I first wrote about BIT COIN and the rest last year. I predicted Coins would ratio rise to a bitcoin of 20,000 dollars then that would follow with an investor blood bath. Keep in mind with a model of fixed coins against a rising pyramid of buyers at the top when MOST BUYERS are fully IN – the switch to all sell with no buyers collapses the pyramid ( many call this a classic Ponzi economic model ) and investors die a cruel death as they have to date. Those that bought 200 dollar BIT coin are ok but they are few and far behind – most sold out.

So the cycle of low cost bit coins dies off to high priced floor pricing.

As a software Silicon Valley brat – I see first generation technology whether that is an IPHONE ( consider iPhone X ) or an iTunes – or iPod or ipdad – or far worse say WINDOWS ME anyone remember that as Gates Resigned ?

We had to reformat our hard drive several times a week until they released the replacement and WINDOWS ME dies a cruel death costing trillions in productivity. ME was evolutionary technology. The replacement was revolutionary thank you Bill Gates for the SUPER CHANGE quick fix only months after FATAL ME was released. What a sad day for Microsoft back in those early days. Anyone remember ME?

First Generation Technology is always a bitch.

Thats my mantra and I”m sticking to it.

First generation “COINS” are based on first generation math modeling for block chain. The system of validations is fatally flawed and will bow to NEXT GENERATION COINS.

I think block chain will become the way of trade – lower cost and instant and global and superior. I think it will elevate beyond hacking and will become safe. The crucial element. As first generation coin wealth has been hacked stolen and wiped out billions in wealth the first generation remains far from safe. It is a speculation. A casino bet. A new casino bet in economic play grounds. Play at the casino at your own great risk and peril.

In Vegas there is no risk-less risk.

In coins there is no risk-less risk in first generation.

In Vegas you win some you lose more – usually for most of the players.

In coins you win some and you lose more for most of the players.

Its a casino in the first generation. Don’t be fooled.

There is no value model that makes economic sense yet. Not in first generation. There is no there there on safety from hacking and theft ( yet ). The clearings are all new and evolving and hackers are smart and evolving right along side the new casino. Stealing from the casino has no insurance or protection. There is no regulation of this casino new industry – it is the wild wild wilder west – the new bucking horse mustang in town. Put your arms in the air and scream it out as you enjoy the ride of your life. Bet money you can put into a casino. Want to win the jackpot? We’ll see.

So we warned you last year. We were told how crazy and uninformed we were. We then were proved right and those who used our tools and tactics lost zero and those who did not are licking wounds right now with my Blogs often repeated mantra:

….I so wish I listened and followed the data …I so wish I could go back in time and protect my loss …..I so wish…I just so wish it …..

We can buy you books and send your to ( google ) but if you fail to graduate by action than you snooze you lose in Super Change.

Second Generation coins are coming to market but they are not here yet. Today we have 100% first generation math modeling – flawed economic GPS.

Blockchain is pure and good. The outcome of how to harness BlockChain for stability and exchange lowering costs for all humans is good and pure. How to engineer price points to the trading, modeling for the transaction velocity in real time, is a matter for the unfolding future in a new technology on the earth.

The hardware is evolving.

The software is evolving.

Second generation will be REVOLUTIONARY as under development by AIA designer Joshua Phair and others we advise. We see windows into SECOND GENERATION but those superior coins are all in development.

We imagine CRYPTO DOLLARS with basis to value that are missing today. We imagine dark web structural back bones that deconstruct resource calls, validity, and beyond hacking of any nature. A safe Cyrpto DOLLAR as new global currencies truly become revolution to existing modeling. Safe. A real store of value. Without unwanted volatility.

Lower cost transactional modeling.

Unlimited velocity capacity by re-tooling the core economics.

Index Cypto Dollars the world institutionally can and will trust.

We have both AIA coding and testing to get to the there there. There is in the coin first generation no THERE THERE. Wild frontier for your money on the coin casino tables. Gambling is fun. Exciting. A few win. Most lose. Play in the first generation coin casino at your own leisure and risk tolerance. I would not put serious money into the first generation coin markets.

First generation clearing is Childs structure compared to what is coming. We have velocity overwhelm. We have had volume break downs. We have had hacking and theft. We have had disintermediation. We have had unregulated everything to the evaporation of economic loss in untold billions from wealth having zero economic contribution to the world itself. A casino.

COIN CASINO – first generation.

If you think this first generation is anything but a casino play you fail to appreciate the underlining AIA and code setting up first use of block chain to the masses. Speculators with super money and AI in fully UNREGULATED  MARKET SPACE are evolving alogrythems to profit from the casino individuals can not hope to equate to.

AI is taking over first generation casino COINS in global speculation to make money up and down in new range trading. As the foundational aspect of the new coin markets are evolving and no one has RIGHT DATA or ENOUGH DATA or ACCURATE DATA to model the antique first generation coin casino market space – the future is always toward obsolesce. As SECOND GENERATION blockchain evolves – and regulatory frame works come into play – think of 500 SEC SUBPOENAS issued in 2018 – in explorations to regulate – the casino and preclude or moderate greed and wealth loss without economic contribution – no wonder nations are elevating rule based modeling into the future.

Yes nations are exploring block chain for everything from high security emails ( a type of new coin ) to data blocks and files ( another coin ) to transactions between agencies ( another coin ) and general exchange – one waits.

We predict first generation leaders in coin will be like museum collector items in the future market place. Relics of the casino first generation coin age. Collector items.

We predict second generation clearing institutions will retire first generation clearing models for revolutionary solutions beyond the vision of current evolutionist to revolutionist like Joshua Phair and second generation tribes.

We see liabilities beyond loss. Increasingly criminal liability for casino abuse theft fraud and loss in rampant in first generation coins.

Said another way in pure economic speak – coins in first generation are not ready yet for main-street or your street.

If you like gambling have at it – but it calls to mind as others follow you thinking that first generation coins are something they are not – forgive them father for they know NOW what it is that they DO.

IS that YOU?

I talk at conferences to the smarty pants and walk away having seen it all – thinking – there goes some pretty savant idiot smarty pants right there….yes sire reeee – bobbie. Smarty Pants at work. Make a TEE SHIRT –

The tee shirt series will make more than first generation coins as Second Generation retires one market into the new.

RIP TIDES will occur as they do as new technology rises up that revolutionizes versus evolves first generation markets. We have seen it all before. Time and time again.

But there is no winning…with the smarty pants …I smile and tell them all …you got something …yep …you got something right there alrightie – as I walk away thinking of new TEE SHIRT designs. Yes sir reee bobbie.

Regulators have their hands full. As they try and grabble with global new G 100 regulatory frame works for the first generation casino – as they come to market with regulatory first generation frame works – SUPER CHANGE makes all that work obsolete as SECOND GENERATION structures come to market.

Joshua Phair’s team seeks to work with SEC and NSA regulatory planners to construct global values the market can trust. Now that leaves behind in the buss the first generation smarty pants. There probably is a regulatory tee shirt right there – yes sir see bobbie.

But what do I know as an old man retired investment banker economist who calls it as I see it – at age 70 – and put it out from my team work to your dream work for consideration is all. Ok I’m award winning in programing. OK I do have a massive amount of code in Global Patents issued in all nations. OK I did write custom investment banking software that led the entire world. OK I had the first talking hand held device before MAC said HELLO. There is always that.

OK I’ve done my best to track research and monitor first generation coin modeling only to see all the first GENERATION TECHOLOGY disease without a cure. Leave it to second generation to BE THE CURE.

So My advice.


But hey I said that last year and readers lost so much money caught up in what? The GREED SEEEDS? How did all that greed work out for you?


Unless your a gambler. Than play your best odds and good luck to you.

I predict the casino will die a predictable death economically.

A more level playing field WILL develop from BLOCK CHAIN genius taking place world wide at a warp drive SUPER CHANGE pace.