CEO SPACE is the oldest largest Global community of Small Business Owner CEO’s and professionals in practice in the world today. Serving just under 200 nations world wide. CEO SPACE hosts five annual BUSINESS GROWTH FORUM’s ( BGF’s ) each year. The Forum’s are unique as they are relationship mixers between attending CEO’s the next being in Tampa at year end ( our best and largest of any year is always our Holiday Forum the business owners favorite choice as we commence decade # 4 in our always evolving and improving service roster. CEO Space is ranked # 1 by leading top tier financial and small business press five yeas in a row including 2018 for many reasons.

First is our unique proprietary networking and transaction master mind protocols. CEO’s want value for their time and their membership investment. They also want returns on outlays. CEO SPACE is the one and the only venue that is fully transaction based Conference to get business deals started or completed while the program is going on. CEO SPACE is the leading venture # 1 in fact to bring leaders from Fortune silo management to a Dentist office current quarter to quarter – and keep you current within the new challenges of the SUPER CHANGE Market space.More detail on this appears in other blogs if you search CEO SPACE or visit our web site listed below as

SECOND: CEO SPACE charges new members a one time fee established in 1988 and never raised once. Larger programs such as our largest Dec 11th offer larger discounts on that 1988 price. CEO SPACE has added bonus days of training for free and improved VAM in each CEO event, VELOCITY ACCELERATION AND MOMENTUM to our customer growth inside each event. As lifetime membership is a tax acquired hard asset for any venture and fully lifetime members may return for full programs at cost or weekend programs for free for life. CEOs appreciate the unmatched value in todays market.

THIRD: There is no selling during events unlike the majority of CEO retreats. Faculty are fully vetted by on line third party vetting reports and agree to tithe 15% of their lifetime for free to mentor small business owners. Faculty are leading experts in solutions CEO’s require. CEO members create challenge lists they would pay third parties to help resolve including administration, human capital resourcing, outsourcing strategy, systems internal and external reviews, IP audits, marketing, strategy, exit planning and challenge removal whee only what a CEO forgot to write down is not removed from the challenge list. One on private time for CEO’s is endless on your schedule not the mentors from am to am to resolve challenges. Our survey’s report average CEO’s over decades rate the challenge removal as a $ 200,000 market rate acceleration resolving two to three years of forward challenge outcomes in a CEO week.

Fourth: Our clients are the boss. They are obligated and busy. Some are billionaires. Some are millionaires. Some are solo entrepreneurs. All have responsibilities.CEO SPACE is engineered for regular use. Our customers suggest that three Business Growth Conferences and you made profits on membership – five and our clients tend to thrive and – seven they are in heaven. Repeated use speeds up venture growth impossible to match outside the worlds largest SUPER STORE of resources for owners. Members especially appreciate two policies unique to CEO SPACE. First you are in a break every 60 minutes to run your venture virtually – meetings are conf call or skype equivalent – with time for calls text and emails to run the empire back home while harvesting the BGF your attending. Second 70% of your time is networking with one another and mentors and 30% is tool and tactic upgrading to the current business Super Change quarter you find yourself within. All programs are uniquely menu driven and fully optional. CEOs elect to drop out for venture issues back home or to meet with deal closings with other CEO’s on site. The goal is to get new customers, markets, channels, affiliates, and more. While upgrading social, web, on line and off line market penetrations, and to polish exit valuation and strategy on site with experts in your specific silo niche.

Fifth: CEO SPACE operates a NO MEMBER LEFT BEHIND POLICY with a full money back warranty on full price memberships, where if a member feels they failed to accelerate bottom line growth deliverables in their first Forum experience, their life time membership is refunded before they depart the host hotel. CEO SPACE does not permit members to take a risk. CEO SPACE carries the highest global Better Business Bureau ratings Chamber ratings and press rankings in our entire industry of accelerating business owner profits.

As the leading tool box to support faster growth in the world moving into our Fourth Decade now in 2019, and an important voice on small business legislation, CEO SPACE alerts our readers the majority of which are yet to join CEO SPACE on this global rapidly growing NEWS BLOG resource site, we could not be more gratified with the Dec CONFIDENCE HIGH RATING for small business this Holiday.

We encourage you to appreciate the survey also included record investment by small business in forward growth – capital investing not seen in the past ten years. The longest economic expansion of your adult lifetime is set to continue barring unforeseen system shocks, with on going opportunity for you and growth for you into 2021 now. Given the casino markets driven by AI trading are far more volatile than earlier non AI markets, investing over sixty months is so profitable over any sixty WEEK time frame – we suggest when you invest in a dip in Apple or Face book or GE or General motors you do so with zero regard for near term volatility. Over time history suggests as a fully diversified investor you will do well. If you invested at peak in 2007 you did well over sixty months and that was a rare GREAT RECESSION on off in 70 years. So cheer up. These are YOUR BEST OF TIMES.

We report news that effects immediate volatility to small business owners who want to track trends with more data. We report news that effects longer term opportunities. We report how to avoid economic land mines over periods of time unfolding in current SUPER CHANGE. Our intention is that our readers and those you share this site with have MORE INFORMATION than those who have not subscribed or bookmarked this site to their favorite or reading list.

This Holiday you are now inside the BEST OF TIMES for small business in this generations life time. We encourage you at this New Year moment to consider inventory of your present, improve your future plan, and moving into growth INVEST IN SUCCESS. Invest in yourself. Invest in better plans, better teams and missing resources. Use Tax dollars to advertise into 2019 and write off those costs in 2018 – smart – tax dollars creating income futures. Its a decision on inventory by the boss at year end.

If you scroll I gave my readers a HOLIDAY GIFT of specific tools and tactics to grow income by Jan 1 and beyond. Print that page and put the GIFT TOOLS to work in your business or practice ( and useful to institutions and larger Fortune silo managers as well ). Available no where else at the quality grade CEO SPACE introduces to you for FREE on this site.


HAPPY HOLIDAYS – From Berny Dohrmann founder and Chairman CEO SPACE for short films and free on line information



Stop market watching in 72 hour bites. The market is fine. We told you what IS going on out there. Apple will be fine and surprise all all the idiot forecasters out there. Ditto with FAANG. The entire market will rebound over all. The Trump XI meeting will end up fantastic as these two have the world vision together but have to play to home audiences. Think it through a minute. 2018 is the boom year of five decades. 2019 will be not as accelerated a growth path without infrastructure legislation and exceeding growth path to 5% GNP growth and tax elevators into to treasury IF congress can cooperate versus compete on the one AMERICAN AGENDA of INFRASTRUCTURE NEXT as the USA is  remaining at the tippy top. We bet they will surprise you all and DO JUST THAT INFRASTRUCTURE JOB  and America prosperity moves into 2030 for sure totally unstoppable forward growth for the entire world.. Look ma economics 101 no recession coming at all. Or what we reported if the congress fails the nation with politics over hard national security for stability to the economy is also likely and you all know the landscape now and the why. Better than most in the world because you know the true economics of what Is going on…out there. In fact. You are the best informed and that is my joy.

The biggest risk to a global depression and world war is the failure of Congress to merge the Fed back into its constitutional oversight authority and audits and supervision versus “independence” with zero regulatory oversight to a full obsolete agency as a private stock institution owned by the banks they regulate as a pure fraud. Failure to merge the FED back into US TREASURY leads to the post global war two system now morphed into a new digital AI NEW economy the world has never known before – into SYSTEM DEATH with a real potential in fact that  all financial institutions fail – takes a week in new AI world globally – because  of our the failure to MERGE THE FED BACK INTO TREASURY. That will be the cause few see clearly yet. The security of the entire world order economically depends on Congress education to merge the Fed back into US Treasury. It is time to pass infrastructure and upgrade into AI Digital capitalism, a new set of protocols from US treasury moving forward. All this takes “draining the real swamp and its pythons and gators ”  is consumers time and political capital and is an economic war from a system of the elite few wealth consolidators against the many ( of us ) into a IMPROVED SUPER CHANGE NEW  system or the many for the many finally that secures STABILITY from economic melt down, and world war. Economic policy. One way or the other. We all will see a we move forward. These are the ACE HIGH CARDS which if wasted cause the world to FOLD EM versus HOLD EM. You have special data more accurate information on economic cause historically. You my readers KNOW most. You KNOW More. Keep that into your holiday. And now some value you can use as my Holiday gift to you all one and all today. Happy Holidays. Read on.


Empathy is sane lack of empathy is insane. Know thyself.

Still know daily news, designed to assure you tune in and see advertising to buy mindless crap ( consumer economics ) DOES NOT EFFECT YOU.; Does not effect your job or business today. Does not effect your buying groceries or seeing a movie or watering your plants. You make your own Christmas no one else does. Its your holiday.

You’re in the largest longest highest boom ever recorded. Experts and me suggest the boom is recession proof and on going into 2020. Wild cards exist and you know them all as my readers and you know them all first. You simply have more accurate information to make future decisions. We encouraged you to swap a tax dollar to a business core asset by securing a CEO SPACE membership at the lowest price in 30 years to the largest growth community conference of business owners and professionals DEC 11th. You create new beer plans, teams and resources in the Dec 11th convention. You network in CEO grade processes that do not exist outside the # 1 ranked program in the entire world ( serving just under 200 nations today ) and for 30 years. Five years # 1 ranked by third party press world wide. Using year end tax to create a safe harbor for your lifestyle and 2019 growth in real income ( guaranteed ) is a smart better upgrade for leaders. When do you invest in YOURSELF? When is the ideal time to secure new tools tactics skills and game planning? At year end moving into the new climate of SUPER CHANGE in 2019. You will be prepared in game plans you lack today with tools you do not posses today by the industry # 1 ranked entrepreneur program on earth. Stay home with obsolete tool kits falling further and further behind in SUPER CHANGE is unwise. WHAT IS YOUR PROCESS to bring your leadership as a business owner current or a practice and remain current in SUPER CHANGE. Your market IS Super Changing every quarter not every year. You compound your own obsolesce if you lack a CORE PROCESS To be brought fully current and remain ahead of the SUPER CHANGES. CEO SPACE is the number one ranked process to achieve that priceless mission. The contacts you make will include billionaires walking around with millionaires as you grow a ten year priceless new contact community at the tippy top Tuesday to Saturday – in breaks every single hour to run things back home. Nothing like the # 1 for the smart choice to repurpose a tax pay out into a LIFETIME ASSET for your work space. Explore by clicking under QUICK links tab a short video or two over a beverage break. Than email for a phone consult ( no selling ever ) at 256 850 4716 our constant for you a phone number moving into decade number four across just under 200 nations of business owners you step into – 100,000’s in the CEO SPACE community world wide that become your new resource matrix for life. Pay once and attend forever FREE FREE FREE. Three bonus training days before Dec 11th on capital new law tools and tactics – CAPITAL MASTERY I teach myself with SEC law firms. FREE for members. Trade a tax outlay into a lifetime asset and give yourself the HOLIDAY TREASURE Of CURRENCY in SUPER CHANGE. INVEST A TAX BUCK IN YOURSELF and mentally reset a busy ordinary few days of no growth into growth and income acceleration you simply can not imagine even the films on line only give you 15% of the value. The 85% must be experienced to know why for half a decade we broke all the records leading as the # 1 Business Conference say Forbes suggests globally that YOU CAN NOT AFFORD TO MISS THIS DEC CONFERENCE. As I believe in both Divine Guidance and Divine Right Timing it is my believe the divine LAW OF ATTRACTION has you reading this for a reason. Shift into a great choice. Knowing this – NOTHING WONDERFUL EVER HAPPENS UNTIL A LEADER ( YOU ) MAKES A POWERFUL DECISION. Invest in yourself and reset tax dollars to a lifetime ASSET that grows income faster guaranteed. Check us out:

NOW your real gift this Holiday – read on.




The first “R” I wish to in free consulting offer you is the installation of a Holiday 2019 Customer retention program. Today in SUPER CHANGE and the CLICK BUYER comparing, invest in reputation defender to assure negatives on line do not effect your business. THE COST TO ACQUIRE A CUSTOMER ( THE REAL TOTAL COST ) IS TOO GREAT FULLY ALLOCATED TO NOT RETAIN YOUR CUSTOMER AS FIRST PRIORITY. Steps to do so include the following steps you put into your work plan TODAY no DELAY in SUPER CHANGE.

  1. Acknowledge your customers. Got to TJ Macks or Marshall clearance shelves and buy three to seven dollar gifts that look like 100.00 dollars. A bud vase. Desk items. Office items. Home decorations. Put them in your basket.
  2. Watching movie with kids and drives gift wrap them.
  3. If retail – have a big box wrapped with Christmas paper.
  4. Make out cards individual to customer appointments or general for customers in daily traffic. Post pay and sale – have each customer know the boss wishes to THANK THEM for their business now in and in 2019. Have them chose a gift and give them the card saying open this at home.
  5. The card says – WE HAVE ZERO CUSTOMERS – We see you as our extended family and we are deeply grateful for your loyal business with us. We wish you the best Holiday with our gratitude for seeing as family too. Thank you so much. You sign it. Every time they see your gift they are RETAINED. But wait there is so much more.


Let me ask you a second “R” leadership strategy question I work on when consulting to those at the top.

List out for me your WOW FACTORS?

a) WOW factor pre sale where your prospects go WOW and the WOW made them buy?

b) WOW factors for post sale that make that second WOW drive repeat business and buying?

Don’t have one? You need to work them up now and for 2019 as your JOB # 1. If you use CEO SPACE we will invent that IP customized for your venture or practice world wide. However you do it – JUST DO IT NOW.

The first R is a WOW FACTOR that drives both customer retention and repeat customer buying over a year of time. Every time they see your gift – they recall your message and your care and making it all so personal against a sea of click and just a number nothing personal ever. You STAND OUT. But there are so many REPEAT BUYER actions you can take. I can’t give you a week at CEO SPACE on a single blog tool and tactic upgrade to your currency in Super Change.

One additional second “R” is look up SEND OUT CARDS on line. Join it as a strategy. Load your client birthdays – and have all holidays flagged. You can now send the client special sails at a click ( all of them ) with highly personal cards of you – your business – with the most customized message you create in 15 minutes to HALL MARK CARD GRADE all mailed and send cheaper than you can do it yourself – all tax dollars creating serious – repeat buying your missing right now from your existing customer base. ACKNOWELDGE YOUR CUSTOMERS as never before in the 3 R SUPER CHANGE MARKET SPACE and you win big time. NOW EVERY Holiday – New Years -Easter – 4th of July – Presidents Day – all of them – your clients get clever emotional connection to your service or product and YOU with messages that keep it so personal. They never forget you . They buy more from your absolutely for sure.

INSTALL a Customer RETENTION AND REPEAT BUYER system NOW without delay and you accelerate growth immediately. Low cost in time and overhead and the highest returns on tax money outside CEO Space itself. At CEO SPACE our mentor experts ( off any chart – change and upgrade three mentors to mentors who make millions and you triple your income and double your time off. as per them of fifty mentos are FREE and included for you.  Don’t and you won’t. CEO SPACE Does that – as our mentors customize a full MENU of all THREE “R” Assets as strategy for your growth plan. We remain # 1 in the entire world – by the press due to unmatched quality. Ranked ahead of South by Southwest Hub Spot and Apple Keynotes. Perhaps you should check that quality to accelerate your growth faster for a tax buck while you still can in 2018?


You are getting MENTORSHIP right here that is worth more than the low tax cost of as CEO SPACE LIFETIME membership in fact. You can print this item. You can copy it and save it. You can share it with anyone and everyone with my permission. Journalist can write articles using it with my release as your scoop to the over one billion entrepreneurs in the age of entrepreneurs in the world. Speakers can use this content in their talk just give CEO SPACE a credit. As my release to you. Good? Enough?


The third R is last but far from LEAST. The Third R is your most urgent important strategic new income driver. INSTALL your own referral marketing program. Let me give you one as a full menu outside CEO SPACE would consumer five books not one value to you on a single blog. This is however priceless if you OWN a business lead an institution silo or operate a professional practice – so viral this URL page to your own tribe and encoauge FREE SUBSCIPTION as we grow readership in one of the fastest growing BLOG sites on line today.

  1. Prepare a New Year highly personal card making to customers send between Christmas and New Years to arrive 2019 for sure. Watch Holiday films with family and customize cards while you enjoy. It is fun. Others can help it goes faster.
  2. Prepare a laminated rectangle ticket size SPECIAL FOR NEW CUSTOMERS. Have your face and the 50% or 30% of FREE offer for a new client by March 2019 on the ticket copy with art work and HAPPY NEW YEAR.
  3. Have a dotted line at the bottom  says OFFER GOOD WITH SPONSOR name and email below with first new customer visit in Jan Feb and no later than end of March.
  4. Your card PS states: If you love our family experience together we grow by our customers sharing what is EXTRAORDINARY about our service ( or product ). If you invite and share with three new customers by March we will send you a ( woman ) $ 50.00 New Year gift card for Marshals and $ 100.00 dollars if you help us grow by sharing and caring. Thank you so much. For men – Best Buy as woman will kill for shoes and men for wires trust me.
  5. IF only 10 out of twenty refer only 3 you have 30 New Year Customers from your best lowest hanging fruits in business because YOU installed a powerful NEW YEAR REFERRAL MARKETING PROGRAM MISSING IN YOUR BUSINESS STRATEGIC PLAN TODAY – UPGRADING IN SUPER CHANGE. See the value?

Again it is self amortizing. Cost a few tax bucks you deducted this year – lowering taxes and growing powerful new income in 2019. When the two first “R”S are installed first the two first “R”s amplify your third  R by a scale of more than 10x and  is off your chart today. Nothing grows your business like the THREE “R”S.

CEO SPACE Is all about real tools hard skills actual tools and tactics that grow profits right now immediately no delays. We lead and bleed the future as no where else. Do you not deserve the upgrade from the # 1 press ranked program the press says you can not afford to miss Dec 11th our largest of 2018 and our best EVER over 30 years. of leading? Think about it and please share this asset rich tool box with your community for me as a thank you. We just ripped the Three R’s from our legacy education modules to CEOs globally all for you this Holiday Season to use and put to work immediately for the joy and profit of doing so.. Happy Holidays. Read on.



In competitive failed economics systemics we exploit one another. We reside in the 11th commandment Moses never received. Competition is a form of human insanity. If you think otherwise you may be infected by the one virus on human consciousness. Switched on turned on home space and work space are 100% Cooperative a learned  behavior. CEO SPACE installs COOPERATIVE RECOGNITION REWARD SYSTEMS into home space and business in your first FORUM with us say Dec 11th or grab the lower price and attend in March but lock price before Dec 11th to save year end taxes into a lifetime ASSET. If you love competition forget CEO SPACE its not for YOU. If you are sick and tired of dog eat dog communities that deplete our very souls and you wish for a better way we have installed in growing numbers of FORTUNE Teams all leading – and you desire a cooperative non competitive a safer business community to grow within – CEO SPCE is simply what comes next for you and trust me yesterday is already to late. Not for just  the legendary high profit on time and cost but the JOY that defines the largest cooperative business community in the world today. Perhaps CEO SPACE is what you were seeking anyway…we hope so.

Recognition. Cooperation personal and in business is super glued together by resolving the crises in the world today. If you want your life to matter most to others join one of the worlds leading movement.s – the move from competition system modeling to cooperative system modeling because it WORKS BETTER  AND FASTER at every level of achievement home and work space. THERE IS NO CRISES OF LEADERS THERE IS HOWEVER A GLOBAL CRISES OF INTEGRITY. You will cooperate with me forever and I with you IF we both remain IN pure  integrity with one another. If we breach  integrity shields go up and we reside in a soup mess lacking ethics and traditions we all long for in community with one another. Cooperation celebrates our differences versus punishes them. The Holiday GIFT or RULE BOOK for Cooperation in your life – is CEO SPACE or and – the book this Holiday REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION By BJ Dohrmann read by all recent US Presidents and world leadership. It is back ordered at Amazon but they deliver in a week faster for PRIME and order the hard copy you’ll mark it up with priceless ACTION STEPS.

A great Holiday gift idea and read for your growth is CEO Space faculty historic board members best selling leadership book – INTEGRITY THE NEW IQ BY DR. DAVID GRUDER.

When you receive powerful economic value from a mentor – like the three “R”s next step is to always acknowledge your mentor value required to complete the circle of energy – the electricity of the law of attraction which is RECIPROCITY.  Contribute back without condition. You activate impossible flow dynamics with this integrity step acknowledgment to mentors who benefit you. Hold that best leadership habit in your mind as you grow as a leader.

I request you acknowledge the value by commenting on my Holiday 3 R gift  blog and know that I   will personally reply and acknowledge you back if you comment. Every comment. . Let me know you got value is all that I ask …if you did in fact. . Acknowledgement completes a circle for YOU not for just for  me. Let me know if you are sharing the URL with your tribe that is big acknowledgement. My life work is to contribute my life and my gifts to help you all maximally nothing more. That is my pure intention. If you can take three minutes to click a comment I am so grateful to you all and your feedback defines real value to others reading. Thank you for the 4th “R” if thet “R” speaks to you personally. I appreciate it truly.



In the new age of SUPER CHANGE we have become exhausted even resistant at leadership levels to the effort of just keeping up. Keeping up digitally. Keeping up on technology. Keeping up on new buying patterns for all consumers in all cultures. Keeping up on tools and tactics.

We thought things would slow down, and return back to a normal we once grew up inside of.

Things are not slowing down they are speeding up. The pace of change is accelerating faster and faster. The leaders and teams of SUPER CHANGE are those brains that learned the hard reality that to stay current in SUPER CHANGE requires a leader process they adapt. CEO SPACE is one and you should chose yours. In SUPER CHANGE YESTERDAY IS ALREADY TOO LATE.

We must all calm down to catch up. To remain bleeding edge ourselves in SUPER CHANGE. Upgrading the computer above your neck is the first decision. You upgrade your start phone IOS. You upgrade your computer always. You upgrade your pads. You upgrade your applications and more. You upgrade technology and hardware. Your first priority must become for leaders of tomorrow – the priority to INVEST IN YOURSELF FIRST – chose wisely as to how. Then commit.

CEO SPACE teachers leaders and their teams the new brain technology of thinking. SUPER CHANGE LEADERSHIP are brains that gained tools to

…mentally learn faster….to unlearn even faster than old brains ever could …and to relearn faster than both… remain current in leadership …wihtout missing opportunities where delay is the enormous cost NEW BRAINS will never pay……

With a huge load in of hard skins and tactics for YOUR HOLIDAY year end tax reclamation to asset and profit building right now in this urgent blog nothing matters if you fail to DO IT. Just do it. Super Change compiles leadership urgency. NOTHNG WONDERFUL HAPPENS UNTIL A LEADER ( YOU ) MAKES A DECISION. Leaders are readers. Thank you. Super Change leaders make more decisions, make higher quality decisions make decisions faster and stay out front in Super Change. Brains lacking software upgrading just lack capacity to lead in Super Change. The biggest two mental virus’s to avoid are:

  1. That is the way we have ALWAYS done it cultures
  2. Competitive thinking versus cooperative collaborative leadership teams creating all the trillion dollar leading companies today.



I wrote this blog as a HAPPY HAPPY HOLIDAY and A MOST PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR to my readership and CEO SPACE Grads ( returning to their own REUION program Dec 11th. The BIG ONE. Real magic upon the earth is in Tampa Bay Dec 11th as a gift to my readers.

My intention was to SAY MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of my tribe on line and show you my appreciation. To provide to you some essentials folks pay me for mentorship to their growth where I can provide you with EXECUTION “right now” to profit more immediately. A gift for your holiday. I hope the tools become blessings in your life. That is it.

I hope sincerely these tools will help you and as you share those in our tribe both year end soaring profits and 2019 roaring profits and growth.

I publish to provide data on economic realities under the news you all read so you have MORE PERSPECTIVE from a retired investment banker global economist, Chairman founder of CEO SPACE the leading Business Acceleration program in the world today, within my tribes ability to research and present the TRUTH as we understand it ourselves to you. Keeping our large CEO owner community in so many nations up to speed is the reason I created this resource when the blog was invented so many years ago.

I hope the NEWS accountability and trend forecasting remains useful to you all. I am so grateful when you share my blog and invite others to join. We never have had data breach to our user base and we protect at highest standards your confidential subscription never using that data base ever for anything. Privacy is absolute given WHO reads this news site. As our pledge always. I so appreciate you checking in and for those who book mark and check back please consider subscribing as the sign up is minutes and helps out world counts which gives us ever higher search engine ranking across the globe today. Your comments are blessing and I love receiving yours and replying back to you – noting you are all so busy – I understand we are a scan and move on resource in your life.

I am so busy with new books, working with company CEO’s and world national leadership on resetting sovereign nation debts with SUPER BONDS ( my invention ) that on planes trains and in a jet set life – I work to present currency – to the minute on trends and economic news taking place – and spell checking and proof reading requires time I don’t have. Forgive in the speed of getting PURE INFORMATION and PURE DATA to you all that some grammar and writing grade levels you may expect are missing. In my new global publishing releases of SUPER CHANGE and DIGITAL MANNERS coming up you will see my full potential as a best selling author you may have to over look on my blog as a volume and quality for data but not in writing finished product. I appreciate your considerations with my apology to my readers that matters to. Thank you for understanding.

So print my Holiday tools and tactics GIFT and DO IT NOW !

Thats my joy for your Holiday and abundant NEW YEAR.

Now I’m getting ready to produce our best FREE ENTERPRISE FORUM at CEO SPACE as we commence our fourth decade on quality breaking all the awards with the quality upgrades for Dec 11th in Tampa – which define our next generation Super Change leading tools and tactics tactic load in’s for the boss with the whole world attending. We just can’t wait to bless those who are joining us next.


PS: Off to Conference calls and PRE CEO Space preparations for our annual Holiday party for leaders spring boarding their growth faster and higher inside CEO SPACE DEC 11th. Your all so invited to just explore- check it out for me.





So the market Flashed Crashed Downward in:

  1. January 2018
  2. March 2018
  3. Oct 2018

Boys and Girls why? Let me tell YOU WHY. In this phony baloney global greed fest, two things are new. The lake of liquid available stocks are PRICE MANIPULATED due to lack of modernizing global G 100 coordinated regulatory frame works you have heard me harp about here for ten years and to which I wrote the solution in my work Redemption the COOPERATION REVOLUTION as a blue print for regulator officials world wide. Kevin Freeman a hedge fund manager wrote how dire the future actually looks in GAME PLAN tell you all to create your own GAME PLAN as your nations in the G 100 have no game plan at all. So if you think “THEY” have a clue – your wrong. THEY DON’T !


This is the WHY folks subscribe ( free ) to my blog in rising numbers most blogs never experience. In many nations my blog is ranked as a MEDIA RESOURCE Site. So WHY what is the WHY. Here is the WHY folks:

  1. Black Out Dates. The tax reform failed. Large corporations have not made the investments into jobs, economics, growth and plants that would underwrite the future we all want. This is democrat and republican corporations. The down turns correspond to the DAY that Corporations can not PLAY in time frames close to their reporting dates. They can’t BUY BACK STOCK in those BLACK OUT PERIODS the exact dates of these big down turns.
  2. So the LIQUIDITY and the PRICE of the markets is driven by STOCK BUY BACKS. These buy backs reduce the lake of stocks in any company, and they reduce liquify and raise prices.
  3. BUY BACKS setting records just like the markets since 2009 – engineer stock prices – in a phony casino capitalism where the insiders doing the engineering flatten out volatility in their stocks and make their own bonus and stock gains by stock manipulation once a crime but not casino capitalism is legal – thank you congress. Big mistake.
  4. This year another record stock buy back occurs. Over 1 TRILLION DOLLARS In this year alone in stock buy backs manipulating share price at phony baloney levels. Your playing on the dealer table in casino capitalism within a SUPER DEBT BUBBLE of leveraged margin trading with AI ETF pools making the high velocity trades following all this with their AI information you lack.
  5. Since 2009 and the Super Crash stock buy backs have exceeded 4.3 trillion dollars capital that went no where into plant, jobs, new ventures, industries, infrastructure, the wall, or anything. This money went into CASINO CAPITALISM MANIPULATIONS OF SHARE PRICES TO A Mount Everest Record valuation level making elites who are fantastically wealthy, even more fantastically wealthy.

The majority of this wealth is leveraged into investing to assure wealth transfer in what the elites refer to world wide as THE EVENT. The Event is the collapse of the world order due to over leverage and a destruction even at vastly reduced levels of stock into the market, 4.3 trillion is staggering capital more than GNP of most nations, that was applied legally to manipulate share prices in the casino – and this lower level of lake to shares in the market is still not precluding crashes. When the BLACK OUT DATES to inside buy back and manipulate share prices occurs as it did precisely in the DOWN TURN IN OCTOBER the reason for the crash is that the buy backs up holding share price under laws had a QUIET PERIOD all the folks at the top of the system know, which is WHY they have no panic.

When can all share buy backs in the trillion dollars this year in the USA alone occur?

Oh…that would be MONDAY.

So flowing into the election you have a) forces wishing to manipulate the election as this blog alone has reported to you as a DUHHHHH and b) share buy backs were in a quiet period last week and Monday they come back into the market buying in this dip massively. AI will see to that profit making.

So in the end it is playing at the table with the dealer having a stacked deck. The SEC and global regulatory agencies lack regulatory REFRAME FOR DIGITAL TOOL KITS AND MASSIVE BUGET UPGRADES TO REGULATE ALL MARKETS:

  1. Globally and in real time – real time transparency and digital tools lacking today
  2. Who is trading what – removing DARK POOLS and shadow banking from regulatory exemptions
  3. Criminalizing short selling as a speculation removing capital from economics.
  4. Modernizing stock buy back regulations to preclude stock manipulations.
  5. Moving to 180 day reporting as the President suggested to dampen speculations



Casino Capitalism is worse in Communist nations like Russia and China where Super Debt Bubbles could destroy the world order economically.

The siphon of capital from circulations into investment to assure no nation is left behind and the earth is cleansed is rather diverted into casino side bet speculations due to a collapse of regulatory frame work. The Regulations are blue sky to nations. The Trades are in the unregulated cloud. In five years the trading went from human controlled and managed trading over systems built across 70 years of time, to all digital AI software controlled trading within a small number of Super Money Pools hyper leveraging and trading in a process model the world HAS NEVER KNOWN OR EXPERIENCED BEFORE. This NEW CASINO CAPITALISM has left the barn of old regulatory frame work and exists outside regulatory modeling.

THE URGENCY TO CONSTRUCT A G 100 NEW REGULATORY GLOBAL ECONOMIC CONSTITUTION OF BOX TOP RULES FOR WORLD TRADE – TAX – INVESTING AND REGULATORY OVER SIGHT IS NOW UPON US…as the regulatory agencies of today are no longer modern and as antique models regulatory frame works are failing globally.

The new frame work must include:

  1. The largest new budgets to assure economics versus casino speculator capitalism.
  2. Preclude unwanted system wealth consolidations.
  3. Ideally merge central banks into nation’s treasury’s of which much is written here.
  4. Remove unwanted speculations.
  5. Create self correcting continuously modernized AI to regulate AI in real time globally so no nation is left behind.

Without a Regulatory upgrade from the G 100 the Casino Capitalism will create a Super Debt Bubble Super Crash at some unknown date that will collapse the system as we know it as all circulation ceases and on Liquidity Evaporation Day – is the day the music died. The entire frame work today is AI DIGITAL making the precise same conditions as the last Great Depression occur again, exceed all phony baloney economics precisely as it was in 1929, only so much more global and so much worse in system abuse today due to digital casino capitalism.


The risk of system failure is a risk warning from the IMF from the World Bank and I you read carefully Jamie Diamonds prophetic words last week – MORGAN. And this blog. The risk has passed the point of no return without a G 100 REGULATORY REFRAME and time for that is running out. Cooperation or Competition – sane or insane economics.

I believe with the smarty pants running things and believing their own lies that their AI has created RISKLESS RISK just like the same smarty pants in structured assets in 2007 believed sincerely they had created risk less risk in real estate security markets globally. These criminals have created the same structured assets again in real estate and now every other asset class in the entire casino manipulating price to a risk less risk grade of global trade. They believe trading RANGES can’t be exceeded for long in the new modeling.

However the following is true:

  1. The lake of securities in risk less risk is being price manipulated by 440 trillion dollars of fully leveraged capital at up to 50 to 1 margins never experienced before in economics in phony baloney investing across all asset classes not just reporting securities.
  2. Even with the lake of securities for sale reduced by 4.3 trillion dollars since 2009 a staggering never experienced before manipulation of markets outside all Current regulatory laws to manage, the market liquidity crashes when the stock buy back quiet period occurs as it did in Jan March and October.
  3. The Debt Super Bubble globally will utterly collapse as the Fed and central bankers repeat their pattern in 1907 – 1929 – 1987 – 2000 – 2007 – and raise interest rates too high too fast this period being the most insane due to ten years of FREE MONEY fueling leverage and a Super Debt Bubble ratio exceeding 1929 abuse to the system by ratio’s never known in global economics before.

This is simple enough without charting tables graphs and slang most readers lose From NIM to Flang but trust me the data supports the premise.

In my opinion as no one can no WHEN Jamie Diamond’s words remain prophetic in the age of the SUPER DEBT BUBBLE no press reports on – charts – or really gives the IMF and World Bank enough space upon for ringing the WARNING BELLS over and over and over starting in the most phony of all economies where the system is totally at risk – communist China the largest global Super Debt Bubble spending 300% more than it makes.

China is in free fall super crash following a one off pre tariff buying spree before Christmas. We have blogged about the RUN out of china of trillions in capital at all economic measures. The final quarter and next year China is falling off a cliff economically. The only stabilizer possible is a deal with trade – no deal – risk on.

We add in Jamie Diamonds SCREAMING there is so MUCH STUFF GEOPOLITICALLY that can trigger a run out of risk.  AI runs first and everyone else gets stuck last.

AI is the house owning the casino box top rules you never see. As with all casino’s you can’t win against the house. The longer you play the more you lose. As the rule book remains:



I’d say buy the dip – ride the wave to year end record all time highs – and before year end as it is peaking get OUT ALL THE WAY and explore with licensed professionals diversified insurance investing so well blogged on this blog site as your remaining safe haven to the SUPER CRASH.

You will miss volatility casino market highs in 2019 and 2020. But you will earn the highest returns with principle insured and guaranteed in the world today and enjoy peace of mind.

You will be OUT OF THE CASINO.

You will have zero risk of loss.

You will see 2020 forward a SUPER CRASH from which economic institutions may not recover. If Congress remains Republican controlled and voters voted their wallet versus party they voted prosperity versus party – congress WILL PASS INFRASTRUCTURE and that would propel possible growth into 2030 in our opinion even with Jamie Diamonds STUFF on Geopolitical events outside the USA being a global trigger event in the casino.

The day of LED the Liquidity Evaporation Day the music dies.

As with the Bible no man ( or woman ) knows that date in time and we can give our best educated guess but really information ahead may extend or collapse time lines. The RISK at all time record market highs reached over and over till December is the time to sell out at all time highs and wait for all time lows to buy back in.

The box top rules never change. Do not BUY HIGH and hope for every higher. Newton was right what goes up ( for the longest period in history economically and to a record high never before manipulated in history ) MUST COME DOWN.

Now you know….and first.

Its about STOCK BUY BLACK  OUT DATES this October where Monday the stock buy backs can continue at enormous profits to elite insiders who profited into the dip massively at year end and now profit again ( massively ) on the Monday Stock Buy Back green light. Should the SEC have powers to put folks in prison for manipulations like this – oh you bet.

But they don’t. Congress has to grant them new powers and new budgets for national security as our financial system IS THE RISK from multiple fronts all reported here.

Share this SECRET KNOWLEDGE so you have the TRUTH and know the WHY.

Berny Dohrmann – Keeping a Light on just for you this October – Waiting For Monday BAM !




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A lot of experts including Nobel economists warned about Bitcoin todays. Why?

As an economist investment banker I bow to Jamie Diamond warning 100’s of millions of loses to come from a pure PONZI model economically. So lets review.

Bitcoin is a block chain clearing technology that allows individuals or insitutiitions to place cash of any currency into a cryptocurrency private account and buy and sell goods or services where the vendor also accepts bitcoin. As many are.

Now think of an upside down pyramid. You have that in your mind?

At the beginning there are the early adopters. They put in modest cash to play with Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a math model – an algorithm that is constructed based on price setting that is automated – and driven by supply and demand. As supply is actually unlimited there is no supply reality and demand is as early year FADS do – turned unto a frenzy. We had this with hard assets and metals in the inflation years. I know because I sold 50 million dollars of Diamonds a MONTH until the Diamond price which COULD NEVER GO DOWN – crashed. Thats a long story.

All assets go up and they go down. In all asset classes. No asset classes goes up and then up and then up and then never corrects. None. Ever. Since say Newton was hit by an apple. But hey thats another long story.

So the upside down pyramid.

Bitcoin is 150.00 bucks. Just a finger snap ago. Demand was tepid with early adopters.

As the market fad became a cattle stampede and everyone wanted in from sovereign wealth funds to institutions – the speculators took over. Software began to program the rope. The profit and loss calls and protections all the way up ( long ) and all the way down ( short ). So now the illegal is fully legal where the markets to speculate on WHICH WAY BITCOIN will GO is larger than the BITCOIN MARKET as speculators also by the coin along the rope path of the PONZI. Volatility is how they make money.

As the pyramid the IS UPSIDE DOWN ( as it economically is graphically in all Ponzi economics ) has every greater buyer volume as the STAMPEDE heats up and bitcoin rises from 150.00 to 1500 dollars to 2500 hundred dollars to 3500 hundred dollars to 5700 dollars where it is at this moment in the pyramid – folks rush in to what? Think this is a store of value? Based on say WHAT model?

Based on what value?

The first generation BITCOIN is based on formula models of supply demand with economic algorithms   that are pure Ponzi scheme – an utter horror for economics which is why everyone today says DUCK FOLKS DUCK. DUCK DUCK DUCK.

These fads have cost billions for folks in the past from Holland’s Tulip Ponzi to metals to bit boing.

So as the top of the pyramid is reached the demand at the all time peak – the crest – falls as buyers now are saturated to that market space. That day will approach in ON LINE LAND very fast in time.

What I try to explain to my readers is this logic for you to grasp:

  1. We moved in 10 short years from paper rule based markets to digital no rule based markets.
  2. We moved where Mount Everest of Cash trades on WHICH WAY any asset class will go in the future versus buying as stake holders into economic reality. It is all speculation now. A speed bump at your teller window is the real economy say 3 trillion and 440 trillion driven by 50 to 1 borrowing to invest in SPECULATIONS is the casino capitalism we have established going where no economy has ever gone before ( pure digital global ) without regulation and rules with one chaps software playing against another every pool for themselves.
  3. This can only end badly.
  4. Enter BIT COIN to the casino. With its upside down pyramid where the value of the asset in months moves from 150 dollars to 6000 dollars and YOU THINK WHAT? There is a store of real value in such speculative feature.
  5. What happens in the CASINO of untested ever evolving entirely new unproven untested software – ( like SUBPRIME showed us ten years back ) when the world thinking the software has created RISK LESS RISK ( there is no regulation folks and there is no one watching and there is no oversight first time ever and there is no economic RISK LESS RISK EVER ). – when – the market flips to all sell and no buyers? Well the price crashes. For everything. the problem is today the PRICE SUPER CRASHES FOR EVERYTHING. Digitally in the casino this happens in 72 minutes ( new history ) as we are moving at warp speed with no way to know if we come out of warp inside a SUN. Burning up.

SO – it is all new now. Fed by central bank failed policy – a pure experiment to save the system that was imploding deflating deleveraging the first CASINO DIGITAL CRASH GLOBALLY in 2007. The entire system almost went down. Why?

First the system was attacked by software from the sovereign nations of the axis of evil in asymmetrical warfare – that made them over 1 trillion cash and was entirely successful. We lost that battle. Not the war but the battle. The first digital warfare to destroy state economics. Which is what war is all about rebalancing assets to the winner.

Second the digital market only survived because nations cooperated for a bit of time versus competed to regulate globally. Then they stopped and went back to competition and the casino capitalism rose to unimagined speculations and leverage using FREE CENTRAL BANK MONEY to take trillions and borrow to manipulate all asset classes inside the casino with 100’s of trillions which is being done by software with BITCOIN now.

As capital suckers into to BITCOIN it fails to see the risk.

The risk falls in two areas.

  1. There is no economic store of value due to first generation BITCOIN is flawed economic modeling with a Ponzi model for setting price and value.
  2. Speculators are exploiting this model flaw to their great advantage when BITCOIN Super Crashes which all the economists are predicting.

The second generations of bit dollars will come out in 2018 and I believe will be store of value by modeling. I am consulting in this space and see such higher sets of rule based modeling to protect the stake holder in the second generation which itself will destroy the first generation. Where is MYSPACE today?

So when the casino switches to all sell orders this occurs:

  1. There are no safety nets in the new leveraged casino
  2. There are no regulatory oversights or rule basis
  3. The rules are local to nations the action is unregulated in the cloud and digital
  4. Super Crash creates debt margin calls and the casino folks can not pay the margin calls.
  5. Liquidity evaporates there are zero buyers only sellers – all are trapped in crashing asset classes with no way to GET OUT as their wealth is DESTROYED hour by hour day by day week by week and no fix exists in the new frontier where no economy has gone before.

Every one thinks – surely – THEY are watching over the system.

Folks THEY is now the G 100 and they don’t talk let alone create a NEW FRESH RE-GULATORY frame work the largest RE-THINK Of global digital regulations in human history with AI rising.

Nope. It is every nation for themselves. But it is worse.

Folks consider these points of data:

  1. The rule makers do not understand the SUPER CHANGE to the markets from paper over centuries to digital and the leverage and they just do not GET IT. The change is happening to fast for them to keep up.
  2. The rules are local to a nation UK Japan USA and the trades go around nations digitally and no longer care about rules. Wells Fargo makes billions and pays a 3 million dollar fine? Crime pays today in the casino. The abuse of the system is so leveraged – 50 to 1 – that this HOUSE OF CARDS is simply not a movie. It must rebalance and when it does new unforeseen consequences will take place.
  3. Liquidity in the CASINO will vaporize.
  4. Wealth will deflate.
  5. The Global Depression will create a world war as billions starve to death via a failed system model that CASINO CAPITALISM that happened so fast and no one understood well enough to RE-REGULATE.

This blog if your a die hard and scroll a lot has outlined full solutions in step by step format for nations. Remember no one understands.



The UN.

Congress in the USA.

In the UE.


Every nation is in the casino for themselves right now.

Competition economics leads to super crash.

Cooperation leads to prosperity and rule based economic – which the world has not had now for ten years.

CASINO CAPITALISM is risk at a level the world has never known before.

As with all SUPER RISK the rush to get into SUPER HIGH RISK MARKETS is greatest right before the final super crash – which is historic.

Make no mistake.


    1. New
    2. Never experienced before with no historic guidance on what is next
    3. Driven by Free Money policies of Central Banks. An uncontrolled experiment created by ten years of AI soft – digital go arounds to all laws and rule based economics – that is today a spiral software war where more wealth is controlled by less than 10,000 super money pools than

all the national wealth combined into one. The nations have lost control of the Casino. The speculation without any rule based economic modeling is software driven – evolving out of any control of nation or law – and is spiraling into greed one software against the other – in the most dangerous LIQUIDITY SYSTEM MARKET CONTAGION of all economic history side Rome.

This is not understood by nations economist and law makers. The majority of economists are paid by the CASINO to defend their existing evolving models of risk less risk. The Rest are engaging charts and data from their university education now antique to the digital dead of SUPER CHANGE. They simply do not understand what has changed. That the 2300 Dow will become a 1,000,000 DOW as Warren Buffet Said recently is their defense. . Long forgotten is Warrens warnings of ECONOMIC WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION he and all Class warfare Super Money Pools now invest into with their own software. The Software is blinding economists to the LIQUDITY CONTAGION RISK that Digital Casino Capitalism has forged. All distortions of economics especially imbalances in SUPER DEBT BUBBLES must rebalance.

As the scale of DEBT SUPER BUBBLE is greater than any economy that is rule based has historically ever had to support and there are no rules in global CASINO CAPITALISM the break down of the entire system, as the IMF and WORLD BANK keep telling us -as does my blog – is here – is Spring 2018 or sometime soon and we may not even get through October yet. Lets see.

If we get through October the Holiday buying Season the largest EVER will drive prices and earnings with a possible TAX REFORM in the USA to 26000 DOW or HIGHER before it settles back to 6400 dow. The SUPER CRASH GLOBAL REBALANCING TO THE DEBT SUPER BUBBLE will end the casino alert law makers as to what is really going on and foster we hope a global re-think of regulations for the digital market space.

A new world order is required and it takes the G 100 working together to engineer a new rule based systemic secure prosperous system fostering FULL PARTNERSHIP for all nations. Can we do better than this mess we defaulted into by technology in only ten years.


It has happened to fast for rule makers to get their arms around the horses being let out of the barn and GREED is driving the CASINO and 150 dollar bit Coin to 10,000. As you race off the cliff remember one pure truth on economics.


Do remember this economist investment banker alerted you all to that truth.

Berny Dohrmann on BIT BOING which I’d sell out of not buy into but hey – enjoy the ride