The Brand SLAUGHTER at Apple occurs against a backdrop of earnings and bonus income to CEO Tim Cook that is beyond anything Steve Jobs ever imagined. The Brand Slaughter began when Tim Cook watched on Television, as we all did, the slaughter in San Bernardino California, as a loving husband wife dropped their children off with family, and drove to an office building and began shooting innocent folks at a Holiday office party. Terrorism in the South Bay of LA. In America. We have from October 2017 tracked and reported first always here on Apple BRAND SLAUGHTER. In party III we report on the leak of Apple protected source code for IOS operating systems to the dark web and to global hackers now worldwide. Apple is in cover up and deniability mode with no one apologizing ( as Steve Jobs always was quick to do – telling the truth faster ) and which as a culture is in full on Apple ROT and Brand Slaughter under Tim Cook.


In a famous Presidential election the democrat Candidate turned with record ratings and said to the Republican Candidate – famous quote – Sir I knew Ronald Reagan – President Ronald Reagan was a friend of mine – and with all due respect Sir – YOU ARE NOT RONALD REAGAN !


I say – Tim Cook – I knew Steven Jobs since he was a kid and Woz too – and Tim Cook Steve Jobs was a friend of mine – and YOU SIR ARE NO STEVE JOBS – Sir and no where near Steve Jobs.


In 2016 we all remember that Tim refused to have his team unlock the terrorist I phones to catch others ( terrorist )  involved in ( terror American )  cells seeking to harm another American’s. The FBI sued Tim in Court and Apple fought to delay  in court our nations outcomes and  the proceedings. Meanwhile the FBI contracted an Israelis firm and unlocked the IPhone in minutes, and the FBI dropped the suit. Tim Cook brand first brand slaughter for Apple since Apple’s death fell in two areas. First Apple could have helped protect America and the illusion of their impossible to unlock phone – would have been brand preserved versus so easly brand slaughtered. And for millions of patriots seeing all those funerals from terror in LA – just stopped buying Apple – the first Brand Slaughter from Tim Cook – a terrible CEO choice for the brand.


The Illusion that proprietary code for Apple gave “special security” that could not be broken assuring privacy to ALL  Apple IPHONES – was destroyed ( forever and ever more by Tim Cook being some kind of American I never saw coming ) . It was proven outside contractors could break into an IPhone, unlock the IPhone, in a SNAP. BAM ! Brand Slaughter Tim and the Board was legally smoking pot before it was legalized?


Second it became clear the IPhone would track a person’s movements to specific addresses anywhere in the world – the FBI knew who the terrorist saw and where – to the address. With Android, you only get an area but not specifics as an IPHONE will maintain again shattering privacy from how IPhone GPS records profile and track consumer buying on line – movements to a specific address and more. The privacy invasion and data collection intrusions are more in IPHONE than any smart phone on earth – and the Slaughter of Apple brand is growing as media does not report this – in real time – due to bought and paid media from Apple – and therefore the one billion Apple Users have to look hard and lone on line to get this detail. Read Patterson the # 1 author on earth’s 2017 book on this item THE STORE – and although he writes about Amazon he includes Apple as a partner in privacy invasions the world has never known before. It is not your nation as BIG BROTHER that is Orwellian prophecy …now it is rather TOO BIG TO JAIL OR FAIL that is your privacy removal for one of us and all of us – all for one and none for all.


The very core of the Apple began to ROT from the inside (Tim Cook) out. And the terrorist might have have won in that book if it were left up to the Rot from Tim Cook, if it were not for the FBI despite popular press to the contrary are working tirelessly to make America and keep Americans – safe. They are not invading your privacy – Apple IS.





More Apple customer base is now moving away from Apple a trend not seen since Steven Jobs graduated with honors. Apple missed its core – IPHONE Holiday sales by more millions of phone sales than in the history of IPHONE by % and by phone volume and by earnings not realized in history. Normally this would be a board issue to replace Tim Cook and stop the brand slaughter. However as the stock went up versus the stock being killed by the miss – as is market normal – the rot spreads because no one is reporting the CRISES AT APPLE.


In 120 Days, the Nightmare could not be worse.


  1. We have release of IOS II – the most god awful flawed – buggy IPHONE software ever created and released as a punishment to a user base of over one billion users, in Apple let alone IPhone history. Tim Cook has set a record for 120 days of updates to its flawed buggy IPhone for the most serious code quality control brand slaughter in Apple History. The core of Apple is in full ROT and users are leaving IPHONE (forever) in droves and they are influencing millions not to buy an IPhone – the culture of IPHONE has been BRAND SLAUGHTERED (read David Corbin’s book on this topic). No CEO has done more damage to the IPHONE Brand. Tim Cook has now passed John Scully in Apple Brand Slaughter. The Board of directors is open for law suits from shareholders for their negligence in this matter and we feel as individuals as the bulk of the economic damage lies ahead and will only repair over years when Tim Cook is gone. Today IPhone Updates with flaws that are so serious, one can’t imagine a quality control destruction worse than Tim Cook himself. The only history that comes to mind in Silicon Valley’s long museum of Brand Slaughter is Bill Gates and Windows ME – which IOS 11 – may in fact yet beat in fact.
  2. Hardware design flaws – many fatal – some they cannot fix like my own Mac Book Pro and just tell you how to “deal with it” are full on brand slaughters. The competition like WINDOWS and DELL have not taken advantage in advertising yet of these declines in Apple quality control under Tim’s management. But they will. The economic damage to Apple shareholders still is ahead and will be terrific – they will be confused for sure.
  3. Culture – today part of IOS source code was leaked on line. This presents hackers with ease to exploit Apple at its rotting core. The security Apple had as a brand culture is now fully SLAUGHTERED by Tim Cook who a) allowed the critical source code to be leaked in the first place, through quality control system cost savings, and quality deprecations on Tim Cooks watch, but the BRAND ILLUSSION AND CULTURE Apple security was unlike any other and their source code was never leak – able. That very idea is shattered. Apple is now seen as an advisory to its own customer base which once had a culture of almost mania for Apple that was like religious in fervor. That brand value is now slaughtered by Tim Cook – where the Apple Board fiddles while Apple Rome burns at its dry rotting core.
  4. Media bought and paid for by Apple is reaching a point where tell the truth faster is winning over the dollars and the sense. For Apple spin and advertising cannot COVER UP the ROT at Apple Core (Tim Cook’s brand slaughter for his own profit gains personally). Tim Cook will see rising media reporting that – APPLE IS IN FULL ON CRISES and their management teams are working primarily to put out fires and correct past sins taking untold resources from forward quality or innovation. APPLE is a warp drive star ship adrift now on impulse power – because TIM COOK has cost Apple Shareholders their highest asset – BRAND CONFIDENCE IS BEING SLAUGHTERED from the inside of Apple on quality outside to consumers who know and understand the difference.
  5. Culture – inside Apple as a healthy Apple, the fruit is the core culture. As the culture see’s the quality control changes, and the PR aspects of Apple see the CULTURE SLAUGHTER – where we make mistakes never before allowed – we send out god awful buggy hardware and software to our customers – our customer service groups are now engaged with 100’s of millions of very upset customers – with zero solutions in sight – and the users of Apple employee’s by the 100,000’s see these design flaws first and live with the CRISES repair to follow – where now FIXING APPLE is the largest concentration and refocus of Apple – to contain the APPLE ROT. Inside Apple management well knows what a crisis looks like. Then those not effected by the ROT yet – see the ROT – the frantic dialogue of internal culture slaughter taking place – with the APPLE POLICE getting more attention to keep things covered up than the quality police to make sure the ROT never took place. Tim Cook lacks capacity as the APPLE ROT begins with Tim Cook, to manage the spread of the APPLE ROT or to get APPLE back to brand value. Why? Tim caused the problem, fails like Richard Nixon to see how serious Watergate Rot was to his political culture, and in the end, was forced out of his office by the ROT he covered up. The Cover ups are the fastest spread of the APPLE ROT. Today in response to source code for IOS being posted on line – Apple from Tim Cook releases a pry item such source code is proprietary property of Apple. REALLY? Really TIM? You don’t apologize to one billion users, and tell those users what upgrades you are making inside Apple to assure brand reliance we all had to the Apple Brand is not being restored. You tell the folks that have IOS all over the DARK WEB TODAY – be warned this IOS leaked software belongs only to Apple. THAT IS YOUR REPLY TIM? My greatest fear is not the Apple ROT WILL CRASH THE STOCK (oh and it will – and it is the fault today of the board of directors for not firing TIM COOK upon Apple IPHONE sales and bug releases in early 2018) no – my greatest fear is the hacking damages leaked IOS source code will produce for forward IPHONE crises and damage to consumers. The BRAND SLAUGHTER is never ending with Tim Cook – and the Board fiddles while the CORE OF APPLE is on FIRE.



We reported Apple was in Crises in October 2017 as you can see on this blog and we reported on the Crises until media wrote their first articles – but tempered them all – because a) they don’t link the ROT AS ONE EVENT – changes at core to Apple Quality controls Steven Jobs is rolling over in his grave because Tim Cook is using Steven versus being used by Steven – huge difference.


Today the only eyes that see the full extent of the Apple ROT and tell the truth about it – is Steven Jobs who lacks corporal process to define the problem to those he loves most – one billion users and his precious employee’s inside Apple. And ME – who grew up in Silicon Valley won programing awards in the 1970’s and 1980’s and beyond – who knew and loved Steven Jobs, and who sees Tim Cook as outside his core competence which the Board should have been far quicker to understand.


As this Blog reaches the Board the one sentence to stop the brand slaughter reaching the press fully – and being global reported really – is Al Gore’s famous phrase – Tim – ITS TIME FOR YOU TO GOOOOO!


Parachute out Tim and stop the APPLE ROT.


Apple can have a safe landing if Tim does too.


If not the future is more APPLE ROT ask not for whom this rot spreads – for this rot spreads to thee my shareholders – this rot spreads to thee and I’m one of them.


Stop loss and sell Apple. The value is an illusion as the brand is being Slaughtered by Tim Cook who residing inside the Rot he and his core rot teams created – cannot see normal Apple today because for Tim the APPLE ROT is his new normal. Apple in Crises and the beat goes on. Oh yes and the record setting APPLE UPDATE for today is forcing us all to stop and long download and upload again yet another again – emergency Apple repair and fix to the IOS Apple rot. The most upgraded IOS in the history of apple in 120 days.


Media may be bought and paid for but the spin is waring off and journalist everywhere are drawn by the scent of the APPLE ROT to report……THE TRUTH. Apple is globally in CRISES. Did I mention the billions in tax theft courts have levied against Apple and their loss in IP theft and their loss in dollars and sense worldwide – in legal on-going BRAND SLAUGHTER under Tim Cook?


The ROT is spreading and no one is cutting the APPLE ROT OUT – which is of course TIM COOK himself and his circle of to be fired brand slaughter loyalist who now work in fear punishment and exploitation versus Steve Jobs culture of recognition reward and celebration (Oh Steve could be tough but that was on quality not on hiding things in the dark).


Culture the ultimate brand slaughter from inside to outside now is the soaring CULTURE SLAUGHTER of the Apple Brand with a management who is in overwhelm as it all broke down in 120 days and they do not see the light at the end of the tunnel is a bullet train running over shareholder third rails. As a retired investment banker economist and Chairman of the largest Entrepreneur CEO institution serving 140 nations in the world – I must say our own reach from this blog can viral to enormous base of Apple users as we tell users for the first time in our own community – CEO” s of companies worldwide – USE APPLE AT YOUR OWN BUSINESS RISK Folks. Do not whine …. because after all …. we told you so. I remain with Apple today to in some humor see as an economist what is next – up close and personal – as the legal liability to the board suits coming up – is going to stagger Apple so the Apple may shatter into pieces. Watch for that moment as you think the impossible (a break up of Apple) is not even possible – when you will find the prophecy here – is going to be wrong – just well not in this life (mine not yours).  You can take that to the bank as so many of you have do and will. Be safe out there.







CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL has had me in the Bahama’s, in Florida, in Utah, in Colorado, in California, in North Carolina, in Atlanta where I am now and back to Florida. Thats just a few weeks folks is your LIFE like THAT ?


The markets are moving around like a drunken soldier. Like I told you. Setting new records then falling.

Oil is despite the jaw boning and last dig non war efforts of Saudi, gasping for budget and sinking further and further into red ink each year now – against their budgets – the idea of OPEC is a comic joke. Opec as a market item is OVER.

The control of the market is THE MARKET.

The supply of oil has made OPEC marginalized. They can’t regain control. The market is about MARKET SHARE and for five years the planners at OPEC have lost 100 billion dollars of MARKET SHARE. Now their own customers HATE THEM because they are trying to false bottom energy prices for their own greed needs.

The MARKET Share wars are heating up in the POLICY ERROR Opec has made.

Members in OPEC are defecting. Why?

The defectors can get their MARKET SHARE BACK. The OPEC loyalists are toast. The market is RUNNING FROM OPEC and the idea they will normalize oil – is silly.

I wrote in 2010 that the world is drowning in oil.

The world is drowning in oil. Oil is plentiful. Oil is renewing. The earth is farting and shitting oil folks. Oil is not scare and OPEC has lost all market control by %. Any economists can tell you THAT.

The POLICY OF OPEC HAS FAILED. I wrote they needed to hire me. They are loosing MARKET SHARE and they will never get it back. The LONGER they KEEP UP THIS POLICY the more they will fail financially internally. This policy is economically insane.

I have gotten tired of writing about it as OPEC locks themselves economically in the insane padded room. The market place is laughing at OPEC and has no regard for them any longer as we saw last week. They have gone from the control monopoly to an influence to a joke. That is the TRUTH and everyone in the oil industry knows the Market Share war is now over and OPEC lost the entire war. BAM.

They did that to THEMSELVES by listening to idiots.

Hope the huge fee’s they paid all those consultants ( who were wrong ) keep them warm at night. They could have used the money to make electricity for air conditioning.

So OPEC members are defecting and cheating. Iran Nigeria and Lybia just back in the bucks are not about to curtail production to save Saudi far from it – they are pretending to be aligned while they steal Saudi Market Share. IT is odd to watch Saudi let this happen actually. I’m finding the issue is like the 1929 depression no one wanted to stop the insanity.

War will top it. Say Saudi and Iran. I feel this is the next likely war. India and Pakistan. Not so much. Indian and China not at all other than words.

Saudi and Iran – it is historic folks going on for thousands of years – read your history books and oil had nothing to do with the past.

Oil? It is the cost of everything. Trying to falsely raise its price to nations is a cruel false market from past monopolies that has done more to destabilize nations than anything in human history economically. Oil monopolies are the energy of the people of the earth as energy is the cost of EVERYTHING especially food. Half the crops go without fertilizers and pesticides from half a barrel of oil. Burning oil up to drive is silly when we need oil to eat. Think on that folks. Think on economics. Really. Get educated as financial literacy is the largest way you give up your right to self rule.

I wish the two could celebrate one another and stop competing with one another.

NO RELIGION OR ECONOMY SHOULD COMPETE. All economics and faith should COOPERATE and CELEBRATE one another. Integrity is required. The crises is NOT IN LEADERSHIP.










CELEBRATE one another – celebrate our diversity.







Celebrate our diversity of government.

There is NO MASTER RACE. There is the HUMAN RACE and there is in that ONE race …NO FINISH LINE.

Celebrate human diversity.

Of race.



See Competition as a form of insanity.

Competition is a form of ignorance .

Cooperation is a form of education.

The World Crises is in INTEGRITY as I’ve written about here. INTEGRITY is what we need to restore. My book Redemption the Cooperation Revolution is a software reset for billions of brains.

In competitive thought there is no integrity just class warfare with defense and reaction. No one expects integrity in competitive thinking. Do you ?

The one virus on human consciousness is COMPETITIVE 


The virus removal tool is COOPERATION.

Cooperation is the cure and sane.

Celebrating all differences is cooperative.

I will cooperate with you if you are in the highest integrity as will you with me. If I breach integrity you will withdraw.

Integrity drives sanity.

A lack of integrity is a form of insanity.

So where does that leave humanity with its current state.

Ah – I wrote WHAT NEWS when I began.

Congress in the USA is killing the economic hope promises and future of a nation.

Why? They are acting insanely. Competing at a level that lacks cooperation or sanity.

In their insanity they fail to GOVERN.

The news is filled with silly nonsense of tweets and personality micro events that have no consequence. The republican congress lacks the votes to impeach a President. Such efforts are a waste of time.

Meanwhile the US Congress has the following liability:

  1. Are they all impeachable for a breach of congressional law and duty ?
  2. Are they all impeachable for a breach of fiduciary responsibility with negligence to conduct a congress under constitutional law?
  3. Is failing to pass a budget for years for the United States OF AMERICA is bringing our nations credit rating down an impeachable offense for all of congress?
  4. Is the congress now committing high crimes and misdemeanors.
  5. Who brings an impeachment action to the entire congress?

Any law firm that brings this TORT will have millions sign on to the CLASS ACTION to enforce the constitution of the United States of America.


Now thats my Blog – why not TWEET and RETWEET On THAT ITEM as a concept. That would be NEWS ya think?

Berny Dohrmann – Keeping the Truth on for ya

PS: I want to go HOME now…….




The outline of the repeat of financial history has been well laid out in my best selling book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION. While it is true untold scores of US are dropping out of THE COMPETITION and we are leading the People vs. Profits revolution – in COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM. However the world at large remains in the death spiral of deflation, competition, and pre set up for SUPER CRASH and World War my book reports on.

World War III began in 2008 when a digital weapon was fired at Western markets and our enemies made trillions of dollars and almost destroyed the economies of the Western World. It was only a test as Kevin Freeman’s Book GAME PLAN reports about. The real use of digital weaponry is on going and the West is LOOSING that war. The public at large has no clue while they watch the Walking Dead they are actually becoming the walking dead.

The hope of cooperation is predictably fading as the G 7 meet this week. Why?

The never changing history of the world works like this:

  1. Competitive communism and capitalism consolidated wealth so that 99% of all wealth is concentrated in the hands of a 1% elite class.
  2. This economic condition is unstable and creates a system melt down made more vulnerable in digital era’s when digital weapons are fired at the weakened system.
  3. An extended period of trade war and division between nations enlarged global tension based on markets of distrust and negotiation.
  4. A contagion event from the much more unstable economic system creates a world wide SUPER CRASH and the deflation death spiral started in step 2 continues in a whirl pool of bad debt working its way through delivering the entire world system.
  5. Economics and demographics are rebalanced through a world war that follows.

As this system never changes it might be wise to CHANGE THE SYSTEM that brings us these five results that never change or vary. To repeat these results is INSANE.

The solution is cooperative capitalism. Although there is limited time to repair the abuse of the system over 70 years. The DEFLATION DEATH SPIRAL is now entrenched in the world. Despite 100 trillion dollars being placed into the system in eight years, since 2008, the system is not INFLATING the system is DEFLATING. Why. Two reasons – competitive capitalism and socials and bad debt. They go together actually.

The following solutions would derail the pattern into world war:

  1. Establish a three year G 100 ECONOMIC CONSTITUTIONAL CONGRESS to develop a GLOBAL frame work for world trade, regulations, and security regulations with anti speculation law criminalizing lack of transparency and breach of the constitution for the world “economically”. New Box Top rules.
  2. Merge the Central Banks ( a failed model in a digital world ) back into their sovereign nation treasuries and establish a GLOBAL BANK Of last resort under the Constitution top rules – no nation would pay interest to print it’s own money.
  3. The Global Economic Constitution while celebrate diversity and sovereignty will ushering in a slow transformation into COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM – fully transparent, fully accountable, fully reportable, with zero secrets in the financial system top to bottom bottom to top.
  4. Cooperative capitalism resides within consumption flat rate taxes with no income tax in nations.
  5. All nations rebalance their budgets and refinancing all debt and infrastructure needs in SUPER BONDS fostering in the asset of TIME where SUPER SOVEREIGN NATION AND STATE BONDS refinance all existing debt and new infrastructure 25 year needs with 200 year BONDS. Time heals all wounds.

Bad debt defaults if we do nothing which is historic  and all the worlds lenders lose money because the loss is real. We stop lying in the system. There is over 100 trillion of bad debt that makes the world order financial system bankrupt today as it always becomes in depressions and deflation. There is no way to pay off the bad  debt of 70 years of credit abuse . Or with SUPER BONDS using TIME – can we reframe the problem? Should we at least study one fresh set of economics to preclude world war this time?

This model requires a choice. A decision to proclaim the present world orders are not working for anyone and a new fresh world order approach is required for all of us – where the G 100 COOPERATE vs COMPETE. These concepts out set forth in REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION for world leaders and ecumenist the stuff of Nobel Prize Awards – where the world stops trying to deal with a failed system and builds a new smart entirely reformed system model that works better for all of us. Three years on the Big Island of Hawaii half way to everywhere in the world – with Aloha and lower political influence – so the Constitutional Economic Conference can complete its three year mission for the new BOX TOP RULES all nations then adopt or reject as we come together.

Today what is happening in the elite G 7 meeting in Japan? The world is working down my 1 to 5 list above in unerring forge into world war. The world war will create resolutions for short term problems. For example:

  1. Japan 25 years in Deflation with no hope of restoring its economy in real terms distracts its people by focusing their highly nationalistic country on the threat from China.
  2. China in its own death spiral of DEFLATION and utter and complete failure of the communism economic model – distracts its people from riot and killing the leading elite – by focusing the attention of the nation on war with the USA and Japan.
  3. Russian in a death spiral economically of its own failed communist system, distracts its nation from the failed economics and deflation by moving into war in the Gulf and their old provinces rattling NATO.
  4. The EU breaking apart in a failed economic model, unable to support 100 trillion in bad loans and debts, distracts its people within war with Russia as the fear and Gulf Nations a NEW CRUSADE for EUROPE.
  5. The Elite and the Economies re-inflate by killing 100’s of millions – stealing their assets – and spending 25% of GNP for nations on war with contracts back to the elite who profit from all the death and mayhem traditionally as economics rebalance through war.

This 1 to 5 is insane.

The Economic Constitutional Congress is SANE.

Competitive economics in capitalism and communism is INSANE.

Cooperative Capitalism is the final human revolution into a higher form of organization for families, institutions, communities states and nations. Redemption is the MANIFESTO for a the final REVOLUTION ….away from competition and forward into cooperation. Which will happen after the war or in the prevention of war. Inspired and Illuminated leadership is required to pull off the opportunity to move from insanity taking place at the G 7 conference.

The message for the May 20 2016 G 7 World Elite Nations Economies – ‘we can’t cooperate and agree so every nation should go forward “on their own” as we simply increase the competition forward ” . Good luck and lets go from economic war into real shooting war. Which is what follows – always.

We are in World War III.

The World War is on line and digital.

The Western Nations are loosing WORLD WAR III.

The General winning the war is President Putin. President Putin is winning the war not in the mines but in the mind. He has outfought and outthought the world leaders of today by a large measure of thinking. Lets review President Putin out front and winning World War III:

  1. He starts World War III with the digital attack on the Western nations
  2. He moves into Ukraine and reclaims ports for military expansion to the Gulf and Europe as he reclaims 100 billion in core assets now Russia’s.
  3. He secures the latest oil and gas contract the world has ever seen with China in a single deal – 3 billion dollars offsetting all sanction damage from the USA and its failing allies.
  4. He invades Syria and the without firing a bullet sends 5 million muslims with thousands of ISIS and radical terrorists into the EU forcing them to support financially when they are melting down completely in a sea of bad debt – housing, medical, food, sustainable incomes, power, water, education, jobs pulling down the entire EU without firing a bullet.
  5. Russia is arming IRAN and Korea to sustain intercontinental missiles armed with weapons of mass destruction where those nations can attack the WEST and Russia’s hands are clean while Russia destabilizes South America and Africa with communist revolutionary expansion selling its arms to both by massive billions of dollars – all the while digitally attacking the west.

The Press never see’s a whole picture and ports each grain of coffee bean but never reports the story of the COFFEE being poured by President Putin. President Putin is the most brilliant successful military and political leader of our time and commands the respect and fear of the entire world. His first aim under the Obama administration has been established, he has marginalized the USA and downsized its military and created a national joke dialogue of nations about the USA and its once upon a time powers. Everyone is laughing now at the USA.

No one is laughing about Russia. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

President Putin is playing Chess. The West is playing Checkers saying King me King me. Everyone is laughing while President Putin coordinates alliances and moves one up and one over with the USA so far behind …..he himself risks health issues from scream laughing himself to sleep. He must never be able to stop laughing saying over and over…can it really be so easy and are they really THAT STUPID ….I mean really?

Abraham Lincoln said so well – that we never had to fear some artificial giant would span the two oceans and arrive to threaten our doorstep in America. NO. He proclaimed the danger to America would only come from ourselves. It would an inside job. Where freedom is handed over to replace fear where we only receive more fear.

Watching financial history play out just like it did with Hitler or Pre Hitler in World War I is so interesting for these reasons:

  1. The core play book is all economics.
  2. War is always economic.
  3. The system is the issue.
  4. Competitive capitalism and competitive socialism always lead to the 1 to 5 sequence set forth here – at least for 5,000 from Greece through Rome to now.
  5. The sequence is avoidable. Cooperative Economics fixes the fatal flaws present in competitive economic systems. The detail appears in the book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION but ten.

Why do we embrace and repeat a failed model?

Because with financial history we do not retain the historic landmarks. We forget. Every generation experiences the same old thing as if it was a child happening to THEM for the very first time. It is a kind of insanity.

Education has failed us by not raising the bar on this beyond refute historic economic data. As an investment banker economist, now old enough to see these trends repeat myself, I must say I retain great hope for the generations coming up to figure this out and for every improve the system.

The FRESH MODELING set forth here represents a final economic revolution that will reset the pattern for unborn generations. What we require is illuminated and inspired leadership who embrace cooperation and desire simply a “better way” for all.

The G 7 mantra this weekend – everyone go it alone – go  your own way – break up and compete – assures the final march to SUPER CRASH and world war is all now entrenched as the elite calling the shots fail to appreciate President Putin is winning World War III by creation this competition over cooperation. To win we must win in our minds and see the game pieces and game board as it really is. We can then call CHECK on President Putin and ask him to join the Cooperation.

The present stupidity is not working although the worlds Elite will make fortunes o the misery of the coming SUPER CRASH and WORLD WAR. Think about it. Read Redemption. Become better informed. As Kevin Freeman suggests in GAME PLAN you had better make your OWN GAME PLAN as the world leadership is not preparing one for you.

The G 7 are electing:

  1. Everyone nation proceeds as we can not agree
  2. On a go it alone basis 
  3. Competitive to one another versus cooperative
  4. President Putin has shattered the Cooperation – another victory in the war
  5. The nations are more divided than ever – stupid stupid stupid 

So you have head the truth here. What does that feel like? Leave a comment on this blog and let us know as you share this sight with others who desire the truth. The real truth and nothing but the real truth.

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Redemption – its always a personal choice – and its alway sup to you.

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman CEO SPACE keeping a light on just for you today


PS: You can Checkmate EMPEROR PUTIN so he wins in the Check Mate but you must install the winning box top rules sooner than later.




What does FED PANIC look like? When you see Yellen bring back Bernake and Volker and even Paulson to say – “oh we are not in a bubble economy not really and here is why “. You KNOW you just KNOW we are IN A HUGE BUBBLE and they are in panic over SUPER CRASH as now they can’t save the banks. They can’t.

The Fed is a private stock firm under a contract from Congress in an 80 page act in the early 1900’s to print money charge us all interest and to bankrupt us as they regulate the banks that own the stock in the Fed in the first place. It is like the WOLVES guarding the chicken coup. How insane is that idea? We have argued that the way to reset all nations is to print money for free – to tie money to national GNP – no more interest – and to merge the FEDS world wide into the state treasury were the people have audits and oversight – and pay off their debt bomb inserting TIME as the missing math model – on 200 year bonds. All debt is paid now with payments to nation that drop by 80%. Nations in the red go into the black. EVERY NATION WINS. One idea and you save the world folks.

Add in a Global three year based in Hawaii with limited influence contamination under a fixed CHARTER of Box Top Rules for the G 100 nations – to complete the larges RETHINK of global fair trade no abuse – every nation cooperates and collaborates – no more competing – and speculation stealing our wealth and as legal theft bankrupting all nations – is made a crime as it was in 1999 – the last real economy – and RE REGULATE THE DIGITAL global market – back to the future with real investing – no side bets on which way something may go – none – or you go to jail. Once the 100 nation or majority sign on to this and all agree majority wins – the world new frame work gives all nations 500 years of prosperity.

Versus what?

Well the First Quarter is bleak. The US Economy appears to be IN RECESSION just like I said last year and this year – over and over in my blog – we are not heading into a recession – as Chairman of the largest Entrepreneur organization in the world – we see what is what in our membership. In our May 15th Conference in Vegas business owner CEO and professionals are coming in record number to learn how to PROSPER IN THE NEW MARKET REALITY facing us and build SAFE HARBOR around their customer base and income while THERE IS STILL TIME. Yesterdays thinking will drown you in the coming SUPER CRASH.

So profit are dropping like stones. The real unemployment in the USA is so much higher than they report to us. And you all know they are lying.

We need to vote for a new team that will not lie to us nor continue the way its always been. This is a once in a century chance to change things so vote.

Oil goes up while the glut is not fixed from temporary one off late winter inventory draw downs. The supply end with prices up will soar over demand. The WORLD IS DROWNING IN OIL and prices above 25.00 a barrel – the new floor following SUPER CASH – or less – is the right profit making price – everything else like prices for cereal coffee – steel – everything to gas – is MANIPULATED with zero regulation – zero price gauging hearings by any law making body world wide – and speculators with the KING OF SAUDI and world leaders are talking about from ABE in Japan raping their currency – are MANIPULATING MONEY ITSELF in legal theft to nations and all of us.

UNLESS we re- regulate the world G 100 trade rules and make criminal again investing in side bets creating casino capitalism versus cooperative capitalism ( new box top rules of the game ) regulators can no longer regulate, and the system abuse will bankrupt us all in the worst depression human kind has ever known leading to all our world war. This is our pattern. Why? Because the one virus on human thought is COMPETITION a pure evil – a total thinking error itself – having no value and no good none – COOPERATION AND COLLABORATION is the rightful virus free thought form for immortal spirit beings to play together – any competition is pure evil like Nazis and Isis thought forms. Direct from the dark matter. Wake up.

If we fail to deal with the source problem and only deal with symptoms the great liar will deceive nations and blindly not seeing or hearing they will in false gospel destroy one another versus co create the future with one another. Cooperation . Cooperate or perish. We have reached the tipping point.

Redemption the COOPERATION REVOLUTION my book on Amazon will give YOU the virus removal tool for your life partner and home space, our parent space, your work space, and all space. The TRUTH will set YOU Free if you chose the master the truth.

Forgive them their ignorances for they know not how much they are loved.

Folks we kill one another an spend endless on competitive military and war build up to endless suffer over punishing one another competitively over how we worship or vote – minor diversification’s. Evil punishes all diversity of God’s creation. Cooperation or awake virus free brains CELEBRATE all diversity and collaborate in harmony.

Imagine if we G 100 defense forced together, dropped budget by 80% – fed the world and built a system to protect our planet from the 100% extinction occurrence of an incoming strike which will FOR SURE wipe us all out – while virus infected brains kill each other over being Sheltie Whabbi or Sunni. Are you kidding me? Celebrate your diversity and lets build the future together – that is OF GOD and the other is of the dark side. Wake up. God is laughing when we celebrate diversity and cares less HOW we worship together. God is yawning while we kill one another over worship of the parent n any form. How stupid and in error is that software on brains. The source is COMPETITION as a thought form the solution is COOPERATION. Competition IS Satan. The real name is FIRST COMPETITION WITH GOD. Cooperation IS THE HOLY SPIRIT and pure unconditional love. If your idea of heaven is competition free and your idea of hell is competition in perfect misery and violence, why would we model earthly systems on one over the other. If heaven is unconditional cooperation and collaboration of souls why would we not use THOSE BOX TOP RULES DOWN HERE?

Can you see it.

Financial markets in competition have no future.

Competitive capitalism is dead dead dead and dying.

Competitive communism and socialism is already buried and those inside it ARE the walking Dead. They lie worse.

Cooperative Capitalism ( three years of the ECONOMIC CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION in Hawaii ) present the box top rules to save the world. Cooperative capitalism is:

  1. Totally reportable
  2. Totally audited
  3. Totally transparent
  4. Ruled by integrity
  5. Has no secrets

This is the system we can hand to the unborn generation and preclude Super Crash and World War but if we fail to create the SOLUTION dynamically, as time is running out my forecasts all come through and will never fail. Economics is unforgiving for error and abuse.

Humanity must grow or they rot. To grow we must resolve three crises:

  1. The crises of removing competition as a thought form.
  2. The crises of INTEGRITY that competition fosters and maintains.
  3. The crises of LEADERSHIP that integrity lacking leaders in competition manifest.

The panama papers and all social elite players are bankrupt in integrity. Putin caught with his buddy broker ( a musician ) with billions tip of ice berg of his robbery of state funds globally placed – goes on press and says its all a US plot ( we call that in competition THE BIG LIE  ) and those who live in fear in competition believe these lies. In cooperation as you illuminate all truth and you illuminate all lies, you delete the liars. By revolution versus complacency.

If you understand the SOLUTION economics of the new world order presented within these commanding ideas, you will appreciate this may be the most important blog in history and in the world today. So share it widely with your lists.

  1. Write an email for me.
  2. Rally your list to subscribe and tell them why – if only to get options and another view of the financial seas they sail upon.
  3. To hear the TRUTH.
  4. To cooperate together by giving positive feedback and views to help our community.
  5. I personally reply to all your comments and tell them they have direct access to me.

You are a GENERAL in the COOPERATION REVOLUTION. There is no side line here. As watch tower awake leaders for integrity and cooperation – you must LEAD. Others will follow. Lead a revolution and subscribe the awake by the millions to JOIN US.

Together we can change the world.

I’m all in for 30 years folks.

I’m all in.

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL Forbes ranked

# 1 Global Business Owner conference in 2015 and 2016 the one CONFERENCE business owners and professionals can not AFFORD TO MISS in 2016. I speak with authority and hold a candle for you in the night. The truth shall set you free this weekend. Thanks for reading and leaving your SHOUT OUT comment for all our reading community.

Press – always available for interviews email my name at gmail


ITS GOOD – WE CAN NOT SEE THE FED FAILING TO MARKET RATE INTEREST as we finally move to economic money supply versus the insanity of free money.


Home land security – advise American’s to proceed feeling fully SAFE to bask in our freedoms and celebrate them collectively this Holiday. Our family is and you should share your gratitude list which includes the following. This thanksgiving our family will thank the unseen hero’s in intelligence – law enforcement – agencies of nations – all over the world who work tireless and without pay and over time to make sure in this hostile market space that WE ARE SAFE. Thank you each and every HERO for you all truly ARE HERO’s to us.

U.S. consumer spending  rose  AGAIN in October as households took advantage of rising incomes to boost savings to their highest level in nearly three years, pointing to moderate economic growth in the fourth quarter. The rise is gradual and controlled. Without the unwanted steep up and downs that create a lack of stability. The world economic system is balancing into a long term stability that bodes well of all of us who bask in our lives world wide.

I was writing an Iran family before this blog. They told me over 70% of their community loves American’s and wants Americans to be tourist and learn as they discover their culture, history, heritage and achievements. I told them the same here. That over 70% of American’s love the Iranian People and want to learn from them. We all agreed there must be a way the other 30% can give up punishing our differences to celebrate what we all share in common with mutual respect. WE see this slow process as the most important progress of all which applies to North Korea, and all nations and peoples truly.

Consumer  spending increases  expectations that the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates next month as other data on Wednesday showed a surge in business spending plans in October and a drop in new applications for unemployment benefits last week. It is time to end free money support which creates unwanted bubbles and risk globally. IT IS SIMPLY TIME. CEO SPACE encourages a FED INTEREST RATE rising policy forward into 2016 to fuel real economic growth in all nations.

“As far as fourth-quarter GDP goes, that is likely to keep estimates close to 2 percent. That’s enough to justify a rate hike as long as next Friday’s employment report is not a disaster,” said Chris Low, chief economist at FTN Financial in New York. Although the experts keep revising after the fact REAL GNP higher. Keep in mind China is the second largest economy soon to be passed by Japan ( who will assume that role again ) and then India who will likely keep it with China being FOURTH. Also it is wise to consider China as number two is a speed bump in defense spending and economic activity compared to the USA being MOUNT EVEREST upon which the entire world depends – hence the dollar is the only SAFE and sane world receive currency standard for a basket of good reasons economically.

Russia didn’t offer its reward for the Plane Bombers in RUBLES. They offered the reward in loud and clear compelling incentives to sane Muslims in ISIS world – in US DOLLARS – for a reason. Their rhetoric to create a basket of currencies in their state controlled funny money is not fooling economists around the world for a second of time. It is foolish and what is needed now is a GRAND COALITION not a competition but a cooperation – thank you FRANCE.

The Commerce Department said consumer spending edged up 0.1 percent after a similar increase in September. That suggests consumer spending, which accounts for more than two-thirds of U.S. economic activity, has slowed from the third quarter’s brisk 3.0 percent annual pace.  UP is the RIGHT direction in the mature leading world economic machine. UP. For Thanksgiving – thank you 35 million small American Business Entrepreneurs for creating all the jobs all the spending all the growth while large firms downsize at year end AGAIN as they move to automation.American leadership in INNOVATION which leads the entire world and its small business massive base is the engine of all national prosperities so the news for Thanksgiving IS GOOD and better. Because it is safe and controlled gradual growth economic expansion is widely based and as planners at the top envisioned. THE BERNIE depression avoidance shock absorbers worked – we can thank him now and we should this Thanksgiving and Marlon Paz of Locke Lord. JOB WELL DONE gentlemen. Thank you President Obama and team for holding the course from crises upon arrival to full employment at Thanksgiving.

But the economy, which expanded at a 2.1 percent pace in the third quarter, could get support from business spending at year end and into 2016 in our opinion at CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL.

In a report just out, the Commerce Department said non-defense capital goods orders excluding aircraft, a closely watched proxy for business spending plans, jumped 1.3 percent last month after rising 0.4 percent in September. More good news.

Coming on the heels of data this month showing a solid increase in manufacturing output in October, it suggested the worst of the drag from a strong dollar and deep spending cuts by energy firms was over.  The market has adjusted for higher interest rates now.

Fed officials had held off raising rates at their last two meetings as they assessed the degree to which dollar strength and a slowing in economies overseas would weigh on the United States.  This caution is what we want from the FED planners. Job well done team.

“The surge in core capital goods orders could be a crucial signal that this important sector of the economy may be at a turning point, further bolstering the Fed’s confidence in the sustainability of the economic recovery,” said Millan Mulraine, deputy chief U.S. economist at TD Securities in New York. We agree….

Manufacturing, which accounts for 12 percent of the economy, has been slammed by the buoyant dollar and energy sector spending cuts. The greenback has gained 18.1 percent against the currencies of the United States’ main trading partners since June 2014.  

The relevant conclusion here – is that the dollar is by far the strongest safe haven currency for world trade with more and more nations basing trade on dollars and in dollars with resolve for the future future. All at ZERO INTEREST. Trillions will buy dollars as Fed interest rises making the dollar even STRONGER. In the world war Iii that is digital attacks on our market – we are winning that war. Now.

The pace of appreciation, however, is gradually slowing. Economists also believe that the bulk of spending cuts by oil field firms like Schlumberger (SLB.N) in response to lower crude prices have already been implemented. A turn around in production can be raised so rapidly now that matching supply to demands in a world drowning in oil is more controlled. Market rate oil price ( THE COST OF EVERYTHING ) being restored from the hidden tax of speculation prices by dark pool and shadow bank greedy speculators who manipulate prices – has been broken with trillions lost by the criminal speculators. Again JOB Well DONE by the world suppliers and governments who broke the speculation. With the cost of everything returning to market rates the power to grow economics globally soars. It SOARS in 2016.

U.S. Treasury debt prices rose modestly, while the dollar hit an eight-month high against a basket of currencies. U.S. stocks were flat. Historic bull markets don’t last this long and the markets know a correction must take place, some bear periods always follow before the next bull roars. This reality is now controlled and moderated thanks to world planners winning. Job well done given the cooperation that is working and the competition which is being REPLACED. Job well done again.


Economists say rising rents and medical costs are diverting money from discretionary spending. While consumer sentiment increased in November from October, households continued to fret over their financial prospects, another report showed. Attitude and confidence will in our opinion follow a few Fed raises to interest and the market realities which will be positive over all and sane. Free money is over and market rates secure rather than threaten economic solid ground. What a journey.

But as the labor market continues to tighten, there is optimism that wage growth will pick up and encourage consumers to loosen their purse strings and boost spending. Many reports show a rising wage gap from Wal Mart to small business is now entrenched and growing as it should and as it must.

A fourth report from the Labor Department showed first-time applications for state unemployment benefits declined 12,000 to a seasonally adjusted 260,000 for the week ended Nov. 21. Claims have now held below the 300,000 threshold for 38 consecutive weeks now, the longest stretch in years, and are near levels last seen in 1973. What nice do you require world markets to BE THANKFUL on THANKSGIVING.

Strengthening labor market conditions are gradually lifting income. This is so much MORE sustainable than rapidly lifting income – hats off again to planning teams at state and nation globally. You getting it RIGHT as we move from competitive capitalism which has failed into cooperative capitalism which is booming. The Commerce Department said personal income increased 0.4 percent last month after rising 0.2 percent in September. Wages and salaries shot up 0.6 percent, the largest gain since May.

Savings increased to $761.9 billion, the highest level since December 2012, from $722.9 billion in September. Higher savings could over time buoy consumer spending.  

There was still no sign of inflation, which has persistently run below the Federal Reserve’s 2 percent target. Make no mistake we want to replace DEFLATION globally with INFLATION world wide and we want to do it gradually and in a controlled model which is also for the first time really working. Our global teams ARE getting cooperative capitalism RIGHT from Greece to Russia as the community of nations begins to focus on WHAT IS THE SAME ABOUT US celebrating THAT and refusing to focus attention on what is different about us all as we give up punishing our differences to celebrate all diversity planet wide. Which is the future we believe at CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL the worlds largest entrepreneur community.

I just completed a global POD CASTE for Jill Lublin best selling author and PR expert – which if you go to her web site you can download FREE. Its a Holiday upbeat for everyone.

A price index for consumer spending rose 0.2 percent in the 12 months through October after a similar rise in September.  Deflation is being slaughtered by these numbers restoring sanity to global markets without the unwanted SPECULATION which is itself illegal actually.

Excluding food and energy, the personal consumption expenditures price index was up 1.3 percent for the 10th straight month. Job well done planners. 

In another report, the Commerce Department said new homes sales jumped 10.7 percent in October, which could allay concerns of a significant slowdown in housing.

It just can’t get better before the Thanksgiving and global Holidays everyone. Celebrate the good news – as it is really GOOD NEWS.

Berny Dohrmann

Happy Holidays