When I write I never express political views although I may report them from others. I report to the best of our information and opinions in the end, economic conclusions. My readers may disagree and I love those comments. My objective is to provide facts you can add on top of your own other sources – as just one additional source. I write as an investment banker economist. As Chairman fo the leading # 1 ranked by third party press – BUSINESS CONFERENCE for CEO’s who lead small business’s in over 140 nations today at CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL we serve entrepreneurs and professionals of all scales and interests. Remaining # 1 ranked by third party press for so many years is all about quality. We also lead in advocacy work in Washington DC for various legislations and outcomes along with predictions from our multi decade “inside’ work in influencing legislation positive outcomes where and as we can as a tiny little institution compared to those larger lobbies like Wall Street TECH AND PHARMS but we try.




The Republican Congress by just a few votes, seeks to improve the ability to govern, by picking up ten seats or so.

The Democrats seek to defeat republican control in the mid year, and show an anti trump back lash – a campaign of TRUMP HATRED versus policy issues as a rally cry.

If the Democrats win those seats and they may well – Nancy Pelosi – the contour sheet waring head of the HATE DONALD TRUMP tribe, has her game plan as she would return to lead the House of Representatives. The newly elected now controlling party of the House will as first order of late 2018 business, seek to draft for 2019, IMPEACHMENT ARTICLES for the President of the United States. This process is long and halts all governance in effect, during that period.

The vote required to impeach a sitting PRESIDENT is 2/3rds of the US CONGRESS. Trump is not President NIXON. Trump never backs down from a fight as everyone knows on every tweet. The Republican House and Senate are sufficient scale no matter how the mid year goes to preclude a successful 2/3 vote to impeach. So the Impeachment process is a LEGAL PROCESS RIGHT that will do what NANCY PELOSI desires – which is to simply BLOCK all Trump and Republican agenda’s until they sweep the Presidency away in 2020.

The impeachment process if the Democrats win will however derail the markets – probably dive the entire world into a recession – create untold economic misery for years – with no remedy in sight and add fuel to a real war out there as a process of REACTION. Politically. This will not take place in a vacuums and the risk is that Nancy’s plan may backfire royally and the democrats loosing impeachment may secure a TRUMP SECOND TERM with a REPUBLICAN Shift back in congress.

Those dice are rolling down the American CRAP table and NO ONE can predict what those outcomes will be.

Billions will be spent on the mid year elections itself a waste or resource within an industry – elections – that should never be an industry at all in the first place.

If the REPUBLICANS win the higher control to govern, the markets would explode and the boom we are experiencing globally would likely continue for five to eight years forward. Such a boom period would be in our opinion the LARGEST MOST ROBUST FINANCIAL EXPANSION PERIOD GLOBALLY OF THIS GENERATIONS LIFE TIME – never to be repeated to those alive today including age one years old.

If the Democrats win and impeach – the boom stops on a dime in the uncertainty and confusion and governance stops which is Nancy’s plan. Obstruct TRUMP until he is voted out of office – one way or the other. The wasted resources cost and related to impeach President Trump is a cost of politics and in the long term of no consequence to those who embrace a strategy of this model.

So today the Democrats are betting it all on IMPEACH the PRESIDENT and VOTE FOR US to DO IT. Trump HATRED is the United States Policy of choice for the minority party to become the majority party.

This policy has potential to back fire seriously as well. If Republicans make the issue clear – PROSPERITY FOR A GENERATION OF RECESSION FOR A GENERATION – WAR OR PEACE – Republicans may pick up sufficient seats to sit Nancy and her tribe out for the duration of six more years of growth as we have seen to date.

If those who just hate Trump versus the outcomes they are enjoying in prosperity today – vote to obstruct and place Democratic breaks upon law making with a confidence the Presidency is swept away in 2020 – prevail the prosperity ends and the confusion begins until 2020. It will take some years after that to set things on a positive track again.

Trump is a non political expressing unconventional leadership. As we have reported the war is between:


  • SUPER MONEY POOLS seeking to continue the system they have enjoyed for 50 years without change to that system model.
  • SUPER MONEY POOLS seeking dramatic system reform to the system of 50 years they view as modernizing upgrading and revolutionary change to a new future model.

The voters are caught in the middle of POLITICAL SPIN that never draws attention to this ONE AND SINGLE ISSUE that is the ONLY issue in FACT.

Who will win?

Will voters hate Trump enough given his media competency gap to cross votes over outside his base or – win. Or will TRUMP rally his base and find the formula to win cross over voters to gain a congress that will govern for six forward years?

The result is a MID YEAR ELECTION IN AMERICA more important perhaps than any election to economic outcomes – than any modern election since World War II.

We have no clue how this will unfold.

For example could TRUMP cross over existing Democrats to bi partisan outcomes and agenda on forward results – that present outcomes of great advantage to the American economy and people in 2018? Wild card?

Nancy Pelosi tribe which has been actually shrinking – is a Trump OBSTRUCTION circle of law makers united in their hatred of President Donald Trump as no modern President has experienced we suggest EVER – and will seek to block anything moving to a success before the MID YEAR. All Congress is now engage in POLITICAL THEATER for the MID YEAR ELECTIONS. The bi-partisan governance in these times America and American PEOPLE required and deserve, is hostage to the POLITICAL THEATER.

The two SUPER MONEY POOL agenda’s control this model today.

Become clear it is all spin.

It is all bought and paid for.

Enormous sums are circulating beyond anything known to date to destroy the President and to REFORM the GOVERNMENT. Two camps. The TRUMP DESTRUCTION CAMP desires to restore the system as it was before TRUMP and without TRUMP.

Just that.

The man who makes 800 million dollars in personal income and who is worth billions and billions of dollars in net worth is what? His life is unchanged by any of this including its outcome.

Donald Trump will do what he and his team can to advance reforms and represent the voters who elected him to office. Will these same voters give Donald Trump a congress that CAN GOVERN and REFORM?

The beautiful thing in my opinion is this:

  1. The majority of all voters are so much smarter than the press or the parties give credit to.
  2. The majority of voters in my opinion do not vote party anyway they vote along the lines of the two items we just presented – reform or no reform. Ultimately.
  3. The majority of voters see the spin as entertainment and they think right through all that spin – it really is a waste of money and productivity but it is what it is and we all know it.

My personal comment is that I wish – as I approach my own birthday next week – THAT – the AMERICA that should be the light house – the HOPE AND PROMISE BEACON to all people’s of the free world – would regain its legacy and display that light which is inside our people so well illuminated in their core values and love of this great country to a person. I wish we could disagree in law making with the greatest regard for differences on issues. I wish none of those disagreements were ever personal. I wish personal political bashing would depart the low ground for the high ground. I wish we would celebrate our differences in respectful democracy versus punish those differences as we are doing of recent years.

I wish the AMERICAN PEOPLE had a better way forward and a process they were proud of. I wish Congress had a voter approval rating of 70% versus 9% the lowest ever recorded in our history from all voters of all parties. I wish elected officials would put us first and everything else second and govern.

I wish the Debt ceiling would raise and the budget pass for the obligations Congress already approved and which the US Treasury must execute preserving our prosperity and credit rating – as job 1 and without mean cruel hatreds and turf defending.

I am a fool but I remain foolish for my country. THE PENDULUM in our system always swings back in The United States of AMERICA. Whatever is wrong with America and there is plenty will be repaired and fixed by what is RIGHT WITH AMERICA.

THE PENDULUM always swings back.

Oh it may take a generation but it always will swing back.

This period is a PASSING ENERGY and it too will pass.

Can AMERICA do better than the strategies set forth here?

Should American DO BETTER?

Is there a BETTER WAY FORWARD for AMERICA and its precious people and the world?


I trust in God and that we will that better way if not in 2018 but soon in history and in time itself.

I believe in the magic of America and her people I speak in front of in all our states and communities as I live with real American’s our back bone up close and personal and I TRUST THEM. Always.

I am confident these elections will surprise us all.

Prosperity is economics hostage to political process versus economics driving political process – a far better way forward.

The PENDULUM always swings back.





We told you world wide to cash out of stocks bonds and investments and reside in all cash a bit – during the September and October period. We told you the PEAK was BREACHED and volatility would be wild coming up. It is wild now. Markets up today. Do you think its normal? It is casino capitalism and a total manipulation.

Hillary wants it up. Trump wants it down. If its up Hillary wins historically. If its down Trump wins historically. That data has never varied. Trump slid ahead of Hillary today in critical states. He is rising and rising and it HAS NOT STOPPED and it is confusing all the experts. All the kings money and all the kings press can not get Humpty Trumpity back into the Trump Towers again.

Regardless of your position its fun to just watch as an economist. More election money has been spent to stop Trump than on electing all the candidates combined together – a first for any election economically in history world wide. STOP TRUMP is a billion dollar industry that is bankrupt and has itself failed. WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY as the voters see through spin on all sides and find the truth. They find the truth. Amazing how WE THE PEOPLE can tell a lie from a a real cry.

Will there be a BIG EVENT? Terror? Political? Economic? Keep that in mind. Be watchful.

Bernanke the Fed Chairman who brought you 14 trillion dollars of FREE MONEY to his banking tribe – that has failed to create economic growth in the USA – where the numbers that count look BAD. This is rolling along into HOLIDAY season. Inventories should be rising. Inventories surprised economists as they FELL and retail inventory fell. This is a bad sign folks.

Bernanke’s response is hey guys – lets go NEGATIVE INTEREST RATES. Lets plan to have Government spend so much it will SHOCK TAX PAYERS and lets have a policy where we PAY PEOPLE to invest because my plan has failed and if my new plans works it will make my old plan look like it worked and I’ll be a positive historic figure versus a jerk as I am now. Bernanke – humbug. YOU are WRONG buddy ….

Everyone at Bernanke level is worried about the banks – now owned by the high risk taking investment banks – will fold and go bankrupt if FREE MONEY stops. Why? Bad debts. The Bad debts are not being properly reported world wide. When they are the system is going to implode.

So the rule – my rule – is that to sustain USA debt the USA must have a minimum average of 4.5 % real growth not phony growth. As we have with the best lie numbers that any nation can product – ZERO GROWTH. Really the USA is in a recession. An earning’s recession. A manufacturing recession.

We should feel good the one that started it all for the world – FORD – is investing billions upon billions in Mexico – giving the finger to America tax payers and American labor that created the firm – and moving all its small car manufacturing – yes you heard me right – ALL OF IT – outside the USA.

Perhaps Trumps WALL could be DOUBLE SIDED and keep our JOBS from leaking outside the country. American workers are not good enough. Business in global space moves to lowest labor and makes the stuff there. This rapes nations and no nation can survive it. Globalization. in the 1950’s lower labor was everywhere in the world. America did not move its plants off shore.

Today the Congress has DRIVEN the business and jobs off shore. How? Horrible anti business policies. Horrible tax policies. Congress does not get the tax on business is jobs – payrolls – income tax – not taxing business so it can’t re-invest. Let business be free of odd and out of synch with the entire world corporate tax policies and business will stay. State and Federal tax policies ¬†are insane in the USA compared to the 1950’s. In the 1950’s California made deals like IRELAND and had all the companies we know rise up there. Now they are leaving. Fast.

No economy can be sustained outside the rising entrepreneur class via policies – that assure growing internal consumption secures the stable year to year prosperity. Anything else is boom bust policy and social unrest.

Lets pretend together. Let us say Jerry Brown hired our team to revise the ENTREPRENEUR LAWS for California. A new DIGITAL CORPORATIONS BURAUE provided FREE DIGITAL INSTANT INCORPORATION FOR California Firms. California business creating five or more jobs paid zero corporate income tax. Smaller business paid 5%.

The state would position a value added tax on domestic made in the USA goods as a flat rate in the USA and a lower rate made in California and a highest rate made anywhere outside the USA.

California would refinance its Debts and its forward trillion dollars public works projects for power, water, transportation, state wide next generation wi fi, self sustainable energy in state, and digital upgrading all agencies for speed and cost reduction for permit and building within environmental earth quake codes on the books now. The introduction of SUPER BONDS would reschedule into the black the state budget for a century looking forward.

California would be economically copied.

Lack of new IP in the economic planning area is the crises of leadership at work. THE USA DOES NOT HAVE AN INTEGRATED ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY For the nation – and without such a plan no family, entity, state or nation can or will prosper. The USA as the HOPE & PROMISE OF the WORLD should lead by example.

The USA is sinking.

Sinking in education.

Sinking in health care.

Sinking in productivity and innovative leadership.

Sinking as the leading economic machine.



We have reached a memorandum of understanding with Israel for funding. But the Administration has not reached an agreement with congress to fund the entire USA. The Government could SHUT DOWN in a month if this agreement – now in emergency meetings – is not resolved. Both sides do NOT WANT A SHUT DOWN in an election year …so it is highly likely to resolve. But really. To the brink. The largest economy. The leader? The crises of leadership is belt way equal as an opportunity employer – you all stink.

So the economy is 440 trillion side bets as the casino – and debts – and 2.7 trillion in real stake holder stock and bond investing. The world economy. The side bets as illegal speculations in 1999 and legal trades in 2000 now create a distortion to financial markets. These distortions will continue while central banks seek to stimulate with free money hand outs their banking customers use to speculate versus make real investments loans and so forth.

Facing 200 trillion of bad, never to be repaid loans, globally, the banks are knowing this, reluctant to add to the pile. Everyone is waiting for a policy shoe to save them or the other shoe to drop as it works out of the system through crises and disaster ( economically speaking.

Today Utah state the # 1 small small business state in the nation with one of the highest incomes per capita Р64,000 per head Рreported that Рover 1/3 of ages 18 to 35 adults live at home with their parents because they can no longer qualify to buy home prices which are too high for first time home buyers. This means the housing market will crash finally and utterly. No one believes me on that.

Folks. There is no inflation. There is DEFLATION. A spiral. An economic death spiral. Japan has not shed deflation in 20 years. They are negative interest today and going more negative tomorrow none of which is working.

Stabilizing the banking industry means- let the bad debt work its way through a CONTROLLED DEPRESSION than rebuild economics. Either with massive public works or war. Leaders must decide. Is there any other way? Yes but it requires cooperation and inspired leadership. We don’t see that potential rising up do you?

So we are getting our enormous base of small business owners in 140 nations behind a seawall – into a SAFE HARBOR of CEO SPACE Community – to assure those in SAFE HARBOR do well, keep lifestyle, grow and hire while others fire, and have the critical information to LEAD while others bleed. If you sold out of the market recent downturns did not effect you nor will the next downturns and likely SUPER CRASH in October effect you.

If you hold and stay in….put your hands over your head….and make the Disney GOOFY SCREAM as you ride the ROLLER COASTER in the markets coming up. Remember we told you to enjoy your ride.

If you want a SAFE HARBOR for your future join CEO SPACE September 26th in Orlando and prosper during the coming instability. If you don’t… won’t.

Remember we told you.

Taking action is a simple motto….as the markets begin to react really:


Berny Dohrmann – Chairman – telling the truth faster – just for you.