Depending on your charts from 3 TRILLION to 6 TRILLION was wiped out from wealth this week. Take the low number and its a 9 year record not seen since the SUPER CRASH we all remember. This one is NOT OVER YET.

As a recap. This blog told you that the markets would Super Crash in the Spring of 2018. We told you to move out at the peak of the Market in 2017 – 11 times – to diversified insurance investing. We told you in 2015 – again in 2016 – again in 2017 and in January 2018. You can scroll and see how many times and how the data and charts presented the precise time lines – off three weeks total time over three years. We said SPRING 2018 in 2015 and remained on time line – off say three weeks to March over an entire three year period never wavering on time.


How precise and accurate is this BLOG when you reflect? Now?

In two weeks more than 3 trillion was evaporated of personal and corporate and institutional and sovereign nation wealth more than any ten day period in almost 10 years since the last SUPER CRASH and of course its not over yet. Digital incapacity as we told you exceeds software parameters and triggers CASCADE we warned you about a digital first in economics. We told you like the movie poltergeist if you scroll – the digital demons – hey – THEY ARE HERE >>>>

For our readers who did diligence and sold as we called the perfect timing to do so –  the mount Everest base station near the summit  of our record record profits -you absolutely  profit protected their accounts and moved to high return guaranteed diversified insurance investment your nest egg is at peak and growing nicely. You have no loss of sleep. You are so secure safe protected and safe just from reading this blog and acting . Just that saved you


For those who failed to take action you are a mess and saying I WISH I HAD ACTED on what was presented to me – over and over.

Alert your circle.

Share this blog.

You read. You understood. You now see how CORRECT our prediction and timing was precisely against all the other pundit predictions – they were wrong we were right and that record is consistent since 1988.

For those who use the information and apply it they protected their vital nest eggs ( and many institutions ) and for those who did not – you got clobbered by the CASINO CAPITALISM.

So we have three great things going on: MOVING FORWARD


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  2. The tax Reform Act has so far infused over 1 trillion dollars into the USA economics with plant, investment, job creation and economics rising. Billions more are coming monthly all year.
  3. The new BUDGET for the USA is the largest job creation budget in a decade and will add by enormity pre-infrastructure legislation still to come – up bubble economics – to the current long over due correction to forthy market multiples that were over priced. What goes up always comes down nothing keeps going up – in the short term – long term – who cares. Never buy into the casino if your a long term buyer – cost average and keep buying.

Now then 3 trillion is wiped out in two weeks of time – a record in 9 years for WEALTH WIPE OUT. Millions are losing big time. Why? They did not read or did not act on the data and correct information this BLOG reported on WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE. Prophetic – you bet and accurate to precision since 1988.

Now then take to the bank these data points:



The USA has traded a housing bubble for a student loan bubble that is soaring today – how bad is this SUPER DEBT BUBBLE that still troubles us as a PIG in the economic python that must yet rebalance itself? Here is how bad the data looks today:


  • US student loans debt in ten years has now passed a growth of over 200% and stands at over 1.5 trillion dollars in 2018.
  • This total is more than car loans and more than total credit card debt by comparison so you can see that Super Bubble – as both credit cards and car loans have also soared – but student loans lead the DEFAULT pressure on economics at core.  A headwind to total economic recovery like HOUSING SUPER CRASH.
  • 45 Million presently hold 2018 Student loans
  • Almost 10 million of those are in default
  • Defaults on credit cards and car loans are rising from the crash – but student loan defaults out pace all other default categories in total dollars and in % to total almost 10% defaulting which is DESTABLIZING economically to cascade of lender sources.
  • The combination of tax subsidy for tuition- costly building programs during this boom period – adding cost to student rising soaring tuitions where IVY LEAQUE parents sticker shock to 75,000 in annual cost for one student per year – really ?

So is this sustainable. If the student loan crises which it is becomes a SUPER CRASH the cascade will effect all markets.

The second risk on DUH we have in economics is economics 101. It goes like this in the sequence of data review:



  1. Record on line digital click to MARGIN trade have created in casino capital never seen before margin drivers to the market.
  2. Institutional ETF investors off shore not restricted by regulatory issues funnel trillions in bank and related core deposit reserves into casino capitalism margin grades not are customary leverage but at SUPER DEBT BUBBLES including 10,000 super money pools and sovereign nation funds – at up to 50 to 1 margin investing.
  3. As 3 trillion wipes out the industry is now CASCADING – this means margin lenders are calling for cash to the margin calls – this creates lakes of money evaporating – the driver to the markets globally is – circulation – and now we are in DEFLATION not INFLATION and we once again in this SUPER CRASH are experiencing REVERSE CIRCULATION – the water in money pools is evaporating.
  4. Contagion from the CASCADE is DEFAULT CASCADES that sweep across the world as WIPE outs created from SUPER MARGIN DEBT BUBBLES rock financial institutions. NO TARPA or silver bullets remain to save financial institutions in the event of DEFAULT CASCADE – our highest economic warning for casino capitalism as we reported if you scroll.
  5. LED or LIQUIDITY EVAPORATION DAY occurs without warning as the system of circulation freezes up – this occurs with record down trading – with all software selling and no buyers buying and the circulation ceases – the system freezes and it is impossible to restart. That is the RISK ON everyone is trying to moderate right now this weekend.

Margin calls next week is the OTHER SHOE DROPPING if the market does not soar back – so watch for that – as all the kings men and all the kings horses try with billions to put Humpty Dumpty back together again – but can they in the digital casino software controlled – can they any longer – we think vital shock absorbers and breaks of 2008 are simply GONE. We’ll see.

This is so serious nations are asking core institutions to buy around the clock this weekend – globally – to stablize the margin call events and reverse the markets before a SUPER DEBT CASCADE OF DEFAULTS AND MARKET MARGIN CALLS creates LED. Are we in panic mode? WE are close and very close.


Because – of the largest % of the global trading is now software engaged without human moderations to the market taking place in digital space. This first time ever market can not be compared to prior markets which is the WHY 3 TRILLION was wiped out so fast without any pre warning when earnings were all great. Just like we told you and warned you.

A few of our tribe were calling some caution but now one suggested SUPER CRASH but David Stockman last year – when he wrote GET OUT OF THE CASINO following our 11 earlier same story reporting. WE STOOD ALONE in trying to protect all our readers all over the world. This blog was right. Precise and accurate in fire wall to your own  nest egg planning and execution options for consideration. Those that understood and just held  that one drop of courage greater than their fear and ACTED are safe today out of harms way  and peaked out in gains with full profit protected at absolute peak. Those who did not – are in pain and suffering  on the drop. We are sorry truly.

We’ll keep a light on for you. No one can predict what is coming next. We are in serious concern over software AXIS of EVIL short selling to destroy the west with digital weapons as were used in 2008 so successfully – where with digital trading in control of the casino today and the consolidation to the % of all circulation being less than 10,000 super money pools all controlled by software – for the first time in history – we are vulnerable to digital weapons. Risk on. Market risk on globally. Digital attacks. READ KEVEIN FREEMANS THE SECRET WEAPON to GET SMART as this firing is happening all over again on Monday we suspect.


Our enemies can make  trillions in digital weapon profits  while we close our banks and the system fails time. WILL THEY DO IT IN ASYMMETRIC WARFARE?  That is a final risk to watch for – and if nations the AXIS OF EVIL – North Korea – Russia – Iran – and others as   they did in 2008 -FIRE THE DIGITAL WEAPONS and you see our side once again  make it a crime to short sell on markets world wide – you will know the HIROSHIMA of DIGITAL ECONOMIC WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION ARE FIRING and the damage is already done….too late to be great. That will be your sign to know – and of Course we are going to tell you first. 

There is zero protection to the digital bombing of casino market space globally until and unless as we have called for here – and in my book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION – for FIVE YEARS NOW BUT NO LEADER IS LISTENING IN TIME  -THAT  THE G 100 HOST AN ECONOMIC CONSTITUTIONAL CONFERENCE TO RE-REGULATE THE FRAME WORK FOR DIGITAL TRADING GLOBALLY – the world is vulnerable as never before until this digital regulatory reframe is engineered into law. We are vulnerable in economic system world wide as never before in history to digital attack on financial markets. A bit complex to detail out here – but the book the SECRET WEAPON sets it all out for the readers. Get your copy your hair will turn gray with the negligence of world leadership most of whom have read the book by Kevin Freeman a friend and ally in this work – our cry into the darkest night – because – hey its all new and digital.

Remain economically clear on the GPS of this truth:

the laws are all local and the trades are all unregulated in the cloud

In 2018 the failure of nations to cooperate versus compete to create an entirely new regulatory frame work for digital global markets and trade is the core cause of any system failure of the post world war II system at core.

As leaders tend to be short term and kick issues down the road until the issues are catastrophic when they tackle the innovations to transform old system models into forward system inventions – we are hostage to the human primary illness – thats the way we have always done it.

In the digital new casino capitalism market great vulnerability for 7 billion of us is now before us because of failure by leadership to be resolving the core issues of their systems gone digital in a short time frame requiring new regulatory frame work globally – and the laws which are today not global versus local. That is the law of global digital transformation from the old way to todays reality. RISK ON.

So we now see if the panic in leadership can with capital circulation jaw boning all weekend, restore stability in the old system which may be under digital attack to collapse the entire system by digital weapons. The VELOCITY ACCELERATION AND MOMENTUM of trading if financial institutions are threatened – will with that VAM become the clue a digital weapon is firing at our global markets – more effective than a nuke – truly.

We’ll see.

You’ll see.

Stay tuned. You’ll hear it all first here. You know the lingo and what IS going on OUT There – really and truly all over again this weekend.

Hey – enjoy the prosperity – its all a great dance have a great weekend with children and family – just like we are . As you can prosper in any market and we’ll tell you how – just know the landscape and risk winning – do that ….and do it with a great weekend we will join you.