1. Dec 2020 . Predicted Snake Flu coronavirus was being covered up Chinese state policy. A world threat.
  2. Dec 2020 – Predicted SNAK FLU would become a global pandemic and threaten the world economic order massively
  3. Dec 2020- Called for President XI to cancel chinese New Years and Donald Trumps team next asked XI officially.
  4. Jan 2020- Xi elected to continue Chinese New Years we reported 100 million would move through the HOT ZONES
  5. Jan 2020 – We predicted SNAKE FLU as a PUTIN BIO WEAPON released as an election year WORLD WAR III plan
  6. Jan 2020 – WHO states this is NOT A PANDEMIC and the risk is LITE and that no one should compare this to say THE FLU
  7. Jan 2019 Who called for no blocks to travel and we issued two SHAME ON WHO or both lies and failed reporting. In April 2019 Congress leaders are calling as we called for in Jan Feb and March FIRING WHO LEADERSHIP and reorganizing liars to honest integrity placed leadership.
  8. January 2019 we reported leaders will lose trust and confidence if they continue to LIE about the PANDEMIC.
  9. Jan 2020 WHO issued a report the SNAKE FLU was more moderate but nothing like a PANDEMIC we said SHAME ON WHO.
  10. Jan 2020  China see’s new year explode case loading reaching the entire world in eight weeks time from New Years policy
  11. Jan 2020 China closes the nation and 500 million are in home confinement as China soars to 30,000 cases and 1000s dying.
  12. Jan 2020 we issued our PREDICTION THIS PANDEMIC would be worse than the Spanish Flu. Who said not a pandemic.
  13. Feb 7th we publish the historic CARRIER REPORT first publication detailing 50% of cases have no symptoms as SUPER SPREADERS – a phrase adopted and the TERM SUPER SPREADERS and CARRIERS came into common language.
  14. Feb 7th we issued SHAME ON XI and SHAME ON CHINA for fueling the world pandemic and their cover up of a bio weapon.
  15. Feb we defined CHINA lies about infections and death counts. A seven year old child with an abacus can do the math – 15,000 new infections on one day overnight – to 300 new infections a week later. I do not think so.
  16. Feb 2020 before maps charts and tracking we reported REAL COUNTS from the lies world wide right here and correctly.
  17. Feb 2020 We reported on PRESIDENT XI ordering STATE CONTROLLED MEDIA to scrub the internet in China to 1.3 billion to remove any non state approved copy and to print February forward only what WILL WARM THE HEARTS AND SOULS OF OUR PEOPLE print only that and they by gosh DID. The largest cover up to 1.3 billion now at great risk in China. Liars.
  18. Feb 2020 we reported the true extent of the China economic super crash and the debt super bubble implosion soon to arrive.
  19. Feb we wrote global reports on economic impact to our 200 nations of business owners and CEOS to plan against – right again
  20. Feb we published tips to heads of nations on a COORDINATED GAME PLAN noting what a MESS Nation State & Agency are
  21. Feb 2020 we reported on Fed liquidity crises in equity markets becoming unstable.
  22. Feb 2020 we encouraged CEO SPACE leaders in 200 nations to sell out at 29,000 DOW at the Feb peak move to cash
  23. Feb 2020 we repeated sell out markets and move to cash and safe harbor and why. Experts said it would keep going up.
  24. Feb 2020 we reported on FED too little to late as the Fed said we are LOOKING AT IT and keeping options on the table
  25. Feb 2020 we reported on FED instability in bond markets as repo liquidity wss no in the 100’s of millions already not enough
  26. Feb we reported WHO list of failed data points and WHO had still not sent anyone to CHINA as the death counts just soared
  27. Feb 2020 we reported consistently SNAKE FLU was an obvious PANDEMIC encouraging CDC NIH AND WHO to say so
  28. Feb 2020 we reported TRUMP was dead wrong in reporting SNAKE FLU was no more than THE FLU – terribly wrong
  29. Feb 2020 we reported the PRESS must hold agency accountable and call the SNAKE FLU A PANDEMIC. They did.
  30. Feb 2020 we provided game plans for CEO’s in 200 nations to move into diversified insurance investing experts said buy the dip
  31. Feb 2020 we said DO NOT BUY THE DIP and in fools rallys buy the gain and sell out dollar cost averaging.
  32. Feb 2020 we called for a March SUPER CRASH that would be a SLOW MOTION 1929 event moving the DOW under 10,000
  33. We predicted the SUPER CRASH to the week when experts said – no way our economics looked good
  34. March 2020 we first reported the PANDEMIC ( still not WHO declared ) was a 1929 economic event worse than 1929 and why
  35. March 2020 experts and press began first ever reporting SNAKE FLU PANDEMIC may be a 1929 event – as we all are seeing
  36. March 2020 we hosted a FIRST VIRTUAL CEO SPACE to advent PANDEMIC PROSPERITY PLANNING first in the world.
  37. March 2020 WHO finally by mid March three months in – with small WHO first teams in China – declared a PANDEMIC
  38. March 2020 we published data and step by step mentorship to business owner professionals on whats next
  39. March 2020 we expanded PANDEMIC PROSPERITY PLANNING for small business and professionals
  40. March 2020 we announced to rave reviews our CEO SPACE for April hosting monthly events to grow any venture faster
  41. March 2020 we repeated our Dec Jan Feb March call to merge the FED and all central bankers back into state treasury and we reported on why and the benefit to state economies and the world.
  42. March 2020 we reported that the bail out was the largest POLITICAL PORK bill ever passed in US history shame on congress
  43. March 2020 we reported the RELIEF MONEY would take FOREVER to reach small business and the delays would be more mess everyone will see what a failure NATION STATE AND AGENCY in world pandemic is in 2020 its a mess out there
  44. We reported the shortage into April of test kits hospital beds health care workers falling like flies to illness having no gear to keep the staff and doctors safe ( they are dying ) in shocking numbers – the entire system is a mess getting F grade.
  45. Dec 2020 Jan February and Mach we were first with predicting the SUPER CRASH and time line and the SUPER VOLATILITY.
  46. In March and in April we published on FOOLS RALLYS and why you should avoid them today. Right again.
  47. In April we reported first on the Air Force Captain and his aircraft carrier filled with VIRUS – one of many US bases and ships going off line in defense – saying SHAME ON DOD SHAME ON THE US NAVY and SHAME ON DONALD TRUMP for permitting the firing of an AMERICAN HERO. Are we like China punishing those who speak the TRUTH in America. Seems so.
  48. We reported in February March and again in April why has our DOD not isolated our critical chain of command leadership so they don’t die? First with so many stories from our CARRIER ARTICLE to the reality of RISK to our chain of command in governance agency and DOD today. There seems to be NO PLAN.
  49. We reported first NEW YORK and other states are now out of supplies hospital beds and morgue space for our dead and dying in AMERICA. What a mess. We reported the lies from Nation State and Agency and we defined the truth. We noted in tables in our CARRIER ARTICLE FEB 7th one million would be infected into the SPRING and ten million by the summer/fall season and 100 million by Jan 2021 as PANDEMIC becomes a record book for humanity. The 1929 impact to economics may yet end the POST WORLD WAR II system as is our opinion. We tell you if we are right what to do. We tell you also if we are wrong what to do. In either case you WIN if you read and share this blog site. The most accurate PANDEMIC super site.
  50. We reported VIce President Biden poll numbers rose by the most points in a couple weeks doing nothing showing a major shift away from TRUMP by voters who are seeing leadership as lying to us and wasting the time we needed to save lives creating far more life loss than was needed by failure of leadership at nation state and agency. So right again and right first.