President Obama being fully PRESIDENTIAL last week got lost in tweets and sound bites – like the Wallstreet Journal and subsequent fake news about President Trumps sound bites.

President Trump implying if he talked to ROCKET BOY in North Korea his record words…I’d have a a good relationship with him….nothing like he had been talking to him as the press fake news reported.

President Obama’s sound bite story to the United Nations defined his opinion on the THREAT to world democracy. The opinion was perhaps THE TOP PRIORITY for all of us – the WE THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD who read my blog. To get the TRUTH when the TRUTH is now a rare commodity.

President Obama implied nostalgia for a prior age when news reporting was not 24 hours. A time when firewalls from monetary policy – advertising revenue – and ownership of channels – allowed news and editors to report facts without any spin or opinion.

Today news is a media to sensationalize anything and everything to promote and sell mindless crap to consumers from advertisers world wide. This new 24 hour march to profit, has made news something different than the world ever new before win the real time instant digital age. As every phone is a broadcast video device and every phone owner is a cub reporter the flood of incoming is endless today.

President Obama defined being FULLY PRESIDENTIAL that –

  1. Democracy will flourish only inside a fully participating citizen voter population that remains truly educated on the complex issues.
  2. Today President Obama opined information is skewed to reinforce the prejudice and opinion of the viewer listener. Fox in the USA for conservative and CNN for more left views and everywhere else in between.
  3. President Obama suggested that a voter listening to FOX or to CNN was on a different planet of reality based assumptions givens and information from say listening to public broadcasting and PBS remaining more old news without spin modeling.
  4. President Obama suggested the death of real democracy occurs when news is propaganda to influence voter reality.
  5. Implied was how do free societies collectively exercise democratic principles when public education no longer teachers civics ( as when I grew up in both private and public education ) and voters are manipulated by press far worse than nations who use social ( including the USA ) to manipulate and influence voter reality to their agenda versus facts and real information or news?

I believe President Obama was inviting a multi year debate on this issue of checks and balances the founder fathers who never considered a radio, a tv, a cell phone, a monopolized media FOURTH  estate of governance – to define a forward body of STANDARDS VERSUS CENSORSHIP to reset – balance fairness and voter awareness to facts versus agenda.

How is democracy fully manipulated by money SUPER POOLS?

The Supreme Court had a first firewall opportunity to preclude SUPER PACK unlimited super money consolidation to influence elections, but they fell to vote to open flood gates to SUPER MONEY to influence versus election financial reforms by law and by constitution.

Would the FOUNDING FATHER intention be to skew super money pools to influence election outcome in media? Would they check and balance the notion of a FREE PRESS to the HIGHEST STANDARDS With check and balances in the revised constitution if they had considered the FOURTH ESTATE as the world see’s that estate influence in 2018.

Do you my readers believe that super money pools and sovereign nations not just Russia influence elections all over the world, more than any other factor or outside force? Is such influence desired? If not how would we firewall such influence as we are all awake enough to come to grips with these elements.

I thought no higher call to the forward March of truth, priority and protection of DEMOCRATIC PEOPLE ACCOUNTABLE form of national governance can arise, from leadership, forward of President Obama’s immediately marginalized GREAT CALL TO ACTION AND DEBATE.

Personally I wish to thank President Obama for defining a cornerstone issue for future governance.

The story and full article presented to the BBC last week links:

I strongly suggest this TRUTH and RIGHT PRIORITY is important for all of us who are awake, who care, and who want truth not spin from our media. President Obama discussed social media cocoons that isolate voters to reinforce their own views without taking into account the opposing views.

I know in my own decades of experience working on Capital Hill for small business favoring legislation – that my most aggressive opposition has VALID and truly WORTHY POINTS that are important to consider when framing public policy. Public policy is complicated. It is never easy. Anything new always has unintended consequences and needs moderations as they are known. IT is all a PROCESS never an event.

Tireless staff work 100 hour weeks without overtime or even a thank you and then are bashed by media at ever turn.

The FOURTH ESTATE needs to exercise FREE SPEECH with standards and preclude manipulations from those standards they themselves adhere to and appreciate as they elevate as consequence to their own final hour. Social and Media all need to collective figure a second generation method to PROTECT DEMOCRATIC information to avoid unwanted manipulation or influence that voters can rely on with FRESH honor and patriotic pride where systems replace trust and elevate and protect trust.

Today the SYSTEM is broken due to the advance of AI and digital tools to manipulate voters as never before.

President Obama suggested the TIME to open the DEBATE for SYSTEM REFORM is upon all nations. Who will now lead. President Obama chose the BBC for its higher standard and yet imperfect as we all know we all CAN DO and MUST DO …better.

Thank you Mr. President for truly BEING PRESIDENTIAL at this moment in history.

Berny Dohrmann – This is WHAT “IS” going on OUT THERE really




My guys suggested to his followers 2000 years ago – give unto Caesar what belongs to CAESAR and render unto GOD what belongs to GOD.

My last blog report rendered unto President Trump what belongs to President Trump.

CEO SPACE is a voice in advocacy for small business legislation via a number of channels and supports we provide over the years. We were an influence for the good in the passage of the JOBS Act of 2012. The SEC put rules into effect May 2016 that made the congressional new law “effective” to the market. Why is this time line so important.

Because the EFFECTS of the JOBS act are huge. The record low UNEMPLOYMENT in the USA is a feature of changing how they count those numbers and real new jobs that have been created.

President Trump is far from the highest stock surge after an election of the past dozen Presidents but he is a top five President in economic growth numbers. Momentum for his growth was underwritten in no small part by the CRISES President – President Barak Obama who inherited the worst financial crises in 70 years where the banks may have folded. The team that saved all that includes BARAK OBAMA.

The JOBS ACT was signed by President OBAMA and his team worked hard along ours to get that legislation passed.

Today we have 570,000 new ventures formed in 2017 the highest new business starts in over a decade. We have more business ventures starting with more sound ideas and being by % successful and lasting over time than any period in history. Part of this success % shifting is a result of the President Obama Jobs Act that made it so much easier to start a new business and raise capital out of the door to push risk down. Capital is a key to better plans – better teams and improved resources to winning.

CROWD FUNDING is all President Obama praise and is a game changer in 2018. See Portals like the CEO SPACE highest recommendation for automated ease and over compliance in capital raising. We also recommend the first group of FINRA regulated Portals approved and the first audit year passed by . Sprowtt launched real time operations in our December CEO SPACE where founder Mark Jones gave life demonstrations of the features of the SPROWTT DIGITAL SYSTEM. Tim Hogan is another options for PORTAL SEEKERS to facilitate legal crowd funding, where both founders help issuers to qualify as a resource for their security law firms.

Venture owners can click the US Government official sight for CROWD FUNDING Portals that are available in todays market. MAKE A FAVORITE as a venture owner as this list changes and you wish to:

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CEO SPACE has not explored the full list of PORTAL offerings as the list is growing, each reviewed and legally made effective to conduct business by FINRA as the review authority. In a second full year of Crowd Funding on line the advantage to issues is rising into billions in 2018 and we invite venture owners to explore with their law firms the ease – low cost – and high advantage of CROWD FUNDING capital infusions to grow their ventures faster in 2018.

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CEO SPACE membership includes the Capital Class option anytime our CEO member wishes to gain those core skills current to the present rule sets. Expert security law firms are on site to discount fees and time to complete a forward Crowd Funding Offering – which can raise put to $ 1,000,000 within lower cost and time than any other options we know of. Become knowledgable in this new area now driving over half a million new ventures and I forgot to define from the KAUFMAN publication of this data – that is over 550,000 new ventures EACH AND EVERY MONTH LAST YEAR – just setting records for the USA.

Over 5 million new ventures in a single year – what kind of job base is roaring ahead from all that activity in the AGE OF THE ENTREPRENEUR.

Having worked on both sides of the congressional isle for so many years we wish to draw attention to the work President OBAMA completed and passed to effect this outcome for our nation. None of us have advantage to forget that body of work which remains a legacy to the Obama Era President one of many.

As a side economic note. We find this opinion in working on Capitol Hill:

  1. The competitive culture is the problem.
  2. A future cooperative collaborative culture is the solution.
  3. Everyone leader at every level is doing the best job they know how to do.
  4. A tiny number are villains in any way and the character of the majority and how hard they and their staff work is unseen.
  5. The system works but the system can improve and do vastly better.

The question on how this will unfold is a WHEN not an IF.

We find all Presidents we have worked with since the 1950’s in my family via my father, and in my life since Jack Kennedy up close and personal, are great men and women ( candidates ) doing the very best they can for the nation. The media circus an unseen fourth estate of national governance today requires some fliers.

Try not to read to support your own opinion.

Dig deeper on line – always include international press – and see opposing data and collect all the data than make informed decisions. Avoid any shallow common culture directed and influenced by media.

The early age of news had filters to insulate news to data without spin or direction to the viewing public.

Modern news is effected by 24 hour news consumption addictions, the laws of how economics pays the bills for news, so that in consolidations never permitted before a handful of men own the channels of news outlets coming your way excepting steadfast PUBLIC NEWS PBS thank GOD for the old model unchanged in 2018 for them.

For the rest the OWNERS do express their team and advertiser collective views in filtered news. You have to enjoy your own filters to bring issues to data center and make your own informed decisions.

This blog and others on line help those who care enough to do the work to gather more data on WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE.

We applaud President Obama’s work on the JOBS ACT and we proudly see the consequence in new venture creation last year with higher records expected this year.

We applaud FINRA with setting in play a balanced regulatory frame work with the SEC between issuer and the investor via regulated PORTAL digital monitoring of the new unfolding multi billion dollar future market in CROWD FUNDING and other exempt offerings for capital infusion to ventures and business in AMERICA with similar regulations unfolding world wide. Job well done.

Thanks for reading and sharing in the New Years.

Berny Dohrmann – Thanks to Our Readers world wide in 2018




Communist and socialist countries, engage a central market control economic model, versus a free market control economic model, that creates typically, over decades fantastic DEBT and CREDIT market ABUSE. This economic dynamic builds up bad toxic debt, that over time, compounds, and becomes a mountain that ends up controlling policy. DEBT AVOIDANCE. The central planners become trapped, in a core economic model ( socialism and communism ) that simply is less efficient than free market capitalism and far less self-correcting along the time lines.

The financial lance the CENTRAL PLANNERS in CHINA now reside within, have narrowed from a commuter lane in an eight-lane freeway 12 years ago, to a very narrow arterial country windy unmaintained road, with potholes

I want you to visualize the CHINA problem:

  1. 12 Years ago 15% GNP – gross national product output rising like a rocket for a very short time.
  2. As 1% of elites owned 99% of the wealth the economics became unsustainable and the system wobble stopped growth.
  3. The system crashed from 25% growth to above 5% growth today ( they lie about real numbers ) so adjust them
  4. The down graph goes down the flip chart for a decade and breaks the marker pen as the line proceeds on the side wall
  5. During the crash as industry capital and internal wealth fled china in the largest run on a nation in years
  6. China central planners used DEBT ABUSE to create a 300% borrowing against jobs to support currency and jobs
  7. This created a rebalance of inflows of capital reserves to an outflow of capital reserves by over 1 trillion in 18 months
  8. A bad debt overhang of toxic never to repaid debt in China now is topping 100 Trillion US DOLLARS
  9. Interest rising in the USA means the YUAN value already 20% down in 2016 against the dollar is crashing further
  10. Debt China is running at 300% to one in INCOME must be largely repaid in dollars, soaring in value making payments impossible for CHINA to pay

China must stop supporting its currency which could drop its value by 40% in the New Year ( if not before ).

A free market float of the currency will drop the value of CHINESE PHONY money by 40%.

Inflation in China will soar as capital runs from all sectors foreign and internal into higher safer dollar returns. The run in China which has been fantastic is nearing CONTAGION levels as the FED adjustments come into the market. There is NOTHING that Central Planners with years of failed economic policy can do to fix this. The IMF warned them. Then IMF put the Chinese Yuan into the class of the London POUND and the US Dollar – that was a failed IMF policy that will bite their credibility directly in the Chairwoman’s ass worldwide – now on trial in FRANCE. Like the last French IMF chairperson as the IMF, authority is diminished. The USA warned and offered to help but all have been rejected by closed circles COMMUNIST CENTRAL PLANNERS who just know better.

In trying to rewrite economics the last meltdown gasp of economics is currency controls and price controls both going on today in China. Market controls, trading controls, and draconian controls that since 1700 have never once proceeded into any future but collapse and failure of the economic system itself.

China, as I’ve defined, is in an economic DEATH SPIRAL. As the tornado of unresolved DEBT ABUSE continues, bankrupt banks and financial institutions allowed to book utter crap bad debt as good assets will only get worse and the SUPER CRASH will be deeper, faster and worldwide influencing due to syndicates with global financial institutions known as counterparty agreements. Liquidity worldwide freezes up when the DEBT BOMB goes OFF in CHINA. A run on the banks or institutional runs via massive short selling as took place in January of last year sinking all China markets and leading to a huge currency devaluation – right before XI said that China will never devalue its currency. XI has lost confidence in central economic planning policy ( nothing personal just economic failure in policy ) as has CHINA communist central planners under XI. Can’t be reclaimed now. The DEBT ABUSE IS TOO FAR GONE – wealth is too conslidated, circulation is restricting and the cost of the debt mountain is about to soar to levels China can not and will not be able to pay.

The short selling in everything CHINA is going to become massive. The profits made on the short selling will pass one trillion. China lacks resources to offset the massive rising short selling on the failed economics. The market is always smarter than the Communist Central planners and will always protect itself.

Wealth in China is going to rebalance and that rebalancing is going to be painful for CHINA and the painful for the rest of us – the entire world.

So imagine this:

1. China is borrowing more and more to keep from an employment crash and civil war inside China. A CHINA SPRING.

2. China provinces could politically revolt following SUPER CRASH.

3. Debt cost based in dollars for repayment see China Yuan crashing in value, every day in every way in every market, while US dollar value is soaring making repayment of existing and future debt impossible, what the WORLD BANK calls UNSUSTAINABLE DEBT POLICY. A copy of the socialist failed economics in GREECE where last week they gave the finger to the IMF, paid out when they lack the cash to do so – pension money ( politics over economics ) such that – Greece will not get its next traunch of required life support capital and must go bankrupt and itself bow out of the EU with bankrupt socialist ITALY right behind only second to CHINA.

4. As FED rates rise dollar values simply SOAR worldwide. Everyone rushes from the DEBT BOMB NATIONS and currencies back to the higher profits and stability of the strong growing USA economy. A free capitalist economy that self-corrects and is more successful for 400 years than communist and socialist economic models. History never lies. People under capitalism which is needed evolution to improve and is far from perfect – do better overall. Cooperative capitalism is slowly reforming economics, a theory we developed and published in the book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION for Fortune leaders and for heads of state worldwide. Increasingly capital funds are reading this work and adopting its policies when they fund. Because it makes capitalism BETTER.

5. Communism principles are better adopted in SOCIAL COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM now rising in the most successful nations. Communism while well intended is a set of box top rules that simply do not work. Communist leaders are well advised to move their markets into the more successful capitalistic laws and model so easy to copy worldwide. Why continue with a failure.


Debt-ridden failed DEBT BOMB NATIONS must write off their bad debt, the sooner the better which will result in a long painful super recession. The failure to do this step will result in SUPER CRASH and worldwide depression.

Credit and Debt ABUSE coupled to wild market speculations where more money invests in speculation for profit than real economic investing is the CAUSE of all world depressions and wars from Rome to this day.

A small global leadership of investment banker economists has the historic data to see the insanity of repeating past history over and over again. If I can write one truth – economically speaking – leaders at the top learn nothing from past history and they always repeat past history and are always so confused when the economics take over their political bad choices. The people suffer so needlessly because of these bad choices.

Economic literacy is not taught in schools and should be the second job of education. The three jobs of education in my opinion is to 1. teach students to be self-reliant to think independently to debate intelligently and to foster core civics and culture for each community education is offered to weave a cultural tapestry of pride and rule of law in all communities one for the other – 2. to educate entrepreneur core skills as backdrop all other education in math science arts language and culture and 3. to educate economically on systems modeling and history to avoid repeating past economic history through an informed population of leaders who possess this secret knowledge.

Leaders fail because they are not educated properly nor are their advisers. It is NOT THEIR FAULT. They simply do not know HOW to reform education globally which is not hard and teachers would welcome the new focus and directions. Empowering teachers to do their best work in this new box top rule set would elevate education as the first sacred task of all nations to its unborn.

So we are all stuck. The world is competitive versus cooperative. A G-100 three year ECONOMIC CONSTITUTIONAL GLOBAL  CONFERENCE chaired by an inspired visionary investment banker economist chair person can resolve the issues and break with the economic merry go round history. 287 Captains steering the Space Ship PLANET EARTH in entirely different wakes to their destinations creates a sick planet, failed economic systems that impoverish billions of us, and leads to SUPER CRASH via DEBT ABUSE and world war.

It’s not THEIR FAULT. They are ignorant. Their advisers are really not providing the information to go in the right directions. Politics lead economics rather than the correct form of economics lead politics globally.

President Bill Clinton the most awake on this model solution dynamic uttered the single phrase that defines the age that we reside within when he said after reading REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION hand carried to Hillary



….….folks ( on MEET THE PRESS USA )…..we either cooperate …or we perish…it’s as simple as THAT……President Bill Clinton USA to the world press


Now consider all the idiots on the news telling you in 2010 DOT.BOMB crash – the OCT Super Crash of 1988 – the 1911 Crash and recession – the crash of 2008 – just before each CRASH – the BOOM IS SOLID and WILL NEVER END …BUY BUY BUY.

Why do so many waits and buy at the all time high thinking they are missing out – right at the end of a long boom bull market that based on known financial history must soon CORRECT if there were not system flaws? When you FOOLS RALLY a SUPER RALLY on no economic models for that run up – you always adjust after. It is fatal to so many trusting their nest eggs to those suggesting it is SAFE to invest at the all time HIGH at the END of the longest run up in modern times – and that investors are foolish to not dive in at these insane HIGH levels?

WE have said to acquire the discipline to sell high, ( now ) and move to all cash and wait till the CRASH and then buy low.

Going against the herd is what I have done since the early 1970’s. And WON. Always.

Those that follow me know that single rule sell high buy low. Buy low sell high. No other rule applies. Data not emotion rules.

It is our opinion CHINA and the EU Debt ABUSE BOMBS will explode soon. When they do and as they do from forces you now know leadership has zero power this late in the game to control ( save with a G 100 ECONOMIC GLOBAL CONSTITUTIONAL CONGRESS TO RESET GLOBAL REGULATIONS IN THE DIGITAL AGE )  – where competition in communism and capitalism will default the system into SUPER CRASH and global depression.

Historically that is the place we are today.

At CEO SPACE we just told CEO’s from Romania, Estonia, the EU, Africa, South America, Isreal, Moscow, and the AMERICA’s to standing room only CEO leaders… in a week of education on the future options that included billionaires walking around with millionaires and those in development space being mentored what to do. To invest in momentum and growth in their business. That entrepreneur owning their OWN BUSINESS was the safe space to prosper in any future market. To use CEO SPACE for SOCIAL CAPITAL as you are far safer inside larger numbers to grow your cooperative trading community. Grads comment on that aspect of CEO SPACE for my other readers just learning about CEO SPACE as a safety net.

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What I’m predicting is going to happen. Your safe harbor is:

  1. While the good times roll – build momentum and with CEO SPACE it is so much faster and safe.
  2. When the good times top CEO SPACE will present blueprints how to prosper in the new down markets.

Owning your own business IS the safe harbor. Waiting if you’re on salary to get fired and downsized and then start your own business is OK but you’re so much better off if you start NOW while you are on salary. IF you already own your own business tell every CEO to read this blog as you GROW FASTER learning at CEO SPACE options tools and tactics to GROW FASTER.


As your holidays arrive at research and learn earn and return ( to your blog site ).





So what does a decade of failed foreign policy look like?

It looks like Palestine.

It looks like Syria.

It looks like Iraq and ISIS.

It looks like Libya.

It looks like Sudan.

It looks like Philippines.

Lets take a look at the Philippines. To review the lowest point of America respect and stature in 250 years globally.

So the Philippines are in a war on drugs as drug lords have taken over state institutions. The Drug War has failed world wide and created a third world power of illegal money the like of which the world has never before experienced. Legalizing drugs under state controlled box top rules like Holland is the way to stop all the financial and social costing and remove the criminal from the drug nation.

SO the Philippines goes to war.

The US the ally to the Philippines in public on the international stage suggests amidst a blood bath of Philippine soldier and law enforcement murders – THAT – the Philippine death tool on drug dealers is too high on a civil rights basis.

This from the nation where law enforcement is shooting unarmed citizens on video almost daily with their arms raised high on camera. BANG. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

So the Philippine proud nation is not amused.

Then dealing with the SOUTH CHINA SEA and their own claims against China and winning in the courts, under a treaty with the USA for defense – the Philippine shopping list of weapon purchases to upgrade their security is DENIED BY PRESIDENT OBAMA.

The President of the Philippines sends his generals to our enemies in an escalating cold war. China and Russia say – sure no problem we will GIVE you every weapon you wish for and FUCK the USA.

President Dueterte’s international statement is GO TO HELL PRESIDENT OBAMA we don’t need you – we are not afraid of you – and during my six year term I will break with the USA as I fully examine our defense treaty. In effect the USA is a bad partner, betrays its friends, and can not be counted upon.

This is not a rogue nation. This is a dear friend. A critical strategic ally in the Pacific we are now loosing. A nation we saved in WORLD WAR II with blood and our guts and are now loosing why…because of a team at US STATE DEPARTMENT who have badly advised the President of the USA.

The global damage this single GO TO HELL PRESIDENT OBAMA will create where everyone views USA power influence and capacity as so reduced so low so marginalized ( thank you failed USA POLICY thank you PUTIN SUCCESS POLICY ) that it will take a generation if ever to repair the damage of this one Presidency.

The world is such much less safe.

The world is so much more unstable.

The USA is so much more at risk to a host of threats.


  1. Failure to stop or block state sponsored theft of every state and corporate secret in America. A full on digital war we lost completely.
  2. Failure to advance a MID EAST PEACE PROCESS even an inch.
  3. A failure in Libya now in civil war.
  4. A failure in Iraq now in civil war and our policy created ISIS versus precluded ISIS.
  5. Syria – an utter failed policy backing yet another civil war.
  6. Failure in Russia Policy – Russia is winning in case you are not keeping score.
  7. A failure in Saudi and Gulf alliance building – they no longer trust the USA at all.
  8. A failure in Somalia and other African national policy. China & Russia filling the void where the USA fell in influence an prestige.
  9. Failure in EU economic policy with the EU now in CIVIL war following Britt Exit.
  10. Failure in Space and militarizing Space – we are now loosing where we led.
  11. Failure on digital policy – loosing the Internet hemorrhaging our prestige and advantages
  12. Failure in South America Policy with Leftist nations winning and Cuba winning and South America being increasingly hostile to the USA – rape – kidnapping – and murder are now an industry with a failed war on drugs in Mexico costing America as much as our entire defense budget directly and indirectly what a mess.
  13. Failure in China policy now in trade war with the USA and digital war.
  14. Failure with North Korea and containment perhaps the largest failure since World War II and Hitler to the world.
  15. Failure in Asia with trade agreements and alliance building China and Russia win and Japan standing by us – loose big time. That may change soon.
  16. Failure with Russia Policy score board PUTIN 21 and visiting USA team 0.
  17. Failure with Iran who will be the next world power in atomic weapons.
  18. Failure in USA energy policy allowing OPEC to rebound due to policy in the usa.
  19. Failure in global Corporate Policy precluding America return to greatness by policy in tax and other box top rules as they all flee to more friendly locations.
  20. Failure in Health – Education – Agriculture and Environment where we once led and now are falling into lowest category in generations globally.

I can go on and on but globally we have lost more prestige POWER and standing as a people and as a nation in one Presidency than in 400 years of Presidency’s. To say something else is real is to be in denial. To be sure President Obama is doing the best job he knows how. He is historic as the first black President and I marched with Martin. I respect all that. President Obama is not an individual but rather as are all leaders he is a team. His team failed to rise to greatness. It will take a long time to repair the failure of pure policy.

Perhaps the largest failure is the failure to reform financial economics which creates all the other failures due to money influences. Without economic reform none of the 20 items listed here can ever be fixed in the USA.

Starting with MERGING THE CAUSE OF ALL PAIN – the FED – into the US TREASURY where the nation has oversight on its money policy and printing. A short list of ECONOMIC REFORMS are required to assure USA stability economically.

It is not hard but it not easy. It is simple but it is never easy.

So Tuesday we have GO TO HELL PRESIDENT OBAMA on front pages in every single nation in the world. From an ally we have polluted by failed policy – another one – to tell the truth – that America has lost its way.

Congress you get some of this blame.

It is shared blame within a leadership of shame.

To deny this blog and suggest THIS reality is a lie and some fiction is real – is well – politics. Politics is easy to define …


Politics …a form of insanity where damaged brains are unable to distinguish reality from lies and who lack any capacity to accept responsibility for their own decisions…

The fix world wide is COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM forged upon INTEGRITY AND ETHICS a system of THE MANY FOR THE FEW versus the FEW “AGAINST” THE MANY. As 99% ( the many ) own less wealth today than the 1% who now own and control 99% of all wealth – which is economically not sustainable the wealth class will create SUPER CRASH with the best intentions to not create SUPER CRASH and WORLD WAR which their class will profit from in general. WE the MANY will be caught in their failed policy to a typhoon of blood and death. For no reason but insanity of politicians who at all cost must be RIGHT where we the people are always WRONG.

So the world is insane at the top.

But we are all sane at the bottom.

You know what – its nice to KNOW YOU. I’m glad to be with YOU. I’d rather be SANE than be so lost in my soul.

So the USA needs the Phillipines in the expanding influence of China strategically and to protect Japan and other allies. To DRIVE them AWAY costing billions in revenues to the USA and its jobs now moving away from AMERICA and into China and RUSSIA is a thought – one can not imagine. It can only happen within an utter failure of the USA at core policy.

We told you in the last lame duck months of President Obama our enemies would act to their highest advantage knowing we will DO NOTHING at all. This is in fact just starting – wait it is going to get a lot lot worse before January. A LOT WORSE. Stay tuned to predictions coming true while you read compare and see history unfolding just as we told you.

One institutional leader suggested – this blog is the most accurate foracsting site on the entire internet for those who wish to be more fully informed. You can’t read these financial tea leaves anywhere else with the precision your short hand provides to us. Golly – thanks.

Good on you President of the Philippines – GOOD ON YOU. You represented your people and did just what was best for THEM given our failed policies to you. Our good friend we just betrayed completely. Make a list for the others not shown here. I might add Hillary is part of THIS POLICY which is not political it is historic fact. See dead ambassador in Lyibia thats a first for the USA. Just kill our diplomates. What do we do? Nothing. Its our policy.

The threat policy of – here is a 32 RED LINE and a 127th SANCTION is not working folks or perhaps I am insane. IT is NOT worked. It has NEVER WORKED. Iran doesn’t need to make atomic weapons it just needs superior missiles which it now is building next generation models of to deliver the atomic weapons it can buy today. BOOM. Or am I insane? And none of that violates their agreement. There is a movie on this policy – called DUMB & DUMBER. That might define USA POLICY for eight years folks – watch the movie. It would be so funny if it all were not so sad for the AMERICAN people and the world …and so much more costly than to execute SUCCESSFUL POLICY – what a cost to us all – that is DUMB AND REALLY DUMB.

Berny Dohrmann – Keeping a REAL LIGHT on just for you my brothers and sisters of the sane ( for the rest short ETF’s the SUPER SHORT is coming next )




First when I write about Trump or Hillary I’m not FOR or Against one or the other. I”m writing about data and details that my readers may not have access to. So you have a more full picture. It is my opinion more super money – two billion dollars – has been war waged against Trump because TRUMP is not playing ball with the SUPER MONEY and represents CHANGE – real core change – THEY DO NOT WISH FOR AND WILL NOT STAND FOR. Hence the two billion not to elect a President this cycle but to SPIN endless NEWS STORIES to derail one man’s run into the WHITE HOUSE – never in history has the union of all sides united into one singular purpose and what is amazing – is Trump is only around 5% behind Hillary – even with the Clinton Machine and money behind her – and his learning on the job through mistakes – only 5% – really – thats neck in neck. Two billion dollars later. So the voters for Trump must see behind the TWO BILLION OF SPIN and step over that trash and get deeper data.

When I read articles about Trump or Hillary I always research who wrote it – what is their real bias and have their joined the MONEY SUPER ELITE that control and pay salaries for all who write – amping a spin to the SUPER MONEY position – because in MY WORLD it is always….FOLLOW THE MONEY TO GET TO THE TRUTH.



The United States Army is one branch of the US Military albeit it’s largest.It has come to Trump LIGHT that in one quarter in 2015 – the US ARMY according to obscure reports by the Defense Departments Inspector General – alone – made WRONGLY ADJUSTMENTS ( we would go to prison for doing ) to the balance sheets reported to Congress as accurate by more than – 6.5 TRILLION DOLLARS. Now this nonsense is one branch in ONE SINGLE QUARTER. Can you imagine How Donald Trump see’s such hoodwinking?

The Inspector Generals reported that the FINANCIAL STATEMENTS FOR THE UNITED STATES ARMY WERE SUBSTANTIALLY MISSTATED  WHICH BECOME THE BASIS FOR NEXT YEARS FUNDING. Hillary Donald feels will continue business AS USUAL. Donald Trump see’s this as a system flaw, PURE FRAUD , and he plans to CHANGE THE SYSTEM. Those committing a ONE QUARTER FRAUD of 6.5 TRILLION DOLLARS do not wish to see this FRAUD become PUBLIC. 

Did YOU SEE any FRONT PAGE news on this item – did you see it dominate the election news – did you see THE BIGGEST FRAUD OF ALL TIME come to the fore when our entire nation is at a war with TERROR and the leadership lacks the integrity to account to PUBLIC OVERSIGHT with pride accurately every public institution is required to execute or go to PRISON? Is anyone in the US ARMY GOING TO JAIL? Is the MEDIA EVER GONIG TO REPORT AND PROTECT THE US TAX PAYER? Why is this not as the LARGEST PUBLIC FRAUD toppling heads at the Pentagon – White House and why is CONGRESS NOT demanding a SPECIAL CONGRESSIONAL PROSECUTOR slam this item all the way home? Nope. If my BLOG didn’t bring this weekend news to you would you EVER KNOW IT.

Donald Trump knows it and the military does not WANT President TRUMP to FIX IT. This of course divides voter views from Hillary to Trump when it is understand. I’ve said elect the candidate that WILL STEAL LESS. This view includes data like this so you can best decide. The real WHY things are taking place – follow the MONEY the real MONEY. Make more sense now.

The report concluded the Army lost or didn’t keep critical records and required data and much of the data it did present was fully inaccurate ( which is criminal not civil FRAUD ) . A reuters report earlier on the DOD fraud in reporting stated that as result of calculated MISREPORTING by the DOD there was for the largest line item Congress approves for the largest nation and the largest military NOW WAY FOR THE TAX PAYERS TO KNOW OR ACCOUNT FOR “HOW” THEIR MONEY IS BEING SPENT. Congress has LOST CONTROL OF THE UNITED STATES MILITARY and if THAT is not changed we have lost control of our NATION. Think about THAT item and how important THAT item is in a free society democracy in which checks and balance create systems that replace trust. We required NEW SYSTEMS to restore TRUST to the UNITED STATE MILITARY. Donald Trump see’s this huge issue – as one anchor platform he holds on to – to make AMERICA GREAT again in his slogans.

Congress set a deadline of September 30th for the US ARMY to meet an audit of its books. Nothing is moving forward on that and the Military is already making huge noise they will NEVER meet THAT deadline. The COVER UP is just beginning. The NEW PRESIDENT will either sweep it under the rug – or pull out the rug – one or the other. Vote for who will STEAL LESS is my slogan.

Adjustments to one account – require adjustments to countless sub accounts – so the FRAUD dominoes into the TRILLIONS as it flows down the line the Inspector General reports. The Defense Department spin – the report is more accurate than not accurate. The retort – the discovery of the 6.5 TRILLION is the tip of the ice berg – accumulating for decades – and the true number of the CRIMINAL FRAUD is so much greater than we suspect. Criminals running the largest military in the world without honor to get new funding dishonestly.

Folks – CHANGE is a once in a generation opportunity.

Think about CHANGE real core change and sometimes those lambasting the CHANGER should be – framed as – consider the source before you by in to the negative spin hype on either candidate. WHAT THEY SAY ABOUT THIS ISSUE is a matter of bankrupting America or RE-INVENTING AMERICA in my opinion – that is HOW important candidate regard to the issue no one is even discussing IS.

Media is reporting high school hop scotch bull shit and is out to lunch on PUBLIC FRAUD in ONE QUARTER of 6.5 TRILLION times that by four quarters times that by years – that is the biggest RED INK in our nation – that FRAUD would over fund social security and rebuilding AMERICA versus a sink hole of pure theft and criminal waste of tax holder money. CAN WE REFORM THE SYSTEM and DO BETTER. You bet we can. But you have to THNK It all through from the money not the press on hop scotch issues – my GOD.

Fraud looks like missed counts were unmatched in two computers and rather than fixing the disparity the authorities INSERTED FALSE INFORMATION to make the two balance – as a FRAUD – and the Inspector GENERAL said this was the normal pattern – they said there were FAR TOO MANY examples of this pattern – and yet NO ONE GOES TO JAIL or LOSES THEIR JOB – which in any place else would occur. WHAT IS WRONG with this SYSTEM? Tax payer LIVES matter folks.


The DFAS is “studying the report” and has no comment at this time.

How often have you heard this out of integrity – out of accountability – political spin and bullshit from leaders who are in crises and lack INTEGRITY.

My entire blog reporting on the CRISES OF LEADERSHIP is the FIRST CRISES is made clear with the Congress biggest spending sink hole – into outright Fraud they continue and perpetuate. VOTE TO CONGRESS AND LEADERS who promise they will FIX THIS SYSTEM FIRST.

How much money at 6.5 trillion per quarter would we have for education of our children when you think through the WASTE. WE have enough money folks to balance our national budget and move into great prosperity if we can stop the CROOKS and the broken system waste.

Change – real change.

Think about THAT as your opportunity.

That is why the US MILITARY IS AGAINST TRUMP not because as commander and chief they can not support him – because he will change the system of criminals.

It is worth  a note to the  polls as a line item.