Flynn’s attorneys filed in Federal USA Court today chilling evidence the FBI as a Federal Law Enforcement AGENCY criminally changed documents to advance their case.

The US House is pushing SUB BASEMENT to hold the SECRET Impeachment Lynching violating PRINCIPLES that are held sacred ( UP UNTIL 2020 ) in America. Principles that included once upon a time IN a wonderland grown up’s call The UNITED STATES – USA – once upon a time a long long time ago Boys and Girls….principles that were divine and sacred to our citizens even the US President:

  1. Any target of investigations by those OUT TO GET THAT TARGET ( Pelosi and Trump today ) are presumed to be INNOCENT until PROVEN GUILTY. Press used to assure this presumption had WEIGHT. Today Trial by PRESS in America the accused is so guilty so convicted by the press – that presumption is a principle slaughtered by culture that left America behind.
  2. Every target in a unique place called AMERICA once upon a time boys and girls held the RIGHT to FACE THEIR ACCUSER directly. Today the accusers are protected deep in the BASEMENT of the LYNCH MOB who control the PRESS LEAKS to try the party by PRESS.
  3. Now we find the opposition – agency of nations – the US HOUSE – the CIA – the FBI – DOJ personnel – break the law to get their target – doctor documents – change evidence – and FRAME THE TARGET – where criminals are those attacking and prosecuting and the INNOCENT are those being FRAMED. Outside American principles.

What IS going on out there?



For over one year now the Department of Justice – and on accelerated terms once Barr took the helm – is purging its criminals. Thats right. the Department of Justice is draining the SWAMP by returning American principles into the matrix. DOJ is gathering evidence to indict and put into prison those who conspired to take down the President and who committed crimes to do so. This includes:

  1. Members of the US HOUSE AND SENATE and their staff members now shaking into the night taking serious drugs to sleep
  2. Employees of DOJ.
  3. Employees of the FBI
  4. Employees of the CIA
  5. Employees of the NSA

The Criminal CABAL is on a TARGET WALL headed by Nancy Pelosi whom they have enough hard evidence and witness testimony to hang by the neck until dead ( anyone taken a close look at that chicken neck recently in premature aging? ) . Tension and stress are killing Nancy – just look at here photos in 2017 and in 2019 and you see the MASSIVE AGING from the stress of going to jail.

Nancy does not care about the damage to the HOUSE to the staff to the other agencies. Nancy is not sorry she has conducted criminal activities. As in HOUSE OF CARDS the Netflix binge watch – Nancy is sorry she GOT CAUGHT by herself and lonesome. No remorse.

Nancy is trying to cloud the clear sky criminal case that Attorney General Barr has made upon Nancy Pelosi and Diane from San Francisco over multiple years and multiple counts of pure abuse of powers and so many crimes where to begin on the long long indictment being crafted is the work of the future for JUSTICE.

SWAMP CLEARING as it has not been cleared in decades. Not in America since the MCCarthy Era when the fuss was all about creeping socialism now upon us today. But that was post war then and we are 2020 5G now.

Nancy is “business as usual” abusing powers and ( what does one more crime mean now anyway really to her ) where she is elevating TRUMP PAIN to deal or no deal – herself out of criminal outcomes. She might serve out her time and agree not to run again just on age issues and health issues. Nancy is a sword fish caught on the huge indictment hook of the Department of US Justice trying to get off the criminal line.

As Nancy complicates here crimes by adding ever more to them, getting off the HOOK is a political fight now to the death. Impeach and get Trump out of office. Trump can’t lose. He gets a pay raise of 100’s of millions of dollars a year – a year folks – to go back to his empire. Legal issues that follow him will never see court while Trump is alive. Getting TRUMP out of office in the BASEMENT secret lynching mob Nancy has stitched together is 99% impossible. The US REPUBLICAN SENATE is going to rip Nancy’s frame to shreds and back lash from voters against the SQUAD and far left socialism, is a likely outcome.


If you tack the Department of Justice slow ice glacier moving all the trees and boulders to the sea of court and US JUSTICE there is no public leaks. There is no target trial by press. Also you do not see in the investigation gone criminal against Nancy Pelosi and Diane, with their staff and circle shaking into the night ( impossible to sleep now terror into the darkness ) – that none of Nancy or Diane’s children or family are targets.

Joe Biden is upset Trump included Joe’s son. Why?

Well Joe Biden’s son was playing the same precise game that Nancy put Donald Trumps campagne manager into Federal Prison for. Not for high crimes but for tax crimes framed into place over UKRAINE FEE”s just like Biden’s son….how where his taxes declared?

Nancy you see has conducted secret in the sub basement lynchings – and included from 2016 to today:

  1. Donald Trumps closest circle right up to Mayor Giuliani who should get a pass for 911 alone and its endless with Nancy
  2. Nancy has attacked and called into testify into perjury traps Donald Trumps employees office staff and his precious sons
  3. Nancy has attacked and investigated Donalds Daughter
  4. Nancy has attacked and investigated Donald Trumps wife the First Lady
  5. Nancy has trashed Donald Trump and his brand – Friday saying – the courts have now decided Donald Trump is NOT ABOVE THE LAW.

Hold that thought Nancy as it will apply to YOU girl. And Soon.

Nancy is firing shot gun shells point blank at any one with the Trump Tribe on any basis and firing is indiscriminate. Nancy charges witnesses and assures to get our of her own prison traps to them they change their testimony to what Nancy needs. All this is being documented. As evidence of crimes Nancy has committed and is still committing. It takes time in America to bring criminal mob boss leadership down.

Nancy is firing in 360 degrees and managing the press to rise up her mountain of distraction. Nancy’s defense against her crimes over years of time, is, that there is no crime in fact and that all the work to say Nancy is a master mind criminal is in fact a political counter attack because Nancy has Trump Cold ( which Trump is smoking a nice new fresh cigar in the White House ) blowing smoke rings of key rings Nancy lacking those key rings will never get out of JAIL for the rest of her own life when done – enough puff. Donald Trump has the winning LOTTO NUMBER and Nancy does not.

Caught. Red handed. Real Evidence.

So the TRAP NANCY FELL INTO was – extreme. Thinking she could in fact get Trump to back off by attacking and threatening Trumps children, Nancy miscalculated. Nancy was used to absolute power landing just the way she desired. Nancy miscalculated in the following:

  1. The Facts – no crime or impeachable offense and no frame can secure one.
  2. The process – is so criminal with BASEMENT secret lynch mob values – that Nancy has divided her own party maximally.
  3. First causality Biden. There are real crimes in Ukraine and not for Trump. Trial by press can not distort the truth.
  4. The Squad minority in the Democrat party are assuring maximum democrat defection for economic outcomes in 2020
  5. Trump – seeing this all unfold to drain the SWAMP as promised with Nancy going right down the drain – is another cigar puff.

Nancy miscalculated in a number of ways. First she like all criminals failed to understand the evidence against her for her crimes. See HOUSE OF CARDS NETFLIX to get an idea of how bad this all is. Outside the USA you’ll get a whiff of our culture in fact.

Wait there is more. Nancy miscalculated on her impeachment timing as the cause she took up – UKRAINE which Trump released the phone transcript for – in fact shows the opposite of Nancy’s case. No crime. No withholding of funds for Biden investigation. And the discussion of Biden crimes was light not heavy – no influence – just opinion on real crimes no kidding. Nancy put Donald Trumps campaign manager in jail for undeclared US taxes as the main crime. From UKRAINE INCOME. They investigated Donald’s boys calling his sons and son in law in to testify more than once filling the press with these family investigations. Why is Biden pay back any difference than what Nancy has already been doing for years?  There is so much Trump cigar smoke ( real evidence ) that Biden has lost funding votes polls and his slot as nominee. Warren is going to as the radical FAR LEFT CANDIDATE going to beat the more moderate BIDEN former Vice President. Nancy miscalculated – as neither can beat Trump.

Trump will landslide the election.

Trump winning full house set of cards against Nancy criminal two two’s after five dealer hits – is a crash and burn to prison hand. After years of attacking Donald Trumps family as criminals – throwing more mud on his children and wife than anyone in history – where even Stormy Daniels eventually told the truth – and stated in the news I DID NOT HAVE SEX WITH DONALD TRUMP – perhaps you missed that item – Nancy didn’t though. As it all loops back to Nancy every single shot of the shot gun buck shot all comes back to NANCY and forensics can define the buck shot all came from her. Which leaves Nancy and Diane where with Trump?


NO MERCY none what so ever. Not now. Not next year. Not in history. Nancy Pelosi is the target of a DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION TO DRAIN THE SWAMP.



In my youth I worked inside some Presidential runs for office. What a war that effort for the team engaged is. I have provided sound bites as a Presidential Speech writer team – to Mitt Romney’s team and to Hillary’s team in the past recent runs for office even though I’m old and out of that level of effort these days – I still get called when poll numbers sink.

My hero still alive – dedicated the NIXON LIBRARY a couple years back in California – Sandy Quinn and Dwight Chapin President Nixon’s appointment secretary and the Regan Team landslide GPS brains. My mentors. I shout out to them. Both. Truly GREAT AMERICAN’s.

Trump was under funded. Hillary had 100’s of millions of dollars MORE than Trump in his election run. Hillary was the CLINTON ELECTION MACHINE the most well oiled digitibal Obama upgraded – incumbent endorsed – majority – swiss watch organized and THE MACHINE OF OUR CENTURY. As elections have been SUPER CHANGING with digital and INTEGRATED messaging as election firsts with Obama and Clinton, Trump was learn earn and return. Trump last time was outspent. Trump last time was vilified at ever possible level by the Clinton Machine. Trump was a liar criminal in business. Trump was a sexual predator in personal life and a cheat in his marriage. Trump was a cad as a father. Trump was evil. Trump was pure evil. No President Campaign was more personal and debasing. Trump with each mud slam to his New York Suit – would return the mud fight in bucket loads. Where Hillary used fracking to break open the oil muck from rocks under ground – Trump used Nukes by return fire. Never had any election been so personal dirty and low. Never. That tone continued when Trump won.

In 2020 Trump has 100’s of millions more than the divided scattered and shattered democrats. Democrats were divided with Hillary many wanted any candidate BUT a CLINTON. The Clinton Machine underestimated the division which shattered the party permanently. The division of the Democratic Party since the last congressional election in part due to the horrific dysfunction and failure to govern occurring eince – and the hijacking of the party by the super far left – has left the majority of democrats with two options. Vote for Trump or just do not vote at all as a protest.

Trump’ is now:

  1. Better funded with the largest Presidential Budget in US election history in 2020 as new records will be set.
  2. Better organized a TRUMP MACHINE NOW to secure a landslide of electoral college votes
  3. No caucus stealing because Trump was learning – now Trump has the Rudder – and is steering to victory with super focus
  4. Nancy committed real crimes and will be indicted. The Bidens may be indicted too on real crimes and with real evidence.
  5. It is not over for the Clintons in this election as Trump’s full house serves revenge cold – NO MERCY after his family attacks

Trump is not a politician.

There is no Mercy for the brand bashing and mean spirit of the endless FRAME”s to try what is possible to get out of criminal indictment and jail sentences.

The SWAMP is bigger than the wall or the 50 year low in unemployment or the on going expansion and health of American economics which democratic efforts to derail have failed. Now with CHRISTMAS RUN UP to the largest selling cycle of 2019 setting numbers into the Jan State of the Union Address – the PROMISES KEPT – the track record no one can take from Trump – move into the election season with CRIMINAL INDICTMENTS coming to Nancy.

Impeachment? Truly Trump has in a warehouse all the peaches. Nancy has no peaches in her impeachment. The FRAME will not hold and Trump is drinking Peach Nectar and eating fresh Peaches on the White House Porch with the kids. The TRUMP Machine is not the machine in 2016 that won. The TRUMP MACHINE is the most formable ELECTION SUPER CHANGE STAR WARS ENTERPRISE WARP 10 TECHNOLOGY ever created leading in 5G.

2020 will be the worlds FIRST 5 G Election.

The Trump MACHINE IS 5G BLEEDING EDGE Super Changing and ahead of the election SUPER CHANGE.

Scattered smothers and dunked House Impeachment last gasp to derail criminal indictments coming in 2020 – is not even a race.

Democrats have lost and they know they can’t win. Their goal is to increase the FAR LEFT players in the House and the Senate to grid lock Trump for four more years.

Trump’s goal is display IMPEACHMENT ( as he has all the peaches folks ) so that the HOUSE AND SENATE can govern once again and the majority of the nation ( VOTE AGAINST FAR LEFT SOCIALISM AND THE SQUAD ) and FINISH THE WORK OF CLEANING UP THE SWAMP – the greatest fear of the far left and what it is that unites them one and all today.


It is all or nothing.

Far Left defeated and brought low for decades on policy.

Far left wins and is in control for decades.

What is the American election about?

This time it is clear as GREEN AND RED LIGHTS –

Green for American and conservative constitutional values into the future

Red for far left and socialism into the future.

The Voters will decide.

Without NEW UNKNOWN items appearing – Trump is UNBEATABLE – in 2020 and Trump gains from impeachment. Trump has all the peaches.

You’ll see how right this is.

Not political. This is our data and forecast.

Finally keep in mind my family is an old old San Franciscan ICON family. My family founded the Dohrmann Hotel Supply Institution now owned by Holiday INN as Innkeeper Dohrmann the premier resort outfitting firm since the 1800’s. My family ran the EMPORIUM stores a leading department store chain 1800’s to the 1980’s. My family owned the largest newspapers in San Francisco. My family helped found the Bohemian Club the San Francisco Symphony, Opera , and Play houses. My grandfather helped rebuild the Saint Francisco hotel on Union Square and the Macy Building was the DOHRMANN BUILDING on Union Square into the 1970’s. My grandfather served under Rosevelt on the board of the national Park Service – put Yosemite into the National Park Service working with John Muir and helped build the Yauwani hotel in Yosemite where his legend appears in all the hotel books to this day in 2020.

As one of the moving families in San Francisco ( and I could run up stories from the Apple IPO to more modern contributions ) we know a thing or two about Diane and Nancy as socialist left power brokers who dominate San Francisco today. Under their leadership we see MY CITY with stats:

  1. From leading in transportation and education to decline to worst in nation in both
  2. From most friendly business environment in 1960s to worst business environment all 50 states in 2020
  3. Worst growth of crime violence and homeless poverty in the entire nation in 2020
  4. Unsustainable economics running on debt a dying city economically
  5. Highest property cost and taxes in the world not just the USA
  6. Decline in infrastructure from airport to downtown a city in decline by all measures
  7. Mass exodus of the top – I left 34 years ago seeing the direction as one of the largest area employers – my tribe is following me

Today California is entering multiple years of more of the top tax payer leaving for other states in an exodus California has never seen before. The EMPLOYERS ( like me ) are leaving the FAILED SOCIALIST STATE the first FAR LEFT STATE in the nation – a failed economic state like all socialistic economic models – leaving the bottom who are experiencing the bottom. What is the bottom like In Nancy World:

Nancy and Diane failed to desalinate water and manage California decades into the future draught crises.California exiting as a desert state a short geology period of more plentiful water – now returns to centuries of NORMAL desert waters – where the 50 million who moved in can no longer share enough water to SURVIVE at all. Mass migration will occur as tens of millions relocate to abundant water from lack of water.

Power – the state now has power deficiencies and fire issues from terror set fires annually – in which the state each year now must pay billions upon billions – in economic decline from water moving agriculture to other locations – and fires set state wide each year – and power laws that reduced maintenance cost for profits to the largest utility in nation  and hold the utility economically responsible for any fire where a tree dying from draught may have a branch fall on a power line. The state utility now in bankruptcy from social far left laws only three states have at all like California – assure tens of millions are now without power for extended periods of time.

CALIFORNIA drowning in Far left DEBT in SUPER DEBT BUBBLES from Diane and Nancy in San Francisco a failed city economically – now see mass migrations unseen since the DUST BOWLS of the 1920’s across the USA where from TEXAS TO FLORIDA the migrations from California into Nevada – Utah- Arizona, Texas, Wyoming and Oregon and Washington are moving entire new cities and tax base OUT OF SINKING FAILING ECONOMICS OF CALIFORNIA the first failed state in the USA ( due to far left socialist policies of government ) – which is far from over.

Nancy is the head of the MOST FAILED SET OF LONG TERM POLICIES in US HISTORY. From HOMELESS TO CRIME to red ink Nancy has no success outside her own mind.

This report appears political.

It is not.

This report is economic to business owners of the world.


Markets world wide hate uncertainty.

Uncertainty in US policy moving forward.

Uncertainty in forward immigration policy and worker dynamics as grid lock in Congress.

Uncertainty in grid lock on infrastructure and forward investment planning.

When in Doubt money PAUSES and holds.

Uncertainty in impeachment.

Uncertainty in criminal swamp indictments.

Uncertainty in slowing consumer spending into year end Holiday outcomes.

Uncertainty in nasty nasty election year.

Uncertainty in AMERICAN CIVIL WAR from SWAMP that is the way we have always done things – to SWAMP DRAINING as an economic REVOLUTION to a new model into the future.


Unterainity in the Gulf.

Uncertainity in Afrgahastan?

Uncertainty in China Sea.

Uncertainty in Nuke Pakistan and India with hair triggers on Kashmir it GO TIME?

China miscalculated in Trade war and is losing 15 trillion in back gone DECOUPLING that will take decades to reverse if ever. From 2016 we have been precision accurate on the math and economics of the trade wars.

China can no longer invest in the world as it did pre trade war. That investment dynamic has become a capital draught.

The EU can not invest as it did due to its melt down.

BRITT EXIT is a huge uncertainty where EU capital is on pause and not investing until outcomes in 2020 elections are better known as well as new EU policy.

Asia is drying up with capital.

The USA is facing 2020 unknowns on pause in investing.


Congress Dysfunction in the USA.

if Congress was majority to WHO EVER IS IN OFFICE in modern USA terms the nation can govern. If you divide the nation in 5G terms the dysfunction and uncertainty to policy and economics retards ECONOMIC CIRCULATIONS.


If you own a business or a practice you exist in the AGE OF THE ENTREPRENEUR. Small business prospers in any market place. You must be nimble. You must Super Change to conditions moving faster than ever before. Adopt a process to remain current in the changing lanes of commerce. Small business leaders and CEO’s in practice …..HAVE MANY OPTIONS …to lead in Super Changing environments.

The USA has a well employed massively successful economic base line unfolding.  The world of business and nations is struggling with SUPER DEBT BUBBLES that the USA is relatively free of from 2007 adjustments. Some states Like California and Illonse show DEBT CRACKS to state economic red lines.

The world has risks.

The USA has risks.

The CEO of small business must navigate – into the future always with best information to consider.

Knowing the customer – your own – has to deal with these issues – as laid out here in raw final forms – summary forms  – we ask you to now plan as follows:

  1. Super Focus on your own economy – your personal entrepreneurial economy is what you create and occurs independent of the larger economic environment.
  2. Super Focus on year end marketing and results – promote where possible business with you ( where it applies ) is a tax advantage at year end.
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The NASTY political civil war in America is what it is – a generational change one way or the other – socialism or not as voters will in our nation decide the economic future matrix. All the uncertainty is a whirl wind circling around us all into 2020. CEO SPACE advises our business owners world wide:

  1. Focus in SUPER FOCUS on Retaining your existing customer – acknoweldge them this holiday. I suggest a GIFT of the book SUPER CHANGE as nothing will help YOUR CUSTOMERS prosper more than SUPER CHANGE tools and tactics into 2020. Retain your customer with a gift next week – buy TEN SUPER CHANGE BOOKS FROM AMAZON for your own top ten clients. That GIFT will REPEAT BUY your client by year end – low hanging economic fruit. That gift will create referral marketing. Chose SUPER CHANGE or another favorite item you resonate with.
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Now you know what is likely coming in politics which effects economics globally. The Fed is saying no more interest raises. We’ll see. No one can predict that.

Stay tuned.

Remain ahead to plan for best outcomes at year end – which is all we wish for our readers.

Better data on WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE you just can’t find in normal news reading.

The Truth.

Right Again 1988 to today – 107 predictions – RIGHT AGAIN for our readers to do BETTER …..

Our objective is for our readers to KNOW MORE and have superior options to outcome in their futures.

WE wish you effortless abundance in the ENTREPRENEUR AGE into 2020 and beyond.

Happy Planning To All.








The last week the Department of Justice formally announced the investigation to HOLD GOVERNMENT ACCOUNTABLE is in fact criminal. Nancy Pelosi ( and she and her team knew it all year ) are the targets of CRIMINAL TREASON. As there is no getting out of this crime in high office – the strategy has been to CLOUD THE ENVIRONMENT.  The Double LInes that guide those in office in accountable nations – have areas you dare not cross. If you are a criminal and you break criminal laws over and over eventually in accountable nations the criminals are HELD ACCOUNTABLE.

What does not work – is committing endless new crimes to evade prosecution and accountability for your old crimes.

Nancy’s strategy is to THROW SAND IN THE GIANTS ( DOJ ‘S ) EYES.

Distract DOJ.

Depreciate credibility by making it appear that DOJ is doing a political revenge when in fact DOJ is cleaning up the Nancy Pelsoi Criminal Swamp.

You hear NEWS but you do not KNOW what IS REALLY GOING OUT THERE really.



80% of all Global News is now the work product of the 50 owners.

The owners are 80% far left socialist. This is not good or bad when we report it.

This means the press – consolidating rapidly down from 5 million owners to 50 for 80% of global information – believe that government is the solution to complex human outcomes moving forward in time and history.

20% of the NEWS ( say FOX ) the # 1 rated audience in NEWS – believe FREEDOM FROM GOVERNMENT is the better solution to outcomes in time and history.

The world of the OWNERS is in riot in countries all over the world. Men and women are dying for better outcomes. The deaths of the UK container for Asian young lives marks how poorly governments with billions upon billions wasted are doing in fact to stop something as basic as HUMAN TRAFFIC-ING and DEATH from it all daily. Tip of ice berg flashing red light to all of us. Riots are happening on -government is doing lousy at solutions – to the change for freedom back to the people- as folks are dying daily in the riots and there seems to no end in the discontent of PEOPLE seeing 1% own more wealth than 99% and it is THAT CORE ECONOMIC failed system – that must reform – to stop yellow vests and Hong Kong.

The Chinese in their huge conference this fall with all the planned rhetoric of how great the Communist system model is – flies in the face of the control, brain washing, police state and now declining economics – is reaching the breaking point in China. No words can define that the CHINA SYSTEM MODEL OF THEFT AND CRIMINAL WEALTH TAKING BY NATIONS ends badly. The entire world all at once dries up 15 trillion in CAPITAL ( as punishment for crimes by communists ) where INTEGRITY is the glue of the new COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM WORLD being born today.


My work REDEMPTION defines the old worlds dying ( and China planners trying to protect THAT IS THE WAY WE HAVE ALWAYS DONE IT ) fail to see the arms and legs of their model are amputed and the life blood of the China economy is noi fatal and bleeding to death. Denial of this reality makes China so vulnerable to SUPER CRASH and global WIPE OUT. Remember we told you first. The reason – denial to move into SUPER CHANGE and reform their game plan sufficiently to restore growth – now a two decade effort as the only thing unfolding after Chinas predictable outcome of WORDS from their conference is – thats the way we have always done things…is fatal to SUPER CHANGING ECONOMICS. Crime does not pay FOREVER. Is the new rule.


We wrote all about this so you would have it all first. A long time back.

The Sword Fish ( just like Nancy Pelosi ) can never reconcile they have no way to get off the HOOK of Criminal Indictment coming for her and her circle. Holding Government accountable for real crime.

America will be better for 300 years from the work DOJ is executing to clean up its own incestuous swamp. FBI CIA AND government DOJ agents will go to prison. So many are dealing with documents and evidence and testimony ( all of which Nancy is aware of are now a caravan of truck loads of documents as evidence of her multi year criminal violations ). Way over due.

The SWORD FISH unable to get their mind around they are being reeled in – rise and dance on their tail behind the boat. The sword fish so committed to not BE CAUGHT FOR ITS CRIME – throws its stomach out of its mouth in a suicide commitment ( Nancy needs to be watch because – others may kill her to protect themselves or she may like the sword fish be unable to reconcile prison for life coming up next ).

Nancy got the NEWS ALERT her 80% news is trying to SPIN as if this 2018 to today investigation – of crimes across the Nancy Pelosi swamp with evidence so solid the DOJ formally stated and Nancy Knows this – we are now in a criminal phase and in 2020 we will be charging and indicting the guilty.  This is not political. This is real justice in a real nation that eventually holds its own accountable not perfectly but better than most …better than most is enough.

More than enough.



So asking why did young Biden Jr. get over 500,000 a year for advice ? Plus expenses of up to another half million. A million a year? Trumps circle was put in prison for their consulting free issues with Ukraine – is not it fair game to return the favor?

Obama had an IRS ENEMY LIST to audit the crap out of those folks like Trump.

Republicans impeached Bill Clinton for in the wee hours having a moment with Monika Lewinsky. WHO CARES? The Clintons left America in the black – with surplus budget no red ink – is that making AMERICA GREAT AGAIN? Obama borrowed more money to pay off criminal bad bets made by criminal bankers ( Wall Street Reported record earnings this week over the past ten years ) – more than all prior Presidents from Washington to G W BUSH combined together into one – is that debt saddle making AMERICA GREAT AGAIN?

if you commit treason, if you conspire to spy on a sitting US PRESIDENT with FBI CIA NSA AND DOJ employees who all signed state secrecy acts – if you tell your personal spys – we will protect you for stealing off classified servers and dumping that state protected information into GET THE PRESIDENT criminal game planning – and we will protect you Whistle Blowers and spys who broke the law from prosecution ( which promises Nancy you lack power in fact to keep ). Now the fish are flipping over on you Nancy and you are on your tail throwing  your stomach out of your mouth – the CANCER DANCE.

Can Nancy Pelosi survive or does Nancy expire in the swamp mud?



The case against the American law breakers is absolute.

The evidence is beyond reasonable doubt.

Barr is not Mueller – Nancy’s lackie to make history over doing what is just and right.

Barr knows full well the pain Nancy on her tail one new crime after another will inflict on he and his team as she tries to throw distraction into the bow of the Department of Justice ICE BREAKER proceeding unrelentingly for her and her alone – which drowns her entire circle in prison. Long prison sentences.


We predicted all this 2017 – 2018 – 2019 – multiple news reports with data.

Our readers are not buying mental brain washing software from 50 bias NEWS MEDIA “OWNERS” seeking to protect the far left socialist agenda. The SOCIALISTS agenda is a failure to 2020 victory – Biden has crashed and burned – the rest are all out – Warren is a cartoon joke for the left extreme – no social democrat including HIllary can beat Trump and HIllary wishes to avoid indictment, as far more important than anything political for her time of life.

The socialist and the SQUAD are deluded in their flash card of fame. Enjoy the fame.

Your fame may last into the summer.

The SQUAD will become the LEFT BOMB that wins the election for TRUMP as moderate majorities vote their WALLET and economics versus a party. The red line to define that vote in 2020 election year realities:


WAIT FOR IT……the event is anti climatic – today from the DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE while news reports all time records in stock market valuations ( we told you would occur on Monday ) and the DOJ story of the decade  is a side BARR to Weekend NEWS- WE THE DOJ ARE NOW FULLY NO MERCY  CRIMINAL ON REAL CRIMES FROM THE SWAMP NANCY PELOSI IS THE TARGET – AND NANCY AND DIANE ARE SIMPLY…..TOAST – TOO HOT TO TOUCH TODAY as the rip tide moves 40 foot of ocean to dry land at Nancy’s once high water mark at port – now she is dry and stinking mud at the peer no one will join her at….you have no idea how the SEA IS CHANGING FOR NANCY IN DC. In AMERICA Justice will hold leaders accountable in the end…..wait for it. That is our weekend story to make the rest seem like non sense by comparison.

From our reporting to our readers world wide….you can now confirm yourself:

RIGHT AGAIN. We told you and told you. Today:

RIGHT AGAIN. First and RIGHT AGAIN on record market wealth effect and its timing – and BARR and Nancy in the dance of the SWORD FISH unable to get off the hook of INDICTMENT FOR TREASON. Criminal. Traitor. Evidence commands the RIGHT AGAIN. You can GOOGLE and find it in between the press reports from the 80% far left OWNERS. Try a little 20% to see some balance. What is really gong out there. This weekend NANCY HAS ALL THIS TIDE SAYING THE RIGHT WORDS as they rip tide and leave in ebb tide her estuary – INDICTMENT is like Cancer the one item no one wishes to catch themselves if at all avoidable. NANCY this weekend is discovering two new realities:


Take all that to the bank this weekend readers. This is the real REALITY in DC and the WORLD. America is in SUPER CHANGE.


PS: Nancy Pelosi Treason – wait for it……Nancy moves to impact the DOJ criminal investigation add more crimes at each attempt including her acts to discret Attorney General Barr and team coming to arrest here in 2020 – Nancy Pelosi is way to hot to handle folks and the 2000 law makers and staff – all bow their heads and nod to Nancy but in fact – they all have left the Nancy Pelosi now dry water peer – all the water has RIP TIDE LEFT THE BUILDING – where criminal vessels are all stuck in the mud of hard evidence and Barr has crime taped the evidence – no escape NANCY this is not your criminal Mueller mal practice in office – this is TREASON girl friend and you are in hand cuff’s before this all ends… readers see HER ACTIONS in the right LIGHT… the light is only getting brighter by the watt – no mercy – no way out – dance on your tail Nancy we can see you well now in the light of day – TRAITOR. Could not occur at a more appropriate time of SWAMP DRAINING- and Nancy the DOJ unlike you did not investigate all your children or your spouse as you have done to the PRESIDENT… the DOJ is not stooping to your low criminal level – as the Obamas said …when they go low …..Trump fires into your forehead. DOD.





It is now our conclusion that the time line to SUPER CRASH inside a SUPER DEBT BUBBLE world wide implosion is compressing rapidly. Why?

The US CONGRESS has betrayed all world trust for governance by the leading solution provider at a critical time in history. Congress in the USA is now committing TREASON to America to win an election. Pure and simple never before seen resetting of CONSTITUTIONAL POWER without a CONSTITUTION AMENDMENT BY VOTE.

The vacuum the political ozone hole all over the world as Congress dysfunction is internally focused to exclusion – has weakened the UN the WORLD BANK and the IMF. Why is timing so important?

The World is not well economically.

Central banks created a SUPER DEBT BUBBLE in various asset classes into 2007 led by digital leverage in mortgage back securities derivative markets. This systemic problem – using bank deposits at fantastic leverage to gamble in markets – has not been fixed.

Today the central banks ( all criminal bankers profiting massively on casino capitalism fully outside any regulatory frame works ) unmerged into their state treasury, have expanded the gambling to all asset classes in the most massive debt spiral into casino betting far outside the fatal economic parameters of 1929 casino betting that super crashed the entire world.

Today what is new and different is:

  1. The AI controlling all betting
  2. The globalization of the betting to price rig all asset class prices artificially
  3. The leverage ratio now up to 50 to 1 from 10 to 1 in the last depression
  4. The rising pile of non performing debt loading reaching 100’s of trillions in 2020
  5. The tipping point of sovereign debt defaulting and zombie institutional defaulting

Congress unaware of the paradigm shift they permitted ( once again ) in criminal negligence of their economic responsibilities to the nations ( treason ) are creating the WORLD WAR III AND DEPRESSION from the pending DEBT IMPLOSION AND SUPER CRASH.





Humans are insane because we repeat fatal pathologies in our own worst interest.

Today what do we know:

  1. We have had ten years of central banks pouring over 100 trillion in debt loading to stimulate growth base lines and inflation.
  2. The policy has failed as it did in 1929 – and deflation economics is entrenched.
  3. The fragile global recovery is now crashing due to the treason of the United States Congress documented here.
  4. Debt loaded nations trying to contain debt as non sustainable economics – to avoid SUPER CRASHING DEFAULTING – are experiencing PUBLIC riots across the entire world as not seen ever.
  5. The EXPLODING RIOTS IN NATIONS rise up illuminating economics of competitive socialism and competitive capitalism – both failed models not replaced or upgraded into cooperative capitalism presented in detail in the work REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION. The class war fare of the FEW AGAINST THE MANY where 1% own more wealth than 99% is economic pollution that must remediate its toxic outcomes to billions alive today.

Elites can no longer borrow their way into WEALTH THEFT of nations because the tipping point makes such irresponsible debt loading unsustainable as nations will CRASH INTO BANKRUPTCY as economics 101 ( right again ).



Today INSTABILITY RIOTS IN NATIONS are exploding across the globe. This RIOT pathology is contracting forward investing as never before. As investment circulations contract the ability to sustain debt loading implodes. The Debt rioting includes:

Hong Kong all year long 30% contraction imploding

Iraq – 20% contraction imploding

Lebanon – 20% contraction on top of 20% contraction pre riots

Ecuador – 20% Contraction rising rapidly

Bolivia – 20% contraction rising rapidly

Egypt – 25% implosing rising rapidly

France – 20% contraction from Yellow Vests all year and tourism imploding with violence

ARAB SPRINGS – Gulf Wide investment implosion of 10 trillion capital flight from Region

China – Riots not reported 2 million in brain washing camps and riots spreading nation wide as economic SUPER CRASHES now

Ethiopia – 25% contraction in famine draught and war

Lebanon – entire nation in crises over imploding economics ( 40% ) and wealth inequality

UK – Slow ebb tide to instability due to BRITT EXIT mess and divisions in nation

Brazil, Venezuela – Argentina, Chile – and Mexico all in rising wealth inequality economic protesting –

More rising up daily today as the INEQUALITY OF WEALTH SPREADS LIKE CANCER IN ECONOMICS due to failed policies of nations.

All this while unemployment is low historically.

What do you believe occurs in DEBT IMPLOSION – Super Crash and global 40% unemployment in months?



Nations have too high a debt loading to prosper moving forward.

The tipping point into recession will trigger large national debt and institutional debt defaulting from todays unsustainable debt loading.

The solution is the INVENTION ( the CEO SPACE SOLUTION ) – of SUPER BONDS.


  1. Search this site for SUPER BOND WHITE PAPER detail on Super Bond Theory.
  2. Email me on Super Bond’s for your nation
  3. Super Bonds insert TIME as the fix to nations with conditions appropriate for each nation’s economics customized
  4. Super Bonds resets all current account debt of nations benefiting into a 100 YEAR BOND called a SUPER BOND
  5. Super Bonds are only available to sovereign nation guarantors.

100 Year Super Bonds – assure nations have infrastructure capital free now from current account debt loading – to transition economic and demographic ( youth work force dynamics ) to the industry and economics of the each SUPER BOND NATION served as their way up and out of the Debt loading pressures of today. Each nation has a new lease on economics and now can manage debt that was beyond management pre SUPER BOND solution. See the WHITE PAPER FOR DETAILS as you explore SUPER BOND solutions for your nation.



In making time line predictions our team failed to appreciate:


  1. The dysfunction into treason of the US congress – trashing USA global prestige and ability to govern and willing to move the world into a risky RECESSION as tipping point to world debt super bubble implosion – as treason. to win an election? Are you kidding me? Never happened before. Congress is like NAZIS IN SUITS TODAY its weird to the entire world – all the secret sham proceedings. Simply beyond any CONSTITUTIONAL LAW of the past.
  2. The Putin instability to maximally divide nations to their agenda declining USA influence and trade contracting economics to a debt tipping point to Super Crash the WEST where China and Russia rise to replace the vacuum of US economics departing into a planned DEPRESSION.
  4. Revolutionary forces seeking to CRASH THE FAILED SYSTEMS as THE FEW AGAINST THE MANY ELITE ECONOMICS to replace those systems with rising COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM outlined in the BOOK REDEMPTION defining the step by step reform into integrity economics of the MANY FOR THE MANY versus the FEW AGAINST THE MANY.
  5. The Casino Capitalism of non historic unsustainable wealth consolidations – in the USA less than 10% of 1% now own more wealth than 90%. Economic systemic vitality requires two self correction engine dynamics for sustainability – preclusion of unwanted wealth consolidations and preclusions of unwanted speculation where real economic investing is hostage to 100x gambling side bets of casino investing on which way will future prices go . Billions lost this week on Tesla short gambling as waste in economics to system collapsing eventual outcomes that never end well as system abuse rebalances.

The TIPPING POINT is approaching more rapidly in side core economics than any investment banker economist – thought was possible. Failure to RE-REGULATE THE G 100 MARKET SPACE in all new AI economics since 2014 is the fatal CAUSE. The Fed and the US Congress are the criminal robbers who shot the global financial system point blank in the face with 50 caliber economic explosive tipped weapons. The public ignorant of economics watched the fatal shooting and bought a big mac and a shake go large until they lost the ability to do so as the world economic patient dead on arrival fell to the floor convulsing as the public looked up saying DUH and rioting blaming all the wrong causes while the real criminals got away with murder. Our own.

If one had a French Revolution guillotine remedy to what villians should on global TV see OFF WITH THEIR HEAD as the Queen In Alice in Wonderland was so fond of saying over and over – it would be CONGRESS ( all of them ) and the FED ( all of them ) than have an election and all Fed functions returns into US treasury and for 300 years we have good governance. They all remember the Guillotine on the Capital Lawn for ten days or so.

I could be impeached for writing this I”m sure.

In secret. Though. NAZIS IN SUITS framing it all up with zero evidence of any crime what so ever – no wonder the US congress is in a civil war.

The US is in a civil war and riots are about to rise up all over America.


In the new INSTABILITY at the end of the longest boom in recorded human history – an in trade wars nations have so badly made errors within to core economic stability of the core system globally – ( damage done and inside DEBT SUPER BUBBLE ABUSE such damage may be fatal to the system ) – as 100’s of trillions of investing dries up moving to saftey and cash  – circulations decline until LIQUIDITY CRISES NEVER SEEN BEFORE – say in liquidity market clearing in the EU taking place daily and in Asia – while USA BANK REPO MARKETS see banks lack cash where the FED has to inject 30 to 50 billion A DAY 500 billion every ten days to just keep enough cash for US banks – broke and running out of cash completely at this TIPPING POINT – as the USA DEBT LOADING is now imploding due to TREASON ( economic and legal Treason ) of the USA CONGRESS IN AT THIS CRITICAL ECONOMIC POINT IN TIME – ( business supporting congress SHAME ON YOU FOR FAILING TO PULL IN YOUR BRIDAL TO ASSURE YOUR HORSES IN CONGRESS ):

  1. Stabilize Global Economics by PASSING A USA BUDGET AS Required by law – once again this September Congress executed TREASON AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE by failing to discharge their constitutional mandate under the law.
  2. Stabilize DEBT Instability world wide by passing US INFRASTRUCTURE AND IMMIGRATION REFORM vital to restore USA leadership economically to the world. Congressional DESTRUCTION TO THE WORLD ECONOMY TO WIN AN ELECTION IS TREASON pure and simple.
  3. Treason to risk WORLD WAR III and the GREATEST DEPRESSION OF ALL TIME due to the one cause – CONGRESSIONAL TREASON as the Congress at any cost to win in 2020 will now destroy the world post war economic system so that socialism and PUTIN win. TREASON TO AMERICA pure and simple.

A rose by any other name is FRAUD.

Congress is committing TREASON.

Eventually the RIOTS IN AMERICA as this CIVIL WAR of socialism and the plan outlined in the book THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM ( global best seller with all the proof laid right out for you on the TREASON ) – killing America from the inside out – with millions waking up reading REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION  – all outlined – and THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM and you chose sides and riot up in a civil war shaking the world DYING IN DEBT ABUSE and all us wishing to hold those responsible accountable.

If Congress shuts down the USA GOVERNMENT will forces rise up with an OFF WITH THEIR HEAD revolution?

We predict now the following:

  1. The fuse on the DEBT BOMB has been lit
  2. The Time is running down as the economic fuse burns down
  3. Economic DEBT ABUSE of nations must rebalance
  4. Debt IMPLOSION can occur now at anytime to the SUPER CRASH no one has experienced before ever
  5. TREASON BY THE US CONGRESS is the cause agency to the DEBT BOMB IMPLOSION by war plan



If you remain ignorant to what IS REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE you risk – everything.

CEO SPACE is a GATHERING PLACE for all sides – as your mental software – what you fail to see is REALITY – which will swirl all around you until you SEE REALITY – and until then CEO SPACE is a GATHERING PLACE of aake leader business owner professionals and leaders who COLLECTIVELY AND TOGETHER COME TOGETHER DEC 7th IN DALLAS TO CREATE SAFE HARBOR FOR ONE ANOTHER.

Those left alone and out in the storms will perish financially in a fire storm of imploding debt.

Those who COOPERATE economically will prosper in any market place as the competitive economies implode into death do us all part.


The tipping point is one nation instability after another in endless PUBLIC RIOTS AND UNREST against the ELITE SYSTEM AGAINST THE MANY – the end of the madness of the FEW AGAINST THE MANY – as a fairy tall coming to a close boys and girls…

THE END IS COMING…..and no one can accurately say WHEN….but the end is now for sure


Putin is winning – the USA is loosing – who fails to see the shift as it is enormous and so fast?















Russia fill the vacuum of the FIRST global vacuum of negative pressure in Global Space from the American huge withdrawal. The American withdrawal comes from:

  1. Huge investment bank into the USA and out of foreign nations
  2. Foreign aide reduction versus growth huge swing into the world economics of USA post war subsidies now ending
  3. Foreign Policy – your either for the USA or you are AGAINST the USA – against you an’t getting money or support
  4. Breach of predictability from prior leaders since the 1950’s in the USA – unstable inconsistent foreign policy
  5. Ambassador turn over or unfilled ambassador posts leaving vacuum in American Foreign policy for four years

Prior Presidents represented sustained on going Foreign Policy in lock step with the US Congress. President Trump elected to DRAIN THE SWAMP revolutionary change President – operates more as a new dictator of Foreign Policy no one understands, can decipher or get their arms around. No one can predict TRUMP STABILITY as there appears to be no new there there or new ground zero to land upon as stable policy moving forward for any nation.

Khan flies into the USA to ask Trump and UN help in Kashmir before a Pakistan predicted BLOOD BATH from India and Modi policy unfolds. Modi has taken over the Pakistan Agenda. The USA is doing nothing. Russia is promoting the change and inserting its players to mediate the outcome stripping the USA of foreign policy influence in another critical area of the world. Trump spends time at a Rally with MODI while Khan is in the air an then flies in Airforce One with MODI to the UN. How can Trump mediate with bubby Modi who attended a HOUSTON RALLY for Indian voters – jammed packed with Modi the guest of honor – broadcast to the world – while Khan is in the air in fury over Modi’s actions as two nuke nations face one another down. I just met and spoke on Stage with the Pakistani General head of their Nuke Joint Chief’s of staff. A terrifically alert educated super well informed visionary for peace but ready to defend his nation at every and at any cost.

The Foreign Policy vacuum of the rug of old PRE TRUMP policy of the United States OF America being pulled back from across the world by Trump carpet rollers – has not been replaced with new carpet or tile yet by Trump globally. To say there is no policy would be Trump lite and not true as well. To suggest there is opaque policy and policy is one nation at a time in a world reset like modern times have never seen before is an under statement.

America is resetting the floor boards of world policy with nations – foreign policy.

Foreign policy waste is largely made possible by INSANE FUNDING CONGRESSIONAL BREACH OF DUTY protocols. What do we mean by this? Unknown to the tax paying public Congress set up internal ( laws ) or protocols in which Foreign aide is a BLANKET BILL. This means allocation to Israel or to a hostile country like Turkey ( a Nato scam participant ) is block allocated and it is pass all or pass nothing – no President or joint committee of congress has today – allocation authority for individual in BLANKET PASS ALL OR PASS NOTHING FOREIGN AIDE APPROPRIATION. This long standing Congressional boon dog-gel is public theft of too many billions to count. Trump of course seeing this CHUMP TRUMP process is not pleased at all and is working to drain that part of the congressional traditional swamp of spending public money without appropriate accountability.

Congress is not pleased with any change to itself.

As Trump’s team stitch together the biggest sea change in Foreign USA policy to other nations – one nation at a time – and reorders UNSUSTAINABLE RED INK TRADE with the USA and other nations into black in trade – is it best to assure Trump’s team sewing complete the STITCHING for four more years to complete the new world weave?

Say Warren is President? How would her team understand the existing stitch patterns of the Trump team? Would President Warren unravel the stitch made by Trump’s team? How long would it be to effect a new stability to foreign policy given the largest change in 100 years is under way today? Foreign Policy is SUPER CHANGING. No one can predict the final weave ( yet ). Investment is in flux as the new WEAVE takes billions from foreign markets and places those funds ( more profitably and stably ) into the USA from mining to output. The largest rip tide of capital leaving OLD WEAVE nations and returning to the NEW PROFITABLE WEAVES INSIDE THE USA under the Trump SEA CHANGE is now in process but still fragile in the unfolding NEW WORLD ORDER.

Super Change is in the air.


The Clinton Political Machine feeling the 2016 election had been stolen from them, even as every dirty trick in their own play book was used to trap electoral college voters until as Gomer Pyle in Mayberry black and white TV used to say SURPRISE SURPRISE SURPRISE – Trump Won. Even surprised the Trump Family. As in WHO KNEW?

From that instant the Hillary leadership machine united the LEFT vote of the Democrats to dominant powers and chose to target Russia as stealing the election ( which is not true in fact ). The Russia strategy to bash Trump with Mueller and trial by press – hopefully into Impeachment as pay back for Monica Lewinsky Impeachment by republicans of Bill Clinton – the pay back remains in process. No more personal or mean spirited than the republican’s were in proceeding with Bill Clinton Impeachment as is now the mean spirited and equally illegal Impeachment PAY BACK of President Donald Trump. We predicted if the Democrats won the mid year congressional election you would experience:

  • Grid lock and dysfunction  in Congress
  • Failure to pass a US Budget destabilizing the economic recovery
  • Impeachment of Donald Trump as political pay back for Clinton from the Clintons
  • Failure to pass infrastructure or immigration reform laws
  • Derailing the economy into Super Crash and recession for political benefit in 2020 elections

You decide where our predictions above were right on before the election or way off today? You decide.

In the mess that is unfolding in all this Russia fills the vacuum policy instability and unknowns creates.

First Russia in todays news of 271 nations is now 28th best to do business in – way way up and improved since Trump took office. The world is investing in Russia as never in recent years. Think on how congress has helped Russia. By assuring the vacuum widens.

In a war time period – real wars on terror and real wars on trade – has the congress been so divided with the President. I use a word not to be diluted diminished or misunderstood here – NEVER has the Congress been so opposed to a sitting President in war time policy making for the nation as a whole – NEVER. This then is the POLICY VACUMM other nations can step in to fill. Four more years of Swamp draining will only widen the area of vacuum to the world in changes that can never later be undone.

Russia now rising outside Sanctions that have a net effect of less than zero economically to Russia where Putin in one deal with China one deal with Saudi one deal in Africa offset sanction costs with a profit. So what is Russia Policy under Putin in his final term of office?

  1. Weaken the USA forever by stepping in front of the USA in foreign policy executions.
  2. Weaken the Nato Alliance and divide the NATO allies maximally.
  3. Weaken dealing with the USA without Russia blessings on policy.
  4. Assure Russia and China inclusion in all future success for any foreign policy
  5. Vastly increasing the Russia Military offset to America power in the world military

Russia is winning. On all five.

To start Russia secured the ports it required for military uprising both in Crimea the main prize and in Syria with its Port access to the MED shipping lanes. Russia stature in the EU rose to levels unseen in the Cold Wars from the 1950’s forward. Putin has stopped NATO moving into its exclusive zones and drawn red lines.

Nato an alliance forged from the NAZI era for common post world war II Defense against a nuke Russia from stolen USA plans for Nukes, now is divided on COST ALONE as the USA is pulling back funding. The nations paying most by % of GNP are more poor nations and the nations paying least Germany and France the wealth nations are now divided maximally. Trump has sought to make minor symbols such as stopping the RUSSIA ENERGY DIRECT WEALTH PIPELINE into the EU and Germany offsetting the main pipeline for EU energy through Ukraine – outside jaw bone talk – has done nothing to economics or optics. Putin wins.

The EU looks upon Trump as a COST and upon Russia as an asset. The EU has elevated PUTIN in stature. Another shift is occuring which can not be under valued.


Russia stepped into the vacuum of Obama and won the SYRAI WAR against ISIS. It is now clear the USA helped but the USA could not have won the war. RUSSIA WON THE WAR decisively and secured its Syrian Ports forever. Russia Crimiera and Gulf military powers with the two secured PORTS now create an enormous power shift for RUSSIA strategically.

The important priceless asset of effective foreign policy is PERCEPTION. The shift taking place now includes:

  1. Russia is seen as protection and defender replacing the USA as protector.
  2. Russia is seen as keeping its word and promises where the USA is erratic and post Iran can not be trusted in even written treaties a sitting President signs.
  3. Russia conversations with world leaders are private and confidential for sure. USA conversations with a President may become public record as Congress has shattered USA foreign policy for decades into the future now.
  4. Russia is winning national alliances, trading treaties, security treaties and stepping ahead of the USA massively today
  5. Momentum for Russia in the diminished USA influence and respect is soaring as USA diminishes. Read THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM to see Putin’s war plan for asymmetrical warfare which Putin is winning and the USA is losing. READ THE WAR PLAN and become knowledgeable as your nation is shifting allegiances as never before in modern history.



Russia in Syria won the war and the respect of the world for defeating ISIS this was RUSSIA not the USA folks. The world knows the truth. The USA was forever diminished by PUTIN move into Syria filling a USA vacuum of Iraq Obama troop withdrawal.

Russia divided NATO – shattered NATO – by creating protection of Turkey from Russia not the USA. Now Turkey buys Russia weapon systems not Nato for billions inside trade deals for billions while flipping the bird to the USA. Saudi sociopathic KING MBS financed the Coup against Endgame in Turkey which failed and the USA backs Saudi. The Sociopathic King then orders Khashoggi  slaughtered in a Saudi Embassy – but post coup from Saudi Endgame illegally filmed and audio taped the Khashoggi massacre – even ordering Khashoggi’s head to be carefully handled wrapped and put in a separate suit case to be returned to the King to gaze upon his psychotic  work of one year ago. As the USA supports the mentally ill King and nation – with all its lies and rogue nation status – Turkey has moved into what it see’s as higher integrity with RUSSIA.  Ask yourself how does a NATO ally by treaty working to defend NATO against RUSSIA – engage in economic energy and trade DEPENDENCY on RUSSIA TRADE DEALS and buy advanced Russian Weapon Systems designed to DETECT NATO STEAL FIGHTERS AND KILL THEM IN REAL TIME?

Losing Turkey means losing Nato’s big buffer against Russia Power to the SEA – in ports – airfare and bases and land baed installations. Tens of billions invested by the USA to empower TURKEY AS A NATO ALLY and provide key strategic basing for Russia Counter measures and to engage Iran Afghanistan and Iran war staging for supplies just critical to USA interests. Or is Turkey lost anyway?

Today the USA seeks by policy to end the ENDLESS WAR of over 20 years now in the Gulf. To stop the COST that is ENDLESS WAR COSTING in lives and budget the USA in red ink needs to CUT BACK ON. We can’t afford the ENDLESS WAR perhaps we never could. Now so in WAR DEBT SOARING IN TOTALS we need to stop the DEBT MOUNTAIN before PUTIN’s asymmetrical war plan ( the winning war plan ) bankrupts the WEST entirely – which is the KILLING OF UNCLE SAM. Putin wins.

Today as the USA withdraws a concentric rising Plan of AFRIA ENGAGEMENT to Africa lack of engagement – Russia and China rill the vacuum. Today RUSSIA HOLDS the largest trade conference in Africa history. Today Russia fleets dock in Cape Town with massive show of power. Today Russia advanced steal nuke bombers land in SOUTH AFRICA as the AFRICA TRADE CONFERENCE WITH PUTIN LEADING OPENS ITS DOORS without the USA engagement. PUTIN and allies now forge ownership of AFRICA respect, alliances, and protection where the USA is seen as not reliable and broken. No Africa leader can talk to a US PRESIDENT into any future in time without the truth that dysfunctional USA Congressional self destruction to governance will make private HEADS OF STATE classified and top secret – public printed transcripts weeks after any leader call – where discussions with RUSSIA are private and go no where. The Diminishment of the USA by the US Congress in 2019 has damaged trade and foreign policy for the USA for generations of Presidents as the FORM AND FORUM OF GOVERNMENT MOST Admired is no longer the USA today.

Rushing into winning asymmetrical warfare with the West – Russia has divided western allies leaving the USA in droves today ( because of Congress not Trump in 2019 )  as Congress has diminished the USA perhaps fatally as the once superior world power and leader. Today Putin and China are more respected than the USA. Putin is filling the Congressional vacuum on policy:

  1. Forever shattering Nato alliance on budget weapon systems and within a house fully now divided in TURKEY – winning
  2. Dividing the Balkans sending Serbia ( today ) divisions of S 400 WEAPON SYSTEMS into Nato Alliance lands shattering Nato
  3. Standing in trade to step into the UK exit to the EU weakening the EU and moving ahead of the USA to EU economics post exit
  4. Africa Summit going on this weekend hosted by PUTIN the largest economic forum without the USA steering in Africa history
  5. Shattering Nato Alliance from superior economic and trade deals with France Germany and nations of opportunity to Putin

The GROWING THREAT OF RUSSIA into the Islam Gulf world and the entire EU zone of economics as the USA just withdraws into trade wars and internal conflicts at home in a nasty first of its kind digital election year – finds economics at home impacted by fragile ropes untangling from USA economics to Russia economics. Russia with Congress NO DEAL AND SANCTIONS has created a RUSSIA VICTORY world wide in both economic ramp to Russia in outcomes – as well as Russia massive build up in military and prestige to make the USA virtually impotent to Russia Power in the future.

How can any President post congress this fall – have a PRIVATE DISCUSSION with any world leader where that discussion is not subject to multiple witness and public publishing such that the USA is forever diminished by Congress creating a hand cuff on powers of the OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT wherein the diminishment of the USA in the WORLD is permanent by congressional mal practice and dysfunction.

Keep in mind stealing top secret files and posting those files as a whistle blower as an ACT OF CRIMINAL TREASON BY A CIA AGENT now SPYING ( which is illegal on so many laws by the CIA ) on a SITTING PRESIDENT as an act of domestic treason – the highest crime against nation there is – can not be protected by WHISTLE BLOWER BLANKER CONSPIRACY BY CONGRESS INDIVIDUALS as those who form the TREASON CABAL must go to FEDERAL PRISON of the OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT IS FATALLY WOUNDED AND THE USA IS DiMINISHED SO THAT PUTIN WINS. It is not Trump who has lost it is the FUTURE OF AMERICA POWER IN THE WORLD.

Any nation failing to absolute protect private conversations between heads of state is reduced in any serious future influence in the world. Putin Wins. America loses. Congress is the traitor.

Congress presently has only one top secret no public no press no opposition inclusion no face your accuser protected by due process and law – a cabal club of traitors – out to coup the President out of office – in a basement top secret no public record – attorney committee framing the President as a carefully prepared legal frame job – which the PUBLIC all see through and will vote in 2020 to show how much HATRED THE AMERICAN PEOPLE HAVE FOR THIS SWAMP AS USUAL TREND UNFOLDING.

Draining the SWAMP OF ALL THIS?

Wait for 2020 and your vote will set you free.

Meanwhile at every single turn while Congress Fiddles and the USA IS BURNING ( see California with terrorist set fires yearly now ) and no defense in sight – the USA is politically burning its prestige authority and powers to the world to the bedrock.

No LEADER ( because of the US CONGRESS TREASON in leaking and publishing top secret classified files stolen by a CIA traitor from the WHITE HOUSE of protected conversations of a US PRESIDENT and a WORLD LEADER ). If TREASON BY CONGRESS IS LEFT TO STAND the America you grew up with is dead and buried by far left completion of the war plan to diminish America laid out in THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM.

Putin is winning World War III.

The USA  A house divided is sinking in its own quick sand as a house divided. Right on Putin plan. Right on Putin Time line. Putin is now the POWER BROKER OF THE WORLD STAGE. The USA is diminished by game plan of a left socialist congress who wishes to forever create a USA socialist nation under PUTIN AND CHINA looking like a three some when with Germany France UK and Japan it is really the left world and Putin controlling it all – World War III won and victory without a shooting war – asymmetrical war plan – victory to PUTIN in 2019.

Putin’s silver bullet that brought America low…..the UNITED STATES CONGRESS 2019.

Go Berny Go Warren you are winning the real war – and PUTIN will repay you in kind as you rise up.

GO SOCIALISM. The answer to all that infects you America is PUTIN and the LEFT. IN PUTIN WE TRUST is the marching song of the 2020 socialism and Congress in lock step with PUTIN winning politically economically and globally .Get your PUTIN SOCIALISM VACCINATION THEN VOTE 2020.



Congress 2019 has:

  1. Won the economic war for PUTIN in asymmetrical war fare
  2. Won the political war for Putin = USA down for a ten count – Putin WORLD CHAMPION
  3. WON in the GULF won in SYRIA Won in dividing NATO WON in failed USA POLICY
  4. Won with Congressional dysfunction grid lock and failure to govern at all for years in time
  5. Won in USA TREASON now permitted for Congress to betray America from within at core

Congress is now the cause of both ECONOMIC DECLINE and POLITICAL DECLINE in America. The vacuum of failure to govern via CONGRESSIONAL Impotism and total grid lock even viagra can not fix for this level of congressional erectile dysfunction. No consummation of governance.

This level of DYSFUNCTION never seen in America before – with pure CRIMINAL TREASON with spying on the US PRESIDENT making WATERGATE look like a raid on a kids locker in high school by comparison – and NO GOVERNANCE WHAT SO EVER enormous political global vacuum – inside a world trade war- radical muslim war – climate change extinction war – with America now a unic neutered by America’s very own SOCIALIST MAJORITY IN CONGRESS – has created a world ozone hole a pure ever growing vacuum of the withdrawal – massive and a SUPER CHANGE EVENT – a political hole like ozone over the planet.


Dealing with far more powerful Russia China as ONE IN THE FUTURE assures PUTIN sets agenda and not the US PRESIDENT.

That SUPER CHANGE EVENT occurred too fast to accommodate world leader  adaptation. The first symptom of awareness of the POLITICAL HUGE OZONE LEVEL created by the US TRAITORS IN THE US CONGRESS – is confusion. When Confused nations are open for change in policy.

Putin is NOT CONFUSED having created the Congressional TREASON. Putin’s war plan winning.

Defeat America from division and attack from within – allow America to eat itself up.

Putin is picking off American influence nations into a pearl matched set of new alliances with PUTIN AND CHINA. They win we lose. The Velocity Acceleration and Momentum ( VAM IS A SUPER CHANGE PRODUCT HUMANS HAVE NEVER EXPERIENCED BEFORE THE PACE OF ACCELERATING CHANGE ITSELF ) – IS OUTSIDE BELTWAY THINK TANK AND PLANNERS TO ACCOMMODATE.

SUPER CHANGE policy making requires VAM never required of process before.

PUTIN has studied and read my BOOK REDEMPTION and SUPER CHANGE. Putin is using the tools of SUPER CHANGE to lead and defeat the USA who have not studied those principles invented in the USA in the first place. Sad. really.

What is going out out there today?

Russia is defeating the USA due to acts of cowardice betrayal and criminal treason by the UNITED STATES CONGRESS.

The Political vacuum of USA influence and power due to socialist congressional dysfunction all predicted here – ( right again ) – represents an unintended voter betrayal. Voters are distracted by congressional criminal frauds.


We are witness to the most amazing never seen before tug of war between the SWAMP and the REVOLUTIONARY FORCES draining the SWAMP as the USA is the victim of the SWAMP WARS internal to America . The WORLD OZONE POLITICAL VACUUM is being filled by war plan winner RUSSIA .

The KILLING OF UNCLE SAM sets the Putin War plan clear as a bell for readers in print. Russia wins. America lost.

The WHITE HOUSE is a SIT COM to Putin and the world.

Congress has diminished the OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT and America foreign policy to a level of vacuum Putin now controls all agendas and was handed a global Super CHANGE in POWERS to RUSSIA gift wrapped and Holiday sent to MOSCOW with love from the new socialist buddy buddy congress working for PUTIN today.

Nothing has assisted Putin and Russia to restore its influence over its economic zones and our own to match the diminishment of America by the TREASON – against America by the US CONGRESS IN POWER TODAY. No act of betrayal in our history is greater than the TREASON OF THE US CONGRESS going on this very minute. This is not business as usual. This is CONSTITUTIONAL REFORM OF POWERS WITHOUT REPRESENTATION. Such moves by the FEW AGAINST THE MANY result in full on rising up and revolution. The NEXT AMERICA REVOLUTION IS IN PROCESS we call election 2020 …wait tor it ….as this year it is WAR.

AMERICAN FULL OUT CIVIL WAR ….socialism and Putin ….or America as a value set of box top rules we grw up with? We’ll see.

We have a long long way to go to see how this all will turn out.

That is what is really going on out there this weekend….and my readers world wide know it is true.


Note: President XI celebrated his own 66th birthday as ruler for life in China with Ruler for Life in Russia and said . President PUTIN is my mentor of mentors – blowing out his Russian birthday candles – drinking Russia booze and eating his Russian Made Birthday Cake laughing and cutting up with Putin his MENTOR OF MENTORS as together they win the war plan laid out in the KILLING OF UNCLE SAM if there are any still out there in the OZONE FOG that still believe IN AMERICA or who may still LOVE AMERICA? Any readers out there at all? Left?


September and B 2020 and beyond just for you today …..









The Economics of the world SUPER CHANGED – into a paradigm shift – of an entirely new economy we label the AI ECONOMY where over 440 TRILLION DOLLARS settle every day in goods and services – 11 trillion a day in the EU alone – at fully leverage and price manipulating outcomes by Artificial Intelligence – now 96% in control of all trade settlements without human involement. A first in human experience. No past guides this new Super Changing Future.

567 Trillion in Derivative Economic side betting to further AI Manipulate the AI theory of economics of riskless risk – which in our expertise is a simple oxymoron. Ai early generations is not smart enough ( YET ) to mirror human ability to appreciate such human judgement and market reflections such as IMPLICATION to raw data. Lack of AI capacity to understand IMPLICATION or to string together gosmer events that are unrelated into a HUMAN IMAGINED CONCLUSION OF SYNERGY OF UNRELATED EVENTS INTO NEW AND UNCOMMON PATTERN RELATIONSHIPS flaws AI economics at core.

AI economics has zero predictive accuracy given how new the entirely unseen before economic landscape of AI controlled economics truly is for global human affairs. Today we go where no man ( economically ) has ever gone before. We travel without GPS or maps. We move into the unknown believing the old maps and GPS apply still inside this new AI world – when all old maps and GPS do not work at all inside the new AI Anomaly. NEW ECONOMIC THEORY is required but none are yet being formed, outside tis Blog Site. None our teams have discovered.

We stand alone in defining the two new ages within which we reside:

  1. FIrst new economy in 1000’s of years a fully new unknown rapidly revolutionizing AI ECONOMY.
  2. Super Change the Age of Super Change challenging human core capacity to adapt into the Super Change we created.

Super Change economics robs experts of tools to predict future outcomes with any accuracy what so ever.

Super Economics is rapidly unfolding as AI today is not the AI of 2018 or 2017. AI is now writing AI future code itself. Another first.

Super Change Economics is revolutionizing itself globally in time frames of compression human’s never experienced before.

Super Change presents new risks that human beings have yet to grasp or appreciate are now new normal in a Helter Skelter Super Changing economy no one has rule books for.

Super Changing AI Economics lack any nation ore regulatory over sight that has a remote option of working to moderate risk in fact.

Super Changing AI Economics reacts to old antique regulatory obsolete tools – say from the FED or SEC not yet upgraded – as toxic to outcomes versus uniform to outcomes of the past.

All this SUPER CHANGE is unfolding while obsolete law making institutions are dysfunctional lacking capacity to adapt into the new unfolding world Paradigm shifting realities. The law makers are asleep now in a self driving SUPER CHANGING AI transportation the law makers have zero clue is in charge where they have lost relevance and capacity to effect check and balance to the new AI evolving SUPER CHANGE environment of nations.

SUPER CHANGE is out of control and no new prospect to RE-REGULATE AND EFFECTIVELY govern is now in place anywhere on earth. The Super Change is out of control and human madness of denial that SUPER CHANGE even exits is not the sad state of affairs making Human Beings increasingly irrelevant to the unfolding realities. Human Beings are becoming less and less relevant to the future due to our capacity for insanity as collective culture.



Super Change Politics has left an INTEGRITY DEFICIT into leadership. Humans have socially devolved to spend more of our resources and wealth on killing one another because we are Buddhist and Hindu or Whabbi or Shite – than we invest on stopping human extinction from climate change or incoming extinction strike events. Think how insane the culture thought process has become.

Competition as an insane mid brain reptilian brain product – competitive threat labeling – we can easily educate generations of children to higher brain function. Competitions first insane toxic secretion – is that we human’s punish our best attribute – our diversity of culture thinking faiths and differences. It is insane human cultures lacking correct education to higher brain function.

Cooperation is sane and celebrates human diversity as culture, as interesting. The tapestry of human diversity is praised never depreciated to contest. The sanity of CELEBRATING all human diversity versus punishing it culturalizes a new Super Change future for human beings.

The Higher Brain output that has created SUPER CHANGE into the FUTURE OF HUMANITY in culture, in reality, in social outcomes, is not culture that old insane lower brain function can accept. Lower brain function assesses Super Change of Higher Brain performance ( reality ) as THREAT.

Lower Brain protects that IS THE WAY WE HAVE ALWAYS DONE THINGS including caste and prejudice human rights violating insanities. Do we moving forward in SUPER CHANGE Protect customs of our diversity in which a young adult couple in love can not share their lives due to custom of arranged marriages – which if they violate for love they will in the culture be stoned to death by the community that raised them where those murdering the young couple in love in 2020 return home to warm meals believing in insane brains they did the highest human good in fact.

Super Change can not be undone.

Super Change has no reverse.

Super Change is accelerating.

Humans adapt or they are irrelevant.

Humanity is at the cross road’s of its own self extinction.


Due to thinking that has become buggy obsolete software of the mind.


Without culture global upgrades of mental software to billions of brains all at once our capacity to prosper in the NEW AGE OF SUPER CHANGE becomes a risk, due to lack of capacity to upgrade brain software in time.

Sanity ( in thinking ) cooperation without competition – is the future in SUPER CHANGE. Cooperation embraces Super Change.

Insanity. Competitive thought is buggy brain software that rejects SUPER CHANGE as THREAT to culture and status quo.

Politicians are competitive insane thinkers which has become culture to bad obsolete antique irrelevant brain mental software.

Cooperation is the future and the DNA of cooperation between human beings is INTEGRITY AND PERSONAL ETHICS.

Competition is the past and the DNA of Competition is betrayal distrust and hatred without INTEGRITY inside competitive engagement.

Competition is war with no integrity on the battle field of competitive constructed bad brain software – war between all of us together.

Cooperation is peace within cultural integrity via upgraded brain software of cultures expressing cooperation solutions in Super Change.

Competition is the buggy brain software leading to human extinction as insane outcome to insane thinking which is competitive thought in any and all forms.

Cooperation leads to human immortality into PROSPERITY AND THRIVING impossible without upgraded cooperative brain software of the mind to culturalize sanity versus insanity in human and AI communities collaborating together.

Or Not.

Today we see – basement secret IMPEACHMENT hearings all non public – secured by the opposing political party with zero check and balance on integrity. We see truth made into lies. We see lies made into truth. No one can face their own accuser. No one is innocent until proven guilty. Everyone is insanely guilty until proven innocent in a system gone upside down. The competitive extreme of this insanity is now the culture of the great nations. Insane brain software creates dysfunction that fails to adapt into SUPER CHANGE. Governance has lost control of Economics and regulatory frame works where Google and FaceBook preside over billions and represent new virtual nations billions trust more than they trust government in fact.

Today in accelerating SUPER CHANGE no one can predict tomorrow in stability of nations economics or future anything. Tesla ( right again ) beat expert pegs of loss of 46 cents a share to making 1.86 per share and beating all the experts in profit output and all matrix. The stock in TESLA Is killing short sellers dead – losing billions in short bets and the future for TESLA is way way up today.

Thats one.

Mark in Congress is another. Much to do about NOTHING while the wrong questions get asked as Republicans storm in to SECRET CLOSED DOOR LYNCH DONALD TRUMP FULLY ILLEGAL IMPEACHMENT HOUSE RAIL ROADING PROCEEDINGS and stopped the impeachment – Nazi Storm Trooper Secret NO PUBLIC due process of any kind – truly amazing death spriral of trust of nation. Left Poko Haunt US ALL WARREN states – hey my wealth tax will cover 100% of Medicare for all – only real accounting says it won’t cover even 50% we set forth here for you all as FACT.

Unrest in nations is rising from Hong Kong to South America to Africa to the EU. More and more populations have had IT with leaders out of touch with SUPER CHANGE the rest of us are all SUPER STRESSED ABOUT while obsolete leadership bought and paid for betrays the trust of billions of us.

No one can predict a thing moving toward human extinction.

As we reported here a 1.5 move in ocean floor temperature – not much – reached by 2030 – releases all at once time the METHANE TRAPS of trillions upon trillions of tons of methane gas liquidfied from the last ice ace and held on the sea floors. This gas release does the following earth extinction start over cleansing events:

  1. The Release of the Methane Traps sinks all floating vessels in a week of time world wide. All trade stops.
  2. The release of the Methane Traps creates from combustion fires that burn continents to a french fry brownish color.
  3. The release of Methane removes oxygen required for mammal life and humans plus others go extinct as the earth starts over.

If we stop killing each other all at once – why? Because punishing our differences instead of celebrating our diversity is competitive insanity and leads to our extinction. We don’t have 100’s of years or 1000’s of years. We have a decade.

We can reform earth environment and temperature. If we use war money for survival efforts but time is running out.

While crazy humans inside SUPER CHANGE rush to their total extinction of our species – 100% assured outcome because:

  1. Temperature on ocean floor exceeds 1.5 degrees to hold the methane environment altering extinction gases from the seas.
  2. Impact event – long over due – as we fly through the most dense extinction rock storms every 34 million years – we are there now in the middle of it.
  3. Nuke ourselves out with all out WORLD WAR III nothing more insane than self extinction outside nature extinction our crazy brain asses.

Can humans remove buggy competitive brain software in time?



I’ve been working on the solution for over 34 years now.

You tell me.

Your about to go where no man has gone before in the most wild unpredictable humanity ride ever taken. We are all on the ride together. None of us can get off the ride. Everything you believe and think will Super Change into realities you never imagined at all nor could you conceive of. The world is now dividing into insane cultures and communities and sane cultures and communities waking up. Do not worry – your in the SANE community or you could never not ever read these words – not EVER ! Be proud of yourself – you are in the right place. AT the perfect time. Keep coming back.


But this work for Your Holiday ( order the back ordered hard copy its always back ordered and 5 STAR ) and this Holiday you will wake up to your highest future best self…..MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE. You deserve the truth of our age and time on the ride.


Note: Helter Skelter – could you believe in September in weeks you would see Tesla smash through earnings – rise 20% in value to billions in a day of time and short sellers would be served a blood bath just a blood bath of loss and marin calls going on right to this minute – ( RIGHT AGAIN on our predictions for Tesla and our buy recommend in the Dip ) ? Could you have seen the degree of the TRITTER MISS and the equally blood bath loss for TWITTER INVESTORS will TWITTER SHORT SELLERS MADE FORTUNES yesterday and today ( our right again if you keep score ). SUPER CHANGE SUPER VOLATILITY IS THE NEW NORMAL we predicted correctly in May – as the US CONGRESS destroys the world economic boom to win an election for socialism in America in 2020 – a real AMERICA REVOLUTION is unfolding….you all get to watch.