In “my” opinion versus say THE EXPERTS talking about old charts graphs projections mappings and stuff – well let me tell you.

My New BOOK SUPER CHANGE out at Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Super-Change-Survive-Thrive-Uncertain/dp/1949003906/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=super+change&qid=1575042186&sr=8-2 outlines the ECONOMICS which in our opinion defines the NEW 2020 ECONOMY of the world. Something that is truly new and very rapidly evolving and Super Changing. The predictions by seasons, old norms and old charts in our economic model of the new GLOBAL ECONOMY is all obsolete and a relick like trying to place hore shoes on a T – Rex.



Two sets of laws or legislative rules that define the double lines of economies ( rules thrown out the window since 2007 by Chairman Bernanke ) and before him Chairman G who trashed 100% of the recession laws to preclude the two unwanted economic out of control events that cause world wars and depression, as legal thieves digest the theft of national wealth. The two fatal time weapons of mass ECONOMIC DESTRUCTION ARE:

  1. Unwanted consolidations of wealth
  2. Unwanted speculations into the economic systems of the world.

In 2014 56% of trade settlements were made by AI for the first time in human history. A new economy was being birthed. The regulations for the old economy resided in the blue sky over nations who made these economic laws, in over 200 nations all self steering their  economic ships to their own safe harbors. In 2020 96% 0f all settlements are in the CLOUD and fall for the first time in real time outside regulatory frame works. Shadow banking dark money pools and hybrid tax dodging accumulation piles are creating “water level circulation ) issues over money flow dynamics. As the G 100 has no INTEGRATED economy strategy for the growing AI economy, the five so called WISE MEN defining the unfolding EU NON INTEGRATED central bank story,

The risk to the current 2020 system remains debt. The bug in the machinery is debt. Today Japan’s economic minister came out noting in central bank speak – that if long term bond debt for nations like Japan ( due to negative stimulating interest policies for example ) go down, for a long cycle time, it hurts economies. How?  Well flows move. Long term negative return parking stalls find asset values in NEW AI economics can move in ratio’s and in velocities never experienced before.

Not long ago the New York Stock Exchange shock absorber mechanism was to stop training in a 500 point drop day for a cooling off period. This summer when we predicted SUPER VOLATILITY as a “new normal’ of the long term destabilization of the global economic post war system, into a new AI Economy the world has never had experienced with before, would see 1700 point up and down 72 hour periods. Today AI is even writing its own code faster than humans can now understand the core complexity.

In 2020 we see the excess of speculations in new AI derivative side bet markets. The markets for which way an item would go – up or down in any asset class – is fully leveraged at huge ratio’s not seen in the GREAT DEPRESSION. Side bets. Casino capitalism. Setting all asset class prices by AI. The real market of asset settlements is AI as well so the counter casino wheel of estimates of 570 trillion dollars into a real asset settlement of AI managing over 440 trillion in rising asset class monthly trading settlements.

Against this at year end the entire portfolio rebalancing almost entirely in US DOLLARS runs out of dollars. The pressure on year end so called SWAP MARKETS another casino in dollar trading now run by AI as well seeks to manage system equilibriums with speculation prices on future 2020 dollar delivery into the NEW YEAR to settle all accounts without being dollar short. To do this recently the FED in the USA had to plunge billions upon billions daily into the world system to assure the dollar FLOW as sufficient.

The RISK as we have said now for five years – is liquidity.

When will the AI liquidity mountain cause AI to fly into the cliff’s?

It could never happen. It could happen today. No one knows.

No one has experience in new rapidly evolving AI economics.

In SCI FI Movies you all worry about the terminator and AI at machine wars with the humans something like the MATRIX. You worry AI will control all the nukes and see us as threat.

Today AI controls all the money and wealth trading of nations and companies? If AI see’s us ( we humans as threat to itself in future years given  no nation has AI laws today ) seeing us as threat and takes out the economic systems of the world what then? Is it even more terrible than the Matrix in human cost for failure to plan it out first? Today my Book SUPER CHANGE discusses issues you don’t see in other books. One is the AI ECONOMICS. Issues you can share this Holiday giving GIFT BOOKS as one stocking stuffer – Super Change being such a step ahead of leaders of the world.


Facing growing threats and issues on multiple fronts revolving around 5G and AI itself, nations are moving to integrate control of all data to better manage a complex world. Despite what it may seem like in all the political upheavals world wide,  generally stress loading from socialist economics or capitalistic economics and the theories that promise more stable better futures from both colliding. Despite all you read and see the shift is all economic from world war II.

Nato a 70 year old block of nations protecting the EU from Russia as a reason to be – is falling apart. Putin has worked years to help it fall apart. The USA the main economic banker of NATIO is unwilling to pay the defense cost of the EU that is disproportionate to the almost 30 NATO Members. The Head of France calls for direct NATO nation deals WITH RUSSIA. Turkey has already dealt directly as a NATO PARTNER buying RUSSIA weapon systems – surely not to defend against RUSSIA. So when the President of FRANCE says NATO is brain dead, does it mean every nation is in it all for themselves pre world war II ? Is NATO stronger or weaker at the NATO BIRTHDAY party this weekend, with everyone fighting over everything. No one is at peace in NATO. Not over money. Not over common defense. Germany is self dealing with energy dependance on Russia.

The World is forming a NEW WORLD ORDER. A new economic order. The US Dollar remains the only trusted world reserve currency for global settlement of the sums set forth here now managed by AI not humans. Humans invest in AI managed money bets. Ai manages the money.

Block Chain is rising and removing central banker control. China is issuing its own global block chain, trying to beat Facebook and its concept of a block chain virtual money on line without government or nation.

All this occurs with market risks from:

  1. Liquidity and debt failure potentials into the system creating panic – AI PANIC an no one knows what that really looks like.
  2. Climate Change events now costing trillions to world economies
  3. Wars terror and unknown geo political events
  4. Pandemic of an illness that overwhelms our systems at this level of human density birth rate and global transportation
  5. Impeachment politics and the outcomes really and the 2020 Nov vote.

Against these RISKS always with investors today – we have a solid stimulated managed more integrated economic system globally. Trade deals promise a peaceful new world order of rule of law and trade outcomes where hopefully less and less nations are left behind anywhere. Peace deals promote trade. Drops in violence.

The rally going into 2020 may be the middle of a cycle of CONVERGENCE outlined in SUPER CHANGE. If that bet and guess is correct the high market levels many experts believe is coming may well continue. The idea the market in election year will be a 5% return or less we think may be well low and off. We anticipate a continued decline in energy price and well controlled inflation. We see a glut of oil as demand is falling way faster in our model than other modeling we are reading upon. We see petro demand falling off a cliff like no commodity in historic terms ever.

New industries are developing including FOOD output revolutions that promise food security for growing populations. Developing medicines for all continues to be a challenge into the world today. New economics are opening round old models we’ll have to wait and see on all that. New polymour break throughs suggest toxic plastic can be made to recycle cheap without earth consequence. A super black hole 70 times the density our son some 15,000 light from earths now is refining physics and our idea of the universe itself and our place inside it.

Ebola attacks in Congo through Thursday have curtailed multi – ebola out of control in Africa – second largest outbreak rising to largest as the rebels in Congo attack and kill Ebola health care workers. The violence was so bad on Thanksgiving the WORLD HELATH ORGANIZATION WHO STATED THAT Ebola infections were declining in the HOT ZONE and now will rise again for sure. Evacuations are taking place all weekend.

In China where small banks are failing and click runs are failing those banks we see bank take overs by the state. In the EU 28% of banks have a capital one to one ratio in valuation versus 81% in the USA. Lebanon is the banker of the Gulf and its banks now have currency controls. While Depositors are told their funds are safe click runs have had banks in Lebanon fail to transfer billions out of the Lebanon banks and Arab depositors are now suing. This could unravel fast.  The EU has told its bankers in 29 nations to either cut cost and get profitable – or merge or go out of business. Now think about that today. Meanwhile Germany’s once largest EU Bank Deutsche bank ( all major banks have pled guilty to multiple crimes with no one going to jail ever ) – has collapsed just as we predicted five years ago with Wells Fargo and New York London banks all pleading guilty to price fixing, phony accounts and more. We stated new runs on banks would digital – click runs – and much harder to bring to light until it is way too late. Now AI is click running on banks. No one can predict the future outcomes as confidence in core banking in nations from Italy, to Venezuela to Argentina and Chile and Brazil next – as pressures mount – in a negative interest where banks can’t raise profits in a central bank stimulus negative deposit world – calls for nations and central banks for bankers to increase reserves when they lack profits to do so – is a double edge sword. Banks around the world are seeing so low a profit that in many nations they lack access now to capital. EU banks saw bad loans drop in 2019 – slightly over 2018.

US trade gap narrowed substantially, business investment came back up in October – surprising experts but not us – and third quarter GNP was revised up for the USA to better numbers. The market almost set another record as we predicted record after record into year end – read back and see our opinion on that – right again. The Weds law congress passed on human rights in HONG KONG created a caution to FLOWS that the trade deal may also hostage up to the Congress labeling of China.

in a BBC news item with Chinese Ambassador globally this weekend we saw China label Vice President Pence as a CHINA BASHER that shows “no respect”. The ambassador denied leak reports about 2 million being locked up by SOCIAL POLICE to brain wash massively releasing new CPU brains all set for China society – the China re-education way. The Ambassador labeled the many reports from camp escapes – as fake news. The Ambassador labeled the leaked Communist Party Manuals for running the camps FAKE NEWS and said no such documents in fact exist. Related to the CAMPS the Ambassador stated that a terror attack was occuring every 72 hours in their Northwestern Provinces ( muslim societies in China ) and that now everyone was happy peaceful and it was safe to walk on the streets. When asked about the AI social monitoring the Ambassador cited how many camera’s the UK has for every citizen. The BBC Reporter reminded the Ambassador the surveillance in China is 1000 times more camera’s per human than any nation on earth – and all monitored by AI to produce social normals and out comes by state social police. The Ambassador said the MIRACLE of 70 years of revolution in China had to unfold CHINA WAY. China does not judge the rest of the world China may not be judged by the world including in human rights abuse areas or illegal theft of nation’s wealth. Finally the BBC asked this Holiday – about reports China wished to replace the USA as the leading world power and would break the laws of the world to get the job done. The Ambassador said – by golly and oh heck – we are a developing nation and our GNP is a small fraction of the USA.

China is contracting economically at a level not seen in 30 years. Trade imbalances are being reduced with the USA including in the EU. Germany autos are dropping tens of thousands of workers and larger lay off’as are occurring as economics revise into AI economics leaving those who fail to embrace SUPER CHANGE behind in profits and futures. Stay alert to the shifting.  The likely record growth of markets globally next year remains HIGH for profit making. The risks are also high and not predictable. Fully today.

Year end portfolio’s making a lot of profit rebalance. Capital gains in all nations are AI managed to portfolio rebalancing. Now the GREAT AI year end rebalancing is taking place. How will that rebalancing end the year? We suspect given the ocean of cash and the cash side line profit taking has already developed into the markets – a surprise rally back into growth stocks is likely to occur. We see FAANG as rising even with INTEL chip short falls – it considers the long term robust demand. Why?


5G. Over 4 billion devices world wide turn over 2020 – 2021 – a TECHNOLOGY CONVERGENT ECONOMY by and of itself. 5G will effect everything. Soon food on the farm will be AI machines that water, fertilizer, weed, pesticide, all with AI nano distributions saving 80% of the water for agriculture – and all real time reported to harvest control for that one small farmer. The output per hector will become jurassic park level with lower cost for food such that no nation will be left behind even in draught areas. The economics of just this sector and all self driving machines – will become a change of magnitude. Why?

Consider the partnership of self owning a car, and petro industries. Now consider the future of power is clean burning renewables starting with Natural Gas the earth farts and shits – no shortage as the earth is a a natural gas factory. No consider ever higher % of individuals no longer own a car. They order lower cost self driving drones for short term travel or a self driving car if drone travel bothers you. While you can still own your electric non polluting car – the economics will change so that the industry itself will change dramatically.

Petro demand for highly toxic fertilizer pesticide toxic chemicals and packaging is falling off a Niagara Falls economic disintermediation. Those at the top as in the days of cigarette adds on TV saying there was no direct link to cancer from enriched addicting tobacco products ( until billions in health claims changed all that and the laws ) the demand charts for oil we believe are dead wrong. We feel demand is falling far faster than industry seeking to protect its “THAT IS THE WAY WE HAVE ALWAYS DONE THINGS AROUND HERE ” models – reside now in AI ECONOMIC DENIAL ( economics is now AI and new to humans ) and denial of demand worst case outcomes – which will in fact be exceeded.

We now predict into 2020 the worst downturn oil and Opec chart tables we in our opinion respectfully believe are false and wrong and that the down turn in demand for petrol everything will be 2020-2025 unseen in human economics in modern times. The outcome to the revolution ELRON MUSK initiated and continues to lead ( we told you do not SHORT TESLA if you recall ) is unfolding at break neck speeds, as a SUPER CHANGE to transportation and petro industries. Soon your choice will be UBER OR LYFT with driver or without.

You call.



We have predicted those investing in 1% sliver of the Saudi Nations self proclaimed reserves and value arrive to market at the new Market Peak price time in the past 24 months. We also note the ability of oil to sell much above 39.00 dollars a barrel to contract buyers is not present. The posted spot prices of 57.00 dollars and 67.00 dollars are below the sums needed for SAUDI to operate in the black. Saudi has lost credit ratings and borrowed and borrowed to stay afloat within the double economic lines of the market place. Saudi and OPEC exist in name only. Today.

Everyone is cheat and the Saudi coup and dictatorship of OPEC by the puppy King was not taken well by Opec Members starting with Iran most harmed by Saudi PR and policy. In Iraq with thousands dying in protest for the Iran Shite side of the Muslim faith the leadership resigns. From Lebanon to Iraq Putin and Iran are winning in sanction and the USA is being diminished. A long strategy of XI and Putin of asymmetrical war fare. America is still the engine of the world in economics and every nation needs trade with America to prosper in the world today. No nation is an island but the USA is by great far the most powerful economic military engine every created by mankind.

The puppy King MBS needs money. Everyone knows that.

The Puppy King has locked up his own royal family and shook them down for 100 billion and counting. I’m sure they all forgot and pledged loyalty for life. Is that what you believe in tales of 1001 Arabian nights? Past Saudi family KINGS were kind enough to mentor me. I am a student of theater history which is complex back to Alexander the Great ( who stayed forever ).

Economics – the Saudi Aramco oil reserve asset base of 1.7 trillion we feel is over stated in value and worth by a full trillion dollars. What this means is that the Arab Opec community pledging to invest in ARAMCO to preserve ( new for OPEC ) influence versus control now that the King MBS war on American oil failed, and America came out by far as the world’s largest oil producer. So the kid needs endless cash. He raises it by selling a 1% sliver at the new markt high peak – for his oil demand falling off a cliff – Aramco He has pledges now for around 4 billion. The 24 Billion he is raising in his first offering is partially subscribed. The full PR Machine of OPEC will be at work to sell out this offering to help stabilize Saudi who just saw IRAQ change government due to the people’s power.

Will stock holders of Amamco do well long term.

No one can know for sure.

It is out opinion they will not.. Not between now and 2025 …we’ll keep you posted.







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Speaking at CITY GALA right in the heart of the super star celebrities and Hollywood – my home base for five decades –  and mentoring amazing leaders AM to PM one on one day after day – I returned to my Marriott Suite and plowed into my teams research summaries from over 200 nations. Bed time as with Tony Robbins ( whom I wished Happy Thanksgiving to asking WHO IS CUTTING THE TURKEY ) – is not early. Digesting the data and reflecting on review of it all more than once I conclude  all over again – that the world is taking advice from pure and absolute IDIOTS. The best way to define what is actually taking place is is to use your imagination. The news economically and largely globally politically is being reported by idiots who have the voice contracts – in a bunker under ground. The fear storms that sent them under ground came from the ACCELERATION of Change that became exponential. These reporting experts are now aware they are inside a pod, that is inside a star ship that is ever accelerating to warp unlimited. They are driving their future reports in a MODEL T FORD stationary and our of fuel inside the pod and looking backwards in the rear vision mirror. At warp speeds accelerating. The markets are SUPER CHANGING. Entirely AI today.


  1. Over 440 highly fully leveraged all asset trade settlements are 96% AI today.
  2. Over 570 and rising too rapidly casino side betting in derivative leveraged casino gambling in economics on WHICH WAY will any of the prior asset group ( all asset classes ) GO in the next minutes or hours.


Economics in the world have SUPER CHANGED. The systems have all Super Changed into rapidly evolving AI. AI is now writing its own core code from deep learning into which the founders and code developers are Super Changing into lost control over even understanding the complexity of NEW SUPER CHANGE CODE. Further AI is now inventing its own language and is writing code that is more efficient than human understanding as well as beyond human understanding and fully non hackable. All this is unfolding without any regulatory oversight of any nature or kind. No one – no THEY – is watching over US. Most of the think thanks exist in the POD and are comfortable with rear vision mirror driving as the SUPER STRESSS of facing and embracing SUPER CHANGE has passed their humanity coping ability. Entirely. A first for we humans.


THE experts predict in general the profits and growth of today’s’ markets cannot be duplicated in 2020. The general rear vision driving news expert reports a more modest 5% return in 2020 globally.


We take issue with the idiots inside the POD inside the MODEL T FORD and driving in rear vision mirror reporting – like say the central bankers and Feds’ – high priests of funny not money. They have lost all control of the markets a first since 1906. Control by nations – agencies of nations – central bankers who are not agencies of nation – all have lost including Congress control. Further no one is “thinking” through how to regain control. No one.


Well we are.


But no one our THERE has a clue in the acceleration of SUPER CHANGE hence my prophetic book to inform you all of the truth of it.


Leaders are voracious readers in the NEW AGE OF SUPER CHANGE. You tube thinks for you. I was just with the LARGEST POD CAST 5G WEB SITE provider Super Change Firm in the world. 55 Employees  – exploding with growth 100’s of leading global audience with millions of loyal daily viewers. This CEO SPACE Faculty Husband Wife Team – Tracy and Tom Hazzard ( Super Change leader’s and Super Change Parents ) confirmed my premise in SUPER CHANGE. No future web site is relevant or will endure without top end POD CAST in both audio and video on their 5G 3D Cover Page. Right again.


My prediction against the IDIOT EXPERTS is:


  1. In Super Change over 4 billion devices will roll over to 5 G in only 24 month – a global economy up bubble all by itself.
  2. Almost 1 trillion on line platform – social – posting world’s – and web sites must 5G in 24 months.
  3. All 3G and 4G technology software will upgrade and revolutionize not evolve – into a new economy of 5G in what we call ECONOMIC CONVERGENCE unseen since 1850.
  4. AI will become self aware and all planes trains transportation and movements including drones delivering US will be new SUPER CHANGING REVOLUTIONIZING 5G AI.
  5. DNA and Health Sciences in 5g will change human health forever as longevity moves to life spans of proportions beyond the POD the Model T Ford and rear view driving old software brains.


The NEW AGE OF SUPER CHANGE will usher in economics on a revolutionary globalizing improving interstellar commerce that only science fiction suggested but fell way too short upon defining in fact.  Super Change. Do not get tired. Do not become SUPER STRESS by SUPER CHANGE. Learn how to embrace Super Change into LIVES THAT ABSOLUTELY THRILL YOU and THRILL ALL THOSE AROUND YOU.


The Politics of completion are already falling from extinction insanity brain software into the politics of COOPERATION and extinction removing brain software. Trade Deals will become the new Normal.


The last Holiday inside the RIP TIDES OF inability to adapt into SUPER CHANGE and the embrace of SUPER CHANGE is the sea change humanity HAS BEEN WAITING FOR. From 250,000 Tesla Truck orders taking market share all the idiot experts said – too ugly – window error – etc and etc – and the innovation and Super Changed Truck – has created a ELRON MUSK INDUSTRY by itself in only 72 hours. Old brain software cannot influence or impede the ever present change of SUPER CHANGE Itself. You adopt or you perish. You embrace or you lose the race.


TO LEAD moving forward there are NEEDS moving forward. The tools the tactics the CRITICAL PROCESS to remain current in SUPER CHANGE is as far from an EVENT as a seminar or workshop once was to human on going development. Today Leaders require process versus events. The right process trumps eight years in University teaching obsolete brain software in a pre Super Change World.


In fact I have stated the ONE RISK TO HUMAN EXTINCTION IN THE SUPER CHANGE UNFOLDING NEW REALITY is the failure of human beings and their nations to REVOLUTION 5G all upgraded and ever self correcting EDUCATION K -12 to Higher Education .  Education in the POD in the MODEL T FORD ( that IS the way that WE have always done things around here ) leads to human absolute extinction. Bad software on brains leads to HUMAN EXTINCTION.


Competition software is expression of human insanity due to buggy awful brain code.


Cooperation brain software with its DNA of INTEGRITY is the fix.


No one is presently thinking of 5G Revolutionizing human global education in the world.


All human education prior to 5G is obsolete – brain software inside a closed POD LOOP – with its defenders inside the model T Ford relic – driving in the unmoving car using the rear vision mirrors to drive education forward in a SUPER CHANGING warp drive accelerating world.  EDUCATION AND ITS LEADERSHIP ARE THE LEADING CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY IN THE HISTORY OF OUR SPECIES TODAY.


Anyone have a global policy for NO NATION LEFT BEHIND? No? I thought not?


Because the two economic systems of the world are:


  1. Broken and failed ( 1% own more wealth than 99% a competitive insanity )
  2. Obsolete and ineffective models for economics
  3. Corrupt beyond moral measure – communism socialism competitive capitalism inclusive


Until the advent of COOPERATIVE ( sane versus insane ) economics rises forth – as set forth in my blue print at Amazon REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION. Ultimate holiday read from maddness into sanity. For brains who desire a year end holiday UPGRADE to their Quantum Computer ( or not ).  The extinction salvation exists inside the pages of REDEMPTION.


As I have written if Heaven is the utter total absence of insane thinking – lacking any competitive thought as our of integrity and impossible and fully insane – which is not expressed in divinity’s heaven absence such error code of the mind……


Hell is the absence of sanity and is fully expressing insanity in the form of insane software – competition – of the mind – with endless gashing of teeth – and savagery to the soul and spirit – eternal insanity.


Now how insane is it for human beings to create economics based on hell as a concept form?


What springs forth? The toxic attributes of insanity of course.


Can human beings adopt sanity?

Sure we can. We must. We should.


Can human beings do better?


Sure we can. We must we should.


What defines if we WILL.





Without that leader – we all go extinct.


My book SUPER CHANGE assists us all to illuminate that one inspired leader.


The problem that is invisible has become visible in the books SUPER CHANGE and REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION.


The solutions to the problem ( thank GOD ) are presented in the two works for leaders worldwide.


The questions that reqmins with majority bad software of mind:


  1. Will we release our insanity?
  2. Do we truly wish to release our insanity once and for all?
  3. Will YOU Personally RELEASE your PERSONAL INSANITY?
  4. WHEN? When will you release your personal insanity.
  5. HOW?



Five to thrive and humanity will thrive versus become extinct.



This Holiday having released the problems and the solutions as my lifetime contribution…….now I get to WATCH YOU ALL !


Berny Dohrmann – Author – Movie Producer – TV & Radio Host – and FOUNDER OF CEO SPACE ( DEC 10th Dallas your invited ) – WISHES YOU THE HAPPIEST HOLIDAY “SEASON” ALL NATIONS ON OUR WATER PLANET –  IMAGINABLE – GO FOR IT !




When prestigious Morgan brought forth the FaceBook IPO at 48.00 we stood alone saying Duck.

In weeks we acquired FaceBook stock at 18.00 dollars. Ooops.  Years later everyone made some money.

Aramco is worse.


Mark Zuckerberg and his wifie are brilliant, integrity driven, and world changers for social good.

The King of Saudi Arabia is a sociopath murder who ordered Khashoggi’s “head” cut off and brought back to the balance so he could personally talk to the reporter.  Investors betting on a monster – good luck.

Now then the fundamentals..


Woman are not free in Saudi – what a fraud.

The report of the SEA CHANGE that globalization – the rape of America in wealth transfer – still creates today – came out. The 2007 post crash ten year boom we are in has demonstrated the greatest WEALTH GAP in American history. The consolidation of wealth where 1% own more wealth than 99% is never – not ever – sustainable economics to any nation. Why does the Wealth GAP exist? Because idiots make laws to favor the rich and punish the poor – bought and paid for law makers. Today Congress distracts you all with IMPEACHMENT from what? The one Hero in the past 100 years who is trying to ROLL BACK WEALTH INEQUALITY being one of the Super Wealth and they not only hate him for draining the swamp they want to destroy him – I believe that is predictable.

The News is not news today.

Nothing is WHAT IT SEEMS.

Which is why we report what IS really going on OUT There whether you like it or agree or not. What you can not contradict is the accuracy over time of our reporting. Including Morgan and Face book in an 80% wealth drop in hours of an IPO. Good Luck on Aramco.

Oil is plentiful and renewable – old wells are chalk full again. Why? The earth farts and shits oil and gas. Oil is THE MOST TOXIC commodity known to man – for fuel for packaging for everything. OPEC is marching humanity to extinction in the pollution of our air our water and our soils world wide for greed. No social anything.

OPEC is a illegal criminal cartel.

The members of OPEC are a gang of criminals that make the MAFAI look like a play thing.

OPEC has held the world development hostage and truly is OPEC RESPONSIBLE FOR CLIMATE CHANGE AND HUMAN EXTINCTION.

Saudi Arabia controls OPEC in absolute terms.

Saudi Arabia puts out the most toxic sulphur polluting oil on the earth. So horrific is Saudi oil that the largest refinery on earth must do first step refining to turn out a dirty crude the rest of the world will agree to refine. Nothing pollutes the world more than SAUDI EXTINCTION OIL. Why? So a sociopathic murderer can trash USA POLICY as he did TODAY on Israel – first sucker punching Donald Trumps son in law and totally trashing Trumps Middle East Peace Plan stating the TRUMP PLAN was DEAD ON ARRIVAL to the entire world. Nice buddy.

So her could buy the most expensive mega yacht – replacing the super yacht Saudi had before setting a mega yacht spending record. Or so he could shake down 1000 Royals for over 100 billion and that is still going on today? So he could buy a painting worth 50 million but he paid 500 million because well – we all let him?

So this piece of total mental illness is now going to sell less than 2% of Aramco based on fraud values. As a retired investment banker economist let us get into the bit more social consequence. Not since the NAZIS has more harm to more humans or more death been caused by anyone outside OPEC.

Opec as a MAFAI SUPER GANG OF REAL CRIMINALS is an illegal price fixing cartel. Their PR firms make you believe that OPEC is creating:

  1. Social balancing of oil
  2. Social stability for oil

That is FRAUD.

OPEC is artificially taxing the entire world with the largest tax upon the cost of everything else – ENERGY AND PACKAGING – at levels 200% over market price levels in fair market level pricing.

The Wealth in- inequality of the world would evaporate if OPEC did not exist as gang of criminal thieves. As OPEC is creating toxic human extinction for less than 20 party elite GREED – the entire world of nations should band against OPEC. No OPEC member should be allowed into the UNITED NATIONS for one. All nations should label OPEC criminals for two.

Now for the death of OPEC – round two.



Everything you read about oil is a lie. Paid for by OPEC.

Aramco oil lake is fair market valued at under 750,000 billion dollars.

Saudi King’s FRAUD is they value that lake now at double the real market value.

Oil demand as we have documented is falling off a cliff.

The demand for oil shattering includes in time frames no commodity on earth has ever known before includes:

  1. Transportation moving off oil – soon to include all ships and planes – in time frames I wrote my best selling new book for this Holiday – SUPER CHANGE – ( Everyone is buying SUPER CHANGE for Holiday Gift Giving so important is that information to the entire world ).
  2. Energy is moving off of oil and into non polluting natural gas and hydrogen and alternatives – wind – tides – natural gas – hydrogen – atomic – at a speed and pace the young PUPPY KING is mentally ill not to actually understand. A billion mega watts is moving off oil as the supply of oil like a giant pendulum – swings back. THERE IS OVERSUPPLY OF OIL.
  3. For responsible nations using oil until they can go off oil as oil is too costly due to OPEC MAFAI PRICING – and Saudi is the most dirty polluting oil of them all and America as the much larger producer of oil and rising like to 20 million barrels a day coming up – cleaner – Saudi being the worst the markets are SHIFTING AWAY FROM THE CRAZY KING ast speeds and levels no one has seen or expected.
  4. Oil in packaging everything is so toxic polluting our air soil and water – there are plastic from SAUDI particles in the very air your breathing. The Crazy KING PR machine turns out – that hey there is no proof plastic in the air and water and soil does any harm what so ever. Folks OIL kills. No matter what form. Breathing and drinking oil toxic shit is bad for you and for unborn generations so a CRIMINAL GANG can cheat the entire world for GREED as we go extinct from their crimes against humanity.
  5. OIL PHONEY PRICING by the CRIMINAL OPEC has created this year along over 1.4 billion deaths under the age of 40 from food insecurity and medicine insecurity due to PRICE ALONE. The OPEC CRIMINALS have created a trillion human deaths and rising – plus wealth inequality such as the world has not known since the industrial revolution – because – PRICE is not 75 cents a gallon price is CRIMINAL so less than 20 suppliers can RIP OFF over 200 nations and they all bow down like they own prayer rugs to this BAT SHIT CRAZY sociopathic ruler of OPEC – OPEC DICTATOR – CRIMINAL AND CHIEF.

No crime against humanity is greater than the King of Saudi in modern times.

As he came to power the BAT SHIT CRAZY KING declared OIL WAR ON AMERICA and stated he would wipe out American shale oil once and for all.



In 2014 to 2016 Crazy King lost the OIL WARS. He lowered prices – just because he could – from a high of over 140.00 a contract barrel of oil ( insane given over supply what a cause of death across the world ) to 34.00 dollars a barrel ( and every oil firm made money and profits ).  America moved from 2.5 million barrels a day to 13 million barrels a day. Saudi never recovered losing the oil wars.

The BAT SHIT CRAZY KHASHOGGI MURDER continued to spend into a budget that put Saudi so into the Red ink from the Black ink when he came in – we estimate the one crazy brain has caused the SAUDI people to date 7 trillion dollars. Trillions in lost oil market share that moved from LOUSY MORE COSTLY HIGHEST SULPHUR POLLUTING OIL on earth to alternative oil suppliers – such as the buyers taking down 13 rising to 20 million barrels from AMERICA TODAY. Saudi has had to borrow billions upon billions to pay the Kids rising soaring budgets into RIP OFF PROJECTS that have zero return potential.

Recently the BAT SHIT CRAZY KING – said hey we are open for tourism – come on in to our 127 sand dune and if you kiss your wife in public for a selfie we’ll put you both in prison. Come on in world TOURIST trade with our CRIMINAL NATION – who has price controlled the wealth inequality of nations and cost the world economic prosperity and perhaps out own extinction. I”m still ripping off royals for more than 100 billion to pay my bat shit crazy bills – as no one alive is spending more than this ENEMY OF THE UNITED STATES who yet today and again came out stating our US POLICY IN ISRAEL is totally opposed by Saudi who now moves the entire OPEC family into meetings to secure how they will all together punish the USA.

Anyone not isolating this sociopath including all OPEC members seeing OPEC is criminal – immoral – and shattered by the bat shit crazy OPEC KILLER – KING MBS so aptly named – shame on you all. As humans.

So today technology from America primarily and natural gas – as America not only has the largest OIL stock on earth – and the least polluting – America winning the oil wars – has the largest stock piles of natural gas and we find more like punching a straw into sand dunes.

So why is oil priced so high?

Why is energy not low cost so nations could prosper?

The Wealth INEQUALITY REPORT to economists out today in AMERICA stated economists where SHOCKED BY THE DATA of the ten year ( during a boom ) decline of middle class in the USA – the largest reversal in a ten year period EVER. Why?


Over 200 nations need to ban OPEC members from the UN and open CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY TRIAL in the HAGUE and start with INDICTMENTS for King MBS, and all OPEC member heads. Why would you allow the crime against humanity.

It is also appropriate for the USA to declare WAR against OPEC and take over SAUDI and its 30 million people giving them all real freedom and a real stake in the WEALTH.

ARMACO IS A CRIMINAL FRAUD STOCK OFFERING – remember we told you here first on all that.


Even the best journalist will not write the truth about the BAT SHIT CRAZY SOCIOPATHIC KING MBS why?

The gulf is a population of 100’s of millions of moderate shite and sunni Muslims.

The most radical muslim sext WHABBISM the source of ISIS and TALIBAN sexts – extreme muslim was invented by a man not by Allah. Whabbi some 100’s of years back. Whabbi saw western influences on Muslim most conservative traditions such that Whabbi invented the most radical form of the Muslim Faith Whabbi ism. This form of MUSLIM WORSHIP was adopted by one Nation – Saudi. Why? Oh a criminal deal was made. Whabbi was made the STATE RELIGION and the SAUD family was made the divine KINGS For life.

Even so this radical form of Muslim faith ended in modern times with attacks on MECCA and a blood bath in Saudi. The Saud family then made a deal. We will export radical MUSLIM BELIEF as the MASTER FAITH to the world – we will endless economically invest in radical education – world wide – and fund all terrorism – if you Whabbi and side brands agree never again on SAUDI soil. They agreed and so it has been. Although a SAUD FAMILY POLICE STATE that makes SS STORM TROOPERS IN GERMANY look like Barbie and Ken dolls – assures everyone knows they are watched and monitored.

No modern ruler has more expressed crimes against humanity than the half decade of BAT SHIT INSANE KING MBS.

As KING MBS the GOD KING will kill anyone who opposes him – like say my tribe of journalist still writing the truth about SAUDI – the end is near. Why?


  1. Saudi is seeing oil demand crash into the ocean floor.
  2. The world is drowning in oil and the OPEC price criminals are loosing all control for a commodity no one wants to buy anymore.
  3. Saudi is spending way way way more than it can earn as a tiny 30 million person economy in the sand lot.
  4. Saudi has one last gasp ARMACO as a FRAUD VALUE before the world would shun any loss from failed investing which Amaco is a failed investment – so over valued it is simply FRAUD.
  5. If Saudi fails to get the new cash from the IPO with its credit rating under KING WHACKHO being lowered three times already and approaching JUNK status – thats right  – credit ratings are not deceived here – SAUDI is a failed state and failed economy. Held up today by criminal theft of the wealth of nations within phony oil prices.

Putin said – today – he we support OPEC for oil stability.

What the RUSSIAN SPEAK meant is: we want oil as high as it can be but we are not giving up market share for a crazy brain. Russia will pump without cut backs from here forward. Everyone says to CRAZY BRAIN ok – lets criminally cut back oil to keep prices high for our elite 20 – insiders – fuck the entire world – on fair market price of say 25 dollars for oil with average lifting cost of 10.50 cents real cost – say 150 % margin versus 350% margins. Criminal gang theft of nations wealth.

IT is all insane oh.

Now the OPEC MEMBERS all say to the OPEC DICTATOR – what ever you say sonny. Fine with quota and price.

Then they all cheat in two ways:

  1. Their contract price is lower than prices you read in the paper – no one buying pays those prices.
  2. They all pump more than quota’s no one is losing billions in market share for the CRAZY KING in 2020 or beyond.

OPEC is shattered scattered and dunked. Game over.

Saudi will soon become a failed state bankrupted by the INSANE KING.

The Saud family so damaged by this NAZI IN A BED SHEET – is not insane. I predict as I have since 2014 that my mentors and two past King’s mentoring ME – will have their DNA move bat shit crazy puppy King into a very long vacation a footnote in history. Still OPEC is destroyed forever.



  1. Saudi declares all out war on American oil. 2014 – 2016 and loses totally – USA passes Saudi as largest better oil supply
  2. Saudi trashes our peace plan policy. Lies to our President and team.
  3. Saudi attacks itself multiple times and frames Iran as a crime. Fraud to frame Iran and preclude a peace deal with USA.
  4. Saudi this week trashes our Policy with Israel to the entire world ( again ). No end on enemy to USA at every possible level.
  5. Saudi cut off all our oil and moved it to China to off set our sanctions. That was 2018 folks attacking our trade war for greed.
  6. Saudi killed our Washington POST journalist Khashoggi and cut off his head and carried it back to the palace.
  7. We trade – put military assets and support SAUDI WHY? Why not make a deal with Iran and give all our support to IRAN who is labeled and falsely framed by SAUDI.

In the GULF nothing is what it seems.


Economics 101 – the SUN ALSO SETS ON THE SAND DUNES.



PS: The American middle class is evaporating due to GLOBALISM failed economic wealth transfer from America to other nations and 70 years of OPEC criminal price to the cost of everything polluting the world into extinction at a cost that is ripping 200 nations to the bone marrow. WAKE UP. We are paying way too much for each Saudi grain of sand…….crimes against humanity – sand storm !




In our opinion……The truth? Ah – you know the truth when you read the truth – you know in your bone marrow…you just KNOW – spread the word and share this blog – it is important. Some suckers may avoid ARMACO IPO FRAUD because of you today….thats the truth of it.








Then the fake news tells you information about the TWO LARGEST ECONOMIES you might make adjustments as investment bankers, hedge funds, private equity, and sovereign nations must. Media is young folks who lack depth when it comes to economic pure ignorance. The data they report from PR firms, say from Saudi, or from the EU or from anywhere are put out as spin to feed a 24 hour new animal that is constantly starving for information. Just like you and like ‘I” that information machine world wide must eat three times a day. Much of what it prints and worse verbally reports, will be flushed later once digested. It is true to report that NEWS is not what it once was.

Every adult over 45 year sof age knows THAT.

Those who are younger trust fake news as if it was old news and not fake or bias.

For example the Economy of China is falling off a cliff in trade war. This decline can not return or come back. Why? Because the environment for conducting business in China as we have reported here – for years now as to policy error – in SUPER CHANGE ( My new book must out at Amazon ) is:

  1. Too hard and long to do anything
  2. Too costly once you start
  3. Not profitable or easy or welcoming
  4. Too hard to make a consistent profit
  5. China rips off all success and copies it and competes directly with Mc Donalds to Amazon
  6. China sustainable costs over time are too high
  7. You can take your profits out it is just NOT FUN to do business in China – the fun factor and cost in time and money sucks
  8. Labor and cost are soaring in China today as are material cost
  9. Quality is decline and is not reliable and the population is aging by % future work force is uncertain
  10. New unknown regulatory burdens rise endlessly

In Nearby Pakistan where supply chains are flying like wind – everything is 90% on this list better. Not a little better massively better. You have an enormous work force that is average age 23, earns $ 3.00 a day – speaks english – and you can set up a new venture in 48 hours with zero tax for five years. To name ONE that iS FUN to move supply lines into – which is lower cost and you can take your profits out.

China supply lines have moved from 5 trillion out of the nation to 7 trillion. We have predicted 15 trillion will move out of China. Over time in total value of ten year averages.

China is reported always as with the USA the worlds TWO LARGEST economies. In fact the adjustment to fake news as we have reported here is:

  1. China at peak – which it is far from now – was the size of the state of California.
  2. China was in a tie with Japan and India and Indonesia for the second largest economics to the USA.
  3. Russia is the size of the State of New York at peak and it is far from its peak now
  4. The EU is a larger trading economic than China
  5. The USA is BY FAR the largest economy on earth – the engine of all other economies and the only one doing as well across the board in 2019 – but slowing from trade war adjustments.

Other nations who buy from the USA have crashed their currencies.


Past Presidents since Jimmy Carter have suggested how unfair the trade situation is in post world war II American subsidies of trade where were supposed to be temporary.

Think of our winning WORLD II and generously creating a WEALTH TRANSFER from our America to those we saved ( the EU and the Marshall plan fo reconstruction with made devastated Germany and France the # 1 and # 2 economies in the EU ). Not only is there zero thank you – there is on going ENTITLEMENT the subsidies and wealth transfers are OWED to other nations. Kind of insane.

After Korea and Japan we rebuilt Japan and opened with Nixon trade with China and a wealth transfer. China unlike other nations developed a communist duet with Russia Putin is President XI”s mentor on ASYMMETRICAL WARFARE. You beat the USA and bring in into socialism and communism by:

  1. Generational education to the left politically
  2. Backing cells who think left
  3. Weaken the nation by wealth transfer as long as you can
  4. Steal hack and transfer the weapons the technology the AI by theft of the nations assets
  5. Divide the nation maximally and insert nation wide violence to unseat the powers in charge blaming them and put in your left leadership

Asymmetrical WarFare is real. The DOD Contractor Kevin Freeman maps it all out for you in two books THE SECRET WEAPON AND GAME PLAN if you wish to hear China generals, Putin, and the unified war plan we are still losing. The most important part of the war plan is that the population of your enemy ( THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ) does not believe there even is a war plan and anyone who rises up press ( controlled by the left today ) is quickly exposed as a nut job. No one in America believes we are in WORLD WAR III for real – commencing with the Russia master plan to digitally with AI attack our markets in 2007 which almost closed the entire system world wide with all banks failing. Our enemy made fortunes on the attack and off set all sanctions from those profits.

We are losing the war.

They are winning the war.

In comes TRUMP who unlike past Presidents no longer talks about this war -he GOES TO WAR. The nation was put on economic war footing in TRADE WAR. The opposing nations in WORLD WAR III divided maximally by XI and Putin war planning – have moved to every nation for itself. France says NATO IS BRAIN DEAD and no one will go to war by its treaty triggers. Trump is on his way to Nato to assess all this. As we pay the largest cost for no 2020 reason of cost – theft of national wealth. Putin war plan destabilize NATO and divide its membership – war mission accomplished. If possible break NATO APART – sell its members RUSSIA WEAPONS like in Turkey and now else where. Proxy war with IRAN and weaken your enemy.

Nations – all of them – have crashed their currency. In CURRENCY WARS the USA DOLLAR is invested to be artificially high and the FED ( obsolete institution well reported here – toxic to WORLD WAR III ) has lost control of the TRADE WAR. Nations in currency war just off set tariff’s with curreney drops so that their goods are CHEAPER and US GOODS are so much more costly. The FED has helped all nations against the USA in trade war – by refusing to join the CURRENCY WARS and lower the US dollar to make our goods appropriate in price.

OTHER NATIONS are manipulating price in Trade War making it much more challenging for the USA. The public has no clue. Merging the FED back into US TREASURY should have been an emegency act of the US congress to unwind the worst choice it every made by enacting an 80 page FED ACT that gave criminal bankers the RIGHT to privately control US CURRENCY – prohibited by the US CONSTITUTION.  Read it. The US CONSTITUTION is on line in clear english.

The US CONSTITUTION by LAW requires the US congress to pass a US BUGDET as the business of the people every fiscal September. The US Congress has broken the Constitutional law for years – is impeachable ( all of them ) – because they have created and illegal unconstitutional culture of failing to pass a US BUDGET in effect – creating a constitutional amendment there is no law or basis for doing. Congress is a law breaking institution in TRADE WAR also hurting the USA and its people by failing to pass a US BUDGET as required by constitutional law – a direct and fully impeachable offense as the MOTHER OF ALL TORTS by the US PEOPLE  – 100 million of us would sign on for THAT TORT – it takes on tort law firm.



Vulture Casino capitalist ICON is side betting – not investing in the economy – but as in the GREAT DEPRESSION side bets are larger now than the real economy. Betting which way future things will go. This was the cause of the GREAT DEPRESSION and it is being allowed by bad or missing laws and all over again. Icon is side betting MALLS will fail – malls will not pay their trillions in debts and Malls will fail. In the Casino of AI capitalism ( all new and outside most old systemic tools and tactics to profit from ) we see in MALL SPACE when you hear – the consumer in America is fine and that consumer spending is just chugging right along in FAKE NEWS you may have missed some points.

First the USA is approaching in modified GNP zero or recession level. We have written we are already in a world wide recession. Why? The Fed. The Cause of all world wide depressions. Why? Failed policies. Raising interest way to high way to frequently way to high each time. We have written about this starting with Janet Yellin being the WORST FED CHAIR PERSON EVER – worse than even Bernanke the cause of the new GREAT WORLD RECESSION due to SUPER DEBT BUBBLES caused  – yes  – caused by the FED. In AI economics the FED is toxic to global economics and must be merged back into US Treasury. Until this economic fact is understood the world is at risk of SUPER CRASH AND WORLD WAR _ the EVENT _ and we have reported this prediction here since 2014. We’ll see if we are right ( again ).


How many stores have closed across the USA in just this year ( when things are Fake News to be so great )? Over 1900 retail stores and that number is soaring.

Mall closures in the United States – malls across this great land in Trade War hurt by the FED – see in 2019 over 4,087 mall closures and rising. Think of all those jobs and employments and the eye soar of boarded up failing malls in America. Once a boom sector.

Interest rates by the FED are not going lower – which they already should have in currency wars – they are going higher. Higher interest rates will turn failing mall keys – over to banks. What do banks do with failed malls. How do they report the loss on their books or maybe in bank accounting they don’t report it correctly when they are all broke too. Click runs are pulling cash out of banks at record numbers as smart folks see the hand writing on the FED WHITE BOARD WALL.

Ihan is big shorting MALL securities ( mall debts that Ichan believes will default ). Ichan makes 500 billion dollars if he bets right. Big risk or prophet? We’ll see – as Bank of America reports they are SURPRISED the pace of mall and retail closing have far exceeded the experts predictions.

The 83 year is not the high priest of money. Ichan like other preditors and vulture capitalist play CASINO CAPITALISM as regulations to prevent it are not upgraded into NEW AI ECONOMICS. Congress is fiddling on Impeachment as pure POLITICAL THEATER that ends no impeachment and a landslide for Trump as miscalculation when Nancy Pelosi Hi Jacked the entire DEMOCRATIC PARTY to the far far left and her SQUARD such that President Obama had to come out this week and try and right the party back from listing into the ocean of despair for a shattered scattered and dunked party he loves. For being THE GREAT LEADER Obama is he has been brutally attacked by his own party all week for what…….for doing the RIGHT THING is what..

The PUTIN/XI War plan of maximally dividing America is alive and WINNING WORLD WAR III while Congress fiddles and Rome ( THE USA ) burns. No fix to social security and medicare. No fix to immigration. No fix to highways roads and damns all decaying. No BUDGET PASSED as required by law. Just Nancy Pelosi seeking to corner the world market on PEACHES So she can have all the impeachments.

I’ve written to you all – buy a BOX OF PEACHES and send them to Nancy – say one million of us so that she finally has enough PEACHES for her IM-PEACH-MENT. Is not that all she really wants – the peaches? Lets send Nancy the Peaches in our own impeachment movement as deplorables?

SO 83 year old on his way out Icahn owns 10% of Xerox and then casino buys 10% of HP then seeks to have his XEROX a dink company next to HP hostile take over HP. The HP board declines given the low price to profit the vulture offered. How much could ICHAN loves if Malls pay their mortgage at Holiday time like TESLA killing SHORT SELLERS like Ichan? Buffet buys into real economics – Ichan and tribe are in CASINO CAPITALISM investing for greed and profit and price manipulations which once was a felony and will be again when Nancy gets enough more than enough PEACHES in my opinion.

Meanwhile over 280 nations over 51 are in riots over the middle class being evaporated by the ICHAN CLASS as across the world the failed economic systems of COMPETITIVE CAPITALISM AND COMPETITIVE SOCIALISM ( China and Russia too ) where 1% elites have consolidated more wealth and power than 99% possess. This is evil insane and not sustainable globally as circulation and liquidity evaporate. Ichan will die with Buffet and Soros’ soon and the Marks and Paiges and Musks will take over from the last generations of Gates into the New Generation of youth. We’ll see as they all THINK DIFFERENT than say TIM holding 100’s of billions for stock buy back and stock manipulation of price while Apple IPHONE sales are down more than 10% last year and more than 10% this year but Tim no longer reports IPHONE SALES AT ALL TO SHAREHOLDERS and the SEC allows such lack of transparency once a felony and will be again. When? When Nancy Pelosi gets more than enough peaches I suspect ( did you send Nancy Peaches for Thanksgiving ) say 1 million cases ought to do it?

It is go time readers.

The shell game is not UKRAINE FOLKS the Shell game is all that you are reading here – the pea ( our future ) is under which shell in the world with 50 nations in riot and melt down – due to consolidation of wealth and wild casino speculations by the super reach insanely marching to one drummer…follow the three shells as I rapidly move them around in FAKE NEWS with live all channel PEACHES FOR NANCY in the news – and tell me which shell holds your best future….really and truly today?






Dec 10tth Dallas for Safe Harbor – you registered year ?