereignty over the economics the world is doomed to SUPER CRASH AND WORLD WAR in which the elite make fortunes throughout while billions suffer unimaginable pain and suffering. All wars are economic criminal activities. All nations need to crush them early together and collectively. The G 100 needs a Planet Federation Defense Department – PFDD – to crush insane war fast – and to police the peace globally with no nation participating having a military or police system – as the PDFF provide security for all members making efficiency in systems service integration and peace in society GUARANTEED from the present messy ineffective model we have today. Today we are insane. Tomorrow we might download better non buggy software to our brains – cooperation versus competition is the solution.

Why is THIS so IMPORTANT? Well THIS is so important because China is the trigger of the financial deflation that will bring about Super Crash and World War. There is no intention. The result is mindless. WE fail to learn from history so we economically repeat it. Why do we engage systems we know produce SUPER CRASH and WORLD WAR? Elite greed? Insanity? A few benefiting from the misery of the masses? History. Human flaw. Flaw in brain software and thinking error?

Always the source of the thinking code problem is COOPERATION VERSUS COMPETITION. Competition is buggy error linked code on your brain. Cooperation is virus free code that is improved better working brain code and software. As Cooperation replaces Competition as a brain modeling tool the new software breeds sanity versus insanity. The VIRUS REMOVAL TOOL IS COOPERATION. Read Redemption the Cooperation Revolution. You need to read the book to prepare safe harbor for whats coming. You need to be part of the solution. You not some else. You. If your reading this far you have been called and you have been chosen and you already know THAT.

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So what is inevitable – without massive policy shifts in China the Asia market will Super Crash and deflate for decades of stagflation. This economic consequence has begun with slow quiet contagion as a financial wave that will undulate through global markets until the global SUPER CRASH is completed. It won’t be long folks.

Russia is filling the failed policy of the USA on the world stage, seeking to further sink China to its great gain, pull the US and West Down using digital financial weapons it used to create the 2008 Crash, now perfected and further developed, profiting from the undulations it creates. Russia is moving into the dominate the Gulf with bases, Nato offset power, and to assimilate Iraq Syria Yeaman Lybia and ultimately Saudi Arabia into its orbit of join rule with Iran over the REGION of INFLUENCE. Russia will face America as an equal with a weighted balance in its own favor once this plan is achieved. During a lame duck President with failed policies and a fiercely dysfunctional congress – America is adrift within a crises of leadership that is not repairable for some time. The world will not wait. The world will penalize America for its error which will likely remove America from the leadership it once knew and will never know again at that level of engagement. One administration has historically bankrupt an unborn generation. Nothing political here – just economics – just financial news reporting of what is real – what the truth is.

Super Crash is coming.

World War is coming.

It is all preventable.

A crises of leadership prevents the required cooperation to prevent it.

The competition is in charge and will not derail in time.

The fear and distrust the competition creates is an illussion that will magnify into world war III which is insane.

Elites who have made criminal sums of money causing all this, will in selfish extension of their insanity, for they are truly insane, lose their fortunes and estates, because they likely will die in the war and post revolutionary activities to reset the stage globally. Zero sum game. In anticipating even more criminal profits, ( any profits not representing social values ) , they will lose all their past profits wealth power and influence and the lives of all their families. Look at the simple math of the French Revolution – not that long ago folks. The masses have had it and they are informed today. Information can not be fire walled any longer. Not in Iran. Not in Russia. Not in China. Not anywhere. Manipulating minds is a crime. Whoever does it in any nation.

Speculative investment is criminal and is a zero sum value added to the economy. The arguments for its permission are insane financially. Everytime nations make speculation that is a crime, legal, they bankrupt their nations. Why would they do it repeatedly? Why did the USA do it? So elites could steal legally because these brains are criminal ( making money without social contributions ).  They should be in jail or executed for their crimes. These are the crimes of the century where the master criminals all enjoy a warm meal and when caught in stealing billions they pay the nations a little fine – continue with their wine service – and never see a day in jail for crimes others would be executed for committing. LEGAL THEFT IS NOW THE LAW. Until you change THAT there is no future you can rely on – there is none. Your financial system is a house of cards – a wall of mirror – illussion – it is not REAL – it is puff smoke and profit bubbles – and all bubbles POP. National leaders are bought and blinded in the models of unlimited money for crooks to buy law makers as they do as the money is unlimited now. Sic Hundred in the belt way can not hold impartial minds against trillions of dollars following into 600 men and woman – its too much money against too few men and woman to avoid the CRISES OF LEADERSHIP. Who are the senators and house members that CAN NOT BE BOUGHT? Do you know them? Its few folks very few. Thank God for them but without system change they are spit in the wind of the money buying criminal capitalism – the system of the world in the EU, in America, in Russia and in Asia. Criminal Capitalism goes away with 12 laws. We need those laws passed but elites won’t have their criminal casino after so they block law makers that would even think about INTEGRITY to vote sanity versus insanity.

If you see everything as a financial system and you really understand how it all works, the news becomes so much more CLEAR. Without that information you read manipulation and control copy and you are basically BRAIN WASHED.

Billions are so they can’t challenge leaders who are insane. They are too ignorant to have the mental software to act sanely versus insanely.

The systems of the world foster criminal capitalism and maximum competition between all parties. Everyone leaves those tables feeling 100% ripped off. There is no integrity in competitive dealings. There is no feeling of everyone leaving with a winning satisfaction which cooperation breeds. Cooperation cares for one another. Competition exploits one another. Cooperation is safe for both sides. Competition is never safe for any side. One is insane. The other is sane.

Now how do you see the world – for you now know the gears and wheels under the hood of the car do you not? More than you did when you started reading.

Can the world with criminal capitalist and maximum competition REINFLATE ECONOMICS? We say without cooperation NO. If the world deflation magnifies and continues what happens? Super Crash followed by World War.

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You know all this you just didn’t understand the WHY the detail. Now you do. Now it makes more sense. Failed planners over generations got us hear. Todays failed planners try to evolve a solution when a REVOLUTIONARY THINKING is required to advance the solution.

Redemption the Cooperation Revolution is a solution dictionary for the sanity of awake brains. You ‘ll know what to do when you read your copy.

Berny Dohrmann – Proud Author Redemption the Cooperation Revolution


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