What could go wrong?

Well let me tell you what has already gone wrong.

China is a commuist economy. That means transparency as known in western market space does not exist- at all. Is Chinese currency worthless. That is the ultimate end game question.

Today we have a ten year recovery from the worst melt down and recession since 1929. The recovery is FRAGILE and not strong yet.

China had to devaluate its currency to stay Ihe game at all.

To sustain order and growth the two communist respected agenda’s they infused untold money following the crash into infrastructure. The problem is the Chinese system is opaque and outside customs of tradition and regulations.

So the loans developed from thousands of banks and tens of thousands of shadow bank lenders. Today 500,00 billion is known to be bad loans not repaying their principle and interest. This number however is a tip of an ice berg in China financial sectors.

The 20 TRILLION DOLLAR shadow banking industry is murky to say the least. In recent years the banks have packaged their crap loans and sold those as good performing real assets to shadow bank syndicates and banks around the world own those note packages today.

The problem – which I keep writing about related to the DEBT BOMB is liquidity. If the musical chairs of passion these bad loan packages around comes home to roast – meaning economics always rebalances from system abuse – banks will have to write off the bad loans.

Which many experts believe is untold TRILLIONS of Dollars. This sum is not manageable by communist central bank planners  educated at Cambridge and Harvard. It has gotten away from the central planners.

Today the growth in CHINA is 300% borrowing over what they ear in GNP output. A year for ten years piling up.

The bad loans to build out infrastructure are not being repaid. The IMF has warned about all this 15 times in 24 months – which we report right here on this blog.

The musical chair game has stalled any rebalancing. The tipping point economically is a whisper away now.

A TRADE WAR is the tipping point and AI software knows that. IT is that smart – say – smarter than I am with more data than I have.

You GOT TO KNOW WHEN TO HOLD THEM is a blog I wrote on this topic – did you scroll and read it.

So here is Trump at the poker table. He sells 130 billion to China each year.

China and XI at the poker table sell to the USA over 500 billion each year. That is 20% of the entire Chinese economic system by itself. Just that. And we influence another 30% among our allies.

Trump has a full house at the poker table – five to one we buy from China more than they buy from us.

Who negotiates from strength of the DEAL? Really ?

Five to one.

XI gets this.

The USA in a real trade war sinks China. China goes bankrupt in.a cascade of debt defaulting and a market roar out of CHINA with trillions in capital leaving CHINA. A trillion has already left folks. The RUN on China is part of today’s market space.

Liquidity in China is drying up even before the USA pushes its chips onto the table ( all of them if needed ) and says WE CALL.

You got to know when to FOLD THEM.

FULL HOUSE ( 5 to 1 ) over say XI and communist holding two two’s. Trade WAR?

China can’t pay its garbage removal – water clean up – or basic services. The military crashes into the dust in China Trade Wars.

No one wants this for the Chinese People. Or the World overall.

No one. Especially Trump who understands all this and respects XI trying to lead his nation out of the mind field of debt and the 10,000’s of institutions that drive debt to support the economy over all.

All that is required is FAIR TRADE. A reciprocity trade where trarriff’s are opened versus closed to each side. China will prosper in FREE OPEN TRADE not decline. America trade accounts will balance and re-balance slowly over time and the markets will go WILD. Which is what we expect.

But in POKER folks your tells give you away.

The facts and who holds what are known.

USA Full house.

China two two’s.

Trump and XI have audiences all around the table to please. Politics versus economics while the tipping point is a whisper into the future. Any mis fire and the tipping point is RIGHT NOW.

Trump has to bet.

XI has to match.

Trump has to keep those chips moving to the center of the table.

Xi has to match.

Trump has to be careful when to CALL.

When he calls ( trade war ) China falls. The Tipping point.

If XI can fold into long term free trade and fair trade the outcome is mutual prosperity for a new cooperation between all players.

XI has powerful forces that want to “go against AMERICA” now feeling ( falsely ) they have capacity economically they in fact lack.

The USA has powerful forces on TRUMP suggesting the time to PUNISH CHINA is now – which is actually a huge recession and market risk for the USA as we lack capacity to do that step without consequences that are horrific for the world buying all those bad debts – wipe out could span the globe as the IMF warns. The entire system is at risk here – says the IMF in 2018. The entire system.

On miscalculation at that poker table.

Not in the press is all the moves each sides is telegraphing in private to the other to moderate through the POWERFUL FORCES who lack all the information. Powerful on both sides non the less.

The IMF warned this week the critical card in the game is TRUST. If TRUST which XI and TRUMP have together as leaders – can be built upon to slowly impact the POWERFUL FORCES influencing the game daily – outcomes could be MAGIC.

Miracle outcomes.

If not – the tipping point is a whisper away. In all outcomes the USA wins but not well and not as if we have magic and a miracle from the poker game.

5 to 1.

We hold ALL the CARDS.

That is a fact.

Now the issues is – can China save herself?

New policies are required.

Can she?

Will she?

As there are no alternative options we have to wait.

Imbalanced trading – 5 to 1 – is not sustainable economics for the USA. WE are at the end of economic subsidy to China. We have to now have economic parity to continue. SO rich and positive for China moving forward.

Can she?

Will she?

In politics one must draw on the 11th commandment ….

…never assume leaders will do what is their own best interest – say see Hitler or Stalin or others history has marked for GPS today…..

IT all boils down to Kenny Rogers in America folks – regardless of your position over money today….

….you got to know when to hold them and you’ve got to KNOW when to fold them…….

Timing is everything in the art of the DEAL’s today.

Iran is getting a boast and Saudi is getting a kick in the knee’s today. Another set of cards here.

Folks – we have time. But time and the tipping point are coming to a point in tomorrow no one would wish for. We are that close.




The markets dove as the world moves into trade war for real. China the debtor nation is caught between a rock and a revolution. if China employment drops off a cliff into recession or worse due to trade wars, America will come out just fine and on top. However the shift back to America will not be a recovery event for China.

This Debtor nation borrows 300% more than it earns for so many years the IMF has warned and re-warned and warned again in 2018 that China is a systemic risk to the entire world interdependent system as it creates phony economics driven by debt under communism. Communism is always a failed economic model.

The sea anchor of debt President XI warns must decline “slowly” over time. But China lacks time due to trade war. The survival of Chia free of a revolution when 87% of all citizens are not members of the communist party – the problem is aging demographics and young global free thinkers and debt. The world needs to learn about China and quick.

China has too options:


  1. Free Trade really and rule of law
  2. Business as usual – theft and digital war with the west

The West has HAD IT with digital theft and phony economics within a one way money bridge that has fully imbalanced economic accounts as set forth by the UN – World Bank – IMF – US Treasury – EU and frankly this blog.

China is opting for trade war.

The problem with that escalation is the mind set – always undervalued – of AMERICANS. American’s could stop buying made in China everything – on a dime. We are discussing so many trillions drying up in say – 90 days – that China crashes into an economic sunset like the world has ever seen before. Digital darkness. Economic night.

The ramifications to China stability are beyond measure in today’s terms. Given China’s long history of social disorder the current economic mess from failed communist economics is a phony mirror. The victims – the WEST are not only totally DONE with economic abuse theft and lack of rule of law – but done with words versus action.

The risk is fantastic to the entire world and the risk is now – and taking place.

Trillions of wealth have been wiped out since the start of this – say is weeks ago. That right – trillions upon trillions in six short weeks. Wait for it – as the real other shoe has not fallen.


President XI the King for Life in China – has but he may have not understood the words.

The USA token tariff’s the biggest dumping of below cost trade goods on earth – China Steel and Aluminum in such surplus they can’t sell the piles they have of both outside dumping costing. Economically unsustainable. Brought about by debt to secure jobs to assure stability in the population in China while polluting their own people to levels humans have never experienced before – in fact most humans on the planet.

Bad business communism.

So – China responds over ten days with 128 tariff’s to two.

Now one may think Trumps team about to release 60 billion of tariff’s to China – to bring their leadership to the real table of FAIR TRADE versus DARE TRADE – and rule of law to stop STEALING INVENTIONS BY HACKING = the core of the China Communism miracle – stealing replaces dealing.

Enough is enough says Congress and Trump.

Now does Trump MEAN BUSINESS?

What do you think?

The giant sucking sound Ross Perot refined for all of us with NAFTA took place exactly as the billionaire warned us it would.

Exactly. Now they are trying to repair that mess – that one way sucking sound out of America into other once poor nations.

China is worse. The Chinese have hacked every agency of the nation and every corporation data base for invention trolling. When do you stop the stealing and reset the world onto a level keel?


We can keep doing business as usual – MAKE CHINA GREAT AGAIN but it is tragic economics for our own unborn.

  1. China has trade taxes that make American goods too costly in China.
  2. China culture steals American anything from Burgers to phones and Chinese buy CHINESE not American.
  3. China laws make impossible barriers to free trade – you have to associate with china partners and allow your secrets and inventions to be immediately ripped off to do any business in China.
  4. Google is blocked – Face book is blocked – so many others and Apple had to put its keys to all of our data on Chinese servers to keep getting parts made over there – why not English speaking INDIA with RULE OF LAW protection?
  5. Economics in China is partnership means 11 to 1 to China which has built the largest imbalance of currency reserves on earth in ten years. Not sustainable as IMF warns and warns.

Nixon Opened China for business.

Trump may well close China for business.

As China can not survive such a trade war and remain as it is today, the choice is revolution or wars. War is most likely.

Asia at war – consider that for a moment.

China has – ruled criminal by the world courts – redrawn maps to suggest all of Asia is now inside the Chinese exclusive influence zone -of oceans lands and seas. The opposing power is the USA and JAPAN today – and despite what you may believe CHINA is not enabled to propel their illegal will on those nations – and Russia is in the end not going to side with China – they are going to side with World War II partners who helped them win.

China is misplaying its cards.

A China summit is the answer were communist leadership reforms to global rule of law and prospers.

Any other course ends in communist bankruptcy economically and ultimately a revolution in CHINA which no one wishes.

What leaders fail to see are at the end – the core economics.

So today we have our manufacturing down.

We have consumer confidence down at end of March first time this year.

We have a market crash again today. Again. Today.

We have trade war heating up just like the IMF feared an warned us all about.

The recovery globally is fragile.

The time to rebalance economics is right now however not later in time.

China is most vulnerable to the sun setting economically right now in her pile of communist debt – the upside down bankrupt nation in fact.

Cascading defaults will effect the entire world from CHINA from a trade war she can not survive let alone win.

So what comes now? What comes next?

The Trump Team is reviewing the second wave of trade punishment for China theft lies and cheats to America over time. Pure theft at a state sponsored level.

Big Brains have got this and the BIG BRAINS have called sunset on economics in China or reform trade law practices really.

Door number one is prosperity.

Door number two is ruin and war.

Trump’s team is fighting digital world war III economically first.

All wars begin economically.

America has been frankly loosing since the digital attacks from Russia and China in 2008 – they made fortunes and almost wiped us out. Then they stole digitally everything we had period – everything.

Today we are ready and we are pissed off.

The digital wars are about to shift and China has like so many before created a fatal reality – China has VASTLY UNDERESTIMATED THE United States OF AMERICA.

Her wonderful people have no clue in the few against the many.

Why not trade fair – why not stop stealing?

You = all of my readers well know the answer to this.

Now the trade wars get serious – China made a miscalculation.

Wrong President wrong time – wrong moment in history folks.

Thats all.

The line in China’s sunset has been drawn.

There will be zero backing up.

The Economics will not be kind to China as the sun also sets.





The congress of the United states has been polarized for a long time by PRESIDENTS. In the recent history of the United States the DYSFUNCTION has become so GREAT that the Congress which passes laws, regulates the President through LAWS and through DOLLARS as Congress passes the budget of the UNITED STATES, the nation actually shut down. The Funding was stopped. The President and the Congress could not agree and CONGRESS FAILED TO PASS THE US BUDGET.

Wrong way fiscal policy for the USA has downgraded the American Credit Rating once the highest offered from AAA to AA degrading borrowing cost at a 20 trillion dollars forward debt carry. And the congress shut the country down which shakes up lenders and shakes up credit rating agencies and shakes up the WORLD.

Today we have Donald Trump. An outsider. A leader who has never held public office. A leader who does know politics and who has not been political. A leader who has to learn on the job. President Obama ran for public office, worked as a US Senator, worked with Presidents, and was inside the political machine.

Only Hillary Clinton had eight years in the Congress and the same in Congress. She was experienced.

The issue is not personal here as always the issue is economic.


Today we have a temporary USA Budget. A permanent budget for the fiscal year that ends this September was not passed and has not been passed for a long time. The DYSFUNCTIONAL CONGRESS of the past two decades, has embarrassed itself, its mission for the people of the United States, and to the world by failing to pass budgets that make sense.

For one example and there are so many, so many, Congress presently has a self-effected rule in passing budgets for foreign nation ALLOCATIONS or SUPPORT “that” requires they pass A BLANKET SUM meaning the total is approved and no side of the aisle can line by line the nations. We pass all of Africa or we pass none of Africa. We fund all of the Gulf or none of the GULF. This means, we can’t line by line our enemies out. We can not punish a nation like PAKISTAN for stealing our money, and funding our opposition. Our idea our policy is making us safe in Pakistan is not true and is especially harmful to partner and should be our counter weight in CHINA – INDIA. Do we invest a fraction in India what we do in Pakistan? No. Have we made progress for the people and for democracy in Pakistan? No? They generally hate us and we give them so much money its a sin. Why? Policy. Is the POLICY successful? No? Same in Somalia. Do we change the policy? No? Do we expect different results doing the same thing decade after decade? Yes? What is that? Insanity is what that is. Why don’t we change the LAW? Because politics is leading economics versus economics leading politics.

So when that happens what is the outcome. The outcome of Competitive Capitalism and Competitive Communism as economic SYSTEMS nothing personal – is always the insane same set of outcomes no change EVER. Which is why we advocate at CEO SPACE for a worldwide revolution into COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM with ethics and integrity that is missing from system rule sets today. The outcomes historically to what we have now is: ( as set forth in my book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION ):

  1. The system consolidates wealth until 1% own more wealth than 99% which is unstable unsustainable economically and the system begins to become highly volatile. 
  2. The system experiences a SUPER CRASH globally like 2008 was.
  3. The system of the world moves from alliance and cooperation ( globalization ) into DISTRUST and NEGOTIATION – or TRADE WARS that escalate from denial to full out public GLOBAL TRADE WAR.
  4. This magnifies system stability further and via insane DEBT a DEBT BOMB of defaults is triggered and CONTAGION in financial markets creates a larger SUPER CRASH.
  5. The world recovers from the resulting FINANCIAL DEPRESSION via WORLD WAR as a redistribution of wealth and system reset.

As this is insanity when we repeat it the trap becomes IF politics lead economics versus economics lead politics you only get the 1 to 5 outcomes in that same sequence since city states and Greece before Rome – financial history. Why repeat the box top rules that give all of us this outcome?

So the President has limited powers. The leader in America has to get congressional function versus dysfunction to pass laws to reset existing laws, retire existing laws, or fund his new plans. If the President does not end congressional dysfunction the capacity of AMERICA to execute is limited in the future. 


The problem is that when nations are suffering from trade wars, and their core economics are mess from saddling their nation with debt they have no way to pay – THEY HAVE NO “WAY” TO “PAY” – then eventually the only way social unrest and issues related to ABUSIVE CREDIT FOR DECADES gets managed, is to focus attention of the voter population OUTWARD versus INWARD ( Politics leading economics ).

This is achieved by media manipulations to use the largest political capital account FEAR from a THREAT ( real or imagined ) and to unite voter populations into a nationalism against the commonly manufactured threat. This ends with war.

Today so many nations are falling to their knees from their failed policy of running growth economically with debt. They spend so much more than they make. When they spend year after year 2 x what they make or 3 x ‘s like CHINA we are near the end folks. Of the historic 1 to 5 cycle which now includes DIGITAL WARFARE keep in mind.

So it’s subtle but enormously costly to the nations of the world.

All at a time no nation has wiggle room or big surplus to INVEST really.

Amerian is in the red. China is in the Red. The EU is in the RED by a majority. As is South America, Asia, and Africa. Saudi is in the RED I mean SAUDI.

The IMF and the WORLD BANK have been unable to fix all this. For decades.

I have sent the politicians a trial balloon in my book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION. In the pages of the book comes a financial invention larger than structured assets for the world. Studying the problem I give a powerful new tool to the IMF and the WORLD BANK ( see my blog on SUPER BOND THEORY just scroll ).


Super Bonds insert TIME as a fiscal ASSET to reset all debt to 200 years into the future. 100 and 200-year BONDS for sovereign nations only. BUT the SUPER BONDS to be sold in the market require a contingent guarantee by WORLD BANK and IMF together in my theory model what nations may dilute to destroy the purpose.

The PURPOSE OF SUPER BONDS is to create a model of resetting debt and infusing critical infrastructure investment for nations, only IF they embrace COOPERATIVE BOX TOP RULES FOR ECONOMICS. Nations receiving the only WAY FORWARD the one and only economic way forward that detours around the 1 to 5 historic economics set down here that never vary ( so far ) …MUST pass laws that define the following:

  1. Nations must earn more than the spend on annual budgets because that is the law.
  2. Nations must grow in the black and stay in the fiscal black by passing laws to support fast track development of in nation entrepreneur class, to assure rising internal consumption, with ever rising revenues to a nation.
  4. Nations must agree to IMF and WORLD BANK accountability escrow controls for distribution of SUPER BOND FUNDS to assure the new economics work without corruption.
  5. Nations only get the required IMF and WORLD BANK contingent guarantee required by underwriters to market, IF 1 to 5 economics lead politics box top rules are passed into law and SUPER BOND FUNDING is approved by the nation thereto.

So 1 to 5 leading to the world war ( insane ) or 1 to 5 leading to world peace ( sane )? Now, how important is THIS BLOG?

So print and forward to your leaders at the top in your nation. More and more are calling me in for SUPER BOND discussions. SUPER BONDS is hot right now if the politics don’t dilute the model. Without 1 to 5 Super Bonds add to the issue versus solve the issue.

Cooperative nation’s collective have a PLANETARY DEFENSE FUND and no nation spends any budget outside the collective model. As the United Nations is a den of thieves the United Nation idea invented before the digital world and technology of today was even imagined, needs to be reset with an entirely new BOX TOP RULE SET where it operates in the black, not in the red. Economics lead politics.

Cooperation is a system for organizing humans. Competition is a way of organizing humans for results. Cooperation system models always OUTPERFORM competitive system models. Competitive system models lead to the 1 to 5 and world war I set forth above in families, in communities, in states, and in nations. California is competitively putting on balloon succession from the United States. As in a new USA CIVIL WAR. The US is not after trillions invested going to LET CALIFORNIA leave the UNION. This mindset of COMPETITION is taking place worldwide as a form of insanity.

Cooperation is our higher humanity.

Competition is a form of ISIS and is pure insanity. There is nothing good about competition and it is insane to think that there is when you look at competition systemically.

Competition does not create the better higher quality innovations goods and services reaching the most of us. That is the GREAT LIE all proven economically. Politics lead economics.

Cooperation brings the leading innovations goods and services to the majority of us. Economics lead politics.

The question of President TRUMP is CAN HE RETOOL CONGRESS AS HE REVOLUTIONIZED ELECTION PROCESS ( my prior blog explains the theory on systemic issues in this process?

Will he become a GREAT inspired innovative leader showing the new direction for the America that needs to become ECONOMICALLY GREAT again and lead the free world? Can he restore values direction and redefine what it MEANS TO ACTUALLY “BE” AMERICAN which it seems to me for a generation has as the old movie suggest been LOST IN TRANSLATION. What does it now MEAN to BE American? If we can’t explain THAT from the top down, how can the people of the world have any real context FOR America or anything American?

THAT it seems to me becomes the core question to the first 100 days of the Trump Presidency versus how many Presidential Orders his staff can create as sweet tea for his voter core block. For the world and for all of the AMERICAN will he lead Congress into a new functional performance to replace decades of dysfunction where politics lead economics versus the other way around.

Will only time TELL US?

Berny Dohrmann – Founder CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL

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Super Bonds are a new class of bond. A financial invention. Super Bonds lead to after markets and long-term Sovereign Nation stability. Super BONDS are the only economic resolution to abuse of sovereign nation debt.

Super Bonds imagine:

  • Placing all sovereign into one bucket of a new financial jumbo instrument.
  • Placing all new investment to modernize and turn the SUPER BOND nation into a separate financial bucket to support a thriving entrepreneur nation sustained by ever rising revenues driven by rapid expansion of entrepreneur class in the nation supported by public law and policy.

The two buckets are then collectively financed by a single SUPER BOND into the market through financial global syndicates supporting this SOVEREIGN NATION ONLY bond class of assets.

An IMF and World Bank contingent guarantee underwrite the absolute sovereign nation bond warranty. Or a syndicate of nations supply the contignet warranty.  The IMF and World Bank administrate an ACCOUNTABLITY ESCROW AGENCY AEA to distribute SUPER BOND progress payments to assure, schools are built, roads are put in, dams are constructed, power grids and communication grids are put in, and corruption and theft are reduced to near zero in the SUPER BOND administration to nations receiving such relief all supported by laws defining SUPER BOND contract term protections.

Super Bonds introduce the presently missing IP and economic asset of TIME ITSELF to the mix of resetting sovereign nation development growth and century-old debt saddling.


  1. Defined actuary modeling from big eight accounting firms to execute to market as moderated by investment banking syndicates bringing the new Super Bond Class to market represent feasiblity criteria for 100 year to 200 year debt bonds or SUPER BONDS available to soverign nations exclusively – to reset 100% of existing nation debt and short falls using TIME as the missing asset against future economcis and demographics to retire the bond with absolute assurances.
  2. National laws define public policy required to receive a SUPER BOND including entrepreneur public and laws in the nation. Public works are defined and approved on all terms by-laws contained in the SUPER BOND must be legislatively approved – said anothr way the required SUPER BOND TERMS must be inclusive to legislation the underwriters require as laws supplementing gurantees and warranties to the bond economically.
  3. IMF and World bank ( or syndicates of nationsal warranties as an alternative to each Bond issued ) as required reviews and approvals are additional security to each SUPER BOND, including both contingent guarantees to the bonds themselves and AEA escrow management of all  new fund progress payments to nations, to assure infrastructure is completed as per bond contracts, and promises, supporting bond payback is on time and completed without tampering within local political modeling globally over bond time lines and parameters as developed by the underwriters.
  4. Super Bond Theory was invented by our economic teams at CEO SPACE and is brought into a market for nations we consult to by Hughes and Hubbard of Washington DC and Roel Campos former SEC Commissioner of the Untied States of America. Nations we work with retail bond exploration feasibility is my designated expert on SUPER BOND THEORY and execution to market.
  5. Super Bond execution is a collaboration of sovereign nation leadership, , retained legal, and investment banking partnerships the legal team designate, IMF and WORLD BANK partnerships the legal team contract terms into the bond final form, and escrow supervisions between the investment banking syndicate making SUPER BOND markets, the legal team administrating the escrow, and the WORLD BANK and IMF AEA committee administrating sovereign long-term development resources.

Super Bonds are 100 and 200-year bond funds. A new class of BOND or asset class to world markets available only to SOVERIGN NATIONS exploring growth and prosperity through master economic planning only SUPER BONDS make possible inside a single econoically viable instruement. TIME is the new asset for Soverign global collective social prosperity where nations cooperate versus compete. The math is flawless. Do your own.

SUPER BONDS IS a new financial invention more important than structured assets. Super BONDS are highly rated bond class assets brought to market by major underwriter syndicates. Every aspect of the economics is profitable and every sector  makes money on SUPER BOND execution.

Sliding interest scales over time lines, present nations with LOWER near term outlays while rising revenues off set bond cost over time lines. SUPER BONDS and TIME AS THE MISSING ASSET work for resetting soverign nation debt for all nations within a collective collaboration of social capitalism now sweeping market embrace.

Time resets all Sovereign nation debt instantly and all creditors are paid in full as super bonds are placed and funded, providing liquidity circulation and resources for SUPER BOND execution. There is no enemy to the SUPER BOND theory when the feasibility studies are brought to political leadership attention by economists. 

New creditors have a demographic and economic assurance that maturity of bonds over time will be paid for where a penny pays for a dollar of super bond debt today, in effect to future economic capacity to retire SUPER BONDS in FULL or early at the nation’s will due to massively rising revenues and demographic realities expresse in SUPER BOND feasiblities developed by Big Eight Accounting firms retained by nations seeking SUPER BOND executions.

Sovereigns have TIME as the missing required new IP  ASSET to move all current obligations of various debt saddles and unfunded liablities today,  into the distant better future, as with a magic time machine, coupled to massive internal infrastructure and development to create internal consumption economics, where the populations of nations over longer TIME FRAMES can and economically soundly underwrite debt when TIME is the missing asset for massive revenue growth for nations that require time to bring into economic reality. TIME heals the current models that lack healing.

The SUPER BOND new asset category provides a long term solid new badly needed global investment asset category for investment consumers with over 100 trillions of liquidity assets that include these catagories:

  • Nations
  • Institutions
  • Corporations
  • Individuals
  • Secondary markets

SUPER BONDS are social capital. There are criteria to get a SUPER BOND that nations must adhere to economically. SUPER BOND’s are contractual winning agreements that every partner to the contract wins when executing.

Super BONDS can reset the TRUMP agenda to refinance the AMERICA DEBT of 20 trillion dollars, and add  trillions in new infrastructure resourcing from cities in the oceans, mineral’s under the sea an cities in SPACE – where the entire SUPER BOND is repaid with the AMERICAN 2 billion in population and tax paying constituent retiring the bonds in 100 years. By using the immigration card wisely and creating American demographics that make sense the model for SUPER BOND execution for all nations resolve the issues for CHINA GREECE ITALY NIGERIA AND SO MANY MORE.

Super BOND THEORY models a new asset class for Sovereigns that resolves the IP of the moment with a new IP of tomorrow. In today’s digital speculations the Sovereign Nation Asset class will become the premium asset class underwriting world order and finance for generations into the future.

Without SUPER BONDS the debt bomb of the present is resolved by world war traditionally.

With SUPER BONDS World War is averted.

Spread the word to your national leadership.


PS: My birthday is Feb 7th. I’m wshing for this year to be the year of SUPER BOND EXECUTION and sovrign debt relief through inventive financial resolutons set forth here for your further development to market. I remain available to consult through Hughs and Hubbard Washington DC when retained for your SUPER BOND explorations at the soveriegn nation or underwriter partnership. I blow out my candles wishing for SUPER BONDS as oppossed to World War.




Communist and socialist countries, engage a central market control economic model, versus a free market control economic model, that creates typically, over decades fantastic DEBT and CREDIT market ABUSE. This economic dynamic builds up bad toxic debt, that over time, compounds, and becomes a mountain that ends up controlling policy. DEBT AVOIDANCE. The central planners become trapped, in a core economic model ( socialism and communism ) that simply is less efficient than free market capitalism and far less self-correcting along the time lines.

The financial lance the CENTRAL PLANNERS in CHINA now reside within, have narrowed from a commuter lane in an eight-lane freeway 12 years ago, to a very narrow arterial country windy unmaintained road, with potholes

I want you to visualize the CHINA problem:

  1. 12 Years ago 15% GNP – gross national product output rising like a rocket for a very short time.
  2. As 1% of elites owned 99% of the wealth the economics became unsustainable and the system wobble stopped growth.
  3. The system crashed from 25% growth to above 5% growth today ( they lie about real numbers ) so adjust them
  4. The down graph goes down the flip chart for a decade and breaks the marker pen as the line proceeds on the side wall
  5. During the crash as industry capital and internal wealth fled china in the largest run on a nation in years
  6. China central planners used DEBT ABUSE to create a 300% borrowing against jobs to support currency and jobs
  7. This created a rebalance of inflows of capital reserves to an outflow of capital reserves by over 1 trillion in 18 months
  8. A bad debt overhang of toxic never to repaid debt in China now is topping 100 Trillion US DOLLARS
  9. Interest rising in the USA means the YUAN value already 20% down in 2016 against the dollar is crashing further
  10. Debt China is running at 300% to one in INCOME must be largely repaid in dollars, soaring in value making payments impossible for CHINA to pay

China must stop supporting its currency which could drop its value by 40% in the New Year ( if not before ).

A free market float of the currency will drop the value of CHINESE PHONY money by 40%.

Inflation in China will soar as capital runs from all sectors foreign and internal into higher safer dollar returns. The run in China which has been fantastic is nearing CONTAGION levels as the FED adjustments come into the market. There is NOTHING that Central Planners with years of failed economic policy can do to fix this. The IMF warned them. Then IMF put the Chinese Yuan into the class of the London POUND and the US Dollar – that was a failed IMF policy that will bite their credibility directly in the Chairwoman’s ass worldwide – now on trial in FRANCE. Like the last French IMF chairperson as the IMF, authority is diminished. The USA warned and offered to help but all have been rejected by closed circles COMMUNIST CENTRAL PLANNERS who just know better.

In trying to rewrite economics the last meltdown gasp of economics is currency controls and price controls both going on today in China. Market controls, trading controls, and draconian controls that since 1700 have never once proceeded into any future but collapse and failure of the economic system itself.

China, as I’ve defined, is in an economic DEATH SPIRAL. As the tornado of unresolved DEBT ABUSE continues, bankrupt banks and financial institutions allowed to book utter crap bad debt as good assets will only get worse and the SUPER CRASH will be deeper, faster and worldwide influencing due to syndicates with global financial institutions known as counterparty agreements. Liquidity worldwide freezes up when the DEBT BOMB goes OFF in CHINA. A run on the banks or institutional runs via massive short selling as took place in January of last year sinking all China markets and leading to a huge currency devaluation – right before XI said that China will never devalue its currency. XI has lost confidence in central economic planning policy ( nothing personal just economic failure in policy ) as has CHINA communist central planners under XI. Can’t be reclaimed now. The DEBT ABUSE IS TOO FAR GONE – wealth is too conslidated, circulation is restricting and the cost of the debt mountain is about to soar to levels China can not and will not be able to pay.

The short selling in everything CHINA is going to become massive. The profits made on the short selling will pass one trillion. China lacks resources to offset the massive rising short selling on the failed economics. The market is always smarter than the Communist Central planners and will always protect itself.

Wealth in China is going to rebalance and that rebalancing is going to be painful for CHINA and the painful for the rest of us – the entire world.

So imagine this:

1. China is borrowing more and more to keep from an employment crash and civil war inside China. A CHINA SPRING.

2. China provinces could politically revolt following SUPER CRASH.

3. Debt cost based in dollars for repayment see China Yuan crashing in value, every day in every way in every market, while US dollar value is soaring making repayment of existing and future debt impossible, what the WORLD BANK calls UNSUSTAINABLE DEBT POLICY. A copy of the socialist failed economics in GREECE where last week they gave the finger to the IMF, paid out when they lack the cash to do so – pension money ( politics over economics ) such that – Greece will not get its next traunch of required life support capital and must go bankrupt and itself bow out of the EU with bankrupt socialist ITALY right behind only second to CHINA.

4. As FED rates rise dollar values simply SOAR worldwide. Everyone rushes from the DEBT BOMB NATIONS and currencies back to the higher profits and stability of the strong growing USA economy. A free capitalist economy that self-corrects and is more successful for 400 years than communist and socialist economic models. History never lies. People under capitalism which is needed evolution to improve and is far from perfect – do better overall. Cooperative capitalism is slowly reforming economics, a theory we developed and published in the book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION for Fortune leaders and for heads of state worldwide. Increasingly capital funds are reading this work and adopting its policies when they fund. Because it makes capitalism BETTER.

5. Communism principles are better adopted in SOCIAL COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM now rising in the most successful nations. Communism while well intended is a set of box top rules that simply do not work. Communist leaders are well advised to move their markets into the more successful capitalistic laws and model so easy to copy worldwide. Why continue with a failure.


Debt-ridden failed DEBT BOMB NATIONS must write off their bad debt, the sooner the better which will result in a long painful super recession. The failure to do this step will result in SUPER CRASH and worldwide depression.

Credit and Debt ABUSE coupled to wild market speculations where more money invests in speculation for profit than real economic investing is the CAUSE of all world depressions and wars from Rome to this day.

A small global leadership of investment banker economists has the historic data to see the insanity of repeating past history over and over again. If I can write one truth – economically speaking – leaders at the top learn nothing from past history and they always repeat past history and are always so confused when the economics take over their political bad choices. The people suffer so needlessly because of these bad choices.

Economic literacy is not taught in schools and should be the second job of education. The three jobs of education in my opinion is to 1. teach students to be self-reliant to think independently to debate intelligently and to foster core civics and culture for each community education is offered to weave a cultural tapestry of pride and rule of law in all communities one for the other – 2. to educate entrepreneur core skills as backdrop all other education in math science arts language and culture and 3. to educate economically on systems modeling and history to avoid repeating past economic history through an informed population of leaders who possess this secret knowledge.

Leaders fail because they are not educated properly nor are their advisers. It is NOT THEIR FAULT. They simply do not know HOW to reform education globally which is not hard and teachers would welcome the new focus and directions. Empowering teachers to do their best work in this new box top rule set would elevate education as the first sacred task of all nations to its unborn.

So we are all stuck. The world is competitive versus cooperative. A G-100 three year ECONOMIC CONSTITUTIONAL GLOBAL  CONFERENCE chaired by an inspired visionary investment banker economist chair person can resolve the issues and break with the economic merry go round history. 287 Captains steering the Space Ship PLANET EARTH in entirely different wakes to their destinations creates a sick planet, failed economic systems that impoverish billions of us, and leads to SUPER CRASH via DEBT ABUSE and world war.

It’s not THEIR FAULT. They are ignorant. Their advisers are really not providing the information to go in the right directions. Politics lead economics rather than the correct form of economics lead politics globally.

President Bill Clinton the most awake on this model solution dynamic uttered the single phrase that defines the age that we reside within when he said after reading REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION hand carried to Hillary



….….folks ( on MEET THE PRESS USA )…..we either cooperate …or we perish…it’s as simple as THAT……President Bill Clinton USA to the world press


Now consider all the idiots on the news telling you in 2010 DOT.BOMB crash – the OCT Super Crash of 1988 – the 1911 Crash and recession – the crash of 2008 – just before each CRASH – the BOOM IS SOLID and WILL NEVER END …BUY BUY BUY.

Why do so many waits and buy at the all time high thinking they are missing out – right at the end of a long boom bull market that based on known financial history must soon CORRECT if there were not system flaws? When you FOOLS RALLY a SUPER RALLY on no economic models for that run up – you always adjust after. It is fatal to so many trusting their nest eggs to those suggesting it is SAFE to invest at the all time HIGH at the END of the longest run up in modern times – and that investors are foolish to not dive in at these insane HIGH levels?

WE have said to acquire the discipline to sell high, ( now ) and move to all cash and wait till the CRASH and then buy low.

Going against the herd is what I have done since the early 1970’s. And WON. Always.

Those that follow me know that single rule sell high buy low. Buy low sell high. No other rule applies. Data not emotion rules.

It is our opinion CHINA and the EU Debt ABUSE BOMBS will explode soon. When they do and as they do from forces you now know leadership has zero power this late in the game to control ( save with a G 100 ECONOMIC GLOBAL CONSTITUTIONAL CONGRESS TO RESET GLOBAL REGULATIONS IN THE DIGITAL AGE )  – where competition in communism and capitalism will default the system into SUPER CRASH and global depression.

Historically that is the place we are today.

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As your holidays arrive at research and learn earn and return ( to your blog site ).