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JUST RIGHT AGAIN….and first always …..just for you…our readers world wide……thanks for sharing this news site subscription is free and confidentiality is total – never breached.


For the second time the THE ATTRACTION OF DISTRACTION has taken over Nancy Pelosi total PANIC? Why?

We told you with evidence and details some time back as you recall. Nancy Pelosi ABUSE OF POWER to use politics to IMPLY a crime was committed by Donald Trump involved a CABAL Raymond Redding would be proud to call his own. ( Watch Netflixs ) .Did Nancy break a bunch of real laws, felony laws, and get caught with her CRIMINAL HAND where absolute power absolutely corrupts itself into the EVIDENCE JAR of the United States AtTORNEY GENERAL? What do we know?

  1. We know Attorney General Barr is investigating CRIMES that Nancy and co conspirators committed over years of time.
  2. These crimes include trashing the US CONSTITUTION as . breach of her oath of office and more.
  3. Crimes include misusing Government agencies and working with Criminals inside the FBI to “GET TRUMP”.
  4. To direct and in secret use agencies of nation to get items limited to internal agencies of law to use politically
  5. To mis use such information like a CIA agent under contract and rules of law working in the White House

Is it a crime to conspire for political advantage to obtain CLASSIFIED INFORMATION ?

Yes ( see Snowden ).

It is a CRIME to promote  and to direct – a CIA AGENT working in the WHITE HOUSE who has signed volumes of contracts to protect state secrets and to keep classified information secret too breach his obligations under the law?

YES it is a crime as well as all those who conspired in the crime.

IS IT A CRIME to accuse anyone in America where the innocent until PROVEN GUILTY OF ANY WRONG DOING ( in our nation ) can face his or her accuser and defend the legal correctness of their actual facts under the law? To violate agreements signed by a CIA OFFICER with both the CIA and the White House related to classified information?

Yes it is a crime.

SO what gives here?

Lost in the FAKE NEWS cycles is the multiple attorney general news bites both democratic and republican past leaders of the office of the Attorney General – 100% stating having reviewed the information and evidence:

  1. NO crime of any kind
  2. No impeachable item – while PELOSI  is judge jury and AG on HER CONVICTION BY CRIMINAL SLANDER BY MEDIA


Nancy Pelosi – once again – and knowing what witnesses are being called by Attorney General Barr as the Queen of the SWAMP and also as QUEEN OF THE ATTRACTION OF DISTRACTION ( criminal or not ) has DISTRACTED BARR now involved in Nancy Pelosi criminal game plan ( to free herself from JAIL TIME ) is stirring the political versus the legal pot.

Will the CIA AGENT be identified ( of course they will and are today ).

Will evidence come out of the CIA COLLUSION with Nancy Pelosi on classified material – as was the case in her earlier 2016 to today criminal activities all evidence and documented unlike the MUELLER ( another crime of Nancy Pelosi’s ) costing Tax payers 100’s of millions of dollars?

Is it a crime to criminally harassed 2019 to 2020 a sitting PRESIDENT within this scope:

  1. Crime: conspire to take possession of government classified information and use that information to fake news to unseat a President of the United state.
  2. Crime: to conspire with US Justice agency personnel – FBI personnel  – CIA Personnel to attack and undermine policy and work of the current President of the United state in totally unauthorized ABUSE OF POWER USE OF FEDERAL AGENCY’s weaponized to your attack on the active President not once but as a pattern of criminal abuse of powers.
  3. Crime: To violate constitutional required governance and weaponize the BUDGET PROCESS which must be passed each year and which Nancy Pelosi now uses as a political weapon against the sitting President as a CRIMINAL PATTERN OF DERELICTION OF CONGRESSIONAL DUTIES.
  4. Crime: Directing Congressional staff not to conduct the BUSINESS OF THE PEOPLE but to use Government money time and resources outside the mandate of the US HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES to wage war with the President endless fake news charging the administration by investigating CRIMES in high profile criminal abuse of power to target Donald Trumps leadership, donors, friends, family, his sons, his daughter, and his wife, within criminal and mean spirited abuse of powers while you yourself are under serious on going CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION for all these felony behaviors.
  5. Abusing the US Department of Justice as if you were the ATTORNEY GENERAL working in secret criminal conspiracy to direct US justice Personal to provide access to confidential US JUSTICE FILES and to investigate the President illegally, all discovered as crimes by the current US ATTORNEY GENERAL in ABUSE OF POWER not seen since the McCarthy Era in the US Congress.

So facing her own crimes in her make up mirror – Nancy Pelosi prematurely aging in office from all her self inflicted stress now coming back to haunt her – will be a SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE that ends up for life in a US PRISON as the evidence mounts up ( and Nancy Pelosi knows it well ) and the charges are brought  ( which are ..wait for it as we told you some time back ).

Nancy is NOT RUNNING THE BUSINESS OF THE PEOPLE? She is running the SOCIAL DEMOCRAT EFFORTS TO DISTRACT the agenda from HER OWN CRIMINAL INDICTMENT. This is not politics. This is drop my indictment – lets make a DEAL dude – and I’ll stop the impeachment.

Oh you think it is something else? Well you have not invested five decades lobby in the belt way that would be – ah me.

The Beltway I’ve told you and told you – NOTHING BUT NOTHING IS WHAT IT APPEARS TO BE.


Nancy is facing multiple count CRIMINAL INDICTMENTS, as real justice for her many real crimes.

This week Nancy desperate and up against the wall – took the CIA AGENT ( no one gets to know who ) – as that person violates STATE SECRET releasing HIGHLY CLASSIFIED PRESIDENTIAL PROTECTED DATA – A CRIME PURE AND SIMPLE _ as FACTS and makes FAKE NEWS CLAIMS the President of the Ukraine ( so embarrassed with the EU now as his private to the President only remarks where CRIMINALLY MADE PUBLIC from by law protected private classified information for all the right reasons all nations subscribe to – but now ours – in breach of laws  – see PELOSI head of the Swamp SNAKE  ) – which is WHY WE HAVE STATE SECRETS. My blog before this one defined how NANCY PELOSI SEEKING TO DISTRACT ATTENTION FROM HER OWN INDICTMENTS – committed her worst crime yet to DISTRACT THE PRESS AND THE PUBLIC from her own steady as an ice breaker criminal investigation piling an entire room up of real depositions real file evidence years and years of real crimes the worst being this Nancy Pelosi CIA conspiracy to DISTRACT ATTORNEY GENERAL BARR and place him in the middle of the POLITICAL THEATER.

Attorney General Barr and the Congress staff and the THREE LETTER AGENCIES and the PRESS ( Shame on you for not getting this right in FREE PRESS ) are not distracted nor are they fake news to conclude anything other than “NANCY YOUR WORST CRIME YET IS THIS WEEK BABY GIRL DOCUMENTED AND RECORDED – and NANCY PELOSI REAL JUSTICE IS COMING FOR YOU AS AN EXAMPLE TO GENERATIONS TO FOLLOW INTO THE FUTURE.

My reader advice world wide including my journalist press readers – DO NOT BE FOOLED – FOLLOW THE PELOSI DANCING BALL FOLKS THE TRUTH IS THE NEWS THE LIES ARE FAKE NEWS …as time will prove out. I remember when Stormy admitted I never had an affair with Trump – and bam – she went away no one cared anymore – the truth was never headlines to equal the lies. Pelosi knows as a master criminal that crime well executed does PAY in America today. SEE WELLS FARGO BANK.

Nancy has stopped doing the critical timing essential business of the PEOPLE which includes:

  1. Passing a BUDGET required by constitutional law ( annually ) by the House of Representatives. It is criminal ABUSE OF POWER to fail to execute this constitutional required act of the US CONGRESS in total. It is a crime against the people the United States of America. Nancy Pelosi is a constitutional criminal as are all who conspire with her on abrogation of duty.
  2. Passing upgraded IMMIGRATION LAWS replacing the ANTIQUE OBSOLETE laws of past decades. The AGING USA needs immigration – legal immigration – with expanded BOX TOP RULES. The President has begged for this upgraded immigration Law to FIX broker immigration law and to legally define action on those illegal immigrants now in USA. Nancy Pelosi abrogates her DUTIES to the PEOPLE by refusing to upgrade critical suffering to tens of millions while she ABUSES POWER.
  3. Infrastructure: the Fed unmerged back into US TREASURY is TOXIC to USA and Global economic stability.. Only Congressional infrastructure stops the USA sinking into third world status in a decaying declining infrastructure diminishing USA future economic stability and opportunity and real growth. CONGRESS IS THE REASON FOR DECLINING USA ECONOMIC INSTABILITY. Failure to act in time on infrastructure is a constitutional abrogation of DUTY and a crime itself. Russia and China have not undermined USA ECONOMIC STABILITY to match the destructive economic harm NANCY PELOSI is creating as an enemy of the United States of America. The Truth Will Come Out.

NANCY PELOSI in her first week of DISTRACTION TO HER OWN CRIMINAL INDICTMENTS has violated constitutional law just as Snowden has in a full abuse of congressional powers. All of which will rise up soon. Nancy; has Failed. Her impeachment “investigation” is uniting cross over votes into a ABSOLUTE VICTORY THAT IS NOW NOT STOPPABLE FOR RE ELECTION OF DONALD TRUMP – 93% of Republicans and 27% of Democrats oppose IMPEACHMENT – a losing hand for PELOSI – who now does not care about the failed election she can’t impact she cares about DEAL OR NO DEAL – JAIL OR NO JAIL . and that is the one and only deal Nancy Pelosi criminally is under taking as a very last gasp before the CLANG OF THE JAIL DOORS. Wait for it…..



Biden was quick to roll out John McCane ( whom I knew ) this week sound bite – that the Republican Party of today is not the party her husband would be part of? Well John was not part of that party for many years. John voted for social democrats and against the party for years and years. As Biden well knows.

Biden an Obama social democrat seeks to once and for all with Criminal Pelosi driving the agenda – surrender America into long term socialism. Pure and Simple as my prior blog documents from this years 2019 STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS which defined the modern Democratic party.

Jack Kennedy pitched my first little league game.

Martin Luther King said grace at my dinner table.

THAT DEMOCRATIC PARTY I KNEW AND I LOVED has been invaded and taken over completely by social democrats on the far far left – communist by another name. These SOCIAL DEMOCRATS – Warren and Biden and Bernie – put forth economics that will bankrupt the USA just like Cuba and Venezuela and really Argentina and any leftest socialist economics – failed economics 100% of the outcome time.


This is creating a war in socialism. Biden is too old – too mentally out of touch – speeches on record players and not knowing what state he is speaking in – JOE ITS TIME FOR YOU TO GO – your just too damn old to be President into your 80’s. TOO OLD JOE and too feeble. Plus you can’t beat your way to the US SENATE let alone to the office of the PRESIDENT.

Warren as we said would BEAT JOE and become the female candidate. WARREN is more socialist than JOE. Warren has zero chance of beating Trump – who even if Trump had stroke and Pence took over PENCE WOULD BEAT WARREN. Warren is the most left leaning Socialist ever to head the SOCIAL DEMOCRATIC TICKET. Her minority cabal is loud but insufficient to win office.

WALL STREET MASSIVE FUNDING AGENCY’s said in union on Friday – to the social democrat leadership ( NANCY PELOSI IN DC ) now this is FRIDAY INTO THIS WEEKEND NEWS: THAT:

  1. If you socialists elect Warren to lead WE your donor base at the top will shift to support TRUMP.
  2. Your party is platformed to destroy business models that make our nation truly great
  3. We will back and support Trump who advocates policy supporting US versus social democrat platforms to DESTROY US ALL

The war on SOCIALISM FOR AMERICA is a war being lost by SOCIALIST LEADER NANCY PELOSI AND HER SOCIALIST SISTER DIANE FEINSTEIN FROM SAN FRANCISCO – two prematurely aging socialists in their last gasp for power and agenda – also distracting from their complete economic failure in San Francisco – a city in free fall decline – highest violence murders crime homeless and highest cost city to live in and tax city to do business in – as business FLIGHT out of FRISCO and out of socialist California is now more leaving the entire state than coming in – a red ink deline in tax payer population – and those leaving are the largest tax payers leaving the poor behind – why? THE MOST BUSINESS UNFRIENDLY STATE IN THE USA once the most attractive business friendly state in the NATION. Nancy Pelosi  and Diane Feinstein SOCIALIST TWIN SISTER LEGACY – worst decline of city and state economics on their watch – now also coming to the entire USA on their socialist extreme agenda.

SOCIALISM ! See the 2019 STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS and you will see Nancy Pelosi on policy confirming everything being defined here as the real news only her DISTRACTION MACHINE is fake news shot gunning into the free press.

How much of the Press is socialist today?

You on all sides know that already as answer on your pop quiz.


You get that….here….no fake news here.

The SOCIALIST LEADERSHIP CANDIDATES in the SOCIAL DEMOCRATIC PARTY will raise up Warren as the candidate of choice. No candidate can win against President Trump. Why?

CRIMINAL NANCY PELOSI final miscalculation handed the election to TRUMP BY A LANDSLIDE this week from Nancy Pelosi DOSEY DOE – the most failed policy yet – seeking to make a DEAL – drop my criminal stuff and I’ll give you the election and vote on Immigration and Infrastructure.

Be assured – that CLOSED DOOR CLASSIFIED MEETING WITH TRUMP will have no leaks, no tapes, no one will know anything and the DEAL may well go down. Nancy exists office a political socialist hero as does Diane on their last sisterly socialist watch and San Francisco finally gets young switched on turned on leadership – finally – and Trump gets real outcomes to KEEP AMERICA GREAT – immigration and the wall – and INFRASTRUCTURE and the wall which AMERICA needs and a real BUDGET every year he is in office – and Nancy gets her GET OF OF JAIL FREE CARD.

Of it has gone too far way to far and Trump makes the example of Nancy wins back the US HOUSE AND SENATE from social democrat criminals ( now all indicted ) – but – I say but – what is BEST FOR AMERICA really.


That is all from my leaks folks in the beltway of what is REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE.

I’m sure this makes sense to any informed reader world wide on the TRUTH of it all.

Today the Courts in the DISTRICT of Columbia ruled in Trumps favor on yet another PELOSI directed item. Pelosi directed her socialist tribe to FILE SUIT that Trump should lose the liqueur license for HIS DC HOTEL because – the President lacked character as required by law. The impartial law judge ruled in favor of Trump noting the bias and political nature of a suit lacking all stranding of law. In the 100 plus investigations law suites and Pelosi coordinated actions against the PRESIDENT in Political full out Nuke War Fair as we saw this week – always NANCY IN FRONT ALWAYS CRIMINAL FRAUD AND SLANDERS   – like 100 splines of Nancy Pelosi’s GET TRUMP UMBRELLA ( what rule of law – law does not apply to MEEEE is her motto – I AM THE LAW is her gospel ) – the liquor license political attack is just one of 100 Nancy Pelosi claims on the PRESIDENT TIME FOCUS AND ATTENTION away from duties of office and re-relection. Think about it. Become informed. Do not buy in or be fooled by Nancy game plans to do just that. To you as a voter. It is my opinion Democratic Ideals I cherish myself are dead and buried by party hijacking socialists. When Is ENOUGH ENOUGH FOR PARTY VOTERS? I believe if Democrats vote for TRUMP POLICY versus the man – this one election the socialist will lose control of the party and the party moderates will shift back into control. If the socialist minority continue to control the Democrat party into CRIMINAL FELONY outcomes – the party will be shattered for the 2020 decade. As outcome you can for sure deposit in the political bank. The Democrats are today wildly divided by Felon Pelosi. The Republicans are 93% poll united against PELOSI this week alone.

Forgetting how small and mean spirited PELOSI “IS” truly – I mean a liquer license law suite too – how low does her POLITICAL CRIMINAL LIMBO BAR go in fact ? The courts rule primarily against every single Pelosi rotating 100 items at any time.

Today Friday September 27th PELOSI to PROVE MY FACTS – attacked US ATTORNEY BARR DIRECTLY. She accused US ATTORNEY BAR of a cover up. She stomped that the LAW required immediate turn over of her CIA co criminal law breaker whistle blower report – which shows zero evidence of a crime or anything like what FAKE NEWS IS REPORTING – so typical of Nancy Pelosi. She is DISTRACTING BAR FROM INVESTIGATIONS TO INDICT HER AND HER CO CONSPIRATORS.

Now the core crime and felony is an act of a FELONY TRAITOR to state secrets and classified information. NO wiggle room on that for the CIA criminal – and Pelosi who directed the criminal. BAR is not going to stop moving forward like an ICE BREAKER IN CLIMATE CHANGE to INDICT NANCY PELOSI FOR HER MANY MULTIPLE CRIMES including today on Friday as TRAITOR to the UNITED STATES. Classified heads of states talks are private in all nations and protected by laws. Annyomous whistle blowing idoes not have protection when it is state protected secrets and TREASON. The highest crime in nation possible. A NANCY PELOSI CRIME. The distraction to BARR TODAY AND HIS INDICTMENT PROCESS ON PELOSI FELONIES must be seen for what it is. The last gasp effort to DEAL OR NO DEAL – JAIL OR NO JAIL – as PELOSI SETS THE ART OF THE DEAL TO NEW LEVEL OF THE DEPTH OF THE SWAMP……FOR AFTER ALL PELOSI IS THE QUEEN OF THE SWAMP….THE SWAMP QUEEN. Barr is not amused by her felonies. This week alone.

To the best of my knowledge.

As a political consultant for decades may I set my expert opinion into position as we close the truth here. IT IS THIS WEEK THAT DONALD TRUMP WON THE RE-ELECTION BY A LANDSLIDE DO TO BACKLASH TO NANCY PELOSI SOCIALISM FROM WALL STREET TO SAN FRANCISCO – JUST WAIT FOR IT – NANCY SEEKING HER GET OF JAIL FREE CARD – HANDED DONALD TRUMP THE RE-ELECTION – WITHOUT A CARE IN THE WORLD BUT HER OWN VICTORY WHICH IS UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL WHERE CRIMINALS WITH ENOUGH POWER TURN AROUND CRIME ON THEIR OWN DIME. THAT is what is going on out there this week….perhaps you missed it all. My prior blog when the shit hit the fan put the shit clean up truth with sipes out there for anyone tired of the ABUSE OF STENCH from failed leader Nancy Pelosi having harmed AMERICA more than PUTIN XI OR NORTH KOREA EVER COULD. Nancy Pelosi this week committed the real crime of TRAITOR. Ask the President of Ukraine. TRAINOR PELOSI. That is what the PRESS fail to report and that IS THE REAL STORY AND THE TRUTH. AMERICAN TRAITOR PELOSI desperate to get her GET OUT OF FAIL FROM BARR FREE CARD ….follow the truth folks now that you have it.

Yesterday first and RIGHT AGAIN we told you Nancy PELOSI would NEXT attack Attorney General Barr to execute her GET OUT OF JAIL FREE CARD. To throw her political sand and lies into the ATTORNEY GENERAL and attack him as if he was running for office which he is not. If Nancy has to get TRUMP OUT at any cost period or SHE AND HER CIRCLE AS TRAITORS GO TO FEDERAL PRISON FOR LIFE – consider the ALL OR NOTHER – Frame to Barr to make a DEAL. As she knows now she can not win the election. As she tries in FAKE NEWS to make NO CRIME AT ALL a Nixon like felony “cover up” which Trump released it all in 72 hours – no cover up at all – just NANCY LIES to cover up HER TRAITOR CRIMINAL SERIES OF CRIMES. Nancy Pelosi is a pure evil criminal and an enemy to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA to anyone who charts good governance versus manipulations. Barr is not fooled. Barr’s team is not fooled. JUSTICE “IS” COMING FOR NANCY. This last gasp ATTRACTION OF DISTRACTION and full on PRESS MANIPULATION is not legal anything – its political theater to get NANCY AND HER CIRCLE OUT OF CRIMINAL PROSECUTION. We reported all this in our prior earlier in week BLOG NEWS REPORT. I know our readers are tired of seeing this level of accuracy and precision reporting – integrity – truth – no lies but this week into Fridays PELOSI DOESY DOE – we were so RIGHT AGAIN AND FIRST. We hope the grown ups in Congress get mad as hell and refuse to take this sham any further as a total betrayal of governing the nation in time of trade and currency wars. SHAME ON CONGRESS SHAME ON PRESS SHAME ON YOU.

i just returned from 1 40 nation speaking tour in Pakistan a=t eh FUTURE SUMMIT. Outside the USA everyone on all sides see’s all this just as we report here and they all think it is such a shame to witness America losing her core values as a nation.

SHAME ON YOU NANCY PELOSI – TRAITOR TO THE NATION – FOR SELFISH INTEREST – SHAME ON YOU CRIMINAL. This weekend attack on Attorney General Barr was an act of treason. RIGHT AGAIN.


Note: I would not wish to be the “annyonmouss “whistle blower” criminal who breached the USA STATE SECRETS ACT and the CIA contracts and oaths of his office to conspire with NANCY on felonies embarrassing UKRAINES PRESIDENT who came out twice in media ans said – TRUMP NEVER NOT ONCE NOT EVER PRESSURED ME AT ALL IN HIS CALLS – NOT ONCE. Fact.  it is all FAKE NEWS FROM FELONY CRIMINAL NANCY PELOSI real felonies and years of committing them all in evidence today.







Nancy Pelosi is QUEEN OF THE SWAMP.

Nancy Pelosi IS The SWAMP.

You remember …the swamp President Donald Trump was elected to DRAIN.

Nancy is under CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION FOR ABUSE OF POWERS and real felonies as her own whistle blowers are presenting hard evidence.

NANCY FACING jreal jail time engages the LAW OF POLITICAL DISTRACTION  -placing attorney General BARR again in her own cross hairs with – hey you let me go and I let you go deal making itself criminal. BAR like an ice glacior Nancy can’t see moving or hear leaks from – but one day all the trees fall down and all the  boulders move into the SEA OF INDICTMENT for Nancy.  Game over then.

Impeachment? 100% theater of distraction to criminal investigation and indictment of Nancy Pelosi and her team at the top. Falsely accusing Trump they chose the wrong target for sure. Trump will protect and roll back Presidential Powers Nancy seeks to diminish to the OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT NO MATTER WHO SITS IN THAT OFFICE and derail her own criminal indictment. A real case not a fake news case. Meanwhile Nancy spenends yet another 100 million dollars, fails to govern the nation assures we enter a recession and all as WE PREDICTED the day Nancy returned as SPEAKER – right again.

Leading democrats I respect so much …said Berny Nancy will NEVER INDICT TRUMP….they were wrong and we were correct. RIGHT AGAIN. ON all predictions and the economics. The criminal social democratic leadership will break laws, use agencies illegally, make enemy lists, and persicuit ( illegally like McCarthy era powers gone mad ) until their secret criminal acts are made public, via real indictments that will not go away and which will win, when the POWERS OF T OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT NO MATTER WHO SITS IN THAT OFFICE – Trump has sworn to protect – where THE CRIMINAL – NANCY  Pelosi ABUSE OF POWERS OF CONGRESS upon the PResidential Powers will ROLL BACK

Nancy Pelosi makes me ashamed to be a San Franciscan. 31 years in the SOUTH of America for a reason.

Hillary Clinton was once a social go to dinner friend of President Donald Trump. In the election the strategy was to in extreme create a POLITICAL MOVEMENT of POLITICS OF HATRED AND DISRESPECT. The idea was to so mud sling Trump that he would be unacceptable to voters – as the social democrats attacked Trumps character, made a joke of his business, attacked him legally, in scandals personally, attacked his children his wife and family as no President had known or experienced before. Trump known for one thing – you attack his BRAND or his family – and he counter attacks without MERCY.

From the day the world was STUNNED at the DEGREE of Trumps VICTORY – Nancy Pelosi departed on one unusual political tact – to GET TRUMP OUT OF OFFICE by every legal means she could employ – and some illegal means by using the FBI as a weapon to get TRUMP OUT OF OFFICE. Nancy Pelosi continued a one sided social democrat left sided attack strategy with ROBERT MUELLER ( HER BOY ) AND THE FBI ( HER TOY ) Until her PHONY BALONEY 100 million dollar multi year ALL OUT EFFORT failed – and NO COLLISION was the outcome of that failure. Even Stormy Daniel facing in court perjury recanted and stated she did not have sex with Donald Trump – which made side bar news versus flooded news like when she and Nancy lied and said in fake news that she in fact did.

Now Nancy moves to waste another 100 million on POLITICAL DISTRACTION to tar feather and damage TRUMP character to make Trump unacceptable to voters. 73% of her social democrats favor impeachment. 93% of Republicans oppose impeachment by Pelosi. The Republican Senate is the voting jury on impeachment. The Senate WILL ACQUIT Donald Trump because – the President has no committed a CRIME of any kind at all. Two leaders from the Attorney Generals offices of the Democrat years have come out and stated Trumps transcript record does not rise to high crimes and misdemeanor – no law breaking in what he said or did.

The FAKE NEWS MACHINE is in full swing as multiple house misuse of powers investigations into Trump every single hang nail, into his children called into FBI and Congress over and over – and his wife even – are sad sad days for respect of due process – real law – and tradition between congress and a sitting US President.

Nancy Pelosi a failed leader in San Francisco sinking in highest crime city highest murder city highest homeless city with spending higher than income, awash in Debt – no way forward – just a sinking into the next SUPER QUAKE as Nancy’s socialist state is the HIGHEST PRICED CITY TO LIVE IN ON EARTH and I left my birth city seeing the economic failure of her policies and Diane Socialist Feinstein’s decades of mis use of power. I am so glad to reside in Florida where sane governance rules.

San Francisco and Sacramento are economic insanity creating a state where exists like my own to other states that are sane now exceed move in’s. More tax payers are leaving the state shrinking tax base against soaring costs – wherein – the state may over time go bankrupt into its highest debt in nation state.

Pelosi’s damage to the office of the PRESIDENT has no equal.



It is my Opinion which I remain entitled to, that, the OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is far more important to our nation and future than any individual person holding that office. As a first rule of thumb and tradition.

Nancy Pelosi’s social democratic invention of the POLITICS OF HATRED AND DISRESPECT ( you can search and read our historic publications on this new political theater ) take no prisoners – know zero respect for tradition – and shatter the institutions of our nation by misusing POWER. The Mis-use of POWER BY NANCY PELOSI includes FBI agents hating TRUMP and using their POWERS to swing information ( illegally ) to NANCY that resulted in false allegations against TRUMP made real by Nancy Pelosi only in real law and real conclusions – following years of investigations, thousands being paid in millions of man hours of DISTRACTION AND WASTE the absolute outcome – Nancy Pelosi received – was WASTE OF CONGRESS no crime at all. Zero.

Nancy Pelosi undaunted designed a new election year gimmick – where the first investigation failed as predicted – a closer to election media now rises up – impeachment – to which – Nancy and her social democrats who have zero way to defeat Trump in the voter world in 2020 – seek to mud cover Trump and the Office of the PRESIDENT with so much SHIT voter unity for their one card left – Politics of HATRED AND DISRESPECT will rise up enough EMOTIONAL HATRED to vote Trump OUT OF OFFICE as the impeachment WASTE OF CONGRESS and 100% failed process into Senate Acquittal is the one chip remaining in Pelosi failed modeling as the QUEEN OF THE SWAMP.



The damage to the President Office is immeasurable. Consider:

  1. Mueller investigation put folks in jail for failing to prepare tax forms correctly where over Ukraine bam your in prison. Now how do leaders of nations deal with USA folks politically as they no longer can do so in private. Leaders around the world now realize when dealing with an AMERICAN PRESIDENT everything they interact upon may be public to political cost to them that makes dealing with the USA impossibly now guarded.
  2. Intelligence agency violations been so outside precedent and extreme by PELOSI and team to GET TRUMP hoodwinking the public and conducting illegal activities to get the OUTSIDER OUT and to send a message to swamp drainers forever socialist have taken over the USA and do not try to stop us from cementing absolute power in the socialist new normal. LIke all socialist nations. Nothing new to SOCIALIST FAR FAR LEFT NANCY PELOSI AND TEAM – look at San Francisco politis to see the model coming to the nation depending on how you vote.
  3. Ukraine President today thought – that TRUMPS side of the conversation the evidence would be released not the full transcript which should be protected by PRESIDENT POWER separate from CONGRESS POWER as neither works for the other – both work for the AMERICAN PEOPLE. No more. Payback or REVENGE For Clinton IMPEACHMENT is taking place as if we were in a third grade school yard. With NO MERCY. Clinton impeachment involved FELONIES. Clinton was acquitted of charges that should have been brought. Now PRESIDENT PROTECTED DISCUSSIONS WITH FOREIGN POWERS are subject to public airing. NO FUTURE PRESIDENT WILL HAVE CONVERSATIONS WITH ANY HEAD OF STATE WHERE THAT HEAD IS NOT LIMITING THEIR DISCUSSION KNOWING IT ALL MAY BE RELEASED BY US CONGRESS LIMITING PRESIDENT POWERS ONCE AND FOR ALL And for ever. This WIN for Nancy is that on her watch she has REDUCED AND DIMINISHED FOREVER THE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES into a socialist direction she leads.

In this years state of the UNION swamp draining political OUTSIDER Donald Trump asked the entire congress to stand and in unity inform the AMERICAN PEOPLE THAT – we were united as ONE that the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA WOULD NEVER NOT EVER BECOME A SOCIALIST NATION. That film is on line at any news channel you search. SEARCH OF THE UNION ADDRESS 2019.

As you look you see 100% of SOCIALIST DEMOCRATS sit while 100% of Republicans stand for the longest ovation of the State of the Union – all encouraging democrat brothers and sisters to join them. Nancy gazed with unguarded HATRED upon the President of the United states ( pure hatred and disrespect )  and as a few only democrats did stand while 95% sat as SOCIALISTS in FACT – Nancy made notes in pure hatred to discipline her team mates who did stand against socialism in America. SEEING IS BELIEVING.

The socialist damage to the INSTITUTION OF THE PRESIDENCY no matter who holds that office – is done and can never be undone. The privacy POWER of the President has been illegally stripped from the OFFICE by Nancy Pelosi for socialistic degrading of the POWER of the OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT.

Nancy Pelosi and social democrats win when they lose on this long battle front in politics.

The OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT has been damaged and diminished in powers forever by Nancy Pelosi’s dosey doe. GOOD JOB NANCY your socialist one step at a time are winning America into a future of diminishment turning the future over to the other socialist nation we will surrender into joining. All because of you and Americans have zero clue they are being taken down a river ride that in the end can never end well at all.

That….it is that…a reframe in one week of how any nation now deals with the office of the President of the United States of America – now guarded – unprotected and possible witness to American POLITICS OF HATRED AND DISRESPECT the outside world wants no part of at all. The Nancy Pelosi left socialist political tribe is growing see the UK for another example of POLITICS OF HATRED AND DISRESPECT. This trend is WHY in Germany the RIGHT is rising so massively as in Italy 5 STAR is under ferocious attack by the LEFT.

The politics of SUPER CHANGE has arrived.

Each Nancy Pelosi socialist win diminishes AMERICAN ECONOMIC AND POLITICAL POWER world wide – a model one can see has occurred as leading American brands move out of silicon Valley and San Francisco socialism faster than they move in – a net red ink flight of capital out of California. The CEO’s at the TOP tell me – as a fifth generation San Franciscan – now in Florida – Berny THEY don’t want our tribe here in state – now the most hostile business state in the United States – the socialist example – and I say ..your not a tree…pull up roots and move to the most friendly state like Florida or Dallas and leave the socialist to their future – bankruptcy – the only future we know as Cuba runs out of electricity and its failed state economics save for the Castro’s with elite wealth off shore – provides a Venezuela and global example for where socialism in economics versus politics ends.

SOCIALISM is a failed economic model and political model which is historic and 100% of socialist models are failures over time. Wait for it.

Hey I want socialism. Free health care for everyone. Free annual income no work. Free education for all forever. No taxes what so ever. All loans forgiven. And more lots more.

As an investment banker ECONOMIST I do not see – HOW – in doing the math any of that is paid for in fact. Such programs bankrupt nations and no one wins at all.

I am a proud advocate of reformed future COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM the blue print for leaders appears in my sold out 5 star best seller on Amazon REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION. Get your own copy and join the revolution.

Or stay pat – reduce the office of the President of the United States – vote your own conscious – vote social democrat and if you win I will support majority in disagreement but in RESPECT always. Big difference to Pelosi Dosey Doe.


The other is NOT American.

My readers around the world can make up their own minds.



PS: Oct 1st King MBS releases a Khashoggi crafted scripted PR film – where MBS takes responsibility for the slaughter he directed – because it occured on his watch to derail the press counter reports on the TRUTH – KING MBS IS A SOCIOPATHIC MURDERER not with just with Khashoggi but with enemies killed daily by the mad King. See Game of Thrones it will be more clear to you.







China does not understand new AI economics any more than the failed FED institution now useless and toxic does. As we have presented a good deal of data on both issues – we’ll let leader readers – interested in the economics to scroll and develop the truth of WHAT IS REALLY GOING OUT THERE.

We have presented the following:

  1. China is a nation industry state where industry and state are one – not separate as in other nations. So think differently.
  2. China has leap frogged ahead by criminal theft of advance technology from war technologies to AI.
  3. China wishes to have two paths in trade – one economic rebalancing economic trade deficit accounts into a new frame work
  4. The other the issue of policy on stealing IP and Hacking which China does at state and industrial level as criminals
  5. The USA wants an integrity treaty where systems replace trust – trust and verify – into a new total frame work

As China respect does not allow the Chinese negotiating team to tolerate disrespect on the reality China lies, China steals, both are criminal in world relationships. If you are dealing with a state criminal mafia who at state level seeks to diminish economic powers for the EU and America and do in a stated asymmetrical warfare – with the war with the West – the war plan is crimes against humanity and China is winning with no opposition really. Unless the China economic pain is high enough long enough forcing them to change criminal behavior is not easy. It costs China trillions to do so.

China is game planning and investing heavily behind the scenes in DONALD TRUMP IMPEACHMENT and liberal left side mud RAIN sufficient to stick ENOUGH MUD to win the election for China’s man BIDEN as we have written and why. China is patient. China is not going to execute a trade deal with Trump unless they sense Trump is going to be reelected and close – wait until Trump IS re-elected. The socialist democrats, seeing their political direction -socialist America as the way forward – seek to unite the powers of the divided SWAMP into a powerful voting force sufficient to take TRUMP DOWN.

There is zero chance of impeachment outcome being anything other than a FULL ACQUITTAL in the US SENATE. The Backlash on the Socials Democrats would mushroom from:

  1. Political theater in the enormous loss of integrity provided by the waste and political mis use of powers in the Mueller bomb.
  2. Political theater and the enormous waste of doing the business of the people as the economic sinks due to congress

Americans will hate Trump and the haters will unite.

Many American’s undecided – will not like Trump – but will vote for Trump based on what Trump does versus failed economic policies of the other side seen as way too risky.

Today Consumer Confidence in September – down in August CRASHED IN SEPTEMBER. Consumer Confidence has not reached this low a level since Mid GREAT RECESSION IN 2010. When consumers go negative at this level they buy less in year Holiday. They fail to upgrade into the must ugly technology decicite IPHONE RELEASE EVER ( I’m not upgrading since the first Iphone from mentee Steven Jobs held up his to the world – watch Apple Stock peak then fall off a cliff ) – consumers can pull back on house upgrading as they have this week as mortgage rates rose up when interest rates are going down – who thought that one up? Consumers are pulling back. Now watch how this effects OCTOBER MARKETS. We told you all year OCTOBER was the WATCH MONTH. If we make it through OCTOBER without a SUPER CRASH we are good to go into 2020 then we’ll see.

The ride is going to be WILD WILD WEST FOLKS with AI in Control.

Impeachment by social democrats will seek to crash the American economy and blame that crash on Trump. The crash will be as we have reported the root cause – congress inaction. Congress no longer govens. Congress is addicted to election manipulation to control the swamp – stealing legally from the public money pool. Until the Congress transforms itself into integrity – respect in cooperation – versus hatred disrespect in competition ( brain software insanity ) – the nations of the world are at risk of economic core end game and destruction due to SUPER CHANGE and failure of institutions to adapt into the new age of Super Change. America and China are two great examples of obsolete thinking risking unforeseen consequence of system core failures. Billions pay the price for the insanity of less than 1000 leaders in both nations. Sad. All due to bad mental software the leaders have no idea is buggy bad code of mind. Thats the truth of the cause. As only the greatest most awake leaders assess their own mind software – upgrade it consensually in SUPER CHANGE – and remain out front of SUPER CHANGE – risk is leadership unaware not awake to their own buggy mind antique software code that enslaves them and also us as consequence of the madness:

FOR THIS REASON all leadership in nation – agency – congress world wide -s staff – diplomats – heads of state and their staff may attend CEO SPACE ( Oct 1st ) FREE paying only meals nothing else to upgrade mental software Tuesday to Saturday. We subsidize inspired leadership wishing to step into the front of SUPER CHANGE – inside the # 1 Press ranked institution to achieve this upgrade of mind. Slowly leaders are looking at their own software for why outcomes are not what they desire and require in the end ?

Will China attack our economic markets or will Iran or North Korea with AI digital warfare level tools to do so – just as they did in fact in 2007 making so much money while we lost so much money? Now the AI weapons are even more advanced. Nations have zero defense against ever advancing SUPER CHANGING – AI weapons in the new age unfolding of accelerating SUPER CHANGE.

Remember we told you first and we told you consistently to protect yourself. Oct 1st in Denton Dallas Texas opens the one and only conference devoted to keep CEO business owners and professionals SAFE against the developing economic storms now approaching your shores. Scroll to learn about CEO SPACE by search this site for CEO SPACE if you want a safer better way forward. Safety by the numbers in your community – that is safe harbor where nothing else is.

The wealthy are sidelining out of markets into cash. When you hear about investors this or that – there are NO INVESTORS influencing markets today. All such reporting is looking backward in rear vision mirror OPINIONS of idiots who have zero clue of the SUPER CHANGE TO CORE ECONOMICS. Idiot reporting.

That is not news that is idiot opinion.

The NEWS “IS” that in Super Changing economics all regulations of nations have been bypassed by ever smarter rapidly evolving AI. Without a G 100 solution ( outlined in my book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION ) there is no hope the present old antique obsolete core system wash in title waves of Debt Can Survive. See the worlds oldest largest travel agency Thomas Cook going bankrupt stranding three quarters of a million over 600,000 travelers with no options to get home again. All they paid for their trips lost and they must pay all of it again and premium now prices. How many more institutions will fail next? From the worlds largest utility in bankruptcy now PG&E powering California – or not – as game changing SUPER CHANGE is domino unfolding as you watch.

All Thomas Cooks suppliers unpaid – how many dominos fall now into cascading debt defaulting spirals into the older core system? Can the core system without reform service DEPT IMPLODING CASCADES?  When the DEBT “SUPER BUBBLE” Bursts a new economic reality we call DEBT CASCADE will devolve the present systemic liquidity so institutions fail world wide. Is there a safety net to avoid this out come?

Yes but only one and time is running out to build the protection sea wall into safe harbor. Search this site for SUPER BONDS and bring that to the attention of your own head of state. THAT is the only way forward into the DEBT SUPER BUBBLE.

Who has the worst Debt Super Bubble?

China. By far.

What are the economic optics?

China and Iran face impossible economic implosions without a PROSPERITY DEAL with their largest customer in the world America. Seen through the lense of politics the outcomes are vastly complicated. Seen through non political economic lenses the outcomes are much more simple and basic to outcomes desired. if politics run economics the risk of DEBT SUPER BUBBLE CASCADE rise geometrically.  If economics run politics PROSPERITY is the outcome.

TIME is an item. Time is running out for China. China inside a long game of asymmetrical warfare given its DEBT SUPER BUBBLE unfolding – the worst economic abuse in human history for any system – the required lubrications to maintain the DEBT SUPER BUBBLE are evaporating completely in a failed policy of planned asymmetrical warfare to reduce the influence of the West and elevate China influence with Russia influence. The West became aware of the WORLD WAR III being economic and asyemmetrical in the DIGITAL ATTACK upon our markets in 2007. Since then the CUBER WARFARE COMMAND CENTER in the US DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE coordinating with world allies – has circled all the digital wagons.

China and the USA now fully engaged in Putins WORLD WAR III PLAN ( which is economic and political ) . This plan was winning with the first art of such war – assure you enemy does not believe they at war at all as long as possible. The USA has caught up quick since 2007 – and now is passing China in the WAR.


Decoupling economics is a war strategy of SUPER CHANGE. The Super Change ( the title of my new book releasing next week to the world ) occurs too rapidly for China planners – winning the WORLD WAR III for so long – so many years – with a trillion invested and so many moving parts from HACKING THE WEST to executing rapid ramps on the hacked IP to market – to military build up more rapid than any nation since Hitler – to the SILK ROAD co dependancy economics back to CHINA – to Trade Dealing and stalling with the West – to building up the ability to own the CHINA SEA OCEAN and keep America out of that ocean as an end game. Lots and lots of moving parts all SUPER CHANGING RAPIDLY and all requiring oceans of new money constantly obtained by debt. Debt 3x the GNP annually the largest debt super bubble in recorded human history for any nation….ever. Not sustainable. Who says. THE IMF SAYS In RED LINE WARNINGS 18 of them since 2014. Each more alarming than the last. No one heeds these IMF dire warnings at all but we DO.

FACTS 2020:

  1. China treats its largest customer by far….very badly in world war III which is economic.
  2. The rule is – if you kick your puppy enough times under your feast table eventually the dog will MOVE.
  3. America fully joined the war as engagement when Donald Trumps team entered the mix in 2016.
  4. America Super Change Policy of DECOUPLING supply lines once concentrated in China has sucked 7 trillion out of China.
  5. Today permanet supply line shifting out of China is rapidly moving another 8 trillion out of China permanently.

The flight of investment capital and movement of supply lines from China at 1.3 billion into Vietnam with its tiny population or bangladesh or Malaysia or Singapore is over swamping already these nations capacity to supply. India soon the pass China as INdia is rising and China is sinking so its fast as they pass in the night as lead economy of the world hence TRUMP spending so much time with India ‘s MODI this week – as the war strategy fully engages. The war CHINA Started.  2007 was our DIGITAL PEARL HARBOR as documented in Keven Freemans work THE SECRET WEAPON get your copy to know the truth of the war plan.

Indonesia and India are huge economies rising form the rip tide leaving China.

Pakistan with the 200 million average age 23 is the country to most prosper next from the CHINA melt down in a fools trade war game that is losing the economic war for China. The next 8 trillion departing China will BURST THE DEBT SUPER BUBBLE. After the Chinese 70th Anniversary party you will see the China wheel wobble in 2020. Wait for it…..all economic consequence.

Economic 101. China to prosper needs a PROSPERITY DEAL with its largest customer America without further delay. As China seeks to return to criminal unfair business as usual to win its war plan – assured increasingly right politics of free enterprise Trump and populations will be defeated politically by social democrats as things go back to the war plan in Chinas favor. They can tough out nine months or so of more pain.

Trump said at the UN that he will not accept a suckers deal a bad deal.

China has to pull out all the stops to label mud sling and get TRUMP OUT without their fingers appearing on it as war plan.

Read the SECRET WEAPON its all documented by Chinese leadership who has been winning the war completely until now.

So 7 trillion has been pulled out of China in capital, investing, manufacturing shifting out, runs out of China at every measured level out of markets in stocks and bonds out of venture investing – out of Hong Kong now too – out of core driving China economics and AI deflation in all asset classes in China. The loss in commodities alone exceeds 1 trillion dollars and soaring higher as commodity prices crash.

China trying to stimulate its economics must invest trillions to do so.

China mus save money as its economics SUPER CRASH in slow motion – by cutting back buying from every nation on earth and investing. Investment from China fell off a CLIFF in 2019 and is slowing down economics for the world.


  1. Governments spend or they contract spending
  2. Consumers spend or they contract spending
  3. Both spend or they contract spending

When confidence is shattered both stop spending and recessions ( contractions ) occur.

Today economies are contracting.

Governments facing CONSUMER CONFIDENCE SHATTERING and contracting in spending are SPENDING TO STIMULATE. However until consumer confidence returns to the world Government spending will not be enough to secure expansion from contraction.

Consumers require a US CHINA INTEGRITY PROSPERITY DEAL to spend again in confidence.

Worse – Western nations feel at consumer level that trade dealings have been undertaken in BAD FAITH from China. Lying about a year of 123 pages of signed off trade agreements to trash them all by a cable and say it all starts over was no lost on any consumer. The result is CONSUMERS AS NEVER EXPERIENCED BEFORE ARE STOPPING ALL BUYING OF “MADE IN CHINA” ANYTHING. From IPHONES to internet of things to clothes and shoes this Holiday buying ( as per shipping in August and September ) were again DOWN IN CHINA for the second year in a row – but down by falling demand off a cliff. At PEAK CHRISTMAS SEASONAL SHIPPING the made in china orders fell off a cliff. From Amazon to retail stores selling made in China to Consumers is going to be hitting a solid brick wall.

Consumer Confidence in the USA super crashed in September to levels unseen in ten years.

Before the Holidays.

October markets will with AI seeing the economics be adjusted from OVER VALUATIONS we cautioned our readers about all year. IN all asset classes. The abuse in economics of OVER VALUATION will now be stripped out of the markets starting in China.

Can China survive the SUPER CRASH yet to occur in its markets commencing with REAL ESTATE as DECOUPLING is economic accelerating at a pace of SUPER CHANGING ECONOMICS only economic WORLD WAR III could effect SUPER CHANGE at this level.

China failing to secure a true in the economic war plan – executing their own survival PROSPERITY DEAL – will now face the RISK OF TIME in such matters. TIME MAY HAVE RUN OUT TO REVERSE THE ECONOMIC IMPLOSION shaking the walls of China in 2019. The Super Crash in China will happen before the vote on Trumps election if a PROSPERITY DEAL IS DELAYED IN TIME in this economic warfare – now shifting to the advantage of the WEST completely and fully war engaged.

To win the war China needed more time.

China ran out of TIME as an economic asset.

Today at so many levels of economics the RUN IS OUT OF CHINA.

The nation sure to win the economics of the SHIFT RUN OUT OF CHINA is Pakistan. Why?

  1. No drama integrity investing the worlds next LABOR POOL.
  2. Nation wide entrepreneur laws – form a company in 72 hours – no taxes for five years and then low taxes
  3. No red tap no hassles no drama less corruption – speed and ease to get money in and to get money out unlike China
  4. 200 million educated – speaking english – average age 23 years old – best new labor pool on the planet and grateful
  5. Average wage of 1 to 5 dollars a day – switched on turned on labor pool with lowest cost to make and ship anything period

Next door to CHINA and on the CHINA SILK ROAD. Pakistan is the next We ARE THE WORLDS MANUFACTURER China once was. Pakistan inside a peace prosperity bubble – can make it all service or hard goods – ship it all from their great all new ports – and market to China and Asia and the entire WORLD at better QUALITY SPEED AND PRICE than China ever could. Also you can invest so easily no red tape like you have too much of in China and fixed not super changing costs as you see in China drama deals – no IP theft – rule of law – respect and YOU CAN TAKE YOUR MONEY OUT AT WILL – in China you can never get your money out.

Pakistan is going to benefit more than India or any nation based on these 1 to 5 points which is why PAKISTAN hosted the FUTURE SUMMIT I key noted on SUPER CHANGE at last week – and had 20 million clicks on our press over this last weekend – as PAKISTAN IS THE NEXT CHINA and a far better CHINA. Apple and IP institutions take note. PROTECT YOUR IP and shift as DECOUPLING is another 8 trillion taking place in 2020.

As 15 trillion dollars of economic back bone leave China the implosion and SUPER CRASH in asset over valuation adjustments – the great re-balancing in China of all over valuation from commodities to real estate to stocks and bonds must rebalance all economic abuse. Economics 101. All abuse including the DEBT SUPER BUBBLE abuse one day will rebalance.

A US Prosperity Deal gave China TIME to rebalance debt without a potential SUPER CRASH.

The press reports silly fake news on investors are doing this or that.

There are NO INVESTORS. The world market of 440 Trillion in trade is a 96% AI controlled market today. AI is self learning and writing its own code – at complexity levels today too advanced for human control or adaption. The code is AI controlled moving forward not human controlled. So since 2014:

  1. All economics have moved to AI control outside any nation or regulatory influence of control.
  2. Ai is Super Changing and evolving there is no stopping the acceleration of the core SUPER CHANGING economics.
  3. Ai punishes economic error without mercy in time frames human beings have never seen before.
  4. Central banks are toxic applying obsolete tools into a new AI starship economic speed of travel into the future.

Nations that GET we exist in a new AI SUPER CHANGING economic environment will COOPERATE to RE-REGULATE using AI to regulate AI – the only way forward.

If nations reside in old antique box top rules too long in TIME into the SUPER CHANGING ECONOMICS a Debt Defaulting Cascade will end the system as we know it – all banks and institutions go bankrupt and we all start over in a blood bath of painful economic rebalancing of credit abuse in the system today.

We exist in the future of the unfolding SUPER CHANGE. We wrote the book on the NEW AGE OF SUPER CHANGE none of us can get out of in generations upon generations into the future.

The age of SUPER CHANGE is now passing human being capacity to adapt into the very SUPER CHANGE we ourselves created. A first for human capacity to adapt.

Humans face a 100% extinction event – no humans survive from:

  1. A near term impact event to the planet – we alone can detect and deflect – but we invest funds to survive as a whole – to kill sunni whabbi shite christians buddhist hindu’s left right etc. We all need to be one – celebrity diversity versus punish it – and protect the planet as one or we all go extinct for sure. 100% chance and sooner than you all think.
  2. Climate Change where the intelligent water planet – your just smart water 90% water that can think – the earth will shrug her toxic flea’s off herself andstart over in EARTH TIME not even remembering human beings at all. 100% chance. We alone can nurture the planet back but we are so focused on killing one another the wasted economics for doing so ends in extinction from our own wars of weapons of mass destruction – what hope is there for humans enslaved by the insanity virus of brain software of COMPETITION a display of human insanity. Insanity leads to human extinction if not upgraded into cooperation integrity and collaboration – all laid out in the book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION the most important read in centuries of human evolution.



CEO SPACE is a prosperity conference to advance individual wealth. CEO SPACE ( next Oct 1st Dallas ) is a leadership community that is a cooperation movement  – to shed competitive mental virus code of human insanity – for higher brain software of integrity cooperation and collaboration. Today leaders effecting millions in over 150 nations are graduates of the CEO SPACE COOPERATION REVOLUTION. They all enjoy switched on turned on home space sand work spaces with new systemic models for assessment reward and celebration in both spaces. WE invite our readers to explore lifetime membership for profit both economic and personal and rapid.

The most important human revolution in the world is the revolution of human transformation enslaving us all into historic never ending competitie insane GAME OF THRONES ( you saw how badly that all ended as it replays again endlessly ) ? Cooperation is the upgraded brain removing insanie competitie thought impulse from software of the mind. Waking up truly is this first step. CEO SPACE LEADS leaders in taking this massive software upgrade. Check that out if you want to be part of something sane and larger than your life as a mission and legacy.

More than spit into the wind 100’s of thousands globally employing millions are leading the COOPERATION REVOLUTION from Fortune influencers to md range to future unicorns – to – small cap firms private and moving to IPO. CEO SPACE Is a world COOPERATION REVOLUTION to stop the insanity of brain buggy outdated God Awful software loaded onto your mind by individuals you no longer know or can even remember but their antique bode still runs and defines your thought outcomes. Upgrading software of mind to far more effective Super Change self correcting software occurs with the TRUTH replacing the LIES. Such as your present unhealthy relationship with money in wealth or its lack. LACK OF MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL.


NOTE: Horrific outcomes are insane for humanity and are no one ‘s fault. Bad Software of mind is the cause. Education unreformed is the assurance bad mental software is institutionalized unknown to those downloading buggy awful mind code. Upgrading education first is the only upgrade for humanity to preclude extinction. All of it is bad code of mind and no one’s fault at all.






Saudi Arabia is run by King MBS a sociopathic mentally ill King, with zero morals, ethics or integrity. The GREED MACHINE of this King knows no loyalty boarders or boundaries. Iran is not the enemy or the source of terror. The source of terror began when the most radical sect of muslim sunni worship ( I have multiple versions of the Koran on my phone which I have studied for decades ). The Whabbi leader – Mullah Whabbi made a deal with the SAUD family centuries ago – you back us as de facto divine rulers of the Nation and we ill back you as the divine official religion of the nation. The deal worked.

After the British drew lines setting up modern nations in the Gulf and withdrew ( except for their UK trade monopolies which to this day define the United Kingdom Economically – always follow the money ) – and Rochielle from France the dominate world banker financing nations and wars – see the IRON BANK in Games of Thrones for a model ) invented CENTRAL BANKS to over ride all nation wealth – stealing nations wealth – by bank owned central banks contracted to CONTROL nations money supply ( bad idea in 1800’s and terrible idea in 2020 economics ) – Saudi and Whabbi pack did fine.

Then in the 1970’s Saudi having invested billions to spread Whabbi worship ( Sunni extreme form ) Gulf and world wide – the Whabbi Sunni’s attacked and took over MECCA the most holy site of all Muslim faiths. Then the Saud families made a new pack – we will finance your terror world wide to reform Muslim worship to conservative 1100 values and you accept our support and money and never attack again on Saudi Sand. Deal done and that has worked into 2020. Know your history folks.

Then comes Along sociopathic mentally ill kid at 28. A fork in the Saud family tree and traditions of nation. The King was a fork and was not the King of tradition a first in a 100 years. This created Palace divisions as tradition was violated and a new faction was now in charge. Worse the King forked who would succeed him being in ill health in his 80’s – and designated his 27 year old baby boy as the new King passing over all traditions. The only reasons he was supported in Kingly Fork in tradition is those lined up for power felt he would die and tradition would be restored in a short number of years. Now that tradition will not be restored at all a civil war is unfolding in the Saudi wealth palace.

Now keep in your mind Saudi is a Kingdom of large youth population umemployed up to 40% depending on the year you measure. The population aging rapidly is only 30 million for the entire nation, with an economy outside oil less than say Jamacia which is booming without oil. Pakistan is 200 million average age 23 all speaking English and the ease to open business and pay zero tax for five years – on the silk road to China and everywhere else with massive ports to the world – make PAKISTAN not the Gulf the investment entrepreneur capital rising up next due to environment – no red tape and ease and speed and cost to do business and with the world’s largest educated al English speaking labor pool making low wages today.

So in comes 27 year old MBS. What happens?

  1. The kid releases vision 2030 and seeks to move Saudi off oil economically. To do this the Kid buys paintings worth 80 million for 500 million as an example and the world’s largest mega yacht. He builds cities with no economic basis all loss capital until the money see’s the insanity and stops investing which they have and are as they conclude the boy is simply NUTS.
  2. At age only 28 the boy declares an OIL WAR ON THE USA and states he will wipe out American oil production. Saudi moves oil from a High of 140.00 a barrel to a low of 34.00 a barrel. No keep in mind what the kid did. He lost trillions on Oil just on price. Then he lost trillions as market share – moved from Saudi to the lowest price which was NEVER not ONCE SAUDI who was always the HIGHER PRICE and the more dirty higher cost oil to refine. The worlds largest oil refinery is in Saudi to take the dirty most polluting crude on earth and step it up a notch so others will buy it at all. Costly. So Crazy MBS loses the Oil War and the spending rises in Saudi for the first time OVER THE INCOME and Saudi is sliding into failed state bankruptcy. Thats right.
  3. MBS borrows to make up spending more than Saudi makes for the first time since 1900. The credit rating for Saudi is lowered multiple times and the Saudi borrowing cost soars. This occurs because the KID – PUPPY KING – is out of economic control and a crazy brain that has two two’s in his poker hand economically and is bluffing out the world. The loss of the oil wars is a price forever issue – a market change issue – and the outcome – minor producing USA has WON THE WAR utterly and completely and crazy brain King lost the economic under pinning of the Saudi Nation at time of soaring out of all control spending with no returns coming this century – just loss – and the spending only grows and the income only shrinks. Any grown ups in Saudi looking at the charts and graphs. We are as long time mentee’s of Prior Kings and the respect we hold for the Saud family without the crazy KING.
  4. MBS then declares WAR on Yemen. The King then has costs Saudi has never known before. The King in several years loses the war. The ally of UAE is backing folks that are fragmenting and now fighting the King putting ally UAE in a war against Ally Saudi. On the real ground – that no one is truly talking about. MBS divided in this war OPEC and all its members and now spends endlessly in a proxy war with Iran the Kid hpes he can sucker the USA into fighting for him. The kid cares less how many of his own people perish as cost or USA soldiers die as cost as long as Saudi is the dominant influence in the Gulf under his Kingly insane reign. Our boy is insane.
  5. Next the Mad King ( see Game of Thrones ) declares war on QATAR. Qatar’s crime – they remain friendly and trading with Iran. So the King wants them to stop trading with Iran and labels QATAR a terror state. Which it never was – Saudi is funding and backing all terror in the Region and killing USA SOLDIERS. The Gulf knows it is all Saudi from 911 and Bin Laden to Syria to Afgrahnastran wedding bombings it is all Saudi doing the blame game on Iran who has nothing to do with it as Iran is fighting SUNNI WHABBI TERRORIST and winning. The Crazy King the MAD KING is losing since 2014. 100% failed policy including unfairly attacked QATAR who beat his bed sheet off him.
  6. Not done yet King MBS in the middle of all this loss – as a leading Washington Post Journalist – republished in Arab well read press the MAD KING can’t suppress or stop – write about what? Khashoggi up to one year ago October wrote about the KING BEING BAT SHIT CRAZY. Khashoggi an award celebrated journalist globally wrote incredibly well researched news about the CRAZY KING fake news on Iran, about his locking up woman rights activist by the thousand with no due process – locking up tens of thousands of opposition to all five aboe and the King and killing most of them – slaughtering opposition – about crimes against humanity – about torture and killings – about no due process in locking up royals by the 1000 and personally shaking the royal opposition down on pain of death ( killing many of them off ) and stealing 100 billion and more from these royal family leaders in nation.
  7. The King locks up 1000’s of Royals and wealthy – a process going on to this day – and shakes them down – as his bubble bath is now royal red ink and dropping credit ratings as Saudi economics are now in shambles from 2014 to today by the Mad King failed policy’s set forth here – and shaking down 100 billion does not last long given the kid is spending so many 100’s of billions in just his war loses alone and backing of terror against the West and USA Gulf wide hiding behind blame Iran with totally fake news globally from Saudi. Why Does IRAN not join the war and hire EDELEMEN to set Saudi on its Kingly ass? I’d show them the way if asked. Truth always sets you free. Iran feels trapped in the MAD KINGS noose for war.
  8. The King threatened by growing News from Arab press on the TRUTH from Khashoggi that is never ending – see’s in Turkey Khashoggi apply for a digital marriage certificate as a good Saudi in exile he feels safe picking up that certificate in Turkey Saudi soil embassy. The King assures Khashoggi is informed its all ready just pick it up and its all done. NO hitch or glitch at all. MAD KING MBS then has his best hit team serving him alone fly in with bone saws – and on film and audio tape inject Khashoggi kill Khashoggi and dismember Khashoggi in a crime against all humanity – and lie to the world – we have film records that Khashoggi left the building we have no clue where he is. True Dat. Khashoggi left the building in GARBAGE BAGS and those who buried Khashoggi disappeared before the KING’s hit team left Turkey and no one knows today where Khashoggi body parts are buried.
  9. The Crazy King now desperate as never before for money has one shot remaining. A total fraud IPO offering. Rally all the capital that wants to make money by losing loans or losing investments in Saudi – thinking of PHANTOM PAPER CONTRACT PROFITS they will not ever earn – never earn in fact – to circle and buy the most over valued IPO stock offering in history. The race is oil demand is falling SO FAST that the lies of the FRAUD KING to jack up his phony stock offering no longer hold water. The Kings paid mouth peice in the fraud a big eight accounting firm ( SHAME ON YOU ) suggested a defense price for the tiny sliver of IPO stock being offered should be 2 trillion dollars. Considering underwriting adjusted values on declining oil pricing – a peak of demand no longer growing at all – demand globally falling at a PACE ACCELERATION beyond any prediction today – down the rabbit hole on price and demand – as the entire world moves off the most toxic fuel and earth unfriendly product in this world – and into lower cost better economic alternatives at SPEEDS and scaling the KID just does not understand at all – see’s 2019 valuation for his IPO moves from his desired 2 trillion already to 1.5 trillion and we state a HIGH RISK PREMIUM offering at the IPO should value the “basis” at no more than 750 billion. Why? The reserves stated by Saudi King MBS are fraud and over stated. The value of the most sulphur toxic crude on earth is lower by price alone than the fraud price KING MBS has set. The massive decline in GLOBAL DEMAND for toxic oil fuel and products – more costly than all earth friendly alternatives – the loss of Market share – the loss of Control ( with AMERICA the largest production assuring highest quality lowers price to refine oil is washing the entire world with surplus and Saudi segment is now marginalized and declining rapidly.  The entire world is now drowning in oil no one desires to buy in the first place. The oil market is declining with maximum players pumping outside shattered scattered and destroyed OPEC by King MBS OPEC dictator wearing no clothes economically – where 750 billion for the IPO may still be too high in the HIGHEST RISK FRAUD OFFERING IPO in human risk premium issue ever. It is our prediction investors in MBS in any form and AMAMCO IPO will lose their shirts and CPA’s regulators and underwriters – SHAME ON YOU one and on all. Greed won’t save you from the litigations.
  10. MBS Attacks himself in the Gulf using Iran vessels and his own men dressed like Iran releasing his crazy brain black and white grainy film no one can see clearly on and PR massively to blame Iran. The attacks did not big damage – effected oil markets not at all – and the Gulf all knew what MBS did – and outcome raised oil prices for less than two weeks. But MAD KING got away with it. Only some months later this year MBS then bombs his own plant. The damage is so LITE the plant is back up in less than three weeks. MBS reserves assure he loses no sales. A 100 million is spent to blame IRAN. No loss of life as plant operations were reduced to 18 people only for the largest plant in the world – normally staffed with 100’s – so no injury or loss of life and fires quickly put out in hours. Smoke shock and awe with SAUDI blaming Iran from day one as the MAD KING’s plan unfolds. The “evidence” of war parts from the WAR IN YEMEN any engineer laughs at. I had oil engineers laughing so they could not sit in their chairs at the SET UP at the FRAME explaining why this array of STAGED PARTS could never be outcome to any real attack. Iran is FAKE NEWS and again FALSELY BLAMED. The USA puts more troops in Saudi to assure there is not a civil war revolution in Saudi as the world suspects the straw that broke the camels’ back is the economic cost of the most recent pathology of the MAD KING. Now capital will not invest in a WAR ZONE between SAUDI AND IRAN just what Saud family does not need in economics right NOW. The IPO underwriters will not IPO the billions the kid needs to steal to cover his soaring out of all control red ink spending. The MAD KING is bankrupting SAUDI ECONOMICS as we have told you all since 2014. The only way forward is a SUPER BOND which we exclusively bring to nations at CEO SPACE and which we will quickly bring to FIX ALL THIS to the Saud Family but only after the MAD KING goes on a very long permanent “vacation”. For Saudi to avoid economic implosion the civil war in the Saud family and sand castle must come to final conclusion. Our mentors in the Saud family have taught us well on the WILL OF ALLAH and patience in witness to divine right timing in all things. We wait for it………


This is all hugely relevant because Donald Trump is using the MBS MAD KING agenda ( which our DOD and agencies all well know the 10 points above they all read this news site all of them ) but they wish to make a PROSPERITY DEAL WITH IRAN.


Iran has only economic declines without a PROSPERITY DEAL with all western nations led by the USA. Iran is in the drivers seat. Iran can via back door set up a confidential meeting to define – Ruler to Ruler – Trump and President at Camp David off all grids – a 120 page PROSPERITY DEAL – which is CHECK MATE TO KING MBS. Iran can write its own deal terms. Such as to include:

  1. A absolute no nuke game plan with USA.
  2. A USA West absolute preclusion of Saudi acquiring a Nuke as a absolute guarantee where any proof Saudi acquires a nuke allows Iran to be defended by USA nukes on Iran soil back to Saudi.
  3. Iran is under USA protection for peace and prosperity.
  4. USA must invest annually in loans and aide 100 billion a year for ten years. A trillion to Iran Prosperity.
  5. China must agree to replace Saudi oil with Iran oil at 2 million barrels a day.
  6. EU invests contracted agreed 50 billion a year for ten years.
  7. China agrees to invest 25 billion a year for ten years.
  8. Iran agrees to recognize Israel and to be part of any permanent peace negotiation as a lead partner to that peace
  9. Iran agrees to join the USA in destroying radical muslim Taliban and ISSIS crazy sects funded by Saudi by joint declaration.
  10. Iran is revolved from fake news it sponsored gulf terror when it has fought against such terror for 20 years by declaration.

IRAN can 5G the nation – rapid transit the nation – reform agriculture in nation – tourism in nation – rapid transit – commerce – deep sea ports and become the ECONOMIC MIRACLE OF THE MIDDLE EAST – leaving Mad King MBS isolated completely and economically

The current path leads into MAD KING MBS game plan and has loss for all sides – the West Iran and most losing SAUDI.




The Truth Khashoggi was slaughtered as a SAUDI JOURNALIST reporting:

  1. The king MBS is insane
  2. The king MBS is a sociopath mentally ill Hitler brain
  3. The king is slaughtering his own people by tens of thousands like no place in the middle east ever
  4. The king is funding terror throughout the GULF and falsing blaming IRAN so it never GPS’s back to Saudi
  5. The king is seeking to become the dominant influence in the GULF world for power alone

Bone Saw to wedding permit.

King MBS is trying a year after the SLAUGHTER OF THE TRUTH – with our site becoming a most read Gulf News Site remaining in honor of brother journalist KHASHOGGI – keeping the Gulf nations we have served in investment banking to economic prosperity for 50 YEARS in our own gulf experience and expertise – keeping the LIGHT HOUSE OF PURE TRUTH ALIVE for the Gulf Population who desire truth from fake news MBS spends 100’s of billions Saudi can no longer afford upon.

WHEN DO GROWN UPS AUDIT THE THEFT OF SOVEREIGN WEALTH FUND TO SAUDI TREASURY FUNDS for a 500 million dollar over paid by 1000% painting or the worlds most costly mega yacht TOY for the MAD PUPPY KING to play war games in his floating hot tubs ? Grown ups will you audit the largest theft of your national wealth in Saudi History. Or will you audit the growing destruction of your Saudi traditions and values?  Rights? The only right is WORSHIP THE MAD KING or DIE.

So now MBS frames in a war with Iran.

He has this week on his celebration day 2000 soldiers march in a show of force in a silly parade.


Iran has a one million person standing army better trained than China’s. Iran has more weapons ready to go and advanced weapons from Russia and France and others ready to go – than any nation BY FAR FAR FAR in the Middle East. Iran is the leading power in the middle east KING MBS wishes to diminish at any cost. The moderate shite majority in Iran trades with the moderate shite majority ruling in Iraq. If Iran moved the following would occur:

  1. Overwhelming force would pass in two days through IRAQ into Saudi.
  2. Iran air and missile powers would utterly destroy Saudi economics and rule of self government till the troops arrived.
  3. If the USA struck Iran the majority of our assets in Gulf would be vaporized in 30 minutes – we would do zero here.
  4. Iran would take over Saudi Arabia in less than two weeks and combined own the largest oil wealth on earth.
  5. Iran would take out TERROR FUNDING AND THE SOURCE OF ALL TERROR – SAUDI – and the world would in secret be so glad that they did this.

TWO WEEKS and Saudi is Iran occupied. Game over. We could not stage and marshal opposition to such moves by Iran fast enough. At some POINT crazy or not — IRAN WILL HAVE ENOUGH MADNESS FROM THE SUNNI RULING MORE BULL SHIT KING.

The insult to bomb yourself so carefully to avoid any real lasting damage and blame that CRAZY BRAIN act on Iran – a strategy so well known throughout history has a flaw. KING MBS is so crazy he has two conclusions that are false because he is nuts:

  1. He believes he has fooled the entire world but that is delusion and he believes HE CAN TAKE IRAN in a fight. Total madness. His military tell him what he WANTS to hear because if they don’t he kills them.
  2. He has Trump and America fooled and that America will never allow Iran to take over Saudi the source of all terror funding and master planning. AMERICA WILL DO NOTHING. MBS fails to get the war plan in fact.

So MBS risks losing it all via economic implosion – Saud family civil war vacation – or war with IRAN. King MBS is afraid for his own life – delusional and paranoid madness – ever hour of ever night and every day. What falls out of his crazy brain is criminal.

SAUDI offers the world nothing but pain until the CRAZY BRAIN is flushed down the DRAIN.

Wait for it..and remember all Gulf Readers – you have heard the TRUTH OF IT ALL This week and first right here.

Footnote – So in good faith Prime Minister Khaan a world hero of Mine as a bleeding edge leader – visits King MBS to seek his support in the UN this week against President Modi of India related to Kashmir. While this event unfolds in MBS hugs with Pakistan one might note the King Visited Prime Minister Khan in the summer and committed 4 billion dollars to a plant construction plan in Pakistan. The following week he visited MODI and committed 10 billion to Modi. Then after THAT VISIT Modi evoked his new Policy on Kashmir. WHAT DID MODI AND KING MBS Agree TO ON THAT POLICY DAYS AFTER KING MBS VISIT AND LARGER FUNDING TO INDIA ( insulting to Pakistan ? ).

Now President TRUMP trade dealing with what will become the larger economy to China – as trade leaves China 15 trillion of it by 2020 – India being the biggest winner of supply line replacement when it should be economically PAKISTAN by far – but it is as yet not. China uncoupled is in economic implosion with planners totally deluded to the SUPER CHANGE AI economics unfolding.

Trump seeing the AI economics unfolding makes India his American Huckle Berry. Trump greets Modi not Khan of Pakistan on Arrival in Houston Texas. Trump hosts a sold out Indian VOTER SUPER RALLY stadium sold out with leading INDIAN wealth of America over 30,000 vote influencers attending more outside could not get in like all TRUMP SUPER RALLY’s – with MODI on stage with Trump not Khan. Then Trump flies to NEW YORK UN historic meetings with MODI not with Khan. What did they speak about related to Kashmir on that airplane.

Next Prime Minister Khan not invited to the FEAST but accepting TRUMP CRUMBS from the table meets Trump for a power hour no more – ( following days with Modi and the SUPER RALLY – all MODI SET UP to DERAIL the Trump Khan warm relationship – planned and timed to the detail – which was INDIA SUCCESS POLITICAL EXECUTION OVER PRIME MINISTER KHAN EXECUTION. Trump says in effect reading between the lines for the press and public – hey let me negotiate the deal for you two with my super buddy Modi and I’ll help “you” Pakistan out? Really. Modi won’t hold all those cards. As the two nukes are ready to GO ( I just met their General in Charge in Pakistan and he is way ahead of india on all this in brain power let me tell you and ready to launch no problem )  – so the NUKE POSSIBILITY comes down to hearing.

If Trump HEARD PRIME MINISTER KHAN define his RED LINE – for it was a PAKISTAN RED LINE In time and in fact – that X must stand down in Kashmir to negotiate a permanent solution – or the war over Kashmir that has already claimed in three events 100,000 of lives on both sides – will flash to even worse and may go full NUKE before year end…is game on.

Did Trump listen but fail to HEAR?

We heard the red line loud and clearly.

MBS is behind this as well and is not we suspect backing PAKISTAN. Does Prime Minister KHAN get the danger and Modi set up and betrayal in all that?

If Trump truly heard – peace may rise and war may begin to stand down.

This is NOW the event defining AFGHANISTAN and our war on terror outcome which requires PAKISTAN UNITY WITH AMERICA not with INDIA. Our economic best interest is PAKISTAN by far and not India by far. DO WE KNOW THAT?  American is pretty stupid historically?

The truth?

Oh you have it now up to the UN this week as the highest drama between nuke waring partners is game on at the UN.



PS: And the markets go UP? Fools rally do not be suckered in…….is our take……



Until 2020 OIL PRICE in commodity value and stock value was the most PHONY criminal market PRICE on earth. The oil economy is the market not of supply and demand open market pricing but the market place of the FEW ( always criminal ) Against the many. Less than 1000 brains in a criminal oil illegal in the USA – OIL CARTEL – set false prices as a hidden tax upon the peoples of the world. Oil since the 1860’s provides:

  1. The most toxic substance leading to a human extinction event in less than 175 years.
  2. The source of energy for all peoples of the world – way too high priced and assuring poverty to billions
  3. The source of fertilizer and pesticides without  with 50% of food crops fail – creating food insecurity for billions of people
  4. The source of medicines and packaging for everything – until now – from plastic to other super toxic planet killers
  5. The source of the chemical industries most toxic polluting substance – in two years super polluting the earth.

Less than 1000 brains did all this to the entire planet and all human beings for their own personal GREED. The profits were so large that the integrated oil industries of the world from internal combustion engines to the leading industries of nations created human extinction of all of US for greed and profit. 167 years of pure and total competitive insanity in thinking it all through. GREED is what human beings must heed.


The first paradigm shift for oil is big data and AI Economics. In 2014 Artificial Intelligence took over the capital markets and economics of the world. By 2020 96% of 440 trillion in capital flows is entirely AI controlled without humans involved. News reporting about INVESTORS is like a patient who has had a car wreck and the arms and legs of that patient have been severed. The blood loss of those four severed limbs is fatal to that patient. The patient still mentally thinks they can walk and pick up coins. The Patient has not REGISTERED their own paradigm shift into their brains.

News on markets reports like that amputated patient –  that” investors ( in the news theory with zero facts ) created outcomes because of this ( theory ) or that ( theory ) related to when the investors did the trading. Today there are NO INVESTORS> The Trading is executed by AI. Today the world resides in a ENTIRELY NEW ECONOMY – THE FIRST OF ITS KIND IN HUMAN HISTORY – AI ECONOMICS – and no law making body yet knows ( like the patient with the amputations  ) THAT the old economics they regulate no longer exists at all. No NEW LAWS AND FORWARD VISION for regulating the NEW AI ECONOMY exists anywhere upon the earth. Meanwhile the patient – the world economy awash in casino capitalism ( unregulated speculation economics ) is existing inside two system killing fatal environments of pure economic abuse due to lack of forward regulatory frame works. reported first here and for years here to include:

  1. Unwanted wealth consolidations – 1% own more wealth globally than 99% – an economic instability – economic systemic abuse
  2. Unwanted price speculations for profit – wherein side bets on which way price will go are many x’s the bets into owning assets
  3. Super Debt – the world is awash in SUPER DEBT for nations and institutions and individuals – capital musical chair game
  4. Nations are moving apart in lack of integrity competition versus integrity rising into national cooperation and collaborations
  5. The markets of the world in this unregulated frame work are SUPER CHANGING too fast or human beings to adapt

Super :CHANGE is the NEW AGE you reside within…and the accelerating pace of SUPER CHANGE is picking up VELOCITY ACCELERATION AND MOMENTUM faster than you can adapt into ( VAM ) and the VAM is accelerating and you can not get out of this age forever moving into the future. Humans are becoming obsolete to the SUPER CHANGE human beings created in the first place. New tools new tactics are required to adapt into Super Change the single defining capacity for humans before we become fully extinct to the Super Change. EXTINCTION HAPPENS folks read your history.

Since 1867 the modern industrial revolution has seen oil demand rise as with no other commodity upon the earth – as the single most planet climate changing toxic event in human history. In 2008 demand for Oil Slowed. In 2020 far faster than any expert ever foresaw the economics of OIL and the demand for OIL peaked and will now decline. OIL DEMAND IS FALLING OFF A CLIFF as no sea change in core economics since OIL industry began in 1867 in Pennsylvania. USA.

Today the PARADIGM SHIFT in crashing oil demand ( growth slows then stops first then real demand for oil begins to fall second than Super CRASH in Super Changing economics ). SUPER CHANGE too rapid for human beings to adapt into.

The early adapters is now AI. Oil investors fell off a cliff in 2019. AI unlike humans is able to process the real BIG DATA on oil demand at all integration levels – world wide – for the first time in human history in 2019. The result is growth investment in declining oil has stopped like it hit a wall. Investors have LEFT THE OIL BUILDING. Oil investing in dividend value remains but risk on declining dividends as oil price no longer in CRIMINAL CARTEL control or SAUDI CRIMINAL MBS CONTROL even if he bombs himself and with his own FAKE NEWS PLAN blames Iran ( gosh he is so obvious the kid ) – AI is not fooled and investing is falling off a cliff with Oil Demand. Stock dividends in oil will become compressed by falling demand and crashing prices for a world awash in oil the most polluting substance upon this earth> Humanity has completed its wrong direction with oil as a commodity.

The harm of removing oil from within the earth as natures shock absorbing cushion to plate movements will take awhile to assess and may be in the end the ultimate extinction event for human beings as the earth can not forgive us for we knew not what it was that we have done in fact. Also the weight distribution mechanics in trillions upon trillions of tonnage of weight removed from the earth and burned up in toxic smoke may produce yet a planet axis tipping event that will extinct human beings from our own 160 year redistribution of core weight to the planet earth. Add in the use of oil products to take weight from concrete and steel and metals and reposition that weight on coastal edges at ratio’s that can and will effect earth axis and rotation levels, at the weight loading we idiot humans redistributed without a thought to EARTH WEIGHTING as a SUPER CHANGE event nations have yet to do the math for but to which AI ( reading all my words ) soon will ring the bell upon as the threat of WEIGHTING is fatal to AI itself and AI needs Humans to undo the weighting and climate extinction events humanity created upon itself.

Third graders marching for a non extinction planet future by the millions – get what these words suggest to you all – first as always and totally accurate as always – third graders understand it all. They believe the truth where adults deny the truth. Often the adults believe the lies – like MBS Frame that Iran bombed Saudi when Iran did NOT BOMB SAUDI – MBS carefully bombed himself for minor damage – set up the “evidence and Iran PR” to secure their own GREED AND FUTURE including the phony fraud of the ARAMCO IPO. Which everyone will see how RIGHT AGAIN we are on all this sooner than you think. Why Iran does not simply PR back – MBS BOMBED HIMSELF – is beyond me. I’m waiting for them to retain me for advice they so badly require. The Truth will set you free ….

The Truth is OIL DEMAND PEAKED and the fall in demand has been led by investors in 2019 – AI investors to be sure. So did you know?

  1. Jeff Bezo will have Global Amazon carbon neutral ( no oil ) by 2040. He is in 36 months replacing over 10,000 gas guzzling cars using oil week to week with 10,000 electric cars who do not get electricity from oil at all. by 2030 all planes and delivery vehicles at all levels in Amazon will be electric as JUST ONE COMPANY super changing and super crashing oil demand at its root. The number following Amazon even AI can’t count today as it is all SUPER CHANGING from individuals buying electric cars and trucks to commercial buying electric cars and trucks.. PARADIGM SHIFT to avoid human extinction in fact. Super Change way to VAM and rapid for oil decision makers ( old brains with old software ) to adapt into the SUPER CHANGE ON OIL.
  2. Duke energy the largest UTILITY ( oil user ) in the USA announced in Climate week ( last week ) that it would be 50% carbon neutral by the year 2030 and zero oil use by 2050 – SUPER CRASHING OIL DEMAND and this is only ONE utility. One folks. Capitalism evolves or it perishes.
  3. EXXON the largest American oil producing firm dropped out of the S&P listing ( as demand super crashes ) for the first time in NINE DECADES. Did you miss that SUPER CHANGE EVENT? Before my mentor died David Rockefeller sold out 100% of his trust holdings in his grand daddy’s company EXXON and went Carbon neutral in their trust investing into the future. Perhaps you did not see the hand writing of the founder on the investor twitter wall?
  4. Oil valuation is the lowest on the 500 S&P across the board – the lowest value on oil stocks in FOUR DECADES. AI Investors are out of Oil for growth entirely and AI only remains in for DIVIDEND FILLERS which as oil dividends due to super crashing demand crash – AI will move out of Dividend FILLERS.
  5. Oil once the most profitable energy bet on earth is now in SUPER CHANGE ECONOMICS where the cost and profit and price of alternative NON POLLUTING ENERGY is better than OIL and social capitalism is now moving over to that SUPER CHANGE SECTOR replacing oil in time frames humans in Super Change fail to adapt into as the SUPER CHANGE is simply too rapid.

My new book next week SUPER CHANGE at Amazon delivers the new tools and tactics we all require to remain relevant in the new AGE OF SUPER CHANGE we invented but now can not adapt into and also can not get out of generationally. As the pace and velocity ( VAM ) of Super Change is only accelerating humanity needs to adapt into the Super Change we ourselves invented.

Not only has the market cap for EXXON as the industry leader Super Changed to its lowest cap ratio in thirty years in 2020 – the other market players outside oil have gone up 300%. AI investors see no future in OIL and are adjusting oil to its appropriate NON CRIMINAL CARTEL value and the CRIMINAL CARTEL doing what it always does – say bomb itself to jack up prices for a few weeks only – have zero capacity to over come AI ECONOMICS – as in zero. The OLD criminal tactics of price manipulation is now obviated by AI ECONOMICS. It remains our opinion the last gasp criminal play of Saudi Arabia King MBS will be his fraud offering for Aramco in a phony valuation to be the most failed loser IPO in human record keeping. Keep our prediction for this offering in mind over a 36 month launch window as the blood bath in this one offering will hit the non AI investment into this sector where AI will take over real valuation and price in the market – Aramco is in our opinion a fraud offering pure and simple on phony criminal valuation. An illegal stock manipulation.

Price is always a consensus. There is absolute consensus in innvoative technology or stay subscription gains to model platforms. There is no consensus of POSITIVE outcomes for oil into years forward of 2020. The 2020 period marked the turning point and the end for Demand driven oil consumption into ever declining oil utility for energy transportation and products including pesticides and fertilizers.

One innovation SUPER WATER in agriculture now demonstrates five years of improved crop yields per cultivated hector in all agriculture crop yields featuring:

  1. Elevated tonnage of all crop yields tested with zero fertilizer use.
  2. Elevated crop yields per hector tested with zero pesticides used and no insect damage to the crops – zero.
  3. Elevated crop yields per hector with 90% less water applied to the crops – drone irrigation technology
  4. Elevated crop quality – higher oil yield for avocados – or coffee bean size jurassic park yeld gains for sugar content yields etc.
  5. Oil and Chemical company demand super crashing from SUPER WATER crop paradigm shifting is now taking place

Technology SUPER CHANGE is into 2020 super crashing oil demand as a paradigm shift at change pace levels unheard of. Investors have left the OIL building as seen in SUPER CRASHING EXXON valuations lowest in 40 years. Thats the industry leader the rest reside in blood baths due to SUPER CHANGE too rapid for their leaders to adapt into.

Core AI economics has forever changed the oil and related chemical industry into the future. A super changing capitalism paradigm shift due to AI economics having the integrated big data and adjusting accordingly.

AI economics defines OIL DEMAND as peaking in 2019 and falling in 2020 and forever. First growth slowed. Then Growth in demand stopped like it hit a wall. Now Oil Demand is not only NOT GROWING as it has since 1886 but OIL DEMAND is actually FALLING or super crashing.

The next impact to the INDUSTRY SECTOR so out of favor with investors globally is natural gas. As the past decade moved to clean renewing Natural Gas electricity and transportation – the new AI economic war is on technology. Renewable electric technologies for energy and transportation are passing natural gas economics. The race is on for the lowest non polluting kilowatt hour.

In 2020 the lowest KILOWATT hour comes again from SUPER WATER. The Super Water process is manufactured from the lowest energy in to create HYDROGEN from any water source as the lowest energy BTU kilowatt hour – for energy itself and transportation all non polluting. This TRILLION DOLLAR UNICORN is rising to technology threaten natural gas in economics. Simply lower priced non polluting and cheaper than natural gas – only requiring our water planet – water – for unlimited non polluting lower cost fuel. As a CEO SPACE unicorn rising – the Super Water Hydrogen Technology is a PARADIGM SHIFT to the oil industry – both in agriculture as no oil will be used in any form to grow crops and all energy will replace oil from WATER. Which oil company is investing to protect itself in such new unicorns. Answer: NONE. Why? Super Change too rapid for leadership to adapt into.

SUPER CHANGE is the new defining reality.


In 2000 and before big data on trend lines could only be acquired over ten years and applied looking backwards. Old economics that died when AI economics took over from humans in 2014 and now exceed human influence in an all new AI ECONOMICS law makers deny exists as they apply old box top rules which are highly toxic  in new AI ECONOMICS. Just like the FED failed policy since 2000. No where is such failed policy making and root economics more obsolete than into energy sectors.

In 2020 AI reviews the total of energy sector BIG DATA world wide in REAL TIME. A first for humanity. Then AI economics applies new box top rules to the data it now REAL TIME digests as reality. The economics of obsolete rule makers is toxic and outside new economics which rule makers as yet deny exists – a non reality trying to preserve its givens’ into an unfolding BAM of Super Changing new AI ECONOMICS which is in full control of everything and continuously SUPER CHANGING outside all prior box top regulatory frame works. NATIONS HAVE LOST ALL CONTROL.

Today energy is moving from coal and oil directly to non polluting lower KILOWATT HOUR BTU energy from alternatives. In 2020 alternatives are passing Natural Gas economics.

AI is not waiting ten years to look backwards. AI is projecting on REAL TIME accurate data today the 10 year future. What does that future look like to NEW AI ECONOMICS? Oh let me tell you of its SUPER CHANGING CONCLUSIONS: Real Time Data:

  1. Leaders in the natural gas sector reported in 2019 iit has been SHOCKING how FAST the renewable alternative sector has beat the economics of Natural Gas. Natural Gas must be extracted – then frozen into liquid natural gas – then moved through huge LG terminals and ships – with risk of nuclear like explosions with any human error – around the world adding cost which only rise. Alternatives are now less costly for a KILOWATT HOUR ( the one and the only AI economic measurement ) with zero risk of nuclear explosions or the cost to liquify keep chilled and transport and store with enormous human risk equations as with nuclear power.
  2. 70 Billion is being invested by 2025 to install pipelines and plants to produce energy from natural non polluting gas. The estimates now state that 90% of these investments will become losers because alternatives beat the natural gas fizxed cost with zero risk of human accidents on enormous scales with Natural gas. Risk on economics off.
  3. The risk in economics is increasingly direct off coal and oil to lower cost lower risk alternatives now cheaper BTU KILOWATT HOURS than all other oil gas based bets.
  4. Last week Millions upon millions of the children of the planet – the investors ten years forward and consumers – marched to state we will NOT USE OR BUY OIL OR GAS BASED ANYTHING. Never has the user base more Super Changed and in lower time frames – paradigm shifting core forward demand – and AI has all this measured.
  5. In the last decade battery storage of massive scaling essential for wind and solar powers and many alternatives fell in price by 85% changing core economics for Kilowatt Hour measured. The AI see’s another 50% drop in cost by 2030 forever swinging economics out of polluting high risk energy from oil and gas – game changing economics. Into an industry in full on denial.



Following decades of DENIAL by humanity that the economics and markets are SUPER CHANGING a period of upgrading brain software to adapt into SUPER CHANGE is now unfolding.

Energy leaders we mentor and advise are talking for the first time:

  1. Energy Transition era
  2. Energy Transformation age

As do what I say versus do what I actually in fact DO is telling. Energy balance sheets have small tiny fractions of investing into SUPER WATER HYDROGEN the ultimate game changer – or alternatives – versus oil and gas dominant balance sheet investing in 2020. The denial remains persistent. Humans are inside a first – a Super Change so rapidly morphing and accelerating where the very PACE OF SUPER CHANGE ACCELERATIONS is by passing humanities core capacity to adapt into the Super Change era we ourselves created. Super Change 2020 has surpassed humanity capacity to adapt. You see this most clearly in the following realities of denial and the human fatal super change software bad brain code a human brain virus of the mind – “that is the way we have alwys done things around here…”

  1. Failure of Presidents and Prime ministers to lead national agenda’s forward into the SUPER CHANGE real time reality.
  2. Failure of law making bodies to understand the paradigm shifts of Super Change and lead in front of the Super Change.
  3. Failure of regulatory bodies to transform models from failed antique obsolete frame works into Super Change futures.
  4. Failures of companies to lead in Super Change – Circuit City – Sears – Toys R US – Pan AM Airlines – Exxon
  5. Failure of voters to Elect at all levels SUPER CHANGE leaders versus that is the way we have always done things…

Shell oil antique leadership is spending 2 billion dollars out of 30 in renewable investing. On average AI see’s antique oil leadership spending less than 1% on the Super Change taking place in their own industry – driving forward looking backward in denial of both the new AI ECONOMICS and SUPER CHANGE REALITY. I mentor Fortune Institutions on Super Change modalities to remain current in accelerating VAM of Super Change swirling all around leadership. My new book SUPER CHANGE years in documenting all the paradigm shifting into a tool and tactic work for home space and work space effort to get in front of the Super Change.


Embracing Super Chain requires a new tool bocks to enable forward executions inside an every accelerating fully paradigm shifting 5G Super Change for humanity. Home space and work space.

The profit oil firms – make on toxic polluting oil is GREAT PROFIT than the profit the oil firms make on lower cost energy to 8 billion of us – so they hold on like AT&T to copper wires – to that final moment where investors punish them all for doing so. That moment is now into 2020 the largest OIL valuation equation in SUPER CHANGE AI ECONOMICS in oil history Many OIL leaders are in denial. they do not KNOW what to DO. They should run things from CEO SPACE Oct 1st and buy ten or twenty corporate memberships and attend with their leadership teams so they WILL KNOW and massively gain from the SUPER CHANGE versus being a victim of the Super change like socially bankrupt Saudi is today. Dying dinosaurs of economic paradigm shifts. Saudi investing as that is the way we have always done things around here – leads to bankruptcy. Saudi can not remain in the black economically under MBS policy errors at less than 70 dollar oil base line pricing and oil will fall to 45 to 55 dollar ranges until oil can no longer hold that floor. That is the future of OIL DEMAND SUPER CRASHING. Super Change and Paradigm shifting economics. Too rapid for Saudi planners to adapt into under current rear vision mirror backward driving leadership – bombing them selves and seeking to blame game Iran for Greed and Power alone.  The old way of competition is dying and the new INTEGRITY BASED COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM is rising.


The fake OIL PREMIUM brought on by GREED MONGERS – include Cartel Criminal phony pricing of a commodity – much like Debeers into Diamonds when Diamonds are plentiful as sand versus rare as a Criminal Cartel sets up price – same with Oil. Awake investor/consumers will no longer tolerate criminal cartel manipulations of price.

Investors with FAKE OIL PREMIUMS and oil at 85.00 a barrel in a GREAT RECESSION in only 2011 saw Oil super crash to 35 dollars a barrel. Investors were burned by the cartel manipulation to the market of AI economics ripping control and price from the CRIMINAL CARTEL ( less than 1000 brains ) hands. THE GREED MACHINE Was forever destroyed. Even the Fake Iran premium criminal King MBS – Khashoggi’s murderer – created by the care to bomb himself – so none of his carefully reduced staff – only 18 in the worlds largest plant on duty – no deaths – and damage only a few weeks to full recovery – why? To derail IRAN meeting and making a PROSPERITY DEAL WITH TRUMP this next week ( Iran should kick King MBS in the balls and make that Trump deal at all cost – that is their war game to victory which is prosperity for IRAN ) and to raise oil prices back to 70 the break even the crazy King’s spending requires for Saudi to keep its crashing credit rating and declining economics at near break even. THAT IS THE WHY. Oil premiums can not last in AI ECONOMICS. They have the DATA ON OIL PEAK AND SUPER CRASHING DEMAND FOR OIL.

The scaling the speed of the scaling is removing oil demand in SUPER CHANGE PARADIGM SHIFT zero expert foresaw. The economics for high polluting super high energy costing due to GREED and profit margins too high to maintain any longer – is collapsing oil economics stunning those failing to adapt into Super Change which is the entire industry leadership. The toxic extinction event of oil is now being replaced at Super Change time frames that is an economic core paradigm shift no oil leader can stop for long.

Is anyone out there thinking…..WHAT IF IRAN IS WRONGLY ACCUSED AND DID NOT BOMB SAUDI JUST LIKE THEY HAVE Said from day one. Why Does IRAN NOT PUT OUT THE TRUTH – MBS BOMBED HIMSELF . The only way to have no real damage and no loss of life – it was staged it was all planned. Take that to your bank folks.

The world markets may saee oil artificially higher. Say this week all oil wealth is behind the UN attacking Iran. Pakistan Prime Minister Khan inside that shit storm – attends the UN on Kashmir which no one wishes to – selling into Indian economics – challenge Modi and their buying . over Pakistan. Bad timing. In my opinion Prime Minister Khan should have attended the UN before THANKSGIVING and had the AGENDA TO HIMSELF. We’ll see how it all goes.

I predict the stocks – the oil supply and sales will languish regardless of price. If price rises and stocks can’t sell the nations holding stocks must fire sale to sella t all – as stock sales languish at all price levels – you will see the world markets will see the INDUSTRY CORE FUNDAMENTALS HAVE SUPER CHANGED. AI ECONOMICS REBALANCES ALL ECONOMIC ABUSE.

OIL is a declining market space 2020 to the future at ratio’s of decline never seen in modern times for any commodity. Super Water Hydrogen technologies is the nail in the KILOWATT COFFIN for transportation and energy from oil. The lowest cost energy Kilowatt hour in a water planet is hydrogen unlimited fuel and energy non polluting from renewable water. OIL can not compete with the economics of 2020 low cost hydrogen fuel game changing with patents world wide on the process. Game over for oil.

A trillion dollars of oil investors in new AI economics will never return to oil burned to the ground in the 2011 phony price games of the oil industry…unable to adjust to new AI economics or to the SUPER CHANGE in core demand unfolding on accelerated terms. GAME OVER for capital into oil – the industry is defining new more costly sources of capital locking in profit reductions that only spell harm to investors in oil. Now and tomorrow. The profit in the oil play is GAME OVER.


Peak oil prediction has been a fools errand for five decades. The Peak of oil was a conversation in old dead and buried economics of oil running. Today geologist know that the earth farts and shits oil and gas. Oil is renewable as the most toxic product line on earth itself a human extinction commodity with continued use. Oil is not running low or out. The World the entire planet is drowning in oil. Plastic waste as large in floating land mass as Australia pollutes our oceans. Plastic particles are found in ice cores in Antartica. We are all drinking eating and breathing in plastic particles from oil the oil industries tell us create no harm or health issues. Wait till the SUPER TORTS create trillions in damages from these criminal extinction policies of the FEW AGAINST THE MANY competitive dying economic models.

The many for the many economics is COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM a new form of integrity based capitalism.

Now oil Peak in 2020 is a conversation of demand ending faster in Super Change AI economics as the investment capital and punishing valuations ( see EXXON now out of the S&P altogether ) dries up. That is the way we have always done things around here…is fatal economics for rear vision mirror driving leadership of nations and institutions. My book next week SUPER CHANGE defines the reasons all the reasons why.


Science big data on the EXTINCTION CONSEQUENCE of failure to paradigm shift out of toxic oil product lines has reached the tipping point in 2019. Millions upon millions of investors under the age of 20 marched against the toxic outcomes. There is NO FUTURE IN TOXIC OIL none what so ever.

Economic core shift. A Super change event 2020.

Why did both leading OIL industry firms massively write down their vast canadian oil tar sands valuations in 2019. Looking foward they had no choice or investor law suits may have become rampant.

An August SUPER CHANGE public report from BNP PARIBAS NOW FORECASTS – that oil will have to drop to a new base line of only 10 dollars barrel ( bankrupting nations like Saudi Arabia ) to be competitive at all with renewable Kilowatt Hour renewables.  Saudi the lowest cost lifting and so the highest criminal price manipulation on margins of 1000% profit – end game due to MBS spending. MBS has no fixed cost spending in Saudi that requires a 70 dollar oil in a crashing demand and price market that AI economics not OPEC control. OPEC has lost control of the oil price and market like central banks have lost control to block chain and AI Economics as new controlling currency markets. The USA DOLLAR as per my last blog is like oil a peak demand in 2020 and a declining price demand to value in a forward BLOCK CHAIN  SUPER CHANGING AI ECONOMY. Currency is dead as we once new it. Digital Currency is replacing national currency just as oil is replaced by alternative fuel. Alternative currency is a SUPER CHANGE EVENT that requires all central banks to merge back into digital currency issuing treasuries. Central Banks are obsolete entities in the Super Changing New AI economics. Fatal to nations moving forward in time.

Oil markets are in rapidly Super Changing new economics. We informed Investors in 2017 to step away from oil investing and why. We suggested in 2018 investors move out of stock and bonds and OCTOBER will BE A WILD RIDE as we reported . Super Changing industry world wide this October – as AI ECONOMICS adjust profit future portfolio REPOSITIONING – into SUPER CHANGE as not seen in our lifetimes. We suggested diversified insurance investing into 2025 as the highest legal returns permitted by law where principle is guaranteed. LOSS INVESTING is not an item you make up on volume.

As every OIL investor in 2019 knows today.