My guys suggested to his followers 2000 years ago – give unto Caesar what belongs to CAESAR and render unto GOD what belongs to GOD.

My last blog report rendered unto President Trump what belongs to President Trump.

CEO SPACE is a voice in advocacy for small business legislation via a number of channels and supports we provide over the years. We were an influence for the good in the passage of the JOBS Act of 2012. The SEC put rules into effect May 2016 that made the congressional new law “effective” to the market. Why is this time line so important.

Because the EFFECTS of the JOBS act are huge. The record low UNEMPLOYMENT in the USA is a feature of changing how they count those numbers and real new jobs that have been created.

President Trump is far from the highest stock surge after an election of the past dozen Presidents but he is a top five President in economic growth numbers. Momentum for his growth was underwritten in no small part by the CRISES President – President Barak Obama who inherited the worst financial crises in 70 years where the banks may have folded. The team that saved all that includes BARAK OBAMA.

The JOBS ACT was signed by President OBAMA and his team worked hard along ours to get that legislation passed.

Today we have 570,000 new ventures formed in 2017 the highest new business starts in over a decade. We have more business ventures starting with more sound ideas and being by % successful and lasting over time than any period in history. Part of this success % shifting is a result of the President Obama Jobs Act that made it so much easier to start a new business and raise capital out of the door to push risk down. Capital is a key to better plans – better teams and improved resources to winning.

CROWD FUNDING is all President Obama praise and is a game changer in 2018. See Portals like the CEO SPACE highest recommendation for automated ease and over compliance in capital raising. We also recommend the first group of FINRA regulated Portals approved and the first audit year passed by . Sprowtt launched real time operations in our December CEO SPACE where founder Mark Jones gave life demonstrations of the features of the SPROWTT DIGITAL SYSTEM. Tim Hogan is another options for PORTAL SEEKERS to facilitate legal crowd funding, where both founders help issuers to qualify as a resource for their security law firms.

Venture owners can click the US Government official sight for CROWD FUNDING Portals that are available in todays market. MAKE A FAVORITE as a venture owner as this list changes and you wish to:

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CEO SPACE the # 1 ranked Business Conference in the world in 2018 endorses both Portal Sites suggested here with links to both for your convenience. Tim Hogan CEO of CrowdSourceFUNDED has a full year of listed ventures and track record and joins Mark Jones as industry leaders.

CEO SPACE has not explored the full list of PORTAL offerings as the list is growing, each reviewed and legally made effective to conduct business by FINRA as the review authority. In a second full year of Crowd Funding on line the advantage to issues is rising into billions in 2018 and we invite venture owners to explore with their law firms the ease – low cost – and high advantage of CROWD FUNDING capital infusions to grow their ventures faster in 2018.

CEO SPACE offers a week long class program five times annually, to transfer skill to the CEO Owners of business and professionals in practice on various exemptions for raising capital. The Class is instructed with licensed security attorneys co instructing drawing on y prior investment banking expertise as CEO of global public brokerage institutions into the 1980’s. We were told by a former SEC Staff member this last week – he has seen nothing at the comprehensive level that CEO SPACE curriculum is delivering and he himself learns from each of the classes he co instructs on the compliance knowledge.

CEO SPACE membership includes the Capital Class option anytime our CEO member wishes to gain those core skills current to the present rule sets. Expert security law firms are on site to discount fees and time to complete a forward Crowd Funding Offering – which can raise put to $ 1,000,000 within lower cost and time than any other options we know of. Become knowledgable in this new area now driving over half a million new ventures and I forgot to define from the KAUFMAN publication of this data – that is over 550,000 new ventures EACH AND EVERY MONTH LAST YEAR – just setting records for the USA.

Over 5 million new ventures in a single year – what kind of job base is roaring ahead from all that activity in the AGE OF THE ENTREPRENEUR.

Having worked on both sides of the congressional isle for so many years we wish to draw attention to the work President OBAMA completed and passed to effect this outcome for our nation. None of us have advantage to forget that body of work which remains a legacy to the Obama Era President one of many.

As a side economic note. We find this opinion in working on Capitol Hill:

  1. The competitive culture is the problem.
  2. A future cooperative collaborative culture is the solution.
  3. Everyone leader at every level is doing the best job they know how to do.
  4. A tiny number are villains in any way and the character of the majority and how hard they and their staff work is unseen.
  5. The system works but the system can improve and do vastly better.

The question on how this will unfold is a WHEN not an IF.

We find all Presidents we have worked with since the 1950’s in my family via my father, and in my life since Jack Kennedy up close and personal, are great men and women ( candidates ) doing the very best they can for the nation. The media circus an unseen fourth estate of national governance today requires some fliers.

Try not to read to support your own opinion.

Dig deeper on line – always include international press – and see opposing data and collect all the data than make informed decisions. Avoid any shallow common culture directed and influenced by media.

The early age of news had filters to insulate news to data without spin or direction to the viewing public.

Modern news is effected by 24 hour news consumption addictions, the laws of how economics pays the bills for news, so that in consolidations never permitted before a handful of men own the channels of news outlets coming your way excepting steadfast PUBLIC NEWS PBS thank GOD for the old model unchanged in 2018 for them.

For the rest the OWNERS do express their team and advertiser collective views in filtered news. You have to enjoy your own filters to bring issues to data center and make your own informed decisions.

This blog and others on line help those who care enough to do the work to gather more data on WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE.

We applaud President Obama’s work on the JOBS ACT and we proudly see the consequence in new venture creation last year with higher records expected this year.

We applaud FINRA with setting in play a balanced regulatory frame work with the SEC between issuer and the investor via regulated PORTAL digital monitoring of the new unfolding multi billion dollar future market in CROWD FUNDING and other exempt offerings for capital infusion to ventures and business in AMERICA with similar regulations unfolding world wide. Job well done.

Thanks for reading and sharing in the New Years.

Berny Dohrmann – Thanks to Our Readers world wide in 2018




Today we get the news:

  • In Kabal ISIS dressed as doctors and medics shot over 30 dead and wounded over fifty doctors, nurses, patients, those being operated on, and all of ISIS gunmen were killed. The NAZIS did not attack hospitals. This is the worst WAR CRIME yet and indicates mental insanity. ISIS is not a government. ISIS is not a religion. ISIS is a gang of insane brains worse than crips and blood. A GANG like NAZIS of insane brains. The faster media refers to ISIS as INSANE the safer the world will be.
  • CIA leaks, they have no clue where these leaks from our most secure CIA globally or where those leaks THIS WEEK  came from,the leaks  define they THE CIA , not the NSA have tools to embed in targets ( all electronics we own in our home and office ) and  they THE CIA related to those targets can now at   wish to track or remove from theater, via any electronic device. The CIA fighting with TRUMP over leaks just  And TRUMP says he was tapped at TRUMP TOWER was it BY THE CIA? THE CIA LEAK now sprung is a bigger leak than Snowden. The retooling of this agency is ahead. Trump will reset this agency watch.
  • China had a negative balance of trade – not seen in years. This is important because if China is dipping more frequently into world buying that is plunging – within the RUN ON CHINA we report here in this blog – to a point, they buy more than they sell by billions this year – the depth of the CHINA CHANGE becomes apparent. The sun in China ( communist economics ) is fatal and setting. Without the US there is nothing ahead of China but revolution and they well know that. We both know it.
  • Greece economics fell MORE than EXPECTED in the fourth quarter as Greece is not growing and recovering.

Which brings us to the problem of DEBT NATIONS in fatal economics.

So politicians. Remember them? Where POLITICS lead the ECONOMICS versus economics leading the politics. For say five decades. So after World War II everything is booming and rebuilding. The USA has a Mashall Plan going in the EU and in Japan. The massive investment creates growth and wealth.  So the politicians do what? 

They begin to promise the public they can retire with benefits never seen before. They can retire at 65. Wait they can retire at 62. Wait they can retire at 60. Wait they can retire at 57. Wait for it – they can retire at 50. Now all this would never work economically. If you’re out of work you get paid to not work. Then what happens is the war babies age. The pig in the python. Speaking economically.

So create an upside down pyramid. You have THAT in your mind. At the bottom are young workers who pay into the retirement system of the politicians, or promises that were made by dead politicians. Keep one economic truth in your mind:




At the top of your UPSIDE DOWN PYRAMID are those retiring at age 50 to 55 or the burden to pay out, with the money not present to pay it. All reserves were spent as the nations have been spending over 170% of what they make for decades. They borrowed from the retirement funds that are now not functional. They need billions to keep paying yearly out payments in all EU nations. The UPSIDE PYRAMID is created by Politics leading economics. The USA and other developed countries are not as bad but their problems of UNDERFUNDED PENSION LIABILITIES ( Social Security and Medicare going bankrupt fast ) are MASSIVE and run into the TRILLIONS of dollars.

This is economic’s, folks.

In China, they spend 300% of what they make each year and finance the balance by debit. The communist has POLITICS leading economics. In Greece the IMF wants Greece to cut pensions to a level they can afford to make the payments. This means BREACH OF DEAD POLITICIAN PROMISES. The public now feels those decade old fatal economic promises from fully dead now politicians are a RIGHT and the demand THEIR RIGHTS. Only they are not RIGHTS they are actually LIES.

Because the PUBLIC IS ECONOMIC ILLITERATE and does not know the economic alphabet the ability to act in self-interest is not present. The nation will collapse into bankruptcy, depression, and violence. The rule of law will break down when you can’t pay courts and police folks. Debt nations marching into bankruptcy are a thread from such unthinkable realities. Banks close. Hardship you can’t imagine begins. Food is a black market item. Folks kill to eat. Why? The one and only truth:




The public KNOWS the truth at some instinct level. The public believes in fairy tales. In movie happy endings. That there has to be a way to FIX ALL THIS. Well, folks guess what. There is no way in many cases. If you spend more than you make long enough you go broke.

Greece wants those who lent it money to make up for lies, to not get paid and to default on those loans to pay the public their pension money so they don’t riot and kill the leadership. At the end of the day that is the truth.

Those holding the debt owe others their money back and they can’t walk away from legal contracts and fail to get their money back they invested into Greek promises/lies that they could rely on a being paid back. The IMF does not want to put new money into a nation of liars without others cutting their debts, ( losing all their money invested ) so that the IMF has a better chance of getting paid back. None of this is working. While Greece is sinking.

Now move over to scale and the larger same exact issue in China. China has a run on manufacturing moving to better quality price and political systems and language in Indonesia the number four economy on earth, and India number five and almost tied for two not to mention Taiwan, Vietnam, Bangladesh. and many many others. Capital is running by the trillions out of China investments, banks, institutions, just running. China has spent a TRILLION DOLLARS in 12 months supporting is funny money which is still in free fall as a value in the world some 40% down in recent years in buying power and free falling now. Chinese are trying to get their money OUT but the nation is increasingly under communist economics putting them in JAIL if they try it. A plan of politics leading economics that never works historically not ever not once.

So the UPSIDE DOWN PYRAMID and the truth that only Dead Politicians DO NOT LIE is what you need to make your bible. Until economics lead politics systemic reformation is impossible. Today in a digital age of trading a G 100 nation ECONOMIC CONSTITUTIONAL CONGRESS is required to reform all systems together, in a giant COLLAB which is the HOPE AND PROMISE. The problem is living lying politicians will never cooperate they only compete itself a form of insanity.

So now you have some education economically. Nations are bankrupt. The politicians of bygone generations made promises that now they are dead are seen easily to be lies. They don’t care they are dead. The public thinks the lies are their RIGHT. Politically. No one is thinking economically. The nations can not afford to spend more than they make. Or they go bankrupt. When nations go bankrupt nations go to war.

Because their people can not eat and they are killing each other.

Rule of law breaks down when you can’t pay courts police and keep banks open.

We are all a thread from that happening due to years of abuse. You have three days of food supply folks. You have no reserves if there is a run on the banks. It’s over in minutes, not days. Minutes.

Folks panic is all it takes. Now think what will trigger panic? Dominoes. If Greece falls and bows out of the EU than Italy Spain and other debtor nations are right behind it. The unwinding will create potentials for economic panic politicians and lies can’t contain any longer. Still, people will not understand the TRUTH of how they became bankrupt.

They stopped being SELF RELIANT and relied on OTHERS to make their choices and to TAKE CARE OF THEM versus taking care of themselves and one another. One is insane one is sane.

If economics lead politics there is hope.

If politics lead economics there is no hope.

Time is the only issue as we lap dance to the cliff of the biggest canyon humanity has ever faced given our weapons of mass destruction.

So that is the TRUTH and we thought a little economics might be useful. DEAD POLITICIANS DON’T LIE.

Keep THAT in mind when you read the news.

Berny Dohrmann – March 13TH CEO SPACE ORLANDO you should be inside it …..









Communist and socialist countries, engage a central market control economic model, versus a free market control economic model, that creates typically, over decades fantastic DEBT and CREDIT market ABUSE. This economic dynamic builds up bad toxic debt, that over time, compounds, and becomes a mountain that ends up controlling policy. DEBT AVOIDANCE. The central planners become trapped, in a core economic model ( socialism and communism ) that simply is less efficient than free market capitalism and far less self-correcting along the time lines.

The financial lance the CENTRAL PLANNERS in CHINA now reside within, have narrowed from a commuter lane in an eight-lane freeway 12 years ago, to a very narrow arterial country windy unmaintained road, with potholes

I want you to visualize the CHINA problem:

  1. 12 Years ago 15% GNP – gross national product output rising like a rocket for a very short time.
  2. As 1% of elites owned 99% of the wealth the economics became unsustainable and the system wobble stopped growth.
  3. The system crashed from 25% growth to above 5% growth today ( they lie about real numbers ) so adjust them
  4. The down graph goes down the flip chart for a decade and breaks the marker pen as the line proceeds on the side wall
  5. During the crash as industry capital and internal wealth fled china in the largest run on a nation in years
  6. China central planners used DEBT ABUSE to create a 300% borrowing against jobs to support currency and jobs
  7. This created a rebalance of inflows of capital reserves to an outflow of capital reserves by over 1 trillion in 18 months
  8. A bad debt overhang of toxic never to repaid debt in China now is topping 100 Trillion US DOLLARS
  9. Interest rising in the USA means the YUAN value already 20% down in 2016 against the dollar is crashing further
  10. Debt China is running at 300% to one in INCOME must be largely repaid in dollars, soaring in value making payments impossible for CHINA to pay

China must stop supporting its currency which could drop its value by 40% in the New Year ( if not before ).

A free market float of the currency will drop the value of CHINESE PHONY money by 40%.

Inflation in China will soar as capital runs from all sectors foreign and internal into higher safer dollar returns. The run in China which has been fantastic is nearing CONTAGION levels as the FED adjustments come into the market. There is NOTHING that Central Planners with years of failed economic policy can do to fix this. The IMF warned them. Then IMF put the Chinese Yuan into the class of the London POUND and the US Dollar – that was a failed IMF policy that will bite their credibility directly in the Chairwoman’s ass worldwide – now on trial in FRANCE. Like the last French IMF chairperson as the IMF, authority is diminished. The USA warned and offered to help but all have been rejected by closed circles COMMUNIST CENTRAL PLANNERS who just know better.

In trying to rewrite economics the last meltdown gasp of economics is currency controls and price controls both going on today in China. Market controls, trading controls, and draconian controls that since 1700 have never once proceeded into any future but collapse and failure of the economic system itself.

China, as I’ve defined, is in an economic DEATH SPIRAL. As the tornado of unresolved DEBT ABUSE continues, bankrupt banks and financial institutions allowed to book utter crap bad debt as good assets will only get worse and the SUPER CRASH will be deeper, faster and worldwide influencing due to syndicates with global financial institutions known as counterparty agreements. Liquidity worldwide freezes up when the DEBT BOMB goes OFF in CHINA. A run on the banks or institutional runs via massive short selling as took place in January of last year sinking all China markets and leading to a huge currency devaluation – right before XI said that China will never devalue its currency. XI has lost confidence in central economic planning policy ( nothing personal just economic failure in policy ) as has CHINA communist central planners under XI. Can’t be reclaimed now. The DEBT ABUSE IS TOO FAR GONE – wealth is too conslidated, circulation is restricting and the cost of the debt mountain is about to soar to levels China can not and will not be able to pay.

The short selling in everything CHINA is going to become massive. The profits made on the short selling will pass one trillion. China lacks resources to offset the massive rising short selling on the failed economics. The market is always smarter than the Communist Central planners and will always protect itself.

Wealth in China is going to rebalance and that rebalancing is going to be painful for CHINA and the painful for the rest of us – the entire world.

So imagine this:

1. China is borrowing more and more to keep from an employment crash and civil war inside China. A CHINA SPRING.

2. China provinces could politically revolt following SUPER CRASH.

3. Debt cost based in dollars for repayment see China Yuan crashing in value, every day in every way in every market, while US dollar value is soaring making repayment of existing and future debt impossible, what the WORLD BANK calls UNSUSTAINABLE DEBT POLICY. A copy of the socialist failed economics in GREECE where last week they gave the finger to the IMF, paid out when they lack the cash to do so – pension money ( politics over economics ) such that – Greece will not get its next traunch of required life support capital and must go bankrupt and itself bow out of the EU with bankrupt socialist ITALY right behind only second to CHINA.

4. As FED rates rise dollar values simply SOAR worldwide. Everyone rushes from the DEBT BOMB NATIONS and currencies back to the higher profits and stability of the strong growing USA economy. A free capitalist economy that self-corrects and is more successful for 400 years than communist and socialist economic models. History never lies. People under capitalism which is needed evolution to improve and is far from perfect – do better overall. Cooperative capitalism is slowly reforming economics, a theory we developed and published in the book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION for Fortune leaders and for heads of state worldwide. Increasingly capital funds are reading this work and adopting its policies when they fund. Because it makes capitalism BETTER.

5. Communism principles are better adopted in SOCIAL COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM now rising in the most successful nations. Communism while well intended is a set of box top rules that simply do not work. Communist leaders are well advised to move their markets into the more successful capitalistic laws and model so easy to copy worldwide. Why continue with a failure.


Debt-ridden failed DEBT BOMB NATIONS must write off their bad debt, the sooner the better which will result in a long painful super recession. The failure to do this step will result in SUPER CRASH and worldwide depression.

Credit and Debt ABUSE coupled to wild market speculations where more money invests in speculation for profit than real economic investing is the CAUSE of all world depressions and wars from Rome to this day.

A small global leadership of investment banker economists has the historic data to see the insanity of repeating past history over and over again. If I can write one truth – economically speaking – leaders at the top learn nothing from past history and they always repeat past history and are always so confused when the economics take over their political bad choices. The people suffer so needlessly because of these bad choices.

Economic literacy is not taught in schools and should be the second job of education. The three jobs of education in my opinion is to 1. teach students to be self-reliant to think independently to debate intelligently and to foster core civics and culture for each community education is offered to weave a cultural tapestry of pride and rule of law in all communities one for the other – 2. to educate entrepreneur core skills as backdrop all other education in math science arts language and culture and 3. to educate economically on systems modeling and history to avoid repeating past economic history through an informed population of leaders who possess this secret knowledge.

Leaders fail because they are not educated properly nor are their advisers. It is NOT THEIR FAULT. They simply do not know HOW to reform education globally which is not hard and teachers would welcome the new focus and directions. Empowering teachers to do their best work in this new box top rule set would elevate education as the first sacred task of all nations to its unborn.

So we are all stuck. The world is competitive versus cooperative. A G-100 three year ECONOMIC CONSTITUTIONAL GLOBAL  CONFERENCE chaired by an inspired visionary investment banker economist chair person can resolve the issues and break with the economic merry go round history. 287 Captains steering the Space Ship PLANET EARTH in entirely different wakes to their destinations creates a sick planet, failed economic systems that impoverish billions of us, and leads to SUPER CRASH via DEBT ABUSE and world war.

It’s not THEIR FAULT. They are ignorant. Their advisers are really not providing the information to go in the right directions. Politics lead economics rather than the correct form of economics lead politics globally.

President Bill Clinton the most awake on this model solution dynamic uttered the single phrase that defines the age that we reside within when he said after reading REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION hand carried to Hillary



….….folks ( on MEET THE PRESS USA )…..we either cooperate …or we perish…it’s as simple as THAT……President Bill Clinton USA to the world press


Now consider all the idiots on the news telling you in 2010 DOT.BOMB crash – the OCT Super Crash of 1988 – the 1911 Crash and recession – the crash of 2008 – just before each CRASH – the BOOM IS SOLID and WILL NEVER END …BUY BUY BUY.

Why do so many waits and buy at the all time high thinking they are missing out – right at the end of a long boom bull market that based on known financial history must soon CORRECT if there were not system flaws? When you FOOLS RALLY a SUPER RALLY on no economic models for that run up – you always adjust after. It is fatal to so many trusting their nest eggs to those suggesting it is SAFE to invest at the all time HIGH at the END of the longest run up in modern times – and that investors are foolish to not dive in at these insane HIGH levels?

WE have said to acquire the discipline to sell high, ( now ) and move to all cash and wait till the CRASH and then buy low.

Going against the herd is what I have done since the early 1970’s. And WON. Always.

Those that follow me know that single rule sell high buy low. Buy low sell high. No other rule applies. Data not emotion rules.

It is our opinion CHINA and the EU Debt ABUSE BOMBS will explode soon. When they do and as they do from forces you now know leadership has zero power this late in the game to control ( save with a G 100 ECONOMIC GLOBAL CONSTITUTIONAL CONGRESS TO RESET GLOBAL REGULATIONS IN THE DIGITAL AGE )  – where competition in communism and capitalism will default the system into SUPER CRASH and global depression.

Historically that is the place we are today.

At CEO SPACE we just told CEO’s from Romania, Estonia, the EU, Africa, South America, Isreal, Moscow, and the AMERICA’s to standing room only CEO leaders… in a week of education on the future options that included billionaires walking around with millionaires and those in development space being mentored what to do. To invest in momentum and growth in their business. That entrepreneur owning their OWN BUSINESS was the safe space to prosper in any future market. To use CEO SPACE for SOCIAL CAPITAL as you are far safer inside larger numbers to grow your cooperative trading community. Grads comment on that aspect of CEO SPACE for my other readers just learning about CEO SPACE as a safety net.

To January 15th you can buy a lifetime membership in CEO SPACE for $ 5500.00 US versus $ 7500 US and you can BOGO ( two for one )  get another ENTREPRENEUR and SPLIT THE PRICE together at $ 2750.00 ( your circle not our circle, helping CEO SPACE Grow globally ) for the March 14th BUSINESS GROWTH CONFERENCE at Disney World in Disney World. Two for one. Lowest cost and by year end a write off that lets the tax authority pay for your membership with tax savings this year. Call 256 850 4700 ext 0 for a Club President account executive – and grads spread the BOGO word for the Holiday below cost Christmas GIFT from the Dohrmann family to your family.

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What I’m predicting is going to happen. Your safe harbor is:

  1. While the good times roll – build momentum and with CEO SPACE it is so much faster and safe.
  2. When the good times top CEO SPACE will present blueprints how to prosper in the new down markets.

Owning your own business IS the safe harbor. Waiting if you’re on salary to get fired and downsized and then start your own business is OK but you’re so much better off if you start NOW while you are on salary. IF you already own your own business tell every CEO to read this blog as you GROW FASTER learning at CEO SPACE options tools and tactics to GROW FASTER.


As your holidays arrive at research and learn earn and return ( to your blog site ).






What does FED PANIC look like? When you see Yellen bring back Bernake and Volker and even Paulson to say – “oh we are not in a bubble economy not really and here is why “. You KNOW you just KNOW we are IN A HUGE BUBBLE and they are in panic over SUPER CRASH as now they can’t save the banks. They can’t.

The Fed is a private stock firm under a contract from Congress in an 80 page act in the early 1900’s to print money charge us all interest and to bankrupt us as they regulate the banks that own the stock in the Fed in the first place. It is like the WOLVES guarding the chicken coup. How insane is that idea? We have argued that the way to reset all nations is to print money for free – to tie money to national GNP – no more interest – and to merge the FEDS world wide into the state treasury were the people have audits and oversight – and pay off their debt bomb inserting TIME as the missing math model – on 200 year bonds. All debt is paid now with payments to nation that drop by 80%. Nations in the red go into the black. EVERY NATION WINS. One idea and you save the world folks.

Add in a Global three year based in Hawaii with limited influence contamination under a fixed CHARTER of Box Top Rules for the G 100 nations – to complete the larges RETHINK of global fair trade no abuse – every nation cooperates and collaborates – no more competing – and speculation stealing our wealth and as legal theft bankrupting all nations – is made a crime as it was in 1999 – the last real economy – and RE REGULATE THE DIGITAL global market – back to the future with real investing – no side bets on which way something may go – none – or you go to jail. Once the 100 nation or majority sign on to this and all agree majority wins – the world new frame work gives all nations 500 years of prosperity.

Versus what?

Well the First Quarter is bleak. The US Economy appears to be IN RECESSION just like I said last year and this year – over and over in my blog – we are not heading into a recession – as Chairman of the largest Entrepreneur organization in the world – we see what is what in our membership. In our May 15th Conference in Vegas business owner CEO and professionals are coming in record number to learn how to PROSPER IN THE NEW MARKET REALITY facing us and build SAFE HARBOR around their customer base and income while THERE IS STILL TIME. Yesterdays thinking will drown you in the coming SUPER CRASH.

So profit are dropping like stones. The real unemployment in the USA is so much higher than they report to us. And you all know they are lying.

We need to vote for a new team that will not lie to us nor continue the way its always been. This is a once in a century chance to change things so vote.

Oil goes up while the glut is not fixed from temporary one off late winter inventory draw downs. The supply end with prices up will soar over demand. The WORLD IS DROWNING IN OIL and prices above 25.00 a barrel – the new floor following SUPER CASH – or less – is the right profit making price – everything else like prices for cereal coffee – steel – everything to gas – is MANIPULATED with zero regulation – zero price gauging hearings by any law making body world wide – and speculators with the KING OF SAUDI and world leaders are talking about from ABE in Japan raping their currency – are MANIPULATING MONEY ITSELF in legal theft to nations and all of us.

UNLESS we re- regulate the world G 100 trade rules and make criminal again investing in side bets creating casino capitalism versus cooperative capitalism ( new box top rules of the game ) regulators can no longer regulate, and the system abuse will bankrupt us all in the worst depression human kind has ever known leading to all our world war. This is our pattern. Why? Because the one virus on human thought is COMPETITION a pure evil – a total thinking error itself – having no value and no good none – COOPERATION AND COLLABORATION is the rightful virus free thought form for immortal spirit beings to play together – any competition is pure evil like Nazis and Isis thought forms. Direct from the dark matter. Wake up.

If we fail to deal with the source problem and only deal with symptoms the great liar will deceive nations and blindly not seeing or hearing they will in false gospel destroy one another versus co create the future with one another. Cooperation . Cooperate or perish. We have reached the tipping point.

Redemption the COOPERATION REVOLUTION my book on Amazon will give YOU the virus removal tool for your life partner and home space, our parent space, your work space, and all space. The TRUTH will set YOU Free if you chose the master the truth.

Forgive them their ignorances for they know not how much they are loved.

Folks we kill one another an spend endless on competitive military and war build up to endless suffer over punishing one another competitively over how we worship or vote – minor diversification’s. Evil punishes all diversity of God’s creation. Cooperation or awake virus free brains CELEBRATE all diversity and collaborate in harmony.

Imagine if we G 100 defense forced together, dropped budget by 80% – fed the world and built a system to protect our planet from the 100% extinction occurrence of an incoming strike which will FOR SURE wipe us all out – while virus infected brains kill each other over being Sheltie Whabbi or Sunni. Are you kidding me? Celebrate your diversity and lets build the future together – that is OF GOD and the other is of the dark side. Wake up. God is laughing when we celebrate diversity and cares less HOW we worship together. God is yawning while we kill one another over worship of the parent n any form. How stupid and in error is that software on brains. The source is COMPETITION as a thought form the solution is COOPERATION. Competition IS Satan. The real name is FIRST COMPETITION WITH GOD. Cooperation IS THE HOLY SPIRIT and pure unconditional love. If your idea of heaven is competition free and your idea of hell is competition in perfect misery and violence, why would we model earthly systems on one over the other. If heaven is unconditional cooperation and collaboration of souls why would we not use THOSE BOX TOP RULES DOWN HERE?

Can you see it.

Financial markets in competition have no future.

Competitive capitalism is dead dead dead and dying.

Competitive communism and socialism is already buried and those inside it ARE the walking Dead. They lie worse.

Cooperative Capitalism ( three years of the ECONOMIC CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION in Hawaii ) present the box top rules to save the world. Cooperative capitalism is:

  1. Totally reportable
  2. Totally audited
  3. Totally transparent
  4. Ruled by integrity
  5. Has no secrets

This is the system we can hand to the unborn generation and preclude Super Crash and World War but if we fail to create the SOLUTION dynamically, as time is running out my forecasts all come through and will never fail. Economics is unforgiving for error and abuse.

Humanity must grow or they rot. To grow we must resolve three crises:

  1. The crises of removing competition as a thought form.
  2. The crises of INTEGRITY that competition fosters and maintains.
  3. The crises of LEADERSHIP that integrity lacking leaders in competition manifest.

The panama papers and all social elite players are bankrupt in integrity. Putin caught with his buddy broker ( a musician ) with billions tip of ice berg of his robbery of state funds globally placed – goes on press and says its all a US plot ( we call that in competition THE BIG LIE  ) and those who live in fear in competition believe these lies. In cooperation as you illuminate all truth and you illuminate all lies, you delete the liars. By revolution versus complacency.

If you understand the SOLUTION economics of the new world order presented within these commanding ideas, you will appreciate this may be the most important blog in history and in the world today. So share it widely with your lists.

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You are a GENERAL in the COOPERATION REVOLUTION. There is no side line here. As watch tower awake leaders for integrity and cooperation – you must LEAD. Others will follow. Lead a revolution and subscribe the awake by the millions to JOIN US.

Together we can change the world.

I’m all in for 30 years folks.

I’m all in.

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL Forbes ranked

# 1 Global Business Owner conference in 2015 and 2016 the one CONFERENCE business owners and professionals can not AFFORD TO MISS in 2016. I speak with authority and hold a candle for you in the night. The truth shall set you free this weekend. Thanks for reading and leaving your SHOUT OUT comment for all our reading community.

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As November began, the five SEC Commissions, only hours before the new month began, voted four to one, to enact new laws related to the JOBS ACT of 2012. Of Immediate importance, is the changes to Rule 504 under regulation D. This safe harbor well known capital structure, peroxides law firms and state regulatory agencies an ideal format for regulatory oversight. As further over sight of  private placements under new law as it is and future modifications to the law, are increasingly directing issuers that their offerings  must be digitally administrated.

“LEGAL” Portals, or digital “learning” services, who require registration with FINRA the self regulatory body of the brokers themselves. SPROUT, the “only” regulatory ACCOUNTABILITY Platform – built for OVER COMPLIANCE before new laws came down. SPWOTT is “first filing with FINRA and is already used increasingly coast to coast for private placement LIABILITY SHEDDING. An ever rising number of Security Law Firms require issuers to engage SPROUT given the liability shedding this Platform ( next generation to early stage first generation portal technology ) exceeding new law compliance minimums. Spread the word on SPROWTT.COM as your one click digital compliance automation for NEW LAW – over comply its the law.

DEC 13th – at the WESTIN LAKE LAS VEGAS – Forbes # 1 ranked Conference in the world this year – will host the first THREE DAY CAPITAL SKILLS INTENSIVE FOR OWNER CEO’S. The program is highly interstice. The program is the only one with a 30 year track record and “billions raised” from the auspices of this educational master skill set. Today you will require capital to GROW as every venture does, or you will serve and support other venture owners in your circle who are raising capital. In either event, CAPITAL SKILLS FOR THE CHEIF EXECUTIVE OFFICER OWNER – IS THE MASTER SKILL IN THE VENTURE SPACE.

There are basically the following investor categories:

  1. Angel investors
  2. Vulture Investors ( shark tanks )
  3. Venture investors
  4. Corporate and institutional investors
  5. Corporate Sponsors where applicable including pre orders and donor funding as with Indegogo – or KickStarter –

Angel and vulture investors finance 99% of venture start up that is not debt. Early stage ventures that use debt to start up have a higher failure rate than firms that were well capitalized.

Venture Institutional and Corporate investors represent fraction of 1% of all annual venture and start up capital flowing into venture space. The majority of ventures begin with weak plans, weak teams, and no resources to execute. They try to secure “development rounds” of funding from family and friends.

Those who submit to Venture and related Space generally lose a great deal of time and money cost to get rejection at the end. Ideally the resources of TIME and opportunity cash would be flowing to a well qualified attorney in the new law area, that can and that will, execute with low cost, your properly structured capital floor plan offering.

CEO SPACE teaches CEO’s HOW to raise capital. CEO SPACE is an endless “relationship mixer” where highly qualified investor circles meet superior projects and their management team. The most current, up to date, first three day capital intensive on the new laws, offered in the world. CEO’s will be SO FAR AHEAD if they enroll into the December CEO SPACE – our Holiday program is always best of year – for value to a new member – and lock your capital training FREE on Dec 11th – just arrive by 3:00 PM in the Westin Lake Las Vegas. Register and lock hotel on our web site – our staff will walk you right through just call us..ceospaceinternational… easy. One click…to accelerate any size venture.

Today a first time to market development round new venture, can raise up to $ 5,000,000 under the more relaxed Federal and State 504 Exemption. Until Oct 30th SEC “VOTE” the old law limited capital raising to $ 1,000,000 for 504. There remain some unanswered questions. Will the offering be able to extend for six months if face value of offering was not fully raised in 12 months? We assume the 34 “non accredited” rule will be removed from rule 504, given the new “suitability” cap levels of 10% of an investors income or net worth in any one venture in any one year – a protecting mechanism for risk containment.

In effect the new modified 504 Rules, permit a legal CROWD FUNDING given the general oscillation rule has been relaxed for Regulation D in general. At the $ 5,000,000 raise level would an offer be subject to the limit of 35 non accredited exiting rule? Or is that rule relaxed by at least ratio if not removed all together? We hope to know these and other OPEN areas related to 504, 506, Regulation A, and Crowd Funding itself, folding all that new law detail into the first professional bar level training on the NEW LAW CAPITAL COMPLIANCE CERTIFICATIONS.

Dec 13th has some draw cards that make the program every business owners favorite program of the year. WHY?

Here are some but not all of the reasons. For a more full list please visit with any of our Club Presidents operating chapters of CEO SPACE everywhere or just phone our office at the number on our web site.


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  3. Family Forum – Dec is our Holiday family Forum. Non Toddler younger ages can be entrusted to KIDS CAMP bonded and insured day care Sun to Sun CEO SPACE pays for. Teen Feast provides the leading Teen Program in the world to Teen Entrepreneurs – all with game theory it is so much fun – all for the cost of meals only as CEO SPACE Subsidizes children and life partners. Entrepreneurs require a PAYMENT from their stake holders at home – a PAYMENT that comes from their hours of endless work and entrepreneur focus. CEO SPACE HOLIDAY BUSINESS GROWTH CONFERENCE – creates a kind of “buy in” at home that is fluid natural and so helpful to the entrepreneur house hold. This aspect of CEO SPACE will enrich the Holiday of any guest while you receive higher returns on membership once a year.
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  • George Fraser founder of Fraser Net and Linda Chandler
  • Bob Proctor Super Star of THE SECRET and THOUGHTS ARE THINGS as well as BORN RICH.
  • Sharon Lechter – Rich Dad Poor Dad – Outwitting the Devil – Think & Grow Rich For Woman ( see her film or Bob’s or any named here on our web site just click ). LIVE this holiday.
  • Greg Reid – Founder THE SECRET KNOCK – global best seller THREE FEET FROM GOLD and making WISH MAN the movie of the founder of Make a Wish Foundation.
  • Cathy Lee Crosby with a surprise Holiday message for everyone.
  • Eve Hogan – Chicken Soup Author and our TEEN FEAST FACULTY super star.
  • Hyrum Smith – Founder Franklin Covey now releasing his new global smash THE GAP live at CEO SPACE.
  • Michael Drew – New York helping over 100 authors reach the New York Times best Seller list see his film. Live author of THE PENDULUM – great CEO SPACE primer reading.
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  • Stuart Levine – attorney – world authority on agreements that don’t cause problems leading mediator for business disputes – CEO SPACE legacy faculty returning.
  • Adam Markel who runs the largest most respect human potential education firm leading the entire industry NEW PEAK POTENTIALS – will be speaking this Holiday LIVE.
  • Dan Clark who teaches at stadiums and huge Fortune 500 firm key notes world wide – from the White House to Our House Dan Clark returns to the Forum.
  • Jeff Flam, successful Financial M&A Firm flipper – in digital space – successful real estate development – and human potentials – returns to Forum Faculty this Holiday.

While we are not listing all fifteen thought leaders here in this blog, they are available on line – at any of our CEO SPACE Local or National Web sites – with short video information for CEO’s in any industry category or size of business.

CEO SPACE is a guaranteed business acceleration process. You always speed up – add speed  to grow your  business and always faster inside so much faster inside CEO SPACE than alone out there. CEO SPACE is the business owner DOLPHIN TANK – owners of the pod – helping one another entrepreneur to entrepreneur and that help is without condition – unconditional for a week at CEO SPACE – without CEO SPACE you are truly stuck in the SHARK TANK.

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What if reading this blog site is a divine appointment. If you feel like several billion informed readers all over the world feel – that the CREDIT OVER ABUSED BY NATIONS AND CROOKS WORLD FINANCIAL SYSTEM – is going too reset itself – for all the Super Crash reasons my web site has been defining. IF you believe THAT then don’t you also believe entrepreneurs prosper in any and every market but they need to PROSPER the following:

  1. Ever more current information to stay ahed of shifting opportunities missing none
  2. Ever increasing the CEO’s cooperative trading community with other firms and CEO’s

CEO SPACE does BOTH right now. Your download as a business tool kit upgrade is the best of your life or we refund your membership. No questions.

Folks, 30 years of track record serving 140 nations and Forbes ranked # 1 in 2015? The biggest richest contact option during a few days NOTHING IS GOING ON BACK HOME – what is taking your business UP is the CEO SPACE trade show – it rocks and it works. Check it out.

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But you are NOT….because your HERE.
Berny Dohrmann – Happy Holidays Everyone


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