The Lies Are Never Ending:

  1. The Puppy King years ago in his 20’s, went to full on attack the American Oil Shale Industry lying – stating OPEC WILL DESTROY YOUR INDUSTRY. In 2014 the rare non renewable ( lies all as the world IS in fact in 2019 simply  drowning in oil – as demand falls off a cliff in a wealth shift not seen since the 1800’s  ). The Puppy King in only one year created the largest oil GLUT in history ( as oil is not scarce and high price is a manipulation of the elite 1% owning more wealth than 99% – with five mile tankers off shore as no where could oil be stored on land world wide. OIL SHOULD BE 50 dollars which is more than enough. Everything else is market criminal manipulation killing 200 developing nations from prosperity they deserve.  This insane oil policy set forth by the PUPPY KING in his 20’s  –  put the Kingdom and Opec in MASSIVE DEBT as oil was  sinking to 39.00 dollars a barrel bankrupting OPEC if it stayed there. American Shale improved technology and made profits at 39.00 dollars a barrel and the PUPPY KING OIL Policy failed miserably in 18 months and had to reverse. The PUPPY KING BET OPEC LOST TRILLIONS IN WEALTH AND MARKET SHARE FOREVER AND AMERICA WON THE OIL WARS pure and simple economics. Today America has risen to become the # 1 OIL PRODUCER IN THE WORLD from around # 14 in only 2014. Passing SAUDI In 2017 and passing RUSSIA in 2018 and creating a DOLLAR VALUE That will soar and soar for years underwritten by UNLIMITED OIL RESERVES far larger than OPEC and discovering ever more yearly.The Puppy King gave OPEC its largest loss in history of trillions a debt the God King will still have to one day pay to those who are not amused and who hold long long memories.
  2. The Puppy King lied about crushing antique WOMAN suppression laws centuries old and while letting them drive a car this year ( finally )  locks up woman for dress speech and minor infractions of Whabi codes. The Puppy King loves his falcon more than his woman his camel is more important to the King than a woman in society, and who believes he is a GOD in his tiny nation of sand. Without oil what is Saudi? I mean really?
  3. The Puppy King policy lies about his people’s wealth sharing  as another   lie – he  has removed subsidies to the population oil subsidies and more as the Kingdom sinks into a pile of Debt while the elites own more wealth than 99% in an economic Kingdom that is not of the people for the people or by the people rather it is a estate for the Puppy King of the Puppy King and By the most autocratic Ruler since Adolf Hitler.
  4. The Puppy King lies about IRAN attempting to tar and feather Iran as the center of Terror in the Gulf. In fact Iran leads in the fight against Terror and without IRAN the fight against ISIS would not have been won. Saudi financed terror from the beginning did not die by our side like iran has for years in both Syria and Iraq for freedom of their peoples – while Saudi stood on side lines and pumped money into those who would kill Americans, and in fact Saudi financed planned and executed 9/11 – Bin Laden – is Saudi – and financial backing to win a proxy war between SAUDI and Iran is the plan and execution of the LIAR GOD KING. Iran is not entertained but has been patient as we all learn the TRUTH. Iran wants peace not war and the Puppy King is on record wishing WAR with IRAN and wants AMERICA in that war for its own financial political profit.  Saudi has more locked up than Iran by 100,000 and far more human rights violations than any nation in the Gulf and perhaps the WORLD on scale of atrocities now embolden into Turkey – you never see such actions from IRAN not ever. Saudi tars and feathers Iran and its all a LIE in the GULF the world and especially in PR branding to IRAN. LIES.
  5. The Liar KING is a fraud on oil pricing moving into a sea of soaring  debts the nation never knew before the PUPPY KING ( at the people keeping score )  from his failure to CRUSH AMERICA OIL PRODUCTION  in utter failed OPEC POLICY – now to his horror the # 1 producer ahead of Russia and rising and rising with no end in sight ever  – as the LIAR has OIL at over 80 dollars a barrel but America sells its oil for much less. 80 dollar oil is a crime against humanity and a fraud to markets. OPEC IS COMING APART FROM THE TURKEY FINAL FAILURE OF MBS – MORE BULL SHIT – NOW EVERYONE KNOWS WHAT MBS STANDS FOR IN FACT.  A SUPER CRASH OF OIL is economic and unavoidable due to the massive global GLUT as demand goes down for a new industrial revolution to AI DIGITAL ENERGY which no longer includes OIL at all – too earth toxic from plastic to fuel burning as the source of CLIMATE CHANGE the FEW AGAINST 7 billion is the OPEC LIARS. Everything they say about oil stats is a lie including their own reserve lies. 200 year old wells are FULL as the earth FARTS AND SHITS OIL which is renewable as the earth is an OIL and GAS never ending factory. Gasoline should be 55 cents at the pump where NO NATION IS LEFT BEHIND versus 1.5 billion starving to death this year because the PUPPY KING FRAUD on oil price damns developing nations to food and shelter insecurity for billions while the PUPPY KING resides in his palace slaughtering Washington Post Journalist. Every word out of his 33 year old mouth is a pure lie because he believes he is A GOD KING versus a sociopathic  Hitler brain with powers.
  6. Over the last Ten days a 15 man hit team under the PUPPY KINGS orders, flew into to Turkey – tortured  Koshaggi to get names inside the Royals as sources – a Washington Post journalist critical and reporting the truth of the horrors of this sociopathic insane ruler as a damaged sociopathic brain in power – damaged goods – then the hit team murdered the tortured journalist –  cut off his head after the hours and hours of  insane tortures – all on video and audio tape soon to be released along with the cut up body – and the15 person team left that same day – all evidence and on film and as to who is who on the sociopathic hit team from MORE BULL SHIT. The Turkish Ruler knows now that SAUDI AND THE PUPPY KING planned and engineered the COUP seeking to slaughter the President of Turkey his wife and his children. Turkey has NO MERCY NOW and Saudi will be required to sacrifice the EVIL and put in a GOOD RULER to replace the sociopath. That is the BIG STORY you heard first here which will sweep global press soon enough when it comes out- fireworks on economics as trillions run out OF SAUDI. A wealth shift such as in this time frame the world has yet to witness.
  7. The Puppy King reported to global press the sociopathic lie – that he and the King his father watching State TV in the Palace never reporting on Turkey to that sound MBS bie –  ( at that time last week ) – KNEW NOTHING OF THE MURDERnone of the Palace knew anything. In 72 hours Saudi State TV saturated the Turkey horror Saudi story in nation and the real King saw for the FIRST TIME the lies and what his son had done. Then the family circled into COVER UP and the lies continue as the KING well knew his own life was NOW IN DANGER. ( Read my blog TROUBLE IN THE SAND CASTLE to see the full political theater going on today ). The TRUTH in fact.
  8. Turkey is bank balancing a historic  pay back for the failed COUP Saudi PUPPY  financed and then  tried in lies where the PUPPY KING MBS actually framed and  blamed America to keep Turkey totally being the fool – which did not last long. Trump ought to land on the NSA reports on all this with a firm Trump foot as betrayal is not an item America takes in lightly. Set UP lies frauds and total betrayal. The Puppy King lied and lied he knew NOTHING but this weekend the Real King reports ( in the cover up where now Daddy is forced to lie and in the end his Kingdom will FALL on this lie – trust me ) that: hey my sons lie that Kossohaggi went into the Embassy and walked out minutes or an hour later ( the PUPPY KING LIFE OR DEATH LIE ) – was a LIE and now the NEW LIE from both GOD KINGS is – hey we had it all wrong the guy came in and got in a fist fight so we killed him – sorry about all the fuss .
  9. Puppy GOD KING then has bots flood social until in one day TWITTER BANNED THE BOTS we assume Facebook will report soon they banned the bots – reporting everyone believes and trusts MBS – which is his name in fact MORE BULL SHIT.
  10. The next MBS  lie is then  saying FRIDAY that  Turkey does not have video and audio surely they did not spy on the Saudi Embassy. However ENDGAME who almost had his family slaughtered by the SAUDI PUPPY KING has NO MERCY for destroying his attacker and assuring the Saudi PEOPLE learn the truth of their Hitler sociopathic KING. The GOD KING will see “ALL”  the evidence released including evidence on the COUP. Further the GOD KING is having OPEC nations ( today ) based on more MBS  lies – put into the press this weekend  that – factions in those nations SUPPORT THE SLAUGHTER OF KOSSHAGOGGI today in the news nation after nation – those supporting THIS CRIME AGAINST ALL PEOPLES OF THE EARTH including 80 dollar OIL will live to be sorry for their press sound bites today.

If you read 1 to 10 you see the END of the PUPPY KING and we believe now in the cover up his elder FATHER a far better man than his son, but in sending our pure FRAUD the press of the world and the leadership of the world economically will not STOP until the SAUDI PEOPLE have a new honrorable leadership they deserve. Abuse of power can no longer stand a global free press and slaugher truth never results in victory for the MORE BULL SHITTERS.

THE LIES FALL TO THE TRUTH and this blog reports the truth on the largest wealth shift in history.

Today China is moving oil from Saudi to Russia and Iran.

Nations are shifting investment in Saudi now on hold by a trillion dollars and that sum is rising. Saudi has no clue in its present Kingdom of the cost. Saudi economics awash in rising debts can – is fatal in its financial out come because the PUPPY KING has cost the nation untold wealth in failed policies and now a RUN OUT OF THE NATION OF CAPITAL. If short sellers attack from OIL to investments in Saudi monday the markets will speak louder than the lies and the press to the truth we report here first on it all. In the end it becomes economic as Turkey returns the FAVOR for the failed coup attempt in their nation from the source of all Gulf Terror SAUDI failed Kingdon and not IRAN.

SAUDI is NOW  a failed KINGDOM and the replacements are going to occur as you shall see from my forty plus years of being a student of the nation’s wise leaders and my time in the sand box personally. Ask Chuck Vollmer IN DC –  CEO SPACE FACULTY – and DOD adviser as my own teacher in this reality if your in the  White House and want real expertise. At a Booze Allan General Dynamic and Lockheed Board level resume and my mentor as we share truth versus lies.

So economically the punishment for the BRUTAL CRIME AGAINST ALL OF US in the slaughter of a Washington Post from Washington DC Journalist is now  a blood bath for Saudi economics. This Tsunami  starts Monday AS AI protects itself on investment.

If President Trump acts and releases  USA reserve stock piled oil NOW  oil we no longer need at the levels we hold today as the # 1 Oil PRODUCER with ouput soaring and soaring into the largest  new OIL glut of all time for oil -the price would drop to 50 dollars by December. Saudi has no way out economically unless they put in a KING of truth and HONOR versus lies a King of HONOR for the PEOPLE who have honor and who are  wonderful. Shamed by the PUPPY KING.

The authority to rule is shattered to the entire world who will move to buy oil from outside SAUDI in a shift the world has never seen starting MONDAY trust me on the economics. Lower priced better oil is everywhere else.

THE WEALTH SHIFT taking place because TURKEY played its full house to Saudi as pay back.

This political theater has taken over from the America Election itself and all world news.


Read TROUBLE IN THE SAND BOX for the inside the Palace Story. As the Kingdom of shame now reorganizes its secret police internally to circle wagons around the COVER UP LIE.


SHAME ON YOU…just SHAME ON YOU ! Readers make sure SAUDI people read this truth ….

Berny Dohrmann – Speaking on behalf of the Saudi people who may actually see the truth

PS: To the world Press and People of the World all 7 Billion of us paying a criminal OPEC high  tax on energy the cost of everything because of the GREED of this PUPPY KING – I say that you have got this – and job well done to the global  press as you assure the story dies when the KINGDOM of HONOR is restored in Saudi. It is one of your own and you are next if you don’t fire the fire to the final completion of this political theater. The Puppy King might study Richard Nixon and …Resign for his PEOPLE.  MBS has hurt 70 years of prestige and rule for the SAUDI PEOPLE – this weekend the NEW YORK TIMES Lead story defined WHY MBS HAD TO GO AS KING….period.



PROSPERITY VOTE – THIS YEAR VOTE WALLETS NOT PARTY ! I Respect many of my enormous reader base is outside the USA – as CEOSPACE serves CEO’s heading small business in over 140 nations in 2018. As the # 1 ranked Business Conference globally by third party press in 2018 – we invite you to recover some tax dollars and own a lifetime asset that pays enormous profits to you ( guaranteed ) Oct 8th if you can join us in Tampa bay Florida.

In the United States this week the SMALL BUSINESS Index came in at its highest small business owner OPTIMISM looking forward ever recorded. The index at 108 surpassed 46 years of prior records creating an all time high for small business optimism about the future – ever recorded – in human history.

Lets put this in perspective of data not politics. Lets put President Trump along the side lines as the Coach with a head set talking to the owners ( SUPER MONEY POOLS ) while the players – teams of 10,000 experts and mixed with democrats independents and republicans I call AMERICANS working collaboratively. This team is doing the best job in decades and the data shows that best job with two so far TRILLION DOLLAR USA companies leading the entire world.

Today the FBI reported it is focused on CHINA criminal theft of American leading IP in all 56 six state FBI Offices – with 1000’s of active investigations – of China criminal theft of our trillions in protected Intellectual Property ranging from new tubing technologies to make lower cost electricity to hybrid seeds that out produce all other crops of the world. THE CHINESE ARE STEALING 600 BILLION DOLLARS OF OUR INDUSTRY a year. The Trump Team is working finally to stop that – and to put those doing it in prison. To stop the ASYMMETRICAL WAR FARE

As an investment banker economist of some undesired reputation from almost 100 predictions that proved accurate over more than thirty years ( right here as my long time readers so well know ) including the Spring Correction 2018, I continue to advise caution looking ahead. There is just so much that can wrong.

THE PROBEM – WE NEVER FIXED THE Great Depression of the 2008 Super Crash

The Great Depression followed the model – economies grow and are stable when government spends – consumers spend – or both spend. Economies contract when consumers stop spending or Governments stop spending or both do. Depressions are not predictable on timing but the cause is predictable – which is always the same:

  1. Speculation side bets become greater economic stimulation that real economic stake holder investing by enormous economic imbalance ratios no one reports or tracks for you but we do right here. We have passed the 1929 ratio of speculator insanity in 2018.
  2. The Fed raises interest rates and tightens’ monetary policy and circulations too fast which triggers Super Crash and potentials for recession or depression.
  3. Debt Super Bubbles of nations and industry and consumers that is not economically sustainable – a predicable cliff everyone walks over extending the cliff until it breaks and the system falls into the GRAND ABYSS. Dies and a new system has to be raised.

In the Great Depression of 1929 these 1-2- 3 where the cause. We moved to massive Government spending in WORKS PROJECTS rebuilding our infrastructure. This did not bring us out of 27% unemployment and depression as the banks that were closed re-oponed in great distrust in those years. Only WORLD WAR united us from focus on what is wrong and with almost 30% of GNP moving to Government war spending we rose out of depression by DEBT – massive national debt that moved the can ( never fixed ) down the economic political road.

With various returns to the 1929 problem – most massively 1.2.3 in 2008 we almost lost the financial system. The trigger was not 1.2.3 however. The trigger for the first time in human economics was DIGITAL WEAPONIZED WARFARE ATTACKS ON OUR FINANCIAL SYSTEM icons – Bear Stern then Lehman and all banks and investment banks in SUPER SHORTS by sovereign nations. China was the CRIMINAL MASTER MIND to see if the via proxy exported weapon software exporting – could BRING DOWN THE WEST and replace America as the global economic super power. This DIGITAL Pearl Harbor failed to win the war but they won the battle.

To save the nation Gietner and Roel Campos Bernake and Paulson – not very many brains really – came up with counter defense measures to win the first economic global digital warfare battle. First ( with my continuous recommendation ) they finally made it criminal for a time ( should have been permanent ) and they globally banned SHORT SELLING – the digital manipulation making China and our enemies a trillion dollars upon our 2008 – 2009 global pain in the West. We almost lost our banking system.

Then this team did things no man has done before. They put the USA in debt to tens of trillions of dollars. Why? To bail out banks and investment banks bad profit betting – now huge losses in the new digital casino capitalism evolved in the 2000’s – a first – seeking to save these bad bet institutions from collapse. Then they for years made banks re-liquid ( putting cash into bankrupt banks ) at trillions in new debt layered on the emergency debt which created MORE DEBT FOR THE USA IN 24 MONTHS THAN IN 400 PRIOR YEARS – most of it under President Obama.

Was this the right move?

Could we have saved Lehman ( I think we could and I think we failed when the should was left to damn them to hell and 25,000 lost their jobs globally on one single day from the mistake ). Plus the confidence of the world shattered ( the Goal of China and asymmetrical warfare ). The outcome the IMF accepted China into the basket of World Currency which in my administration would have the USA pull out of the UN and the IMF to which the could not remain afloat without our funding- all now debt provided . Does this economic look ok to you?

  1. We bail out criminal banks for taking speculation side bets to make profits so large so fast it is criminal – and when their criminal speculation enterprise caught up to them they enjoyed warm meals in the Hamptons and sails their super yachts because in the USA Crime does pay – and tax payers bail you all out from your casino betting going bad.
  2. When new crimes occur to replace the lost Sub Prime profits – where you make up phony accounts to shelter your rich and famous from taxes ( criminal ) you make up phony accounts to show profits that are criminal and not real – you just garden variety fraud to steal hundreds of billions – then pay a little fine and enjoy your warm meals and mega yachts because in America crime at the top – is status today. Admit the crimes pay a fine and you get out of jail to sail. America does not want to create distrust for financial institutions still to fragile with digital warfare attacks likely again at any moment in time. We never fixed the problem.
  3. The Debt Super Bubble surpasses 1929 today on data – with over 300 trillion in Global nation debt – corporate debt and individual debt – all time record debt by all tables charts and graphs. Spiraling upward.
  4. Inflation – there is none. Despite going into debt globally by tens of trillions in so short a time frame – deflation is returning with a vengeance and as with the 30 year Japanese crises – trillions has failed to restore inflation in Japan and tens of trillions in the world. DEFLATION IS THE TRIGGER TO SUPER CRASH SYSTEM FAILURE AND DEPRESSIONS – in this century in 1907 and 1929 and the next date soon. No warnings and with Digital velocity a LIQUIDITY EVAPORATION DAY – LED DAY – murders today’s economic vampire with a silver stake pound right square into its economic heart – as the current casino capitalism is no longer human -driven by AI trading 10,000 super money pools at Velocities Accelerations and Momentum ( VAM ) the world has ever known before in a pure casino frenzy of price manipulations – speculations – to all asset classes creating CASINO CAPITALISM without real economic discipline;e applying at all. Risk is becoming GYNORMOUS as economic storm clouds like Hurricanes to the Carolina’s promise in their destructive forces – where your own personal sefe harbor is now advised – BEFORE THOSE STORMS reach your shore when it is just too late.
  5. The Fed raising interest rates too fast. is the trigger for past DEPRESSIONS in this model the 100% CAUSE and the FED is rushing to do it all again blind to its own past causation. Was the Fed SUPER STIMULATION from 2008 a good plan. No. It is the cause – the beginning of the end of the system as we know it. Mark you heard that solid prediction here as time goes forward. They are doing it again.

This year tax laws rebounded over a trillion dollars into corporate accounts. 60% of that money was never invested into the economy. No. In Casino capitalism in 2018 alone over one trillion of that “found money” was used to manipulate stock prices I the casino – through STOCK BUY BACKS which have no long term economic value – but to phony manipulate stock prices higher. Qualcom announced an 80 billion dollar stock buy back this week. To name another one. This casino use of precious capital for casino non economic profit betting, creates a fantastically wealthy elite class who get more fantastically wealthy while wages and related income rise in economic value to nations – is passed by entirely. Insane economics lacking upgraded regulatory upgrades to the digital world leave us all hanging.

The Security & Exchange Commission in our opinion requires the largest upgrade in regulatory authority – reframe globally with expanded powers and a 5 x improvement in their budget because – the SEC is our first WATCH TOWER TO NATIONAL SECURITY NOT THE DOD FOR IF THE SEC IS NOT EMPOWERED AND SOON WITH SUCH UPGRADING – THE ECONOMIC SYSTEM OF AMERICA WILL FAIL AS WILL THE ENTIRE WORLD ORDER AS WE KNOW IT.

The roulette table is spinning and the SUPER DUPER DEBT BUBBLE WILL SPIRAL OUT OF CONTROL IN A CASCADE OF DEFAULTS AT DIGITAL SPEEDS TO FOSTER LED DAY AND THE SYSTEM DIES – say in 72 hours – with 8 billion going – how oh how could this pain and suffering occur – while bought and paid for law makers do the BLAME GAME to dance all blame away from them because the crises is in the end from environment to economics not in leadership – but in INTEGRITY. The global crises is one of integrity in my opinion.

The competitive system models that brought was the greed the risk and the pain thresholds is sufficiently complex today that the only solution – is a reform into COOPERATIVE SYSTEMIC MODELS outlined in my work on Amazon REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION buy your own copy as a bible to the way out the way up the way forward.

The risk in 2018 Casino Capitalism as recovery globally is not equal is distorted and the core weakness of the system from 2008 needs TIME to resolve as the debt pig in the python is without that time ( due to Fed insane interest rate normalization speeds ) fatal to the future. Finally the FED errors are:

  1. Employment is too full – there are 90 million out of work in America yet to join the recovery we have plenty of depth to labor markets – and the Fed lies to raise interest and profit themselves and their members is crimes against humanity. They know the truth and lie because they are criminal bankers representing criminal bankers all of whom pled guilty to the most serious economic crimes of all history since 2008 to today. We trust these criminals at our own peril – which is WHY – I advocate to merge the FED by an 80 page ( their act in the first place ) emergency act of congress back into US Treasury.
  2. Interest Rates must rise to off set inflation – another lie there is no inflation outside criminal manipulation of oil price which is a short term event before oil price falls off a cliff into a super crash. The Fed knows all this but the public never gets it.
  3. The economy is over heating ? The economy is finally developing a very uneven but exciting promise of rising GNP and any criminal action to selfie profits for self – at the FED level – is a crime against humanity and a fraud …why do we believe the FED?

So the biggest economic error of all time was the insane debt bail out of criminal side betting by financial firms to make insane profits in insane time frames – where tax payer debt paid off the bad debts. This did not fix anything while the world continues to digitally attack our industry and markets.

WORLD WAR III began when China fired the first digital weapon at America with the axis of evil in 2008 ( read Kevin Freeman DOD contractors great data work THE SECRET WEAPON so you finally know the truth ). The World is engaged in digital war soon to be a shooting war as economics crash due to FED criminal license to steal as no criminal gang has stolen in history before. Ignorance allows the sex criminals to be dressed up in fine robes and look like say bishops. Only it is economic abusers in suits and ties we call high priests of money the FED board.

WARS and BORROWING do not fix core economic reforms required to preclude system abuse and casino speculations. It is not hard to upgrade laws to fix it but the largest opposition has all the money to block those laws. See the problem of remaining ignorant.

Voting in free democracy can never fix these problems. Only INFORMED VOTERS voting can fix these problems – my readers are the minority report – of INFORMED VOTERS – and that my friends would be YOU. I’m so proud of YOU.



If Congress remains PROSPERITY with picks up for the republicans – so not about party – or ideals – it is about WILL CONGRESS WORK or DISSOLVE INTO DYSFUNCTION AND GRID LOCK. The slogan on all bill boards from all American mind and soul political action committees’ PACS – should be nation wide:







So the storm clouds include:

  1. The majority of nations are development and in massive debt. They can not trade and prosper and pay debts when their currency’s are crashing as Fed interest rates are way too fast way too soon way to high each time ( just as Trump’s team told us ) and these nations are in spiral melt down today – effecting everything – oil plunged today just as my Blog told you – ( short oil ) – due to this economic reality. Right again this week.
  2. Trade Wars – the plunder of America is stopping and without trade agreements China loosing the trade war which can happen so fast creates a loss of digital economic warfare and China – failing to fair reciprocity tax policy and real IP theft preclusion – ( admitting they lost the digital war ) – creates a CHINA SUPER DEBT BUBBLE SUPER CRASH – MASSIVE DEBT GLOBAL DEFAULT CASCADES – AND A POTENTIAL FOR IMF WARNED SYSTEM FAILURE.
  3. The digital time frame for DEBT DEFAULT CACADE from Italy – the EU – Asia and other players is higher than in 1929 within a digital casino leveraged to levels the world has never known where all prices for all items are phony – manipulated – and casino influenced by speculation side bets – which when such imbalance to core economics corrects – deflation crashes upon the global system – the wave of all depressions in history. The next occurs at SPEEDS the world non digital – never knew before. It will shock 8 billion people who scream woe is me woe is me and how could THEY let this happen. THEY made this happen.

They know.

How do we fix it: We have told you in this blog and in my work REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION in sound economic blue prints the NOBEL COMMITTEE needs to study for the salvation of humanity in our generation.

  1. A G 100 Economic Constitutional Congress to reset global regulatory frame work – taxes – trading box top rules – no nation left behind – and zero tolerance for system wealth consolidation or speculations.
  2. SUPER BONDS to reschedule sovereign nation debt starting with China before it is too late. Italy read this blog and my book your time is running short.

Meanwhile post election moving into a DEPRESSION RISK VOTE VERSUS A PROSPERITY VOTE based on emotional manipulated non issues that matter not at all ( Woodward entertainment non news gossipy manipulation of voters ) ends badly for economics.

Or not. BACKLASH Could surprise us all – ARE AMERICANS SMARTER THAN MEDIA Manipulations. We’ll see soon.

  1. Small Business Optimism is at an all time high.
  2. Apple is at an all time high. I told you to buy at 150 when I last did. I am going to sell Friday probably. Monday for sure.
  3. Stocks all time high.
  4. Bond wealth all time high ( yield curve to invert soon due to fed crimes on interest ).
  5. Recession and a SUPER CRASH is coming and no one knows precisely when.

The time to safe harbor from financial storms is NOW. I’ve suggested exploration of diversity insurance investing and why all outlined here.

But remain in the casino. Gambling is fun and exciting because you can lose more than everything with margin leverage. Risking your life in sky diving is an ultimate thrill. I’m a pilot and I don’t fly without a plane myself – enough risk for me. Enjoy the dive and play at the casino and as you lose your ass….I hope you have the time of your life.


PS: Hey I think real entertainment occurs IF Jamie Diamond runs for President and you know what – despite President Trump – I think JD has the smarts to do a great not good job. Non starter as he has no plans to suffer what Trump and his family are going through – when all Presidents are doing the best they KNOW HOW and all how hold public office ALL and I man 100% – deserve our respect not personality bashing….our disrespect of the office of the President diminishes our America more than China war fare…ever could.






IS America Bankrupt in 2018. On fringe economist who has run for President on this issue continues to harp on his own narrow idea of economics. Same holds true in all nations. America used to be a debt free nation that loaned money to the world.

China borrows 300% more than it earns a Chinese GNP to Debt Ratio that can and still may crash the entire economic system in a sea of the largest SUPER DEBT BUBBLE Of all time in humanity’s history – not in Greece Rome or the Persian Empire – not in the  modern review of any nation – has a super debt bubble existed grown and continued to explode like the Communist failed economic model – held up – by illusion in debt. China IS bankrupt. America is NOT. China is engaged in massive colonial expansion using debt. Debt is being used by this communist economic strategy to prepare nations for a Chinese friendly debt managed invasion.

First the Peoples Republic of China – lends say 50 billion to Pakistan or Nigeria to associate with their trade and minerals – China “must” acquire to continue to exist at all. These loans include projects such as HIGH SPEED RAIL in Nigeria. While Japan has superior technology and time lines and cost to install and safety records – having led the mag lev rapid transpiration industry – Japan is not the LENDER OF FIRST RESORT to Nigeria – China is. China colonial policy with debt includes:

  1. Loan enslavement of nations by policy
  2. Infrastructure to benefit China getting goods out of that indebted nation
  3. Jobs – Chinese top level and mid level and lower level RATIO’s to contracts inside the loan enslavement to assure CHINESE COLONIES of influence are now residing in nation.
  4. China’s birth policy – one child per couple for 70 years – results in favored to males where some provinces have four males to every child baring woman – China is also the most skewed in aging for every 100,000 having the least young workers per 100,000 of any nation. China must send its MEN to WOMEN in other nations and bring those baby workers back home to keep China fueled.
  5. The race to get China middle class to affluence to pay tax revenues sufficient to pay the Mount Everest of world debt piles – CHINA DEBT – is failing. There is presently in our investment banking economist chart monitoring – not enough TIME to resolve the Chain formulation of DEBT driving economic and political policy – into a SUPER CRASH of China Debt default cascading – as trade wars accelerate and China economics crash into instability for debt management. SUPER BONDS resets the TIME line and remains the one and only solution ( scroll to read about SUPER BONDS in this award winning Blog series ) that as yet no press ever reports upon – but – Super Bonds is the only process to save the entire global financial system – a growing circle of economists agree upon.

So Is America Bankrupt. In current account status no. In forward account status no. The wild card IS china. China debt in trillions is underwritten by global syndicates sharing risk – Bank of London- Bank of China – Credit Swiss – EU bankers – American Bankers – South American bankers – syndicates of investment banks like Chase and Morgan and private hedge funds and private equity all contracted into the loan syndicates globally. Defaults Cascade and convert “assets” to non paying liabilities adjusting balance sheets from black to red or from solid to bankrupt at speeds with AI and Fed impossibly irresponsible time lines on raising interest rates by 100%.


  1. Trillions of debt rolling over from free money to market rate interest
  2. Interest 100% of times higher than loan origination in the ROLL OVERs
  3. Thousands of State Run Organizations SRO’s are bankrupt today
  4. The carrying costs of loans is rising as new debt piles up
  5. The IMF warns if uncorrupted China poses near term systemic risks system wide

CEOSPACE with wealthy clients in China for thirty years is on pulse nation wide with data and information from the inside out. Keep in mind we love the Chinese people and  for self interest reasons wish China to only prosper. To secure the system and remove bankruptcy from the Western Nations and America as a RISK given the decades of CHINA OVER BORROWING with a pollution soup of declining asset bases – antique power plants – steel mills – manufacturing plants and systems all trying to upgrade within debt and trade issues that are complex. To secure economic stability the two items that China must complete and there is zero optimism politically that Chinese leaders see these two items clearly or will act on these two items in TIME:

  1. Exploration to develop a SUPER BOND to reset 100% of Chinese in nation debt – reschedule that debt and include 25 years of forward needed infrastructure into the Super Bond where TIME heals the economic abuse of 30 years and it will.
  2. Trade Agreements – develop a WHAT DO YOU WANT PRESIDENT TRUMP – what would you have us do – and negotiate to do it – in return for a full seat at policy table with Russia and America to make forward global policy both at the UN and in the world itself as a triumphant in policy to elevate a fresh state to NO NATION LEFT BEHIND which excites China economics. The Trade Deal will grow China not depreciate China – nothing will be lost everything will be gained – so economically – the political fears – are illusions and unreal. Trade Agreement makes costing for Super Bonds and all debt less because China credit rating can be assured to be AAA with the two elements here as a contract item.




Consider America is the largest economic power in the history of human records. Nothing else is close. For example – Russia runs an economy the size of New York State. That economic machines is largely petro – chemical – in recession at artificially manipulated phony high price for oil by OPEC buddies and Russia “fixing” prices as a tax on 8 billion poor folks. Even so Russia is in sanction down bubble and recession and can’t get growth going. Why? In 18 years of President Putin he lacks team and expertise to diversify his economics into entrepreneur tax base productivity. CEOSPACE is the solution for that mission. # 1 in the world. Without that diversity Russia is vulnerable to financial depression and collapse. Due to its debt to stay afloat and its economy too dependent on oil. Russia infrastructure is old for defense oil and everything else. Massive investment is required. Again SUPER BONDS and a US TRADE AGREEMENT are required but politically this is challenging but important for the world.

China the # 2 economy is not close to the USA. China is more close to LA county economics. China is tied with Japan that may yet Pass China s the world’s # 2 economy as Japan trade is rising and China following this holiday pig in the python record buying through August for Christmas USA to beat Trump Tariff costs – now falls off a cliff. Watch. Indonesia and India may also pass China sending sinking China to # 4 economics – all of them far far far far far FAR FAR under the USA soaring GNP and output.

America is the # 1 Economy. Lets look at math modeling economically:

  1. America has assets – lands – minerals – food – transportation – power grids – cities – economic provision for the entire world systemically – the funder of the UN – IMF and World Bank institutions.
  2. American assets include American IP known and in development which outside hacking it no other nation begins to equal America invention and creativity nor have they not even close – far beyond Rome to that world in 2018.
  3. America has asset value in its people – productivity – know how – cohesion as in division we remain ONE PEOPLE – always – and that asset is priceless.
  4. The combined assets of America represent estimated asset values rising of over 900 trillion dollars in net worth.
  5. American’s 20 trillion dollar debt – against income and forward industry – is as 12% home loan or less – far from bankrupt and we can borrow lots more for infrastructure making all that pay off the loans easily – as tax receipts to the US treasury will pay off national debt from other nations by tariff taxes alone if trade deals are not made – CHINA Will pay off our debt as its economy collapses.

President Trump and his team of 10,000 very smart players – hold the full house we have reported over and over against say the EU and China holding two two’s and two five’s. Call and FOLD EM. All chips slide over to America in the end of this economic dance.

Communist economics is a force – police state maintained – that is filled with failures of bad debt at some 100 trillion dollars today – with economics a tiny fraction of America assets and GNP. Not 11 trillion of loans that are current and paid in full – but 100 trillion in bad debt shown as good solid assets – but which are pure crap as the IMF and World Bank know – and holding that crap as good performing assets is reaching its end cycle life in economic REBALANCING for Communist central planners. As economic abuse in any system must one day rebalance – the outcome historically is deft defaulting in a Chinese SUPER CRASH which their phony currency and economy have yet to experience.

Venezuela communist in their revolution presided over the largest lake of oil on earth. They managed the most prosperous nation in South America. Did they appropriately re-invest in the maintenance and technology to grow their core wealth – oil – and sustain their wealth economically? No. They stole the money and buried it in Swiss and related accounts over three decades letting the nation sink into dis-repair and enormity of debt accounting. Today Venezuela is the second worst economy in South America matching up to Argentina whose currency just railed in a SUPER CRASH. Venezuela currency already failed and their inflation is 1,000,000 % this year alone. The Bus Driver President of the nation lacks economic perspective to re-tool investment confidence and forward momentum. A likely revolution and his own self destruction for himself his family and his circle is unresolved –  likely historically . Again a SUPER BOND exploration with us and a trade agreement to follow with the USA would rebalance Venezuela – China – Pakistan – Brazil – Italy – Greece – Spain – and world Super Debt Bubble nations – which does not include the asset to loan rate favoring the US economy.

Bill Clinton had the USA in the black paying down its debt. Today the USA with trade agreements and its own Super Bond leads the entire world forward into economic prosperities for 300 years. The growth of America can put the nation in the black with solid receipt revenues IF we have:

  1. Congress approves infrastructure a must for America continuity economics
  2. Congress approves immigration America needs community to grow faster

America is not bankrupt. American can invest 25% of its GNP in defense as we have in war times and win – ultimately -all and every war despite current thought there are no winners in an all out war. There are winners and America will be that winner. While working to assure there is no war not ever – as America wishes to celebrate not punish all political systems -make GOOD versus ridiculous unsound economic deals – two way deals – great deals – where NO NATION IS LEFT BEHIND AGAIN EVER.

WIN and WIN no losers.

The protectionist nations – say Communist nations – are not afraid of Western Culture that is already on the ground in the Gulf and everywhere else. That is a straw enemy for local consumption and politics. Nor are Dictators Kings or heads of state worried about open sale of America goods and services in their country – as those partnerships grow wealth and revenue to the state – massive new revenue to the state. No. The heads of state are influenced by protected industries who are projecting downward destruction of their markets if trade laws PROTECTIONIST to them for 50 years are removed – but free markets – would not destroy these local industries and such fears are political and not economic in fact.

Leaders to reform into stability require ONE DROP OF COURAGE GREATER THAN THEIR FEARS. To step out of local hysteria and move into economic reality. For the unborn of their nations.


WOODWARD: Supreme Court – AND Political theater

America is in an election year with a Super Star winner in economic policy. Undisputed. to distract from the SUCCESS of the Trump Presidency in 18 months – achieving ten years of outcomes in 18 months – the democrats seek to use HATRED as the one and only policy to November 2nd. Rally emotions around HATRED.

Woodward was a grandstand old man making millions in his final swan song publication as a hack never a journalist – who has assembled HE SAID SHE SAID into a published slander liable and election DORIAN GRAY Picture of Donald Trump. The Truth even if you hate Donald Trump but you don’t know him – from those who do know him is:

  1. Donald Trump adores his wife and is faithful to her and just loves her who wouldn’t.
  2. They are both GREAT not good PARENTS – who would not be proud of those kids?
  3. Donald Trump is a multi multi multi billionaire – a world leader with sit down dinner expertise with the majority of G 20 leaders long before he was President.
  4. Donald Trump understands economics like no President ever.
  5. Donald Trump seeks to upgrade and reform institutions badly in need of both.

The opposition seeks to “frame” Trump into a label as they can’t tackle the issue of his proven undeniable success in economic policy…prosperity is here….as:

  • Immoral and wicked
  • A baffoon
  • An idiot
  • Hated by his own people ( lies )
  • Running a disorganized machine
  • And worse – all fake news to win an election

The Supreme Court approval process by bias congress was grand standing. Everyone saw the lack of real depth to questions to the candidate – endorsed by majorities on both sides for his service record and competency in constitutional law. Everyone saw the self serving election year speeches attempting to sway voters to HATRED and away form a PROSPERITY VOTE.

So this election gets cruel worse than mean a new low in American media politics all bought and paid for by the Red Sea Parting – billions resisting reform – billions insisting on reform for America and its future.

As REFORM “IS” WORKING ….the vote in November lands upon:

  1. Prosperity vote – vote your wallet outside party for accelerated prosperity
  2. Hatred – vote grid lock – unwind prosperity and move into Super Crash
  3. Media Sit Com circus on non economic emotional issues – like K – 12 year olds

You can’t vote on the issue of REFORM WORKING as it IS so one must distract voters into emotions to HATE TRUMP.

So Woodward is one bought and paid for political  professional jerk and assassin timing his “work” to release to maximum after Labor Day INFLUENCE the US election. There is more meddling politically in the election by engineering – by Woodward as to effect voter outcomes – than Putin and Russia could ever hope to score – as they scored zero but distracted the nation with zero outcome or results – costing oceans of time a billion in prosecutions all having zero to do with collision.

Justice reform is needed and the agencies are biased – needing a refreshing upgrade and reform to restore confidence in a unfair unjust declining excellence in process for real justice. Obama suggests you can’t use Justice to attack your enemies. Obama was in scandal over his use of the IRS to audit HIS ENEMIES and investigations into OBAMA’s enemy policy and use of Justice to attack his foes is public record.

A speech from the blackest kettle calling the kettle black is predictable politics as time passes memories fade.

I’ve reported to you. I know these leaders. All American public servants are doing the best they know how. Most are influenced by economics – how to keep their cash budgets and power from reform and changing. They without knowing it will resist upgrade and improvements with insane cultures rallied into hatred for any possibility that one would alter…..THAT IS THE WAY WE HAVE ALWAYS DONE IT. Human’s need to be awake in their thought capacity to over ride this hard wired animal mid brain prime directive to make sure we don’t travel on a new trail and get eaten is all.

But we don’t Train children how to think. We educate children without any tools to survive the winter – we leave the children naked around a fire in the dark woods before the snow storm – and never teach them of the poison bugs plants snakes and surrounding toxic environments – leaving them no tools to prosper and survive as the next generation – as we take our warm furs and sneak off at midnight leaving our under educated to make their own forward ways. They don’t like us much as they all know we cheated them on tools and tactics they click and get without US today for the first time ever. They don’t like us much because we failed the environment the economics and their own future and they have to fix it all moving forward.

So the old model is to invest billions to win elections for a few hundred folks like a Side INDUSTRY ( elections ) that no one of our founders ever saw expected or wished for. So rolling back the constitution as law – the process of say merging the FED into US Treasury to stop printing one dollar and paying interest to print the dollar – sanity versus insanity – as policy – is rising up by thinkers who click to pick their own conclusions.

The old industry is paying all this money and the CLICK generation from seniors to generation xy and z who think FACE BOOK is only for OLD PEOPLE – are no longer influenced by the traditional brain washing. They see the brain washing for what it is.

Vice President Pence a Political that can not be bought – a man of such integrity Democrats and all opposition trust this man – as they should – came out today on global Press and stated to Woodward lies and frauds and sanders and liable for political agenda only and his own personal greed and wealth caring nothing about America – that:

  1. This was not journalism this was bought and paid for political theater by a hack
  2. That Pence experience of the White House is the opposite of the book
  3. The White House is a switch on turned on result machine working together
  4. That Pence never head or witnessed one single example of Woodward lies
  5. That Trump is tough – wants results yesterday – but inspires & is respectful

Pence on national news from inside told the truth – WOODWARD book is tiled correctly – it is lies – and Woodward has crafted gossip into a truth that is in fact a lie – a fiction not a reality.

The goal is to string together enough WOODWARDS one of the most disrespected journalist by journalist to ever have lived a total opportunist – a hack – a political hack – to consider the TIMING AND THE SOURCE.

How smart do I think America is? I think they are smarter than Woodward ever could be or was as an old man in his last financial swan song for personal wealth off Trumps super brand – Woodward is Stormy Daniels who did FUCK TRUMP only not physically and Woodward FUCKED TRUMP too – they are both political fuckers.

Trumps duck feathers are inserted by reality and the truth set forth here – and all politicians are DOING THE VERY BEST THEY KNOW HOW. All Presidents and candidates are seeking the money and power their office brings. Its economics.

Reality is never political strategy and brain washing for voter manipulation.

I think American’s are oceans smarter than failed WOODWARD the National Enquirer journalist. I believe in American respect for public service and office and BACKLASH for those who would divide us – BACKLASH will unite us this Nov watch.

Surprise bought and paid for polls and media …just as when Trump won – without any manipulation in the win….how could Putin influence the electoral college – wake up folks its all lies…….by a broken Justice institution that finally needs real reforms – before your next……




We inform our readers who share this blog with their circles – that the American ELECTION is the most important single election in 100 years. Congress is not about party this vote in November. The one issue is:


  1. PROSPERITY – vote to keep congress republican period…not a party item
  2. Super Crash – vote hatred and Democrat – Grid Lock and impeachment

In my long long service to candidates over decades I have never seen billboards like I see in Florida to California where I will be next week -speaking on these topics  that say – IMPEACHMENT NOW. A billionaire pays for these billboards to raise funds from the hatred influenced ( by the necklace to FRAME Trump as set forth here as a political strategy over time – if you print it – it must be true – if you say it – it must be true – but it is not true – Stormy is what ? True? Really? What is she is a self interested liar making millions in sex chat rooms off the lie as a rapidly aging terrible C level totally failing porn star now more famous than Marylyn Chambers who started it all )?

IMPEACH NOW raises millions for more of that hatred ..mindless without issue – seeking power and money.

So lets follow the money.

  1. Reform caps are space defense downward by billions to cost outlasts to US treasury.
  2. Reform stops billions from leaving the USA and those billions build factories here in the USA.
  3. Reform stops billions in med cost from rising and caps those 2018 med costs.

And so much more.

Do you THINK those who had to pay those billions – in profits they WOULD HAVE MADE – are not investing say 10 to 100 million to IMPEACH TRUMP NOW?

They want their legal theft from tax payers to NOT REFORM and to continue their traditions of access to public money.



When you see this much lying about one man – who is reforming – it is a strategic plan to brain wash voters to not think – to move on emotion on FAKE NEWS. – strung together like a necklace in a past historic plan that suggests…. saturation on a point – TRUMP IS EVIL BROKEN AND INSANE …if repeated enough over time becomes reality for millions who fail to consider the money that paid for brain washing them to this outcome in their own mind…..

So how smart IS America ?

I’ve written here that the Nancy Pelosi enormous capital raising on hatred – more than republicans by far in 100’s of millions – may fail due to BACKLASH.

I speak in California to American’s next week. I speak In New York to Americans and in Chicago and in every community to real Americans. I travel as much as a politician running for office and my small business owners nation wide – and their peeps – impress me with just how smart the truly are.

Will they BACKLASH against the Woodward ( and more is coming in carefully laid other shoes dropping as the money comes home to Nov ) where – if you rise up and massively vote your WALLET – party is no longer considered – and we empower ANTI GRID LOCK anti DYSFUNCTION – moving forward….as I’ve stated. I think we get America together in prosperity if we:

  1. Elect a President and matching congress – period
  2. Never elect a President and a divided congress – period
  3. No more party no more grid lock and dysfunction – the choice is smart or dumb America

November we will see just how smart America is – in BACKLASH voting their wallets for prosperity – or brain washed voting hatred for end of prosperity grid lock and America decline ( only the voters never saw it coming ) …too ignorant to follow the money yet?

My America is smart enough to send a message to the world….America is heating up from good to GREAT and you an’t seen nothing yet…..that power to our in power team – exchanges a 110 plug for a 220 dryer plug in November.

American prosperity ( far from any bankruptcy theory ) is assured by the vote…..

Or not….




You KNOW that I have written on this blog this year – over and over – how the Democratic Party is in a full on Civil WAR. There are no nine factions ( splinters ) of the once more or less United Party that are in splinter groups. Four are socialist and two of the four are full communist backed. The largest splinter is saying they will vote for TRUMP and that ;is the fastest growing splinter group we call the NEW WALLET PARTY we are all joining and we are all staying inside of moving forward. Another equally large splinter says they are so disgusted they will not vote until the Democratic Party can define itself to their belief and philosophy. It is a mess. Just when you thought it could NOT GET WORSE for them or better for Trump at the mid term this happens. Wait for it…..

Comey – yes Comey the former Director of the FBI and a top tier leader for the Democrats – the FBI director that was anti Trump and Pro Hillary ( thats history now ) with the famous line from the Apprentice ringing in HIS ears – YOUR FIRED – ( still I”m sure based on today’s tweets ).

Comey came out and asked the Democratic Party based on the truth I report here to:

  2. Democrats ( led by Pelosi Socialism ) PLEASE DO NOT LOOSE YOUR MINDS.

Do not lose your minds?

From the former FBI Director now gone full on political. Is Comey setting up his own run for office like he – the fired – could beat and win the White House. Now the Comey SPLINTER is a whole new SPLINTER ( Thats for SURE ) further dividing the Democrat CIVIL WAR.

The Party that divided, mismanagement, and failed to United in the last Presidential Election is now fragmenting into self destruction as no model we have records for. The money rising to 100 million Nancy Pelosi has raised is almost exclusively raised from the most wild socialist sources and right out communist party affiliated donors. So the party is steering by the money to all the things we love to talk about but that economically can’t be paid or ever.

Lets forgive a trillion in student loans – left.

Lets pay for free college for everyone – left.

Lets pay a living wage to everyone so no one has to work ever again – left.

I love the idea of paying every 75,000 inflation adjusted. The way a nation pays for that is HOW again as an economic thinker? I’m not right I’m not left and the majority of the WALLET PARTY is not left or right they are moderate and want COMMON DAMN SENSE as the comedian Gallager defined for us with his giant wooden hammers smacking water melons all over the audience screaming COMMON DAMN SENSE. The Common Damn Sense party is leaving the Democrats the Republicans and the Independents and joining without any formal institution the MAJORITY NEW WALLET PARTY. We are voting our wallets.

So IS Nancy Pelosi on something or is she insane? She has turned the democratic  party upside down. The base at the top is leaving. The bottom calling all the shots in the Pelosi Upside Down Pyramid for the Democrats – has Nancy with her nose like an ant eater poked in the ground telling us all about the landslide coming – as she wiggles and squirms her TREASON issue on Trump as he had a discussion with a world leader – just like Obama, Bush, Clinton, Reagan and so it goes. The base is running for the hill as socialist Nancy Pelosi is by Comey today – called upon – Please Girl do not lose you mind – which means she already has. America regardless of party simply HATES NANCY PELOSI save for communist and socialist which is now what the party has become or Comey would not write what he did today. Now we have TEN FACTIONS or SPLINTERS with the millions that will join the COMEY splinter. The Democrat Party melt down means donors are wasting their WALLET money – it means that they can’t repair this in 2018 or even by 2020.

Their candidate appears right now to 2020 be Biden – a geriatric by then – and having run for President since I can remember and lost every single time – the multiple endless loser running against Donald Trump seems not only a ROCK STONE LOSER PLAN and a donor repulsion – plan – but in the splinters – THATS YOUR BEST – I mean RELALY. It speaks oceans about the divisions in this Civil war as the party dissolves into splinters with splinter leadership and a attack plan Nancy Socialists are running to the extend Comey writes this July – PLEASE DO NOT LOSE YOUR MINDS DEMOCRATS ( he means Pelosi underline that item and her socialist communist factions all tracked documented and speaking volumes of Nancy push to the outside extreme of the left side for AMERICA ). I don’t hate her because my guy said forgive them father for they know NOT what it IS that they do. She thinks she is RIGHT in absolute terms and all the other splinters and anyone called Republican or Independent is ABSOLUTELY WRONG. That is her actions triggered by her thought.

Nancy Pelosi has done more harm to the democratic party than anyone since the end of World War II. WOW its pain full to watch Comey write to tens of millions DEMOCRATS DO NOT LOSE YOUR MINDS IN A RUSH TO SOCIALISM.



Nancy Pelosi is circulating “sign here” on her ice breaker march to no destination related to her bought and pay for issue at the mid year – Trump committed TREASON for talking to Putin as her only game plan is impeach the President GRID LOCK Congress and win my seat back so I can run Congress again. Now thats a plan right there billy bob.

The “sign here” seeks to BLOCK the Putin meeting. Now congress does not have powers to block meetings between hears of state as the President powers are SEPARATE from law making. The President has absolute powers to EXECUTE THE LAWS on the books and to act within long established court ruled precedent on those powers. Nancy attempts to bloc Trump have failed in the Supreme Court separation of Powers. Again and again in fact.

So Trump. Lets look at this. We are meeting with an enemy. We are not meeting with a friend. Can enemies meet, Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, Japan ( we went to war with them ) and so many others in Africa to South America and all over the world with over 200 nations many of which are NOT OUR FRIENDS. Can we meed them? Can we reduce the competition and elevate the cooperation? Is a NO NATION LEFT BEHIND PLAN of value? Is a new world order on trade and box top rules for how we interact with one another timely and important?

Should we pay attention that for the first time since the Cold War a United Russia 82% supporting their leadership ministries and Putin – now believe it is likely we will move to World War III. Why? The America Russia culture almost Pelosi insane if not hysteric.

What does it all look like from Putin’s view and his teams ? Lets put on his glasses for a minute:

  1. They don’t get it. They don’t. They don’t see what we see.
  2. They believe they were set up in the election by another nation because if Putin hacked us we would NEVER KNOW as they are that good.
  3. Plus they don’t get how inept it was if Russia influenced the election there would have been real influence no footprints at all.
  4. They don’t understand as some face book silly stuff had no effect and the US Justice said it had no effect on outcome – so why would they at the top ever do such nonsense.
  5. They KNOW the US influences elections massive intrusions in Iran, Iraq, and world wide and has forever so what pot is calling what kettle black here – Putin thinks the congress is hysterical on Russia.
  6. Putin on coming to office FIRST ORDER OF BUSINESS was to remind the USA of Reagan’s fixed agreement – WE BRING DOWN THE WALL IN BERLIN and you as the USA do not MOVE NATO and your sphere of powers east into our trade blocks of the Soviet Union as our sphere of influence and we remain good.
  7. As Clinton Bush and Obama vastly moved NATO’s net ever east – breaking our agreement with Russia time and time again – against warnings there would be consequence – Putin in the end drew his own red line and acted.
  8. Ukraine has a lawful democratic election and elects in their Russia touching Russia nation – a Russian leaning leader who said NO to the EU membership and wished to remain trading with Russia raising their deals where all their energy comes from. The US influenced their COUP as a revolution moved the elected leader OUT and he fled to Russia without due process. Putin acted on this final betrayal not willing to allow NATO to move to its own borders and took over Crimeria which as a red line  said – they folks used to be our nation and are again – and this port now offsets your military in the MED and we are NO LONGER FOOLING AROUND WITH YOU.
  9. If a war took place with Russia Nato would currently lose in 60 days experts report. Without Nukes with Nukes in 60 minutes Nato would lose. Russia has drawn its red line from Putin’s view where America breaks its agreement with Saddam, With Gadaffi – with RUSSIA ( on treaties on multiple broken agreements ) with Iran now – and they are willing to fresh start but they will not permit any further agreement making that is subject to be more worthless than the papers they are written on. For this opposing reasons and no break in agreements RUSSIA is highly respected world wide and we are not so much.
  10. Syria – we were backing factions including UN terrorists with billions to take over Syria as we don’t like King Hussain – Russia has s multi billion dollar World War II high tech critical port in Syria which it can not let fall to the WEST as it is strategic and Russia is an alliance with King Hussain and his father before him the legitimate roller of Syria. So Russia comes in and coordinates Iran’s help and support and they coordinate with the US commanders on now focusing attacks on the ISIS group – along with the American backed opposition to Hussain – which has lost their war and we have lost untold lives and billions upon billions of dollars – total loss no gains of any kind save for ISIS is gone – which and this is the good news – may NOT have happened without RUSSIA AND USA COOPERATION.

So put on Putin’s glasses.

Now then the spin having zero proofs is endless on Putin being a monster. Consider the monster ( by our bought and paid for media ) is a follow the money issue for me at least. First bashing Trump is what it is. Bashing Putin is more of the same though and we tend to make Putin fact and Trump spin. Now put on new glasses and consider if Putin bashing is a lot of SPIN as well. The monster Putin has the highest approval rating of any world leader upon this earth where millions upon millions approve of Putin and his policies for his people and nation including overwhelming stopping NATO moving East and yes Ukraine policy. All those 82% are brain washed – I don’t think so folks.

Russia is not America. Not by values culture or on any comparative. if you know Russia history really you don’t expect Russia to be America. Stop putting America criteria thinking manners and outcomes as a saddle you place on Russia. Wrong horse wrong saddle. Russia is Russia. Can we talk and cooperate on some levels with the largest Nuke Power next to the USA on earth? Yes we can and yes we must. Can we reduce a World War III spiral – yes we can and yes Trump must its his day job – just that first priority – Trump or any President.

Another Cold War in a push button digital world is not a spiral we can afford where AI may push THE BUTTON soon. I mean really folks ?

Treason? Come on. Comey to Democrats – DO NOT LOSE YOUR MIND DEMOCRATS – but no one is listening as the middle the mass on all sides in all parties is joining the non political WALLET PARTY because voters have become TOO DAMN SMART for brain washing. Thats new.

So with all the distrust on all sides Putin and Trump seek to forge a NEW WORLD ORDER. Why?

  1. The problems created by the world world order model can no longer be solved by those old world box top rules in the new age of SUPER CHANGE.
  2. The solutions to assure WORLD PEACE is secure require alliances of opposing powers to resolve the problems without which such problems can not be resolved and World War III “IS” around the corner and the massive majority in America’s new WALLET PARTY knows this at bone marrow level.
  3. Team work over time to construct a new box top rule set in which opposing powers can related agree and canton is in process and is historic and prioritizes world peace with events in North Korea and Iran where outcomes require Russia and China working with the USA and the EU to resolve the world slate of issues.
  4. Will it be rocky and without bumps in the road – you bet. Can we do better. You bet. Should we try. You bet. Is that treason folks? DEMOCRATS DO NOT LOSE YOUR NANCY PELOSI MINDS TO THAT WOMAN.
  5. History is unfolding as never before as some of the most amazing LEADERS are TALKING. The EU is talking about new box top rules for trade as a TRUMP vision for NO NATION LEFT BEHIND rises to the future like an economic light house.

We as a nation have interests. President Eisenhower the first President I personally can remember speeches and presence from as a very young person sitting on the warmth of an RCA tube heated radio like a piece of furniture – listening to the CONVENTION Screaming – WE LIKE EIKE – WE LIKE EIKE over and over. I recall in my first retained Presidential Speech – I think I was age seven but it remains clear to that little boy even today…..

….As with President Lincoln I also know that no giant can span the oceans and every threaten the United States of America. No our damager today remains as Lincoln warned us so long ago – always from within. Today I caution you against the greatest danger to our way of life which is the insidious post war MILITARY INDUSTRIAL UNHOLY UNION OR COMPLEX…….

Do you believe the founding fathers would see the central government controlling all your rights privileges etc. You didn’t need a license from state to drive a car fly a plane or ride a horse bu soon your universal chip will track your breadth heart beat and AI will rack your movements habits purchases and every move you make. Today the largest customer for all and everything is the US central government do you think the Founding Fathers saw THAT when they  invented a constitution to limit central movement powers and taxation – preclude parties from nominating candidates – and assuring no third party could print money ( like the FED ) where only the Treasury of the people could print money and then within balanced budgets save I times of war. How do you think they see us today?

So the largest cost of the US Gov in central economic terms is indirect and direct defense cost to the reported and non reporting military industrial complex. Said another war without fear threat and spending the US economy contracts. Booms are created when consumers spends, government spends or they both spend. If they contract we have a recession risk. If Defense spending reduces we have a recession.

Follow the money.

So what forces wish a hostile relationship with Russia based on fear and maximum defense spending? Third graders can answer this folks. So stop the press and Pelosi mid year election hysteria ( has she lost her mind as Comey cautions Democrats to not follow PELOSI SOCIALISM in 2018 – and the splinters in the civil war are rebelling right this minute and today and Comey is leading a new splinter entirely ) – so you can answer this. A trillion dollars is fearing less spending if Trump and Putin make new box top rules.

ECONOMICS wars are economic and so is peace.

In the end it is competitive thinking is a form of insanity. Denial of that is insane itself. Cooperation is sane thinking and virus free thinking where the competitive virus is removed from whole brain thought process. Your reptilian mid brain will always introduce insane fear competitive thought impulse – which your higher brain can train itself to deny – you know hard wired to preclude being eaten by a raptor which RUSSIA and her people who LOVE US in fact – if we could calm down here – are not raptors. They do not want war and we do not war. But tension is profit and its billions.

A new Cold War in digital space with AI coming is insane.

Sanity is the right move – find common ground and forge new bo top rules. To call that treason is sure insanity by insane brains virus infected. Comey had to call it today – its INSANE.

Not my words but words from your own Former Director of the FBI.  Billion people looking in on 300 million of us – see the insanity and think America has lost its way.

But America has not lost its way. America is inside reform – the most significant upgrading and reform in 100’s of years – in generations and the move to the NATiONAL WALLET PARTY NWP is the new majority about to usher in massive Republic majority to congress because voting for a splinter democrat assures grid lock – recession and lay off’s and massive waste of billions upon billions of dollars – a pure mess as we slip from 5th gear in the commuter lane – to reverse out of all lanes and on the shoulder backing up into an economic boulder. NOW THAT IS INSANE IN FACT.


Statistics do not lie. Trump economics take some time not one quarter by three years. Today the pay out of states and nations to welfare and unemployment are soaring downward. Meanwhile jobs are soaring up as you see quarter after quarter after quarter. This is a double benefit. The treasury stops paying out cost while income to the nation is soaring. This moderates the national debt to better numbers than all prior projections.

THE USA against its assets is a 12% home loan and not bad on debt to GNP because GNP is ahead of all projections and US GNP is soaring led by oil rising to 12 million barrels a day when we pass RUSSIA as the # 1 energy and oil producer on the earth ( again ).

Trump Team economics is about to restore the AAA CREDIT RATING that was downgrade under Obama. We expect that by the mid year vote this November and remember you heard that sound byte here FIRST no where else.

The USA can afford the Wall new immigration policy and upgrade box top rules long over due – and infrastructure investing to rebuild upgrades and modernize our nation back to global leadership for our unborn generations of prosperity. WE can’t afford to NOT but we if insane Pelosi wins the congress – NOT IS THE GRID LOCK AND IMPEACHMENT YOU WILL HAVE.

Pelosi Impeachment as with President Clinton has a ZERO chance of PELOSI outcome ( which is insane ) but will create:

  1. Chaos
  2. Division like never seen before
  3. Billions upon billions wasted for deep state powers
  4. Grid lock as never known before and back lash
  5. Recession Super Crash and massive unemployment within socialism and Pelosi economics but she’ll be speaker again?

THE NATIONAL WALLET PARTY – NWP – IS DERAILING PELOSI POLITICS AS COMEY DECLARED INSANITY – and Democrats are voting for republican congress because it is mechanical not political – such voting MAKES CONGRESS WORK versus grid lock.

The NWP voters have no party spin like a duck NWP voters shed spin like ducks shed rain drops on their feathers as they fly and soar.

NWP voters in the dark privacy of the voter booth vote to assure:

  1. Congress WORKS
  2. Congress remains in dysfunction and does not work well

Its no longer political it is mechanical. Elect a Republican brand President NWP elects a republican congress to make CONGRESS WORK.

Elect a Demorat brand President NWP elects a Democratic Congress to make CONGRESS WORK.

In the new box rules VOTERS HAVE WORKED OUT THEMSELVES much like the old movie – THEY ARE MAD AS HELL AND THEY ARE FULLY UNITED IN NOT TAKING THE INSANITY ANY LONGER…..hence the WALLER PARTY we vote privately for our prosperity and obvious function versus dysfunction and party spending has zero bearing on that VOTE.


Common damn sense.

For five years I have blog reported for sanity versus insanity. We have started a movement the NATIONAL WALLET PARTY. Folks in 2018 the NWP is becoming the new majority and no one has registered for anything. America just comes together as one when its time and its right because in the end – when the music stops – in our chevy by the levy the day the spin music died – we Americans have a first LOVE – for the world never see’s through our USA glasses in all our division and all our debates and all our views all Americans’ all of US – why we simple cherish and love EACH OTHER in a way impossible to explain unto the world.

Reagan perhaps explained it in our modern world with his words…

….Oh you can migrate to Russia or France and you will have a life in Russia or in France – but citizens of the world make no mistake your generations and childrens children will never no not ever “BE” Russian nor will they “BE” French. But you may also be resolved that when you pass our French gifted Statue of Liberty and you ( legally ) enter our nation – not in generations – no not in years or months of time – for in one community upon this earth in 90 days just that – you will be welcomed and appreciated and included and you in this single nation you having arrived in wonder WILL IN FACT “BE AMERICAN” and only here is that reality expressed in the 1700’s and again here today….only here……..

The National Wallet Party understands we majority LOVE EACH OTHER without condition American to American at a foundation level that is our super glue that unites us all so uncommon and impossible to express at core to the world as our first truth. We are core love each other as one people one nation and yes always under GOD in our vast vast majority.

So in God we trust and frankly in the WALLET PARTY this mid year I completely trust but if you cancel my vote I chose you all over again my brothers and sisters – always you.





First lets review. Near term to 2021 we have a boom economic market with risks of unknown shocks from trade wars not resolving to agreements and more.

Second lets pause this summer to review our prediction record highs would come following the Spring Dip we predicted in 2015 2016 2017 and Jan 2018 when last all time high markets were reached.

Third in July as CEOSPACE is being hosted for business owners and leaders in Florida ( Next is October 8th before the final quarter ) we see record Global Market highs world wide and record world month highs in 2018 for the US dollar both we predicted as well now come to pass.

The world financial news is filled with Yield Curve. By now our readers are well educated the yield curve is a graph of the short term three month cost of borrowing in institutional government debt say US treasuries – and the long term ten year cost of longer term ten year bonds. When the difference between the risk of longer term bet placing is higher than shorter term betting – the market see’s a wide window between boom times and recessions. When the yield curve FLATTENS and the interest on short term bets and long term bets becomes closer – historically – a recession is coming in a year in 18 months and one might plan to reposition assets against a down turn in overall contractions of economies until the next recovery.

Global super money pools now controlled by advanced AI software platforms circulating some leveraged 440 trillion in capital – primarily into manipulation of prices of all asset classes into the worlds largest SUPER BUBBLE, including DEBT SUPER BUBBLES, continues to grow and expand at rates never seen before. The Super Money Pool AI Software has built in algorithms ( we believe as Silicon Valley AI programers ourselves with 1,000,000 lines of code patented world wide in software – THAT – the first generation of AI over money is not “right’ – accurate – or better in any regard to human active management in fact we think given the speculation bias AI over money is worse ). We call the present market the first in the human experience CASINO CAPITALISM. Everyone is betting at the AI casino on 26 red and spinning the wheels.

Ron Paul the former legislator in Congress reported this week ” FOLKS THE MARKETS OF THE WORLD ARE 100% A SUPER BUBBLE – IT IS ALL THE WORLDS WORST SUPER BUBBLE AND IT IS GOING TO EXPLORE PREPARE YOURSELVES” ? Because he has been saying this for a while no one believes him. However he said the 2008 Crash was coming do to the real estate super bubble and he was RIGHT ON.

Back to the Yield Curve. If you examine charts on the New York Fed Site or CNBC Site as we have we find that the basis point spread of 10 year to 3 month debt – remains a healthy 100 basis points or so apart. It is not 20 basis points. Which would ring my alarm bell. Consider the Yield Curve is largely super money pool and AI “anticipation” of trajectory for FED POLICY. The anticipation being built into some flattening of short and long term risk is the anticipation of the Fed moving from FREE MONEY POLICY and virtually no interest or inflation adjusted profit to own such debt bets into market rate interest of higher than 3% rising back to 7%. This anticipatory set in the short term – through the fall – tends to flatten down the yield curve – but against a historic ONE OFF set of circumstances. A generationally stimulus to avoid global depression now moving to normalization of global monetary policy against a more stable world economic environment.

Also we have AI not humans controlling the anticipatory set – all investment that flattens this curve for the first time artificially – and in this context of data I personally join Fed Chairman’s words before congress this week – which he repeated three times – THAT – the Fed sees zero evidence of recession nor or next year or anytime coming they can and we can foresee on todays known facts.

The market message on yield curve BECALMED. We are no where near a canary in the mine and investing is buy in the dip and profit in the year end record global market highs coming as we see our month to 2018 high right now. Things could not be going better. They just could not.


Talk and reality. First the USA did not start anything. The USA talking for 50 years with rising screaming for ten years has stated unfair trade barriers – ( taxes on us while we don’t tax you ) is a cost of business to the USA – that is a subsidy our citizens pay to protect price for everyone else world wide while we are a price dumping ground for your goods and you make our work product so highly taxed we can’t sell them in your nation.

President Trump has stopped screaming and has built a TRADE WALL legally and about damn time. The TRADE WALL POLICY says we will tax you precisely how you tax the USA. The nations being taxed for the first time at the same rate they tax us – of course did not think the USA would ever do that step and they of course do not LIKE IT at all like we don’t like it at all in reverse.

Trump’s team has made it quite clear we would prefer a world of zero tariff of tax – you tax us zero we tax you zero. Or we just match you decide.

As nations see that the USA is:

  • A not backing down
  • Is reciprocity tax policy and its the law now
  • Trade deals are the way forward the only way forward

So with all the chest pounding and for folks back home mud throwing at the USA – great talks are going on everywhere. Talks are taking place from Asia to EU and all over the world. Trade deal final copy is being developed from complex deals with drafts in development. These trade deals will usher in NO NATIONS IS LEFT BEHIND PROSPERITY.

The world is coming together in a new cooperation that humanity has never known before. The old non aligned nations are becoming so few you can count them on your two hands our of almost 300 sovereign nations – NOT BAD AT ALL REALLY.

The great Sadness on the planet given our work to detect and deflect incoming so we are all not wiped out – to tera form climate change to ideal earth health – and to wipe out global poverty and disease – why would MUSLIMS slaughter one another all over the Gulf and Africa. It is Muslim’s slaughtering each other that is the great % of human ignorance and insanity.

It is insane to punish what is different about humanity in any form or way – it is a form of insanity. Competitive mid brain thought pulse – competition is a form of insanity and we should education children their primary responsibility is to preclude insane thinking and to CELEBRATE all diversity in the human tapestry as interesting and wonderful – we learn so much from one another – and to cooperation and collaborate as expressions of sanity versus insanity. That value is universal and until adopted and instructed we risk insane mid reptilian brain competitive inanity. Our violent video games all addictive to create endless mindless profits – and our film industry populated by praising violence versus its opposite socialize the insanity and reenforce propensity for mid brain lower brain function loops into defensive – violent solutions as heroic from the dominant media we see everywhere versus its black out and removal from human consumption as sane versus insane. THE LOOP we are all stuck within creates a repeat of our history in needless insane wars.

7 Billion of us and the majority of my brothers and sisters who have taught me over five decades the Koran and the wonder of the Muslim faith join together in having no regard whatsoever of a Sunni – Whabbi – Shitie – punishing one another for how they worship God or conduct political affairs. We all wish the minority effect to CELEBRATE all differences of humanity versus punish it as my Koran I have on my cell phone instructs us all to do. I find clarity in the Koran for total forgiveness. I find no instructed for Muslim to over centuries kill Muslim just the opposite. So the Civil WAR inside the Muslim Faith must be resolved by the MUSLIM MAJORITY rising up and declaring all who would punish diversity in the Muslim faith as insane and NON MUSLIMS. Those who celebrate diversity in the Muslim community are sane and Muslim.


The World Press needs to label those who punish diversity in the name of faith as CRAZIES. Crazy ISIS. Crazy Talibans. The SANE MULSIM LEADERSHIP says this and that about the crazies. DO THAT and real estate for crazy brains shrinks and recruiting to the insane is never glamorized again.

I’m off my soap box but that huge part of the suffering for so many mommies and children and daddies and uncles and aunts and so many suffering – one bomb one suicide in the name of Allah after another ( its insane to punish diversity of anything that is human ) it is sane to CELEBRATE OUR DIVERSITY.

The Great awakening is occurring world wide to this thought process. The defining work on THINKING and WAKING UP since Napoleon Hill ( who raised me in my home a good deal of my life ) is and remains REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION you can buy world wide to WAKE UP YOUR HOME – and families and teams – a book that reads you while you read the book. Amazon has the book and I wrote it just for you to wake up.


The Fed Chairman made his appearance to congress and reported the economy of the world and the USA is strong and no recession in sight. HE is so confident of the strength he intends to reward his secret shareholders ( the banks ) by raising interest rates so the banks who secretly own the FED can profit as interest is 100% of higher than it was only last year. No margin is growing faster than the cost of money in today’s casino capitalism.

Every time I hear the words – THE FED IS INDEPENDENT – I think of pure FRAUD and criminal fraud on all the rest of us. The Fed is owned in secret by the banks they regulate.  How economically insane is just that idea? Any Google research of FEDERAL RESERVE FRAUD ( do not take my word for anything just click  I just did lick and here it is if your too lazy to do it yourself and it applies world wide to your central banks folks ….):

And you get so many pages – say AN IDIOTS GUIDE TO THE FEDERAL RESERVE FRAUD.

Wake up.

Central banks are stealing the wealth of nations. Also central banks given our DIGITAL FULL GLOBAL TRANSPARENCY TO MARKETS TODAY need to retain all their policy and processes but be merged back into their respective TREASURIES for oversight – audits – and a firewall to assure nations do not pay anything to print their own currency say like China.

Folks – it was bad policy to create central banks and it is horrific sea anchor on economies of the world to allow an elite few in economics to profit so enormously by controlling the money supply without oversight audit or any aspect of check and balance.

The constitution in the USA does not allow a private firm to print money. IT IS NOT CONSTITUTIONAL.

Folks read the link in this blog and educate to first just first define the Federal Reserve Board is a private company not an agency of nation in any way at any level. The Fed should be called Tony Sappano’s bank – as if the MAFI owned the FED because folks the criminal banks ( all of them ) that have paid billions in fines for crimes and they just do more crimes like Wells Fargo BANK ( Now having a run on their banks as a trillion dollars moves out to non criminal banks ) own the FED – so if the criminals own the private firm congress allows to print our money for 100 years – when the Treasury printed it for hundreds of years – zero depressions – zero world wars – global depressions and world wars only began for the USA when the FED criminal central bank and their 100% failed policies is reviewed. READ so your hypnotism is removed and you wake up out of our economic trance and this applies to all nations world wide.

Now if 100% of Fed Policies have failed – and the politics of today are historic – they raise interest following crashes their failed policies created in the first place ( but the criminals are never executed let alone put in prison ) THEY create by raising interest far too fast far too soon far too frequently far to high – a SUPER CRASH A WORLD RECESSION AND A WORLD WAR which they uniquely make massive profits from doing while we are all slaughtered suffering.

IF that is their future for us – why not elect candidates to congress who will MERGE THE FED INTO US TREASURY. Ask your candidates everyone on that one policy and vote in those who say yes. Keep in mind the candidates have no clue of what you know unless they read this blog – they are economically Fed Hypnotized.

LEARN EARN AND RETURN is my motto on this blog.