It is all outlined in my book on Amazon REDEMPTION.

Central Banks are private corporations owning an exclusive contract to print and control money supply for nations. The bad theory at the turn of the century 1900- when the PONY EXPRESS delivered the US mail and the railroad was almost spanning the USA and EU – was – ( presented only by criminal bankers back then ) THAT – bankers alone understood how to control money supply. When in fact economists know far more than bankers.

Central Bankers ( all pleading guilty to never ending crimes with no jail in sight ever ) across the world – control state money supply and are paid to print money. They are NOT government agencies despite names like Federal this or that – it is a contract – an exclusive money printing franchise by congress – in the USA case an 80 page act of congress is all. Google it you can find it – takes some effort as the central banks try and cover up the truth.

To save my new readers click time see this short video by economists:




  1. Central banks have caused and profited from all world DEPRESSIONS 1907 and 1929 consolidating wealth until 1% of them own more wealth than 99% of us. THE FEW AGAINST THE MANY – ELITES AGAINST THE PEOPLE.
  2. Central Banks have caused and profited from all wars – WORLD WAR I and WORLD WAR II and all wars since regional or otherwise – SEE GAME OF THRONES – if the IRON BANK does not back your war there is no war – wars are financed by central bankers as one the real IRON BANK behind everything
  3. Central Banks caused and profited from 100% of recessions and bust cycles since 1900 including the GREAT RECESSION where their shareholders – the controlling owners of the CENTRAL BANKS – ( see the film on this page ) and share this page – profit from SUB PRIME madly and then profit from the 20 trillion USA alone bail out of the bankers bad bets.
  4. Central Banks are working for ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT under them and for them and by them. To be sure they think that is good wholesome and right for we the people. As Elite thinking goes. To achieve this goal the central banks as one must diminish the powers of the United States in the world scheme of things. This game plan is documented in THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM by two Florida journalists who spent years presenting PROOFS no one can fail to appreciate in the plan for ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT under the criminal bankers. READ THE BOOK www.thekillingofunclesam.com. Click https://revival.lpages.co/killingunclesambook/
  5. Central Banks having caused the GREAT RECESSION worst in 70 years next raised interest rates to profit their shareholder criminal bankers way to fast way to frequently and way to high each time – lopping the head off the recovery.

HOW DO YOU KNOW IT WAS THEM – FREDO? HOW DO YOU “KNOW” IT WAS THEM? Oh it is them. All criminal central bankers are obsolete in new AI economics in Super Change economics. Today central banks should be MERGED by emergency act of laws back into the STATE TREASURY. In a 5G transparent real time currency market space – central banks are now toxic and high cost to money supply and fully obsolete as policy – dangerous as world war III causing events.



As Tony teaches – eventually the TRUTH will replace all the lies…….

CENTRAL BANK 2020 Legacy in October 2019:

Producer prices fell stunning experts at the FED. Deflation economics a condition Japan central bankers have failed to moderate for 30 years now. Despite all failed central bank policies in Japan a deflationary spiral is on going. The Fed in the USA and the Central Banks in the EU are following the failed Japan central bank obsolete play book in a new AI Super Change Economy the central banks are in denial exists when they are swimming in an economic ocean they longer understand or possess tools to moderate.

The Producer Index dropped enough to wipe out gains since January. Deflation economics is entrenched. RIGHT AGAIN.

While overall unemployment in the USA is the lowest in 50 years that is because of Obama Lie Numbers. The nation under OBAMA ceased to count the 35 million long term unemployed which places USA UNEMPLOYMENT at more like 7.5% matching the EU, down from 18% in the peak of the GREAT RECESSION  Рour non lie numbers.

Looking at the Nations LIE NUMBERS – the new job creation dropped – crashed – to its lowest level last month since 2012. Why is this so urgent and important to MERGE FAILED CENTRAL BANK TOXIC POLICY TO OUR CORE ECONOMICS BACK INTO SUCCESS UNDER THE USA TREASURY? Because Christmas Holiday JOB HIRE is PEAK YEAR HIRING to the Holiday buying season. If Holiday hire is now DOWN not UP – to the FED we have a serious problem. They however are deluded in pre AI economics that frankly is a game board that no one in the world is playing on today. Why? That game board the central banks of the world uses are obsolete and no longer apply. Policy from that obsolete game board is TOXIC to AI economics. Right again.


There are so many factors. It looks like endless bad faith dealing by China to NOT MAKE A TRADE DEAL with rising sanctions and tariff’s creating the GREAT CHINA ECONOMIC UNCOUPLING. The Down Bubble is now passing ten trillion out of China and no end in sight.

The Stock YEILD CURVE inversion is now flashing RED RED RED with the market down 300 points early and still over 200 points down at late market East Coast. The Yield Curve inversion is now SCREAMING SLOWER GROWTH if not recession in fact. The EU numbers were terrible today and NO BRITT EXIT after Germany drew its own Red Line sinking any REAL DEAL on BRITT EXIT forever more. Boris nows that now as PM.

Wholesale ENERGY PRICES deflated 2.5% downward ( Deflation economics total F grade for Central Bank failed policy over TEN YEARS to restart inflation ). Grade F boys and girls F – for Yellin worst Fed Chairman in 100 years. Bar none. The cost of everything else wholesale energy deflated in September by 2.5% the same number it also crashed and deflated in August.

Goods Prices going into Holiday buying dropped .05% the largest DEFLATION ECONOMICS since 2016 Summer time. RIGHT AGAIN.

The cost of SERVICES driving the US ECONOMY feel into DEFLATION .02% the biggest downward DEFLATION Since February 2017. Deflation is picking up steam. Without a merger of CENTRAL BANKS now obsolete into TOXIC EXTREME in AI Changing Economics – into US TREASURY where the TREASURY makes success policy where bank owned Fed is conflicted and never can nor does. Right Again.

Only health care cost soared itself not promising for economics in fact as a whole.

Even with PORTFOLIO management fee’s unchanged feeding into the PCE reports – the bubble was down – DEFLATIONARY ECONOMICS and the Central Banks have no clue what they are doing and have no idea what IS going on OUT there in fact. Your Central Bankers are driving in the rear vision mirror in forward moving WARD DRIVE SUPER CHANGING AI ECONOMICS they deny exists and have no insight to make policy upon. A sad state of affairs of Central Bank Obsolescence. The FIX? Merge Central Banks back into State Treasury and fast.


Deleveraging and Stock prices are DEFLATING. The wealth loss from over valuation to more moderate valuation is trillions of world wide wealth and rising toward year end. We told you this was coming. We told you what to do to protect yourself. Those who acted are OK no loss from peak. Those who read and bled are going to bleed even more…wait for it.

Readers know accuracy when they read it.

The truth. Why your reading it.

Plan to invest in year end SUPER CYCLE GROWTH and be more careful how you invest and what you chose to invest in starting with your own venture space first.