The recover from 2007 have been unequal strange and outside any prior economic history. The recovery is segmented economics. This occurs from:

  1. Obama changed the way we count unemployment. Long term unemployed of some 30 million where just whacked off the count. This makes PHONY ECONOMICS. The Unemployment in America of say 3% as a rate is actually around 8.5% if we count what used to appear on the same charts. But we no longer do THAT. One reason we have zero wage inflation zero inflation and no labor SHORTAGE.
  2. Economic recovery is geographically not equal. Some areas are not recovered at all. Some areas are still in deep recession – see FLINT and many other effected markets. The recovery is spotty and unequal.
  3. The 2007 consolidation of wealth has created 1% owning more wealth than 99% ( fact ) and core liquidity is being effected in many markets.
  4. Market disintermediation is occuring. Massive lay off’s are occurring in sectors – starting with a many year decline in manufacturing output numbers and sector declines in jobs. Massive lay offs are occurring as dumps continue into the job markt which SMALL BUSINESS ( our CEO SPACE Sector ) is booming and growing and picking up the huge lay off’s of the larger institutions down sizing.
  5. Phony math suggests consumer buying and confidence is higher than it truly is. In real economics consumers are cautions taking on less debt and saving more – thinking a Super Crash can come at any time with no warning at all.


If consumer economics is as wonderful as the phony stat reporting suggests then what is happening in retail. Let look at year end 2019 with some sobriety in economics. SUPER CHANGE can not be more pronounced than in retail sector this past few years. Let us look at the math modeling here:

  1. Mall closures alone have reached 4,087 this year, a 140% increase year over year from the 1,696 closures in 2018, according to Bank of America. Imagine the jobs effected here in a two year spiral – death spiral for malls.
  2. n 2019, more than 9,100 stores have closed across the country, according to Bank of America, which believes this year’s number is the highest of any single year in economic record keeping. EVER. Think of those jobs gone. This is ONE YEAR FOLKS.

Now think of how GREAT and SOLID you see the actual recovery. It is for this reason TRUMP admonishes the FED and their obsolete out of date – passed up in SUPER CHANGE: Read my book – these stats are US ITS WORSE GLOBALLY ….as major financial firms all predict lower profit in 2020 and are downsizing from Morgan to EU to Asia by year end – huge lay offs….

You’ll see what IS UP for 2020 following this Holiday. Leaders are now defined by their capacity to remain ahead of SUPER CHANGE.

These stats are SUPER CHANGE STATS.

ICON the 80 year hostile raider is betting in casino capitalism – in side bets once illegal enormous capital that could invest to create jobs employment and futures – in bets that more MALLS WILL FAIL TO PAY THEIR MORTGAGE. If his casino capital side betting pays off ICON makes 400 million or MORE. If they fail ICON loses a boat load of asset resources for what? BETTING?

Congress engrossed in phony economics for political re-election ( its all rosey out there do not worry ) has no capacity to solve our problems as they fiddle into impeachment while Rome ( THE USA ) burns itself to the ground.

Terror now uses fires. Billions upon BIllions lost annually in record fires and plan fires multiple plan fires in Texas just this year and other states – all TERROR FIRES – Terror now uses fires and never gets caught in their plan to bankrupt us. One fire at a time. Patience. It is all  so easy fire.

Saudi Arabia comes out in minister force today stating WE ARE NOT RUNNING OUT OF MONEY.

I should hope not the Puppy King just got 24 billion from his ARAMCO OFFERING and just in time. Why? Saudi was running completely out of money. They forced OPEC into cuts neither PUTIN nor anyone including SAUDI WILL HONOR. WIth reduced oil the supply is so glut as DEMAND FALLS OFF A CLIFF – so that surplus rises and oil price goes down down down the rabbit hole – down Monday Tuesday Weds – wait for it. DEMAND IS DRYING UP AT A SPEED OF SUPER CHANGE. Opec has no clue what to do.

Pumping less with clients unwilling to pay more is well – death spiral economics for OPEC. OPEC will from here forth:

  1. Pump less as demand is gone – drying up – compressing at SUPER CHANGE SPEEDS
  2. Price is falling for oil no one wants
  3. Supply is in storage there is way too much oil and no demand – demand is no longer growing demand is net falling.
  4. Oil numbers from OPEC are pure lies
  5. OPEC is a criminal organization artificially elecating oil market price so you pay not 75 cents per gallon in America but 2.18 – which was 4.50 then 3.50 then 2.50 and now plunging. OPEC CRIMINALS are being shunned world wide past lip service.

THE LARGEST SUPER CHANGE in commodities is taking place with plunging values.

The world has ZERO INFLATION.

All inflation numbers.

The WORLD from the 2007 crash entered extreme protracted DEFLATION ECONOMICS and deleveraging. The bandaide failed policy of the FED have made things much worse. Which is our WHY the FED needs to must be merged by congress back into US TREASURY. Keep all its functions but now not independent from congress oversight but subject finally and fully to such oversight -as FED POLICY is a crime against America.

While Congress Fiddles bankes globally have run OUT OF DOLLARS. The Fed is pumping 100’s of billions of cash into the system to assure the fragile system does not lock up worse than 2007 – as daily the system runs out of DOLLARS required to keep the system liquid.

Tomorrow we find out if BRIT EXIT is on or off by the vote. We’ll all see.

The EU is so fragile with debt bomb nations on the brink and no solution in the RECOVERY THAT IS NOT …..

The best space to be – entrepreneur space – own your own venture or business. That one space is thriving in all markets. An economy of its own.

CEO SPACE forges ( as we are this week in Dallas ) switched on turned on CEO SPACE COMMUNITIES. It is exciting.


So with all the good news – and we think markets will roll up to highs to year end – with adjustments in 2020 and then super volatility all year with moves to a pretty strong year in 2020 surprising everyone. We will see on that.

You do not have to be an economists to review some of the stats at year end we present to you here.

Stats you don’t get in one place anywhere really. Not all at once.







So Assim arrives here in AMerica ( legally ) to do the American Dream. You know.

The streets are paved with pure Gold in America.

He was so glad. His parents parked him in Chicago.

He graduated from High School in America from Pakistan.

A conservative hard working Christian Pakistani family.

He would grow up marry a Pakistani girl and be so proud of his two children presently under the age of 12.

He worked very hard.

He acquired a town house iN Chicago and a mortgage ( sub prime )..

Assim was no home much.

He drove cab in Chicago.

Assim worked six days a week sometimes seven.

Assim works in his cab 18 hours a day – each day.

He is up before the sun and home long after the sun sets.

The day I met Assim he had waited for 5.5 hours at Ohare Airport for a ride ( me ).

The ride was not long on a 68 dollar pretty typical cab ride to my hotel. I gave Assim a large tip. He almost cried.

We talked about all this for the entire time.

The American Dream.

He noted that he had in around the year 2005 when things were booming back then – borrowed the money to own his own car and madillian. The Price of the cab madillian before UBER and Lyft was $ 250,000. Assim is paying on the Madilian and car he drives forever plus his sub prime town house.

As a Chicago CITY CAB Assim can not deliver guests out of city limits of Chicago without charing time and a half. He made sure I knew THAT before I got in his car – respectfully – knowing I could just roll down and wait for Lyft and a lower cost.

The rules in the Streets are paved with Gold have become so onerous for Assim.

  • He has to charge time and a half its the law
  • He has to have a real time camera in his cab on all the time its the law
  • He has to carry commercial driver insurance very costly
  • He has to pay annual dues and fee’s
  • He can’t in dropping me off outside Chicago City limits – 90 % of all rides fall into that zone – meaning Assiam may not pick up or wait and pick up or carry a fair back from my location he must drive back empty.

Uber and Lyft have none of those restrictions. They wait at the airport for 25 minutes to get a ride. They don’t pay any of Nassim cost and they don’t have to charge 1.5 times the rate. They can pick up where they drop off. They don’t carry commercial driver insurance. They don’t have madilllian ownership at $ 250,000 with debt and interest to pay for the ownership of your business car and state medallion. They pick up and drop off anywhere and the fairs are not set by the state the city the country or other cities. No red tape at all.

I thought I Nancy Pelosi where Gov. of ILLINOIS the regulations for Assim would double and triple until he joined her homeless tribe the largest on earth. I thought if Donald Trump were governor of the state of Illinois ( love him or hate him ) Assim regulatory burden would be lowered.  He might be able to stay in his cab. How shattered is Assim’s American Dream today?

Why does Assim not just switch over to Lyft.

His payments on his 250,000 madillian is one reason.

Today the madialian cost if anyone would even buy one – has dropped to around 19,000 cash in Chicago. 18 hour a day – 5.5 hour waiting at the Chicago airport Assim to pick ME UP – has LOST 90% of his asset value for his cab business. He was once proud to be an owner. He thought his madillian would sell for over $ 400,000 to help put his young children through college and retire him into another business. Today Assim says that in five or seven years there will be no taxi business in NEW YORK or in Chicago. Nassim said the final shoe falling is self driving cars. NO need for Assim at all.

Assim  says he can see the handwriting on the wall.

He said Mr. Dohrmann if I go to Lyft I’d still want commercial insurance – as driving this much you will have an accident. I don’t want risk of losing my town house too. I want something for my children. I thought my town house and the medallion investment  WAS the AMERICAN Dream. I did everything I thought was right. I work so hard. I never complain. I’m grateful to be American. I ‘m a citizen today and I cried when they swore me in. But I do not have a future now. I’m older now. Where do I go? What do I do?

What IS the AMERICAN DREAM today?

                                                                      I SPENT SOME EXTRA TIME ON THE CURB BY MY HOTEL

Giving Assim some new fresh options for him to think about. Assim was so grateful to learn about options he never suspected existed at all.

As I checked to speak at a JAM PACKED CONFERENCE in Chicago this weekend I thought long and hard about the people attending the Conference on a planet as far far away from Assim and his half day wait for even one ride, seven days a week, with snow on the ground in Chicago about the course and direction n 2020 of the GREAT AMERICAN DREAM.



PS: Assim used to return home to see his family in Pakistan twice a year. Now he returns once every five years as the trips grow less and less as his income plunges through no fault of his own – within rules that should be reset today – and rising costs. In Pakistan everyone thinks Assim is super wealthy because after all….he is AMERICAN……….


I gave Assim a copy of my book SUPER CHANGE – to help him think out of his Chicago cab box – in America its all about your options.





In 2014 as reported here economics SUPER CHANGED. The global systemic change was the most dramatic core shift in economcis in Human History. Thats right. Listen to me. Pay attention.

In 2014 over 50% of all economic trading and capital flows were completed by AI or Artificial intelligence.

By 2019 November 96% of all 440 trillion in capital trade settlement upon all asset classes ( all fully maximally leveraged ) are controlled outside central bank and nation regulatory laws and frame works – by AI.

In 2019 AI is now writing its own DEEP LEARNING improvement code. AI is evolving. Humans are no longer controlling the evolution. The Source code of the rapidly Super Changing AI is now outside human understanding as a base line. So two firsts:

  1. AI controls 440 trillion in circulations of all asset class trade completions. AI controls 570 trillion dollars of derivative completions globally in the casino side betting markets the industry calls hedging we call speculation and gambling economics.
  2. AI writing its own code is now SUPER CHANGING outside human capacity to adapt into the change we ourselves invented. ECONOMICS is now entirely new – never seen before in human history and unfolding and super changing too rapidly to over sight regulate or control future outcomes all going where no man has gone before.

AI seeks to moderate risk and while maximizing profits under pin riskless risk to Super Crashes and value inappropriate cycles. Can AI do that over time. None of us know really.

At year end 2019 with an 18% equity average up bubble on the year – we see Morgan and economists failing to adapt to Super Change. We call this predicting the future in warp drive by looking in the rear vision mirror driving forward. Economist predicting from old charts and old economics that no longer apply in fact have been wrong all decade and are wrong all ten months of 2019.

We predicted accurately:

  1. May – lower summer volume and a time of SUPER VOLATILITY
  2. Oct – if we got through October without a Super Crash all time record high values by November
  3. 2020 – Record year end wealth effect and 3500 DOW into 2021 – with some unknowns in election outcomes

Today we have record wealth in equities world wide – all asset classes world wide – real estate world wide – bonds world wide and a market AI ECONOMIC HEALTH that has the longest expansion in human record keeping with no end in sight. AI seeing trade deals for China South America and Japan as starters to 2020 is betting on record wealth continuing.

Morgan starting outcomes in the 2020 decade will be BLEAK will rue those words and eat those words. WHY?

Well sorry Morgan you have not read my smash best seller – and all of you on Wall Street need to gift this one book to your ten best customers – you all do as business owners – click: ( Be FIRST just out now ) SUPER CHANGE – Amazon Prime gift wraps and send your ten clients the GIFT ( tax write off ) tomorrow – you get repeat buying and referral from the gift – trust me and leave a 5 star review for me as a reader:

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2020 is with ups and down in election year dynamics marching into 3500 Values. Morgan says we won’t repeat 18% in 2019. Are you kidding me Morgan – get your eyes and economists into reading SUPER CHANGE and look out of the screen in warp drive AI economics and Super Change. Rear Vision Mirror Economics are LOSER CALLS and investors are going to enjoy economic convergence not seen since 1850’s. The entirely new industrial economics lifting all values and bets includes the industrial new ramps of economics into ECONOMIC CONVERGING INDUSTRIES:


  1. 5G a 100 foot pipe replacing a 4 inch pipe 4G – with 4 billion devices rolling over as an economic by itself 2020 – 2021
  2. AI – smart homes – self driving transportation – health to economics – AI will become self aware and a new species
  3. Quantum – computing – transportation – problem resolving – 1000 q bits organic and graphene mother boards – Super Change
  4. Health – Longevity – DNA repair kits – retro youth – real time consciousness back up – transhuman immortality
  5. Communication – 5D – Holograms – and modeling virtually like the world has ever known from sex to organics
  6. Agriculture revolutions – all organic zero fertilizer or pesticides – 90% less water 35% crop yield gains – SUPER CHANGE
  7. HABITAT – floating self sustaining environmental cities – space communities and resorts and manufacturing
  8. ENTERTAINMENT – Three Screen – Holographic – NEXT GENERATION ENTERTAINMENT – virtual amusement parks
  9. ECONOMICS – AI economic evolutions to unlimited low cost energy non polluting and storage in new mediums – smart water
  10. Multi Verse communication and travel – faster than light use of resources and knowledge intergalactic industrial base

The New Book SUPER CHANGE the ideal stocking stuff and low easy gift for this Holiday for your circle – lays out a future that is beyond your present imagination and the process to remain current and relevant as a LEADER in switched on turned on home space and work space.

The Future is coming with vastly ACCELERATING SUPER CHANGE. How do you cope?

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Do My Readers on one global principle: The PRESS loves to REPORT on the most negative spin to everything – world wide?;

Filling up your mind in an ocean of good news – solid optimism’s – with software of the mind of little water by ways of negative whirl pools that have zero effect upon the SEA in which we reside together upon in safe calm waters today?

Take a mental vacation from all that bad news – all those little whirl pools. Now ask yourself – in integrity:

  1. What news item this year has effected your business profit and circle and world really? None? Not really?
  2. How well and solidly are you doing?
  3. Do you realize your inside the best global market of any adult’s entire life time?
  4. Do you wish to limit the whirl pools you steer around and away from and focus on sunshine sailing into 2021 in calm seas?
  5. You bask in record wealth in real estate stocks bond and all asset classes and NO END IN SIGHT no RECESSION.

Will the markets close at 31,000? For the first time in Human History? It has a strong YES possibility for all of us. The sling shot of economics that come from:

  1. Trade war turning into TRADE DEALS – Japan – South America and China for starters and more on the way. HUGE !
  2. Return of business investment from the TRADE DEALS replacing trade squeals.
  3. Return of manufacturing at a low today and only up is what comes next as trade deals create manufacturing deals.

The state of the world economy is strong and due to central bank management and national stimulations is only getting more robust. The 5G revolution and FOUR BILLION DEVICES upgrading in 2020 and 2021 is an entire recession proofing economy in its own right. AI economics on circulations is new and promises a long term expansion like the entire planet of communities and nations has never known before due to the entirely new AI economics we call INTEGRATION.

To year end we suggest to all our readers 60% outside the USA that:

  1. You invest in success as never before
  2. Invest and save taxes on GROWTH into March 2020
  3. Build MOMENTUM at year end and early in NEW YEAR

Those models 1-2-3 require objective thinking. Step back as the first best mentor for you own income box – and 12 feet away as an outsider – a mind game – you look at YOUR BOX as a whole – whole-listically  – become far more objective. See your GOAL WALL of income and growth for your own box. Now imagine is your wake in 2017 – 2018 – 2019 wiggling to the goal wall? How can you take out those wiggles. What steps can YOU the consultant to your own box ( being far more objective for a 90 minute think session on the HOW you can make your wake a more direct line in 2020 to your income goal wall by 2025. ) Work smarter not harder.



  1. How can I get off line and in line to relationship with customers more.
  2. How can I stop hiding behind email force fields as a weaker field and develop greater relationship capital as a stronger field?
  3. I wish remain current and relevant in the NEW AGE OF SUPER CHANGE.  How?
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BernY Dohrmann

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…we told you if we got through Oct without a Super Crash a 35,000 DOW was possible in 2020 …even with impeachment….and Trump wins the election….by a landslide….so we’ll see as a nation divided …everyone knows is neither safe stable or of the future a united nation commands… are we all today world wide? Perhaps we should unite together on the real issues? Can we do that in the AI brain washing in which we all swim? This Blog news is a life preserver for those seeking a lighthouse of TRUTH in the middle of a shit storm of lies and brain washing….free and thank you each new subscriber thank you for sharing and caring and we promise to do our best for you today and every day:

B Dohrmann


What IS the Federal Reserve Board? First it is not OF the United States. The Fed is a private stock corporation. The Corporation was set up around 1907 by criminal bankers. The Criminal bankers mostly New York Based rushed through an 80 page act of congress ( written by the FED criminal bankers – barely passing – scroll this site for FED in your search ) – granting their corporation exclusive “AUTHORITY” from the US CONGRESS to move monetary policy and printing money away from the US TREASURY and by the 80 page act a contract between the USA and the criminal bankers ( they wrote not congress wrote all in secret bums rush through congress 1906 when the pony express delivered mail ) as , constitutional authority to print US currency MOVED from the US TREASURY ( where that authority belongs 2020 and beyond in fact ) over to the criminal bankers. The result has been in part:


  1. Immediate instability in monetary outcome and the first world wide depression of 1907 and World War I.
  2. A successive worse global DEPRESSION from a super bubble the Fed financed in 1929 Crash and world war II
  3. The 1970’s oil embargo and global crash
  4. The Reagan Recession
  5. The Jimmy Carter hyper inflation with 21 rate of interest prime rate and resulting recession into Reagan years
  6. 1987 Stock Market Crash
  7. 2000 DOT.BOMB Crash in technology
  8. 2007 Super Crash and world recession
  9. REPO MARKET INSTABILITY taking place in 2020
  10. Permanent balance sheet of trillions never seen before – a drug the FED can’t take the market off of

The Fed and criminal bankers ( all of the too big to jail have pled guilty as Fed controlling share holders to decades of crimes bigger than all economic crimes from all other criminals combined into one much larger than say impeachment as a crime with evidence and already pled guilty to endless crimes over decades – criminal bankers control your money because YOU ALLOW IT  )  so your criminal banker gang in charge of the FED plead guilty ( all of them )  to the worst financial crimes in human history – the theft of the wealth of nations across the world.

The Fed is a criminal institution that has no magic bullet that is the cause of all economic pain and until the FED IS MERGED BACK INTO US TREASURY as the worst act of congress ( establishing the Fed ever ) the risk of global economic collapse and World WAR III remains unusually HIGH all because of the FED. BRAIN WASHING IS WHY YOU BELEIVE OTHERWISE…PURE AND SIMPLE: CLICK AND UNCOVER THE TRUTH….or SEARCH FED HERE AND READ THE HARD DATA …..

Economic ignorance keeps the Fed agency in power, as even the law makers generationally are so ignorant they now believe the FED “is” an agency of the US Government with checks and balances. The FED is a con job – a pure scam – a fraud – using the name FED as evidence of FRAUD – having zero check and balances. The Fed has no audits – no accounting- no reporting – no agency can over turn a Fed decision – the Fed has the APPEARANCE of oversight when it has zero – no one knows who owns its stock how it shares it ungodly gains and profits and no agency of nation can over rule a FED decision – none – the 80 page ACT of Congress needs to be REVOKED AND MERGE THE FED AND ITS PROCESSES BACK INTO THE US TREASURY where in digital AI we have real check balance and accounting just like the founding fathers required of us in our US constitution – violated completely by the illegal unconstitutional FEDERAL RESERVE ACT.

Fed Panic took place this summer. It requires some education. The FED is opaque and not forthcoming with anything transparent. We’ll work to help our readers most outside the USA to understand our FED which is just like your own central bank problem. Panic looks like member banks ( all of the banks ) running out of money – running dry – running out of liquidity to operate. THAT IS FED PANIC which took place this summer and continues weekly to this very day. REAL PANIC without solutions. If you Scroll and search this site for FED – you’ll see more reports on all this than you may desire or require.


So Janet Yellin – just the worst Federal Chair person of all time takes us down the yellow brick road to her wizard of Oz who is not a wizard at all Powell behind the curtain with no magic what so ever: ( I see Janet as the image here so you get a more clear model ) :

  1. Janet raises interest rates way too fat way to frequently way too high each time killing the global recovery for economic reasons we well reported. Here.
  2. Next Janet destroyed normalization of the critical bond markets of the world by drying up bond market global liquidity. She did this by selling way to much way to rapidly way to frequently ( monthly ) in an unstable still and fragile bond market trying to recover from the worst SUPER CRASH since 1929 ( caused by Bernanke and the FED ) – as she sold over 50 billion dollars a MONTH into the Bond markets drying up bond market cash at 500 billion every ten months – and POWELL CONTINUED that terrible policy at a terrible time until ..well…he just could not without catastrophic system destruction at core.
  3. Janet lied to the world saying this liquidity drain would be like watching paint dry. It was more like sand blasting the paint Janet.

The Fed created the worst SUPER BUBBLE in what since the GREAT DEPRESSION of 1929 was the most safe remaining market place. Fed criminal bankers destabilized global mortgage markets by creating structured asset agreements into mortgage pools of mortgage contracts, than regional pools, than national or super pools of these contracts finally Super Duper Global Pools of these contracts. The Criminal master minds mixed absolute crap SUB PRIME Mortgages into the pools at ratio levels that made the pools rated by criminal private ( paid by the criminal bankers ) unregulated credit rating agencies – AAA CREDIT the highest rating for government reserves to invest in. Fortunes were lost by nations from Iceland to Norway never to be recovered in wealth evaporations into the 2007 SUPER CRASH of Criminal Fed creation – allowing its shareholder banks to profit than getting US TAX PAYERS to bail out the bad bets made by the criminal banker shareholders of the criminal FED.

The FED is a criminal banking institution operating with zero regulatory oversight because INDEPENDENCE means not what the FED SAYS but it means – CRIME PAYS. When you hear criminals talk about independence from regulations think CRIME PAYS only hear CRIME PAYS WHEN YOU HEAR INDEPENDENCE. Nothing good comes from CRIME PAYS. Zero. Keeping you voters ignorant inside a FAKE NEWS BUBBLE you are brain washed to believe the FED are HIGH PRIESTS OF MONEY with your own interest at heart. The only interest criminal bankers care about is THEIR OWN INTEREST and how the next crime might steal the wealth of the nation for themselves. CRIME PAYS.

So in early September the FED has not stopped its liquidity drain of the bond markets. This became a problem when bank core liquidity evaporates. This took place in the over night repo market. What is this market anyway? Well let me do a bad job of explaining the core economics you can share when you circulate this blog. Hopefully the light goes on inside your own brain.

Hollywood needs to make a movie THE FED – with car chases and a plot where as it all comes down to in fighting Janet murders Powell and Bernanke to save  herself but then is killed by Greenspan who commits suicide rather than go to prison at his age. Its just a movie folks…I”m just saying the car chases and murder scenes the FED can be a life action hero endless BINGE WATCH on NETFLIX. Call me I’ll have the first script out in a week……or just watch …its all happening in real time…..folks if the Fed bankers fund the movies the FED well …how would that movie ever get funded? Call me legacy social investors and I’ll make the movie with your investment – say 50 million to change the world to sanity? One Movie reaches 2 billion – the FED. Well its a screen play in my own mind at least……I’d buy popcorn and go see it…You?



So all summer Powell continues Yellins DUMP CRAP BONDS back into the market moving our own Fed 5 trillion dollar never seen before ever BALANCE SHEET of CRAP ASSETS we bought to avoid the entire crash of the core system – assuring enough money in circulation by putting 5 trillion of USA TAX DOLLARS we printed out of air – into the world – and now we are getting all that cash back by selling the crap we bought – back to a fragile bond market place at 50 billion large a month.

Can you smell and see paint drying on the wall – as Janet Yellin said the market would buy all this back from the FED as Fed Shareholders because the bank buyers are children and because Daddy ( the FED ) said so – ask no questions – we said so is all.

Well that worked for a short time frame – 2018 to 2019 September. We wrote and wrote how destabilizing the paint drying really was and that LIQUIDITY EVAPORATION DAY ( LED DAY ) IS COMING. Till our readers went blind reading about LED day. Oh and we were the lead voice on the fact of it all in the entire world. HERE. First. Accurate. RIGHT AGAIN.


  1. Think of the overnight repo market as a process to get interest on your own surplus reserves. A big bay with a 25 foot over night high tide.
  2. Banks going dry on cash to operate – use the surplus cash from banks who are not dry – averaging the water – day to day on shortage and over water – in one giant FED BAY equalizer. Not exactly precise but you get the principle.
  3. Banks pay other banks OVERNIGHT for the privilege of using surplus cash. Banks with excess liquidity get CASH overnight on those funds. The rate is set by the FED in a range say 1.6% overnight REPO RATE.
  4. in September comes LED day. The entire system has no cash. The REPO over night market lakes enough cash in flood tide  to fill the bank so low on cash all you heard in September was the drain sound….no cash.
  5. The Fed rate of 1.6% soared so that banks that held any cash surplus got 10% in a REPO spike the world had NEVER SEEN BEFORE. The Fed panic into bone marrow flooded the banks with 150 billion in cash in 72 hours not 72 days or even three months just 72 hours.

Since the LED day in September the CONFIDENCE of criminal bankers in the FED is reduced. Liquidity crises in over night bank liquidity is now SYSTEM CRITICAL EMERGENCY/ When? Why every night. Every single night. Why?

The banking system has run out of cash to operate. Why? The Fed rained way too much liquidity out of the system way to often way to frequently and way to deep each time. RIGHT AGAIN. The FED has created a liquidity systemic crises of cash in the banking system circulation dynamic. The Fed is a board of 12 criminal pricks who steer the economics of the world in a new AI ECONOMY they deny exist and fail to understand. AI is now controlling liquidity.


The Fed operates by legal contracts with its criminal member bank shareholders.

The Criminal banks following 2007 are now merged to INVESTMENT BANK owners who owe zero allegiance to the FED . The INVESTMENT Banks only want access to low cost Fed cash at the Fed bank window to use that cash from their bank reserve subsidiaries they bought and now own ( all the large banks ) where bank deposits can be used for wild speculations in growing derivative markets ( hybrid economic agreements all unregulated off shore ) the very cause of the 2007 system destruction. Today the Derivative World Market is over 570 TRILLION DOLLARS all traded by AI. Since the 2007 market crash the following new events have created a new AI economy never seen before by modern nations or human beings – a first. We now proceed into the future in a post world war II economic system that has SUPER CHANGED outside all regulatory control influence or oversight – and which now goes where no man has ever gone before….entirely new never experienced before AI ECONOMICS:

  1. In 2007 the entire derivative market place was under 100 trillion dollars US.
  2. Today the fastest growing economic market place is 570 derivative market place all traded by AI in nano seconds
  3. The stock and bond market passed 50% AI control in 2014
  4. In 2019 the stock and bond markets were 96% AI controlled as investors plowed money into AI managed funds
  5. AI is trading 440 trillion in traditional economics and 570% in speculation side bet economics of derivatives daily

AI operates outside regulatory frame works of nations.  Regulations are all local to the blue sky of nations. The trades all occur in the unregulated global clouds. Without A G 100 RE-REGULATORY RE-THINK as called for and blue printed in my guide book for the future – REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION – the AI economics can not end well coming up.


So you know the truth.

You do not need credentials in investment banking or economics to know the truth and reality. The Truth includes this data:

  1. We are at the final end of the longest boom expansion in reported human record keeping ever.
  2. The correction that ends the boom always has a relationship to the height of the boom – and the length of the boom
  3. The global economy is slowing down like the Fed breaks were put upon it – which they were as we set forth here
  4. The economics of the world are effected by trade wars tariffs and the largest change in post war trading ever effected
  5. Confidence from consumers to corporations has created a manufacturing recession since 2017 as consumer spending slows

Confidence by the investment bankers of the world in the FED has been shattered and those at the top of AI money circulations know in 2020 that a new reality has arrived. First the FED are idiots. Second the Fed has lost control of markets and now the AI is in control and the investment bankers control the AI outside any nation or FED Control. But the investment bankers own the banks and they do not want the banks to fail.

Outside the FED or the investment banker control is REAL MARKET LIQUIDITY in markets never seen or known before. AI markets.


The market is addicted today to FREE MONEY with negative interest world wide to lubricate liquidity flows. Ten years of global free money ( never seen before in any economy ) has been used in wild Super Bubble price manipulations via speculative derivatives now price manipulating all asset classes outside nation and institution controls. Look ma AI is in control and zero regulations. It all just occurred too fast ( SUPER CHANGE ) for human beings to adapt into.

2019 September the MONEY ALAMO.

September AI dries up liquidity. More banks had no liquidity thank banks with surplus could cover overnight. The global overnight banking repo markets hit the drain sound in the bottom of the cash swimming pool. NO MONEY LEFT ma?

The FED seeing its 1.6% rate moved to 10% in seconds – flew 150 billion into the banking system now dry to the drain. Which fixed nothing in 72 hours. The Fed has dropped billions NIGHT AFTER NIGHT no let up – into the system to prevent a system crash and failure in the morning. Every night. LOOK MA no cash at all remaining. Janet the worst Fed banker in 100 years is the cause after the God Father of the Future system failure – bernake who did not save us he made it all so much worse. Which is why the FED needs to merge from criminal banker control back into US TREASURY to stop the THEFT OF THE WEALTH OF NATIONS.

So the Fed has what? What have you seen? What do YOU KNOW world wide:

  1. The FED raised interest rates way too fast too soon and stopped the global recovery.
  2. The Fed stripped core liquidity from its own system creating a LIQUIDITY CRISES the worst type of crises in circulations
  3. The Fed stopped raising interest rates so great was YELLIN’s mistake and reversed to LOWER INTEREST RATES
  4. The Fed stopped selling crap bonds back into a fragile bond market but way to late in time.
  5. The Fed is only now in PURE PANIC ( everyone knows Fed Panic ) is buying bonds again at over 60 billion a month

The Fed is actually putting trillions into the system of circulation and still it is not enough as system interest and stability in overnight markets is now the wild wild west – never seen before – with AI not the Fed in full control.

Ai is addicted to the drug of FREE PUBLIC ENDLESS TAX PAYER MONEY TO A) Fuel its wild speculation side bets on which way any asset price may go – Tesla shorts until Tesla does well and short loses move into the tens of billions in seconds – as they did this week alone. The AI wants the FED to bail out all its bad bets. The drug in “a”. B) AI wants enough circulation from the FED in NEW FUNDS that liquidity drains from bet loss is made up by FREE MONEY and C) AI allocates global circulations to its own maximum profit for criminal bankers at any cost – without social norms – in a new AI economic the Fed has not only lost control of but now must fuel as the OBSOLETE AND ANTIQUE FED moves into the future – with zero experience or expertise where its actions are toxic to AI economics and perhaps fatal.


iI any state law making body passed emergency legislation to MERGE THE FED process and folks back into their treasury – the game improves. US Treasury has AI to regulate AI. US TREASURY has audits – has compliance, has congressional oversight ( really where the Fed has appearance but no oversight really ) – but there are two wild cards for the people that are common damn sense:

  1. THE TREASURY has no conflict of interest to make FED SHAREHOLDERS – in secret the criminal bankers who own and control the failed central bank – so that decisions the Treasury makes are for the GOOD OF THE NATION versus the profit of the criminal bankers at tax payer expense – bankrupting nations.
  2. The US TREASURY has the upgraded brain software – they are smarter and more current than the FED on AI economics the Fed deny exist at all – and in this denial the FED has become a model T Ford in STAR SHIP ENTERPRISE world of beam the money around the earth

So into year end the CONFIDENCE of the FED is totally shattered.

Overnight bank liquidity is at drain levels and the Fed is putting out overnight fires nightly with panic loads of cash back into the system to fee the DRAIN that janet Yellen created as she watched pain dry in an ARROGANCE OF IGNORANCE to the AI econmic sea change that took place by investment bankers ( who now own the banks ) and whose AI operate with GREED as the onlY NEED. Unregulated economic markets for the first time since 1930’s.

The cause of all this is Alan Greenspan the worst of the criminal Fed bankers. Alan lobbied and for his criminal banks – in the last three hours of the Christmas Bill Clinton Congress – just before moving home for their long long paid Christmas BREAK – we see the last UNANIMOUS VOTE OF CONGRESS ( see 60 minute clip on all this ). 60 Minutes reported on it all.

In that last three hours we pass the COMMODITY MODERNIZATION ACT. This act was a fraud – not about commodities. This act tore apart all 800 pages of DEPRESSION LEVEL LAWS. Now banks could be acquired by investment banks. Bank deposits could now again be used to buy speculation bets in casino capitalism ( derivatives non existence speculations in the 1920’s ) where from 2000 forward we see the DOT.BOMB SUPER CRASH of 2000 the first year of hte new law and the 2007 SUPER CRASH in sub prime mortgage super crash under ALAN GREENSPAN’s fatal watch.


  1. Criminal bankers
  2. Their fraud institution the FED
  4. Failure by voters to KNOW ENOUGH ECONOMICS to elect candidates who will merge the FED BACK INTO US TREASURY
  5. Time – casino capitalism rising risk bets which as they go bad will bankrupt the banks who lack cash to cover the bad bets

CASINO CAPITALISM is a FED CREATION and no one holds the criminal bankers responsible because they fear their power.

Congress is bought and paid for its less than six hundred humans with too many trillions buying them.

Who is the Congress biggest buyer?

Wall Street. The Wall Street investment banker criminal banker lobby is the largest lobby on earth? Did any criminal banker pleading guilty to the 100’s of billions stolen through crimes against the nation and its people – Bank of America, Chase, City Corp, Wells Fargo Bank ( the worst and still on going ) Duetsche Bank in the EU and from LIBOR FIXING to any criminal banker from China to London – did any who pled guilty to the largest economic crimes since 1929 go to prison?


Not one banker has gone to prison. Not one.

Today to year end the crises is over night banks have zero cash. If the FED is not merged back into US TREASURY when the SUPER CRASH OCCURS and the DOW moves from 35,000 in 2020 – back to 6400 DOW – the woe and moaning and gnashing of teeth will be pronounced. My readers moving away from casino capitalism into diversified insurance investing – the highest returns permitted by law with a REAL AND MORE SOLID GUARANTEE ON PRINCIPLE FROM LOSS OF ANY KIND – may know no pain based on depression protections only that market produced. WE bank on the superior money managers in still regulated insurance placements to protect CEO SPACE leaderships.

Today the banks each night have no cash at all.

The Fed in pure panic has NO TOOLS TO FIX the AI liquidity crises taking place every single night. No one is really following the story dramatics and the banks who control media do not wish panic. The reality today:

  1. The Fed has created a new unstable global economy
  2. AI is in control of the NEW AI ECONOMY and nations and central banks have lost regulatory control and oversight
  3. The Fed has lost influence over markets today
  4. AI is in full control of economics and in 2019 for the first time AI knows it
  5. Bank liquidity is hostage to FED infusing endless tax payer cash into the system which is NOT SUSTAINABLE hence risk

The core system almost broke in 2007.

The core system almost broke again in September.

The core system is broken.

The Fed no longer KNOWS how to fix the core system.

TIme is the risk to the end game.

Time is running OUT for Congress to merge the FAILED FED back into the USA TREASURY to save the world system.

Until then the RISK is the FED may create a MARKET PANIC SUPER CRASH and the World War II System fails – nations are bankrupt banks are bankrupt – unemployment rises to 40% and only war resets things as always – caused by the FED and the CONGRESS failure to do its job.

In the final report card CONGRESS GETS F – and is the CAUSE of the FED and all our problems by failing to act. Congress fat from criminal banker pac money fail to MERGE THE FED conflicted and criminal – back into US TREASURY which is not conflicted or criminal.

How hard is it to understand the vote is not idiotic MEDICARE FOR ALL ( no nation can fund in fact ) or other Socialist economics that have zero capacity to work in economics – or Impeachment – who cares who holds all the peaches if your banks are closed and the market is 6400 dow in deflation? THE ISSUE IS MERGING THE FED INTO US TREASURY TO SAVE THE WORLD.

But there we go ….sorry to be repetitive. RIGHT AGAIN.


…the book blue print of a sane way out of this mess and how to fix the mess for world heads of state and legislatures….


Powell panics.

The Fed panics in September.

They have no clue how to fix this

Every night banks run out of cash now.

The Fed is flooding cash to stop a system failure.

The system is on ICU CRASH CART and the public is getting ready for Christmas? Really?

Congress is yearning for a Holiday BREAK. Into the nasty election year.

Congress is ready for a GOVERNMENT SHUT DOWN INTO THE HOLIDAY to shatter global market confidence and derail the economic declining remaining expansion to serious SUPER CRASH AND RECESSION all to win an election and blame it all on TRUMP.

This time voters may not be fooled and voters may massively vote to drain the swamp.

The 2020 election if we get there without systemic failure – due to congress lack of action – AS AI ECONOMICS IS THE NEW MONKEY WRENCH – CONGRESS IS PLAYING WITH REAL FIRE THIS TIME – as congress is failing to pass a US budget setting up not by Trump by congress a US GOV ELECTION YEAR GIMMICK SHUT DOWN to fake news tie impeachment and Trump blame to the drain game.

Blame shedding.

The congressional game box top rules.

Meanwhile the WORLD NEEDS:

  1. Congressional merger of the criminal fed back into the non criminal US TREASURY first action to stabilize the world
  2. Congress passing US budget every September no matter what to preserve growth and global stability
  3. Congress passing infrastructure without which we risk systemic failure and world war because of Congress failure to act
  4. Immigration reform because AMERICA is too old to sustain growth without smart upgraded immigration reforms
  5. Election Reform to preclude bought and paid for unwanted election manipulations in an AI world unfolding while there is time

As none of these things WILL HAPPEN what do YOU SEE AS RISK to yourself and your personal economy?

You are not powerless. We suggest actions you take knowing the risk is:

  1. Register to own CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL lifetime memberships with tax dollars joining CEO SPACE Dallas Dec 7th for a week. You will create a more economic safe harbor for your lifestyle than you can create without this asset acquired on a tax saving at year end. INSURE YOUR LIFESTYLE while there is still time to secure your own safe harbor.
  2. Be active in groups and communities that there is only ONE VOTER ISSUE In the world – merge CENTRAL BANKS BACK INTO THEIR TREASURY and why. Home parties once monthly for the COOPERATION PARTY and COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM use REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION as your home party planner for meeting agendas.
  3. Form social and on line communities of COOPERATION TO MERGE THE CENTRAL BANKS FOR YOUR NATION BACK INTO STATE TREASURY IN AI ECONOMICS – it is the one and only issue to save us all……

In our opinion the 2020 election is about AI brain washing voters or voter capacity to see beyond SUPER CHANGE and adapt successfully into SUPER CHANGE denying mind manipulation control over your vote.

Our guidance for you is the following in doing so:

  1. Nothing in print is reality or accurate
  2. Nothing is what it seems
  3. Media is bought and paid for by 50 owners
  4. The truth requires effort to acquire – drowning in paid for brain washing – only individual brains can wake themselves
  5. Challenge your natural belief and ask what if I’m totally wrong and the opposite is totally true

While the politics work on controlling all the peaches in IM-PEACHING all the peaches to manipulate an election – eat apples.

Meanwhile speaking economically….the world is running out of TIME to save the system….and as Congress squanders time to fix the issues that are at crises level – in the end it is CONGRESS not the FED that is the cause of the end….when it comes…..


Nightly the bank cash – is a desert – and the FED has to flush green across those desert sands of the system crashes forever folks.

Jamie Diamond knows and no one has tools to fix this outside CONGRESS EMERGENCY ACT which of course – is NOT going to occur in a brain washed bought and paid for election year – as no candidate is calling to merge the FED into US Treasury – the last candidates that did that were mentors to me – Jack and Bobbi Kennedy – how did that work out for them do you all think?








The Federal Reserve Board is a gang of criminal bankers ( all of whom as shareholders who own the controlling stock of the Fed as a non government 1906 corporation ) – by 80 page only – act of Congress in 1906. One year later the GLOBAL 1907 DEPRESSION AND WORLD WAR I. After that ends in a post war SUPER BUBBLE the FED BANKERS made fortunes off of – we have SUPER CRASH from the FED SUPER BUBBLE bank speculations – in 1929 and WORLD WAR II into 1948 when I was born.

Economists know one fact for sure: The Federal Reserve Board has caused all SUPER BUBBLES benefiting their shareholder bankers and all Super Crashes and wars since inception. The FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD has not executed one winning A grade on a fully F minus report card.

In 2020 the FED is too obsolete in old economics that no longer apply in new AI ECONOMICS such that the FED is toxic to global DEPRESSION SUPER CRASH AND WORLD WAR III. The Fed merged back into USA Treasury is the cause of economic instability and the core destruction of the world financial system.  As this is all planned for GRED AND PROFIT to wealthy elites you have to study the data research outlined by two Tampa Bay journalist – after years of data pulling – in the best seller THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM. This work outlines the global plan for world AI elites to control ( you ) and all economics into the future. A one world government and one world future currency. Not the US dollar either.


if you scroll for FED articles you discover documentation and videos as to the truth – the FED is a private stock owned firm by criminal bankers without any check balance or over sight of nation. INDEPENDENCE MEANS zero over sight – total control – by the bankers for the bankers the FEW AGAINST THE MANY where under their rule since 1906 1% of elite wealth holders now own more wealth an 99% of Americans which is not a system that can remain stable.

The UPSIDE DOWN PYRAMID will wobble and fall over.

For the first time every the FED may be properly blamed as an obsolete antique criminal banker cabal or gang that has zero business running the MONETARY POLICY of the largest economy upon this earth. That power should be stripepd by contress from the FED and the FED processes merged back into fully over sight and accountable US TREASURY with constitutional check and balances


Who is looking into all this is Elizabeth Warren with her letter to US SECRETARY OR THE TREASURY THIS WEEK.. Warren steps so far ahead of SLEEPY TIME JOE ( too old to know ) as she leads out front to the US TREASURY stating what? Asking What?



The Fed fatally errored into AI new economics – with 20 trillion failing to re-inflate economics – the Fed seeking to profit its member bank shareholders ( all of whom have pled guilty to multiple frauds and crimes for which no criminal earning untold tens of millions ever goes to jail for their real crimes in banking ):

  1. Raised interest rates way to fast way to frequently war to high each time. Beheading the fragile recovery the Fed started with tens of trillion in tax payer loans – to the criminal bankers – to pay off their bad failed bets so the Fed system did not fail utterly.
  2. Asked in Congress if Bernanke would identify to congress which banks got the tens of trillions of tax payer money – the Chairman of the Fed stated for the record he declined to provide any accounting to Congress of any kind what so ever.
  3. Next the FED reversed in 2019 raising interest to cut interest as the FED created crises in liquidity is soaring out of control.
  4. Next the Fed stopped selling 50 billion in assets a MONTH into the BOND MARKETS triggering a liquidity crises in over night repo’s. in English over night bank borrowing to settle daily trading – hit NO CASH – and the FED on emergency basis had to infuse tens of billions of dollars to keep the core system from imploding – where all banks failed for lack of cash.
  5. The Public has no clue the system is now AI BROKEN. The FED HAS ZERO CONFIDENCE. Yellin lied saying these normalizations would be to the market like….watching paint dry. The truth the market PANIC UNFOLDED with REPO interest going from Fed range once controlled of 1.5% to 10.% and higher in over night interest surges and even then there was ZERO CASH the banks world wide RAN OUT OF CASH. This occurs DAILY NOW and the FED is growing tis balance sheet PERMANENTLY without a path to economic normalization. The FED IS THE CAUSE RISK FOR SYSTEM FAILURE and needs to be merged by emergency act of US CONGRESS back into TREASURY before the FED destroys the entire system of the world. THE FED HAS ZERO TRUST like OPEC remaining as AI controls the market and central banks no longer do influence or control but fail to know that truth. The result is falta danger to the core system as reported here since 1999.

PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE WARREN this week asked the one question the leader out front of the RUN FOR THE WHITE HOUSE should ask Munchkin the US SECRETARY OF TREASURY:

  1. I have a deadline for the information I am entitled to receive from you
  2. How is treasury planning to moderate the FED LIQUIDITY CRISES IN BANKING OVERNIGHT – NIGHTLY NOW?
  3. How does the US TREASURY assure banks have enough cash to not fail as the FED BAND AID IS NOT WORKING
  4. Will Treasury use this side bar REPO liquidity crises to relax rules and oversight upon bank core liquidity congress put in place to assur banks did not run out of cash.

Wow. One member of congress other than John MC Cain asking the RIGHT QUESTIONS even. GO WARREN.

What IS the answer?

Every night the failing FED is infusing untold cash to make sure:

  1. Bank repo trading has enough liquid cash to operate in orderly over night settlements
  2. The Fed has lost control of interest rates and liquidity balance sheet issues to the new AI ECONOMIC market place
  3. The Fed is obsolete lacking any tools or tactics where Fed policy is now TOXIC to global AI economics in fact

The central bankers of the entire world must be merged in AI economics back into their state treasuries. Delay is the one cost risk too high to pay as the FED in hind sight now is coming to appreciate.


The SOLUTION is merge the totally obsolete and out of touch FED into the USA TREASURY for upgrading modernization and oversight where independance of act alone without over sight is forever stripped out of FED 80 page worst act of nation in US HISTORY. Congress FIX YOUR BIGGEST MISTAKE or:




NOTE: Every single night the REPO bank trades run out of cash – the banks have no cash – the fed dumps billions in to assure the banks have liquidity which AI is drying up – RIGHT AGAIN – just as reported here. TIME to MERGE THE SYSTEM DESTRUCTIVE FED BACK INTO THE US TREASURY….as liquidity crises is now spreading globally ….is running out folks. The blind leading the blind in a new AI economy – reported here – as we all go to where no man has ever go before …..unmerged the Fed is fatal to the core system left unmerged. That is our conclusion based on data. Warren today made this blog RIGHT AGAIN….the FED IS DEAD.