Press: So as a new candidate for the office of the Presidency of the United States sir, what is your position on Nancy Pelosi?

Berny: Well Wolfe it is so nice to be IN the Situation room speaking to the world. As a fifth generation San Franciscan I truly see Nancy Pelosi as always wearing nice designer outfits and tasteful jewelry.

Press: But what do you think about Nancy Pelosi and her obsession with Im-Peachment?

Berny: Well as I’ve said in my campaigne Wolf,  it seems to be Nancy is consistent and obessesed with PEACHES. Nancy wants us all to send her all our peaches. I believe she will not stop until she has enough peaches…..

Press: Why do you think Nancy is so obsessed with peaches today?

Berny: Well its sad Wolfe. The pending criminal indictments from the Department of Justice investigations since 2017 are about to land on Nancy Pelosi and her team. The premature aging we all see in her photo’s she believes can be offset by PEACH COMPRESS’s. As the condition is progressing so rapidly from the stress loading – Nancy needs more Peaches than her day job allows her to gather up. We all need to Help Nancy on the peaches thing ……

Press: What would you tell the public related to Nancy Pelosi’s closed door secret sub basement hearings going on today?

Berny: Well I think it is TIME Wolfe that all Americans who believe in our common values and our individual rights and freedoms go to the store or as AMAZON PRIME MEMBERS use the new two hour delivery service, and order a dozen PEACHES for NANCY and send the peaches to her office in Washington DC ( over night this weekend ) . I believe if tens of millions of us all send Nancy Pelosi the PEACHES she so badly desires the IM-PEACHMENT may stop once Nancy has ENOUGH PEACHES. That is my belief as an American. ( Readers outside the USA send Nancy some peaches in your compassion from other nations today ).

Press: Do you have any advice to Nancy Pelosi moving forward now as a Presidential Candidate?

Berny: Yes. ( looking right on the main camera in the situation room ) Nancy if I am right and just my blog readers from all over the world send you overnight a dozen PEACHES to your office – I believe and I hold this belief in my heart madame speaker, you are going to require a much larger walk in freezer to preserve your PEACHES. We love you Nancy. More peaches are coming. Lets all order her peaches today …no delay?

Press: What do you have to say to your democratic opponents and the SQUAD?

Berny: Well I am personally with the SQUAD and candidates – all in and and  for canceling 1.5 trillion dollars of student loan contracts, and all debt in America and covering all 370 million of Americans for unlimited health care cost, ( free ) and ( including all 15 million illegal immigrants and unlimited welfare and aide too as humanitarian ) and free food and money living wage for street people – and FREE EDUCATION to every age group for life – as starters as I”m am for it all as well – and  starting before I’m elected. My team have gone over ( as we are investment banker economists you remember having run larger global publically traded investment banking institutions ) as to  how we can pay for this and we came up with a plan None of our oppossing candidates have done the real math. We have. FOR THE FIRST TIME THE COOPERATION PARTY is putting forrth an HONEST PLAN of how the USA an pay for what we all want and desire as socialists. We tax every single income earner 90% retroactive to January 2029, we put a value added tax on everything anyone buys of 500% and we put tariff’s on all incoming trade goods of 150% and we borrow 800 trillion dollars. Our team is confident with these steps over 300 years we can and we will pay for it…and if not we can just raise taxes some more. Our team believes we can almost break even with soaring national debt and cover all the named programs withut canceling electricity like they now do in California or water services.

Press: Your not running as a Republican or as a Democrat what is your party affiliation?

Berny: Well watching the hatred and disrespect the parties are showing each other we started the all new  COOPERATION PARTY where everyone is having tea together and crumpets. We are all getting along pretty well and trying to re-invent America. We are having a COOPERATION PARTY every day. We all get along pretty well together Wolfe.

Press: Do you think you can win?

Berny: Well it all comes down to Money Wolfe. The other candidates and parties are raising billions. We are asking everyone in the world to send me money to Berny Dohrmann 1324 Seven Springs Blvd. # 343 New Port Richey, FL 34655  ten bucks or more – and we’ll use that to drive a winning campaign message. if everyone in the world sends me money I may have a chance it is hard to say. The other parties are better organized and better funded and their candidates all want the job of President and I do not. I’m only running because no one in the race today is standing up for the peaches and solution Nancy Pelosi so richly deserves. I stand for sending Nancy all our peaches until she has enough peaches to stop the IM – PEACHMENT. ( keep  of your check and frame it for any sum . Berny Dohrmann For President . as a historic event when you send it to me. Thanks everyone for your spare MONEY.

Press: But you have been to jail before. Do you think someone with a criminal record can become the President of the United States?

Berny: Wolfe, as you know the government is run by criminals. I believe congressional criminals will feel comfortable with one of their own in the office of President. This swamp cleaning stuff is bad for the swamp and terrible for the criminals. Something has to give. I think the criminals in Washington  ( everyone including staff and all Federal Employees ) will see a felon running for office as a breath of fresh air. They all know me from my work with CEO SPACE into a fourth decade working for small business versus the criminals in big business that fund the Beltware and Government. As I don’t want that  BIG money I  only want small business donations no one else cares about, I think the crooks up there love the hard cold fact I don’t want even one peach. All the criminals in big business and DC will love me Wolfe. Facebook Analyitics  gave our team a winning Matrix Mark says can’t fail so we said lets go for it. Good enough?

Press: Well thats about all the time we have Berny we wish you the best in what is sure to be the most unusual campaign for office in the history of the USA. We wish you luck in your write in ballot approach as your not even on the ballot in any state.

Berny: Unmic and shaking hands left eating a fresh banana and decline a fresh peach saying – send THAT to Nancy Pelosi today.


End Press Conference in the Situation Room


Note: Thanks for sending me all your SPARE money today I really appreciate your donation – every candidate needs all your SPARE money that  you can send in and we always appreciate it. Larger donors will get a free tee shirt or base ball cap. If I can give away enough caps and shirts I may get secret service protection and other perks as well. I promise the most entertaining run ever for the US OFFICE OF PRESIDENT – you an’t seen nothing YET………have a great weekend….I’m speaking in Orlando LIVE.




Lets pretend together. on the following economic risk factors against out of control since August 2018 EBOLA in Congo and now spreading all over Africa. The UN TODAY closed its SUDAN BORDER CHECKS FOR EBOLA ( stopped all checking ) because its health care testers are dying like flies from out of control EBOLA the ECONOMY KILLER.

Lets pretend:

  1. This blog reported out of control EBOLA in CONGO worst epidemic ever – thousands upon thousand dead now – fully out of all control and spreading across the entire world.
  2. Let’s pretend as EBOLA reaches the EU and ASIA and yes AMERICA by year end 2019 – that in 2020 election year globally – air and ship and travel between nations halt and are quanteened?
  3. Lets say it gets so bad nations have MARSHALL LAW
  4.  As world trade stops for 90 days – 180 days – no air travel – no buss no uber no ships docking  – what happens to markets
  5. Given the FEAR FACTOR what if LA and 50 million run out of wheaties and toilet paper – what then?

We wrote in 2018 summer that the largest economy killer was EBOLA OUT OF ALL CONTROL.

We wrote that OBAMA responding in part to our own incessant lobby work marshalled the G 20 and invested BILLIONS to stop the last outbreak in only 2016 that visited the EU and ASIA and and the USA. Only Obama’s action stopped the spread cold. It took a G 20 effort and billions of dollars and thousands of troops.

We told you first.

We reported continuously.

We said SHAME ON WHO the week they said this was not a global issue – within one week they raised the epidemic to GLOBAL THREAT LEVEL – as our readers have massive weight. Globally. The EU is next at RISK than the USA. We told you the longer this unfolds without a G 20 response ( over a year now ) the more costly and time damaging the EPIDEMIC EFFECT WILL BE to economics and human life. Coming into Thanksgiving in the USA – we say to the US CONGRESS:

  • Shame on you for not passing a US BUDGET – do your job
  • Shame on you on EBOLA you risk the world stability core economics and deaths of millions while you throw peaches at one another in your pathetic game of IM-PEACHES.
  • Read the award winning terror true story on all this – just how awful and terrible it really is read HOT ZONE – from Amazon – you’ll not sleep – but you will KNOW the TRUTH……



We have blogged to world leaders and the Press since summer 2018 on the risk dangers. We have kept the US STATE DEPARTMENT AWARE of our data and growing alarm. No rise to stop the out of control worst Ebola outbreak EVER.


Hong and Yellow Vest take priority.

When say 100 million could die this time. Or more.

The WHO has failed. Without G 20 coordinated help and billions the hope of containment is now into Holiday a fully lost cause. THE WHO the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION HAS FAILED entirely like last time. WHY? Well its complicated. Lets dive in as we do to real data points.



Why is this outbreak so much worse – so out of any control – and what are the contributing factors?

  1. Trump does not know nor are our intel agencies making this the FIRST RISK over BIG DADDY dying or any other risk?
  2. Ditto heads of all nations. Boris worried about BRIT EXIT is about to have health overwhelm in his nation – trust me
  3. Congo Radical Muslims attacked WHO camps destroyed medicines and tracking computer and killed and wounded workers
  4. This attack of WHO is relentless on going and continuous.
  5. The rebels attack gov forces directly in escalating engagements as infected patients run for their lives spreading Ebola
  6. Rebels tell villagers to decline vaccination or they will be killed and EBOLA is a lie from the west
  7. Who workers have no vector controls and have no clue about control of this widely spreading Ebola outbreak

Ebola is spreading across Africa.

Ebola without warning will reach EU ASIA and AMERICA next.

EBOLA is out of all control this time and longer out of control.

ISIS and crazy brains wish to infect themselves and move to BUFFET food outlets and Church world wide as EBOLA TERROR.

Bio terrorism with out of control EBOLA. What could stop them? Now?

Will TRUMP act as Obama did?

Without a COORDINATED G 20 response following the success of the OBAMA MODEL control is not possible. Today.

EBOLA is out of control.

IT is the WORST STRAIN of EBOLA possible.

It is mutating and becoming resistant.

WHO WORKERS are TERRIFIED and response is muted due to the TERROR FACTOR as so many have died now. Shot dead. Wounded. Or ebola infected dead.



Ebola is out of control in Africa.

Ebola is out of Control in CONGO – worst epidemic ever – killing thousands since summer 2018.

Ebola is spreading as far as SUDAN and the UN is ceasing EBOLA testing at borders due to the many deaths of its own TESTING PERSONNEL.

We do not know if the fatal testing UN personnel were vaccinated but we assume yes and that the VACCINE did not work which is the new normal to STRAIN MUTATION.

The EBOLA strain is long lasting.

The EBOLA strain is beyond SUPER CONTAGIOUS.

The EBOLA strain does not show symptoms for weeks which assures maximum infection spreading during incubation.

The Death from this EBOLA STRAIN is hovering around 80%.

Thousands are infected right now.

Unknowns are walking around spreading EBOLA world wide right now.

Ebola untracked and overwhelming WHO resources at 18 months into the holiday is completely out of any control and is the worst epidemic of human history since the FLU killed 20 million humans or small pox before with a risk of too many to alarm you all – and a collapse of world economics due to the QUARANTINE OF NATIONS rising as real possibility.

We laid this out last year and continuously since.

We noted compared to NANCY PELOSI AND HER PRIVATE COMPAGNE TO CONTROL ALL THE WORLD’S PEACHES VIA HER “IM-PEACHMENT – AGENDA – has no importance what so every next to hospital tents on the Capitol lawn with marshal law to prevent further deaths of MILLIONS as EBOLA RISK explodes across the world  Only the toys remain when we all die……

To the Press we say – as we have – SHAME ON YOU ONE AND ALL.

  1. We called for YOU to open all news reporting with an EBOLA CLOCK with TIME – DEATHS and INFECTED Rising – the EBOLA CLOCK ALL CHANNELS WORLD WIDE. Shame on you for not doing the one alarm the world needed.

SHAME ON YOU for reporting endless stories on the peaches of this world when the deaths flowing our way from your pure SHAME in journalism with A STORY THREATENING ALL THE REST OF US IN FACT – is less important than the shell game of peaches peaches who has the peaches in never ending he said she said high school click drama.

To the PRESS – put your GROWN UP PANTS ON AND DO YOUR JOB. You may be ashamed to be one of you.



NOTE: Our call – President Trump unites the G 20 and executes massive EBOLA RESPONSE and MEDIA posts and EBOLA CLOCK to assure the world is rising to track and stop this spreading out of control economic bone crusher – EBOLA IS OUT OF CONTROL THIS HOLIDAY SEASON and no one is DOING anything to assure control rises – no one at all….RIGHT AGAIN !!!

I don’t want them to catch EBOLA or yours……..





…we told you if we got through Oct without a Super Crash a 35,000 DOW was possible in 2020 …even with impeachment….and Trump wins the election….by a landslide….so we’ll see as a nation divided …everyone knows is neither safe stable or of the future a united nation commands… are we all today world wide? Perhaps we should unite together on the real issues? Can we do that in the AI brain washing in which we all swim? This Blog news is a life preserver for those seeking a lighthouse of TRUTH in the middle of a shit storm of lies and brain washing….free and thank you each new subscriber thank you for sharing and caring and we promise to do our best for you today and every day:

B Dohrmann


What IS the Federal Reserve Board? First it is not OF the United States. The Fed is a private stock corporation. The Corporation was set up around 1907 by criminal bankers. The Criminal bankers mostly New York Based rushed through an 80 page act of congress ( written by the FED criminal bankers – barely passing – scroll this site for FED in your search ) – granting their corporation exclusive “AUTHORITY” from the US CONGRESS to move monetary policy and printing money away from the US TREASURY and by the 80 page act a contract between the USA and the criminal bankers ( they wrote not congress wrote all in secret bums rush through congress 1906 when the pony express delivered mail ) as , constitutional authority to print US currency MOVED from the US TREASURY ( where that authority belongs 2020 and beyond in fact ) over to the criminal bankers. The result has been in part:


  1. Immediate instability in monetary outcome and the first world wide depression of 1907 and World War I.
  2. A successive worse global DEPRESSION from a super bubble the Fed financed in 1929 Crash and world war II
  3. The 1970’s oil embargo and global crash
  4. The Reagan Recession
  5. The Jimmy Carter hyper inflation with 21 rate of interest prime rate and resulting recession into Reagan years
  6. 1987 Stock Market Crash
  7. 2000 DOT.BOMB Crash in technology
  8. 2007 Super Crash and world recession
  9. REPO MARKET INSTABILITY taking place in 2020
  10. Permanent balance sheet of trillions never seen before – a drug the FED can’t take the market off of

The Fed and criminal bankers ( all of the too big to jail have pled guilty as Fed controlling share holders to decades of crimes bigger than all economic crimes from all other criminals combined into one much larger than say impeachment as a crime with evidence and already pled guilty to endless crimes over decades – criminal bankers control your money because YOU ALLOW IT  )  so your criminal banker gang in charge of the FED plead guilty ( all of them )  to the worst financial crimes in human history – the theft of the wealth of nations across the world.

The Fed is a criminal institution that has no magic bullet that is the cause of all economic pain and until the FED IS MERGED BACK INTO US TREASURY as the worst act of congress ( establishing the Fed ever ) the risk of global economic collapse and World WAR III remains unusually HIGH all because of the FED. BRAIN WASHING IS WHY YOU BELEIVE OTHERWISE…PURE AND SIMPLE: CLICK AND UNCOVER THE TRUTH….or SEARCH FED HERE AND READ THE HARD DATA …..

Economic ignorance keeps the Fed agency in power, as even the law makers generationally are so ignorant they now believe the FED “is” an agency of the US Government with checks and balances. The FED is a con job – a pure scam – a fraud – using the name FED as evidence of FRAUD – having zero check and balances. The Fed has no audits – no accounting- no reporting – no agency can over turn a Fed decision – the Fed has the APPEARANCE of oversight when it has zero – no one knows who owns its stock how it shares it ungodly gains and profits and no agency of nation can over rule a FED decision – none – the 80 page ACT of Congress needs to be REVOKED AND MERGE THE FED AND ITS PROCESSES BACK INTO THE US TREASURY where in digital AI we have real check balance and accounting just like the founding fathers required of us in our US constitution – violated completely by the illegal unconstitutional FEDERAL RESERVE ACT.

Fed Panic took place this summer. It requires some education. The FED is opaque and not forthcoming with anything transparent. We’ll work to help our readers most outside the USA to understand our FED which is just like your own central bank problem. Panic looks like member banks ( all of the banks ) running out of money – running dry – running out of liquidity to operate. THAT IS FED PANIC which took place this summer and continues weekly to this very day. REAL PANIC without solutions. If you Scroll and search this site for FED – you’ll see more reports on all this than you may desire or require.


So Janet Yellin – just the worst Federal Chair person of all time takes us down the yellow brick road to her wizard of Oz who is not a wizard at all Powell behind the curtain with no magic what so ever: ( I see Janet as the image here so you get a more clear model ) :

  1. Janet raises interest rates way too fat way to frequently way too high each time killing the global recovery for economic reasons we well reported. Here.
  2. Next Janet destroyed normalization of the critical bond markets of the world by drying up bond market global liquidity. She did this by selling way to much way to rapidly way to frequently ( monthly ) in an unstable still and fragile bond market trying to recover from the worst SUPER CRASH since 1929 ( caused by Bernanke and the FED ) – as she sold over 50 billion dollars a MONTH into the Bond markets drying up bond market cash at 500 billion every ten months – and POWELL CONTINUED that terrible policy at a terrible time until ..well…he just could not without catastrophic system destruction at core.
  3. Janet lied to the world saying this liquidity drain would be like watching paint dry. It was more like sand blasting the paint Janet.

The Fed created the worst SUPER BUBBLE in what since the GREAT DEPRESSION of 1929 was the most safe remaining market place. Fed criminal bankers destabilized global mortgage markets by creating structured asset agreements into mortgage pools of mortgage contracts, than regional pools, than national or super pools of these contracts finally Super Duper Global Pools of these contracts. The Criminal master minds mixed absolute crap SUB PRIME Mortgages into the pools at ratio levels that made the pools rated by criminal private ( paid by the criminal bankers ) unregulated credit rating agencies – AAA CREDIT the highest rating for government reserves to invest in. Fortunes were lost by nations from Iceland to Norway never to be recovered in wealth evaporations into the 2007 SUPER CRASH of Criminal Fed creation – allowing its shareholder banks to profit than getting US TAX PAYERS to bail out the bad bets made by the criminal banker shareholders of the criminal FED.

The FED is a criminal banking institution operating with zero regulatory oversight because INDEPENDENCE means not what the FED SAYS but it means – CRIME PAYS. When you hear criminals talk about independence from regulations think CRIME PAYS only hear CRIME PAYS WHEN YOU HEAR INDEPENDENCE. Nothing good comes from CRIME PAYS. Zero. Keeping you voters ignorant inside a FAKE NEWS BUBBLE you are brain washed to believe the FED are HIGH PRIESTS OF MONEY with your own interest at heart. The only interest criminal bankers care about is THEIR OWN INTEREST and how the next crime might steal the wealth of the nation for themselves. CRIME PAYS.

So in early September the FED has not stopped its liquidity drain of the bond markets. This became a problem when bank core liquidity evaporates. This took place in the over night repo market. What is this market anyway? Well let me do a bad job of explaining the core economics you can share when you circulate this blog. Hopefully the light goes on inside your own brain.

Hollywood needs to make a movie THE FED – with car chases and a plot where as it all comes down to in fighting Janet murders Powell and Bernanke to save  herself but then is killed by Greenspan who commits suicide rather than go to prison at his age. Its just a movie folks…I”m just saying the car chases and murder scenes the FED can be a life action hero endless BINGE WATCH on NETFLIX. Call me I’ll have the first script out in a week……or just watch …its all happening in real time…..folks if the Fed bankers fund the movies the FED well …how would that movie ever get funded? Call me legacy social investors and I’ll make the movie with your investment – say 50 million to change the world to sanity? One Movie reaches 2 billion – the FED. Well its a screen play in my own mind at least……I’d buy popcorn and go see it…You?



So all summer Powell continues Yellins DUMP CRAP BONDS back into the market moving our own Fed 5 trillion dollar never seen before ever BALANCE SHEET of CRAP ASSETS we bought to avoid the entire crash of the core system – assuring enough money in circulation by putting 5 trillion of USA TAX DOLLARS we printed out of air – into the world – and now we are getting all that cash back by selling the crap we bought – back to a fragile bond market place at 50 billion large a month.

Can you smell and see paint drying on the wall – as Janet Yellin said the market would buy all this back from the FED as Fed Shareholders because the bank buyers are children and because Daddy ( the FED ) said so – ask no questions – we said so is all.

Well that worked for a short time frame – 2018 to 2019 September. We wrote and wrote how destabilizing the paint drying really was and that LIQUIDITY EVAPORATION DAY ( LED DAY ) IS COMING. Till our readers went blind reading about LED day. Oh and we were the lead voice on the fact of it all in the entire world. HERE. First. Accurate. RIGHT AGAIN.


  1. Think of the overnight repo market as a process to get interest on your own surplus reserves. A big bay with a 25 foot over night high tide.
  2. Banks going dry on cash to operate – use the surplus cash from banks who are not dry – averaging the water – day to day on shortage and over water – in one giant FED BAY equalizer. Not exactly precise but you get the principle.
  3. Banks pay other banks OVERNIGHT for the privilege of using surplus cash. Banks with excess liquidity get CASH overnight on those funds. The rate is set by the FED in a range say 1.6% overnight REPO RATE.
  4. in September comes LED day. The entire system has no cash. The REPO over night market lakes enough cash in flood tide  to fill the bank so low on cash all you heard in September was the drain sound….no cash.
  5. The Fed rate of 1.6% soared so that banks that held any cash surplus got 10% in a REPO spike the world had NEVER SEEN BEFORE. The Fed panic into bone marrow flooded the banks with 150 billion in cash in 72 hours not 72 days or even three months just 72 hours.

Since the LED day in September the CONFIDENCE of criminal bankers in the FED is reduced. Liquidity crises in over night bank liquidity is now SYSTEM CRITICAL EMERGENCY/ When? Why every night. Every single night. Why?

The banking system has run out of cash to operate. Why? The Fed rained way too much liquidity out of the system way to often way to frequently and way to deep each time. RIGHT AGAIN. The FED has created a liquidity systemic crises of cash in the banking system circulation dynamic. The Fed is a board of 12 criminal pricks who steer the economics of the world in a new AI ECONOMY they deny exist and fail to understand. AI is now controlling liquidity.


The Fed operates by legal contracts with its criminal member bank shareholders.

The Criminal banks following 2007 are now merged to INVESTMENT BANK owners who owe zero allegiance to the FED . The INVESTMENT Banks only want access to low cost Fed cash at the Fed bank window to use that cash from their bank reserve subsidiaries they bought and now own ( all the large banks ) where bank deposits can be used for wild speculations in growing derivative markets ( hybrid economic agreements all unregulated off shore ) the very cause of the 2007 system destruction. Today the Derivative World Market is over 570 TRILLION DOLLARS all traded by AI. Since the 2007 market crash the following new events have created a new AI economy never seen before by modern nations or human beings – a first. We now proceed into the future in a post world war II economic system that has SUPER CHANGED outside all regulatory control influence or oversight – and which now goes where no man has ever gone before….entirely new never experienced before AI ECONOMICS:

  1. In 2007 the entire derivative market place was under 100 trillion dollars US.
  2. Today the fastest growing economic market place is 570 derivative market place all traded by AI in nano seconds
  3. The stock and bond market passed 50% AI control in 2014
  4. In 2019 the stock and bond markets were 96% AI controlled as investors plowed money into AI managed funds
  5. AI is trading 440 trillion in traditional economics and 570% in speculation side bet economics of derivatives daily

AI operates outside regulatory frame works of nations.  Regulations are all local to the blue sky of nations. The trades all occur in the unregulated global clouds. Without A G 100 RE-REGULATORY RE-THINK as called for and blue printed in my guide book for the future – REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION – the AI economics can not end well coming up.


So you know the truth.

You do not need credentials in investment banking or economics to know the truth and reality. The Truth includes this data:

  1. We are at the final end of the longest boom expansion in reported human record keeping ever.
  2. The correction that ends the boom always has a relationship to the height of the boom – and the length of the boom
  3. The global economy is slowing down like the Fed breaks were put upon it – which they were as we set forth here
  4. The economics of the world are effected by trade wars tariffs and the largest change in post war trading ever effected
  5. Confidence from consumers to corporations has created a manufacturing recession since 2017 as consumer spending slows

Confidence by the investment bankers of the world in the FED has been shattered and those at the top of AI money circulations know in 2020 that a new reality has arrived. First the FED are idiots. Second the Fed has lost control of markets and now the AI is in control and the investment bankers control the AI outside any nation or FED Control. But the investment bankers own the banks and they do not want the banks to fail.

Outside the FED or the investment banker control is REAL MARKET LIQUIDITY in markets never seen or known before. AI markets.


The market is addicted today to FREE MONEY with negative interest world wide to lubricate liquidity flows. Ten years of global free money ( never seen before in any economy ) has been used in wild Super Bubble price manipulations via speculative derivatives now price manipulating all asset classes outside nation and institution controls. Look ma AI is in control and zero regulations. It all just occurred too fast ( SUPER CHANGE ) for human beings to adapt into.

2019 September the MONEY ALAMO.

September AI dries up liquidity. More banks had no liquidity thank banks with surplus could cover overnight. The global overnight banking repo markets hit the drain sound in the bottom of the cash swimming pool. NO MONEY LEFT ma?

The FED seeing its 1.6% rate moved to 10% in seconds – flew 150 billion into the banking system now dry to the drain. Which fixed nothing in 72 hours. The Fed has dropped billions NIGHT AFTER NIGHT no let up – into the system to prevent a system crash and failure in the morning. Every night. LOOK MA no cash at all remaining. Janet the worst Fed banker in 100 years is the cause after the God Father of the Future system failure – bernake who did not save us he made it all so much worse. Which is why the FED needs to merge from criminal banker control back into US TREASURY to stop the THEFT OF THE WEALTH OF NATIONS.

So the Fed has what? What have you seen? What do YOU KNOW world wide:

  1. The FED raised interest rates way too fast too soon and stopped the global recovery.
  2. The Fed stripped core liquidity from its own system creating a LIQUIDITY CRISES the worst type of crises in circulations
  3. The Fed stopped raising interest rates so great was YELLIN’s mistake and reversed to LOWER INTEREST RATES
  4. The Fed stopped selling crap bonds back into a fragile bond market but way to late in time.
  5. The Fed is only now in PURE PANIC ( everyone knows Fed Panic ) is buying bonds again at over 60 billion a month

The Fed is actually putting trillions into the system of circulation and still it is not enough as system interest and stability in overnight markets is now the wild wild west – never seen before – with AI not the Fed in full control.

Ai is addicted to the drug of FREE PUBLIC ENDLESS TAX PAYER MONEY TO A) Fuel its wild speculation side bets on which way any asset price may go – Tesla shorts until Tesla does well and short loses move into the tens of billions in seconds – as they did this week alone. The AI wants the FED to bail out all its bad bets. The drug in “a”. B) AI wants enough circulation from the FED in NEW FUNDS that liquidity drains from bet loss is made up by FREE MONEY and C) AI allocates global circulations to its own maximum profit for criminal bankers at any cost – without social norms – in a new AI economic the Fed has not only lost control of but now must fuel as the OBSOLETE AND ANTIQUE FED moves into the future – with zero experience or expertise where its actions are toxic to AI economics and perhaps fatal.


iI any state law making body passed emergency legislation to MERGE THE FED process and folks back into their treasury – the game improves. US Treasury has AI to regulate AI. US TREASURY has audits – has compliance, has congressional oversight ( really where the Fed has appearance but no oversight really ) – but there are two wild cards for the people that are common damn sense:

  1. THE TREASURY has no conflict of interest to make FED SHAREHOLDERS – in secret the criminal bankers who own and control the failed central bank – so that decisions the Treasury makes are for the GOOD OF THE NATION versus the profit of the criminal bankers at tax payer expense – bankrupting nations.
  2. The US TREASURY has the upgraded brain software – they are smarter and more current than the FED on AI economics the Fed deny exist at all – and in this denial the FED has become a model T Ford in STAR SHIP ENTERPRISE world of beam the money around the earth

So into year end the CONFIDENCE of the FED is totally shattered.

Overnight bank liquidity is at drain levels and the Fed is putting out overnight fires nightly with panic loads of cash back into the system to fee the DRAIN that janet Yellen created as she watched pain dry in an ARROGANCE OF IGNORANCE to the AI econmic sea change that took place by investment bankers ( who now own the banks ) and whose AI operate with GREED as the onlY NEED. Unregulated economic markets for the first time since 1930’s.

The cause of all this is Alan Greenspan the worst of the criminal Fed bankers. Alan lobbied and for his criminal banks – in the last three hours of the Christmas Bill Clinton Congress – just before moving home for their long long paid Christmas BREAK – we see the last UNANIMOUS VOTE OF CONGRESS ( see 60 minute clip on all this ). 60 Minutes reported on it all.

In that last three hours we pass the COMMODITY MODERNIZATION ACT. This act was a fraud – not about commodities. This act tore apart all 800 pages of DEPRESSION LEVEL LAWS. Now banks could be acquired by investment banks. Bank deposits could now again be used to buy speculation bets in casino capitalism ( derivatives non existence speculations in the 1920’s ) where from 2000 forward we see the DOT.BOMB SUPER CRASH of 2000 the first year of hte new law and the 2007 SUPER CRASH in sub prime mortgage super crash under ALAN GREENSPAN’s fatal watch.


  1. Criminal bankers
  2. Their fraud institution the FED
  4. Failure by voters to KNOW ENOUGH ECONOMICS to elect candidates who will merge the FED BACK INTO US TREASURY
  5. Time – casino capitalism rising risk bets which as they go bad will bankrupt the banks who lack cash to cover the bad bets

CASINO CAPITALISM is a FED CREATION and no one holds the criminal bankers responsible because they fear their power.

Congress is bought and paid for its less than six hundred humans with too many trillions buying them.

Who is the Congress biggest buyer?

Wall Street. The Wall Street investment banker criminal banker lobby is the largest lobby on earth? Did any criminal banker pleading guilty to the 100’s of billions stolen through crimes against the nation and its people – Bank of America, Chase, City Corp, Wells Fargo Bank ( the worst and still on going ) Duetsche Bank in the EU and from LIBOR FIXING to any criminal banker from China to London – did any who pled guilty to the largest economic crimes since 1929 go to prison?


Not one banker has gone to prison. Not one.

Today to year end the crises is over night banks have zero cash. If the FED is not merged back into US TREASURY when the SUPER CRASH OCCURS and the DOW moves from 35,000 in 2020 – back to 6400 DOW – the woe and moaning and gnashing of teeth will be pronounced. My readers moving away from casino capitalism into diversified insurance investing – the highest returns permitted by law with a REAL AND MORE SOLID GUARANTEE ON PRINCIPLE FROM LOSS OF ANY KIND – may know no pain based on depression protections only that market produced. WE bank on the superior money managers in still regulated insurance placements to protect CEO SPACE leaderships.

Today the banks each night have no cash at all.

The Fed in pure panic has NO TOOLS TO FIX the AI liquidity crises taking place every single night. No one is really following the story dramatics and the banks who control media do not wish panic. The reality today:

  1. The Fed has created a new unstable global economy
  2. AI is in control of the NEW AI ECONOMY and nations and central banks have lost regulatory control and oversight
  3. The Fed has lost influence over markets today
  4. AI is in full control of economics and in 2019 for the first time AI knows it
  5. Bank liquidity is hostage to FED infusing endless tax payer cash into the system which is NOT SUSTAINABLE hence risk

The core system almost broke in 2007.

The core system almost broke again in September.

The core system is broken.

The Fed no longer KNOWS how to fix the core system.

TIme is the risk to the end game.

Time is running OUT for Congress to merge the FAILED FED back into the USA TREASURY to save the world system.

Until then the RISK is the FED may create a MARKET PANIC SUPER CRASH and the World War II System fails – nations are bankrupt banks are bankrupt – unemployment rises to 40% and only war resets things as always – caused by the FED and the CONGRESS failure to do its job.

In the final report card CONGRESS GETS F – and is the CAUSE of the FED and all our problems by failing to act. Congress fat from criminal banker pac money fail to MERGE THE FED conflicted and criminal – back into US TREASURY which is not conflicted or criminal.

How hard is it to understand the vote is not idiotic MEDICARE FOR ALL ( no nation can fund in fact ) or other Socialist economics that have zero capacity to work in economics – or Impeachment – who cares who holds all the peaches if your banks are closed and the market is 6400 dow in deflation? THE ISSUE IS MERGING THE FED INTO US TREASURY TO SAVE THE WORLD.

But there we go ….sorry to be repetitive. RIGHT AGAIN.


…the book blue print of a sane way out of this mess and how to fix the mess for world heads of state and legislatures….


Powell panics.

The Fed panics in September.

They have no clue how to fix this

Every night banks run out of cash now.

The Fed is flooding cash to stop a system failure.

The system is on ICU CRASH CART and the public is getting ready for Christmas? Really?

Congress is yearning for a Holiday BREAK. Into the nasty election year.

Congress is ready for a GOVERNMENT SHUT DOWN INTO THE HOLIDAY to shatter global market confidence and derail the economic declining remaining expansion to serious SUPER CRASH AND RECESSION all to win an election and blame it all on TRUMP.

This time voters may not be fooled and voters may massively vote to drain the swamp.

The 2020 election if we get there without systemic failure – due to congress lack of action – AS AI ECONOMICS IS THE NEW MONKEY WRENCH – CONGRESS IS PLAYING WITH REAL FIRE THIS TIME – as congress is failing to pass a US budget setting up not by Trump by congress a US GOV ELECTION YEAR GIMMICK SHUT DOWN to fake news tie impeachment and Trump blame to the drain game.

Blame shedding.

The congressional game box top rules.

Meanwhile the WORLD NEEDS:

  1. Congressional merger of the criminal fed back into the non criminal US TREASURY first action to stabilize the world
  2. Congress passing US budget every September no matter what to preserve growth and global stability
  3. Congress passing infrastructure without which we risk systemic failure and world war because of Congress failure to act
  4. Immigration reform because AMERICA is too old to sustain growth without smart upgraded immigration reforms
  5. Election Reform to preclude bought and paid for unwanted election manipulations in an AI world unfolding while there is time

As none of these things WILL HAPPEN what do YOU SEE AS RISK to yourself and your personal economy?

You are not powerless. We suggest actions you take knowing the risk is:

  1. Register to own CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL lifetime memberships with tax dollars joining CEO SPACE Dallas Dec 7th for a week. You will create a more economic safe harbor for your lifestyle than you can create without this asset acquired on a tax saving at year end. INSURE YOUR LIFESTYLE while there is still time to secure your own safe harbor.
  2. Be active in groups and communities that there is only ONE VOTER ISSUE In the world – merge CENTRAL BANKS BACK INTO THEIR TREASURY and why. Home parties once monthly for the COOPERATION PARTY and COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM use REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION as your home party planner for meeting agendas.
  3. Form social and on line communities of COOPERATION TO MERGE THE CENTRAL BANKS FOR YOUR NATION BACK INTO STATE TREASURY IN AI ECONOMICS – it is the one and only issue to save us all……

In our opinion the 2020 election is about AI brain washing voters or voter capacity to see beyond SUPER CHANGE and adapt successfully into SUPER CHANGE denying mind manipulation control over your vote.

Our guidance for you is the following in doing so:

  1. Nothing in print is reality or accurate
  2. Nothing is what it seems
  3. Media is bought and paid for by 50 owners
  4. The truth requires effort to acquire – drowning in paid for brain washing – only individual brains can wake themselves
  5. Challenge your natural belief and ask what if I’m totally wrong and the opposite is totally true

While the politics work on controlling all the peaches in IM-PEACHING all the peaches to manipulate an election – eat apples.

Meanwhile speaking economically….the world is running out of TIME to save the system….and as Congress squanders time to fix the issues that are at crises level – in the end it is CONGRESS not the FED that is the cause of the end….when it comes…..


Nightly the bank cash – is a desert – and the FED has to flush green across those desert sands of the system crashes forever folks.

Jamie Diamond knows and no one has tools to fix this outside CONGRESS EMERGENCY ACT which of course – is NOT going to occur in a brain washed bought and paid for election year – as no candidate is calling to merge the FED into US Treasury – the last candidates that did that were mentors to me – Jack and Bobbi Kennedy – how did that work out for them do you all think?








Nancy Pelosi is prematurely aging ( you are all seeing THAT ) and now dressed pretty as a San Francisco Post Card, knelling in that new designer dress – with two mountains of make up herself – while Schiff and other social democrats hold America hostage, squealing all the way to slaughter – as America is about to INDICT NANCY PELOSI in 2020 for real crimes with real evidence – and her only way out of the jail sentence coming for her as example – which she and her staff and teams well know – is to PUT LIPSTICK ON THE PIG.

The Pig is the crazy impeachment proceedings where Nancy wants to control all the peaches. To date we see:

  1. Vote # 1 – House votes to table impeachment
  2. Vote # 2 – House Votes against Pelosi no impeachment
  3. Vote # 3 House votes to table impeachment again
  4. Vote # 4 – Nancy hopes this week with all the lip stick she can get from every House Staffer the PIG LOOKS pretty to march to slaughter of impeachment
  5. Vote # 4 is the week Trump celebrates Big Daddy – and Nancy seeks to STEAL HIS VICTORY FROM HIM – hence her pig

The US Senate now has the votes to decry the NANCY PELOSI PIG MAKE UP CONTEST a sham – and sanction Nancy and her social left cabal and squad for abuse of process. The senate resolution passing with numbers Nancy knows the Senate has today – creates Nancy rushing to her knees to PUT LIP STICK ON HER PET PIG – IMPEACHMENT. Nancy encourages her California on fire Pig to devour all the PEACHES fro everyone else – you know IM-PEACH-MENT. Nancy wants all the peaches.

So based on no crime at all the House this week will VOTE # 4 – with no for sure out come – to open a FORMAL lawful Impeachment proceeding – upgrading Nancy’s secret – non public – in the basement of the Senate Office Building – push LB for Lower Basement floor – and behind metal doors – with guards – the House Social Democrats as NAZIS IN SUITS hold a LYNCHING of a sitting US PRESIDENT. Why? The lynch mob minority does not like the style or policies or politics of drain the swamp when the lynch mob IS THE SWAMP being drained.

Nancy standing a bit off the swamp – which in her state is a water parched draught without power to millions and on fire ( again ) creating ( again ) tens of billions in damages – within a failed state more people now move out of – than move into – in which Nancy presides ( on her knees with pig breadth ) – over on her executions worst crime worst violence worst homeless worst poverty worst business climate worst transportation higher cost state in the United States and in the WORLD in 2020. To get worse than Nancy and the Bay Area on Fire without power you must move to Iran.

Nancy fed by endless staffers about to be indicted with her as criminal co conspirators, hand Nancy fresh lip stick, free samples due to recession in retail cosmetics in the USA – which Nancy Pelosi while staffers this week carefully hold the pigs head from moving – like a fine artist – draws the HUGE WIDE LIP STICK on the face of her PIG ( impeachment ) about to come to a vote by the social democrats.  The vote is coming…wait for it…..


Trump facing never ending threat from Nancy Pelosi as she investigates his sons and his sons in law, his precious daughter and his wife and all his circle from Mayor Julianne to Bolton – in or out they all come under Nancy THREAT – and while each week new court cases new house investigative orders to produce people documents and testimony arrive like a river to the White House – Trump in the middle of the RIP TIDE of draining the far left socialist theft of public funds ( the swamp ) has to also govern. In the shit storm Nancy has wrung out all summer long to negotiate STOP SIGNS to her own CRIMINAL INDICTMENT – a strategy for her that is NOT WORKING and why?

Trump has a pathology if you attack him personally or his brand.

Trump counter attacks and never not ever ceases until he destroys those attacking him.

Everyone knows Trump is not a politician. Trump does not play by the old box top rules of politics in DC.

Nancy attacked Trump, his circle of closest insiders his personal attorney, and doing so criminally herself, now caught with evidence on her methods and her how, ( criminal and jail coming ) , Nancy attacked Donald Trumps blood sons his most precious family, his son ln law he just relies on and loves, his more precious daughter and even his more precious wife. Those attacks are on going and never ending to negotiate – you stop mine and I”ll stop yours.

Trump has pushed all his President Chips ( impeach me and if I lose I get a pay raise – Nancy on your criminal going to jail outcome pig make up artist – FUCK YOU )…..Donald has this week conveyed the two words that define the future – NO MERCY. You crossed the line with my family. Nancy you want to show me what real FORCE LOOKS LIKE. Pig Lipstick artist – allow me to show you and your FORCE what REAL POWER LOOKS LIKE.


Pig Lipstick artist who wants all the peaches – holding a vote in the House to # 4 get the vote she wants. Red lipstick on a pig.



What the President Giveth Nancy shalt taketh away: It would have been a great week:

  1. Unemployment down on the floor boards over 50 year record – record black hispanic and asian all time record high employment all voter groups benefiting all states this weeks stats – up bubble
  2. All time high wealth effect in markets – all time high record in bond and stock wealth
  3. Fundamentals not greatest but solidly GOOD math on profits across so many firms with TECHNOLOGY leading
  4. China trade agreement coming together after Mexico and Japan trade agreement success
  5. Dollar going down helping US trade massively – and Fed lowering interest to help US win currency wars in trade finally
  6. Bin Laden Son running Taliban dead
  7. Big Daddy dead this week – a huge change for ISIS including next in command also dead this week – big WHITE HOUSE WIN

Best TRUMP TEAM week of the Presidency. Nancy Pelosi and her circle indictments on the way by early 2020 no hurry as the worst counts are all stacking up on her and her circle going to jail.

Nancy’s distraction – HOLD ALL THE WORLDS PEACHES HOSTAGE IN HER FAILING IM-PEACHMENT PATHETIC lies into truth attempt to get out of JAIL which FAILS as she today seeking a house 4th vote – is on her own knees ( Pretty designer dress ) putting lip stick on her IMPEACHMENT PIG who has become so fat eating all those PEACHES she hand feeds her own pig – as her district moves into mass tax payer revolt moving out of state by untold numbers of tax payers who simply desire what Nancy pig make up artist can no longer provide enroute to Federal Prison for life:

  1. A state without fire storms
  2. A state with electricity
  3. A state with Water
  4. A state with lower cost housing and cost of everything else ( her district being the highest cost in the entire WORLD today )
  5. A state safer in crime and personal safety

California Governor inherited a JERRY BROWN Trump Wealth Effect from the previously partial list of compilations to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN 34 BILLION surplus in the black state – which now has sunk to in the red by tens of billion in red ink state on his first year in charge.  His goal to be the FAR LEFT PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES FROM THE LEFT COAST is no more than unlikely. With four more years of TRUMP for sure occurring from Nancy Pelosi Biden total melt down and miscalculations – sinking and dividing her party as never before in history. The Democratic  PARTY is 2020 shattered scattered and dunked by NANCY PELOSI desperate to keep her circle out of jail – as indictments are in process for NANCY and team. They all know THAT hence the acts of desperation you are seeing well up today in political theater.

Nancy’s leader SHIFTY THE SNOW MAN with his corn cobbed pipe and shoe button eyes – is nothing like FOSTRY THE SNOW MAN and Shifty is the preferred HALLOWEEN CUSTOM of 2019. Hell nothing is more scary than a SHIFTY CUSTOM today with Nancy beside him in that mask of HER FACE. That IS frightening.

I have personally seen anyone age 2018 to 2019 like NANCY facing real indictments and jail time. Her face is the YOUTUBE that tells the story in truth against her own legacy of lies. NANCY our politics of HATRED AND DISRESPECT are coming full circle for you and SHIFFTY THE SNOW MAN this Holiday.

President Trump on all the fronts named has had a GREAT WEEK THIS WEEK as you open your House VOTE # 4 against the senate ADMONISHMENT FOR THE ILLEGAL PROCESS YOU ALL HAVE UNDER TAKEN as your SHATTERED SCATTERED AND DUNKED PARTY IS GOING TO REAP THE OUTCOME OF YOUR UNAMERICAN PATHOLOGY – as you move into my truth San Francisco wanna be – from 5th generation pillar of the city Nancy….which is my truth….


My pride and join – is…AMERICA !



A full legal review of the impeachment evidence to date has been released this week as the PIG lipstick is being applied for the House Vote. The non partisan democrat and republican attorney review panel  legally concluded:


There is zero evidence of a crime – just like Mueller.

Also no way today in WAY TO PAY FOR MEDICARE FOR ALL – bipartisan report slams NANCY AND WARREN as no way in pig heaven can taxes on the rich pay for MEDICARE FOR ALL the USA BANKRUPTCY WARREN PLAN – pure lies and fake news. WARREN IS A LIAR far left candidate not an American indian and no way to pay Jose for your lets forgive all student loans and insure everyone for free plan. NO WAY JOSE ….total lies to the voters – lie’s get you elected today ? Lipstick on PIGS?

Now in fairness PIG BREEDER Committee Chair Mr. Schiffty – can take no evidence and spin daily out come and sound bites into fraud. Schiffty can make BIG DADDY DISAPPEAR – can make the best seller WHEN PIGS FLY  – look like a porno story when its for parents raising extraordinary children. Mr. Shifty can re-tool the bible ( he no longer swears upon anyway ) making up down – down up and truth lies and lies truth.  Mr. SCHIFFTY the father of lies the father of fake news sits behind a NEW WEAPON firing 100 mm rounds at 1000 rounds be second at the WHITE HOUSE from his basement secure no rounds can reach him back as his finger is stuck on the trigger.

Trump is golfing and feels bad about the incoming fire to the OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT which in no way effects Trump or his actual Presidency. Meanwhile Trump having an extraordinary good 18 holes – having killed Bin Laden’s son on his orders, having killed BIG DADDY on his orders ( another promise completed ) and having secured a solid economy at Oct month end – with record 50 year low unemployment – strong earnings up bubble – record all time high market wealth effect THIS WEEK AGAIN – and completed trade deals with MEXICO – JAPAN and China while under the most ferocious attack at 1000 rounds per minute incoming from SCHIFFTY and Nancy seeking to derail the NUKE OPTION from the WHITE HOUSE of indictments for abuse of power.


Schiffty is going down. His circle and staff are going down. The Squad is going down. The Nancy circle and team is going to jail. Impeachment is political theater and goes no where at all. The Senate well knows they will win the 2020 election and the house back and the social democrats are going to slaughter with one PIG with lipstick all over its face from Pelosi on her Press bite this week.

The lefties did all they can to make BIG DADDY a diminished victory. Jeff Bezo’s puzzel’s us all. Amazon is from Nancy and SHIFFTY being investigated to break up Amazon and rip the dream from BEZO’s as only socialists can. Bezo Washington Post this week headlined what a GREAT CLERIC FOR THE MUSLIM FACE – child molester – rape czar of woman – insane brain with his MASTER FAITH or off with YOUR HEAD – Big Daddy – headline in what – the home paper of KHASHOGGI? Shame on you Jeff Bezo’s. Shame on You WASHINGTON POST USA.

The BI PARTISAN military and intelligent forces of the entire world worked for MONTHS to KILL BIG DADDY DEAD and take out the head of ISIS – five years after his BIG DADDY SPEECH on the MASTER FAITH. Big Daddy killed more people in modern war than any single crazy brain since Vietnam or World War II. BIG DADDY – TRUMP ORDERED AND WATCHED the coward run into a dead end tunnel whimpering like a broken dog, and force his young children to die with him as he rather than allow them to live – destroyed even his own blood lines as a crazy crazy brain.

The USA divided in the core value that the OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT no longer is given the respect and the honor ( no matter who resides in that office ) of ONE NATION UNDER GOD – UNITED STATES OF AMERICA – where we come together as one and celebrate the victory of our nation at core value. BIG DADDY HELD TO JUSTICE is the AMERICAN WIN and all of AMERICA should celebrate that win.

To throw PEACHES at those who worked so hard to bring us all as a people world wide THAT WIN is putting lip stick on a pig.

My advise to readers..DO NOT BE FOOLED.

Look past political theater.

The RIP tide is: Trump has evidence of Nancy Pelosi and swamp crimes uniting US JUSTICE the US SENATE AND HOUSE AND FBI AND CIA employees into a cabal of nation destructive law breaking. USING THE IRS for an enemy list which occurred under President OBAMA – look it up on google – as Trump is still under the enemy list AUDITS from the IRS – and to 2020 the crimes if not cleared up – end America where those in power use government agency as weapons against citizens. If that is not ended what America is left?

Who faced with all the peaches in the world thrown into his own face and families – TRUMP’s IM PEACHMENT – would stand up and NUKE CRIMINAL INDICTMENTS BACK. Trump has done the following math:

  1. They win I go to jail and they go jail – worth it
  2. They lose and they go to jail and I serve four more years
  3. We tie and no one goes to jail but the grid lock and dysfunction can bankrupt America and the world
  4. I win and four more years – but they keep congress dysfunctional
  5. I win House and Senate and our team KEEPS AMERICA GREAT for 300 more years draining the swamp

Trump is all in.

Nancy facing jail time is all in.

Plus Nancy has more going on all over her world today within her own divided party as the rumor mill is rising with:

  1. Nancy has had a lesbian Affair with a staff member
  2. Nancy is being secretly treated for aides
  3. Nancy committed Fraud on the Warren Medicare for all fact checking
  4. Nancy is resigning as Speaker to unwrap criminal indictments
  5. Nancy is resigning from office as donors and backers run from the criminal party rising up ( no mercy remember )
  6. Nancy’s circle targeted for criminal indictment is defecting to the US JUSTICE as witness
  7. The Trump impeachment distraction has failed to derail the criminal 57 count indictments coming for Aides ill Nancy today

And more – there are so many rumors on health – on wealth – on melt downs – on break downs – on daily tears and sobbing hysteria for Nancy DIane and their staff’s – they know they are going to jail for life we suspect. It is pressure beyond anything you can imagine. The attacks on TRUMPS children daughter and wife have no come full circle for NANCY PELOSI AND DIANE and anyone in their circle is now at RISK FOR A HEAD SHOT legally. NO MERCY. Think about WHY Nancy is putting LIP STICK ON A PIG.

Read the BOOK – WHY PIGS FLY by Neva Recla age 10 = it may help you all…….

Now I hate to see all the NANCY mean spirited rumors. I am friends with Democrats who love their party and want a reset on the party. Jack Kennedy pitched my little league game in a story you can read in my book PERFECTION CAN BE HAD. It will lift you up if your having problems with agenda for the wide majority of moderate democrats who have seen their party hi jacked ( temporarily ). In actual election math models – Trump can’t lose the election.

Impeachment is a loser waste of time and political capital with a backlash greater than any political blunder in post war history. I’m just calling the blunder for what it is. Nancy committed real crimes.Her circle is now toast. She crossed the political third rail and went after Trumps family personally. Note Trump has no gone after Nancy but did go after Joe Biden who also attacked his family. NO MERCY on Trumps pathology for pay back. So Nancy’s deceits and low blow how low can you go politics will be seen as her own undoing. WATCH THE DEFECTIONS. Trump did not WIN 2020. Nancy PELOSI land slided 2020 to TRUMP. The blame game in historic terms – will be the Failure of the PELOSI DOESY DOE as her district burns to the ground…..sad really ….what a melt down for a political hack… self destruction. That is the truth of what IS going on OUT THERE and in the Beltway – everyone knows a LOSER when they see one – believe me – they all know. IT is all over but the hand writing on the absentee ballots in November.

GAME OVER NANCY PELOSI – not political – no – CRIMINAL. Game OVER.

The circle around Nancy is shaking in fear of jail time and scandal and is all in united to avoid prison at House of Card game plan.

Nancy this week having no other option is putting LIPSTICK ON HER IMPEACHMENT PIGGY – Do not be fooled.

IMPEACHMENT is the last desperate act of real criminals – caught with real evidence and real testimony – spanning years – who now face real jail time and become a DRAIN THE SWAMP final example – of how to clean up the US CONGRESS GONE BAD – and Trump is all in folks with NO MERCY.

Make up on the PIG will end badly for those with lipstick on their fingers. ( Damn she says again – yelling at her own team – can’t you hold the damn PIG STILL just until I get this LIPSTICK on the PIG – plus its not even A SOW what is wrong with you pig holders )?



PS: This might be a great holiday to set up and can some peaches for your family…….enjoy the SHOW the WHITE HOUSE highest ratings of all time – one tweet from record ratings as STOCKS under TRUMP reach an all new wealth high this week – as Nancy just can not find a way to win here – so on her knees she is putting lipstick on the pig….for matching selfie’s….wait for them….oh and sorry as the PIG held tight by the house team….moved…….





Explain your work to new readers. Ok I will. In the 1940’s my Famous father Alan G Dohrmann founded the Human Potential Industry. Those who visited the house to hang out with Thought Leader dad – included while I was 7 and up in the 1950’s and 1960’s with Dad as the most sought after MENTOR I ever witnessed included:

  • Walt Disney
  • Martin Luther King
  • Og Mandino
  • Clement Stone ( Positive Mental attitude )
  • Napoleon Hill ( until he died )
  • Jack Kennedy ( as senator pitched my little league game – see PERFECTION CAN BE HAD that story is in the book )
  • Zig Ziglar
  • Bucky Fuller
  • Warner Earhardt
  • Michael Murphy and Estlan
  • Tom Wilhite
  • WIlliam Penn Patrick
  • Ben Gay ( author of the CLOSERS )
  • Goldi Miaer
  • Margret Thatcher
  • Ronald Reagan
  • G David Shine
  • Founder of Sony
  • CEO Pepsi and too many Fortune CEO’s to count
  • Dr. Deming

To name a few of the house guests when I was growing up. As the oldest Son in a family of nine with five girls and four boys I was the most interested in Dads’ work and his guest thought leader discussions. I sat endlessly growing up in his holding court Barbecue outdoor ( covered Lathe House ) into the night – discussions of human potential. Those fire side chats helped shaped my life work as I came into adult hood.

In this work over decades the COOPERATION MOVEMENT was born via Dad Dr. Edward Deming  and Napoleon HIll primarily. They concluded that COMPETITIVE THOUGHT IMPULSE was a brain software code error of our mind our our quantum whole brain CPU and computer  – a buggy mind code of software  in brain software from the ancient hippocampus mid brain our most antique lower brain stem. This software error – buggy evolutionary code to keep us alive in a long gone historic Raptor world now conflicted with higher brian values and function of the Cortex Frontal Lobe and its all new higher level software. The software of the old hard wired reptilian brain the hippco campus at your lower brain stem your most ancient brain part – is early code for thinking – long past its proper use and fully in conflict with your higher brain higher software of mind – a rip tide of software code between old and new.

Competitive thought form presents behavior that are both delusional and paranoid – assessing all human solution as threat – and presenting endless combat between human diversities, punishing all diversity, and existing in zero integrity within patterns of endless human warfare in the home and work space and in the nation space. Hippocampus brain software is the seat of human insanity for hard wired software of ideas like WAR as solution. Insanity. A bug in the software code of your mind. Easy to adapt out of but impossible if education cultures at home and in education cement insanity code as good and appropriate. Education since before Rome to this day anchor insanity and mid brain thinking as acceptable and flawless brain code of mind – when it is anything but good software. Hippocampus COMPETITIVE THINKING IMPULSES are insanity and bad software code in your mind. Until you KNOW that enjoying sustainable thrilling lives…is in fact not possible. Your brain software will return to pattern of contest and challenge ending in breach of integrity and betrayals from cultures that adore COMPETITIVE WINNERS over any cooperative whiners. Insanity is rewarded. Sanity is in effect punished. Competition is prized. Cooperation is seen as weak and of lower value. Sanity is lower value than insanity. This cutture divide until crossed presents human beings with a steady insanity march to our own extinction.


For the first period of my life as an investment banker economist I ramped up a new model of investment banking brokerage firm, based on cooperation, transparency, real time reporting, using technology in ways never undertaken before and creating integrity cultures in an industry making movies of the WOLF OF WALL STREET and the opposite of integrity as the prize. For 22 years this effort created one of the FASTEST growing ( the first franchise for Financial Planning in all 50 states as innovation to new culture and integrity  modeling ) investment banking brokerage firms, in the world not just the USA. Hosting offices in San Francisco and New York the firm, INVEST AMERICA was sold to a consolidation firm in a merger acquisition with UNITED STATES CAPITAL in the 1980’s which took the PUBLIC FIRM private to sell it for its parts  ( the new owner was a top white shark in the Broker Dealer Feeding frenzy of that era ) versus its whole selling these parts  to others for conventional profits. We sold the firm for a price of only 1.00 Dollar to secure the culture and forward game plan would be honored for the thousands involved with the global public institution. The new owners had zero intention to honor all that and simply stole the firm to secure their own gains.  Lesson Learned.

My famous Daddy had contracted cancer and I left ( resigned from ownership and management ) of the Investment Banking firm ( before the merger ) which was managed by large team of licensed professionals or  others -while I was free to return from New York to San Fransisco  to care for my now ill  Father. On good days following many surgeries Dad could execute his duties as President of PSI WORLD SEMINARS at the time – and on bad days his oldest Son performed his executions for the CORPORATE GLOBAL TRAINING FIRM Dad also directed. As Father graduated I morphed his corporate enterprise training global leadership in the largest institutions  into CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL in the 1980’s.

The Goal in the AGE OF THE ENTREPRENEUR ( 1980’s -into 2000’s and beyond ) )  was to present unmatched leadership development skill sets into a new AGE we saw developing we called SUPER CHANGE. The New AGE OF SUPER CHANGE was presenting stress loads to C suite management Ivy League Universities world wide failed to present tools tactics and leadership solutions into. CEO SPACE filled a “LEADERSHIP growing  gap of bleeding edge LEADERSHIP TOOL KITS that were upgraded every 60 days a first in an entirely new innovation for advanced –  Leadership development modeling. Rather than an EVENT as all past and existing offers in the field of leadership development where – all are events – the concept for inspired leaders was a lifetime membership into a never ending PROCESS of keeping LEADERSHIP CURRENT AND RELEVANT inside an every accelerating age of SUPER CHANGE. The New rising SUPER STRESS In both home space and work space was becoming SUPER CHANGE itself. The never ending acceleration of SUOER CHANGE. Finally CEO SPACE presented for a  very low price – a one time price – a lifetime membership that was a tax write off – via both individual and corporate group programs. Corporate lifetime became the most desirable investment for super high investment returns upon the tax repurposed investing for profit. CEO SPACE from day one worked. Leaders reported uncommon results which were lasting – while the lifetime on going upgrading – became priceless to inspired leaders. CEO SPACE was fresh globally – new – and exciting. CEO SPACE was more advanced and secured superior problem solving and challenge list removals via FORTUNE LEVEL CEO mentors, impossible to hire in group outside CEO SPACE at the lower price points. CEO’s raved about the innovation in leadership development and the PRESS reported CEO SPACE led the industry year after year world wide.


Jeff Bezos a SUPER CHANGE leader is often cited for his innate gifts and abilities ( rare thought process ) to see around corners of the future unfolding….before that future occurs at all.

Inspired leaders are becoming aware of the thinking modeling of conditioned University training as wholly obsolete today and tomorrow in the new age of  Super Change stressing work spaces and home spaces today. CEO SPACE over four decades of developing advanced leadership outcomes for some of the most amazing winners globally consistent over years and decades of time in  2020 and beyond – stuff that makes CEO SPACE legendary and Press ranked # 1 2010 – 2020 over ten years # 1  ranked BUSINESS CONFERENCE IN THE WORLD ( hosting five annual week long CEO events  in Dallas TEXAs now open to you and all leaders who wish to grow maximally ) which allowed us to lead in the  new age we call in 2020 SUPER CHANGE the NEW AGE OF SUPER CHANGE. . The model for CEO SPACE and my work is to challenge yourself on quality that the last leadership training has fallen behind Super Change and new TOOLS and NEW TACTICS are required in only 60 days ahead to bring the NEXT TRAINING for LEADERS to a higher bar level. Every quarter CEO SPACE stands alone as all new, fresh to quarter, and developing leaders who are empowered to WIN in the new challenges of SUPER CHANGE itself.  By always raising the LEADERSHIP BAR – leaders now have the first and that we know of – only ON GOING layer by layer outcome accelerator to reduce time and cost to reach goals. CEO SPACE has proven it takes longer and it costs more to realize growth goals outside CEO SPACE than inside the CEO SPACE community of leaders. Leaders join CEO SPACE to invest in themselves, to become the best, and to secure options to better manage in the new AGE OF SUPER CHANGE by the program of leadership most highly ranked by the PRESS and the one entity that wrote the BOOK ON SUPER CHANGE itself.

CEO SPACE events are unique proprietary and like nothing else on earth. CEO SPACE uniquely pairs CEO’s from Fortune institutions – to mid level – to development space – with CEO’s helping CEO’s without condition – in a cooperation based culture that examples a future without the brain software bugs and errors of COMPETITIVE TOXIC THOUGHT PATTERNS . The Book Redemption is designed for leaders who lack time and resources to join live practice sessions anchoring new skill deeply to your internal process of decision making – such that a book can load in the software our week long programs also anchor more deeply. Redemption is the ideal prep for the CEO SPACE Leadership development week. Dec 7th is the next and last program of 2019 in Dallas – you are encouraged to register for the profit of that choice.



INVEST AMERICA as a leading Public Global investment banking firm syndicating with other major global underwriters and post merge was followed by CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL in the 1980’s. CEO SPACE  created a two unique platforms of working with Leaders of fortune firms and development space firms, as we worked to present strategy and funding for growth to both. The reputation of my Father and Dr. Deming as collaborating inventors and the father creators of:

  • Total Quality Management in the work space TQM
  • Total Value Quality the next generation of TQM
  • Six SIgma and more modernized systemic modeling for the expanding global IT and service industries

Provided some credibility and celebrity legacy in THOUGHT LEADERSHIP as father graduated leaving us in the 1980’s.  Dr. Demining ( who left us in the 1990’s )  and Father had pioneered COOPERATION SYSTEMIC CULTURE REFORM in the more existed as the most advanced work of LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT and EXECUTIONS in the world. COOPERATION THEORY had been engineered tested and proven to UNCORK the human performance CEILINGS competitive system modeling created. Cooperation culture reform demonstrated unmatched performance gains in a Fortune global institution or a dentist office in Dallas. Upon the final hospital hours of their life on this earth…… of both my father and Dr. Deming they both admonished me ….FINISH IT…meaning the cooperation revolution as the way forward for human potential.  I as a much younger leader in those years decades ago promised them both….that I would do my best to FINISH IT. In 2020 I”m still executing my promise to them both. My life is about decades of labor to FINISH IT. To massively elevate human consciousness absent the competitive buggy software of mind. NEW BRAINS. Super Change Brains. Brains that without competition:

  1. Learn FASTER
  2. Unlearn faster than THAT
  3. And RELEARN even faster yet

NEW BRAINS represent the leaders of tomorrow……..


There are so many. The mentorship of Mr. Morita founder of Sony until he died was so useful as Mr. Morita pioneered COOPERATION THEORY into Sony and was a huge patron of R&D for SUPER TEACHING which Sony lent late breaking technology to us  when we tested SUPER TEACHING as the ultimate future digital design model  for all class room future designs. ( Click for this work milestone ). Super Teaching presented data of accelerated human learning stunning public and private education authorities. The Late Edward Kennedy final acts in congress was to assist our teams to have SUPER TEACHING qualify for title I block grant distribution to upgrade public school class room learning in the unfolding digital SUPER CHANGE and 5 G.

In the early 1990’s Joan Gustafson then head of training for 3M Corporation joinged CEO SPACE and installed COOPERATION CULTURE REFORM system wide in 3M corporation. The Performance gains for 3M were legendary and brought many other leaders and firms into our orbit. Joan became a lady leader in charge of the new EU development  for 3M – until she retired. Joan remain on faculty with CEO SPACE up to the time of her health challenge and graduation – I miss Joan today. Vice Presidents of my fathers Fortune Consulting firm founded Booze Allan and Accenture and McKinsey at their formation years. Those elder statesman brought clients to us and instructed at CEO SPACE even until today as age limits many to return in 2020. . We off loaded cooperation theory to those institutions they referred to us – and we had them bring COOPERATION THEORY back to their larger corporate training institutions – with our blessings –  to train more of the work space than we could ever hope to reach a work in progress still today – due to management turn over and Super Change into those institutions. Tony Robbins soaked up many protocols to use in his larger outreach to leadership world wide. Go Buddy ROBBINS INSTITUTE you GOT THIS – WORLD CHANGE AGENCY.

Upgrading the collective software of global human consciousness ( largely mindless software error downloading to young brains ) is a work that spans a lifetime. The tools to upgrade human consciousness all at once at coming. It is our opinion our survival depends on brain software upgrading.


Competition is a brain bad software downloaded onto your brain by men and woman you no longer know nor can you remember. These codes of mind ( fake news that appears real to you ) dictate your capacity to be insane – to punish all diversity of human expression versus celebrate the tapestry of our magnifen diversity in bodies, creeds, culture, politics, food, dress, music,, homes, play, sports and ways of thinking. Punishing our diversity is insane. Those doing so like ISIS are crazy brains infected with the extreme form of the competitive insane brain software.

Competition is a toxic mid brain software that outlived its evolutionary function 300,000 years ago.

Competing with the planet we now march toward absolute human extinction.

Competing with one another in fake news self justified contests across the world is a march into human for sure extinction.

The cause is mid brain software from the hippocampus.

Inspired leaders can upgrade culture software in their work space to operate in self correcting COOPERATIVE CULTURES defeating toxic limiting performance outcomes from buggy mind software of error code known as competitive thought. Identifying competitive thought as unwanted human brain software is the future of education reform. Today education is itself insane. Education in all aspects rewards buggy god awful competitive software of the mind – assuring cultural outcome – extinction.

Brains infected with Competition values and software errors – believe they are right – they are happy in their endless competitive state – the state they know and have known since childhood failure of education to eradicate the virus – assure their circles and families own the bad brain code generationally. Extinction of humanity is the only outcome of collective competitive buggy mind software.

I wrote the BOOK REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION – a five star sold out from 2010 every single day since release on Amazon to wake up – with new software that self corrects the buggy bad mental code of competition – in all its forms – for brains that reach a point they realize their life is dealing with SYMPTOM versus CAUSE ( mind software ). Competitive education globally perpetuates competitive tragic extinction outcome brain software for humans.

Try and imagine the following:

  1. Work Space with unconditional cooperation and total integrity at every level with zero competitive impulse or culture allowance for competitive thinking. What kind of work space would you enjoy? Would such a work space be a fully switched on turned on work space with unmatched human problem solving and performance output gains?
  2. A home Space with unconditional cooperation trust and zero competitive thought – with culture safe guards to self correct to a heaven on earth home space versus a war zone of compromise distrust and resignations?
  3. Nations cooperating in integrity and alliances without distrust breach of integrity or cultures that display competitive thought as unwished for and self correction. Would our planet and futures unleash with cooperation between nations?

Imagine the AI of the future removed in the GREAT AWAKENING the mid brain capacity for competitive thought. That in an insstant no human could think competitively at all. That now competitive thought was absent. Integrity the DNA of cooperation was the only possibility and no brain breached integrity or thought competitively as to brain impulse. SOFTWARE mal function was reset and humanity enjoyed improved brain software without buggy god awful toxic code of the mind.

Ideas die hard. All ideas die hard as living things all die hard. The EARTH IS FLAT died hard. The Gods of Greece and Rome died hard. The inquisition died hard. The Muslim Master Faith dies hard. The Master Race dies hard. Competitive insane brain software. Those most infected wish to preserve their bad mind software. The extreme form who refuse to upgrade or adapt into SUPER CHANGE must be deleted – as was the head of ISIS a crazy brain today. Software removal in extreme displays of competitive human insanity and rage are required – by the waking up and majority moving into sanity.

How fast can bad brain software – Competitive thought impulse – be uniformly culturalized as inferior buggy software – to be removed and upgraded to superior software of collaboration and cooperation and integrity cultures that lack the buggy extinction software of mind?

My life work? We humans march toward our own extinction. We do so due to software that is insane in the minds of human beings. Such software can no longer adapt to the SPEED and ACCELERATIONS OF SUPER CHANGE. Our human extinction is assured by earth atmosphere unable to support our mammal diversity of life – coming sooner than humans expect all documented on this site as to the science – of extinction unfolding. Extinction of earth impact events also unfolding sooner than humans expert. Finally extinction from Human nuke and war events due to our impossible insanity that we refuse at the inspired leader level at head of state – to reform education to remove the one virus cause of all our madness.


Competitive thought impulse, to any challenge or problem minor mid or large – is the flaw in mind code of the brain.

The mid reptilian brain impulses threat resolution and lower brain thought into higher brain potential. Public education has not kept pace with HUMANITY AND SUPER CHANGE. Human competitive thought fails to embrace change at pace levels to cope with SUPER CHANGE that are increasingly required. Human flawed mental error code of the mind – creates – the MOTHER OF ALL VIRUS OF MIND the ONE CAUSE the single VIRUS of brain software holding us back. One toxic secretion of the virus is to resist upgrading and future embrace to super change in any form within collective tribal embrace of …that is the way we have always done things …the earth IS flat…..

Defeating the mid breain virus code requires very little.

Culture and education for a better software of mind. That is it really. A better software of your own mind. As so many are seeking this by reading and studying they end up in a pattern they can never break out of. Why? it takes community to self correct software of the mind culturally. NO ONE CAN UPGRADE MENTAL SOFTWARE ALONE. First wake up call.

Reptilian brain impulse will come…thoughts just are.

Our job is to discern thinking and accept good software of the mind and reject buggy god awful software of the mind. This tool untaught as yet in all education of human beings – is known as THINKING AND DISCERNMENT. These mental tools of thinking are easily taught in K to 12. Our failure to teach higher brain function now leads rapidly to human extinction. Our smart planet will redo its insane smart water ( us ) and start with new smart water later – to become its own seeds to the stars – sane smart water.



You all tell me. Comment at the bottom of this post ( or any post ). How do you Hong Kong turning out? How did all the ARAB Sprins turn out really? Are people better off or worse off? In Moscow? In Pakistan? In Saudi ? In Africa? In fire torn California at competitive war was the most far left state in the USA and the more right leadership in the Beltway. How is it turning out in Chile or Argentina for the people on the ground? For North Korea? Or the Muslim East in China? If China and Russia proceed with asymmetrical warfare with the West and the competition becomes more entrenched how does that end well? That competition between super powers? Is it sane for Nuke Nations to compete like India and Pakistan over Kashmir? Is it safe for Nuke Israel to be provoked by Iran i Syria building up to attack Israel directory? How is it on the ground for folks in Lebanon as nation after nation moves into grid lock and dysfunction over the contest of factions in that nation? How does competition and endless wars competition causes help those on the ground ? Are we better in any measurement within sane cooperative THINKING MODELING to any solution we must discover – or are we better off in combative competitive insanity – which way is better for us? Cooperation sanity? Competition insanity? What do you see rising up in the world today as you scan news? Massive competitive contests breaking out in nations all over the world? Spain and entire people drawing red lines on autonomy breaking apart the Spanish state? Centuries rising to Spanish competition contest we see today. What is best for the people on the ground? Keep  competing ? Today the left brain problem complexity of competitive brain outcomes over centuries are far too complex to resolve to completion with left brain competitive thought that brought us to this scale of complexity to solution we find ourselves facing. We face our own extinction next.

We just discovered the last destruction of life was only 13,000 years ago with a large IMPACT EVENT in the Carolina’s. This impact event created a planet wide ice age. Climate change was massive. The % of an earth matching impact event – a human extinction event, is 100%. Thats right. Listen to me. The % chance of our extinction from a single IMPACT EVENT is 100%. Worse every 34 Million Years our solar system goes up and goes down in its journey. Every 34 million years we have had impact events because – we are at our low flight path – inside the greatest rock storm density for impact events. This knowledge we have only known for less than 25 years now. The reason the knowledge has IMPACT is that we and our earth are in the KILL ZONE OF THE ROCK STORM BLIZZARD right now. The % change of human extinction from an earth IMPACT EVENT is 100%.

The % of Climate change warming the oceans to release the trillions of tons of earth Methane held in liquid form at the bottom of the seas – is 1.5 higher ocean floor temperature. The trigger of only 1.5 degree higher ocean temperature releases all the methane all at once to the atmosphere. It has happened before. Back and fourth cycling. The % chance methane trap release will extinct all humanity is 100%. No wiggle room. And sooner than you think. What are Human beings doing to cooperate and cool the oceans and detect and deflect incoming events to preserve our humanity?

Oh. We are doing zero. We almost had an impact event this summer – very near miss. Last minute kind of thing. We are so busy investing to nuke each other with space nukes, with 20 minute delivery nukes – with North Korea and Gulf Nukes, with spreading Nukes, with Nuke ourselves into extinction due to competition over our political diversity – which insanely we punish versus celebrate due to competitive mind brain insane culture thought process we teach educationally. We teach insanity.

So how do you see the world of nations? Sanely working to cooperate? Insane dividing and in increasingly riots all over the globe? How do human beings collectively without inspired leaders address our flawed core thinking problem – competition is human insanity and is to be terminated as a thinking process – exchanged for cooperation as sanity with integrity as DNA to sanity. Or we go extinct without integrity.

Are we smart enough WATER – smart water – to make a choice for the one change that saves us all? What do you see ? What do you chose? How important is that choice? Why is there not a NOBEL PRIZE for peace for COOPERATION THOUGHT FORM IDENTITY ?



Four Decades ago we imagined a world wide Cooperation Movement. A bloodless final revolution for human futures taking place in the silent warfare of the mind itself. A choice to upgrade from buggy awful human pattern REPEATING never ending game of thrones – with Lawyers being the Nights to help Nobels with Hostile take overs. As we saw time running out for our own extinction we chose to work in the MIND FIELDS. Why?

As the founding family of the global HUMAN POTENTIAL industries and movements we knew more. We had identified the PROBLEM. The one Cause. The ONE VIRUS ON HUMAN COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS all made possible by a lack of inspired leadership at the state level to reform human education.  The developing Super Change of quantum math made the end desired illusive. Why? The axiom no competitive virus dominated thinker can impact collective consciousness outside a critical mass of awake cooperative virus free thinkers.

The BEST SELLING BOOK ( back ordered at Amazon always but they fill those quickly ) REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION was designed to upgrade inspired leader circles to self corrrecting in work space cultures of higher mind software free of the competitie virus. A book became the VIRUS REMOVAL TOOL  From the 1980’s to 2020 and beyond I devoted my life work to COMMUNITY BUILDING for INSPIRED LEADERS. CEO SPACE became a vive time annual event that influences THINKING and software upgrading for leaders impacting millions. Cultures in work spaces and profesional spaces have now become a self sustaining cooperation movement. Thought leaders from Tony Robbins to Bob Proctor to Greg Reid to Corporate trainers like Jeff Magee and Steve Farber ( all CEO SPACE FACULTY OR MEMBERS ) now by the sheer numbers impact so many millions with COOPERATIVE theory and mental software upgrading the MOVEMENT TO:

1.Identify –  lower reptilian brain thinking error of competitive thought impulse – is bad software of your mind – the single cause of all your problems in home space and work space – and the cause of all human misery world wide. The actual cause Competitive thinking. Human minds absent competitive thought CAPACITY solve problems ideally and forever. Self correcting along their way. MARKING COMPETITIVE THINKING TO INSPIRED LEADERS of Fortune Companies to a Dentist Office changes the world. One brain at a time.

2. To VIRUS REMOVE AND INOCULATE – VIRUS INFECTED BRAINS with Cooperation the virus removal. No computer can repair its terrible performance unless that self aware computer learns that it indeed HAS A VIRUS. Half the issue is to INDENTIFY the virus as cause. The brain always will seek a BETTER WAY FORWARD. Once it sees the VIRUS and its toxic outcomes – it choses a BETTER WAY cooperation the virus removal tool.

CEO SPACE is the leading business training in the world today by press ranking. CEO SPACE is ground zero for inspired leaders who seek cooperation as a better way and a community devoted to the cooperation culture now infecting the entire world with massive survival ( for the human species ) upgrading. Competition leads to rapid human extinction. Cooperation leads to prosperity for all of us.

We compete and we all perish together.

We cooperate and we all prosper together.

CEO SPACE endorses Tony Robbins leadership development ….


Pretend Russia and China aligned in cooperation to defeat in competition the USA and the WEST in the EU. That alignment of competitive thinking from the mid brain will lead to global extinction. Fact.

Pretend Russia China the USA and the EU form a SUPER ALLIANCE and COOPERATE within new box top rules defeating ( by agreement of the minds ) competitive insane thinking – puring competitive thinking impulse – as lower brain stem and insane – and with education and mental discipline removing competitive thinking from culture circles that lead nations. The culture of competition is now shunned by human tribalism awake to its core brain software.

Cooperating we all prosper together and the planet is healed.

Competing we all rapidly move to extinction together and disappear from the earth as a fully insane specifies demonstrating lack of capacity to mature into sanity from insanity in brain software now so clearly identified.

Competitive thinking is a form of human insanity and madness.

There is nothing good about competitive thinking and those who defend the insanity are themselves infected by the virus. The Virus most no longer have power. Like Caligula in Rome or Hitler in Modern Times. Competition creates the ideas of master faith or master race. Extinction madness in your own failed education. The madness is not your fault.

Celebrating human diversity is sane.

Punishing human diversity is insane.

Collective human consciousness is virus infected from failure of education of human raw potentials ( sanity ).

Today we kill one another due to a sect being hindo buddhist or shite or sunni? A madness of punishing diversity versus sanity of celebrating diversity. Crazy brains. We spend the money required to prevent extinction planet wide from our insane pollutions of our water air and soils – to kill one another endlessly – in madness of thinking errors that leads to total humanity extinction and soon. Marches to prevent extinction will not end well. Why?

The first POLLUTION is MIND POLLUTION and until we remove the VIRUS OF THE MIND the CAUSE of our own insanity and extinction and embrace COMPETITIVE THOUGHT IS INSANITY – we simply go extinct. Extinction movements need to stand for the VIRUS REMOVAL OF MIND to have a hope of winning in time to prevent accelerated human extinction.

My kids and grand kids make me so proud today…..they are my legacy…..



My wife September has taken on the task of raising the WORK OF THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION into films and outcomes to effect billions where my work stopped with millions. Today I work at my LEGACY FINAL TIME as a consultant to nations and head of state and their teams who embrace:

  1. Debt Resetting into 100 YEAR SUPER BONDS for sovereign nations – to gives ua all more time to survive versus going extinct.
  2. To help reform national education to embrace SUPER CHANGE – retool education – one nation at a time now funded by the SUPER BOND – removing the virus in community of nations – resetting the world at the NATIONAL LEVEL.
  3. UPGRADING entrepreneur laws to assure sustainable sane cooperative capitalism economics as a blue print for prosperity to all nations defined in REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION.

My work with my partner Mark Cervello and Dr. Rey Linares and James Wilkenson and Dr. Ho include UNICORN ‘s RISING to impact global community and world peace and our own human survival. What do we need next?

  1. We could use legacy investors who endow the work and future into our IPO globally speeding up the COOPERATION REVOLUTION. See our business plan on line and call us for more details on your investing if you are a legacy investor.
  2. Head of State airfare and expense invitation to NO FEE CONSULTING for your SUPER BOND and national culture reform from competitive extinction software in nation into cooperative prosperity survival software in nation.
  3. Education embrace of COOPERATION THEORY AND COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM THEORY outlined in REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION AND SUPER CHANGE. Without out upgraded education and soon humanity goes extinct because of flawed education that is virus infected itself.


At the last part of my life I work primarily with THOUGHT LEADERS world leaders and heads of state and politicians who SEEK better software of mind – and upgrading cultures for nations. CEO SPACE with my wife September every sixty days in Dallas Texas hosts CEOS” world wide who seek a smarter safer more accelerated profit outcome within cooperative capitalism. CEOS attend help one another in cooperation – zero competition – in cultures they then foster in their work and home space changing THE WORLD. If you wish to upgrade your own mental software once and for all to enjoy more THRILLING SUCCESSFUL LIVES you may wish to register and join CEO SPACE – swapping a tax dollar for enormous profits on time and asset ownership of CEO SPACE lifetime low cost memberships – Corporate and Platinum packages being your best investment bet. Check it out.

My legacy in life – illuminates insanity in all forms as competitive failed economics leading to extinction of systems and us – and illustrating cooperative virus free systems as our survival and prosperity versus extinction and insanity. This blog is never political.

It is a RIP TIDE of competitive oceans and Cooperative Seas at a tide change in which COOPERATION is the HIGH TIDE of human existence.

We lead the COOPERATION REVOLUTION 1940 to 2020 and beyond.

Changing THE WORLD….folks consumes generations……and consumes a lifetime.


My pleasure.


PS: Dec 7th is the next CEO SPACE IN DALLAS – the CEO big one and favorite of the year for our members and new members into the Holiday Christmas CEO SPACE in Dallas. Check it out