The last opportunity to RE-PURPOSE tax dollars into a lifetime asset for your income growth personally professionally and in business is CEO SPACE Dec 12th of 2017. We anticipate 1000 Grads will return to our FIRST HISTORIC “FREE ENTERPRISE FORUM” the # 1 Ranked Business Acceleration Conference in the world by Third Party Press – at world famous INNASBROOK Resort. If you Gold there are 72 award winning holes waiting for you. If you want to pamper at SPA and resort 7 pools or nature walks and more it is all at CEO SPACE Holiday Inn Express group rates for you.

If you wish to get more customers – Dec 12th is how you get them.

If you wish to get investor connections Dec 12th includes the Capital Skills intensive training plus investor contacts like no where else on earth.

If you wish to get Alliances Sponsors Affiliates – CEO SPACE is where you acquire them.

If you wish to grow faster geographically CEO SPACE is where and HOW.

If you wish to move a place holder web site to a SUPER SITE with social storms of leads and traffic with award winning click to convert those leads CEO SPACE is how you get those leads and sales now versus later.

If you wish to be a better leader and you wish to grow your human potential Tony Robbins and Bob Proctor and Les Brown suggest CEO SPACE “is” THE SUPER BOWL on the PLANET EARTH TODAY.

If you wish to get your money’s worth we suggest you enroll into 1100 of our Competitors programs and attend those instead.

If you wish to get YOUR MONEY “BACK” then CEO SPACE ranked # 1 for a reason is the one and the only space that is designed with money back warranties to you – to get your money back.

If your a larger mentor success already join our Platinum community for the billionaire club and save even more on taxes we have your tribe fully covered.

if your a hedge fund private equity firm investor looking for deals we sponsor you FREE meals only just call us and qualify your interest in deal flow dynamics for CEO SPACE.

If you’re a young entrepreneur or teen we subsidize you and spouses to attend as families to our award winning youth camps and programs this Holiday Forum.

If your third party press your free – just call us – to report on the trending companies superior to the Consumer Electronic Show as all industries are covered and the SUPER BRANDS of tomorrow from robotics to AI are coming from inside CEO SPACE like the legendary brands launched at CEO SPACE over 30 years from 140 nations.

If you just want to accelerate growth, profits, income, bottom line and you don’t wish to delay or wait for that growth, CEO SPACE is a continuous process of doing that mission – with a money back warranty paid for by tax dollars – the economics are – JUST DO IT .

If you want to come to the best of any year, the bigger networking event, the superior contacts, the richer demographics, the family Forum,, the Holiday Forum Dec 11th is the one CEO’s and Professionals wait a year to join.

CEO SPACE is a business acceleration process. A business building machine. Google CEO SPACE A BUSINESS BUILDING MACHINE and see that film on CEO SPACE. Google CEO SPACE Les Brown, Bob Proctor, Sharon Lechter, Greg Reid, Lisa Nichols, Jack Canfield, Mark Hansen, Berny Dohrmann just put CEO SPACE in front or CEO SPACE SHOW ME THE MONEY for Capital and see a film with your favorite super star if your a billionaire or millionaire click google for CEO SPACE JEFF FLAM its four minutes for your tribe.

Folks in a click you can prove if you put up a tax dollar you will make ten dollars back and if you don’t see those accelerations we refund your money before you leave the Innsbrook Resort – never is there a risk. We are ranked # 1 by Forbes Inc and other leading press for a reason in 2017. How can we serve you BETTER is our 30 year only questions. Our 30 years slogan is WE JUST WILL NOT QUIT UNTIL “YOU” WIN….and we don’t.

The mentor college include circles of Fortune 1000 Mentors to CEO’s at the tippy top who make millions. Thats right mentors make millions and your coaches make 100,000 dollars a year and need your money to make their house payment. HIRE THE MENTORS YOU CAN NOT AFFORD AND YOUR RESULTS SOAR personally and corporately.

Make a challenge list:

  1. A yellow pad growing till Dec – home space and inside blocks self sabotage and hold backs up close and personal.
  2. All business challenge in your work space.
  3. All balance and related challenges to your lifestyle.

You will get $ 200,000 of mentorship available no where else where the only item our one on one private mentorship will not check off your list is what YOU FORGOT TO WRITE DOWN.

You can’t match the formula .

CEO SPACE is fun and exciting for spouses and families attending together with award winning Teen Entrepreneur Programs this holiday. Transforming teen futures and families are so grateful.

CEO SPACE DEC 11th is not just another event. CEO SPACE DEC 11th is:

  1. Historic first event in our new home for ten years to follow.
  2. The best environment selected for our CEO TO CEO networking ever.
  3. The best instructed as a showcase for 2018 – the best community for networking – the largest – the richer the best of our best since 2005 – unmatched quality for a first time new member.

The last chance to lower your 2017 taxes which is just plain smart use of time and resources Рwhy would you ever leave those dollars with the tax authority when you could own a lifetime  CEO SPACE acceleration asset in the most prestigious effective result based Business Owner and professional ladies and gentlemen club for owners of a practice or business in the world today ranked # 1 by so many third party press designations year after year after year Р# 1 in the entire world for performance and outcome. You can trust that value and you should.

The first opportunity to accelerate 2018 results and extend and accelerate momentum into the boom global economics you will not see repeated in your adult life time. If you miss a more FULL SHARE of that growth expansion in the overall global Economy you are missing opportunities that are invisible to you right now that will become fully visible to you as the owner CEO or professional in proactive at Dec 11th 2017. I just would NOT MISS the tax saving and high return on money opportunity that is an item you can share and send to your social and networks for me. It is our BIGGEST OPPORTUNITY in a DECADE so I”m ranting on and on about it because it might transform JUST YOUR FUTURE just YOUR LIFE and it was worth it to help you do just that.

My goal is to lower the cost and time to reach your goals in life.

That is what CEO SPACE is ranked # 1 for performance in completing.

May we complete this Holiday just for you and your family?


Berny Dohrmann

Chairman CEO SPACE – Come to Innsbrook with us – first time historic




The Conference industry is estimated to be 106 billion dollars globally employing 3 million directly or indirectly. This industry contributes almost 1 trillion dollars to annual global GNP. Change is happening so rapidly conferences designed to help individuals in target markets remain current, are anticiapted to rise 44% between 2010 and 2020 far greater that almost any other industry catagory.

The seminar industry is generally, single events. Seminars provide introduction to great information. Presenters are typically selling to the audiance in each speech. Guests are high pressure pitched to go to the bank of the room and load up on other seminars, workshops, tele conferences and books and tapes. The seminar industry is smaller at about 6 billion in global sales.

Conferences like CEO SPACE – SAGE – HUB SPOT – The CES – and so many other HIGH VALUE CONFERENCES work to transfer skills to the guests, exchange more value as a technology than seminars can produce, and to network the guest uniquely as another value. There is no upselling in the Conference industry versus the seminar industry which is more or less over sold.

Most seminars make 50% or more of the speaker sale products being sold inside the seminar. It is illegal to offer the sale in the USA if the producer of the seminar has failed to provide a FULL DISCLOSURE FORM required by the Federal Trade Commission, that defines for each and every speaker, what the product offer will be and what the fee split with the producer company is. Anyone can get their money back when seminar hosts fail to provide this full disclosure before the sale offer is made.

Weary consumers loaded up with $ 40,000 to $ 100,000 in credit card debt for programs and materials that have not changed their income or results, are increasingly UNWILLING to refer their circles to OVER SELLING SEMINAR EVENTS GLOBALLY. This seminar model is out moded by the internet with more tailored information to any and every question.

Individuals who want CONNECTION and who want to foster the miracle of master mind COLLISIONS ( see our blog on collisions ) who wish to acquire new core skills ( really ) all without up selling of any kind – chose CONFERENCES versus SEMINARS.

The value exchange is so much greater.

As you wish to grow personally and in your business define what you are SEEKING MOST – and select conferences to acquire the outcomes you desire. Avoid high pressure seminars as the community is not as lasting value based as the CONFERENCE community world. Become educated to the difference.

The high presure seminar selling industry is conracting since 2008.

The Conference industry leads all catagories for growth due to value exchange unmatched in other formats.

CEO SPACE led this division of value in 1988 by elevating the CONFERENCE INDUSTRY with the introduction of the Business GROWTH CONFERENCE. The Business GROWTH CONFERENCE is presently the # 1 ranked “conference’ in the world by third party publications. The highest ranking of value in our entire industry.

While we are proud of that designation our teams work tirelessly to upgrade and make our customer experience better.

Customers who buy a conference series buy a business asset.

Seminars work to give you your money’s WORTH.

Conferences work to assure you get your money BACK.

The value exchange is so much richer in the Conference industry.

A seminar is an expense item.

A conference series our a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP in CEO SPACE is a busness ASSET you own forerver.

The value is so much higher. When you make apple to apple comparisons.

Seminars enroll you if you can pass gas and your warm.

Conference enrollment is qualified and not everyone is approved into the conference. The community value is higher.

You do not acquire skills or become more skill full by attending seminars. You are just more aware of skills you need to acquire in the future from conferences that transfer skills to individuals via practices – new pratices – they take home.

More consumers are dropping out of seminars and moving into conferences for the value difference.

The more educated the consumer the higher the leverage for their dollar in the industry.

We want your dollars to work like five in each application and to keep money in your business not in distraction to seminar noise.

Your the smart buyers. Know anyone considering one or the other.

Send them my blog to consider the purchase difference in value.

Berny Dohrmann – Conference Pioneer – Founder CEO SPACE




Today building a larger cooperative trading community space is the ball game for profits rising in any size venture. Securing more market share more clients and customers faster is the key. Doing so on March 6th in the Forbes ranked YOU CAN NOT AFFORD TO MISS IT CONFERENCE OF THE YEAR – CEO SPACE – is just profitable.

Exchange a tax dollar for profits. Make a lot of money. Make more money faster. Within a money back warranty. You can not loose.

CEO’s coming together to Help other CEO’s in the most prestigious business CEO Club and Community in the world. Hook up and ride UP.

70% of your time is direct Networking with CEO’s and making deals. There is no other trade show to grow a business faster of equal measure in the world – CEO SPACE is ranked # 1 by Forbes for a number of significant REASONS.

We will keep you current in today’s super change market.

You will tune up the BOSS who departs more skillful than when they arrived.

You will have smarter improved planning.

You will have expanded teams and mentors.

You will have more market share and customers.

You will accelerate your venture dramatically.

It will never cost you anything to join CEO SPACE.

The cost is in missing CEO SPACE.

The premise is money back guaranteed.

Membership is lifetime and a tax dollar.

You own the asset for life.

The week of March 6th at home is an inferior opportunity week to CEO SPACE at the Westin Lake Las Vegas.

See films on the ceospaceinternational we site.

Get smart on the value proposition.

Run your venture FROM the Space as it is designed for that accommodation.

Virtual office in Vegas while you get all the new opportunities your missing back home.

Come grow faster in a terrible market space. Prosper in any market condition.

Learn how to SAFE HARBOR your business from the exterior financial storms.

Be safer be more secure be more profitable.

Invest in success.


Berny Dohrmann – Chairman