So the source of the BIG SHORT movie on the information – yep my blog. Folks may  want some tips on how to use this site.

First, All  this  information is just  a back drop on news your reading anyway  as only  one item to take in when your working with licensed investment professionals to plan out what your doing out there. Second is a back drop to plan your business strategically if things hold together – of course – and if things go south your ready and when and IF we will tell you WHAT TO DO to button down your financial hatches. Then your safe in any market.

The risk is folks who are on salary. They are the millions laid off in the movie THE BIG SHORT which is required watching if you read this blog  site regularly. As the BIG SHORT still going on and worse right now the movie helps you appreciate the detail of this blog reporting.


Which when you see ETF and Structured Assets off shore i report upon – I want YOU – to substitute as you see the move THE BIG SHORT – mortgages ( noting THAT abuse is still going on globally right now and re sorting the deals and paper  ) but I want you to consider – they institutionally as banks and financial institutions for profits – moved in 2008 to the COST OF EVERYTHING not just housing. They formed pools of every commodity – and then super pools and then super dupe pools and rated them all at high credit rating – when there is just crap inside these pools. Eventually some one will study what is in these pools and BIG SHORT them before the SUPER CRASH. Which will cause when enough have what I’m reporting on – the next SUPER CRASH by itself. Its market driven. Period.

They have done this with bonds and debt when there is in 2016 over  100 trillion now in bad non performing debt so much worse than the mortgage crises – because of why? Because of Greed folks because of Greed. If you see the movie it becomes clear to you.  My wife September said recently watching it – NOW I GET WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN SUGGESTING AND I UNDERSTAND IT ALL.

Is it criminal. Yes. We think the players should go to prison but no one will do THAT because the largest lobby has now become the FINANCIAL LOBBY here in London in China and globally. I”m sad to suggest that Trump may deal with it but no one else will as THEY are ALL business as usual and bought and paid for. So will we keep doing business this way – or change it. IT will take a real financial person who KNOWS HOW and who has the WILL TO DO IT  to remedy this. The voters will decide we are just watching.

SO – the best place to be NOW. That is an entrepreneur that owns your own business. If your on salary use your resources to launch your own business. There is zero job security unless you own your own business. Pick a business that can prosper in a recession or melt down. Most can and will. The majority will. In fact small business grew dramatically from 2008 to now and created 90% of the employment and jobs. The larger firms have downsized 15% at trend you can still see by the massive lay off’s. Google Lay Off’s and be surprised.

So if you do not yet own a business join CEO SPACE and start yours. Find the one to go into if you don’t have ‘IT” AT CEO SPACE and learn the sequence and all relevant team building to win. We are world famous to help you start up a business and to select the better options.

IF you already own a business ramp up into hyper growth while things are rolling along before the coming SUPER CRASH which can come in months or years from now. We hope years. When it comes it will be SO FAST and without warning. Its all digital with flash trading today and no one can stop it. RAMP UP FASTER that is the smart play …today. Make it your priority next. To exclusion. Learn new skill – stay tuned up – and use CEO SPACE to grow faster is my suggestion. It just works.

No one is safe who doesn’t follow these suggestions folks. No one.

Ramp up. Build acceleration to your venture. Forbes says in 2016 the best conference to grow your business faster – # 1 in the world “IS” and remains in 2016 CEO SPACE globally for good reasons. We invite you to explore our web site at CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL and view films in your industry sector noting if we fail to accelerate your venture May 15th – we refund your lifetime membership asset ( which is a tax deduction anyway ) BEFORE YOU DEPART THE WESTIN LAKE LAS VEGAS RESORT In CASH. No risk to you. Zero risk to grow faster.

If you research CEO SPACE on line you can KNOW before you GO…you KNOW. Who would not put up a dollar – if its a tax dollar to earn 10x back? Who?

I just attended a CEO SPACE GATHERING ( hosted in cities everywhere regularly free as a no cost NETWORKING community service to business owners exclusively ). One of our recent members two weeks out of CEO SPACE reported – on a cash to wallet basis – having processed 40% of his leads lacking time over two weeks to process the follow up fully – he had a 10x return dollars on dollars for his membership for his CEO and himself – two weeks earlier. My suggestion to CEO’s is that ACCELERATION IS YOUR NEXT PRIORITY if you read my blog. My next suggestion is NEVER DELAY A PAY RAISE always make the NEXT CEO SPACE your money pot to grow faster and you will.

Another lady graduate in Canada spoke as a guest at the CEO SPACE San Diego GATHERING as a life time member. She reported as an addicted COMPLETER she had followed what we taught and she and her husband also a member – are now multi multi millionaires. She is coming back May 15th using her LIFETIME membership to start a 3 D Printing business in Canada. WOW. We love our member reports.

The market is going to be more volatility with NO THERE THERE for – ever now…. till Super Crash. So you can not  predict you can no longer predict not with safety. You know THAT.

Growing more strength and profit  muscle NOW  is your insulator for any future down turns.

Use this time to accelerate. If you don’t you so will wish you had followed my suggestion in THIS blog.

Think about THAT which is my message to readers as this site is created for business OWNERS who share it with other business owners as a back ground resource. Make a favorite and come back often.

Accelerate. Use every tool and tactic to do it this year and next. Waste not time. Speed it up.

Thats my solution. As a business owner professional your in the SWEET SPOT already. If your on salary your in danger.

You have the com – act accordingly.

Action is your safe harbor. This blog helps you UNDERSTAND.

Hope this helps. Leave a comment if it has for me.

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman