As the tell all book FIRE AND FURY reaches 100’s of millions of readers, the entertainment value of the TRUMP BRAND FRANCHISE will soar. We all love inside mud on our celebrities and we love them even more. Trumps enemies will say ” I told you so” . Trumps fans will say FAKE NEWS and rally even more tightly around Trump. For the Mid year elections Wolf’s remarks that “my book will bring Trump down” as now everyone knows Wolf’s stated intention, is naive in the extreme.

As I keep reporting when your leader of the Free World making a less than half a million a year as President with bonus’s – also makes 850,000,000 a year in INCOME from his multi billion dollar assets at work, you can call Trump anything you wish but really, STUPID is not one. of those things likely to stick. Unfit for office? Lets look:

  1. The Stock market has risen to a level in a time frame no President in history is likely to match for a long long time in 2017–2018.
  2. Oil went down today as 200 more American rigs are at work than last year when only Russia and Saudi put out 10,000,000 barrels a day – now the USA joins that top club and soon will pass the others as the # 1 ( cost of everything ) energy producer in the world. As the winter drops oil demand ( as we predicted ) and supply surplus rises ( as we predicted ) oil has dropped this week.
  3. The dollar is soaring. In part as the safe haven asset with rising interests to market rates and in part due to the GNP and energy numbers coming in with lowest unemployment in 50 years and longest strongest boom economic cycle ( 8 years strong and on going ) an all time record expansion period in 2018.
  4. Security improvements in the USA along with immigration policy to further secure our borders and our economy and our security.
  5. America First policy with nations has saved untold billions of waste and is rerouting untold billions to higher purpose and is creating a re-investment into America as jobs and manufacturing for the first time in modern memory are returning to the USA versus leaving the USA.

The risk for all nations moving forward is technology. The future leaders are attempting to steal IP in forward innovation from the USA and other nations. This digital war is on going and the USA has lost battles but under President TRUMP is now beginning to win the actual war.

President PUTIN said that: the nation that wins the AI wars will rule the world.

We think President Putin is spot on right.

We also think under Trump leadership policy and strategy the winner of the AI wars we started on our soil in the USA is going to be clearly the United States OF AMERICA.

2018 we feel will end changing Congress very little. We think no party will have the majority it requires to defecto pass or block legislation. Representing the people of America will require cooperation, bi partisan work, and party dominance is unlikely after mid year.

Under-estimating Donald Trump is a fatal error by those who oppose him.

Buying into FIRE AND FURY the tell all book is likely to create a major under-estimation of Trump and his massive base. In fact Fire and Fury may create a counter reaction of propelling TRUMP VOTERS to the polls as never before given how weak the defeat of Ray Moore actually was.

If I were in opposition to Donald Trump I would see his leadership as FIRE AND FURY for his contribution to reset America policy and economics. I would not under-estimate him with phony issues. The issue is the ECONOMY and Donald Trump is getting an A + report card from those in the know. His team is doing awesome work and are professionals. Long time between your fired’s .

If I were loving Donald Trump I would yawn off Fire and Fury and I would decide to get involved in mid year turn out to give Donald Trump the republican very few seats he needs TO PASS Budgets and fiscal policy and keep your BOOM GOING FOR YEARS into the future.

The risk we report here is a third party geo political event that creates a global cascade and SUPER CRASH economically, which will propel voter swing into a Democratic future possible victory in the mid year, which will be even then far from decisive or massive.

So the status quo is on going.

There is one President and that remains and will remain President Donald Trump who is FIRE AND FURY on the old system as he puts in entirely new systems for the American unborn. Donald Trump is FIRE AND FURY and Wolf will enjoy the most powerful effective enemy on earth …I would to wish that on a pit pull biting everyone as in the end everyone agree’s you just have to put that dog down.

Berny Dohrmann – Some Perspective on FIRE & FURY WEEKEND