Nancy Pelosi facing her own CRIMINAL INDICTMENT for many actual crimes, now is facing yet another one TREASON. In her social democrat march to forever reduce the powers of the USA Presidency and deflect her own indictment her team has coordinated spying on a sitting US President, shielded behind the frame without hard evidence of a President crime suitable for impeachment. Her goals are:

  1. Deflect and derail her own pending CRIMINAL INDICTMENT
  2. Elect Elizebeth Warren the leading socialist or Biden if she must to the Presidency
  3. Regain the USA Senate and absolute socialism powers over the United States in 2020

Three and she’s free….in her own mind.



Calling the USA President was the ultimate prize of world leaders. Agenda got DONE and foreign aide got cemented inside these private confidential calls.

From the summer of 2019 when Nancy Pelosi officially opened IMPEACHMENT INVESTIGATIONS based upon stolen transcripts from TOP SECRET servers in the United States White House of once protected and confidential conversations with the sitting US President forward the US CONSTITUTION CAME UNDER ATTACK by social democrats.

The Separation of Powers under the US constitution now means virtually nothing. Any opposing party can now, and will now, if unchecked by the COURTS and forward SUPREME COURT RULINGS to ROLL BACK FREEDOMS, challenge any sitting US President to a framed in crime under investigation – and call for all the confidential once prior to 2019 protected US PRESIDENT conversations with anyone including world leaders.

For the first time the leaders of the world now must consider – if you talk to a US PRESIDENT unlike any other nation upon the earth – inside “leaks” may present a TRANSCRIPT of your conversation to the entire world. This may result in outcomes such as follows:

  1. Today all world leaders will only say things that can air in public to a sitting US PRESIDENT reducing President powers on a scale not seen in modern lifetimes. THE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT IS FOREVER REDUCED IN POWERS by social democrats.
  2. Presidents will from here forward assure those on calls there is NO TRANSCRIPT WHAT SO EVER and no witnesses to the private call to protect the confidence of the conversation – and because others can’t be on the call – nor can transcripts be made – even then world leaders will now FOREVER be more guarded. They expect from the 2019 leaks in secret others are listening and a transcript leak could occur from WITNESSES to the call. Again THE OFFICE OF THE RESIDENT IS FOREVER REDUCED IN POWER GLOBALLY by Nancy Pelosi and social democrats seeking to REDUCE PRESIDENT AUTHORITY and elevate CONGRESS Absolute powers. This model will be applied with vengeance by whoever is in congress power majority unless the COURT red lines and protects PRESIDENTIAL POWERS.
  3. The Courts strip congress of this level of power, via both immunity of sitting PRESIDENTS from this kind of constitutional attack and the protection of any citizen from producing evidence to incriminate themselves. This is not civil this multi front full out attack ( to derail and distract her own crimes and indictment by committing yet more crimes – treason – is now fair game in politics.

THE OFFICE OF THE US PRESIDENT no matter who resides in this office now has been forever reduced in powers, by Nancy Pelosi in 2019. World Leaders now shun a call ( any call ) from the sitting US PRESIDENT and the powers have shifted out of the WHITE HOUSE as never before in US HISTORY.  Nancy Pelosi and not the President or his team have for political gain and election gain – undermined the POWERS OF THE OFFICE OF THE US PRESIDENT no matter who sits in the office within a plan to weaken the US President to elevate social democrats forever forward in AMERICA without a care in the world.




The Press was one highly diversified with news that was edited for balance. Today the press of the world is consolidated by mergers into ownership of 50 left leaning liberal socialists 90% – all well understood. The Trial by Press in the planned DIMINISHMENT OF THE POWERS OF THE US PRESIDENT have been working.

The public is distracted from the facts and truth to consider a President CRIME HAS BEEN COMMITTED.

The transcripts show no crime whatsoever – which former Attorney Generals of all parties have in fact reported but the defense of the truth has been buried by TRAIL TO GUILT by the PRESS OF THE ENTIRE WORLD. Balance is far from weighted.

The courts must define:

  1. Does immunity for sitting Presidents permit theft from the white house of classified documents because any spy from 2000 employees at the White House can and may now in their own OPINION wish to steal records protected in TOP SECRET SERVERS and deliver this information to opposing political parties ( to which they are aligned to as social democrats ) and present ( no evidence of a crime ) to FRAME the sitting President. All protections of confidentiality in the US WHITE HOUSE for any President are forever stripped away diminishing the US PRESIDENT forever.
  2. Can any opposing party ( the social democrats ) plant a spy, a CIA SPY is a SPY to SPY upon the President and when a frame event occurs a press FRAME EVENT no matter who weak and circumstantial – rip a TOP SECRET SERVER of protected FILES you are sworn to protect as STATE SECRETS – and move that TOP SECRET INFORMATION to the opposition political party for TRAIL BY THE PRESS. If that is THE LAW then and forever forward the OFFICE OF THE US PRESIDENT IS FOREVER REDUCED as per Nancy Pelosi Plan.
  3. Will America see this POLITICAL THEATER for what it truly is – a direct attack on the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES and THE SEPARATION OF POWERS – where SNOWDEN and TREASON are no longer TREASON AT ALL – and we are a nation of whistle blowers where only the WHISTLE BLOWER IS IMMUNE and we spy on another other – as the Bible says of the END TIMES. Son spys on father daughter spys on mother etc? OR DO VOTERS HAVING ENOUGH LANDSLIDE THE SWAMP DRAINER INTO FOUR MORE YEARS AND FLIP THE BIRD AT THE BELTWAY SAYING BUSINESS AS USUAL IS OVER – as the final power is in the hands of the voter. This election:

SOCIALISM OR AMERICA as an outcome and voters will GET PRECISELY WHAT THEY VOTE FOR THIS TIME but now its forever. It will never roll back – one of the other.

It is my opinion in the middle of all this – looking past TRIAL BY PRESS – which is so unfair – for anyone – I always read as if it was ME first and not true second – then I read to see if it all is true. It is not. I read.

So my opinion is this ELECTION 2020 is the most important US ELECTION since the REVOLUTION. We protect America as America moving forward or we move into SOCIALIST AMERICA. My issue with socialist America is the economics of the nation diminish over time with this game plan and the full potential of America will have come…..and gone….in the economic outcome of VOTE 2020 which has zero to do with politics.

Looking only at the economic optics – the VOTE IN 2020 is the ECONOMIC VOTE of our Nations entire history.

My fear is the voters are not fully informed…..on the economic consequence of the 2020 vote.



My vote? Is always for the US CONSTITUTION and the SEPARATION OF POWERS – The US Courts will sort it out FOREVER soon enough in 2020. One of the most sacred and private items is a citizen in the USA’s confidential tax return in a protected voluntary tax system – but that may also go by the way side. We’ll see……on that as well….eroding rights of the individual and the President – go Nancy and social democrats – attack on all fronts all at once – with your full power and freedom to do so like no nation upon this earth.