My guys suggested to his followers 2000 years ago – give unto Caesar what belongs to CAESAR and render unto GOD what belongs to GOD.

My last blog report rendered unto President Trump what belongs to President Trump.

CEO SPACE is a voice in advocacy for small business legislation via a number of channels and supports we provide over the years. We were an influence for the good in the passage of the JOBS Act of 2012. The SEC put rules into effect May 2016 that made the congressional new law “effective” to the market. Why is this time line so important.

Because the EFFECTS of the JOBS act are huge. The record low UNEMPLOYMENT in the USA is a feature of changing how they count those numbers and real new jobs that have been created.

President Trump is far from the highest stock surge after an election of the past dozen Presidents but he is a top five President in economic growth numbers. Momentum for his growth was underwritten in no small part by the CRISES President – President Barak Obama who inherited the worst financial crises in 70 years where the banks may have folded. The team that saved all that includes BARAK OBAMA.

The JOBS ACT was signed by President OBAMA and his team worked hard along ours to get that legislation passed.

Today we have 570,000 new ventures formed in 2017 the highest new business starts in over a decade. We have more business ventures starting with more sound ideas and being by % successful and lasting over time than any period in history. Part of this success % shifting is a result of the President Obama Jobs Act that made it so much easier to start a new business and raise capital out of the door to push risk down. Capital is a key to better plans – better teams and improved resources to winning.

CROWD FUNDING is all President Obama praise and is a game changer in 2018. See Portals like the CEO SPACE highest recommendation for automated ease and over compliance in capital raising. We also recommend the first group of FINRA regulated Portals approved and the first audit year passed by . Sprowtt launched real time operations in our December CEO SPACE where founder Mark Jones gave life demonstrations of the features of the SPROWTT DIGITAL SYSTEM. Tim Hogan is another options for PORTAL SEEKERS to facilitate legal crowd funding, where both founders help issuers to qualify as a resource for their security law firms.

Venture owners can click the US Government official sight for CROWD FUNDING Portals that are available in todays market. MAKE A FAVORITE as a venture owner as this list changes and you wish to:

  1. Compare features
  2. Compare prices
  3. Compare customer service and support

CEO SPACE the # 1 ranked Business Conference in the world in 2018 endorses both Portal Sites suggested here with links to both for your convenience. Tim Hogan CEO of CrowdSourceFUNDED has a full year of listed ventures and track record and joins Mark Jones as industry leaders.

CEO SPACE has not explored the full list of PORTAL offerings as the list is growing, each reviewed and legally made effective to conduct business by FINRA as the review authority. In a second full year of Crowd Funding on line the advantage to issues is rising into billions in 2018 and we invite venture owners to explore with their law firms the ease – low cost – and high advantage of CROWD FUNDING capital infusions to grow their ventures faster in 2018.

CEO SPACE offers a week long class program five times annually, to transfer skill to the CEO Owners of business and professionals in practice on various exemptions for raising capital. The Class is instructed with licensed security attorneys co instructing drawing on y prior investment banking expertise as CEO of global public brokerage institutions into the 1980’s. We were told by a former SEC Staff member this last week – he has seen nothing at the comprehensive level that CEO SPACE curriculum is delivering and he himself learns from each of the classes he co instructs on the compliance knowledge.

CEO SPACE membership includes the Capital Class option anytime our CEO member wishes to gain those core skills current to the present rule sets. Expert security law firms are on site to discount fees and time to complete a forward Crowd Funding Offering – which can raise put to $ 1,000,000 within lower cost and time than any other options we know of. Become knowledgable in this new area now driving over half a million new ventures and I forgot to define from the KAUFMAN publication of this data – that is over 550,000 new ventures EACH AND EVERY MONTH LAST YEAR – just setting records for the USA.

Over 5 million new ventures in a single year – what kind of job base is roaring ahead from all that activity in the AGE OF THE ENTREPRENEUR.

Having worked on both sides of the congressional isle for so many years we wish to draw attention to the work President OBAMA completed and passed to effect this outcome for our nation. None of us have advantage to forget that body of work which remains a legacy to the Obama Era President one of many.

As a side economic note. We find this opinion in working on Capitol Hill:

  1. The competitive culture is the problem.
  2. A future cooperative collaborative culture is the solution.
  3. Everyone leader at every level is doing the best job they know how to do.
  4. A tiny number are villains in any way and the character of the majority and how hard they and their staff work is unseen.
  5. The system works but the system can improve and do vastly better.

The question on how this will unfold is a WHEN not an IF.

We find all Presidents we have worked with since the 1950’s in my family via my father, and in my life since Jack Kennedy up close and personal, are great men and women ( candidates ) doing the very best they can for the nation. The media circus an unseen fourth estate of national governance today requires some fliers.

Try not to read to support your own opinion.

Dig deeper on line – always include international press – and see opposing data and collect all the data than make informed decisions. Avoid any shallow common culture directed and influenced by media.

The early age of news had filters to insulate news to data without spin or direction to the viewing public.

Modern news is effected by 24 hour news consumption addictions, the laws of how economics pays the bills for news, so that in consolidations never permitted before a handful of men own the channels of news outlets coming your way excepting steadfast PUBLIC NEWS PBS thank GOD for the old model unchanged in 2018 for them.

For the rest the OWNERS do express their team and advertiser collective views in filtered news. You have to enjoy your own filters to bring issues to data center and make your own informed decisions.

This blog and others on line help those who care enough to do the work to gather more data on WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE.

We applaud President Obama’s work on the JOBS ACT and we proudly see the consequence in new venture creation last year with higher records expected this year.

We applaud FINRA with setting in play a balanced regulatory frame work with the SEC between issuer and the investor via regulated PORTAL digital monitoring of the new unfolding multi billion dollar future market in CROWD FUNDING and other exempt offerings for capital infusion to ventures and business in AMERICA with similar regulations unfolding world wide. Job well done.

Thanks for reading and sharing in the New Years.

Berny Dohrmann – Thanks to Our Readers world wide in 2018

Casino Capitalism Last QUARTER — CEOSPACE.NET




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Casino Capitalism is creating a spiral of manipulation and greed that using unregulated by nations AI software – has taken digital control of markets where all asset class prices are manipulated under new economic theory ( which we state is false ) to which the digital elite of 10,000 super money pools are confident they have arrived at a new world digital order that presents markets with RISK-LESS RISK. They feel the software moderates real risk and outcome – which has historically proven false in all risk-less risk theories – as in the sub prime with real estate risk-less risk failed theory model.

In fact software has created the largest economic SUPER BUBBLE in human history using free money and leverage outside state regulatory frame works as all existing frame works were not designed for digital regulatory supervision. Further the SEC has been hacked and their information used by AI to make fortunes in criminal insider trading. The largest RE-THINK of regulatory frame work in modern times is required by the G 100 a FACT we have been advocating for some time.

Historically spirals into SUPER BUBBLES have a predictable outcome – SUPER CRASH – world depression and world war. That has not once failed to be the outcome. This time we have SUPER DEBT BUBBLES that are spiraling to such a fantastic rate and our weapons are so over the top – it is not risk-less risk – it is risk like the world has never experienced. Our way of life stops with outer space EMP pulse bursts that in 60 minutes erase all digital records – fry all AI and chips – including cars trucks planes – records of who owes what who owns what and there is no MUTUALLY ASSURED RECONSTRUCTION AGENCY for our nation – which Kevin Freeman author of GAME PLAN ( get your own because the nation has none ) – and I have been lobby for in the DC for FIVE YEARS. Suggesting to the DOD that MADD no longer works without MARS.

It remains an uphill battle. No budget and no early  adopters to sponsor reconstruction from a new term EMP event – when they see the EMP  open pit of economic  exposure to the entire way of life issue for all nations – it is only a 30 minute boom you never even hear or see that does it and all the planes fall from the Skye. . No food and no toilet paper in LA with 30 million people and 100 million weapons – every life for itself – what do you think will happen when national guard and military can not communicate transport or organize?

Folks – that is a sixty minute North Korea right now event. Which is why 100% of the world has united to take North Korea out or reform North Korea policy – prosperity or extinction – as a world threat. Smart really. The only language their elite can hear.

Long before that we have  potentials for economic threat  events. China borrows 300% more than it earns a risk to the entire system, credit rating just downgraded and the IMF warned they threaten the entire global system in and of themselves. If they pull in the debt funded communist economy going down now for 15 years – the social issues can create revolution. Its a very challenging problem for them.

Italy the largest Debt loader in the EU now resides at over 130% of debt to income. Their GNP slightly up is about 1.6% growth which is at or near recession levels – as next year’s election between one party in power and one party rising seeking to EXIT the EU entirely votes. Watch that one on economic punch.







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PS: Thank You for sharing as you transform futures when and as you do …..