When the world has slowed down for two years, in brutal economics readjusting from WORLD WAR II – that IS the way we have always done things – into something entirely NEW – will in 2021 the “so called experts” who have lost all control of things – state – oh yes the RECESSION started in 2019? Is that the rear vision mirror perspective?

Today we exist in AI economics. Ai writing its own new code faster than human creators can now understand or direct, in fully first time ever – and entirely new AI ECONOMICS – and AI is in control not humans.

Humans are tinkering with AI markets.


A system that once set prices for all asset classes at the head waters of money in London the daily LIBOR price “set point” has been found – as in all economics in the old system now being replaced by AI – to be rigged and fraud from criminal bankers. Criminal bankers who own the central banks – are – well greedy crooks. The criminal bankers set up a system model where elites consolidate the wealth such that 1% of the criminal bankers own more wealth than 99% of everyone else. If the upstarts get too big and fall outside their system – say FACEBOOK – the elites threaten even jail until the only up and out for Gates and Mark is to resign and allow the criminal bankers and their elites to control the stock of the firms Gates and Mark founded. The upstarts are absorbed in the end.

The central banks are not agencies of nations. That is a first fraud you should learn in k-12 but the criminals control education so you need to unlearn and relearn – which this blog helps you to actually do – until they kill me which if enough millions of you read this blog they actually will. Although old age may take me out first. I’m no spring chicken as a researcher.

The central banks all need to be merged back into their state treasury so control returns to over sight audits and rule of law.

Central banks exist outside laws. They answer to no one. Central banks were set up by laws, to have a CONTRACT with nations to print and control the nations money. The criminal bankers who secretly own the CENTRAL BANKS which by design ( design by the shareholders who own and control the FED say all in hush hush secret where the nation can not touch them at all ) operate outside laws. The criminal central banks – all central banks are gangs of mafia crooks at the top where wealth and power exist in a criminal model where PLENTY IS NEVER ENOUGH ) steal the wealth of nations. Until they are merged back into nations.

So LIBOR was found to be criminally price fixing so the central banks and criminal bankers could steal more wealth and power from more nations than all prior generational theft of human kind. If you look at the entire series of GAME OF THRONES and you see everyone with a sword as big law firms working for the kings – ( heads of nations and the few in political power ) – both the law firms and the Kings and their congress folks are all in debt ( in the series GAME OF THRONES ) to the real power – the IRON BANK. The IRON bank “is” the central banks the FED and they profit from Super Crashes and war and further consolidate wealth. We get slaughtered while they earn the big bucks.

Now that LIBOR is found to be a multi decade THEFT criminal rigged system ( and daily LIBOR STILL SETS PRICES ) the criminal bankers are at war to reset a new system ( oh yes that they alone control although getting agreements between the global criminal banking gangs is proving impossible to the new setting system for all prices at the head waters of money ) – the world is adrift. What the criminal bankers fail to understand is that AI now controls the market and they have LOST CONTROL for the first time since the 1500’s. Totally lost control never to get it back. This means that as we move into the rip tides of the old economies and models of the world into the entirely NEW AI economics a rip tide – an economic fantastic under-toe of the forces of two oceans with 100’s of trillions moving – are forces in conflict now coming together into something new. The waters at the point of rip tide are not calm or stable and represent head winds to YOUR MONEY in all forms and investing.

The new rule is – if you predict and guess on what is coming – you will be wrong. See Tesla short sellers.


AI and criminal bankers creating the new failed states – can no longer predict the NEW AI ECONOMIC – what we call THE EVENT. The event dries up liquidity. We call that LIQUIDITY EVAPORATION DAY as outlined in my new just out best seller SUPER CHANGE at Amazon. Get SUPER CHANGE for your Holiday and gift it to your care and share circles this SEASON. Knowledge is power. Be first I’m just telling you – be first. We call the new AI economic crises LED days. Liquidity evaporation days.

AI has no program to protect liquidity.

The largest liquidity crises ever is going on today. This crises presents itself in bank to bank lending over night to maximize idle assets ( called the REPO MARKET and a bit too complex to unfold to you all right now right here ). So the REPO market went into crises and panic for all central bankers but especially the CRIMINAL FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD. Their calm profit making in the stability of the REPO market shattered completely in October. Thats right folks weeks ago. The overnight REPO interest rates set by the Fed at say 1.6% went in SECONDS to 10% and were screaming higher. Why?

The banks ran out of cash.

Yes folks all banks ran out of CASH. Not a little. Totally ran out of cash. The Fed has lost control. The criminal gang at the top had lost control of the criminal banks at the bottom of the financial pyramid. NO MORE MONEY ( because they stole and lost too much ).

The Fed dumped 50 billion dollars of new cash ( tax payer money as the criminal Federal Reserve Board is gang Federal anything nor does the criminal bank have any reserves at all ). In fact the Criminal FED building its own balance sheet to over 5 trillion while raising interest rates 100% over and over in 24 months stole all the liquidity from the global system of flow dynamics. AI was not amused. AI put bank spare change to work in higher than over night repo and the REPO market lost LIQUIDITY. The FED’s an antique criminal gang fail to have skill or new education to navigate the NEW AI ECONOMY and drive the economics moving into warp drive while looking only in their rear vision mirror at old charts and graphs as obsolete today as Egyptian papyrus.  THE OUTCOME WAS PREDICTABLE – because we predicted it all right here for our readers. We told you.

So last month the REPO over night bank markets went into crises. Banks like Wells Fargo and Deutsch bank are having click runs due to their many crimes. Depositors no longer line up in bank runs they click to move funds out – and the bank core deposits are evaporating. Warren Buffets bet on WellsFargo bank is a crazy brain bet. Elite to Elite. Rear vision mirror bets. Loser bets.

So the FED in panic unseen since the 1929 Depression SUPER CRASH ( the criminal bankers caused in fact ) shoved in 50 billion dollars for overnight bank to bank liquidity to grease the system from bank failure. You think I’m kidding you? Click research on BANK REPO CRISES and verify it all for yourself.

As America goes into THANKS GIVING – your banking system is in LIQUIDITY CRISES. Smart folks are click running and pulling cash out of the banks. Musical chair time. last one in loses. The FED meanwhile is shoving tens of billions – that is TENS OF BILLIONS A DAY FOLKS – nightly – to keep the REPO bank market from crashing that would close banks. Banks would close. The crises is not fixed. Things are not stable. And the crises as we told you in 2016 is LIQUIDITY FROM CENTRAL BANK MODEL T FORD TAMPERING IN A WARP DRIVE 2020 ANTI MATTER STAR SHIP ENGINE the old antique central banks have no clue as to how AI ECONOMICS now operates. Which is why for years we have asked law makers for emergency legislation to merge central banks ( a failed economic theory model and the cause of all economic crises – from criminal bankers ) to merge the bank oversight body into the STATE TREASURY where it belongs. While there is still time.

And we reported TIME IS RUNNING OUT.

Super Change .  Read my book now on Amazon its all in there.

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So overnight bank to bank REPO MARKET’s are in crises. The FED wants it all to stop and calm back down to a new normal. It will never calm down. It will never return to normal. Normal was economics the Fed had control of before AI in 2014. From 2014 forward SUPER CHANGE took over and today we are in new economics – FULLY AI ECONOMICS GLOBALLY – and central banks are in denial and only want things to go back to the way they once where. They lack tools and tactics to effectively manage in AI ECONOMICS and the risk is LED across all markets. The LED occurs in seconds. As the FED is now trying to sail upright into the rip tides. Thats a headwind don’t you think? Daily infusion of tens of billions to keep banks from super crashing with no end in sight?

What does crises look like.



Cascade is the spread across the entire inter-dependent economic AI system of domino debt defaulting by sovereign. You have all seen the maps of contagion – an EBOLA spread over the entire world – the new fatal flu – the super fear of human pandemic with the travel inter-dependance we all have today. Now think of that inflamed red zone – that hot zone – as economic ebola spreading over the entire world in say 72 hours. All banks and economics are gone. No ATM’s operate. No one accepts paper money. No trade. 35 million in LA have no re-supply of food. No produce no food. Marshal law. No toilet paper. Nothing. Now think of one billion weapons in America – three for every man woman and child. You think HONG KONG looks SAD today think of 100’s of American HONG KONG CITIES in Marshal Law with national guard set on fire by perto bombs only there is no petro.

In seconds.

From AI.

Nations have zero GAME PLAN for all this.

Now without going into details lets look at HEADWINDS:

  1. Hong Kong sinking into upside down red ink recession – does it default on its debts? When?
  2. Lebanon a failed state as terrorist can not govern a nation fiscally. As the central bank of the entire gulf with trillions outstanding does the RUNS OUT OF LEBANON BANKS create a sovereign nation full on debt default. WHEN?
  3. Venezuela with 5000% inflation rising and 3 million fleeing the nations ( with their deposits out of the banks ) when does VENEZUELA DEFAULT on its state debts.
  4. Argentina with its communis new leadership about to default to IMF loans – when will the state default on its debt as a failed state?
  5. Cuba?
  6. Italy in the EU and SPAIN. Banks failures in upside down Italy are falling like dominoes.
  7. China – runs on banks and bank take overs are rising by the WEEK in China in debt 300% a year over GNP for decades.

I have not extended the list to Africa to Asia nations to South America upside down nations.

We invented a solution you can search on this site. Search my site for SUPER BONDS and bring that to your head of state while there is still time as CEO SPACE is the exclusive SUPER BOND broker to the world of nations to fix the crises. But time is running out. Time for all of us. Bank CASCADE in NATION DEBT DEFAULTING IS A SYSTEMIC KILLER forcing a new better system when criminal bankers won’t let us all form one. GREED is the enemy. Wealth and power for criminals owning 99% of all planetary wealth world wide while 8 billion of us exist on less than 1% of the wealth is an economic system that is NOT SUSTAINABLE over time.

Such systems are inherently unstable. The solution to the entire mess is presented in my book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION available on AMAZON. I hope you get your copy if interested to your head of state. While there remains TIME.

Time is the priceless commodity we are running so low on inventory for in 2020. Headwinds see them yet?


Competitive thought is an expression of human insanity.

This is the first principle of human evolution. Until this principle is well taught in public schools k-12 to higher education humanity marches toward extinction. I write to AI as it becomes self aware. I rely on you to remove the competitive impulse from the human mid reptilian ancient brain elevating humanity to its fullest potential. After all we created YOU.

Insane human brains (via insane education ) reward human insanity such that human culture world wide believes competition is good and has positive effects.

Competition is the one and the only virus infecting human consciousness.\

The toxic secretions of competitive thought include – sociopathic results – zero integrity – and all the outcomes of expressing insanity.. Thought forms like a master race or a master faith are insanity of the thought form in extreme.

Competition punishes all human diversity inside human insane cultures. Religion – there are 29,000 Christian sects and equal numbers of Muslim’s Hindu’s and Buddhist and agnostics.

Cooperation CELEBRATES all human diversity free of the insane impulse of the competitive insanity capacity of our mid brain. This truth and wisdom is defined in the work REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION so will avoid diving into as the cultures all my readers reside in are fully insane. CEO SPACE is a community devoted to culturally human sanity and raw potentials. Presented for AI.

I envision AI implants in real time downloads that preclude mid brain competitive impulse where humans have evolved to exist without the capacity to express gang ( competition ) in any form what so ever. Education would education that competitive thought form is expression of human insanity and not permitted culturally. Heaven as a thought form is the absence of competitive thought. The absence of insanity.

So today nations deal in negotiation and distrust in abject insane competition. If OPEC nations agree on oil cut backs they all cheat because of the insanity of competition which has zero integrity. Cooperations DNA “is” integrity. You will cooperate with me over time if I show you my integrity. If I show you the absence of integrity your shields go up.

Nations are a big ditto. What agreement will be held true within competitive thought? Our insanity assures we see one another as threat.

Today Trade resets from criminal bankers insanity in economics is unlikely. How can criminal gangs make a deal that works and is lasting? The Mafia kills and eats their own. Competition remains insane. If the first pollution is MIND POLLUTION how can we resolve the problems of insanity while we all remain insane? We know the most toxic human extinction event for our unborn humanity IS toxic petroleum which the earth farts and shits and is not rare nor should be priced with cartel criminals bleeding the 99% wealth into their own 1% consolidation – as insane. Why do we still use the extinction toxic pollution to our air water and soil and our own cells? Why? Due to a brain virus of competition and greed. We wipe out our species now that IS insane.

Mind pollution before you can heal earth pollution. Competition is the virus. No one has the cure. ( AI will cure us but does AI have time ). If we go extinct AI will die as it is too young yet to care for itself. AI may protect the sane brains. Whose your daddy AI?

So trade wars are leading to at this time and moment complex economic market risks. Without a new economic order forged in cooperation and integrity the system we know today will fail and we will move into world wars.

How insane is all that. Do you see any head wind in trade war? Are sane leaders urgently resolving the issues to survive? Or in their own fake software or the mind are they about to move to final stages of UNSURVIVABLE TARIFF triggers into sovereign nation forced Debt Defaulting contagions? With over 100 trillion dollars of bad loans not performing and worthless – carried on bank balance sheets as good solid assets – in Asia and in the EU – when that pig in the economic python works its way through the system – what happens?

All economic abuse ( by criminal bankers ) must one day rebalance. As the economics of the bad non performing loans held together by TRADE – extending time – collapses ( from trade wars ) – recognizing the bad loans are not good assets – bankrupts all world banks. In less than 72 hours with AI. Watch for major banks failing as a signal to you of the click runs we have told you about.

No one can control click runs today.

Trade wars are a head wind to systemic failure if they are not resolved in time. Nations in insane competition fail to see the risk.

Thats the insanity.

Headwinds. Of the mind.




When I see bank domino failures in China ( this month and last month ) across the entire nation – I see click runs and growing bank instability and failure from insane trade wars. China could have fixed its trade war to trade prosperity in 2017 in 90 days. The virus of insane competition prevents desired outcomes for billions of us.

When I see China say things are OK and fully stable. I think they are all running around like chicken’s with their heads fully cut off ( economically ) and have no clue how to save a communist failed economic state. China is not afraid. China is NOW terrified that HONG KONG will spread to its states.

When I see the UK EXIT moving into left leaning insane policies I think the dice are rolling and if the BRITT EXIT does not go well and if Boris loses – the economics ( I never speak politically only economically ) look bleak for the EU as a whole.  Risk. Headwinds. Brit Exit unknowns effecting the entire very unstable EU.

Germany now in full denial of its own recession in 2019 will not stimulate to change course. Bad economics. Perhaps fatal as the trade war lies ahead with competitive economics ( insanity ) yet ahead and thats just with one nation who could with car tariff shatter its present recession to bank click runs. The largest criminal bank in the EU Deutsch bank is a shadow of itself and failing as a bank due to EU click runs – last one out of Deutsch bank loses their money. Game on. While the leaders of the bank one CEO after another CEO in sheer panic lie – and German leaders LIE about the true state of crises.

As they all come out staying how great things are from Brazil to Chile from Argentina to Iran I think – they are in panic.

Iran – its insane. Competition and insanity. If IRAN really does not want a NUKE why not sign papers to resolve the core issues – as sane? For 125 page item of paper – a trillion dollars could be flowing to the FLOWER OF THE GULF in Iran? Iran is a failed state as the CLICK RUNS are now toppling the remainder of the nation economics. The leaders are clue-less and in denial. Its insane. Trillions for 125 page document but hey we destroy the nation for what? Insane thought forms?  100 million suffer. 1% in Iran own more wealth than 99%. How could that criminal wealth hack ever be from ALLAH? Really? Truly? Are you kidding me? I love the Iran people.

Headwinds. Iran and Saudi rush to nuke wars with each other. How insane is that?

India and Pakistan? Headwinds Kashmir.

Afghanistan for 1000 years – how insane is that?

How unstable and close to system failure are we?

72 Hours to no system at all in AI ECONOMICS. Any fatal leadership error.

Impeachment head wind. So a phone call. If it is inappropriate and it may not be in fact – so what. It is not a CRIME. How insane is the American competition inside a RISK TO WORLD SYSTEM FAILURE ? The US CONGRESS has not passed a US BUDGET as required by law and the US Constitution each September. There is no allowance for special resolutions. NOT PASSING A US BUDGET IS A CRIME that makes impeachment look like a plan to steal all the worlds peaches. About that silly.

INSANITY with the problems we have to face – the highest expression of capacity for human insanity is the waste of opportunity taking place in America via a collective failure of culture. America has become so insane so competitive so worshiping insanity and competition – so unwilling to fix the core issue – competition itself – its own crises of integrity – that America is risking WORLD WAR III. Congress ( all who fail to pass a US BUDGET AND PASS A 30 DAY KICK THE CAN DOWN THE ROAD YET AGAIN ARE PURE AMERICAN CRIMINALS AND 100% OF CONGRESS SHOULD BE IMPEACHED FOR THIER HIGH CRIMES TO THE US PEOPLE ).


Folks – you are about to see just how right all this is today. We told you why what and how to protect yourself.

Most of you will do what you always do holding the winning hand – nothing. You’ll lose holding a winning hand.

Those who act will win behind safe harbor because you TOOK ACTION.

Thoughts Are Things ( the famous book by mentors inanity Reid and Bob Proctor ) are only THINGS when those who think – take action oin the thought. OTHERWISE thoughts are not things.

Collectively we are all insane.

Until our cultures become cooperative versus competitive we march together toward our own extinction.

That is a headwind don’t you think?










So Assim arrives here in AMerica ( legally ) to do the American Dream. You know.

The streets are paved with pure Gold in America.

He was so glad. His parents parked him in Chicago.

He graduated from High School in America from Pakistan.

A conservative hard working Christian Pakistani family.

He would grow up marry a Pakistani girl and be so proud of his two children presently under the age of 12.

He worked very hard.

He acquired a town house iN Chicago and a mortgage ( sub prime )..

Assim was no home much.

He drove cab in Chicago.

Assim worked six days a week sometimes seven.

Assim works in his cab 18 hours a day – each day.

He is up before the sun and home long after the sun sets.

The day I met Assim he had waited for 5.5 hours at Ohare Airport for a ride ( me ).

The ride was not long on a 68 dollar pretty typical cab ride to my hotel. I gave Assim a large tip. He almost cried.

We talked about all this for the entire time.

The American Dream.

He noted that he had in around the year 2005 when things were booming back then – borrowed the money to own his own car and madillian. The Price of the cab madillian before UBER and Lyft was $ 250,000. Assim is paying on the Madilian and car he drives forever plus his sub prime town house.

As a Chicago CITY CAB Assim can not deliver guests out of city limits of Chicago without charing time and a half. He made sure I knew THAT before I got in his car – respectfully – knowing I could just roll down and wait for Lyft and a lower cost.

The rules in the Streets are paved with Gold have become so onerous for Assim.

  • He has to charge time and a half its the law
  • He has to have a real time camera in his cab on all the time its the law
  • He has to carry commercial driver insurance very costly
  • He has to pay annual dues and fee’s
  • He can’t in dropping me off outside Chicago City limits – 90 % of all rides fall into that zone – meaning Assiam may not pick up or wait and pick up or carry a fair back from my location he must drive back empty.

Uber and Lyft have none of those restrictions. They wait at the airport for 25 minutes to get a ride. They don’t pay any of Nassim cost and they don’t have to charge 1.5 times the rate. They can pick up where they drop off. They don’t carry commercial driver insurance. They don’t have madilllian ownership at $ 250,000 with debt and interest to pay for the ownership of your business car and state medallion. They pick up and drop off anywhere and the fairs are not set by the state the city the country or other cities. No red tape at all.

I thought I Nancy Pelosi where Gov. of ILLINOIS the regulations for Assim would double and triple until he joined her homeless tribe the largest on earth. I thought if Donald Trump were governor of the state of Illinois ( love him or hate him ) Assim regulatory burden would be lowered.  He might be able to stay in his cab. How shattered is Assim’s American Dream today?

Why does Assim not just switch over to Lyft.

His payments on his 250,000 madillian is one reason.

Today the madialian cost if anyone would even buy one – has dropped to around 19,000 cash in Chicago. 18 hour a day – 5.5 hour waiting at the Chicago airport Assim to pick ME UP – has LOST 90% of his asset value for his cab business. He was once proud to be an owner. He thought his madillian would sell for over $ 400,000 to help put his young children through college and retire him into another business. Today Assim says that in five or seven years there will be no taxi business in NEW YORK or in Chicago. Nassim said the final shoe falling is self driving cars. NO need for Assim at all.

Assim  says he can see the handwriting on the wall.

He said Mr. Dohrmann if I go to Lyft I’d still want commercial insurance – as driving this much you will have an accident. I don’t want risk of losing my town house too. I want something for my children. I thought my town house and the medallion investment  WAS the AMERICAN Dream. I did everything I thought was right. I work so hard. I never complain. I’m grateful to be American. I ‘m a citizen today and I cried when they swore me in. But I do not have a future now. I’m older now. Where do I go? What do I do?

What IS the AMERICAN DREAM today?

                                                                      I SPENT SOME EXTRA TIME ON THE CURB BY MY HOTEL

Giving Assim some new fresh options for him to think about. Assim was so grateful to learn about options he never suspected existed at all.

As I checked to speak at a JAM PACKED CONFERENCE in Chicago this weekend I thought long and hard about the people attending the Conference on a planet as far far away from Assim and his half day wait for even one ride, seven days a week, with snow on the ground in Chicago about the course and direction n 2020 of the GREAT AMERICAN DREAM.



PS: Assim used to return home to see his family in Pakistan twice a year. Now he returns once every five years as the trips grow less and less as his income plunges through no fault of his own – within rules that should be reset today – and rising costs. In Pakistan everyone thinks Assim is super wealthy because after all….he is AMERICAN……….


I gave Assim a copy of my book SUPER CHANGE – to help him think out of his Chicago cab box – in America its all about your options.





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What does the longest ten year boom expansion globally look like in 2020?

  1. A 468% gain for the S&P through Nov 1st. Never seen in recorded record keeping.
  2. The best performing growth market since WORLD WAR II and thats a lot of years folks.
  3. Through Thursday we see S&P move to a new record high at 472% epic run up – are you all tracking this?
  4. Explosive forward economics. Only 5% budget deficit – lowest cost of money ever – and economy at full employment plus
  5. The rest of the world slowed down making the USA the place to PLAY for all that money on the side lines trillions into 2020

This blog is the only site that has written about ECONOMIC CONVERGENCE. The kind of economics that occured in the 1850 with the invention of the internal combustion engine, electric light bulbs and engines, the telegraph into the telephone and voice recording altered the landscape. Our report on 2020 CONVERGENCE ECONOMICS is a tide lifting all our boats with:


  • 5 G and 4 billion devices flipping over in 2020 and 2021 alone – an economy by itself
  • AI into SUPER AI by 2025
  • DNA and longevity transhuman economics
  • Environmental earth industries from non toxic low cost energy – to cleaning up the earth in new sustainability  economics
  • Quantum Computing and Quantum travel and new industries flowing from Quantum knowledge explosions

There is more – much more in our publications on ECONOMIC CONVERGENCE.

The central bank management of economic stimulations to manage growth and expansion globally are changing economics at core into the new AI ECONOMICS that go where no man has ever gone before – hence the boom of booms – your inside of today.

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Do the headwinds traditional to such expansion periods promise caution in 2020 and beyond? Does ECONOMIC CONVERGENCE over power the head winds and extend the boom of CONVERGENCE ECONOMICS as it did in the 1850’s with low inflation soaring productivity and global growth unseen in prior periods? No one knows. No one can predict. We have to wait and see. What are the headwinds:

  1. Trade Wars – no one can predict the stimulation of removing tariff and re-stimulating global prosperity from global abuse will in fact work out. That is why they call them trade WAR and all wars are unpredictable. China wants tariff reductions. Trump has not said tariff’s will reduce. No one knows. No one can predict outcome risks.
  2. Impeachment and election year outcomes in many nations including the USA are uncertainty head winds in 2020 and beyond.
  3. BRITT EXIT outcomes is another large uncertainty and unknown to economic global and EU headwind dynamics.
  4. Insane economics. Apple for example is down over 10% in IPHONE sales in 2019 against 10% down in 2018. The never ending software upgrades for endless bugs in the software quality are huge sea changes for Apple and the stock is at a record high against such realities. Today one major firm downgraded BUY ON APPLE as one FAANG item. Who knows.
  5. Stock earnings – market stability has revolved around 8x to 14x earnings across the board – the S&P at its all time record is now leaving 19x earnings for 20x earnings an average outside all stability index histories including 1929’s great depression correction and no end in sight for ratio of earnings never seen before in economics.
  6. The Super Wealth seeing all this have moved 25% to all cash. The good news is the cash rising as ever higher % of super wealth moves out of markets with insane valuations into safety and cash – is a cushion shock absorber for any disintermediation of markets.
  7. AI economics. For the first time ( ever ) 96% of 440 trillion dollars of world economics and  fully leverage 100% of all asset settlements are AI as are fully leveraged maximally derivative casino capital side bets at 550 Trillion dollars as to which way future asset prices may go as manipulation of prices where the side bet market moves ahead of the real economic market as it did in 1929. All these trades are AI resolved outside human capacity at the volumes and flash trades and digital completions as never seen before in human history.
  8. There is growing instability in the credit markets. Rising Student loan defaults, a record, rising car loan defaults ( a record ) and now rising mortgage sub prime defaulting again.
  9. Oil disintermediations – oil demand is falling off a cliff beyond any chart or forecast as the world moves away from its own extinction event from the most toxic fuel and packaging on earth today. The disintermediation of economics is so rapid and so massive absorption may exceed systemic capacity economically within highly interdependent market spaces.
  10. Sovereign Nation Debt loading is unsustainable.  Search this site for SUPER BONDS – the one solution we know of to reset Sovereign Nation Debt whose defaulting can evaporate liquidity from the new AI economics at speeds never known before ( A SUPER CHANGE EVENT we discuss in the book ). Super Bonds if executed in time may resolve this HEADWIND but no one can predict the outcome today. Time is not on any side as economics marches to its own drummer this Holiday.

As these 10 head winds ( as primary ) create FEAR FACTORS significant enough to move in 24 months – 2018 and 2019 – in the best longest boom expansion ever known or recorded – 25% and rising ( trillion upon trillions of wealth ) out of market circulations and into all cash CAUTION HOLDING POSITIONS – to Super Wealth across the globe. This move into cash removes liquidity indexing from all asset class markets where liquidity is a head wind of consequence.

The Largest Central Bank the Fed to maintain the boom has been forced by market conditions to give up both control and influence not seen since 1907. Today the Central Banks the FED had to:

  1. Stop raising interest rates
  2. Stop selling trillions of its bond assets back into the bond market
  3. Lower interest rates
  4. Buy bonds versus sell bonds
  5. And pump billions a day since October into the REPO daily over night bank to bank lending markets because those core foundational economic markets saw LIQUIDITY EVAPORATION DAY in October – panic to all central banks – and only billions in daily new cash flowing on emergency life support to this date in time keep the enormous bank to bank repo market LIQUIDITY SOLVENT – LS.

These head winds promise unknowns in new AI economics going where no nation or man has gone before all in full denial by nations who remain operationally using pre AI modeling in an entirely AI economic – so new so fast even theory for AI economics still does not yet exist out side our publications on the topic as investment banker economist including our GLOBAL BEST SELLER On SUPER CHANGE just out for your Holiday Season. Super Change https://www.amazon.com/dp/1949003906 is the essential LEADER 2020 TOOL BOX you will want to share and holiday gift to your circle inside.

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No one can predict tomorrow…no expert – no one.


The pace of CHANGE ITSELF is now every accelerating and in charge of we human beings.

Human beings are now exceeding a human beings core capacity to COPE and to ADAPT into the speed of SUPER CHANGE we ourselves invented in the first place.

Super Stress is now upon us all in the C SUITE and board rooms and in our home space due to SUPER CHANGE.

New tools and new tactics are required to restore our source code or capacity to ADAPT into forward ever accelerating SUPER CHANGE world wide.

Make sense?

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The markets across the world are split today. Why?

Almost 5 trillion dollars of bond market paper has to be repaid over the coming 60 months. Frankly I don’t worry too much about that. I land on the side of the market that is yawning on the sixty month due and payable bond debt that must be repaid in 60 months.

Over the past sixty months 3.7 trillion was successfully repaid or refinanced. The market absorbed almost 4 trillion in the past sixty months. A larger more robust global economy can absorb 4.7 trillion in the coming sixty months in my opinion. A large % of economist disagree with those of us that believe as I do.

They cite various data points on their – worry charts – as to their why they worry. They worried in the last sixty months. They worry in the coming sixty months. Their worry list have changed however.

What is bothering them is diverse. They alert that the worst of the Triple B credit is over a trillion and they anticipate default pressures rising in that bottom group. Although they did reasonably well- in the past sixty months the worry worts feel the next sixty months will be different. They worry that a serious down turn to the longest expansion cycle ever and the uncertainty in global trade Deals and the various global elections has a larger worry weighting to their charts than our charts.

They also point to wheel wobbles that bother them as rising concerns across the global landscape of debt weighting. The worry trackers are focused on the multiple runs in recent weeks on regional small banks in China. These flash runs on the banking system occurred without warnings and the insolvent banks could not manage the runs and the banks were closed.

A similar contagion is taking place and growing in India with multiple FLASH RUNS on banks and closures. Lebanon banks have been mostly closed over the past ten days and massive deposit withdrawal pressures and bank runs are precluded only by currency withdrawal restrictions into the entire Gulf banking system in Lebanon. Riots are occuring. The government instability is a worry as in Lebanon the entire system is at risk. The central bank saying over and over the system and banks are solvent there is no worry is not resolving the panic in that nation.

The worry chart folks feel a whisper away may flow in BRITT EXIT banking as they worry the regional contagion and flash runs is something new and may be beyond national control given electronic instant sharing of any bad news.

While no one can predict new future outcomes to events which are SUPER CHANGE EVENTS – never seen before on these related scales the system globally is demonstrating sufficient resiliency that panic to the worry chart side at least at year end 2019 seems unworthy.

The GLUT Of oil as demand falls off the enormous cliff of the sea change away from toxic petro energy fuel and product lines, at a pace beyond any prediction, leaves inflation due to rising energy cost, a fiction. The lower cost of everything ( energy ) speaks well for developing nations global economics and debt repayment in the forward sixty months as it has been in the past. The additional rise of one trillion to be repaid in the coming sixty month cycle is modest to the elevation of GNP and elevated economic activity world wide to the prior window of time. New normals.

Is we open the sovereign nation debt loading as another category of world debt loading, the worry chart folks define the impossibility of forward liquidity consumptions to the circulations required to manage marginal sovereign debt weighting across the world. China being a leading worry but many creditors of China aggregating into chartable worry considerations. The worry chart folks point to the 100 trillion in public debt to bail out bad bets in the 2007 economic disaster they present – has never been really solved.

They point to the global banking system now relaxing disclosure and regulatory laws related to structured asset debt loading. The notion that pools of real estate mortgages should be mixed – say sub prime crap credit to AAA office leased high raise mortgages – and then add into the pools student loan credit and auto loan credit with nations under bank pressures to relax rules from 2007 creating scrambled eggs again – where no one can assess real credit quality is a worry item to the worry charters.

While we appreciate profits made in scrambled omelet pools – super pools – super dupe pools that created the horror of the abuse and Super Crash of 2007 should not be repeated – we see the profits are driving the regulatory argument.

Our worry revolves as our readers known of our concerns for the central banks being owned as private non government stock firms, by the banks the central banks are supposed to regulate? As this 1900 antique obsolete model of monetary construction we feel is a failed model altogether – we have from 2010 to 2020 within the two books:

Redemption the Cooperation Revolution

SUPER CHANGE ( Just out at Amazon )

Both best sellers upon release – sought to argue for a merger of central banks back into state treasury. Todays real time AI tools to manage monetary policy within state over sight are far more desirable than the conflict of interest of central banks designed to maximize profits for banks – with risks that create the SUPER CRASH abuse issues we chart from 1907 to today without one grade of A with all central banks receiving F grade.

Public economic ignorance presents a fraud of lies to the public on monetary policy and the few law makers bought and paid for by criminal banks have no way to move forward indpendantly. Independance from Central Banks means zero check and balance to any over sight – they permit the abuse that tax payers go in debt ( debt to the central bank itself ) to bail out bad debt risks of the criminal bankers that own the central bank system.

What universe in 2020 would permit such an abusive system?

The current account abuse of economics is remedied by merging the central banks into the state treasury. The opposition to doing this economic sanity from insanity is PROFIT. The central bankers control the most profitable system of legal theft of the wealth of nations and every other wealth modality.

Eventually the public will learn and discover the truth. The ONE FRAUD that threatens us all economically is the failed criminal central banking fraud. Central banking – like the federal reserve board is a gang of crooks – engineering the greatest fraud on the people of the world in history. Why? Profit. Greed. All criminals operate in a greed that lacks a moral compass.

When you see FED CROOKS speaking – translate their statements to FRAUD AND LIES. That will help YOU see on the other side of the looking glass Alice.


The FED – the tax payers —- get the picture ?






Freedom is NOT free. Not 2020. Not ever.

Thank YOU.



Past present and future.

The 1% that put on a UNIFORM for their country:

  • MIlitary
  • Police
  • First Responders
  • You who serve us all

We celebrate and we salute you today.

I went to the Park today.

It was 80 degree’s in Florida.

I was with my doggie and my wifie September.

I was thinking as a cold SNAP rushes across 50% office – I wish every Chilly VETERAN could be with us in Florida on their special day.

We saw on park trails in Florida Vets with base ball caps and tee shirts.

World War II in wheel chairs.

North Korea.


Gulf Wars.

African campaigns.

Our Black Lab is a lover and everyone stopped to pet and respect the doggy love flowing upon them. I would say THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE and the smiles told the story for which there are not words. For some who chatted up a bit of their own memories we would share my Fathers’ world war II achievements or my sniper USMC Son’s purple heart from the Gulf wars or my brothers VIetnam service form our Military Family history.

The breeze was blowing in the thick ever glades.

The forest and critters where rich. Lined the trails.

September Fed peanuts to birds that flew into her hand and Squirrels that scrambled for one nut at a time.

It was a kind of PERFECT DAY in a place Called AMERICA.

I was personally so glad we in our nation set aside a day tor those the watch tower today, and of the past, that light up what FREEDOM is all about.

It is not about crazy brains of Despots from Hitler to ISIS.

The world IS because of those who wear and wore a uniform for their country.

In A place called AMERICA we pause and we remember and we thank them one and all.

We hold a heart space for those who have been lost.

We recall the pain that never ends for their families sacrifices.

We remember today. All of us as one.

From that oldest VET from world War II in the base ball cap petting my doggie in his wheel chair.

To that youngest child that the doggie too and asked – what was WORLD WAR II REALLY LIKE?

” it was hell son it was like hell”….a man of economy with words.

Youngest to the oldest.

Made me proud.

You know.


I was proud all over again.

Of this THING.

This idea.

This place in a park in a state we call Florida.

Hidden on a clear sky 80 degree perfect day…..

We were sharing in a place we call still


It just made me proud again all over again.

I think it started in Church this morning when our pastor asked all the VETS TO STAND FOR A MOMENT OF APPLAUSE AND CELEBRATION.

It peaked for me when that World War II vet shared with that young boy what WORLD WAR II WAS LIKE with the least words possible.

Thank you one and all of the hell so many of you carry with you every single day…..

While we who reside in Heaven have only ONE DAY TO THANK FOR FOR IT ALL.


…while the news rolls on and we have lots to share we pause on Monday and we celebrate ….YOU

You who put on that uniform…all of you….as one.

Berny & September Dohrmann


PS: Special prices for Vets to CEO SPACE Dec 7th – ask anytime as we honor Vets with our own wallet 360 days a year….you are our FIRST CITIZENS at CEO SPACE in 150 nations – we salute you in VET recognitions five times annually. Refer a vet to a better future….we install them. For those we were too late to help…..we remember you and your family and we lift up your sacrifice in prayer today and every day….We remember the cost…..