Chevron and EXXON the world’s two largest oil firms, both had earnings down from a year ago on ever higher oil volume sales. Why? Cost related to massive upgrades and repair maintenance to refineries, lower oil prices for most of the first quarter, and massive investments in supply lines to oil. The OIL itself was UP for both firms the downstream cost to lift oil and refine oil were high due to investment one time charges. The industry is strong.

Note worth is both the leading two firms noted by 2025 they planned to DOUBLE Texas alone oil output production. This means the Texas soaring exports of oil will create a USA effect on export revenue and tax income over all. Income to treasury from Oil has grown by 1000 % Since the 1980’s. This does what?

Across the Trade WAR spectrum rising benefits over 100 billion are flowing into the USA and that Mount Everest of  Dollar benefiting GNP and Trade shifting on the teeter totter is the first tip toward the USA side in 70 years now. The USA on the ground with the tetter totter $$$ is now shifting to $$$$$$$$$ From Trump team trade war policies.

The Triple Witching Effect this Spring is:

  1. Winter ice and snow economic effects become a positive SLING SHOT as consumer buying soars in the Spring.
  2. USA economic first quarter CLIMATE WEATHER EFFECTED GNP was adjusted upward to 3.2% GNP amazing
  3. We added 7 million barrels and last week 5 million barrels to our own reserves now passing half a trillion barrels.

Trump could dump 500,000 barrels a day back into the market – making windfall profits – dropping oil to 45. to 55 dollar range and using TRUMP DUMP as the price control policy. The USA could dump for each week say 3.5 million barrels stabilizing world oil prices – yanking all powers once and forever from OPEC CRIMINAL CARTEL elites – the few against the many – and USA oil stocks would still RISE BY millions of barrels A WEEK. We do not need half a trillion barrels of oil stored up in a time when the USA is becoming the largest export broker of oil in the world. The World is drowning in oil.

Oil price rises of almost 50% is speculation and OPEC controlled by their buying up oil and storing it. Manipulation of oil price. This has made the USA dollar so strong it is about to more to parity – which means the EU will trade soon for one USA dollar. The Dollar which settles all world trade . rising – makes oil actually cheaper. In dollar terms. As oil rises. Every nation needs MORE DOLLARS. The Demand for “settlement dollars” each nation must have ENOUGH OF to pay for trade in US DOLLARS – puts demand pressure on the US DOLLAR.

The US Dollar as we predicted in 2015 and 2016 would rise into 2020. This accurate prediction is on going and the DOLLAR IS ABOUT TO BREAK OUT and we believe push the EU under the dollar – as Trade War settles in China and moves to the EU. German and French goods have already been hit hard. Their export in 2019 was plunging. The USA in Trade War is soaring its exports while contracting its imports changing weak 70 year old BALANCE OF TRADE ABUSE AND IMBALANCES economically – into the new AI Economics of rapidly rising fundamentals for the USA.

Treasury receipts are soaring to the US Treasury income …vastly ahead of expert predictions. This reduces the rate of deficit growth and creates a new demand cycle for US Dollars soaring in value next. The US Dollar is secure as both the world trade currency and the high return depository for sovereign wealth investing by the trillions. The Treasury rising strength confidence and stature provides leverage to new trade deals as well as solid grounds of leverage into infrastructure by the US CONGRESS given the higher return on infrastructure investing for nations.

The USA will lead the entire world into solid new AI ECONOMICS and forward prosperity into 2030. Look to:

  1. Oil prices over time due to demand falling and supply rising – fall fall fall. Go long on oil at your own great risk.
  2. Dollar to soar in value reaching parity with the EU than dominance over all currency.
  3. Trade War Deals to further strengthen the US ECONOMY and the US Dollar even further after volatility.
  4. New levels of market volatility will be the new normal as AI ECONOMICS shift all old economy math to retirement
  5. New cooperation alliances will create global stability for investing if Trump wins in 2020 and NOT if Trump loses.

The markets will soar into next year. All volatility is AI trading range manipulations and overall cap rates for all asset classes will rise in value to the market caps setting new records into 2020.

In 2020 the markets will be ELECTION YEAR EFFECTED. With over two billion being spent on election industries in 2020 – perhaps double that sum – the nasty effects – of the election sound bites into AI controlled economics will be turbulent and unpredictable from old economics and old charts. AI will create new history never seen before. UP and DOWN. Clear investor pathways into 2021 are election INFLUENCED and outcomes are only clear as the GREAT ELECTION FOG clears from economic markets in 2020 the election year.

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