Here is the year end problem. The market equations.

  1. The bull market is driven by record all time earnings across all spaces.
  2. Earnings misses have been 90% plus of expectations the miss was nothing nothing
  3. The Fed is killing growth globally first with soaring dollar cost to 200 nations
  4. Next with soaring interest costs 100x up in months to 9 trillion debt roll over in US and 7  trillion outside the USA – the slow down is a pincher economic already market priced in
  5. Yield curve the insane Fed error in policy will invert the yield curve in 24 months or less we have a recession that the Fed alone in pure greed for its banking shareholders who in secret own the Fed ( not a gov agency or anything close google it ) crash growth for in 2019 waning the economic idiot awards. Greed is their only need and protecting economic growth and stability are all lies – they never do anything – but create legal theft of national wealth.

Still the USA remains the most advanced, the largest, the most diversified, the most internally secure, the most asset wealthy, most secure government system, upon the earth. If you held 440 trillion in capital circulating where MUST YOU PARK SOME OF YOUR SAFE HARBOR FUNDS?

In the 2018 portfolio SANTA CLAUSE RALLY. Those arriving late pay most. The Santa Sleigh began today. SAFE HARBOR AMERICA rests on one single truth:

the best investment in 100 years has been any sixty month basket of USA stocks and equities – never assessed in sixty days but in sixty month time frames ….you earn most in US EQUITIES as your asset multiplier that can not be beat…….



This October the nations we sanctioned attacked our markets like they did in 2007. The digital  AI weapons used to profit offsetting sanctions and tariff costs was a pure election manipulation message sent to President Trump. There was no intention to test destroying Western Markets this time. AI weapons created wealth transfer to the attacking nations while Crammer and experts missed the attack entirely just like the experts did in 2007. Everyone at the top knows this was not a normal market dynamic.

Ask…..WHY NOW….weeks before the election? AI digital economic asymmetrical warfare weapons are here today and are being successfully used and the USA as yet has limited warning or defense. Trust me. Read KEVIN FREEMAN DOD CONTRACTOR HEDGE FUND MANAGERS DATA AND RESEARCH ON ALL THIS IN GAME PLAN – HE SUGGESTS YOU DEVELOP YOURS AS YOUR NATION HAS ZERO GAME PLAN AND WHY?

The Oct AI digital attack made those attacking us advanced in economic warfare sending a clear message to the EU and USA leadership. Message received believe me. The attack wound down after the election. Volatility stabilized first then the Santa Clause year end asset positioning begins.

However those attacking are not done. The NEW AI WEAPON SYSTEMS maximize profits all the way down and then first all the way back up. As the AI brings the market back to record high’s those who KNEW the depth of the AI decline could maximally cement their long positions in leveraged buying. These AI Weapons cloak trading and are immune and cloaked for regulatory oversight or detection. ONLY the NSA can back track it but still not in real time lacking their own AI economic warfare tools YET – but those are coming and coming fast.

Message sent and received.

Maximum tariff and sanction offsets were “earned” by illegal market AI manipulations in economics now impacted by HACK LOSS and AI market manipulations like 2007 and Oct 2018. We have no system to warn us of attacks or to nail down The Who and How of these new advanced AI weapon systems – weapons of economic mass manipulations. A new item in developing asymmetrical warfare.

As the attack wound down during Thanksgiving you have a rebound back to normal. In the 99% reporting firms making their target earnings and missing by 1% even human traders would moderate and buy and hold – good job. AI in any miss maximizes short positions and sell outs to earn on the dip and the way back up. Only with AI weapon systems there is no back up and AI can’t over come artificial short positions expressed by trillions globally. In the end AI moves predictably to stop loss while manipulators only need to short circuit markets with AI positioning. All stealth and cloaked fully.

Now the AI having made trillions for the sanction tariff nations is earning trillions more on the rebound they also manipulate back – which creates political lack of will to fully engage into these AI economic asymmetrical warfares. If you have not read the data in Kevin Freeman’s,GAME PLAN on AMAZON FOR THE HOLIDAYS – you ARE MISSING THE FUTURE.

Our markets experienced a warfare economic attack to manipulate ( successfully the US election in asymmetrical warfare to divide America and keep us fully divided and not united ). You weaken your enemy in baby steps while each win strengthens you financially. Today wealth transfer is becoming a market manipulation. Casino Capitalism fully unregulated today is out of control and in a new era of economics never known before. Idiots lead globally with the insane foundational false believe – that – this is the way we have always done it works tomorrow like it did yesterday? Folks we road horses now we fly. Tomorrow is a Tesla that says …thats impossible so why the heck NOT?

5000 years of economics are gone. The Medici Fractional banking system is being replaced. Today AI controls markets and humans no longer do and thinking we are NOT inside a NEW ECONOMIC the world has never not ever known before is old brain software that is like Dos 1. If your still using that ….your like say the FED.

The New Economy is influenced by economic abuse. Abuse like flooding the world with 100 trillion dollars and free money loans for ten years to save the entire system from the first economic warfare attack of its kind – all AI SOFTWARE – in 2007. It took coordination of the G 100 to stop this attack and the behind the scene threat of real war to those making the attack. It stopped. The lesson GAME PLAN under scores is how much those attacking profit. at zero risk, and how evolving and ever more advanced these DIGITAL AI SOFTWARE WEAPONS are becoming today. Consider every industry in the USA bar none and all three letter agencies bar none have been hacked as if we were in kindergarten in software. 100% success for our loss of the digital wars at the first part of these wars. Now. we will catch up quick and our brains are not amused by the attack.

To year end the pain and message fade as those attacking profit first by bringing the market back to where it was. THE SANTA CLAUSE RALLY I have been calling when everyone else was saying HUMBUG.

440 Trillion Dollars. Is seeing:

1`. EU slow down.

2. Germany third down turn in confidence as economics In the lead economy in the EU is crashing.

3. China is crashing. Car sales in China are nose diving nation wide. The economy in China is in worst down bubble. in 30 years. Compression of stress loads is leading to a real estate super crash and a bank deft default cascade – held off by profits they just made in the October wars. Its not yet. A deal with TRUMP is their way forward and XI has one potion – make the deal of the century. Trump too.

4. Ukraine has declared Marshal Law – Russia has fired and taken Ukraine ships – a NATO WAR could be triggered a real war. Full out. It is Jamie Diamonds warning on STUFF out there all coming true from his leading brain.

5. Taiwan’s election – who won – CHINA and big time. Who lost – the USA and big time.

6. The Gulf is now unstable. Everyone is playing everyone for big bucks. OPEC is a shade of itself a shadow institution. America controls oil prices. Market supply demand pricing is returning from manipulated prices of a criminal cartel the FEW ELITES against the many ( billions of us 200 developing nations ) loses all powers and control. MBS has created a economic political war of who will align with IRAN and who will remain with Saudi. The big loser is Saudi only they won in these DIGITAL ATTACKS. That is right. MBS slashed oil shipments to America to assure support for his sociopathic CRIMINAL international murder of an AMERICAN journalist for the Washington POST. Then MBS attacked our markets with Russia’s help and made back some of his recent oil loss by winning the economic warfare taking place. Trump has limited options at this moment but long term Trump is not one to forget. Trump is only now getting fully briefed. If MBS is a HITLER BRAIN fully insane and damaged as a brain in leadership – how can anyone trust anything a sociopathic brain says to you.. Answer you are never safe with such a damaged brain not ever. Trump is getting the picture of MISPLACED TRuST. There are economic and political events to come. The GULF is now a wild wild frontier with more wealth shifting from SAUDI to others in Region – the largest GULF WEALTH SHIFT in 100 years – ramping up before your very eyes.

7. America and congress will.surprise you. Congress will pass infrastructure. As this ONE ESSENTIAL to win economic warfare comes on line – prosperity in America will continue offsetting FED policy mistakes and blunders – mostly – and securing prosperity in America to 2030 and beyond. Congress may this congress may merge the FED back into US Treasury the beginning of 300 years of American prosperity;. Against these seven points which nation would you park a market share of your own 440 trillion in capital at year end for maximum greedy profits? I’d bet on the SANTA CLAUSE RALLY and record all time highs by year end 2018.. America will re-set its regulatory frame work – advanced budgets and legal frame works for the SEC and secure the economic wars with new evolving AI regulatory weapons and defenses missing now – creating stability to market growth unknown in modern times. As to my opinion on events unfolding always with wild cards.

the best investment in 100 years has been any sixty month basket of USA stocks and equities – never assessed in sixty days but in sixty month time frames ….you earn most in US EQUITIES as your asset multiplier that can not be beat…….

The economic engine that drives the economics of the entire world – the largest customer upon the earth – AMERICA – the largest buyer upon the earth – AMERICA – the one and truly only SUPER DU{PER POWER on this planet today now with Space Force we stay there – is the ONE SAFE HOME BASE FOR YEAR END CAPITAL FLOWS. Where would smart money park capital in higher %? Every capital AI controller will maximally profit as the digital attack phase one moves from sell to full on buy the second manipulation for their own profits as the attackers know in advance the date lines of the short water fall into the long glaciers that move all markets to their future sea lanes. New Economics with new challenges in a sixty month move of 440 Trillin in capital flows being fully now controlled by digital AI for the first time in economic history;. AN ENTIRELY NEW ECONOMIC FRAME WORK the world has never known experienced, or even had theories upon how to manage it. The old models of theory from Friedman and others are WRONG and NO LONGER ARE RELEVANT. 

This is important why? It is critically important as world leaders are being advised by old economic educated brains upon economic box top rules that no longer exist in fact. The new economic box top rules advisers to world leaders do not know, understand, or have any frame works to express upgraded ECONOMIC THEORY upon that will work versus fail. The Federal Reserve Board is an old boy club of elites, with zero understanding of the new economics they helped create, and they are antique obsolete and totally incapable of setting successfully economic policy moving forward. This applies to your central banks in all nations. All central banks need to merge back into their respective TREASURIES with transparency audits accountability real time reporting and zero secrets in monetary policy in a Digital AI driven world rapidly super changing and evolving – the economics is morphing quarterly due to INTEGRATION INTERLINKS of all economics into one global system – with AI controlling flow dynamics outside regulatory frame works as the SUPER CHANGE was too fast. For lawmakers to keep up.

The biggest economic dangers moving forward is war – central banks insane wrong monetary policy inserting unneeded system risk using box top economic rule books that are like casting spells on AI and so obsolete these FAILED SYSTEMS need to be retired and merged into their state TREASURIES and the faster the greater the economic stability. Finally the Fed central bank super debt bubble they created in economics the world never has known before – requires time as the asset – TIME ITSELF to work out the pig in the python. Super DEBT. Central banks working in error on old economics now dead and buried will trigger a debt default cascade as a system risk to ultimate destruction world wide. WAR and CENTRAL BANK policy error avoidance ARE financial stability. FEAR the FED in trying to survive as an insane economic model itself – is false and fake news. The FED independence is supported by bought and paid for voices from the Wallstreet largest lobby on earth – funded by the FED shareholders who control the Fed as a privately owners stock entity with a contract to control money with the USA government. Zero oversight zero regulation.

Remember when Fed shareholder banks and investment banks made bad bets by the trillions in 2007? Remember how huge the profits where until the digital attack illuminating the fake news on valuation. Crap assets all rated AAA for nations to acquire where the BIGGEST FRUAD IN AMERICAN HISTORY IS THE FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD. Say to yourself – they are all criminals – regulating their shareholder criminal bank ownership – sharing in profits with maximum wealth theft of nations. When the bad bets in the new AI casino capitalism fail to work out – and turn to blood bath loses – the FED then secures bought and paid for lawmaker panic into tens of trillions flowing into the FED to bail out the loser bets of its own greed machine and banks and investment banks. IS THIS HOW YOU WANT TO RUN A RAILROAD MOVING FORWARD IN TIME? Why does the USA have sixty mile an hour trains when China and Japan have 300 mile an hour trains? See any difference moving forward economically?  CLICK THIS 7 MINUTE FILM watch 60 seconds then make a BOOK MARK you will wish to share this film to wake up.

This film clip I keep posting is one of many you can google on the FRAUD of your own state central bank – they are all the same all working as one to control theft of nation money. They do not save us.. Since creating the FED HORROR SHOW WE HAVE FED CREATED:

  1. 1907 first global recession and full on world war WORLD WAR I. Economics.

  2. 1929 the Great Depression – and full on World War II horrors – economics.

  3. 1987 Markets super crash.

  4. 9/11 crash and gulf wars.

  5. 2000 DOT.BOMB blood bath fed induced entirely.


  7. 2018 OCT market manipulations by soaring dollar and interest errors in policy..

MBS one King over endless global fake news – hey I never murdered anyone not ever I’m a sweet reformer. LIES. Hitler lies. Has nothing on the FED.

The Fed is masterful at protecting its GREED FRANCHISE. Its shareholders are the largest contributor to six hundred law makes and their keepers. The Fed will panic and destroy markets faced with retirement into merger into the US treasury. For this reason a week long 80 page ( mirror to the original 80 page horrific error in legislation creating the central bank idea 100 years ago ) is as emergency legislation ideal. FAST CUT SURGERY on the FED merger and markets would be volatile than stabilize forever in fact. The Fed conflict of interest to the nation versus their own shareholders is finally gone. Plus their old economic thinking as obsolete is replaced with Treasury new economic thinkers and the SEC who see the problems so much more clearly.

Lets pretend that Satan is pure evil and so is the Fed. Lets pretend Satan is not the name of evil – its real name is FIRST COMPETITION. Pass your hand over yourself in a quiet moment and say begone SATAN. Than pass your hand head to belly button and say BECOME THE COMPETITION and note how 13 trillion cells FEEL TO YOU. Then trust your gut. Now pretend that evil – competition – is thought of globally as good and as from God and source – as if God was in competition with self. Really? The world needs a huge Holy Spirit of COOPERATION to celebrate our differences from faith to politics and stop PUNISHING THEM. Think of pure evil as competitive thought. Think of competition as a first expression of spiritual and human INSANITY. Removing competitive thinking is removing the ONE VIRUS ON HUMAN GLOBAL CONSCIOUSNESS.  Think – is this cooperative solution and outcome and watch your home life and work space life soar. REMOVE THE COMPETITIVE VIRUS. This idea is important because the FED are blinded by old economic models that are dead. They have no perspective the economics are now entwined globally, integrated, interlinked and under AI control over 440 trillion in capital movements from less than 10,-000 Super Money pools – consolidating downward from 1990 with 1.5 million Super Money Pools controlled by humans – the old economy. The Fed as antique theory and thinking has no clue how to keep stability and us all safe. They work on profit and greed and obscure that fact. They are insane and competitive. There is no cooperation in thinking at the Fed. Not with Congress or the President or the nation – they cooperate with their competitive bankers in the theft of national wealth. In a sane economy the largest building in any city should not include banks as our servants. Sales Force in San Francisco is more like it.

The insane Fed Public Relations by billions – with unlimited money it alone prints not our nation – assures the SOURCE OF ECONOMIC CATASTROPHIC is never not EVER the Fed. Every leading world bank and US bank regulated by the FED has pled guilty to fraud and crimes against its own depositors that make all other crimes look like a snicker theft from a 7/11. The bankers never are indicted nor go to prison. The FED the criminal master minds running their criminal gang of bankers never are charged or even SEEN AS THE SOURCE CAUSE. It is important to note the FED system is obsolete – PURE EVIL – and is fixed by an emergency legislation to merge the Fed back into US Treasury – keep all its functions but paying interest on printing money that has to go as EVIL ( see the Bible or Koran or Torah ). For starters. A one week emergency act of congress – 80 -pages. and the economic horror show stops.

To Donald Trump sir…the SWAMP is the Federal Reserve Board easily drained in one week with one 80 page act of congress. Sir will you with all respect drain the swamp where high dry asset valued land pops up from the stench of FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD SOURCE CONTAMINATION OF AMERICA’S POTENTIAL.

If the antique obsolete FED keeps blowing circuit boards in our economy why not re-wire the HOUSE and upgrade to 5K and more? Seems so smart to me and the FED finally IS HELD by congress as the one SOURCE OF ALL PAINS as Congress itself returns fiscal policy to the US TREASURY and its own oversight replacing the evil of independence from over sight with checks and balances our constitution requires .

The SANTA CLAUSE RALLY began last Friday as economic attacks stopped and weaponized digital AI warfare trading shifted to profit making on year end buy side for political and profit making reasons. The market is following the manipulation as it must in fact do – as the warfare AI ANTICIPATES the AI trading pathology as the attacking warfare AI is smarter today then the market AI controlling capital flow dynamics inside a new rapidly super changing economic the world has simply never experienced or known before. We lack theory to guide us. it is the wild wild wild Wild West in AI capital flows and nations have all lost control.

Dwell on only one market truth today – for the 440 trillion in global cash to park by year end somewhere – and that truth remains in the Safe Harbor of todays insane fully competitive ( AI WARS where profits are made by the smarter AI evolving quarter to quarter in unwanted market consolidations of wealth at the top and unwanted speculations at the market core all out of control and AI to AI competitive. That is today. And still the one truth remains for your Santa Clause rally profit making:

AND your own 11th economic commandment world wide:

the best investment in 100 years has been any sixty month basket of USA stocks and equities – never assessed in sixty days but in sixty month time frames ….you earn most in US EQUITIES as your asset multiplier that can not be beat…….

You have more information and better information act within being informed in superior manner to make your own best safe bets and plans – READ GAME PLAN it will help you in my opinion for a licensed professional we are proud to have as CEO SPACE faculty when we can get Kevin Freeman. BUY THE BOOK.


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