China is the second largest global economy? Or is it? Japan and China are tied if you review the 2018 math and economics but the EU is tied up with those two and passing both. By economist reporting globally Japan is actually the number two largest economy this month. Far more accurate reporting. Far more honest asset reporting. No where near the rising debt loads of 300% of GNP piling up and up in China for ten years – debt that drives the Chinese phony economics which bankrupt without rising debt in fact. The EU is second in debt loading or impossible no way out debts rising. Japan is much more disciplined and sound economically.  The communist are using debt as a last gasp fuel to drive their economics upward to avoid a CHINA SPRING and revolution by its people increasingly awake to the control of information as the truth leaks into China. Even then, as we are seeing from IPHONE’s to every product from CHINA – CHINA pinched with rising costs and a soaring  middle class – is now deprecating quality and rising prices to keep industry growing. This economic dive to the bottom on cheap price and crashing quality from grade of steal to finished products – is a fatal economic last gasp for CHINA.  A multi year run OUT OF CHINA is helping JAPAN rise again to the second largest economy in the world. The endless RUN OUT OF CHINA is a consequence failed multi decade communist economic modeling – which has not worked for any nation in 300 years of experimenting. An elite class own and possess all wealth which like competitive capitalism versus cooperative capitalism is also a failed model for this very reason. The FEW AGAINST THE MANY Economic rules are slowly coming to a close. We can hope the rebalancing will not include world war as it always has the major human flaw – thinking that ends in war slaughter – as a form of insanity in human thought itself. Competition is a first form of human thinking insanity. War is the outcome of this thinking error. Cooperation is the cure.

Japan China and the EU are in a virtual tie for second largest economy and depending on the accounting models used which presents as a  fact in 2018 the EU Japan and China are economically  separated as a whisper in a virtual tie for number 2 3 and fourth slots. China is having a run on capital out of China. This run is being controlled by communist ever tightening currency regulations. This economically never works in any economic history. Second China is experiencing a run out of China on brains jobs and investment. The entire Region is benefiting but the RUN OUT OF CHINA is primarily benefiting INDIA.

India will pass all comers to become the number TWO economy and China we feel will ride in fifth or sixth even in forward months  behind rising INDONESIA also benefiting from the RUN ON CHINA. We feel the sun rose on China for 20 years and in the past ten years the SUN ALSO SETS ON CHINA. We are seeing the twilight of communism economics with a complete collapse coming in China a SUPER CRASH in economics that will engulf the entire world in the CHINA DEBTBERG we  are all  about to crash into. Remember we predicted this reality  for years right here on this blog for the period from  2018 to 2020 max.

Finally all of the closely tied economies are Mount Shasta in the world of economics and America remains economically in the world the one and the only and BY FAR so far you have to see the real math charts as the USA remains the worlds sole economic  Mount Everest. AMERICA IS THE ONE SOURCE OF ALL WORLD PROSPERITY – ROME IN THE ECONOMIC MODEL OF THE WORLD IN 2018. Note the Petro Nation Russia was not even scoring in the top five economics and the notion Russia is a player – given its failed communist economics and DEBT  poverty nation wide – is a real joke. Russia can not afford its own military and its debt to pay its bills will follow China into the Sea of a forward SUPER CRASH and possible RUSSIA revolution after Putin. Putin could end if economics fall further in a death do us part RUSSIAN style which is historic – if the economics begin to threaten PUTIN we suggest PUTIN will move into WAR to distract the masses and defeat his enemies internally. The slaughters matter not to PUTIN who will make his bets for power as the FEW AGAINST THE MANY continues. A thinking error for the world.

Today the cost of energy is what billions residing in developing nations swing up or down  upon. Low cost to the energy fuel cost – the literal economic COST OF EVERYTHING helps them explode jobs industry and development or keeps them in poverty where billions starve to death. As half a barrel of oil today and 80% in the future should be 1100 products for which there is zero replacement – including pesticides and fertilizers half the food crops of the world require – the cost of FOOD is the cost of energy. But we burn 50% of oil to pollute the world change climate to destroy ourselves as we move our butts around on toxic fuel to enrich the few while the many die or soon will. Its economics 101. Easy to change.

To see a few criminals in the GULF under SAUDI and in the unholy Saudi Russia union of the FEW ( less than 1000 super wealthy energy czars ) move in to artificially against market supply demand – cut supply of the COST OF EVERYTHING to the most poor nations – raising the cost of EVERYTHING by almost 50% since 2014 for their own greed and wealth – THE FEW AGAINST THE MANY – is criminal economics – gang economics – cartel economics that in civilized nations is a crime against humanity.

As much of this money is used for weapons and terror in the world – funneling profits impossible to use for mass terror and killing if oil were priced correctly by the market. Oil is plentiful cheap and renewable. Retarding full partnership for the billions of humans who need low cost energy is a crime by the few against the many. Keep this in mind.

America ( ROME ) is now taking Dumb and Dumber – Saudi and a their decade of failed energy planning on price for oil  – apart at the weld seams. First Saudi policy planners sought to destroy American Shale production as an industry beyond any America  recovery by dumping oil on markets to crash prices. Saudi moved prices from 140 dollar a barrel peak to 35 dollars a barrel low in only 24 months costing OPEC a trillion dollars and more.  This was the FIRST OIL  TRADE WAR of our modern post war era. Saudi crashed the price of oil and pumped the world to surplus with five miles of super oil tankers residing outside ports just to store oil when the land tanks became too full. That glut has never cleared as much as Criminal Saudi wishes to jaw bone and say OIL is now rebalanced ( when it is not and 67.00 dollars a barrel is legal theft or a crime against humanity in fact ) so they “TALK” The price of OIL up in the market while their money funds and partners speculate to bid phony prices of OIL up by manipulation for short term profits, now that OPEC is fully desperate in the futures market while they talk oil up and up. Venezuela the largest lake of oil next to AMERICA is outputting lower yearly out put for years now down to a 70 year low of just over 1 million barrels a year. The markets bet on Venezuela falling off a further cliff. I bet the largest come back possible where even three million barrels solve huge problems for their people and nation and further takes SAUDI failed economics to the bankruptcy court or their nation. Saudi is a itself a SUPER CRASH no one yet see’s. Trust me Saudi is in for the ride of this generations life time.

How hated is SAUDI really ( which no one says out loud to the oil Kingdom and its remaining cash as a buyer ) ? When SAUDI falls the world will have NO MERCY because billions have starved to death while Saudi play boys did very un-muslim life styles in London and the world. The global Muslim Community is not amused by the false faith by example. No one will say these things in public  but they are really going on out there behind Saudi’s unbeliever back. Saudi may be the most hated nation in fact on earth many rungs up the later over IRAN which IRAN as you know it is just a SAUDI multi year press  spin and never ending lie and bashing  as SAUDI endlessly  puts out press against so Iran is a total SAUDI lie as you know it. Begin to develop more accurate true information.

This policy to CRUSH AMERICA OIL INDUSTRY  failed utterly. OPEC lost a trillion dollars. OPEC IS STILL LOOSING TRILLIONS IN THE MOST DUMB ECONOMIC FAILED GAMBLE IN MODERN TIMES. America innovation kept oil rising at ever lower price points until Saudi on their economic knees turning blue in their Arab faces tapped out before they economically went bankrupt. Saudi is still bankrupt from their failed OPEC policy. They recently had to lock up their own Royal Family to steal 100 billion of their money to pay the bills of those who created the failed economic policy in the first place. This has begun a civil war in Saudi that is far from over – in fact just beginning. These families have long memories and the insult traditionally in Saudi land will endure for generations. OPEC is about to revolt for their own economic prosperity to stop the MARKET SHARE HEMORRHAGE from their OPEC accounts forever. They are losing and losing by the month as they lock step behind idiots in Saudi Arabia. It is all so clear in the math models and why OPEC members follow SAUDI is a huge economic joke. They see oil rise by manipulation as a phony market only to lose market share they can never see return. OPEC the highest price boys club is in ruin and frankly marching behind SAUDI is economic idiocy. Lunacy. Financially self destruction of nations. MARK MY WORDS ON THIS humor economics. Economics is unforgiving for error folks.

Next seeing AMERICA ( ROME ) Rise up from 17 in oil producing nations not even a factor really  to # 1 Oil Producer in the world – passing Russia in 2018 provides another model in just months shows a trend that tears SAUDI and OPEC influence and price control to total SHREDS in 2018. AMERICA CONTROLS OIL MARKETS AND PRICE. Worse for SAUDI – the market has divided into two price tiers – AMERICA and OPEC. OPEC has harder dirty crude to refine and AMERICA has lighter lower cost and lower cost to refine. Do you think a customer appreciates paying more for dirty oil with strings – paying more to refine the dirty oil and having your premium supplier ever try to raise your highest world price even higher – and then cut back your quota.  First Saudi cut back 1.8 million barrels a day with OPEC duck stepping along – in 2014 and the GREAT TRADE WARS with the COST OF EVERYTHING began in the world. Trump didn’t start trade wars SAUDI DID. America  next produced more than 1.8 million barrels a day not counting other non OPEC producers who also ramped up even more making OPEC cut backs a joke – they didn’t have any outcome of consequence despite Saudi lying and lying in media as the speculate and manipulate their price up always way up over AMERICAN LOWER PRICING in 2018. THEY LOST THEIR OWN TRADE WAR turning economic blue in the face. WORSE OPEC has lost all respect. Respect with lenders as their credit ratings are cut and cut ( a huge first ) and their borrowing cost now massive and in a death spiral to drive their failed economies – soar to unsustainable numbers. OPEC economics are simple – soaring cost and crashing incomes. You getting this as kindergarten students? You drive anything or use energy? YOU GETTING THIS TOO?

During this period of CARTEL MOST FAILED ECONOMIC POLICY FROM SAUDI of any nation in 1000 years – save perhaps HItler – LOST more and more  MARKET SHARE ( still racing to the bottom on that in 2018 ) and more market share  has been lost by OPEC due to SAUDI  since 2010 from OPEC than in 70 prior  years. Lets say that another way – customers who buy oil have left OPEC and its members FOREVER – taking billions upon billions of annual buying revenues – from SAUDI first Russia Second and OPEC members next – FOREVER and shifting their loyal buying power to AMERICA. This makes the US dollar the strongest currency on earth while Russia currency drops like a stone to junk status – and China is about to have a SUPER CRASH buying too much oil at too high a price from OPEC as a failed partnership economically.

How do you think OPEC members losing so much MONEY really feel about SAUDI in private? It is not pretty folks and Russia is not amused.

SAUDI policy is doing more to re-invent AMERICA strength and forward powers than any head wind on earth. Their intention to reduce America influence ( as the worst Ally of all time ) has failed. they sought to really hurt the USA and they hurt OPEC fatally as AMERICA won and SAUDI is the BIG BIG LOSER. Still Trump sells them billions in their rush to the bottom – laughing all the way to Monte Largo. Every aspect of their economic policy has failed. Their Aramco Offering we predict will be most failed underwriting in public history in the end. Now delayed again as everyone gets this is a bad bad deal on risk.  Saudi is led by failed economic thinkers who are the most self sabotaging politics running economics in history – one failure after another – a policy decade of utter collapse into bankruptcy every economist so well see’s today.

OPEC following SAUDI economic fairy tale to their own graves is a story that has no happy ending for their peoples.

Saudi is awash in debt, has no way out long term. Their credit ratings are crashing to the bottom and their borrowing cost are soaring as debt drives their economics keeping them from in nation revolution. But the SAUDI people will even with Saudi information control learn the truth and as they learn the truth Saudi influence will also crash in and out of nation. THE FEW AGAINST THE MANY CAN NEVER LAST. The OPEC Policy has shrunk OPEC to INSIGNIFICANCE economically. In financial circles from Wall Street to London to Hong Kong to Japan OPEC is the subject of economic jokes and the butt of laughter that brings those who control the real wealth to the floor in hysterical laughter. Saudi is the JOKER. The KING with no clothes in fairy tales. Everyone is laughing while they wave like Royalty matters. Their economic ignorance is fully naked and seen by all.  They have lost all respect. Their flow of cash while it lasts is the only respect they have – while they can still  buy relationships and actually SAUDI  have none. Not really.

SAUDI is the most hated cartel against humanity in history since Hitler and even by its own OPEC members if the truth be known.

Increasingly the fact that SAUDI  is in a never ending war with IRAN, and SAUDI is in fact the center of terror ground zero, Middle East unrest and wars, is clear. Saudi with their minority religion is the Gulf MINORITY REPORT. Saudi not Iran sponsors funds and underwrite regional terror and unrest righting Iran majority religious leadership in the Muslim faith based nations.  Iran with their majority religion – joins the other Majority Muslim nations within increasing unity. The USA hostage to SAUDI OPEC OIL in the last thirty years imported almost 70% of our energy – the COST OF EVERYTHING from OPEC.

The USA was bowing to Saudi because we had our own economic plan.

This unholy trinity worked while energy was cheap and plentiful. America Rome – defeated SAUDI ECONOMICALLY by sitting on our much larger vast lakes of oil when lifting oil was under ten dollars and pump price was 25 cents a gallon. Saudi spent the vast % of its wealth in failed economic policy allowing the world to enjoy low cost energy while it rose in great wealth and influence.

The world benefited from taking Saudi wealth at low prices and now no longer needs or will buy Saudi oil at higher prices. Saudi lost. Economics. They lost economically. They never understood and still don’t.

Today ROME ( AMERICA ) Imports 5% of its energy from the OPEC groupies. Today America is starting to open its vast untapped oceans of LOW COST ENERGY and is moving OPEC to bankruptcy. OPEC tried to crush AMERICA energy economics and failed into never ending market share loss. America is crushing OPEC and as OPEC remains behind SAUDI their bankruptcy and defaulting is inevitable. They are sinking into Saudi fueled wars even SAUDI can no longer afford at all.

Russia made a communist idiot move to pay billions upon billions in lost revenue ( holding back production based on Saudi failed economic oil  policy and planning ) while their loyal RUSSIA  customers left Russia forever and are still doing so in 2018 and 2019 in a death spiral for RUSSIA national economics due entirely to betting on failed Saudi. Communist just don’t really appreciate the FEW AGAINST THE MANY always – we mean always – fails.  OPEC is hated by customers world wide for artificially stealing money from their nations and people – who would not hate such theft? What customer does not hate price gauging for the wealth of the few against the many …know any yourself?

Saudi lies.

They lie about their finances.

They lie about their oil true  reserves.

They lie about their police state and human rights.

They lie about oil prices.

Saudi lies about oil rebalancing does not apply to glut and reserves and the low cost of oil itself – and the endless open supplies – no – Saudi talks about rebalancing and lies about rebalancing means the largest REBALANCING OF OIL BUYERS AWAY FROM OPEC MEMBERS IN HISTORY OF 100 YEARS IS GOING ON RIGHT NOW due to failed Saudi oil policy – failed Saudi OPEC economic planning – and failed economics period. It is like mentally ill adults took over oil planning from my perspective. HOW COULD OPEC PAY A TRILLION US dollars IN MONTHS ONLY TO LOSE TEN TRILLION OVER 20 YEARS ?

WHAT MENTALLY ILL ECONOMIC OIL  PLANNER THOUGHT UP THIS  FAILED SAUDI IDEA AND SOLD IT TO THE OTHER MEMBERS? If they throw a gay person off a building why not throw this economist into an oil pit?

Today President Trump seals Saudi fait by being a yes man for Saudi failed policy while ROME ( AMERICA ) smiles all the way to the dollar bank taking market share from OPEC like taking candy from children. Trump than moves the last Saudi cash into weapons America sells to Saudi ( and a Trump tower or two ) while he hugs the Kings and takes their wallet out of their back pockets with a warm meal and a Christian smile and bow and a nice America salute. ART OF THE DEAL children ART OF THE DEAL.

Saudi tanks they are in.

OPEC knows all that Saudi is INTO – is economic quick sand. Sinking over their heads next. And this blog and information as one – will reach Saudi – trust me. The TRUTH will SET YOU FREE SAUDI.

Meanwhile I expect President Trump who has done the math of the majority of Muslim faith which is by % entirely SHITE – that – he will make the big deal as with North Korea – with Iran. That Big Deal breaks peace out for the GULF – diminishes finally and forever Saudi Arabia – and isolates Saudi and destroys OPEC finally. Why?

America ( ROME ) is moving into thermal power without pollution and electric power from natural gas and alternative generation of all electricity away from oil forever  – and in 2018 leads in HYDROGEN POWER ( I’m in that rising industry ) from WATER at the lowest kilowatt power in history without any pollution whatsoever – such that in 20 years oil use – will decline to a level that restores the planet – removes power from CARTELS once and for all – and anyone supporting investing and betting into OIL LONG and OPEC at all – is economically the old adage – a fool and their money are always soon parted. OPEC will SUPER CRASH into wars over failed economic planning the cause of all wars.

All transportation – air ships trucks land and all forms will come from drone to ships form hydrogen – cheap – made by water – ships will power by the fuel they float in and oil will plunge down like a sink hole for SAUDI – lying to their OPEC buddies to the last gasp of their cocktails in London where everyone does see …actually.

China will SUPER CRASH into their own DEBTBERG the entire world is crashing into – where oil use will also crash from China’s decline coming up next due to their debt spiral  – after 11 count them 11 rising  China Debt dire warnings from the IMF the most recent last weekend their highest alarm to CHINA. There is no hope for CHINA failed economic communist planning – and communist  policy. Too late to sad. So many will be hurt because COMMUNISM ECONOMICS IS A FAILED MATH SYSTEM ALWAYS. With the best intentions 300 years proves – communism economics  does not work and it hurts so many in its end – usually with enormous violence to rebalance accounts. We predict CHINA will go to war to deflect attention as their last card from a revolution in nation.

China will use war to preclude disorder internally. Stalling national bankruptcy from communism as outcome.

Any nation in the current AI rising world that seeks to control information to their own people, will perish from the earth. It is no longer possible to block the flow of information to the people of nations because such policy is immoral and without ethical foundation. The people have all powers and retain all rights. The few against the many ( long term ) have NO RIGHTS OR POWERS.Nor may the few deprive these rights to the many forever. In the end there is a consequence for such actions.

There is no crises of leadership.

There is only a crises of core integrity.

There is no problem that is created by competition that can not be resolved by cooperation.

There is no future in competitive thought.

There is only peace and prosperity within integrity collaboration and cooperation.

All economic expressions of the FEW against the many is a moral disaster in the making.

WAR is a consequence of a breach of integrity and the crime of the economic few against the many for greed.

THINKING is the problem.

Competitive thinking is a form of human first insanity.

Cooperation is the cure to insane thought impulse.

The BOOK REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION will set you – your home space and your work space – free of the one virus infecting human leadership and human misery – competition itself. Read and weep NOBEL COMMITTEE.

Why is the world not reporting the real issues reported here on what IS really going on OUT THERE?

Because the world is watching the most popular sit com in human history – THE White House.

The world is setting record ratings watching the SIT COM:

  1. Who will stay and play?
  2. Who hits the pit and quits?
  3. Will the KIDS as Royals be indicted too?
  4. Will the boss be impeached ? What a ride?
  5. Will the next tweet offend even BARBIE? Or who next?

The billions who hate and love the sit com stars do nothing by talk about the sit com world wide. Never has there been any focus of world attention like this upon one pin point of distraction – outside landing on the moon.

The abuse taking place in nations, economics, and the spiral into world war III is taking place behind the sit com while no one is watching at all. In this growing economic abuse the debt spiral is ever tightening and rising out of all sanity into an insane debt spiral of 20 years still moving into warp drive debt globally. The end is always SUPER CRASH and WORLD WARS when competitive insanity is common thinking versus cooperative thought curing the common insanity of thought iteself. AI will not be competitive and will work to heal humanity failed thinking process. Competition we feel will become one great download of removal into human collaboration without competitive thought – which we introduce in the new publication DIGITAL MANNERS. Wait for it. 

The good times roar until they don’t.

The great profit making unfolds until it stops.

Like musical chairs don’t sit in the last chair folks.

I’ve told you what to DO in my last blog if you read that and shared it with link shares to your list…I would.


Don’t be fooled by what you hear and read in fully bought and paid for press manipulations in the world today.

Remember the poem….

….April is the cruelest month…….and that I restated that here for you as a canary in the mine shaft …..remember it. 

We have told you WHY and we have suggested how to protect yourself.

Guess what – the news is filled with sit com trivia…and unless your life is a game show you squander life upon – I would turn the White House SIT COME  off and stop being spoon fed lies spin and comedy and drama related to the sit com THE White House. I would become INFORMED.

I would THINK for MYSELF.

I would make my own conclusions.

Your GPS for integrity and the truth is taking space right here.

The BIG MONEY is about to enjoy the largest wipe out since 1929 betting on old box top rules for market making – when 2018 real AI is about to make final changes to the core market box top rules greater than any in human history.

SUPER CHANGE is here today.

Those who fail to remain current in the NEW AGE OF SUPER CHANGE ( My new book coming out later this year and you’ll be first to know ) ….shall perish and all their wealth will evaporate.

Those who do remain current inside SUPER CHANGE will stay ahead and flourish and prosper.

This blog is your GPS in SUPER CHANGE.



PS: Saudi 30 something KING tours the USA – meets TRUMP in the art of the deal at the White House SIT COM on Tuesday – and holds his hand out for American investing – when America is actually investing at home not the land lot – why would they? Given the instability of the politics? Americans CAN read the economic hand writing on the wall as they give gifts and talkie talk to the boy King. SIT COM – to BE continued……B




In casino capitalism, all markets are  working this way:

  1. Outside any regulatory control. Laws are blue sky to nations and trades are outside nations in the cloud.
  2. Software controls all  trading all unregulated and without historic precedent.
  3. Leverage is fantastic with margin accounts the world has never seen before in leverage.
  4. Trading records are led by a small number of stocks versus the wider number in markets  – so the fraction of rare performing stocks lead the entire market place?
  5. The base of participants in the market is historically at an all time low and the volume of trades is high due to leverage and software to software high volume trading.
  6. Sofware speculates and manipulates market prices using forward side bets on which way a price may go – betting both sides of the rope to the software construct riskless risk to trading volatility making CASINO INSTANT PROFITS daily in trading accounts. Software seeks riskless risk no matter which way the market goes. Insane.
  7. The risk remains pure  economic fundamentals, super bubbles asset prices  bursting, debt bubbles bursting and liquidity disappearing which software has no solution for and managers will not know what hit them when the debt calls rebalance. The system freezes. Liquidity stops in the casino in 72 hours and no plays anymore at all.
  8.  Let us  look at the base of participation in the market now  at a 1930’s low level of total market players in. Yet the velocity and volume are so high. Why? Well, take 2 of over 18,000 shadow banking hedge funds and private equity firms and related financial institutions. Blackrock at 5.1 trillion in cash under management and Carlye at 4.7 trillion under management. These two entities manage over 10 TRILLION DOLLARS OF CASH. That is TWO FOLKS. High volume trading daily with half their bucks in ETF software trading accounts. China has 2.9 trillion in total cash reserves these two entities have THREE TIMES THE RESERVES OF THE NATION OF CHINA and more than the USA and the FED. TWO. There are 18,000 more in the casino.

So with less participation, THE MARKET using SUPER LEVERAGE ( say you leverage 10 trillion at 50 to 1 what does that trade globally  )  all becomes an upside down pyramid. Most of the money is in private small folk savings and cash and is not playing in the market sittng on side lines at the top of the pyramid. The point of the upside down pyramid is leveraging and speculating ( side betting to manipulate volatility to profit daily in high volume software trading inside the casino market ). None of this market has anything to do with economics.Casno Capitalism  has to do with casino side  bets to make greedy mindless profits at all costs. It does not reinvent in growth or long term anything. This lack of regulatory ovesight and ramp up of out of control speculation since 1999 laws changed under President Bill Clinton, is important, because this is the CAUSE OF THE GREAT DEPRESSION of 1902 and 1929. Both depressions.  It uses the money for a stock by backs and further price manipulations across all asset classes as pure software manipulations across asset classes. It uses profits to consolidate where the elite fantastically wealthy 1% class get even more fantastically wealthy by the hour as the world middle class goes down bubble in the ocean of failed casino capitalism. Consolidation of wealth has reached a point of economic NON SUSTAINABILITY – an inconvient economic truth the IMF and WORLD BANK fail to present with sufficent full clarity to G 100 law makers.

So let’s look at the first quarter:

  1. The Fed will release the vital GNP number tomorrow for the first quarter of 2017. We told you it would be near zero growth. This means the growth anticipation of last year and the New Year was a lie and did not take place. We suggest the GNP will be under 05%. Or virtually zero which means we are entering a recession. As the Fed cuts back stimulus under a failed policy that DID NOT WORK AT ALL – inflation is not here -0 deflation is here – and they are now at FED and Gov cutting back spending and selling assets which will raise price costs to grow a business.
  2. Automotive output crashed in the first quarter – pure down graph.
  3. Manufacturing – pure down graph in first quarter.
  4. Consumer buying down first quarter March second month of falling consumer buying.
  5. Consumer confidence down this month.

So the GNP is declining in America. The main buyer for the world. The main trading partner. The money pool. That market in 2017 is going down and shrinking and stocks are flying UP. Do you see how strange that all is? During this period of the grand picture declining into a recession market, the market itself driven by the forces of casino capitalism and side bet high-velocity money pool software speculations – has SOARED IN VALUE. But only the smallest fraction of stocks have realistic price earnings ratio’s as the market is so hideous over priced today.  Now the market is in waves of volatility. The ideal market for the casino to profit all the way up and all the way down each wave of volatility. Software speculation causes the waves keeps the waves moving and profits from all of the waves. Little folks get wiped out.  As the waves get steeper and they come closer together eventually the declining GNP effects to world trade itself, will create a super bubble burst in asset classes. This will trigger a debt bubble bursting given the fantastic borrowing and debt the system is carrying from individuals to companies to nations. When the DEBT BUBBLE BURSTS system liquidity will freeze up. The FREEZE will take less than a week – 72 hours maybe. The result will be SUPER CRASH. The world system will be on lock down. The software folks will be loosing so much money and regulators will be in panic having caused this issue, by failure to REFRAME REGULATIONS In a digital market space they lost control over world wide.

The When is the unknown. A year. Two more. Five? How governments cooperate is the issue here. If they compete in trade war spirals as they are today, the end is closer. No one can predict the precise date. We have said the two windows we are watching are – OCTOBER of this year and Spring of Next Year.

Also the SELL IN MAY AND GO AWAY Mantra – is rising. Take profits out now and move during the slower summer trading season to your villas’ while super money coasts during the summer with virtually no good returns in 30 summer charts – underpinning the SELL IN MAY AND GO AWAY. Some of that is going to begin soon so watch for that effect.

So why does the market soar when there is no real news outside a less than 5% of companies reporting the earnings price share ratio to drive those across the board market rises? The answer is SUPER POOLS OF MONEY speculating in a new CASINO CAPITALISM driven by software fully outside any G 100 regulatory framework – and driving the largest speculative SUPER BUBBLE worldwide in the HISTORY OF HUMAN record keeping, across every asset class from your home and real estate to stocks and bonds and all side bet speculations.

The risk to the system itself is soaring.

I am far from alone in seeing all this. The IMF and World Bank see it and warn us. But the problem is collective solution dynamics. If you rant over and and over on the problem the market can not fix and correct itself. The leadership of the IMF and WORLD BANK need to unite and present consistently a MASTER PLAN SOLUTION. This solution framework has to include these elements:


  1. The largest global G 100 nation rethink of the regulatory framework since the 1920/s, accommodating the new digital market place.
  2. A three-year ECONOMIC CONSTITUTIONAL CONGRESS to create the first GLOBAL ECONOMIC CONSTITUTION adapted by G 100 nations – with a uniform regulatory framework, tax accommodation and enforcement model, and trade and full partnership and access model between signing nations.
  3. The framework installs COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM which is fully accountable, fully transparent, fully reporting, and has no systemic secrets all real time.
  4. Speculation and side bets are made crimes as they were from 1932 to 1999. Moving unwanted software speculations out of the marketplace returns economics to the market and self-grows world economies.
  5. A level playing field where the SYSTEM RULES self-correct to cooperation and competition ( cheating between partners ) is not tolerated within an INTEGRITY RICH AND RULE SET framework – as the crises are IN INTEGRITY by a failed system model.

It is time to REFRAME the core regulatory system for the world financial markets with all G 100 nations participating in establishing a set of global regulatory and trade rules that is fully inclusive of all. If we cooperate into COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM we all prosper. If we compete into deflation and trade war spirals as we are doing now we all PERISH.

I call upon the WORLD BANK and IMF to think about it.




Both competitive capitalism and communism are flawed and imperfect box top rules for economic management. A system model we the people can do so much better THAN. We can evolve COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM as outlined in the book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION on Amazon if YOU wish to JOIN a global revolution to change failed economic rule sets over the past 5000 years that always lead to the trade war and world war.

Communism is the leadership of most shame. Communism creates an elite that is not responsible to the people. They lie to stay in power and the lies mount up. They keep their own people from the truth and they will not allow the world press in – they control media and they control click power. The people are lied to- manipulated and don’t know the truth. They should have rage for their leadership not other nations.

If you know a mainland Chinese try and get this blog to them but GOOD LUCK it is almost impossible.

So China will revolt. China will have a SUPER CRASH and possibly start world war III if they have no already digitally. Read BRAD THOR’s BOOKS or read Kevin Freeman’s nonfiction works GAME PLAN and THE SECRET WEAPON.

You’ll see with data.

So China had ten years ago a GNP of 25% which was a lie.

The GNP over ten years has declined. The DOWN GRAPH is like a ten year pure down graph that breaks the chalk at the bottom and continues on the wall versus the white board to the floor. And the numbers are a lie.

This weekend China’s leadership of shame admitted the GNP numbers are lie. Have been a lie. Confirming what WE ECONOMISTS have been telling YOU for years on this blog. The numbers reported by COMMUNISTS are lies. The system lies. Its not the individuals fault. It is a flawed system model.

So 25% to less than 5% in ten years. What do YOU call THAT? You call that a CRASH. You call that THE BIGGEST FINANCIAL FAILURE IN 2000 YEARS. You call that a stage for REVOLUTION. You call that a BANKRUPT NATION.

So you have a nation driving jobs by borrowing over 300% more than they earn, every single year. Earn 1 dollar spend 300 dollars in debt year after year after year. Eventually, the bankrupt 1000’s upon 1000’s of state-run banks, financial institutions, and business bankruptcies can not be LIED ABOUT and the reporting they are all good loans, performing loans ( a huge lie ) catches up to you economically. When this happens the run on your bank – all the MONEY all the INVESTMENT just running out of your nation – all the manufacturers moving to India, Viet Name, Taiwan, and Bangladesh and Indonesia never to return to CHINA – all the capital moving too – never to return – you can not turn that around. THE IMF and WORLD BANK noted there would be a time when it just too late for the Communist leadership of shame – and we are now at that time. The only way they govern today with 11% communist party membership and 89% no longer party members – is by LIES.


How is that honorable?

Their currency is crashing.

Their economic is crashing.

Their economic model has failed utterly. The world knows this.

They can not afford their military.

They can not afford their debt.

They can not pay for their highest aging demographic population % on earth – they can not.

They are BANKRUPT today and China is BANKRUPT tomorrow.

Those who invest in CHINA TODAY will lose their ass. Remember I told you YESTERDAY IS TOO LATE TO GET OUT OF CHINA.

They squandered their wealth and opportunity by failing to adopt a COOPERATIVE CAPITALLITIC REFORM MODEL and moving out of COMMUNISM itself. It does not work.

The ONE CHINA POLICY is a joke. Taiwan under treaty protection with the USA does not want to trade down like HONG KONG into a FAILED BOX TOP RULE SET and politically move into a rule of liars and dishonor. China wants the multi-billion dollar economy TAIWAN represents as a LEADERSHIP OF HONOR taken over by a leadership of shame – which is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

China GNP the real GNP is under 4 trillion dollars a year fully adjusted and debt adjusted. They are no longer the second largest economy. The Economic real GNP direct and offshore and indirect is:

23 Trillion annual GNP – USA 13 domestic

5.2 Trillion Japan

5.19 EU

5.1 Trillion Indonesia

5.0 Trillion India


4.9 Trillion China

Russia 1.3 Trillion down from 5.4 when Putin took power 14 years ago another COMMUNIST FAILED MODEL OF A LEADERSHIP OF SHAME IN RUSSIA

Communism – it is not personal – it just sucks as an economic system – it always fails over 300 years always – and it never matches capitalism – never – and it enslaves its people – the elites consolidate all wealth – it is so inefficient – and the leadership always lies to the people controlling media – it is utterly an obsolete system model and the click world knows it – the leadership of shame can no longer control these clicks and blogs they just can not. All the PEOPLE want is a better more integrity driven system of laws. That is all.

Communism needs to be abaandoned like a SNAKE SKIN as those advancing communism are a form of insanity. Continuing to advocate a proven failed system model is insane. The only motivation is personal greed and power.COMMUNISM as an economic system is not valid, and people under it suffer needlessly – see VENUZUELA for a look into your own crystal ball of pain in China RUSSIA and others. COMMUNISM sucks in a digital world.

I see CHINA as the cause of economic contagion, SUPER CRASH, most of TRUMP”s future pain, and anxiety, and world war III just to take the attention of the leadreship from the people who if the people really knew the truth about the lies – they would revolut and kill the 11% communists – which they know so well. The RED ARMY would kill them.

While I wish for a bloodless move to COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM how does a leadership without integrity revise a system of lies into a system of honor? How does an eltie making billions stop and reform itself to circulate wealth to the entire system? How does the most corrupt nation become the most corrupt free nation and can it be done? Has it ever been done?

Not without a revolution. Not ever.

So I have dim hope for what comes when a communist economic system is totally  bankrupt and now operating on deception which it even admits itself.

Can you trust China numbers.

If you do you invest at your own peril.

Trump will get mixed intel on China from his experts. Will he have enough real data to make best choices for AMERICA? China holds a couple of aces. America holds a full house at the table. If the USA hiccups China experiences a financial tsunami.

China XI said at DAVOS in so many frauds we can no longer count them up – holding his poker hand of a BLUFF – that NO ONE WILL WIN IN A TRADE WAR.

Look at the math numbers again. China has x % of its trade dependant on the USA. The USA has nothing dependant on China. If the USA moves back to USA manufacturiing CHINA already in the greatest sinking down bubble of any nation in 1000 years for over a decade – with everything in nation over priced manipulated in price from Real Estate to all asset classes – the only outcome is SUPER CRASH and decades of DEFLATION and DEPRESSION in China as a consequence of COMMUNIST credit abuse of economics 101.

The USA in the trade war with CHINA simply ends CHINA. There is a winner. The WORLD.

China has raped the world in unfair trade dealings that could have forged stable long-term economics. This requires cooperation versus competition. Communists do not cooperate fairly they compete. It is the nature of their failed box top rule system. Communism is tested and proven not to work economically.

Engaging Communism as a political-economic system is a form of insanity in 2017 for any people with historic education. Nothing personal.

Investors are wary of the fist 100 TRUMP days. The new world order is about to move. The old model of letting the USA languish versus flourish in its economic success and world superpower dominance is about to accelerate again. The model of diminishing the USA is over.

Those who wish to wake up and see the truth will need to join the COOPERATIVE REVOLUTION as economically, the failed models are going to become dish rags the world see’s as soiled and beyond cleaning – we must throw such failed models out with the soiled dishwater. IT IS TIME FOR COMMUNISM and the misery it inflicts upon the peoples suppressed in such system models to GO. To truly be eliminated.

WE CAN DO BETTER than competitive capitalism and its elitism and we can do better than failed communism and its elites. WE THE PEOPLE DESERVE REAL PROGRESS on economic re – sets by inspired world leaders.

FOLKS the old model is shedding like a snakeskin and not without pain worldwide.

BUT HERE IT COMES get ready. I’d stay ahead at CEO SPACE March 12th or you are likely to remain so behind and left behind in the dust of history.






The Dow will lift through 20,000 DOW on emotion. The data shows for example, that housing in the USA adjusted downward 22% or the largest seasonally adjusted fall downward following recent FED RATE INCREASES. We reported the uptick in mortgage sales was artificial – a windfall profit to banks – created by the ANTICIPATION of the rate increase or the market scrambling to BEAT THE RATE INCREASE. Then came the fall we predicted.

Year-end retail sales will flood the market with data. The 6.7% year to date gain in overall retail sales at the close of 2016 will drive ANTICIPATION for more of the same. There will not be more of the same, however. We see the market spinning up and then volatility with corrections spinning down. We have cautioned our readers not to lose money in the mix.

If you’re a small business you’re good. Focus on GROWTH in 2017. The market is going to return – following a decade of Central Bank floodgates pouring currency into the market space – to INFLATION. If you keep pouring money ( easing ) into the world money lakes as Asia and the EU are STILL DOING and only our FED is pulling back from – does one have the FOR CERTAIN rising tide of inflation. Money is worth fewer goods are worth more and labor rises to keep pace.


The Fed is trying to control run away global inflation like Venezuela is experiencing today – the worst possible pain upon a people from failed economic policies of a communist nation – the only and always the predictable outcome. Communism is a failed economic model that is actually insane to install over a people in the modern world. The math is in. the results and data are in. Communism is the most competitive form of economics created super elite classes worse than capitalism related to general upward mobility.


Politics leading economics is always a failure in any system.

Economics leading politics is always a winner in any system.

I’m not sure the best form of government is not a Dictator system like the UAE which is obviously more efficient for its people overall. It is possible a democracy in a digital age where informed people vote directly on their own laws might be a new model of a system that would work but is untested. Cooperative Capitalism expressed globally within all systems of politics would improve the economics for all peoples of the world. CEO SPACE advocates and presents examples of the system rule for Cooperative Capitalism for small-mid size and institutional organizational leadership. For thirty years we have been home to the COOPERATIVE CAPITAL revolution. My son Jason said, Dad, your going to get a NOBEL prize for your work…..about 300 years after your dead. You’re too far ahead of the world today …but they’ll catch up….they’ll catch up Dad. Because your data is correct.

Today we have a market emotionally driven to crush that 20,000 number. Speculative computer software places bet all the way up the rope line and all the way down the rope line. Volatility created by insane peaks, creates more profits for the software.

We have seen the largest outflow of funds from say BLACKROCK in their history. This flow out has been large money moving from human managed funds, active fund management, into software managed funds, or passive ETF funds. Over a trillion has been moving from active to passive.

I have cautioned the cause of a sustained liquidity SUPER CRASH is going to be the unregulated ETF global market space of software – ill-conceived to operate when givens under the software are removed – and in the new world of contagion and system panic, HUMAN SHOCK ABSORBERS are missing. Look ma – no hands and me”m driving. The crash is coming will be a SHOCK and a SURPRISE to those too big to jail at the top – who you paid to create this monster phone market space without regulatory oversight.

I’ve lobbied for a decade that without the GREATEST GLOBAL REGULATORY RE-THINK TO REIGN IN UNWANTED SPECUATLION AND DARK POOLS ETF TRADING AND SHADOW BANKING SPECULATIONS the market is a casino of greed, price manipulation, speculation and software controlled trading without human involvement. One nation’s software against another – one institution’s software against the other. The change in the digital market has taken hold so rapidly the regulatory agencies over these global markets have LOST ALL CONTROL. Control of law. Control of tools. Control of expertise. Control of understanding the digital spiral. IN a single decade the markets have morphed into a VIRTUAL REALITY CASINO and the regulatory community is stuck under a house of 1930’s rules and laws when few homes had a phone, no one had TV, there was no internet at all, no computers, no smart or wireless phones, the fax had not been invented, the telegraph was largely in use. Mail informed investors. Laws were as a body of regulatory framework written a century ago before the Digital Age. Upgrades to those laws failed to secure:

  1. Funding to upgrade staff expertise to supervise digital globalized trading.
  2. Laws that work over the G 100 space versus in a single blue sky nation.
  3. Penalties for abuse which are clear
  4. Speculation laws that make speculation criminal
  5. Elasticity laws that assure the agencies of oversight keep pace with innovation

The PHILOSOPHY of law making institutionalizes agencies. As they are institutionalized their focus is always INWARD. Inward focus seeks to preserve powers and authorities that exist today and which are understood today. Outward focus occurs typically when there is a crisis forcing an RE-THINK of the old system model which has become broken.

The G 100 regulatory model of our economic system of trading is broken. In a decade rampant speculation now manipulates price for profits beyond any nation influence or control. The software creating this spiral into SUPER CRASH is unable to manage constipation when liquidity evaporates from a contagion event. The nature of the casino capitalism software is to feed on the CONTAGION making it so much worse. Human breaks or shock absorbers in ACTIVE FUNDS are being destroyed in record insolvency and closing down of 1000’s of human management funds for ETF passive software managed funds.

Profit differences expressed as market efficiencies are actually SOARING RISK versus soaring security. The market has moved from active and human controls for the first time in history – the first time since Rome and Greece – first time EVER – to technology or Artifical intelligence – software unaided by humans – controlling the trading of the market. We have left the age of communism, central planning, competitive capitalism and a form of feudalism economics, into the new age of CASINO CAPITALISM.

The GREAT LIE is that the passive ETF software driven casino will preserve wealth. It will not. The spiral is the spiral in global systemic RISK. For a time the software will bid up profits. As this is all new history no one can predict the outcome or the time frames with any accuracy.

Eventually, a DEBT TRIGGER to the decades of credit abuse, will institute a DEFAULT DOMINO. The DEFAULT DOMINO ( contagion ) will spread in hours not days across the digital landscape. Markets will become illiquid. Markets will freeze up. Markets will close daily as trigger losses are experienced daily. The ETF market will create the largest human loss of wealth in record history to date.


Failure of NATIONS TO COOPERATE versus COMPETE to fix this core problem against which all other problems of politics and economics pale to insignificance. WITHOUT A NEW DIGITAL REGULATORY FRAMEWORK FOR ALL NATIONS the CASINO CAPITALISM of the present will become a death spiral to the system at core.


Today the movies show intelligent software taking over humans and attacking humans. The intelligent software is more likely to be by a nation and represent a digital act of financial and economic warfare. Read about this from hard data in Kevin Freeman’s best-selling work THE SECRET WEAPON. It is not science fiction it is your own recent history being reported to you.

Casino capitalism IS the problem.

There is no fix because no leader accepts responsibility to lead into solution from the core problem. Plus everyone is making so much money temporarily inside the casino.

I think the DEBT DOMINO will be triggered in the EU or in China. I think the likely time frame is Spring of 2017 to Spring of 2018 – 24 months at the outside. We are reaching the end of economic elasticity.

As you share these details you can secure families in your circles at all levels of play to a safer future.

I’ve opted to suggest cashing out of markets at the all time high and forgetting about the next high in the casino. Move assets to insurance diversified investing as the last human managed market space on earth that has more human’s over money than any market remaining – the more safe shock absorber to park wealth and move wealth forward in time at the highest economic rates of profit permitted outside the casino. The only noncasino market left really in my opinion.

Or stay in the CASINO. Put your hands up as you create the roller coaster next high and scream your ass off on the way down.

So in early 2017 I see the market going up and breaking 20,000 DOW based on multiples that are insane and over pricing that is insane within a software dominated emotionally propelled SUCKERS RALLY.

The correction that follows will catch many by surprise while those inside the casino make fortunes up or down and the little folks get slaughtered.

Bets against the most aggressive AI state in the world software to software are silly bets unless you own your own software of equal measure. Intelligence ( which is an oxymoron for financial software ) is evolving. The software AIA’s believe they are creating riskless risk.

The problem in the casino falls in these areas:

  1. Greed without oversight regulations – never historically works well.
  2. Greed is a conflict of interest to market normalizations.
  3. Assumptions made by AIA software planners fail to assume economic history
  4. Liquidity lock up is not considered in writing the software with no solution inside
  5. Software code limits trading to rule sets other software trigger creating unintended consequences to death spiral markets into liquidity evaporation

When liquidity freezes markets stop.

Trade stops.

The world moves to recession or depression.

Today that is almost instant in potential.

Now consider it took 2000 years to evolve modern global markets of the post world war period the most sophisticated human prosperity markets of all human history. It has taken only ten years to ramp up the greatest new market space ever seen in human history, software managed global price manipulation and speculation ( casino capitalism ) outside regulatory oversight of nations made possible by software and site of trading to most friendly exemption laws. The laws are local the trades are in the wild wild west the CLOUD. No regulation in the CLOUD. Nations have lost control of the digital market space which has become a VIRTUAL REALITY CASINO for the elite class of nations.

Nations that permit an ONE TRILLION DOLLAR stock buyback of stock in a single year of time to manipulate share price versus invest the ONE TRILLION in economic foundation and growth has become a CASINO CAPITALISTIC NATION like it or not.

The depression laws to contain GREED were all removed by the US Congress in Dec 1999 in the last three hours of congress before the Holiday break by UNANIMOUS VOTE. The law was so specific it federally prohibited the states from reintroducing the regulations at a state level to contain greed and reign in the digital casino.


GREENSPAN. No Fed Chairman has failed the world more than Alan Greenspan in his own lifetime. WE are hopefully he will reside with Milton Freidman as the FATHERS of CASINO CAPITALISM – a wrong-minded direction we never needed to travel into.

But that will be for the history writers to decide. I’m just an economist.

So Volatility is coming and you should get ready for a SPRING SURPRISE. We have said the first shock will take place before the Jan 20th swearing in. We’ll see if I’m right.

Meanwhile, the FOOLS RALLY is in full bloom – dive in with your miracle grow. Buy into the CASINO mantra – what goes up will always continue to go up and up and up and you can not lose money in high risk investing …you can’t. It’s all managed by software I mean my god your safe as a bank…..or are you? Or is the bank safe?

Make a decision – knowledge is power and SHARE the TRUTH.

Berny Dohrmann – Giving it to you in 2017




The outline of the repeat of financial history has been well laid out in my best selling book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION. While it is true untold scores of US are dropping out of THE COMPETITION and we are leading the People vs. Profits revolution – in COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM. However the world at large remains in the death spiral of deflation, competition, and pre set up for SUPER CRASH and World War my book reports on.

World War III began in 2008 when a digital weapon was fired at Western markets and our enemies made trillions of dollars and almost destroyed the economies of the Western World. It was only a test as Kevin Freeman’s Book GAME PLAN reports about. The real use of digital weaponry is on going and the West is LOOSING that war. The public at large has no clue while they watch the Walking Dead they are actually becoming the walking dead.

The hope of cooperation is predictably fading as the G 7 meet this week. Why?

The never changing history of the world works like this:

  1. Competitive communism and capitalism consolidated wealth so that 99% of all wealth is concentrated in the hands of a 1% elite class.
  2. This economic condition is unstable and creates a system melt down made more vulnerable in digital era’s when digital weapons are fired at the weakened system.
  3. An extended period of trade war and division between nations enlarged global tension based on markets of distrust and negotiation.
  4. A contagion event from the much more unstable economic system creates a world wide SUPER CRASH and the deflation death spiral started in step 2 continues in a whirl pool of bad debt working its way through delivering the entire world system.
  5. Economics and demographics are rebalanced through a world war that follows.

As this system never changes it might be wise to CHANGE THE SYSTEM that brings us these five results that never change or vary. To repeat these results is INSANE.

The solution is cooperative capitalism. Although there is limited time to repair the abuse of the system over 70 years. The DEFLATION DEATH SPIRAL is now entrenched in the world. Despite 100 trillion dollars being placed into the system in eight years, since 2008, the system is not INFLATING the system is DEFLATING. Why. Two reasons – competitive capitalism and socials and bad debt. They go together actually.

The following solutions would derail the pattern into world war:

  1. Establish a three year G 100 ECONOMIC CONSTITUTIONAL CONGRESS to develop a GLOBAL frame work for world trade, regulations, and security regulations with anti speculation law criminalizing lack of transparency and breach of the constitution for the world “economically”. New Box Top rules.
  2. Merge the Central Banks ( a failed model in a digital world ) back into their sovereign nation treasuries and establish a GLOBAL BANK Of last resort under the Constitution top rules – no nation would pay interest to print it’s own money.
  3. The Global Economic Constitution while celebrate diversity and sovereignty will ushering in a slow transformation into COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM – fully transparent, fully accountable, fully reportable, with zero secrets in the financial system top to bottom bottom to top.
  4. Cooperative capitalism resides within consumption flat rate taxes with no income tax in nations.
  5. All nations rebalance their budgets and refinancing all debt and infrastructure needs in SUPER BONDS fostering in the asset of TIME where SUPER SOVEREIGN NATION AND STATE BONDS refinance all existing debt and new infrastructure 25 year needs with 200 year BONDS. Time heals all wounds.

Bad debt defaults if we do nothing which is historic  and all the worlds lenders lose money because the loss is real. We stop lying in the system. There is over 100 trillion of bad debt that makes the world order financial system bankrupt today as it always becomes in depressions and deflation. There is no way to pay off the bad  debt of 70 years of credit abuse . Or with SUPER BONDS using TIME – can we reframe the problem? Should we at least study one fresh set of economics to preclude world war this time?

This model requires a choice. A decision to proclaim the present world orders are not working for anyone and a new fresh world order approach is required for all of us – where the G 100 COOPERATE vs COMPETE. These concepts out set forth in REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION for world leaders and ecumenist the stuff of Nobel Prize Awards – where the world stops trying to deal with a failed system and builds a new smart entirely reformed system model that works better for all of us. Three years on the Big Island of Hawaii half way to everywhere in the world – with Aloha and lower political influence – so the Constitutional Economic Conference can complete its three year mission for the new BOX TOP RULES all nations then adopt or reject as we come together.

Today what is happening in the elite G 7 meeting in Japan? The world is working down my 1 to 5 list above in unerring forge into world war. The world war will create resolutions for short term problems. For example:

  1. Japan 25 years in Deflation with no hope of restoring its economy in real terms distracts its people by focusing their highly nationalistic country on the threat from China.
  2. China in its own death spiral of DEFLATION and utter and complete failure of the communism economic model – distracts its people from riot and killing the leading elite – by focusing the attention of the nation on war with the USA and Japan.
  3. Russian in a death spiral economically of its own failed communist system, distracts its nation from the failed economics and deflation by moving into war in the Gulf and their old provinces rattling NATO.
  4. The EU breaking apart in a failed economic model, unable to support 100 trillion in bad loans and debts, distracts its people within war with Russia as the fear and Gulf Nations a NEW CRUSADE for EUROPE.
  5. The Elite and the Economies re-inflate by killing 100’s of millions – stealing their assets – and spending 25% of GNP for nations on war with contracts back to the elite who profit from all the death and mayhem traditionally as economics rebalance through war.

This 1 to 5 is insane.

The Economic Constitutional Congress is SANE.

Competitive economics in capitalism and communism is INSANE.

Cooperative Capitalism is the final human revolution into a higher form of organization for families, institutions, communities states and nations. Redemption is the MANIFESTO for a the final REVOLUTION ….away from competition and forward into cooperation. Which will happen after the war or in the prevention of war. Inspired and Illuminated leadership is required to pull off the opportunity to move from insanity taking place at the G 7 conference.

The message for the May 20 2016 G 7 World Elite Nations Economies – ‘we can’t cooperate and agree so every nation should go forward “on their own” as we simply increase the competition forward ” . Good luck and lets go from economic war into real shooting war. Which is what follows – always.

We are in World War III.

The World War is on line and digital.

The Western Nations are loosing WORLD WAR III.

The General winning the war is President Putin. President Putin is winning the war not in the mines but in the mind. He has outfought and outthought the world leaders of today by a large measure of thinking. Lets review President Putin out front and winning World War III:

  1. He starts World War III with the digital attack on the Western nations
  2. He moves into Ukraine and reclaims ports for military expansion to the Gulf and Europe as he reclaims 100 billion in core assets now Russia’s.
  3. He secures the latest oil and gas contract the world has ever seen with China in a single deal – 3 billion dollars offsetting all sanction damage from the USA and its failing allies.
  4. He invades Syria and the without firing a bullet sends 5 million muslims with thousands of ISIS and radical terrorists into the EU forcing them to support financially when they are melting down completely in a sea of bad debt – housing, medical, food, sustainable incomes, power, water, education, jobs pulling down the entire EU without firing a bullet.
  5. Russia is arming IRAN and Korea to sustain intercontinental missiles armed with weapons of mass destruction where those nations can attack the WEST and Russia’s hands are clean while Russia destabilizes South America and Africa with communist revolutionary expansion selling its arms to both by massive billions of dollars – all the while digitally attacking the west.

The Press never see’s a whole picture and ports each grain of coffee bean but never reports the story of the COFFEE being poured by President Putin. President Putin is the most brilliant successful military and political leader of our time and commands the respect and fear of the entire world. His first aim under the Obama administration has been established, he has marginalized the USA and downsized its military and created a national joke dialogue of nations about the USA and its once upon a time powers. Everyone is laughing now at the USA.

No one is laughing about Russia. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

President Putin is playing Chess. The West is playing Checkers saying King me King me. Everyone is laughing while President Putin coordinates alliances and moves one up and one over with the USA so far behind …..he himself risks health issues from scream laughing himself to sleep. He must never be able to stop laughing saying over and over…can it really be so easy and are they really THAT STUPID ….I mean really?

Abraham Lincoln said so well – that we never had to fear some artificial giant would span the two oceans and arrive to threaten our doorstep in America. NO. He proclaimed the danger to America would only come from ourselves. It would an inside job. Where freedom is handed over to replace fear where we only receive more fear.

Watching financial history play out just like it did with Hitler or Pre Hitler in World War I is so interesting for these reasons:

  1. The core play book is all economics.
  2. War is always economic.
  3. The system is the issue.
  4. Competitive capitalism and competitive socialism always lead to the 1 to 5 sequence set forth here – at least for 5,000 from Greece through Rome to now.
  5. The sequence is avoidable. Cooperative Economics fixes the fatal flaws present in competitive economic systems. The detail appears in the book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION but ten.

Why do we embrace and repeat a failed model?

Because with financial history we do not retain the historic landmarks. We forget. Every generation experiences the same old thing as if it was a child happening to THEM for the very first time. It is a kind of insanity.

Education has failed us by not raising the bar on this beyond refute historic economic data. As an investment banker economist, now old enough to see these trends repeat myself, I must say I retain great hope for the generations coming up to figure this out and for every improve the system.

The FRESH MODELING set forth here represents a final economic revolution that will reset the pattern for unborn generations. What we require is illuminated and inspired leadership who embrace cooperation and desire simply a “better way” for all.

The G 7 mantra this weekend – everyone go it alone – go  your own way – break up and compete – assures the final march to SUPER CRASH and world war is all now entrenched as the elite calling the shots fail to appreciate President Putin is winning World War III by creation this competition over cooperation. To win we must win in our minds and see the game pieces and game board as it really is. We can then call CHECK on President Putin and ask him to join the Cooperation.

The present stupidity is not working although the worlds Elite will make fortunes o the misery of the coming SUPER CRASH and WORLD WAR. Think about it. Read Redemption. Become better informed. As Kevin Freeman suggests in GAME PLAN you had better make your OWN GAME PLAN as the world leadership is not preparing one for you.

The G 7 are electing:

  1. Everyone nation proceeds as we can not agree
  2. On a go it alone basis 
  3. Competitive to one another versus cooperative
  4. President Putin has shattered the Cooperation – another victory in the war
  5. The nations are more divided than ever – stupid stupid stupid 

So you have head the truth here. What does that feel like? Leave a comment on this blog and let us know as you share this sight with others who desire the truth. The real truth and nothing but the real truth.

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Redemption – its always a personal choice – and its alway sup to you.

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman CEO SPACE keeping a light on just for you today


PS: You can Checkmate EMPEROR PUTIN so he wins in the Check Mate but you must install the winning box top rules sooner than later.