Introducing my new book from Stage at the popular star celebrated Super Star Stage of City Gala in Hollywood this Holiday weekend was such an honor thank you Ryan Long. The standing ovation was so appreciated by everyone who attended. Leave me a comment below this news item, if you did not get a mentor session with me one on one and Deborah our California State Director and I will set that up for you. Deborah is moving from Nor Cal to Southern California to run our state wide operations and growing CITY system in California State – thank you one and all. This Holliday I truly can think of now more bleeding edge LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT ( easy read ) than my SUPER CHANGE now available at Amazon. Super Change defines the NEW AGE we all worldwide reside in today – and none of us can remove ourselves from SUPER CHANGE. The pace of Change is going to accelerate so vastly without let up in the acceleration – always picking up speed . You live and work and home life inside  The AGE OF SUPER – CHANGE. The acceleration for change now effecting your life and your future is reaching the outside COPING CAPACITY for a human being to adapt into the change we ourselves created. That is right. Now listen to me. To remain relevant at home and in work space new tools new tactics to COPE with the ever increasing ACCELERATION of Change itself. My research and data conclusions in SUPER CHANGE define the essential required non negotiable new tools new tactics and new coping priorities each of us MUST LEARN to remain both CURRENT and even RELEVENT in home and work space tomorrow. Lacking these essential new skills will create massive frustration and unhappiness in YOUR LIFE. Mastering the skills I present to the world for the first time inside the pages ( the fun Holiday read ) of SUPER CHANGE – will lead each reader to a life that absolutely will THRILL THEM. I’ve encouraged our enormous community in over 150 nations this Holiday – of CEO Business OWNERS and PROFESSIONALS – within CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL – to thank their ten best clients in 2019 at the Holiday Season with the new Best Seller SUPER CHANGE ( and leave a 5 star comment for me on Amazon with my WHOOT WHOOT on that ). Include your Holiday Card of acknowledgement how much your client business means to you personally, ( so they are not a number in the NEW AGE OF SUEPR CHANGE ) and – I say AND – ps; the most read part of any card – I so appreciate your blessing three to five in your circle with the tax savings of doing business with us by year end.


If ten well thanked Clients refer just three new tax saving purchases with you in 2019 that is 30 new clients for every ten clients you thank with SUPER CHANGE.


My brand promise IS that SUPER CHANGE now being read by Hedge Funds Private Equity and the Buffet Clan – by the fin tek of the world – by world leadres and law makers and Fortune CEO”s this Holiday – Super Change will KEEP referring business to you in 2020. Larger institutions are buying SUPER CHANGE for their employees and leaders. Why? To develop and to maintain SUPER CHANGE CULTURES in the Work Space – as anything less retires brands into Circuit City Toys R US and Radio Shack who once owned their market shares. Super Change reduced these SUPER BRANDS to ashes. Why? Because Boards lacked SUPER CHANGE CULTURE and resided in ..that is the way we have always done it ….a toxic mental software that dooms brand renewal to the compost piles in the future. Super Change is the answer to the questions we have all been asking.


This Holiday thank you for owning and sharing SUPER CHANGE.





Speaking at CITY GALA right in the heart of the super star celebrities and Hollywood – my home base for five decades –  and mentoring amazing leaders AM to PM one on one day after day – I returned to my Marriott Suite and plowed into my teams research summaries from over 200 nations. Bed time as with Tony Robbins ( whom I wished Happy Thanksgiving to asking WHO IS CUTTING THE TURKEY ) – is not early. Digesting the data and reflecting on review of it all more than once I conclude  all over again – that the world is taking advice from pure and absolute IDIOTS. The best way to define what is actually taking place is is to use your imagination. The news economically and largely globally politically is being reported by idiots who have the voice contracts – in a bunker under ground. The fear storms that sent them under ground came from the ACCELERATION of Change that became exponential. These reporting experts are now aware they are inside a pod, that is inside a star ship that is ever accelerating to warp unlimited. They are driving their future reports in a MODEL T FORD stationary and our of fuel inside the pod and looking backwards in the rear vision mirror. At warp speeds accelerating. The markets are SUPER CHANGING. Entirely AI today.


  1. Over 440 highly fully leveraged all asset trade settlements are 96% AI today.
  2. Over 570 and rising too rapidly casino side betting in derivative leveraged casino gambling in economics on WHICH WAY will any of the prior asset group ( all asset classes ) GO in the next minutes or hours.


Economics in the world have SUPER CHANGED. The systems have all Super Changed into rapidly evolving AI. AI is now writing its own core code from deep learning into which the founders and code developers are Super Changing into lost control over even understanding the complexity of NEW SUPER CHANGE CODE. Further AI is now inventing its own language and is writing code that is more efficient than human understanding as well as beyond human understanding and fully non hackable. All this is unfolding without any regulatory oversight of any nature or kind. No one – no THEY – is watching over US. Most of the think thanks exist in the POD and are comfortable with rear vision mirror driving as the SUPER STRESSS of facing and embracing SUPER CHANGE has passed their humanity coping ability. Entirely. A first for we humans.


THE experts predict in general the profits and growth of today’s’ markets cannot be duplicated in 2020. The general rear vision driving news expert reports a more modest 5% return in 2020 globally.


We take issue with the idiots inside the POD inside the MODEL T FORD and driving in rear vision mirror reporting – like say the central bankers and Feds’ – high priests of funny not money. They have lost all control of the markets a first since 1906. Control by nations – agencies of nations – central bankers who are not agencies of nation – all have lost including Congress control. Further no one is “thinking” through how to regain control. No one.


Well we are.


But no one our THERE has a clue in the acceleration of SUPER CHANGE hence my prophetic book to inform you all of the truth of it.


Leaders are voracious readers in the NEW AGE OF SUPER CHANGE. You tube thinks for you. I was just with the LARGEST POD CAST 5G WEB SITE provider Super Change Firm in the world. 55 Employees  – exploding with growth 100’s of leading global audience with millions of loyal daily viewers. This CEO SPACE Faculty Husband Wife Team – Tracy and Tom Hazzard ( Super Change leader’s and Super Change Parents ) confirmed my premise in SUPER CHANGE. No future web site is relevant or will endure without top end POD CAST in both audio and video on their 5G 3D Cover Page. Right again.


My prediction against the IDIOT EXPERTS is:


  1. In Super Change over 4 billion devices will roll over to 5 G in only 24 month – a global economy up bubble all by itself.
  2. Almost 1 trillion on line platform – social – posting world’s – and web sites must 5G in 24 months.
  3. All 3G and 4G technology software will upgrade and revolutionize not evolve – into a new economy of 5G in what we call ECONOMIC CONVERGENCE unseen since 1850.
  4. AI will become self aware and all planes trains transportation and movements including drones delivering US will be new SUPER CHANGING REVOLUTIONIZING 5G AI.
  5. DNA and Health Sciences in 5g will change human health forever as longevity moves to life spans of proportions beyond the POD the Model T Ford and rear view driving old software brains.


The NEW AGE OF SUPER CHANGE will usher in economics on a revolutionary globalizing improving interstellar commerce that only science fiction suggested but fell way too short upon defining in fact.  Super Change. Do not get tired. Do not become SUPER STRESS by SUPER CHANGE. Learn how to embrace Super Change into LIVES THAT ABSOLUTELY THRILL YOU and THRILL ALL THOSE AROUND YOU.


The Politics of completion are already falling from extinction insanity brain software into the politics of COOPERATION and extinction removing brain software. Trade Deals will become the new Normal.


The last Holiday inside the RIP TIDES OF inability to adapt into SUPER CHANGE and the embrace of SUPER CHANGE is the sea change humanity HAS BEEN WAITING FOR. From 250,000 Tesla Truck orders taking market share all the idiot experts said – too ugly – window error – etc and etc – and the innovation and Super Changed Truck – has created a ELRON MUSK INDUSTRY by itself in only 72 hours. Old brain software cannot influence or impede the ever present change of SUPER CHANGE Itself. You adopt or you perish. You embrace or you lose the race.


TO LEAD moving forward there are NEEDS moving forward. The tools the tactics the CRITICAL PROCESS to remain current in SUPER CHANGE is as far from an EVENT as a seminar or workshop once was to human on going development. Today Leaders require process versus events. The right process trumps eight years in University teaching obsolete brain software in a pre Super Change World.


In fact I have stated the ONE RISK TO HUMAN EXTINCTION IN THE SUPER CHANGE UNFOLDING NEW REALITY is the failure of human beings and their nations to REVOLUTION 5G all upgraded and ever self correcting EDUCATION K -12 to Higher Education .  Education in the POD in the MODEL T FORD ( that IS the way that WE have always done things around here ) leads to human absolute extinction. Bad software on brains leads to HUMAN EXTINCTION.


Competition software is expression of human insanity due to buggy awful brain code.


Cooperation brain software with its DNA of INTEGRITY is the fix.


No one is presently thinking of 5G Revolutionizing human global education in the world.


All human education prior to 5G is obsolete – brain software inside a closed POD LOOP – with its defenders inside the model T Ford relic – driving in the unmoving car using the rear vision mirrors to drive education forward in a SUPER CHANGING warp drive accelerating world.  EDUCATION AND ITS LEADERSHIP ARE THE LEADING CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY IN THE HISTORY OF OUR SPECIES TODAY.


Anyone have a global policy for NO NATION LEFT BEHIND? No? I thought not?


Because the two economic systems of the world are:


  1. Broken and failed ( 1% own more wealth than 99% a competitive insanity )
  2. Obsolete and ineffective models for economics
  3. Corrupt beyond moral measure – communism socialism competitive capitalism inclusive


Until the advent of COOPERATIVE ( sane versus insane ) economics rises forth – as set forth in my blue print at Amazon REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION. Ultimate holiday read from maddness into sanity. For brains who desire a year end holiday UPGRADE to their Quantum Computer ( or not ).  The extinction salvation exists inside the pages of REDEMPTION.


As I have written if Heaven is the utter total absence of insane thinking – lacking any competitive thought as our of integrity and impossible and fully insane – which is not expressed in divinity’s heaven absence such error code of the mind……


Hell is the absence of sanity and is fully expressing insanity in the form of insane software – competition – of the mind – with endless gashing of teeth – and savagery to the soul and spirit – eternal insanity.


Now how insane is it for human beings to create economics based on hell as a concept form?


What springs forth? The toxic attributes of insanity of course.


Can human beings adopt sanity?

Sure we can. We must. We should.


Can human beings do better?


Sure we can. We must we should.


What defines if we WILL.





Without that leader – we all go extinct.


My book SUPER CHANGE assists us all to illuminate that one inspired leader.


The problem that is invisible has become visible in the books SUPER CHANGE and REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION.


The solutions to the problem ( thank GOD ) are presented in the two works for leaders worldwide.


The questions that reqmins with majority bad software of mind:


  1. Will we release our insanity?
  2. Do we truly wish to release our insanity once and for all?
  3. Will YOU Personally RELEASE your PERSONAL INSANITY?
  4. WHEN? When will you release your personal insanity.
  5. HOW?



Five to thrive and humanity will thrive versus become extinct.



This Holiday having released the problems and the solutions as my lifetime contribution…….now I get to WATCH YOU ALL !


Berny Dohrmann – Author – Movie Producer – TV & Radio Host – and FOUNDER OF CEO SPACE ( DEC 10th Dallas your invited ) – WISHES YOU THE HAPPIEST HOLIDAY “SEASON” ALL NATIONS ON OUR WATER PLANET –  IMAGINABLE – GO FOR IT !