Iraq in one week has 6000 wounded and over 150 dead. Over 50 public and government administration offices have been set up in flames. Why?

The soaring oil revenues of Iraq, benefiting from Iran losing 80% of its sales and Saudi being down over 50% last month – has not invested in post war infrastructure rebuilding or created sufficient jobs. Also the power sharing between Shite leadership from the prior Sunni Leadership has not been ideal. Radical sexts are also of influence and growing again.

Iraq is sliding in Civil War in the Capitol. Instability and violence in Iraq work to shatter MARKET SHARE which shifts to NON OPEC producers with lower sulphur content oil – as Jan 1st ships can not burn GULF OIL to move around as the SULPHUR content is too high to IMO standards coming on line for ship pollution 27% of all pollution in the world. S

The ENORMOUS 3 BILLION station GULF REFUELING STATION in UAE constructed in recent years largely on bond financing now is seeing enormous shifts to Singapore for re-fueling. Why? Economics first reported here last summer. First the IMO rules and lower sulphur oil. Second insurance in the WAR ZONE of Iran and the Gulf where insurance has risen 1000 % for time and miles spent in WAR ZONE.No one wants to pay that price ( which is a war premium of when KING MBS seeking to get oil higher fake staged a bombing and blamed it on Iran when that bombing was not Iran ). Iran would not raise its own cost to market. MBS would if he though oil price will be higher – not accounting for the IMO ruling effect on his own MARKET SHARE.

As OIL is a MARKET SHARE WAR since KING MBS declared WAR ON AMERICAN OIL in 2014 – then lost that war with America becoming the largest LOW SULPHUR IMO COMPLYING OIL on earth ( and cheater by many dollars a barrel than Sulphur more costly to refine Gulf Oil ) MARKET SHARE for OPEC has plunged off a cliff. Trillions have been lost to OPEC that today is a name only shell with zero effective way to influence OIL prices back UP which is the only purpose of OPEC. A criminal commodity cartel (the FEW against the many ) seeking to keep oil price artificially high for its own greed contrary to free market supply demand pricing without a criminal CARTEL.

So OPEC has lost trillions upon trillions ( forever ) in revenue because of failed policy by KING MBS. This loss to Gulf Nations is having effects from Iran to Syria from Jordon to UAE and no one is missing the economic pain is from King MBS failed policy.

Where do we go from here?

stopped bombing Yemen ( a white flag of surrender ) and a deal is being hammered out to the port to get supplies and medicine into Yemen as the .entire nation of 30 million same size as Saudi is starving and disease ridden. War victims. Saudi’s side ( IF THE AGREEMENT HOLDS ) will control the port and the Yemen opposing tribes will withdraw to ground they hold today.

Jordon is under a great deal of pressure on the Syrian border and is trying to hold the economics and the politics with radical sexts surrounding Jordon at bay. The UAW is having its first Financial Stress points in decades. Lebanon is desperate and requires immediate new funding the UAE may in fact provide. Saudi who kidnapped the head of Lebanon a short time back is not stepping up as they once did when they controlled the agenda economically. Now that OPEC IS SHATTERED SMOTHERED AND DUNKED the divisions of who is loyal to WHO is rapidly changing from Turkey to Iran.

Iran has risen to be the pre-immient influence in the entire GULF. As the economic spigot turns back on with Iran into a Prosperity Deal the influence from Iran will only soar. If Iran continues to develop into a Nuke nation – the isolation will be terrific and the prospect of real war to degrade two trillion dollars of civil and military resources will be ten days or so of first conflict. All those resources up in smoke as the entire GULF choses sides and it all devolves.

Israel is moving into LIFE AFTER BIBI and no one can predict WHAT THAT LOOKS LIKE. A peace deal with NEW LEADERSHIP IN ISRAEL is not only a rising prospect a virtual civil war between hard line Jewish factions and more leftist leaning factions is likely in nation. Watch for that to unfold. And BIBI is not out yet. The indictment issues and more are all legal and political high tides flooding in to BIBI all at once as an era – the era of 1he 1948 ers – from Israel Independence ( the year I was born myself ) is coming to a close forever. New ideas new leadership and new politics are unfolding.

As Syria is like Canada to the USA on boarder with Israel there is also the issue of Syria which has surprised attacked Isreal in total war to destroy the nation from once Syria high ground over looking the main cities in Israel the GOLAN HEIGHTS which now Isreal controls and will never release.

Isreal high tek drones shot down and captured in Lebanon have triggered RED ALERTS still in place on both sides of the border. Lebanon serious lacking cash right now does not need a war economically. However a hair trigger to prevent one is all that hold’s war in pause.

There are hot spots on all sides of the GULF today.

The GULF is less stable today than in 2010.

The Gulf super is is the truth rising up about the mental illness of the sociopathic psychotic rule of King MBS with the growing crimes against humanity. MBS has a top secret missile field with missles from across the globe mounted ready to launch at IRAN and none of THAT is in fact secret from Iran or Gulf Neighbors. MBS is insane. MBS is shopping for a NUKE. Will he be able to buy a few? If he mounts them on those missiles and first strikes IRAN – IRAN’s million person army will over run Saudi in a week. That is instability.

A civil war in the Saudi Sand Castle is riing in factions of the SAUD family and tribes who oppose KING MBS RULE. The Saudi civil war is dividing the House of Saud and 10,000 ruling elites into factions over the failed Policies of KING MBS that have cost Saudi stability Opec Market share and rising to 10 trillion in lost opportunity and capital flight out of nation. The failures are mounting for KING MBS:

  1. Cultural Failure on policies unwinding Saudi traditions and core culture
  2. Oil War failures
  3. Qatar War failure
  4. Syria War support for radical Muslim sext failure
  5. Yemen war failure
  6. 2030 economic failure and costs soaring out of all control
  7. Spending on 500 million dollar paintings work 50 only and the largest yacht in history and more out of all control

There is more Рsuch as POLITICAL FAILURES and the cause of GULF INSTABILITY both politically and economic  is failed KING MBS a total loser utter failure. The Cost to the HOUSE SUAD AND NATION is now beyond calculation only since 2.014. The Civil war in Saudi could include the fall of the ruling family. What is taking place in Iraq can spill over.

The GULF is spiraling into ever greater and greater instability. While the world watches and does largely nothing at all. The EU is consumed with saving itself in Trade War and BRITT EXIT a real threat to the EU economically. The USA is inwardly focused on TRADE WARS AND IMPEACHMENT ECONOMICS into a nasty election season.

The Gulf sadly is largely on is own with only RUSSIA putting Putins hand on the TILLERS OF STATE region wide.

Russia and Iran are exploding with China in influence in the Gulf America and the EU are in decline in influence in the Gulf. Americas recent way to fast PR for King MBS ( Iran bombed Saudi when MBS bombed himself just like we told you here ) diminished the USA in the Gulf dramatically. Russia and Putin came out later with science and stated there is ZERO EVIDENCE IN FACT IRAN BOMBED SAUDI because….Iran did not do what the USA said they did. UNTRUTH diminishes nations.

The consequence upon global economics of GULF INSTABILITY and devolving is a massive unknown across the world today.

Berny Dohrmann – THAT “IS” WHAT IS GOING ON OUT THERE – 6000 WOUNDED 150 slaughtered in one Iraq week …..