For decades CEOSPACE has been a signifiant voice through many US Presidents and Congress constructions – as we attempt to improve legal landscapes for SMALL BUSINESS in America and world wide. A milestone event following untold hours of work with law makers – included the JOBS ACT signed into Law by President Obama – which included CROWD FUNDING for start up capital and more tools and options success as that new law thanks to so many including CEOSPACE leading the work on it for year after year after year – never easy in the private confidential no leak work – in DC that has you “in” versus on the fringe of policy contribution discussion and debate. You know my worst enemy on the hill has amazing points – valid points – I must respect and consider so public policy is never simple or easy. The complexity has the best brains of law makers and their staff teams working it through the amazing sand at the beach and oh I see you brought us some MORE SAND my GOD? Really? That is law making . At the beach in the sun.

Since President Donald Trump has come into office we have worked to advance business friendly legislation on both sides of the isle and in regulatory discussions when and where asked or where we insert our position for you all our CEO community. A worthy voting block in all fifty states today three decades building “influence”. A voice. The equivalent of Jobs Act II is  now “stuck”  in election year  Congress as is legislation on tax reform II and infrastructure and immigration all of which secure the landscape moving into the future. I told Mark none of these would pass in 2018 due to the total consumption of ACTION on election year DISTRACTION which is made up and fake news on all sides in what has become the AMERICAN POLITICAL CIRCUS the world loves to bash and yet billions are addicted and can not get enough of the most popular sit com in rated media history – THE White House where the Trump kids are sound bytes as if they were Royal watching…the world can’t get enough thumbs up or thumbs down – more love more hate but more – to be sure. The ACTION IS POLITICAL DISTRACTION to the Nov vote count – tip – don’t bet on either side its dice rolling and no one knows – the voters will tell you and there will be zero confusion. To anyone.

My work you have read about here often – REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION ( share this book with your care circle for best futures and personal prosperity in all life styles ) :

Redemption chapters have step to step solid nation by nation  blue prints  for leading nations and law makers on the transition legislation from failed competitive capitalism and communism economic systems tried over centuries that lead to system failure and war 100% of their outcomes – as new fresh legal  box top rules for nations exploring the upgrade economically  into COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM we believe is the future for the entire world. All national forms of government can use REDEMPTION as their modeling into the economics of forward prosperity- a set of upgrades where no nation is left behind and all debt loads are reset in the process – worth a read no?

The promise of Redemptions blue prints once adopted into law –  include:

  1. In the current age of full on digital ECONOMIC WORLD WAR III –  war fare between nations taking place since 2008 – the economic system of every nation – requires a REGULATORY RE- THINK to manufacture box top rules in the new digital age of SUPER CHANGE – that assure unwanted criminal price manipulations through speculative short selling and unregulated price manipulating trading is removed from economics of nations. No other upgrade does more for the wealth and prosperity of nations once explored as just OPTIONS to STUDY at least. All advanced economic solutions waiting for adoption and install.
  2. A Global NO NATION LEFT BEHIND  new fresh modernized economic box top rule set for trade and for global tax policy for all nations –  and economic interaction of nations needs to be freshly upgraded and  forged by a G 100 Economic Constitutional Convention we define in REDEMPTION to national law makers. Send yours as copy gift wrapped. Be active. The G 100 is required as the laws are local to UK and Hong Kong but the trades are all in the cloud outside blue sky of law in nation. A G 100 leads to adaption of all aligned nations rising up to over 300 sovereign states and entities with the G 100 leading the No Nation Left Behind Earth FEDERATION TRADE REGULATIONS enforced by the G 100 SEC for example – so that a body of regulatory authority from a matrix of state professionals assures self correction to regulatory enforcement is just fair ethical and self correction over time. Without a GLOBAL BOX TOP RULE in a DIGITAL CLICK WORLD where 90% of 440 trillion in capital circulation occurs with less than 10,000 super money pools across the earth via AI controlled velocity accelerations and momentums no regulatory agency today in pony express and telegraph box top rules – can or does mange or have authority in 2018 to protect us all from criminal side bets in the system – now many times larger than the entire SYSTEM. Think about that principle. Then read my book so you understand that principle more fully. 
  3. We advance modern markets regulated  by leadership that must reside within laws developed when the mail was delivered by the pony express and email was a telegraph system – where leadership must make a market “estimate” of earnings every three weeks and then release real final earnings in four weeks – is insane for larger institutions where long term investment and planning is required not just desired.  THE SYSTEM WORKS AGAINST MANAGEMENT WINNING OVER TIME.  We have lobbied to law makers and  in my book  REDEMPTION delivered to all past Presidents from Clinton forward as  Presidents and to Trumps teams and to Trump to “explore” a COOPERATIVE CAPITALISTISM box top rules as cornerstone economic upgrading and modernization to the core system –  where “reporting” occurs once very six months and speculative fevers manipulating false prices in markets would largely evaporate. Today President Trump publicly released White House Policy to STUDY a six month reporting impact on the business prosperity moving forward in America.

Today JC Penny like Face Book made 97%. of its projected earnings and missed totals by only 3% and its stock went down for doing such a great job ( like Face Book with AI hitting it temporarily for zero economic reason ) – by almost 30%. Now to buy Penny in the dip is smart they are doing a great GREAT JOB and so is FaceBook. Those who buy in these dips will do so well and with SIX MONTH REPORTING you will not have these dips to buy in like they exist in wild casino capitalism AI controlled of today.

We are grateful after five years of unrelenting work to advance the notion to our friends in the Democratic Party and our friends in the Republican Party – to rally to support in bi-partisan fashion – a reporting of economic outcomes BI ANNUALLY versus the insane way we are doing it when we had the “market” in New York made in the 1800’s under a tree by common outcry of those making the market in stocks and bonds. We have come a long way. Time to upgrade the BOX TOP RULES into the new Digital Ages in which SUPER CHANGE requires us all to adapt into.

So with all the news of “distraction” to the only issue taking place really – the DEEP STATE and tradition – and reformers and everything new and fresh – battling it out – each vilifying the other – in the largest potential change of box top rules of recent generations back to the mid 1800’s. THAT is what IS going on in populist change from DEEP STATE traditions and cultures – UPGRADING AND REAL IMPROVEMENTS – or not and that process is “WAR” – economic war and messy never pretty.

I have greater respect for all sides than most working inside the beltway off and on for five decades. I can remember advancing legislation with the late Scoop Jackson in the senate urinal by ourselves on one day and with Senator Dirkson on another. My favorite as Dirkson coined my legacy phrase I use so often…to the hill tribe over meals….

….you know what….a billion here and then a billion there and one must pause to consider pretty soon….you are talking some serious money …….Then he would flash you this enormous smile…..

Senator Orin Hatch remembers what I’m talking about as do many of the old guard on both sides of the isle including my home state advocate Richard Shelby Chairman of the Senate all powerful banking commission and rule making oversight committee’s. No easy job. 

Folks – today the President adopted a study on policy we have worked five years to advance including most recently into John Kelly’s office along with CEOSPACE  Super Bond theory solutions  for massive sovereign  debt Super Bubble  issues now in 2018 and 2019 seriously plaguing forward stability in system overall –  economics –  from North Korea – Iran – Italy – India – China and more. The solution is at the White House and we at CEOSPACE continue to spit in the wind – as the small voice to the giant lobby voices of Wallstreet and Super Money. Still spit long enough and you hit someone in the eye. As they wipe it off and unroll that spit ball – they say in surprise – well my my what is this or what is that and then the solution – becomes their very own idea and we fade back into the wind once again. As the way of such work. If you fail to stay at it for the required years nothing happens but if you are never absent and ever present your voice and solution finds advocacy and all that is require is to have that ONE LEADER adopt the solution as their own and with their power not ours move that solution forward as one brick after another leads us away from failed competitive capitalism and its abuse corruption pollution and flaws into self healing and correction COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM as a final economic revolution from insane box top rules for economics into sane and sustainable box top rules for economics.

Redemption took ten years to complete. An expert army gave input to this book from financial capitols of the world. The result is a blue print for a WAY FORWARD in this modern digital age – now making all past legal frame works largely obsolete. The SEC in America for example needs in our opinion:

  1. Cooperative Capitalism legal frame works and authorities
  2. The largest upgrade in budget in 100 years 
  3. New global authorities and powers
  4. Congressional sunshine to old obsolete laws and dawn for new SEC suggested authorities every 180 days in the new SUPER CHANGE AGE.
  5. Modernized legal frame works is effective only when such modernizations include on going self correction and 180 day upgrading as law such that legal frame works in the NEW AGE OF SUPER CHANGE do not become obsolete or new laws needed fail to arrive on time.

A better way and new upgraded frame works – are a matter of national urgency and security. If our FINANCIAL SYSTEM is under digital attack by nations upgrading our system and its regulatory oversight for say HACKING AND SECURITY as crucial to uniform victory in DIGITAL WORLD WAR III – are powers the SEC requires that did not exist in 1933 when the US POST OFFICE was replacing the PONY EXPRESS.

Time for modernization of the entire frame work? 

Without upgrading regulatory frame work the market of the world remains a fully debt super bubble casino capitalism – that will fail at core level – due to unregulated leverage and criminal price manipulations no regulatory agency today has the power to coordinate blockage for – as the regulations are all local the USA blue sky while the trades making the world markets are all in the unregulated CLOUD. In home jurisdictions legally outside the blue sky of the USA or any nation frankly. The casino returns enormous profits on wild speculation but in the end the casino goes bankrupt in a sea of spiraling super bubble debt of all playing including nations. Greed must be managed by regulatory frame work which modern digital evolution out paced regulatory reform and upgrading for long enough a G 100 CONGRESS IS NOW REQUIRED as SOLUTION to the urgent problem. Just announcing a STUDY For THAT would tempter markets.

Solutions are new options as invention that once understood everyone licks their palm and slaps their foreheads and says…oh my God and the idea becomes there own …which is just find with us as new normal in success to advocacy upon public policy for the common good.

At least that is our sole intention.

The common good.

No Nation left behind – 

….no nation can enjoy self sustained economic growth over decades of time with no downturns like Australia has without forging such sustained robust expansion upon economic policy fostering every rising internal in nation consumption, residing on a legal foundation of favorable ENTREPRENEUR LAWS in the AGE OF THE ENTREPRENEUR to drive the forward never ending consumption upon the growth in nation of the entrepreneur class. Every other strategy including export to prosperity dependency risks boom bust cycles and social unrest that is unwanted in nation ………..

The Fuel to sustain debt in nation also resides on Entrepreneur class success in nation to foster the forward core tax revenue base for each nation that is  required to sustain shocks like 2008 where 37 million small business owners in America created 97% hiring and recovery over the 17% downsizing of the larger institutions during the Great Recession. Nations lacking entrepreneur rapid development legal frame works and old models – declined in the Great Recession and had no relief what so ever. Most dropped into to UNSUSTAINABLE DEBT SPIRALS taking place in flip financing today.

 Entrepreneur back bone IN THE USA – drives the most successful economy on earth with new state and Federal laws now upgrading ( finally ) to secure ease of Entrepreneur access to capital – access to markets – and lower cost in money and time to secure success into the future where today the majority % of entrepreneurs starting WILL STILL BE HERE In five years huge swing due to education programs like CEOSPACE and on line information a NEXT GENERATION OF ENTREPRENEURS have endless access to FREE. Entrepreneur laws are coming. In the past law makers new more or less how to regulate a firm with 5000 employees up. Regulating a firm with less than five employees – 95% of the 37 million in America – law makers knew “not so much” but are learning now and fast. This is their future tax base not the big guys. They are getting it now…..finally…….

CEOSPACE “IS” changing the landscape for business in nations all over the world and in the USA as our three decade tireless legacy. We wish to thank our enormous CEO grad community for their endless support of all things that favor small business doing better. Without YOU are VOICE would never be what it has become today representing one of the larger small Business Voter blocks in the world today.

CEOSPACE through our members potentially influences millions and millions on improved frame works for the unborn entrepreneur we never stop working on their behalf.

To all our purpose partners with shout out to Mark Jones for his tireless work on the same out comes for small business – the reward is private and without ceremony or recognition as in today’s sound bite  on SIX MONTH REPORTING FOR PUBLIC COMPANIES that  Mark first heard me speak about over a decade ago and to which he has joined us in the efforts for sanity on capitol hill for small business and entrepreneurs budding to become the next GLOBAL SUPER BRAND. We work with countless purpose partners to collectively influence positive economic outcomes such as BI ANNUAL CORPORATE REPORTING – again huge SIGH and finally just in time frankly.

We applaud President Trump under 360 endless attack in an election year – for stepping out front of this important leadership bi partisan issue today. JOB WELL DONE Sir. For business world wide and prosperity into 2030 from the work you do today.

Today we thank the feedback loops to President Donald Trump from democrats to republicans that weighted the discussions so that Friday Aug 17th the news reports President Donald Trump is opening a STUDY OF SIX MONTH BI ANNUAL REPORTING FOR REPORTING  INSTITUTIONS. It remains our opinion the price manipulation that creates false value and price in every asset class today – is a casino capitalism without G 100 regulation within an AI digitally weighted market – manipulated by 10,000 super money pools outside regulatory frame work – to which BI ANNUAL REPORTING;

  • Removes insanity from the market leadership that need to plan longer term than three weeks to the next analyst estimate reporting.
  • Removes wild speculation in price based on hyper rewards for hitting street insane earning targeting and hyper punishment for a fraction of 1% in missing street insane earnings slapped upon each and every leader reporting today.

In the modern digital evolving AI world six month reporting is a new essential for COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM and a future of NO NATION LEFT BEHIND by policy.

Still without a G 100 ECONOMIC CONSTITUTIONAL CONGRESS hosted over a three year period on the Big Island of Hawaii for non political location – to foster a NEW BOX TOP RULE for global trading – tax and no nation left behind forward digital policy and laws – to once and for the future RE REGULATE THE FINANCIAL MARKETS OF THE WORLD such that capital by law circulated into profit making economic investments versus unwanted short term speculations that make world markets self destructive in a sea of wild casino capitalism side bets fueled by a debt SUPER BUBBLE that destroyed all past economic systems and models as we get closer and closer to our own economic destruction where time for the G 100 reformation – is running down down and then out.

Today President Trump sent a bi-partisan message to economics – sanity versus insanity – wild speculation and casino capitalism or a first step to roll back sanity to economic markets?

A study by our friends at the SEC are not new rules but we will advocate to the SEC with all our purpose partners we suspect as well to advance a RULE for reporting firms to report every 180 day days – the sane burden for the SEC and the market and without new regulatory authority ( also required in the digital casino capitalism age ) – a much more integrity driven process for SEC SUPERVISION of reporting firms. For Mark Jones and others …once again…its go time to advance this cornerstone new COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM rule into market and our own economic security as national security job # 1. Our way of life.

CEOSPACE a leading small business voice in all fifty states and  advocates the SEC with its Chairman and Head of Enforcement Mr. Gomez and others on the commission vote YES with their full weight and authority today – YES FOR FULLY MODERNIZED UPGRADE  BI ANNUAL REPORTING before year end for 2019 and the prosperity continues due to their vote and rule  upgrading ( since the telegraph folks ) and their collective sanity in this upgrade….into 2030 …leading other nations to follow us as the way forward…..always forward in America….great day today the masses had go right over their heads but it effects them all in fact.

We ask all of our American readers to WRITE the SEC as small business owners to advance BI ANNUAL REPORTING. Do that in one day of reading this as a opt IN and join the economic revolution versus stand on the side lines drinking Diet Cokes. Read REDEMPTION and fully join the modernization taking place today.

Thank You. 

We are doing the happy dance this weekend – with thanks to our membership in all nations for providing to our teams the VOICE OF CEOSPACE so respected in forward considerations by the choice makers.







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Rare Archive film I’m sharing with my readers ( short ) from TV star USA.


  • Market will correct and go DOWN
  • Thursday largest one day down correction since LAST JANUARY takes place
  • Today Market down again
  • Our readers who acted lost nothing at the all time high


  • Price Earnings ratio’s have risen from average of 8 times earnings to 14 times earnings and in 2017 18 times earnings – or an insane PE ratio to value
  • Earnings are generally declining 
  • GNP is sinking like a stone in America
  • To stop the insanity in the market the FED is going to raise interest much more frequently and aggressively than the market expected – years too late.
  • The current record market INSANITY is built on HOPE itself an insane driver
  • Awareness TRUMP reality deliverables are going to take much longer than expected IF EVER – and that means IF EVER
  • Professional money gets all this
  • ETF markets in a SUPER CRASH will become illiquid a move back to managed funds is a diversification model – that when the liquidity crash – the second crash hits – the world will STOP on a dime – with the WEAPON OF MASS FINANCIAL DESTRUCTION begin ETF investing – which will BK the too big to jail and we told you so – so keep that prediction in mind
  • The Super CRASH will be caused in part by massive SHORT SELLING in ETF markets. THE BIG SHORT were trillions will be made by the bleeding edge capital investors. They read my blog just like last time – we started the rebalancing 

It is always best to rebalance early.

It always costs more to rebalance later.

Traditional economists are paid by and defend the existing system model.

The LEADING ECONOMISTS defend the rebalancing and future economic model no one can even see today.

The end of COMMUNISM and COMPETITIVE CAPITALISM as FAILED economic organizational models and political models and bodies of laws takes time but is taking place.

The advanced ultimately of a G 100 ECONOMIC CONSTITUTIONAL CONGRESS will take place – over a three year time frame – and that global set of COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM – the new era – will caste integrity – ethics – morality – into fair and honest free global trading and FULL PARTNERSHIP for all nations impossible in competitive capitalism and competitive communism both well intended but both failed economic models.

My book redemption: should you wish to acquire a few copies and share them – explains the COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM MODEL to law makers and heads of state you may know. Send them a copy as your gift to them IF you wish to help change the real world.

Meanwhile we delay and pay – the cost of global rebalancing. Add into market insanity the real economic issues that:

  • Terrorism is bound to get weapons of mass destruction
  • Rogue nations are bound to use weapons of mass destruction ( gas already used )
  • The BRIT EXIT is naivety economics – the cost is far greater than one thinks
  • The EU is breaking up due to debt bombs in Greece – Italy – Spain and others
  • China is in a communist economic debt spiral and a run on the nation – sinking
  • Russia has gone from 5.4 Trillion in GNP to 1.3 Trillion – Putin must act out in debt 
  • Oil price keeps Gulf instability high and futures in region at great risk
  • GNP in America is 1% within the worst recovery after two depression in history
  • Retail is a failed model world wide as Sears and Macy’s close 100’s of anchor mall stores bankrupting already bankrupt commercial property by the billions of dollars
  • Target had record earnings drop and itself is in trouble another retail hit – Best Buy has a record Holiday drop another retain HIT
  • Against all this earnings soar to record high P&E levels driven by Hope alone
  • This level of insanity was last seen before the last two bubble crashes
  • The risk of rebalancing is SUPER HIGH and the risk of insanity having a firewall correction eventually is SUPER HIGH



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BERNY DOHRMANN 1940’s to Today


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The proof:

Bob Proctor famous SUPER STAR CELEBRITY leading the human potential industry, stated when winning a LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD from the famous human potential company Bob Used to work in ( with me only two such awards ever issued to the both of US ) for most impact in a single lifetime on human potential worldwide – stating – one of his highest achievements was creating CEO SPACE 30 years ago with me which is the top block of Human Potential work on the planet – masquerading as a business training. High Praise. I’ll end with more on this.

So from the 1940’s forward as I grew up my famous Father Alan G Dohrmann was the mentor who launched the entire HUMAN POTENTIAL INDUSTRY. My father worked in the corporate movements with Dr. Edward Deming. Dr. Deming would reform performance training and install TQM system management for Sony and Japanese companies after World WAR II ( and Dad helped ) then Dad did the work in Korea for Samsun and Korea and Asia firms and Dr. Deming and Dad compared notes in my home for forty years after that.

Dad worked with Michael Murphy at Estlan and with Clement Stone on Positive Mental Attitude which later resulted in Success Magazine. Dad worked with Mind Dynamics out of Holiday Magic ( the founder of the MLM industry at the start ) and was mentor course designer for William Penn Partrick with Alexander Everett. Dad brought those he mentored to HIGH VALLEY RANCH in Clear Lake California to center the human potential industry.

As I was growing up the Casa Montonya was WHERE I grew up. The location and the CASA was ground zero for all self help leadership books and trainings of today. From Tony Robbins to Brian Tracy they stand upon the SHOULDERS OF GIANTS that came before them.

At the Casa they held court. Napoleon Hill, Walt Disney, Clement Stone, Og Mandino, Earl Nightengale, Zig Zigler, Martin Luther King, Jack Kennedy, Dr. Edward Deming, William Penn Patrick, John Hannely of Life Spring, Warner Erhardt of EST and of Landmark, Thomas Wilhite of PSI WORLD and many many more. Growing up inside this mentor pool with the father that mentored THEM at the head of the table, was as the oldest boy in the family a mission and a mandate.

My journey as a young man was to leave my Father’s world, where I was offered “join us” to advance my own investment banking firm. Over two decades we developed an amazing public, rapidly growing, global, investment banking institution. When My father contracted cancer I resigned and put the investment firm on the market to take care of my father and to run his corporate training contracts. After Dad graduated this work became CEO SPACE in the 1980’s.

For thirty years we have worked to advance human potential where CEO SPACE is the modern VATICAN. The thought leaders whose own lives have been advanced directly and indirectly from this Space include, Jane Wilhite of PSI WORLD, Jack Canfield and Mark Hansen of Chicken Soup, John Grey of Men are From Mars, Sharon Lechter of Rich Dad Poor Dad Outwitting the Devil and Think & Grow Rich For WOMAN, Greg Reid her co author of THREE FEET FROM GOLD and other best selling titles still unfolding today, founder of SECRET KNOCK trainings, Dan Clark from the White House to State Houses world wide, Jeff Hoffman co founder of, Bob Proctor star of THE SECRET founder Proctor Galleger Seminars, Lisa Nichols author NO MATTER WHAT and super star trainer, Michelle Patterson founder California Woman’s Conference ( biggest in the world ) , Ben Gay author of THE CLOSERS, Eric Loflohm, Ken McArthur, Harv of Peak Potentials and Adam Markel and Richard Tam and Veronica of SUCCESS RESOURCES, my mentor and buddy Tony Robbins,  Jeff Flam of Salt Lake City founder of EYEQ, and those who have influenced and are influencing over a billion BRAINS upon the earth today.

Why do I do it?

CEO SPACE is the Vatican of the human potential industry. Unlike anything else CEO SPACE is a living laboratory. CEO SPACE is a never ending expereiment, five times a year, to tweak, improve, and bring more current with breaking data, the PROCESS to improve human potential, one mind at a time, one CEO SPACE at a time, one quarter at a time, one year at a time, one decade at a time, one century at a time. There has been and there is not yet any other HUMAN POTENTIAL NEVER ENDING LABORTORY engaging the most advanced thought leader mentors alive, into a giant never ending master mind, to advance Human potential.

Those who lead in HUMAN POTENTIAL use CEO SPACE for fresh content and challenge resolution to their own growth and game plans.

Those who wish to invent the future of their own contriution realize the higher work is no longer individual. CEO SPACE has perfected the model that future creativity is improved when creative outcome is a result of fully engage master minds we call a COLLAB. The COLLAB creates results that individuals could never origonate and or execute. COLLAB is the AIA of all cooperative based HUB MANAGEMENT THEORY that is rapidly replacing less effecient pyramid management theory for organizing humans whether in a dentist office or a Fortune insitution.

CEO SPACE has moved more larger institutions into CULTURE REFORM from pyramid management theory into coopereative management theory than any other institution in the world. Today we are working with nations on reforming cooperation forms of organization into politics and national cultures where next geneeration mental software is at work for national agenda’s. 

CEO SPACE advances the human potential notion that our mental software has a bug of insanity inside – known as competition. Compeitition in human potential terms is a FORM OF INSANITY. Bringing this truth as cause to say war – pollution – and the majority of human pain and suffering has been a 30 year work takng enormous effect today. Human’s who become aware all humans will perish from incoming asteroid strikes, and enviromental impact from our own toxic insane competition with the home planet, begin to see punishment of human variety of faith race and culture as insane. Awake and waking up human’s CELEBRATE all diversity. As we then COLLAB in cooperation we put our resources into protecting our entire humanity versus killing one another for the way we think about anything ( insane ). We channel resources into:

  • Protecting humanity from impact events
  • Protecting the planet to support any number of life forms
  • Protecting all life forms
  • Expanding human longevity
  • Exploring the oceans and the stars together and populating both
  • Endless discovery and personal growth ( sane versus insane )

When one see’s ISIS and Nazis as a form of insanity, insane brains who got money and weapons, the sane must push the delete button on the insanity. You can’t heal the insane. you can’t teach the insane to be sane. Why does ISIS do it? Because they ARE NUT? Why does everything they DO make no sense and contradict the KORAN in its core principleand commands? Because they are crazy looney tune brains is why.

All competition is a form of insanity. The extreme form of insanity is ISIS and irrational hatred seeking to punish humanity for how it thinks. Two insane ideas of our generation that fail to celebrate HUMAN PRICELESS DIVERSITY and only PUNISH IT:


Both forms of insanity CEO SPACE makes very vivid in the brains of the sane. As only SANE BRAINS ( leaders of companies and practices ) join CEO SPACE the superior COLLABS on the earth occur. The invention of forward contribution is massive from each CEO SPACE human potential laboratory. Those interested in their own forward growth chose CEO SPACE. Those seeking superior community and social capital to spend their lifetime within, chose CEO SPACE membership. The community of CEO SPACE is world changing and the contacts are not only PREICLESS the contacts and connections are endless.

My life revolves around five CEO SPACE week long human potential elevation events eac year. The CEO’s range from small development space firms to billion dollar institutions. Billionaires walk around the millionaires. Everyone mentors everyone else. Everyone networks and helps everyone else and without condition. UNCONDITIONAL SUPPORT AND CROSS HELP is itself a unique enviroment or leaders inside the human potential ACCELERATOR ELEVATOR that CEO SPACE represents. 

I feel like a human potential symphony conductor the team allows me to lead the band while THEY play all the music as the band is the COLLAB that does the work. A leader says as they enter the CEO SPACE ACCELERATOR ELEVATOR:

  • I want to double my income in 12 months or less – push floor # 2.
  • I want to go to 3 to 4 times my income – push floor # 3 or # 4
  • I want to go 5 to 10 times my income today push floor # 5 to # 10
  • I want to exit to an acquisition price or an IPO – push PH for PENTHOUSE

The CEO SPACE ACCELERATOR ELEVATOR then shrinks time and shrinks cost by creating with the best COLLAB that industry leader ever assembeled the OUTCOME and the TIME line to reach the floor pushed. GROWTH is the consequence of CEO SPACE membership. Human capital, human potentail grows. Human’s transform. Their potential with regular use ( lifetime membership free access to five COLLABS annually ) SOARS.

Why do I do it?

Witnessing. Witnessing the music the great human artist create in thier own lives individually as solo performers and as part of the syphony, in thier own COLLABS for life. Everything transforms for the better. Everything. Their home life. Their work space. Their contribution to the planet and to humanity. Their joy and their excellence.

Why do I do it?

I get to witness all that five times a year. From the roots of human pontential in the 9140’s and 1950’s shinning an illumination across decades of time, into the future of AI and human SUPER CHANGE, CEO SPACE is the agency of human CURRENCY remaining current, staying up to speed is the need in the age of SUPER CHANGE. No one can do the act of remaining current alone. Every leader must adatp their own process. CEO SPACE is THE most ADVANCED process for leaders remaining current and within the highest leadership COLLAB’s on the planet today.


So when I remind my readers a CEO SPACE is comin up March 13th to March 17th at Disneyworld – a DISNEYLAND FOR ADULT LEADERS – in Orlando Florida and every sixty days after that – ask yourself – WHEN is the best time for you to step into yur own accelerator elevator?

I remind you because nothing effects your own life more. 

For my Romanian readers ( there are a lot of you my brothers and my sisters ) I will be speaking in your capitol at the end of March. Email for information and locations.

I will be speaking in Delhi in India in May at the largest Woman’s leadership conference in the world. I hope to see you there as I’m coaching daily at that event. Email for information and coaching as my readers in Dehli. 

I’m coaching all over the USA and you can set up a call anytime with our COO write her form information or a call time with me if you wish some business coaching ( free ).

Your WHY “I” do it…to transform your future.

Meanwhile as you read my economists opinions of the market space – I join Yale lead economist who reported Friday the market IS over priced and it is time to reduce your equity holdings. Warren Buffet came out and said he is wrong and to keep buying. Warren said to move your holdings into ETF funds. I will tell you why I think that is a wrong minded idea coming up.

Right now I wanted a little personal walk down history lane so you can apprecaite my work my thinking and my strive to give back and contribute. CEOSPACE DELIVERS:

  • Customers
  • Capital
  • Both
  • Better plans
  • Better teams
  • Resources to grow faster
  • Human transformation and growth
  • Cooperation sytemic skills of leadership
  • Currency in super change quarter to quarter 


Thats enough to be ranked number one in the world in 2017 ( again ).

Its enough for me. I just finished two books. The first new release this year is SUPER CHANGE – HOW TO PROSPER IN THE AGE OF SUPER CHANGE.


I recommend reading THE CYBER EFFECT look it up.

Meanwhile we will keep a light on for you …and now you know a bit better who is keeping that light on. I hope this was useful to my readers. 

Berny Dohrmann – A walk down memory and history – in human potential 

PS: I”m releasing a tape series of over fifty audio tapes of my life story from early days to now from Napoleon Hill to thought leaders and Presdients and Kings so my life the movie is an MP3 file you can drive around with to be IN THE MOVIE.