In 2014 whent King MBS first came to power ( which we saw having been mentored by prior Kings and the Saud family in the theater for decades ) as a break in family tree – a break in history – a break in tradition – but we brought a WHITE PAPER hand carried to the new King – on a real master plan for Saudi that was economic from insider economic perspective. Of course FREE CONSULTING from the largest # ranked Press CEO community in the world, was not enough stature. The new PUPPY KING inside a full on war on USA OIL seeking to DESTROY AMERICAN OIL SHALE – ( a war the kid lost in spaces in 24 months ) wined and dined himself with Global bandits, that ripped him off for billions. How do you know. We will show you. The King to our hand carried White Paper that wold have economically created SAUDI PROSPERITY – never replied at all as the solution sat on his desk. Today we would only bring the solution to the NEW KING having lost faith in KING MBS to execute economically. Delusion is not forgiven by core economics which have no mercy to error in failed executions. The IRON BANK in this case is drastically moving the Credit rating of SAUDI downward while ti moves to protect itself ( by years of capital compresion and flight out of nation ) all of which sadly to the 30 million people of Saudi – such great people – who don’t see the economics – as generationally they pay the price for the failed economic execution. All of which – 100% – we predicted. All of it has now come to pass. RIGHT AGAIN. We are sad about it all. We love Saudi Arabia as a 50 year teacher to us and we are humble students only. The economic mess now rising to economic crises is so sad for us to witness. Denial will only make it all so much worse. I hope advisers that know can begin to restore reality from non reality in core economics. Soon.  We so would cherish helping the NEW KING when the time has come.

Well the Kids diversify Saudi into an economic engine off oil – with oil funding it all – has failed Perhaps the Largest Failure of King MBS now rising SAUDI RED INK from capital flight and failed investing of 7 trillion now rising rapidly to 10 trillion – and multiple down grades in the KINGDOMS CREDIT RATING which at A needs to move to B not BBB or BB – but that is our economics – but hey the losses include:

  1. The utter total loss of the oil wars shattering OPEC forever.
  2. The destruction of OPEC as economic engine in only 36 months.
  3. The loss of the War in Qatar.
  4. The crushing economics of red ink internal to Saudi only soaring in a death spiral today.
  5. The total loss of  the war in Yemen a trillion now draining the sovereign wealth fund


To all my Muslim Readers around the world, share this blog post.  If you click the search engines on KING MBS you will find THIS MONTH and this YEAR multiple articles on page 30 back reporting the following:

  1. CIA Tapes with MBS ordering KHASHOGGI’S Murder – its on tape folks.
  2. Instability in the Sand Castle as MBS is out voted by massive SAUD family opposition
  3. The KING is mind dead and in dementia – can’t remember useless – the SAUD family knows all this
  4. Civil War is unfolding in the SAUD Family and clerics are removing support for MBS
  5. MBS is surrounded and the COST ( 10 trillion ) is a crises  saving Saudi in fact is the priority next

The failure of policy all reported.

The failure of the WAR all reported.

It was NOT IRAN that bombed Saudi all reported.

MBS LIES – all reported.

But – I say to all Muslims love him or not – a team of clickers on the Yacht – IS clicking daily to keep all the TRUTH on the last pages you may never click into – usually looking at the PR the KING SPENDS a billion a year on ( himself ) with articles that are such crap – like KILLING KHASHOGGI IS GOOD FOR SAUDI – click and you’ll see it all. If you all click the truth the truth will rise up to the FIRST PAGE and all the clicks on the Yacht will not move those millions of clocks back – as the power is with the PEOPLE. But you have to go to those back pages and click the articles the YACHT CLICKERS are daily moving to the back pages – so the lies are up front and the truth is way back. The UNREST AND DISENT RISING AGAINST MBS is news in OCTOBER FOLKS on the back pages of the search engines. What we report here is all variable.

In the end times of the wicked where FIRST COMPETITION ( SATAN ) has DOMINION – it says in all our books THAT – lies will be made truth and truth will be made lies by the GREAT DECEIVER. Now apply THAT to the BLOG NEWS HERE as we try in prayer and grace to be the best of our request for pure guidance to present the TRUTH from the LIES and Present the LIES from the TRUTH at the end times – when competition – is in dominion ( as the books all tell us – evil and competition as Satan have dominion ) and you believe or you do not. We ask you to have the scales fall from your eyes as the elect are all promised and to see with the Holy of All Spirits protection and discernment – with clear vision the truth from the lies. Our work attempts to define that truth because the world and the future for the elect – we cooperating in sanity opposing the insanity – is what gives us peace in community. TRUTH versus lies. It is a start.

Say North Korea agrees to keep a minimum nuke self defense and cease development of offensive weapons in exchange for a 200 page PROSPERITY DEAL in which North Korea is a marvel of the entire world economically. Powerful Independent. Not at risk of oblivion. No matter their threat to the West the OBLIVION future is for sure versus PROSPERITY.  Time is not on the side of the insane.

Iran – a simple agreement no NUKES and PROSPERITY Rains on them as they can not even imagine. So holding out for NUKES is a WHY CHOICE? The outcome is for sure OBLIVION. Prosperity ( sanity ) or oblivion ( insanity ). FORGIVE THEM FATHER for they truly known NOT what it IS….that they DO.

The world is nuts in competition. Crazy brains.

The Sane and cooperative are the majority and collaboration is the future.

If you read my article on EXTINCTION ( a 100% chance without our Nuking each other ) you see – I’d print that one – how INSANE ALL THIS posturing is. We are all going to die or we are going to stop all this and SAVE ONE ANOTHER. Sanity is simple. To survive it takes all of us cooperating. Humanity as a house divided can not survive. Its in all our books but we will not listen and learn.

Sanity or Insanity.

Competitive thinking is SATAN evil and insanity itself. We insanely educate our children to BE INSANE.

Cooperation is competition free thinking and SANITY. WE do NOT educate our children to culture sanity and cooperative thinking.

Those of us all waking up experience competitive thought as PAIN.

Competitive insanity experiences cooperative thought as WEAKNESS AND THREAT.

MBS is a red line in the sand.


We all must decide – as cooperation is impossible without integrity and competition is integrity deficit. The crises is integrity.

Competition is a human extinction event before Nature does us in. We can save ourselves but we have to collectively remove the insanity virus of competition. How likely do YOU think THAT IS in your life circle or observations?

My Amazon BOOK REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION is a 5 Star best selling back ordered book since release in 2010 world wide – can not keep it in stock – order the HARD COPY – if you want the ultimate virus removal tool for your circle into a switch on turned on home and work space in life. Read the reviews. Make your own.

MBS is an example of insanity.

The King of Jordon is an example of Sanity as is the ruler of the UAE.

CHOOSE ONE or the other.



KING MBS wants to make Saudi – where display of public affection results in your arrest – say kissing your girlfriend or wifie while taking a selfie ( two men or women are stoned to death or thrown off a building ) – the # 1 tourist destination. So he changes some culture rules that include:

  1. Foreign men and woman can check into hotels together if unmarried with ID and passport no questions asked.
  2. No full head scarf ( now this flies against 100’s of years of tradition ) in Saudi and its core culture – not all are pleased
  3. Modest Dress code MUST APPLY ( keep in mind ladies its 120 degrees and you cover up completely please ).
  4. Woman can drive – but the majority by tradition and family and culture don’t dare do it or attend sports games etc.
  5. Woman can travel without male permission but most will never do it out of culture family and tradition.

Not all are pleased.

Many are furious and displeased.

There IS a CIVIL WAR in the Sand Castle on the destruction of Saudi economics and culture taking place.

The KING has unfolded a failed economic red ink game plan 2030 to diversify Saudi. In this plan 100% of investing is losing money. Not one is making profit as planned. Today we see – that is THIS WEEKEND – Saudi in opening TOURIST VISA’s to its 120 temperature Muslim Kingdom, seeks to raise up 100 million visitors by 2030. This would mean that the # 1 Tourist City on Earth- I SHOULD KNOW AS I AM CHAIRMAN OF THE INTERNATIONAL INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL  – ORLANDO – at after 50 years of investing trillions – see’s 35 million visitors a year. KING MBS wants to do 3 x’s ORLANDO in what – don’t kiss and take a selfie in 120 degree sand storm and if your gay we’ll kill you DISNEY WORLD II? Compared to say the UAE the third wonder of the entire world?

Selfies in UA ok.

DISNEYLAND SAUDI ARABIA – I was mentored by Walt Disney – live – and frankly – I don’t think so folks. Economically the sums spent to open Tourism are loss investing. Also the influx of the CULTURE MIX would forever with unintended consequence alter core Saudi culture as I’ve known it. Do you see any reven remote possibility KING MBS loses passing 10 trillion will result in a long vacation and a roll back into fiscal responsible economic policy before it is way way too late?

Economically the SAUD family say 10,000 of them who hold the REAL POWER are on an economic SPACE MOUNTAIN RIDE with their hands in the air – in spins and turns no one every imagined possible in the SAUDI FAMILY ( arresting 1000 and shaking the Royals down for 100 billion only last year ) screaming as they spin upside down in the dark of the night – where eventually do they close the ride altogether? Ride MBS is terminated.



Saudi culture and values are not USA cultures and values nor will they ever be but we respected one another for decades. Today Saudi is seen as mounting crimes against all humanity and the KING MBS has mused ( breaching all agreements ) our weapon systems.

While King MBS buys a single painting worth 50 million for 500 million because he can – or the worlds most costly mega yachts at almost a billion first year acquisition and operating costs  ( unheard of even for the Super Wealth ) even as his nation plunges deeper and deeper from black surplus into red must borrow and borrow red ink….the real power the SAUD FAMILY and the next KING are not amused at all. Their legacy is not a NATION CRIMINAL TO HUMANITY.

Saudi knows the Koran does not permit indiscriminate bombing of muslim children in schools and play grounds in Yemen or Hospitals or office buildings or parks with families – Muslims indiscriminately killing muslims.  IT IS FORBIDDEN. I have more than one version of the KORAN as a student on my cell phone and forty years of reading the holy words it is FORBIDDEN. They all in Saud family know this.

The SAUD family knows MBS slaughtered KHASHOGGI ONLY ONE YEAR AGO and ordered KHASHOGGI”S head brought back to Saudi and the KING. The Press failed to report this fact and shame on them as journalist for THAT. They report less in bias on whistle blowing trial by press no balance at all. MBS gets a pass. As a slaughter of journalist Khashoggi is one of 100’s fellow journalist.

The longer MBS rules the more Saudi is a criminal society and nation in the world. 100 Million Tourist in ten years -not even from Muslims alone is it possible. Given where you can go in the world for climate and experience one of the last places you might go is Saudi as the world from Angel Falls to New York City or Tokyo or China is your calling card today. Saudi? Beating ORLANDO? By 300% becoming the # 1 Tourist destination on earth? KING MBS FAKE NEWS PR says Saudi will host 100 million tourist by 2030. What if spending on SAUDI TOURISM is higher than Saudi income from Tourism in a soaring red ink account. Do you feel the King who ordered KHASHOGGI’s head brought back to him as he has locked up 10,000 of those who critique him in any way a year – is our first choice for climate and tourism destination – versus say the MAGIC KINGDOM and all those other Theme Worlds ? Or Paris or London or New York City and all those Plays or San Francisco and the GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE/ SAUDI? We all chose Saudi to make a buck tor the mad King in Game of Thrones? The IRON BANK ( the IMF ) suggests time is running out for the Saud family if any one has read all the warnings ( SEE GAME OF THRONES it makes sense ).

MBS HAS LOST THE LIE – IRAN DID NOT BOMB THEM AND THE WORLD KNOWS THAT NOW. Iran is the leading influence in the Gulf with its 130 million population of tolerant SHITE MUSLIMS  to the far less tolerant WHABBI more conservative SUNNI Worship. Iran celebrates Muslim Diversity – in my study the WILL OF ALLAH IN PRACTICE – where Saudi punishes diversity of Muslim worship ( not what I read in the Koran at all ). In the end the CIVIL WAR OF THE MUSLIM FAITH – COOPERATE AS SANE AND CELEBRATE DIVERSITY OF WORSHIP or insanity and punish diversity of worship….will all sort out in the final outcomes only the MULSIM Community can resolve itself. When I read the KORAN and study PEOPLE OF THE BOOK which includes ME – The Koran teaches CELEBRATION OF FAITH and does not call for a MASTER FAITH in any way what so ever. Those who distort the words ( which occurs in all faith ) create all the insanity which is not OF GOD. In my opinion any way as I watch the great CIVIL WAR OF THE MUSLIM community which is internal and not for outsiders to resolve in any way ( again in my opinion ).

Killing Muslims is prohibited. Killing PEOPLE OF THE BOOK WHO “ARE NOT INFIDELS AT ALL” is PROHIBITED.  I never claim to be anything of an authority on the Koran. 40 years of study and guidance by Mullahs now graduated presented to me by prior Kings of Saudi and the SAUD FAMILY as my teachers have taught me one truth. All PUNISHMENT OF DIVERSITY OF FAITH is of Satan and man’s fantastic arrogance and insanity. ALL CELEBRATION FOR DIVERSITY OF FAITH IS OF ALLAH AND DIVINE WILL as COOPERATION IS THE HOLY OF ALL SPIRITS AND COMPETITION IS THE ABSENCE OF GOD IN CREATION OR HELL.

Heaven IS the absence of competitive thought – read my work REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION AS A MUSLIM as you are all honored in the book. Sanity of souls.

Hell IS the absence of COOPERATIVE THOUGHT –  with only competitive thought  itself remaining. Insanity of souls.

THINK ABOUT THAT TRUTH. Its all in the KORAN I read.  But I am a student without authority to dictate to Muslims in authority so forgive me for this decade five summary of my studies. THINK ABOUT IT THOUGH.



Is ordering Khashoggi’s head brought to you – of ALLAHs WILL? A devout Muslim slaughtered.  A pure child of Allah? Show me a Koran authority for THAT my teachers – in the Koran not in words of man that follow?

So having been bombed to 70% loss of all its oil revenue in the last 30 days KING MBS failed to PROTECT THE KINGDOM. Money to protect the KINGDOM is spent on PAINTINGS AND YACHTS. Do you believe we alone KNOW THIS? The life blood of the Kingdom is fully targeted now. How many MORE ATTACKS would end SAUDI ECONOMICS ENTIRELY?

Tourist rising into a civil war Saudi Spring ? I don’t see it anytime soon?

Folks – if your arrested in Saudi no emassy can save you. Not under this King.

If the SAUD FAMILY DELAY the cost they PAY is a civil war that makes HONG KONG look like Child’s play. What if Saudi massively decided to have a democracy for the people by the people and of the people versus a KINGDOM ? Anyone see that as a risk from KING MBS?

RED INK. Failed economics. Spending like a meth head on crack.

We see a very long vacation for the Puppy King – if his father died now – it would be so fast. As it is – as the next King said this month….it will ALL HAPPEN IN DIVINE RIGHT TIMING……

I believe THAT is what IS going on OUT THERE.