What do we know for sure? We know:

  1. Unemployment in the EU has been going down but slowly.
  2. The economics are declining but not recession yet.
  3. Manufacturing in the EU especially in Germany and France are in full recession
  4. Britain buys many times more from the EU than it sells into the EU
  5. Britain can make NO EXIT deals with nations it buys from or replace EU buying with USA buying and save money

The EU failing to have a FAIR deal with the leaving UK versus an example punishing deal with 34 billion of penalties on exit may well result in the UK saving well 34 billion in penalties. The costs of staying in a SUPER DEBT BUBBLE EU is a risk so high and a cost so great the UK – Morgan just suggested adjust its POUND UPWARD – is saving fortunes of risk and outlays by leaving. That we know.

The EU is failing.

To secure the future the EU must massively stimulate and soon to avoid a melt down into recession or worse – sovereign debt defaulting cascades starting with ITALY deb stress. Super Bond Theory ( search that solution on this news site ) can resolve the Italian and other nation sovereign debt Super Bubble. The EU is slow to act and the new AGE OF SUPER CHANGE is unforgiving for tardy replies to economic base lines. The EU is at high risk of a SUPER CRASH. Only the trigger event is unknown. BRITT EXIT in a no deal exit could be the EU SUPER CRASH TRIGGER.

The rule is never believe competitive insane politics will ever act in its own best sane interest. As it can not. Because its nuts.

Look at the world and you see it everywhere in Political insanity do you not?

Great Britain economics are solid. The Debt load to assets is responsible. Individually negotiated trade deals with UK’s largest customers appear to be superior to a punishing economic EXAMPLE of the UK exiting the EU. As the EU won’t budge and UK lawmakers will not budge either the exit with no deal at mid month seems very likely at month end. Big money bets a deal will get made last minute. We suggest …don’t count on that.

The scare tactics of shortages to the UK are over blown. The USA can supply any short fall over night to our favorite ally and steps to assure CONTINUITY are being made right now. The EU seeing the buying from UK cut off – loses the most. Big time. The UK does fine buying outside the EU and saves money. The UK does great not paying 34 billion to the EU that they will still try and collect but in the EU’s bad faith dealings, I don’t think they can collect do you.

Every way we slice and dice the EU and UK the economics are the UK wins and wins big.

We’ll keep you all posted.