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British Rule in Hong Came has come to a close. The British RULE OF LAW that Hong Kong savored is now coming to a close.

China agreed to have a ONE NATION two system rule of law permitting HONG KONG a transition period to MAIN LAND rule of law – Chinese culture and rule of law.

Hong Kong an autonomous ENTREPRENEUR NATION wishes to have self rule and democracy. The Hong Kong people see that China violated the TRUST and agreement in the British TURN OVER – that stated – status quo on culture and rule of law. However China has rapidly inserted MAIN LAND LAW CREEP to accelerate HONG KONG INTEGRATION. This model is being carefully watched by Taiwan which does not wish a similar fate.

The deal breaker came when the head of Hong Kong evoked a Beijing new LAW proposal to export criminals from HONG KONG ( where criminal means anyone China says is criminal ) to MIND REFORMATTING CAMPS where almost two million – are being mentally reprogramed socially in the most advanced brain washing camps every created in new technology for reforming mental software.



As China reels from errors in Trade War with an economic implosion ( we predicted in 2016 2017 2018 ) – such policy error – where DECOUPLING has moved supply lines and capital by the trillions out of China. Manufacturing into peak Holiday season is SUPER CRASHING as never seen before in China. The breadth scale and impact of Trillions in capital flight out of China is not recoverable. Why? Say you have options to invest and make stuff in Pakistan or China lets look at it:

  1. Pakistan average age 23 years old 200 million all educated and speaking ENGLISH.
  2. Red Tape Laws – set up in 48 hours – no taxes for FIVE YEARS.
  3. No corruption on China Scale.
  4. No barrier to entry
  5. NO IP theft respect and gratitude for the investment partnership

In China it is:


  • Aging population
  • Massive red tape and front end cost and time line to even start
  • Way too hard way too long way to challenging (not fun ) to just start and all along the path
  • Massive Corruption it is NOT ENGLISH SPEAKING – or thinking – and costs are soaring quality is dropping off the basement
  • The STEAL YOUR IP as fast as they can
  • It is too hard too costly takes too long and its way way too Corrupt

Given the Choice DEAL OR NO DEAL?

That is one option – Pakistan on the border with 3 dollar a day labor cost – and loyal grateful English speaking educated labor. Grateful labor loyal labor. Rapid rising middle class makes Pakistan the NEXT CHINA for selling goods and services better than India due to red tape and rule of law ( by say an ocean ). I was just there making SURE FOR OUR GLOBAL CEO SPACE INVESTORS.

China failed policy has created an irreversible ECONOMIC IMPLOSION. If a TRADE DEAL is not inked soon enough – China will SUPER CRASH – no way around THAT – starting with REAL ESTATE and moving to 100 % of deflating asset classes.

See if from China’s view. Facing economic IMPLOSION how does Bejjing see Hong Kong?

  1. As their sovereign territory
  2. As vital economics the world HUB SPACE
  3. No over 50% itself imploding and China can not afford that implosion
  4. Seeking DEMOCRACY AND INDEPENDENCE FROM CHINA RULE – not tolerable as a disrespect
  5. Contagion spreading unrest to mainland China and Taiwan can not be allowed in 2019 – no way no how





How does this all work? What is next? Well we told you all year.

First: China has increased crack special forces and riot control MILITARY by 100 x since the summer – up from a garrison of 3500 to now almost 30,000 and rising.

Barges capable of transferring one million from HONG KONG to mainland China MIND RESETTING CAMPS are ready to rapidly move large populations to the camps – already constructed and ready to receive. The 5G tools for mind washing are improving.

China will all at once – in a decisive move like modern world has never seen – display its control of HONG KONG – remove all protestors and desentors – up to ONE MILLION will disappear – if need be – or as many as required to control the population – at SPEEDS and LEVELS humans have never seen before. Hong Kong will be fully ruled by MAINLAND CHINA and order under CHINA ONE NATION RULE OF LAW will umbrella HONG KONG. ZERO FREEDOM of the old model will remain. XI will exercise np the bud before it opens – and nip it hard and nip it off. Completely.

All who protest will disappear.

Facing this REALITY so economics and order return to HONG KONG – as property and assets are confiscated and redistributed to PNC loyal now rewarded leaders- the message will be clear. NO MORE DISENT WILL BE ALLOWED. None.

Economic order will return as if the protests never occurred.

Press will be censored and controlled. OVER NIGHT.

Media will be State Controlled – OVER NIGHT.


Hong KONG will be integrated into MAIN LAND CHINA.

Taiwan will be sent a powerful message.

Trump and the EU will be sent a POWERFUL MESSAGE.


THE BATTLE PLAN IS ALREADY LAID OUT with all of the forgoing and much more – all set to go. It is coming folks. China will present an EXAMPLE. Their red lines may not be crossed – period.


The UN will be sent a POWERFUL MESSAGE and China may DROP OUT OF THE UN – why not?

Save some cash and cease being crowded in committees forever.

As the US implodes economically due to PRESIDENTIAL POLITICAL THEATER the world will move toward a recession. Congress will fail to pass NEW IMMIGRATION AND INFRASTRUCTURE AND HEALTH CARE REFORMS impotent in Pelosi Dosey Doe’s well reported here SCROLL for it.

INACTION by the USA congress will derail a forward GROWTH and EXPANSION and move the entire world into an ELECTION RECESSION ( for no reason of economics simply a political reality ) .

The likely outcome is Trump and China do this:

  1. China makes a Trade deal . a Super Deal.
  2. Japan and EU follow in 2020. Great new trade deals.
  3. Trump wins a landslide and the house goes back to republican

Prosperity returns quickly in 2021 as the post election market BOOMS. Iran makes a PROSPERITY DEAL. North Korea makes a PROSPERITY DEAL

Likely outcomes. But it could move from war to the likely outcome.

Trump could be impeached Pardoned and America moves socialist if voters want that by majority. Either way is great for China in fact.

At this minute it looks like:

  1. China military attacked by lasers by Hong Kong rioters – will decisively act as set forth here and so fast in a SUPER CHANGE the news will never to get all of it correctly as we laid it all out here. The truth.
  2. Nancy and her circle go to prison – for real crimes – no mercy.
  3. Impeachment fails.
  4. Trump wins the Congress.
  5. Trump wins four more years


As the most likely outcome of what we see and know today.

Keep in mind our predictions will be wrong one day. 1988 to today being wrong has not occured.

Because we work at the research and predict with care from on the ground best data we can uncover.

The WORLD IS IN SUPER CHANGE and no where is that SUPER CHANGE MORE MASSIVE than HONG KONG before year end.

Folks all this is likely to unfold tomorrow to Thanksgiving and not into 2020 in our opinion. The BELL IS RINGING FOR HONG KONG and Freedom China style is the only outcome. Hong Kong belongs to CHINA and nothing will alter or change THAT.

The implosion of economics and flight out of China by capital will massively accelerate from all this. The world will politically do nothing. The economics will crush China into a far worse implosion than their “What if” Games presented. That you can take to the bank.


Note: The outcome in HONG KONG will effect WORLD ECONOMICS right as NO EXIT BRITT unfolds as another jolt to the EU which may in the end become EU fatal.